A few months before the release of Lil Boat 3, Lil Yachty made the decision to stop dyeing his hair the vibrant red that once helped him to stand out in an emergent class of MCs that included 21 Savage, Kodak Black, and Lil Uzi Vert. Some four years after that rookie campaign, now on the third edition of his namesake franchise, Lil Boat is established enough as a voice and personality that he no longer needs the “I know that guy” it factor those bright red braids once gave him. (And the dye was destroying his hair.) But outside of his mop’s color—and the zeros in his bank account, presumably—very little has changed for the 22-year-old MC as he delivers the follow-up to 2018’s Nuthin’ 2 Prove. The Yachty of Lil Boat 3 is very much the sweet, spacey, and lyrically ambitious MC fans fell for over the course of the five full-length projects he’s released. This latest edition, whose production comes courtesy of some of Southern rap’s most consistently in-demand producers (Earl on the Beat, jetsonmade, and Pi’erre Bourne, among others), is built on hefty 808 gong, the gaps in between making up a perfect backdrop for Yachty’s Auto-Tuned toasting. Topically, Lil Boat 3 is mostly about the freewheeling lifestyle Yachty enjoys, a perk of which would seem to be the endless amount of time the MC can spend turning up with his loved ones. This is a privilege that manifests itself on the record by way of several blockbuster collaborations, including “Oprah’s Bank Account” (Drake and DaBaby), “T.D” (Tyler, The Creator, A$AP Rocky, and Tierra Whack), and “Till The Morning,” which features Young Thug and Lil Durk.

May 29, 2020 19 Songs, 53 minutes Quality Control Music/Motown Records; ℗ 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


Other versions, music videos.

Lil Yachty , DaBaby

More By Lil Yachty

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With his debut mixtape, ‘Lil Boat,’ Lil Yachty fully shed the mumble rap label, transitioning from SoundCloud sensation to major label star.

Published on

Lil Yachty Lil Boat album

Lil Yachty’s debut mixtape, Lil Boat , is one of the pre-eminent releases of the SoundCloud era. Released on March 9, 2016, it made Lil Yachty a star, spawned multiple hits, and further legitimized the DIY-style rap that emerged at the beginning of the decade.

The Atlanta MC entered the crowded rapper-singer fray with a work that’s split into two distinct sides, seeing him grapple with dueling elements of his personality and career. The first half of Lil Boat sees Yachty flex his flow, while the second half finds him crooning in AutoTune. That may be a slightly reductive way to look at the collection (in reality, he does both throughout), but there’s certainly a kind of TI vs TIP split-personality concept to the whole affair. Yachty uses his style to demarcate who is who, and, despite his glee throughout, Lil Boat is a surprisingly subtle work for the chaotic time it represents.

Listen to the best of Lil Yachty on Apple Music and Spotify.

‘Paul’s Boutique’: How Beastie Boys’ Sleeper Hit Redefined Hip-Hop

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Yachty’s debut mixtape is a standout work for the usual reasons – great name, great cover, and two singles that will forever be associated with Yachty and the era from which he emerged: “One Night” and “Minnesota.”

As a title, Lil Boat was perfect. Serving two purposes at once, it created a fitting alt.moniker for the MC while helping a lot of people to pronounce his name (did you actually say it like “yacht”?). Nautical luxury isn’t the most commonly-evoked lifestyle in hip-hop (outside of Puffy), so that theme alone was enough to put Yachty in his own lane. And then there’s the artwork: not a yacht, barely even a boat; it’s basically a little wooden dinghy. Beautifully composed, the image looks like a classical painting, bordered in a red that matches Yachty’s hair. It’s almost Americana in tone – though Yachty’s music is anything but.

All hail “King Of The Youth”

Yachty may be poised and confident on that cover, but he’s also lost in the gloom at sea – an apt metaphor for the musical style he was leading. While not traditional in any sense, Yachty is honest with his emotions in a way that younger generations have always been, and Lil Boat found him attempting to navigate his way through the emotionally turbulent years of his late youth. Shortly after his breakout, Yachty would declare himself “King Of Teens” or, alternatively, “King Of The Youth.” This might have sounded ridiculous to adults who weren’t even sure how to pronounce his name, but those adults were no longer in charge. Lil Yachty was not part of some hip-hop assembly line; like other DIY pioneers before him, Yachty and his crew were making these songs at home, often in a matter of minutes.

lil yachty on a boat

Outside of the Vikings football team and Ice Cube ’s “What Can I Do?,” Minnesota doesn’t get name-checked very often in hip-hop. Simply naming a track after a state was seemingly in line with the aforementioned “half-Americana, half trolling” theme of Lil Boat – but, of course, the song isn’t actually about Minnesota. It’s more of a celebration of Lil Yachty’s arrival on the scene. The draw and significance of having both Quavo and Young Thug on a song in 2016 is hard to overstate, and their guest appearances turned “Minnesota” into a certified-gold hit. At the time, Quavo was just months away from releasing “Bad And Boujee,” while Thug was fresh off Barter 6 and in the middle of his Slime Season run. Together, he and Yachty appeared at Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 fashion show, on February 11, where The Life Of Pablo received its public unveiling. Just two days after releasing his debut mixtape, Yachty was at the epicenter of one of hip-hop’s biggest cultural shifts.

Unprecedented moves

Lil Boat was big enough that Burberry Perry – Yachty’s right-hand man at the time and the producer behind most of the mixtape – came under pressure from the fashion label Burberry and was forced to change his name. That wasn’t exactly an unprecedented move, but the speed with which it happened certainly was. It’s not often that an internationally renowned fashion house serves a cease-and-desist to a kid who got famous on the internet and was barely old enough to vote.

Perry’s production on Lil Boat ’s lead single, “One Night’ (Yachty’s best-known song to date), guided the way for the rest of the collection. Even the beats he didn’t produce fall right in line, all cascading bells, and whistles alongside keys that let you hear Yachty’s grin throughout.

lil yachty on a boat

Lil Yachty’s emergence closely resembles that of the Odd Future collective, who, years earlier, more or less launched DIY rap on the internet (depending on how you view Lil B’s rise to fame). Seemingly overnight, Yachty was partnering with Urban Outfitters and the aptly titled Nautica clothing brand. His rapid ascent would have sounded like fan fiction just a few years earlier but, after his breakout, many artists began following his path to fame on a regular basis.

Having hit it big in such a short space of time, Yachty wasn’t about to slow down. He went on to guest (and absolutely steal the show) on “Broccoli,” a DRAM song with a Yachty-perfect beat. As one of the stars in Quality Control ’s shining roster, Yachty was operating alongside some of the biggest acts in hip-hop. With Lil Boat, he fully shed the “mumble rap” label, completing the transition from SoundCloud sensation to major label star.

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Johnny Cash - Songwriter LP

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Lil Yachty’s ‘Michigan Boy Boat’ Pays Tribute to the Hottest Rap Scene in the Country

By Danny Schwartz

Danny Schwartz

There is no regional music scene that has flourished the past two years like Michigan rap. And there is no bigger fan of Michigan rap than Lil Yachty . During this period, Yachty has spent a disproportionate amount of time hanging out in the recording studios and gas station parking lots of Detroit and Flint, ingratiating himself amongst the state’s premier street rappers and doing as the locals do — acting playful and dead-serious at the same time, rapping loose on fast beats, forgoing hooks, and stringing together verses out of darkly funny one-liners. Yachty has become a staple of Michigan posse cuts, appearing on tracks like “Flintana” and “Run Down” ; on “Royal Rumble,” from February, Flint bruiser RMC Mike proclaimed, “Me, Yachty, [Louie] Ray, [Krispy Life] Kidd, and Rio the Fab Five,” thus consecrating Lil Boat forever in Michigan lore.

Yachty’s love affair with Michigan rap culminates with Michigan Boy Boat , a 14-track mixtape that features a dozen-odd Michigan rappers, including Sada Baby, Tee Grizzley, Rio Da Yung OG, and YN Jay. Aside from the excellent “G.I. Joe,” an upbeat riff on Lil Boat 3 standout “Split,” the mixtape fully embraces the Michigan aesthetic. (And despite dropping five days ago, it’s not even Yachty’s most recent Michigan collab.) Michigan Boy Boat primarily succeeds as a celebration of Yachty’s passion for Michigan rap and the long-distance bromance and musical chemistry that he’s developed with his Midwestern counterparts. He fits naturally in this scene in part because the imperative to incorporate a heavy dose of humor gives him the opportunity to evolve his whimsical origins as the “King of the Teens.”

Yachty is a great ambassador for Michigan rap, but as Michigan Boy Boat illustrates, he’s far from the best practitioner of the style. He is the protagonist of the mixtape, but he isn’t its anchor. Solo joints “Final Form” and “Concrete Goonies” and the Swae Lee collab “Never Did Coke” feel unmoored without the grounding presence of a Michigander. At the same time, other tracks feel like the JV team going up against the varsity in an intrasquad scrimmage. Sada Baby outraps Yachty on “SB 2021,” a battle of libidos, but then again, whomst amongst us matches up well against Sada’s swashbuckling charm and knowledge of global cuisine (“ Brazilian bitch gon’ eat the dick like feijoada”). As the song ends, Yachty sounds distracted and hurried, as though the studio manager is urging him to leave the booth and wrap up his session. Similarly, on “Ghetto Boy Shit,” Yachty pales in comparison to RMC Mike’s burly charisma. To flow outside the beat is to superimpose a pocket, and on this track, Yachty fails to develop one. 

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The most exciting moments on Michigan Boy Boat come when Yachty fades to the middle ground and becomes just another one of the boys circled up in a cypher. On “Plastic,” he begins and ends his verse with a nod to Icewear Vezzo, rapping “ the way that Vezzo drive his Wraith, could tell he ain’t rent it” before seamlessly handing Vezzo the mic. Mixtape closer “This That One” feels like an old-school jazz cutting contest — six rappers hurtling forward together at breakneck speed, each one trying to sound more depraved than his counterparts. In this high-speed, communal environment, Yachty sounds at home.

[ Stream ‘Michigan Boat Boy’ here ]

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Here's What Lil Yachty Means When He Says He 'Took The Wock To Poland'

  • Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later. More content below

After snippets of Lil Yachty ’s “Poland” leaked online, the tune immediately became a viral phenomenon and has proven itself to be just as addictive as the song’s subject matter. Lil Yachty hasn’t released a song in over a year, so it’s no surprise that the song would become a hit with a one liner that’s got all of the social media in a digital grasp.

On Oct. 4, shortly after the leaks, Yachty, or Lil Boat as he’s affectionately known to fans, released the official minute-and-a-half-long song on SoundCloud .

POLAND – LIL YACHTY(PROD. F1LTHY) by Lil Yachty, RD, Lil Boat on #SoundCloud https://t.co/0aw1OHfEWI — C.V Thomas (@lilyachty) October 4, 2022

This is great news for fans of the 25-year-old Georgia native who have been itching for some new music since he dropped his Michigan Boy Boat mixtape last year.

Yachty hasn’t released a song in over a year, and it’s no surprise that the song would become a hit with a one liner that got all of the social media in a digital grasp.

According to Genius , “Poland” was recorded in 2021, and in August of this year, Yachty caught wind of a snippet floating around on the internet, and he wasn’t thrilled. This is when he decided to exclusively drop the track on SoundCloud. The F1LTHY- produced track has since amassed over 4.2 million plays.

Following the instant popularity of the song, it’s been placed on digital streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

However, now that they’ve finally got a full length version of “Poland” in their possession, some fans have a few questions about the song’s content.  If you’re an old head, you might be asking yourself the same.

What does Wock mean?

Wock is short for Wockhardt , an India-based pharmaceutical company that produces — you guessed it — promethazine and codeine cough syrup. For those who aren’t familiar with promethazine and codeine, those are the key ingredients in lean. Back in the 90s, all the rappers used to rap about Actavis, another global pharmaceutical company. However, it looks like Yachty wants to make Wock the new trend as he travels around the European country of Poland .

We definitely don’t encourage ”Wock” or other drugs, and we still don’t understand why taking it to Poland is a big deal. Codeine is an opiod , highly addictive, and misuse can result in overdose or even death.

Although the subject matter itself isn’t worthy of a theme song, you can still check out some of Twitter’s responses to the track below.

One fan re-created a cover for the song, and Yachty said, he’s changing his current cover to this!

& ON GOD IM CHANGIN DA COVER 2 DIS TMMR https://t.co/GRf1zL1sue — C.V Thomas (@lilyachty) October 11, 2022

Fans were anxiously waiting for the DSP release.

drop on Spotify i need to vibe — Blooper (@BlooperBraves) October 8, 2022

Another fan professed his adoration for the one-liner.

Bro I’m addicted to that line — 𝘼𝙇𝙀𝙓𝙄𝙎❈ (@AlexisArtistry) October 5, 2022

Someone said it’s the best song ever made.

This is the best song ever made — ͏layi (@layi_olusanya) October 4, 2022

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Lil Yachty and Reese's Puffs Teamed Up to Make Lil Yacht Cereal Boats, So Pass the Milk

lil yachty on a boat

In food news you didn't see coming, Lil Yachty and Reese's Puffs teamed up to make waves in the cereal-eating world yet again. The rapper has collaborated with the General Mills cereal brand before , but this time remote-controlled yachts are involved, and they're here to serve up breakfast like never before. These mini boats have got it all — from a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to a wireless yacht remote, a custom purple chrome "Eat 'Em Up" spoon, and, of course, a box of Lil Yacht's crave-worthy Puffs. On top of that, the little boats also feature "milkcuzzis," which circulate the milk and cereal together, ensuring that every puff is doused to perfection.

According to the Reese's Puffs site , these sleek ships "swirl your milk, blast your beats, and sail the seas," proving that this is the best (and only) way to ever eat cereal . If you've never had the pleasure of enjoying these chocolate-and-peanut-butter-flavored puffs on a yacht before, now's your chance. Head over to the cereal brand's site to get notified before the Lil Yachts drop on April 9 at 1 p.m. ET. For 150 bucks, you can let your cereal-eating dreams set sail and soar.

lil yachty on a boat

  • Reese's

"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

Old Gold & Black

"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

Arts & Culture

The dark side of the boat: reviewing Lil Yachty’s Pink Floyd-inspired album

The Atlanta rapper’s ambitious ‘Let’s Start Here’ is exciting


Courtesy of Complex

“Let’s Start Here” takes inspiration from Pink Floyd.

Tabitha Cahan , Contributing Writer January 30, 2023

As a music aficionado, keeping up with Pitchfork is practically my religion. What I was not expecting on my Pitchfork feed, however, was a promotion announcing “Let’s Start Here,” Lil Yachty’s psychedelic rock album. Now this piqued my interest. 

Lil Yachty, or Lil Boat, as his fans refer to him, is an Atlanta-based rapper whose discography is, quite frankly, forgettable. His trademark over-autotuned vocals are outshone by rap powerhouse Travis Scott, and his instrumentals have rarely been described as inventive. With the exception of his TikTok-famous hit “Poland,” I couldn’t name a single one of his songs. 

Though Lil Yachty is categorized as a rapper, with his musical career being launched within the hip-hop genre, his fifth studio album, “Let’s Start Here,” is decidedly not rap. Best defined as a psychedelic rock album, “Let’s Start Here” is unrecognizable in comparison to Lil Yachty’s previous hits such as “Poland” or “One Night.” Taking the leap to enter a new genre that is relatively underused in terms of mainstream music is risky, but like Radiohead’s electronic album “Kid A,” this genre experimentation really paid off.

Could this be Lil Yachty’s “Kid A” ? To Radiohead fans everywhere, let me explain. No, I am not likening Lil Yachty’s previous discography to Radiohead — that would be preposterous. Radiohead is many things, and forgettable is not one of them. What I am more interested in is Radiohead and Lil Yachty’s refusal to be defined. I believe that “Let’s Start Here” is Lil Yachty’s rebellion against the confines of rap.  

Radiohead, pre- “Kid A,” was defined as a 90s Britpop band, likened to that of U2, Oasis, Blur, etc. “Kid A,” however, blew that definition completely out of the water. It was a dystopian electronic album, filled with soundscapes and entirely different instrumentation. As Pitchfork writer Brent DiCrescenzo aptly described it, ‘Kid A’ makes rock and roll childish.” It was one of the most shocking turns in their discography.

“Let’s Start Here,” executively produced by SadPony, was released on Jan. 27, 2023. Contributors and features include MGMT’s Benjamin Goldwasser, Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Jacob Portrait, Alex G, Mac DeMarco, Wimberly, Justin Raisen, Teezo Touchdown, Daniel Caesar, Fousheé, Diana Gordon, Magdalena Bay, Justine Skye and Nick Hakim. This lineup is completely unexpected but exciting nonetheless. 

In this psychedelic rock odyssey, Lil Yachty’s inspiration of Pink Floyd definitely shines through. Many songs on the album also sound similar to Tame Impala or even Childish Gambino’s “Awaken, My Love!” In this equally shocking left turn, Lil Yachty is redefining the creative limits of his music. 

The opener “the BLACK seminole.” beautifully exemplifies his Pink Floyd inspiration. This song feels like a direct homage to “Dark Side of the Moon.” Pieces of the song seem to be drawn from “Breathe (In The Air),” “The Great Gig in the Sky” and even earlier works like “Pigs (Three Different Ones).” Best described as a cosmic rock expedition, the track is a seven-minute journey into the world he has created. The instrumentals are transcendent — complete with a guitar solo, of course. Similar to “Everything In Its Right Place” from “Kid A,” it sets the stage for the songs to follow. 

The third track on the album, “running out of time,” is sung in part by Justine Skye and feels poppy and bright. The bassline is upbeat and funky, complementing the guitar riffs and swirling synths. Lil Yachty sings romantically, inviting the listener to stay up all night with him. I mean, if this is the soundtrack, I’m game. 

“THE zone~” also features Justine Skye, but it feels much more like the psychedelic powerhouse Tame Impala than the previous. Between the in strumentation and the hyperbolic lyrics “I’m so far gone,” this one truly feels like an acid trip.

On a more lighthearted track, Diana Gordon is the main singer on “drive ME crazy!”, and i t’s pure bliss. The instrumental is more minimalist in the beginning, honing in on Gordon’s voice. Toward the end of the track, there is a synth breakdown that cuts the song into half time, and we hear Lil Yachty rapping for the first and only time in the album. The string ending neatly ties the song up in a little bow.

In another track that sounds straight off a Tame Impala record, “sHouLd i B?” transitions perfectly into “The Alchemist.” The punchy drums and modulated synth make for two effervescent tracks. The breakdown in “The Alchemist” is accented nicely by Fousheé hitting her highest register.

The final track “REACH THE SUNSHINE.” sounds eerily reminiscent of Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song.” “Pyramid Song” was originally intended as a track for “Kid A” before it was on “Amnesiac,” an album composed mostly of the b-sides of “Kid A.” The first line of “REACH THE SUNSHINE.” sung by Daniel Caesar, “Staring in the mirror, and what do I see / A three-eyed man staring back at me” has a flow comparable to Radiohead’s “I jumped in the river and what did I see? / Black eyed angels swam with me.” 

It is equally sparse in terms of instrumentation, until it reaches a crescendo about two and a half minutes into the song (almost the same time stamp as “Pyramid Song,” might I add). The crescendo transports the listener to the same pocket of the universe with a deep, synth-fueled surge. This feels more sinister than the Radiohead track — the anti-chorus is peppered with evil laughs rather than Thom Yorke’s signature croon. This track is Lil Yachty reaching his full potential. It is ethereal and otherworldly. The cacophony of the anti-chorus reaches new heights, and it’s exciting to hear. 

Whether my argument resonates with you or not, it is always exciting to see artists take risks. One cannot deny how ambitious of a move this is, especially given the constraints of being a trap artist. In the same vein as Radiohead, throughout his rise to fame, Lil Yachty has been mainstream. “Let’s Start Here” and “Kid A” show that an artist can completely change their trajectory. In an age with increasing amounts of cash-grab, radio-friendly drivel, albums like this give me faith in the future of music.  

The protest held in front of Wait Chapel on April 30 evolved into an encampment, which was moved to Manchester Plaza on May 1.

Student protest should be about more than just making a statement

lil yachty on a boat

New graduation honors policy to take effect this year

This afternoons protest evolved into an encampment.

Live updates: Pro-Palestinian protest on Hearn Plaza evolves into encampment

lil yachty on a boat

Analyzing the personalities of the “Madagascar” penguins

Dr. Mandy K. Cohen. (Courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Dr. Mandy K Cohen to deliver Wake Forest’s commencement address

Members of the Salem Assassins (left to right: Dimarvin Puerto, Jada Douthit, El Awkward, Cameron French, Kobe Mccullough) stand in front of the 9th Wonder mural on 6th and Trade Streets.

Salem Assassins

Wake Forest is best off ignoring the US News rankings, writes Alex Mojica.

Wake falls 19 spots in the college rankings, and it’s all your fault

Forward Omaha Biliew (left) committed to Head Coach Steve Forbes and the Wake Forest Men’s Basketball program after entering the transfer portal. (Courtesy of Iowa State University Athletics)

BREAKING: Men’s Basketball lands Iowa State forward Omaha Biliew

Feminism is  still alive, as demonstrated in womens marches around the world.

"Little Women" remains influential

Alix Earl (left), Emma Chamberlain (second from the left), Margot Robbie (second from the right) and Taylor Swift (right) each have an aesthetic that girls think they must follow perfectly.

Enough with your eras

A sizzling cast iron of chicken, shrimp, vegetable and steak fajitas sit on the table at Xcaret Mexican Grill and Cantina. (Courtesy of Melina Traiforos)

Winston-Salem’s favorite Mexican restaurant

A24’s newest film “Civil War” depicts a war-torn America in the not-so-distant future. (Photo Courtesy of Dark Horizons)

“Civil War” is one of the decade’s most important films

The Lilting Banshees, delivered their last performance of the year: “Pants Down.”

“Pants Down”: The Banshees Deliver Again in Their Last Performance of the Year

The 47th annual Giles-Harris music competition was held on March 23, 2024. (Courtesy of Music at Wake Forest University on Facebook)

Giles-Harris music competition redefines performance

Anonymous Fizz user takes the temperature on campus, checking to see how many students are really down for a TikTok Rizz Party. (Courtesy of Fizz)

Tik Tok Rizz Party

A relatively newer character in the world of rap, Metro Boomin has become to modern rap what Timbaland was to ‘90s/2000s R&B. (Courtesy of Billboard)

Kendrick Lamar puts Drake on blast in gossipy new Future album

“Dune: Part Two” is a more than worthy sequel to “Dune,” according to Senior Writer Ally Werstler. (Photo courtesy of IMDb)

“Dune: Part Two” is a movie that deserves to be seen on the big screen

Sydney Sweeney produces and stars in the film as the central protagonist who ventures out to serve in a convent in the Italian countryside after her parish outside of Detroit, Michigan closes.(Courtesy of NEON)

Anything But “Immaculate”

“Oppenheimer” dominated the 2024 Academy Awards with an impressive seven wins. (Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter)

2024 Oscars: Snubs and Dubs

John and Fanny Dashwood, played by Bennett Haara and BG Cave, hold hands in the intimate setting of the Ring Theater as they share a tender moment at the crux of the performance.

‘Sense and Sensibility’: WFU Theater ‘Combines humor with sentimentality’

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Joey • Feb 26, 2023 at 6:01 pm

Sophistication encapsulated in a article

Alexandra Falk • Feb 23, 2023 at 7:49 pm

I got into Wake Forest

Adam • Feb 1, 2023 at 11:10 am

Going to listen now

Preston • Jan 31, 2023 at 9:55 pm

Pigs was from Animals, which is not an earlier work than Dark Side of the Moon

G Lampa • May 15, 2023 at 12:20 pm

Bullseye. A little homework goes a long way. First track actually does harken back to pre-Dark Side stuff; specifically “Childhood’s End” 1972.

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Lil Yachty Doesn’t Think Drake ‘Won or Lost’ to Kendrick Lamar

He also talked about being name-dropped in "Euphoria."

By Angel Diaz

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Lil Yachty

Taylor Swift Thanks 'Magical' Fans in Sweden for Breaking All-Time Stadium Attendance Record

See latest videos, charts and news

Kendrick Lamar

Drake & kendrick lamar’s rocky relationship explained, trending on billboard.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by 2Cool2Blog (@2cool2bl0g)

In another clip, he gives his opinion on who won or lost, and as of right now, Yachty has it as a draw because the cards were stacked against the Toronto rapper. “Drake dropped great records. But also, let’s be fair: Drake was deemed a loser in this battle before it started because people don’t like him and haven’t,” he said after suggesting Kendrick’s apparent “animosity.” He continued by admitting he thinks Drake will be fine: “I don’t think people are gonna stop listening to Drake and Drake’s career is gonna flush.”

Boat then said he told Drake “I don’t feel like you won or lost” before adding, “Rappers have lost, and then lost everything. But this hasn’t happened to Drake. He will still be in everybody’s Spotify Wrapped at the end of the year and he’ll still drop hits and control the summer. I think Kendrick made very smart moves and I don’t think Drake would disagree.”

Lil Yachty speaking on the Kendrick Lamar & Drake rap battle "Drake was deemed a loser in this battle before it started, cause people don't like him and havent… I think he still sits on top of the throne… I told Drake I don't feel like you won or lost" via @ASafePlacePod pic.twitter.com/YYhM7Ir8vX — SOUND (@itsavibe) May 17, 2024

Drake and Yachty work together frequently, for what it’s worth.

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lil yachty on a boat

Lil Yachty Breaks His Silence On Drake & Kendrick Lamar's Beef

Lil Yachty has finally shared his thoughts about being dragged into Drake and Kendrick Lamar's beef.

On Friday, May 17, one of Drake's closest friends finally opened up about massive feud between Drizzy and K. Dot in a recent episode of his podcast, A Safe Pace . Yachty began by sharing his reaction when he found out his name was mentioned on Kendrick's "Euphoria." The Georgia native remembered getting a bunch of calls that day from people who were excited to hear K. Dot namedrop him, but he wasn't that hype at first.

"I really didn't want anything to do with it," he explained.

"I got a ton of respect for both of these guys," he continued. "To be honest, I already knew my name was mentioned before it came out. I didn't hear the record but I got word that I was mentioned. I wasn't surprised."

Yachty also provided his own analysis of the lyrical war between Drake and Kendrick. He agreed that the pgLang co-founder had a lot more animosity toward Drake and made "smart moves" during the battle. On the other hand, he emphasized how Drake made great records and overcame the hate he received from the second the war started. He also acknowledged the general consensus that Kendrick won and even agreed "Not Like Us" is a certified banger, which angered a lot of Drake fans.

Not long after the episode debuted, Drake fans began to revolt against Yachty for even suggesting Kendrick had the upper hand. The face of the Concrete Boys even got into an argument with a crazed fan account on X who essentially questioned his loyalty to Drake. All the hate from fans became so intense that the full episode was scrubbed from the podcast's YouTube channel.

So much for a "safe place." See a clip from the now-deleted episode and posts from Yachty's viral argument below.

Lil Yachty Breaks His Silence On Drake & Kendrick Lamar's Beef


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    Buy + stream Lil Boat 2: https://Yachty.lnk.to/LB2Lil Yachty online:https://www.lilyachtystore.comhttp://instagram.com/lilyachtyhttps://twitter.com/lilyachty...

  2. Lil Yachty "Fresh Off The Boat" Feat. Rich The Kid (WSHH Exclusive

    Rich The Kid & Lil Yachty's "Lil Boat And The Goat" project coming soon.Directed by YungMik3 of 20k Visuals.SUBSCRIBE to the Official WorldStarHipHop Channel...

  3. Lil Yachty Feat. Kodak Black

    Watch the official video for Lil Yachty & Kodak Black "Hit Bout It."Stream Lil Yachty & Kodak Black "Hit Bout It" here: https://QualityControl.lnk.to/HitBout...

  4. Lil Yachty Lyrics, Songs, and Albums

    About Lil Yachty. Miles Parks McCollum (born August 23, 1997, in Mableton, Georgia), popularly known as Lil Yachty, is an American rapper and singer from Atlanta, Georgia. He's known for his ...

  5. Lil Yachty

    Lil Boat 3 was released on May 29, 2020 and debuted at number 14 on the US Billboard 200. A deluxe version of the album titled Lil Boat 3.5 was released on November 27. On October 19, 2020, Lil Yachty announced his intention to release a mixtape before the end of 2020. Michigan Boy Boat was released on April 23, 2021.

  6. Lil Yachty

    We Did It Lyrics. Lil Yachty 's debut commercial mixtape Lil Boat through label Quality Control tells the story of Yachty and his alter ego Lil Boat, essentially two sides of the same red-headed ...

  7. Lil Yachty's Rock Album 'Let's Start Here': Inside the Pivot

    While Yachty's last full-length studio album, Lil Boat 3, arrived in 2020, he released the Michigan Boy Boat mixtape in 2021, a project as reverential of the state's flourishing hip-hop scenes ...

  8. Lil Yachty

    Lil Boat 3 is Lil Yachty's fourth studio album and the follow-up to October 2018's Nuthin' 2 Prove.The album is also the final entry in Yachty's Lil Boat trilogy, which began in March 2016

  9. Lil Yachty: How Rapper Got His Second Act

    Yachty's most recent album, Lil Boat 3, arrived last year amid the pandemic and a national uprising in response to the death of Black people at the hands of the police, all of which hurt its ...

  10. ‎Lil Boat 3

    Lil Yachty. HIP-HOP/RAP · 2020. A few months before the release of Lil Boat 3, Lil Yachty made the decision to stop dyeing his hair the vibrant red that once helped him to stand out in an emergent class of MCs that included 21 Savage, Kodak Black, and Lil Uzi Vert. Some four years after that rookie campaign, now on the third edition of his ...

  11. 'Lil Boat': How Lil Yachty Floated To The Top

    Lil Yachty's debut mixtape, Lil Boat, is one of the pre-eminent releases of the SoundCloud era.Released on March 9, 2016, it made Lil Yachty a star, spawned multiple hits, and further ...

  12. Lil Yachty's 'Michigan Boy Boat': Album Review

    Yachty's love affair with Michigan rap culminates with Michigan Boy Boat, a 14-track mixtape that features a dozen-odd Michigan rappers, including Sada Baby, Tee Grizzley, Rio Da Yung OG, and YN ...

  13. The Meaning Behind The Song: Wintertime on a Boat by Wintertime Zi

    The Lyrics: A Deep Dive. "Wintertime on a Boat" opens with Lil Yachty's signature playful yet confident style. He takes pride in his success and dismisses those who doubt him, asserting his dominance in the game. The song showcases his unique flow and clever wordplay, making it hard not to bob your head to the beat.

  14. Lil Boat

    Listen to Lil Boat on Spotify. Lil Yachty · Album · 2016 · 13 songs. Lil Yachty · Album · 2016 · 13 songs. ... Lil Yachty · Album · 2016 · 13 songs. Lil Yachty · Album · 2016 · 13 songs. Home; Search; Resize main navigation. Preview of Spotify. Sign up to get unlimited songs and podcasts with occasional ads. No credit card needed ...

  15. Here's What Lil Yachty Means When He Says He 'Took The Wock To ...

    On Oct. 4, shortly after the leaks, Yachty, or Lil Boat as he's affectionately known to fans, released the official minute-and-a-half-long song on SoundCloud. POLAND - LIL YACHTY(PROD.

  16. Lil Boat (mixtape)

    Lil Boat is the debut commercial mixtape by American rapper Lil Yachty.It was released on March 9, 2016, by Quality Control Music, Capitol Records and Motown.The mixtape's production was primarily provided by TheGoodPerry, along other record producers such as 1Mind, Earl, Digital Nas and Grandfero. Yachty enlisted guest appearances from Young Thug, Quavo and Byou, among others.

  17. Lil Yachty

    The album is the sequel to Lil Yachty's debut mixtape, Lil Boat, which sparked his career as a Soundcloud rapper at only 18 years old.The sequel released exactly 2 years after the original ...

  18. Lil Yachty discography

    Singles. 32. Mixtapes. 3. The discography of American rapper Lil Yachty consists of five studio albums, three mixtapes, one collaborative mixtape, ten extended plays, ten music videos, thirteen guest appearances and thirty-two singles (including eighteen singles as a featured artist).

  19. Lil Yachty

    Watch the official video for Lil Yachty & Future's "Pardon Me."Get Lil Yachty's new album "Lil Boat 3" here: https://QualityControl.lnk.to/LilBoat3Get Lil Bo...

  20. Lil Yachty x REESE'S PUFFS dropping Lil Yacht

    Inspired by the artist himself, the Lil Yachty B.O.A.T. features a one-of-a-kind Milkcuzzi, a remote for sailing, and a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Cop the drop for $149.99 USD on REESE'S ...

  21. Check Out Lil Yachty's Reese's Puffs Cereal Boats

    Lil Yachty and Reese's Puffs Teamed Up to Make Lil Yacht Cereal Boats, So Pass the Milk. By Lauren Harano. Published on April 9, 2021 at 9:35 PM.

  22. The dark side of the boat: reviewing Lil Yachty's Pink Floyd-inspired

    Lil Yachty, or Lil Boat, as his fans refer to him, is an Atlanta-based rapper whose discography is, quite frankly, forgettable. His trademark over-autotuned vocals are outshone by rap powerhouse Travis Scott, and his instrumentals have rarely been described as inventive. With the exception of his TikTok-famous hit "Poland," I couldn't ...

  23. How to Tell the Difference Between Lil Yachty and Lil Boat

    Much like in Lil Yachty's 2016 mixtape release, "Lil Boat," the red-mustachioed and wigged Darnell Boat introduces listeners to his nephews, Lil Yachty and Lil Boat, in the intro of the album. "Yachty and Boat have been working so hard over this past year, and we just want to welcome y'all to 'Teenage Emotions,'" says Darnell Boat in the first song of the album, "Like A Star ...

  24. Lil Yachty Weighs In on Drake and Kendrick Lamar Feud

    Lil Yachty performs at OVO Arena Wembley on April 29, 2024 in London. Joseph Okpako/WireImage. On the latest episode of his podcast A Safe Place, Lil Yachty spoke on a variety of topics pertaining ...

  25. Lil Yachty Breaks His Silence On Drake & Kendrick Lamar's Beef

    Lil Yachty has finally shared his thoughts about being dragged into Drake and Kendrick Lamar's beef.. On Friday, May 17, one of Drake's closest friends finally opened up about massive feud between ...