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Jeff Bezos’ New Yacht Is Finally Ready to Set Sail

Amazon’s founder has been spotted on Koru, a massive schooner with a design that evokes the golden age of sailing in the early 20th century.

Koru, a very large sailboat with three masts and a dark navy hull, sails on a calm blue sea.

By Kevin Koenig

Just in time for the high season of yachting in the Mediterranean, when multimillion-dollar megayachts descend on ports like Monte Carlo and St. Tropez, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has been photographed with his partner Lauren Sánchez on his new boat, Koru, off the coast of Spain.

Mr. Bezos’ vessel is a sailing yacht, a departure from the diesel-powered, floating palaces popular with other billionaires. But it is still massive. At 417 feet, Koru is the world’s largest sailing yacht, according to Boat International , and it cost an estimated $500 million to build, Bloomberg reported . (Parsifal III, the boat featured on Bravo’s reality series “Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” is 177 feet long — less than half the length of Koru — and cost $18 million , according to the website SuperYachtFan.)

A spokesperson for Mr. Bezos did not comment for this article; neither did Oceanco, Koru’s builder. Here is what to know about the boat.

For traditionalists, Koru is refreshing. At a time when yacht design skews outrageous — see the lizardlike, 262-foot Artefact or the otherworldly 463-foot Yas — Koru stands out as a schooner, a sailing vessel with two or more masts. Photos reveal a large sailboat with three masts, an on-deck pool and a voluptuous mermaid on the bow, that bears a resemblance to Ms. Sánchez. But otherwise, the sleek, classic lines suggest the patrician age of yachting in the early 20th century, said Robert B. MacKay, author of “The Golden Age of Newport Yachting: Between the Wars.”

“With the clipper bow and the dark hull and the masts,” Mr. MacKay said, referring to Koru’s concave, pointy forward section, “it reminds me of a boat built in 1930 for J.P. Morgan Jr., Corsair IV. It is almost like a reincarnation. It’s certainly at odds with the stuff the oligarchs are building — those look like bloated Clorox bottles.”

Compared with the world’s very largest motor yachts — built for sheer size and the accompanying bragging rights — Koru could almost be considered quaint. Azzam, one of the world’s largest motor yachts, is nearly 200 feet longer.

The Experience

Koru will be propelled primarily by the wind. “Sailboats are usually greener than most powerboats,” said Don Anderson, a former captain of M5 , the world’s largest single-masted sailboat, at 256 feet. “I’d like to think that Koru will be one of the most ecological yachts out there, with its sails and also with the technology that will be aboard.”

“When you’re on a sailboat, you’re more in touch with the wind and the waves than on a powerboat,” he continued. “You’re more susceptible to the elements, too. But you can leave California, and once you get past the Catalinas you can basically surf downwind all the way to Hawaii. All you need to do is run with the waves.”

Mr. Bezos has been a guest on similar boats, according to Bloomberg: In 2019, he was spotted on Eos , a 305-foot sailing yacht owned by Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg.

Bill Tripp, a Connecticut-based naval architect, said the appeal of this type of boat is clear: “When you are on a powerboat, you ask, ‘Are we there yet?’ and on a sailboat, you’re enjoying the ride and the ocean so much that you don’t ask that question.”

Koru will be trailed by Abeona, a 246-foot support vessel. Superyachts often have support vessels following along behind them. These “shadows,” as they are colloquially known, are for the “toys” — the ATVs, supercars, seaplanes, motorcycles, smaller boats, scuba gear, personal submarines and even helicopters that pleasure boaters might bring on a trip. According to its builder, this model of boat can carry these gadgets along with dozens of crew members. (Ms. Sanchez flies helicopters, and the couple was recently photographed taking a helicopter to board Abeona and then Koru.)

Abeona, a motor yacht, will have enough range to follow Koru from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean — a common course for yachts — on a single tank of gas.

The Kerfuffle

Koru set off a controversy last year — before it was even completed — in a face-off with the Dutch city of Rotterdam. The boat was built at Oceanco’s facility in Alblasserdam, the Netherlands, and needed to pass the historic Koningshaven Bridge, known as “De Hef,” in Rotterdam, to undergo testing in the North Sea.

When the city announced it would dismantle the bridge to allow the boat and its mainmast — an estimated 230 feet tall — to pass through unscathed, locals were angry. They planned a protest to throw eggs at the yacht as it cruised by. In the end, the bridge was not taken apart, and the yacht was towed to a different location to have its masts attached.

Koru is Maori for “coil” or “loop” and refers to the unfurling of a fern frond. The koru design is common in traditional Maori art, where it symbolizes new life, growth and peace. Mr. Bezos included a photo of a koru frond in an Instagram post on Jan. 1, 2022.

Brad Stone, who was the first to report on Koru, in his 2021 book “Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire,” said the name was “consistent with where we see him today.”

“He is no longer this single-minded tech guy,” Mr. Stone said. “He’s in media and Hollywood and has a new relationship.”

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The Wellington Yacht: Specs & Cost

The wellington yacht: what you need to know about the ‘below deck’ vessel.

On the fifth season of the hit TV show Below Deck Mediterranean , the luxury yacht featured was the biggest boat in the series’ history. 1 Captain Sandy Yawn and her crew sailed charter clients around the Spanish resort town of Mallorca in The Wellington yacht. In actuality, the 184.5-foot luxury yacht is called The Wellesley and was only called The Wellington on the show. Outside of the show, the M/Y The Wellesley is available for charter. Don’t worry, there won’t be any reality TV cameras on board! Our team at Yacht Management South Florida Inc. provide a look at this vessel, as well as many other insights on our yacht maintenance blog , to let our current and future clients have a better idea of what's going on in the industry. 


Built in 1993 by Netherlands based custom yacht builder Oceanco, it went through a major yacht refit in 2016. Coming out to 184.5 feet or 56.2 meters in length, the superyacht has a cruising speed of 14 knots and can reach a maximum speed of 16 knots. Its exterior was designed by Gerhard Gilgenast and its elegant 1920s inspired interior was designed by Donald Starkey. Mahogany bedrooms, Italian linens, and painted portraits of Winston Churchill and Che Guevara smoking cigars are just a few of the details that bring in Jazz Age glamour to the vessel's interior.

"Obviously, they spared no expense when it comes to this. This owner really loves his cigars and his whiskey." – Captain Sandy Yawn 2

Accommodation & Amenities

With one master suite, one VIP suite, 3 triple cabins, and 2 pullman beds, M/Y The Wellesley accommodates up to 12 guests. The vessel can also accommodate up to 12 crew members to ensure a luxury experience for guests. Featuring an impressive collection of leisure and entertainment facilities, this superyacht is perfect for large family outings and corporate charters alike. Special amenities on the vessel include a large open deck space, a club lounge, a spillpool on the sun deck, a waterfall-equipped jacuzzi, a gym, and a cigar room!

The Wellington Yacht Cost to Charter

Charter rates for the M/Y Wellesley , known as The Wellington yacht on Below Deck Mediterranean , are seasonal, with summer charters costing a bit more than winter charters. Summer charters are from €230,000 or $273,500 per week plus expenses. Winter charters are from €220,000 or $259,500 per week plus expenses.

Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. specializes in complete yacht care . As such, we offer premier maintenance services at our South Florida marina including boat bottom cleaning , hull painting, and boat interior restoration . Our certified yacht technicians can also go to your yacht to provide dockside assistance and emergency yacht repair services . Contact us today to learn more about out our extensive maintenance services and first-class management program!

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super yacht with sailboat on deck

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Meet the Superyachts of Below Deck

17th mar 2022 by samantha wilson.

Rightboat logo

The US TV show Below Deck has become a global hit as it follows the crews of superyachts as they navigate the highs and lows of life in this ultra-glamourous world. There are tears and tantrums, eccentric yacht charter guests to contend with, dazzling destinations and a whole lot of drama. Viewers have been gripped with the shows – season 9 Below Deck has recently aired – for the unique insight into what has, until now, been a tantalizingly elusive industry. Just what goes on behind the gilded doors of those glittering superyachts? Well, now we know. 

The yachts themselves have risen to as much fame as the crews and captains, and left many a-viewer daydreaming of a few days lounging on the teak decks of MY Seanna or Valor. Here we take a look at the superyachts that have shot to reality TV stardom, discover their real names and how much it costs to charter a Below Deck yacht. 

Girl in a jacket

The very first yacht to appear on Below Deck Season 1 was this 50 metre Benetti, with the now famous Captain Lee Rosbach at the helm. Cruising around Sint Marten in the Caribbean, one of the top destinations for superyacht charters, Honor – whose real name is actually Barents - wowed viewers with her luxury and elegance. The six staterooms, sun deck, drinks bar and the must-have hot tub, played host to fun and shenanigans as the Below Deck yacht crew hosted their guests during four-night charters. Barents was designed by Stefano Natucci, and has recently undergone a full refit adding a sleek interior design to the arsenal of water toys, gym, beach club and indoor and outdoor cinemas. MY Barents charters for around €155,000/week. 

Girl in a jacket

While 46.94m superyacht Ohana appeared in Season 2 Below Deck under her own name, she was renamed Star Diamond since her sale. Built by Admiral Marine Works in 1998, Star Diamond had a major refit in 2018 and oozes classic superyacht elegance with soft, neutral interior design by Donald Starkey Designs, as well as plenty of deck space. Viewers will remember the deck crew battling with the large inflatable slide which offers guests a rip-roaring entry into the waters of Star Diamond’s summer cruising grounds of the Caribbean (we saw her cruising around one of the world’s top charter destinations, the British Virgin Islands), while the sun deck Jacuzzi and large on-deck dining area saw their fair share of scintillating drama. Ohana charters for around $160,000 per week. 

Girl in a jacket

Season 3 Below Deck saw the 49.7m Eros make her television debut as she glided around the turquoise waters of The Bahamas with Captain Lee on the bridge. At the time she was officially named Mustang Sally, but has since been renamed Stay Salty. With space for 12 guests and 10 crew members, Stay Salty is currently not available for charter, which is a disappointment to those who dreamed of lounging in her outdoor hot tub or enjoying a meal with friends around the al fresco dining table. Designed by Geoff Van Aller, Stay Salty offers a classically elegant interior styling, with rich woods and neutral tones, as well as plenty of deck space…all of which needed meticulous cleaning by her famed 2015 crew. 

Girl in a jacket

Valor appeared in Season 4, 5 and 7 of Below Deck as she cruised around the glorious superyacht destinations of the US Virgin Islands, Saint-Martin and Phuket, Thailand. The 47 metre Feadship is actually named BG (for her owner, the Canadian entrepreneur Bobby Genovese) and spends her winters in the Caribbean and summers in the Mediterranean. With her monogram palette, sky lounge, beautiful outdoor spaces and that infamous water slide, it is easy to see why Bravo used BG as the setting for so many of its seasons. BG charters for around €140,000/week. 

Girl in a jacket

MY Seanna has now joined Valor in featuring more times than any other Below Deck superyacht, with appearances in three of the nine seasons. When we first met her she was sailing around the stunning tropical islands of French Polynesia in the South Pacific under her own name, but has since be renamed Starship (although in Season 9 Below Deck she is still using her original name). Throughout her seasons on the show, MY Seanna has cruised some of the world’s best superyacht destinations including Antigua and St Kitts. With her open air Jacuzzi, spacious beach club and adrenaline-pumping selection of water toys it’s no wonder she has been one of the show’s best-loved superyachts. Starship charters from $260,000/week. 

Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck’s astounding popularity has seen spin-off series’ Below Deck Mediterranean (with the much-loved Captain Sandy at the helm) and Below Deck Sailing Yacht (with the laid-back Captain Glen) air simultaneously. With new cruising grounds and a whole new fleet of spectacular charter superyachts, fans can get their fix of the trials, tribulations and behind-the-scenes intrigue of their favourite superyacht crews. 

Written By: Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson has spent her entire life on and around boats, from tiny sailing dinghies all the way up to superyachts. She writes for many boating and yachting publications, top charter agencies, and some of the largest travel businesses in the industry, combining her knowledge and passion of boating, travel and writing to create topical, useful and engaging content.


More from: Samantha Wilson

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Who Is Captain Lee? Everything to Know About the Deadly Waters Host

Below Deck 's Lee Rosbach is entering new waters as the host of a new  Oxygen  true crime series. 

super yacht with sailboat on deck

The man, the myth, the legend: Bravo ’s Captain Lee is navigating the depths of true crime in Oxygen ’s upcoming series, Deadly Waters with Captain Lee.

How to Watch

Watch  Deadly Waters with Captain Lee  on Oxygen Saturday, June 1 at 9/8c and next day on Peacock. 

" Below Deck ’s beloved Capt. Lee Rosbach is an expert on demanding mega-yacht passengers and a rowdy, mischievous crew. But now he’s steering his ship toward a completely different group of people: criminals, who have committed some of the most chilling murders to have ever taken place on the water. From dream vacations gone wrong, to alleged pirates of the Caribbean and everything in between, these true crime stories are unlike any that take place on land," reads a press release about the show, which premieres on Saturday, June 1 at 9/8c on Oxygen.

Here's what to know about the show's famous captain.

Who is Captain Lee?

Captain Lee Rosbach is the seasoned sea captain at the helm of the Bravo series Below Deck since its 2013 premiere until Season 11.

Since the show and all its spinoffs debuted — which include Below Deck Mediterranean , Below Deck Sailing Yacht , and Below Deck Down Under — Captain Lee has taken a no-nonsense approach to the world of yachting as Bravo’s original captain.

The “Stud of the Sea,” as he's been nicknamed, found his sea legs later in life than many assume, however. Per his Bravo bio, the Saginaw, Michigan-based Lee never even saw the ocean until his 30s when he and his wife, Mary Anne Rosbach , moved to Turks & Caicos to open a restaurant.

“In need of cash, he responded to an ad seeking a mate for a delivery on a sailboat — no experience necessary,” the bio states. “At 35, Lee obtained his captain’s license and left the restaurant behind to pursue his newfound passion.”

The one-time Wendy’s manager has since spent more than three decades operating mega-yachts around the globe.

In 2022, Captain Lee, now 74, announced his departure from Below Deck, citing a nerve issue that affected his ability to walk months into his back surgery recovery, he said in the Season 10 finale.

Captain Lee on Deadly Waters with Captain Lee

Still, Captain Lee shows no sign of slowing down. He and Below Deck Chief Stew Kate Chastain hosted  Couch Talk with Captain Lee and Kate — now available to stream on Peacock — giving audiences their thoughts on shows across the Bravosphere. Now, he's moving onto Oxygen's  Deadly Waters with Captain Lee.

Captain Lee’s books

In 2018, Captain Lee published his memoir Running Against the Tide: Tales from the Stud of the Sea , and by the sounds of Simon & Schuster’s description, Captain Lee is no stranger to troubled waters.

“From having to reclaim his drunk captain’s papers in the Dominican Republic to unwittingly crewing a drug boat out of Turks and Caicos, to navigating the outrageous demands of the super-rich in New York City, Captain Lee’s tales from the high seas run the gamut, proving time and time again why he’s a fan favorite,” according to the blurb.

Fans can get more of Captain Lee on  his website , including tropical-themed hoodies, deck shorts, T-shirts, and more. According to his Instagram page , he’s also an ambassador for Can-Am On-Road three-wheeled motorcycles.

Captain Lee Rosbach attends the red carpet at bravocon 2023

As if any of that wasn’t enough, Lee hosts the Salty with Captain Lee podcast with Sam DeCavalcanti to discuss “pop culture and reality T.V. gossip.” No life jacket required!  

Captain Lee’s advocacy based on personal tragedy

Captain Lee and Mary Anne suffered an  unthinkable tragedy in July 2019 when Lee found their 42-year-old son, Joshua Lee Rosbach , dead in his Fort Lauderdale, Florida, home . It was determined their son had died of an accidental drug overdose.

“After a 20-year struggle, he finally succumbed to the demons he fought so long and so hard,” Captain Lee said at the time. “Addiction is an insidious disease that knows no social status or geographic boundaries. Whether you live in a 10,000-square-foot mansion or a double-wide trailer, the path of death, destruction, and devastation it leaves remains the same.”

Ever since, Captain Lee has made it his life’s mission to combat addiction and its stigma . In 2019, he participated in the 14th Annual Sallarulo’s Race for Champions in Fort Lauderdale to raise money for the Special Olympics Florida in his son’s memory.

In 2021, Captain Lee sat for Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and revealed plans to open an addiction facility on the sea. The rehabilitation center would be on a 470-foot barge and could hold as many as 200 guests at a time.

“We’re also converting it into a vocational center so that not only do we try to get them clean, but we try to get them back into the mainstream of the community with an ability to make a living,” said the captain. “Usually, when they get out … they’ve burned all their bridges when it comes to employment because of drug use, and they have nothing to fall back on. So, you can’t really just kick them back out into society and say, ‘OK, you’re on your own.’ So, we want to give them something viable that they can count on and then go out there and become productive members.”

Just before appearing on WWHL, Lee went before Congress in Washington, D.C., urging lawmakers to do more about the ongoing and “ tremendously misunderstood ” opioid overdose epidemic.

Who is Captain Lee's wife?

Captain Lee and his wife, Mary Anne Rosbach, married nearly a half century ago and raised five children together.

Mary Anne made her first appearance on Below Deck in Season 5, and though she’s not as active in the spotlight as Lee, she shows up frequently on the captain’s Instagram page.

The husband and wife had a less-than-ideal 48th anniversary out to sea, but Lee was sure to remark, “Damn, I love this woman.” For their 47th anniversary, Lee posted a side-by-side photo of him and his bride in a sepia-toned photo at the Justice of the Peace.

Don't miss the latest in true crime: Army Vet Fatally Shot Man His Girlfriend Had Told Him Molested Her: "I Pulled the Trigger 7 or 8 Times" Paul John Knowles, Who Was "More Vicious" than Ted Bundy, Terrorized the South in the ‘70s Ace Poker Player Beaten to Death, Dumped in Las Vegas Hotel Stairwell By Gambler with Debts

 In 2017, Lee said on WWHL that distance seemed to keep them strong.

“Actually, I think that is one of the keys to our relationship being successful is that fact that we spend extended periods away from each other,” said Lee. “And the old adage, ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ is true.”

As for their children, the captain admitted that he even (partly) inspired his son, Sean , to get into the industry as a superyacht chef, he told The Daily Dis h in 2016.

Not only do Lee and Mary Anne share grandchildren, but they also became great-grandparents in 2021 with the birth of Amelia Charlotte .

When will Deadly Waters air?

Catch up with him on  Deadly Waters with Captain Lee,  premiering Saturday, June 1 at 9/8c on Oxygen.

Deadly Waters with Captain Lee

Deadlywaterswithcaptainlee S1 Web Dynamiclead Desktop 1920x1080

Latest Videos

Get to Know Captain Lee Rosbach

Get to Know Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Lee Rosbach Discusses Being on a "Drug Boat"

Captain Lee Rosbach Discusses Being on a "Drug Boat"

Your First Look at Deadly Waters with Captain Lee Season 1

Your First Look at Deadly Waters with Captain Lee Season 1

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Windward Yachts

Yachts in Below Deck: All Boats of the TV Show (& their Prices!)

super yacht with sailboat on deck

The yachts in Below Deck are the real shining stars of the TV show when you are a true sailing enthusiast.

After the success of the original Below Deck seasons shot in the Caribbean and Polynesia on the Bravo TV channel with several spinoff: Below Deck Mediterranean , Below Deck Adventure , Below Deck Sailing Yacht and Below Deck Down Under .

Each spinoff highlights different locations from the Mediterranean hotspots to Australia and even northern Europe, and of course, different yachts.

This article is a summary of ALL the yachts that appeared in Below Deck main serie and the different spinoff: their main specifications, their price, or their availability for charter.

The yachts of the “main” Below Deck seasons

Motoryacht honor : below deck 1st season.

super yacht with sailboat on deck

Honor is a 163,8 feet Benetti superyacht, appearing in the first season of the TV show. Her actual name is now Lumiere but was before Sotavento and Cuor di Leone. In the show, the ship was captained by Lee Rosbach around Sint Marteen .

Launched in 1999 and refitted in 2010 and 2020, she accommodates up to 12 guests in 6 cabins. She offers a stunning deskspace with a sprawling sundeck, jacuzzi, outdoor cinema, and a wide range of water toys.

Motoryacht Honor is available for charter from $189,000 per week in the Mediterranean and Motoryacht Honor last selling price was $15,900,000.

Must-Read : How much does it cost to charter a yacht?

Motoryacht Ohana : 2nd season Below Deck

super yacht with sailboat on deck

Ohana from a real name Rhino appears in the second season shot in BVI.

This stunning 154′ superyacht has beautiful decks, a stunning outdoor sundeck, and a horseshoe outdoor bar . Launched as Roxanan by Admiral Marine in 1998, she gets a total refit in a modern look after having been showcased.

Accommodating up to 10 guests and 10 crew, she offers a 6 person jacuzzi and a sundeck with a huge barbecue grill.

Motoryacht Honor Ohana was last sold for $9,995,000, you can charter her from $140,000 per week in the Caribbean or North America .

What is the (true) cost of chartering the yacht you've seen? 💰⛵

The advertised prices of all charter companies do not include APA, VAT & other variable costs. 

Use our calculator to get a 100% FREE estimate of the REAL total cost of your next yacht charter! ⬇

Motoryacht Eros : Below Deck season 3

super yacht with sailboat on deck

Eros or Stay Salty (ex. Mustang Sally) appears in the famous TV show in the 3rd season shot in the Bahamas . The shipyard Trinity Yachts built this 161-foot superyacht in 2008 for Tim Hortons founder. Geoff Vann Aller took care of the exterior design. 

She can accommodate up to 12 guests and 10 crew members and offers a beautiful tri-deck with a saloon and sky-lounge jacuzzi.

Motoryacht Eros charter price starts from $175,000, but she isn’t currently available. Motoryacht Eros was last sold for $17,900,000.

On this topic: How much does it cost to own a yacht?

Valor, the big star, in Below Deck seasons 4, 5 and 7

super yacht with sailboat on deck

Valor is the most recurring yacht in Below Deck appearing in seasons 4,5 and 7 respectively shot in the US Virgin Islands, in Saint-Martin, and Phuket in Thailand . 

This 154-foot superyacht built by Feadship in 1990 accommodates up to 12 guests and 11 crew members. Designed by Frits De Voogt, her real name is BG from her owner Bobby Genovese.

With a sprawling aft deck, perfect for sunset dinners and afternoon lounges, boutique hotel-inspired interior, and a wide range of water toys, her weekly charter price starts at $168,000 by winter in the Caribbean and from $170,500 by summer in the Mediterranean.

Motoryacht Valor was bought in 2014 for $11,990,000.

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Motoryacht My Seanna in seasons 6, 8 and 9 of Below Deck

super yacht with sailboat on deck

My Seanna is the yacht you see in the 6th and 8th seasons sailing around Tahiti in Polynesia (6th season) and Antigua (8th season). Built-in 2000 by Delta Marine, she is 184,97’ in length. Key features include onboard cinema, jacuzzi, and spacious beach club.

Motoryacht My Seanna weekly charter ranges from $294,000 in the Caribbean and Motoryacht My Seanna purchase price is about $21,900,000.

Motoryacht St Davis in Below Deck season 10 and 11

below deck season 9 and  10 st davis motoryacht

The motoryacht St Davis is the star of the latest two Below Deck seasons, including the 11th scheduled to air in February 2024.

While the 10th Below Deck season happened in the very scenic St Lucia, you will see the St Davis in the non less scenic Grenada for the 11th season.

For the yacht enthusiasts, the St Davis is a 197ft (60m) motoryacht by the Benetti shipyard that can be rented from $325,000 / week in the Caribbean. Her last purchase price was at 22,5 million euros.

Yachts featured in Below Deck Mediterranean (spin off)

Motoryacht ionian princess in below deck mediterranean season i.

super yacht with sailboat on deck

Ionian Princess was named from the TV show itself when she appears in the first season of Below Deck Mediterranean shot in Greece .

The 150’ was built by the shipyard Christensen, launched in 2005, and last refitted in 2016. She can host up to 12 guests in 6 different cabins and features a stunning and chic design interior, and a sundeck with a jacuzzi.She is listed for sale at $13,750,000 and can be chartered for $175,000 per week but she isn’t currently available.

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Sirocco in Below Deck Mediterranean seasons 2 and 4

super yacht with sailboat on deck

Sirrocco is a 154,2 feet superyacht launched in 2006 by the shipyard Heesen. She appears in the second and the fourth seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean shot respectively in Croatia and France.

Sirocco accommodates 12 guests who can enjoy an 8 pax jacuzzi and striking exterior and sundeck. She features an African chic interior and impressive design and amenities. She also offers a nice range of water toys.

Today, she’s available for charter throughout the Mediterranean from $219,000 per week during the low season and she is estimated at around $18 million.

Curious about which Mediterranean island could be good for you? Follow the guide !

Talisman Maiton in Below Deck Mediterranean season 3

super yacht with sailboat on deck

You can watch Talisman Maiton, built and launched in 2006 by Proteksan Turquoise, in the third season of Below Deck in the Mediterranean shot in Italy . 

Named for an island in Thailand, her interior is inspired by Asian influences, but most recently refit in 2016 with a timeless Art Deco aesthetic. 

With her 177 feet length, she is suited for housing 12 guests in six rooms in addition to a 13 person crew. She features a sundeck spa pool with a beautiful bar, a full-service gym, and an observation deck with panoramic views.

Her weekly charter starts from $281,500 in the Mediterranean. In 2019, her selling asking price was about $18 million.

The Wellington in the fifth season of Below Deck Mediterranean

super yacht with sailboat on deck

The Wellington, from her real name The Wellesley, is a beautiful 184,5 feet Oceanco built-in 2013. This superyacht is owned by Khalid Affara. Donald Starkey recreates with his design the grandeur of the Wellesley Hotel in Knightsbridge. She accommodates up to 12 guests.

Showcased in the 5th season of Below Deck Mediterranean shot in Spain , her charter price goes from $280,000 to $304,500 per week in the Mediterranean.

Lady Michelle in Below Deck Mediterranean 6th season

super yacht with sailboat on deck

Lady Michelle is the star of the 6th season of Below Deck Mediterranean shot in Croatia. Her previous names were Cakewalk, Altitude, and Amnesia.

With her 180’, this Benetti superyacht accommodates 12 guests in 6 cabins. Launched in 2003, she got two refits in 2016 and 2018. Lady Michelle features elegant interiors and a spacious aft deck with open lounging, seating, and dining areas. She also offers a vast sundeck with a spa pool and gymnasium, but also a wide range of water toys.

Lady Michelle is available to charter from $275,000 in the Caribbean. She is estimated to $19,5 million.

“Home” motoryacht in the 7th Season of Below Deck Mediterranean

home yacht below deck

If Home is where the heart is, then the motoryacht “home” is surely the home of many yacht enthusiasts.

This 50m motoryacht built by Heesen truly shined during the 7th season of Below Deck in Malta and her modern interior and features were well highlighted.

Home is available for charter from $245,000 / week , and the purchase price is at €29,500,000.

Mustique motoryacht in the 8th season of Below Deck Mediterranean

Mustique yacht below deck

The 8th season of Below Deck Mediterranean embarked on the Italian riviera onboard Mustique, a 55m (180ft) motoryacht by Trinity Yachts.

Mustique features an impressive retro interior and spacious outdoor areas that truly shine when combined with the Mediterranean coast of that particular season.

Mustique can be chartered from €230,000 / week . Her last asking price for sale was at $19,000,000.

Yachts featured in Below Deck Sailing Yacht (Spin off)

Parsifal iii luxury sailboat.

super yacht with sailboat on deck

Parsifal III appears in the two seasons of the spin-off Below Deck Sailing yacht, captained by Glenn Shepard around Greece (season 1) and Croatia (season 2). Launched in 2005 by Perini Navi, this 177,2ft superyacht was designed by Remi Tessier. She can accommodate a total of 12 guests and 9 crew.

She is available from $237,500 to $274,000 per week to charter her around the Mediterranean and the Caribbean winter time.

In 2016, her selling asking price was $20,5 million.

Yachts featured in Below Deck Adventure (Spin off)

Motoryacht mercury (previously known as malibu and kermit).

super yacht with sailboat on deck

In the fourth spin off of Below Deck, the now infamous decided to spice things up a little. Instead of the usual Mediterranean or Caribbean routine, Below Deck went to the less explored (but extremely breathtaking) Norway.

For this new serie filled with adventure, Below Deck picked the motoryacht Mercury, ex Malibu and Kermit, to explore the Fjords Norway is famous for.

Mercury is a 50m motoryacht built by the dutch shipyard Amels, and designed by Terence Disdale.

She can accomodate up to 12 guests and 12 crew onboard. No doubt, that should be enough for this new exciting season.

Mercury is available for charter from $170,000 a week . Her current selling price is $13,500,000 .

Yachts featured in Below Deck Down Under (Spin off in Australia)

Thalassa (keri lee iii): the motoryacht in below deck down under season 1.

keri lee III below deck down  under season 1

Thalassa was the vessel of choice for the Australian Spin off of Below Deck. The real name of the yacht isn’t actually Thalassa but Keri Lee III.

The 181ft (55m) yacht was built by the American shipyard Trinity Yachts and features amenities such as a gym, a jacuzzi and 6 magnificent cabins. The perfect vessel to sail in style the waters of Northeastern Australia.

Keri Lee has a weekly charter rate that starts at AUD310,000 .

Northern Sun: the yacht in Below Deck Down Under Season 2

northern sun below deck down under season 2

Below Deck Down Under season 2 explored the coasts around Cairns, the gateway to access the great barrier reef and the Whitsunday Islands.

And it’s hard to imagine a better yacht than the Northern Sun motoryacht to explore this iconic area. The Northern Sun is a 50.8m (now yacht) that used to be a vessel dedicated for ice exploration. The refit work took two years but was clearly worth it when we look at the result displayed in this second season of the Australian Spin off.

Although the Northern Sun is built by the Japanese Narasaki shipyard, it surely is a boat that fits Australian waters quite well and could delight anyone looking to explore the most rugged locations in style, whether they are polar or tropical.

Northern Sun is available for charter from $161,700 / week . Her latest asking price was $15,000,000 .

More info about Below Deck Yachts?

Our worldwide team of professionals is here to answer all your questions!

super yacht with sailboat on deck

FAQ about Below Deck yachts

The yachts in Below Deck Mediterranean are Ionan Princess in season 1, Sirocco in season 2 and 4, Talisman Maiton in season 3, The Wellington in season 5 and Lady Michelle in season 6.

The cheaper yachts from Below Deck can be chartered for $140,000 a week. The most expensive ones have charter costs close to $300,000 per week.

My Seanna is displayed in Below Deck season 6 and 8.

My Seanna can be chartered for $294,000 and has a purchase value of $21,900,000.

Ohana charter price is at $140,000 a week. Her purchase price is around $9,995,000.

Yes, most yachts from Below Deck can be chartered.

The charter price of Eros is $175,000 a week, while its purchase value is around $17,900,000.

The owners of the Talisman are three brothers : Mark, Trevor and David Pears.

The yacht Ohana has a length of 46.94m, or 154′.

Honor can be chartered from $189,000 a week.

The yacht featured in the Below Deck spinoff Below Deck Adventure is Mercury, a 50m motoryacht built by Amels and designed by Terence Disdale.

Mercury is available for charter from $170,000 a week.

The motoryacht Mercury is displayed in the first season of the fourth Below Deck spin off called Below Deck Adventure, shot in Norway.

St Davis is the longest yacht that was used in the Below Deck serie with her 197ft length. It was featured in Below Deck season 10 and 11.

Home, featured in the 7th Season of Below Deck Mediterranean, was so far the most expensive yacht from Below Deck serie with an estimated value of 30 million dollars.

All yachts from Below deck and its spinoff are available for charter.

Fractional Yacht Ownership : Everything you Need to Know

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super yacht with sailboat on deck

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super yacht with sailboat on deck

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super yacht with sailboat on deck

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Below Deck yacht names revealed - and how much it costs to rent the celebrity superyachts

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Below Deck yacht names revealed - and how much it costs to rent the celebrity superyachts

super yacht with sailboat on deck

By Editorial Team |   Last Updated 10 October 2023

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Since 2013, Below Deck has been captivating TV audiences across the globe by offering a voyeuristic peek into life on board multi-million dollar luxury charter yachts . Taking readers behind the scenes, YachtCharterFleet identifies the yachts featured on the show, as well as those which have appeared on the celebrated spin-off series Below Deck: Mediterranean , Below Deck: Sailing , Below Deck: Down Under and the latest iteration, Below Deck: Adventure .

Bravo’s hit reality TV series Below Deck chronicles the lives of crew members who work and reside aboard a luxury yacht during the charter season.

Each season features a different crew configuration, and the episodes show how the crew members interact and deal with personal issues alongside their working lives. The seasons are filmed over six weeks, with every episode featuring a new group of charter guests.

Getting even closer to these Below Deck superstars, we take a look at each of the stand-out features of every yacht that has appeared on the show.

Below Deck (US)

Many crew members are recurring on the show;  the longest-standing is Captain Lee Rosbach, who been on the show since 2013. A fan favourite, he has been at the helm of every yacht on Below Deck and seen a number of different crew formations.

The latest Below Deck season 10 is rumoured to be his final swan song, although his legacy on the show is such that whoever replaces him will have very big shoes to fill.

Captian Lee in Ohana yacht uniform

Among the crew members, Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain was an integral member of the team from season two to season seven. Alongside her, Chef Ben Robinson was a permanent fixture of the crew from season one to season four, before stepping out for season five.

Throughout the course of the show, the yachts have played an important role. 

Hiring a Below Deck yacht will cost from €140,000 per week - and that price doesn't include expenses such as fuel. While some of the yachts were given an alias over the course of filming, their real names can now be revealed below; as well as the exact cost to rent them. 

super yacht with sailboat on deck

The largest yacht in the show's history, the 10th and 11th seasons of Below Deck  are set around the Caribbean islands of St Lucia  and Grenada onboard the luxurious 60m (197ft) superyacht ST DAVID . Delivered in 2008 by Italian shipyard Benetti, the yacht has an impressive sleek, supercar-inspired profile that instantly turns heads. 

Onboard highlights include her well-appointed sundeck with sunloungers and sunpads where guests can kick back and relax, a spa pool and her al fresco cinema screen set up for unforgettable movie nights.

One of the yacht's most distinctive features is her sophisticated spiral staircase that leads through all three decks and is lit by a skylight in the spa pool of the sun deck. The yacht is very versatile for a variety of charter party configurations, with room for 12 guests across six elegantly appointed cabins. 

super yacht with sailboat on deck


Below deck charter yacht MY SEANNA

Making an appearance on seasons 9, 8 and 6 of Below Deck , the majestic motor yacht STARSHIP (known on the show as MY SEANNA) is a yacht charter favorite.

The yacht has traveled far and wide for the show cruising to the jaw-droppingly beautiful St Kitts and Nevis in season 9, the sun-kissed Caribbean in season 8 and the  South Pacific  islands of  Tahiti in season 6.

Known for being among one of the most opulent yachts on the charter market due to her ornate interiors and glossy fittings that have been brushed in 22-carat gold, it is safe to say that this yacht is one of the most opulently styled and extensively equipped yachts on the water. Refitted in 2021, the Delta Marine yacht can accommodate 12 guests across 6 cabins and is extremely versatile for a variety of yacht charter party configurations. 

super yacht with sailboat on deck

VALOR (aka BG)

super yacht with sailboat on deck

Appearing three times on the hit show, the 47m (153ft) charter yacht BG (known on the show as VALOR) featured in seasons 7, 5 and 4 of Below Deck , taking charter guests to a variety of sun-kissed and beautiful locations. The yacht's real name is BG, and she was built in 1990 by the world's most revered shipbuilder Feadship . Since then, she has undergone many interiors refreshes to keep her in tip-top condition. 

The yacht traveled around Thailand in Season 7  where the crew and viewers were treated to a truly memorable South East Asian experience. From the iconic Phi Phi Islands to the beautiful beaches of Ko Yao Yai, there were plenty of fascinating landmarks to see on the way. Season 5 took viewers to the tranquil cruising grounds of  Saint Martin whilst season 4 saw M/Y BG in the glistening waters of the  Virgin Islands .

Accomodating 12 guests across 6 cabins, she is also capable of carrying up to 10 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht charter experience.

super yacht with sailboat on deck


luxury motor yacht STAY SALTY

Season 3 of Below Deck was announced after a hugely successful second-season finale, which was the highest-rated episode of the series. The new season saw the crew head to the Bahamas onboard  superyacht STAY SALTY  known on the show as EROS. 

She is equipped with an array of luxurious amenities including an eight-person sundeck Jacuzzi, barbecue and yacht-wide sound system. She also boasts timeless interior styling with intricate wood panelling and a neutral colour palette which helps create an inviting atmosphere for those on board.

The yacht was sold in November 2013 - just before filming for season 3 began - for an asking price of $17.9 million.

super yacht with sailboat on deck


super yacht with sailboat on deck

Premiering in August 2014, season 2 of Below Deck returned with 13 episodes documenting life on board the slightly smaller superyacht STAR DIAMOND in the British Virgin Islands . Among many other features, the yacht is equipped with a large sundeck, outdoor bar and luxury accommodation for 10 guests.

After filming the series, M/Y STAR DIAMOND was sold for an asking price of $10.9 million and is now on the charter market with a charter rate of $160,000/week. Extensively refit in 2022, the work on the superyacht has included a complete interior refresh, the yacht now features light, modern styling - an engine rebuild and a cabin conversion.


Superyacht charter yacht BARENTS

The first season of Below Deck premiered on 1 July 2013 after being announced in April 2012. Chartering around the Caribbean , the starring superyacht was named HONOR for the show but chartered under the name CUOR DI LEONE which translates to ‘Lion Heart’ in Italian. She now goes by the name BARENTS . 

Built by Italian shipyard Benetti in 1999 and refit in 2021, the famous vessel has undergone a complete makeover, bringing her up to modern standards. She can accommodate up to 12 charter guests and features luxury amenities for guests to enjoy including state-of-the-art TVs and a sundeck Jacuzzi.

Following the show, superyacht BARENTS was sold for around $15 million and her new owner commissioned a major refit. A great deal of money was spent on updating her interior with a classic-modern style of design as well as on brand-new exterior furniture and entertainment systems.

super yacht with sailboat on deck

Below Deck: Mediterranean

Following on from the success of Below Deck , the spin-off  Below Deck: Mediterranean premiered in May 2016. While the original series takes place during the winter charter season when the Caribbean is at its peak, Below Deck: Mediterranean is filmed during the summer charter season.

People sat on the edge of a boat dangling feet in the water, Below Deck Mediterranean

Season one of Below Deck: Mediterranean saw Captain Mark Howard at the helm, but the baton was passed to Captain Sandy Yawn from two onwards. Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier was another permanent fixture on the show from season one to five, before leaving the show in season six.

Captain Sandy Yawn on board yacht HOME on Below Deck Med season 7

As its name suggests, the show is based in the Mediterranean , the world’s most popular yachting hub from May to October. Despite the change in location, the same format and accompanying on-water antics from the crew and guests alike can be expected. Below, all the names of the superyachts which have appeared on the show, and the cost to rent them.

Motor yacht Mustique running shot

Season 8 of Below Deck: Mediterranean was aired in September 2023 and brought back yet more antics that included some tense franchise firsts. Set in the Ligurian Riviera, the hit Bravo series returns to Italy for the first time since season 3. The series followed the crew from mid-August until mid-September of 2022 onboard the 180-feet superyacht MUSTIQUE .

Holding up to 12 guests across 6 classically decorated cabins, this yacht is the epitome of elegance with its glossy mahogany paneling and cream upholstery. She is replete with water toys, including kayaks, a seabob, waterskis, and Zapata Flyboards, and has expansive deck areas– offering plenty of scope for both crew and guest antics which make Below Deck: Mediterranean so entertaining.

super yacht with sailboat on deck

Season 7 of Below Deck: Mediterranean returned to the screens in July 2022 and brought back more drama and wealthy clientele, creating endless entertainment for viewers at home. Set in Malta , a destination never seen before on the show, the series followed the crew over an eight-week charter season onboard the 49m (160ft) superyacht HOME .

Accommodating up to 12 guests across 6 beautifully decorated staterooms, this yacht is described as a home away from home, the perfect platform for guests to soak up the sunshine, kick back and relax. From her convivial sundeck setup replete with a Jacuzzi and glowing cocktail bar to her panoramic sky lounge and state-of-the-art water toys, this yacht certainly had the wow factor that was required for Below Deck: Mediterranean .

super yacht with sailboat on deck


Below Deck Lady Michelle Charter yacht

Season 6 of Below Deck: Mediterranean premiered in June 2021 and saw a new vessel,  motor yacht LADY MICHELLE , since re-named NEXT CHAPTER, take center stage. It also saw the return of Captain Sandy and Bosun Malia, plus a brand new crew. 

A floating paradise that turns heads on the water, this heavenly Benetti vessel comfortably accommodates 12 guests across 6 sumptuous staterooms, with additional capacity for up to 12 crew members. She also boasts an open-air cinema, a split-level owner's suite and an impressive array of water toys.

This season takes the crew to one of the most idyllic cruising grounds in the East Mediterranean : Croatia . Abounding with serene golden beaches, crystalline waters and gorgeous coves to explore, it's one of the most popular yacht charter destinations.

super yacht with sailboat on deck


Charter yacht The Wellesley

Season 5 of Below Deck: Mediterranean premiered in the summer of 2020. The show was shot on board the motor yacht THE WELLESLEY , and the superyacht was given the alias THE WELLINGTON over the course of filming. 

The yacht has an elegant 1920's theme, with a chic club lounge complete with a bespoke humidor. She features plenty of marble accents and ample alfresco deck areas, as well as a jacuzzi with innovative spill pool features.

The yachties set course for Spain for this season, cruising around the azure waters of the Balearic Islands . The homeport was Port Adriano on the island of Mallorca .

super yacht with sailboat on deck

Featuring in both Season 4 and Season 2 of Below Deck: Mediterranean ,  superyacht SIROCCO  is a yacht charter sensation. An elegant and sophisticated Heesen -built motor yacht, she features plenty of alfresco sunning areas and an 8-person jacuzzi pool; the perfect spot for the charter guests to unwind after a long day exploring.

Season 4 took the crew to one of the most iconic destinations in the Mediterranean ; the South of France . Between the luxury yachting hub of Monaco to the beautiful beaches in St Tropez , this season promises lashings of glitz and glamour. During Season 2 of Below Deck: Mediterranean , M/Y SIROCCO cruised the picturesque waters of  Croatia .

super yacht with sailboat on deck


Superyacht 'Talisman Maiton' seen from the starboard side with jetskis beside it

Premiering in 2018, season 3 of  Below Deck: Mediterranean saw familiar and new faces head to the sublime cruising grounds of Italy. This time, the crew treated their discerning guests to a world of luxury on board the 54m/178ft motor yacht TALISMAN MAITON .

Built in 2006 and refit to an exacting standard in 2016, the yacht boasts a range of exciting features that make her particularly appropriate for the waters of the Amalfi Coast . Indeed, her entertainment options range from a stunning selection of water toys to a sundeck Jacuzzi and a refreshingly modern interior.

super yacht with sailboat on deck


Ionain Princess season 1 Below Deck Mediterranean

Premiering on 3 May 2016, the very first season of Below Deck: Mediterranean , a spin-off of the increasingly popular franchise, took to viewers' screens. This time the ‘yachties’ took care of their guests onboard the motor yacht IONIAN PRINCESS  in the Mediterranean  destination of Greece . 

The starring yacht IONIAN PRINCESS was delivered from Christensen in 2005 and was later refit in 2016 and again in 2021. Truly opulent, she bears interiors that are sleekly finished with a range of warmly toned woods and plenty of comfortable furnishings. She also boasts one of the largest sundecks for a yacht of her size.

Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 1 yacht IONIAN PRINCESS is not currently available for private yacht charter vacations.

Below Deck: Sailing Yacht

This is the first time the Below Deck franchise branched away from gleaming motor yachts, with the various weather issues that sailing yachts have to contend with adding even more drama and excitement.

The design of luxury sailing yachts  also creates far more confined crew areas than we are used to seeing on the original Below Deck . In general, sailing yachts tend to feature smaller galleys, compact stew stations and cramped crew quarters which are in closer proximity to the guests’ living areas, putting crew under increased pressure to deliver their signature silver service.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3

In addition, deck crew are placed in a far more demanding role, with sailing yachts requiring increased accuracy and precision to safely maneuver and plenty of deck duties taking place in the midst of guest areas.


Sailing yacht on Below Deck

An iconic and suitable yacht for the much-loved series Below Deck: Sailing , the 54m (177ft) sailing yacht PARSIFAL III has blessed our screens for all four series of the hit maritime show.

Season 1 saw the sailing yacht cruising around the beautiful islands of Greece , an  East Mediterranean destination that is peppered with an incredible variety of islands. Season 2 was set around the glistening waters of Croatia and in  Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing , M/Y PARSIFAL III came back to where she traditionally charters in the beautiful Balearic island of Menorca . For the latest Below Deck: Sailing Yacht season she ventured around the glittering coastline of Sardinia .

The yacht can comfortably charter up to 12 guests across 5 luxurious cabins with a layout comprising a master suite, two double cabins and two twin cabins.

super yacht with sailboat on deck

Below Deck: Down Under

women sitting on a yacht Below Deck Down Under

Venturing to the mesmerizing Whitsunday islands in Australia , the much-beloved maritime show released another spin-off of the hit show in April 2022, Below Deck: Down Under . Recorded on Queensland's shores, viewers can see for themselves the impeccable Australian islands and all their beauty as the superyachts, their crew and charter guests travel to some of the most sought-after destinations in the world.  


Charter yacht NORTHERN SUN

Below Deck: Down Under  returns to our screens for its second outing, this time on board the 51m (167ft) explorer yacht NORTHERN SUN , with the coastal paradise of Cairns in Australia’s northern Queensland providing the glittering backdrop.

Headed up once more by the handsome Captain Jason Chambers, he is joined by returning chief stewardess, Aesha Scott, along with a brand new crew, including Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph, Bosun Luke Jones and stews Laura Bileskaine and Margot Sisson.

Promising another round of crew antics and high drama, the bulk of the action takes place on board the classic explorer yacht, primed for adventure and boasting a wealth of luxurious amenities and an eye-catching exterior, charter guests will be in for a treat.

super yacht with sailboat on deck


Keri Lee III or Thalassa from Below Deck Down Under

The perfect yacht for season 1 of Below Deck: Down Under , the 55m (181ft) yacht KERI LEE is the prime candidate for anyone looking for a taste of the superyacht lifestyle. Described as being like Downton Abbey on a boat, the yacht is home to an expansive beauty salon, massage room, gym, jacuzzi and movie theater, so there is definitely enough to keep all charter guests entertained.

In the first season of Below Deck: Down Under , this yacht traveled to some pretty spectacular destinations from the Great Barrier Reef , including the Whitsunday's , Hook Island, Block Reef and Henning Island, giving charter guests the opportunity to witness the outstanding beauty and clear waters of the Pacific .

Below Deck: Adventure

Woman abseiling on Below Deck Adventure

Airing its inaugral season at the end of 2022, Below Deck: Adventure brings more drama than ever before as the show takes viewers beyond the deck and off the yacht as thrill-seeking charter guests embark on a range of extreme and unforgettable experiences around the Norwegian Fjords. Some of the activities include paragliding, exploring unique caves and taking extreme helicopter rides, Below Deck: Adventure provides endless entertainment as well as giving viewers a glimpse of the astonishingly beautiful landscapes in and around  Norway . 

In  Below Deck: Adventure season 1, Capt. Kerry Titheradge leads the crew with Jessica Condy as Chef and Faye Clarke as Chief Stew.

champagne and jacuzzi onboard Below Deck adventure yacht MERCURY

As seen in season 1 of Below Deck Adventure , the 49m (164ft) motor yacht MERCURY is a high-quality and highly reliable Dutch-built luxury charter yacht. Delivered by Amels in 2001, the yacht is to the highest standard and pedigree and boasts a wealth of convivial spaces, perfect for relaxing, unwinding and socializing onboard. 

Home to an impressive array of amenities, standout highlights include an expansive Jacuzzi, a large swim platform for easy access to the water and a gym. An advanced stabilization system on board reduces the side-to-side roll of the yacht and promises guests exceptional comfort levels at anchor or when underway.

super yacht with sailboat on deck

Interested in a Below Deck yacht rental?

yacht rental below deck

For more details on chartering any of the above yachts, speak to your preferred charter broker . They can provide you with personalized information and advice concerning your vacation, creating an itinerary that perfectly caters to your individual needs.

Book with Ease - Speak with a Charter Expert

Our yacht charter experts will:

  • Discuss your vacation plans
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Enquire now for yacht availability & free consultation.


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Parsifal III yacht charter

54m Perini Navi 2005 / 2012

Northern Sun yacht charter

51m Narasaki Shipyard 1976 / 2007

Barents yacht charter

50m Benetti 1999 / 2021

Mercury yacht charter

50m Amels 2001 / 2006

Home yacht charter

50m Heesen 2017

Sirocco yacht charter

47m Heesen 2006 / 2013

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The World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Superyacht Sets Sail

By Katherine McLaughlin

Superyacht in a shipyard

Traveling the deep blue just got a lot greener. Feadship, a Dutch shipyard, just launched what it claims is the world’s first hydrogen-powered superyacht. Dubbed Project 821, the 290-foot boat left the company’s Amsterdam shipyard on May 4, a monumental achievement following years of yacht concepts touted with the eco-friendly technology . “The aim has been to develop a new, clean technology not just for this project, but for the world,” said Jan-Bart Verkuyl, Feadship director and CEO of Royal Van Lent, in a statement.

Superyacht on a cloudy day

RWD designed both the exterior and interior.

Designing and developing Project 821 was a five-year undertaking and part of the Feadship’s research into fossil-free fuel options for boats. The ship is partly powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which generate power through a chemical reaction rather than combustion. Many cars make use of this technology, but this is a first for superyachts. “The value of the research as well the development of class and flag safety regulations for an entirely new type of energy generation is an advancement we are proud to have made available to all,” Verkuyl added.

The hydrogen-powered superyacht was designed by RWD , a firm located in Hampshire, England. The owner’s deck is inspired by a luxury apartment, and features two bedrooms, twin bathrooms and dressing rooms, a gym, two offices, and a living room. On the lower deck, bookshelves wrap around a statement-making staircase in addition to a number of niches designed for small moments, such as board games or enjoying a cup of coffee. This is in addition to a library, stateroom, and sea terrace dining room. The interiors make use of a natural and light color palette crafted from organic materials such as leather, marble , and rattan .

Superyacht coming out of a shipyard

Project 821 showcases a number of green advancements to make yachting more eco-friendly.

“RWD is immensely proud to have been involved in such a forward-thinking project,” Charlie Baker, a director at RWD, said. “We hope it inspires other projects to think differently in the future.”

Hydrogen requires heavy-duty storage tanks, which add significant weight to the boat and demand additional space. Though Project 821 is equipped to hold four tons of hydrogen and 16 fuel cells, it is not enough to fully power the vessel for long journeys. In cases where green energy alone is not enough, the boat is also fashioned with two generators. These combusts hydrotreated vegetable oil, which is a diesel-like fuel but doesn’t require fossil resources.

The boat is currently for sale through Edmiston, a superyacht sale and charter firm. “The brief was to build the greenest and most environmentally advanced yacht ever built, without compromise. It was a huge challenge, but one that the team has embraced and delivered on,” Jamie Edmiston, CEO of Edmiston, added. “The yacht we see today, designed by RWD and built by Feadship, is without doubt the best yacht ever built.”

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34 Luxury Yacht Decks (Bow, Flybridge and Rear Deck Photos)

Aerial view of two luxury yacht stern and flybridge decks

Larger yachts have multiple decks with all kinds of seating, dining areas and in some cases jacuzzis, bars, outdoor kitchens and more. Below we include a chart showing the main decks of a yacht followed by many photos of different luxury yacht decks. Enjoy.

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Types of Decks on a Yacht (Chart)

Chart showing the main types of decks on a yacht

  • Bow (Main) Deck:  This is usually the largest deck area and it’s situated at the front of the boat. Some yachts have built-in seating while others don’t.
  • Flybridge (Upper) Deck:  This is the outdoor captain’s area to operate the boat but includes seating and/or dinette area (depending on size). Some flybridge decks are covered or can be covered.
  • Promenade Deck:  These are the narrow side decks that lead you from front to back and vice versa.
  • Stern (Lower) Deck: This is the deck at the rear of the boat. Some yachts have multiple stern (lower) rear decks if it’s multiple levels. You can access the cabin from this deck.

Luxury Yacht Deck Photos

1. flybridge decks.

Flybridge deck with built-in curved blue sofa and jacuzzi.

2. Stern Decks

Rear deck on smaller yacht with dinette (uncovered)

3. Bow Decks

Front bow deck on luxury yacht with built in sofas and jacuzzi.

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ISA Unveils a Trio of Sleek New Superyachts

The new viper range includes three models measuring 100, 120, and 140 feet, respectively., rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

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The World’s First Superyacht to Use Methanol Fuel Is Now Cruising the High Seas

This new 131-foot superyacht concept brings high architecture to the high seas.

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ISA Yachts Viper 120

ISA Yachts is bringing a trio of serpentine superyachts to the high seas.

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ISA Yachts Viper 120

Production has already begun on the first Viper 120, with delivery expected in 2026. The inaugural Viper measures 125 feet (38 meters) and has a reduced draft of less than five feet, meaning that it is suited to cruising the shallow waters of the Caribbean Sea, for example. The vessel can be equipped with either three MAN or MTU engines that will enable a maximum speed of 33 knots and a cruising speed of 26 knots, ISA says.

The aft deck of the Viper 120 is split into three distinct zones: a beach club with a hydraulic swim platform, a lounge with fold-out balconies, and a dining area with an eight-seater dining table. The aft is also home to a combined galley and bar with a pop-up tinted glass partition that can hide the happenings within or keep them on display.

To the left of the aft bar, a staircase leads to the sundeck. Protected by a carbon hardtop, the sundeck features a helm station, two large sun pads, a lounge area with sofas, an L-shaped bar, and a 12-seater table. Heading back down the stairs, a port-side walkway leads to a bow area with a circular pool, sunbeds, and sofas.

Moving inside, the main deck sports a second combined galley and bar, as well as a bright salon with floor-to-ceiling windows, plush sofas, and a 10-seater circular table. The main deck is also outfitted with another wheelhouse and an opening balcony that allows seafarers to take in the views from the indoor sofas.

Details on the Viper 100 and Viper 140 will follow soon. Stay tuned.

Rachel Cormack is a digital editor at Robb Report. She cut her teeth writing for HuffPost, Concrete Playground, and several other online publications in Australia, before moving to New York at the…

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Standout superyacht owner's decks

The  owner’s cabin  is an essential item, but for the ultimate in privacy what you really need is an entire deck to call your own. Here's our pick of the best superyacht owner’s decks on the water...

"I think we met the owner's wish for privacy," designer of 72 metre Tankoa superyacht Solo Francesco Paszkowski said. The owner's deck includes a helipad that doubles as a party deck and a huge apartment that includes two wardrobes, an office and a bathroom. From the bed, the owner can enjoy unrivalled panoramic views over a private spa pool and on to the sea.

More about this yacht

Delivered in 2016 by Feadship , 66 metre Vanish's expansive owner's deck was the product of a serial yacht owner whose experiences had taught him that privacy and outdoor spaces are key to life on board. Located on the bridge deck, the full-beam suite offers direct access to the main saloon via an impressive superyacht staircase and bridge access via a secret door concealed within the suite's sitting room, which is separated from the bedroom via a sliding wall.

Featuring design inside and out by Harrison Eidsgaard , as well as a vast owner's terrace aft, another key highlight of the owner's deck is a private balcony on the port side that simply slides out of the bulwarks at the touch of a button meaning the owners can activate it at their whim without the need for crew assistance.

An aft-facing master suite with 270 degree views lets the owner enjoy an ideal nature spotting lookout on the 45 metre McMullen & Wing yacht Big Fish . Sliding glass doors mean easy access to the private deck.

One level down, guests can enjoy similarly impressive views through floor-to-ceiling windows in the main saloon and the dining area with its large glass doors leading to the side and aft decks.

Yachts for charter

In addition to the master suite with its own office, sitting room, private outdoor area and spa pool, the owner of this 61 metre Hakvoort yacht has a well-stocked cocktail bar. Transformed part-way through the build process after the original buyer pulled out, Just J’s was reconfigured to suit its new American owner’s desire to create the ultimate superyacht owner’s deck.

Double-height video monitors lining the walkway between the saloon and dining area of the owner’s deck are just one of the star features of the award-winning, 83.5 metre Feadship superyacht Savannah . The area also has a huge master suite with an enormous skylight, a separate dressing room and a spa-like bathroom, leading out to a large outdoor lounge, an office, a private saloon and dining area and a service pantry.

Talk about a room with a view. You can look out to sea or up to the magnificent chandelier from the massive king-size bed on the 85 metre Lürssen superyacht Solandge . The owner’s deck also boasts a private outdoor seating area, office, a casual sitting room with its own fireplace, and his and hers walk-in wardrobes.

Stella Maris

The huge master suite on the revolutionary 72 metre VSY Stella Maris leads to a private outdoor deck — perfect for enjoying lazy breakfasts in the sun. Because of the large angled overhead eyebrows on each deck, the owners can enjoy complete privacy as well as an unblemished view of the horizon from the bed.

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    Following Bravo TV's tradition of naming yachts after 'Homeric' Greek mythology, the forthcoming Below Deck Season 4 superyacht VALOUR is in actual fact the 47m/154ft motor yacht BG.. A sophisticated and modern motor yacht built by the prestigious Dutch shipyard Feadship, she possess a quality which is the yachting equivalent of a Rolls Royce.Bringing together the very best in luxury amenities ...

  3. Parsifal Iii Yacht Charter

    PARSIFAL III is a 54m luxury sail super yacht available for charter built in 2005, refitted in 2012. Charter up to 12 guests in 5 cabins (1 Master, 3 Double & 2 Twin) with a crew of 9. ... View all Below Deck yachts, their real names and the cost to rent them. 'Parsifal III' Charter Rates & Destinations. Summer Season. May - September.

  4. Jeff Bezos' New Yacht Is Finally Ready to Set Sail

    Photos reveal a large sailboat with three masts, an on-deck pool and a voluptuous mermaid on the bow, that bears a resemblance to Ms. Sánchez. But otherwise, the sleek, classic lines suggest the ...

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    Reality-TV fans, set your DVR for November 21. That's when Below Deck season 10 premieres on Bravo, with a new yacht in a new destination. The superyacht St. David is the center of the action this time, cruising in St. Lucia. While the many megayachts appearing in Below Deck since it first aired in 2013 have been noteworthy, here are five reasons she stands out.

  6. The Yachts of TV's Below Deck

    Home is a newer Below Deck yacht, in terms of delivery date. The 163-foot (49.8-meter) Heesen Yachts project saw delivery in 2017. She appears on season seven of Below Deck Mediterranean, which premiered in July 2022 and featured Malta as the setting.As for Home, she has a beach-chic ambience, with white and light tones (above) for furnishings and walls, contrasting with dark-wood soles.

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    THE WELLINGTON Yacht: What You Need To Know About The 'Below Deck' Vessel. On the fifth season of the hit TV show Below Deck Mediterranean, the luxury yacht featured was the biggest boat in the series' history. 1 Captain Sandy Yawn and her crew sailed charter clients around the Spanish resort town of Mallorca in The Wellington yacht. In actuality, the 184.5-foot luxury yacht is called ...

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    17 May 2021 • Written by Olivia Michel. US TV network Bravo has announced that superyacht TV show Below Deck will be returning to screens for two new spin-off seasons, Below Deck Adventure and Below Deck Down Under. Premiering in early 2022, Below Deck Adventure will follow the escapades of explorer yachts cruising in the icy fjords of Norway ...

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    Television network Bravo has confirmed the return of Below Deck spin-off Below Deck Mediterranean as the seventh season wraps up filming in Malta. The hit reality series, which follows a yacht crew over an eight-week charter season, will premiere its new season on July 11 with Captain Sandy Yawn at the helm of an all-new yacht named Home.

  10. VIRTUAL TOUR OF BELOW DECK YACHT: See Inside Season 3's Superyacht EROS

    With long-serving Captain Lee Rosbach commenting that Season 3 of the popular Bravo TV show Below Deck is its 'best season yet,' excitement is high for the new series - premiering in the U.S tonight at 9pm EST. Ahead of her big debut, YachtCharterFleet take an exclusive peek inside the starring yacht EROS (otherwise known as motor yacht 'Mustang Sally') to see what charter guests are ...

  11. You Can Charter A Yacht From TV's 'Below Deck.' Here's ...

    Dream on. Read on. It's just been announced that season 11 of Below Deck is due to set sail on February 5, 2024, and St David is the yacht of choice again — the biggest, most luxurious and ...

  12. Royal Hakvoort's 61m superyacht Asia delivered to owner

    Originally known as Hull YN 253, Asia features accommodation for a total of 12 guests, including a master cabin on a private deck, with a stateroom, two bathrooms, a study and skylounge. The rest of the guest accommodation comprises a full beam VIP suite on the main deck, alongside the lounge and formal dining area.

  13. Meet the Superyachts of Below Deck

    Ohana. While 46.94m superyacht Ohana appeared in Season 2 Below Deck under her own name, she was renamed Star Diamond since her sale. Built by Admiral Marine Works in 1998, Star Diamond had a major refit in 2018 and oozes classic superyacht elegance with soft, neutral interior design by Donald Starkey Designs, as well as plenty of deck space ...

  14. BG Yacht • Bobby Genovese $15M Superyacht • Valor Below Deck

    Featuring design by De Voogt Naval Architects and an interior by McMillen Design, the yacht can accommodate 12 guests and a crew of 10. BG gained fame as Valor in the reality TV series Below Deck. Canadian entrepreneur Bobby Genovese is the current owner of the BG yacht, which he acquired in 2014. The yacht is valued at an estimated $15 million ...

  15. Who Is Captain Lee Rosbach? Everything to Know About Him

    Captain Lee Rosbach is the seasoned sea captain at the helm of the Bravo series Below Deck since its 2013 premiere until Season 11.. Since the show and all its spinoffs debuted — which include Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and Below Deck Down Under — Captain Lee has taken a no-nonsense approach to the world of yachting as Bravo's original captain.

  16. The REAL Below Deck! Super Yachts Explained: Crew, Ops, Life Onboard

    Use code THECREWCHEF16 for up to 16 FREE MEALS + 3 Surprise Gifts across 6 HelloFresh boxes plus free shipping at https://bit.ly/3HULYcG !Here we go - a gui...

  17. Yachts in Below Deck: All Boats of the TV Show (& their Prices!)

    Geoff Vann Aller took care of the exterior design. She can accommodate up to 12 guests and 10 crew members and offers a beautiful tri-deck with a saloon and sky-lounge jacuzzi. Motoryacht Eros charter price starts from $175,000, but she isn't currently available. Motoryacht Eros was last sold for $17,900,000.

  18. OCTOPUS Yacht • Roger Samuelsson $285M SuperYacht

    The yacht houses a host of luxurious features including a helicopter hangar, a 10-person submarine, and multiple leisure and wellness facilities. Octopus can accommodate 12 guests along with a crew of 42, providing unmatched hospitality. The yacht is estimated to be worth $285 million, with annual running costs of around $29 million.



  20. Below Deck yacht names revealed

    For the latest Below Deck: Sailing Yacht season she ventured around the glittering coastline of Sardinia. The yacht can comfortably charter up to 12 guests across 5 luxurious cabins with a layout comprising a master suite, two double cabins and two twin cabins. Parsifal III from €235,000 per week + expenses.

  21. The World's First Hydrogen-Powered Superyacht Sets Sail

    Dubbed Project 821, the 290-foot boat left the company's Amsterdam shipyard on May 4, a monumental achievement following years of yacht concepts touted with the eco-friendly technology. "The ...

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    Mustique is the latest in a long line of yachts in TV's Below Deck franchise available for charter. Below Deck Mediterranean season 7's Home, for example, charters for a weekly base rate of $245,000.The most expensive charter yacht on the show so far, meanwhile, is St. David. Her weekly rate starts at $345,000. If you're new to the Below Deck franchise and want to get caught up, all ...

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    Bow (Main) Deck: This is usually the largest deck area and it's situated at the front of the boat.Some yachts have built-in seating while others don't. Flybridge (Upper) Deck: This is the outdoor captain's area to operate the boat but includes seating and/or dinette area (depending on size).Some flybridge decks are covered or can be covered.

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