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Best Yachts – Top 15 Picks for 2024

Carver 52 Command Bridge

Carver 52 Command Bridge

Hatteras M75 Panacera

Hatteras M75 Panacera

Sabre 58 Salon Express

Sabre 58 Salon Express

Chris Riley

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a yacht? Probably those huge luxury cruisers reserved for the high society folks, right? Well, that’s true, but those are a special group of ships referred to as luxury yachts.

The questions you need to be asking are – What is a yacht? At what point is a yacht regarded as a ship? And, what exactly makes a yacht a yacht? Here’s a little boating lesson for you.

A yacht is any fast cruising watercraft used for pleasure or sport. Yachts can be classified into cruisers, superyachts, and mega yachts. The difference between them all boils down to their respective sizes.

Luxury vessels that are less than 12 meters long fall in the class of cabin cruiser yachts – or simply, cruisers. Those that measure more than 24 meters are classified as superyachts. Anything that’s 50+ meters long is a mega yacht. Anything larger than a mega yacht is generally referred to as a ship and generally describes a working vessel as opposed to something recreational.

So, as you can see, you don’t necessarily have to be swimming in a ton of money to become a yacht owner. The only difference will be in the size of the craft you get. Clear enough?

Without further ado, here are the 15 best yachts, as well as a few useful tips on how to choose the best one.

Top on our list of best yachts is the Carver 52 Command Bridge. Its unique design, spacious salon, expansive foredeck seating area, and well-thought-out amenities make this one the best yachts bar-none.

It comes with a master head, a spacious stall shower, and a full-beam master stateroom that even has its own private entrance. It doesn’t get any better than that.

 Carver  →

● Designed for long-range cruising ● Ample living space ● Comes with loads of convenience amenities

● Not ideal for use in icy waters

The Hatteras M75 Panacera yacht is the perfect embodiment of superior craftsmanship and timeless elegance. One look at it, and you can tell that it was built with impeccable attention to detail.

Everything from the galley layout and the open-concept deckhouse salon to the 360-degree panoramic windows and state-of-the-art amenities adds a completely new dimension to luxury yachting.

 Hatteras  →

● Ample space ● Exquisite interiors and exteriors ● Fully-customizable

● High maintenance

Yachts don’t exactly come cheap. So, the term “budget” yacht might be a bit of a stretch when referring to the price. Nonetheless, if you’re shopping for a watercraft that delivers excellent value for money, the Sabre 58 Salon Express is a great option to consider.

It has an open yacht design that seamlessly merges the interior with the exterior and has large windows that flood the interior spaces with lots of natural light. The Sabre also has three en-suite cabins, abundant storage, and several other great features that make it stand out from other boats in its class.

 Sabre Yachts  →

● Great value for money ● Spacious interior ● Ample storage

● Not ideal for use in the high seas

Tiara Yachts 53 Coupe

Tiara Yachts 53 Coupe

The Tiara Yachts 53 Coupe is the perfect family watercraft. It is designed for indoor and outdoor living. The bridge deck space and salon offer breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views of the ocean. It also has comfortable living quarters below deck that are guaranteed to give the entire family an exceptional cruising experience.

 Tiara  →

● Great for making memories ● Comfortable living quarters ● Offers panoramic views all round

● High maintenance costs

60 Cantius

The 60 Cantius from Cruiser was built for long-distance passages. It has spacious living quarters both above and below deck, as well as lots of comfort and convenience amenities that allow you to spend extended periods out on the water.

You’ll particularly enjoy the retractable sunroof that allows you to bask in the sun while enjoying breathtaking panoramic ocean views as you cruise along.

 Cruisers Yachts  →

● Ideal for long-distance passages ● Beautiful, elegant design ● Spacious living areas above and below deck

● Pricier than other boats in its class

93 Motor Yacht

93 Motor Yacht

If you’re looking for a watercraft that can go the distance, it doesn’t get any better than the 93 Motor Yacht from Viking Yachts. First impressions: It is gorgeous.

Its beauty isn’t skin-deep either. The 93MY was built to navigate the rough, choppy waters of the high seas, making it the perfect vessel for anyone who wants to go on an ocean-crossing adventure of a lifetime.

 Viking Yachts  →

● Stunning exterior and interior design ● Built to navigate rough water conditions ● It is pretty massive

● Requires a small crew to operate it

Jeanneau NC 37

Jeanneau NC 37

The Jeanneau NC 37 is an excellent beginner boat. Its fluid layout and ergonomic design make movement in this yacht a breeze. It comes with large panoramic windows with an open sunroof that bathe the living space in lots of natural light.

There’s an owner’s cabin, as well as a guest cabin that both offer ample standing headroom. Its well-proportioned interior alongside the multitude of comfort and convenience amenities it comes with makes it one of the best beginner yachts in the market today.

 Jeanneau  →

● Ample living space and storage ● Great value for money ● Open ergonomic layout

● Not ideal for ocean crossing

Regal 36 XO

Regal 36 XO

If you’re looking for a yacht that combines both comfort and functionality, the Regal 36 XO delivers on both fronts. This beauty is powered by two outboard engines and offers multi-bow seating that also doubles up as casting decks.

It has a spacious cabin, open-air salon, seamless galley that integrates the aft seating area with the roomy saloon, and a windshield walk-through that provides easy access to the bow.

 Regal  →

● Versatile ● Spacious interiors and exteriors ● Fully-customizable

Back Cove 390

Back Cove 390

If you thought yachts were reserved for ocean-use only, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are several models specially designed for lakes. The Back Cove 390 yacht is the perfect example.

Its smaller size makes it ideal for lake cruising. It has a fully-enclosed helm, as well as an owner and guest cabin below-deck, making it perfect for overnight stay.

 Back Cove Yachts  →

● Perfect size for lakes ● Ideal for entertaining ● Delivers optimal handling and maneuverability

● May not be ideal for a long extended stay

Formula 45 Yacht

Formula 45 Yacht

The Formula 45 Yacht is the perfect liveaboard watercraft. It has all the comfort and convenience amenities you would expect to find in any standard land-based home. It is spacious with a well-thought-out practical layout that makes movement on the yacht easy. It has enough room to comfortably accommodate a small family of four.

 Formula  →

● Best yacht for the money ● Spacious interior ● Comes with lots of convenience amenities

Ocean Alexander 36L

Ocean Alexander 36L

If you’re thinking of venturing out into the rough seas, you’re going to need a yacht that can hold its own in the sloppiest of weather conditions. The Ocean Alexander 36L is built to do just that.

Beyond its stunning exterior and interiors, this yacht’s overall rugged construction is focused on giving passengers the smoothest ride possible regardless of the water conditions outside. Its deep V-hull design and its 324,500 lbs. displacement capacity are largely responsible for the exceptional stability it displays when cruising through the high seas.

 Ocean Alexander  →

● Exceptionally stable ● Packed with loads of comfort and convenience amenities ● Expansive interior and exterior

● Needs a crew to run it

Westport 112 Motor Yacht

Westport 112 Motor Yacht

As far as luxury yachts go, the Westport 112 Motor Yacht is in a class of its own. This 111 ft. 8 in. long watercraft is built to deliver extraordinary performance inside and out.

It has four en-suite staterooms that sleep eight individuals and can accommodate up to five crew members, including the captain. The interior oozes luxury, sophistication, and a timeless elegance that’s hard to come by these days.

 Westport Yachts  →

● Spacious indoor and outdoor living areas ● Exquisite interiors ● Suitable for cruising the high seas

● Expensive

Beneteau Oceanis 60

Beneteau Oceanis 60

The Beneteau Oceanis 60 is by far the best sailing yacht we’ve come across. It is built on a hull that guarantees safety and unmatched performance at every turn.

This luxury sailing yacht has a unique deck plan that allows for single-handed maneuvering across the water. The glossy woodwork, cozy upholstery, and the spacious living quarters below-deck make it the perfect sailing yacht for your ocean getaway.

 Beneteau  →

● Exceptional fuel economy ● Spacious living areas ● Ideal for single-handed sailing

● May not be as fast as other non-sailboat yachts

Antares 9

Having a crew is great and all, but it’s also nice to have a yacht that you can operate on your own for that measure of added privacy when you need it. The Antares 9 is the perfect owner operator yacht.

It is modern, stylish, and compact, allowing you to run it on your own and discreetly slip away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life anytime you need to.

● Elegant design ● Can be operated solo ● Comfortable and safe navigation

● Not ideal for the rough, choppy waters of the high seas

Prestige 690

Prestige 690

Let’s get to what yachts are best known for – hosting memorable parties. The Prestige 690 has everything you need to keep the party going all day and all night.

Its open design layout and its expansive deck make it the perfect yacht for entertaining. The elegant, timeless design of its exterior, alongside the breathtaking finishing, are just a few of the 690’s attributes that add to its appeal.

 Prestige  →

● Massive open deck ● Comes with lots of comfort and convenience features ● Sleeps up to 10 people

How to Choose the Best Yachts – Buyer’s Guide

A yacht is a pretty big purchase. So, you need to know what to look for when choosing the right one for your needs. Here are a couple of pointers that might come in handy.

Type of Yacht

The type of yacht you buy depends in large part on your intended use for it. Most yachts tend to fall into one of three categories – For water sports like wakeboarding , fishing motor yachts, or the overnight cruising variety. Once you know what kind of recreational activities you plan on engaging in, that should help narrow down your choices.

Next, you need to consider what size of yacht you should get. Do you have a young family that you intend to expand in the coming years? Do you plan to use the vessel for day cruising, or do you intend to spend a couple of nights on board from time to time?

Will the yacht be just for you and your significant other, or do you plan to frequently entertain several guests on board? This will advise whether you should buy a cabin cruiser yacht, a superyacht, or a mega yacht.

In a perfect world, you would have all the money you need to buy any kind of watercraft you want. Sadly, that’s not the reality we live in. Keep in mind that yachts don’t exactly come cheap. So, even if you’re planning to purchase a small yacht, you’ll still need to spend quite a bit of cash to get it.

The best thing to do would be to set a budget and compare the different models on offer from different manufacturers . Aside from the boat’s purchase price, you also need to think about the costs associated with owning a yacht. These include insurance, repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and the vessel’s general servicing.

Figure out what kind of comfort and convenience features are a must-have for you. How many cabins should it have? Do you need it to have a summer grill up top? Or will the one in the mini kitchen below-deck suffice? Ensure that the yacht you get has all the amenities you need.

Last but not least, before you sign any purchase contract, ensure that you schedule a sea trial with the dealer. That way, you get a true feel for the boat before you buy it.

Look Before You Leap

If you’re in the market for a shiny new yacht, any of the 15 vessels we’ve detailed in this guide will make an excellent choice. Do your homework beforehand, and make sure your desired craft has all the features and amenities you seek.

Use the tips we’ve outlined in this guide to help you choose the best yachts from all the different options that are hot on the market right now. Happy yachting!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for the best aluminum fishing boat , we’ve got you covered. Check out our review for our top picks.

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Outdoors, I’m in my element, especially in the water. I know the importance of being geared up for anything. I do the deep digital dive, researching gear, boats and knowhow and love keeping my readership at the helm of their passions.

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The 25 Largest Yachts in the World Right Now

The 2023 newcomers to our annual list hail from german yard lürssen, dutch builder oceanco and turkish refit yard karmarine..

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Lürssen Yachts "Rising Sun" superyacht

As we round 2023, the size of the global superyacht fleet keeps on growing. The top 25 largest yachts in the world now total a combined 11,849 feet, with the smallest yacht on the list, Koru , measuring a whopping 417 feet. Built by shipyards all over the world—from the Netherlands to the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Turkey, Greece and the United Kingdom—new launches and refits are delivered each year. The latest newcomers to make the list hail from Lürssen, Oceanco and Karmarine. With many new gigayacht builds in the pipeline, the list promises to be even more competitive in the coming years. Here are the world’s top 25 yachts by size, from Koru to Azzam.

Azzam (592 feet, 6 inches), Lürssen

Lürssen Azzam

It’s not surprising that the world’s longest yacht hails from a shipyard with 13 out of the 25 top builds in the superyacht arena. Unfortunately, Lürssen could never really boast about Azzam after its launch in 2013 because of the owner’s penchant for privacy, though it did describe the interior by Christophe Leoni, which features a 95-foot-long main salon, as “inspired by the Empire style of the early 19th century.” The owner Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi directed a team of designers and engineers who started with the bare concept, worked through the technical challenges of what might be the most complex superyacht ever and finished with an unusually large vessel that can top the 30-knot mark. Nauta Yacht’s exterior features a long, sleek forward area, with well-proportioned tiers moving up to the skydeck. Lürssen describes the interior by Christophe Leoni as “sophisticated, with luxurious decor inspired by the Empire style of the early 19th century.” Its gas turbines, connected to water jets, push Azzam to more than 30 knots—as fast as a Navy frigate—giving it the ability to operate at high speed in shallow waters. It also boasts an impressive build time for a yacht of its size, with construction taking only three years after one year of engineering. Azzam  accommodates up to 36 guests, and a crew of 80.

Fulk Al Salamah (538 feet, 1 inch), Mariotti Yachts

"Fulk Al Salamah," Mariotti Yachts

Little information has been released about the world’s second-longest superyacht, custom-built Fulk Al Salamah , and it has been shrouded in mystery since first announced in 2014. Even the overall length of 538.1 feet has been estimated from AIS data. However, built and delivered by Italian builder Mariotti Yachts in their Genoa shipyard in 2016, the imposing vessel is believed to be owned by Sultan Haitham bin Tariq of Oman. Last refit in 2021, exterior design is by Studio de Jorio, and it is considered by some to resemble more of a support vessel than a superyacht. Nonetheless, aerial photography shows an impressively large helideck, raked masts and a bathing platform.

Eclipse (533 feet, 1 inch), Blohm+Voss

Superyacht Eclipse

The 533.1-foot stately  Eclipse , the second yacht on this list owned by sanctioned billionaire Roman Abramovich, took five years to design and build. When it left the Blohm+Voss shipyard in Hamburg in 2010, it was the world’s largest yacht. The interior has 17 staterooms and a palatial master suite, with the capacity to carry 85 crew. Both the interior and exterior are designed by Terence Disdale. A proportional profile is defined by tiered decks that sweep upward and bend ever so slightly at the aft ends. Eclipse  has a 185-foot-long owner’s deck, the capacity to hold three helicopters, a sophisticated stabilization system, six tenders and an enormous spa, gym and beach club, not to mention one of the largest swimming pools on any superyacht. Other features reflecting its stature: Hybrid diesel-electric engines are connected to Azipod drives that give Eclipse a top-end speed of 21 knots, with a range of 6,000 nautical miles.

Dubai (531 feet, 5 inches), Platinum Yachts

DUBAI UAE - DEC 16: Dubai - yacht of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. December 16 2014 in Dubai UAE

Even at 531.5-feet, Dubai ’s all-white Winch-designed exterior belies the dramatic and vibrant interior within. Colorful mosaic floors, a spiraling glass staircase, 70-foot-wide atrium and bursts of red, blue and green create a carnival of scene. Originally commissioned for Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei as a joint project between Blohm+Voss and Lürssen, the project was halted in 1998 with just a bare hull and skeletal superstructure. The hull was sold to the government of Dubai, and, under the direction of the country’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, work on the 531.5-footer began again, though this time by Platinum Yachts. Dubai delivered in 2006 and is now the sheikh’s royal yacht, with accommodations for 24 guests and quarters for 88 crew. The seven-decked yacht has a landing pad for a Black Hawk helicopter, submarine garage, disco and cinema, and can reach a top speed of 26 knots.

Blue (518 feet, 3 inches), Lürssen Yachts

Lürssen Superyacht Blue

Lürssen’s newest entry on the list, Blue , which delivered to its Middle Eastern owner in July 2022, may rank at number five out of the world’s largest yachts, but it’s diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system goes a long way to minimize emissions. The yacht also features an electric Azimuth pod drive that can be used independently or in conjunction with the twin propeller shafts. There is a waste-water treatment system and an advanced exhaust treatment system to help reduce NOx levels, as well as cut down on vibration and noise pollution. Interior and exterior design is by Terence Disdale, Blue is defined in profile by a raked bow with a helipad, an aft deck pool and twin balconies forward either side of the owner’s full-beam suite. There is a second, smaller helipad aft. The British designer has reportedly penned a feminine and elegant interior, though no images have yet been released.

Dilbar (511 feet, 8 inches), Lürssen

Espen Øino Dilbar yacht

The 2016 launch of Dilbar gave Lürssen the distinction of not only building the longest yacht ever ( Azzam ), but also the largest in terms of volume. Espen Øino designed the exterior, creating a full-bodied superstructure of long, flowing decks, along with two helicopter pads. Dilbar also has an 82-foot swimming pool that can hold an incredible 6,357-cubic-feet of water and according to Lürssen, is the world’s longest on a yacht. The interior by  Winch Design  is defined by its “rare and exclusive luxury materials,” says the builder, declining to go into detail. Despite  Dilbar ’s volume, the designers did a masterful job making the yacht look relatively svelte, In June 2020, Dilbar returned to Lürssen for a significant refit, where the yacht remains following US sanctions placed on the owner, Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, in 2022.

Al Saïd (508 feet, 5 inches), Lürssen

Al Said measures 508'5" and was built by Lurssen Yachts

Another 500-plus-foot yacht from Lürssen, the original Project Sunflower gained its official name of Al Saïd following its launch in 2016. Espen Øino’s exterior is akin to a classic cruise liner, complete with the twin-exhaust stacks in the center of the superstructure. Owned by the Sultan of Oman, the yacht was listed for the sale for the first time in April 2022 for an undisclosed sum. The six-decked  Al Saïd  can carry 154 crew and an estimated 70 guests across 26 suites. Lürssen reports a top speed of 22 knots. The London-based Redman Whiteley Dixon studio designed the interior, which includes a concert hall that can hold a 50-piece orchestra, a private cinema for 50 people, plus a medical room and dental care on board.

A+ (483 feet, 1 inch), Lürssen

Lürssen Topaz largest yachts in the world

Very little is known about A+ (formerly Topaz) , which was launched by Lürssen in 2012, other than it is the fourth-largest yacht ever built by the German shipyard. Tim Heywood Designs did the exterior, which features helipads on the foredeck and amidships on an upper deck. A lower aft deck includes a swimming pool. The German yard has not released any images of the Terence Disdale interior. Reported to be owned by Manchester City Football Club owner Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan—Emirati royalty and deputy prime minister of the UAE— A+ has a top speed of 22 knots and can carry 62 guests and up to 79 crew. It was last refit in 2022.

Prince Abdulaziz (482 feet, 3 inches), Helsingør Værft

Prince Abdulaziz

This custom yacht, launched by Helsingør Værft in Denmark in 1984, is reportedly undergoing a refit in 2023. The 5,200-tonne Prince Abdulaziz is one of the Saudi Royal family’s yachts, its first owner being King Fahd. Designed by Maierform, the yacht was the longest and tallest in the world at the time of its launch, a title the 482.3-foot  Prince Abdulaziz  held for 22 years until  Dubai  launched in 2006. The late David Nightingale Hicks, known for his use of bright colors, was the interior designer. The lobby is said to be a replica of the Titanic . The yacht is also rumored to be carrying surface-to-air missiles, though that may be an urban legend.

OK (479 feet), Oshima Shipbuilding

Ohima Shipbuilding's OK

Originally built by Japan’s Oshima Shipbuilding in 1982, the semisubmersible heavy lift ship was used for decades by DYT Yacht Transport as float-on yacht carrier. In 2022, the vessel underwent a private conversion at Karmarine shipyard in Turkey, turning it into a luxury, though highly unusual, yacht named OK . Modifications include a matte-black paint job, gold-tinted glazing and teak decking. The vessel’s 328-foot submersible aft deck—a feature that first attracted her new owner, who uses OK to transport their 150-foot ketch—is now covered in a carpet of artificial grass. A 40-tonne crane allows for the safe and easy launch and retrieval of a vast range of toys, including a seaplane. The interior by Bozca Design is reported to include accommodation for 20 guests, a botanical garden and a crazy Willy Wonka-inspired glass elevator that operates outside of the yacht’s superstructure.

El Mahrousa (478 feet, 1 inch), Samuda Brothers

"El Mahrousa" Yacht, Samuda Brothers

El Mahrousa , which means “The Protected” in Arabic, is currently Egypt’s presidential yacht, though the 478.1-footer has a separate history as that country’s royal yacht. The London-based Samuda Brothers began the build in 1863, and it was launched in 1865. The world’s oldest superyacht—and formerly the world’s biggest—was originally built for the Ottoman governor of Egypt, Khedive Ismail, and later carried three Egyptian kings into exile. The yacht was also at the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869. It features external design by the British naval architect Sir Oliver Lang, and has had multiple modifications over the years, including a lengthening by 40 feet in 1872 and another 17 feet in 1905. During the second refit, the owners replaced its paddle-wheel engines with turbine-driven propellers. The yacht, in care of the Egyptian Navy, occasionally goes to sea for a day or two. In 2015, it was used to inaugurate the new Suez Canal.

A (468 feet, 5 inches), Nobiskrug

Nobiskrug sailing yacht A.

Undoubtedly one of the most visionary projects ever delivered by German shipyard Nobiskrug, the Philippe Starck-designed A is a wild fantasy of the future. Delivered in 2017, the futuristic look of  sailing yacht  A includes smooth, silver-metallic surfaces and windows that look nearly invisible, three composite masts that bend slightly, and a deck hidden by high bulwarks. The Philippe Starck-design is a wild fantasy yacht of the future. The 468-foot sailing yacht is a technical victory for Nobiskrug , which developed composite fashion plates to create the unusual shapes without compromising any strength or fluidity. It has the tallest freestanding composite masts on any sailing vessel, a diesel-electric propulsion system and state-of-the-art navigation systems. The boat also reportedly has an underwater viewing platform in the keel. Starck’s traditional interior features dark wood, copper accents and cozy patterned carpets. The split-deck main salon is divided into zoned seating areas with integrated bookshelves. She remains today the world’s largest sailing yacht six years after her launch, though many argue she is better defined as a sail-assisted yacht.

Nord (466 feet), Lürssen

Lürssen OPUS Launch

Nord (Project Opus) has been a long time coming. She was announced in 2015 but didn’t hit the water until November 2020 when she conducted sea trials in the Baltic Sea. The 466-foot yacht features interior design by Italian studio Nuvolari Lenard and is Lürssen’s first yacht launched from its newly upgraded floating shed at its facility in Vegasack. Boasting many top-tier amenities, the yacht includes a sports and diving center on the lower deck, multiple tenders ranging in size up to 50-feet and a large swimming pool. The two helipads support the yacht’s long-range cruising capabilities for autonomous exploration, and a retractable hangar means a helicopter can slide neatly into the superstructure for storage when not in use. A generous 20 staterooms accommodate 36 guests across six decks, while a sleek aft-sloping superstructure gives Nord an individual profile on the water.

Yas (462 feet, 6 inches), Abu Dhabi Mar

Superyacht Yas in Barcelona

As a converted yacht, Yas is one of the most interesting vessels on this list. The dolphin-like exterior was originally a former Dutch Navy frigate that launched in 1978 and eventually sold to the navy of the United Arab Emirates, where it was renamed Al Emirat . The yacht underwent its dramatic conversion in a facility in Abu Dhabi’s main port, emerging as a gleaming superyacht in 2011, with one of the most interesting profiles on the water. It was eventually delivered four years later. Reportedly owned by Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed al Nahyan, half-brother of the president of the UAE, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the design by Paris-based Pierrejean Vision is defined by massive glass surfaces. Yas can accommodate 60 guests and 58 crew members. Mated to a steel hull, the superstructure is the largest composite edifice ever built.

Solaris (459 feet, 3 inches), Lloyd Werft

Russian oligarchs yachts continued to be seized

Owned by Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, the 476-foot  Solaris  was one of the largest yachts to deliver in 2021. Last refit in 2022 at MB92 in Barcelona, the vast, highly private explorer is built by German shipyard Lloyd Werft, and features a displacement steel hull with bulbous bow and steel superstructure with teak decks. The eight-deck exterior by Australian designer Marc Newson houses a large helipad, sundeck, spacious beach club aft and 21,527 sq. ft. of glass, the largest panes to ever be built into a yacht. Lloyd Werft also built the Russian billionaire’s previous explorer yacht Luna , which he reportedly sold for $360 million to his close friend Farkhad Akhmedov in 2014.

Ocean Victory (459 feet, 3 inches), Fincantieri

Fincantieri Yachts’ 459-foot Ocean Victory Photo by Trevor Coppock / TheYachtPhoto.com

The largest motoryacht ever built in Italy, Fincantieri’s Ocean Victory was delivered to its owner, Russian billionaire Viktor Rashnikov, in 2014. The seven-deck exterior by Espen Øino includes two helideck platforms and a hangar belowdecks, as well as exceptional outdoor social areas and a floodable tender dock. Ocean Victory has accommodations for 28 guests as well as quarters for 56 crew. Ocean Victory also has six pools, a 3,300-square-foot spa, and an underwater observation room. The interior by Alberto Pinto remains a secret, aside from the yacht’s six pools, a 3,300-square-foot spa and an underwater observation room.

Scheherazade (459 feet, 3 inches), Lürssen

Russian oligarchs yachts continued to be seized

The 459.3-foot, Lürssen-built Scheherazade (formerly known as Project Lightning) was delivered in June 2020. Two helipads, forward and aft, and a large beach club aft are visible from aerial photographs, but aside from the yacht’s reported seven-foot beam further details have not yet been released of the highly private vessel, including the names of designers or naval architects involved with the build. The reason may lie with the yacht’s unofficial owner, believed to be Russian president Vladimir Putin. In May 2022, Italian authorities froze Scheherazade in the port of Marina di Carrara following an investigation conducted by Italian financial police who found the ship’s beneficial owner had “significant economic and business ties” to high-ranking Russian government officials, though the results of the investigation to date remain inconclusive.

Al Salamah (456 feet), Lürssen

Lürssen Al Salamah gigayacht

When Lürssen launched Al Salamah in 1999, it was the third-largest yacht in the world. Its  number 18 ranking shows how much has changed in the last 20 years. Code-named MIPOS, or Mission Possible, the yacht was designed by Terence Disdale . Originally owned by Saudi Arabian Crown Prince, Sultan bin Abdulaziz, in 2013 the yacht was put up for sale for $280 million, before reportedly given to Bahraini Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa as a gift. The large imposing exterior is primarily protected space, with an upper deck exposed to the elements. Al Salamah has staterooms for 40 guests, including two owner suites, 11 VIP staterooms and eight twin cabins. The yacht can carry up to 96 crew and has a top speed of 22 knots. Al Salamah was last refitted in 2009.

Rising Sun (454 feet, 1 inch), Lürssen

Lürssen Rising Sun superyacht

Designed by the original guru of yacht designers, Jon Bannenberg, Rising Sun was built by Lürssen for Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and is currently owned by billionaire David Geffen, who reportedly paid $590 million for the yacht. The yacht comes with a gym, grand piano, multiple swimming pools, a beauty salon, and a spa with a sauna. Delivered in 2004, and last refit in 2011, the yacht’s exterior is defined by banks of windows across the superstructure. Rising Sun has 86,000 square feet of living space in 82 rooms. It can accommodate 18 guests in nine cabins, with the capacity to carry up to 46 crew. The interior by Seccombe Design includes a gym, cinema and wine cellar. The rear cockpit deck was designed as a basketball court. Geffen received global media backlash in 2020 for his “tone deaf” social-media posts that pictured himself on board his yacht during Covid-19 lockdown.

Flying Fox (446 feet, 2 inches), Lürssen

Lürssen's Flying Fox superyacht.

The 446.2-foot  Flying Fox is arguably the most high-profile yacht on this list, primarily for being the largest yacht available on the charter market, as well as being singled out as “blocked property” by US authorities in 2022 due to its reported ownership by sanctioned Russian oligarch Dmitry Kamenshchik. Delivered jointly by Imperial and Lürssen in 2019, 446.2-foot Flying Fox is the largest yacht available on the charter market. Key features of the Espen Øino-designed exterior are a curvaceous dove-gray hull and a 3.7-foot swimming pool that runs athwartship on the main aft deck, the largest ever found on board a yacht. A two-decked spa also gives guests access to a cryosauna, hammam and relaxation room with a fold-down balcony at sea level. Packed to the rafters with the latest amenities, the yacht holds a diving center, decompression chamber and two helipads. Flying Fox is PYC compliant and can accommodate 25 guests.

Savarona (446 feet, 2 inches), Blohm+Voss

Savarona superyacht 25 top yachgts

Launched in 1931, Savarona was built for American heiress Emily Roebling Cadwalader, and is easily identified by its two mustard-colored funnels. The yacht was eventually acquired by Turkey to be the presidential yacht of Kemal Atatürk, founder of modern Turkey. Jane’s Fighting Ships described the yacht in 1949 as “probably the most sumptuously fitted yacht afloat.”  Savarona was later converted to a training ship for the Turkish Navy and, in 1978, destroyed by fire. The yacht laid in tatters for 10 years. A Turkish businessman spent around $45 million refurbishing Savarona , commissioning Donald Starkey for the interior and replacing the original steam-turbine engines with modern Caterpillar diesels. Savarona became Turkey’s official presidential yacht again in 2014, accommodating up to 34 guests in 17 suits, and carrying up to 48 crew. Amenities include a swimming pool, Turkish bath, 280-foot grand staircase, a movie theater and a library dedicated to Atatürk.

Crescent (443 feet), Lürssen

Lürssen Crescent superyacht Larry Ellison

Last refit in 2021, Espen Øino’s dark hull and tiered superstructure was one of the most exciting launches of 2018. Called Project Thunder internally at Lürssen, the custom-built yacht features cutouts along the hull sides that allow full ocean views from the saloon on the primary deck, as part of Crescent ’s distinctive curved superstructure. Its most noteworthy feature is the jaw-dropping bank of three-deck-high windows in the center of the yacht. This architectural feature serves as the centerpiece of a very compelling design. The yacht has accommodations for 18 guests in nine staterooms. Little is known about the François Zuretti-designed interior, other than Lürssen describes it as being “traditionally styled.” If it lives up to Crescent ’s brash exterior, the complete yacht promises to be an entirely groundbreaking design. In March 2022, Crescent was detained by Spain as property of Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin, who is sanctioned in connection with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Serene (439 feet, 3 inches), Fincantieri

Fincantieri Serene superyacht

Serene  is the yacht that launched Fincantieri into the superyacht segment, and what a debut it was. The largest yacht ever launched in Italy when it was delivered in 2011 (surpassed three years later by Ocean Victory ), the Espen Øino seven-deck design features a long, sleek blue hull crowned by a white superstructure. Pascale Reymond of Reymond Langton Design created the 43,056-square-foot interior for the Russian owner, which includes a double height atrium with a piano lounge at the top and a vast open-plan main salon below. Sunken LEDs and bright pink and purple neon lights create a modern party vibe in the social areas, which contrast with the elaborate yet more traditional guest suites. A spiral staircase with intricate metal banisters soars through the heart of the yacht. The open stern area has a winter garden (enclosed glasshouse) that allows dining in all seasons. Serene also has two helipads and a hangar, a big swimming pool and a tender garage large enough for a submarine. Pascale Reymond of Reymond Langton Design created the 43,056-square-foot interior for the Russian owner, though its details have remained closely guarded.

Al Mirqab (436 feet, 4 inches), Kusch Yachts

Al Mirqab

Al Mirqab was a yacht before its time. Launched in 2008, the yacht’s diesel-electric propulsion involves an azimuth pod drive and gives the 436.4-footer a top end of 21 knots. With 36 staterooms, and crew quarters for 45, it was built for Qatar’s former prime minister under the supervision of Kusch Yachts in the Peters Werft shipyard in Wewelsfleth, Germany. The Tim Heywood exterior includes a long, navy-blue hull with a white superstructure. The yacht’s diesel-electric propulsion involves an azimuth pod drive and gives the 436.4-footer a top end of 21 knots. Its interior by Andrew Winch won several awards, with images showing Arabic-influenced motifs on the marble floors of large social areas. The yacht’s centerpiece is a stunning, complicated floating staircase encircled by custom-made glass panels. Al Mirqab has staterooms for 36, and crew quarters for 45.

Koru (417 Feet), Oceanco

Oceanco's Koru.

Only just making the cut on this list, Jeff Bezos’ new 417-foot sailing yacht, Koru , was the subject of worldwide controversy even before its 2023 delivery. Built by Dutch shipyard Oceanco and reportedly costing $450 million, the Amazon founder’s first vessel is the tallest sailing yacht in the world with masts that measure over 230 feet tall, the same height as the Great Pyramid of Giza. It’s so tall, in fact, that Bezos petitioned the Dutch city of Rotterdam to temporarily dismantle the Koningshaven Bridge, a 95-year-old landmark, to allow his yacht to pass under. His request was denied, and the yacht was instead partially towed through Rotterdam without its mast. The towering design also makes it unsafe to land a helicopter onboard, prompting Bezos to commission his second yacht, the 246-foot custom support yacht Wingman . Delivered in early 2023, and featuring a helipad, Wingman is Damen’s largest support vessel to date. No details have yet been released about Koru ’s interior or exterior design, including who penned the design.

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top 10 motor yachts

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top 10 motor yachts

Due to be launched in 2024, Vard's SOMNIO is set to be the largest superyacht in the world and the first ever 'yacht-liner'. With a LOA of 222m and a gross tonnage of 33,500, she is an unprecedented feat of design and engineering set to change the course of ultra-luxury travel. Winch Design and Tillberg Design are responsible for her interior and exterior design, a layout which features 39 exquisite high-end apartments offering the perfect combination of the superyacht lifestyle and premium hotel service. Amenities onboard will be aplenty, notably a 10,000 bottle capacity wine cellar and tasting rooms, a plethora of restraurants and bars, and a beach club with top-tier water sports offerings.

  • Lurssen Yachts

On the 5th April 2013 Lürssen, the leading shipyard for large luxury yacht building, launched the 180m yacht AZZAM - the largest motor yacht in the world. The sleek and elegant superyacht features exterior design by Nauta Design.

Fulk Al Salamah

  • Mariotti Yachts

This 164-metre (538ft) superyacht was built in Italy by Mariotti Yachts and now sits in the Omani capital as part of the royal fleet. The Italian built superyacht is currently the second largest privately owned yacht in the world, after Lurssen's Azzam.

  • Blohm + Voss

Roman Abramovich's yacht Eclipse has received a huge amount of industry attention, not just for its size but for the celebrity of its owner. Eclipse is the largest and most expensive superyacht ever built. When initially ordered she was estimated to cost approximately £330million, by the time she was delivered however, her overall costs were closer to the £1billion mark due to the extra luxury fittings and security measures required by her owner. With a crew of up to 60, Eclipse is a giant of the sea. She was the fourth superyacht comissioned by Abramovich.

  • Platinum Yachts

This magnificent yacht was originally commissioned by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei. Construction was suspended in 1998 and the vessel left unfinished until HH Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum secured the rumoured $300 million project. Platinum Yachts took the mega yacht to completion and in 2006 launched Dubai to become the world’s largest private yacht. Today however, Dubai is the second largest privately owned yacht in the world.

Launched in February 2022, Project Blue is Lurssen's latest secretive yacht project. With little revealed about her specifications and designers, her expansive size was confirmed by the German shipyard following her launch: an incredible 160m. Project Blue will be Lurssen's second-largest superyacht, and is due to be delivered in 2023. She was recently spotted in Bremerhaven, Germany, making her way out to sea for her maiden sea trial. She is expected to have a beam of 21m, and a gross tonnage of 15,320 GT. Her other specifications are currently unknown.

Originally known as Project Omar, the 156 metre superyacht Dilbar was launched in 2016 after over 4 years of construction. A favourite with yachtspotters worldwide, Dilbar is considered the largest superyacht in the world by volume.

Like most royal superyachts, little is known about Al Said, a giant mega yacht formerly codenamed "Project Sunflower". She was delivered to the Sultan of Oman in 2008 as a replacement for a smaller mega yacht of the same name. At a stunning 155m, Al Said consists of six large decks and features striking exterior and interior design by Espen Oeino International, the same company that designed the stunning 127m mega yacht Octopus. According to reports, Al Said is said to accommodate as many as 70 guests and 154 professional crew, as well as featuring a concert room capable of accommodating a 50 piece orchestra.

When construction of A+ (formerly named Topaz) first began she was forecast to be the 4th largest yacht in the world and to measure approximately 147m (482’3’’ft). Having left her floating shed at the Lürssen shipyard located in Bremen, Germany, she is now ready to claim that mantle and undergo the final phases of construction.

Prince Abdulaziz

  • Helsingor Vaerft

As one of the yachts of the Saudi Royal Family, Prince Abdulaziz is used to conduct official business as well as for pleasure. The largest yacht built in the 20th century, the interior alone took 15 months to complete. Originally built for the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia who named the yacht after his son, it is now owned by his brother Abddullah.

Very little is known about Lurssen's mysterious superyacht OPERA. At 146m, the superyacht will be the sixth largest yacht Lurssen has built at the time of her launch in September 2022. OPERA was first spotted in May 2021 when she transported to the yard's Bremen outfitting facilities in Germany.

El Mahrousa

  • Samuda Bros.

This Egyptian presidential yacht is not only one of the world’s largest but also one of the oldest. Built in 1865 in London, the yacht was intended for the King of Egypt. Originally named Mahroussa, El Horriya was extended in 1872 and again in 1905.  Nowadays she is berthed in Alexandria and is listed as a training ship by the Egyptian Navy.

Developed by German shipyard Lürssen, construction of Project Luminance is underway at their facilities near Lemwerder. Due to enter the esteemed list of the Top 10 largest superyachts in the world, information about the 145m superyacht is limited at this moment in time. Lürssen are world-famous for their incredible innovations and their capacity to build extremely large mega yachts filled with numerous features. Photos that have been captured of the boat indicate that she will have considerable deck space with plenty of room left over indoors to be packed out with luxury.


Sailing Yacht A is a highly unique vessel, with an LOA of 142.81m. She is one of the world’s largest and the most advanced superyachts with a number of unique features, including an underwater observation pod, hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system and premium navigation systems. Her three masts are the tallest and most highly loaded freestanding composite structures in the world. Her futuristic design was created by Philippe Starck, her smooth silver-metallic surfaces challenging the expectations of conventional aesthetics.

As one of the most well-known builders of Top 100 yachts, Lurssen's NORD (formerly Opus and Redwood) has been highly anticipated as one of the largest ever to launch from the German yard. Also the largest project set to launch in 2020, at 142m, she will accommodate up to 36 guests in 20 cabins and was designed by Nuvolari Lenard.

  • ADMShipyards

The 141m superyacht Swift141, now christened 'Yas', was successfully launched by ADMShipyards in November 2011; entering the record books as both the largest launch of 2011 and most significant superyacht in recent history. ADMShipyards, members of Privinvest, has proudly announced the launch of their first superyacht. At 141 meters, this stunning private yacht ranks as the sixth largest superyacht in the world.

  • Lloyd Werft

Project Solaris is the revolutionary explorer yacht built by German masters of engineering Lloyd Werft. Topping off the yard's record for ultra large luxury yacht build, Project Solaris is an estimated 139m+ explorer yacht at the German giant's shed.


As with most yachts in construction at Lurssen, little is known about this 140m project. We do not yet know the designer or architect, but she has been spotted moving around the build-hall. Her sightings have lead yacht spotters on the docks of the yard to aptly name her 'Project Lightning.' We hope to see her launch towards the end of 2019.

Ocean Victory

  • Fincantieri Yachts

The largest yacht ever built in Italy and one of the ten largest in the world, Fincantieri has announced the successful delivery of Project Victory - a 140 metre superyacht launched in 2014 - under the official name of Ocean Victory.

Code named as Mipos (short for Mission Possible) during her construction, Al Salamah belongs to Saudi Arabian Defence Minister Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz. Kept a great secret, rumours tell that she has over 80 rooms, a helipad, and an indoor swimming pool complete with glass roof. A real working wonder, this yacht was completed in 1999 after only two years.

Yachting World

  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

Best luxury yacht: 7 ultimate luxury cruisers you can buy

  • Toby Hodges
  • March 14, 2024

Toby Hodges takes a look at all the nominees and the winner of the best luxury yacht category in the European Yacht of the Year Awards

The definition of the best luxury yacht will differ according to personal opinion and from boat to boat. This year’s nominees in the luxury yacht category of the European Yacht of the Year Awards proved that perfectly.

The European Yacht of the Year awards are selected by a broad panel of expert judges from across the globe. These are people who spend their professional lives sailing and comparing yachts, so you can be certain that the yachts which stand out in this field are truly the best of the best on the market.

The best luxury yachts

Best luxury yacht winner 2024 – arcona 50.

When you enter the fiercely competitive 50ft luxury performance yacht market you better get it right. And the jury felt Arcona managed that. This watershed design for the traditional Swedish brand, by X-Yachts co-founder and former designer Niels Jeppesen, is a big, contemporary new Arcona, one that sees it move away from its cruiser-racer heritage and classic interiors.

The on trend styling inside and out is backed up by a premium level of build and finish quality and sailing performance – particularly if you have the performance sails, traveller and deep (2.95m) keel options the test boat carried, although the latter does limit your berthing and anchoring options.

While I doubt it’ll be raced or will suit typical bluewater use, it offers a purity of performance push-button sailing: a handsome prospect upwind in a light breeze, it transforms into a powerful reaching machine with stacks of control.

As chairman of our jury, Jochen Rieker, puts it: “The boat certainly did not win for her somewhat borrowed looks. She wins by checking all the boxes in all other respects. Slipping along gracefully in the lightest of airs, holding her stride and her balance in more demanding conditions, offering warmth, light and this reassuring feeling of utter quality down below – there simply isn’t anything to fault.”

Contest 50CS

The Contest 50CS, for example, is an archetype luxury cruising yacht, one built to the highest standards and that could take you to most waters in impeccable comfort. This model is, uniquely, available in two versions: this more conventional 50CS with aft master cabin, or the forward owner’s suite version on the aft cockpit Contest 49CS . We ran a full test on the latter after spending two days aboard in the North Sea, where that noticeably high freeboard, which may not aid boarding nor windage, helped keep us dry on deck in a steady Force 6 gusting 7.

As the 50CS proved, this Judel/Vrolijk design keeps slipping along in the light stuff too, providing enjoyable sailing in 6 knots breeze under a code sail. The centre cockpit offers a deep protected guest area, but also links well to the spacious aft deck.

And the Wetzels-Brown-designed interiors of Contests today are stunning and hard to match. The engineering, access to usable stowage, details and finish on the 50CS is first class and to get this level of quality at this size is special.

Both Contest and X-Yachts are early adopters of hybrid power, offering their bluewater cruisers with optional electric drives. For the XC 47 this was designed-in from the start to offer Oceanvolt’s award-winning new 25kW regenerative drive.

The XC 47 is another wonderfully engineered and thought out yacht for distance cruising, in particular for those who also enjoy hands-on helming pleasure. That should come as no surprise to any X aficionados, but what really struck me most about this yacht was the stowage, and the forethought needed to create that, together with how practical it has been made.

That may sound slightly anticlimactic but ask any long-term cruiser and stowage is always a priority. On deck, this constitutes a huge lazarette and sail locker, plus clever systems for launching a dinghy via davits and a liferaft canister, while below decks every square inch of space has been used effectively, with lockers hinged with gas struts.

It’s clear the Danish yard went to considerable time and effort, even building a full mock up of the interior that could be canted 20° each way.

If the deck saloon style looks didn’t sell this model to all – this is the first full non-Jeppesen designed X – the jury were converted once they’d taken the helm. ‘Quirky’ became ‘muscular and bold’. The ease with which it can be sailed from the cockpit was also appreciated.

While I understand many offshore cruisers like a protected centre cockpit and more sun protection, the attention to detail, stowage and practicalities, combined with the direct steering, motion and enjoyable sailing this X offers make it a standout new offering.

Jeanneau Yachts 55

Meanwhile the Jeanneau Yachts 55 stands out for different, unique reasons in this category, offering a completely new concept in comfort on deck while at anchor and a novel accommodation layout. Its focus is on outdoor living space.

What helps place this in a luxury bracket is not simply the price or the creative input of superyacht specialist design duo Philppe Briand and Andrew Winch, rather that its layout creates a palatial amount of private space for the owner’s suite. Guest cabins have their own direct access from the extensive cockpit via gullwing doors.

It certainly makes sense for solo owners or couples using it as a warm water apartment. How many people this will suit is another question, as it segregates any guests, crew or children from the galley and saloon.

I used the term monocat when I first viewed it, as the 55 really does attempt to mix the two worlds, particularly in terms of providing owner privacy and lounging space. Choose the rigid hard top and windshield and there’s a vast amount of covered area including a dinette and chart table – plus a bimini can shade all that extensive aft deck too.

The penalty comes in additional weight and wetted surface, and is felt in the handling and performance, the latter particularly in lighter breeze with the optional in-mast furling, self tacking headsail and shallow draught package we had. However, it’s set up to be easily managed from the mid cockpit with good visibility from the twin helms and easy circulation thanks to the ramped side decks. Full report in YW February 2024.

Best luxury yacht 2023

Best luxury yacht winner – oyster 495.

It is hard to imagine that the decor of a yacht can change its look and feel quite this much, yet the layout of this second 495, Eddie Jordan’s dramatic looking Tuga , is in fact identical to the first boat that I spent several days aboard last summer.

At its heart is a wonderfully (Humphreys) designed and engineered luxury bluewater cruiser conceived from the ground up, built in a new dedicated facility to a repeatable quality very few yards are capable of.

The 495 offers consistent passage making speeds in real voluminous comfort – whether enjoyed from the deep cockpit or the best-in-class aft cabin. Deck stowage and mechanical space is also superb.

Then factor in the family appeal of Oyster’s after sales and world rally programme and you start to appreciate the premium world this sub 50-footer gives access to.

The first yacht fully conceived under CEO Richard Hadida’s reign, this is also the smallest completely new Oyster 495 since 2005 – and it’s a triumph. It was our September 2022 cover star in which we featured the full review from our Oyster 495 three day test .

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 60

The Oceanis Yacht 60 is a very different beast indeed to the 62 it replaces as flagship for the Beneteau range. The yard has learned plenty from the success of the First 53/OY 54 and wanted to create a 60 in this style and with the same deck layout (albeit larger and wider) and ease of circulation.

The construction experience of the smaller model clearly helped too, as this is a whopping five tonnes lighter than the bulky OY62 and with a deeper (2.6m) keel. The telling result is on the water. It feels sporty to helm and we averaged a knot slower than the single figure 6-8 knot windspeeds upwind and matched them reaching with Code 0 and a slight swell.

The vast cockpit works well, sheltered below the semi rigid bimini, it has plentiful lounging space with sailing systems led aft to the twin helms. The interior sees a 3+3 layout, where Beneteau wanted to get rid of the corridor effect of the OY62. The galley is forward to help open out space, while the forward suite with offset berth and headboard aft works well to give space with privacy.

This is an attractive, voluminous yacht that leaves a good overall impression whether under sail, on or below decks.

Ice 62 Targa

It all looks pretty funky below decks on the Ice 62 Targa too, especially if you’re watching the masthead fore and aft cameras (plus bow and prop cam) on central displays mounted in the saloon while you slip out of the dock! The Ice is a seriously impressive, contemporary yacht, one that in looks, performance and execution, won over many of the judges.

The first to launch is a highly customised project for a passionate sailing owner who covers long distances solo – he’d already sailed it 3,000 miles around the Med that autumn. It’s impressively stiff, sails handsomely and, thanks to a telescopic keel, points well. We matched single figure windspeeds, and clocked up to the high 9s in 12 knots wind.

Umberto Felci’s team spent 4,000 hours on the design, providing lots of space and light to the interior and a chillout zone in the semi raised saloon. This was easily the coolest looking yacht, with its aggressive reverse bow, chamfered gunwales and carbon T-top bimini, and all engineered and built to a high standard.

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10 Best Motor Yachts

Jonathan Holmes 5.0 Rated 5.0 out of 5 5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 49 reviews)

Last updated on September 10th, 2023

Table of Contents

Imagine the sun-drenched horizon unfolding as your family commands a luxury motor yacht, turning miles into memories. As a discerning adventurer, welcome to an exquisite fleet – where maritime mastery meets unparalleled comfort.

Motor yachts blend elegance with power, offering a floating paradise for an unforgettable escape. Laughter reverberates across spacious decks, while a gourmet galley inspires seaside feasts. Each detail, from polished teak to cutting-edge navigation, whispers of luxury and safety.

Soak in mesmerizing seascapes from the deck jacuzzi, dine under starry skies, or plot a course for the distant horizon. With motor yachts, it’s not about the destination, but the journey and shared family experiences.

Do you want to go on an escapade vacation that involves cruising between island destinations? Is it about reducing stress and relaxing with your family amid ocean waves? Or maybe you want a unique alternative to personal client meetings and company outings.

Well, the vehicle that can serve all these purposes is a motor yacht . Rendering you the life of your dreams, the best motor yachts are designed solely to provide luxury, comfort, and entertainment all the way.

In this article, besides the mandatory 10 best motor yachts, I’ve also included a brief guide to buying a yacht, just in case if you’re buying for the first time. So, brace yourself for a great journey reading all the way down to the last one.

Best Motor Yachts: Buying Guide

You can’t decide to purchase a boat or a yacht just because of its appearance. It’s going to be a massive investment, so it has to be backed by a well-informed decision. Take a look at this step-wise guide on buying the vehicle of your dreams.

Decide Your Yacht type

You must know exactly which sub-category of motor yachts you are hunting for. You’ve got three main categories: overnight cruising, watersports, or fishing. Out of these, choose your type first to filter your search.

Needless to say, you’ll have only one category to surf through, but still, the range is way too wide.

Select Your Size

A motor yacht can be 30 – 130 feet long, leaving you thousands of size options to choose from. In order to select the right size, you should know how many people you are going to entertain on the yacht.

Do you need a spacious vehicle because of a big family? Or are you a party guy who likes enjoying the sea with several friends on board? Knowing how much living space you need in your yacht will help you purchase the right ship.

Take a Sea Trial

Another critical step in buying a motor yacht is to take a sea trial first. Taking a test drive will help you know about the boat’s sea-keeping abilities beforehand.

Alternatively, if someone you know owns a yacht, ride their craft, and figure out how things work, keeping your wishes in mind. You can also attend boat shows launched by your preferred brand, which helps in gaining information about them.

Knowing the functions and boat details in advance will save you from making any purchasing mistakes.

Set a Budget

You might end up taking things too far when looking for a motor yacht. So, to avoid overspending, set a budget, and abide by it. Reading online boat reviews and researching prices on manufacturer’s websites is a great way to know several details about the boat ahead of time.

This includes the costs of buying, seasonal maintenance, fuel, repairs, and storage. Therefore, do thorough calculations to know which vessel you can afford, and then start looking for one that falls within your budget.

Choose the Right Broker

When purchasing a yacht, a trusted and recommended broker will make the entire process a lot easier and make a difference of thousands of dollars in your pocket.

A well-educated broker that specializes in motor yachts only will hold your hand in every step of the way. Moreover, they will provide you with a list of similar yachts on sale.

This will help you make an error-free judgment on the actual market value of the boat you are focusing on.

Create a Contract

Though creating a contract is not legally required, I highly recommend it. It just ensures everyone is on the same page if you put everything down on paper and make both parties sign.  You can hire an attorney for this purpose or use the contract offered by the yacht manufacturing company.

Best Motor Yachts: Top 10 Picks

If you are looking for a high-quality boat, thousands of them await in the market. Out of them, here is a list of 10 best motor yachts.

Illusion 87′ Johnson 2004

Live your life like a celebrity, thanks to Johnson for constructing this beauty in Taiwan in 2004. She comes with the name ‘Illusion’ and is one of the most beautiful and capacious motor yachts you would ever find.

She boasts a 24 feet wide beam, with walkways that line the entire exterior. This 87-foot-long beauty has an elegant pure white color with a spacious, wooden, air-conditioned interior decorated to give the comfort you deserve.

With ‘Illusion’, you get the pleasure of fine dining in its luxurious dining area sitting for 8. Or, you can enjoy a sunny brunch with a 360-degree ocean view in its alfresco dining aft, which is enclosed with sunshades.

This yacht comes with two wave runners and a fuel capacity of 3,300 US gallons. With a 3100 HP engine, ABT hydraulic bow/stern 38 HP thrusters, and TRAC fin stabilizers, you can reach a maximum speed of 18 knots in this yacht.

Moreover, it’s the beautiful on-deck full-beam master stateroom, enormous sun pad, a large modern galley, and a vast salon that make the 87′ Johnson, the yacht of your dreams.

Prime Features

  • Two Full Beam Master staterooms
  • Four En Suite staterooms
  • Crew quarters with two private en suites, galley, and dinette
  • Aft docking station
  • Two decks, with teak across the entire vessel

60’ Beneteau Monte Carlo 6

The French manufacturer, Beneteau , offers a beguiling sporty yacht that stands 60 feet long. A flared hull design with aesthetic round portholes makes this ship stand out among others at sea.

A tulip bow, near-vertical stern, semi-displacement monohull, and Seakeeper 9 gyroscopic stabilizer helps you zip through the water at a maximum speed of 28 knots.

This award-winning flybridge yacht provides you with a new level of luxury with a trio of high-level entertainment, fast cruising, and comfortable living space.

An open and airy salon with large windows takes your water experience to the next level allowing you to dine and lounge with a 360-degree ocean view.

Moreover, a one-piece windshield protects its central helm, which holds two NSO 16″ Simrad screens to make navigation easier.

You will love captaining this unique beauty in its Besenzoni pilot seats as it is a breeze to maneuver it using the Zeus cockpit joystick . Beneteau Monte Carlo 6 carries 580 gallons of fuel, making it easy to sail to your next destination.

  • Three staterooms with Ensuite Heads
  • Transom galley unit with sink, electric grill, Corian worktop, and 23-bottle wine cooler
  • A 7.5″ x 13’1″ hydraulic swim platform that can hold 770 lbs of maximum load
  • Electric Sun Awning and two electric lounge chairs on the foredeck
  • Two Cummins QSC 8.3 L Zeus 600 HP pod-drive marine diesel engines

Sunseeker Manhattan 52

Are you looking for a more innovative motor yacht that lets you entertain in style? Then, the Sunseeker Manhattan 52 has got it all for you at £ 1,115,000.

This specific British model offers a spacious main deck with a seating area in the bow, a sunny dining area in the stern, and a full-beam 16′ salon with large windows.

Moreover, this cleverly designed vessel has an aft galley that adjoins the cockpit and salon, allowing the passengers to move across entertainment spaces effortlessly.

As you head down the steps, you discover three spacious cabins that have a two-head layout. Furthermore, the master suite is splendid, with full-size windows, large storage on the starboard side, and a dinette on the port side for an intimate breakfast with a view.

Standing 56′ 6″ long and 16 feet wide, this yacht has a fuel capacity of 580 US gallons and a cruising speed of 31 knots. Sunseeker Manhattan 52 is a popular model that was manufactured in 2019.

This ship provides you with a combo of user-friendly navigation, maximized entertainment, and comfortable living space.

  • Two Volvo Penta D11 725 HP engines
  • Hydraulic power steering, electric bow thruster, and dual autopilot station
  • Bimini top with stainless steel framework
  • Simrad premium console, beach club package, and platinum Mediterranean package
  • Artificial teak on walkways, flybridge, and bow

Prestige 550 Fly

Another French production is a statement on its own with its European interior and tall superstructure.

The Prestige 550 Fly motor yacht comes with the name ‘Aztec’ and is designed by Garroni to look alluring with its pure white champagne accent exterior. Firstly, the grey oak walls and nubuck leather make its interior all warm and comfy.

Secondly, Aztec boasts a spacious 360° panoramic view salon, three staterooms with two heads, and an enormous flybridge; hence the word Fly in the name.

Thirdly, with the 55′ long and 15’8″ wide Aztec, you get an aft galley on the main deck and an additional flybridge galley with separate dining areas.

Fourthly, you get the added benefit of two sunbathing spots, one in the bow and the second in the flybridge.

Above all, when onboard, the Raymarine electronics package, retractable sun awning, and access to crew quarters aft with head keep the captain satisfied.

You will love cruising the sea in this motor yacht, as it is highly fuel-efficient with a capacity of 581 gallons and a maximum speed of 30 knots. To sum up, the Prestige 550 Fly stands elegant yet competent, making her an attractive motor yacht with a price tag of $1,099,000.

  • Twin 600 HP Cummins QSC 8.3 L Zeus diesel engines
  • Hydraulic swim platform
  • 5 KW generator
  • Private entrance to the master suite
  • Bow thrusters and Glendinning cable master

85′ Azimut 2007

At the cost of $1,899,000, this 85-foot-long motor yacht is a moving villa in the sea. Named ‘Blue,’ she is a masterpiece of the Benetti group , one of the leading brands in the yacht manufacturing industry.

This Italian vessel was manufactured in 2007, and it knows how to make you feel at home, yet grand with its luxurious interior, right in the middle of waves.

Firstly, it is upgraded with a cherry wood finish and the main deck holds a spacious salon with an eight dining table. Secondly, the galley is equipped with a Gaggenau oven and dishwasher, a double-door refrigerator, and wide marble worktops.

Thirdly, the flybridge has a hardtop and exhibits a light design with teak tables, chairs, and decks giving you the classic beach feel. Moreover, this vessel comes with separate bow and stern thrusters and has a fuel capacity of 2055 gallons.

A motor yacht couldn’t get more voluminous because this vessel can carry up to 10 guests onboard along with space for them to sleep. So, if you want a yacht that is both aesthetic and accommodative, I would suggest you should purchase ‘Blue.’

  • Flybridge jacuzzi
  • TRAC stabilizers
  • One master, one VIP, and two guest staterooms with six heads in total
  • Hydraulic teak swim platform
  • Twin Caterpillar C32 ACERT, 1800 HP diesel engines

62′ Horizon 2006

The 62′ Horizon 2006 is known by the name ‘Lady G.’ Created in Taiwan, Kaohsiung, Lady G is designed to impress even the most selective buyers. With a fuel capacity of 1000 gallons, she can reach a cruising speed of 20 knots and a maximum speed of 26 knots.

Firstly, her interior is particularly attractive with its galley in a country kitchen style. Equipped with a GE Profile stove, microwave, and dishwasher, the granite flooring and countertops unite to make an irresistible cooking area.

Secondly, the galley is located centrally, on both decks, to provide easy access to the helm in front and the dining area. Furthermore, she boasts an exclusive feature of a large lazarette. Here, she holds a deep freezer, washer, dryer, winemaker, and plenty of storage cabinets.

Thirdly, the upper and lower helm has Furuno and Northstar electronics with GPS, radar, and autopilot amenities. Lady G is 17 feet wide, providing you with the comfort of a roomy master stateroom and a sophisticated carpeted salon.

In conclusion, priced at $9,49,000, the 62′ Horizon is built to give you superb handling and sea-keeping ability, allowing you to fulfill your dream of exploring the sea horizon.

  • Three staterooms with two heads
  • Teak decks across the entire ship
  • Twin Cat C18s,825 hours, 1001 HP engine each
  • 5 KW Onan generator
  • Accommodation for up to 6 guests

96′ Nordlund 1995

You get to experience the sea to the fullest with the 96-foot-long Nordlund motor yacht. She was custom-built in the United States in 1995. Named ‘Patience’, she offers you luxury, class, ease of operation, and a layout to accommodate eight guests on board.

It has four staterooms in total with additional crew cabins. Moreover, there is a separate entrance to the master stateroom from the salon, which lies across the entire beam (20′ 6″). It has a king berth with nightstands on each side and oversized windows.

Also, it features two separate heads, one with a jet tub, and the other with a stall shower. Similarly, the two guest rooms have queen berths with separate heads each. The third stateroom has upper and lower single berths. It too has a small head of its own.

Patience has an elegantly decorated vast salon and a formal dining area separated by a low cabinet divider. Furthermore, the galley gets drenched in sunlight from either side and features a central teak island with chairs.

Above all, in ‘Patience’, you can enjoy the ride at 20 knots and reach a maximum speed of 24 knots. She is priced at $2,495,000, ready to set sail on her new escapades.

  • Twin Caterpillar C-30 1550 HP diesel engines
  • Garmin touchscreens and Nauticomp monitor displays
  • Naiad Marine hydraulic bow thruster control and fin stabilizers
  • Yacht controller wireless remote activation
  • Raised pilothouse

Carver 570 Voyager

A 59’2″ long and 15’4″ wide cruiser was built in 2003 by Carver Yachts , another American company known for manufacturing luxurious cruiser yachts. With a roomy format, this $4,49,000 ‘Voyager’ is all about making your voyage the best part of your time spent on the sea.

As you captain from the lower helm, you are surprised to get 360° visibility, thanks to the cleverly designed windows to let you look aft through the main salon.

Secondly, a wraparound seating around the pilothouse makes it a cozy socializing spot in addition to the entertainment possible at the plush main salon. The galley is well-equipped with abundant storage space.

Moreover, it features a breakfast bar with Corian benchtops and two upholstered bar stools. You’ll love the accommodative flybridge design of the Carver 570, as it has plenty of seating and the space to store the Caribe inflatable RIB.

Above all, the eye-catching feature is the main stateroom or better said a whole room. It has an enormous head with a stall shower and tub and boasts plenty of storage space. The guest stateroom is built in the bow and shares a head with the smaller stateroom, which has two single berths.

  • Twin Cummins QSM11, 635 HP diesel engines
  • Twin Disc electronics and Teleflex Seastar steering
  • 10 – HP Volvo Penta QL bow thrusters
  • Maxwell 3500 VWC Lo-Profile windlass
  • Three cabins with two-head layout

Van Der Valk Beach Club 660

Van der Valk launched the Beach Club 660 Flybridge in 2020. Currently, priced at $3.7 million, the 67-footer has an air of class to it due to the heavy use of glass in its exterior.

With stainless steel and aluminum in its structure, its unconventional engine positioning has produced living spaces that challenge much larger vessels.

Firstly, this yacht is unique with its two spacious salons and a foredeck with different layout options, plus a jacuzzi. Secondly, the interior seems light due to the use of a high-quality wooden framework and panoramic window layout.

Thirdly, a modern galley with Corian tops sits midship adjoining the vast lower salon, with three staterooms in the front and a 9 x 19-foot large swim platform in the aft. Furthermore, the Beach Club 660 lets you cruise at 19 knots and speed to a maximum of 24 knots, thanks to its aluminum monohull and 1082-gallon fuel capacity.

In conclusion, the 67′ Van der Valk is revolutionary, offering you a yacht with the highest standard of Dutch quality and detail.

  • Twin 800 HP Volvo Penta IPS 1050s inboard diesel engines.
  • Exterior decks in teak including stairs and a swim platform
  • Three outdoor areas with extensive seating and sun lounging for an ‘Alfresco lifestyle.’
  • Cantalupi LED spotlights
  • One master stateroom, two guest staterooms with a twin-berth arrangement

Sunseeker Predator 50

This sporty motor yacht was born in London in the year 2019 and named ‘Blue Crew.’ Within a length of 52′ 33″, this vessel is designed to accommodate six guests on board.

The Silver Oak wood finish and open space layout make her interior look sophisticated yet comfortable. She holds two cabins with attached heads separated by a galley and dining area.

Moreover, the cockpit deck is enclosed, but you can open the window and door together to bring the outside in. This deck has an extensive seating arrangement for 8-10 people, two tables, and a massive sun pad.

Therefore, Predator 50 is all about flexibility, which you can use for a thrilling race, owing to its capability to reach a maximum speed of 32 knots. Or, you can relax and enjoy a sleep in, thanks to its 14-foot expansive master stateroom.

Conclusively, priced at $1,253,525, Predator 50 is the yacht for all occasions, ready to serve you however you may like.

  • Two 600 HP D8 Volvo diesel engines
  • Volvo Penta electronic steering and autopilot system
  • Seakeeper 6 gyroscopic stabilizer and 13.5 Kw Cummins Onan marine generator
  • Stern and bow thrusters with proportional joystick control
  • Sunseeker Ultimate and Beach Club package

The Bottom Line

The list of the 10 best motor yachts I mentioned above contains a few names that are not only popular but have also received several awards for performance and design. Renowned yacht manufacturers have done their part of the job creating these masterpieces; now it’s your turn to set one of them on her maiden voyage.

So have you decided your pick yet?

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The Power Catamaran Compilation

  • By Yachting Staff
  • Updated: December 21, 2018

Power Catamarans have been growing leaps and bounds in popularity, and, in lengths and widths. And for good reason. These cruise-centric yachts offer homelike livability for avid travelers, are fuel efficient and are fairly intuitive to run. Power cats are popular in the bareboat charter market too, for these very reasons.

Here, we take a look at 12 catamarans ranging from a cruising-couple-size 36-footer to a 78-footer for friends, family and some more friends. And there are myriad power options: outboards, diesel inboards, hybrid or even all-solar power.

Fountaine Pajot MY44

The Fountaine Pajot MY44 , a creation of Italian architect Pierangelo Andreani and French designer Daniel Andrieu, has a main deck that’s open from the aft-deck seating all the way forward to the starboard helm station. The sense of spaciousness is significant, for several reasons. First, four glass panels aft can all slide to port, creating an indoor-outdoor space with the aft deck and salon. In the salon, 32-inch-high windows extend for 12 feet down the sides of the yacht, with three sections per side, bringing in natural light along with the three forward panes that comprise the windshield. Finally, 6-foot-6-inch headroom provides vertical clearance, with a 21-foot-7-inch beam that adds interior roominess while keeping the yacht stable.

Read more: Fountaine Pajot MY44

Silent-Yachts 55

The ideas about which solar panels, electric motors, inverters and the like to use — and more importantly, Michael Köhler says, how to configure them — became the basis for the brand Silent-Yachts. The company offers 55-, 64- and 79-foot catamarans that run on solar-electric propulsion. The Silent 55 premiered this fall, and the 64 is sold out for the next two years, Köhler says.

Read more: Silent 55

Horizon PC74

As founder and director of The Powercat Company, a Horizon Power Catamarans distributor, Stuart Hegerstrom had long believed that catamaran builders needed to design their yachts to more stylish standards.

“The boats were very boxy,” he says, based on his years of experience with cats in the charter market. He and his partner, Richard Ford, asked Horizon to produce models that had high-end finishes and looked good inside and out.

The Horizon team brought in mega-yacht designer JC Espinosa to work with its own craftsmen. The result aboard the Horizon PC74 is a catamaran with exterior styling, layout and functionality that should appeal to private and charter owners alike.

Read more: Horizon PC74

The Aquila 36 is a departure from her sisterships in that she is an outboard-powered, express-cruiser-style catamaran, but she also adheres to MarineMax’s philosophies.

With a single main living level from bow to stern and a beam of 14 feet 7 inches, the Aquila 36 is like a bowrider on steroids. She has seating that can handle 20 adults for outings and barbecues, and there are two staterooms below, one in each hull, for family weekending. The staterooms have nearly queen-size berths, en suite heads, stowage and 6-foot-6-inch headroom.

Read more: Aquila 36

Lagoon Seventy 8 Powercat

Lagoon is a division of Groupe Beneteau, the world’s largest builder of sailing yachts, and the Lagoon Seventy 8 Powercat is a developmental sistership of its Seventy 7 super sailing cat. The Seventy series yachts are built at Construction Navale Bordeaux in France, which had to add a new yard to construct these catamarans because they require separate stern molds for the power and sail versions.

Read more: Lagoon Seventy 8 Powercat

Horizon PC60

To understand the Horizon PC60 power catamaran , you need to put aside preconceived notions about midsize yacht amenities. For example, main-deck master suites are the province of yachts over 100 feet length overall. Incorrect. This 60-footer has an elegant and spacious owner’s stateroom on the same level as the salon. If you want a 14-foot center console tender on a 60-foot yacht, you have to tow it. Wrong again. On the PC60, you hoist it onto the upper deck, no problem.

Read more: Horizon PC60

40 Open Sunreef Power

Sunreef is known for pushing the boundaries of catamaran design, incorporating four adjustable hydrofoils into a twin-hulled speedboat.

The Polish builder is one of several European builders (including Evo, Fjord, Wider and Wally) transforming the open ­day-boat category with creative designs. ­Beyond its hydrofoils, the 40 Open Sunreef Power ‘s cockpit has side “wings” along the aft gunwales that fold out at anchor, widening the beam from 17 feet to 22 feet 9 inches.

Read more: 40 Open Sunreef Power

Sunreef 50 Amber Limited Edition

Sunreef Yachts introduced its 50 Amber Limited Edition , with plans to launch just 10 hulls of the exclusive design.

The Sunreef 50 Amber Limited Edition will have a carbon fiber mast and boom, four layout options and numerous amber-colored elements, including the hull.

Read more: Sunreef 50 Amber Limited Edition

Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht

Fitted with the optional twin 300-horsepower Volvo Penta D4 diesels, the Lagoon 630 MY burns only 1.64 gph total at 6 knots, giving a theoretical range of 2,952 nautical miles with standard tankage of 793 gallons. Hull No. 1 had an optional 502-gallon tank, giving it transatlantic range.

Luxury, stability and economy are all hallmarks of Lagoon’s return to luxury motor yachts. If you can take a ride, it will be worth your time.

Read more: Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht

Fountaine Pajot MY 37

The Fountaine Pajot MY 37 easily accommodates the seafaring family with three- and four-stateroom options. In the three-cabin version, called ­Maestro, you’ll find an owner’s suite in the portside hull with a queen-size berth and en suite head. Two double-berth cabins and one more head are available for the kids. If your brood is bigger, the Quator setup features four double cabins with two heads.

The 37 is a traveler and can be powered with twin 150 hp or 220 hp Volvo Penta diesels. Top speed with the smaller engines is 17 knots, while it’s 20 knots with the bigger power plants. Interestingly, at 7 knots, the fuel consumption is the same, with either set of motors offering voyagers a 1 ,000-nm range.

Read more: Fountaine Pajot MY 37

Solarwave 64

Many yachts boast eco chops because they have a handful of solar panels that power the microwave or navigation lights. The Solarwave 64 , launched last summer, has the potential to run on sunshine alone. The vessel’s 42 solar panels generate 15 kW that are stored in batteries weighing about 1,300 pounds. They connect to electric motors.

Read more: Solarwave 64

Glider SS18

This British builder says it strives for design innovation and the Glider SS18 displays that DNA, the result of 8 years of research and development. She has a head-turning, catamaran hull form constructed from aluminum and composite materials. She is 60 feet LOA with a 17-foot beam, and has a relatively shallow 1-foot draft. Powered by quad Yamaha 300 hp outboards, she can reportedly reach 50 knots, and with her Stability Control System (SCS), should give a smooth ride while doing it.

Read more: Glider SS18

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New Flagship for Bering Yachts: The B165

Power catamaran popularity rising, “energy observer” zero-emission boat showcases sustainability, princess yachts’ y95: a flagship flybridge, for sale: sunseeker predator 68, for sale: cl yachts clb 72, 10 yachts under $500,000 you can have today.

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Boating Beast

A Complete Guide to Motor Yachts & Power Cruisers: All You Need to Know!

John Sampson

If you’re looking for a luxury experience out on the water, a motor yacht or power cruiser is the best choice of vessel. It offers you a combination of performance, features, and amenities. While these boats come in a wide variety of lengths, styles, and models, they have something to suit any budget and needs out on the open ocean.

The motor yacht is a status symbol, and there’s a reason why billionaires purchase high-end motor yachts because no other form of transport, except for maybe a private jet, showcases wealth. In this post, we’ll look at the features and design of motor yachts and power cruisers, and we’ll make a few suggestions for top-performing models.

Motor Yachts

What are Motor Yachts & Power Cruisers?

If you’re looking for an ocean-faring vessel for longer seafaring trips, you can’t beat the luxury accommodations and performance offered by motor yachts and power cruisers. These boats can stay out on the water for days or even weeks at a time. They allow for island-hopping in the Caribbean or travel through the South Pacific with ease.

These boats are the pinnacle of class and luxury, making all other vessels, even top-end models like cabin cruisers , look inferior in comparison. Typically, motor yachts and power cruisers have extended lengths compared to other boats, with the smallest models starting at around 40-feet.

Every foot adds thousands of dollars to the price tag of these boats, and a 90-foot model can cost hundreds of thousands if not, millions of dollars. These boats come fully equipped with everything you need to live the life aquatic.

There are purpose-built decks, plenty of cabin space, luxury accommodations for several people, and all the amenities you would find in luxury hotel rooms. There’s a full bathroom and shower, and some models come with hot tubs built into the deck.

The motor yacht is the entertainer’s dream, providing you with TVs, satellite communications, Wi-Fi, and more. There are several categories of motor yachts, including pilothouse, flybridge, sedan bridge, aft cabin, and express-style boats.

The bridge boat is the most popular style in motor yachts and power cruisers. You get plenty of space for overnight accommodations, plenty of deck space, and a helm on the bridge and in the cabin. As a result of the design, these boats fare well in all seasons and all ocean conditions.

A motor yacht or power cruiser relies on its design to categorize the vessel, with elements like cockpits or flybridges and outdoor areas defining the boat. You have plenty of options for diesel and petrol motors, and different hull designs, from planning to full-displacement, determining the speed and handling of the vessel.

Motor Yachts

Benefits of Motor Yachts

There are several benefits to owning a motor yacht or power cruiser. These boats come with so many features that you have everything you need for life out on the water.

International Sailing

The motor yacht or power cruiser offers you all the luxuries and amenities you need to spend days or weeks out on the water. The larger models can handle long international trips through the South Pacific or the Caribbean, and they have enough fuel capacity for very long journeys.

Suitable for Offshore Sailing

Power cruisers and motor yachts are great choices for offshore sailing. Due to the length and stability of these boats, they can withstand rough ocean conditions in storms. The powerful motors, extra width, and deep hulls on these vessels make them exceptionally stable on the water.

Power and Handling

The power cruiser and motor yacht come with huge engines offering you exceptional power and cruising capability. The long hull on the boat means that they turn slowly and lack the maneuverability of smaller models. However, they have enough power to cut through large swells with ease, and the handling is smooth and steady.

Dynamic Cruising Experiences

These boats are cruisers, offering excellent performance for slow, steady cruising through the islands. The longer models feel effortless to drive, gliding through the water with ease.

Plenty of Storage

The motor yacht and power cruiser come with plenty of storage facilities for all your gear. These boats can accommodate everything you need for your time out on the water, from watersports equipment like skis and tubes to dive gear and fishing equipment. The accommodations come with cabinets and wardrobes, and the kitchen features a full fridge and freezer on most models, with plenty of room for food storage.

Sunseeker Cabin

Luxury Living Accommodations

The yacht and power cruiser offers you the best liveaboard accommodations. The longer the boat, the more luxurious the fittings and finishes. Most models over 60-feet in length will come with multiple bedrooms, featuring queen-size beds. The decks and lounge areas feature plush couches and seating, with split-level designs allowing for shaded dining areas. Some of the largest models offer you an experience that’s more like a floating hotel.

Entertainment Paradise

The motor yacht and power cruiser are entertainers’ dreams. They feature full electronic setups, including TVs, audio systems, plenty of speakers, and loads of deck space to start the party on the water.

Comes with Smaller Boats or Skis for Watersports

Since most power yachts and cruisers are large boats, they are not suitable for getting close to shore. As a result, many of these boats, especially the luxury models, come with jet skis or inflatable dinghy boats that let you get to the beach or take fishing or diving excursions away from the boat.

Full Amenities

Motor yachts and power cruisers feature every amenity you could possibly imagine in a watercraft. As mentioned, the larger models are more akin to floating boutique hotels than a boat. You get full kitchens, refrigerators and freezers, sinks, and some models even have dishwashers. These boats come with the widest range of customizations available for any setup you want.

Multiple Sizing Options

Typically, motor yachts and power cruisers come in lengths from 40 to 90-feet. Models over this length will cost a fortune, and every foot adds thousands of dollars to the price tag of these luxury vessels.

Disadvantages of Motor Yachts

While the power cruiser and yacht offer you the best luxury boating experience possible, they come with a few drawbacks.

Expensive Price Tags

As mentioned, the power cruiser and yacht are the most expensive watercraft available. These boats have starting price tags of around $500,000, with high-end models fetching $10,000,000 or more. They are truly the best boat option for the wealthy elite.

Not Suitable for Water Sports

Due to the vessel’s size and lack of maneuverability, these boats are not suitable for water sports . However, nay models come with smaller boats or jet skis included, allowing for watersports like wakeboarding and skiing. The vessel does serve as a wonderful dive boat, allowing for liveaboard trips through popular dive destinations like the Red Sea and the Caribbean.

Motor Yachts

Expensive to Maintain

Motor yachts and power cruisers come with expensive price tags, and they also cost a fortune to maintain. You’ll also pay a significant sum in annual marina fees to dock your boat.

High Fuel Consumption

Power cruisers and motor yachts have high-powered motors to propel the heavy vessel. As a result, they drink plenty of fuel. Diesel models are available for better economy, while petrol-based models are more for performance. Some manufacturing brands offer green tech motors offering you excellent fuel economy for long trips at sea.

Not Trailerable

Due to the sheer size of these boats, you can’t fit them on a standard trailer. You’ll need to hire a specialist yacht transport service if you need to remove it from the water for repairs.

Top Motor Yacht and Power Cruiser Brands

There are dozens of premium motor yacht and power cruiser brands and hundreds of models available in various lengths. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to look at all of the best models and brands available, regardless of the astronomical price tags associated with these vessels. Here are our top choices for the best power cruisers and motor yachts available.

Benetti is the world leader in superyacht design and construction. Lorenzo Benetti founded the company in 1873, with Azimut purchasing the brand in 1984. The Benetti range is exclusive, with opulent features and luxuries, giving you everything you would expect in a premium model.


Relax in luxury and enjoy your time out on the water. Benetti offers you seven models, starting at 95-feet. These boats are custom-built to order, with a long list of customizable options allowing you to set up your boat to your requirements.

Benetti offers custom-made motor yachts in its Mega and Giga ranges, with the “Lionheart” model being one of its most popular luxury models. If you have the budget, and money isn’t a problem, Benetti brings you one of the best ranges of motor yachts available.

As one of the leading brands in luxury motor yachts, Feadship is an acronym for “First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders.” This elite shipyard produces some of the most sought-after models for society’s elite.


Feadship has a reputation for being the best motor yacht brand in the world when it comes to custom-built watercraft. Purchasing a motor yacht from this brand is like buying a home; you’ll work with the company to design your ideal boat, fitted with any customization you want in the vessel.

Our choice for the top models in the range is the “M/Y Faith.” This beautiful watercraft is a superyacht for the rich, giving you a 5-star experience out on the water.

This brand is another well-known company with an established reputation in the superyacht market. Founded in 1987, this brand has more industry awards than any other manufacturer, despite its relatively short time in business.


Oceanco makes superyachts for the elite, with some models reaching up to a colossal 420-feet, with onboard jet skis and dinghies, luxury accommodations, and full electronics for navigating the world’s oceans. Oceanco also utilizes green technology in its builds, giving you a motor yacht that reduces your environmental impact on the sea.

This motor yacht company is also the owner of the Benetti brand. While Benetti is the more famous choice, Azimut also designs and builds some excellent watercraft for ocean-going experiences. The recognizable Italian design on these vessels shines through in the build quality, with impressive finishes and styling aesthetics that just scream high-end luxury when looking at the boat.


Most of the Azimut range of motor yachts includes cutting-edge electronics and technology. They also offer you a range of hybrid engines for economy and power. The manufacturer also uses nanotechnology in the boat’s coating, giving you a long-lasting vessel that looks fantastic, even after decades of service.

If you’re looking for the best entry-level brand for motor yachts and power cruisers, check out the range offered by Sunseeker. Sunseeker is a recognizable brand in boats, producing a lineup of many models.


The motor yacht and power cruiser range from Sunseeker offer you smaller lengths, from 50-feet up, with more affordable price tags than the other brands mentioned in this review.

While they may be more affordable than boats from the other brands, you get excellent design and build quality, with materials like carbon fiber on the hull for added strength and lightweight design.

Wrapping Up

If money isn’t an object, and you want the best luxury experience out on the water, a motor yacht or power cruiser offers you the ideal model for your aquatic adventure. You get a boat loaded with every amenity you can think of and full functionality for anything you want to do on the water.

Sail through international seas, visit islands, take long dive trips, or just enjoy a cruise down the coastline. While these boats come with heavy price tags, they are worth every penny if you have the budget and you want a premium experience out on the water.

Avatar photo

John is an experienced journalist and veteran boater. He heads up the content team at BoatingBeast and aims to share his many years experience of the marine world with our readers.

A Complete Guide to Micro Skiffs: All You Need to Know!

A complete guide to narrow boats: all you need to know, a guide to aluminum fishing boats.

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Top 6 Motor Yachts Under 100 Feet [New + Brokerage]

The best motor yachts you can buy between 60 and 100 feet in the united states..

Motor yachts are powered by single or twin engines — some equipped with two to four pod drives providing added maneuverability and joystick steering in close quarters. They can make voyages across oceans, zip through large rivers, or navigate the Great Lakes. Motor yachts are perfect for saltwater fishing, overnight boating, and day cruising and can be anywhere from 40 to 100 feet long.

Popular motor yacht brands include Beneteau , Sunseeker , Horizon , Azimut , Benetti , Sea Ray , and Johnson . Motor yachts are built with outstanding innovation to encompass superyacht qualities without the extensive size. We’re featuring the top 6 motor yachts under 100 feet, currently for sale with Denison Yachting .

1. 87’ Johnson 2004

top 10 motor yachts

This beautiful 87′ Johnson , named Illusion is updated after a refit in 2018/2019. She boasts a generous beam of almost 24 feet — which is wide for vessels of this length — but it allows comfortable walkways around the entire exterior from stern to bow. Her spacious interior includes a large salon, four staterooms, a luxury dining area, alfresco dining aft with enclosed sunshades, and a large galley. A massive sun pad on the bow lets everyone enjoy ample sun while sipping cocktails. This stunning 87’ Johnson has a major price reduction and will be near the 2020 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show .

Best feature: Great value for her size.

2. 67’ Van der Valk

top 10 motor yachts

The Van der Valk shipyard designed an addition to its BeachClub series — Alvaro , a 67-foot motor yacht that uses a Volvo IPS 1050 drive system. The placement of the motors, combined with a large beam and liberal use of glass, produces a vast interior volume to improve the social areas. The 67’ Van der Valk has a roomy bow for dining, plus an (optional) hot tub that’s uncommon for a motor yacht of this size. The large windows along the hull and glass aft doors blanket the salon and galley with natural light. Van der Valk designers can custom build your dream boat so that you can have a top motor yacht with superyacht qualities.

Best feature: Extensive smart swim platform and sun lounge area to optimize al fresco lifestyle.

3. 85’ Azimut 2007

top 10 motor yachts

Blue is a stellar example of a late model Azimut 85 that’s for sale with Denison Yachting. In 2018, Blue was in the yard for a refit, which included an update to interior furnishings, a full paint job, and the addition of a hydraulic teak swim platform. Her size, layout, toys, and four ensuite staterooms give her the luxurious qualities of a superyacht under 100 feet. Blue is currently in Miami, Florida.

Best feature: Flybridge jacuzzi for the ultimate yachting experience.

4. 60’ Beneteau Monte Carlo 6

top 10 motor yachts

The new Monte Carlo 6 is a stunning and sporty 60-foot flybridge yacht with a bridge the size of most 70 footers. This new motor yacht is powered by two Cummins 600 QSC 8.3 diesel engines driving Zeus pods, and can reache a top speed of 28 knots. She has all the torque needed for dynamic acceleration and sustained performance so you can zip to your next coastal or island destinations. The styling on the MC 6 combines the usual Beneteau openness with a superyacht quality fit and finish. Her spacious three staterooms have ensuite heads. An open salon offers perfect comfort and entertainment space.

Best feature: Classic lines starting from her wave-piercing bow leading to her nearly vertical stern.

5. 62’ Horizon 2006

top 10 motor yachts

The spaciousness and construction of the Horizon E62 rival that of much larger motor yachts. The sleek exterior profile and beautifully designed interior give this world-class motor yacht refinements of a superyacht. This 62’ Horizon , named Lady G , has a two stateroom, two head layout with a large aft lazerette (laundry/tool room). An innovative hull design gives it exceptional handling and sea-keeping ability. Her interior is highlighted by a country kitchen that’s a chef’s dream. This used motor yacht had a full 1,000-hour service ahead of schedule to include the transmissions and coolers. She’s an impressive used motor yacht under 100 feet.

Best feature: Feeling of spaciousness throughout the vessel.

6. 96′ Nordlund 1995

top 10 motor yachts

Patience was custom built with great consideration for ease of operation with a smaller crew. She’s built completely from fiberglass construction and hosts 4 staterooms plus crew. Patience has undergone refits in 2005 and 2019 to upgrade her to be a top motor yacht under 100 feet. She has a new aft deck extension, new interior and exterior upholstery, new teak, and new Caterpillar C-30 1550 HP engines with new generators. She’s able to cruise comfortably at 20 knots and boasts a great hull design making her a fantastic offshore boat. Patience is making an appearance at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2020 and is ready for her next adventure with you.

Best feature: A brand new interior refit in 2019 that boasts a spacious and updated galley that rivals a home kitchen.

Motor yachts between 60 and 100 feet are perfect for providing the comforts of home while traveling to far-off destinations. Contact a Denison yacht broker to find your next new or used motor yacht in the United States. Your next adventure is right around the corner.

Latest News

top 10 motor yachts

NEWS | March 21, 2024

Extra yachts makes north american debut at the 2024 palm beach boat show.

EXTRA Yachts Makes North American Debut at the 2024 Palm Beach Boat Show EXTRA Yachts will be making its North American debut with Denison with its X99 Fast yacht, MINI K2. Denison Yachting is pleased to announce that its partner EXTRA Yachts will be making its North American debut with Denison at the

top 10 motor yachts

NEWS | March 20, 2024

The italian art of shipbuilding.

The Italian Art of Shipbuilding The Denison sales team tours 15 shipyards in Italy. This article was written by Sarah Nadler. The birthplace of all things beautiful, Italy has long been known worldwide as one of the superpowers of building boats. With a long history

top 10 motor yachts

How to Qualify a Yacht Broker

How to Qualify a Yacht Broker A good broker can be hard to find when looking to buy or sell your boat. Denison yacht brokers weigh in on what makes a broker a good one. Brokers come in all shapes and sizes. Some yacht brokers have

Our pick of the top ten largest motor yachts for charter in 2024

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  • Yacht Charter & Superyacht News >

Written by Rachel Kelly

Chartering a superyacht epitomises luxury travel and across the Mediterranean , Caribbean and further afield there are plenty to choose from. But when it comes to a superyacht … does size matter? Join us as we navigate a collection of the biggest and best superyachts available for charter in 2024.

Jacuzzi aboard O'PARI - Photo © Jeff Brown Photography

Jacuzzi aboard O’PARI – Photo © Jeff Brown Photography

OCTOPUS | Lurssen | 126.20m (414′ 1″) | 2003/2021 | 13 cabins

Superyacht OCTOPUS is renowned not only for her ultra-luxurious amenities but also for her involvement in numerous expedition projects and scientific research operations including an expedition to discover the WW2 warship Musashi.

Superyacht Octopus with helicopter

Superyacht Octopus with helicopter

She boasts all the features one can expect on board such an imposing vessel, including two helicopter landing pads, a movie theatre, a basketball court, a swimming pool, jacuzzis as well as a fully equipped recording studio.

AHPO | Lurssen | 115.10m (377′ 7″) | 2021 | 8 cabins

Superyacht AHPO, meaning grandmother in Hakka Chinese, boasts a total of four pools including the two on the ‘sky deck’. A dedicated pool zone sees a glass-fronted swimming pool accompanied by a mosaic-lined jacuzzi, beautifully crafted teak surrounds and steps plus an expansive seating area.

Luxury mega yacht AHPO

Luxury mega yacht AHPO

Her other standout feature is the beach club where water’s edge terrace leads into a wellness area with plunge pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. So guests can easily board wherever the yacht is anchored, she has a fully commercial helipad … what more could you ask for?

DREAM | Halic Tersaneleri | 106.50m (349′ 5″) | 1997/2018 | 22 cabins

Luxury superyacht DREAM is a luxury passenger vessel, entirely rebuilt in 2018, after a 10-year extensive shipyard period. Her interior layout has been designed with a nautical theme, combining white marble, light-coloured woods, Grecian murals and white leathers which create a luxury, elegant and classical environment.

aft deck of yacht DREAM with helicopter

aft deck of yacht DREAM with helicopter

She is decked out with some of the most thrilling features you could expect including a cinema room, swimming pool, full spa and wellness centre, beauty salon, diving centre and business centre. There are four separate salon areas which can be merged into one large area, which includes a fully fitted bar and a Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano which can be streamed ship wide.

If you don’t fancy taking the stairs two elevators connect all the cabins with the main and bridge decks.

CHRISTINA O | Canadian Vickers | 99.13m (325’3”) | 2022 | 17 cabins

The most classic of all classic yachts CHRISTINA O is the legendary yacht owned by the Onassis family which hosted the world’s most influential people during her glory years.

Iconic superyacht Christina O

Iconic superyacht Christina O

She can host weddings and events but offers a wonderful and unique charter experience with accommodation for up to 34 guests. The mosaic lined pool, jacuzzi and bar take centre stage, while a choice of lounge and dining areas create plenty of choice for guests.

Nothing can match the history and elegance of this classic motor yacht, restored to offer modern-day luxury.

WHISPER | Lurssen | 95.20m (312’4”) | 2014 | 7 cabins

Superyacht WHISPER features immaculate exterior styling from Espen Oeino and breathtaking interior styling from Reymond Langton Design. Among her unique features is a removable stainless-steel sculpture on the bow of a Jaguar, measuring 6ft tall and 15ft long and representing the owner’s interest in the Jacksonville Jaguars.

95m WHISPER yacht

95m WHISPER yacht

The long list of amenities includes a cinema, a 12m mosaic pool with an integrated Jacuzzi, a gym, an elevator and a sports bar which transforms into a nightclub. Plus there is a dedicated spa and wellness centre with a hammam, plunge pool and steam shower.

O’PARI | Golden Yachts | 95.00m (311′ 8″) | 2022 | 14 cabins

Designed by Studio Vafiadis, the sundeck on board superyacht O’PARI is ready to host a part day or night and provides a fantastic sun-drenched casual lounge, a shaded circular alfresco dining table and a curved sit-up bar. The prime forward zone is home to the raised jacuzzi surrounded by plush sun pads with elegant teak steps and surround. The space is illuminated at night by inlaid lights across the deck.

Luxury mega yacht O'PARI

Luxury mega yacht O’PARI

MADSUMMER | Lurssen | 95.00m (311’8”) | 2019 | 10 cabins

Delivered in 2019 and designed with private yacht charters in mind, super yacht MADSUMMER boasts exterior lines by Harrison Eidsgaard and a ‘contemporary modern’ interior from Laura Sessa.

Superyacht Madsummer - aerial view. Photo credit ® KlausJordan

Superyacht Madsummer – aerial view. Photo credit ® KlausJordan

She features a 12-meter swimming pool, a huge spa, and extensive diving facilities plus is helicopter-ready and capable of worldwide cruising. She can accommodate up to 12 guests in 10 prestigious staterooms and is looked after by a permanent crew of 30.

LADY S | Feadship | 93.00m (305′ 1″) | 2019 | 7 cabins

The fully custom superyacht LADY S boasts a premium pedigree with naval architecture from De Voogt Naval Architects, exterior styling by Michale Leach and interior design from Reymond Langton Design.

Feadship superyacht LADY S

Feadship superyacht LADY S

Outstanding features include a floating IMAX cinema, fully certified helipad, nightclub and chic beach club with a hammam and plunge pool which sits under a glass-bottomed swimming pool.

QUEEN MIRI | Neorion Syros Shipyard | 92.00m (301′ 10″) | 2003/2023 | 18 cabins

QUEEN MIRI yacht completed an extensive 16-month refit in 2023 by Italian shipyard Amico & Co in Genoa where her interior was completely refurbished to present a stylish and timeless finish.

QUEEN MIRI superyacht

QUEEN MIRI superyacht

Amenities include a complete wellness spa with a steam room and sauna, a full-service hair and nail salon, a wine cellar, a movie theatre, a full-size gymnasium, a conference room and library plus an indoor lower deck swimming pool.

PHOENIX 2 | Lurssen | 90.10m (295’7”) | 2010/2019 | 7 cabins

An ultra-opulent yacht, PHOENIX 2 is one of the world’s most iconic mega yachts and has been maintained to immaculate standards to provide the utmost in style, comfort and elegance. Boasting a host of impressive features including sophisticated Art-deco interiors, a spa, a cinema, an expansive deck and living space, she will exceed the expectations of the most discerning charter guests.

PHOENIX 2 yacht running with water toys

PHOENIX 2 yacht running with water toys

Her accommodation includes an outstanding split-level master apartment, accessed by its own staircase, which offers undisturbed views out to sea, and a private terrace with a jacuzzi. A further six guest cabins are split across three decks connected by a central elevator.

Whether you want to splash the cash or are looking for something a little more modest our experienced brokers can help you put together your perfect charter vacation .

Please contact CharterWorld - the luxury yacht charter specialist - for more on superyacht news item "Our pick of the top ten largest motor yachts for charter in 2024".

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Nine fantastic luxury charter yachts in Tahiti 

Nine fantastic luxury charter yachts in Tahiti 

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Discover Bermuda at its best on a luxury yacht charter

In pictures: The Jeff Brown photoshoot of superyacht O’Pari from Golden Yachts

In pictures: The Jeff Brown photoshoot of superyacht O’Pari from Golden Yachts

top 10 motor yachts

Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 30 series motor yacht GINDUNGO hits water in Italy

top 10 motor yachts

50m luxury motor yacht BEL1 launched in Pisa by Rossinavi

top 10 motor yachts

Luxury yacht UNIQUE S is brand new to the charter market in the Western Mediterranean

top 10 motor yachts

44m superyacht EXTRA TIME new to charter around the Western Mediterranean

Superyacht KISMET – the 122m Lurssen motor yacht the charter market has been waiting for

Superyacht KISMET – the 122m Lurssen motor yacht the charter market has been waiting for

Baglietto announces the launch of 41m luxury yacht ASTERA

Baglietto announces the launch of 41m luxury yacht ASTERA

Another great special offer on board 36m motor yacht CALYPSO I

Another great special offer on board 36m motor yacht CALYPSO I

37m luxury yacht LEGEND offering unparalleled comfort on charters in the Western Mediterranean

37m luxury yacht LEGEND offering unparalleled comfort on charters in the Western Mediterranean

Discover our Top 10 brand new yachts available for charter worldwide this year

Discover our Top 10 brand new yachts available for charter worldwide this year

Florida charter yacht REAL SUMMERTIME offering 10% discount

Florida charter yacht REAL SUMMERTIME offering 10% discount

Discover summer in New England aboard a luxury charter yacht: Escape to this beautiful northeast corner of the USA

Discover summer in New England aboard a luxury charter yacht: Escape to this beautiful northeast corner of the USA

Luxury superyacht TCB

Last minute yacht charter deals in the Bahamas

Westport announce the first hull of their 36m W117 range is nearing completion

Westport announce the first hull of their 36m W117 range is nearing completion

49m sailing yacht ANIMA MARIS is offering discounted rates for the remaining summer weeks in Croatia

49m sailing yacht ANIMA MARIS is offering discounted rates for the remaining summer weeks in Croatia

No Image Available

Superyacht LAUNCHPAD previously Feadship 1010 delivered

Luxury yacht BLISS

Take advantage of the exceptional 15% discount by 44m charter yacht BLISS in Greece

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America’s 10 Best Yacht Builders

Yacht At Last side view

In America, the yachting industry might not be as established. Yet, today, America’s best luxury yacht builders continue to put out award-winning and state-of-the-art designs. Who are America’s best yacht builders?

From Christensen to Trinity, we countdown the best yacht builders in America and highlight what makes each shipyard unique. Here are our favorites:

1. Christensen

Christensen is one of the most established yacht builders in the U.S., and the company is known for its completely custom yachts. Each yacht the company produces is designed according to owner specifications.

Known for its classic hull design, and upscale finishes, Christensen produces some of the most luxurious superyachts in the U.S. That’s thanks in part to the builder’s in-house design team. Many other builders outsource design. Plus, the builder is known for its exquisite interiors, featuring spacious layouts and the finest finishes. Christensen also regularly wins innovation awards for their efficient and powerful displacement systems and state-of-the-art stabilization.

2. Westport

Since 1964, Westport has been a leader in yacht design and manufacturing in the U.S. And its earned a reputation for developing sporty, classically-styled superyachts.

That wasn’t always the case. Originally, Westport designed and built commercial fishing vessels, but today, Westport focuses exclusively on luxury motor yachts, including 34-, 38-, 40- and 50-meter yachts. Westport’s raised pilothouse and tri-deck yachts feature classic nautical hulls with modern touches. The interiors are sleek and comfortable and known for their spacious outdoor deck areas.

3. Derecktor

Derecktor is one of the country’s oldest yacht builders. It was founded on Long Island, NY in 1947, and during its early years, the company produced commercial fishing and passenger vessels. (Even today, Derecktor manufacturers high-speed ferries for cities around the world.)

Derecktor’s output has changed quite a bit in its 70-year history. Today, the company continues to build commercial vessels, but it’s also a top builder of custom motor yachts. Derecktor produces both explorer yachts and motor yachts, and many of its luxury motor yachts feature explorer-inspired designs. Many Derecktor yachts, for example, feature towering superstructures positioned forward. This opens up an abundance of aft-deck space for outdoor dining areas, beach clubs, and even helipads.

In addition to style, Derecktor yachts are renowned for their performance. They might be sizable. But they’re fast, and the ride is stable.

4. Hatteras

Hatteras is a legendary name in American shipbuilding, known for its high-speed and beautiful motor yachts. Initially, the shipyard focused entirely on sportfish yachts – something they’re still known for today. Yet, the company’s line-up of motor yachts offers the best of the best in luxury yachting.

Hatteras offers a full range of superyachts, including the 100 RPH, a stunning 102-foot raised pilothouse motoryacht, and the M90. Hatteras certainly shows its sporty roots in all of its designs; Hatteras exteriors are sleek and streamlined, sharing design details with its sportfish line.

At Trinity , size is the name of the game. The Gulfport-based shipyard produces yachts up to 123 meters (400 feet), including some of the largest luxury yachts ever built in the U.S.

The yachtbuilder has many signatures. For example, classic nautical architecture is one. Trinity produces some of the most inspiring superstructure designs that feature sleek lines and an abundance of glass. When you charter a Trinity yacht, you’ll have plenty of places to relax, as most of their designs incorporate an abundance of deck space. In the past, that’s include beautiful sky lounges and sprawling aft-deck dining/bar areas.

Below deck, Trinity yachts delivers spacious layouts. The yachtbuilder is know for their opulent owner’s suites and staterooms, as well as stunning salons.

6. Broward Marine

Founded by legendary boatbuilder Frank Denison in the 1950s, Broward Marine has been a leader in superyacht design throughout its history. For example, in 1954, Broward launched its first luxury superyacht, ALISA V. At the time, the 96-footer was a behemoth – similar in grandness to today’s megayachts of 150+ feet.

The Alisa paved a path for the company, which shifted its focus exclusively to luxury motoryachts. In the 1980s, for example, Broward was quick to respond to the trend of the superyachts; Broward sold some 80 yachts in the 1980s, an impressive sales feat.

Under new management in the early 2000s, the company continued its focus on stunning megayachts in the 100- to 160-foot range. Broward yachts are grand in scale, with stunning tri-deck and raised pilothouse designs, and they’re also some of the first to feature farmhouse kitchens. Today, the company focuses primarily on refits, but many of their majestic yachts are still available for charter.

7. Hargrave

Hargrave has been producing yachts since the 1950s, and throughout its history, the shipyard has built a reputation for inspiring yacht designs. In fact, the company initially only focused on design. Founder Jack Hargrave, the famed nautical designer, worked closely with other top U.S. yacht builders including Burger and Hatteras, helping to launch numerous brands.

In 1997, the company transitioned from design to designing and building its own luxury yachts. The company quickly made a name for itself. Hargrave has won numerous awards for its sporty tri-decks and sportfish-inspired motoryachts. Hargrave yachts feature contemporary interiors, matched with sleek profiles.

A Horizon yacht has a distinctive look. The company’s yachts have stately exteriors with tons of classic nautical architectural details. Inside, too, Horizon yachts have a lot of character. Most Horizon yachts feature sprawling windows, creating light and airy interior spaces.

Today, the company produces yachts in the 56- to 150-foot range, and their offerings include power catamarans, tri-decks and raised pilothouse motor yachts.

If you’re looking for a power cat, that’s a Horizon specialty. The company’s PC Series features a range of mid-sized power cats up to about 80 feet, with numerous concept yachts in the works. Yet, Horizon does it all. You’ll find Horizon yachts in just about any style, from Fast Displacement yachts (FD Series), to customized tri-decks (CC Series).

The Burger Boat Company is one of the most historic shipbuilders in the U.S. Originally launched in 1863, the company has built more than 500 yachts in its history (more than 250 of which are still in operation). The company was a pioneer in steel yacht building, but today, Burger primary builds aluminum yachts.

Burger produces a range of custom tri-deck motor yachts, ranging from 112- to 214-foot motor yachts. Burger boats have a distinctive look and feel. They have spacious deck areas, like the wrap-around deck on its current 214-foot tri-deck concept, as well as innovative exterior lounge areas.

10. Delta Marine

For more than 50 years, Delta Marine has been producing world-class motor yachts from its headquarters in Seattle. The boatbuilder is known for its sleek exterior designs. Delta Marine yachts feature clean, flowing lines throughout, and the company produces a range of raised pilothouse and tri-deck motor yachts.

Plus, the interiors are completely custom. As such, no two Delta Marine yachts look the same, and the interiors are as unique as their owners. Delta yachts are also well-known for their performance. Many feature performance-minded hulls, and feature state-of-the-art displacement systems.

Plan Your Next Luxury Yacht Charter with Worldwide Boat

Worldwide Boat offers exclusive access to vessels from America’s best luxury yacht builders. Want to hire a Trinity Yacht for your next vacation? We can help.

Plus, our charter brokers are experts on each builder’s specialties. Contact your broker today to learn more about any of our exclusive charter yachts .


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Top 10 Largest Yachts Around The Globe

It could always be a little bigger, and a little better right?

top 10 motor yachts

In a world where constant evolution and innovation are key to staying ahead of the curve, staying stagnant is not an option. In a bid to get an edge over their competitors, shipyards around the globe are pushing the envelope, striving to produce the ultimate superyacht, each bigger and greater than the last. However, these monstrous feats of engineering are more than just hulking vessels. Each of the entries on this list are truly marvellous examples of design and technical innovations, possessing a slew of features above and below deck. Each and every of them is a piece of art and no wonder you can  buy a research paper  with detailed description on particular vessel and its design. Without further ado, here are the world’s largest yachts.

top 10 motor yachts

  • Azzam (180.61 metres)

German shipyard Lürssen is famous for their near monopoly in the construction of gigantic superyachts. Unveiled in October of 2013, Azzam has held onto its title of largest privately owned superyacht for almost 8 years. The interior design was done by Christophe Leoni who opted for French Empire stylings. Exteriors were done up by Nauta Yacht design while engineering was overseen by Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi. With a top speed of over 31.5 knots, courtesy of her ingenious water-jet propulsion, the behemoth that is Azzam defies the notion that large yachts must be slow.

top 10 motor yachts

2. Eclipse (162.5 metres)

Eclipse previously held the title of largest superyacht for three years since leaving the shipyard of Blohm+Voss in 2010, Azzam’s delivery. Eclipse features custom interior finishing specially developed by Terence Disdale Design, who was in charge of everything regarding interior design, deck layout, and superstructure design and construction. Eclipse boasts a wide range of features, incuding a 16 metre swimming pool, which can be turned into a dance floor, and the ability to hold three helicopters. She has won a number of awards including Motor Yacht of the Decade at the 2015 World Superyacht Awards.

top 10 motor yachts

3. Dubai (162 metres)

This superyacht is fittingly named for it is the royal yacht of Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum of Dubai. She was originally commissioned by Prince Jefri of Brunei in collaboration with Blohm+Voss and Andrew Winch. However, her superstructure was only partially done when the project was suspended. Dubai’s government then bought over the project and entrusted its construction to Kostis Antonopoulos of Platinum Yachts . The royal yacht has a wide range of facilities befitting its owner’s status. Dubai’s five VIP suites and six guest suites all feature open balconies and were specially designed by Nakheel Interiors. She also features a submarine garage and a landing platform for a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. Perhaps, if you are looking to experience a luxurious cruising experience on one of these yachts, you can opt for a  yacht charter in Dubai .

top 10 motor yachts

4. Dilbar (156 metres)

While Azzam is deemed world’s largest yacht when looking at length, Dilbar, 30 metres shorter than Azzam, dominates in terms of interior volume at 15,917 GT. The Espen Øino -designed superyacht belongs to Uzbekistani billionaire Alisher Usmanov. Dilbar possesses some truly ground-breaking features which include a 180 cubic-metre pool and a 30,000 kilowatt electric diesel power plant. Despite her large volume, she accommodates only 24 guests within her 3,800 square metres of living space, but boasts an astounding 100 strong crew, ensuring that visitors receive the undivided care and attention.

top 10 motor yachts

5. Al Said (155 metres)

The principle vessel of Oman’s Royal Yacht Squadron, Al Said was named after her owner, Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said of Oman. The 155 metre yacht was also designed by Espen Øino and constructed at Lürssen’s Vegesack shipyard under the moniker “Project Sunflower”. Al Said ups the ante with an even greater crew of 150 members and accommodation for 65 guests. She boasts large spaces for entertaining guests with her show piece being the on-board concert hall, with room for an orchestra of 50 musicians.

top 10 motor yachts

6. El Mahrousa (150.57 metres)

Delivered in 1865 by the Samuda Brothers shipyard, El Mahrousa is the oldest vessl on this list. She is a classic example of superyacht design, holding onto the title of largest yacht in the world for well over a century until Prince Abdulaziz came along in 1984. El Mahrousa was originally built for Khedive Ismail, the Ottoman governor of Egypt and was used to receive dignitaries during the historic opening of the Suez Canal in 1869. Over the years she has been rebuilt several times, first in 1872, where she was lengthened by 12.1 metres and had her paddle wheels removed, then in 1905, and 1950. After falling into disrepair, she was restored for the Christopher Columbus Fleet Review. El Mahrousa now serves as the Egyptian Presidential Yacht and is maintained by the Egyptian Navy.

top 10 motor yachts

7. A+ (147.25 metres)

Delivered by Lürssen in 2012, this Tim Heywood -designed vessel is one yacht that is shrouded in mystery. She used to be called Topaz but was renamed A+ in 2019, and flies under a Cayman flag. Her owner is rumoured to be Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan, one the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) elites, who owns Manchester City football club . A+’s interior design was done by Terence Disdale Design and features, like many others on this list, a helipad. She was known to have been chartered twice by Leonardo DiCaprio but apart from that, little else is known about her.

top 10 motor yachts

8. Prince Abdulaziz (147.01 metres)

Berthed beside the Saudi King’s palace in Jeddah, Prince Abdulaziz serves the Saudi royal family as their royal yacht. She was built in 1984 by Helsingor Vaerft, a Denmark-based shipyard, to Maierform’s design, for King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. She replaced El Mahrousa as the world’s largest yacht at the time. Prince Abdulaziz reportedly cost US$184 million to build and features tasteful interior designs by the late David Hicks, who fused modern and classic aesthetics. Her large lobby is even said to have been based off the Titanic’s . As befits the yacht of the Saudi royal family, she features a mosque, cinema, and, if speculations are to be believed, surface-to-air missiles and underwater surveillance systems.

top 10 motor yachts

9. Sailing Yacht A (142.81 metres)

Sailing Yacht A is the second superyacht, after Motor Yacht A, to be commissioned by Russian Industrialist and billionaire, Andrey Melnichenko . She was designed by Philippe Starck and built by German shipyard Nobiskrug in 2017. Unlike the others on this list, Sailing Yacht A, as its name suggests, is sail-assisted. She can set 3,747 square metres of sail, which work alongside her computer-controlled diesel-electric power plant. With her eight decks, she comfortably accommodates a crew of 54 members. Sailing Yacht A sports a myriad of innovative features like an underwater viewing pod, balconies enclosed by pieces of curved glass of record-breaking sizes, and the world’s tallest carbon masts at 100 metres above sea level.

top 10 motor yachts

10. Nord (142 metres)

Delivered in 2021, Nord is the latest offering on our list. She has gone by many names, first as Project Redwood during her construction, then Opus, before finally becoming Nord. She is a fantastic example of design innovation in the world of superyachts. Designed by Nuvolari Lenard , she boasts a plethora of facilities on board. These include a beach club, a water sport and dive centre, two helipads, and a tender garage with “space to store a plethora of toys including 16 tenders, a submarine and an ROV”, according to build manager Rob Moran. On her mast, an array of four satellite domes can be seen. Nord has 20 suites which can house up to 36 guests in unabashed luxury.

top 10 motor yachts


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Top 10 Luxury Yachts in the World

Need a holiday? Get a free and personalised offer from us!

Ever dreamed of sailing to your favourite travel destinations on the most impressive luxury yachts in the world?

Imagine waking up to a breathtaking orange sunrise over the most beautiful yacht in the world . On board the best luxury yachts in the world, you’ll start your day with a restorative head massage. This is followed by a helicopter ride to a secluded island for lunch, a swim in fragrant indigo waters, and finally, cap the day off with a meal of local cuisine cooked exactly to your taste .

Well, bespoke indulgence might not be so out-of-reach after all — at least for a week! At Zizoo, you can rent a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean for you and your group, and no, it won’t cost you $5 million to $500 million . If you’re curious, just fill out a request form with a few of your preferences and we’ll whip up a few options for you to flirt with.  If you don’t know yet which boat is right for you , we support you to make a suitable decision.

For a little inspiration, check out our list of the top 10 best luxury yachts in the world:

10. luxury yacht christina o (market price: $32.4 million).

Christina O deck view with jacuzzi

She may not be THE most expensive yacht in the world, but she’s certainly one of the most notable ones.

In 1954, Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis took Christina O, a former Canadian naval frigate, and turned her into a playground for the rich and famous . John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and many more have since set sail on the Christina O.

This superyacht:

  • can accommodate 34 guests;
  • boasts a massage room;
  • a beauty salon;
  • a sports lounge;
  • a glamorous dining room; and
  • a deck that turns into a dance floor.

This luxurious yacht certainly combines glamour, history and elegance. She might be out of reach for you to set sail, but you can still admire her from a distance.

9. Luxury Yacht Lady Moura (Market price: $210 million)

ladymoura luxury yacht in the world

The Lady Moura:

  • Was built in 1990 for Saudi Arabian businessman Nasser Al-Rashid.
  • The yacht’s name is carved from 24-carat gold lettering:
  • Onboard this 344-foot yacht you find a pool, a helicopter, and a 75-foot dining room table.

But the most outstanding aspect of the Lady Moura is its private extendable beach: a sand-covered hydraulic platform that extends out from the side of the yacht down by the waterline, and comes fully equipped with palm trees, beach chairs, and real sand.

Lady moura best luxury yacht

8. Luxury Yacht Dilbar (Market price: $256 million)

panoramic view over Dilbar yacht

The Dilbar:

  • said to be one of the world’s largest boats at 360-feet long and 50-feet high.
  • was built in 2008 and owned by Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov.

With swimming pools, a helipad and enormous multi-layered decks that can host 20 people on each , the Dilbar is the one luxury yacht for Usmanov to cruise around his many private islands. If you already own a bunch of private islands, you might as well top that with one of the largest yachts in the world.

7. Luxury Yacht Al Said (Market price: $300 million)

al said super yacht

The Al Said houses a concert hall big enough to accommodate a 50-piece orchestra — that’s how big we’re talking. This huge luxury yacht can host up to 70 guests and a crew of 154.

The Al Said:

  • was built by Lürssen Yachts in 2008 .
  • is owned by Qaboos Bin Said Al Said, the Sultan of Orman.
  • can move at up to 22 knots and at the time of her launch was considered the world’s most powerful superyacht.

6. Luxury Motor Yacht A (Market price: $323 million)

motor yacht A luxury yacht

Motor Yacht A :

  • is 390-feet-long.
  • is one of the most unusual-looking luxury yachts on the list, but the Russian billionaire, Andrey Melnichenko, certainly likes this style.
  • it’s got a helicopter pad, three pools (one with a glass bottom that sits over the disco hall), a silver-plated staircase and a 30-foot speedboat.

The interior of Motor Yacht A covers:

  • over 24,000 square feet;
  • the master suite a whopping 2,583; and
  • houses a disco hall and six guest suites that can be converted into four large staterooms thanks to the yacht’s moving walls.

But, believe it or not, Motor Yacht A wasn’t quite lavish enough for the Russian billionaire, so he upgraded to something even more enormous, which you’ll discover below. If you’re already a billionaire, you need to own the top of the tops in terms of yachts.

5. Luxury Yacht Dubai (Market price: $350 million)

Dubai super yacht panoramic view

  • has been owned by the Sheikh of Dubai since 2006, but was originally commissioned 10 years earlier as the Golden Star by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei.

Guests aboard the Dubai will find:

  • a glass staircase;
  • a swimming pool;
  • a helipad; and
  • several jacuzzis.

The decadent interior is full of mosaics and bold colors, while the spacious deck areas create a large social area and lounge, and numerous VIP and guest suites. The Dubai can host a whopping 115 guests and is currently the world’s third-largest yacht. She definitely deserves it’s spot on the list of the world’s most luxury yachts.

4. Luxury Sailing Yacht A (Market price: $400 million)

super sailing yacht A at night

Here we are. The latest and greatest edition to the superyacht world. Not to be confused with Motor Yacht A, Sailing Yacht A is something of an upgrade for Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko .

Considered the world’s largest sailing yacht :

  • at 468 feet in length and with ship masts nearing 300-feet high.
  • has eight floors and an underwater observation room.
  • can hold a crew of 54 attending just 20 guests.
  • can also reach a maximum speed of 24 miles per hour, even with a steel hull and a teak-finish deck. It’s one serious yacht.

3. Top 3 of the world’s most luxurious yachts: Azzam (Market price: $650 million)

Azzam luxury super yacht

  • is another superyacht creation by the people of Lürssen Yachts , who claimed it was “the most complex and challenging yacht that has ever been built.”
  • at $650 million and 590-feet long, the Azzam is said to be the largest private yacht in the world.
  • can reach speeds of up to 30 knots and boasts incredibly luxurious interiors designed by French interior decorator Christophe Leoni.

2. Luxury Yacht Streets of Monaco (Market price: $1.1 billion)

Streets-of monaco super yacht luxury sailing

This yacht design has got to be one of the most absurd and unnecessary luxury items we’ve ever seen. But, hey — it’s not our $1.1 billion. As you might have guessed, Streets of Monaco is a floating replica of the city of Monaco. In the picture above you can certainly recognise the capital of the Monegasse.

Luxury Yacht Streets of Monaco :

  • was designed by Yacht Island Design of Derbyshire County in England, and is still waiting to be funded by a billionaire owner.
  • at 500-foot superyacht features the famous Monte Carlo Casino and racetrack, as well as Hotel de Paris, Cafe de Paris, La Rascasse and the Loews Hotel.
  • hosts just seven guest suites onboard, all with private reception rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms and balconies.

The main suite is the size of a luxury penthouse, taking up three floors and 4,800 square feet. Streets of Monaco has swimming pools, tennis courts, a mini waterfall, a cafe-bar with underwater views, a helipad and submarines.

1. The top of the luxury yachts in the world: Eclipse (Market price: $1.2 billion)

Eclipse super luxury yacht Zizoo

That’s right — the yacht of yet another Russian billionaire. Roman Abramovich is the proud owner of the Eclipse, which was created by Blohm and Voss of Hamburg and measures 536-feet in length.

What the yacht Eclipse has to offer:

  • disco hall;
  • two helipads;
  • 24 guest cabins;
  • 70 crew members;
  • two swimming pools;
  • a mini-submarine;
  • several jacuzzis;
  • three launch boats; and
  • is believed to have several secret exits (one might only wonder what they are used for).

The master suite is 5,000 square feet big, features bulletproof windows, and includes a private garden. This yacht even has an anti-paparazzi laser shield sweeping the surrounding areas!

Find out how the rich and famous spend their sailing holidays on their chosen superyachts.

By the way, if you’ve somehow come into a load of cash and are interested in building a superyacht of your own, you can turn to some of the best luxury yacht brands out there who task themselves with the challenge of building high-quality superyachts on a regular basis.

Big players in the superyacht game hank to their tedious dedication to quality and personalized design.

  • Blohm+Voss;
  • Bertram Yachts;
  • Benetti Yachts; and
  • Riva Yachts.

If you cannot afford to buy a luxurious yacht, you could go on a sailing trip for a week and rent of our luxurious boats instead.

What Documents Do I Need to Charter a Boat?

British virgin islands route: a 7-day boat trip in the bvi, 2 thoughts on “top 10 luxury yachts in the world”.

I love spending time on yachts during the summer, but I will probably never have the opportunity of being on one of these ten yachts. However, I would definitely choose to take a ride on the Streets of Monaco if I had the chance. I would spend my time swimming, playing tennis and, of course, taking a ride in the submarine.

These boats are beautiful, not to mention they’re massive! Holy cow, they’re very expensive too. Which is funny, because my boss would like to rent one and take all the employees on a cruise. I’d like to know how much they’re to rent.

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top 10 motor yachts

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The Top 10 Best Yacht Builders In The World

Best yacht builders list

Here is our list of the best yacht builders on earth. Deciding which shipyard will build your luxury yacht is a complex and deeply personal choice, depending on many factors including the level of customization you want, your budget, the location of the shipyard, and the ‘feel’ you get for the yard’s vision and people.

Our list of the best yacht builders is naturally subjective and will not feature every well-known brand. Our short selection includes a range of shipyards, from manufacturers of the some of the most iconic custom-built superyachts to hugely popular production yacht builders.

Here are the best yacht builders on earth, sorted by region.

Usa – best yacht builders.

Best yacht builders worldwide list: Westport

Westport is one of the dominant players in the American yacht-building market, with a hugely popular range of tri-deck and raised pilothouse motoryachts built from composite materials. Their models range from from the 112′ to 164′ (34m to 50m) series, allowing the yacht owner to customize the interior layout without the high cost and long timescale of fully-custom construction. As the largest American yacht building company in operation, Westport has a proud history of high quality yacht manufacturing dating back to 1964, with over 100 superyachts and over 170 fishing vessels launched from their Pacific Northwest Shipyard. Westport yachts are extremely popular in the US brokerage and charter market and have a reputation for holding their value well. View current Westport yachts for sale .

Christensen Yachts prides itself on the construction of American-built custom and semi-custom superyachts from fiberglass, including well known yachts M/Y CASINO ROYALE, M/Y SILVER LINING and award-winning M/Y ODESSA. Founded by superyacht owners, Christensen has a loyal following of yacht owners, many of whom are repeat customers. Currently producing yachts at its Vancouver, WA yard between 100’ to 165’ (35m to 50m) in length, Christensen was bought out in 2015 and is in the process of building America’s largest superyacht facility in Tennessee, which will construct vessels up to 70m. View current Christensen yachts for sale .

Northern Europe – Best Yacht Builders

German superyacht builder Lurssen is the builder of the largest superyacht in existence, the 590’ (180m) M/Y AZZAM, which was completed in an astonishingly quick three years. Known for superb build quality and large projects across its superyacht, naval vessel, as well as its’ yacht refit and management divisions, Lurssen is a family-run shipyard with a prestigious yacht building heritage spanning back to 1875, when it constructed the first ever motoryacht. Lurssen is the builder of 5 of the top 10 largest yachts in the world. View current Lurssen yachts for sale.

Feadship, Netherlands: For some yacht owners, the only name worth knowing is Feadship. This prestigious brand is synonymous with Dutch superyacht quality, and has a legion of steadfast and loyal fans. Dating back to 1849, Feadship creates fully custom yachts from a ‘blank slate’ beginning, priding themselves on creating supremely unique, innovative yachts that stand the test of time. There are 450 bespoke yachts currently afloat in the Feadship fleet, including M/Y HASNA, a 239’ (73m) with a revolutionary layout. Read more on Dutch yacht builders . View current Feadship yachts for sale .

Amels’ vast and high-tech superyacht facility is the largest in the Netherlands, producing iconic, high-value yachts up to 330’ (100m), including their 2017 flagship yacht, 272’ (83m) M/Y HERE COMES THE SUN. Amels offer a fully custom yacht building service, as well as their exceedingly popular Limited Edition Series, whereby the yacht owner retains control over interior and exterior design but the yacht is built on a proven platform, thereby slashing the build time. Amels also builds support yachts through their parent company, DAMEN, a heavyweight in global shipbuilding. View current Amels yachts for sale .

Dutch yacht builder Heesen is known for its aluminum and steel superyachts and innovative use of technology, as seen in the revolutionary fast displacement hull form first seen in the multi-award winning M/Y GALACTICA STAR, and the hybrid propulsion utilized in the 2017 launch of M/Y HOME. With a fleet of over 170 yachts launched since inception in 1978, Heesen is known for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in superyacht design and engineering. Heesen builds motoryachts between 100’ to 265’ (30m to 80m) in length at its Oss shipyard. View current Heesen yachts for sale .

Now owned by Lurssen, Blohm + Voss is a yachting powerhouse in its own right, constructing magnificent large superyachts including the iconic MOTOR YACHT A and 531’ (162m) M/Y ECLIPSE, currently the third-largest yacht in the world. The vast Blohm +Voss facility in Hamburg, Germany creates striking custom motoryachts and sailing yachts. View current Blohm +Voss yachts for sale.

Mediterranean – Best Yacht Builders

Best yacht builders worldwide list: Benetti

Benetti is a powerhouse of luxury yacht building, with a very healthy order list and a boat- building pedigree stretching back to 1873. Since 1960, Benetti has been constructing superyachts in Italy, including iconic yachts MY KINGDOM in 1980, then the largest yacht in the world at 280’ (85m), right through to recent launches such as the award-winning M/Y 11.11. Benetti is part of the Azimut-Benetti Group, the largest producer of luxury yachts in the world, building semi-custom and fully custom yachts between 100′ and 330′ (30m and 100m) long. Known for their Italian style and long history of yacht construction, Benetti has a loyal following of yacht owners who return to the yard each time they upgrade. View current Benetti yachts for sale .

Best yacht builders worldwide list: Perini Navi

The creators of one of the most well-known yachts on the planet, S/Y MALTESE FALCON, Perini Navi enjoys a superb reputation as a sailing superyacht builder, and also entered the large motoryacht market in 2007 under its Pichiotti brand. Perini Navi yachts are known for their superyacht luxuries and interior volume, as well as the technically brilliant sailing systems that allow these large yachts to be operated by a small crew. Perini Navi dominates the sailing superyacht market with its range from 130’ to 200’(40m to 60m), constructed at their three shipyards in Viareggio, La Spezia in Italy and also in Istanbul. View current Perini Navi yachts for sale .

UK – Best Yacht Builders

Sunseeker is one of the most instantly recognizable names in the yachting world, building performance luxury yachts known for their speed and sleek looks. Once better known for their smaller sport yachts, Sunseeker is now a major player in the superyacht market, with customizable yacht models from 75′ to 155′, as well as constructing the Predator range with a top speed of 45 knots. Built and engineered in Dorset, UK, Sunseeker is Britain’s most famous luxury yacht builder, creating the hand-finished yachts regularly featured on James Bond films. View current Sunseeker yachts for sale .

Worth Avenue Yachts has extensive experience with each of these yacht brands. To find out more about the relative advantages of these shipyards or the other high-quality shipyards that we recommend, please contact us for an expert discussion.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla cybertruck is wireless inductive charging-ready.

Avatar for Fred Lambert

Tesla Cybertruck is ready for wireless inductive charging based on new connectors found on the electric pickup truck’s battery pack.

The automaker never seemed interested in wireless charging for its electric vehicles.

The problem wireless charging solves is not a major one. It alleviates the need to plug in your car, which is not a super difficult or time-consuming task. Nonetheless, Tesla has previously talked about automating the task in order to be ready for self-driving technology. If the cars could drive themselves, it would make sense for them to be able to charge themselves without a human needing to plug them in.

Then, there’s also the issue of efficiency. Wireless charging historically had a bigger loss than cable charging, but some more recent solutions, like with magnetic resonance, for example, do claim similar ~95% efficiency as cable charging.

Nonetheless, over the years, Tesla has favored  an automated robot arm  instead of wireless charging to complete this task, but things have changed recently.

Last year,  Tesla teased a new wireless home charging station  – pictured above. The automaker never commented on the situation other than releasing this picture as part of a presentation. However, the image pretty clearly shows a wireless charging station and Tesla did briefly acquire a startup that focuses on wireless charging before selling it back – not before integrating some of its staff, though.

Furthermore, Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen recently confirmed that Tesla is working on a wireless charging pad .

But while it’s clear that Tesla is working on a wireless charging station, you also need equipment on the electric vehicles to accept the inductive charging.

Now, it looks like we can confirm that at least one Tesla vehicle is ready for it: the Cybertruck.

Internet sleuths on Cybertruck Owners’ Club found a reference to a connector called ‘Inductive Charger headers’ on the battery pack of the Cybertruck in the service manual:

top 10 motor yachts

Top comment by Brett Chandler

The problem wireless charging solves is not a major one. It alleviates the need to plug in your car, which is not a super difficult or time-consuming task.

This is such a short-sighted take. Wireless charging will honestly be huge and once it's in widespread use we'll wonder why we didn't start sooner.

MASSIVE accessibility boost

Less prone to accidental damage/copper theft/vandalism

More reliable with fewer moving parts

Makes it easier for EVs to "snack" for brief stops

Seriously, this is going to be huge once the industry agrees on a standard and implements it. If Tesla is doing that now, so much the better because they're in the best position to drive the change.

This means that Tesla could retrofit an inductive charging pad on the Cybertruck when the wireless charging station becomes available.

Electrek’s Take

As I’ve previously said, I’m not super excited about this product. Like I said, it doesn’t solve a major problem, and it’s likely not going to be cheap.

That said, I like to see more options. For those who value the slightly better user experience and who are willing to pay the price, I am glad that they will have the option.

It makes sense that the Cybertruck gets it first. It’s a more premium product and probably a higher percentage of owners will go for it.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.


Tesla is a transportation and energy company. It…

Tesla Cybertruck

Telsa Cybertruck will be released in 2021 with a…

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Fred is the Editor in Chief and Main Writer at Electrek.

You can send tips on Twitter (DMs open) or via email: [email protected]

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America’s Top 10 Beaches, New Luxury Cruise Ships And More Travel News

Plus, exotic destinations to watch the total solar eclipse, the best shoulder season deals, and a hotel with its own tattoo parlor.

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7 Great Destinations for Shoulder Season

T he travel industry considers the months following the peak winter and summer periods as “shoulder season.” (If you think of high season as the head, the months on either side are the shoulders. Just go with the metaphor.) And it has long been considered among the best times to get away as crowds are thinner and the rates are lower. From Macchu Pichu to Morocco, here are seven great destinations for shoulder season.

The Year’s Most Anticipated Cruise Ships

The editors of Forbes Travel Guide don’t just scour the world for luxury hotel openings—they also look for new ocean cruises. Among the new cruise ships launching in 2024 are the second vessel from the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection (which can accommodate 448 passengers in 224 suites) and the Queen Anne, which will feature Cunard’s first female captain.

America’s 10 Best Beaches 2024

With spring less than a week away, it’s not too early to start thinking about summer getaways—and that often means beach vacations. TripAdvisor recently ranked the 10 best beaches in America and the top two—Ka'anapali Beach in Maui and Siesta Beach in Florida were also named among the 10 best beaches in the world.

Looking for a special place to watch the total solar eclipse on April 8? From viewing the totality among elephants (in Oklahoma) to watching aboard a solar submarine (in Arkansas), here are 10 exotic destinations where you can view next month’s eclipse.

This Boutique Hotel Has Its Own Tattoo Parlor

Why stuff a plush bathrobe into your suitcase the next time you want a hotel memento when you can have something more permanent? At New York’s Untitled at 3 Freeman Alley, guests can commemorate a stay with some new ink at the hotel’s in-house tattoo parlor . “I had not heard of another hotel with a tattoo parlor,” says Gadi Peleg, founder of GPG Hospitality, which manages the Lower East Side property, “and thought that, if ever there was a hotel that needed one, this was it.”

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    Top 5 Best Motor Yachts in 2024. 1. Best Family Flybridge Yacht: Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1295. 2. Classic Elegance: Fleming 55. 3. Standout (interior) Design: Grand Trawler 62. 4. ... This motor yacht can accommodate 6 - 10 adults in total comfort for cruising, docking or vacations. The engine room workmanship and layout are worth a special ...

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    Al Said - 509 FT. (155M) Prince Abdul Aziz - 482 FT. (147M) El Mahrousa - 475 FT. (145M) First, let's take a look at the new king - now the largest motor yacht in the world: 1. SOMNIO- 728 FT. (222M) Somnio will be the world's first 'yacht-liner'. Image credit: Winch Design. Due for launch in mid-2024, Somnio is expected to ...

  3. Best Yachts

    Top on our list of best yachts is the Carver 52 Command Bridge. Its unique design, spacious salon, expansive foredeck seating area, and well-thought-out amenities make this one the best yachts bar-none. ... As far as luxury yachts go, the Westport 112 Motor Yacht is in a class of its own. This 111 ft. 8 in. long watercraft is built to deliver ...

  4. The top 25 largest yachts in the world

    This Germanischer Lloyd-classed, 15,850GT yacht can reach a top speed of 25 knots and is reported to have a crew capacity of 150. Her panelled interiors, ... Al Mirqab won Motor Yacht of the Year at the World Superyacht Awards 2009 and Best Interior Design among motor yachts. She can accommodate 60 guests and is manned by an equal number of crew.

  5. Motor Yachts: A Definitive Guide

    Living Aboard Motor Yachts. For a solo nomad, the ideal size sailboat to live on would be 35 feet for most people. However, if you are planning to live aboard a boat with a family, you will need a boat between 45-50 feet. Any boat below 35 feet would be too cramped for living, and you would quickly get cabin fever.

  6. The 10 Best Yachts at the 2024 Palm Beach International Boat Show

    The 10 Most-Exciting Yacht Debuts at the Palm Beach International Boat Show ... the 35P can carry over 5,000 gallons of fuel and is powered by twin 2,000 hp MAN V12s for a 24-knot top speed. Twin ...

  7. The 10 Most Exciting Superyachts That Will Launch in 2023

    Project Luminance (426 feet, 5 inches) Lürssen. Project Luminance is a 426.5-foot motor yacht that Lürssen claims will be one of the largest and most technologically advanced boats in the ...

  8. The 25 Largest Yachts in the World Right Now

    By Julia Zaltzman, Michael Verdon. Lürssen Yachts. As we round 2023, the size of the global superyacht fleet keeps on growing. The top 25 largest yachts in the world now total a combined 11,849 ...

  9. Future of Luxury Yachting: The 25 Best Yacht Brands

    2019 Sunseeker motor yacht, 131′ (40.2 m), (US$22,650,789). View the listing. One of the largest UK yacht builders, Sunseeker mainly manufactures its vessels in Poole, Dorset. Four superyacht models (ranging from 116-161 ft.) secure Sunseeker's place in the niche of large and extravagant vessels.

  10. Top 100 World's Largest Yachts

    The Top 100. A comprehensive and accurate list of the largest luxury yachts set to launch in 2024. A live list of the Top 100 largest superyachts in the world as it currently stands. The Top 100 luxury yachts launched in 2023 who defined the last year in large yachting. Has your yacht ever been in the Top 100? Search any yacht to view its ranking.

  11. 2024 Forecast

    2024. Due to be launched in 2024, Vard's SOMNIO is set to be the largest superyacht in the world and the first ever 'yacht-liner'. With a LOA of 222m and a gross tonnage of 33,500, she is an unprecedented feat of design and engineering set to change the course of ultra-luxury travel. Winch Design and Tillberg Design are responsible for her ...

  12. Best luxury yacht: 7 ultimate luxury cruisers you can buy

    Best luxury yacht winner 2024 - Arcona 50. When you enter the fiercely competitive 50ft luxury performance yacht market you better get it right. And the jury felt Arcona managed that. This ...

  13. 10 Best Motor Yachts

    Best Motor Yachts: Top 10 Picks. If you are looking for a high-quality boat, thousands of them await in the market. Out of them, here is a list of 10 best motor yachts. Illusion 87′ Johnson 2004. Live your life like a celebrity, thanks to Johnson for constructing this beauty in Taiwan in 2004. She comes with the name 'Illusion' and is one ...

  14. Top 15 Trawlers for 2023

    Nordhavn 96. The Nordhavn 96 is the yacht builder's second-largest yacht its 17-model fleet, which ranges from 41 to 120 feet length overall. (There is a new 112 on the drawing table.) The builder says the N96 is based on its earlier 86-footer with a 10-foot cockpit extension, which increases both main-deck, skylounge and below-deck volume.

  15. 12 Power Catamarans Reviewed

    Top speed was 20 knots, with a transatlantic range (4,000 nautical miles) at 10 knots from her 2,246-gallon tanks, according to the builder. ... Luxury, stability and economy are all hallmarks of Lagoon's return to luxury motor yachts. If you can take a ride, it will be worth your time. Read more: Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht.

  16. A Complete Guide to Motor Yachts & Power Cruisers: All You Need to Know!

    A motor yacht or power cruiser relies on its design to categorize the vessel, with elements like cockpits or flybridges and outdoor areas defining the boat. You have plenty of options for diesel and petrol motors, and different hull designs, from planning to full-displacement, determining the speed and handling of the vessel. Motor Yachts.

  17. Top 10 largest explorer yachts in the world

    Le Grand Bleu even has a 22 metre sailing yacht and a 21 metre Sunseeker motor yacht stored on the aft deck. The yacht is operated by a massive crew of 65 staff. Builder: Bremer Vulkan; Country of build: ... Tranquility has remained among the top 10 largest explorer yachts in the world since being it was first delivered in 2014. Spanning five ...

  18. Top 6 Motor Yachts Under 100 Feet

    The new Monte Carlo 6 is a stunning and sporty 60-foot flybridge yacht with a bridge the size of most 70 footers. This new motor yacht is powered by two Cummins 600 QSC 8.3 diesel engines driving Zeus pods, and can reache a top speed of 28 knots. She has all the torque needed for dynamic acceleration and sustained performance so you can zip to your next coastal or island destinations.

  19. Our pick of the top ten largest motor yachts for charter in 2024

    Nothing can match the history and elegance of this classic motor yacht, restored to offer modern-day luxury. WHISPER | Lurssen | 95.20m (312'4") | 2014 | 7 cabins ... Discover our Top 10 brand new yachts available for charter worldwide this year. Florida charter yacht REAL SUMMERTIME offering 10% discount.

  20. Top 10 American Luxury Yacht Builders

    10. Delta Marine. For more than 50 years, Delta Marine has been producing world-class motor yachts from its headquarters in Seattle. The boatbuilder is known for its sleek exterior designs. Delta Marine yachts feature clean, flowing lines throughout, and the company produces a range of raised pilothouse and tri-deck motor yachts.

  21. Top 5 Motor Yachts Under 50 Feet

    Galeon 405 HTS. 2022 Galeon 405 HTS. Image via Aventura Boats. The Galeon 405 HTS may be the smallest yacht in the Galeon line, but it's one of the mightiest. The Galeon 405 HTS is the perfect day cruiser or weekender, with the features of a high-performance sport yacht and a leisure cruiser.

  22. Top 10 Largest Yachts Around The Globe

    Top 10 Richest People in the World 2024 ... Sailing Yacht A is the second superyacht, after Motor Yacht A, to be commissioned by Russian Industrialist and billionaire, Andrey Melnichenko. She was designed by Philippe Starck and built by German shipyard Nobiskrug in 2017. Unlike the others on this list, Sailing Yacht A, as its name suggests, is ...

  23. Top 10 Luxury Yachts in the World

    The Al Said: was built by Lürssen Yachts in 2008. is owned by Qaboos Bin Said Al Said, the Sultan of Orman. can move at up to 22 knots and at the time of her launch was considered the world's most powerful superyacht. 6. Luxury Motor Yacht A (Market price: $323 million) Motor Yacht A: is 390-feet-long.

  24. The Top 10 Best Yacht Builders In The World

    Heesen builds motoryachts between 100' to 265' (30m to 80m) in length at its Oss shipyard. View current Heesen yachts for sale. Now owned by Lurssen, Blohm + Voss is a yachting powerhouse in its own right, constructing magnificent large superyachts including the iconic MOTOR YACHT A and 531' (162m) M/Y ECLIPSE, currently the third-largest ...

  25. Tesla Cybertruck is wireless inductive charging-ready

    BMW's first quad-motor M Performance EV spotted testing [Video] Peter Johnson Mar 19 2024 Candela raises record funding to solve the biggest problem with electric boats

  26. America's Top 10 Beaches, New Luxury Cruise Ships And More ...

    Among the new cruise ships launching in 2024 are the second vessel from the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection (which can accommodate 448 passengers in 224 suites) and the Queen Anne, which will ...