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A weird hotel room in houston is freaking reddit out.

hotel zaza houston haunted


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What’s up with room 322 at hotel zaza.

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Hotel ZaZa is a stylish inn located in Houston, Texas. While the hotel is known for its luxurious suites, a recent post on Reddit revealed the existence of the mysterious “Room 322”. This room is not advertised on the hotel’s website and, in short, is the definition of creepy. This is what the Redditor posted:

stay here frequently when on business. Hotel was booked solid and my colleague managed to score a room unplanned. We all had normal zaza style rooms (swank) and he ended up in this goth dungeon closet. Seriously- the room had a chain holding the bed to wall, pictures of skulls and a creepy, incongruous portrait of an old man. Room was about 1/3 the normal size with the furniture blocking part of the TV, bed and window. We asked about it at the front desk and the clerk looked it up and said ” that room isn’t supposed to be rented.’ and immediately moved him. – Source: Reddit

Here are pics of the room, each of which kind of raises concerns about what actually happens there.

The floor is hard, dirty concrete, unlike any other room in the hotel.

Unlike any other room in the hotel, the floor is cold, hard, dirty concrete,

The room is about a third of the size of other rooms in the hotel. The mirror is embedded in the brick wall, leading some Redditors to think that it is actually a two-way mirror...

The room is about a third of the size of other rooms in the hotel and is the only one with brick walls. The mirror is embedded in the brick wall, leading some to believe that it is actually a two-way mirror…

The bed is chained to the wall. Why?

The bed is chained to the wall. Why?

Skull frame on the wall. Rather appropriate since 322 is the Skull and Bones' sacred number.

Skull frame on the wall. Rather appropriate since 322 is the Skull and Bones’ sacred number.

Skull clock

Skull clock

Those that are aware of the occult elite’s symbolism know that 322 is the “sacred” number of the Skull & Bones secret society (to which belong the likes of George W. Bush, George Bush Sr. and John Kerry).

Official Skull and Bones logo prominently featuring the number 322.

Official Skull and Bones logo prominently featuring the number 322.

A very creepy painting above the bed depicting two girls with dead eyes and deformed, elongated necks. Does this image represent split personalities?

A very creepy painting above the bed depicting two girls with dead eyes and deformed, elongated necks. Does this image represent split personalities?

Another creepy image above the bed of a guy with huge eyes. Does this represent an all-seeing handler?

Another creepy image above the bed of a guy with huge eyes. He doesn’t look nice at all.

Overseeing the room is the picture of a man. According to some, it is Jay Comeaux, President at Stanford Group Company. Why is this random elite guy on the wall? WHY??

Overseeing the room is the picture of a suited man. Apparently, it is Jay Comeaux, President of Stanford Group Company. Why is this random elite guy on the wall? Does he have something to do with the Skull and Bones?

This looks like the perfect place to traumatize someone.

This looks like the perfect place to traumatize someone.

When the story came out, people from the hotel’s PR responded that room 322 was a theme room entitled “Hard Times” and was meant to recreate a “prison experience”. This room is however not advertised anywhere and, as some people noted, there is nothing in that room that really recalls a “prison experience”. Do jail cells have huge mirrors, brick walls, and frames of skulls, weird deformed faces and company CEOs on walls? Not really.

Another strange fact, a year before this story came out, a book author posted on her blog a little something about room 322 as well. This is what she wrote about it:

“When I checked into Houston’s Hotel ZaZa at midnight on Thursday night, there was some confusion. My first room was a themed room, known as the Hard Times room; this skull was on the wall. A few minutes after I got there, the front desk called up and said they had to move me; the people at the front desk were deeply upset at the thought of me being stuck in this room.” – Source: Pop Culture Nerd

Apparently, hotel staff does not want everyday visitors to stay in that room. Is this room called “Hard Times” because it is used for occult elite trauma-inducing rituals? I cannot say for sure, but this is definitely a sinister site.

hotel zaza houston haunted

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The 2013 Mercedes Super Bowl Commercial and its Occult Message

hotel zaza houston haunted

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This is what the Hotel ZaZa looked like in 1962 when it was the Warwick

KTRK logo

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Most people who stay or visit the swanky Hotel ZaZa have no idea what the history is behind this beautiful hotel.

Before becoming the ZaZa in 2007, it was the Warwick Hotel, one of Houston's first luxury hotels when built in 1926.

The view from the top of the hotel is called one of the best views in the world.

ABC13 recently restored two film clips of the Warwick Hotel.

The first clip is from April of 1962. The second clip is later in that year in July, when a small fire broke out on top of the hotel.

The Warwick was purchased by Houston oil tycoon John Mecom Sr. in 1962 and renovated before reopening in 1964.

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Sleep with one eye open: Stay the night in one of these haunted Texas hotels . . . if you dare!

Briana Zamora-Nipper , Community Producer

These historic Texas hotels offer guests more than a mere look back at the past. They may actually put its visitors in touch with it, courtesy of some spirited guests that just won’t check out.

A word of advice: If you do book a stay at one of these haunted accommodations, you might want to sleep with one eye open.

Menger Hotel, San Antonio

Built upon the battlegrounds of the Alamo a mere 23 years after its storied fall, the Menger Hotel, considered the oldest continuously operating hotel west of the Mississippi, is probably best recognized for its rich history and its proximity to some of San Antonio’s top attractions including the Alamo and the River Walk. But that’s not all it’s known for.

Not surprisingly, the state’s oldest hotel has acquired quite a reputation as a hotbed of paranormal activity. Since it opened its doors in 1859, apparitions have been spotted throughout several of the hotel’s hallways and rooms, including that of Victorian-era chambermaid Sallie White, a mysterious woman in blue and the hotel’s most famous ghost guests, Captain Richard King, founder of the King Ranch, and Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States.

Other paranormal phenomena noted over the years include knocking sounds, unexplained voices, inexplicable gusts of cold air, feelings of being watched or followed, doors that open and close by themselves, flickering lights and cigar smoke that materializes at the hotel’s no-smoking bar. The list goes on and on. Sound like a bunch of hocus pocus to you? Book a night and experience it for yourself...if you dare!

Menger Hotel is located at 204 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, (210) 223-4361, .

Hotel Galvez, Galveston

Opened in 1911 as a symbol of Galveston’s resiliency in the wake of the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 (which killed between 6,000 and 12,000 people and remains the deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history), Hotel Galvez is one of the Gulf Coast’s most luxurious beachfront hotels...and it’s got a little extra spirit, if you know what we mean.

Throughout its illustrious history, the Queen of the Gulf has played host to presidents, celebrities and, purportedly, even a few ghosts, including the spirit of a lovelorn woman who supposedly committed suicide in room 501. The tale goes that the young woman, Audra, was waiting for her beloved, a sailor, to return from a voyage when, one day, she received news that her fiancé's ship had sunk during a powerful storm. Audra held out hope and kept her vigil for days but she ultimately lost hope. Convinced her fiancé was dead, she hung herself. A few days later, Audra’s fiancé returned to the Galvez in search of the bride he’d never marry. Audra reportedly still inhabits room 501. Guests and employees have noted unexplained phenomena, including flickering lights, doors that open and close, unexplained footsteps and voices on the hotel’s fifth floor. Audra sightings in hallways have also been reported.

Hotel Galvez is located at 2024 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, (409) 765-7721, .

Excelsior House Hotel, Jefferson

The historic Excelsior House Hotel in Jefferson, a small East Texas town located on the banks of Big Cypress Bayou, was built by early area resident Captain William Perry back in 1858. Naturally, The Excelsior, dubbed the “oldest hotel in continuous operation in Texas,” has acquired a few lingering guests over the years, namely a headless man and an eerie woman in black often seen holding a child.

The Excelsior House Hotel is located at 211 W Austin St, Jefferson, (903) 665-2513, .

Driskill Hotel, Austin

The his­toric Driskill Hotel in Austin opened in 1886 and acquired its first ghost just four years later. Missouri-born cattle baron Jesse Lincoln Driskill built the grand hotel at a cost of almost $400,000. By 1887, Driskill’s personal fortunes had turned. He went bankrupt and, rumor has it, ultimately lost the hotel in a high-stakes poker game. He died three years later. Reportedly, he haunts the hotel to this day, wandering through the halls, flickering lights on and off and smoking his cigars in guest rooms.

Other spooky apparitions include the ghost of little girl who died on the Grand Staircase and the ghosts of two brides who supposedly committed suicide in the hotel.

Driskill Hotel is located at 604 Brazos St, Austin, (512) 439-1234, .

Gage Hotel, Marathon

Built in 1927 by acclaimed architect, Henry Trost, for Alfred Stevens Gage, businessman and founder of the A. S. Gage Ranches, this Old West hotel is the site of several spirited encounters.

Guests and employees have noted inexplicable phenomena, including disembodied footsteps walking down unoccupied corridors, strange music emerging from room 10, unexplained whisperings of a woman reciting poetry and the feeling of someone tapping them on their shoulder. Sightings of Gage himself have also been reported.

Gage Hotel is located at 102 NW 1st St Highway 90W, Marathon, (432) 386-4205, .

Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio

Built near the Alamo nearly a century after the historic battle, the building now known as the Emily Morgan Hotel opened in 1924 as the Medical Arts Building, a medical facility with a hospital and doctors' offices. In 1976, the Gothic Revival-style building was converted into modern office space, but was transformed into a hotel just eight years later in 1984. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The landmark hotel offers guests upscale accommodations, proximity to the Alamo and visits from a few spirited occupants from its days as a medical center. Oh, yeah, did we forget to mention that the Emily Morgan Hotel is considered one of the most haunted hotels in the world? Here, there is no shortage of reports of spirited encounters, from shadowy figures and disembodied footsteps to inexplicable cold spots and strange orbs of light.

Emily Morgan Hotel is located at 705 E Houston St, San Antonio, (210) 225-5100, .

The Tremont House, Galveston

The original Tremont House, you know, the one where Sam Houston delivered his last public speech is long gone, up in smoke actually, having been destroyed in a fiery blaze in June 1865. And its reincarnation didn’t fare much better. Designed by noted architect Nicholas Clayton and opened in 1872, it ultimately fell into ruin and was demolished in 1928. But in 1985, George and Cynthia Mitchell converted the 1879 Leon & H. Blum Building, a dry goods store, into the third iteration of the beloved Belle of the South.

Maybe it’s because of it’s unlucky past or maybe it’s got something to do with the the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900, but regardless of the reason, it’s said that that the hotel is a go-to destination for ghosts. Reported resident ghost include a Civil War soldier and a gambler named Sam who was reportedly murdered for his winnings on the fourth floor of the hotel. Over the years, guests have also reported hearing disembodied giggling and unexplained moaning and crying.

The Tremont House is located at 2300 Ship’s Mechanic Row St, Galveston, (409) 763-0300, .

Sources: Texas State Historical Association Handbook, Galveston Historical Foundation, Emily Morgan Hotel, Menger Hotel, Hotel Galvez, Robert Wlodarski and Anne Powell Wlodarski’s “Haunted Restaurants, Taverns and Inns of Texas”

Have you checked into a haunted hotel? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

Copyright 2020 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Briana zamora-nipper.

Briana Zamora-Nipper joined the KPRC 2 digital team in 2019. When she’s not hard at work in the KPRC 2 newsroom, you can find Bri drinking away her hard earned wages at JuiceLand, running around Hermann Park, listening to crime podcasts or ransacking the magazine stand at Barnes & Noble.

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Find the perfect hotel for your next getaway.

Hotel Galvez

Haunted Houston

The region is home to many places said to be inhabited by ghosts  .

Do you like a good scare? The Houston/Galveston region is one of most haunted destinations in the U.S., where ghostly pirates still patrol the waters and heiresses remained tied to their mansions.

Believers and nonbelievers alike seeking an adventure will want to check out some of these local haunts.

The Rice Hotel

Hosting six Presidents while in office,  The Rice Hotel  is where John F. Kennedy spent his last night before being assassinated in November 1963. It's said that cold spots, rattling doors and beds, orbs of light and a presence are felt in JFK's room. Ghost dancers appeared in the ballroom before it was renovated in to the Rice Lofts. Now the lofts are haunted by spirits who dance on the rooftop.  909 Texas Ave., Houston With their elaborate Italian Renaissance-inspired design, the Esperson Buildings  are some of the most recognizable buildings in Downtown Houston. Mellie Esperson had the two buildings constructed for her husband Niels, an oil tycoon, in 1927 and 1941. The ghost of Millie is said to haunt the building since her passing, particularly the elevator which has been known to open on its own and frequently malfunction. Her ghostly figure has reportedly been seen wandering the halls and lobbies of her prized architectural creations.  808 Travis St., Houston

Glenwood Cemetery In Houston, TX

Located off Memorial Drive along the shores of Buffalo Bayou is the beautifully landscaped  Glenwood Cemetery . With over 60 acres of monuments and elaborate mausoleums, Glenwood is the final resting place of many influential Houstonians, including mayors, governors, business tycoons and even famed aviator Howard Hughes. The manicured, tree-shaded lawns appear serene. But appearances can be deceiving. The cemetery has been consistently ghost hunted and has shown EMF abnormalities. The owner of the cemetery was murdered and the case remains an unsolved mystery. It is rumored that the ghost of the owner haunts this historic burial ground to this day.  2525 Washington Ave., Houston Named after the President of the Confederacy,  Jefferson Davis Hospital  was erected in 1924 atop what was once a Confederate cemetery and before that, a burial site for plague victims. Several human bones were uncovered during excavation. Throughout its history, the building served as a hospital, a psychiatric ward, juvenile detention center and food stamp distribution venue. The hospital sat abandoned for decades and was said to be haunted by angry soldiers, doctors, nurses and patients. Although the building was off limits, it didn't stop paranormal investigators and curious individuals from sneaking in. Screams and howls have been heard throughout the building and shadowy figures and unusual sightings have been caught on film. The building has since been renovated into The Elder Street Artists Lofts-affordable living in a low-income neighborhood. Have the spirits finally gone to rest? Some say the 5,000 to 6,000 buried on the site are still making their presence known.  1101 Elder St., Houston

Front Of The Julia Ideson Building In Houston, TX

In the early 1900s, library caretaker Jacob Frank Cramer used to roam the premises of the  Julia Ideson Building , now across from downtown Houston's Main Branch Library. He spent his leisure time strolling through the halls, playing violin and playing with his dog. In 1936, he died alone in his room, located in the basement. The ghosts of Cramer and his dog, Petey, are said to haunt the library to this day. Employees report eerie strains of violin music, especially on gloomy days, and the clicking of Petey's toenails on the marble floors heard throughout the halls.  500 McKinney St., Houston

La Carafe

A Downtown Houston wine and dive bar,  La Carafe , is believed to be the oldest bar in Houston. Built in 1866, the building is small and worn, but most notably haunted by a former bartender named Carl. Employees have reported hearing footsteps, glass breaking, the sound of heavy objects moving around the vacant second floor, and cold spots in the restrooms. The figure of a large African American man resembling Carl has been spotted standing in the second floor window after closing time.  813 Congress St., Houston

Alley Theatre

It’s been more than 30 years since Iris Siff, the  Alley Theatre’s  managing director, was murdered in her downtown office. In the early morning of January 13, 1982, Siff was busy working on a government grant, when former security guard, Clifford X Phillips, robbed and then strangled her with a telephone cord. Her spirit is said to still linger in the building.  615 Texas Ave. Houston

Hearst At The National Funeral Museum In Houston, TX

Arguably Houston's most direct line to the afterlife is the  National Museum of Funeral History . Located on the north side of the city near Bush Intercontinental Airport, NMFH has the country's largest collection of funeral service artifacts, from hearses through the ages to an extensive collection of memorabilia from U.S. presidents' funerals. There's an exhibit dedicated to exploring the evolution of the embalming process, from ancient Egypt to today and another that looks at the Mexican custom celebrating Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. The museum's most elaborate exhibit focuses on the rituals and customs associated with the death of a Catholic pope. You'll want to explore NMFH's extensive gift shop for unique take home items.  415 Barren Springs Drive, Houston

Located in Houston’s Historic Downtown District, the   Brewery Tap   offers locals 35 beers on tap, atmosphere aplenty and the occasional ghost encounter. William, the bar’s apparently outgoing spirit, is said to chat the owners up and even stick around for photo ops—ask to see the framed shot of William sitting next to one of the local patrons.  717 Franklin Street, Houston

Ashton Villa in Galvaston

Built in 1911, 11 years after a devastating hurricane struck Galveston,  The Hotel Galvez  was referred to as the "Playground of the Southwest" mostly for wealthy socialites, businessmen, and celebrities. The ghost stories begin at room 505, where a female guest who'd just received word she lost her husband, hung herself upon returning to her room. Dubbed the lovelorn lady, she is said to create quite a racket on the fifth floor. The ladies restroom downstairs has also reported peculiar activity. Claims include violently shaking stall doors, toilets that flush on their own, sinks that turn on by themselves and the unusual scent of gardenias. Investigators have captured photographic evidence while staying at the hotel. The hotel even offers seasonal ghost tours.  2024 Seawall Blvd., Galveston Born in France, the pirate  Jean Lafitte  is credited with helping defend Louisiana from the British in the War of 1812. He traveled between New Orleans and Galveston, establishing the Barataria and Campeche kingdoms. His ship and his ghostly image have been spotted sailing along the Gulf Coast to this day. Workers on oil platforms and crews of offshore supply vessels claim to regularly see a billow of sails on the horizon heading east, hear the flapping of sail rigging, and the cry of phantom voices spoken in Barataria. The ghostly fleet is said to produce visible white foam where the bows break the waves that have almost besieged small boats. Jean Lafitte appeared to a three-man charter fishing boat before Hurricane Katrina struck. Could Jean Laffite be protecting his beloved coast? Or is his sighting an omen to disaster? Legend has it that the site where the  University of Texas Medical Branch's Ewing Hall  now stands in Galveston once belonged to a man who refused to sell his beloved property. He told his children that if they sold it when he died he would come back to haunt them. After his death, his daughter sold the property to UTMB. Once Ewing Hall was built, the old owner's face appeared on the fourth floor panel of the building facing the ocean. After sandblasting and painting over that panel in attempts to remove the face, the image reappeared on the third floor panel directly beneath it. Once again the panel was sandblasted and power washed, and once again the face reappeared, this time on the second floor panel. UTMB eventually gave up on removing the face and it is now a permanent feature on Ewing Hall.  700 Harborside Dr., Galveston

For more haunted experiences outside of Houston click here . 

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Most Haunted Places in Houston, TX

Houston offers residents and visitors an array of things to see and do. But of course there’s more to Houston than meets the eye! It’s also one of the most haunted cities in Texas!

Join us as we explore 10 of the most haunted places in Houston, TX:

11. Hotel Icon

An image of the reportedly haunted Hotel Icon in Houston Texas

The building that is now the Hotel Icon was constructed in 1911 as the Union National Bank. It was briefly the tallest building in Texas before being surpassed in 1913, and it continued banking operations until the 1970s. Legend has it that Bonnie and Clyde once cased the location, but ultimately decided against targeting it.

Why supernatural attention? In addition to the physical evidence that remains in this carefully preserved historical landmark, the grimmer days of the Icon’s history as a hub of business dealings and speculation seem to have left a subtler mark upon the place.

Or so many guests have come to believe in the middle of a sleepless night.

Learn more about the haunted Hotel Icon, Houston TX

10. 2309 Wichita Street

2309 Wichita Street

There is nothing quite like the home located at 2309 Wichita Street. The former owner of the home was said to be a retired VA nurse.

Charles Fondow was known for enjoying home improvement projects as he was an avid do-it-yourselfer.

Fondow worked on the improvements of the house for roughly 31 years, without completing the home.

The home features 2 turrets, an onion dome, a glass atrium, multiple decks, and the backyard even features an additional apartment.

Since the former owner’s passing, people have stated knocking and strange noises can be heard coming from the house.

Furthermore, other people, who have passed by the home state they have seen the figure of someone wandering around the property.

It’s definitely on the list of the most haunted houses in Texas !

9. Sam Houston Memorial Museum

Sam Houston Memorial Museum

Sam Houston was an important man in the city of Houston, Texas. In the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, you will find an assortment of memorabilia from his life.

Visitors and those passing by the museum, find it more supernatural in nature.

People have heard footsteps that cannot be explained and have seen footprints in the house.

Other assorted sounds are heard in and around the museum that come from unexplained sources.

In Sam Houston’s law office, things have been known to fall off his desk, without any provocation from living beings.

8. Spaghetti Warehouse

Spaghetti Warehouse

When visiting downtown Houston, you will come across many different restaurants, among them is one of the most haunted places in Houston, the Spaghetti Warehouse.

With a name like the Spaghetti Warehouse, one would think this building, dating back to the early 1900s, was little more than a neat looking family restaurant.

There may be some truth to that, however, this building was not always the Spaghetti Warehouse it is today. The building also served as a produce store, a pharmacy or both.

The ghosts that are believed to haunt the second floor of the restaurant today both suffered horrible fates.

One man is said to have died when he fell down a broken elevator shaft.

Another ghost, who is believed to have appeared to a young girl, had an odd looking bent neck. According to stories, she died when falling down stairs in the building.

Learn more about the haunted Spaghetti Warehouse Houton TX

7. Martha Chapel Cemetery

Martha Chapel Cemetery

The Martha Chapel Cemetery, is one of the scariest haunted locations in Houston, and one of the most haunted cemeteries in the country . Although many people have a penchant for visiting cemeteries to look at the headstones, this is one cemetery that may leave the individual regretting the decision to visit.

Countless reports of possessions occurring, on both the road leading to and in front of, the Martha Chapel Cemetery, that people have given it the nickname, ‘Demon’s Road’.

People have been warned not to visit the cemetery at night. If someone is brave enough to visit the cemetery, even experienced paranormal investigators, are encouraged to avoid provoking spirits.

People have been known to leave with spirits that choose to “tagalong.”

The list of things that have occurred at the Martha Chapel Cemetery is lengthy. It is said at one grave a hand pops out of the ground, in an effort to grab onto someone and pull them under.

Other people have seen what appears to be the ghost of an 8-year-old on tritricycle. It is also common to hear screaming, giggling, and loud cries from spirits in the cemetery and experienced ghost hunters have seen headless creatures

6. Kingsgate Village

The story that revolves around Kingsgate Village is up for debate. Some people insist that the ghost of a young woman haunts the apartment complex.

As the story goes the young woman found out that her boyfriend cheated on her so she decided to kill him.

People claim to have seen a young woman walking around the Kingsgate Village apartment complex, in hopes of exacting revenge on the cheating boyfriend.

5. Battleship Texas

Battleship Texas

In its heyday, the Battleship Texas played roles in World War I and World War II. After retiring from service, the Battleship Texas ended up moored east of Houston, near the San Jacinto Battlefield.

If the location near a former battlefield and being part of both World Wars, does not give the Battleship a creepy factor, assorted inexplicable activities certainly do.

People have seen anomalies that appear to be nothing more than vapor, while other individuals have heard unusual whispering and chattering around the vessel.

Others have reported seeing a red-headed sailor in a white sailor’s suit about the ship.

He is most often seen on the different decks. Sometimes the ghost is spotted with a smile on his face, while standing in close proximity to a ladder.

Learn more about the haunted Battleship Texas

4. Julia Ideson Building

Julia Ideson Building

One would think that visiting a public library in downtown Houston, would be a great place to catch up on some reading.

When it comes to the Julia Ideson Building, it falls into the category of the most haunted buildings in Houston.

Yes, over the years people have claimed to have experienced paranormal activities, they believed are tied to Jacob Frank Cramer.

Cramer was the library’s former watchman and caretaker who wandered about the halls of the library accompanied by Petey, his dog.

He lived in a room in the basement of the library and frequently played violin on the top floor.

Since his death in 1936, employees of the Julia Ideson Building have made claims of hearing the sounds of a violin, playing in the library as well as footsteps.

3. Jefferson Davis Hospital

Jefferson Davis Hospital

Back in the 1840s, a city cemetery was built in Houston. At some point, the tombstones were relocated while the bodies remained. Unbeknownst to anyone, in 1924, the Jefferson Davis Hospital was built on top of the former cemetery. Which is one of the reasons many people believe why this is one of the most haunted hospitals in the country!

It is believed that many of the strange occurrences at the Jefferson Davis Hospital, are the spirits of the people buried at the cemetery haunting the location.

Some of the people believed to have been buried in the cemetery, died from yellow fever and the Civil War.

Other people believe some of the paranormal activity at the site stems from patients who died while at the hospital.

Activities of note, include a feeling of being watched and the smell of sterilization solutions used in a hospital.

People have seen the ghosts of infants at the site, as well as soldiers and other ghostly apparitions.

In some of the lofts, at what is now a residential living space, people can hear unusual and incessant whispering at night.

Learn more about the haunted Jefferson Davis Hospital, Houston

2. National Museum of Funeral History

While visiting an assortment of haunted locations in Houston, true adventurers should make their way to the National Museum of Funeral History.

If the idea is to get in touch with deceased people from the past, why not go where it is possible to learn about the history of funerals?

There are exhibits that explain the evolution of the hearse, another one honors Popes who have passed on, it is even possible to learn about the process of embalming.

Since it opened in 1992, the National Museum of Funeral History is not only a place to learn, it has also been the site of some spooky activity.

There was a woman who stated while passing a coffin it started to shake violently.

‘The Coffins and Caskets of the Past’ exhibit where the majority of activity occurs. It is among those coffins that people have heard yelling, people whispering and even crying.

1. Cinemark Tinseltown

Cinemark Tinseltown

In the Woodlands, Texas there used to be an old trailer park. It is believed many people perished when a fire destroyed the park in 1971.

As the years went by, the property was purchased and the Cinemark Tinseltown 17 was built. There are mixed stories related to events that have taken place at the Cinemark. It is believed the people who died in the trailer park fire, haunt the Cinemark.

Some people have stated that while at the theater they’ve seen, what appeared to be the ghost of a man beheading a young boy with a machete.

There are those that believe a young boy was actually murdered in that exact manner, when the trailer park was still intact. In recent years, claims have been made that the ghost of a young boy has shown up in a storage closet.

Employees and movie-goers have heard unusual sounds and had the overwhelming feeling that someone was watching them.

Although many people believe these stories to be true, other people believe the story of the man and young boy is little more than an urban legend.


Haunted Houston, TX 1

Abandoned Beach Army Hospital Ghost Hunt, Mineral Wells, Texas

Old lavaca Jail

Haunted Old Lavaca County Jail Ghost Hunt, Hallettsville TX

The Old Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells TX

A Night at The Abandoned Nazareth Hospital & Sanitarium, Mineral Wells, Texas

An image of the Olde Park Hotel in Ballinger, Texas

Olde Park Hotel Ghost Hunt & Sleepover, Ballinger TX

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Forbes Travel Guide Stories

Five Things To Know About Houston’s Hotel ZaZa By Correspondent Mai Pham

January 7, 2014

hotel zaza houston haunted

As the largest city in Texas, a visit to Houston can be a bit daunting. But to get the most out of your visit, staying somewhere central is key. We’ve got five reasons why Hotel ZaZa should definitely be on your short list.

1. It’s Houston’s hottest boutique hotel. You get the feeling that something is different from the moment you arrive and are greeted by bellman clad in gray sweater vests, looking like they’ve just stepped out of a J.Crew ad. Nothing is traditional or boring at Hotel ZaZa, Houston’s ultimate society hotspot. Whimsical and luxe, sexy and glam, this hotel, with its lush velvet and brocade furnishings set against crystal chandeliers, is the place to stay when you want to experience something outside of the ordinary.

3. There’s a resident local celebrity chef . As you check in at the swanky lobby area, a larger-than-life-sized poster of local celebrity chef Jonathan Jones will greet you, beckoning you to Monarch for a taste of his Gulf Coast-inspired dishes. Drawing from the bounty of local products, Jones’ menu changes seasonally, offering everything from Southern-style shrimp and grits, to an unforgettable seared scallop with peas and carrots, to fresh catch market fish dishes, or your classic steak of Hereford beef.

5. The fantasy suites are out of this world. Bob Hope once told Phil Donahue that the view from the top of the Warwick Hotel in Houston was the best in the world. That was then. When the Warwick turned into Hotel ZaZa, the top floor was transformed into a series of suites called the “Magnificent Seven.” Each of the themed suites — Rock Star Suite, Black Label, Tycoon, For Your Eyes Only, Fatal Charms, Bella Vita, and It Happened One Night — is outfitted to fulfill your wildest fantasies. And that view that Bob Hope talked about? You can get it from the 2,204-square-foot Black Label suite while sitting on the balcony in your outdoor bathtub.

Photos Courtesy of Hotel ZaZa

hotel zaza houston haunted

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The 8 Most Haunted Places in Houston

The paranormal world is all around us, we just have to know the right places to look.

Fortunately, Houston is full of spooky stories, gruesome history, and seriously scary haunts. These are no haunted house experiences. Each of the 7 Historic Haunted Places on this list has a record of real paranormal encounters, and if you’re lucky, yours could be the next.

So grab a flashlight and a friend—you won’t want to visit these haunted spots alone.

Map of the Most Haunted Places in Houston

1. haunted restaurant or marketing ploy: mcintyre’s downtown (formerly spaghetti warehouse), 2. houston’s grand haunted hotel: the rice lofts (formerly the rice hotel), 3. the river oaks of the dead: glenwood cemetary, 4. shh the spirits are reading: the julia ideson building, 5. a highly haunted history: hendley row, 7. the (paranormal) playground of the southwest: hotel galvez, 8. doorway to the spirit realm: hermann park.

This iconic building in the historic Market Square of Downtown Houston might have a new facade, a new name, and new clientele, but rumor has it that the Spaghetti Warehouse ghosts are here to stay. Once closed due to flooding from Hurricane Harvey, the newly renovated party hangout, McIntyre’s, has chosen to keep this building’s haunted history hushed—and I can see why!

Legend has it that in the early 1900s, an employee fell down an elevator shaft to his death. The loss was too much for his grieving widow and she, too, perished shortly after. The pair now haunts their final resting palace, rearranging furniture, creating cold, clammy breezes, and playing pranks on patrons.

Locals looking for a side of boos with their booze should head to the second floor, where the most shocking spirit encounters have occurred.

  • Address : 901 Commerce St., Houston, TX 77002
  • Website : McIntyre’s Downtown

Ever wanted to live in a haunted building? Yeah, me neither… But if visiting the most famous (and haunted) Houston hotel is on your bucket list, I suggest making friends with one of the current tenants of these transformed lofts.

Opening in 1913, the building has a history leading back to the founding of the City on the Bayou—and the Republic of Texas itself. It is the site of the first capital of the Republic and was, at one point, the largest hotel in Texas. In its heyday, the hotel hosted six presidents and several other celebrities including Perry Como, Tommy Dorsey, Clark Gable, Mick Jagger, Liberace, Groucho Marx, Shirley Temple, Will Rogers, and Laurence Welk.

The most famous of these stays was President John F. Kennedy, who spent his last night here before his fated trip to Dallas-Fort Worth. Hotel-goers now claim to have experienced cold spots, rattling doors and beds, orbs of light, and a presence centered around where JFK’s room was located. There have also been reports of ghost couples on the dance floor in the grand ballroom, and since The Hotel’s residential renovation, the ghostly dancers now occasionally appear on the roof.

  • Address : 909 Texas Avenue Houston, TX 770025
  • Website : The Rice

We couldn’t have a list of haunted locations without at least one cemetery on the list! This must-visit garden cemetery also happens to be one of the most beautifully landscaped cemeteries in the country! Steps away from the bustling Buffalo Bayou, you almost forget that you’re in the highly-haunted neighborhood of the (dead) rich and famous. Many influential people were laid to rest here, including esteemed politicians, famed business magnates, and legendary Houstonian “royalty.”

Ghost hunters report high electromagnetic fields within the cemetery’s iron gates. And there are claims that the original owner, who was himself the victim of an unsolved murder, still haunts this beautiful cemetery.

  • Address : 2525 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007
  • Website : Glenwood Cemetary

A quiet library makes the perfect setting for experiencing paranormal sounds—like a lonely violin and the light-hearted pitter-patter of its resident ghosts.

If you listen carefully, you might hear the notes of a romantic Strauss waltz echoing through the hallways of the Julia Ideson Building of the Houston Public Library, followed by the light steps of its resident paranormal dog. These sounds belong to the library’s former caretaker, Jacob Frank Cramer, who died in the library’s basement apartment in 1936, and his loyal German Shepherd, Petey.

And if you happen to find sheet music scattered on the floor, you can thank Cramer for his gift.

  • Address : 500 McKinney St, Houston, TX 77002
  • Website : Julia Ideson Building

For the most haunted paranormal hot spot on our list, you’ll have to make the day trip to Galveston (although you may want to stay somewhere other than Hotel Galvez, the next location on our list).

Hendley Row was built before the Civil War by W. Hendley & Co., one of the largest business houses in Texas in the 1850s, and is the oldest commercial building in Galveston. Over the years the building has been used as both a Confederate stronghold and a morgue— and has the poltergeists to prove it. Allow me to introduce you to three of its most famous:

  • The Lady in White is a woman in a tattered, Victorian-era dress who is often seen pacing the streets, going up and down the stairs, frantically searching, and crying in distress.
  • You might also catch a glimpse of the building’s most active ghost—a disheveled little boy who frequently runs around the building, along with other children said to have perished in the Hurricane of 1900.
  • The last ghost is one you should pray you don’t see, as he is almost always a bad omen for whoever glimpses him. This young, gruesome-looking boy died in a factory accident when the building still served as a cotton mill in the mid-1800s. Tragically, one staff member who saw him learned that same night that her sister had been killed in a horrific car accident.
  • Address : 2010 The Strand, Galveston, TX 77550
  • Website : Hendley Market

Before its reputation for haunted happenings, this historic hotel was once nicknamed “The Las Vegas of the South,” hosting celebrity guests such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, serving as a WWII Coast Guard Facility, and even acting as a Temporary White House for FDR.

Despite its famous patrons, the Hotel is now more well known for its guests who once checked in and never checked out. It’s the home of Galveston’s Love Lorn Lady, a seaman’s fiancee who spent many a night at the hotel, awaiting the return of her love. Upon hearing the news that his ship had sunk at sea and that no man survived, she hung herself in Room 501 and now wanders the halls, awaiting his return.

She is not, however, the only spirit that haunts the Hotel’s historic halls. The Hurricane of 1900 killed over 10,000 Galveston residents, including all the inhabitants of a local orphanage. The Hotel Galvez was built atop the mass grave of these 90 children and ten nuns who perished—a possible explanation for the phantom children who have been spotted running around the Hotel.

  • Address : 2024 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550
  • Website : Hotel Galvez

By day, Hermann Park is filled with joggers, families, and school children on field trips, but by night, restless spirits roam empty trails.

The Park’s location in the Hospital District dates back to the Civil War, meaning that many people have died and been buried here. Paranormal experts claim that the Park’s moonlight supplies energy for the ghosts to become active in the evening hours. You can even take a ghost tour throughout the park and learn the spooky stories the paths have to tell.

It’s even said that the famous Sam Houston statue archway acts as a doorway to the spirit realm. I’ve been to Hermann Park many times and have personally never experienced any paranormal activity… then again, I’ve never walked under that archway at night.

  • Address : 6001 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77030
  • Website : Hermann Park
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10 Most Insanely Haunted Places To Visit In Houston

Among cities within the United States, Houston is a popular one.

So popular, in fact, that is the most populated city in all of Texas, and the fourth most populated city in the nation.

Not only is it architecturally pleasing, but places to go and things to do are positively endless.

And it’s filled with extremely haunted locales.

Jamie/flickr – Christopher Mckenney

Updated 2/11/2020 – Are you in the mood to celebrate your love for the paranormal in full?

Consider checking out the places on this list, as they are considered the most haunted places to visit in Houston.

Table of Contents

  • 1 10) La Carafe
  • 2 9) Cinemark Tinseltown
  • 3 8) The Rice Hotel
  • 4 7) Jefferson Davis Hospital
  • 5 6) Spaghetti Warehouse
  • 6 5) Hotel ICON
  • 7 4) National Museum of Funeral History
  • 8 3) The Hotel Galvez
  • 9 2) Stages Repertory Theatre
  • 10 1) Memorial Park

10) La Carafe


Looking for stuff to do in Houston?

Why not check out the oldest bar in the city?

La Carafe was established during the early 1950s, but the building itself dates back to 1847, before the Civil War.

The building was first used as a bakery, where freshly baked bread would be made for Confederate soldiers.

At La Carafe, you can sip your glass of wine , and listen to the sounds of Etta James and Louis Armstrong emanating from the jukebox.

This bar is the perfect place to not only revel in history, but in ghosts.

The apparition of a large man has been seen on the second floor of the building.

One guest reported that the apparition looked as if he were about to speak, but nothing but blood came pouring out of his lips.

Since then, the good folks of Houston who routinely visit La Carafe stick to the happy (and safe) first floor.

9) Cinemark Tinseltown


If you’re on the hunt for fun things to do in Houston at night, then consider visiting the Cinemark Tinseltown theater.

From the outside it looks like it could be an ordinary movie theater , but they offer up so many services to the public, it’s hard not to be impressed.

Whether you’re looking for a new weekend church service (yes, they have one in the theater!) or if you need a place to show off your directorial prowess, Cinemark can help.

Not to mention a traditional night of popcorn and the latest flick.

It’s been said that Tinseltown is the permanent home of the ghost of a boy and man who lived on the property long before it was a public attraction.

Recently a few guests claimed to have seen the ghost boy in a storage closet.

The movie-goers were shocked and frightened when, out of nowhere, the apparition of the man appeared and chopped the boy’s head off clean with a machete.

Those who have unfortunately witnessed this horrible scene believe they are seeing how the boy wound up dying in the first place.

And he is meant to live it over and over again.

8) The Rice Hotel


While the Rice building is still intact, and is now a registered historic place , the Rice Hotel is no more.

Originally built in 1881, the hotel replaced what was once the former Capitol building of the Republic of Texas.

The hotel was a huge success but eventually dwindled in popularity.

The Rice Hotel officially closed its doors in 1977, and remained empty for twenty-one years.

However, in 1998, the historic building was converted into apartments, called The Rice Lofts.

Now, the building boosts a heated pool and meditation room , a fitness center, a library as well as a salon.

There are some locals and visitors who are weary to step inside the Rice Lofts, however…

They believe that a malicious spirit put a curse on the building after it was shut down in 1977.

Since then, a few residents on the upper floors have said that they have started having horrific visions, such as waking up to blood soaked sheets.

7) Jefferson Davis Hospital

Jefferson Davis Hospital is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Houston, and rightfully so.

The facility was built in 1924, and primarily served local indigenous groups.

However, when a new hospital opened its doors in 1939, Jefferson Davis no longer had a set purpose.

It was used as a storage facility up until 2003, when a huge project was undertaken by the city.

Costing over six million dollars, Jefferson Davis was converted into luxurious artists’ lofts, and other residential living spaces .

But why is it so haunted?

The hospital was built over a city cemetery that had been established during the 1840s.

While many tombstones were relocated, the bodily remains themselves never were.

Now, the dead rise at night, and can be heard whispering incessantly from the closets in the posh new lofts.

6) Spaghetti Warehouse


There are several downtown Houston restaurants, but none with such a vivacious history as Spaghetti Warehouse.

The building dates back to the early 1900s.

Today, this family friendly restaurant offers up delicious home style meals, and pays tribute to its past by having a historic trolley smack in the middle of the restaurant, as trolleys were a common sight outside of the building when it first opened.

Before the restaurant, the warehouse was used as a produce store.

During that time, it is said that an employee once plunged to his death due to an out of order elevator.

It’s also believed that a woman died there after falling down the stairs.

Last spring, a young girl caused a huge scene in the restaurant, claiming she saw a scary looking woman with a bent neck standing on the stairwell.

When the little girl looked up at the woman, the woman stared back, and continued to shift her head until her vertebrae could be seen, poking out from the wretched woman’s hair.

5) Hotel ICON


There are so many cool places to visit in Houston, you may not get it all done in one day.

Thus, a few nights at the Hotel Icon might be a vital part of your trip.

The facility itself was built in 1911, to serve as the headquarters for a prominent finance company.

In 2004, The building was revamped and made into the luxurious hotel it is today.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Houston, as well as a place to relax and unwind, look no further than the Houston Hotel Spa, located within Icon.

Explore the city by day, and indulge in a massage or body wrap in the evening.

Unfortunately, the building is not without its tragedies…

After the Great Depression, it is said that a few people elected to commit suicide within the building after losing their fortunes.

Once in a while, guests of the Hotel Icon will speak about hearing phantom gunshots in their rooms, as well as the sound of a body dropping to the floor.

4) National Museum of Funeral History

larry harris/flickr

Still on the hunt for something both interesting and macabre?

Check out the National Museum of Funeral History.

Founded in 1992, the museum pays tribute to the funeral services industry, and all those who serve therein.

Explore thirteen unique permanent exhibits, such as the science of embalming, to a historical look at the evolution of hearses.

It even has an exhibit honoring the deaths of popes, which began in 2005.

The museum also puts on an annual haunted house !

Although some people believe every day is like a haunted house at the Museum of Funeral History…

Some Houston residents claim the building has been haunted since the early beginnings of the museum.

Some have claimed to have heard whispers, cries and yelling coming from the coffins that make up the Coffins and Caskets of the Past exhibit.

One terrified visitor even stated that one of the coffins began to violently shake after she walked passed it.

3) The Hotel Galvez

Photo credit:

Built in 1911 in the rebirth of a historic hurricane that hit Galveston in 1900, the Hotel Galvez is not only the oldest hotel on the island, but has been deemed one of the most haunted places in Houston.

Room 505 is said to be particularly haunted.

Guests have reported seeing the apparition of a young woman upon waking in the middle of the night.

After a few seconds, the woman is said to jump off an armoire and strangle herself to death, right in front of guests staying in that room…not that many people make it through an entire night.

Despite the haunting, or perhaps because of it, the Hotel Galvez offers up many amenities, including a pool with a swim up bar, a fitness center, spa, and ghost tours every October!

2) Stages Repertory Theatre

google street

In 1978, a group of Houston citizens rallied together in the basement of a brewery and decided to open up their own theater.

The theater was met with such praise from the community that by 1985, it moved to a new facility where two stages were constructed.

Deemed the Arena and Yeager Theater, respectively.

Stages is one of the few theaters in the area that have year round employment for actors, designers and directors.

Rumor has it that a young, blind man died before Stages took over the new facility.

Today, those who visit Houston to attend the latest and greatest show will sometimes describe the sensation of being touched by an unseen, cold hand underneath their theater seat.

Some Houston natives believe it is the spirit of the blind man, trying to discern where he is within the building.

1) Memorial Park

If you’re looking for free things to do in Houston this weekend, look to Memorial Park.

While there are many parks in Houston, Memorial is one of the largest parks in the entire country.

Opened in 1924, the park is over 1,465 acres, and has many recreational sports and events.

It contains a top rated golf course, tennis courts, walking trails , softball, a track, running course, volleyball courts and a pool for swimming laps.

Interested in local flora?

Be sure to check out the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center, located on 155 acres in the park grounds.

Some long-time residents of the city swear Memorial has been haunted since the moment it was first developed.

Shadow people have been seen wandering through the trees and gardens in the park.

One woman said that when her husband approached one of the mysterious figures, it revealed its face to him.

Her husband has refused to speak ever since.

Have you been to any of these haunted places in Houston?

What was your experience like?

Tell us in the comments below.

hotel zaza houston haunted

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Beautifull hotel but HAUNTED! - Hotel ICON, Autograph Collection

  • United States    
  • Texas (TX)    
  • Texas Gulf Coast    
  • Houston    
  • Houston Hotels    
  • Hotel ICON, Autograph Collection

Beautifull hotel but HAUNTED!

On arrival at the hotel we were greeted with a cool towel to wipe our faces which was a nice touch and when entereing our room we both said WOW. it was beautifull, ecpecially the bathroom, and we have been left a little cowboy duck on the side of the bath which was nice. Brilliant tea and coffe making facility, even a small jar of honey. MAGIC mini bar!! i had a can of sprite and not long after the bill was under the door?! ha ha. BUT - there was something not right about this hotel. I woke up 3 times in the night not being able to move my body and sensiong something was in the room and my husband who does not believe in anything spooky said that just before I wpke up he heard a voice that was not mine!! luckily we were only staying one night as I probably could not have stayed another. So based on that experience I could never stay again but it is a gorgeous hotel. More

  • Sleep Quality
  • Cleanliness

hotel zaza houston haunted

  • Visit hotel website

hotel zaza houston haunted

  • Room service

hotel zaza houston haunted

Wife and i spent the night here in conjunction with a business dinner and found the hotel and staff fantastic. Every staff member we encountered was friendly and went overboard to be helpful. It was a nice quiet getway in the middle of a big city. They have done wonders with converting this old bank building and the food was outstanding. Would have liked to seen more variety for the menu though. Rooms were cozy and very well decorated. Will go back when in town.

I stayed here for the first time in April 2011 and had a great experience. The staff is professional, down to earth and very nice. The hotel has a lot of charm and a great vibe . They offer small refrigerators on a first come first serve basis and since I was staying here for 4 days I asked for one, but they were all in use. A day later I get back to my room and a fridge in waiting for me, I open it up and it still has the tape on the shelves from the store - they actually went out and bought one for me to use - blew me away! I normally request a room away from the elevator, but not in this case. the bed and desk are away from the hallway so there was no noise AND this corner room had 3 windows with great view of downtown. The bar and restaurant are awesome as well!

I am a fairly regular visitor to Houston on business, and stayed at Hotel Icon for the first time this past week---and was very pleasantly surprised. It's a vintage bank building converted into a boutique style hotel, and overall is very nicely done and well executed. I was there for two nights, had drinks both nights in the hotel bar during happy hour before dinner with clients---and found the happy hour prices to be outstanding ($2 domestic bottle beers, for instance) and service to be consistently very very good. I am very low maintenance, but in my few exchange with hotel staff, they were extremely warm and helpful. I didn't have an opportunity to try the restaurant, but it appeard relatively busy in the morning during breakfast. I would rate the room size as above average, the beds as way above average, cleanliness as outstanding, and the extremely big bathroom (I believe I had a standard room), with a separate tub and huge glass shower, as outstanding. My two petty comments--I thought that $28 for overnight valet parking was pretty high for Texas--given the abundance of street parking in the immediate area, which I used, and there are not ice machines available, so you are requested to call room service. My ice took about five minutes to arrive---which is great, but I can see that becoming an issue during busy and peak periods. In all---I would absolutely return to the Hotel Icon--as I found it comfortable, welcoming and very nice.

My husband and I stayed at the Icon Hotel in April 2011 for four nights. The hotel is very nice - the decor throughout the hotel is unique and charming. We were really surprised by it and were thrilled that we selected this as our hotel. We really liked our room, and the bathroom was very large with a separate shower and jacuzzi tub. We ordered room service one morning and it arrived promptly. The hotel bar offered a great happy hour each evening from Monday through Friday, and each evening offered a different drink that ranged from wine and beer to cocktails - this is a must if you stay there! Downtown Houston is quiet at night compared to other large cities, but there are a few good restaurants within walking distance, including Hearsay (just across from the hotel, which is also a nice bar) and a very good sushi restaurant -- Azuma. We also ate at two low key but very nice breakfast/lunch restaurants just a few blocks from the hotel, and these were great options if you did not want to eat at the hotel in the morning, which we thought was a bit expensive for breakfast. When we are back in Houston, we’ll definitely want to stay at Icon Hotel again! Just keep in mind that this is a popular hotel for weddings, and Friday and Saturday nights may be a bit louder compared to a weekday stay.

The hotel had top of the line service from the valet staff to the room service folks. We were able to catch the light rail right outside the hotel to get to Reliant Stadium and it was only $1.25 per person. The valet staff also were available to drop and pick us up from anywhere within a 3 mile radius. The bar staff were great! I would definitely go back to stay at the Hotel Icon!

Halloween Party at Hotel ZaZa Houston

Hotel ZaZa Houston will present their Holloween Party featuring a live DJ, specialty drinks, and delicious bites at The ZaZa's Family haunted mansion.

Halloween 2017 room package includes overnight luxury accommodations, two tickets to ZaZa's Halloween Event and Halloween turndown.


Culturemap emails are awesome get houston intel delivered daily., we will not share or sell your email address..

Review: Hotel ZaZa in Houston, USA

Hotel ZaZa in Houston, Texas.

Inside a guest suite where you'll find a huge king-size bed, two bedside tables, a leather lounge chair and desk below a wall mounted TV, all of which does not even come close to filling the very spacious room.

Last updated . 28 January 2020

With Air New Zealand about to land in Houston, IT went ahead of the first arrivals to search out the best place to stay in Houston. Words Quentin Long

The name conjures either glamorous Gabor-induced visions of opulence or exotic vaudevillian magic shows.

And Hotel ZaZa delivers on both; it is simultaneously sumptuous and mysterious while also having great whimsy and humour.

A Houston institution, Hotel ZaZa is an independent hotel that likes to express itself, much like the phonetic namesake. Its status as the grand dame of Houstonian establishments is due to not only its style but also location.

In the heart of the Museum district, the very worthy Museum of Fine Arts Houston is across the street from the lobby, while the even more worthy Museum of Natural Sciences Houston is a stone’s throw from the pool at the rear.

Add ZaZa’s ‘Magical Carpet Ride’ and you get even more cultural bang for your buck. Not your typical hotel shuttle, the car is a revamped police car complete with bull-bar-mounted long horns that will take you anywhere you like within an eight-kilometre radius, incorporating many of the area’s 20 museums.

But it is inside that the hotel starts to really shine. All sense of time of day is lost as you enter the lobby. A very dim space with lowish ceilings, it feels like you have entered a club cum gentleman’s establishment; I would label it bordello chic.

A large chandelier hangs above a communal table and chairs, while two wing-backed zebra skin chairs add a touch of the exotic. Small tea lights sit on coffee tables give an even gentler flicker to the dimly lit room.

A quick check-in at reception on the left-hand wall has me on my way to… where are those lifts?

I find myself wandering under another much larger chandelier, this time casting a subdued pink glow over a baby grand. A huge Chinese fabric ancestral portrait hangs on the wall. It’s all very eclectic, not to mention the mugshot of Frank Sinatra I spy as I hunt out these elusive lifts.

I was saved by a fellow guest. “Are you looking for the lifts? I had the same problem the first time I stayed here, ” he explains pointing me in the right direction. “I love this place, I always stay here, it’s my favourite hotel in the world.” That’s devotion.

I am deposited on the third floor where there are more chandeliers lighting the muted olive brown hallways, which is hung with black-and-white portraits of Hollywood stars in their pre-A-lister days; chubby, boyish-looking Matt Damon greets me every time I leave my room.

A huge king-size bed, two bedside tables, a leather lounge chair and desk below a wall mounted TV do not even come close to filling the very spacious room. A red-and-black print bedhead with Asian warrior motifs contrast against olive brown walls.

By comparison, the bathroom is disappointing. It is rather small and, to be honest, dowdy. The bath is tiny and the brown marble wash basin top is outdated and stands out as such in a place so stylishly designed. The C.O Bigeolow products are to be expected in a hotel with such high standards.

There is a real (and reassuring) sense that ZaZa doesn’t take itself too seriously. On the bedside table a bottle of water sits on a coaster quoting George Burns: ‘Happiness is having a large loving close knit family in another city’. The ‘do not disturb’ door hanger says ‘I’m busy putting on my make-up’. These small and playful touches are found throughout your stay.

While styled as a boutique hotel, ZaZa is anything but bijou. There are 315 rooms and suites over 13 floors, including some whimsical concept suites: ‘Houston We Have a Problem’ has bubble chairs and ’60s décor. The Magnificent Seven suites come with gourmet kitchens, multiple bedrooms, whirlpool tubs, balconies with skyline views.

Back in the lobby a dark hallway leads to Monarch’s, the hotel restaurant. Subdued and moody, it has a gorgeous outdoor patio where red fairy lights are wrapped around tree limbs.

Inside is a more traditional American diner. For dinner you can have small plates, pizza or a main. I had a niçoise crusted tuna salad with tiny tomatoes, deviled egg and spring greens.

ZaZa balances the opulent, eclectic and whimsical and makes it work. I wanted more of the fun and self-effacing elements, but at its core it’s a well thought-out, highly functional hotel and its location is unbeatable.

5701 Main Street Houston, TX 77005, USA

+1 713 526 1991

The IT verdict

A fun, sensual and indulgent hotel in the perfect location.

  • Location = 9.5/10  Unbeatable if you want to experience the museums; absolutely brilliant.
  • Style/character = 8/10 It is a bit larger than traditional boutique hotels, but it has got a great vibe thanks to its opulent, quirky styling.
  • Service = 7.5/10 A lot of people rave about its service, which I found to be better in the restaurant than in the hotel.
  • Rooms = 7.5/10 They were highly styled but I thought they were almost a little bit too bare. The small bathrooms were underwhelming.
  • Food and drink = 8/10 It’s well thought out and ticks all the boxes, if a little under surprising.
  • Value for money = 8/10 I paid $348 for a grand room so it isn’t exactly cheap, but you won’t have to hire a car so it’s not too bad.


Cancel reply.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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  • The Woodlands

hotel zaza houston haunted

Hotel ZaZa Memorial City looks to make a big impression with its lobby.

The Hotel ZaZa Memorial City is full of surprising art touches.

Hotel ZaZa Memorial City brings showy ballroom spaces to the West side.

Hotel ZaZa Memorial City double rooms boast two king beds rather than the usual setup.

Hotel ZaZa Memorial City is anything but cookie cutter.

Monopoly comes standard with some of Hotel ZaZa Memorial City's specialty suites. (Photo by Chris Baldwin.)

Hotel Za Za Memorial City's quirky side comes through in touches like the glossy photo of the Mad Men cast. (Photo by Chris Baldwin.)

A faux wedding even was included in Hotel ZaZa Memorial City's sneak peek preview. (Photo by Chris Baldwin.)

At Hotel ZaZa Memorial City living on top of the hotel is within reach. (Photo by Chris Baldwin.)

MetroNational president Jason Johnson knows Memorial City is poised for even more growth. (Photo by Chris Baldwin.)

A crowd came out for the sneak peak of the new Hotel ZaZa Memorial City. (Photo by Chris Baldwin.)

The McCarthy — the seven-story high-rise apartments atop Hotel ZaZa Memorial City — bring their own style.

hotel zaza houston haunted

Houston’s New Sky-High Fantasy Emerges — Living atop the New Hotel ZaZa: Your Sneak Peek at a Game-Changing Memorial City Tower

Hotel ZaZa Memorial City looks to make a big impression with its lobby.

L iving in a hotel is the type of thing that many people daydream about, but never truly think through. But living on top of a cool chic hotel — in your own luxury apartment, with access to all the perks of hotel life without the downsides — is a whole different story.

This is the life The McCarthy — the new high-rise apartment complex atop the new Hotel ZaZa Memorial City — aims to deliver. This entire 17-story tower (10 levels of hotel, seven levels of high-rise apartments) is something of a sky-high game changer for a section of Houston that only continues to grow.

“It brings a real urban living lifestyle to a part of Houston that’s not used to having that option,” Jason Johnson, the young-looking president of MetroNational, the owner and developer of this new tower as well as the entire 265-acre Memorial City mixed-use kingdom, tells PaperCity .

Johnson spoke to us in a side interview before the first official sneak peek tour of both the new Hotel ZaZa and the accompanying McCarthy. With the hotel scheduled to open on Dec. 1 and The McCarthy shooting to welcome its first residents in February, this showcase project brings plenty of expectations.

A Hotel ZaZa conjures up very distinct images after all — and this new hotel is critical in the brand’s suddenly full-speed-ahead expansion (the long-awaited Hotel ZaZa Austin is under construction and should be open in about 16 months, Z Resorts president Matthew Nuss tells PaperCity ).

“We’re famous for the pool scene in our hotels — and this new hotel will be no exception,” Nuss says.

Discover De Beers

De Beers December 2023 The Woodlands

On this day, the pool still needs to be finished, but with the hotel’s hip new restaurant Tipping Point spilling out onto the “Beach Club,” it’s easy to imagine the scene to come. This will become the Steak 48 level see-and-be-seen mecca of Memorial City — and West Houston in general.

The idea behind The McCarthy is that scene always will be right downstairs. Whenever you want it.

hotel zaza houston haunted

This new Hotel ZaZa is right down the road from Memorial City Mall — and it’s possible to walk there without really being exposed to the elements (i.e. stifling summer heat) thanks to the connected buildings along the way. Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center and its sprawling network of hospitals is also walkable.

“You could live here, work here and play here and not need a car most days for sure,” Johnson says.

That’s almost not Houston like — which is exactly the point. It is all about offering a different kind of lifestyle that happens to be outside the loop. City life in the suburbs? Believe it.

The 133 apartments of The McCarthy range from 500 square foot studios where you can jump out of bed and right into the kitchen to 2,000-square-feet-plus two bedrooms.

But the main attraction just may be what’s below.

“Who doesn’t want to live on top of a Hotel ZaZa?” Johnson asks.

The New ZaZa

Hotel ZaZa Memorial City figures to be something of a shopper’s retreat itself. Its standard “doubles” rooms come with two full-sized king beds rather than the typical double beds or queens (if you’re lucky) found in most high-end hotels. Step into this new ZaZa’s Beach House suite — one of eight different specialty suites offered in hotel, another ZaZa touch — and it’s easy to imagine a group of friends using it as their weekend retreat base.

The Beach House suite even comes with a built-in Monopoly board for a little board game pregaming .

“You don’t ever just want to do what’s expected,” Benji Homsey, Z Resorts’ president of brand and development, says.

With that in mind, there are prints from famed British artist David Hockney in the Hotel ZaZa Memorial City hallways. With some original Hockneys going for as much as $12 million , this is another colorful upscale nod for a hotel chain that avoids convention with the same fever that foodies avoid McDonald’s.

Still, the most “out there” thing about this ZaZa may be its ballroom level.

“I think people are going to be surprised by our meeting space,” Nuss says.

Hotel ZaZa Memorial City boasts more than 11,000 square feet of meeting space — with the largest ballroom measuring in at 3,800 square feet. On this sneak peek preview day, a faux wedding was even taking place in the Great Expectations ballroom (another ballroom is called Tiger’s Wife; yes that’s the real name — it’s a ZaZa), complete with a bride in a full stunning wedding dress, a surprisingly nervous-looking groom (it’s not official, guy) and a priest.

Yes, you can say ZaZa has a flair for the dramatic. This is that type of project.

Featured Properties

10315 Sugar Hill Drive

10315 Sugar Hill Drive Houston, TX

Greenwood King

3422 Eckert Drive Gavelston, TX

Bet Jennings

512 W. Drew Houston, TX

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hotel zaza houston haunted

ZIP Loyalty

  • Love a red carpet? Let us roll it out for you! Register as a ZIP (ZaZa Important Person) and be rewarded. Free nights now include valet parking for one vehicle!

hotel zaza houston haunted

  • Houston Memorial City

Welcome to Hotel ZaZa Houston Luxury Hotel in Memorial City

Hotel ZaZa Houston Memorial City Living Room

we love ya!

The top choice among hotels in the Energy Corridor, Hotel ZaZa Memorial City offers a haven of oversized, well-appointed accommodations and an array of extraordinary meeting and event space. Bringing the style and service of a luxury resort to Houston and elevating the experience of business travel as well as weekend getaways and staycations, this unique boutique hotel boasts a collection of 159 guestrooms, including Concept Suites and The Magnificent Seven Suites accompanied by exceptional dining, signature spa treatments and a poolside oasis.

Hotel ZaZa Houston Memorial City Energy Corridor

Memorial City ZaSpa

Hotel ZaZa Houston Memorial City Spa Robe

Memorial City Dining

Hotel ZaZa Houston Memorial City Tigers Wife Seating

Memorial City Events

Hotel ZaZa Houston Memorial City Wishmaker Prefunction

Houston Memorial City Featured Specials

hotel zaza houston haunted


Treat your mama to be with a weekend of rest and relaxation with Hotel ZaZa’s Babymoon Package!

hotel zaza houston haunted


Make the most out of your ZaZa experience! Our most popular package brings an ‘all-inclusive’ feel to your stay.

ZIP Members, LOGIN for additional discounts on this package.

hotel zaza houston haunted


Experience relaxation in its finest! Enjoy luxury accommodations and any of ZaSpa’s indulgent treatments.

hotel zaza houston haunted


Hotel ZaZa is the place to celebrate all of life’s special occasions in style and with ease! For your wedding night, anniversary, birthday and more, we have the details covered.

hotel zaza houston haunted


Save on overnight accommodations and get Valet Parking for one vehicle included, per night!

hotel zaza houston haunted


hotel zaza houston haunted


Wellness in abundance at ZaZa!

hotel zaza houston haunted


On Wednesdays, We Wear Spa Robes!

hotel zaza houston haunted



  • Overnight accommodation
  • 60 minute Prenatal Massage at ZaSpa
  • Lush Hotel ZaZa robe for Mom, Conscious Coconut oil for your own private belly rub, and limited edition ZaZa-hooded towel for baby
  • $50 Food & Beverage credit to enjoy breakfast in bed
  • Overnight Accommodations
  • $40 Cocktail Credit Each Evening
  • $50 Breakfast Credit Each Morning
  • Valet parking for One Vehicle Each Night
  • $200 ZaSpa Credit, per stay
  • Complimentary Glass of Champagne after Spa Service
  • Valet parking for one vehicle, per night

Please book Spa appointment(s) separately by visiting   ZaSpa . We encourage you to do so in advance to ensure availability works well with your schedule.

A Night to Remember - STANDARD

  • Bottle of Champagne at Turndown accompanied by a Fruit & Cheese Amenity on your arrival night
  • $50 Room Service Credit for Breakfast each morning
  • 2PM Late Checkout
  • Valet parking for one vehicle per night.


  • Austin Downtown
  • Dallas Uptown
  • Houston Museum District

A Night to Remember - SUITE EDITION

Stay dates: February 1st-December 31st, 2024

  • 750 ML bottle of Dom Pérignon
  • 750 ML bottle of Blanton's
  • Caviar & Oysters on the half-shell in suite on night of arrival
  • $100 Room Service credit for Dinner or Breakfast
  • 2pm Late Checkout
  • Unique flowers in a box to remember the occasion by

Save on overnight accommodations and get Valet Parking for one vehicle included, per night!

  • Stay four consecutive nights. weekday or weekend, get 25% OFF the daily rate

A Night to Remember - VALENTINE'S EDITION

Stay dates: February 1-18, 2024

  • One bottle of Ruinart Champagne
  • Caviar + Decadent Sweet Tray in-room on night of arrival
  • $40 mocktail credit each evening
  • $50 room service credit each morning for a healthy start breakfast
  • Complimentary minibar of healthy snacks & hydration
  • Yoga mat, live plant, sound machine & essential oils to enjoy (in-room only)
  • Regina's Radiant Renewal Facial at ZaSpa for two guests
  • $50 room service mimosa credit
  • Burn Book game
  • Two pink robes for keeps

Stay dates: January 12-28, 2024

Save up to 50% on overnight stays in Austin, Dallas & Houston through 2024! Act fast, limited availability per date.

Bookable January 1st-15th, 2024. Use code: SALE when booking.

Houston Points of Interest

Memorial city mall.

3 min drive

7 min drive

40 min walk

Memorial Park

12 min drive

120 min walk

Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

125 min walk

Bayou Bend Collection & Gardens

11 min drive

130 min walk

Town & Country Village

9 min drive

45 min walk

The Galleria

18 min drive


  1. The story behind ZaZa's 'goth dungeon closet'

    hotel zaza houston haunted

  2. Hotel ZaZa in Houston, Texas. The "Hard Times" room, not advertized to

    hotel zaza houston haunted

  3. The story behind ZaZa's 'goth dungeon closet'

    hotel zaza houston haunted

  4. The story behind ZaZa's 'goth dungeon closet'

    hotel zaza houston haunted

  5. Strange room at Hotel Zaza

    hotel zaza houston haunted

  6. Hotel Zaza Houston Museum District

    hotel zaza houston haunted




  1. A Weird Hotel Room in Houston Is Freaking Reddit Out

    February 26, 2013, 7:40am Last week, Reddit's internet detectives swarmed on a subreddit for Houston, Texas, after a user named Joelikesmusic posted a mysterious thread asking insiders what the...

  2. The story behind ZaZa's 'goth dungeon closet'

    Room 322 nicknamed "Hard Times" at Hotel ZaZa, Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013, in Houston. ( Michael Paulsen / Houston Chronicle ) Michael Paulsen/Staff Checking into Houston's luxurious Hotel...

  3. What's Up With Room 322 at Hotel ZaZa?

    Hotel ZaZa is a stylish inn located in Houston, Texas. While the hotel is known for its luxurious suites, a recent post on Reddit revealed the existence of the mysterious "Room 322". This room is not advertised on the hotel's website and, in short, is the definition of creepy. This is what the Redditor posted: stay here frequently when on business.

  4. Been following the mystery of Room 322 "Hard Times" at Hotel Zaza in

    • 4 yr. ago by jpagel Been following the mystery of Room 322 "Hard Times" at Hotel Zaza in Houston. Just called and I'm booking a reservation. Reposting because earlier post was removed. I've edited this so that what I think possibly broke sub rules the first time is no longer in the post. Sorry for any trouble, mods! ———————— For context


    SCARY PLACE Review of Hotel ZaZa Houston Museum District Reviewed December 15, 2008 I stayed at the Zaza for work from Dec 2-5th. this place is likea haunted castle- its old and musty and even feels dirty.

  6. This is what the Hotel ZaZa looked like in 1962 when it ...

    Before becoming the ZaZa in 2007, it was the Warwick Hotel, one of Houston's first luxury hotels when built in 1926. The view from the top of the hotel is called one of the best views in the world ...

  7. Sleep with one eye open: Stay the night in one of these haunted Texas

    Sleep with one eye open: Stay the night in one of these haunted Texas hotels . . . if you dare! Briana Zamora-Nipper , Community Producer Published: October 4, 2020, 12:28 PM Updated: October 23 ...

  8. Haunted Houston, TX

    Now the lofts are haunted by spirits who dance on the rooftop. 909 Texas Ave., Houston. With their elaborate Italian Renaissance-inspired design, the Esperson Buildings are some of the most recognizable buildings in Downtown Houston. Mellie Esperson had the two buildings constructed for her husband Niels, an oil tycoon, in 1927 and 1941.

  9. Halloween Party at Hotel ZaZa

    Event in Houston, TX by Hotel ZaZa Museum District on Friday, October 27 2017 with 5K people interested and 311 people going. 19 posts in the discussion. ... Come, if you dare to experience The ZaZa's Family haunted Hotel this Halloween! We're getting the festivities started early with our annual soirée Friday, October 27. We will have a live ...

  10. Houston Museum District

    Book Now *A limited number of packages are available per date. Package must be reserved at least four days in advance. Other restrictions may apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer (s). Tax + Gratuity excluded from credits. PERFECTLY PAMPERED Experience relaxation in its finest!

  11. The Most Haunted Places in Houston, TX

    Spaghetti Warehouse When visiting downtown Houston, you will come across many different restaurants, among them is one of the most haunted places in Houston, the Spaghetti Warehouse. With a name like the Spaghetti Warehouse, one would think this building, dating back to the early 1900s, was little more than a neat looking family restaurant.

  12. TOP 10 BEST Haunted Hotels in Houston, TX

    See more reviews for this business. Top 10 Best Haunted Hotels in Houston, TX - January 2024 - Yelp - The Lancaster Hotel, Hotel ICON, Autograph Collection, Nightly Spirits, Courtyard Houston Downtown /Convention Center, Hilton Houston Post Oak by the Galleria, Old Town Spring Ghost Tours, Houston Ghost, C. Baldwin, Curio Collection by Hilton ...

  13. Hotel ZaZa Houston Museum District

    2,418 reviews #7 of 535 hotels in Houston Location 4.7 Cleanliness 4.7 Service 4.6 Value 4.2 Travelers' Choice Situated in the heart of the vibrant Museum District, world-renowned Texas Medical Center and thriving downtown central business district, Hotel ZaZa Houston is an unexpected feast for the senses among hotels in Houston. Read more

  14. Five Things To Know About Houston's Hotel ZaZa

    1. It's Houston's hottest boutique hotel. You get the feeling that something is different from the moment you arrive and are greeted by bellman clad in gray sweater vests, looking like they've just stepped out of a J.Crew ad. Nothing is traditional or boring at Hotel ZaZa, Houston's ultimate society hotspot.

  15. The 8 Most Haunted Places in Houston

    1. Haunted Restaurant or Marketing Ploy: McIntyre's Downtown (formerly Spaghetti Warehouse) 2. Houston's Grand Haunted Hotel: The Rice Lofts (formerly The Rice Hotel) 3. The River Oaks of the Dead: Glenwood Cemetary. 4. Shh! The Spirits are Reading: The Julia Ideson Building.

  16. Hotel Zaza, Houston

    When the waitress came by again, I asked her about the pink concoctions everyone seemed to be drinking. "Oh, that's our Big Flirt martini," she said. I ordered one on the spot. 5701 Main ...

  17. 10 Most Insanely Haunted Places To Visit In Houston

    3) The Hotel Galvez. Photo credit: Built in 1911 in the rebirth of a historic hurricane that hit Galveston in 1900, the Hotel Galvez is not only the oldest hotel on the island, but has been deemed one of the most haunted places in Houston. Room 505 is said to be particularly haunted. Guests have reported seeing the apparition ...

  18. Beautifull hotel but HAUNTED!

    I woke up 3 times in the night not being able to move my body and sensiong something was in the room and my husband who does not believe in anything spooky said that just before I wpke up he heard a voice that was not mine!! luckily we were only staying one night as I probably could not have stayed another.

  19. Halloween Party at Hotel ZaZa Houston

    State of the Arts 2011. Fall for Fashion 2011. Elaine Turner 2011. Comforts of Home 2011. King Tut. Chevy Girls. Good Eats 2011. Ready to Jingle. Houston at 175.

  20. Review: Hotel ZaZa in Houston, USA

    I wanted more of the fun and self-effacing elements, but at its core it's a well thought-out, highly functional hotel and its location is unbeatable. DETAILS Hotel ZaZa. 5701 Main Street Houston, TX 77005, USA +1 713 526 1991. The IT verdict. A fun, sensual and indulgent hotel in the perfect location. Location = 9.5/10

  21. Texas Boutique Hotels

    Hotel ZaZa Discover premier Texas boutique hotels at the Hotel ZaZa outposts in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, with daring decor and upscale amenities.

  22. Houston's New Sky-High Fantasy Emerges

    Houston's New Sky-High Fantasy Emerges — Living atop the New Hotel ZaZa: Your Sneak Peek at a Game-Changing Memorial City Tower BY Chris Baldwin // 11.14.17 Save Article

  23. Houston Memorial City

    PERFECTLY PAMPERED Experience relaxation in its finest! Enjoy luxury accommodations and any of ZaSpa's indulgent treatments. PACKAGE INCLUDES: Overnight Accommodations $200 ZaSpa Credit, per stay Complimentary Glass of Champagne after Spa Service Valet parking for one vehicle, per night Please book Spa appointment (s) separately by visiting ZaSpa.

  24. New Year's Houston: Where to watch fireworks and other events

    Time: 1-9 p.m.Price: Free admission. Get the New Year's festivities finished early with the family at the Kemah Boardwalk celebration, complete with live music, an early countdown for kids and a ...