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Realtors® Guide to Haunted Real Estate

By mnr news posted 10-27-2021 09:52 am, five historic minnesota homes where ghosts are permanent fixtures.

Looking for a property with a little spook appeal? MNR’s Realtor ® members know more than a few of the best homes in Minnesota to find skeletons in the closet, spirits in the attic, and unseen things that go bump in the night. To help you plan your haunted home tour, we’ve assembled this handy guide. Before you go, make sure your flashlight is fully charged and your running shoes are laced and ready. And remember, it’s probably a good thing that none of these historic homes are actually for sale.

Christie Home, Long Prairie

If you’re looking for an elegant, early-20 th -century residence with loads of antique charm, the Christie Home is a prime find. It even comes staffed with a maid! The only catch is she’s not very lively. In fact, she’s not living at all. But that doesn’t stop her ghost from frightening visitors who stray into the kitchen. And she’s not the only spirit regularly raiding the pantry. Dr. George Christie, who built the house in 1901, was fond of performing surgeries on the kitchen table. It’s not surprising that some patients did not survive his less-than-sterile operating room. That’s why at least a few of them are still hanging around waiting to be discharged. Think Dr. Christie should have been sued for malpractice? Well, you can tell him yourself. Just go up to the attic and gaze into the dusty mirror mounted on the old dresser. He’ll be staring right back at you, ready to address all your concerns. Arrange a tour by visiting the Christie Home Historical Society .

Boyd House, Boyd

This charming little fixer-upper features big drafty rooms, long dim hallways, and a collection of restless, rowdy spirits. Former residents of the home recall being awakened in the middle of the night by Roaring 20’s jazz music drifting up from below. Occasionally, the couple would see a spectral man staring at them from the foot of their bed. When they put the property up for sale, it was scooped up by Jill Shelley, a paranormal investigator who recognized it as a hotbed of paranormal activity. Bringing an arsenal of high-tech ghost-detecting gadgets to the home, Shelly and her team of investigators claimed they used special audio equipment to communicate with the spirit of a little girl who said her name was Sarah. They also heard garbled words from a disembodied man. During the night, team members heard footsteps, pounding on the basement door, and an old upright piano playing discordant notes. One of the investigators had a very close encounter when she felt a “child-like person” crawl into bed with her. Despite alarming encounters like these, Shelley believes the home’s resident spirits “are all very friendly.” If you’d like to experience the Boyd House’s otherworldly hospitality, visit St. Croix Paranormal to learn about arranging a private, overnight stay.  

The Warden’s House, Stillwater

History buffs won’t want to pass up a chance to be a part of this storied piece of real estate. Built in 1853, the Warden’s House was home for the prison wardens who administered the Minnesota Territorial Prison until it closed in 1914. The last warden, Henry Wolfer, lived there with his daughter Trudy until she married and moved away. Shortly after giving birth to her son, she died from appendicitis. Henry adopted the boy and raised him in the Warden’s House. Apparently, Trudy moved back in, too—if only in spirit. To this day, visitors report seeing her staring out from windows on the upper floor; rocking a phantom cradle in her son’s room; or just quietly sitting in the master bedroom. Arrange a tour of the Warden’s House by visiting the Washington County Historical Society .

Glensheen Mansion, Duluth

If you’re in the market for something higher end, the stately Glensheen Mansion offers 39 rooms, 27,000 square feet of living space, and stunning views of Lake Superior. It is also said to offer something a little more ethereal: ghosts. Following the tragic homicides of the home’s owner, Elisabeth Congdon and her nurse Velma Pietila, the grand estate was given to the University of Minnesota. To help pay for its upkeep, the school opened it for public tours. Over the years, numerous employees and visitors have seen shadowy figures slipping down the halls and felt chills on the landing where Velma was murdered by Congdon’s enraged son-in-law. Elisabeth’s bedroom remains closed off to this day, but some guests on the grounds have reported seeing apparitions of two women looking out from an upstairs window. If you’re searching for a rational explanation, you might consult one of the many volumes in the family’s library. Just watch out for the chilling mist that sometimes spreads across the floor there. You might not like what you’re stepping into. You can arrange a visit at the Glensheen Tour Options page.

Griggs Mansion, St. Paul

If you like your homes with a shadowy touch of Goth, check out the Griggs Mansion. Built in 1883, this sandstone beauty has 24 rooms, high cathedral ceilings, intricate woodwork, and at least six ghosts, including a Civil War general. The place was an idyllic urban retreat until 1915 when a young maid hanged herself from the fourth-floor landing in the wake of a broken romance. More tragic events followed, like the overly zealous gardener who died before he could complete his masterpiece and has haunted the grounds ever since. Other spirits include a black suited, top-hatted professor who taught when the house served as an art school in the 1930s. He is sometimes seen prowling the library before disappearing in a flash of blue light. There is also a departed teenage girl who plays on the mansion’s piano, and a lost child whose head is known to float above the beds of overnight guests. As for the soldier, paranormal aficionados speculate that it is none other than General Chauncy Griggs himself, builder, and original owner of the mansion. No tours of this privately owned residence are available.

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One Of Minnesota’s Haunted Places Is For Sale, Listed Under $100,000

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Just west of Pine City, this .72-acre lakeside property on the market has the old Pokegama Sanitorium built on it. Many haunted stories circulate around town about the facility, and you can own it for a song.

The history of the building goes back to 1903, according to Pokegama History Association . Dr. Henry Lonstreet Taylor used his own money to build a place he could study, treat, and hopefully cure tuberculosis. He was previously frustrated with the way the Minnesota Government was handling the disease and wanted to take care of the disease faster than what was happening.

The hospital made a name for itself because it featured electric blankets, fresh-grown food, and telephone access to the facility, which was considered high-end in its prime. It served as a lakeside retreat where patients could fight TB in a woodsy setting, get proper care by people who understood the disease and offered a somewhat "vacation style" of living.

The old tuberculosis hospital operated from 1905 through 1944,  according to the Pine City Area History Association . The history gets very vague in the Pine City Area History write-up. after those dates.

There were various incarnations of the place that included assisted living and child care and many other things. It didn't become anything once Dr. Henry Lonstreet Taylor left and eventually died, it never had a personality again becoming a shell of itself..

The building is still on the property, but it isn't what is being emphasized. The listing is focusing on the beautiful property for sale, and not the abandoned building. It is mentioned that the building can be renovated.

The word around town according to Eric Moen, a ghost hunter, is that some of the people that passed away in the building are still present in the form of spirits that haunt it. You can watch his video below. According to Racket , the Star Tribune didn't rate it in the top haunted places but did mention it.

According to Racket , the same owners of Nopeming outside of Duluth also own this property and have been giving tours for people to do their own investigating.

According to the Pokegama Historical page,  Harold Stassen, the 25th governor of Minnesota, received treatment there in 1930; the man is known as the  “Boy Governor”  and went on to seek the Republican presidential nomination, but lost all 7 times. Maybe he haunts the place because he couldn't even get elected.

There aren't any photos on the official listing inside of the building. That's because, as I mentioned, the building isn't the selling point. It's the property itself, which is by a lake, plenty of private land, and if you wanted to, you could convert the building to something, or start over with a dream house on the property that has great access to the water.

In fact, the listing tells you that the building standing can be renovated but the location is what is being sold as you can see from the YouTube video screenshots.

Beautiful wooded .72 acre site with historic brick hospital building. Come with your ideas for the renovation of this unique building. The current zoning is High-Density Residential. The property offers access to the community well, city sewer, views of Lake Pokegama and the backwaters of the Snake River. Great location, centrally located between the metro area and Duluth just off of Interstate 35 just west of Pine City, and near many recreational lakes for fishing and water sports.

For more on the backstory and a better look at the building and the property, I have included some of the YouTube videos with some of the portions of the building, so you can see what kind of shape it is in.

Take A Tour Of Nopeming

Haunted places in the twin ports, more from kool 101.7.

Paranormal Show Featuring Minnesota Cast Dropping New Season

Former Pine City hospital, popular with ghost hunters, for sale

A lakeside property near Pine City is up for sale, and with it comes a reportedly haunted reputation.

[anvplayer video=”5097599″ station=”998122″]

The land has the Pokegama Sanatorium built on it, which was a tuberculosis hospital that closed in 1944.

Under Minnesota law, sellers do not have to disclose if there’s any alleged paranormal activity connected to a home or building.

The more than a century-old structure is well known for paranormal activity by ghost hunters.

Neighbor Gene Aurelies has lived next to the vacant building for decades.

“Sometimes one o’clock in the morning you see flashlights in there,” Aurelies said. “I think they’re full of hot air. If there’s any ghosts, they never bothered us. Maybe they don’t like us.”

haunted homes for sale in minnesota

The Pokegama Sanatorium in Pine City. (KSTP)

The asking price for the building and property is $75,000.

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The 12 Most Haunted Places in Minnesota

Minnesota, known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” is home to several haunted locations that have drawn the attention of paranormal enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. From eerie cemeteries to historic hotels, MN is believed to be teeming with restless spirits and ghostly apparitions.

In this article, we will explore the 12 most haunted places in Minnesota, shedding light on their haunted history and spine-chilling encounters reported by witnesses.

1. Washington Street Bridge, Minneapolis

Washington Street Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Washington Street Bridge was built in the latter half of the 1960s spanning the Mississippi River and connecting the East and West Bank campuses of the University of Minnesota. The bridge has two decks, the bottom for vehicles and the top for pedestrians and cyclists.

The bridge is something of a hotspot for suicides and is now said to be haunted by the spirits of those who jumped to their death including professor John Berryman who committed suicide there in 1972. Students crossing the bridge often hear phantom footsteps at night and feel as though someone is watching them from the shadows.

2. The Fitzgerald Theater, St. Paul

The Fitzgerald Theatre in St Paul, Minnesota

The Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul has long been considered one of the most haunted places in Minnesota. There is a number of unexplained phenomena that have been reported here, but most of them are pinned on a former stagehand known only as Ben.

It is believed that Ben died in the theater in the 1940s and he seems to have been hanging around ever since! His shadow has often been spotted moving up in the workings of the stage and cold spots are felt near an old entrance that has been boarded up for years.

Staff often say they can hear Ben dropping his empty beer bottles too. He is considered pretty harmless for the most part, but on one occasion he did almost kill two workers when he dropped a massive chunk of plaster on them from an overhead catwalk! Thankfully they both managed to jump out of the way at the last minute!

3. Warden’s House Museum, Stillwater

The Warden's House in Stillwater, Minnesota

Over the years there have been thirteen different wardens from Stillwater State Prison who have occupied this house. However, the one resident who seems to have decided to stick around is Warden Henry Wolfer’s daughter.

The story goes that Gertrude had just given birth to a son when she died suddenly of appendicitis. The little boy was sent to live with the warden up until the Wolfers moved out in 1914.

Gertrude may have gone with her son to his grandfather’s house, but she did not leave when he did. In fact, from 1914 until the present day there have been persistent reports of a lady wandering the rooms of the house in search of her infant son.

Sometimes she is seen looking out of the windows and at other times, a cradle in the upstairs bedroom rocks on its own!

4. Forepaugh’s Restaurant, St. Paul

Forepaugh's Restaurant in St Paul, Minnesota

The building in St Paul which now houses Forepaugh’s Restaurant was once a three-story Victorian mansion that wholesale magnate Joseph Forepaugh built for his family.

However, in 1892 things took a tragic turn for the family. Mrs. Forepaugh is said to have discovered her husband in bed with the family maid, Molly.

Forepaugh shot himself when his wife ended the marriage and his mistress Molly was heartbroken. She was apparently pregnant with his child and ended up hanging herself from a chandelier in one of the bedrooms.

Both Joseph and Molly are said to haunt the restaurant today. The two of them have been seen walking through the dining areas, but Molly seems to be the most active.

She is said to bang on the insides of walls and smash glasses. Patrons have also smelled her favorite lavender perfume at times. She is especially mischievous around Halloween which was Molly’s favorite time of year while she was alive.

Read more on the haunted Forepaugh’s Restaurant in St. Paul, Minnesota

5. Greyhound Bus Museum, Hibbing

The Greyhound Bus Museum in Hibbing is probably not the first place you might think of when it comes to a haunted location, but nevertheless is one of the most haunted places in Minnesota.

Staff at the museum say that one particular Scenic Cruise 4501 is home to a spirit who frequently opens and closes the windows and doors of the bus.

There are also regular sightings of strange shadows flitting around on-board the ‘Nine bus’ and a little girl’s voice has been heard in the shadows between the old vehicles on display here.

6. First Avenue, Minneapolis

The First Avenue Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Perhaps one of the most gruesome paranormal tales comes from Minneapolis and the iconic First Ave music venue. It is said that a blonde woman took her own life in the fifth stall of the ladies bathroom by hanging herself.

She has occasionally shown herself to unlucky patrons who see her bloated apparition still hanging there from her makeshift noose! However, she is not alone in the venue.

The staff has nicknamed another spirit ‘Slippy.’ This particular entity is said to make a balloon appear from nowhere which then floats up and down the staircase on its own! Creepy!

There is also a great deal of other unexplained activity including equipment malfunctions and random destruction of property!

7. Gibbs Farmhouse, St. Paul

Gibbs Farmhouse in St Paul, Minnesota

Another one of the most haunted places in Minnesota which can be found in St Paul is Gibbs Farmhouse. In 1867, a nine-year-old Willie Gibbs faced a raging prairie fire that threatened to engulf the family farmhouse.

The house was spared, but sadly young Willie died of smoke inhalation soon afterward. However, he appears to have stuck close to his family home, which is now a museum, and his spirit is every bit as boisterous as you might expect the average 9-year-old boy to be!

He is known to remove toys from locked display cabinets and leaves them scattered across the floor for staff to tidy away.

He also likes to open and close cabinet doors and can make quite a noise rocking back and forth in a rocking chair upstairs.

Some even claim to have seen his little face peering at them from the windows as they walk by!

8. The Palmer House Hotel, Sauk Center

The Palmer Hiouse Hotel in Sauk Centre, Minnesota

The Palmer House Hotel has long been known as one of the most haunted hotels in Minnesota.

See Also: More haunted places to stay in Minnesota

Reports of paranormal have been made since the 1950s and there have been a variety of unexplained occurrences in the building.

Some of these include an apparition of a young boy, a ball bouncing down the stairs, disembodied voices, and some poltergeist activity!

There have also been reports that the ghost of famous author Sinclair Lewis may also be haunting the building!

Read more about the haunted Palmer House Hotel, Sauk Centre, Minnesota

9. Wabasha Street Caves, St. Paul

Wabasha Street Caves in St Paul Minnesota

Back to St Paul again, this time to the Wabasha Street Caves. During the prohibition era, these caves were said to host a number of famous figures including John Dillinger and Ma Baker when they were used as a speakeasy.

However, not everyone left the caves alive! It is said that the caves are now haunted by the spirits of three gangsters murdered in a back room and buried under the cement floors.

The owner has frequently encountered men in 20s-style attire and strange mists floating through the halls. There is also said to be a ghostly bartender who will refill empty wine glasses!

Others have spotted the apparition of a madam known as Nina Clifford who appears wearing a period dress.

10. Minneapolis City Hall, Minneapolis

Minneapolis City Hall in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis City Hall was the site of a historic execution. In 1898, John Moshik was the last man hanged at City Hall. His death will be remembered not just for being the last, but also because the execution was ruthless.

The process was bungled and Moshik took 3 minutes to die. His crime had been murdering a man over a very measly $14! It is said that today Moshik’s angry spirit haunts three locations in City Hall – the courtroom in which he was convicted, the Mayor’s office, and the site of his hanging.

He seems to have mood swings, because at his most harmless he is known to rearrange pictures or appear to staff or prisoners dressed only in his undergarments, but on his worst days he has made judges and attorneys severely ill!

11. Grey Cloud Island, Washington County

The Grey Cloud Island Township Cemetery, Minnesota

One of the key features of Grey Cloud Island is that it has the highest concentration of Native American burial mounds anywhere in the United States.

These days the island is very sparsely populated and the residents do not take kindly to ghost hunters! So much so that some have claimed to be run off the island by a man in a white truck!

However, this does not stop a large number of ghost stories from coming off the island!

There are reports of a transparent motorcyclist, a young woman weeping for her deceased infant, and many other ghosts.

Perhaps strangest of all are the rumors about why the residents are so protective of the island – some say that the church camp on the island is a cult or even a secret KKK camp!

Learn more about the haunted Grey Cloud Island Township, Minnesota

12. Lakeview Cemetary, Buhl

Lakeview Cemetary MN

Situated amid dense woodland on all sides in Buhl, Minnesota, lies one of the most haunted graveyards in America. Lakeview Cemetery was established in 1913, the same year the nearby Shaw Hospital was built.

The deceased patients of the hospital, who succumbed to tuberculosis or mental illness, were buried in the cemetery’s potter’s field, marked only with cast-iron crosses, if anything at all.

Visitors who dared to venture into Lakeview Cemetery have reported spine-chilling experiences. Apparitions of people dressed in 1920s attire are seen wandering around the graves.

The silence of the graveyard is broken by disembodied voices and footsteps that echo all around. The air carries the stench of decay, with an unsettling sensation of being watched closely. The flash of sudden light fills the darkness, followed by intense dread and discomfort.

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106.9 KROC

Haunted Minnesota Sanatorium For Sale for Less Than $100K

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The prices of homes are crazy right now (just like everything else, surprise, surprise) but there's one place for sale in Minnesota for just $75,000! There's about 3/4 of an acre so you'll have plenty of space but the property is allegedly haunted ... and needs a lot of work. It's a former sanatorium near Duluth.

haunted homes for sale in minnesota

Yep, a haunted sanatorium could be yours! It's the Pokegama Sanatorium on Lake Pokegama in Pine City, Minnesota and it looks huge. You could turn it into a bed and breakfast or make it one giant house. Then again, it is haunted... so maybe you want to just tear it down.

What Was the Pokegama Sanatorium?

The Pokegama Sanatorium first opened in 1905 to treat tuberculosis patients, according to Pine County News . It used to be 35 acres with cottages for patients and a huge administration building. It appears the administration building is the only one left standing. It closed in 1943 and was sold to a few other owners in its lifetime. In the last few years, it was used as a chemical dependency treatment center which closed in 1986. Since then the buildings were abandoned.

There are still some items left in the building like furniture but it's also definitely seen better days. Obviously age will cause the place to start to fall apart but it also looks like plenty of people have come through and torn the place up and put graffiti on the walls.

Is the Pokegama Sanatorium Haunted?

A Minnesota paranormal investigator named Eric Moen decided to check the place out since he'd heard stories that the place could be haunted. While investigating Eric says he heard a loud male voice mumbling, a digital recorder picked up someone saying 'watch us from hell', children's footsteps were heard in the basement hallway, and they captured an orb on camera in the basement and also a mist in one of the windows. Eric told Pine County News  “'In my opinion, the [Pokegama] Sanatorium was very haunted'".

So if you want to buy this property you may want to consider tearing down the remaining building and starting fresh. I mean, it's a great plot of land right on Lake Pokegama so as long as you're not spooked by those ghost stories you could build a really nice lake home here!

Would you ever buy a place that's haunted like this? Shoot me a message and let me know on my Facebook , Instagram , or  Twitter . (@carlyrossonair)

Check out a video from The World of Yesterday where they explored the abandoned sanatorium. Heads up, there's some swearing in the video. And keep scrolling for more haunted places around Minnesota!

Listen to the Get Up & Go Morning Show w/ Dunken & Carly On-Demand below, with the  106.9 KROC app , and on the following podcasting services: Apple  |  Google  |  Spotify

4 Most Haunted Hotels Within an Hour of Rochester

More from 106.9 kroc-fm.

Minnesota Winter: How Long You Need To Warm Up Your Car

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Best Haunted Houses For Adults In Minnesota

October 25, 2012 / 7:00 AM CDT / CBS Minnesota

Halloween isn't just for kids. Adults appreciate a good scare just as much as their 10-year-old counterparts do. However as we get older, that haunted house ride at the fair that once seemed so spooky as a child becomes just plain cheesy. A good scare can be hard to find on Halloween once you've reached adulthood, but check out these haunted houses in Minnesota that claim to be able to make a grownup scream like a frightened child.

Fright Night

The Haunted Basement at the Soap Factory 514 2nd St. S.E. Minneapolis, MN 55414 (612) 623-9176

Dates: Now through Oct. 31

For several years now, the basement of the Soap Factory turns into a haunted house attraction for adults during the month of October. For those ages 18 and up (ID required prior to admittance), the Haunted Basement relies on a talented team of artists to create a grotesque and horrifying maze that those who dare enter must navigate through in relative darkness. The help of local actors is enlisted to make the Haunted Basement even more terrifying with an interactive nature intended to create an immersive, fear-inducing experience. Prior to entry, each attendee must sign a waiver, a psychological foreshadowing of the horrors to come. Brave the Haunted Basement if you dare. Not a fan of being frightened? The Soap Factory also offers 'Fraidy Cat Tours which are "lights on, no scare" tours through the Haunted Basement.

Scream Town 7410 Highway 212 Chaska, MN 55322 (612) 562-6409

Dates: Now through Oct. 28

Boasted as one of Minnesota's largest Halloween attractions, Scream Town offers visitors more than 400,000 square feet of fright. Popular attractions include the Oak Blood Forest, which is a thick, isolated forest that attendees must attempt to navigate through sans tour guide and flashlight. Scream Town's epic Corn Maze takes the average person a terrifying 15 minutes to solve. Scream Town actors lurk around the attractions, popping up unexpectedly to give visitors a good scare. New this year is the Red Neck Resort (beware of Bubba), a Visitation at the Funeral Parlor haunt and for bigfoot fans, a Sasquatch Investigation. Scream Town is recommended for those aged 10 and older, so leave the young ones at home and enjoy an adult fright night.

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Haunting Experience

Real Haunted Tours at the Mounds Theatre 1029 Hudson Road St. Paul, MN 55106 (651) 772-2253

Dates: Now through October

Allegedly haunted by actual spirits, this historic haunt hosts Real Haunted Tours led by paranormal investigators. During the tour, you'll learn about the history of the Mounds Theatre while being led on a ghost-hunting expedition. Three resident ghosts, including an amicable young girl who has been known to skip across the stage, a middle-aged man who occupies the projection booth and an usher who directs auditorium visitors to their seats, have reportedly been seen by witnesses. One of the ghosts is apparently very explicit in his vocalizations toward women, so if you are easily offended, you might want to sit this tour out. If fake haunted houses aren't your style, give the Mounds Theatre a try for a real scare.

S. S. William A. Irvin 301 Harbor Drive Duluth, MN 55802 (218) 722-7876

Instead of a haunted house, why not check out a haunted ship? Every October, fright aficionados get the opportunity to experience the William A. Irvin Haunted Ship Tour. During this self-guided tour, you will not only get to see this once historic ore ship, but may even witness some paranormal activity. Rumor has it that a ghost of a sailor who died aboard currently haunts the ship. Beginning in the engine room, the tour leads visitors through the ship and into the maze of terror, which lies below the waters of Lake Superior in the "dungeon" of the ship. Mysterious sightings have allegedly been reported aboard the ship, so prepare to be startled when the lights flicker or doors slam. Enter the haunted ship if you dare and prepare for a potentially paranormal scare.

Haunted House

Frightmares at Buck Hill 15400 Buck Hill Road Burnsville, MN 55306

Looking for a full night of frights? Then check out Frightmares at Buck Hill. Get your thrills by visiting the Fright Factory, the Bellharm Lovejoy Asylum and the Haunted Hollow with a cocktail or two after to calm your riled nerves. That's right, after enjoying the haunted spaces that Buck Hill has to offer, wander on over to Tucker's to enjoy an alcoholic beverage and rock out to live music. The Halls of Magic are also scheduled to perform their amazing magic tricks at Frightmares this year. Check out the website for all beguiling details.

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A Minnesota native that was born and raised Up North, Minneapolis is where Christina Kalinowski currently calls home. Christina appreciates irony, loves bacon, enjoys a hearty libation (drink responsibly, folks), and is an avid proponent of the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness. Her work can be found at

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After our snow storm Friday, communities in southern Minnesota are digging out

16-year-old and snowmobile falls through ice on Little Rock Lake

haunted homes for sale in minnesota

2021 Guide to Haunted Houses in Minnesota

Haunted Houses in Minnesota

Did you know that Minnesota has 34 haunted house attractions listed for the 2021 Halloween haunt season !? Some of them may be located closer to you than you think…

Below, we’ll break down what types of haunts you can choose from, ranging from spooky hayrides and terrifying trail walks to creepy home haunts and multi-attraction scream parks . We’ll also discuss where in Minnesota some of the most popular haunted houses are located!

The following list totals up each type of haunt in Minnesota , based on how they are listed on our website:

  • Haunted Amusement/Theme Parks: 1
  • Haunted Barns: 1
  • Haunted Boats: 1
  • Charity Haunts: 6
  • Haunted Cornfields/Mazes: 5
  • Haunted Farms: 1
  • Haunted Hayrides: 8
  • Home/Yard Haunts: 5
  • Haunted Mazes: 3
  • Haunted Houses with Multiple Attractions: 13
  • Haunted Trails: 11

The city with the most attractions / surrounding haunts is Minneapolis, MN .

Each year, we search the internet to find out what these haunts are up to during the off-season. During our 2021 update session for Minnesota , 5 haunts ’ information was updated, 6 were removed and 1 haunt was added to the Minnesota Haunted House Directory .

The following are some of the most popular haunted attractions** in Minnesota , based on our website traffic:

Haunted Woods

11488 Co Rd 109, Red Lake Falls, MN 56750

Haunted Woods Logo

Locally owned and operated in small town Minnesota, The Haunted Woods is more than a business; it's family. With most of the actors being friends and family members, you can rest assured that our staff is dedicated to making your experience safe, fun, and most importantly, memorable.

See More About This Attraction...

Scream Town

7410 US-212, Chaska, MN 55318

Scream Town Logo

Scream Town is one of Minnesota’s best haunted attractions. It is also one of the largest haunted houses in MN. It has hayride like experiences, but with haunted walking trails. It is easily the scariest haunted House in Minnesota. It is a must see Haunted Attraction if you are in the Minneapolis area.

The Dead End Hayride

28186 Kettle River Blvd N, Wyoming, MN 55092

The Dead End Hayride Logo

In the crisp autumn evenings, something evil descends upon and blankets the otherwise peaceful woods of Pinehaven Farm. We welcome you to venture into the darkness on our hayride wagons. You will witness unspeakable horrors and terrifying scenes! You will be subjected to cryogenic blasts, explosions, and over-the-top pyrotechnics. You will be mauled by horrific creatures and their converts whom have taken refuge in these woods.

Survivors of this journey who wish to delve deeper into the horror will be dropped off at the Sunnyvale Asylum to make their way on foot. Within the asylum, you will meet our expert medical staff who work tirelessly to ease the afflictions of previous guests who seem to have found the experience to be overwhelming and perhaps a bit too much. Provided that you are allowed to exit the asylum, you will pass through the asylum’s garden of souls which is the final resting place of those that the asylum was unable to assist.

As you make your way through the woods you will likely encounter countless characters who have taken refuge within the woods and are taking advantage of the seemingly endless supply of bodies produced by the asylum, or escapees seeking refuge within the concealment of the woods.

You may even come to find that your own sense of reality is slipping away as some of your greatest fears play out in front of you and perhaps even grab, and pull you in to join them.

Provided that you retain your composure and find your way out of the woods, you are welcome to check into the Pinehaven Motor Inn for an undoubtedly well-earned rest. Please be cautious as to whom you associate with during your stay, as the character of our clientele seems to have been slipping lately. During your stay, please do not venture behind the motel since there are some unsavory neighbors in the corn field and abandoned sewer system which we have been trying to have evicted. It has also been reported that some of the terrifying clowns that have been terrorizing our inner cities and wooded areas have established some sort of hive within the cornfield behind the Inn.

We hope that you enjoy your adventure into the Ultimate Horror Experience that is the Dead End Hayride and wish you luck on your journey.

Ringlers House on Haunted Hill Haunted Trail

3064 MN-23, Brook Park, MN 55007

Ringlers House on Haunted Hill Haunted Trail Logo

Molitors Haunted Acres

3571 5th Avenue NE, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

Molitors Haunted Acres Logo

A perilous journey of your deepest fears! The longest running haunted attraction in Minnesota!

It Begins Here... Molitor’s Haunted Acres is THE scariest plot of land in Central Minnesota, and has been for decades! Ghouls, ghosts and creatures of the night flock to our woods, inhabiting the darkness in every corner. Your haunted experience will take you on a haunted hayride through the Woods of Doom where killers, madmen and your darkest fears come to life. Experience all your favorite classic horror icons on the hayride, along with many others.

The Walk Through Horror... After the ride of doom, the wagon will drop you off at the Restless Stop. You will continue on foot through “THE SINNER’S DOOR”, assisted by “The Nun” where the pathway will take you to the Haunted House, where the past of the most evil people dwell, make your way thru the rooms of horrors, occupied and waiting for you…you will encounter the things of nightmares as you continue thru the house and thru more structures of destruction on your pathway thru the woods where you will meet up with the undead of Quarry Granite Workers, Madmen, the most horrific evils who consider these woods their home…YOU are the INTRUDER!

**This information was determined by looking at the haunts ’ traffic on our site from the past two years. This is not a top haunts list. The above haunts are listed here in no particular order.

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Discover The Cities

A Guide to the Best Haunted Houses near Minneapolis, Minnesota (Updated for 2022!)


  • Updated September 16, 2022

best haunted houses minneapolis mn

It’s official, folks.

Fall is here.

‘Tis the season for chilly weather, pumpkin patches , apple orchards , and… haunted houses!

I LOVE haunted houses. I know, I know… it makes no sense to voluntarily submit myself to getting scared out of my wits, but I just can’t help it. It’s one of my favorite Fall traditions.

At this point, I’ve been to nearly every single haunted house around the Twin Cities. Aside from leaving with a big rush of adrenaline (and a few too many nightmares), it’s also helped me put together this definitive guide to the best haunted houses near Minneapolis.

And while there’s been quite a few recent changes thanks to the pandemic, Fall 2021 is still shaping up to have some great options for the scares.

Whether you’re looking for awesome haunted hayrides, amusement parks turned Zombielands, or the classic haunted house experience, you’re sure to find it somewhere near the Twin Cities!

Map of the Best Haunted Houses near the Twin Cities, Minnesota

Scream town / the abandoned hayride (chaska, mn), the haunting experience on 61 (cottage grove, mn), the dead end hayride (wyoming, mn), trail of terror (shakopee, mn), the haunted basement (minneapolis, mn), tricks and treats f.k.a. valleyscare(shakopee, mn), r.i.p. to these haunted houses in 2022:.

Scream Town is proud to boast the highest average Google and Facebook ratings of any haunted house near the Twin Cities. So, what’s got visitors so impressed?

Well, it starts with the name. I always assumed the “Town” in Scream Town was just a generous nickname, until my first visit. Once there, I realized that with over 7 different haunted houses in one spot, the creators of Scream Town have actually developed what feels like a little haunted town. Guests can hang out in what’s basically a haunted town square, and then whenever they work up the courage, dive into any of the seven different structures, each with a uniquely themed haunted house.

Plus, Scream Town allows you to add The Abandoned Hayride to your ticket. It’s a truly impressive 40 minute performance that guests experience from the back of a tractor, which eventually drops you off in the forest with nothing but a lantern to guide you back. I highly recommend adding the hayride to your ticket; it’s usually the favorite attraction!

  • Address: 7410 US-212, Chaska, MN 55318
  • Website: Scream Town / The Abandoned Hayride

The Haunting Experience boasts the oldest hayride in Minnesota, now operating for the past 35 years. Located about 20 minutes south of St. Paul, this attraction is especially convenient for Minnesotans on the eastern side of the Metro.

This classic hayride pulls you through the ground’s haunted forests, including some deep tunnels and even a haunted steelworks building. And just when you think you’re in the clear, they’ll drop you off at their haunted house, for good measure.

The Haunting Experience is a classic Twin Cities Halloween attraction, and as an added bonus, it’s also one of the more affordable Halloween options near the cities. Ticket prices range from just $19-35, depending on when you visit.

  • Address: 10900 E Point Douglas Rd, Cottage Grove, MN 55016
  • Website: The Haunting Experience

If you take 35-North for 40 minutes past the Twin Cities, you’ll eventually reach Wyoming, Minnesota, home of Pinehaven Farm. But every Fall, this little family farm transforms itself into one of the most popular and best haunted hayrides in the state – The Dead End Hayride.

This Hayride will drag you around the haunted farm to see the stuff of your nightmares. Along the way, you’ll get dumped off and have to make your way through multiple haunted houses, including a super creepy cornfield!

One interesting feature of Dead End Hayride – it’s one of the few haunted houses around that serves alcohol. Back in 2019 they opened The Dead End Patio, a 21+ area that’s open Fridays and Saturdays all season long.

The Hayride is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in September and Tuesday-Sunday in October.

  • Address: 28186 Kettle River Blvd N, Wyoming, MN 55092
  • Website: The Dead End Hayride

Historically, Trail of Terror is one of the biggest haunted attractions near the Twin Cities. After closing in 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic, Trail of Terror is hoping to open for 2022, but they still haven’t announced anything official. Updates available here .

That said, they are currently selling tickets to “Phantom’s Feast” again this year. From the sounds of it, it’s an actual ghost performance in the Bad Manor house on The Renaissance Festival grounds. (A place which is supposedly one of the actually haunted places in Minnesota , even going so far as having a full paranormal investigation in 2013.)

The Phantom’s Feast performance promises real ghost stories, a meal, and an alcoholic beverage.

  • Address: 3525 145th St W, Shakopee, MN 55379
  • Website: Trail of Terror

For years, Minneapolis’s Haunted Basement has been known as the most extreme, and by most accounts, terrifying haunting experience anywhere in Minnesota.

Infamous for requiring a waiver, The Haunted Basement is not for the faint of heart.

The Haunted Basement burst onto the scare scene back in 2005, taking over the abandoned Soap Factory building in Northeast Minneapolis. Immediately, “the basement” became infamous for sending guests into the grungy basement with nothing more than a flashlight and a rope. As their website explains, at the haunted basement, you should expect “strong smells, physical contact, and projectile liquids. You may get very messy, you may have to crawl, and you may find yourself in a confined space with something horrible.”

Oh, and did we mention they’re known for splitting up friend groups, so you’ll have to brave the terror by yourself?

2022 Update: Unfortunately, like most haunted houses, COVID put a pause on the legendary Haunted Basement the last two years. Impressively, the dedicated actors made sure the show still went on virtually, with an “at-home, immersive nightmare.”

In 2022, the nonprofit announced they’re in dire financial trouble and are requesting donations and Patreons to help them continue the scares. Here’s to hoping this legendary haunt gets back on its feet. If you’d like to contribute, head to their official website .

  • Address: 1595 MN-36, Roseville, MN 55113
  • Website: The Haunted Basement

2022 Update: This year, Valley Fair announced an end to their legendary haunted houses. The event is being replaced with their “Tricks and Treats” event, which aims to offer more family-friendly Halloween festivities rather than grown-up scares.

Previous ValleySCARE Info: Beginning in October, Valleyfair begins its annual transformation into ValleySCARE.

As the largest amusement park in the state of Minnesota, Valleyfair also operates one of the state’s largest Haunted Houses. Or more specifically, largest collection of haunted houses, since ValleySCARE promises 5 different haunted mazes this year, plus three “scare zones” aka sections of the park that you’ll need to be extra-brave to walk through.

And of course, if a huge collection of ghouls, goblins, and other scary creatures isn’t enough to get your blood pumping, ValleySCARE also allows you to ride all the park’s biggest and baddest roller coasters and thrill rides. Because what’s scarier than a 200 foot drop on Wild Thing?

  • Address: 1 Valley Fair Dr, Shakopee, MN 55379
  • Website: ValleySCARE

Unfortunately, either because of COVID or other reasons, a few long-time favorite local haunted houses have closed their doors recently. They include:

  • Original ValleySCARE (Shakopee, MN)
  • Fright Farm Haunted House (Maplewood, MN)
  • Hell Woods (Hugo, MN)
  • Olson Haunted Houses (Chanhassen, MN)
  • Terrorworld Haunted Attraction (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Dreadwood Haunted Forest (Hudson, WI)
  • Nightmare Hallow Scream Park (Chicasgo City, MN)

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The 8 Best Gay Bars in Minneapolis St. Paul (Local Picks)

best comic book stores twin cities

A Geek’s Guide to the 12 Best Comic Book Stores around Minneapolis St. Paul

richest people and families in Minnesota

The 7 Richest People & Richest Families in Minnesota

Let's Roam Explorer

The Most Haunted Places in Minnesota

Minnesota is famous for its lake-dotted landscape and vibrant cities, but it has a dark side. Check out the most haunted places in Minnesota!

haunted homes for sale in minnesota

While haunted houses pop up all over the United States around Halloween, Minnesota is home to some seriously spooky spots year-round. From the “Halloween Capital of the World”—Anoka—to terrifying theaters, haunted hotels, and angry bridge mistresses, every corner of this state has its claim to haunted fame. If you call “The Land of 10,000 Lakes” home or you’ll be passing through soon, add a few of these haunted places in Minnesota to your itinerary for a spine-tingling adventure!

Strolling the Spooky Side of Saint Paul With Let’s Roam

Speaking of the most haunted places in Minnesota, let’s explore the dark underbelly of Saint Paul together! On our app-guided ghost tour , we’ll escort you to the most haunted locations in Minnesota’s capital, including Fitzgerald Theater, Saint Paul City Hall, and much more. We’ve gathered all the tantalizing histories and legends of paranormal activity to produce a spine-tingling day of terror and trivia. If you’ve got a hankering for a different kind of day out, download our scavenger hunt app , and get your tickets for “ Gangsters and Ghosts in Saint Paul .”

Here they are, in no particular order, the most terrifying spots to get your paranormal kicks in Minnesota:

1. Glensheen Mansion—Duluth

Situated on the rugged shores of Lake Superior, the 1905 Glensheen Mansion was built by the illustrious Congdon Family. The Congdons were a mining family and consummate do-gooders, but unfortunately, tragedy struck their stunning 36-room mansion.

This grand estate was the site of a notorious double murder in 1977 when heiress Elisabeth Congdon and her nurse were brutally killed by the family’s adopted daughter. While the mansion itself boasts opulent architecture and beautiful gardens, it is also said to house their restless spirits. Visitors and staff have reported eerie occurrences, from inexplicable cold spots to the faint sound of ghostly footsteps echoing through the hallways. The home is now owned by the University of Minnesota. They offer “ 21+ Flashlight Tours ” that allow you to explore the mansion at night, beer in hand!

2. Mounds Theatre—Saint Paul

The Mounds Theatre, an iconic historic venue in Saint Paul, has a reputation for more than just its rich cultural history. It is known to be a hotspot for ghost adventures, drawing the attention of paranormal investigators. Several Minnesota-based teams of ghost hunters have documented evidence that the old theater is truly haunted.

Built in the early 1920s, this former movie palace has witnessed its share of great entertainment, but some of it is sinister. Visitors and employees have reported strange occurrences over the years, including an angry apparition that chases employees out of the basement, leaving scratch marks on their backs. A little girl is often seen bouncing a ball across the stage, and an usher wanders the aisles, supposedly looking for his lover. Real Haunted Tours offers a series of ghost tours in the iconic theater.

3. Forepaugh’s Restaurant—Saint Paul

In 1870, Joseph Forepaugh built a three-story Victorian mansion for his family. The giant house gave him plenty of empty rooms to hide away in with the maid, Molly. Mrs. Forepaugh reportedly found the two in bed in 1892, and the story gets hazy from there. Some versions of the story report that the Mrs. filed for divorce, Mr. Forepaugh killed himself, and then poor Molly followed suit. Others say that he ended the affair, and Molly killed herself out of grief.

Either way, reportedly, Molly tied a rope around the third-floor chandelier, put the noose around her neck, and then flung herself out the window. Joseph and Molly are both said to haunt the restaurant. Staff reports that Molly smells of lavender perfume, loves to increase her antics around Halloween, and often smashes glasses. At one point, her antics became so intense that cops were called to investigate what was going on in the attic. Unfortunately, the Irvine Park restaurant is now closed.

4. Wabasha Street Caves—Saint Paul

Saint Paul seems to be the home of most of the Twin City hauntings! Built into the sandstone bluffs of the Saint Paul River, Wabasha Street Caves are the next Saint Paul entry on our haunted Minnesota list. During Prohibition, the Wabasha Caves were used as a speakeasy and were reportedly graced by the likes of the Dillinger Gang and Ma Barker. It’s said that three gangsters were murdered in the caves and that they still hang out in the modern-day events center.

The owner reports sightings of men in 1920s attire roaming the halls and the apparition of a bartender who still likes to serve drinks. There have been some strange photos taken in the structure, including one that captured a young boy sitting at a table, surrounded by gangsters. Wabash Street Caves offers a series of tours exploring the ghost stories and gangster history of one of the most haunted places in Minnesota.

5. Landmark Center—Saint Paul

The Landmark Center is a vibrant cultural meeting space. It hosts numerous events each year for the community that are focused on the arts and education. The building was once home to the Federal Court House, and the third-floor jail cell was temporary home to several famous gangsters in the 1930s.

Landmark is said to be haunted by Jack Pfeiffer. Jack got himself into some money laundering problems with the local gangsters. He was arrested and committed suicide in lieu of going to prison. Jack reportedly still hangs out, mostly hitting on the ladies. He likes to pop in on women in the bathroom and steal alcohol from the shelves. While it’s not an official ghost tour, the Landmark Center does offer gangster-guided tours to explore the turbulent history of this local favorite.

6. Washington Street Bridge—Minneapolis

Let’s pop across the Mississippi River to the Twin City of Minneapolis for a bridge with a long history. The bridge was constructed in the late 1960s to provide a connection to the West and East Bank campuses of the University of Minnesota. It quickly became a hot spot for suicidal jumpers, though.

In 1972, Professor John Berryman committed suicide by jumping from the second-story pedestrian bridge. Today, cyclists and students crossing the bridge claim to hear disembodied footsteps behind them. Others report an eerie feeling of being watched or followed while on the bridge.

7. Minneapolis City Hall—Minneapolis

The Minneapolis City Hall, also known as the Municipal Building, is the prime location for the government offices of Minneapolis and Hennepin County. It’s a gorgeous structure that holds a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

The grand courthouse is home to more than government offices and is said to be haunted by a brutal past. In 1898, City Hall saw its last public execution. John Moshik was hanged for murder, but his execution was a disaster. It took him over three minutes to die by strangulation.

His spirit is not happy about it, either. He reportedly haunts the fifth floor, which still houses holding cells. Prisoners report that John peers in on them in their cell, wearing only his boxer shorts. Some also attribute severe and sudden illness to John. Judges and lawyers trying cases in the courtroom tend to be the victims. You can tour the elegant government building, but if you see a man in his boxers, steer clear.

8. First Avenue—Minneapolis

Now the most famous music venue and dance hall in Minneapolis, First Avenue was once a Greyhound bus station. Despite its popularity, First Avenue is easily one of the most haunted places in Minnesota. Several spirits wander the giant concert hall. The staff has nicknamed one of the spirits “Slippy.” He likes to meander up and down the stairs with a balloon, which he can make appear out of thin air. One of the spirits is destructive and likes to break equipment and cause malfunctions.

The most common spirit seen is that of a young blonde woman. Legend states that the woman was in love with a World War II soldier who didn’t make it home. Devastated, she took her life by hanging herself in the fifth stall of the women’s bathroom. Guests today report seeing her bloated body still hanging from the noose on occasion.

This is only one of many versions of a young woman’s death that surround the building. Nobody knows the truth, as there is no newspaper or police report evidence to corroborate the death of one particular young woman at First Avenue. However, many patrons have seen her. Sometimes, she’s even dancing, but when she’s on the dance floor, she weirdly doesn’t have any legs!

9. The Palmer House Hotel—Sauk Centre

Formerly known as the Sauk Centre House, the Palmer House Hotel has been investigated by Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures . In 1900, the original brothel burned to the ground, and the luxurious Palmer House Hotel was built a year later. It was the first building in the area to feature electricity and catered to first-class guests. But some of the old tenants refused to give up their rooms.

Room 17 is said to be haunted by the ghost of a prostitute named Lucy. Poor Lucy is rumored to have been murdered in the brothel. Her pimp still lives in the hotel, too, but Raymond tends to hang out in Room 22. Guests report hearing disembodied voices and seeing the spirit of a young boy with a bouncy ball. Some even claim that noted author Sinclair Lewis may be living in this notoriously haunted hotel. The hotel offers historic tours , and reportedly, the owner is more than willing to converse about its apparitions!

10. Lakeview Cemetery—Buhl

Located in the woodlands of Northeast Minnesota, Lakeview Cemetery is considered one of the most haunted cemeteries in America. The graveyard was commissioned in 1913. It served as the primary cemetery for nearby Shaw Hospital, which primarily served patients with mental illness and tuberculosis. Most of them were buried in unmarked graves in the potter’s field.

Perhaps it’s the spookiness of the forest or the thought of all those patients just tossed in poorly marked graves. But visitors to the cemetery report some terrifying encounters. Apparitions of people in 1920s attire, disembodied voices, and unexplained footsteps are reported often. Some visitors even state that they have felt a being breathing down their necks and that there are frequent wafts of rank-smelling decay. Recent visitors report hearing screaming from the potter’s field, seeing a white orb, and being followed to their vehicle by disembodied footsteps.

11. Warden’s House Museum—Stillwater

Warden’s House dates back to 1853. It was built to house the wardens of the Minnesota Territorial Prison. Several wardens lived there up until the prison moved in 1914. Henry Wolfer was the last warden to live in the home, and while he moved on, his daughter did not.

Gertrude suffered a mortal bout with appendicitis shortly after giving birth to her son. The boy was sent to live with his grandfather in the warden’s house and grew up there until 1914. Rumors have surrounded the house ever since about a young woman, clutching her stomach in pain and calling out for her baby. Many visitors to the oldest house museum in the state claim to have seen the woman in the upstairs window. And the cradle on the second floor often rocks, seemingly on its own.

12. Minnesota State Public School for Dependent and Neglected Children (West Hills)—Owatonna

With a name like that, is there any doubt that this place is haunted? The home was one of the biggest of its kind in the nation and housed well over 10,000 children during its operating years. Stories of horror abound from the former orphans. A few have even written books about the abuse they endured in the home, especially during its later years.

It’s common knowledge to locals that the orphanage is haunted. Some won’t even walk down West Hills Street at night. The most common occurrences include audible laughter, books flying off shelves, and the sounds of running children. Some claim they have even been followed home by children after visiting the old orphanage. There are several buildings on the property that are currently used for various community activities. One of the structures serves as a museum dedicated to the orphanage and its children and is open for tours .

13. Crazy Annie’s Bridge—Henderson

“Cry Baby Bridges” are the backbone of ghost stories all over the world. The stories are usually vague, but this one is interesting. Located in the small town of Henderson, Crazy Annie’s Bridge sits next to a large tree and was once the home of a WWI soldier and his small family. After his death in the war, his wife, Annie, lost her mind. She drowned each of their three small children in the creek under the bridge before hanging herself from the tree.

Visitors to the bridge today not only report the usual babies crying and a mother’s wailing that all such bridges boast, but they have also had some strange interactions with the spirit. Many ghost hunters report seeing a woman in a white gown roaming around the bridge and surrounding woods. She seems kind enough… unless you insult her. Annie doesn’t appreciate bad manners. Those who have offended her find that she chokes or hits. It’s common for her to leave handprints on car windows, play with the radio stations, and drain car batteries. On second thought, perhaps it’s best if you just leave Annie alone.

14. Grey Cloud Island—Washington County

Our last haunted entry isn’t a structure but an entire island. Grey Cloud Island is home to several Native American burial grounds and a few current residents. The lore about this island ranges from a phantom white truck that chases visitors to a witch and a secret KKK meeting house. Visitors tell stories of a grave that grass has never grown over. It’s reportedly the grave of a witch, who has been known to reach out to guests via Ouija boards. Other visitors have reported being followed off the island by the spirits of children.

Locals claim the island is not haunted and that the phantom truck is the work of local workers from the gravel pit having a good time with scared visitors. Guess you’ll have to visit for yourself and see if the rumors are true! Be respectful if you visit the island. It’s the home of a small community, and over the years, they have no doubt gotten their fair share of disrespectful ghost hunters trespassing on their properties.

Closing Thoughts

For a place with so much natural beauty, the Gopher State has a sinister side. The haunted places in Minnesota offer the dark tourist a plenitude of options for a hair-raising good time. Whether you enjoy a guided, nighttime mansion tour in Duluth or take a DIY adventure to visit Crazy Annie, you won’t be disappointed by the spooky spots on your road trip through Minnesota.

For more haunted spots worth traveling for, check out “ The Most Haunted Places in the World !”

After your ghost-hunting adventure, take a few cues from “ The Best Things to Do in Minneapolis ” for the perfect end to a perfect trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

Minnesota is an excellent destination for dark tourism. If you want to see ghouls, add the Palmer House Hotel , Crazy Annie’s Bridge , and the Wabasha Street Caves to your travel list.

The most haunted places in Minnesota are the Palmer House Hotel , Mounds Theatre in the capital of Saint Paul , Lakeview Cemetery , and the West Hills orphanage in Owatonna.

Saint Paul is one of the most haunted cities in Minnesota . Check out the “ Gangsters and Ghosts ” ghost tour by Let’s Roam to explore the seedy side of the city.

“The Halloween Capital of the World” is located in Anoka, and there are genuinely haunted places in the state, like Grey Cloud Island , First Avenue , and City Hall in Minneapolis .

There are a few haunted hotels in Minnesota. The most famous is the Palmer House Hotel , located in Sauk Centre, and they offer historic tours detailing their gangster and ghoul history.

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The Haunted Manor in Waconia, Minnesota

An eerie haunted estate, home to ghosts and ghouls, inviting you for a chilling visit with grave surprises. In addition to being one of the most spirited places in the southwest Twin Cities, the Haunted Manor has a YouTube channel providing build updates on props made for the Haunted Manor itself, advice for constructing a haunt of your own, awareness of other great related YouTube channels, en... [ Read more ]

  • 5 Youtube Videos
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haunted homes for sale in minnesota

HauntEd Hallows in Belle plaine, Minnesota

  • 5059 Profile Views

Hell Woods in Hugo, Minnesota

  • 4620 Profile Views

Nightmare Grove Haunted House in Cottage Grove MN - OPEN in Cottage Grove, Minnesota

We will BE OPEN for two nights only this year. We figured the food shelve needs our help this year more than ever. Not to mention that everyone could probably use a little fun as 2020 hopefully comes to an end….. soon. We will be open Friday, Oct 30th from 7 to 10pm and Saturday HALLOWEEN Oct 31st from 7 to 10pm. Please bring a cash donation for Friends In Need Food Shelf OR Toiletry Items.

  • 4603 Profile Views

Haunted-Ridge in Carlton, Minnesota

This community-started Duluth haunted house and haunted hayride has been fright-filled since 1993. With more than 100 volunteers and actors each evening this haunt has become known all over the United states, With state of the art sound and special effects it is up to you to decided if its real or animated. Every attraction provides bone chilling terror that is sure not to disappoint... Also, ... [ Read more ]

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haunted homes for sale in minnesota

Haunted Theatre in Rochester, Minnesota

HAUNTED THEATRE: Wicked Wonka's Factory Edition October 28, 29, 30, 31. 6 - 9:30pm Join The Rochester Civic Theatre as we turn one of our theatres into a haunted attraction designed to entertain and frighten. What happened to those naughty children during Willy Wonka's magical factory tour, come and find out during this years edition of Haunted Theatre: Wicked Wonkas Factory! Tickets: Roc... [ Read more ]

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Haunted Basement in Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • 1653 Profile Views

The Capricorn Killer in Saint Cloud, Minnesota

  • 1419 Profile Views

The Haunted Olde Pine Theatre in Pine Island, Minnesota

The Haunted Olde Pine Theatre (Haunted Attraction) What Happens When The Stage Lights Go Out?! October 13, 17, 20, 24, 27, & 31 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM TICKETS: Cost $8 (At The Door) COMBO SPECIAL FRIGHT at the FARM & The Haunted Olde Pine Theatre $20 For Both Attractions The stage lights go out after the performance and then the paranormal activity begins. Come explore the Olde Pine Thea... [ Read more ]

  • 1274 Profile Views

haunted homes for sale in minnesota

Hellwig hollow haunted attraction in canyon, Minnesota

Minnesota's newest haunted attraction/Haunted trail located in Canyon, MN. About a 45 minute terrifying walk through the woods of Hellwig Hollow. Live actors and detailed sets insures a scare you'll be talking about for days. Come check us out. Operating hours are every Friday and Saturday in October. 7:00pm to 11:00pm. $15.00 at the Door. Food concessions on site. Fire pit for warming. Recommende... [ Read more ]

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Zoom over state below to find an attraction near you, most recent video minnesota uploads.

haunted homes for sale in minnesota


haunted homes for sale in minnesota


Top 10 featured articles minnesota.

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Minneapolis Haunted House Dead End Haunted Hayride is the biggest and scariest haunted house in Minnesota and Hauntworld will take you on a journey to learn all the details about the biggest haunted hayride in the area.  Click here and read all the details.


Recent updated haunt profiles.

haunted homes for sale in minnesota

Find Haunted Houses

Find haunted hayrides, find pumpkin patches, find corn mazes, real haunted houses, escape rooms.

These 22 Haunted Houses In Minnesota Will Terrify You In The Best Way

haunted homes for sale in minnesota

Jo Magliocco

Minnesota staff writer for Only in Your State and owner of Minnesota blog, I'm a Minneapolis transplant who loves my cats, camera, and local coffee. On the weekends I'm usually exploring the North Shore or making my way through the list of Minnesota's State Parks. Want to talk about MN or ask me a question? Tweet me @sotafiedjo!

More by this Author

If you’re looking for a spooktacular Halloween season this year, it’s worth checking out some of Minnesota’s finest haunted houses. Across the state in October there are a huge variety of terrifying attractions to give you your fix of creepy and crawly. Here are some of the MN haunted houses you can check out in 2015!

haunted homes for sale in minnesota

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12 Creepy Houses In Minnesota That Could Be Haunted

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These 7 Haunted Hotels In Minnesota Will Make Your Stay A Nightmare

The Story Behind Minnesota's Most Haunted House Will Give You Nightmares

The Story Behind Minnesota's Most Haunted House Will Give You Nightmares

haunted homes for sale in minnesota

Which one of these is your favorite? Which one scares you the most?

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Haunted Houses in Minnesota for Halloween 2022

Find local 2022 Halloween haunted houses in Minnesota.  Find lots of fun at haunted houses this Halloween. It is the Gopher state, after all, but these Minnesota haunted houses are all above ground, to the best of our knowledge. They have live actors, animatronics, costumes and makeup, air blasters, scent dispensers, and more scary type fun. This October, take your friends to one of the many Halloween attractions in the land of 10,000 lakes. Funtober lists all the current haunted houses near me, haunted trails, haunted hayrides, scream parks, and more.  Get more than a little scared by zombies, devils, demons, witches, and vampires.

Minneapolis Haunted Houses

Last Major Update: August 03, 2022

Dead End Haunted Hayride - Wyoming, MN Advertised as Minnesota’s Ultimate Horror Experience. They return for Friday and Saturday nights beginning in late September.  They are open most Wednesday through Sunday nights during October.  There are three haunted attractions at Dead End Haunted Hayride. The haunt is open 7 pm – 11 pm on Friday and Saturday nights. The attractions are open from 7 pm – 9 pm on other nights. The haunt attractions are Sunnyvale Asylum which used to house the freaks and outcasts. Dead End Hayride, Departed Oaks Haunted Trail, and Site 66 Haunted Cornfield has lots of chainsaws and mazes.  Please know you are part of the show and they can and will touch you.  This is one of the most popular haunt attractions in the country.  Dead End has over 75000 Facebook likes.

Fright Farm Haunted House - Maplewood, MN Sorry folks but sadly the owner have decided to permanently close this popular haunt.  They will be missed.  This location was the former poor farm for indigent and elderly people. Lots of ghosts roam the area. Fright Farm Haunted House operates a Halloween Horror Show in October. Open Friday and Saturday nights in October. Fright Farm has been running for over 24 years.

Fright Nights - Glenwood, MN The haunted house is open every Friday and Saturday nights beginning in early October.  They also run a separate Halloween themed escape room event on Thursday nights in September and October.  Tickets for the haunted house are available online and in person.

Hamel Lions Haunted Acres - Corcoran, MN Open the 3 weekends plus Halloween in October.  A fund raising attraction for the Lions and Jaycees their permanent home is now Corcoran Lions Park.

Haunted Shack - Duluth, MN The Haunted Shack returns for 10 nights this October.  It has been open for more than 20 years. It features a haunted hayride, corn maze, and a haunted house. Tickets are $15. Doors open at 7 pm for the hayride and 7:30 for the shack. Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights starting the middle of October. Check website for other Thursday and Sunday dates they are open.

Haunted Ship - Duluth, MN Sorry folks but the ship is closed for this year.  They expect to reopen in 2021.

Hell Woods - Hugo, MN Sorry folks but Hell Woods just announced they are permanently closing.

House on Haunted Hill - Brook Park, MN Now known as Ringler’s House on Haunted Hill after the classic movie.  A mile long haunted trail walk.  Haunted attraction located between Mora and Hinckley. Many new attractions each season. Offering two haunted trails. Our full scare trail, is packed with scares and takes around 40 minutes to walk through. Including 2 mazes, and many scary tunnels. It’s a must see. Starting in 2020, Children of Haunted Hill will open. A completely new attraction for keeping D’s and families, and for those who like a little more tamed down trail.

Molitor’s Haunted Acres - Sauk Rapids, MN Join this fun haunted hayride in October.  Molitor’s has been operating for 20 years. After going through the attractions spend some time at the bonfire pit and concession stands or hunting zombies. Open Friday and Saturday nights starting in early October plus a few other dates.

Monster Bash - Harmony, MN Sorry folks but given the current virus situation Monster Bash will not open this fall.  They hope to see everyone next year.  Welcome to the 9th edition of the Monster Bash Haunted House: Night Terrors! Imagine your worst nightmares come to life as you enter our scare floor!  Each year, we create a new theme and an entirely new layout for the haunted house. The haunt is built and manned entirely by local volunteer students, families and community members.  Our haunts are handicap accessible; this year there is a single vignette which will not be wheelchair accessible, but we have planned an alternate route which eliminates this single scare.  Tickets are $10.

Nightmare Hallow Scream Park - Chisago City, MN Nightmare Hallow has 3 haunt attractions. It has operated for 25 years of fear. Check with their Facebook page before attending as we have not seen any updated information in more than a year.

Nightscreams - Bena, MN Nightscreams is open every Friday and Saturday nights starting in early October plus Halloween night.  Last season we doubled the size.  Now we have doubled the scares. Our larger attractions that will surely delight scream goers. Enter our haunted cabins, graveyards and dare to enter the haunted forest. There are a lot of haunted attractions that are themed base, or tell a story… NightScreams takes into consideration that people are scared by a variety of different things. Every year we make sure we take that into account, whether you’re afraid of clowns, zombies, ghostly spirits or your own shadow, we have it all covered!

Northern Frights - Garden City, MN Get 6 attractions for the low price of just $22.  Zombie paintball available but extra.  They are open Friday and Saturday nights in October beginning in early October.  With six terrifying attractions, Southern Minnesota has haunts that’ll unlock your nightmares.  Each ticket grants fright-seekers access to all six haunts.  Tall tales of terror have emerged, including Big Foot and ghosts rising from a sunken ship. What would happen if they were all in one place?  Along side the Wataonwan River under the old growth oaks, iconic legends of horror lurk.  Can you survive the gauntlet?  Run from Killer Clowns 3D.  Strap on your 3D glasses for this assault of the senses. Bright colors, neon lights, and killer clowns coming from all sides await you in this attraction.

Olson Haunted House - Chanhassen, MN Sorry folks but Olson Haunted House has not opened since 2018.

Rochester Fright At The Farm - Rochester, MN Opens this season around the middle of October.  Tickets available at the door or online in advance to Fright Farm, southern Minnesota’s most horrifying haunted attraction. Doors open at 7 pm. Enjoy all Friday and Saturday nights.  The scary entertainment includes riding the hearse, the Haunted Bus, the all new Guillotine Room, the maze of terror, the Underground Clown Town, the Butcher Shop, and the Spiders Den. Enter if you dare at your own risk.  They operate both a haunted corn maze and a haunted house attraction.

Scream Town - Chaska, MN The screams begin this season in late September.  Scream Town is an amazing haunted attraction. Tickets are $30-36. Gates open at 6:30 pm. Parking is free. The attraction is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights in October.  Check their website for discounts on some nights. The attractions are Terror in the Corn, Redneck Resort, Circus Asylum, Oak Blood Forest, Funeral Home Visitation, Rabid Alley, and Sasquatch Investigation. Take your time and enjoy each of these attractions. There are some new attractions every year. Scream Town is a bit unusual in that guests may re-enter any of the attractions multiple times on the same ticket. Also most haunted houses allow visitors in line to go through the haunts even after the normal closing time. Not at Scream Town. They close each night at 11 pm sharp.

Terrorworld Haunted Attraction - Minneapolis, MN Sorry folks but it appears Terror World has permanently closed.

The Abandoned Hayride - Chaska, MN Given the current virus situation the creative minds at The Abandoned Hayride have design a drive thru attraction for this year.  Minnesota’s newest and most unique Haunted Hayride and Haunted House returns for another unique year. Like nothing you have ever seen before in MN or the entire country. You will be dropped off in the woods, and Abandoned. One of the best Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities Halloween adventures. Four attractions, one low price. Opens in late September with hours every Friday and Saturday night (plus one Thursday and two Sundays). Ticket office closes an hour before the attractions, but it’s $5 more at the office and they’re cash only, so order online and save yourself some time!

The show runs Friday and Saturday nights starting in early October. The Haunted Farm is a genuine farm of terror with thirty years experience in the haunting industry. The farm features various shocking creatures that lurk in woods, 15 energetic and spine-tingling haunted attractions, and a most hair-raising walk through the dark and dangerous woods.  Tickets are $22.

The Haunting Experience - Cottage Grove, MN The season kicks off in late September.  Another full entertainment with movies, bonfires, live entertainment, a Ghoul Grill restaurant, beer tent, and Club Scream dancing. The Haunting Experience on Highway 61 has two haunted attractions. Schummo’s Clown House and The Hayride. Doors open at dark and close at 11 pm on Friday and Saturday or at 10 pm on all other nights. Ticket prices vary depending on attraction. Save money and buy online. This area was first settled nearly two hundred years ago by people who ran into a very rough winter and resorted to cannibalism. Open every Friday and Saturday in October plus lots of Wednesday and Thursday nights.  See web site for details. There are lots of scary tales about that winter. This is their 32nd year of terror. As an attraction, the working farm hosts a daily separate corn maze which runs from 11 am to 6 pm.

The Haunting Experience on Highway 61 - Cottage Grove, MN Buy tickets online and save.  Tickets are $17-25 per person.  Haunting Experience runs from late September through early November.  Generally on Friday and Saturday nights but they have discount nights available on added dates in October.  The Zywiec Family established the Haunting Experience as a Halloween attraction in Minnesota back in 1986. Since then, our complex features the perfect team of scare-actors, artists, builders, and human oddities. Together, we bring you an intensely scary haunted house experience, a humorously eerie haunted hayride, a twisted carnival, and mouthwatering concessions. Visit the Haunting Experience on Highway 61 this Halloween season, and enjoy the scare of your life!

Trail of Terror - Shakopee, MN The season opens in early October.  Trail of Terror is a full night entertainment experience. Basic tickets are $18-24 which covers basic haunted houses plus the midway which has food, beverages, and souvenirs. You can join the Zombie Pub Crawl for an additional price. Carnival Rides are $2. The Trail of Terror includes Howling Pines Woods Walk which covers a one mile walk through terror. Hotel 66 is a haunted corn maze. Grubbs Pest Control has all the spiders, snakes, flies, and roaches you ever want to see. Also lots of fun with zombie paintball.  Finally roam through Crystal Caverns, Chuckles Pizzeria, and Harmony’s Department of Corrections. The attractions are open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

ValleyScare at Valleyfair - Shakopee, MN Sorry folks but given the current virus scare Valleyfiar is closed until 2021.  Next year the fun takes a terrifying turn as the park transforms into ValleySCARE, the upper Midwest’s largest Halloween event. With more than 75 rides, haunted mazes, scare zones and monsters prowling the park, there is something to satisfy everyone’s devilish desire.  Tickets as low as $36.

Don’t drive hours to a haunted house when there’s one right across the Minnesota border in another state. After you have considered the Minnesota haunted houses, consider whether one of these might be close to you as well:   Iowa,  North Dakota,  South Dakota,  or Wisconsin .

Find other fun things to do in Minnesota in October: Oktoberfest in Minnesota Minnesota Festivals Minnesota Corn Mazes Minnesota Ghost Tours Minnesota Pumpkin Patches

Haunted Houses in Minnesota

You may also be interested in our article on  Haunted Houses and Horror Movies | History of Fear .

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Have you been to one of these haunts? Future readers would be interested in hearing what you thought. Did you have fun? Was it worth the price? Would you suggest it to visitors here? Any tips to maximize your experience? I'll gladly publish what you send me and give you an over-the-Internet hug.

If you are the owner or employee of a house in this directory, or one we missed and need to add, we would love to have more information about your place, including the url, photos, dates/times/hours etc. Use the contact form on our advertising page to get in touch and we'll follow up if we still need your response to any of  these questions .

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The butcher shop is closed for this season per their webpage.

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Minnesota Haunted Houses

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Dreadwood haunted forest, farmington fright night, fright farm haunted house, haunted dome, haunted hallways 2013, haunted trail of fears, haunting experience on highway 61, nightmare hallow scream park, nightscreams, rochester horror fright at the farm, scream town, sherods fright farm, stalkers of the corn at shafer corn maze, support our troops haunted house3, the butcher shop; house of gore, thedead end hayride, trail of terror in shakopee.

MINNESOTA Minnesota haunted houses is located in Chaska.  Chaska haunted house presents Meltdown at Sector 666, The Farmers Revenge, Cracked, Abandoned, Circus Asylum, Oak Blood Forest, Redneck Resort

Minnesota the land of 10,000 lakes is a state which began with the fur trade of the past. Many immigrated here to trade the most beautiful furs with the Native Americans. Over time logging, wheat farming, and milling took over. With increased logging, the shipping and railroad industries flourished. Minnesota was a main travel route through the north to Seattle, by the railroad. St. Paul and Minneapolis grew into the twin cities. As a relatively new state during the Civil War, Minnesota, when called to serve the Union, sent 22,000 soldiers. The Minnesota Infantry was pivotal in the Battle of Gettysburg; however this battle was one of the most violent, bloody, gruesome, horrific battles and left hundreds sick, injured, hungry, dismembered, or dead. The sight of the violent bloody war and stench of death stained the psyche and will forever haunt the ones who returned. At the same time the Dakota War of 1862 broke out within the state. The Natives were at battle with the settlers. After an initial killing of a family of settlers, the Dakota were at war. In less than a week, almost 400 settlers and government workers perished in the bloody battles. This war went on for six weeks. When it was over, the trials of 425 Native Americans for their participation ended in convictions. 38 of those were hanged in the largest execution in the United States; all others were sentenced to prison. Deaths that left the souls angered still wander Minnesota. Lost in purgatory between life and death, these souls return to seek revenge. Fortunately, these souls are gathered and kept restrained until their energy and anger release them from their bondage to let them roam free during the tenth month of every year after the fall harvest. Wounded, dismembered, infected, cold and hungry have left these souls in purgatory to forever complete their mission. Souls have converged in the many haunted houses, haunted hayrides, haunted mazes, ghost tours, paranormal activity, attractions and more. Attracted by Halloween, they converge in the portals that are opened during Halloween. The intense energy they expel helps the living keep them at bay for the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, they must return and do their bidding as part of their mission in purgatory. Minnesota is a portal to the depths of the under-world. Demons and messengers of the under-lord return to experiment on the living. Hidden dungeons and chambers are opened under the pure evil and energy of the spirits who are unaware of how to cross over. Minnesota is home to the many haunted attractions and haunted houses that are well-known in the haunt world. These attractions have been selected as America’s Best Haunts, Haunted Attraction Magazine, seen on local television, radio stations, and newspapers. Visit the haunted world of twisted and deranged haunted houses, scream parks, haunted hotels, haunted caves, haunted farms and barns, haunted stables and trails, haunted mazes, attractions and more. Find the most innovative animatronics, scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, crazed clowns, creatures from the depths of the underworld, cutting edge technology, and bring your nightmares to life right here in Minnesota. Don’t wait for a review, check it out yourself! When searching for haunted houses online, we are just a click away.

Scream Town boasts five attractions in Chaska, Minnesota. Secluded just outside the city lights, you will find a remote corn field and haunted forest. Just the drive into Scream Town will give you the creeps. Tons of NEW sets, props, actors, and effects for 2012. Terror in the Corn is the twin cities largest and scariest haunted corn maze. This is no ordinary maze; even the corn has grown to a monstrous 12 feet high. Monsters and surprises lurk all around, searching for the screams and heart pounding adrenaline that they are drawn to. Don’t miss the meat locker or the farmer’s house to walk through, they are a scream. Take a night stroll through the Oak Blood Forest and be cautious, for the Blood family is enslaved amongst the trees and they do not like visitors. Will you find your way out of the forest or fall prey to the creatures within. There is no safety of a wagon or a guide, so beware of all the creatures that have been released during the months of the fall harvest for they are searching for victims to experiment on. Hillbilly Motel is accepting reservation and is waiting for your arrival. Bubba and his cousins will have you laughing and screaming at the way they do business, and hurrying to check out. We won’t leave the lights on for ya. Screamtown was forced to construct one of the largest Asylums in Minnesota to house the most crazy, most sinister, most bizarre circus freaks and keep them contained in the Circus Asylum. It may appear to be safe, but your encounter within the walls of the Circus Asylum may not be. Circus Asylum boasts being one of the largest wooden mazes in Minnesota, and all the freaks you think you can handle. Brave Rabid Alley in Screamtown, it is a sensory overload. Hurry down the 500 ft. Alley of Death with more things to see, be careful they are rabid. Enhanced with state-of-art special effects, don’t get bitten you will not recover the terror inside. Great food, great fun, and terror await!


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  5. 12 Houses In Minnesota That Could Be Haunted

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  1. Realtors® Guide to Haunted Real Estate

    Five historic Minnesota homes where ghosts are permanent fixtures Looking for a property with a little spook appeal? MNR's Realtor ® members know more than a few of the best homes in Minnesota to find skeletons in the closet, spirits in the attic, and unseen things that go bump in the night.

  2. One Of Minnesota's Haunted Places Is For Sale, Listed Under $100K

    One Of Minnesota's Haunted Places Is For Sale, Listed Under $100,000 Chris Allen Published: March 10, 2022 Lakes Area Realty Just west of Pine City, this .72-acre lakeside property on the market has the old Pokegama Sanitorium built on it. Many haunted stories circulate around town about the facility, and you can own it for a song.

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    Haunted building in Pine City up for sale Joe Mazan KSTP September 15, 2023 - 3:47 PM Haunted building in Pine City up for sale A lakeside property near Pine City is up for sale and with...

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    5 Haunted Houses You Can Buy Right Now—If You Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts By Lisa Johnson Mandell Oct 29, 2021 Envelope Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest

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    2097 West Larpenteur Avenue, St. Paul, MN The farmhouse, now run by the Ramsey County Historical Society (RCHS), was once the scene of a grass fire that tragically took the life of a nine-year-old boy named William in 1867.

  6. Former Pine City hospital, popular with ghost hunters, for sale

    Under Minnesota law, sellers do not have to disclose if there's any alleged paranormal activity connected to a home or building. The more than a century-old structure is well known for paranormal...

  7. The 12 Most Haunted Places in Minnesota

    The Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul has long been considered one of the most haunted places in Minnesota. There is a number of unexplained phenomena that have been reported here, but most of them are pinned on a former stagehand known only as Ben.

  8. Haunted Minnesota Sanatorium For Sale for Less Than $100K

    Haunted Minnesota Sanatorium For Sale for Less Than $100K Carly Ross Published: March 21, 2022 Credit: The World of Yesterday via YouTube The prices of homes are crazy right now (just like everything else, surprise, surprise) but there's one place for sale in Minnesota for just $75,000!

  9. Help! How can I sell my haunted house?

    This law was put into effect after a homeowner in New York sued when they found out they were about to buy a "haunted" house. The short answer, then, is that if you want to sell your house, you do not have to disclose to potential buyers that you believe your house is haunted. (However, 38% of those who say they live in a haunted house were ...

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    (credit: Haunting Experience) Real Haunted Tours at the Mounds Theatre 1029 Hudson Road St. Paul, MN 55106 (651) 772-2253 Dates: Now through October

  11. 2021 Guide to Haunted Houses in Minnesota

    The city with the most attractions / surrounding haunts is Minneapolis, MN. Each year, we search the internet to find out what these haunts are up to during the off-season. During our 2021 update session for Minnesota, 5 haunts ' information was updated, 6 were removed and 1 haunt was added to the Minnesota Haunted House Directory.

  12. A Guide to the Best Haunted Houses near Minneapolis, Minnesota (Updated

    R.I.P. to these Haunted Houses in 2022: Unfortunately, either because of COVID or other reasons, a few long-time favorite local haunted houses have closed their doors recently. They include: Original ValleySCARE (Shakopee, MN) Fright Farm Haunted House (Maplewood, MN) Hell Woods (Hugo, MN) Olson Haunted Houses (Chanhassen, MN)

  13. The Best Haunted Houses in Minnesota

    Monster Bash Haunted House. The Monster Bash Haunted House is yet another attraction that is entirely non-profit and used to benefit others.. This one in particular is used to support the arts community in Harmony, Minnesota. Voted as the top overall Halloween attraction in Minnesota for three years in a row, this is a terrifying haunted house that will give you a whole new perspective on ...

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    Zillow has 15882 homes for sale in Minnesota. View listing photos, review sales history, and use our detailed real estate filters to find the perfect place.

  15. The Most Haunted Places in Minnesota

    PAUL The Most Haunted Places in Minnesota Here they are, in no particular order, the most terrifying spots to get your paranormal kicks in Minnesota: 1. Glensheen Mansion—Duluth Situated on the rugged shores of Lake Superior, the 1905 Glensheen Mansion was built by the illustrious Congdon Family.

  16. Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in MINNEAPOLIS, MN

    This is a placeholder. "Super disorganized. The haunted house line took 95 minutes and the hayride took 45." more. 5. Nightmare Grove. Haunted Houses. This is a placeholder. 6. Anoka Haunted House.

  17. Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in ST. CLOUD, MN

    This is a review for haunted houses in St. Cloud, MN: "Taste of Tertor located in Elk River, MN is put on by the Big Lake Cheer Booster Club. This is an INCREDIBLE event with easily the best Haunted House in the State of Minnesota. Everytime you go through the Haunted House, it is a different experience! Smells, Sounds and Visual effects are ...

  18. Top Minnesota Haunted Houses

    Find, rate and review haunted, hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, escape rooms, across Minnesota. Hauntworld will also help you find haunted house videos and photos in Minnesota. The Scariest haunted houses await your review so please share your experiences here at Hauntworld. Haunted Houses in (2022) near Minneapolis MN. Haunted Houses in ...

  19. The Scariest Haunted Houses In Minnesota

    2. Zywiec's Haunting Experience. A Minnesota favorite, head to Zywiec's in Cottage Grove for the corn maze and stay for the incredible haunting experience! 3. Nightmare Hallow Scream Park. Hunt zombies, take a haunted hayride and experience the terrifying haunted house at this Forest Lake attraction.

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    View 1027 homes for sale in Minneapolis, MN at a median listing home price of $325,000. See pricing and listing details of Minneapolis real estate for sale.

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    Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in Minnetonka, MN 55345 - November 2023 - Yelp - Nowhere Haunted House, Hamel Lions Haunted Acres, The Abandoned Hayride, Support Our Troops Haunted House, ValleySCARE Haunt at Valley Fair, Scream Town, Valleyfair, Nightmare Hallow Scream Park, Oak Blood Forest, CynCity Tours

  22. Best Haunted Houses in Minnesota: 15 Scary Halloween Attractions (2023

    1. Scream Town 2. The Dead End Hayride 3. Haunted Farm 4. Rochester Horror: Fright at the Farm 5. The Haunted Ship 6. Fright Nights 7. Trail of Terror 8. The Abandoned Hayride 9. The Haunted Shack 10. Nightmare on First Street 11. Thuney's Haunted Graveyard 12. The Haunting Experience 13. Zombie Rampage 14. Monster Bash Haunted House 15.

  23. Minnesota Haunted Houses for Halloween 2024

    The Haunted Shack returns for 10 nights this October. It has been open for more than 20 years. It features a haunted hayride, corn maze, and a haunted house. Tickets are $15. Doors open at 7 pm for the hayride and 7:30 for the shack. Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights starting the middle of October.

  24. Top Haunted Houses in Minnesota

    MINNESOTA Minnesota haunted houses is located in Chaska. Chaska haunted house presents Meltdown at Sector 666, The Farmers Revenge, Cracked, Abandoned, Circus Asylum, Oak Blood Forest, Redneck Resort. Minnesota the land of 10,000 lakes is a state which began with the fur trade of the past. Many immigrated here to trade the most beautiful furs ...