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11 Best Naxos Boat Tours You Can’t Miss In 2024

If you’re looking for the best Naxos boat tours, you have come to the right place!

Cyclades are the perfect destination for sailing holidays, but you can have the sailing experience even if you’re staying on one island by joining one of these Naxos sailing tours.

I visited Naxos when island-hopping the Cyclades, and I noticed it was one of the cheapest Greek islands on my itinerary.

That meant it was the ideal place to go on a boat tour and feel like sailing the Cyclades on a backpacker’s budget!

From budget-friendly catamaran tours to romantic private sunset cruises, Naxos offers something for every type of traveler.

If you’re ready to cross this magical experience off your bucket list, let’s jump right in with the best boat trips from Naxos!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. I hope you find the information here helpful!

My Top 3 Picks: Best Naxos Boat Tours

sailing boats in naxos port, with naxos day cruise catamaran in the right corner

✔️ 5-7 hours ✔️ Luxurious new boat

catamaran naxos greece

✔️ Customizable itinerary ✔️ Delicious lunch

sandy beach in naxos with mountains in the distance and small waves washing over the coast

✔️ Under 100€ per person ✔️ BBQ with vegan options

Best Naxos Boat Trips

Spending a day on the sea is by far the best day trip from Naxos you can go for. Yet, with so many sailing cruises Naxos offers, it might seem hard to pick the best one. 

Whether you’re looking for a fun group tour, a romantic Naxos sunset cruise, or a fully customizable private boat tour, here are the best Naxos boat tours for every budget and type of traveler.

Best Group Naxos Boat Tours

Group tours are the most common boat tours Naxos offers. 

Group tours are great for solo travelers as you only pay a fraction of the price for a private tour, and it’s an excellent opportunity to meet people when traveling . 

Some of these group tours are listed as semi-private, which usually means it’s a smaller boat with up to 10 people on board.

Others can host more than 100 guests, but those tend to be significantly cheaper.

1. Naxos: Day Cruise on a Catamaran with Lunch

⭐️ RATING: 4.7/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 5-7 hours | Check it out!

If you want to sail from Naxos along some of the most beautiful hidden beaches on a luxurious new catamaran, this is the best catamaran tour Naxos has. 

Pack your swimsuit, as you’ll visit 3 different swimming spots where you’ll have plenty of time to swim in the crystal-clear water and snorkel. The friendly crew will tell you stories and fun facts about the places you visit, so it doubles as a guided tour!

You don’t need to worry about food. Drinks, snacks, and a delicious Greek lunch prepared on board are included. They also cater to vegans on request, so note it when booking the tour!

With a maximum of 18 people on board, you’ll have enough space to get around and be able to enjoy the boat and overwater nets in the back.

The itinerary of this Naxos day cruise depends on weather conditions, and you don’t know where you’ll go until the day of the trip. 

While this is the best Naxos boat trip for most people, if you’re set on seeing a specific beach or island, you might want to opt for a Naxos boat tour with a fixed route. 

“ Our 7-8hr day sail was a dream! Demetrius and Nikos were amazing hosts aboard Steve π. Beautiful new boat, tasty meal, and plenty of swimming and time for relaxation. “ – GetYourGuide traveler (see more reviews )

🤩 Check Prices and Availability!

2. Naxos: Catamaran Cruise and Snorkeling with Lunch & Drinks

⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 7-8 hours | Check it out!

This is one of the best Naxos catamaran tours for those who want to discover the most beautiful beaches, relax on board a modern catamaran, soak in the sun, and enjoy fresh Greek food.

You’ll start your day early in the morning and sail along the Naxos coastline. The tour features 3-4 swimming stops, exact location depends on the guests’ preferences and weather conditions.

Swimming on secluded beaches is the highlight of visiting Europe in summer , and you’ll be spoiled with incredible beaches you’ll visit on this Naxos boat trip. Snorkeling equipment is provided, so you can discover vibrant Naxos marine life.

Lunch and drinks are included, and the tour caters to vegetarians and vegans as long as you notify them in advance!

“ This was our highlight on Naxos Island. If there’s one activity to do here, this is the one. A perfect day on a catamaran that takes you to places that look like real-life postcards. ” GetYourGuide traveler (read more reviews )

front view of a sailing boat and sunset over the sea

3. Naxos: Full-Day Small Cyclades Sailing Cruise

⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 9.5 hours | Check it out!

If your heart is set on sailing the Small Cyclades, this full-day Small Cyclades Sailing Cruise with a fixed itinerary is the one for you!

Most Naxos boat tours don’t have a set itinerary and decide on the route as the day progresses, but this tour takes you to this beautiful archipelago of remote islands (unless the weather conditions are really bad).

The tour starts in Naxos Marina, right in the city center of Naxos – no car is needed!

You’ll sail south towards the Small Cyclades with a swim break mid-way before reaching one of the islands, where you’ll have lunch and enjoy more free time for swimming and snorkeling.

Full lunch is included, and they cater to vegans, so make sure to get in touch with them before the tour to secure your dish! 

The tour is limited to 10 participants, so it feels like a private tour for a price of a group tour.

“ Our sailing trip was an amazing experience! We did some sailing and learned a lot from our guide. We explored stunning bays, and did some swimming and snorkeling. ” – Helena, Germany (read more reviews )

view of whitewashed hilltop houses from apollo temple and a stone path leading to it across the sea

4. Naxos: Sailing Cruise with Lunch and Drinks

⭐️ RATING: 4.7/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 9 hours | Check it out!

Naxos: Sailing Cruise with Lunch and Drinks is an unmissable experience for anybody who wants to spend a day on a stunning sailboat cruising along the Naxos coastline. 

The itinerary is not fixed, so you’ll sail from Naxos port in the direction of the beaches with the best conditions for the day. As it is a sailing cruise you’ll go where the wind decides to take you!

The group will get to decide what area they prefer to visit so you might end up sailing for a day trip to Paros , Rina Cave, or the west coast of Naxos.

This will be a day full of swimming and snorkeling, so you’ll be happy to get a freshly prepared Mediterranean lunch. Remember to let them know in advance if you have some dietary restrictions!

“ It was excellent! Very fun and relaxing. The boat was quite big and small group, we were able to enjoy the space a lot. The places they took us to were beautiful, the crew super attentive, and the food delicious! ” – Maria, France (read more reviews )

5. All-Inclusive Day Sailing Tour From Naxos To The Small Cyclades

Discover the most beautiful hidden bays on this all-inclusive sailing tour from Naxos. The tour takes up to 10 guests on board, making for an almost private cruise experience.

The tour starts early in the morning from Naxos port, and you start sailing towards the Small Cyclades with a swim stop along the way.

It is an all-inclusive tour, so you’ll get breakfast, BBQ lunch, and drinks throughout the day.

“ Great trip, superb spots to swim. We got to visit nearby islands, and the crew was top notch in looking after us. ” – Martin_U (read more reviews )

view from the back of a sailboat sailing cyclades away from the island

6. Boat Cruise to Rina’s Cave & Ano Koufonisi with BBQ Lunch

⭐️ RATING: 4.1/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 9 hours | Check it out!

If you’re looking for budget-friendly boat trips from Naxos, this cruise to Rina’s Cave and Ano Koufonisi Island is the one for you. 

This is by no means a private tour, as the 25 m-long boat accommodates up to 130 guests. However, it is one of the cheapest boat tours in Naxos!

The boat departs from Agia Anna port, so you’ll have to plan to catch a bus from Naxos Town if you don’t rent a car in Naxos .

On this full-day tour, you’ll get to swim in crystal clear sea and explore one of the most beautiful islands in the Small Cyclades island group. Perfect for those who want a more active day with sightseeing.

The first stop is Rina Cave, where you’ll get to spend 2h swimming and snorkeling. Discover a nearby pebbled beach with a unique water spring. 

While you enjoy the water, the crew will prepare a delicious BBQ lunch with fresh Naxian products and vegan options. 

The next stop is the island of Ano Koufonisi. You’ll get 3 hours of free time on the islands to swim or stroll the cobblestone streets of the small island capital.

“ The boat crew is very friendly and the food was gorgeous. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to do a boat tour in Naxos. ” – A Tripadvisor Reviewer (read more reviews )

port in the cyclades with small boat for boat tours in the front and large ferry in the backgrund

7. Semi-Private Naxos Sailing Tour

⭐️ RATING: 4.6/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 10 hours | Check it out!

This Naxos sailing tour is one of the oldest in Naxos, and Captain George is an experienced sailor who will take you to all the best spots around Naxos.

You’ll spend a whole day sailing, and depending on the weather conditions and guest preferences, you might see the islands on the west side of Naxos (Antiparos and Paros) or the Small Cyclades in the south and the famous Rina Cave.

This tour doesn’t include lunch, so remember to bring enough food to keep you full, otherwise you’ll have to grab something on one of the islands along the way.

“ This sailing trip was the highlight of our trip to Naxos. It was 8 hours of beauty, relaxation, and fun .” – Suzanne_D (read more reviews )

8. Catamaran Full-Day Cruise around Naxos or Paros with Lunch

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 7 hours | Check it out!

Starting at 10 am, this tour is one of the best boat trips Naxos has for those who like to sleep in. Depending on the weather conditions, you will explore the beaches on Paros or Naxos. 

The tour starts with about 2 hours of sailing down Naxos west coast to the famous Rina Cave. There you’ll stop for a swim and BBQ lunch that the crew will prepare on board. 

After lunch, you’ll sail to the following two swimming spots on Naxos or Paros.

This tour has a maximum of 20 passengers on board, so it is a nice in-between for those who want to be on a fun group tour and have enough space to enjoy the boat.

“ Decided to book a catamaran tour with a couple of friends and it was wonderful! The crew was very accommodating and drove us around Naxos and Paros stopping at 3 beautiful locations. Would 10/10 recommend !” – Savannah_K (read more reviews )

Best Naxos Private Boat Tours

If you’re dreaming of going on a private boat tour Naxos might be the best Greek island for that adventure! 

Private boat tour prices in Naxos are significantly lower than in Santorini or Mykonos, so it is a perfect place for this bucket list experience.

Private tours are also great if you’re traveling in a group, as the price is divided among everybody in the group, making it even cheaper than booking individual tickets on a group tour!

naoussa paros old port with small white wooden fishing boats docked along the seafront

9. Private Catamaran All-Inclusive Cruise in Naxos

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 6 hours | Check it out!

Grab all your friends and book this private catamaran for a day of sailing around Naxos.

Perfect for groups and those who want an intimate experience, without other people around.

As it is a private tour, you get to customize your itinerary and discuss which places you’d like to visit with your captain. However, you have to be aware that the itinerary mainly depends on the weather.

This tour is all-inclusive, so you’ll have all your meals prepared for you during the trip. The crew will set up a fresh lunch, and drinks are available throughout the day. 

“ Wow! It s just an amazing experience. The crew is so skilled and knowledgeable, gives great advice on customized trips, and provides an amazing service. ” – A Tripadvisor Reviewer (read more reviews )

sunset over the sea in naxos

10. Naxos: Private Sunset Boat Tour

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours | Check it out!

If you’re looking for romantic things to do in Naxos , it doesn’t get much more romantic than going on a Naxos sunset cruise. 

Naxos sunsets are some of the most magical I’ve seen, and I might dare to say that I enjoyed them more than the legendary Oia Santorini sunsets.

This Private Sunset Boat Tour is 2h long and takes you along the west coast of Naxos, so you get the best sunset view of Naxos panorama and its most significant landmarks. 

It is one of the rare Naxos half-day boat tours, perfect for those who can’t spend a whole day on the sea. 

You’ll get fresh fruit to snack on and a bottle of top-quality wine to toast as you glide along the island.

This tour is for up to 6 participants, so you can go on a romantic date with your partner or gather your friends for a unique Naxos activity.

a stone staircase leading to whitewashed houses in the mountains in the cyclades

11. 3 Days All Inclusive Private Cruise From Naxos To The Small Cyclades

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 3 days| Check it out!

If you’re ready to have the best 3 days of your Greek holidays, this 3-day private cruise from Naxos to the Small Cyclades is the one for you!

Sailing the Small Cyclades is a bucket list experience, and with this tour, you get to experience it on a beautiful boat with a courteous crew that will make sure you have the best times.

As it is a private tour, you can discuss your itinerary with the captain to make sure you have the trip of your dreams.

You’ll get to stay overnight on a boat and experience sleeping on board, which s a great intro for a longer sailing trip you might want to do in the future!

“ 5 stars are not enough! My husband and I spent 3 incredible days on the Aegean with Panos, Ina, and Alex in mid-September. ” – A Tripadvisor Reviewer (read more reviews )

What To Bring On Naxos Boat Tours?

If you’ve never been on a boat day trip here’s what you’ll want to pack:

  • Bag (ideally waterproof, if not, at least a waterproof pouch for electronics)
  • Water bottle
  • Hoodie or a cardigan

A waterproof bag is not necessary for every boat trip. If you’re taking a larger boat, your stuff will probably stay dry as there is a dedicated dry space to put it. 

A swimsuit (and something dry to change into!) is a must if you’ll be swimming on the trip. 

You can take a regular beach towel, but if you’re backpacking around Cyclades you probably have a quick dry microfibre towel. It works great, and I love mine!

Sunscreen is a must ! The sun is strong in Naxos, and you’ll want to have a bottle of sunscreen to reapply throughout the day if you’ll be swimming and hanging out on the boat.

Most Naxos boat tours are all-inclusive, meaning you’ll get freshly prepared lunch, snacks, and drinks. But after years of traveling as a vegan, I always pack some snacks in case vegan options are not available.

If you’re traveling to Naxos in the shoulder season, it can get chilly at night. Especially if you’re going for a Naxos sunset cruise, so grab a cardigan just in case.

I love to take a GoPro on boat tours as it is waterproof (and saltwater resistant, unlike iPhone!) and you can take incredible underwater photos.

Most boat tours in Naxos require you to show your ID or other proof of identity, so remember to bring it along!

small fishing boats docked in naoussa port paros

Best Places To Visit On Boat Trips From Naxos?

Naxos is a windy island, that’s why most tours don’t offer fixed itineraries and the same company can take you along Naxos’ west coast one day and to Paros the other day.

When you see where is Naxos on the map , these are some of the places you’d want to see on a boat trip from Naxos:

  • Rina Cave : One of the most popular places in Naxos, a sea cave only accessible by boat tour. The water around the cave is a mix of saltwater and mountain spring water and has a unique blue hue.
  • Church Agios Sozon : A tiny, whitewashed church perched on the side of the cliff among the rocks. The easiest way to access is by sea.
  • The Small Cyclades : A remote group of islands on the southeast of Naxos. It is a place to get away from the crowds and enjoy an authentic Greek island atmosphere. While you could stay on one of the bigger islands, Naxos sailing trips are the most popular way to visit.
  • Paros and Antiparos : If Paros is not already on your Cyclades itinerary , you can easily visit it on a boat day trip from Naxos.

FAQ: Boat Trips From Naxos

Most Naxos boat cruises depart from Naxos Marina, located in the city center of Naxos Chora, right next to Naxos ferry port. 

Yes, you should book Naxos boat tours in advance. Unless you’re spending a week on the island, and you want to shop around in person, it is better to have your tours sorted out in advance. The best ones are often sold out several days in advance and it is hard to get a last-minute spot in high season.

While Naxos boat tours are cheaper than sailing trips from Santorini, they are not cheap activities. These tours start from around 70€ per person, up to 200€ in the high season. While the price might seem high upfront, they are a full-day activity and usually include lunch, snacks, and unlimited drinks.

Final Thoughts: Best Naxos Boat Tours

With so many Naxos boat trips to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for you and that your day at the sea will be the highlight of your trip to Naxos.

Whether you want to swim in crystal clear waters on remote beaches while sailing around the island or discover other Greek islands near Naxos, these daily cruises are a perfect addition to your Naxos itinerary.

So, grab your swimsuit, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and get ready to have an incredible time on one of these Naxos day trips !

best boat tours in naxos - pinterest pin

Natali is the founder of She's Abroad Again. She is a solo female travel and backpacking expert who traveled to more than 30 country over 3 continents, mostly solo and on a budget! She is a lawyer turned travel blogger as she traded long office hours in Croatia for a digital nomad life and currenly calls France her home.

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Santa Maria – Catamaran

  • Itineraries
  • What to bring with you

Naxos has the advantage of being situated in the centre of the Cyclades Islands. Starting a daily cruise from the Port of Naxos on our luxurious and spacious Catamaran “Santa Maria” will enable you to discover the south coastline of Naxos and the famous Rina’s Cave.

You can also visit the beautiful beaches of Paros and the small surrounding islands. There will be opportunities for swimming and snorkeling on all cruises.

We recommend Rina’s Cave, Koufonisia and Panteronisia for their crystal clear turquoise waters.

Santa Maria Luxury Catamaran offers the choice of a different destination each day. Coffee, cake, a traditional handmade lunch and fruit with local wine or beer will be served on every cruise.

Included in the price 

  • Coffee & Cake
  • Soft drinks
  • Wine & beer
  • Delicious lunch
  • Fruit salads
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Wi-fi connection
  • Lagoon Catamaran 450 Flybridge
  • 4 cabins and 2 for the crew
  • 4 toilets with deck shower 
  • Large shaded sitting area with cushions
  • Sunbathing net
  • Wi-Fi connection

The destination always depends on the weather.

  • Meeting point: In Naxos marina opposite Rendez-Vous Cafe
  • Meeting time: 8.15 a.m. (Eastern European Time)
  • Departure time: 8.30 a.m. (Eastern European Time)
  • Duration: 8 hours (approximately)
  • Max number of passengers: 25

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The following itineraries may be changed by the captain if weather conditions do not allow them to be carried out

Tour Location

Accommodation, destination, value for money, leave a reply.

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  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Your positive energy!

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We offer you the most reliable boat excursions and boat rental services in Naxos island - with the most affordable prices! Our crew and staff have many years of experience in boat tours and tourism. Through our boat excursions we want you to experience the beauty of Naxos, Cyclades and the Aegean Sea. We will help create unforgettable memories of crystal clear blue waters, amazing caves and unique beaches. Whether you want to relax on a sea cruise or visit the most famous places in Cyclades, Fantasy Cruises fulfills your expectations!


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During the day tour, guests have the chance to lay their eyes on Naxos’ colorful palette from the immeasurable sea azure to the multicolored cliffs and lays, from the ivory churches to the dug into the rocks – mysterious caves. Naxos’ immense beauty is breath-taking and our company will provide an unforgettable tour. Either you prefer to be the only guests on our boat in a private cruise, either you want to be a part of a company on a semi – private daily cruise, we are here to make your excursion a memory of life!


During the sunset tour, visitors come even closer to the world’s most stunning sunset. It is an ideal tour for couples, newlyweds or even for amorous wedding proposals.


Hopping Island! Naxos is surrounded by many dazzling islands. Both the smaller ones like Ios, Anafi, Folegandros, Koufonisia and the…


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Do you want to discover the beauty of the Aegean sea ? We offer the best option. A weekly excursion within 7 days with our powerfull ribs. It starts from Naxos island and you can visit Paros, Mykonos, Santorini, Amorgos, Koufonisia and other Cycladic islands. With a speedboat license or not, be ready for an adventure as we provide you a skipper as well! Enjoy the ride!

VIP Tours & Transfer Services

Enjoy our private services, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

All tours are private and can be customized  to meet your preferences.


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Fantasy Rib Cruises Naxos Boat Rental

Fantasy cruises destinations.

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Donoussa is a tiny island located in the centre of the Cyclades island, to the east of Naxos. Although Donoussa was inhabited in the ancient times, it was gradually abandoned due to raids of pirates in the Middle Ages. When piracy in the Aegean Sea was confronted, residents from neighbouring Amorgos island settled on Donoussa. Now it is one of the remotest islands in Greece, where you can enjoy real traditional life and secluded beaches.

catamaran naxos greece

Schinoussa is a tiny island located to the south of Naxos and very close to Ios and Amorgos. Schinoussa has only a few inhabitants and paces of life there are slow and traditional. The wild landscape, the isolate beaches, the hospitality of the locals and the true Cycladic style amazes visitors. This is a great island to enjoy pure privacy.

catamaran naxos greece

Geographically located between Naxos and Ios, Iraklia is a small island that remains untouched by mass tourism. There, you can enjoy some truly relaxing vacations, away from large crowds and noisy spots. Tourism on Iraklia is not developed a lot, except for the basic amenities. Beaches are isolate, villages are traditional and people are welcoming. In Iraklia, visitors will find the purest aspect of traditional Greek life.

catamaran naxos greece


Located on the southern side of Naxos, Koufonissia is famous for the exotic beaches and the relaxing atmosphere. Only Pano Koufonissi is inhabited, while Kato Koufonissi is visited with a boat trip for the nice beaches, naturism and free camping. Most beaches in Koufonissia are accessible on foot or by bicycle. Dive in the exotic, blue-green water and experience the most relaxing holidays.


Let’s explore the Cyclades islands! The Cyclades islands is arguably the most popular Greek island group in Greece. Including wildly popular islands, such as Mykonos, Santorini, and Paros, the Cyclades is visited by millions of tourists every year!

Rent A Boat In Naxos Island Cyclades Greece...

catamaran naxos greece

NEMESIS ZEN 39 2021 (12m)

ZEN 39 has been created to meet the functional requirements of a multipurpose offshore powerboat vessel for leisure or can be envisaged as the perfect chase tender to Super Yachts.

catamaran naxos greece


Explore the unique hidden treasures of Greek islands with you being the Captain! Marvel 930 combines low fuel consumption costs and it can travel you anywhere in the Aegean Sea offering a safe and smooth riding quality.

catamaran naxos greece

KONAN REF 2020 (10m)

A yacht unequalled in design, comfort and performance. A spacious deck, providing the ultimate freedom for you to walk around the yacht. Built especially for unique experience.

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Naxos Catamaran OUR FLEET

catamaran naxos greece

Lagoon 400 S2


catamaran naxos greece


  1. Paseo en catamarán de Naxos (Town) con baño en el mar & visita guiada

    catamaran naxos greece

  2. Naxos Catamaran Day Cruises & Private Sailing Charters

    catamaran naxos greece

  3. Sunset Sailing Cruise in Naxos

    catamaran naxos greece

  4. Naxos All Inclusive cruise on a luxurious catamaran

    catamaran naxos greece

  5. Naxos Catamaran (Naxos Town)

    catamaran naxos greece

  6. Private Boat Tours

    catamaran naxos greece


  1. Superjet & Seajet 2

  2. Experience The Ultimate Aegean Sunset Cruise On A Catamaran!

  3. Kiteboarding Wing Foiling Cruise Greece

  4. Charter catamaran Lagoon 400 in Greece.wmv

  5. July 9, 2024

  6. Pahi 53 catamaran


  1. Naxos Catamaran Day Cruises & Private Sailing Charters

    Naxos Sailing Tours & Cruises. Naxos Catamaran offers day and sunset cruises aboard our luxury catamarans and sailing boats with the highest quality of exclusive services guaranteed to please! ... Port of Naxos Naxos Town Greece 84300 Mon - Sun : 08 AM - 12 PM. Tel : +30 6983 738 419. Email : [email protected]. Naxos Catamaran; Private ...

  2. Naxos Catamaran Trips

    A World of Endless Travel Possibilities! Take your next catamaran cruise with Naxos Yachting, on-board Catamarans ~ Danae ~ Rena ~ Anassa ~ Stev e π Day Cruises around Naxos Island & Private Crewed Yacht Charters in Aegean Sea

  3. Naxos Catamaran Sailing Cruises

    Relax, Swim and enjoy the sun and the sea breeze on board. Naxos Catamaran offers you also a chance to experience a personalized sailing cruise in the Aegean islands. Discover our services, plan the perfect moment with the assistance of our experts and let the journey begin. Naxos Town, South Aegean, Greece. Meets animal welfare guidelines.

  4. Aegean Sea All-Inclusive Catamaran Day Cruise 2024

    Naxos, Greece. Private Trip on a Catamaran from Naxos to the South part of the island. from $2,724.29. Per group. Likely to Sell Out. Naxos, Greece. Catamaran All inclusive-Day Cruise to Naxos or Paros with Lunch. 99.

  5. Main Home

    Our day with them was a highlight from our travels to Greece. The crew is very friendly and accommodating. They went out of their way to make sure we had a great day. We started the trip with coffee, cake, and biscuits as we sailed to the first snorkeling stop. ... Santa Maria Catamaran - Naxos Port of Naxos +30 6946373711

  6. Naxos Sunset Cruises

    WITH NAXOS CATAMARAN YOU WILL. Experience the real Naxos. BOOK YOUR SUNSET TOUR TODAY! naxoscatamaran. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM. Port of Naxos Naxos Town Greece 84300 Mon - Sun : 08 AM - 12 PM. Tel : +30 6983 738 419. Email : [email protected]. Naxos Catamaran; Private Day Tours; Day Cruises;

  7. Naxos Full-Day Private Catamaran Cruise 2024

    Full Day Yacht Tour in Catamaran Naxos Greece. 13. from $176.71. Likely to Sell Out. Naxos, Greece. Catamaran All inclusive-Day Cruise to Naxos or Paros with Lunch. 100. ... Private Trip on a Catamaran from Naxos to the South part of the island. 0. 9 hours. Free Cancellation. From. $2,723.76. Likely to Sell Out.

  8. Naxos: All-Inclusive Catamaran Cruise with Swim Stops

    Full description. Explore Naxos or Paros on board a luxurious catamaran Lagoon 400 S2. Set sail on a full-day trip that is customized to your requirements. Visit some of the Cyclades' secluded beaches where you can relax, swim, and snorkel. Sample traditional Greek food accompanied by beer and wine for lunch.

  9. Naxos: Naxos Catamaran Sailing Cruise with Lunch and Drinks

    Explore the luxury of Naxos island Naxos, the gem of Cycladic islands, situated in the centre of the Aegean Sea is the perfect spot to start your journey with our luxurious and spacious catamaran Lagoon 450F. Enjoy the exclusive and wellknown tour around the island's sandy beaches or be adventurous and explore the hidden caves.

  10. Naxos: Luxury Catamaran Day Trip with Lunch and Drinks

    The duration of these cruises is approximately 7 hours, departing from Naxos Marina (Chora) at 9:30 AM. During the cruise, there will be stops for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing. Snorkeling equipment is provided for everyone. The brand-new Catamaran is spacious and comfortable, with shaded aft lounge and large deck areas for sunbathing and ...

  11. 11 Best Naxos Boat Tours You Can't Miss In 2024

    2. Naxos: Catamaran Cruise and Snorkeling with Lunch & Drinks. RATING: 4.5/5 Stars | TOUR LENGTH: 7-8 hours | Check it out! This is one of the best Naxos catamaran tours for those who want to discover the most beautiful beaches, relax on board a modern catamaran, soak in the sun, and enjoy fresh Greek food.

  12. Full Day Yacht Tour in Catamaran Naxos Greece 2024

    Half-day Tours. Naxos, Greece. Naxos Half Day History and Culture Guided Tour. 131. Free Cancellation. English. 4 hours. from $33.14. Day Cruises in Naxos: Check out 28 reviews and photos of Viator's Full Day Yacht Tour in Catamaran Naxos Greece.

  13. Naxos Private Boat Tours: Yacht, Catamaran & RIB

    Private Full Day Boat Trip from Naxos to the Lesser Cyclades on a Traditional Boat. 9 hrs. From. €1,250. Per group: up to 10 people. Up to 35 people. Free refunds.

  14. Day Cruise

    The destination always depends on the weather. Lagoon Catamaran 450 Flybridge. 25 guests. 4 cabins and 2 for the crew. Meeting point: In Naxos marina opposite Rendez-Vous Cafe. Meeting time: 8.15 a.m. (Eastern European Time) Departure time: 8.30 a.m. (Eastern European Time) Duration: 8 hours (approximately) Max number of passengers: 25.

  15. Our Cruises

    Our Fleet. Contact Us. Tel : +30 6983 738 419. Email : [email protected]. NAXOS CATAMARANCRUISES. NAXOS DAY CRUISES. A full day of adventure! From the port of Naxos we sail towards the nearby island of Paros with a stop for a swim before we explore the popular Blue Lagoon with its amazing green waters and golden sand.

  16. Naxos Sailing

    Yacht Annabella docks at Naxos Town Seafront, opposite Rendez-vous Café. Captain George and Yacht Annabella guarantees a magical, an unforgettable and above all, a safe sailing experience for you, your family and your friends ... [email protected] +30 6944 355717 Naxos Town Seafront Naxos Island, Greece. BOOK ONLINE NOW! Thank you for ...

  17. Naxos: Catamaran Cruise with Swim Stops, Food, and Drinks

    Catamaran cruise. Experienced English-speaking crew. Swim stops. Coffee, cake and fresh fruit salad. Cold refreshments, local wine and bottled water. Delicious traditional lunch served onboard. Snorkeling equipment (mask & snorkel) and swimming flotation aids. WiFi onboard. Hotel pickup and drop off.

  18. 2024 (Naxos) All-Inclusive Catamaran Day Cruise

    5 days all inclusive private cruise from Naxos to the small cyclades. 1. Adventure Tours. from. $7,885.94. per group (up to 4) Private Catamaran Trip from Naxos to Paros and Panteronisia. 2. Full-day Tours.

  19. Private Boat Tours

    Book one of our catamarans for a private day or half day cruise and live the experience of a sailing adventure with your friends and loved ones. ... Port of Naxos Naxos Town Greece 84300 Mon - Sun : 08 AM - 12 PM. Tel : +30 6983 738 419. Email : [email protected]. Naxos Catamaran; Private Day Tours; Day Cruises;

  20. Naxos: Catamaran Cruise and Snorkeling with Lunch & Drinks

    Embark on a full-day catamaran tour starting from the port of Naxos. Enjoy lunch with drinks on board and visit the highlights of the Aegean Sea. Swim and snorkel at an island beach or relax on the pristine shores. Meet our friendly crew at Naxos Port and board your catamaran for the day. The cruise sets sail at 8:30 AM and heads to the first ...

  21. Daily Cruises Naxos

    Boat Rental in Naxos Island Cyclades Greece. Fantasy Rib Cruises is the most advanced rib boat rental operator in Greece and has been a provider of yachting services for more than 20 years. Our mission is to provide our end-users an unforgettable sea journey experience of the Greek islands, focusing on safety and 24-hour support.

  22. Private Catamaran Charters

    Make your holidays unforgettable with a fully personalized crewed catamaran charter tailored to your desires and needs. BOOK TODAY. Naxos Catamaran; Private Day Tours; ... Departure from Naxos at 10 am. ... Port of Naxos Naxos Town Greece 84300 Mon - Sun : 08 AM - 12 PM. Tel : +30 6983 738 419. Email : [email protected].

  23. Our Fleet

    Naxos Catamaran OUR FLEET. Lagoon 42 S/Y Artemis. ... Port of Naxos Naxos Town Greece 84300 Mon - Sun : 08 AM - 12 PM. Tel : +30 6983 738 419. Email : [email protected]. Naxos Catamaran; Private Day Tours; Day Cruises; Sunset Cruises; Private Charters; Our Fleet; Contact Us;