what happens to pearson specter litt

‘Suits’: How the Firm Will Stay Together After Mike Goes to Prison

Patrick J. Adams as Michael Ross and Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter in Suits

It’s a new day at Pearson Specter Litt, and the future isn’t looking so bright for our legal eagles on Suits .

Picking up hours after Season 5’s shocking finale, the long-running drama is upending its original concept as the partners deal with the fallout of fake lawyer Mike Ross’s indictment for fraud and their roles in protecting his secret.

“We had decided Mike would be found out—he was destined to be caught!” executive producer Aaron Korsh says. “Imagine the pressure this is going to put on everyone.” With its rep in ruins and no staff, it could be case closed for the disgraced firm. But according to the statements we took from the unlawfully appealing cast, this crew has what it takes to bail themselves out.

Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross on Suits

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams)

Before you can say “Shawshank,” Mike is faced with the sad reality of dealing with a mercurial jailhouse counselor (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) and a fellow inmate (Erik Palladino) whose crime just so “happens to be playing out in the [same manner as] what Harvey’s dealing with at the firm,” says Adams, adding that getting Mike out of the pen is the No. 1 priority for the team at Pearson.

There is also a “threatening force within the prison,” he says, that is hell-bent on using Mike to exact revenge on one of the phony lawyer’s former colleagues.


Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht)

Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt in Suits - Season 5 - 'Toe to Toe'

Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman)

“Louis is in S–tsville with everyone else,” cracks scene-stealer Hoffman, describing his mud-bathing PSL partner as “devastated” by both the collapse of his firm and Mike’s imprisonment. “He’d grown on Louis as one of his closest friends.”

After the opener’s hilarious bonding powwow with Jessica and Harvey, Louis is set to make a “heavy but very tender” realization while working with an architect (Carly Pope) hired to redesign the scandal-rocked office. “He wants to find love.”

Suits - Season 6 - Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson

Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres)

While Harvey is in business mode, the decimated firm’s founding partner is “in warrior mode,” says the always regal Torres. “At the beginning of this season she’s very much, ‘Mike’s in jail … Oh, well! Time to start dusting ourselves off.’ She’s intent on fixing it.”

Exactly how does she plan to salvage her empire? We’re legally bound to protect that secret, but we’d invest our life savings in what Jessica and her pals come up with.

Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane on Suits - Season 5 - 'No Puedo Hacerlo'

Racchel Zane (Meghan Markle)

On the heels of their aborted wedding, Mike’s fiancée finds herself in a state of transition … and maturation. “[That means] she becomes much closer with Harvey,” Markle explains, quickly dismissing any chance of a romantic angle. “They’re grieving the loss of Mike.”

But her wallowing won’t last too long: Markle’s paralegal turned part-time associate is set for new challenges at Columbia Law School and will score a fabulously fierce mentor when she takes on the firm’s unlikeliest case.

Suits - Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen

Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty)

Like Jessica, the world’s greatest executive assistant “is going to do whatever it takes to save what, to her, is her family,” says Rafferty. “The most important element to that is keeping Harvey on track…so she’s going to kick his ass a little.”

That means #Darvey shippers will have to wait for these two to hash out their unresolved “will-they-won’t-they-or-did-they?” “The stakes are too high to start meddling in that,” Rafferty says. Instead, Red will work her formidable wiles to bring cash back to the firm with “an idea she makes Louis think is his,” the fan-fave laughs. “That’s one of her superpowers.”

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Suits , Season Premiere Wednesday, July 13, 9/8c, USA.

Gabriel Macht

Patrick j. adams.

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Screen Rant

Louis was the real winner in the suits finale.

Suits ended on a high note for all characters, but Louis was the top winner as he basically gets everything he's ever wanted at the show's end.

  • Louis Litt finally achieves his dream of becoming number one at the firm and gaining autonomy after Harvey and Donna leave.
  • Louis's rivalry with Harvey was entertaining to watch, but they eventually learned to work together and Louis accepted his role below Harvey.
  • Louis's ending in Suits is considered the best by loyal fans, as he finally finds love, gets married, and has a daughter, while also achieving his career goals.

What happens to Louis Litt in Suits is, after years of playing second fiddle to Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), he finally became number one during the finale. A member of the original six characters of the USA Network legal drama, Louis (Rick Hoffman) was oftentimes the butt of the jokes, particularly in Suits ' early seasons. However, his patience and perseverance ultimately pay off as he finally gets his name first on the wall following the events that led to Harvey and Donna's decision to leave the firm and move across the country. In Suits , Louis Litt finally saw his dreams come true.

Entering Pearson Hardman at the same time, Harvey and Louis were locked in a rivalry for years which was so entertaining to watch, particularly in the first couple of seasons of Suits . The pair often engaged in friendly competition, but as they slowly rose the ranks, their rivalry became more heated and personal. Over the years, they constantly butted heads and used everyone around them as leverage. They eventually learned to work with each other when Louis came to terms with the fact that he would always be below his comrade regarding company matters.

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What Happens To Louis At The End Of Suits

What happens to Louis Litt in Suits is that he finally gained autonomy in the firm - now named Litt, Wheeler, Williams, and Bennett. After the Faye Richardson debacle, not to mention his shotgun wedding with Donna (Sarah Rafferty), Harvey left the corporate world and moved to Seattle. He reunited with Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle), and they began taking on class-action lawsuits. Louis was initially against the idea, perhaps because they've only finally figured out a professional relationship that's not contentious. But he eventually accepted the big change and geared up for a firm where he's truly number one.

With his professional status elevating to new heights with his own firm to run, Louis' personal life was also shaping up to his advantage. Who does Louis end up with in Suits ? After a love-at-first-sight type of affair, his relationship with Sheila (Rachel Harris) went through a rocky patch, which included a lengthy break-up that led to her almost marrying someone else. But they ultimately found their way back to each other, and not only did they end up married, but they also have a daughter - something that Louis had always dreamed about.

Why Louis' Ending Is The Best On Suits

As odd as Louis Litt could be, it'll be hard-pressed to find loyal Suits fans who were against where his story ended in the finale of the legal drama. While he occasionally stepped over the line, it didn't help his insecurities that he was also pitted against everyone's favorite, Harvey. He was an amazing lawyer, with a great eye for detail, and if it wasn't for him, the firm wouldn't have survived this long. So overall, he truly deserves every good thing that came his way during the Suits series finale. For Rick Hoffman's Louis on Suits , he clearly had the best ending of anyone in the Suits finale.

Harvey left the firm after some disappointments and found a new calling in Seattle with his friend Mike. That was a good ending, but it wasn't one that he really was fighting to make happen. He also had his wedding, which was great for his ending on the show. However, Louis Litt also got married and had a daughter, which was something he always dreamed about. His goal was always to find respect at the firm, and with his name first, that was another dream that came true. Harvey and Mike made the best of what life threw at them. However, on Suits , Louis Litt's dreams came true.

what happens to pearson specter litt

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Suits Boss on [Spoiler]’s New Position, Mike’s Bar Results and That Return

Vlada gelman, west coast editor.

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Suits finale.

Finally, some good news.

Suits Recap

To celebrate, Harvey gave his pal one heck of a congratulations gift: an offer to join Pearson Specter Litt, which allows him to still do pro bono work. Mike, in turn, told Harvey it was time for him to take on the role of managing partner.

Elsewhere in the hour, Tara and Louis split up, while Donna took a nice buyout offer on her business venture, but found herself unsatisfied and wanting more out of life.

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Below, executive producer Aaron Korsh talks about Mike’s future as a legit lawyer, Harvey and Louis’ potential conflict and Jessica’s surprise return.

TVLINE | How will Mike getting into the bar alter the show and his view of what he does for a living? It relieves him of the burden of feeling like he’s a fraud and always waiting for the other shoe to drop of, “Is he going to caught?” Mentally, it’s going to allow him to step out of the shadows and maybe behave with a little more confidence… It’s a relief, to some degree, for the entire cast of characters, that they no longer have this thing hanging over their heads. It allows them now to just worry about what it’s like to be a lawyer in the shark-infested world of New York corporate law.

TVLINE | People in that world knew that he was a fraud. So does the outside world see him as legitimate now, or does the bar accepting him not really matter in their eyes? Look, he’s going to deal with the fact that people know. But that’s a separate question from, “Can he get caught and go to prison?” It doesn’t mean that he is free forever from the knowledge of his secret, or free from anybody bringing it up. He is still going to have to deal with those questions. But what he doesn’t have to deal with is the worry that he’s going to lose his freedom. … But it is legitimate to wonder: Are people that he goes up against going to bring this up to try to throw doubt on a jury or a judge about his honesty or intentions in a given case?

TVLINE | Will Harvey embrace being managing partner? That is the question. Mike has sort of thrown down the gauntlet: “Time for you to take the reins.” Harvey’s certainly going to attempt to do that. And really, in bringing Mike back and making this deal – one for you, one for me – in some sense, it’s his first unilateral move. He didn’t ask Louis if he can do that. He might not have fully thought it through, because, as we’ve shown in the past, pro bono cases often end up being at odds with your corporate clients’ interest, and that’s going to come to the fore… People’s reactions to Harvey taking those reins and emerging from Jessica’s shadow is all going to play into Season 7.

Suits Recap

TVLINE | What made now the right time to bring Jessica back for a surprise appearance? We talked about bringing her back a little earlier in the back six [episodes], but once the idea was landed on to have her be the one to swoop in and rescue Mike and everyone in the end… The writers pitched that to me. I just loved it. I just was like, “She’s our hero. Let her come back.” When Jessica enters, and then you cut to and see Rachel smiling that Jessica is maybe there to save the day, I just loved it so much. Once the writers came up with it, I was like, “This is the right time to bring her back. This is terrific, and let’s do it.”

Suits Recap

Suits fans, what did you think of the season finale? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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Loved it….Harvey takes the lead…..soooooo loving that. Mike is back – Robin to Harvey’s Batman. Loved seeing Jessica back….I was just starting to get used to the shift in dynamic. Loved than they wrote the story the way they did these past two seasons but I have to admit I am really looking forward to the lighter tone and Harvey and Mike back working together. But poor Louis and Donna.

Roll on June for the new season!!!! Wooooohooo

Louis and Katrina! Am I the only one to see this? I haven’t seen the episode, yet, but I have to share the dream.

I totally can see it. See my comment further below.

I actually largely disliked it. I liked the Jessica return, but it was predictable, especially considering I never heard or saw discussion of taking her name off the wall or even just out of the name of the firm.

Also, I was kind of ready to predict Harvey letting Mike do that kind of work after all “Nate” (also the same actor’s character name on “NCIS: LA”) said about that not being the kind of work they do at the clinic, but also then for Mike to bring him another case that got them the same sort of money. The surprise there was Mike accepting it after how strongly he’d told Harvey he’d never come back there. (Makes me as a viewer wonder about his character if he’d lie like that to a famous lawyer in the firm where he’d tech-been one & the guy he lied to was now a name partner & always a friend.)

Lastly, I am just waiting for the first case against someone he knows from an old case (or anywhere else) outside of “PSL”, as “Theo” (forget character name on “Suits”) saying he’d changed doesn’t erase what he did in the past, & Rachel’s pre-Innocence Project time in law school reminds us opposing lawyers will bring up each other’s personal pasts & other issues to help them win cases.

You’re right, it was predictable and lazy – sure, storyline-wise they’ve put themselves in a corner and had to get out somehow (I was half expecting Harvey to take the fall and we’d spend another half of a season on “how to get him out of prison” repeat) but still, they shouldn’t even be there in the first place. Now, can we go back to legal cases and maybe some court action? >.>

I have only one comment about the episode and it is this:

Deus ex Jessica.

I really enjoyed the finale and the surprise ending. I was certain that Tara was a plant by Anita Gibbs or a previous client out for revenge. As PatriciaLee pointed out above, I have always thought that Louis and Katrina should get together. When Mike said that he wanted Harvey’s office because “she’s gone and she’s not coming back” I immediately thought he was talking about Donna. It wasn’t until I turned off the tv that I realized (duh) that he was talking about Jessica.

I’m glad the whole saga of Mike not being a lawyer is FINALLY over. While I’m sure there will be repercussions next year, it’s not hanging over his head or anyone else’s who knew.

Can’t wait for Season 7. Just love this show although I found couple of the episodes in the back 6 were kind of boring which considering how many years they’ve been on, is amazing.

I thought it was terrible. Mike doesn’t deserve this. Season 6 had so much potential, but he behaved like an entitled brat when he was in prison and he learned nothing. He got out early because they did some shady stuff and he got into the bar because they did more shady stuff. He’s still a fraud. They could have arrived here by having him grow and making it seem like he actually deserved this. Instead they just made me hate him more. And I love Patrick J Adams and really don’t want to hate Mike. He keeps saying that he just wants to help people, but that just makes it worse because it’s so obviously not true. It was extremely frustrating to see Julius start out telling it like it is, only to have him end up defending Mike. I also can’t stand Harvey right now and it’s hard to see how the Harvey from episode 6.12 is the same person we saw in the last few episodes. And Donna really deserves better. I was so excited about her own storyline, but this whole “The Donna” thing was awful. I was hoping it would lead to something good, but right now I can’t say that I am looking forward to season 7 at all.

I agree with you. I didn’t think anyone else felt the same way. I am thinking of giving up the show only because of the reasons you mentioned. In addition, because of Rachel’s advice, Louis is alone again. I know he shouldn’t have said what he did to Tara but why did they have to do that? Also, didn’t like the way they portrayed Donna. I want to be like Donna but not how they’re writing her now. I will watch season 7 when it comes back on to see how they deal with all of this and we’ll see if I will stay.

I agree with both of you. I can’t believe the same writers who did an amazing job in season 5 and 6A have decided to get back to the (worn) plot of the fake lawyer and manage to solve it by making the characters act like stupid guys. In the beggining of this season I was really concerned about the ratings. But not anymore – I will not be watching again next summer.

I agree too. This season had been awful. At this point, I hate Mike and the way everyone acts like they all own him something. He puts everyone in danger acting like a lawyer and then he went again Harvey’s advice and play guilty. They own him nothing, and Harvey accepting all his terms to be back was beyond absurd. Also, why don’t let Louis be happy? There was no need to destroyed his relationship again. Donna deserves so much better that “the Donna” nonsense. I used to love this show, don’t believe I’ll be watching again.

Jessica to the rescue! It was great to see her, too bad it was temporary. I hope her spinoff gets picked up.

Too predictable. I doubt I’ll watch when it comes back again.

This seems a little odd to watch a show six seasons and give up because one thing in one season was “too predictable.” It’s still one of the best written shows airing.

Try telling that to the people complaining about the (they say) overdone vulgarity… Not to mention people like me who have no problem with the language, but arguably the realism in it making some episodes have a million twists, only to end the season with an incredibly-predictable finale.

Why is everyone ready to give up on their life to give Mike his dream? That made no sense at all. They put the firm in jeopardy, they lost a major client, they destroyed their relationship because they “own” Mike what exactly? And Mike is being an as** this whole season. He is very demanding like they really own him something. That final scene with Harvey offering Mike a job and Mike asking for that much and Harvey saying yes to everything, please. They can change the name to “everybody loves Mike”. Ridiculous.

My favorite comment is that some of these people are “swearing” off the show now due to silly reasons. I’ll be the first to admit that this season’s writing wasn’t the sharpest as it has been in previous seasons — but it certainly wasn’t as terrible as some here are overreacting about.

When you have layered characters, sometimes they end up acting one-dimensonal for a spell. It’s human nature, we all fall into patterns until we’re shaken out of them. This isn’t some Sci-Fi cheese-fest of a show, smart writers don’t show all of their cards at once and I feel like there are some here who expect instant results or characters who always act with full information. That’s not how it works; most decisions in this show that are made are made rationally on short time tables with the given information at hand — pressure situations most people on this board, myself included, couldn’t constantly make.

I think now that Mike is legitimized, we’ll see better writing in Season 7 as the show takes a new turn. The premise it has operated on for six seasons is over and now has to evolve and I have every faith in the writing staff that they’re ready to introduce a breath of fresh air into the series.

It just makes me giggle a little to myself seeing people over-exaggerate and threatening to quit the show like their opinion matters to anyone else here (or that they could do better). Everyone’s a critic and nothing is ever as good as “they’d” do it; every message board does it, but it still makes me laugh. Excited for next season’s changes!

The show jumped the shark when Mike got caught. “Mike in Prison” sucked (like House).

So now that the entire premise of the show has been blown up, there is really no reason to watch.

When does suits come back on air for season

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Mike Goes To Prison, Pearson Specter Litt Suffers Major Blow In “Suits” Season Finale

by Brian Cantor Mar 3, 2016, 2:08 am

In the closing moments of last week’s episode, Mike Ross — motivated by the words of his pro bono client — decided to make a deal with Anita Gibbs, the attorney prosecuting his fraud case.

In the opening moments of Wednesday’s season finale, the deal was revealed as one in which he would plead guilty to fraud and accept two years in prison (and obviously be prohibited from practicing law) in exchange for Gibbs waiving her right to prosecute the other Pearson Specter Litt attorneys for their involvement. She additionally waived her right to negotiate any sort of future deal that would allow Harvey Specter — a higher-priority target — to accept guilt for Ross’ crime.

The remainder of the finale featured numerous developments, but none undid what transpired in the episode’s early moments. Mike Ross’ guilty plea was upheld, and he indeed headed off for a two-year stint in federal prison.

But while those other events did not change Ross’ ultimate fate, they did provide for an engaging, entertaining episode of television. They also presented ramifications for the “Suits” dynamic as the show heads into its sixth season.

— Heartbroken by Mike’s decision to take the plea, Harvey tracks down the jury foreman to learn how the case would have concluded had it gone to verdict. The news only brings more heartbreak: the foreman reveals that while the jury obviously knew Mike was guilty, they did not feel Gibbs met her burden of proof. As a result, they had agreed on a not guilty verdict.

— Upon learning that Mike would have been a free man and allowed to continue practicing law had he not accepted the deal, Harvey works to strike a new deal.

He begins by obtaining access to the incriminating files on Liberty Rail (season 4); to do so, he waives the Pearson Specter Litt non-compete clause so that Evan Smith, the lawyer representing Liberty Rail, would have carte blanche to poach his firm’s staff.

He then attempts to exchange evidence on the far more egregious Liberty Rail offenders for Mike’s release. Gibbs rejects the deal. She maintains she would be willing to free Mike in exchange for a guilty plea from Harvey, but both know the ever-loyal Mike would never approve such a deal.

— While Harvey knew the jury planned to rule Mike not guilty, he did not want to leave his protege with feelings of regret. To create peace of mind, he initially told Mike that the jury planned to find him guilty, thus portraying his two-year plea deal as vastly superior to the 7-year sentence that would have come had he waited for the verdict. Excited by the fact that they won back five years, Mike and Rachel agree to get married before he begins serving his time.

When he realized he could not make a deal behind Mike’s back, Harvey eventually told the truth – that the jury was going to rule not guilty – with the hope of getting Mike to agree to let Harvey take his place in prison. Mike declined, but did confess the news to Rachel. She nonetheless remained steadfast in her desire to get married.

When the wedding day arrives, it is actually Mike who backs out. Aware that his guilt in defrauding the New York State Bar will potentially hurt Rachel’s chance of becoming a lawyer — the bar would hesitate to license the wife of a man who pretended to be a lawyer — Mike opts to delay any marriage plans until she finishes law school, passes the bar, and realizes her dream. If she still wants to marry him when her dreams are realized and when he has been released from prison, they could eventually have their wedding.

— Mike’s deal prevents Jessica, Harvey, Louis and the entirety of the Pearson Specter Litt staff from facing prison, but it does not come without consequences for the firm. As he was not a real lawyer, any case in which Mike was involved is now at risk of being overturned and used as evidence in a lawsuit against the firm. The plea also exacerbates the firm’s standing as a pariah in the legal industry.

With a morality exemption and Harvey’s Liberty Rail deal simultaneously chipping away at the non-compete, the show’s central firm is left with little ability to retain its employees. Sure enough, the closing moments of the episode find Jessica, Louis, Donna (and Harvey) left with an empty firm: everyone else has abandoned ship.

suits usa network

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Written by Brian Cantor

Brian Cantor is the editor-in-chief for Headline Planet. He has been a leading reporter in the music, movie, television and sporting spaces since 2002.

Brian's reporting has been cited by major websites like BuzzFeed, Billboard, the New Yorker and The Fader -- and shared by celebrities like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj.

Contact Brian at brian.cantor[at]headlineplanet.com.

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what happens to pearson specter litt

LP Performs “Lost On You” On “Late Night With Seth Meyers” (Watch Now)

what happens to pearson specter litt

Charlie Puth’s Gold-Certified “One Call Away” Going Top 10 at Hot AC Radio

what happens to pearson specter litt

'Suits' season 6, episode 16 recap: Which characters returned in the finale?

what happens to pearson specter litt

In the penultimate episode of Suits ' sixth season, Harvey was able to find dirt on James Palmer, and in doing so, paved the way for Mike to gain admittance to the New York bar. Before "Quid Pro Quo" ended, though, Harvey warned Mike to be prepared for any hitch that comes his way. And boy did that turn out to be some kind of foreshadowing. 

( Editor's Note: Spoilers ahead for season six, episode 16 of Suits. )

The finale of Suits ' sixth season had a few ongoing storylines to wrap up. The driving arc in the second half of season six was, of course, Mike's path back to becoming a lawyer  — and the lengths Harvey would go to make sure that happened. 

Other major ongoing story arcs included  Donna's business endeavor with Pearson Specter Litt's IT man, Benjamin, and Louis' fractured relationship with Tara. As is customary in season finales, most of these arcs concluded in one way or another, but that doesn't mean we got a full-blown happy ending. 

The season finale of Suits did deliver quite a few returning characters, though. And some them may shock you.

What happens in Mike's hearing?

what happens to pearson specter litt

It did not take long for that hitch Harvey warned Mike about to show up. And it was a whole lot worse than they could have imagined. Early in the season finale, Harvey and Mike learn that the newest member of the character and fitness committee is none other than Anita Gibbs, the U.S. attorney who put Mike away in the first place. When Gibbs vows to never let Mike into the bar, Harvey goes into overdrive to get her thrown off the committee. 

As it turns out, Gibbs was able to join the committee because another member resigned and named her as his replacement. As only Harvey can, he starts looking for leverage on the recently resigned committee member in order to strong-arm him into flipping on Gibbs. Harvey, though, learns that there are some people without any skeletons in their closets. 

In keeping with the rest of the season, Harvey even crosses a line or two to try and get things done — including assaulting the former committee member. Whether any of Harvey's actions come back to bite him in the ass remains uncertain. With Harvey unable to easily remove Gibbs from the committee, Mike was forced to plead his case, despite her constant objections. And Mike did make a compelling argument for becoming an attorney.

Still, Gibbs continuously attempted to attack Mike's character, which led Rachel to cite a rarely used precedent that would allow him to bring in a character witness. Enter our second returning character of the episode, Mike's prison psychologist, Julius. While it took some convincing, Julius does agree to testify on Mike's behalf, and he delivers one hell of an argument, even questioning Gibbs' integrity in front of the rest of the committee. 

Even so, Gibbs refuses to budge, with her only off-the-record offer being that if Mike turns in Harvey, she will let him through the bar. Obviously, that does not fly. In the end, Mike receives a helping hand from another name on Pearson Specter Litt's wall: No, not Louis, but the returning Jessica Pearson! In a shocking, yet well-appreciated return, Pearson tells the committee she was the only one who knew about Mike's fraud, and then tells a touching story of Gibbs' past compassion.

While the finale did keep us on the edge of our seats until the very end, Pearson's return did the trick, and Mike, for the first time, officially becomes a lawyer. While the end of "Character and Fitness" may have wrapped up things a bit too neatly, with Mike agreeing to return to Pearson Specter Litt (for what appears to be a hefty sum), it is hard not to be thrilled knowing he and Harvey will be back doing what they do best: Kicking ass... in the courtroom. 

"The Donna"

what happens to pearson specter litt

Believe it or not, there were a few other stories going on in the Suits ' season finale. In "Quid Pro Quo," Donna and Benjamin found an investor for "The Donna" in stock trader Stu. It turns out, however, that bringing "The Donna" to market is going to be more difficult that they imagined. 

Since "The Donna" overlaps with an existing patent by 32.5%, Donna and Benjamin will not be able to bring the personal secretary to market without gaining an exclusion, or somehow getting the device under the 30% threshold, which Benjamin claims cannot be done. 

Donna takes the situation to Louis, who is still suffering the fallout from his fight with Tara (more on that in a moment), and asks that he find a way around the patent issue. She also, in a very non-Donna-like moment, tells him not to let his situation with Tara screw it up. And though Louis doesn't shit the bed, he is unable to get the holders of the first patent to grant an exclusion — even for a generous revenue-sharing deal.

Louis is, however, able to get Donna, Benjamin and Stu a nice buyout that would also allow them to utilize "The Donna" in-house. But while Benjamin and Stu are on board, Donna is not so sure. In an emotional moment, after Harvey tells Donna she should take the money, she admits that she wants more. And while it is not explicitly said, you have to wonder whether she is referring to more than just "The Donna." Like, will Harvey and Donna finally get together? Who knows.

What is for sure is that this storyline continues to be a breath of fresh air for fans of Donna, as we finally get to see her struggle through her own priorities, rather than everyone else's. As such, I am certainly interested to see what will happen with her come season seven. 

Louis and Tara

what happens to pearson specter litt

With everything else going on in the season finale, there was only so much time that could be devoted to Louis' relationship troubles. Still, the writers did a great job weaving his anguish throughout the other storylines. And you can really feel Louis' hurt. After his argument with Tara in the season's penultimate episode, Louis does visit her office in an attempt to make things right.

Unfortunately for Louis, though not surprisingly, Tara is unable to forgive so quickly: She was hurt not only by Louis' lies, but also the fact that he made her feel ashamed of herself. Throughout the rest of the episode, Louis had trouble focusing on anything else, as the fear that Tara would leave him permeated his brain. 

In the last moments of the season finale, Louis gets a 15-second voicemail from Tara, but is too nervous to listen to it. But with Rachel by his side, he does, and for 15 seconds, we see Louis go through a heart-wrenching range of emotions that end with utter sadness. It certainly appears that Louis and Tara are no more. 

Since the finale ended shortly after, the most interesting thing will be how Louis reacts going forward. Will he blame Mike since it was his initial lie that paved the way for Louis' future troubles? Does Louis continue to show humility and try to become a better man and hopefully win Tara back? I have no idea, but I definitely want to find out.

what happens to pearson specter litt

"Character and Fitness" was an extremely enjoyable, and mostly satisfying, end to Suits ' largely stellar sixth season.   The season as a whole featured tremendous character development for each of the main characters in ways that should spill over into subsequent seasons. I am particularly enjoying the larger focus on Donna and Louis' personal endeavors outside of the firm, and hope they continue. 

While I would have liked to see Mike stay at the clinic a little longer and not cave so easily (as even Harvey insinuates), I am pleased that he will be keeping his word, helping the clinic through financial donations. How Oliver and Nathan react to this news, though, will be interesting to say the least — especially after Oliver put his neck on the line, likely assuming Mike would stay to help him and the clinic do some good. 

Ultimately, it is hard to find too much wrong with Suits ' sixth season or the finale. Some storylines may have been wrapped up a little too neatly, but that is not all that unusual for a finale and allows the focus to move in new directions in subsequent seasons. What that means for season seven of Suits is not entirely certain, but I for one am game to find out. 

Mic has ongoing coverage of Suits. Please follow our main Suits hub here .

what happens to pearson specter litt

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The Biggest 'Suits' Characters To Leave The Show Before Its Finale

From entering the royal family to commitments to other shows, "Suits" stars had a lot of good reasons to step away from the show before it ended.

Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross, Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane

Suits   made a huge impact on pop culture during its nine-season run on USA Network . However, whenever a show goes on that long, no matter how successful it is, the cast inevitably goes through some changes.

Although it’s always sad to see a main character leave before fans are ready, their reasons aren’t always bad. Suits  wasn’t immune to having some of its core cast members bid farewell to the show before its finale in 2019, forcing other characters to pick up the slack and keep the story going until the show could reach its satisfying conclusion.

To help understand the changes Suits went through, below is a rundown of the main cast members who left the show and why. 

Why did Meghan Markle leave Suits ?

It goes without saying that the most high-profile exit from Suits  was without a doubt Meghan Markle , who played Rachel Zane for seven seasons. Her character finally married her longtime will-they-won’t-they love interest , Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and the duo left New York to open a firm in Seattle that specializes in taking down Fortune 500 companies on behalf of the little guy. 

It was a fitting finish to her character that came not a moment too soon given everything that was going on in the actress’ personal life. Shortly after leaving Suits , Markle retired from acting entirely to focus on her humanitarian work and new duties as a member of the British Royal Family. At the time, she was engaged to none other than Prince Harry. Their high-profile relationship dominated the British and American news cycle and there hasn’t been room for the craft of acting since their lavish wedding in 2018. 

Still, Markle is far from being outside the public eye thanks to deals with Netflix and Spotify and joint ventures with her and Harry’s Archewell organization.

Why did Patrick J. Adams leave  Suits?

This one felt like a big blow to the show given that Adams’ Mike Ross was the protagonist of the show. Things kicked off with his very gifted and rogue-ish character essentially conning his way into a job in law alongside Gabriel Macht’s Harvey Specter.

After more than 100 episodes, though, Adams decided it was time to go, alongside his co-star Markle. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the time, Adams revealed the decision to exit after Season 7 was twofold. First of all, he had spent so much time away from his wife, Pretty Little Liars  star Troian Bellisario, and felt like he needed to slow down and live life with her rather than re-up his contract and commit to more time away from home. 

Second, following a storyline that saw his character go to and leave prison, Adams struggled to see where else he could take this character that wouldn’t make him feel like just “another lawyer on television.” While he certainly had faith in the writers, he felt the place that Ross was in at that moment served as a satisfying conclusion to his character, so he decided the time was right to depart. 

"Winners Don't Make Excuses": Where To Binge-Watch All of Suits

Why did gina torres leave suits .

Despite being one-third of the show’s central law firm Pearson Specter Litt, Jessica Pearson's actress Gina Torres departed the show after Season 6. Although fans were upset, the actress, who has worked steadily in TV since the early 1990s, explained that the shooting schedule was starting to take away from her personal life.

She told the New York Times in 2016 that traveling between Toronto where the show films and New York  where she lives with her husband, Laurence Fishburne, and their daughter, was getting to be too much.

However, that was far from the last that viewers saw of Jessica Pearson. In 2018, she returned in a spinoff series to Suits  titled Pearson . Although it only lasted one season, it continued her character’s story, following her to Chicago where she worked as a fixer in the city’s high-stakes political underbelly. 

RELATED: Will 'Burn Notice' Ever Return For A Revival?

Why did Wendell Pierce leave  Suits ?

Although he was not a series regular, Wendell Pierce’s Robert Zane still felt like a member of the Suits  family, especially given that his character was related to one of its biggest stars, Rachel.

His character stopped recurring on the show after Season 8 when the actor was forced to step away from the show due in large part to scheduling conflicts that prevented him from getting to Toronto to film as often as he was needed. 

UPROXX reported at the time that Pierce was committed to filming the second season of the Amazon Prime series Jack Ryan , where he plays series regular James Greer. In addition, at the time the Suits  schedule to film more episodes beyond his last would have bumped with his additional commitment to appear in a stage production of Death of a Salesman in London. So, with his character’s daughter saying “goodbye” to the franchise, it was time for Pierce’s Robert to step aside as well while the cast reformatted for its new normal.

You can catch up on all of Suits on Peacock right now. 

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Suits recap: 'Divide and Conquer'

Alex's old law firm wages war against PSL

Chancellor is a staff writer covering TV and occasionally comics. He's still upset that Hugh Laurie never won an Emmy for House.

what happens to pearson specter litt

So, I guess we’re going to ignore Louis’ mental breakdown at the end of last week’s episode?

Somehow, “Divide and Conquer” manages to not explain what the hell was going on with Louis’ intense phone call with his therapist. Sure, the hour features a particularly angry Louis, but it doesn’t really dive into what we all witnessed. Instead, it’s more focused on the latest attack on the firm, which is fine, I guess. If there’s one thing I haven’t enjoyed this season, it’s all of the internal turmoil at PSL. Thankfully, a new enemy emerges, which forces everyone to band together to save the firm and leads to the return of some familiar faces.

Another episode, another Louis tirade…After a funny and enjoyable opening scene involving Rachel and her father Robert visiting Harvey’s apartment, a.k.a. the venue for Rachel and Mike’s wedding (Robert says no to having it at Harvey’s Bachelor pad), the action jumps to Louis stomping around the associates’ bullpen. He’s looking for Stephanie, who was helping manage his client Delta Securities. Donna informs him that she fired Stephanie. Cue Louis yelling about how that was a bad idea and everyone’s pissed at Harvey and he’s running the firm into the ground, etc. By the way, the associates overhear all of this, which can’t be good for morale. But let’s be honest: When’s the last time morale was high at Pearson Specter Litt?

Donna warns Harvey that his honeymoon period is over and that he needs to get his house in order, so Harvey jumps on a plane to see Jessica for advice. He updates her on the fact that Mike, Donna, and Louis aren’t his biggest fans at the moment. Jessica, who is loving her hiatus from law, suggests he turn to Robert Zane, who can give him a big client he can use to get back into Louis’ good graces. Before the scene ends, Harvey wonders when he’ll stop seeking her counsel, which leads to some meta dialogue: “The truth is you don’t need to anymore. You just do it because you miss me.” Suits doesn’t need to keep featuring Jessica cameos, and yet it does because it misses the queen.

Harvey heads to the golf course to ask Robert for a favor, but Robert isn’t in a giving mood. It’s been a thin quarter. However, Harvey doesn’t walk away empty handed. Zane alerts him that Bratton Gould, Alex’s old firm, is coming after PSL for stealing their lawyer and top client. DRAMA!

It doesn’t take long for Bratton Gould to launch its first attack on PSL. Bratton Gould tries to poach Louis’ client, Delta Securities, and sues one of Harvey’s clients for copyright infringement. Obviously, Bratton Gould is trying to the ol’ divide and conquer move. Harvey tells Louis they need to work together, but Louis wants none of it; he’s still pissed about what Harvey said, which is very fair.

This leads to a relatively inventive sequence that jumps between Harvey arguing for a dismissal in court and Louis meeting with Delta Securities. Unfortunately, neither man is capable of handling his issues on his own, and some last-minute help arrives right when they need it the most. Mike shows up in court with evidence that convinces the judge to dismiss the case, and Alex, despite the fact that Louis rudely turned down his help earlier, swoops in and uses what he knows about his old firm to convince Delta Securities not to leave PSL. Isn’t it nice when these lawyers have each other’s backs? We need less infighting, more banding together to fight a common enemy. In other words: more Avengers, less Captain America: Civil War.

Louis thanks Alex for saving his butt with a free dinner. There, Alex opens up about how Bratton Gould made him feel underappreciated and overlooked, which is definitely something Louis has felt, too. Louis makes Alex promise that he’ll come to him if he ever feels that way at PSL. Did Louis just lock down this friendship? I hope so. Louis needs a win. We need Louis to win. The firm needs Louis to win. (Recap continues on page 2)

When Mike isn’t busy saving Harvey’s butt, he has his hands full dealing with Oliver, who insists on asking for help with that prison pro-bono. Mike tries his hardest not to get involved since he promised Harvey he wouldn’t, but then the prison company offers Oliver and Oscar a huge settlement, which tips Mike off that they’re trying to hide something. So Mike convinces Oscar not take the settlement because he wants to make sure the prison doesn’t deny another person their release date.

Oliver’s research turns up many victims of the prison’s shady shenanigans. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the resources to handle them all. He begs Mike to come off the sidelines, but Mike says no. But this is Mike we’re dealing with, so it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that Mike ends up breaking his word to Harvey and agreeing to work on the case. This will definitely go well, right?

Harvey and Louis’ victory in the war against Bratton Gould is short lived because Bratton threatens to keep coming after them until he gets his clients — and $30 million in billable hours — back. Bratton knows PSL can’t handle a long, drawn-out war; it doesn’t have the numbers. So Harvey tells Donna she needs to double down on her efforts of finding whoever is leaking information to Bratton Gould.

Donna is worried that Stephanie, who now works for Bratton Gould, is the one behind the leak and sends Rachel off to confront her. The last thing Donna needs is for her first big action as COO to threaten the firm’s survival. But it turns out Stephanie isn’t responsible for feeding Bratton Gould information, which, at least, is good news for Donna.

In the firm’s hour of need, Harvey turns to Robert yet again and asks if he’d consider merging or at least pretending to merge to boost PSL’s numbers and scare off Bratton Gould. While Robert can’t stand Bratton Gould, he says no because it will make his firm, which isn’t doing too well at the moment, look bad as well. Thankfully, Alex isn’t done saving the day yet.

Tonight, Alex proves that he might be the best person on this show and at this firm. He offers to leave the firm to stop the attack. Louis, Donna, and Harvey won’t hear of it. But Alex still finds a way to fall on his sword for his new company. Apparently, he and Bratton did a bad thing in the past, so Alex offers to sign something taking full responsibility for his shady deed, if Bratton signs something saying he won’t come after PSL’s clients. Bratton accepts the deal, and thus The New Guy saves the day. What a stand-up guy Alex is turning out to be!

With this crisis handled, Harvey finally has time to confront the leak, whose identity he figured out on his own: It’s Jessica Pearson. I’ll be honest — that revelation definitely surprised me. When Harvey phones Jessica, she says she saw an opportunity when Bratton called her looking for information on PSL, because nothing unites a divided house like an attack from the outside. So she let slip that the best attack plan was to pit Louis and Harvey against each other. Honestly, this type reasoning only makes sense on a TV show. This gamble could’ve easily spun out of control, and PSL could’ve been gone. But I guess it’s nice to see someone other than Harvey playing the role of reckless gambler.

  • In other news, Rachel and Mike make some big wedding decisions. The wedding is now being held at the Plaza, and they will sit down and pick a date soon.
  • Dulé Hill says motherf—er in this episode, which somehow made me smile and roll my eyes at the same time.
  • Donna feels like she let Harvey down by not being able to find the turncoat, but Harvey lets her know she could never fail him. Awww.
  • Honestly, I don’t blame Robert for wanting to go through Harvey’s apartment when he visits it. I would, too!

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Alex Williams

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Alex Williams , J.D. is a corporate attorney and a name partner at Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett .

While playing poker with Harvey Specter , Alex proposes that Harvey join Bratton Gould and that the two of them become junior partners. While Thomas Bratton is interesting in poaching one from Skadden instead, he is willing to promote Harvey and Alex to junior partner under the condition that Harvey gives his word that he will leave Pearson Hardman to join them, which Harvey does. However, as Harvey begins to pack up his things, Jessica Pearson apologizes if he has been mistreated and informs him that she has made a deal with Daniel Hardman that Harvey would be the firm's next junior partner, and Harvey decides to stay. Harvey then apologizes to Alex for breaking his word and promises Alex that if he ever required a favor from him in the future, no matter what, he would repay him.

After Harvey broke his word, he was not promoted and was scorned by Bratton Gould, who gave him unwinnable cases and had him work ninety hours a week. After a few years, however, he was given a chance to redeem himself by Thomas Bratton, who had him represent Masterson Construction, who built the prisons owned and operated by Reform Corp. As their attorney, Alex signed a waiver that allowed the prison to supplement their workers with prisoner labor, although in reality, the prisoners consisted of the entire workforce. In addition to Bratton Gould, Masterson Construction and Reform Corporation benefiting from using prisoners for unpaid labor, they had defrauded the state by filing inflated labor costs by 80%.

In the aftermath of a prisoner who died working, a guard gave Alex a letter regarding Reform Corp.'s cover-up of the prisoner's death. Alex passed it on to Thomas Bratton, who informed Masterson and Reform Corp., and the three arranged for the guard to be murdered. Additionally, Bratton connected all of Alex's bonuses to the incident to make it seem like Alex was responsible. As Alex had a family and attempting to expose the trio would implicate him, Alex chose to keep silent on the matter and aided the other three companies in maintaining their crime. [1]

Alex spent many years at Bratton Gould afterwards and eventually became a senior partner, although it was clear he would never be considered for name partner. In 2016, Harvey, now managing partner of Pearson Specter Litt , convinced Alex to join his firm; Alex agreed, and brought over his clients as well, including Pfizer .

Apart from being friends, Harvey wanted to onboard Pfizer as a client of Pearson Specter Litt in order to displace Jim Reynolds, who was Jessica Pearson 's older client. Alex demanded that he be made a name partner in order to make the switch, which Harvey momentarily agrees, but Louis Litt and Donna Paulsen do not agree with Harvey. Harvey informs Alex that he cannot become name partner right away, but that he would become the firm's next name partner. [2]

Alex had brought over Masterson as a client to PSL, and discovered that fellow attorney Mike Ross was investigating Reform Corp. for the murder of an inmate. Needing to protect his secret and that of his client's, Alex went to Harvey and told him that Masterson, a big client, had a conflict of interest and that Mike had to drop the Reform Corp. case, which led to Mike signing a waiver declaring that he was no longer involved with the case. [3]

Bratton Gould soon targeted PSL's clients in order to exact vengeance for Alex leaving them and taking clients with him. Unable to find a way to stop them as Bratton Gould was using insider information given to them by Jessica, Alex went to Thomas Bratton with a signed affidavit claiming that he was solely responsible for the crimes committed on behalf of Reform Corp. and Masterson Construction and that Thomas Bratton was in no way involved; he then offered the affidavit to Bratton in exchange for not only Bratton dropping their action against PSL but signing an agreement that prevented them from targeting PSL clients for ten years, which Bratton accepted. [4]

Alex soon discovered that Mike was still involved in the suit and since he had now claimed sole responsibility for the crimes, burst into the courtroom right before a victory could be brought against Masterson, leading to the case being dropped. Mike berated Alex for doing so publicly rather than privately, which prompted Harvey to realize that Alex was involved in the Reform Corp. situation, after which Alex confessed to Harvey. [5]

Alex soon confessed to Mike as well, prompting Mike to convince Harvey that they should save Alex. Colluding with Robert Zane , they managed to have Reform Corp. pay a huge settlement as well as agree to cease prisoner labor, as well as to have Thomas Bratton hand over Alex's affidavit and resign from Bratton Gould. [6] Following Bratton's forced resignation, Elias Gould took over as managing partner and came after PSL, although Alex used Louis' Dictaphone to record Eli admitting that the lawsuits PSL were receiving were fraudulent and concocted by him. [7] Shortly after, Alex proposed that Mike be promoted to senior partner, although both Harvey and Donna refused to promote him at the present time. [8]

The firm, which had been renamed to Specter Litt , was sued by its former partners on behalf of Stanley Gordon , as the partners claimed they were facing hurdles in their legal careers due to the firm's actions. Using the information on the Dictaphone, Alex had Eli Gould agree to hire them at Bratton Gould, although the deal fell through after Gordon claimed he had something worse on Gould. Specter Litt faced extinction until Robert merged with them, creating Zane Specter Litt . [9] Alex was the last partner from Specter Litt to learn about this and was initially upset that this technically broke Harvey's promise for Alex to become the firm's next name partner. Alex accepted the situation but made Harvey renew his promise.

Harvey, who had been managing partner at Specter Litt, wished to retain the position at ZSL, although Robert wished to assume the position himself. As Louis informed the pair that the pair each had client's with a conflicting division they needed to drop, Harvey and Robert attempted to have the other's division dropped. Harvey enlisted Alex, notifying him that if he wanted him to honor the promise to be the firm's next name partner, he would have to help him defeat Robert. Alex was pitted against Robert's right-hand, Samantha Wheeler , although Harvey hijacked the case when he believed Alex could not defeat Samantha; in the process, he proved to the firm he wasn't management material and allowed Robert to take over the role. [10]

On Louis's advice, Alex tries to get in Robert's good graces. Robert informs him that the best way to warm up to him would be to land a big client, prompting Alex to seek out Starboard Airlines, a client of Rand Kaldor , and its CEO, Gavin Andrews , who used to be represented by Samantha. However, Samantha warns Alex that given his prior history with Masterson Construction and Reform Corp., he would be wise not to get involved with Gavin. [11]

Gavin publicly announces that Zane Specter Litt are his attorneys before ordering Alex to launder money for him through the Cayman Islands. Unable to drop him as a client without damaging the firm's reputation, Alex goes to Samantha for help, and discovers that Gavin has his niece listed as his trustee and set up to take the responsibility if the laundering is exposed. Alex informs his niece of this and has her appoint him as Gavin's trustee, after which he informs Gavin that he has legally invested the money in the Cayman Islands but that he would not do anything illegal for Gavin. Samantha then informs Alex that Robert has promised her that she would the firm's next name partner. [12]

Frustrated at the revelation, Alex confronts Harvey for not telling him sooner about Robert's promise to Samantha. In an attempt to help Alex get further into Robert's good graces, Harvey takes Alex to sign Paxson Biosciences. During the meeting, however, Paxson asks them to help undermine Cryogen, a rival company with substantial undeveloped intellectual property. Harvey and Alex decide to use this information to convince Cryogen to sign with Alex instead. Alex later informs Harvey that in addition to faxing a cease and desist order to Paxson, Cryogen conditioned his signing on effectively tricking their best employee into "a lifetime of servitude."

Before they can do either, Robert confronts them about using privileged information from Paxson to attempt to sign a competitor. They threaten to tell every other company that Zane Specter Litt does not deal with potential clients in good faith unless Alex signs with Paxson, which Robert orders him to do, making it clear that failure to do so will ensure that Robert never votes for him as name partner. Now caught between Harvey and Robert's wishes, a frustrated Alex initially rejects advice from Donna to find a different way out.. However, Donna recruits headhunter Holly Cromwell to contact Alex and offer her services to see what offers she can get Alex from other firms. Holly eventually tells Alex that no one will make him a name partner any sooner than Zane Specter Litt.

Alex then decides to sign with neither Paxson nor Cryogen. Instead, he contacts the employee Cryogen wanted to trick into servitude and advises him to strike out on his own. Alex then signs the employee's new company as a client before telling Harvey and Robert that he will not be their "yes man" even if it costs him name partnership.

Alex is soon assigned to head to Robert's vineyard in upstate New York to represent him for a racial discrimination case. Robert claims that the reason all of his neighbors received their barrels and he didn't is because he is black and they are white, and that his lack of barrels ruined his entire year's harvest. However, it is revealed that the reason his barrels were intentionally withheld was not due to his color but because he bought out the vineyard from a family who was there, and therefore is seen as a "Wall Street" outsider to the other owners, who have owned and operated the vineyards in their families for generations. Robert decides to drop the lawsuit and arrange a community tasting room for the entire community to share for free. [13]

Gavin soon calls Alex after a Vermeer painting one of his planes were carrying was damaged after a hull depressurization, informing Alex that his insurer, Dexhart Insurance, refuses to honor. Samantha, who represents Dexhart, had convinced them to dishonor the claim on the grounds that she believed Gavin had orchestrated the plane's depressurization himself. Additionally, Harvey, Louis and Robert inform Alex and Samantha that the winner of the case would become name partner. [14] Samantha later hacked into a server and found footage where Gavin had spoken to someone else about how the price of his personal Vermeer painting would significantly increase if there was one less Vermeer in the world, which gave a strong implication that he intentionally destroyed the Vermeer he had been transporting for someone else. Despite the fact that the evidence was inadmissible as Samantha obtained it illegally, Samantha assured him that she would not use it in court but would play it for Starboard Airlines' board members, who would then have Gavin fired at the least. Gavin pleaded with Samantha, offering to settle the case by paying for the insured cost of the Vermeer without involving Dexhart and asking for a day to convince the board members to do so. While Samantha initially refused, she gave in once Gavin mentioned that he had kids and that it would affect their lives if he was exposed for his actions and fired.

However, having gained an additional 24 hours before Samantha turned him in, Gavin called Alex and informed him of the incriminating video. As Alex needed to win to become name partner over Samantha, Alex asked Katrina Bennett to impersonate Samantha, walk into Dexhart's offices and gain confidential files. As the information in the files would have legally been in discovery, had Samantha not intentionally refused to acknowledge them and had asked Robert to hide them, Alex used the files to garner a win against Samantha and ensuring victory for Gavin. Despite Alex having won, Samantha tells Robert to promote her anyways like he promised. Robert attempts to do so, but gets into a conflict with Harvey, who wishes to promote Alex. In order to prevent the firm from tearing itself apart, Donna has Louis appointed as the firm's new managing partner, who then proceeds to promote both Alex and Samantha to name partner. [15] Because Alex won the bet, Samantha allows him to decide in what order to add their names.

Shortly after the firm was renamed Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams , Alex and Samantha had lunch together, with Alex bringing Rosalie. Rosalie was representing the students of Logan Tech, a school that had defrauded their students by promising false futures to secure tuition payments, and asked Samantha to join the case as co-counsel so that she could operate out of the firm. Alex was hesitant about the two women working together, but gave his acceptance so long as he was not involved. They soon received an offer of $15,000 per plaintiff as the school claimed to be on the verge of bankruptcy; while Rosalie believed them and wished to accept their offer, Samantha refused, believing they were lying and demanded $50,000 per plaintiff.

Samantha chose to go to Alex, who had a feeling as well as she did that Logan Tech would fabricate their books to make it seem like they were poor, prompting Alex attempted to convince Rosalie of the same. Rosalie was incensed as she believed Alex was undermining her ability to practice law, although Alex convinced her that he respected her but that he believed Logan Tech was lying. Rosalie chose to explain to Alex why she chose to accept the $15,000 settlement, as it guaranteed money for the students and that the difference between 0 and 15,000 was much more significant than between 15,000 and 50,000. Alex agreed with her logic and relayed Rosalie's logic to Samantha, who reluctantly agreed to support her and accept Logan Tech's offer. [16]

Simon Lowe , a client of Harvey's, makes a handshake deal with Thomas, which he publicly announces. However, Simon informs Harvey that he is using Thomas as a stalking horse to entice his original supplier to restore an initial offer, and orders Harvey not to inform Thomas or his attorney, Alex, lest he break attorney-client privilege. Regardless, Harvey breaks privilege and informs Alex, but also shares Simon's betrayal with Donna, who notifies Thomas. As a result, Thomas honors his original deal with another company at their initial discounted rate while publishing a public notice on the issue, ruining Simon's deal and prompting Simon to fire Harvey and Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. As a result, Simon hires Daniel Hardman to sue Harvey and the firm on his behalf for breaking attorney-client privilege. [17]

Daniel attempts to have Harvey disbarred for breaking attorney-client privilege. However, Hardman offers to drop the suit if Harvey has him brought back to his firm and made name partner, which Harvey refuses. In order to settle the issue, Robert offers to convince Ellen Rand and Eric Kaldor to have Hardman become a name partner at Rand Kaldor if he drops the case, to which Hardman agrees. However, Eric only agrees to have Hardman as name partner if Zane resigns from Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams, and after Eric makes implications towards Robert's relationship with Samantha, Robert informs Eric that he would settle the matter with Hardman some other way. However, after Harvey has Simon fired, Hardman believes Robert was insincere and informs the New York State Bar's Ethics Committee, triggering a hearing.

At Robert's behest, Alex testifies that it was Robert who broke privilege and not Harvey. Hardman realizes that Robert is taking the blame for Harvey and wonders why he would do such a thing, although Robert makes it seem like he had done so in order to frame Harvey and Louis Litt for having him ousted as managing partner and claims responsibility for it. As consequence, Robert is disbarred and is ordered to forfeit his license to practice law. [18]

The morning after the hearing, Alex encounters Stephen Faulkner , a man who works for the New York State Bar Association. Faulkner commends Alex for exposing a legendary attorney but informs him that Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams needs to remove Robert's name, citing that if they do not do so, they would start losing clients, prompting Alex to ask why the Bar would care whether a firm lost clients or not. Faulkner replies that not removing Robert's name affects not only the character of their firm but also the integrity of the Bar, and adds that it would in the firm's benefit if they removed Robert's name of their own accord.

While entering his office, he encounters Thomas, who informs Alex that he and his company are no longer his or the firm's clients. Alex notifies Louis on his morning encounters with Thomas and the Bar. Louis accepts that Thomas has left them but claims that the New York State Bar does not have the authority to remove Robert's name, and asks Alex to check whether they truly can while he goes to check on the firm's reputation. Alex is in his office when he receives a call from Faulkner. Alex informs Faulkner that he has looked over precedents for the New York State Bar and that not only do they not have the power to alter the name of a law firm, but that they allowed a firm seven years ago to retain the name of a disbarred name partner. Faulkner responds that while they do not have the power to do so, they do have the authority to change a firm's leadership if it is failing, and suggests to Alex that he replace Louis as managing partner if they do not want the Bar to intercede.

Katrina gets to the firm early in the morning to talk privately with Alex, informing him that since he needs to convince Louis to have Robert's name removed. Alex refuses on the notion that Robert did not actually commit the crime, and Katrina responds that while she is aware of it, Robert told the world that he did. Alex agrees that the firm's reputation is negatively affected every day that Robert's name is kept, and Katrina reminds him that he owes her a favor; Alex then tells her that he would talk to Louis and convince him to remove Robert's name.

Alex pays Louis a visit in his office and notifies him that the Bar has the power to have another name partner forcibly become managing partner, and that if that happens, the Bar might be able to do other things to their firm; to prevent that, they would have to comply with their wishes and have Robert's name removed. Since there are only five partners who have voting rights on the matter, they require three votes to change the name of the firm; since both Donna and Samantha would vote no whereas Alex and Louis would now vote yes, Harvey would be the deciding vote.

Later that night, Alex heads to Katrina's office to inform her that they are retaining Robert's name. Katrina notifies him that he is no longer in her debt as he successfully convinced Louis, and he replies by stating that she could still ask him for help in the future if she needs it. Katrina suspects that Alex knows something more regarding the matter that he is not sharing, although Alex reassures her that it is not worth mentioning. [19]

The next morning, Alex attends a partner's meeting in the conference room where he is informed that the New York State Bar Association has appointed Faye Richardson Special Master of the firm. Donna inquires into how long Faye is going to stay, with Louis responding that it would up to the discretion of the Bar. Harvey retorts that there is no way he would accept some outside taking control of his firm, while Alex Williams begins to tell Louis that they could have avoided it, only for Samantha to intercede, claiming that Alex was going to say that they could have avoided this predicament had they removed Robert's name.

At that moment, Faye walks in, announcing that she wished to meet them and criticizing the firm's management, such as how the firm had two disbarred managing partners in two years, a junior partner who had gone to prison, and that she believes Harvey was an involved party in Mike Ross' fraud. Faye adds that if they want her gone, they would have to show her that they would stop crossing lines and fly straight, revealing that not only does she have the power to fire them, but that she can approve cases, allocate resources and do anything else she sees fit in her capacity as Special Master. Faye announces that her first order of business would be removing Robert Zane's name from the firm name, causing Samantha to reply that she would find dirt on Faye if Faye attempted to do so. Faye responds that this kind of thinking is the exact reason she had to take over their firm and that Samantha has no say in the matter, causing Samantha to retort that she would be leaving the firm. As she storms out, Faye informs the others that their days of operating the firm as they seem fit, likening it to the Wild West, are over.

Alex goes to Louis' office, berating his decision to sign off on giving Faye control, claiming that they could have used the threat of Faye's interference to convince Harvey to remove Robert's name, which was happening now anyways. Gretchen then inserts herself into the conversation, divulging that she knows Faye as she had worked at Faye's firm years before. Gretchen reveals that during Faye's tenure as managing partner at her old firm, where she and her husband were name partners, she discovered her husband crossed a line and proceeded to have him disbarred, along with removing his name off the wall. Alex states that a woman who would do that to her own husband wouldn't care about what the firm did to her, although Louis suggests that he may have found a way out.

Sometime later, Alex goes to his office where he sees Harvey waiting for him, having poured scotch and wanting to celebrate as he had good news. Harvey informs him that Thomas would be coming later today to sign an engagement letter to be their client again, although he adds that Thomas wanted him to represent him and not Alex. Alex does not like that his partner has taken his client, with Harvey trying to soften the blow by adding that it was only done to prevent Faye from having an exit interview with him. While Alex accepts it, he berates Harvey for trying to mask the news as a celebration.

Faye removes Robert's name and the firm is then renamed as Specter Litt Wheeler Williams . Alex later finds out that his client is being sued and yells at his secretary before coming across an angered Louis, who had been publicly humiliated by Louis. Walking into Alex's office, Benjamin tells them that he requires a digital copy of the by-laws while Louis berates him for not scanning the physical book, dismissing him and ordering him to get the job done by the end of the day. Knowing that they need to blow off steam, Alex invites Louis to go bowling.

At the bowling alley, Louis reveals that he has never bowled, after having attended a bowling birthday party as a child and having his fingers stuck in a bowling ball. While he is initially unable to bowl, he successfully gets strikes in a row, knocking down every single pin consecutively after Alex suggests that he imagine the pins to be Faye. Following the end of their game, Louis has a piña colada while Alex has a beer, and the pair revel in their post-bowling victory. Louis tells Alex that ever since Alex joined the firm he felt shafted outside the firm, while Alex adds that he thought he and Harvey would be a team when he came, but that despite everything that happened, he was still standing by the end of it and that Louis would be. As Louis had shared that he had been involved in wrestling before, Alex displays that he can tap dance, having been forced to take lessons as a child by his mother.

Returning to the firm, he is paid a visit by Katrina that night at his office, who thanks him for taking Louis bowling. She asks Alex to keep being there for Louis, adding that Louis would need his friends now more than ever, and Alex replies that he would. [20]

The next day, while on the way to his office, Alex is approached by Samantha, and the pair discuss Louis' demotion. Alex tells her that he would not do anything unethical while Faye is around, although Samantha responds that she has grown quite fond of Louis and asks him if he would help her use the law to remove Faye from power; when Alex asks her how she plans to do that, she admits that she does not know yet, but as they were lawyers they should be able to find a way.

In Samantha's office, she and Alex find a by-law that states that a Special Master can be ousted if they cause damage to the firm. Samantha suggests going to Gavin Andrews and have him claim that he is leaving them due to Faye's actions, although Alex protests, stating that if they were do so, they would be damaging the firm themselves, and that such an action would fall under conspiracy and therefore unethical. Samantha then calls Alex a coward, while Alex retorts that he isn't doing so and that Samantha shouldn't either.

Samantha later apologizes to Alex for calling him a coward, confessing that she has been off-kilter since Robert's departure. Alex informs her that whenever he has issues in his work life, he turns to his family life. As Samantha does not have a family, she jokingly asks if Alex is intending to adopt her, although Alex invites her to his house for dinner, stating that Rosalie has been asking about her and that Joy loves her.

Samantha arrives at the Williams' residence for dinner, having a drink with Alex. Rosalie and Joy enter the kitchen, Rosalie bringing Chinese food and explaining that their other daughter, Debbie, would not be in attendance. Rosalie and Alex discover that Alex's car has been damaged, and realize it was Joy's doing. As Joy had elected not to disclose the damage in the hopes that whoever drove it next would assume it was their fault, Alex gives her an ultimatum: pay for the damages or have her driving privileges revoked for a month; while Joy argues with her parents, Samantha finds herself extremely uncomfortable and remains silent. The next night, Samantha goes to see Alex in his office, thanking him for dinner, adding that as uncomfortable as the argument with Joy was, it was family and that it inspired her to seek her biological parents. [21]

A week later, former colleague Craig Cameron pays Alex a visit at Specter Litt Wheeler Williams for favor, wanting the firm to tank its case against Panasonic. Craig reveals that Bratton tipped him off about Masterson's crimes prior to his dismissal, with Craig threatening to expose Alex for his crimes if he does not get the attorney on the other side, Samantha Wheeler, to take the deal he has proposed.

Alex reminisces on event from 8 years ago, where Craig confronted Alex about poaching Masterson from him. Alex attempted to explain that Bratton had given it to him and attempted to split another client, Mayfield Foods, with Craig, although Craig refused as Mayfield is a tenth of Masterson and that he wouldn't get his bonus that year. Thinking back on that day, Alex walks into Samantha's office, asking her to take Craig's offer. Samantha deduces that Alex wants her to take Craig's offer as Craig has something on him and surprises Alex when she asks if it's about the Masterson corruption and his involvement in it, having been made aware of it due to being Robert's fixer. Samantha mentions that if she took the bad deal, Faye would find it suspicious and look into it and that Alex should simply tell Faye about it. Alex replies that he cannot, as he covered up a crime despite Samantha's rationalization that he was framed, adding that he has two daughters and he does not want them to know that their father did that. Samantha asks what Rosalie thinks, only to realize she does not know; Samantha then tells him to tell Rosalie that night.

Alex once again thinks on the past eight years ago, when he came home to see Rosalie showing a video on her iPhone of one of their daughters having learned to walk. Alex informed her how a guard working at one of Masterson's prisons slipped him a note about a prisoner's death being covered up and how the guard was then murdered by an inmate, claiming that he would get to the bottom of it. In the present, Alex returns home, notifying Rosalie that he intentionally ate dinner at the office in order to come home late as he wanted to have a conversation with her after their daughters had gone to sleep. Alex comes clean about his involvement covering up Masterson's crime, stating that he was framed and covered it up to protect his family. Rosalie asks why Alex is telling her the truth now and back then, to which Alex replies that it is because he is being threatened by Craig and that he didn't tell her before because she would have made him come forward, which would have affected their family and wouldn't bring back the two dead men. Rosalie is angered, as she and Alex had discussed the mistreatment of people of color and helping them during their time at Harvard Law School, only for Alex to help Masterson extend prisoner sentences. Alex claims that it killed him to do so, and Rosalie excuses herself to process what she had just been told.

In yet another flashback, Alex called home to inform Rosalie that he would not be home for dinner, with Rosalie adding that this would be five nights in a row that he has missed dinner at home. Alex hung up the phone as Craig walked into his office, asking for half of Masterson as they are working with Reform Corp. and could use two lawyers. Wanting to protect Craig from being trapped in the same way he is and forced to commit a crime, Alex refused and infuriated Craig, who believed Alex was too greedy to share a massive client, adding that he would not be able to move up without Masterson's business as he needed it to fulfill his quarter. In the present day, Alex goes to Samantha's office, aware that Rosalie came to see her as he states he knows his wife and that she would protect her own. Samantha explains that Rosalie wants her to fight dirt on Craig, although Alex, wanting to protect Rosalie, asks Samantha to let him handle it. Harvey then walks in and informs the pair that there are things going on that he is going to notify them of, and that tomorrow morning they would all put a stop to it.

The next morning, Louis, Harvey, Alex and Samantha go to Faye's office to save Donna's vote. They all mention the interpersonal relationships they have, such as Louis naming Donna his child's godmother and Samantha having dinner at Alex's house, although Faye chalks it up to it being friendship and not a relationship and claims there is still a conflict of interest. Louis then reveal that Katrina's code of conduct has a clause that allows the name partners to waive said conflict and that they all have done so. The four also threaten to quit if she does not respect their legal rights to waive conflict, reminding her that she would have to explain to the State Bar why four name partners resigned after she did not let them do something that was their legal right.

Alex walks into Samantha's office that night, where he and Rosalie praise Samantha for saving him. Alex invites her to their home for family game night, and when Samantha replies that he should do that with his family, Alex states that Samantha is his family. [22]


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