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The 11 Most Haunted Places in West Virginia

West Virginia has plenty of paranormal activity to share. The Mountain State can boost apparitions of Civil War Soldiers, encounters with extraterrestrial beings, and ghosts of murder victims still seeking justice along with many other paranormal anomalies.

Join us as we dig deeper into the 11 most haunted places in West Virginia.

1. Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, Mercer County

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, Mercer County

In the late 1700s, there was a bloody altercation between a white settler named Mitchell Clay and the local tribe of Shawnee Indians.  This resulted in the tragic death of 3 of the Clay children and a number of Shawnee warriors.

Some say that these deaths have left a curse on the land. This may well be the case because in the 1920s a local businessman bought the land and built the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park.

Over the next couple of years, several people died in accidents at the park and it ended up closing down in 1966.

The abandoned remains of the park are now considered to be one of the most haunted locations in West Virginia.

There are regular paranormal tours of the property and many people have reported seeing apparitions of a man and a little girl dressed in pink.

2. North Bend Rail Trail Tunnel No 19, Ritchie County

North Bend Rail Trail Tunnel No 19, Ritchie County

The North Bend Trail extends for a total of 72 miles and is very popular with hikers, cyclists, and horseback riders. However, all of them need to make sure that they are particularly careful when navigating tunnel number 9, which is also known as the Silver Run Tunnel, as it is said to be extremely haunted!

As far back as 1910 reports started to emerge of a young lady in a flowing white dress standing on the tracks.

She was first seen by an engineer who brought his train to an abrupt halt thinking that he was going to hit her, but when he goes out to look for her she had gone – vanished into thin air.

Over the years many of his predecessors have experienced the same thing. It is not at all clear who she is, or why she is haunting the tunnel.

However, it is said that some human bones were uncovered under a house very close to the tunnel!

If you want to go looking for this lady in white then you are going to need a flashlight – even in the daylight since the damp tunnel is 1376 feet long and daylight does not penetrate it!

3. 22 Mine Road, Logan

22 Mine Road, Logan

Mamie Thurman lived the life of a carefree flapper during the Prohibition era, but it seems that she may have thrown a little too much caution to the wind since she ended up being discovered dead on the lonely 22 Mine Road.

A local handyman was charged with the murder, but most people believed it to be a well-known banker that Mamie had an affair with who was the real murderer.

Her body also disappeared and there are no records of a burial.

Perhaps this is why her restless soul is said to be haunting 22 Mine Road.

She is often seen there in search of justice and a final resting place.

4. Lewisburg Historic District, Lewisburg

Lewisburg Historic District, Lewisburg

One thing that West Virginia seems to have in abundance is towns that are haunted as opposed to just single buildings. One such town is Lewisburg, in particular the historic district.

Visitors to the town say that late at night they hear moaning and cries of pain coming from the Old Stone Church. Since the building served as a Civil War hospital this is thought to be the spirits of wounded soldiers.

The General Lewis Inn is also very haunted with up to 3 spirits in residence, all of whom are tricky and mischievous!

However, the most famous spirit here is an entity that is known as The Greenbrier Ghost.

This is the ghost of Zona Hester Shue, a lady who was murdered by her husband and who helped to convict him when appearing as a ghost!

5. Droop Mountain Battlefield, Pocahontas County

Droop Mountain Battlefield, Pocahontas County

Droop Mountain Battlefield has become a memorial commemorating West Virginia’s final significant battle during the Civil War.

On November 6, 1863, Brigadier General William Averell’s Union troops staged a crushing victor over the Confederates, driving them south into what is now Virginia.

The site became a national park in 1929 as a memorial to those who lost their lives here.

Since then, visitors have been reporting a variety of paranormal activity including the sound of galloping horses, and sightings of a headless confederate soldier and another soldier who is napping against a tree!

6. Harpers Ferry, Jefferson County

Harpers Ferry, Jefferson County

The town of Harpers Ferry is well known for its ghosts. In fact, some of the hauntings are said to go back hundreds of years!

There are various buildings around the town that have a spooky story or two attached to them making Harpers Ferry one of the most haunted towns in West Virginia.

One of the most popular tales involves a female spirit in 18th-century style attires who is often seen looking down at people from the window of Harper House.

There are often tales of several spirits including wounded soldiers and an old priest who are said to haunt St Peter’s Catholic Church, which was used as a hospital in the Civil War.

However, the most common experience is for visitors to hear the distant strains of fife and drum music which is said to be the phantom army performing some marching drills.

7. Morgantown, Monongalia County

Morgantown, Monongalia County

Morgantown stands on the site of the famous Decker’s Creek Massacre which occurred back in 1759.

A total of eight settlers were brutally slaughtered by Delaware Indians in approximately the center of what is now the city of Morgantown and home to West Virginia University.

With so much blood staining the land, it is no surprise that there are literally spirits wandering the streets of Morgantown.

The University in particular seems to attract plenty of paranormal activity with many of its buildings reported to be haunted.

The most famous of the campus ghosts is probably the spirit of Elizabeth Moore who was the original founder of the institute from which the university grew.

8. Blennerhassett Hotel, Parkersburg STAY HERE

Blennerhassett Hotel, Parkersburg

Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg is one of the most haunted buildings in West Virginia.

The Queen Anne-style building is reportedly haunted by William Chancellor who was responsible for building the property in the late 1800s.

Guests staying at the hotel have claimed to encounter the ghosts of children playing in the hallways and others say that they have seen a man dressed in a tuxedo in the mirrors.

Staff at the hotel also say that mysterious knocking and other unexplained sounds are fairly commonplace.

The hotel even offers ghost tours as part of their ‘Haunted Parkersburg’ package deal!

Learn more about the ghosts of the haunted Blennerhassett Hotel, Parkersburg, WV

9. West Virginia Penitentiary, Moundsville

West Virginia Penitentiary, Moundsville

West Virginia Penitentiary opened back in 1875 and it is widely regarded as being one of the most haunted prisons in the United States – it is definitely one of the most haunted places in West Virginia.

This prison has seen it all over the years including several riots, fires, and over 100 executions.

Even before it was closed, prisoners and guards experienced paranormal activity in the building and it has only escalated since the prison ceased operation.

Now visitors tend to see phantom inmates and shadow men along with unexplained noises, cold spots, disembodied voices, and agonizing screams.

This is not a place for the faint of heart that is for sure!

There are regular tours of the prison which offer the opportunity to check out the electric chair that has been nicknamed ‘Old Sparky’.

The bravest souls can also participate in an overnight stay!

Learn more about the ghosts of the haunted West Virginia State Penitentiary

10. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston

The Gothic stone structure that is Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is somewhat infamous in the paranormal community!

Even looking at it from the outside you would probably assume that it is haunted just based on how it looks!

The building certainly lives up to expectations.

This is without a doubt one of the most haunted places in the state.

Construction on the asylum began in 1858 and originally it was built to house just 250 patients.

However, the facility reached its peak of around 2400 patients in the 1950s at which time they were terribly overcrowded and living in extremely poor conditions.

It closed down in 1994 and reopened as a tourist location.

It is now considered to be one of the most haunted locations in WV with visitors reporting all manner of unexplained activity including horrific screams, shadow figures, and slamming doors.

11. Sweet Springs Sanitarium, Sweet Springs

The Haunted Sweet Springs Sanitarium, West Virginia

Established in 1792 by Revolutionary War Veteran, William Lewis, the Sweet Springs Sanitarium was a mineral spring resort, where people from all over the

People would visit from all over West Virginia as they’d spend their summer months relaxing, and socializing. In the 1830s the current brick hotel was built, and business continued to boom up until the Civil War broke out.

During its heyday, the resort would welcome some of history’s most well-known, such as George Washington, Jerome Bonaparte, and General Robert E. Lee.

After the Civil War people continued to visit the resort, though numbers dwindled, with vacationers preferring to visit resorts closer to the railways. By 1930 financial trouble hit, and the resort had to close.

Between 1942-1945, the Sweet Springs Resort would operate as a sanitarium for tuberculosis patients, before turning into the Andrew S. Rowan retirement home in 1945.

Haunted by some of the thousands of people who died here during its life as a sanitarium and a retirement home, the resort has featured on numerous paranormal TV shows recently, including series 1 of Destination Fear, and Paranormal Lockdown.

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The Mountain State boasts many paranormal anomalies, from horrific prisons and asylums to haunted hotels and amusement parks. Some of the spine-tingling history is not for the faint of heart. Forbes even added West Virginia to their list of the most haunted states in America, which is scary good news for those who enjoy a good haunted tour or adventure.

Any one of these places will leave you sleeping with the lights on at night. For a real fright this fall, head to some of the spooky places below.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Located in Weston, the  Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum  was a sanctuary for the mentally-ill up until 1994. This National Historic Landmark was once an important military post in the Civil War. It was originally built to hold about 250 patients, but during its peak it held 2,400 patients in poor conditions. Ghost experts have flocked here to experience the paranormal for themselves. They’ve heard blood-curdling screams and seen mysterious shadowy figures. Many say the souls of the insane have never left the halls they once called home. This attraction was dubbed by The Travel and USA Today for its historic hauntings and West Virginia’s obsession for fun Halloween festivities. Those brave enough can even choose to spend the night in the asylum .

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The Wells Inn

Interested in staying the night at a haunted hotel?  The Wells Inn  is sure to give you a fright. The grandson of the founder of Sistersville, Ephraim Wells, built the hotel to cater to oil barons and upper class travelers in the late 1800’s. Many say that Mr. Wells never left his beloved hotel. A ghost walks the halls turning on lights, slamming doors and moving objects. The sound of writing can be heard from Mr. Wells old office.

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

This abandoned amusement park will send a chill down your spine. When it opened in the 1920s, no one knew about its bloody past. The site housed a terrible skirmish between Mitchell Clay and the local Shawnee Indian tribe, after three of Clay’s children were brutally murdered by the tribe. Clay sought revenge and killed several of the Native Americans. After an entrepreneur stumbled upon the land and turned it into  Lake Shawnee Amusement Park , things began to go wrong. A young girl died on the swings and a little boy is said to have drowned in the pond. Native American chants can be heard on some nights throughout the park. This attraction in  Mercer County  is open for haunted tours so you can explore the supernatural yourself.

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A Haunting in Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry , one of the oldest towns in the state, is famous for its war time history. So it’s no surprise this town has Civil War soldiers performing marching drills and the ghost of John Brown walking the streets at night. Another ghost story is that of “Screaming Jenny,” a woman who caught fire and ran into an oncoming train. On the anniversary of her death, folks say they can see a ball of fire on the tracks that disappears when a train strikes her.  Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry  will take you on an evening stroll through the town’s spookiest sites.

Flatwoods Monster

On one fall night in 1952, a UFO fell from the sky and landed here in West Virginia. What happened next has been highly contradicted. A group of local children and neighbors went to where the UFO fell and found a mysterious being, with shiny eyes and a round red face, cloaked in a green drape-like material. The later-dubbed Flatwoods Monster hissed at the group and disappeared. The witnesses also reported a pungent smell that made them nauseous. The following day when investigators inspected the site, they found skid marks and an odd, gummy deposit, but no strange smell. Regardless of what had happened, today you can travel  Braxton County  in search of the Flatwoods Monster chairs that have been installed.

West Virginia Penitentiary

Widely regarded as one of the most haunted prisons in the United States, the  West Virginia Penitentiary  has seen several riots, fires and over 100 executions. The Gothic-style prison was built in 1876 from locally quarried hand-cut sandstone. The prisons’ hauntings date back to the 1930s when guards saw inmates roaming freely. However, when they sounded the alarms and searched the area, no one was ever found. If you have the courage to take a tour, you’ll be sure to see the “Shadow Man,” a dark silhouette that haunts the grounds. You might even hear whispering or arguing coming from the basement. Come see for yourself why The Travel dubbed this as one of 10 historic haunts to see this Halloween.

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Mystery Hole

Hidden in the hills of West Virginia lies a place that defies gravity. No one can say for certain what goes on at  Mystery Hole . Folks have said that balls roll uphill. Others say that simply being there has cured their ailments. One thing’s certain – you have to experience this oddity for yourself.

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Mysteries in Morgantown

Home of  West Virginia University , Morgantown is known for more than their school spirit. Paranormal spirits haunt the hallowed grounds of this university. Long before the school existed, Elizabeth Moore was the principal of the Woodburn Female Seminary, a women’s education academy. After she passed, many still felt her presence on campus. Today, students have seen Ms. Moore hovering over the building that WVU named for her, E. Moore Hall. Just across the way at the Mountainlair, people have reported seeing   a little girl in a yellow dress dancing through the student union .  Sally, this spirit died of typhoid fever and was originally buried where Stewart Hall now stands. The bodies were moved to a different cemetery but some believe Sally never left.

North Bend Rail Trail

During the day, the  North Bend Rail Trail  in Parkersburg is a great place to hike, bike and horseback ride, but once night falls you might want to bring a lantern and a friend if you’re going exploring. Part of the trail around Tunnel No. 19 is known to be haunted by the spirit of a young woman. It’s not clear who she is, but many have seen a young woman in a flowing white dress in the area. Others have even found bones in an abandoned house near the tunnel. Be advised – if you venture into the tunnel, bring a flashlight. It’s over 1,300 feet long and even on the sunniest of days, you’ll be swallowed up in the darkness of Tunnel No. 19.

The Greenbrier Ghost

Arguably the most famous entity in the state is that of Zona Heaster Shue. Zona was a young, married and pregnant woman when she was found dead one January night in 1897 in  Greenbrier County . The local newspaper said she had died in childbirth and was laid to rest a few days later. But Zona could not rest because she hadn’t died of natural causes. According to a local legend, Zona’s spirit visited her mother and told her how her abusive husband had murdered her. Zona’s mother visited the town’s prosecutor and demanded that her daughter’s body be exhumed. The autopsy revealed that Zona’s neck had been broken and her husband was ultimately found guilty. Today, a plaque commemorates the famous ghost that helped convict a murderer.

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Visit Our Horrifying Attractions

For years, Fear on the Farm has been terrifying those who dare to enter. West Virginia’s premier haunted attraction opens to the public each year in September. It is an experience unlike any other. If you have a taste for horror all year round, checkout our Off-season events .

Bloody Mary - Scary Tales

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Have you Heard?

Covid-19 update:.

Yes, Fear on the Farm will be open this year! We’ve been working hard & preparing for this upcoming season to scare you in the safest way possible. Given the current circumstances, we’ve had to make some changes this year to practice social distancing and operate our business following safety practices. Here is what we are planning:

We will be open Friday and Saturday December 18th and 19th from 7pm to 11pm.

  • All actors and staff will have a temperature check upon arrival.
  • We ask customers to wear a mask/face covering to enter our attractions.
  • We will be limiting the size and number of groups allowed in the haunt at any given time as well as limiting the number of actors.
  • We will have social distancing markings while waiting in lines. We will be monitoring and limiting the number of customers in our queue line. If larger crowds occur, we will switch to virtual queue lines. This means we will text you when it is your turn and you can wait in your car safely.
  • Nightly sanitizing of equipment, costumes, and high touch areas.
  • Extra hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the event property.
  • Both of our coffin simulator rides will be closed this year to keep traffic congestion down and follow safety protocols.

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best haunted houses wv

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6 Best Haunted Attractions in West Virginia

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The hills and valleys of the Mountain State just lend themselves perfectly to hidden creatures and things that go bump in the night. Whether you like just a little bit of fear or a whole lot of screaming, follow our dark path to the 6 best haunted attractions in West Virginia. Among the haunts is a nursing home where patients check in but never leave, woods filled with zombies, and fields of vampires. A ghoulishly fun game of laser tag is on the list and there’s a hotel where residents are given peace and quiet—for all eternity. Pick your spot for frightful fun from among our list of sinister stops! 

Hospital of Horrors, Weston, WV

Hold on to your hats, ghouls and guys and get ready for some seriously scary fun at the Hospital of Horrors in Weston, West Virginia. Located inside what was once an asylum for the insane, you’ll encounter a mysterious doctor who seeks immortality by experimenting on unsuspecting people who enter in. Be warned, though. This hospital isn’t for the faint of heart and children under 13 are not allowed without an adult. Buy your tickets ahead and save time at the door. If you dare. 

Fright Nights, Daniels, WV

Halloween is almost here. Are you ready for the scare of your life? Then visit the top haunted attraction in Southern West Virginia and be scared out your wits. You can take a walk along the Appalachian Anarchy Haunted Trial where you never know who, or what, you’ll see. If that’s not enough for you, check out 3D Nightmare, a freaky show filled with special effects involving clowns and other things that go bump in the night. There’s also an interactive laser tag that takes you into the world of biohazards and several escape rooms in case you haven’t had your fill of adventure. 

View this post on Instagram A post shared by @frightnightswv on Sep 22, 2018 at 3:32am PDT

Miller’s Nightmare Haunted Farm, Lewisburg, WV

Jump on the night wagon for a ride into your worst nightmare. Travel down a backroad into darkness until you reach Miller Mansion. Something mysterious and very sinister happened there and has tainted everything around it. Watch out for things that pop up in the cornfield and just pray you make it out alive. 

House of the Setting Sun, Green Spring, WV

Organized by the citizens of Green Spring, West Virginia, this fun and interactive haunted house is not to be missed when you’re planning your Halloween hauntings. Located at 1313 Screamin’ Hollow Road, that should give you a clue that this is no ordinary haunted house. Follow the road lined with pumpkins for a scarefully-crafted adventure into fear. 

West Virginia Penitentiary, Moundsville, WV

Once a prison for the criminally insane, West Virginia Penitentiary sits as an eerie reminder of the unknown. What lurks behind those tall gothic walls? Do you have what it takes to find out? You might have the nerve to walk into the cold and dark stone building, but would you allow yourself to be locked in a cell or take a walk in the dungeon of horrors? Don’t worry, there will be “helpers” along the way. 

View this post on Instagram A post shared by West Virginia Penitentiary (@wvpen) on Sep 7, 2015 at 11:22am PDT

Fear on the Farm, Winfield, WV

Zombies, vampires, and other scary creatures lurk everywhere in Winfield, West Virginia. Check out the Weeping Willow Nursing Home, where you’ll run into doctors who perform crazy experiments on the residents and the monsters they become. Take a walk outside on the Spooky Woods Trail, if you dare. The people who live around there are, well, different. Better watch the trail, though. People often don’t come back. Check out the escape rooms, Miners Revenge and The Saw, or play a gripping game of zombie laser tag with your friends and fellow ghouls. You can also take a bus and walking tour of the haunted part of Winfield. 

Nightmare In The Hills

Nightmare In The Hills

Asylum Haunted House

Asylum Haunted House

Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm

Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm

Fright Nights

Fright Nights

Go Go Scare Show

Go Go Scare Show

Fear On The Farm

Fear On The Farm

Haunted Trail and Not So Spooky Wagon Rides

Haunted Trail and Not So Spooky Wagon Rides

Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours

Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours

The Body Farms Haunted Barn

The Body Farms Haunted Barn

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For even more spooky places in West Virginia, please check out the Haunted WV page of Theresa’s Haunted History of the Tri-State! Over 200 carefully researched haunted hot spots and growing!


When going to High School in Athens WV in the 60’s, we were told by friend who resided in True WV,about the huge mansion like property across from the graveyard.

There were many different reports made by different people about the goings on in that house. Also reports mad back then to families who bought the house and sold soon after residing in the house for a short time.

I have attempted to research the property as of the year 2000 and can not find anything abut this property. Please get back to me if you have discovered anything in reference to this property. I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you so very much.

Elizabeth (Liz) Smith

Hello, Please add my location The Sweet Springs Sanitarium… a 258 year old historical location is now available for private paranormal investigations on select evenings from 6 pm to 12 pm the following day beginning November 1, 2018. Sweet Springs Sanitarium staff will help the group navigate the building at the beginning of your evening and answer questions about the location’s history, but will not offer training or equipment for paranormal investigations. It is the responsibility of the group to provide their own equipment and program. Paranormal investigations are available for groups of 1 to 10 participants per night. Pricing is for an eighteen hour investigation from 6 pm to 12 pm. Groups wishing to rent the sanitarium resort for paranormal investigation are required to make reservations in advance online. Full payment is due at the time of booking. Sweet Springs Sanitarium does not book multiple paranormal investigation teams at the same time. Your group will be the only paranormal team in the building when you conduct your investigation. However, staff members or contractors may be working in the building during the investigation. Below you’ll find a link to our website with answers to frequently asked questions. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email us at [email protected]

Our website: http://www.sweetspringssanitarium.com

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best haunted houses wv

December 9 & 16 6pm-9:30pm

Fright Before Christmas copy.png

You better watch out, You better not cry...

Now, running TWO SATURDAYS only, join us for the "Fright Before Christmas" a Christmas/Krampus themed haunted attraction on December 9th & 16th. Skip those old boring traditions.  We're swaping out pumpkins for Christmas lights and unleashing evil elves, scary snowmen, and Krampus himself. If you thought our Halloween event was scary, then you better watch out, you better not cry... 

The Fright Before Christmas was featured as Travel Channels top 10 Christmas Haunts in 2019!  

travel channel.png

best haunted houses wv

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best haunted houses wv

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Our West Virginia Haunted House Directory currently has 19 entries! (Listings are Sorted by City)

WV – Buckhannon

Maniac mountain haunted house.

Buckhannon, WV

(Click For Details Page)

Maniac Mountain Haunted House Review Link Button

WV – Daniels

Fright nights at the resort at glade springs.

Daniels, WV

Fright Nights at The Resort at Glade Springs Review Link Button

WV – Davy

The body farms haunted barn.


WV – Fairmont

C and d bunner family spooky yard haunt.

Fairmont, WV


WV – Huntington

Haunted majestic.

Huntington, WV

Haunted Majestic Review Link Button

WV – Lewisburg

Millers nightmare haunted farm.

Lewisburg, WV

Millers Nightmare Haunted Farm Review Link Button

WV – Milton

Field of screams at cooper family farms, wv – moundsville, dungeon of horrors wv.

Moundsville, WV

Dungeon of Horrors WV Review Link Button

WV – Pecks Mill

Pecks mill haunted trail.

Pecks Mill, WV


WV – Petersburg

Haunted dream.

Petersburg, WV

Special Notes: Will not be opening in 2023 due to relocating.

WV – Rock

Lake nightmare at lake shawnees dark carnival.

Special Notes: Located at Lake Shawnee

WV – Sabine

Laurel branch haunted experience.

Special Notes: Located at Upper Laurel Fire and Rescue

WV – Saint Albans

Scareview grave schoul.

Saint Albans, WV

WV – Spencer

Spencer, WV

Hysteria Review Link Button

WV – Wayne

Twelvepole manor.

Twelvepole Manor Review Link Button

WV – Weston

Trans allegheny lunatic asylum haunted house.

Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Haunted House Review Link Button

WV – Wheeling

Infernum in terra hell on earth.

Wheeling, WV

Infernum In Terra Hell on Earth Review Link Button

WV – Winfield

Fear on the farm wv.

Winfield, WV

Fear on the Farm WV Review Link Button

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Haunted Majestic

Haunted Majestic

Family fearpark, not the scariest. not the goriest. just the most fun,    open every friday and saturday night in october, majestic landing, kyle lane, huntington, wv, open every friday and saturday night in october.

best haunted houses wv

best haunted houses wv

General Admission: $20

First come, first scared.  Ticket booth opens at 7 p.m. and tours begin at 7:30 p.m. or as soon as darkness arrives.  Ticket holders are admitted to General Admission line in the order tickets are purchased.  General Admission line will alternate tours with Fast Pass line.

Season Pass: $60

Want to visit the haunt more than once? You can tour as many times as you want and come any or all of the 10 nights we are open with a season pass which gives you access to all of our special guests for one low fee.

Fast Pass: $30

If it’s worth $10 to get scared sooner, we offer two lines from which ticket holders are admitted.  An extra $10 gets you in the shorter Fast Pass line possibly saving a 30 to 90 minute wait in the General Admission line.  

Paranormal Ghost Hunt: $20

The Paranormal Investigation Team (PIT) will offer paranormal ghost hunts of the Haunted Majestic grounds and barges beginning approximately 30 minutes after the haunt closes each night. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth from 7 to 11 p.m. on the night of your tour. These tours will take place after Haunted Majestic closes on these nights and will last approximately 90 minutes.


River history ghost hunts aboard haunted majestic.

Want to add a little after-hours fun to your Mothman Festival weekend? Make the short trip south to Haunted Majestic to take part in our River History Ghost Hunts aboard Haunted Majestic. Groups of not more than 10 people will roam the grounds and the barges in search of the paranormal during this one-night-only intimate event! Tours begin at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. and last approximately 90 minutes each. Come armed with your ghost hunting gear as you and your tour guide venture across the Haunted Majestic grounds and through the Haunted Majestic barges in an attempt to find out who or what the creepy Ohio River property hides.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

2023 River History Ghost Hunt

2023 Event Schedule/Times

Friday, September 29, 7-11 p.m. Saturday, September 30, 7-11 p.m.

Friday, October 6, 7-11 p.m. Saturday, October 7, 7-11 p.m.

Friday, October 13, 7-11 p.m. Saturday, October 14, 7-11 p.m.

Friday, October 20, 7-11 p.m. Saturday, October 21, 7-11 p.m.

Friday, October 27, 7-11 p.m. Saturday, October 28, 7-11 p.m.

Note: Paranormal Tours begin approximately 30 minutes after closing each Friday and Saturday night during haunt season and last approximately 90 minutes. Paranormal Tour tickets must be purchased prior to 11 p.m. at the ticket booth on the night of the tour.

Haunted Majestic is located at Majestic Landing just north of Robert Newlon Airport at the end of Kyle Lane, off WV Route 2 five miles north of Huntington, WV. From Interstate 64, take Exit 18 and follow WV Route 193 3 1/2 miles to the intersection of WV Route 2. Turn left onto WV Route 2 and go one block to Kyle Lane. Turn right onto Kyle Lane and follow 1/4 mile across the railroad tracks to Robert Newlon Airport. Parking is available in the field to the right as you enter the airport property. Total drive from I-64 Exit 18 is four miles.

Parking for the Haunted Majestic haunted attraction is $5 per car and is located at the east end of Robert Newlon Airport. After entering the airport property a parking attendant will direct cars to a large field through the gate to the right where sufficient parking will be available. From the parking field, the main gate of Majestic Landing is a mere 100 foot walk. Look for the large fence, gates, flashing emergency lights, and traffic signal at the entrance. Parking is provided by the staff at the Robert Newlon Airport which is not a part of Haunted Majestic. The funds generated from parking go to help provide free community activities at the airport such as July 4th fireworks and other events. Payment for parking is cash only. Credit cards are not accepted for parking

best haunted houses wv

Our volunteers choose a charity that their labors will benefit and Haunted Majestic will donate 10 cents for each ticket sold to the charity each volunteer chooses. It doesn’t sound like much, but if you and 9 friends volunteer for a night and 500 people tour Haunted Majestic that night then your chosen charity would receive 10 cents X 10 volunteers X 500 tickets which would total $500. The more you volunteer and the more friends you get to volunteer with you then the more your chosen charity can receive. Yes, you can be your own chosen charity if you would rather receive the money into your own pocket, but remember, if you make more than $600 during the course of the event we have to report your noble service to the IRS via a Form 1099!

We ask that volunteers commit to at least three evenings of volunteering so that the haunt has continuity and we aren’t constantly training and orienting new volunteers. Are you part of a church youth group or charitable organization? Haunted Majestic would be a great way to earn some funds for your group while having a hauntingly good time! 

We need actors, guides, scene builders, audio and lighting technicians, cleanup personnel, makeup artists, ticket managers, photographers, videographers, and more. If you feel like you have a talent we can use please  shoot us an email .

Vendor Silhouette

Vendor spaces are limited to a 10-foot by 10-foot area and electrical hookup is provided on a first booked, first served basis. The cost to vend is $25 per night and vending locations are assigned by the Haunted Majestic staff based on availability of space in and around the pavilion area.

2023 Featured Vendors

Haunted Majestic is currently booking featured vendors for the 2023 haunt season. If interested in becoming a featured vendor please send an email to [email protected] .

Carters BBQ

Carter's BBQ

Food and Drink September 29, 30, October 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28

Justin Hunt - Horror Artist

Justin Hunt

Horror Artist October 6, 7

Silent Lake Entertainment

Silent Lake Entertainment

Horror Movie Production October 20, 21

Melissa Gamonster - Gothic Charms

Gothic Charms

Handmade Crafts and Jewelry October 27, 28

2023 Special Guests

Haunted Majestic is currently booking special guests for the 2023 haunt season. If interested in becoming a special guest please send an email to [email protected] .

Weekend of the Dead

--> The Sick World of Doctor Show September 29, 30 The trio from Columbus, OH has an awesome weekend planned. From a hauntingly funny stage show to photos and interactive fun with visitors you won’t want to miss this weekend of horror comedy. Available for autographs and photos all weekend.

Sick World of Dr Show

--> Sicko-Psychotic October 6, 7 Spend your night with the undisputed King of the Ghouls at Haunted Majestic. Sicko-Psychotic will preside over opening ceremonies, show some highlights from his Super Shock Show, and hang with visitors all weekend long. Available for autographs and photos all weekend.

Sicko Psychotic

--> Dr. Gangrene October 13, 14 You won’t want to miss a chance to hang with the one and only physician of fright and one of the nation’s longest running TV horror hosts. Join him for a creepy Q & A before he presides over our opening ceremonies each night. Available for autographs and photos all weekend.

Dr. Gangrene

--> Lauren-Marie Taylor October 13, 14 Don’t miss your chance to meet Vickie Perry from Friday the 13th Part 2 as Haunted Majestic welcomes this star from the Friday the 13th film franchise.

Lauren Marie Taylor

--> Ron Millkie October 13, 14 The veteran horror actor who played motorcycle cop Officer Dorf in the original Friday the 13th horror classic will be spending the weekend at Haunted Majestic. Don’t miss this chance to see and meet this iconic actor.

Ron Millkie

--> Karlos Borloff October 20, 21 Hang with the historic host of the Monster Madhouse late night horror show and spend some time with one of the coolest horror hosts in the business as he opens the festivities at Haunted Majestic both nights. Available for autographs and photos all weekend.

Karlos Borloff

--> Bobby Gammonster October 27, 28 Join the 2020 Horror Host Hall of Fame inductee and his co-host Boris T. Buzzard as they engage the Haunted Majestic crowd and show a special edition of their Monster Movie Night horror show. Available for autographs and photos all weekend.

Bobby Gammonster

2023 Featured Entertainers

Haunted Majestic is currently booking featured entertainers for the 2022 haunt season. If interested in becoming a featured entertainer please send an email to [email protected] .

Alto Design Facepainting

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the haunted majestic attraction suitable for all ages.

While Haunted Majestic promotes itself as a “family-themed haunted attraction” we leave that decision to the parent or guardian. Our haunt is not designed to be overly gory or extremely scary as our focus is more on providing families with a hauntingly fun atmosphere.

Is the Haunted Majestic event A.D.A. compliant?

Unfortunately, no.  The haunt is located on two floating barges moored on the Ohio River.  The haunt takes participants on a walk through two levels of these barges and several staircases must be traversed up and down during the tour.  We will do all we can to accommodate physically challenged individuals and will assist as much as possible to ensure every customer has a scary encounter but the tour is not accessible by wheelchair or recommended for those with severe disabilities.

How does the tour work?

Haunted Majestic is a self-toured haunt with visitors being sent through the haunt in groups of 12 or smaller. The trail to, through and from the haunt is clearly marked and there are trail guides positioned along the course to keep groups on course and grouped together. Stay with your group or face being left behind! Each group is provided with a pre-tour instruction session prior to entering the haunt and tours are sent every five minutes from the ticketing area.

Is someone going to touch me during the tour?

No.  The Haunted Majestic attraction is filled with ghosts, goblins, zombies and other monsters which will scare you using loud noises, lighting and other techniques and special effects, but none of the actors will touch you and you are asked not to touch them during the tour.

How long does the tour last?

The self-guided tour will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete and visitors will return to the point where the haunt started at the conclusion of their tour.

Is Haunted Majestic merchandise available for sale?

Yes. Haunted Majestic has many items in its museum and gift shop located on the first deck of the historic sternwheeler Blennerhassett. Items include t-shirts, hats, mugs, bracelets, pens, decals, and other items.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Haunted Majestic accepts cash, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover at the ticket booth and gift shop.

Can visitors take photos or video during the tour?

Filming or photographing is permitted outside the Haunted Majestic but once you enter the tour we ask that you turn off your phones and cameras.

What happens if it rains?

Much of the Haunted Majestic tour is indoors so a little rain won’t stop the show.  However, if heavy rain or storms are present the event may be delayed or close on a case by case basis for the safety of our visitors who must wait outside for their turn to tour the attraction.  Anytime the haunt would have to close due to weather your unused ticket will be honored on any other night we are open for scares.

Are there concessions available on site?

Yes.  Haunted Majestic does have several concession options for visitors including sandwiches, side items and drinks, as well as a picnic area on site for eating and relaxing.

Are there restrooms on site?

Yes.  There are several portable restrooms available for guests near the Haunted Majestic ticket booth and concession area.

Does my ticket get me access to special guests?

Yes.  Haunted Majestic will have special guests on site every night!  TV celebrities, horror writers, vehicles used in movies and TV, and more.  Your admission ticket includes photo opportunities and meet/greet with all of our special guests.  Free autographs may be limited to purchased memorabilia by some special guests but all special guests, including their vehicles, will be available for free photo opportunities to anyone with a General Admission, Fast Pass or Season Pass. If you want to see a special guest who is appearing on a night other than the night you have purchased a ticket for, you will need to purchase another ticket for that night or upgrade to a Season Pass.

Will Haunted Majestic’s special guests have merchandise for sale?

Yes.  Most guests will have a merchandise table where you can purchase t-shirts, photos, books, and other items they bring.

Is there a cost for parking?

Yes.  The staff at the adjacent Robert Newlon Airport will provide and manage parking for the Haunted Majestic events.  The cost is $5 per car.

Can I upgrade to a Season Pass after going through the haunt?

Yes. If you visit Haunted Majestic and decide later you want to upgrade to a Season Pass all you need to do is show proof of your visit with a ticket stub and the ticket amount will be deducted from the Season Pass price.

Does the haunt use fog machines or strobe lights?

Yes. Haunted Majestic does use fog machines, flashing lights, strobe lights, loud noises such as sirens and air horns, and bursts of compressed air at various places throughout the haunt. If you believe any of these may cause an adverse reaction you should consider not going on the tour.

Is Haunted Majestic available for private rentals?

Yes. The barges and grounds are available for private rentals for such events as private paranormal investigations, weddings, birthdays, and other similar events. A basic rental guideline can be found by clicking here: “ Haunted Majestic Rental Guidelines. “

2021 YouTube Banner

…as seen on WSAZ TV’s Studio 3!

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2021 Radio Commercial

2022 radio commercial, photo gallery.

Skull 2

The History of Haunted Majestic (1912-present)

The Haunted Majestic is a floating seasonal haunted attraction located on the Ohio River at Majestic Landing near Huntington, West Virginia.  The attraction is comprised of a common two story structure that covers two inland river barges which are permanently moored side by side.  The vessel has a haunted history which dates back more than a century.

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best haunted houses wv


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The Asylum - TORMENT in Weston, West Virginia

Please arrive as early as possible on Friday and Saturday nights. We also have available in October: 3 Flashlight tours, 2 hour Paranormal tours (daytime and nighttime), Overnight Ghost Hunts of the main building, Overnight Ghost Hunts of 3 of the outer buildings Be the envy of all your friends, spend the night in a 150 year old Lunatic Asylum this October!

  • 24 Web reviews
  • 6 Youtube Videos
  • 124824 Profile Views

best haunted houses wv

Fright Nights in Daniels, West Virginia

Our attractions for 2016 include: Appalachian Anarchy Haunted Trail Grab your friends and head out on the Appalachian Adventure tour of Wild and Wicked West Virginia. Be prepared as this adventure takes a terrifying wrong turn into the demented hollers of the hills. 3D Nightmare & Biohazard Laser Tag 3D Nightmare is a 5000 square feet freak show of terror filled with NEW scares and eff... [ Read more ]

  • 1 Web reviews
  • 1 Youtube Videos
  • 32547 Profile Views

best haunted houses wv

Dark Moon Sanctuary in Charleston, West Virginia

In today's world it's nice to imagine all supernatural/paranormal creatures could live in harmony with us. Just look at the strides Vampires, Werewolves and even Zombies have made in the United States. Now legally citizens and working beside us in our daily jobs. But unfortunately for some integration has not been possible. That's why Dark Moon Sanctuary a federally funded home for feral creat... [ Read more ]

  • 0 Web reviews
  • 2 Youtube Videos
  • 22240 Profile Views

best haunted houses wv

Harpers Ferry Canopy Tour in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

As if the excitement of zipping through the woodlands of the Harpers Ferry area wasn?t enough we have upped the thrill factor for the Halloween season. Join River Riders this October as we transform the Canopy tour into a whole new haunted, wicked and wild underworld. Your journey into the night begins with a one way rattling hay ride into the darkness. Each tower along the quivering course will ... [ Read more ]

  • 15289 Profile Views

best haunted houses wv

Chemical Valley Nightmare Haunted House in Vienna, West Virginia

  • 0 Youtube Videos
  • 10747 Profile Views

Nightmare in the Gorge in Minden, West Virginia

Evil spirits, terrifying monsters & unthinkable horrors await you at ACE Adventure Resort’s Nightmare in the Gorge Haunted Attraction. Hundreds of years ago an ancient curse was cast over the great mountains and wilderness that today is West Virginia. Over the centuries mysterious and terrifying occurrences have been documented across the Mountain State. Sinister spirits summon evil demons, psycho... [ Read more ]

  • 9447 Profile Views

best haunted houses wv

Haunted Barn in Charleston, West Virginia

  • 29 Web reviews
  • 9441 Profile Views

haunted trail in hamlin, West Virginia

  • 9364 Profile Views

Miller's Nightmare in Lewisburg, West Virginia

  • 7795 Profile Views

best haunted houses wv

Zombie High in Poca, West Virginia

In the Chemical Valley of the US, there has been a terrible accident. People are becoming sick. Poca High School has been set up as a shelter for people trying to escape the deadly fumes. But something has gone terribly wrong inside the school! This is a walk-through attraction.

  • 5501 Profile Views

Fear on the Farm Haunted House in Winfield, West Virginia in Winfield, West Virginia

  • 4506 Profile Views

Fright Nights WV in Daniels, West Virginia

Fright Nights WV is celebrating our 10th Year of Fear this Halloween season! AND we are MOVING! That’s right! The attraction will remain inside The Resort at Glade Springs, but we have taken over the resorts Barn and fields to bring our fans the biggest most terrifying year yet! At our new location, we will be bringing you 5 terrifying haunt experiences including: The Hive, Slaughterhouse, Mr. Bea... [ Read more ]

  • 3318 Profile Views

best haunted houses wv

Infernum In Terra in Wheeling , West Virginia

This is Wheeling WV’s newest and only Haunted Attraction. Come join us during our first season to see what everyone is talking about!

  • 1826 Profile Views

Night Terrors in Weirton, West Virginia

Imagine your WORST nightmare! Now imagine being in it. In a tiny steel town, lies a school where a disgruntled employee who dabbled in witchcraft cast a spell on the school. The spell caused the students during naptime to have terrible nightmares which would materialize and cause havoc to all that entered. Are you BRAVE enough to enter ? Can you LIVE thru your worst nightmare? Dare to find out... [ Read more ]

  • 2 Web reviews
  • 865 Profile Views


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best haunted houses wv


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best haunted houses wv

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"Can't give any highlights without giving away too much, but definitely highly recommend it. One of the best haunted houses I have been to!"

-Melinda Moten

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Haunted Houses in West Virginia for Halloween 2022

West Virginia haunted houses are some of the scariest in the United States. Enjoy a great night out with your spouse, date, or friends. Expect to be terrified at these haunted houses. For the price of a movie ticket you can be part of the action as you come face to face with terror. Most haunts use animatronics, great props, Hollywood-worthy sets, sound effects, and actors with makeup beyond belief. You will be frightened.  Find all the local haunted houses, haunted trails, haunted corn mazes, haunted hayrides, haunted house near me, scream parks, and other Halloween fun attractions across the state. Look out for zombies, witches, vampires, creatures, monsters, and more than a couple Freddys and Jasons roaming the countryside in 2022.

Last Major Update: August 03, 2022

Fright Nights - Daniels, WV The season opens in early October. This is Glade Spring’s Halloween attraction. Fright Nights are open every Friday and Saturday night in October. Tickets are either individual or get all 4 attractions with the combo ticket.  Lots of fun including a cafe here, plus they have a scary walk through the countryside, an indoor 3D Nightmare haunt, laser tag and “Spooky Golf”.  

Haunted Majestic - Huntington, WV Haunted Majestic is a seasonal haunted attraction located at 6100 Kyle Lane, next door to the Robert Newlon Airport, near Huntington, WV. Our 2020 haunt season will run Thursday-Saturday nights beginning the middle of October and ending in early November. Our hours are from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. with special guests appearing each night including Eddie Munster from the 1960s sitcom The Munsters, and the Green Goblin Head from Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive movie.

Haunted Trail - Cottageville, WV Located at the Jackson County Junior Fairgrounds is this terror filled half mile walk for all ages. Fun for adults and kids. Spooky wagon rides, haunted trail, face paintings, photo booth, and a petting zoo. Spooky Fun for all!  Come join us the last weekend in October!

Nightmare in the Gorge - Oak Hill, WV Ace Adventure resort hosts this haunted attraction as a special event.  Tickets are $13.78.  Nothing like a zip line into darkness.  Explore southern West Virginia’s scariest haunted house attraction, Nightmare in the Gorge, at ACE Adventure Resort in Oak Hill, WV. The Mad Butcher and his friends are coming back to the New River Gorge this fall for more terrifying thrills. Find out why folks love flying into the darkness on ACE’s Night Zip Line trips. After your spine tingling night of fear unwind at The Lost Paddle Bar And Grill with food, drinks, and live music.

Pecks Mill Haunted Trail - Pecks Mill, WV Enjoy 4 attractions including a haunted trail, haunted ride, haunted barn and a haunted house.  Lots of killers, monsters, clowns, and strange creatures roaming around.

The Apollo Civic Haunted Theatre - Martinsburg, WV The Apollo Civic Theatre has opened and presents Apolloween in October.  Sorry folks but Apolloween may not run this year given the virus uncertainty.

The Asylum presents Hospital of Horrors - Weston, WV The Asylum presents Hospital of Horrors beginning in late September.  It runs every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in October. Tickets are per person but check their web page for a big discount coupon. Do you recognize the address? It is the home of the former Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. A real asylum now popular with locals for real ghost tours, heritage tours, overnight paranormal events, parties and lots of activities every day. Hysteria opens at dark and runs until midnight on Friday and Saturday or until 10 pm on other nights. The building is a living monument to the history of mental illness. It was the largest hand carved building in North America and home to thousands of patients. The haunted houses takes over the facility each October at dusk for a terrifying haunted house event. The story is that Doctor Cerebus ran sadistic experiments clouding the veil between the living and dead. Once a reputable hospital is now home to undesirable souls. You can tour the facility during the day or come back at dusk when the dead come out to play.

The House of the Setting Sun and the Haunted Barn - Green Springs, WV This annual haunt is put on by the organization Community Involvement For Kids. A non profit all volunteer haunt providing lots of local fun each year.

West Virginia Penitentiary Dungeon of Horrors - Moundsville, WV Opens beginning in late September for this season.  Dungeon of Horrors is located inside the former West Virginia Penitentiary. Open Thursday and Saturday through October plus some more added nights in October. Tickets for the haunted house vary depending on the night.  Save money and shop online.  The prison once housed up to 2000 prisoners with many deaths and accidents. Over 90 prisoners were executed by the state at this prison. Ghosts are rumored to haunt this place. Now this facility is home to daily tours, overnight ghost tours, parties, festivals, a zombie walk, and in October the Dungeon of Horrors haunted house. and North Wall.  This is one of the largest, busiest and possibly best haunts in West Virginia.

It may be faster to get to a haunted attraction in another state, so add these potential options to the list of West Virginia haunted houses:  Kentucky,  Maryland,  Ohio,  Pennsylvania, and  Virginia.

Find other fall fun things to do in West Virginia in October: Oktoberfest in West Virginia West Virginia Fall Festivals West Virginia Corn Mazes West Virginia Ghost Tours Pumpkin Patches in West Virginia

Haunted Houses in West Virginia

You may also be interested in our article on  Haunted Houses and Horror Movies | History of Fear .

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If you are the owner or employee of a house in this directory, or one we missed and need to add, we would love to have more information about your place, including the url, photos, dates/times/hours etc. Use the contact form on our advertising page to get in touch and we'll follow up if we still need your response to any of  these questions .

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  1. 11 Most Haunted Places in West Virginia

    1. Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, Mercer County 470 Matoaka Rd, Rock, WV 24747 In the late 1700s, there was a bloody altercation between a white settler named Mitchell Clay and the local tribe of Shawnee Indians. This resulted in the tragic death of 3 of the Clay children and a number of Shawnee warriors.

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    This state offers amazing Fall tourist attractions with pumpkin patches, corn and hay mazes, fall family fun hayrides and more, but the best events this fall are the WV haunted houses, and the scarier, the better. List of the best Haunted Houses in (2022) near Charleston, WV this Halloween season.


    Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Located in Weston, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was a sanctuary for the mentally-ill up until 1994. This National Historic Landmark was once an important military post in the Civil War. It was originally built to hold about 250 patients, but during its peak it held 2,400 patients in poor conditions.

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    Be prepared as this adventure takes a terrifying wrong turn into the demented hollers of the hills. 3D Nightmare & Biohazard Laser Tag 3D Nightmare is a 5000 square feet freak show of terror filled with NEW scares and eff... [ Read more ] Address: 225 Lake View Dr, Daniels, West Virginia 25832, United States. Website: http://www.frightnightswv.com

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    The Scariest Haunted Houses in West Virginia for 2022 Are you looking for the scariest haunted houses in West Virginia to visit for the 2022 Halloween haunt season? You've come to the right place! On this page, you will find the scariest haunted houses in West Virginia for 2022.

  6. Fear On The Farm

    681-203-3683 Home Haunted Houses Escape Rooms Rides Off-Season Events Tickets & Merchandise Contact Enter At Your Own Risk Visit Our Horrifying Attractions For years, Fear on the Farm has been terrifying those who dare to enter. West Virginia's premier haunted attraction opens to the public each year in September.

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    6 Best Haunted Attractions in West Virginia By Penny Fox The hills and valleys of the Mountain State just lend themselves perfectly to hidden creatures and things that go bump in the night. Whether you like just a little bit of fear or a whole lot of screaming, follow our dark path to the 6 best haunted attractions in West Virginia.

  8. Haunted houses in WV to visit this spooky season

    Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum - The famous lunatic asylum in Weston is considered one of the most haunted places in West Virginia. The asylum offers a number of haunting experiences and packages, especially in October, including the Delirium (Haunted House), flashlight tours, paranormal tours and overnight Ghost Hunting.

  9. Ten of West Virginia's Most Haunted Places

    2. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum - Weston, WV. Photo by Matt Evans, via Flickr. The Trans-Allegeny Lunatic Asylum was once the Weston State Hospital, a Kirkbride psychiatric hospital that operated from 1864 to 1994. It sits on 26 acres and is believed to be one of the most haunted spots in all of West Virginia.

  10. 15 Haunted Places in West Virginia

    The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum - Lewis County. The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is not for the faint of heart. Opened in 1864, it is one of West Virginia's most popular haunted attractions. The original hospital, designed to house 250, reached its maximum with 2,400 patients in overcrowded and generally poor conditions.

  11. Fright Nights WV

    Fright Nights WV is West Virginia's #1 Haunted Attraction featuring 5 different haunted experiences in one ticket! Fright Nights WV is West Virginia's #1 Haunted Attraction featuring 5 different haunted experiences in one ticket! top of page. HOME. XMAS ATTRACTIONS. TICKETS. HOURS. LOCATION. STAY. FAQ. More. December 9 & 16 6pm-9:30pm ...

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    Find the best local haunted houses near you in West Virginia! Updated for the 2023 season. ... West Virginia Haunted Houses. Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm Lewisburg, WV ... Fright Nights Haunted Attraction is Southern WV's largest and scariest haunt, featuring 5 Haunted Experiences in one ticket! Experience Shipwrecked, Camp Kilame ...

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    Haunted Majestic Huntington, WV Haunted Majestic is the region's only floating haunted house. Moored on two barges on the Ohio River, Haunted Majestic offers 14,000 square feet of twists, turns and hallways as guests participate in...

  14. Mountain State ghost tales: 10 more haunted places in West Virginia

    WEST VIRGINIA (WOWK) - From headless horseman and haunted tunnels to supposedly cursed theme parks and ghostly women in white, the Mountain State is filled with haunting tales of the paranormal. After sharing 10 ghost tales from around the Mountain State, we're continuing with 10 more haunted stories from across West Virginia where the ghosts […]

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    Our West Virginia Haunted House Directory currently has 20 entries! (Listings are Sorted by City) WV - Buckhannon Maniac Mountain Haunted House Buckhannon, WV (Click For Details Page) (2022) WV - Daniels Fright Nights at The Resort at Glade Springs Daniels, WV (Click For Details Page) (2023) WV - Davy The Body Farms Haunted Barn Davy, WV

  16. Haunted Majestic

    Haunted Majestic is located at Majestic Landing just north of Robert Newlon Airport at the end of Kyle Lane, off WV Route 2 five miles north of Huntington, WV. From Interstate 64, take Exit 18 and follow WV Route 193 3 1/2 miles to the intersection of WV Route 2. Turn left onto WV Route 2 and go one block to Kyle Lane.

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    Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in Wheeling, WV 26003 - December 2023 - Yelp - Castle Blood, Demon House, Portals of Fear, Cryptid Mountain Miniature Golf, Kennywood Park, Doorway Inc, Fear Field, Haunted Expedition, Fright Farm, Factory of Terror

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    (3 reviews) Haunted Houses This is a placeholder "What a great and terrifying evening! It was the best haunted attraction any of us had ever seen (and..." more 4. Allen's Haunted Hayrides 4.5 (2 reviews) Haunted Houses This is a placeholder "The actors are committed to their craft, the hayride is creepy, but the best part are the startles..." more

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    Be prepared as this adventure takes a terrifying wrong turn into the demented hollers of the hills. 3D Nightmare & Biohazard Laser Tag 3D Nightmare is a 5000 square feet freak show of terror filled with NEW scares and eff... [ Read more ] Address: 225 Lake View Dr, Daniels, West Virginia 25832, United States. Website: http://www.frightnightswv.com

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    1. Haunted Hill View Manor 5.0 (1 review) Haunted Houses Historical Tours This is a placeholder "Oh my gosh this was so much fun! My friends and I went on the 1.5 hour tour followed by the 1.5 hour paranormal investigation. The energy in the building was…" more 2. Cheeseman's Fright Farm 4.1 (30 reviews) Haunted Houses This is a placeholder

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    Face your fears at West Virginia's newest haunted experience featuring three premiere haunted attractions located in historic Spencer, WV. ... One of the best haunted houses I have been to!"-Melinda Moten. BUY TICKETS. LOCATION. STEELE HOLLOW ESTATES. 130 STEELE HOLLOW RD. SPENCER, WV 25276. do you have a burning question? submit. Success ...

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    1. The Haunted Asylum at Camp Frame 5.0 (1 review) Haunted Houses This is a placeholder "Spooky thrills await you at the Haunted Asylum! Be prepared to make your way through dark..." more 2. Markoff's Haunted Forest 4.0 (298 reviews) Haunted Houses This is a placeholder "This is probably the best haunted house in the DC area.

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    Find all the local haunted houses, haunted trails, haunted corn mazes, haunted hayrides, haunted house near me, scream parks, and other Halloween fun attractions across the state. Look out for zombies, witches, vampires, creatures, monsters, and more than a couple Freddys and Jasons roaming the countryside in 2022.