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THE TRUTH ABOUT YACHT WEEK | 6 Things To Know Before You Go

Last summer, my friend and I spent a week exploring Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro then met up with Kiersten ‘The Blonde Abroad’ and the rest of our all-girls crew for a week of sailing in Greece with The Yacht Week . As a whole, I loved the experience, but there were several things I wish I would have know prior to booking the trip that would have allowed me to enjoy it to the fullest. So here are 6 things you should know before you go on Yacht Week.


1) The Yacht Week will be more expensive than you think!

I budgeted around $75 a day for food and drinks for our seven day trip and quickly realized that that was not going to be enough. Upon arriving, we were told we needed to go shopping for costumes for the sailing competition and parties. Next, we had to put money in for the “Kitty Fund,” which is food and drinks for the boat for the week. We also had to pitch in money to tip our skipper and pay for gas for the boat. At the parties you usually get 1 or 2 free drinks with your wristband, but after, that you pay for your drinks. So it can get expensive, especially if you want to splurge on bottle service. It’s nice to have a heads up on all this so you can budget accordingly. Bottom line: if you plan to drink and eat out and don’t want to worry about running out of money, you should plan to spend around $130 USD/day. Here’s a quick budget breakdown…

$150 Kitty $50 Costumes $525 ($75/Day Restaurants + Drinks x 7 Days) $100 Gas/Tip for Skipper $100 Bottle Service _______ $925 TOTAL


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2) The Yacht Week is more about partying and less about sailing

Yes, you will sail from island to island (my favorite part of the trip!), but the main focus of Yacht Week is the parties they throw. There is a big welcome party the night you arrive, and for the rest of the trip, there are day parties and night parties every single day. I didn’t fully understand this coming into the trip so I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, but once I realized the basic agenda was sailing from party to party, I was able to just go with the flow and also plan some other stuff I wanted to do, without feeling like I was going to miss out.

With that said, I highly recommend skipping one or two of the day parties and exploring instead. On the Greece Route , forget the day party at Love Bay Beach (it’s a dirt beach and not that pretty) and check out Poros! There is a lot to see and you only get one night there, so skip the day party and wander around this cute little town. Also, Hydra Island ( my favorite stop on the Greece Route ) is another must see! Definitely ditch the day party and spend your time exploring this magical place. There are so many gorgeous spots to take photos on both islands.


3) Unless you splurge on a bigger, nicer sailboat, you will not be able to use the toilet onboard for #2!

You can go pee on all the sailboats, but you can’t flush toilet paper down the toilets, and on many of them, you cannot go #2. I am sorry. I know this is a disgusting topic, but it is even more disgusting and horrifying to find yourself on a boat, sailing for hours or docked somewhere overnight, and realize there is nowhere that you can go to the bathroom. My friend Misha and I stayed at several hotels along the way because neither of us wanted to handle not having proper use of a toilet for days on end, but many girls were not as lucky, and there are some very embarrassing stories that I will not repeat here. Had we known about the bathroom situation prior, we would have splurged on a bigger sailboat that could accommodate people using the toilet. So make sure you look into this before you book your boat!


4) Your boat will get dirty real quick!

We had an all-girls crew and our cabin still got crazy dirty every day. Make a pact to all help clean. If everyone pitches in, it takes just a few minutes a day to keep your boat clean. Stay on top of dishes. Do them right after you are done eating, and try to keep all your personal stuff in your own cabin. The last thing you want is to spend a week in a tiny cramped, filthy space. This is the real Yacht Week v. your Instagram Yacht Week…


5) There is no air conditioning on the smaller sailboats

This is really not a big deal but when it’s very hot, it is hard to sleep in the cabins. I recommend bringing a yoga mat or buying one the first night you are there, so you can lay it out and sleep on the deck of the boat at night. And if you do choose to sleep on the deck, make sure someone sleeps next to you. A lot of people will be walking to and from the boats at all hours of the night, so it is safer to use the buddy system, especially for girls.


6) You will have the time of your life!

Just go!   If you can’t find a friend to go with you, just go on your own. Every single girl on our boat was amazing and our skipper,  Gregor , was one of the kindest and most responsible guys I have ever met! I had the time of my life and I can’t wait to go on another Yacht Week trip, especially now that I know what to expect. It is nothing like the real world and it will be an amazing experience!



Do you have you been on Yacht Week? Please share your stories, tips, and questions in the comments below! 

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6 Things To Know Before You Go On The Yacht Week

Vanessa Rivers

Hi! I’m Vanessa Rivers, a California surfer girl living in Malibu after seven years in London. I started Glitter&Mud to share my adventures around the world to help my readers make the most of their travels. I am a Founder of the popular travel community We Are Travel Girls and a proud mom to a little travel girl named Sadie. I hope my stories inspire you to travel more, see the beauty in the world around you, laugh more, love more and believe that anything is possible! EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER. BELIEVE. LOVE.

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yacht week solo reddit

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' src=

Great article Vanessa! I have been on Yacht Week a couple of times now, its super fun, but its definitely good for newbies to Yacht Week to hear how to prepare to make sure they really enjoy it! Completely agree on splurging on a bigger better boat, we went for a much larger yacht for BVI than we had in Croatia and it made such a difference! (Having a stand up cubicle shower next to my cabin was a treat!!) Thanks for sharing your tips! You girls and the bikinis are really cute too!! xoxo

' src=

Done yacht week three times – great experience. But as you said its about party. Now moved on to Sailing Nations which focuses more on sailing and has super interesting sailing destinations.

' src=

Hi Bob! Thanks for sharing! I will have to check out Sailing Nations. Sounds very cool! I love being out on the water. Sailing makes you feel so free!

' src=

I’ll be leaving in a few weeks. Wondering what the currency will be like and how much to exchange. Did you use Euros? Or Kuna?

Hi Liz! Greece is on the EURO. Are you coming from the US? Right now 1 USD = .90 EURO – Enjoy your trip! X

' src=

Croatia is on the Kuna.

' src=

Great article ! really helpful for rookie yacht weeks . I will leave in a few weeks for the Italy route. Do the budget shown here applies for italy as well?

Hi Gil! I haven’t bee on the Italy route yet but the activities and cost will probably be similar. Have fun!!!

' src=

What currency is your estimated cost list in? Thanks so much!

Hi Eloise! It is in USD! X

' src=

Hello Vanessa. I’ve got a group of 4-6 guys who want to go to Croatia next June and definitely want a higher end boat. I assume we should be able to set this up as their must be others who are willing to spend more to get more. A couple of questions; are all boats single sex boats? Would it be wise to get a few hotels at some of the ports/stops? How about paying for a single cabin? Basically I’m trying to gather as much information as possible before booking starts in a couple of weeks. Thank you, Chip

Hi Chip! If you just want the boat to be your 6 friends I am sure you can find a high-end boat that will work for you (you’ll just need to pay more for a nicer boat) but generally Yacht Week wants there to be at least 50% girls on the boat. So there are all girl boats and mixed male/female boats but rarely all male boats. However I am sure it is possible to have an all male boat. I would contact Yacht Week directly to ask about this: [email protected] | As far as hotels, if you get a nice boat with proper bathrooms you won’t need to rent hotel rooms. I would recommend putting the money you would spend on hotels rooms towards getting a nicer boat with nice, proper bathrooms. Have a blast on your trip! X

' src=

Hi Vanessa, excellent piece of work! I wanted to ask you few things because i’m planning to go with some friends of mine from Argentina. If you can answer, that will be appreciated. 1. I read that a Hostess is really helpfull. But, the captain that is not included, is 100% neccesary? 2. How much is the bottle service approximately? 3. How much did you spend, between food, drinks, extras and yatch during the entire week? 4. It’s recommended to make a reservation just for me and my friend, and then the company join us with another group for the 50% rate of men?

Hi Juan! Thanks for your questions! 1) You don’t need a hostess but I am sure it would be nice to have one. You absolutely need a captain or a skipper to sail the boat. 2) Bottle service prices vary depending on where you go. We did the Greece route and I think our bottle service was about 150 EURO for 1 bottle but again this varies. 3) In my post you will see the price breakdown. It was approx $925 USD for the week for my trip. 4) Yes, I would book spots for you and your friend and the rest of the boat will be filled with a mix of males and females for a 50% female/male ratio.

' src=

Your review was so helpful! We just booked a yacht for Greece!! Cannot wait!

Hi Sharita! I’m glad my post was helpful! Have a blast in Greece!!! X

' src=

Hi Vanessa. Thanks for your blog post # 1 was most important for me as I definitely wanted to know how much additional cost I would be spending. I typically budget $100 per day for trips. Great blog post in general. I will be sharing this with my crew.

Thank you Orane! Glad you found the post useful! And thanks so much for sharing it. If you or your friends have any questions about The Yacht Week you are welcome to post them in the comments section here and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. X

' src=

Hi! When I think of yacht week, I want those typical parties where the boats link together in the ocean and create a mini village to mingle for the day. I’ve only heard of this on Croatia routes. Does this happen for Greece at all?

Also what’s the age range like?

Hi Arly! This does happen on the Greece route, and I think all of the routes! The age range is typically a majority of people in their early to late twenties, with some people a little younger and some people in their early to mid thirties. Most people you will be in there twenties. I think I was twenty-nine when I went, which is on the older side! Have a blast!

' src=

Hi Vanessa! Great article. My best friend and I plan on doing Croatia this summer! The $130/day you estimated, does that include the port fees and electric fees at each port? Thanks!

Hi Lindsey – thanks for reaching out. I don’t remember specific cost for port fees or any electric fees but I know our Kitty Fund that everyone pitched money into at the start of the trip cover all the boat related costs on the trip, so yes, all your boat fees are included in the $130/day! X

' src=

Hey Lindsey, are you and your friend booking your own yatch? We’re looking for two girls to join our crew for week 25.

Question: the catamarans seem a lot more stable (and thus probably a better place to gather people for the party) whereas the Beneteau Oceanis 60 is just a sexy beast. We want to make sure we can have people over at our boat to party (and that it is stable enough for it). Which one do you think is the way to go (from your observations)?

Hi Kay – I am not a boat expert but I think any sailboat would be fine to have people on to “party” as long as you don’t go over the max weight limit for the boat. The skipper will let you know how many extra people you can have. X

' src=

Have you reviewed or compared the two routes? I can’t decide between Croatia and Greece. I have visited both and loved them both for different reasons. But, I am so torn between the two routes.

Hi Jami! I have been to both Croatia and Greece but I have only done Yacht Week Greece. I can personally say YW Greece was amazing but don’t have any experience with the Croatia route. However I am sure it is amazing too! My friend Kirsten – The Blonde Abroad – has done both and she gives a good review here: http://theblondeabroad.com/2014/11/03/best-route-yacht-week/

Hope this is helpful!

' src=

Hello Hello, may I ask what marina did you leave from and did you happen to see any yacht week prop stores near the marina are on your route? Someplace to buy floaties, temporary tattoos, UV body paint, and the like. We’re trying to maximize our carry on space by strategizing what we can buy in Athens.

Hi Lynette! I took this trip a few years ago so sorry I do not remember the name of the marina but I remember stores for everything we wanted to buy were within walking distance of our boat including a place to buy floaties, body paint and costumes etc! So unless there is something specific you want you can just go buy stuff with your boat crew when you arrive! 😉

Where do the floaties go after Yacht week? I leave in about 3 weeks and am purchasing floaties now. But every photo I see everyone is on a floatie. Would it make sense to just buy some off of them instead of lugging them half way accross the planet in a carry-on? Or is somewhere in Split just the location of the worlds largest floatie graveyard

Hi Jason! On the Greece route there was a store right in the harbor where we bought floaties the day before we set sail. I don’t know what people do with their floaties after yacht week. Mine got holes along the way and deflated so I threw them away but I would have given them to someone if they made it to the end! You can probably just wait and buy them when you get there. Maybe buy one floatie before and then get the rest when you arrive that way you know you at least have one!

' src=

Vanessa, Great article. I’m planning on doing this with a few friends. I noticed that you kept bringing up bottle service as being expensive. What if we ended up buying a lot of supplies (booze included) before getting on the boat. Would that be an issue? Maybe you pointed this out already and I stupidly missed it. Thanks.

Hi Allen! Thanks for your comment! I just mentioned that if you want to splurge on bottle service it is expensive and can add up quickly. You can also of course buy supplies and just drink on the boat and not spend money when you go out to the parties but you can’t bring alcohol with you the clubs obviously, so if you want to drink while there you will need to factor in the extra cost of drinks. TYW gives you a wrist band that usually gives you at least 2 free drinks at each party but you have to buy your own drinks after that so just be sure to factor in the cost if you plan to drink when going out!

' src=

Great read, very helpful! I noticed you mentioned 100$ for tip/gas (how many people were on the boat total?) Just trying to get a rough estimate on how much we should tip our skipper, including myself, we have 7 people.

Hi Jade! We had a crew of 8 girls. I think the amount you tip should depend more on how good your skipper is/ how much he does and how much your sailboat cost to rent. We had a small, cheaper boat but our skipper was really awesome so we wanted to tip him well. He went above and beyond to make sure we were all safe, happy and having fun! Hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions! Have fun!

' src=

Is there a farewell party Friday night on the Greece route?

Hi Alyssa – Thanks for your comment. I don’t remember there being a farewell party on Friday night! X

' src=

Thanks for the help! Does anyone have any recommendations for other cities/countries to visit before/after Croatia yacht week? Trying to book a 2-week trip overall, and there are so many options! Would love help narrowing it down! 🙂

' src=

Hey Vanessa, There are 8 of us girls looking into booking this summer, Greece or Montenegro route but we are concerned about the age range. We are between 30-35…what was the age range like? Also, we were debating on if we book in pairs (cabins) and be on separate boats or if we book our own, what are your thoughts?

Hi Kelsy! Thanks for your comment! Most people are in their 20s on yacht week but there are lots of people in their 30s too so you girls won’t feel out of place. I would try to rent your own boat all together. It will be easier if you are all together otherwise you will spend most of the trip just trying to meet up. Yacht week is about relaxing and having fun so you don’t want to work about stuff like that on your trip. You will also have plenty of time to mix and mingle with other people at the parties and when you are docked together or anchored during the day together! Hope you ladies have a blast! If any of you want to write a guest post about what it is like to do yacht week in your 30s I would LOVE to publish your story here! X, Vanessa

' src=

how much was it for each bottle for bottle service? would it be liter bottles or standard US 750ml bottles?

Hi! Bottle service in Greece when I went was around 150-200 EURO for US 750ml bottles. Cheers!

' src=

Is there a ‘best’ month to do yacht week? My friends and I don’t want to do the Ultra music festival. Curious if July or August is better. Thanks!

Hi Kelly! I don’t think there is really a best month but you might find cheaper flights and the places you go to might be a little less crowded in August. June and July are peak high season so best to try to avoid touristy spots during those months if you can.

' src=

Do you remember how much of your budget you were able to pay for with credit card, or how much of it had to be paid for with cash? I want to avoid converting too much of my money into cash euros for the Greece trip.

Hi Kurt! I paid for my spot on our boat with my credit card online prior to the trip. Everything else I paid for in cash. It is much easier if you have cash on hand to pay for meals and drinks etc. If you get bottle service at a bar you will be able to pay with a card but a drink here or there and meals where you are in a group it is much easier to each just throw in some cash. I would suggest taking maybe $300 out before you start the trip then getting more at one of your stops along the way that way just to be safe. I did not have anything stolen from me on the trip but it is always a risk if you have too much cash with you. Have fun! X, Vanessa

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The Down Lo

The Truth About Going on a Yacht Week in Croatia

yacht week solo reddit

It’s rare I take vacations with friends these days, but the stars aligned and four (very busy and hard to plan) girls from across the US met up for Yacht Week Croatia, sailing from Dubrovnik to Split across the dazzling Adriatic Sea. In short, it was one of the best weeks of my life and a perfect ending to an amazing summer of adventure.

yacht week solo reddit

Here’s an Unfiltered Look at the Experience:

First, it’s important to understand I did not say I went on THE Yacht Week, which is the company most people are familiar with. Their branding is incredibly well known and reaches all corners of the globe (who wouldn’t want to bask under the sun with those hotties in the promo video ?). The truth is, there are many competitors to Yacht Week Croatia – sailing companies that offer week on a yacht for a set fee so if you’re considering Sail Week vs Yacht Week, make sure you consider all your options and read the reviews. We did our homework and chose to embark with the Sail Week Croatia for a number of reasons – and I’m pleased to report our expectations were far exceeded.

Why We Chose Sail Week  Croatia over the Yacht Week: Itinerary and Price

The Itinerary: A lot of the companies we researched (ahem: The Yacht Week Croatia) looked extraordinarily spring breaky, promising young 20-somethings the perfect girl to guy ratio and Europe’s hottest nightclubs. They offer Party Weeks, Ultra Week (to the huge music fest), and basically a week of binge drinking. That would’ve been great 10 years ago, but when you’re in your 30s, you usually want to remember the experience. Sail Week has that kind of trip too, but what caught our eye was Adventure Week . The route was completely different than the party cruise (so we wouldn’t run into them) and each port offered a different activity like hiking, biking, kayaking, and SUPing. Full disclosure, it was a bit more soft adventure than I would’ve liked, but it was still actively exploring instead of wasting the day sleeping off a hangover.

The Price: We spent a week on a yacht (included was 7 nights accommodation, breakfast and lunches) for less than $800. Yes, you read that right. Essentially the same program as The Yacht Week for a fraction of the price. With the Yacht Week Croatia, you can choose how big of a boat you want (there’s a joke there), but you’re still paying for the brand name. They also try to upsell you on their food and drink packages, which start at about $915. Ouch. On Sail Week Croatia, you simply buy your own snacks and alcohol at each marina. Always do your homework if you’re looking to save money on travel.

yacht week solo reddit

The Setup: Each boat held eight guests plus the skipper; so half our boat was my friends. The other two were couples on their honeymoon (great humans, but a little weird due to the lack of privacy…we’ll get to that later). There were three other boats in our bevy so about 35 people total. The number of boats varies each week by demand (they operate every week of summer).

yacht week solo reddit

  • The thought “life is hard” will run through your head often. You will regularly wonder what you did to deserve this terrible life cruising Baller Bay with the beautiful people.
  • There’s plenty of downtime (which I sometimes need forced up on me). Actually getting to catch up on reading for fun was a whole new world and a necessary reset.
  • You will feel like you have this whole amazing corner of the world to yourself. There are hours of blue expanses where you won’t see another vessel or another human.
  • The water is unlike any shade of blue you’ve ever seen (and you’ll take more pictures of it than you ever dreamed possible).
  • The skipper made the trip. The glue that ties the group together, Zoran was a fantastic human (and it didn’t hurt that he looked like a cross between Paul Walker and Ryan Gosling).
  • We went in early August and had perfect weather. Or at least perfect weather for tanning. There was not a cloud in the sky, and no wind either so not a whole lot of actual sailing happened, It was more motorboat week (bad joke).
  • Our skipper was a world class BSer and liked to mess with us so it was hard to know what was true. Much to our surprise, a few of the stops did in fact have floating markets which would deliver breakfast to your boat, or even better, mojitos from the floating bar.
  • Can we talk about how solid the WIFI was in the middle of nowhere? We were rarely without Snapchat or Instagram.

yacht week solo reddit

  • This isn’t the mega yacht you’re picturing having seen Below Deck . There’s no maid or crew. Just one lone (albeit fantastic) skipper who does everything from steering to cleaning and cooking.
  • Quarters are tight, but you will get over the fact that there is no possible way you can sleep in a space that small. As soon as you accept you’ll be on top of each other, you’ll learn to stay out of each other’s way. The good news is, aside from sleeping you’ll rarely spend time in your cabin.
  • The bathrooms are another story. You will quickly get used to hearing everything. You’ll get extraordinarily close to your bunkmates joking about who’s turn it is to take the toilet paper bag out (no flushing of paper allowed). Let’s just say life on the boat doesn’t leave much to the imagination.
  • Showers on the boat are interesting also. You have to ration the water between port stops and not every marina has facilities (you’ll appreciate the ones that do even more).
  • You will come home with random bruises all over your body with no idea how you got them. It’s inevitable.
  • At some of the ports, we had to dock via anchor away from land, which made coordinating dingy runs to use the potty interesting.
  • Omg the bees. They were everywhere!

yacht week solo reddit

What Surprised Me:

I wasn’t sure I’d like this type of vacation because I get bored at the beach in about two seconds. After lying out for an hour I’m usually antsy and wondering what we’re going to do next. I typically only spend 2-3 fast-paced days in each country before moving on, which each day packed to the gills with active adventures. This was basically doing the same thing for a week straight – a deep dive into one country.

Thankfully, my worries were completely unfounded. We quickly eased into the routine of 1-3 hours of sailing in the morning, stopping at unique swimming coves, and exploring each new port at night, which broke the day up and kept us on the move. The cities were remarkably different from each other, bustling historic gems like Dubrovnik (do the Game of Thrones tour even if you’ve never seen the show) and Korcula (Marco Polo’s hometown) to happenin’ Split and Hvar and completely remote spots you’d never think to visit (some without a single bar).

yacht week solo reddit

Synopsis: What are you waiting for? Go!

I would recommend Sail Week Croatia to anyone in their 20s or 30s looking for a unique vacation (older folks, charter a private boat). It was ridiculously affordable (especially if you use miles for flights) and CNN just said Croatia rules the Rivieras. The country is poised to blow up in the next few years; get there while it’s still under the radar and a hidden gem. I personally can’t wait to get back. We were extremely happy that we did our homework and did not just go with the Yacht Week because it was the first company we saw: we crossed paths with their ships along the route and it looked like we were having an even better experience for a fraction of the cost (while getting our adventure on).

Other Things to Note:

  • Sail Week lets you sign-up as a solo traveler without a single supplement. The Yacht Week has a Facebook page to help connect you to people looking to fill open yacht spots, but doesn’t technically let you sign-up solo.
  • There are plenty of other providers that offer similar sailing experiences in Croatia so do your homework. You can even charter a yacht and captain it yourself if you’re confident in your skills.
  • Spend a day or two before or after your cruise exploring inland Croatia — Plitvice Lakes and Krka are both incredible national parks with waterfalls for days.

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Yacht Week in Croatia is a glamorous way to cruise the Baltic, but is the cost worth it? Is it a party scene the whole time? What's the sailing like? Will I be bored on the boat? Sail boats, water, summer fun, beautiful people. I'll dish on that, life on board, a suggested packing list, themes, and a travel review and pictures of this dream trip for future vacation inspiration. Girls trip, anyone? #yachtweek #sailweek #travel #trip #croatia

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yacht week solo reddit

This is such a great guide! I loved reading about the ‘mehs’. You are so right. I did this trip in 2016 and can confirm that they are all true <3

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Did We Just Become Besties?

yacht week solo reddit

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yacht week solo reddit

The Yacht week seems to have more reviews and bigger parties, but im worried that as a Solo traveler i'll find it harder to mingle as you need at least a party of 2 to book, so I'd be tagging along with another group of people, whereas I assume there is more solos on Sail week because you CAN book solo.

Also price isnt an issue, so purely based on a 22 year old who wants to party and mingle, which company would you recommend?

' class=

Hi, Jonathan!

Given your preference for mingling and partying, Sail Week might be the more convenient option for you as a solo traveller.

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yacht week solo reddit

Flightdeck Powered by Pilot logo

The Yacht Week Tours: Are Yacht Tours Worth It? [Review]

The Yacht Week Tours: Are Yacht Tours Worth It? [Review]

Here we dive deep into the tour guide company The Yacht Week, giving you a guide into what they are, how they operate, and if it's the right tour guide for you. Read on to find out!

yacht week solo reddit

Ever dreamed of sailing the seven seas with your friends on a yacht? If this is a bucket list item for you,  The Yacht Week  might be the perfect travel adventure for you. Hop aboard a yacht for seven days and sail through beautiful destinations while partying the night away.

Hesitant about traveling on a yacht and prefer seeing your options on land instead? Don't worry, sea travel isn't for everyone. Check out our reviews of popular tour guides, like EF Ultimate Break or ViaHero , to see if these popular tour guides are more for you instead.

However, if you'd like to learn more about sailing away into the horizon with your friends and family relaxin' on a yacht, read on! ‍

The yacht week logo

What is The Yacht Week?

The Yacht Week (TYW) describes itself as “an adventure like no other.” Through this company, you and your closest friends can embark on a seven-day trip on the water in a yacht to beautiful destinations. Or you can join a pre-existing yacht if you’re looking to do some solo travel.

To travel with TYW, you simply choose a destination, get your “crew” together (you can travel with up to 12 friends with your very own skipper), choose a package or build your own, and then put down a 10% deposit to secure your sails. For an in-depth look at how to book, check out TYW’s helpful  blog pos t!

When you choose your crew, you can opt to rent a full yacht or reserve solo cabins. If you get a full yacht, you’ll need to fill all 12 spots. If you’d rather not book a full yacht, there’s a  crew finder  option you can use to find already planned trips that have empty spaces. You can also book a double cabin with a friend and be assigned a yacht. 

You must be 20 years old by the date of travel to sail with The Yacht Week. 

Circular formation of yachts in the ocean group partying

Yacht Week destinations

When choosing where to go with The Yacht Week, there are many  destinations  from which to choose. Depending on your budget, and the time of year you’re looking to travel, different options will be available. You’ll have the freedom with your crew to decide the specifics of where you explore in your chosen destination (there’s no set itinerary beyond the starting port). 

Every trip has its own fun highlights, with some including music festivals. According to their website, the destinations and routes are the following:

  • Croatia, Original route. Sails in May, June, July, and August
  • Croatia, Circus meets the sea. Sails in September
  • Croatia, Hideout Festival route. Sails in September
  • Croatia, Ultra route. Sails in July
  • Greece, Athens route. Sails in May, June, and July
  • Montenegro, Adriatic route. Sails in June
  • Sardinia, Emerald Coast route. Sails in September
  • Polynesia, Tahiti route. Sails in April
  • Caribbean, Martinique & St Lucia. Sails in December/January
  • The Bahamas, Abacos route. Sails in March

Yacht party at sea with friends

How much does The Yacht Week cost?

Since there are different destinations you can sail to with TYW, prices vary. With every trip you book, several amenities are included. Every yacht comes with a skipper on board to navigate and sail you through your week at sea. Also included in the cost are seven days of yacht accommodation, access to exclusive events, international DJs, professional photographers, towels and bed linens, cleaning service, and a dinghy to help you get to shore. 

On Hideout and Ultra routes, VIP Festival tickets are also included. For budgeting tips straight from The Yacht Week, head  here ! ‍

The Yacht Week's skipper overlooking the yachts

Not covered in the price are port fees, a refundable yachting company deposit, transfers to and from the airport, water taxis, fuel, water, and shore power for the yacht, alcohol, eating out, and additional meals for the skipper. 

Since your week-long adventure at sea takes place on a yacht, prices reflect that method of travel. You can pay upfront or in three installments. Here are the starting prices (valid as of July 2021) per person for each of TYW’s destinations:

  • Croatia, Original route. Starts from $931pp
  • Croatia, Circus meets the sea. Starts from $931pp
  • Croatia, Hideout Festival route. Starts from $726pp
  • Croatia, Ultra route. Starts from $1,160pp
  • Greece, Athens route. Starts from $847pp
  • Montenegro, Adriatic route. Starts from $1,036pp
  • Sardinia, Emerald Coast route. Starts from $1,029pp
  • Polynesia, Tahiti route. Starts from $1,228pp
  • Caribbean, Martinique & St Lucia. Starts from $1,302pp
  • The Bahamas, Abacos route. Starts from $1,319pp

Since availability and pricing can change depending on where and when you want to travel, head to TYW’s  booking page  for the most up to date prices.

Food and drink extras

In addition to your base price, you can purchase food and drinks packages. You can add a host to your travels with a premium or luxury package. They’ll cook six dinners, six lunches, and two dinners for you and your crew. If you’re building your own package, prices start at €750. 

You can build your own food package starting at €650, or you can opt to provide your own with grocery shops. Mineral water is included in all luxury and premium packages, but you can build your own drinks package starting at €850. 

What happens in Yacht Week?

No two trips on TYW are identical, and your itinerary for each day will vary based on your destination, crew, and your skipper. You can expect to spend your day chilling onboard and sailing from port to port, with stops for lunch or a swim. Each day there will also be a Yacht Week party or event you can participate in, along with exploring each port of call’s scenery and local cuisine.

Yacht parked next to docks in clear ocean

The Yacht Week Reviews

Reviews  for TYW are mostly good and seem to indicate that this is a perfect adventure if you want to spend a week partying on a yacht with some sightseeing. If you’re planning a trip and want to see all the sites, or you aren’t a big partier, TYW is unlikely to tick all your boxes.

Reviews also comment on the fact that your initial price payment doesn’t cover everything needed during the trip. This means you need to budget a sizable amount for all the other associated fees. 

Work with The Yacht Week

If you’ve dreamed of living life on the seven seas, sailing, and helping travelers have a great week on board a yacht, think about working for TYW!  Positions available  are mainly seaside, so get your sea legs on and apply!

The Yacht week careers and crew

Packing essentials

Packing for a week on a yacht might sound like a breeze, but to make it easier for you, The Yacht Week has published its own packing list for you to reference! Give it a read  here  so you can pack your bags with ease. 

Dive jump into the ocean with the yacht week

All a-boat that yacht life!

If a week at sea onboard a yacht with your friends sounds like the perfect travel experience, The Yacht Week might be for you! It’s a unique and fun way to travel, and sure to be unlike any other adventure you’ve had.

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What to Buy in Japan: 13 Souvenirs You’ll Actually Want!

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Home > Croatia > Yacht Week Croatia Review – The Straight Facts

Yacht Week Croatia Review – The Straight Facts

yacht week croatia review

The Yacht Week Croatia Review: Know Before Your Go

Perhaps you've heard to rumours, the stories, and the legends about the Yacht Week. It sounds awesome. But so did the Taco Bell Cheese Roll-Up burrito . It is all hype, or is it the real deal? This Yacht Week Croatia review has the answers.

In the interest of educating the masses, I sacrificed myself. From Aug 9-17 ten buddies and I embarked on the Yacht Week Croatia in search of the truth.

We found it.

My Yacht Week Croatia review summary is that it's awesome…  b ut   i t's not for everyone.  And there are definitely some things you should know in advance. Here are some key figures to shed light into the inner workings of the mayhem and help you prepare for your own experience:

And for those of you who don’t know what the Yacht Week is, watch this video:

The Yacht Week Croatia Review by the Numbers:

Number of nationalities represented at Yacht Week.Somewhat surprisingly there was nobody from Russia, the Middle East (not even Israel), or Asia. Nevertheless, the chance to cavort with and befriend people like you from around the world was definitely a highlight of the Yacht Week.

Number of nationalities representing 80% of the yacht weekers: American, Australian, Brazilian, Spanish, and German. In other words, while the Yacht Week Croatia draws a worldwide clientele, it's not THAT diverse.

Nationalities we had on our boat, “The Love Boat”: German, Swedish, Swiss, Canadian, Portuguese, South African, and Namibian. This definitely played to our advantage in drawing the attention of other boats.

Estimated age of the average yacht weeker. The youngest were 22 and oldest closing on forty, but most were in the late 20s to early 30s range.

Average age of the skippers, who are supposed to keep everything in control. No wonder chaos ensued.

This may be crude, but no Yacht Week Croatia review would be complete without sharing how much sex goes on. Fifteen is the number of girls the eight single guys in our crew “got intimate” with during the week. Just under two girls per guy might not seem like a lot, but most of our crew settled on “Yacht Week girlfriends”, meaning they hooked up with the same girl each night. If getting laid is one of your objectives at Yacht Week Croatia, you're in luck. It is very easy.

Percentage of yacht weekers who were female. At least. If anything, there were more girls than guys. Everyone—guys and girls—seemed to agree it was an ideal ratio.

Yacht Week Croatia circle raft

Estimated total number of hours we were actually at sea. And some of that was early in the morning while we were sleeping. The vast majority of our time was spent anchored or at harbor. The Yacht Week is not about boating; it's all about partying.

Hours we actually had the sails up. We only put our sails up twice in the whole trip.

Estimated average sleep quality score, out of 100 during the trip. The cabins get unbearably hot at night. This forces you to sleep on deck, which is not designed for sleeping. And sleeping outside leads to an inevitable early wake up as soon as the sun comes up. I’d recommend following the skippers’ lead: bring a hammock and something to cover your eyes.

Number of full meals we ate per day. With the exception of one egg salad, that meal was always pasta. Other than that, for sustenance we snacked on fruit, cereal, pizza, sausages, bread, and booze.

eating at Yacht Week Croatia

Boats doing the same route as us, the Yacht Week Croatia Black Route. At the same time, 46 other boats were doing the Red Route, which is the same route but in the other direction. That’s a lot of boats and a lot of partiers.

$850 (4900 kuna)

Total spent on groceries at the Getro by the marina before sailing off for the first time. We ate it all and then some.

$35 (200 kuna)

Amount we were extorted into paying for the 250 meter taxi ride to bring our haul of groceries from the Getro supermarket to the Marina Kastela. Bring some dollies or carts from the marina so you can push the stuff back yourselves and avoid being ripped off.

$10, $1, $0.5

Approximate cost of a bottle of vodka, a can of beer, and a kilogram of bananas respectively at the supermarket by the marina where we started our trip.

$30, $2.50, $3

Cost of the same vodka, beer, and bananas at the harbor by Hvar where we spent two nights. Buy as much as you can at the begging in order to save money.

$260 (1500 kuna)

Amount each of the eleven in our crew contributed to the pot, which was used to pay for joint expenses like groceries, gas, and harbor fees.

$4.50 (25 kuna)

Typical cost of a can of beer at the Yacht Week parties. If you’re a cheap-ass like me, be sure to pre-drink, or make a party mix that you can stash nearby.

$350-$900 (2000 to 5000 kuna)

Cost of getting tables at the parties. Don’t get tables. The parties are free-for-alls and you won’t be spending much time at your table anyways. If you want drinks, buy them individually or take advantage of other people’s tables.

Number of skippers (the guys we paid to captain our boats for us) who said Yacht Week Croatia is their favorite. Without exception, they said they thought the Yacht Weeks in Greece and the US Virgin Islands were better. That’s not to say Croatia is bad at all – it’s awesome – but food for thought for those considering signing up and deciding where to go.

Number of times in my life I will do the Yacht Week. It was an even better time than I expected, but it's the polar opposite of the type of traveling I prefer (blending in) and I’m not sure my body could survive another. Plus, it’s expensive and there are plenty of other experiences and parties to be had in life. I recommend everyone do it once at least. And if you’re crazy, you’ll be back for more.

Disclosure: Whenever possible, we use links that earn us a cut if you pay for stuff we recommend. It costs you nothing, so we'd be crazy not to. Read our affiliate policy .

10 thoughts on “Yacht Week Croatia Review – The Straight Facts”

Just did The Yacht Week Croatia. Wish I read this before going there to be a little bit more prepared. Really liked your article and all the numbers – especially the cost for taxi and food supply. Actually, all the numbers were quite accurate and interesting!

SUPER HELPFUL, thank you!

Glad to hear it, Alexandra! Enjoy the summer

All the guys and girls are so shredded and ripped. Does this mean that the less attractive bodies don’t get a fair chance to get laid ?

Hi Kamlesh. I'd say it's no different from the non Yacht-week world.

Thanks for sharing! Was searching info for the yacht week and found this article helpful.

You're welcome. This post is getting old, so hopefully some of the info in it remains reasonably accurate.

Hi, two things:

1.Im planning to travel in July, should I opt for an AC yacht or non AC one? is the heat really unbearable? 2. A bit embarrassing but I am a snob in these How well equipped are the toilets of the yacht like?

THANK YOU FOR THESE GREAT TIPS. The company emailed my friends and I that our boat is no longer available. Im hearing the ac yacht is not worth it. Some nights the boat ran out of fuel and they didnt have ac until later that morning. What is your opinion?

What do you think? (Leave a Comment.) Cancel reply

Inside Yacht Week

How it works

You've heard us say it's the best week of your life, and you've chosen your dream destination. But how does it all come together? How do you select the perfect yacht? And what's the deal with a host? Here's the lowdown on exactly how you book your week at sea.

Your step-by-step guide

Choose from our yacht categories or pick your own!

Choose your crew; sail with a group or join a shared yacht

Pay & sail; secure your spot for just a 10% deposit

Choose a category or pick your own

Our categories.

Choose from two yacht categories, Classic and Premium, in both Monohull and Catamaran types. Select the one that fits with your crew's spirit and budget, and we'll match you with a yacht that fits the bill. Or, if you're crystal clear about your desires, go ahead and pick your own.

Add your extras

Once you've chosen your yacht, it's time to make it uniquely yours. This is where you can add those exciting extras to turn your week into the dream you've always envisioned. How about adding a host to handle your meals while you soak in the adventure?

Choose your crew

Spend an unforgettable week on a yacht with your very own skipper and up to 12 friends. Can't fill a whole yacht? Use our handy Crew Finder to connect with other travellers.

Go to Crew finder

Set sail with like-minded adventurers in a cabin on a shared yacht.

Masters of the ocean, they’ll navigate and sail your crew, show you the hidden gems en route and ensure your safety is the priority. Skippers are also included with every booking.

  • + RYA Skipper License (or equivalent)
  • + Trained at YW Skipper Academy
  • + Will quite literally show you the ropes if you’d like to learn to sail

Elevate your week to a whole new level with a host. They'll whip up fresh meals for you on deck daily and keep your yacht in pristine condition. Add hosts to any yacht, as long as there's a cabin for them.

  • + Culinary genius
  • + Local know-it-all
  • + Trained at YW Host Academy

Pay and sail

Payment plan.

Pay off your booking in 3 instalments.

Instalment 1 · Confirm booking 10 %

Instalment 2 · 30 days after 30 %

Instalment 3 · 60 days before you sail 60 %

You will only need to pay 10% at the time of booking to secure your space.

  • 10% deposit
  • 30% of the balance, due 30 days after your booked
  • 60% of the remaining balance, due 60 days before your trip

As the lead booker, once you have added your crew to your booking they will create their own profiles and can view the booking and pay their share. That way you won’t have to send money back and forth between everyone in the crew.

Ready to go? Choose your route now

Explore destination.

Dates May - Aug

Price from €636 pp

Croatia Original

Dates May - Sep

Price from €632 pp

Greece Athens

Price from €1,041 pp

Croatia Ultra

Dates 01 - 07 JUNE

Price from €938 pp

Croatia Drumcode

Price from €1,476 pp

Sardinia Refined Route

Sardinia emerald coast.


Caribbean BVI

Polynesia tahiti.

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Boat of the Week: Inside the Most Eco-Friendly 236-Foot Superyacht on the High Seas

Living up to her name, "solo" could be a model for the future of sustainable yacht design., julia zaltzman, julia zaltzman's most recent stories.

  • This Boatmaker Builds 1960s-Inspired Cruisers With a Modern Twist. Here’s How.
  • This 150-Foot Fishing Trawler Was Transformed Into a Rugged Explorer Yacht
  • These 3 Miniature Explorer Yachts Are Ready to Take You Off-Grid
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Singular, one of a kind, independent.

Among her peers, the 236-foot superyacht Solo lives up to her name. Delivered in 2018 by Italy’s Tankoa shipyard, Solo was designed with parameters that were very different than most other superyachts in her category. With roughly half the internal volume of similar 230-ft.-plus yachts, she’s more fuel efficient and easier to maneuver. Solo also has one of the most environmentally friendly exhaust systems of any superyacht on the water.

  • Tesla May Need to Worry About Xiaomi’s New 400-Mile EV
  • Someone Finally Made a One-Person Scooter That Drives Like a Tank
  • This Insane Submarine Concept Doubles as a 107-Foot Superyacht

The yacht has claimed multiple awards for her unique design, but reducing the internal volume accomplished more than creating a sleek profile, says Captain Andrew Johnson, who gave Robb Report an exclusive virtual tour of the boat.


The 236-foot yacht is less beamy and more slender than other yachts in her class, but the designers did not leave out multiple social areas like the sundeck. 

“Her naval architecture makes her extremely efficient,” says Johnson. “We have a higher cruising speed of 14.5 knots without burning too much fuel and at that speed we have a 3,800-mile range. After a 12-day crossing from Genoa, Italy to Florida, we still had 35 percent of our fuel left.”

The propulsion system was also engineered to be more environmentally friendly than other vessels in her class. “We’re the only yacht that I’m aware of that runs a urea injection system on our main engine exhausts to decrease emissions,” Johnson says. “This echo spray system is more commonly found on cruise ships. We were the test for vessels this size.”

The Hug engineering and exhaust filters on the engines not only reduce emissions, but also let guests swim around the yacht, without the sight or smell of engine fumes.


The interior is more cosmopolitan than most superyachts, such as the grand piano and contemporary bar in the main salon. 

Beyond the eco edge, Solo has a very distinctive look, with a dark-gray hull that makes a bold first impression and cosmopolitan interior that looks more like a New York City penthouse than a typical superyacht. The designers combined all sorts of materials, including white onyx, grained woods, and even leather floors.

There are also technical nuggets hidden in the design, including floor-to-ceiling glass windows.  “If you view the yacht from a distance it looks like high-gloss paint, but it is in fact glass with paint behind it,” says Johnson, adding that it provides a way to see out, but not into the yacht. “It’s also really easy to maintain.”

Solo has successfully chartered in and around the Mediterranean, as well as in the Caribbean, British Virgin Islands. Thanks to her 11-foot draft, she has also cruised the Bahamas.


The yacht also kid-friendly areas like the three-foot deep, 21-foot pool on the aft deck. 

Set up for families with young children, Solo has distinct social areas that guests tend to gravitate towards. These include the winter garden on the main deck aft, which provides both privacy and views. The large salon on the bridge deck, with piano and contemporary bar, also provides the option of al-fresco dining. The 21-foot aft-deck pool, at three feet deep, is an ideal play area for kids.

Forward of the wheelhouse is the Portuguese bridge with enough seating for 18 people, while the dedicated owner’s deck includes a jacuzzi, and exclusive access to the sundeck.

“The sundeck is the preferred area on board because it’s so private,” says Johnson. “There’s just one way in and no one can see you from anywhere else on the boat. In front of the owner’s suite, there’s also a wraparound deck with a plunge pool, again affording complete privacy.”


The darker, more somber colors are a striking contrast to the lightness of Solo’s exterior. 

The owner’s deck also includes a studio, or “master relaxation room,” that can be used as a study, reading room or private treatment room for the owners. A second relaxation room on the deck below is used for guest massages. In the evening, the bridge-deck salon or aft area becomes the hub where cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are served.

One of the problems with a virtual tour is that it’s difficult to accurately gauge the size of rooms or the types of materials. I found the same with Solo , with her broad combination of stones, woods and fabrics. The onyx, marbles and high-gloss cabinetry get lost when viewed in virtual reality. But Johnson’s fondness for the mix of flooring—wood interspersed with silk carpeting and with leather—brought it back into focus.

“I’m in the wheelhouse at the moment, standing on a leather floor,” he says. “You don’t get that often.”

Solo is listed with Northrop & Johnson for $74.5 million. Here is a video tour .

Check out the gallery below.


Read More On:

  • Northrop & Johnson

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yacht week solo reddit

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Exclusive: First look inside brand new 72m superyacht SOLO

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By Rebecca Bradbury   17 October 2018

Photos of the 72m/236ft charter yacht SOLO have just been released, giving an exclusive insight into the deck spaces and guest living areas aboard the recently delivered superyacht from Tankoa Yachts .   

Despite being one of the most exciting yacht launches of the year, SOLO has remained something of a mystery as only renderings of her deck areas and interior have been available so far.

But now newly unveiled photographs showcase what guests can actually expect to experience when aboard the award-winning motor yacht  on a private yacht charter .

YachtCharterFleet was lucky enough to get a look inside when the team was invited aboard at last month’s Monaco Yacht Show . As such, we can vouch first-hand for the yacht’s magnificent guest areas and excellent entertainment and leisure facilities, as captured expertly in the new imagery.

seating areas and spa pool on the sundeck of superyacht SOLO

We will soon publish an in-depth review of the yacht detailing our time on board. The article will talk readers through the Margherita Casprini-designed interior, from the sumptuous main salon and plush skylounge to the elegant light-filled master suite and other five guest cabins.   

The health and wellbeing facilities will also be covered in greater depth as will the luxe deck areas. As the images here show, the expansive sundeck and aft deck pool are among the key highlights.

Recently unveiled photographs showcase what guests can expect to experience when aboard the award-winning superyacht

Her appeal stretches beyond her aesthetics, however, as she picked up an award at the World Yacht Trophies for being the most efficient yacht launched in the past 12 months.

Luxury yacht SOLO will soon be relocating to the Caribbean to undertake her debut charter season. She even has primetime availability over the holidays.

sumptuous main salon with seating area and huge TV on board motor yacht SOLO

To see more pictures, take a look at all the photos of superyacht SOLO .

For more information on chartering M/Y SOLO, speak to your preferred charter broker .

Photos by Bluei Productions

More Yacht Information

Casino Royale

72m Tankoa Yachts 2018 / 2023

  • Tankoa Yachts
  • Margherita Casprini
  • Francesco Paszkowski


SOUNDWAVE gears up for a busy summer in the Med

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M/Y MIZU stars in Taylor Swift's ‘End Game’ music video

M/Y ARETI confirmed to attend FLIBS 2018

Superyacht ARETI confirmed to attend FLIBS 2018


Escape to Italy this summer on a limited availability Amalfi Coast yacht charter onboard motor yacht G3

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Escape to Italy this summer on a limited availability Amalfi Coast yacht charter onboard motor yacht G3

28 March 2024

Luxury yacht charter EMIR rejoins Greece yacht charter fleet following extensive refit

27 March 2024

Iconic charter yacht THIS IS IT offers limited availability reduced rates for Greece yacht charters

26 March 2024

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O'PARI Yacht Review

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Homes of Sean 'Diddy' Combs searched by federal officials, sources say

LOS ANGELES — Sean "Diddy" Combs is a subject of a federal investigation amid a wave of lawsuits that have been filed against the rap music mogul since November , a source familiar with the matter told NBC News on Monday.

Three women and a man have been interviewed by federal officials in Manhattan in relation to allegations of sex trafficking, sexual assault, and the solicitation and distribution of illegal narcotics and firearms, the source said. Interviews with three other subjects are also scheduled, the source said.

Four law enforcement sources told NBC News that federal agents with Homeland Security Investigations on Monday executed search warrants at Los Angeles and Miami properties belonging to Combs. The sources said the warrant is out of the Southern District of New York.

police investigate sean puff diddy combs

HSI confirmed in a statement that it "executed law enforcement actions" in New York as part of an ongoing investigation, along with teams in Los Angeles and Miami.

Homeland Security officials seized phones from Combs in Miami before he was scheduled to depart for a trip to the Bahamas, according to three law enforcement sources familiar with the warrant. Combs was in the Miami area when authorities executed the searches, sources said. It is not clear if Combs made the trip as planned.

Representatives for Combs, 54, did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment Monday.

Sean "Diddy" Combs

Series of allegations, lawsuits

News of a federal investigation comes after public scrutiny of Combs’ behavior after his former romantic partner, Cassie, accused him of physically and sexually abusing her for years. She made the allegations in a lawsuit filed late last year in New York under the New York Adult Survivors Act, which offered a one-year window for adult victims of sexual assault to come forward with civil claims regardless of the statute of limitations. 

Cassie, whose full name is Casandra Ventura, settled with Combs on Nov. 17, the day after the suit was filed on terms that have not been disclosed. 

Since then, three other women have come forward with lawsuits in the Southern District of New York alleging that they were sexually assaulted by Combs . Two of the women said they were teenagers at the time of the alleged assaults. 

Douglas Wigdor, who represents Ventura and a Jane Doe who filed suit, said in a statement that the searches and investigation were hopefully the beginning of a process that “will hold Mr. Combs responsible for his depraved conduct.” 

“We will always support law enforcement when it seeks to prosecute those that have violated the law,” Wigdor said.  

An attorney for Joi Dickerson-Neal, one of Combs' accusers, declined to comment to NBC News.

Combs has denied each of the sexual assault allegations, calling them “sickening.” 

A producer who worked for Combs between September 2022 and November 2023 filed a lawsuit in February alleging that Combs sexually harassed, drugged and threatened him for more than a year. The former employee, Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, also alleged that he had video and audio evidence of Combs, his staff and others “engaging in serious illegal activity.”

Jones' attorney, Tyrone Blackburn, also represents Combs' accuser Liza Gardner. Blackburn said Monday that the federal investigation will not "prevent nor delay my clients’ pending and forthcoming actions for justice and resolution from the Combs RICO Enterprise.”

Shawn Holley, an attorney for Combs, previously denied Jones’ allegations and said that Combs’ team has “overwhelming, indisputable proof that his claims are complete lies.” 

One person who said he frequents the Los Angeles neighborhood where a search happened expressed shock.

Ryan Mendelsohn, 20, who used to live in the area and still regularly visits a nearby friend, told reporters he would see parties at the home and women outside. Other homes had parties, too, but that home had people there and women outside until 6 a.m., which was not usual, he said.

“I drive by a lot, and I see that — a lot of girls, maybe five or six girls outside, some leaving, some not, some going in,” adding he also saw Black Chevy Suburban SUVs there.

“I never thought anything of it,” said Mendelsohn, who said he did not know Combs lived there until Monday’s news coverage. “But now, it’s crazy.”

Weapons charge

Combs has had a number of legal issues in the past , but has rarely faced criminal charges. 

In 1999, Combs pleaded guilty to assaulting a record executive and was ordered to one day of anger management. That same year, Combs was accused of criminal possession of a weapon after a shooting at a New York nightclub. 

Witnesses told law enforcement that they saw Combs with a firearm at the club and that rapper Shyne, real name Moses Barrow fired into the crowd. Combs was pulled over by police in a vehicle with then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, and a gun was found in the car. Combs was acquitted of weapons and bribery charges, and Shyne was found guilty of the club shooting at trial. 

Since Ventura's suit and others have come forward accusing Combs of assault, the music mogul has been the center of scrutiny. He stepped down from his position as chairman of media network Revolt and Hulu pulled back from a planned reality series centered on his family. 

Diana Dasrath and Andrew Blankstein reported from Los Angeles, and Doha Madani and Jonathan Dienst from New York.

yacht week solo reddit

Diana Dasrath is entertainment producer and senior reporter for NBC News covering all platforms.

Doha Madani is a senior breaking news reporter for NBC News. Pronouns: she/her.

Andrew Blankstein is an investigative reporter for NBC News. He covers the Western U.S., specializing in crime, courts and homeland security. 

yacht week solo reddit

Jonathan Dienst is chief justice contributor for NBC News and chief investigative reporter for WNBC-TV in New York.


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  1. Yacht week or Sail week Croatia : r/solotravel

    Moist_Essay_4923. • 5 mo. ago. Yacht Week has better parties, better boats, and better skippers (from what I've seen). Sail week croud is prob about 5 years younger than yacht weeks average of around 28-30. I know they try to place similar people together on boats for both companies when you book a solo spot though.

  2. Sail week Croatia vs Sail Croatia vs Medsailing vs yacht week

    I did Sail Croatia, a colleague did Sail Week, both of us solo travelling and we both had a blast. As for the mix, it's entirely random. I was so a boat with 17 guys and 3 girls and it was an awesome group, while our sister ship was more of an even split. You get solos, a pair of friends, couples and groups of friends.

  3. Who has done a week sail through the islands of Croatia?

    The yacht trips (Yacht Week, Sailweek Croatia, Sail Croatia does some too) leave from split and sail out to the closest islands, I think most spend a night in Hvar. These trips are on catamaran yachts and sleep roughly 6-12 per boat. I think the yachts are all very similar. You bring your own food and alcohol onboard.


    Make a pact to all help clean. If everyone pitches in, it takes just a few minutes a day to keep your boat clean. Stay on top of dishes. Do them right after you are done eating, and try to keep all your personal stuff in your own cabin. The last thing you want is to spend a week in a tiny cramped, filthy space.

  5. The Truth About Going on a Yacht Week in Croatia

    Why We Chose Sail Week Croatia over the Yacht Week: Itinerary and Price. The Itinerary: A lot of the companies we researched (ahem: The Yacht Week Croatia) looked extraordinarily spring breaky, promising young 20-somethings the perfect girl to guy ratio and Europe's hottest nightclubs. They offer Party Weeks, Ultra Week (to the huge music fest), and basically a week of binge drinking.

  6. The Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Croatia

    Buy lots of water. The rule of thumb is 1.5 liters per person per day. Best tip is that everyone brings their own refillable water bottle, then buy water in gallon jugs. As for alcohol- buy twice as much as you think you need! A few bottles of wine for meals, lots of champagne, rosé, beer, hard alcohol, and mixers!

  7. The All Inclusive Guide to The Yacht Week Croatia • Solo Female Travel

    The Route. The Yacht Week Croatia is the original route (now there's Greece, Italy, Thailand, Montenegro, Spain, BVI's). It's also the most popular because of its reputation. Approximately 50 full boats sail the route together. In fact, it is so popular that they added the same exact route traveling in the opposite direction.

  8. How to do The Yacht Week SOLO

    Hope you guys enjoy this! 👉 If you enjoy this video, please like and share it. 👉 Don't forget to subscribe to this channel for more updates. ...

  9. Yacht Week

    Welcome to the best week of your life. This is Yacht Week - a seven-day adventure and festival like no other. Join us for seven days of sailing, curated adventures and exclusive parties in some of the most enchanting corners of the world. Explore a new destination every day.

  10. Yacht week or Sail Week

    Yacht week or Sail Week. Aug 20, 2023, 1:57 AM. Save. Hi guys, Im going solo to Croatia next June. Im a 22 year old male. I want to do one of the party sailing routes and Ive narrowed it down to Yacht week and Sail Week, not to be mistaken with Sail Croatia. The Yacht week seems to have more reviews and bigger parties, but im worried that as a ...

  11. Has anyone done The Yacht Week? : r/sailing

    Lately been looking at doing a bareboat charter in the Med with some friends once things open up, and I came across something called "The Yacht Week". Basically it looks like weeklong party with sailboats which seems really cool, but I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with it. Any pros/cons/things to look out for? 1. Add a Comment.

  12. 8 Things To Know Before You Go On The Yacht Week


  13. Croatia Yacht Week + Ultra Europe : r/UMF

    I would recommend trying to charter something with friends if you can. They all run Saturday to Saturday so know those days are going to be super busy at Split airport. Marina Kastela is where they dock which is outside of Split by about 20-30 mins depending on traffic. Easy to cab to the concert.

  14. Croatia, Original

    Croatia, Original. The original, the biggest and the best floating festival around. Join a like-minded crowd for exclusive parties, circle rafts and adventure. Browse dates. 14 weeks available. from €636 pp. See dates.

  15. Everything You Need To Know About The Yacht Week

    Here's what a typical day looked like for me at Yacht Week Croatia: 8am: wake up, head upstairs, drink iced coffee on the deck (hostess for the win!) while people watching and waiting for the rest of the crew to wake up. 10am: eat breakfast on deck as a crew, usually laughing at each other about the previous night.

  16. The Yacht Week Tours: Are Yacht Tours Worth It? [Review]

    The Yacht Week (TYW) describes itself as "an adventure like no other.". Through this company, you and your closest friends can embark on a seven-day trip on the water in a yacht to beautiful destinations. Or you can join a pre-existing yacht if you're looking to do some solo travel. To travel with TYW, you simply choose a destination, get ...

  17. Yacht Week Croatia Review

    15. This may be crude, but no Yacht Week Croatia review would be complete without sharing how much sex goes on. Fifteen is the number of girls the eight single guys in our crew "got intimate" with during the week. Just under two girls per guy might not seem like a lot, but most of our crew settled on "Yacht Week girlfriends", meaning ...

  18. How Does The Yacht Week Work?

    There are 3 ways to join YW: 1. You gather a group of friends and book a yacht (the most common way). The price of the yacht is fixed and you split it between all crew members on board. 2. Grab one other friend and book a double cabin. You will then be placed on a yacht with other cabin bookers.

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    Boat of the Week: Inside the Most Eco-Friendly 236-Foot Superyacht on the High Seas Living up to her name, "Solo" could be a model for the future of sustainable yacht design. Published on May 29, 2020

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    A Magnificent Vessel. The Solo yacht is a stunning example of luxury and elegance, offering a seafaring adventure like no other. Built by Tankoa in 2018, this magnificent vessel is designed by the renowned Francesco Paszkowski, known for his impeccable attention to detail and exceptional design.. Specifications. At a maximum speed of 18 knots, the Solo yacht is powered by Caterpillar engines ...

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    By Rebecca Bradbury 17 October 2018. Photos of the 72m/236ft charter yacht SOLO have just been released, giving an exclusive insight into the deck spaces and guest living areas aboard the recently delivered superyacht from Tankoa Yachts. Despite being one of the most exciting yacht launches of the year, SOLO has remained something of a mystery ...

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    r/theyachtweek: Subreddit for all The Yacht Week Routes. Find crew members. Post pictures. Share experiences.

  23. 4 dead, including teen killed protecting her sister, in Illinois

    By Minyvonne Burke and Phil Helsel. Four people were killed, including a 15-year-old girl who died saving her sister, after an Illinois man carried out a series of stabbings and attacks Wednesday ...

  24. Sean 'Diddy' Combs homes searched amid allegations of sexual assault

    Homes of Sean 'Diddy' Combs searched by federal officials, sources say. A source said the music mogul is a subject of a federal investigation after allegations involving sex trafficking, sexual ...

  25. Yacht Week Croatia : r/travel

    Can I ask you some questions? How was the experience with medsailors? I'm going to do this next year and am between them and theyatchweek.com. Is it worth all the money this costs? 1. r/travel. 9.7M subscribers in the travel community. r/travel is a community about exploring the world. Your pictures, questions, stories, or any good content….