How to upgrade Bartali Sailboat to Epheria Sailboat or Epheria Frigate

Epheria sailboat upgrade method, epheria frigate upgrade method.

※ The necessary materials for upgrading a Bartali Sailboat to an Epheria Sailboat or an Epheria Frigate can be bought from Falasi and then be enhanced with Black Stone (Armor) or Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor).

How to build Epheria Cog

How to upgrade Epheria Sailboat and Epheria Frigate to their Improved versions

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Adventurer's Guide

  • Ship Upgrading

Ship Upgrading Request to Update

Ships are essential if you want to head out to the great ocean .   

The best of these ships available are called the Epheria Carracks .  

This guide will show you what you need to upgrade to an Epheria Carrack .  

Table of Contents

1. ship upgrades.

  • 2. Bartali Sailboat
  • 3. Epheria Sailboat/Frigate
  • 4. Epheria Caravel/Galleass
  • 5. Epheria Carrack
  • 6.1. Epheria Caravel, Galleass Green Grade Equipment
  • 6.2. Epheria Caravel, Galleass Blue Grade Equipment 
  • 6.3. Epheria Carrack Green Grade Equipmen
  • 6.4. Epheria Carrack Blue Grade Equipment
  • 6.5. Epheria Carrack Blue Grade Equipment Enhancement

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

You will need to pick a Sailboat or a Frigate early on as it will give you different options of Epheria Carracks you can ultimately upgrade your ship to .  

The basic start er ship for most players is the Bartali Sailboat, however, you can opt to purchase a Sailboat or Frigate registration from the Central Market to skip this step.  

2. Bartali Sailboat  

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

▲ Bartali Sailboat


The Bartali Sailboat is the most basic of the large ships you can get. It can be purchased from Proix, the owner of the Dancing Marlin Tavern, for 10,000,000 Silver .   You could also go through the questline , that begins from the “Vigorous Velia” quest , with a Lv. 50 or higher character to get a Bartali Sailboat as a quest reward.   

( The actual quest that gives the ship as a reward is called “Jarette's Support .”)  

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

As mentioned before, you can begin with a Bartali Sailboat and upgrade it all the way up to an Epheria Sailboat or Frigate. However, you could also purchase the ship licenses of Epheria Sailboats and Frigates from the Central Market to skip this part of the process.  

3. Epheria Sailboat / Frigate

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

▲ Left ) Sailboat , Right ) Frigate  

The Epheria Sailboat and Frigate are on the second stage of the carrack upgrade path .   

As these two ships differ in which type of carracks they can upgrade to, it is an important decision to make.   Sailboats allows you to eventually make the “ Balance” carrack or the “Advance” carrack. The Balance carrack has stats evenly distributed while the Advance carrack is ideal for bartering as it can carry more weight .  

Frigates on the other hand allows you to make the “Valor” carrack or the “Volante” carrack. The Valor carrack is great for sea monster hunting and navy combat while the Volante carrack is the fastest of all the carracks .  

  You could make your own Epheria Sailboat or Frigate, however, it would save you a lot of time to simply purchase one from the Central Market .  

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

▲ Ship Licenses can be purchased from the Central Market

If you would like to make your own, follow the steps shown below.    

■ How to Upgrade

Register the ship you wish to upgrade at a wharf via the Wharf Manager. Then use the “Upgrade” menu and add all the materials required to upgrade the ship .   

However , you cannot upgrade your ship under the following circumstances :   

- A piece of equipment is not at max durability .   

- The ship has equipment equipped or has items in its Inventory .  

- A sailor is on board the ship.    

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

■ Upgrade Materials

The equipment required to upgrade the Bartali Sailboat to an Epheria Sailboat or Epheria Frigate can be purchased from Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria. You can then use Black Stone (Armor) to enhance them . When you fail an enhancement attempt, the max durability of the equipment will decrease. You can purchase more of the equipment and use the copies to repair the original’s max durability to full .  

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

▲ Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria

  Additionally, Sailboats and Frigates can both be improved . Once they are improved, you can use the skills Volley and FocusFire .   

Volley allows you to move the cannons on the left or right and fire them. While FocusFire allows you to fire multiple shots quickly at a location of your choice.  

There are certain upgrade materials that can be obtained by defeating sea monsters. So, having your ship improved will aid you in your endeavor to build a carrack.  

You can improve your ships at the Wharf Manager .  

    ※ However , improving your ship does not change the materials required to upgrade them to a Caravel or Galleass .  

■ Epheria Sailboat, Frigate Upgrade Materials

4. epheria caravel / galleass    .

Once you have obtained your Epheria Sailboat or Frigate, you can then work toward upgrading them to a Caravel or Galleass .

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

▲ Left ) Epheria Caravel , Right ) Epheria Galleass  

  Caravels have 30 slots and can carry 10,000LT. This makes them great trading and bartering ships .   

On the other hand, the Epheria Galleass has 4 cannons on each side, for a total of 8 cannons, which makes them great for naval combat.    


Both of them can be improved to use the sailing skill Volley while moving, or the  FocusFire skill to fire multiple shots quickly at a location of your choice for massive damage.  

There are certain upgrade materials that can be obtained by defeating sea monsters. So, having your ship improved will aid you in your efforts toward building a carrack.  

The materials required to upgrade your ship to a Caravel or Galleass are listed below .

■ Epheria Caravel, Galleass Upgrade Materials

■ crow’s nest and ravinia    .

You might not have heard of Crow’s Nest or Ravinia at this point in your adventure.  

Crow’s Nest is a small island located north of Tinberra Island .     Once you arrive in Crow’s Nest, you can talk to the NPC “ Ravinia .” She runs the Crow Coin Shop that sells items needed to upgrade large ships.

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

▲ “ Crow’s Nest” is the island covered in fog, north of Tinberra Island .  

Ravinia also gives the " Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log " quests. You can complete these quests to get the materials you need for upgrades.    

    The first quest you get is called “Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log I” and the last quest is “ Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log VII.” It will take 7 days to accept these quests in order. When you complete each of these quests, Ravinia will reward you with “ Ravinia's Wiggly Waggly Letter .” You use these letters to accept quests from Ravinia. The quests she gives provide upgrade materials required to upgrade Caravels and Galleass .     

The 4 pieces of equipment required to upgrade a Epheria Caravel or Epheria Galleass can be purchased from Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria . The equipment can be enhanced using  “ Verdant Black Stones.” When using Verdant Black Stones to enhance ship equipment, you have a 100% chance to succeed at all levels. You will need Verdant Black Stone x55 to enhance a piece of equipment up to +10, a total of 220 Verdant Black Stones to enhance all four of them .   

You can obtain Verdant Black Stones as follows.

1. Ravinia’s sisters have anchored in Port Epheria (Ruvinia), Velia (Rovinia), and Iliya Island (Revinia). You can exchange Lv. 1 trade goods through Ruvinia, Rovinia, and Revinia for a Crow Merchants Guild's Barter Voucher.      2. Bring the Crow Merchants Guild's Barter Voucher obtained from one of the sisters to Ravinia at the Crow’s Nest to exchange it for Verdant Black Stones. Rumor has it that Morco in Velia will also take Crow Merchants Guild's Barter Vouchers and exchange them for Verdant Black Stones as well. 

5. Epheria Carrack(Balance, Advance, Volante, Valor)    

You can upgrade the Epheria Carrack into four different types, and each vessel bears a unique trait. You can choose to upgrade your Carrack into one that best suits your playstyle .

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

▲Epheria Carrack : Balance , Volante , Valor , Advance ( Starting Top-left and in clockwise direction )

Each carrack has a different trait.

◆ Epheria Carrack - Balance : A carrack with well-balanced stats .

◆ Epheria Carrack - Volante : An agile carrack with the fastest movement speed .

◆ Epheria Carrack - Valor : A combat-oriented carrack with the highest attack power .

◆ Epheria Carrack - Advance : A carrack with the highest storage capacity, making it most useful for content such as Bartering .

6. Ship Equipment  

You can install the Epheria Caravel and Galleass, along with the four different types of Carrack vessels with ship equipment such as cannon, figurehead, sail, and plating .  

Ship equipment starts at green grade and can be upgraded to blue grade equipment .  

Be sure to purchase and enhance the correct types of ship equipment for Caravels, Galleass, and Carracks.

■ Epheria Caravel and Galleass Green Grade Equipment

You can purchase green grade equipment for the Caravel and Galleass through Philaberto Falasi at Port Epheria with Silver .  

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

▲Make sure you purchase the right equipment suited for your type of ship.  

Blue grade equipment, which is the next grade of equipment, can be crafted at the Ship Part Workshop in Port Epheria 1-4, 2F .  

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

▲ Level up the Ship Part Workshop in Port Epheria 1-4, 2F to level 4 .

■ Epheria Caravel’s Blue Grade Equipment

■ epheria galleass’ blue grade equipment, ■ epheria carrack’s green grade equipment.

Green equipment for the carracks (Toro Cannon , Toro Figurehead , Toro Sail, and Toro Plating) can be purchased from Ravinia at Crow’s Nest by spending Crow Coins .  

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

▲ Spend Crow Coins via Ravinia to purchase green grade Toro equipment for carracks .

■ Epheria Carrack’s Blue Grade Equipment

You can make the following blue grade equipment for carracks: Chiro’s Sail , Chiro’s Figurehead , Chiro’s Cannon , and Chiro’s Black Plating. Details about how they are made are listed below.  

■ Epheria Carrack Blue Equipment (Chiro’s Equipment) Enhancement

Carrack blue grade equipment can be enhanced up to +10 using Sunset Black Stones .  

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black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

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epheria frigate and galleass


The Epheria Frigate is a ship that can be upgraded into the Improved Epheria Frigate or the Epheria Galleass, and finally the Carrack Valor/Volante ship. These ships have a high number of cannons, better reload speed, and slightly faster speed/accel/turn/brake, making them the recommended ships for Naval Combat.

The Epheria Saiboat, Improved Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Caravel, and Carrack Advance/Balance ships are the other types of Epheria ships, and are more focused on the Bartering lifeskill , with a high max weight limit and more inventory slots.

Generally, you are recommended to start with an Epheria Sailboat/Caravel, and go for the Epheria Galleass later on as a second ship after you already have 1 carrack. This is because a lot of the materials needed for Epheria ship upgrades is obtained through the Bartering Lifeskill.

This guide covers everything related to the Epheria Frigate, Improved Frigate, and Epheria Galleass ships.

Links to our other ship guides:

  • Ship Basics
  • Epheria Sailboat and Caravel
  • Epheria Carrack
  • Panokseon Ship
  • Guild Galley
  • Improved Guild Galley
  • Bartering Lifeskill
  • Sailing Lifeskill

Epheria Frigate and Galleass Guide

Epheria Frigate > Improved Epheria Frigate > Epheria Galleass > Epheria Carrack

Although you can upgrade an Epheria Frigate to an Improved Epheria Frigate, it is not really really recommended because the upgrade is a lot of extra materials. It is only recommended to upgrade the ship to Improved Epheria Frigate first if you need the ship for Sea monster hunting, since the Improved Frigate allows you to control your cannons from the wheel of the ship. Otherwise, I would recommend skipping that upgrade and going straight from the Epheria Frigate to the Galleass.

Epheria Frigate and Galleass Guide

How to obtain the Epheria Frigate

There are currently 4 different ways to obtain the Epheria Frigate:

  • Purchase the Epheria Frigate from the Central Market (approx 2.6 billion silver)
  • Craft the ship yourself at the Port Epheria Shipyard
  • Upgrade the Bartali Sailboat into an Epheria Frigate
  • Exchange [Event] Radiant Shakatu’s Seal x50 for an Epheria Frigate

To craft the ship yourself, you will need the Port Epheria Level 3 Shipyard (2nd Floor, Epheria 3-5).

You will need a minimum of 13 CP for the Shipyard and a single worker.

However, it is worth noting that you can send multiple workers to build your Epheria Frigate, cutting down on the time it takes to craft the ship. Use as many goblin workers as you can to process the materials as quickly as possible.

Epheria Frigate and Galleass Guide

Epheria Frigate Gear

The Bartali Sailboat, Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate, Improved Epheria Sailboat, and Improved Epheria Frigate all use the green-grade Old Ship set.

Each of the pieces can be purchased from Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria for 3 – 4 million silver each.

Epheria Frigate and Galleass Guide

You need an enhanced +10 of each piece to upgrade your ship into the Epheria Caravel/Galleass


Enhancing this ship gear is easy, since it is 100% chance and requires a set amount of Black Stones.

Each time you enhance, the Max Durability will be decreased by 10. You can repair the max durability using a base version of the same equipment item.

To enhance a single item, you will need 55 Verdant Blackstones, and for the full set, that is 220 Verdant Blackstones.

Improved Epheria Frigate

The Improved Epheria Frigate is a stepping stone from the Epheria Frigate to the Epheria Galleass.

To upgrade the Epheria Frigate into an Epheria Galleass:

  • Check the Epheria Frigate into a wharf at the wharf manager
  • Select the upgrade option from the menu

Epheria Frigate and Galleass Guide

Upgrading to the Epheria Galleass

To upgrade the Epheria Frigate or Improved Epheria Frigate into an Epheria Galleass:

  • Check the Epheria Frigate/Improved Epheria Frigate into a wharf at the wharf manager.

Epheria Frigate and Galleass Guide

You will need the materials below to upgrade the ship into an Epheria Galleass.

You can get a good amount of the materials simply by completing Ravina’s Ship Upgrade Log. More information about this can be found in our Bartering guide .

This should give you:

  • Graphite Ingot for Upgrade x50
  • Timber for Upgrade x50
  • Adhesive for Upgrade x50

Epheria Galleass Gear

There are 2 different equipment sets for the Epheria Galleass.

  • The green set can be bought from Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria for 7 – 9 million silver each,
  • The blue set needs to be crafted at the level 4 Ship Part Workshop in Epheria (2nd Floor, 1-4, Epheria).

The green set enhanced to +10 is required to craft the blue Galleass set, and then to upgrade to the Carrack ship, you will need the blue grade gear enhanced to +10 .

Enhancing Galleass Gear

For the Epheria Caravel/Galleass, you use special black stones to enhance the ship gear:


Enhancing the green gear is not difficult and doesn’t really require any failstacks or low failstacks, for the recommended failstacks to use when enhancing the blue gear, use our failstack recommendations .

Galleass Blue-grade Gear Crafting and Stats

Total crafting materials required for the full blue set can be found below:

  • Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square x180
  • Cox Pirates’ Artifact (Combat) x250
  • Moon Scale Plywood x600
  • Bright Reef Piece x180
  • Pure Pearl Crystal x45
  • Cox Pirates’ Artifact (Parley Beginner) x60
  • Ruddy Manganese Nodule x100
  • Enhanced Island Tree Coated Plywood x300
  • Seaweed Stalk x250
  • Great Ocean Dark Iron x150
  • Cox Pirates’ Artifact (Parley Expert) x30
  • Luminous Cobalt Ingot x30
  • +10: Epheria Galleass: White Horn Prow x1
  • +10: Epheria Galleass: White Wind Sail x1
  • +10: Epheria Galleass: Enhanced Plating x1
  • +10: Epheria Galleass: Verisha Cannon x1

Epheria Galleass: Black Dragon Prow

Epheria galleass: upgraded plating, epheria galleass: mayna cannon, epheria galleass: stratus wind sail, check these out before you go.

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

Galleas has 8 cannons (4 per side)

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2 Please start the game once installation is complete.

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black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

It’s time to take to the high seas in style as new boats have made their way to Black Desert. Whether you’re looking for a quick island hopper or looking to carry enough firepower to fire a whole through a sea monster, there is a boat for you.

The Epheria Cog is a ship capable of high speeds across the high seas. The Cog has 1 inventory slot which is less than ideal for many who are looking to start trading across the open seas. It also lacks offensive options as it has no cannons on its deck. But where the boat shines is speed. The boat is able to zip across the water and get you from point A to point B faster than nearly any other ship in it’s class. The Epheria Cog is relatively easy to craft, however it does have a limited duration (much like Fishing boats, rafts and row boats).

But if you are looking to start your sea faring adventures with a boat that is more permanent, the Bartali Sailboat is an excellent option. While the boat has been in the game for a while, this update brings the ability to upgrade your boats, including a way to turn the Bartali Sailboat into either an Epheria Frigate or an Epheria Sailboat. If you’re looking for an excellent starting boat, the Bartali Sailboat can be purchased from Proix in Velia for 10,000,000 silver, which will give you access to a boat that can be repaired, boasts 3 inventory slots and also has a couple of player controlled cannons on board!

Player Controlled Cannons: A player must interact with a cannon in order to use it. This means that a captain would need to leave the wheel in order to fire their cannons.

Captain Controlled Cannons: Available on any of the upgraded ships after the Epheria Sailboat/Frigate allows the captain to control both the boats movement and the cannons at the same time.

While the Epheria Sailboat and the Epheria Frigate are known entities, they also have new upgrade paths to make your boats even better. The Improved Epheria Sailboat and the Improved Epheria Frigate are side upgrades that slightly improve your ship, and give access to Captain controlled cannons meaning one player can man a ship on their own if they wish. The improved versions of the Sailboat and Frigate are great ways to begin your bartering or sea monster hunting journeys as they boast more fire power and quicker reload speeds on the cannons. Both are also relatively easier to obtain than their bigger upgrades as they do not require special materials earned through bartering.

The Epheria Caravel is the big upgrade to the Epheria Sailboat. It has more weight, more cabins and most importantly, more Inventory slots than the Epheria Sailboat/Improved Epheria Sailboat. It is one of the best ships for bartering due to the weight and inventory slots, but also packs a punch as it has the same cannons as the Improved Epheria Sailboat. Upgrading to the Caravel can be tough, as it requires both items from sea monster hunting and a lot of level 2,3 and 4 bartering materials. You will also need to upgrade all the Epheria ship enhancements (Old Prow, Old Plating, Old Cannon, Old Wind Sail) to + 10, so getting the Caravel may take time.

The Epheria Galleass is the big upgrade to the Epheria Frigate. The boat is faster and easier to handle than the Caravel, but the down side to it is that it has less Inventory. It also packs an absolute massive punch with 4 captain controlled cannons (similar to the Improved Frigate), and has 30 cabins so you can have a much larger crew of sailors on board. This boat is perfect for those looking to go Sea Monster Hunting or pirateering across the high seas. Again, much like the Caravel, the Galeass requires you to sea monster hunt and barter in order to obtain the materials for the upgrade.

The Epheria Caravel can then be upgraded into the Carrack (Advance) or the Carrack (Balance) , and the Epheria Galleass can be upgraded into the Carrack (Volante) or the Carrack (Valor) . These ships require a considerable amount of resources from both sea monster hunting and bartering, but they are the highest tier of ships available at this time. All the Carracks boast 9 powerful cannons to lay siege to anything unfortunate enough to be in the line of fire. The Carrack (Advance) and Carrack (balance) offer huge holds capable of holding enough items for even the most complex of barter routes, and have massive weight limits. The Carrack (Volante) and Carrack (Valor) are massive war ships built more for speed, while also packing massive punches when it comes down to fighting your enemies.

With ships now having cabins, you can hire sailors to help manage your boat through your Voyage. Sailors add different benefits depending on their personality (Speed, Acceleration etc) and consume cabin space depending on their type.

In order to begin hiring sailors, you will need to complete the quest ‘ [The Great Expedition] Oquilla’s Eye ’ that can be found in your suggested quest tab. Through this quest you will earn Sailing EXP, but most importantly for sailors is that you will be given your first sailor contract. This will then give you the ability to purchase more contracts to offer to other sailors.

Unlike workers who need to be rolled through a worker manager, Sailors are independent contractors and you will need to first find the sailor, then offer him a contract. Sailors appear as normal NPC’s in the following locations:

Sailors are easily recognized as they have the sailor name that appears above their heads, as well as their characteristics. These characteristics will let you know ahead of time what kind of stats that particular sailor can offer. Once the sailor accepts the contract, he will make his way to your boat where he will begin his new life under your captainship. 

To hire a sailor, you will need to first purchase a contract for 3,000,000 silver, then talk to the sailor that you want to hire. Once the sailor accepts the contract, he will make his way to your boat where he will begin his new life under your captainship. 

Sailor Upkeep

Being at sea is a perilous life. Sickness is a very real possibility on the waves, and as captain it is up to you to make sure that your sailors are healthy and in working shape. Sailors have a meter called condition, which works very similar to the way you fed workers to keep working. Unlike workers, sailors need a healthy diet in order to not get sick. The prefered meal for sailors is Chowder, made through the following recipe:

This dish is enough to keep even the biggest of sailors healthy and in good condition. However if these resources are scare, Sailors can also eat Raisin Bread, available from Wharf Managers or Islin Bartali at the Lunar Halo Inn. While not as filling as the chowder, sailors will happily chow down loaves of Raisin Bread to keep their spirits up!

If a sailor’s condition reaches 0, they can get sick. While sick, any bonus that they apply to the ship will be deactivated, so it is imperative to keep them healthy. If a sailor does come down with sickness, there is no need to throw him off the ship in the middle of the Ross Sea. Luckily alchemists of Black Desert have developed the ‘Elixir of Regeneration’ which helps cure this sickness. Through simple alchemy, you can combine the following ingredients:

Once crafted, this elixir is enough to cure the sailing sickness which may plague your low condition workers!

Other Sailor Benefits

While you are out bartering and dealing with the NPC’s of each island, you can send out your Sailors to perform tasks. ' Supply ' option will restore some of the rations on board your ship while ' Explore ' sends the sailors off on the island to see what they can scavange. They can return with things like rations, repair or damage ships, or even find rare treasures. It does consume rations though, so it’s worth being smart about how to approach each individual island.

Remember that the May 27th Update for Black Desert Console will include new boats, the new life skill ‘Bartering’ and more! Make sure to check out the full update details once they are released.

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

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BDO Epheria Sailboat: Blueprint, Materials, Quest

Last updated Mar 9, 2024 at 10:08AM | Published on Jan 15, 2024 | Black Desert Online , Life Skills , Sailing & Barter | 0

BDO Epheria Sailboat: Blueprint, Materials, Quest

Epheria Sailboat is the best T2 barter and trade ship because it has more inventory slots and Weight Limit than the other T2 ship, Epheria Frigate . It is easier to craft than the battle ready Epheria Frigate, but still takes a bit of planning and time to create yourself.

Why Epheria Sailboat Matters:

  • Epheria Sailboat is the easiest T2 ship to obtain.
  • Its cheaper than the Epheria Frigate in every way.  In materials, silver, or seals cost.
  • Most materials for Epheria Sailboat can be obtained via having workers gather at nodes. Logs will probably have to be gathered yourself, since they are usually a bottleneck item.
  • Epheria Sailboat can be used for battle and sea monster hunting, but keep in mind it has half the cannons and 10% less manuverability. Epheria Frigate is a better choice if you have more fun sea monster hunting.

For a detailed T2 ship comparison, view our Epheria Sailboat vs Frigate guide.

Epheria Sailboat can be upgraded to Improved Epheria Sailboat (T3) or Epheria Caravel (T4).

Epheria Sailboat Acquisition

4 Ways to Obtain Epheria Sailboat:

  • Craft at Port Epheria Shipyard (With patch 9-26-23 , materials cost for Epheria Sailboat/Frigate were cut in half.)
  • Upgrade from a Bartali Sailboat (more expensive, but no build time)
  • 20x Shakatu’s Seals (see details below)
  • Marketplace – easiest option but limited by supply and demand and fails at appeasing poor folks!

Epheria Sailboat from Shakatu’s Seals

The easiest way to obtain an Epheria Sailboat (besides buying at the Marketplace) is by exchanging Shakatu’s Seals in Shakatu city.

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

Requirement:  Level 56+

Shakatu’s Seals are obtained over a period of time via Attendance Rewards.

2 months = 1 Epheria Sailboat

With 10 Shakatu Seals per month from “Loyal” Attendance Reward, it would take 2 months to obtain an Epheria Sailboat.

This assumes you log in every day to obtain the Attendance Reward. (You can catch up on the weekends, Friday and Saturday after reset, if you get behind. Up to 2 Attendance Rewards per day.)

You can have more than one Attendance Reward tab, depending on your choices. For example, you can have one Attendance Reward for “Loyal”, one for “Returning”, and one for “Guild” all at the same time.

Special events can also give Shakatu Seals.

The old Shining Shakatu’s Seals were phased out. (They had a higher cost requirement of 30.)

Event Radiant Shakatu's Seal

Epheria Sailboat from Crafting at Port Epheria Shipyard

You can craft an Epheria Sailboat at the Port Epheria Shipyard. (2nd floor, Epheria 3-5).

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

Materials & Design for Epheria Sailboat:

NOTE: The base amounts listed in the third materials column below assumes each Processing craft will yield an average of 2.5.

Epheria Sailboat Cost Analysis

Prices and stock are auto-updated every 30 minutes for NA server.

The processed materials for Epheria Sailboat can usually be purchased on the marketplace, except for Standardized Timber Square. (Processing logs lessens its value in BDO, unless you make something profitable with it.)

Base Materials Cost

Lets see what it would cost if we purchased all the base materials from the market and processed it ourselves.

At the time of this writing, the cost sink of processing logs is really hurting our silver bags. But don’t hope for ever purchasing any on the market.

Other Price Comparisons

Traditionally, Epheria Sailboat is on preorder. But it’s not as bad as the preorder on Logs and its processed forms.

All of the materials for crafting the Epheria Sailboat in the shipyard can be obtained with the gathering life skill. (Except for the Epheria Blueprint, which requires quests.)

Epheria Sailboat mats are available for purchase on the marketplace, but high demand items, like Logs (or its processed parts), may be hard to purchase.

Standardized Timber Square

You will need 400 Standardized Timber Squares to craft an Epheria Sailboat.

Craft Standardized Timber Squares via Processing (L) → Chopping Logs all the way to tier 3.

400 Standardized Timber Square Processing

Thanks for Standardized Timber Square processing calculator!

Gathering Logs for Epheria Sailboat

The base Log amount required is about 7,400, if you have Artisan 6 Processing.

Logs are often considered a bottleneck item, because they can’t be obtained via worker nodes. Usually they are obtained via gathering with a lumbering axe. Unless there is a special event or similar going on, you can expect these to be in low supply/high price.

Also, Standardized Timber Square is one of the least profitable items to process for silver, so only make them if you have to.

Time to equip an axe and get started gathering trees! (Pine trees may be your best option, since you will need Pine Plywood as well.)

bdo log

Pine Plywood

You will need 750 Pine Plywood to craft an Epheria Sailboat.

Craft Pine Plywood via Processing (L) → Chopping Pine Timber all the way to tier 3.

750 Pine Plywood Processing

Thanks for Pine Plywood processing calculator!

Getting Pine Timber for Epheria Sailboat

The base Pine Timber amount required is about 5,600, if you have Artisan 6 Processing.

Pine Timber is not as difficult to obtain as Logs, but it can be in high demand since the nodes to obtain Pine Timber can be tricky to purchase for new players. There are two very nice and cheap ones in Land of the Morning Light.

Pine Timber Worker Nodes:

  • Honglim Base → Dalbeol Village – 2 CP
  • Bomnae County → Nopsae’s Byeot County – 3 CP
  • Serendia Shrine → Glish – 6 CP
  • Marie Cave → Keplan – 8 CP
  • Khimut Lumber Camp → Tarif – 8 CP

pine timber

Pine Tree Map

You will need lots of Pine Timber and Logs. So it only makes sense to gather Pine Trees. has a helpful resource map. Click on Gathering, then Trees, then check Pine Tree option.

Notice the dense clusters of Pine all around Trent and SW Calpheon territory. I like this location because west of Trent there isn’t any mobs to bother you while you gather.

If Trent is too far to travel, Pine trees are also plentiful in southern Serendia territory. There’s a good patch of Pine SW of Castle Ruins.

pine tree location map

Logging Minigame

You can use the Green Artisan gathering skill to gather more Pine Timber and Logs in a shorter amount of time.

Get this ability by reaching Artisan level gathering and obtaining Green Thumb knowledge in Land of the Morning Light.

Press SPACE when the yellow bar is within the blue target area.

Each successful strike, makes the target area smaller and more difficult to hit.

Sometimes the yellow bar moves faster than other times.

If you press SPACE outside the blue target too many times the minigame ends in failure.

lumbering axe mini game

My Gathering Minigame Gear Set

The images below show the minigame loot from a Season Character on a Season Server who can’t use Manos Gear.

  • Low gathering skill – skilled to professional level
  • Yawning Hedgehog Lightstone Combo
  • T4 Hedgehog well fed and chubby with cuteness 🙂
  • Season Server +100% more basic resources.
  • Demihar gathering tool

demihar life tool box

Thanks for Steel processing calculator!

Getting Coal for Epheria Sailboat

The base Coal amount required is about 610, if you have Master Processing.

Coal is not as difficult to obtain as Logs, but it can be in high demand since there is really only one good cheap node near Keplan that gives it.

Coal Worker Nodes:

  • Keplan Quarry → Keplan – 2 CP
  • Omar Lava Cave → Tarif – 7 CP
  • Glutoni Cave→ Keplan – 8 CP


Coal can be gathered with a pickaxe around Keplan in Calpheon. You can also find coal objects to gather around Omar Lava Cave in Mediah, but I don’t recommend this location because it lacks iron objects, which you’ll also need. has a helpful resource map. Click on Gathering, then Ore, then check Coal option.

coal location map

Find Resources is a talent on certain pets to help you spot coal to gather.

Blank Stare…

bdo coal for gathering life skill

Getting Iron Ore for Epheria Sailboat

The base Iron Ore amount required is about 1220, if you have Master Processing. Processing (L) → Heating this will produce about 610 Melted Iron Shard.

Iron Ore is easy to obtain usually since there are many cheap, beginner friendly nodes for it.

Iron Ore Worker Nodes:

  • Coastal Cave → Velia – 2 CP
  • Southern Swamp → Glish – 2 CP
  • Coastal Cliff → Velia – 3 CP
  • Pilgrim’s Haven → Sand Grain Bazaar – 4 CP
  • Abandoned Iron Mine → Altinova – 4 CP
  • Northern Heidel Quarry → Heidel – 5 CP

There are many more, but they get more expensive in CP cost.

iron ore

Iron Ore Map

Iron Ore can be gathered with a pickaxe in Calpheon around Keplan. You can’t find much iron objects around Omar Lava Cave, so it’s better to gather around Keplan, where coal can also be found. has a helpful resource map. Click on Gathering, then Ore, then check Iron option.

iron ore location map

Flax Fabric

You will need 150 Flax Fabric to craft an Epheria Sailboat.

Flax Fabric is usually in stock for us to purchase on the marketplace, but it’s fairly easy to obtain the mats and craft it yourself. This is one of the processing recipes that is usually NOT profitable in silver per hour because there is not enough demand for it on the marketplace.

Step 1: Processing (L) → Grinding:

Step 2: Processing (L) → Heating:

10 Flax Thread

150 Flax Fabric Processing

Thanks for Flax Fabric processing calculator!

Getting Flax for Epheria Sailboat

The base Flax amount required is about 1240, if you have Artisan 1 Processing. Processing (L) → Grinding this will produce about 620 Flax Thread. Then Heat the threads to make Flax Fabric.

Flax is easy to obtain usually since there are a few beginner friendly nodes for it and not much demand for its use.

Flax Worker Nodes:

  • Costa Farm → Heidel – 3 CP
  • Moretti Plantation → Heidel – 3 CP
  • Kamasylve Temple →  Tarif – 6 CP


Gathering with Gathering Pet

BDO Hedgehog Pet that is colored white

Gathering Proc Chances:

  • T1 and T2: 30% proc chance
  • T3: 40% proc chance
  • T4: 50% proc chance

If you aren’t familiar with other ways to speed up Gathering, view this Gathering Guide .

Blueprint: Epheria Sailboat

You will need 20 Blueprint: Epheria Sailboat in order to craft the Epheria Sailboat.

You can obtain the amount you need in a day as long as you have enough Rough Gemstones.

Epheria Sailboat Blueprint Quests:

  • Step 1: Falasi Family’s Kindness from Philaberto Falasi – carry two boxes down to the the wharf.
  • Step 2: [Repeat] Philaberto Falasi’s Request – give 10x Rough **gem**. You can complete this as many times as you like in one day as long as you have the materials.

epheria sailboat quest

Falasi Family’s Kindness Walkthrough

Pick up Falasi Family’s Kindness from Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria.

Press R key to pick up a box near Philiberto Falasi.

epheria ship quest box pick up

Carry the box down to the wharf.

Go down some steps nearby, or the auto-path will take you the longest route possible to Epheria Otterland and back. Really!

You can walk over the ropes here and fall down safely:

Be assured, the box will be clutched tightly as you fall! 🙂

epheria ship quest box drop down

Press R key again to put the box down at the feet of Sebastian <Guild Wharf Manager>.

Chat with him to let him know you <3 him and give him the box.

Then carry another box down the steps to him, then speak to Falasi to get your Blueprint: Epheria Sailboat or Frigate.

epheria ship quest box drop sebastion

Rough Gemstones for Epheria Blueprint Quest

Complete [Repeat] Philaberto Falasi’s Request 15 times, and get 15 Blueprints. Total cost will be 150 Rough Gemstones.

The Rough Gemstones you can use are listed below.

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

Some Miner’s Sack can be obtained from sending workers to ore mining nodes. Cheap iron and copper mining nodes are located around Velia.

Rough Gemstone Gathering

Gathering with a pickaxe at Pilgrim’s Haven is a great way to more quickly obtain Rough Gemstones.

Pilgrim’s Haven is a well-known location for mining because it’s one of the most profitable gathering spots listed on .

gathering profit and items at pilgrim's haven

Upgrading Epheria Sailboat

Epheria Sailboat can be upgraded to Improved Epheria Sailboat or Epheria Caravel. Epheria Caravel is a much stronger ship, but the materials are more difficult.

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

Purchase Epheria Ship Gear from Philaberto Falasi  in Port Epheria.

Price ranges from 3 to 4 million Silver for each part.

Enhancement is fairly easy, although they do require special Black Stones called Verdant Black Stone.

Epheria Old Ship Part Enhancement

Enhancement for Epheria Old ship parts is straight forward. There is no RNG. Enhancement is 100% chance to succeed at all enhancement levels.

black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

  • Black Desert new
  • Black Desert Mobile new
  • Crimson Desert new

Install the Black Desert Launcher if the game doesn't start.

The launcher will appear if it's installed. If it doesn't, try to run your downloaded launcher.

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

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  • General Discussion

I'm pretty sure I do need a bigger boat, and that boat must be a Caravel, no less, because sea fight when I man the cannon and my ship cannot move/maneuver being a sitting duck for everyone to abuse - this mechanics is pure torture for a single player. And I'm pretty sure this quest fight is not anywhere near "balanced" because I did main quest line many times and all boss fights are pain, especially Cavalo in Cron Castle with his all-screen AoE that knockdown-locks my character literally every single time. I just dont trust the devs, their aim is to kill me and sink my boat, so I need to be prepared twice as much. And I'm pretty sure I do have perfect sanity check by declining to wait 3 years for an upgrade.

I can agree with you that this questline is not for me, just as all sea content. I'll just let this quest gather dust forever in my quest log and do something else, not necessarily in this game, because it obviously not friendly and not reasonable hard even at the beginner's level. There is no need to kill a player repeatedly few dozens of times before letting them to proceed with quest.

You won't get cannon controls until you upgrade either an Epheria Sailboat to a Caravel, or an Epheria Frigate to a Galleass.  So, you got a ways to go.

  • Inappropriate Words
  • Inappropriate Content
  • Real money trading

You *can* also go the Improve Sailboat or Frigate route which is only useful if you do not want to do ANY sea content before you get captain cannon controls. These upgrades are costly, but if you are an established lifeskiller on land, you may already have many of the goods required for the upgrade, and may be faster than going straight to Galleas/Caravel.

I lifeskilled for about 2 years before I touched sea content, preferring the solo game, I made my boat into the improved version with very little effort and additonal investment and I was MUCH happier for doing so. You will want a Galleas/Caravel for the additional sailor slots/weight, but I made the boats for a Vell alt and getting into sailing and don't regret spending the silver. I ended up loving ocean content instead of getting turned away like it seems OP may be.

I now have a Carrack, close to my second and still don't regret my decision.

If you are NA, would you like help killing the sea monsters? Have boat, will travel.

You get to use the cannons from the wheel with an improved Epheria sailboat however it is more cost effective to make the caravel.

While the Bartali sailboat can be upgraded, the materials suggest it was never meant to be. IMO the best option is to buy either a Epheria sailboat or a frigate (based on what Carrack you have plans to get), upgrading an Epheria sailboat/frigate to an improved one requires nearly half the mats of what you need for a Bartali.

His point was he needs the Sailboat/Caravel/whatever else because it's in the "Suggested" section of the questline. And hunting down the 5 monsters for it (the questline) is absolutely out of the question with a Bartali's Bathtub. Also, asking a friend or a guildie to help is also out of the question. Even if said boat along with the next iteration on it  is designed to be used by a group not a solo player. It's a lot more unpleasant to handle both tasks of the Sailboat/Frigate, even if it was to shoot at the floating targets near the Velia Wharf.

Still, we're talking 1 Hungry Hekaru, 1 Young Ocean creature, 1 big boat that dies fast and 1 tiny boat that dies slow. In between, there are trips to islands, so opportunities to repair. Easy with a friend. Not so easy alone. +10 Bartali will suffice. 

So, best option, buy a friend. Put a PO on the CM. 2nd best option, learn patience. You'll need it either for the day you'll cruise the story alone on your +10 Bartali. Or down the line, as you slowly progress your boat like everyone else did, without footstomping for special treatment.

I'm on EU, sorry.

Nevertheless, thanks everybody for input. I set up 2 nodes for excavating and put 2 Humans to work, so far after almost a week, I have ~30 Traces of Earth. I will be a helluvalot long run, so I think its best to just let it go.

But I'm sure we all agree this is completely failed design. A person can grind 1 hour (or even less) and buy brand new boat, other person is blocked for 6+ months trying to play the game as it was intended by dev.

Oh bummer. :-(

Another thing I wanted to mention: Lianna's alchemy daily gives a trace box that gives you 50 of a random trace, one of which can be Trace of Earth.

And I think Dalishain's random alchemy quest procs you have a choice of Trace of Earth as your reward.

Pre-ordering from the MP can also help speed the process along.  Sure, there are a bunch of pre-orders, but they do actually fill.

Regarding the content, the whole Great Ocean update came out when grinding silver was A LOT lower. So much that people complained they were "forced" to barter because it was better money. PA just doesn't balance stuff across the entire game when they make changes to one thing, unfortunately.

Share your feedback and suggestions to help us develop Black Desert.

  • 43 **UPDATED** How to Submit Feedback [CM]Corruption Apr 25, 2023 (UTC) 1 5.4K [CM]Corruption , Mar 21, 2024 (UTC)
  • 0 Feedback: Ping from oceanic to NA servers is bad CheeseSauce 20 Minute(s) ago 1 9 CheeseSauce , 20 Minute(s) ago
  • 9 Changes to Spook DarkNihility 9 Days ago #Suggestions 4 714 chinadoll , 22 Minute(s) ago
  • 10 Dyable Lenses on new Round Metal Glasses SYSTEM May 12, 2024 (UTC) #Suggestions 4 632 chinadoll , 38 Minute(s) ago
  • 1.2K Leggings for Female Characters Aramnida Dec 21, 2022 (UTC) #Suggestions 113 5.7K chinadoll , 39 Minute(s) ago
  • 8 Clean Up/Streamline Questlines QoL NellaFantasia 12 Hours ago #Suggestions #Game Presentation 2 175 NellaFantasia , 2 Hours ago
  • 8 Make Iliya Island great again! The "City" of bartering Mandrake 5 Hours ago #Suggestions 7 131 Picklenose , 2 Hours ago
  • 92 BDO is going to die if the Heidel Ball does not pop off FearlessLy 1 Days ago 13 574 Picklenose , 2 Hours ago
  • 16 Another level for Vell's heart or... KnightsRadiant 1 Days ago #Suggestions 4 287 Adonaj , 3 Hours ago
  • 2 We should be able to remove vignette effect Migg 3 Hours ago #Suggestions 1 66 Migg , 3 Hours ago
  • 1 Season Family Life: Maltie 3 Hours ago 1 72 Maltie , 3 Hours ago
  • 68 State of Awaken Witch Bridonna Aug 24, 2023 (UTC) #Suggestions 11 658 Feathery , 5 Hours ago
  • 49 Change Archer's Gaping Darkness Back to RMB OR Add Key Rebind Options Stormrider Apr 19, 2023 (UTC) #Suggestions 9 1.1K AllenMinyo , 6 Hours ago
  • 0 Monster zone info upgrade QoL Blackmax112 6 Hours ago #Suggestions 1 110 Blackmax112 , 6 Hours ago
  • 324 NA Announcement Regarding Server Relocation... SumAussieCobber May 8, 2024 (UTC) 37 1.4K RIPBDOOCE , 7 Hours ago
  • 17 New Outfit: Celestia DiscordOfSound 1 Days ago #Suggestions 4 348 Musa4ever , 13 Hours ago
  • 6 New Outfit [Celestia] Suggestion Calcharo 1 Days ago #Suggestions 3 331 Musa4ever , 13 Hours ago
  • 14 Allow "change skill" feature while the worker is working CCraft Apr 29, 2024 (UTC) 4 347 CCraft , 19 Hours ago
  • 5 Spreadsheet / full detail on Contribution Point usage CCraft 19 Hours ago 1 192 CCraft , 19 Hours ago
  • 17 Is this Red Battlefield Event a Joke? Mlem 21 Hours ago 3 302 WinnyBlues , 19 Hours ago
  • 9 Geranoa killed me Ricada 4 Days ago 3 563 Desumilde , 19 Hours ago
  • 4 Returning Player PoV and Feedback ShadeOnYourLife 22 Hours ago #Suggestions 1 243 ShadeOnYourLife , 22 Hours ago
  • 1 More Tattoos NeidomusLavonas 23 Hours ago #Suggestions 1 228 NeidomusLavonas , 23 Hours ago
  • 3 Important Changes: Quality of Life • PVP • Open World Amyayayaya 1 Days ago #Suggestions #Community Support 2 272 BBrutus , 23 Hours ago
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black desert bartali sailboat upgrade

  • - Repairable Item
  • - Personal Transaction Unavailable
  • - Cannot be dyed
  • - Description: Old plating that was inside Dancing Marlin's storage. It seems rusty but still looks usable on a ship. – Can be installed on: Bartali Sailboat, Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate, Improved Epheria Sailboat, Improved Epheria Frigate Enhancement Level 1–10: Can be enhanced with Black Stone (Armor) You can perform guaranteed enhancement through the Black Spirit if you have the required amount of enhancement materials. It will consume 10 durability.
  •   Weight Limit +20LT
  •   -->