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Excess 14 review: competitively priced performance catamaran

  • Rupert Holmes
  • February 21, 2023

Can spacious performance cruising multihulls be built in large volumes at competitive prices? Excess thinks so and demonstrates just that with the Excess 14

Product Overview

Price as reviewed:.

We’re sailing the Excess 14 upwind in 12-14 knots of true wind, with boat speed hovering between 7.4 and 8.0 knots. The helm feels positive and responsive, the boat tacks easily and responds readily to accurate sail trim.

Aside from the lack of heel, it’s the type of experience and real-world cruising speeds you might expect of a 50-something-foot monohull performance cruiser. Yet, this is an enormously spacious 26ft wide platform from the world’s largest boatbuilder, not a niche builder of expensive high performance designs.

Until now, anyone looking for a catamaran sailing experience that’s fun and rewarding to sail had a limited choice. Granted, yards such as Outremer and Marsaudon Composites produce fantastic boats, but they can be complex, while high tech construction and low build volumes inevitably mean hefty prices.

Groupe Beneteau identified a gap in the market into which it launched the Excess brand four years ago. How did the yard achieve good sailing qualities and performance in a high volume production boat with a commensurate price tag?

A policy to chase weight savings in every area, without creating an expensive high-tech boat, started with a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the entire structure by VPLP’s Vannes office, which normally deals with race boats.

prix catamaran 14 m

Asymmetric hull shape with more curvature outboard reduces drag and slamming. Photo: Andreas Lindlahr/EYOTY

Carbon reinforcement was added to highly stressed areas, such as the fully infused PET foam sandwich bulkheads, while weight was dropped from lightly stressed zones including hull skins, through using a lower density end grain balsa core. This is divided into small squares, separated by resin, so localised damage won’t allow water ingress to spread. Layup is monolithic in way of the engines and keels, while the deck is PET foam sandwich.

The weight of furniture also came under scrutiny – the galley, for instance, is 25% lighter without resorting to expensive foam cores. Light displacement is 12.8 tonnes, compared to 14-15 tonnes for other cruising catamarans this size, and is one of several factors that make a significant improvement to the way the boat sails.

Feedback loop

VPLP also optimised keel hydrodynamics. Renowned naval architect Vincent Lauriot Prévost was convinced these could be more efficient than cruising multihulls’ typical fat, low aspect keels – and his initial modelling showed a modest 10cm increase in draught would give 15% better efficiency.

At the same time, discussions on the Excess Lab, an online forum engaging directly with sailors, showed the market will accept a catamaran with deeper draught than the industry-standard 1.2m (4ft) chosen to allow access to shallow Bahamian anchorages. So draught was increased to 1.48m, allowing chord length to be reduced by half, meaning thinner keels, even less drag and further improvements in steering response. The rudders are also 20cm deeper, so their shape is less compromised than most cruising catamarans.

prix catamaran 14 m

Helm positions put you in contact with anyone in the cockpit, but the coachroof restricts visibility. Photo: Julien Gazeau

Other innovations include asymmetric hulls with more curvature and volume on the outside and less on the inside, reducing drag from the interaction of the wakes between the two hulls and slamming.

Our test boat had the optional 1.76m (5ft 9in) taller Pulse Line mast and longer bowsprit, which increases upwind sail area by 12m2 and adds 14m2 to the Code 0. The boat performed well on my first sail in 8-12 knots of breeze, reaching at speeds of up to 7.3 knots under Code 0, and maintaining six knots with a true wind angle of 58°.

However, it falls off quickly if you try to point too high in appreciably less than 10 knots true wind. Turning downwind and setting an asymmetric spinnaker we maintained 7-7.5 knots at a true wind angle of 145°, increasing to 8.5 knots after heading up 30°.

Light airs performance

My second sail gave an interesting chance to try the boat in light airs. Compared to a new 47ft monohull performance cruiser, sailing gently upwind in only 6-7 knots of true breeze, we were around 5° lower, but almost matched speed. Even in such gentle conditions the helm has good feel and the boat is responsive to sail trim.

prix catamaran 14 m

The bridgedeck accommodation is bright, with a wonderful almost all-round view. Photo: Julien Gazeau

The twin aft helm stations offer numerous advantages, including a direct connection from the wheels to the rudders using Dyneema cables. There’s an excellent view of the headsail luff, but there’s a large sector where you have to peer through the saloon windows. Nevertheless, for monohull sailors this feels like a natural place from which to steer and has the additional benefit of keeping the driver in contact with others in the cockpit.

The arrangement also makes short-handed berthing easier than cats with a central helm or a flybridge. As standard, mechanical cable engine controls are fitted at the starboard helm only, but our test boat had an electronic option with controls both sides.

Standard specification includes a square top mainsail and powerful overlapping genoa. Both are ideal for cruising cats, as the centre of effort is lowered and there’s no backstay to get in the way of the head of the mainsail.

Most sail controls are led to a bank of clutches and a pair of winches at the starboard helm station. Headsail sheets are colour coded, so tacking is an easy one-person operation. Our test boat had an electric winch upgrade, including a Harken Flatwinder powered mainsheet traveller.

prix catamaran 14 m

Helm seats hinge upwards to give access to the transoms. Photo: Andreas Lindlahr/EYOTY

My final day on board was in breezier conditions touching 17-18 knots, with a steep onshore chop that led to some wave tops gently slapping underneath the bridgedeck. This short, steep sea meant speed was quickly lost if you pointed too high when sailing close hauled. However, bearing off to a true wind angle just over 50° (around 33-34° apparent) saw brisk acceleration to speeds occasionally topping 8.5 knots.

Bearing away and deploying the Code 0 saw boat speed climb up to a maximum 10.3 knots. The delivery crew taking the boat from the Atlantic coast of France to the Cannes Yachting Festival report a top speed of 16.5 knots. However, this is not intended as a high performance vessel capable of sustained speeds in the upper teens, which makes it a less intimidating, easier boat to sail.

The central section of the aft cockpit is clear of sail handling action, with the exception of the traveller on the beam aft of the long bench seat across the back of the cockpit. An extending table to port allows easy circulation of people, yet can accommodate plenty for dining. There’s also an outdoor fridge and small bench seat on the starboard side of the cockpit. Access to the water or tender is from the aft platforms of each hull.

prix catamaran 14 m

Wide side decks make going forward easy. Photo: Andreas Lindlahr/EYOTY

Side decks are wide, with good handrails, but weight saving means there’s no well for a forward cockpit. Instead sunbeds and cushions at the front of the bridgedeck create an area for relaxing and socialising, while beanbags can be used on the big trampoline.

There’s also an option of a ‘sky lounge’ on one side of the hardtop for use when not under way. This is reached via a couple of steps each side of the mast. The boom sweeps low across the top of the coachroof and hardtop, making it easy to pack the mainsail away and close the lazy bag after sailing.

Stowage on deck is under the cockpit seating, plus large lockers at the front of the bridgedeck, one of which also houses the optional generator. This area has space for the windlass and chain locker, while there are big sail lockers forward in both hulls, with enough space for optional skipper’s cabins.

prix catamaran 14 m

Excellent owner’s suite includes a big dressing table/desk for those who work on board. Photo: Andreas Lindlahr/EYOTY

Under sail the boat has a sufficiently comfortable, relaxed and solid feel to make leaving the helm to wander into the saloon or galley a viable proposition, especially if an apparent wind speed alarm is set. There are no full height cabinets, so only the mullions obstruct vision, while the blind spot from the helm stations created by coachroof, genoa and Code sails are no longer a problem.

The saloon is large, with ample room for circulation, plus a navstation and big table with space to comfortably seat eight people for dining. There’s good natural ventilation, including two big hatches in the front windows, plus one outboard of the cooker, as well as wide doors aft. The lack of full-height lockers means acres of galley worktop space. There’s also generous refrigeration and easily accessed stowage, plus considerable additional volume below the floor.

Chines above the waterline boost accommodation volume in the hulls, giving more space than high octane performance cruising designs. The charter version has a full four cabin, four head, four shower layout with good space, privacy and stowage.

prix catamaran 14 m

Mmulti-function stowage space at the front of the owner’s hull can convert to an occasional twin berth cabin. Photo: Julien Gazeau

Owners’ versions offer an unusual, but effective, take on how to use the space at the front of the starboard hull. There’s a flexible forepeak, instead of the standard 4m-long bathroom, with excellent stowage, including space for a walk-in dressing room (or even workshop). Yet this area can be converted to two single berths when necessary, perhaps with grandchildren on board. Aft of this is a midships washroom with twin sinks alongside enclosed toilet and shower compartments.

Between this area and the large peninsula berth aft is a generous dressing table/desk area, with ample space for those who work from home. There’s substantial further stowage in multiple hanging lockers, shelves and drawers.

If you enjoyed this….

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It’s often said the benefits of owning a multihull come at the cost of compromising factors that bring joy to boat ownership. Excess has done a good job with this design which is a step forward compared to its first two models, the 12 and 15, which were hampered by being based on Lagoon hulls. Of course, there are more spacious and better finished boats of this size, as well as some with considerably better performance. Closest rivals are perhaps the Nautitech 44 Open and Neel 47 trimaran. Both are two tonnes lighter, faster and arguably nicer to sail, but they have appreciably less accommodation and the former is more expensive. The Excess Lab is also an example of the brand’s determination to try different things and pursue a different line, including how key interactions with the boating public are handled. It’ll be interesting to see what’s next.

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Sailboat Review: Light and Lively Excess 14

  • By Mark Pillsbury
  • November 7, 2023

Excess 14 Catamaran

When Groupe Beneteau’s Excess Catamarans introduced its first model in 2019 , a test sail in winds approaching 40 knots made it abundantly clear that the 38-foot-7-inch Excess 12 wasn’t just another pretty new face in the ever-growing cat crowd. That boat could sail.

A recent light-air outing aboard the company’s newest model, the Excess 14, was perhaps equally revealing. With a hull length right around 44 feet and a beam of 25 feet, 9 inches, this is a big, roomy and comfortable cruising cat. But in just 5 knots of breeze, sailing with the main and working jib set, the chart plotter’s speed over ground read 4.1 knots heading upwind with the sails sheeted hard. A little later, with the jib rolled up and the code zero unfurled and set on a sprit that brings the boat’s LOA to 52 feet, 5 inches, our boatspeed was 5.7 knots on a reach in wind gusting to maybe 6. 

Those were conditions that would have left a lot of similar-size multihulls parked, but the Excess 14 felt relatively lively underway and “tacked quickly,” I wrote in my notes. I also noted that line handling was easy, thanks to sheet winches within reach of the helms and an electric Harken FlatWinder winch that handles a traveler mounted outboard of a comfortable bench seat that spans most of the transom.

For the record, I’m a fan of the Excess brand DNA that calls for outdoor helm stations located far aft on either stern. Sitting at them underway, you can see and hear the water rush by and feel the breeze in your face. You know, like when you’re sailing. You can converse with people seated in the cockpit, and you have easy access to the salon should you care to set the autopilot and keep watch out of the elements, through windows that provide nearly 360 degrees of visibility.

Open to fresh ideas, the team at Excess started with a blank slate when they conceived the 14, and they gave naval architects at VPLP Design some liberty in terms of hull design in their quest for better performance. VPLP, drawing from their experience with a long line of racing machines, then tested and ultimately opted for asymmetrical hulls—think of a monohull sliced lengthwise down the middle and then separated—that tend to reduce the size of the waves produced between the hulls, thereby reducing drag that slows down the boat.

The design team also toyed with replacing the stub keels affixed to most cruising cats, including earlier Excess models, with the sort of lifting daggerboards found on high-performance cats. They dropped that idea, however, because daggerboards add complexity when sailing and take away from living space below. Instead, the 14 has more-efficient, deeper and thinner fixed foils that increase draft to 4 feet, 10 inches—a few inches deeper than what you would expect to find on cats of a similar size.

There are also interesting ­innovations found in the 14’s interior, where saving weight has a direct relationship to livelier sailing. Relatively lighter carbon-fiber cloth is employed in some structural areas for strength, and some bulkheads are infused using foam coring. And there’s less wood used in furniture, drawers and stowage areas. Overhead, the cabin top is injected-molded, eliminating the need for a liner. And in hulls with two staterooms and two head compartments located amidships, the toilets share a single holding tank to reduce plumbing, while the staterooms share one larger Webasto air-conditioning unit, saving the weight and wiring required for two. 

Excess is also involved with Groupe Beneteau’s overall efforts to adopt more-sustainable building practices. Laminates used for the performance mainsail and genoa are recycled material, and hemp fibers are used in place of fiberglass and injected with partly bio-sourced resin in some nonstructural parts such as locker lids. Even furniture knobs have been replaced by neat little loops of rope.

Buyers have a few decisions to make when ordering an Excess 14. There is a four-­stateroom version that would be well-suited for charter, and there are a couple of three-stateroom options. In one, the owner gets a large fore-and-aft bunk aft, a sitting area with a desk at the foot of the companionway, a head and shower forward, and a walk-in closet in place of a V-berth. A second plan, called the Transformer Version, has bunks far forward that can be folded down for sleeping or up for stowage. (One company photo shows a paddleboard stashed away there.) That’s the layout we saw in Miami and the one I’d choose if it were my boat. In all the layouts, the salon gets lots of sunlight and has a pleasant, airy feeling with the sliding door and window open aft. There’s an abundance of fridge and freezer space adjacent to the galley to port. Dining tables are indoors, at the front of the salon, and in the cockpit. 

The Miami boat included a pair of optional 57 hp Yanmar diesels with saildrives (45 hp engines come standard) that pushed us along at 7.8 knots in cruising speed and 8.4 knots in get-home-quick mode. Gear included an electric winch at the starboard helm to make raising the main easier, as well as engine controls at either wheel to make docking simpler. Davits are available, as are canvas Biminis over the wheels for shade.

The boat also had an optional seating area on the flybridge. It reminded me a bit of a stretch version of the footwell that you’d find on a Sunfish. I’m not sure if it’s an option I’d choose, and with the boom set relatively low on the mast, it wouldn’t be a place to lounge underway. Some might like to sit up there while at anchor to enjoy the view though.

The sail-away price for the boat we visited is right around $980,000, but that’s loaded with gear, including an Onan generator and a Pulse rig and sail package that includes a 70-foot-8-inch mast instead of the standard 64-foot-11-inch spar. The upwind Pulse rig sail area of 1,453 square feet will be appreciated by those who sail in variable conditions and like to go fast; in the trades, the standard 1,323 square feet might suffice, and the shorter rig would let you just squeeze under most Intracoastal Waterway bridges.

Me? I was happy to have the added horsepower provided by the bigger square-top main. Sailing a big cat in 5 knots of breeze isn’t always fun, but aboard the Excess 14, we had a jolly old time.

Excess 14 Specifications

LOA45’9″ (13.94 m)
LWL45’9″ (13.94 m)
BEAM25’9″ (7.85 m)
DRAFT4’10” (1.47 m)
SAIL AREA(100% Std/Pulse) 1,323/1453 sq. ft. (123/135 sq. m)
DISPLACEMENT28,219 lb. (12,800 kg)
SAIL AREA/ DISPLACEMENT(Std/Pulse) 22.8/25.1
WATER79 gal. (300 L)
FUEL(x2) 53 gal. (200 L)
HOLDING(x2) 21 gal. (80 L)
MAST HEIGHT(Std/Pulse) 64’11″/70’8″ (19.79/21.54 m)
ENGINE2x 45 hp Yanmar, saildrive 
DESIGNERVPLP Design, Nautor Design
WINDSPEED4-6 knots
MOTORINGCruise (2,300 rpm) 7.8 knots; Fast (2,800 rpm) 8.4 knots
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Excess 14 for Sale


Price based on  price list 2024.  Excluding VAT


Find right registration for your yacht Here »

EU (Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, Croatia, Turkey and other), USA, UAE, Asia and other countries.

Excess 14 for Sale

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Sale of Excess 14

topRik marketplace presents the 16-meter sailing catamaran Excess 14 for sale, available for purchase right now. Here you will find information not only about the advantages of this model, but also about your privileges that you are entitled to on our trading platform.

Designed in collaboration with VPLP design, the Excess 14 double hull sailboat is a breath of fresh air in the world of catamarans. Designed entirely from the ground up, this unique beast is ready to take you on an exciting journey where you'll appreciate:

  • dynamic visual style inspired by offshore racing;
  • large overlapping genoa;
  • direct steering system;
  • forward sailing rigging.

Performance is also better than ever thanks to a low center of gravity, optimized volume distribution and reduced interference resistance.

But all this is not at the expense of comfort. Sale of Excess 14 features spacious, comfortable cabins, bathrooms with separate showers, separate pantries and a walk-in closet.

Living quarters have a modular structure. Thanks to the built-in calculator, which is designed specifically for the Excess 14 model and includes a detailed price for each option, you can customize your cabin package to suit your needs.

The Excess 14 continues the tradition of combining the looks and comfort of ocean racing with the comfort of a cruise ship. The beauty of asymmetry is well embodied in the visual design, thanks to the clever placement of the control stations in the aft hull and the gondola mounted in the aft, which makes the look fresh and unusual.

You have the opportunity to enjoy the control of this sport bird with all the necessary amenities.

topRik marketplace specialists accompany you throughout the entire process of selection, purchase and delivery to the agreed location. Choosing Excess 14 for sale through our marketplace, you get the support of experienced yachtsmen who are well aware of all the yachts presented in the marketplace and have experience in profitable purchase and safe passage of boats for our fleet. All this hands-on experience will work for you.

We will free you from the boring process of paperwork, take care of all negotiations with the manufacturer or dealer, check the readiness of the cat in strict accordance with your requirements and drive it to the parking lot of your choice.

Fill out an application by phone - the number is indicated on this page, via e-mail - [email protected] or use the contact form on the same page.

Excess 11 for Sale

Price 2024 (0151-eur-gb-excess14-220-50-b2024-indb.pdf, 1,527 Kb) [ Download ]

Product guide (excess-14-product-guide.pdf, 15,784 Kb) [ Download ]

Brochure & specifications (specification-excess-14.pdf, 1,741 Kb) [ Download ]

EXCESS 14 Catamaran - Boat Review Teaser - Multihulls World

EXCESS 14 Catamaran - Boat Review Teaser - Multihulls World

Full test in Multihulls World 187. After the shipyard’s first sea trials off Ile d’Yeu on France’s Atlantic coast, Excess 14 hull #1 embarked on a trip around Spain and Portugal, bound for the French Riviera

Excess 14 sailing catamarans : first visit at the Cannes Yachting Festival

Excess 14 sailing catamarans : first visit at the Cannes Yachting Festival

I had the chance to come onboard the brand new Excess 14 for its world premiere during the 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival

BoatScopy EXCESS 14 - 23 minute private tour

BoatScopy EXCESS 14 - 23 minute private tour

Created just 3 years ago, the Excess catamaran brand unveiled at the Yachting Festival 2022 its 4th model, the Excess 14, a model that after the Excess 11, represents the second generation of the brand's boats

Discover The New Excess 14 Sail Catamaran !!!

Discover The New Excess 14 Sail Catamaran !!!

Thanks for watching!!!

Excess 14 by Esprit Mer

Excess 14 by Esprit Mer

Petit nouveau dans la gamme Excess Catamarans du Groupe Beneteau, l’Excess 14 donne tout son sens au positionnement de la marque.

New model: Excess 14

New model: Excess 14

A pure concentration of the Excess DNA!

Articles about Excess 14

Excess  14   by Katamarans.com

Discover the new Excess 14 by Sail-world Cruising

Out of the box by Ocean Magazine

Excess 14 - First off, pleasure at the helm!  by Multihulls World

Excess 14: a Catamaran That Will Surprise You  by Nautical Expert

Excess 14 - a sailing boat offering sensations at the helm, with two hulls! by Yachting Art

Excess 14 Review by topRik Team

Comment This yacht is the embodiment of the Excess DNA and the direction in which the ideas of the developers and designers of this line were initially moving since 2019. The new boat fits the bill if you are looking for a sporty and fast catamaran for your cruising or sailing adventure, yet very comfortable and stylish one at the same time. Show more

Aventura 37 for Sale

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excess 14 catamaran

Excess 14 Details

With the long-awaited introduction of the new Excess 14, Excess Catamarans squarely hits the bullseye of the brand’s cruising DNA. It is performance catamaran sailing in a production catamaran. And it brings a new standard of performance to the catamaran community.

New from the ground up, much like her sistership, the Excess 11, the Excess 14 accommodates many of the thoughts and design ideas of the Excess team. They incorporated these and other trends and put them together in a production boat unlike most others on the market.

Building on the success of the 38-foot Excess 11, the 50-foot Excess 14 (52’5” with optional composite bowsprit) moves the initial Excess concept farther into advanced boat design, specifically in the use of asymmetrical hull shapes, and a rig best suited for performance sailing, if not racing. 

The builder stopped short of deep daggerboards and interior compromises required for all-out performance, but there is more than enough of this technology to satisfy sailors interested in a brisk sailing experience rather than simply moving along to the next sun-drenched anchorage. 

The Excess 14 is for those who have the need for speed…and whose crew demands comfortable accommodations.

In fact, the Excess builder specifically developed this boat to appeal to millennial, monohull sailors who want the monohull sailing experience with the space and comfort of a modern catamaran. 

The hull length is 43’9” and the beam is 25’9”, dimensions that define a good-sized platform for comfortable living and offshore capability. The boat’s draft is 4’10”, a good compromise between shallow water boating where catamarans are known to excel, and upwind performance so often lacking in cruising catamarans. The Excess 14 will not disappoint when sailing to windward or running downwind. 

The house on the Excess 14 sits farther back than other cruising cats, and the mast is stepped forward of the cabin house, much like the Excess 11.

One of the significant design elements of the Excess 14 are the asymmetrical hulls. That means the outboard surfaces of the hulls are rounded as one expects. But the interior sides of each hull are flat. While this may not be a really new design feature in the history of multihulls, its benefits are apparent for a performance catamaran. The hull’s asymmetrical shape moves the center of buoyancy to the outboard side of the hull, so the boat seems to have a wider beam and righting moment. The flat sides of the interior hulls also affect the waves produced by the hulls going through the water, which reduces interference drag.

Coupled with inverted bows (that are easily lifted out of the water) and a transom more fully immersed, the result is a better maneuvering boat that is also easier to steer.

While the standard Excess 14 may just make it under ICW bridges, most people will find the optional Pulse Line pack is the way to go: the heck with the ICW. The Pulse option includes a taller rig (over 70 feet) with square-topped main, greater upwind sail area (1453 sq ft), and a 926-sq-foot Code O on its own furler. And its exterior details and graphics do more than hint at its performance.

With a displacement of just over 28,000 lbs, the boat comes standard with twin 45hp diesels (57hp engines are optional), two 53-gallon fuel tanks, 79 standard gallons of water, and two 21-gallon holding tanks.

All Excess catamarans have aft twin cockpits, located so that forward visibility is unrestricted. The person at the helm can see the wind and waves ahead as if sailing a monohull. In addition, clear saloon windows allow one to see across the deck to the other side of the boat from either helm location. This allows the sailing experience enjoyed by monohull sailors but with the added safety and security of good visibility across the rest of the wide real estate of the catamaran. And the steering is further enhanced by a steering system using textile lines to provide a superior feel between the rudders and wheel at the helm, not possible with hydraulic systems.

There are those who argue that aft helms are a poor location for long distance sailing, especially offshore. However, those sailing offshore will no doubt engage the boat’s autopilot to steer the boat on passages, rather than having a person at these helms for long watches. This scenario clearly works, as an Excess 11 took first place in its division in the 2021 ARC across the Atlantic.

The Excess 14 has a CE rating of Class A Offshore, for those interested in going farther afield than simply fast cruising in local waters.

The three-cabin standard layout is ideal for most couples. The starboard hull is dedicated to the owners, with a large aft walk-around berth, with a private living area forward. This living module includes a private dry bath, a private dressing area near the bow, and plenty of clothes and personal storage kept separate from the rest of the boat.

The port hull includes two cabins with sizable berths with ensuite heads and separate showers. The days of the wet head are apparently over for modern catamaran cruisers. Camping is not a requirement on the Excess line of catamarans.

The bridgedeck saloon deck is up a few steps from either hull. In addition to full windows all around for great visibility, there is a bright and contemporary interior treatment that highlights an interior preferred by younger sailors who don’t care for dark, traditional finishes. There is a nice centerline settee and table, and an L-shaped galley on the port side. Everything, in fact, one needs on a cruising boat.

With the sliding door open to the cockpit, the living spaces on this boat are enormous and extremely livable.

The Excess 14 will be a hit. It has a niche audience waiting for what it has to offer, in a package that combines production efficiency and value with performance, something the cruising world has been asking for.

The wait is over. 

Northwest 52 Details

Length Overall: 45' 9
Beam: 25 '9
Max Draft: 4' 10
Displacement: 28,219 lbs.
Horsepower (each): 2 x 45HP (57HP option)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 2 x 53 gallons
Water Tank Capacity: 79 gallons (option for additional 79)
Black Water Tank Capacity: 2 x 21 gallons

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prix catamaran 14 m


prix catamaran 14 m

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Four years after it was first launched, Excess, the youngest of the Bénéteau Group brands, unveiled its fourth model at the Cannes Yachting Festival. The Excess 14 has undeniably benefited from the enthusiasm of its designers – the architects and the shipyard team have given their all to carve the brand’s unique DNA into the polyester of this catamaran. On a trip between Cannes and Italy, Multihulls World got the chance for a 36-hour test of this new model.

The objective of the Excess 14 is to get everyone (monohull aficionados included) to agree that cruising should be undertaken on more than one hull!

The Pulse Line version has a profile that has been lengthened by 5’7” (1.7 m). As for the bowsprit, it is 3’ (1 m) longer, giving a significant boost to the sail plan.

It glides under gennaker. Note the deep chine and the width at the sugarscoop compared to the waterline.

Practical info

  • Builder : EXCESS

Video youtube

  • Finance your Excess 14
  • Articles about the Excess 14
  • Available in issue # 188

Boat Test price 5.00 € Inc. tax

image description

Add several tests to your cart

and get an extra discount!

Test location: delivery trip from Cannes to Genoa Conditions : 8 to 25 knots of wind, slight sea

Back in 2020, when the Bénéteau Group announced a 33% reduction in its portfolio of brands, one might have assumed that the fate of the young entity was sealed. But that would be without counting on three factors that proved to be decisive over its lack of maturity: the growth of the multihull market, which seems impervious to crises, the success of competitors claiming a rather seductive dynamism, and finally a team as young as it is enthusiastic. The Excess team, led by Thibaut de Montvalon, had no doubt for even a moment of the relevance of the brand’s positioning, which is more focused on performance and sailing pleasure than Lagoon. With the precious support of product manager Hervé Piveteau, an opportunely timed defector from Sun Fast, Thibaut has the ambition to put Excess into orbit... But don’t worry, it’s on the water that we accompanied the duo to discover this new opus that turned heads during its presentation last September.

A 110-mile delivery trip

It was in Port Canto, just at the end of Cannes’ famous La Croisette boulevard, that the team gave us an appointm...

To read in full, Buy the boat test

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  • excess catamarans , 
  • excess 14 , 
  • sailing catamaran , 
  • VPLP Design

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Catamaran Lagoon 470 et sa société de commercialisation

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Solid and fast catamaran

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Lagoon 42 Owner's version

image description


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We look forward to seeing you on excess-catamarans.com

Excess Catamarans

It is not a toy, it is a future catamaran!

In a few days' time, you will discover the first 3D images of our future model on My Excess!

Welcome to the Tribe!

At Excess, we are a large community of enthusiasts and experts within the boating family.


Design your own catamaran. Choose your layout, your atmosphere, your equipment and everything you will need to set sail on board of your Excess!

Let's build together the futur of catamarans! The Excess Lab gives you the opportunity to join our Design Team, to interact with our specialists and naval architects.

Dive into the fun and refreshing world of Excess catamarans!

Dive into the fun and refreshing world of Excess catamarans! Seek Sensations !

You no longer want to choose between the sensations you get under sail and comfort? Discover a range of sailing catamarans that will meet your expectations. Our multihulls with their sleek lines are the answer to all your desires for dynamic sailing as well as your dream of going around the world!

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All the features of a big boat

The Excess 11 is the only large-scale production boat on the market for this size of catamaran. This...

Strong personality and sophisticated look

With unique, graceful and seductive lines, let yourself be carried away by her design. The visibility...

The pure incarnation of the Excess DNA

The Excess 14 is the pure incarnation of the Excess...

Modern, technical and sporty

The Excess 15 has been designed for all those who...


Hereiti and Manutea

"Customers love the aft helm position for the sensations, it's different from other catamarans! "

Hereiti and Manutea - EXCESS 11

Hinatea & Tristan

"In Tahiti, there are children who have never seen the sea, and we'd like to take them sailing. It's part of one of our projects with the Excess 11".

Hinatea & Tristan - EXCESS 11

Ned and Misala

"I like this boat because it's fun, it's fast and it also allows you to cruise, so it's a good mix between cruising and fast sailing."

Ned and Misala - EXCESS 11

Cathy and John B - Excess Campus

"You learn lots of things. And then meeting and sharing with the other owners... So far, it's been great!"

Cathy and John B - Excess Campus - EXCESS 14

Jeff B

"I found that sailing was both relaxing and stimulating, as well as a good escape from the stress of my profession. »

Jeff B - EXCESS 11

Hiroshi H

"What I’m going to say seems to be kind of ridiculous because I’ve just got a brand new Excess 15, but in my mind I have already started thinking about my next dream boat. In six years from now, when I become a seventy year old man – if I’m alive still – Excess 17, with the Torqeedo solution."

Hiroshi H - EXCESS 15

Tony & Heather

“When the Excess 14 first came out, it seemed almost perfect. The main advantages of this catamaran are its perfect size for two people, and its ease of sailing. With the boom being low, it’s easy to handle.”

Tony & Heather - EXCESS 14

Jeniffer and Cédric

“We loved the family atmosphere. Excess is like one great big family to us, and we're really glad to be part of it! They're always there to listen to us and advise us.”

Jeniffer and Cédric - EXCESS 14

Giovanni C

“I love both the profile and the “hybrid” concept, halfway between a traditional monohull and a very cruisey catamaran such as a Lagoon. It's comfortable and easy to sail, with no more water on deck... And ladies prefer a boat that doesn’t heel!”

Giovanni C - EXCESS 11

André G

“I've been seduced by the performance of the Excess range, and that’s really why I've just bought an Excess 14, which for me is the ideal compromise. For me, with my sailing experience, it’s interior space and habitability, it meets all my expectations!”

André G - EXCESS 11

Marco and Lizzy

“We spent exactly 365 days onboard of our Excess 11 in both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean and loved the combination of comfort and sailing performance. We never imagined that taking showers or cooking while crossing an ocean would be so much fun!”

Marco and Lizzy - EXCESS 11

Marion and Arthur

“In our opinion, this is the perfect compromise between comfort under way and at anchor, and great sailing sensations with performance that frequently impresses us! It sails very well upwind as well as in light airs. From 7 knots of apparent wind, we move faster under sail than under motor. We don't regret our choice one bit, and enjoy every day spent on board our Silène.”

Marion and Arthur - EXCESS 11

Franck D

" - About the Excess Factory Tour - A thousand thank-yous for a wonderful day on Saturday. We really enjoyed taking part. The tour of the premises, with perfect commentary, was very interesting and informative. Thank you also for allowing me to see a preview of my own boat. "

Tim G

“Yes, we were very impressed with the Excess 14. Each year, we teach hundreds of students how to sail on all the latest catamarans in production, from Fountaine Pajot, to Bali, Nautitech, etc..."

Tim G - EXCESS 14

J. Yu

"The boat was really light and fast, the mainsail is laregerand easier to operate. The sails can be hoisted and lowered very quicly... The self-tacking of the foresail, ma,ny catamarans don't have this. This one is especially good for leisure sailing, family outing, for the begginers starters... First of all, it's covenient. That's impportant, it's easy to maneuver, it's easy to get started."

J. Yu - EXCESS 11

The Excess Summer Celebration !

A look back at our event celebrating Excess DNA !

This is not a toy, it’s a future catamaran !

Discover our new Lego® catamaran !

Excess 11: a larger sail plan for more thrills !

Discover our new overlapping genoa, a new promise...

Excess 14 sea trial: how it goes, pros and cons

Light and efficient hulls that will appeal to owners...

An assertive personality, a bold style and unique qualities Discover Excess

Excess is the Beneteau Group's brand of catamarans with a fun and refreshing character. The yearning to put to sea is now taking on new desires and new needs. It was starting from this observation that we envisaged our catamarans. Our brand invites you to enjoy the pleasure of being under sail with your tribe and living new adventures at sea.

Live the Excess experience online Get inspired now

Would you like to configure your catamaran? Create the Excess that will suit you

Find Your Local Excess Expert Click on the globe or fill the blank

140 years anniversary Group Beneteau



Pantaenius 2022 - SAIL & POWER 2 MPU ROW

Discover the new Excess 14

Excess 14 - photo © Excess Catamarans

Related Articles

prix catamaran 14 m


  • € 0.00 0 items

Excess 14 Catamaran Launch

prix catamaran 14 m

Thanks to Thibaut and Herve from Excess Catamarans for sharing the designs and thoughts behind their new model: the Excess 14 .

Like her smaller sister the Excess 11, the 14 has been developed from the ground up by Excess along with VPLP and Nauta design. She’s a completely new design. You can read our Excess 14 review on Katamarans.

First Impressions

They have followed the sporty look of the 11 with aft helms and a low boom for maximum sailing feel on the water. Some of the innovations we picked up on include:

Asymmetric hulls. According to Thibaud, they have spent a lot of time modelling the hull shape to get the best balance between speed through the water and living space. The cross section profile of the hulls is asymmetric.

prix catamaran 14 m

Overlapping Gennaker The 14 will be powered by an overlapping genoa. Like the 11, the 14 will be available with a standard rig or powered up with a Pulse Line rig.

Deeper Keels One of the other areas they have been looking at, is the depth of the keels: modeling sailing performance for different depths of fixed keel. The starting point was daggerboards, but have stuck to fixed keels and gone slightly longer. The draft will be just over 1.4m.

prix catamaran 14 m

2 Bowsprit Options There are 2 bowsprits you can go for, both are part of the structure of the boat rather than being bolted on- a configuration similar to high performance brands. The standard bowsprit takes the boat length from 13.34m up to 13.97m. An optional longer bowsprit will take the total boat length up to 15.99m (including davits)

New Helm Seat Design The helms remain aft, but Excess have developed a new design for the double helm seat on each side of the boat. I’m looking forward to seeing more details on those.

prix catamaran 14 m

Flexible Living Space Down Below It looks like they have developed some very interesting options in the forward cabin where you can flex the space between 2 single berths and a walk in wardrobe.

Weight It sounds like the Weight Police have been busy on this boat. Projected weight will be between 12-13 tonnes. It’s not an area that they are obsessing over to gain (for example) half a knot, but at the same time, the idea is to design and produce a comfortable cruising catamaran with good sailing sensations.

prix catamaran 14 m

More details to follow when we have them!

  • Lagoon Sea Trials
  • Excess 11 Special Offer June, July 2024
  • How Do You Break the World Speed Sailing Record? SP80 Team.
  • Lagoon Teams Up with Uvoji for Purified Water
  • Excess Catamarans Starlink Offer May 24
  • Cure 55 Catamaran Build Update
  • Webcam – Club Marítimo Castelldefels
  • Lagoon World Escapade 2024
  • First Vaan Yacht in “Vivid Alu”
  • Lagoon Announce New 43 Sailing Catamaran

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prix catamaran 14 m

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Your dream..

Image by Muhammadh Saamy

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THIS IS IT Tecnomar | From EUR€ 450,000/wk

  • Inspiration

THIS IS IT has 5 Photos

Luxury Catamaran THIS IS IT


Boat International announce the nominees for the World Superyacht Awards 2024, as we showcase the ‘over 500GT’ category

Boat International announce the ...

Similar yachts.

With Water Slide And Jetskis

SHERAKHAN | From EUR€ 450,000/wk

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THIS IS IT Tecnomar | From EUR€ 450,000 /wk

Revolutionary 43.5m (142’7”) catamaran THIS IS IT is from the team at Tecnomar, part of The Italian Sea Group, who built the yacht in Italy in 2024. She features an aluminium hull and superstructure with a beam of 14.5m (47’7”) and a 750GT volume.

NOTABLE FEATURES OF THIS IS IT: ~Radical design ~Expansive owners suite ~Six staterooms for 14 guests ~Massage room ~Air conditioning ~WiFi

EXTERIOR Her unique design and bold silhouette features more than 600-square-metres of glass windows which created a challenge when the team were trying to control the weight. Her design could be described as being closer to land architecture than traditional yachts. Her exterior lines are soft and smooth, blending traditional design concepts with innovation which pushed the performance of the aluminium to its limit.

THIS IS IT Specifications

Beam:14.5m (47’7”)  
L.O.A.:43.5 m (142'7" ) 
Max Speed: 
Cruise Speed: 
Builder/Designer: ,  
Locations: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,  

INTERIOR She showcases a generous interior volume with features which include a massage room and a galley adorned in glass mirrors creating a futuristic ambience.

In terms of materials, leather and alcantara, oak and teak are blended across her interior, with bold geometric designs and marble accents. The colour palette consists of light beige and platinum grey tones, combined with gold and bronze.

Yacht Charter Accommodation

The layout boasts six staterooms, including an expansive owner’s suite, complete with a large skylight, with a height of 3.3.-metres. The owner’s stateroom also features a panoramic terrace and a vertical garden which stretches across two decks, reminiscent of a beach house.

Charter Amenities and Extras

We do have available further amenity, owner and price information for the 43.5 m (142'7" ) yacht THIS IS IT, so please enquire for more information.

Charter Yacht Disclaimer

This document is not contractual. The yacht charters and their particulars displayed in the results above are displayed in good faith and whilst believed to be correct are not guaranteed. CharterWorld Limited does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information and/or images displayed. All information is subject to change without notice and is without warrantee. A professional CharterWorld yacht charter consultant will discuss each charter during your charter selection process. Starting prices are shown in a range of currencies for a one-week charter, unless otherwise marked. Exact pricing and other details will be confirmed on the particular charter contract. Just follow the "reserve this yacht charter" link for your chosen yacht charter or contact us and someone from the CharterWorld team will be in touch shortly.

THIS IS IT Enquiry

"Passion and attention to detail, style and innovative design, tradition and innovation, know-how and craftsmanship, enthusiasm and pursuit of perfection, creativity and professionalism: these are the Groups values ​​that characterize the brand Tecnomar. Each model is a design challenge in balance between the elegance of the best Italian nautical tradition and in the use of technologies and highly innovativa materials." - Tecnomar Yachts, Italy.

Superyacht THIS IS IT

LIONESS V | From EUR€ 450,000/wk

61m Lurssen Superyacht

61M FULL CUSTOM | From US$ 450,000/wk

After Refit In 2020

GAME CHANGER | From EUR€ 450,000/wk

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This is It Charter Yacht

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  • + Shortlist


43.51m  /  142'9   tecnomar   2024.

  • Previous Yacht

Special Features:

  • Impressive 3,500nm range
  • Brand new for 2024
  • Interior design from The Italian Sea Group
  • Spa facilities
  • Sleeps 12 guests
Luxury charter yacht 'This is It' is the prime candidate for anyone looking for a taste of the superyacht lifestyle

The 43.9m/144' catamaran yacht 'This is It' offers the unmissable chance to charter a brand new superyacht, having only launched this year. Delivered by the Italian shipyard Tecnomar and featuring interior styling by Italian designer The Italian Sea Group she can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 cabins.

For those looking for a little more space without compromising on luxury, This is It has everything you need. Boasting a wealth of spacious living areas and charter-focused amenities, this yacht is purpose-built for fabulous vacations with families and friends.

Guest Accommodation

Built in 2024, This is It offers guest accommodation for up to 12 guests in 6 suites. She is also capable of carrying up to 13 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht charter experience.

Onboard Comfort & Entertainment

A charter on This is It is comfortable and convenient thanks to the provided amenities, particularly a sauna to help you detox and regenerate. Kick back and relax in the well-appointed spa or soak up the bubbles in style in the deck jacuzzi.

Whatever your activities on your charter, you'll find some impressive features are seamlessly integrated to help you, particularly Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to stay connected at all times, should you wish. Guests will experience complete comfort while chartering thanks to air conditioning.

Performance & Range

Built with a aluminium hull and aluminium superstructure, she offers greater on-board space and is more stable when at anchor thanks to her full-displacement hull. Powered by twin MTU engines, she comfortably cruises at 17 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 21 knots with a range of up to 3,500 nautical miles at 10 knots.

This is It has a good selection of water toys and accessories to entertain you and your guests whilst on charter. Take to the sea on the Jet Skis offering you power and control on the water. Another excellent feature are Jobe towable toys offering fun and adventure. Additionally, there are waterskis that are hugely entertaining whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. If that isn't enough This is It also features a seabob, wakeboards, kayaks and kneeboards. When it comes to Tenders, This is It has you covered - with two tenders, including a 15m/49'3" Technohull Chase Tender.

Book your next the Mediterranean luxury yacht charter aboard This is It this summer. She is also accepting bookings this winter on request.

Luxury catamaran yacht This is It is one of a kind, offering world-class onboard amenities coupled with an overflowing toy box full of the latest water sports gear for unforgettable yacht charters wherever you are.


There are currently no testimonials for This is It, please provide .

This is It Photos

This is It Yacht 11

Length 43.51m / 142'9
Beam 14.5m / 47'7
Draft 2.25m / 7'5
Gross Tonnage 750 GT
Cruising Speed 17 Knots
Builder Tecnomar
Model Custom
Exterior Designer The Italian Sea Group
Interior Design The Italian Sea Group

Amenities & Entertainment

For your relaxation and entertainment This is It has the following facilities, for more details please speak to your yacht charter broker.

This is It is reported to be available to Charter with the following recreation facilities:

  • Lift3 Efoil More 5'4 With XR Battery 200 Wing
  • 1 x 15m  /  49'3 Technohull Chase Tender
  • 1 x 6m  /  19'8 Castoldi Tender

For a full list of all available amenities & entertainment facilities, or price to hire additional equipment please contact your broker.

This is It Awards & Nominations

  • The World Superyacht Awards 2024 Displacement Motor Yachts Between 500GT and 999GT Nomination
  • The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024 Motor Yachts Over 40m Nomination
  • The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024 Interior Design over 40m Nomination
  • The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024 Master Cabin Nomination
  • The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024 IYA Lighting Scheme Nomination
  • + shortlist

For a full list of all available amenities & entertainment facilities, or price to hire additional equipment please contact your broker.

'This is It' Charter Rates & Destinations

Mediterranean Summer Cruising Region

Summer Season

May - September

€450,000 p/week + expenses Approx $482,500

High Season

€490,000 p/week + expenses Approx $525,500

Cruising Regions

Mediterranean Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Turkey

HOT SPOTS:   Amalfi Coast, Corsica, French Riviera, Ibiza, Mykonos, Sardinia, The Balearics

Winter Season

October - April

Please enquire .

Charter This is It

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker , or we can help you.

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker or

Update your yacht

Yacht Owner, Captain or Central Agents - Send us latest Photos, Charter Rates or Corrections Send Updates


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38m | Custom

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Royal Falcon One

41m | Kockums

from $193,000 p/week ♦︎

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43m | Rossinavi

from $380,000 p/week

The Beast charter yacht

39m | Profab Central Engineering Ltd

from $215,000 p/week

Yu Feng Zhe 1 charter yacht

Yu Feng Zhe 1

43m | Heysea

Adastra charter yacht

43m | McConaghy Boats

NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection



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TRUTV — FIM MotoGP: The German Grand Prix, Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Germany

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NBATV — Summer League: L.A. Lakers at Golden State

ESPN2 — Summer League: China National Team vs. Charlotte, Sacramento, Calif.

ESPN2 — Summer League: San Antonio at Sacramento 1


CBSSN — NWSL: Louisville at North Carolina

ESPN — ATP/WTA: Wimbledon, Round of 16, London

ABC — ATP/WTA: Wimbledon, Round of 16, London

6 a.m. (Monday)

ESPN2 — ATP/WTA: Wimbledon, Round of 16, London


CNBC — IAAF World Athletics Diamond League: The Meeting de Paris, Paris (Taped)


ESPN — Dallas at Las Vegas

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Sports Betting Line

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Netherlands into Euro 2024 semifinal against England after beating Turkey

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Anderson throws eight scoreless innings in Los Angeles Angels 7-0 win over Chicago Cubs


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NFL draftee, Md. native Khyree Jackson among 3 dead following Prince George's Co. crash

Crowded field files to replace former Prince George’s County Council Member Mel Franklin

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Triple-digit heat index to continue in DC area through Fourth of July weekend

Triple-digit heat index to continue in DC area through Fourth of July weekend

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    2024 Excess 14. US$697,681. US $5,510/mo. Bach Yachting International | Dalmatia, Croatia. Request Info. <. 1. >. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price.

  2. Excess 14 review: competitively priced performance catamaran

    Price as reviewed: £436,153.00 (Base price ex VAT) TAGS: Boat tests catamaran multihulls Top stories Boats. We're sailing the Excess 14 upwind in 12-14 knots of true wind, with boat speed ...

  3. 2023 Excess 14 Sailing Catamaran Boat Review

    Displacement 28,219 lbs. Sail Area 1,323 sq ft upwind (1,453 Pulse Line) Power 2x 45-hp (2x 57-hp upgrade) Fuel/water 2x 53 gallons / 79 gallons. Designer VPLP. Builder/website excess-catamarans.com. As-Tested Price $980,000. View Excess 14 sailing catamarans for sale on YachtWorld now. Next Article.

  4. Sailboat Review: Light and Lively Excess 14

    The Excess 14 catamaran stepped up and delivered a punch, despite nearly calm conditions, providing a hint of the fun a good breeze might deliver. The roomy, comfortable cat has outdoor helm stations located far aft on either stern. Sitting at them underway you can feel the breeze on your face. Courtesy the Manufacturer.

  5. Excess 14: Top 10 Best Best Nominee

    Per de Montvalon, 85% of buyers are monohull sailors making their first foray into catamarans. The Excess 14 delivers on the brand's initial positioning, and it's a kick to sail, so I can say with conviction that I've moved from snarky cynic to true believer. LOA: 45' 9" (52' 5" Pulse Line) Beam: 25' 9. Draft: 4' 10". Displ ...

  6. Discover the new Excess 14

    EXCESS 14 A FUN AND PLAYFUL CRUISING SAILBOAT WITH SLEEK LINES. EXCESS 14. The Excess 14 is the pure incarnation of the Excess DNA. It is the result of a dedicated design work and an industrial execution, unique to the brand. It is a cruising yacht that is both fun and playful, with sleek lines. Configure it Receive the brochure Contact my dealer.

  7. Catamaran Excess 14 for Sale

    EXCESS 14 Catamaran - Boat Review Teaser - Multihulls World. Full test in Multihulls World 187. After the shipyard's first sea trials off Ile d'Yeu on France's Atlantic coast, Excess 14 hull #1 embarked on a trip around Spain and Portugal, bound for the French Riviera.

  8. 2024 Excess 14 Catamaran for sale

    Description. 2024 Excess 14. Customizable Boat: Fort Lauderdale. The Excess 14 is the Excess DNA's purest expression. It is the end result of careful design work and distinctively brand-specific manufacturing execution. It is a stylish cruising boat with lively and entertaining features.

  9. Excess 14 Catamaran For Sale

    The Excess 14 is for those who have the need for speed…and whose crew demands comfortable accommodations. In fact, the Excess builder specifically developed this boat to appeal to millennial, monohull sailors who want the monohull sailing experience with the space and comfort of a modern catamaran. The hull length is 43'9" and the beam is ...

  10. Excess 14

    Excess 14 - 2023 Excess 14 owner's version 3 cabins + dressing-room/workshop convertible into a 4th cabin. Performance rigging, fully equipped for blue-water sailing in complete autonomy. The Excess 14 is a pure Excess DNA catamaran. She has been

  11. Discover the new Excess 14

    Discover this brand new model without further delay! The Excess 14 is the pure incarnation of the Excess DNA. It is the result of a dedicated design work and an industrial execution, unique to the brand. It is a cruising yacht that is both fun and playful, with sleek lines. This catamaran is the outcome of innovative architecture, of unbiased ...

  12. Excess 14 Catamaran Review

    Excess. 14. Excess Catamarans have been busy since they launched their first model in 2019. First they splashed the 12 and the 15 which used modified Lagoon moulds for the hulls. They followed that up with the Excess 11 which was designed from the keels up. The second "pure" design is the Excess 14, which continues to develop the sporty DNA ...

  13. Boat Review by Multihulls World of: Catamaran Excess 14

    The objective of the Excess 14 is to get everyone (monohull aficionados included) to agree that cruising should be undertaken on more than one hull! The Pulse Line version has a profile that has been lengthened by 5'7" (1.7 m). As for the bowsprit, it is 3' (1 m) longer, giving a significant boost to the sail plan. It glides under gennaker.

  14. Excess: the catamaran brand that combines comfort and thrills under sail

    OUR DNA. Excess is the Beneteau Group's brand of catamarans with a fun and refreshing character. The yearning to put to sea is now taking on new desires and new needs. It was starting from this observation that we envisaged our catamarans. Our brand invites you to enjoy the pleasure of being under sail with your tribe and living new adventures ...

  15. Discover the new Excess 14

    The Excess 14 is the pure incarnation of the Excess DNA. It is the result of a dedicated design work and an industrial execution, unique to the brand. It is a cruising yacht that is both fun and playful, with sleek lines. This catamaran is the outcome of innovative architecture, of unbiased research work seeking 'out of the box' solutions.

  16. Excess 14 Catamaran Launch

    The cross section profile of the hulls is asymmetric. The 14 will be powered by an overlapping genoa. Like the 11, the 14 will be available with a standard rig or powered up with a Pulse Line rig. One of the other areas they have been looking at, is the depth of the keels: modeling sailing performance for different depths of fixed keel.

  17. 14 m catamarans for sale

    14 m used catamarans; 14 meters used catamarans for sale. Filter results. Loading... See the 12 boats. 12 ads out of 10522 meet your criteria Listing. Gallery. Filter. Sort by:

  18. 2023 Excess 14 Catamaran for sale

    Excess Catamaran's newest and sportiest model, the Excess 14, has just completed her World Boat Show Tour and is now available for delivery on the Gulf Coast of the United States. Launched in Les Sables d'Olonnes, France, in August and code-named "Rocket," she was delivered by the Excess Team for her World Debut at the famous Cannes Yachting ...

  19. Catamarans occasion de 14 m

    Comparez les prix. Toutes nos annonces de catamarans d'occasion de 14 mètres à vendre près de chez vous. Afin d'assurer une utilisation optimale de notre site et de bénéficier des dernières mises à jour de sécurité, nous vous conseillons de mettre à jour votre navigateur.

  20. CatamaranShow

    All catamaran models with all information to help you find your perfect catamaran! Catamaran Show presents all catamaran models from different catamaran manufacturers available on the market, sortable based on name, length, price and sail performance. top of page. Catamaran Show.com. Dream. Catamarans. Compare. Brands.

  21. THIS IS IT Yacht Charter Details, Tecnomar

    Revolutionary 43.5m (142'7") catamaran THIS IS IT is from the team at Tecnomar, part of The Italian Sea Group, who built the yacht in Italy in 2024. She features an aluminium hull and superstructure with a beam of 14.5m (47'7") and a 750GT volume. NOTABLE FEATURES OF THIS IS IT: ~Radical design ~Expansive owners suite ~Six staterooms ...

  22. THIS IS IT Yacht Charter Price

    The 43.9m/144' catamaran yacht 'This is It' offers the unmissable chance to charter a brand new superyacht, having only launched this year. Delivered by the Italian shipyard Tecnomar and featuring interior styling by Italian designer The Italian Sea Group she can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 cabins.. For a luxury yacht charter with a difference, This is It offers a variety of ...

  23. Sports on TV for Sunday, July 7

    (All times Eastern) Schedule subject to change and/or blackouts Sunday, July 7 AUTO RACING 7:30 a.m. TRUTV — FIM MotoGP: The German Grand Prix, Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Germany 9:55 a.m.

  24. Excess 11 boats for sale

    Find Excess 11 boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Excess boats to choose from.