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Boat of the Week: This 251-Foot Ice-Class Superyacht Has Explored the Remotest Waters on Earth

Inspired by an ocean explorer, bacteriologist and comic-book character, "yersin" was built with a three-part ethos—a.s.e.—which stands for adventure, science and education., julia zaltzman, julia zaltzman's most recent stories.

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  • This Boatmaker Builds 1960s-Inspired Cruisers With a Modern Twist. Here’s How.
  • This 150-Foot Fishing Trawler Was Transformed Into a Rugged Explorer Yacht
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Yersin is an 251-foot ice-class expedition yacht that has traveled the world. It was built by Piriou Shipyard

Few people have created a yacht with their favorite comic-book character in mind. In fact, the owner of the 251-ft. luxury ice-breaker Yersin carried it even farther by including a world-famous ocean explorer and renowned bacteriologist as the triumvirate that heavily influenced the design.

“I drew inspiration for Yersin from Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the great physician-bacteriologist Alexandre Yersin and the intrepid Tintin,” the owner told Robb Report . “These influences contributed to the ethos around the boat—A.S.E.—which stands for adventure, science and education.” Tintin, of course, was the Belgian comic-book character who traveled the world with his dog, Snowy, solving unsolvable crimes.

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The owner—who, unlike his heroes, asked to remain anonymous—created something quite novel when he built Yersin , not only because it was an authentic explorer yacht, but also a “sustainable” project from France’s Piriou shipyard. Classified as a Bureau Veritas Clean Ship, its decks are made from non-wood recyclable resin and its exhaust catalysts filter 99.8 percent of fine particles. An advanced water treatment kills resistant bacteria, and the hull is coated in silicon non-biocide and antifouling paint, so that the boat won’t carry potentially infectious microbes on its voyages. On board, it’s equipped with scientific laboratories to facilitate academic research on new species.

Yersin is an 251-foot ice-class expedition yacht that has traveled the world. It was built by Piriou Shipyard

The go-anywhere explorer was designed to leave no footprint.  Courtesy Fraser Yachts

So that takes care of the Cousteau and Yersin elements. In Tintin mode, the owner and his crew have traveled the world since the boat’s delivery in 2015, from tundra at the Arctic Circle to palm-fringed islands of Micronesia.

The maiden voyage was extreme and arduous, hundreds of miles of cruising in remote parts of Iceland and Greenland, then crossing Baffin Bay and cruising down Baffin Island, through Labrador, Newfoundland and New Brunswick, ending the journey in Nova Scotia. On this voyage of discovery, the yacht encountered polar bears—“five, including a couple of cubs”—on Baffin Island, ice floes, gale-force winds and night-long sightings of the northern lights, or aurora borealis.

Greenland was his favorite. The island country—slightly bigger than Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom put together—had wide open spaces, with plenty of local fauna and wildlife. “The landscape is vast, the air is free of pollution, so visibility is really clear,” he said. “Mountains 6,500-ft. high rise out of the sea. We came so close that we felt like we could touch them, despite being miles away.”

Yersin is an 251-foot ice-class expedition yacht that has traveled the world. It was built by Piriou Shipyard

Tough on the outside, luxurious on the inside. Yersin ‘s interior goes mano a mano with any expedition superyacht.  Courtesy Fraser Yachts

That same sense of awe came with the glaciers. “It is exceptional to be able to sail for days in that kind of landscape,” he says.

Yersin was designed for that kind of off-grid travel. The boat is ice-classed and capable of withstanding temperatures of -50 degrees. On top of that it has a 12,000-nautical range and can be autonomous for 50 days. Its tenders can carry ATVs for shoreside exploration.

Which brings us back to Cousteau and Yersin. “Piriou understood what I wanted to develop; an open-sea explorer capable of discovering the world without leaving any environmental trace of its passage,” the owner says. “Many places around the world only tolerate yachts with zero ecological impact. This means that Yersin explored places where no other boat has yet ventured.”

Yersin is an 251-foot ice-class expedition yacht that has traveled the world. It was built by Piriou Shipyard

Who needs a movie screen when you have a window beneath the ocean’s surface?  Courtesy Fraser Yachts

That science included studying whales in Iceland, the formation of ice and glaciers in the fjords of Greenland, and sea scallop colonies in Novia Scotia. “In Labrador, we were in an unknown and uncharted area. There are no boats there, so there are no set sailing routes,” says the owner. “Ships going there make their own route, so our journey is now on charts.”

Water depths are unknown in many places around the polar regions, so the crew used sonar to check for icebergs and rocks—a real necessity when cruising near Greenland’s Ilulissa region. It’s home to the 40-foot-long Jakobshavn Glacier, famed for producing the iceberg that sunk the Titanic .

After that very literal shakedown cruise, Yersin has traveled the globe for scientific research, from exploring the 607 islands of Micronesia to crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean.

Yersin is an 251-foot ice-class expedition yacht that has traveled the world. It was built by Piriou Shipyard

The conference room is designed for researchers.  Courtesy Fraser Yachts

During that time, Yersin ’s owner has shared his passion with the scientific community, welcoming researchers on board. Where possible, the yacht partakes in the production of natural history documentaries.

But after six years, the owner has put his beloved explorer up for sale. Even Tintin had to go home.

“I hope the next owner will share the same passion as me for the environment,” says the owner. “I hope Yersin ’s legend will continue.”

Yersin is an 251-foot ice-class expedition yacht that has traveled the world. It was built by Piriou Shipyard

The pilothouse has one of the owner’s favorite explorers, Tintin, looking down from his boat.  Courtesy Fraser Yachts

Yersin is now listed for sale for €59 million, or about $69.2 million, with Fraser yachts.

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ice class super yacht


Expedition Superyacht | Hanse Explorer | EYOS


Hanse Explorer is a true expedition yacht in every sense. Ice-classed and built to handle the most challenging waters, she is a go-anywhere yacht under exclusive EYOS management, available for charter in some of the world’s most remote places. 


ice class super yacht

For those looking to be truly immersed in a destination, Hanse is the perfect choice. Her two longtime captains have worked on the ship for over 10 years and on all expeditions with EYOS. She has a level of expedition expertise and capability that no other expedition yacht has. She has a true expedition spirit that permeates everything on board.

ice class super yacht



Built for both tropical and polar waters, Hanse Explorer carries two Mark-IV Zodiacs for landing on remote Pacific beaches or pushing through Antarctic brash ice. Newly installed (2020) retractable stabilizers keep her steady at sea. 2021 also brought a multi-million dollar refit to provide the yacht with a new, contemporary look.

Whether diving in the remote reefs of Melanesia utilizing the yacht’s advanced dive center or cruising through the Norwegian fjords, you’ll find the yacht perfectly suited for expeditions.

Hanse Explorer’s accommodations for 12 adventurous guests are smart and nautical. A spacious saloon and adjacent dining room feature large windows to bring stunning scenery indoors. An expansive aft deck is used for frequent al fresco dining.

A large Owner’s cabin opens onto a secluded deck, and up top, a new Jacuzzi and outdoor seating awaits.

Her professional crew understands the unique needs of expedition clients, whether multi-generational families or a romantic escape for a couple. There is a genuine spirit and expedition camaraderie that develops onboard, with many clients repeating charters on her year after year.

Nimble and stout, Hanse Explorer has repeatedly proven herself for those seeking an immersive, intimate adventure in the planet’s most remote regions.

Key Features

  • New 24 ‘7” RIB – C Series dive tender
  • 4 Lefeet sea bobs
  • Nitrox Dive Center
  • 4 double kayaks, 1 single
  • 2 stand-up paddleboards
  • 10 semi-dry suits for kayaking and paddleboarding
  • Refit interior and exterior lifestyle spaces
  • Ice Class Hull
  • Stabilizers

Gross Tonnage

ice class super yacht


ice class super yacht


  • 2 x 2 Person Aire Sea Tiger Kayaks
  • Dive Compressor
  • Nitrox Scuba Diving Equipment
  • Fishing Equipment
  • 2 Zodiac Landing Crafts

Yacht Charter | Wilderness | EYOS


Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands

Far removed from the familiar cruising circuit, these South Pacific nations are a hidden jewel. One of our favorite dive/ snorkel destinations, Vanuatu offers enchanting surprises and unforgettable memories to those who journey here.

Antarctica Sebastien



From its vast, towering glaciers to its unique and resilient wildlife, Antarctica offers a breathtaking and otherworldly landscape that has fascinated explorers, scientists, and adventurers for centuries

Mt Uluwan Volcano | Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Nestled in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, Papua New Guinea is a land of captivating contrasts and unparalleled natural beauty. This diverse nation, occupying the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and numerous surrounding islands, boasts a rich tapestry of cultures, languages and landscapes.

ice class super yacht

French Polynesia

Beyond its renowned overwater bungalows and crystal-clear turquoise waters, this paradise is a mosaic of diverse islands, each boasting a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty.

ice class super yacht

South Georgia and The Falklands

These Southern Hemisphere jewels, situated amidst the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, beckon intrepid travelers to explore their rugged beauty and extraordinary biodiversity.

Alaskan Fjords

Enveloped by towering mountain ranges, ancient glaciers, and a coastline that weaves through fjords and bays, Alaska is a landscape of extremes. Its pristine ecosystems host a remarkable array of wildlife, from grizzly bears patrolling salmon-filled rivers to orcas gracefully navigating icy waters.


Chilean Patagonia

This remote region captivates explorers with its dramatic scenery, where nature’s forces reign supreme. Iconic landmarks like Torres del Paine dominate the skyline, and turquoise lakes mirror the untamed beauty of their surroundings.




+1 801 390 7025 | [email protected]

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ice class super yacht

Iconic yachts: Inside Lürssen's 90.1m eco explorer yacht Ice

The World Superyacht Award-winning 90.1 metre explorer Ice , previously Air, is more than just imposing and stylish. She is also environmentally friendly. Built by Lürssen in 2005 and sold to Russian industrialist Suleiman Kerimov, Ice was the first yacht to have Azipod drive units in place of conventional shafted diesels, and Kerimov changed the yacht’s name to Ice to reflect the purity of her concept. 

Emission reductions were a top priority in a yacht intended to have the lowest possible levels of noise and vibration. The Azipods caused no layout difficulties, while the electric generators, which replaced the two large main engines, fitted into a single-deck engine room. Exhaust gases are not passed into the sea but through soot-removing filters before being ducted up to the main funnel: eight distinctive stainless steel pipes.

British designer Tim Heywood was given responsibility for both the exterior styling and the interior layout of Rainbow – Lürssen’s codename for this highly secret project. The ducting, however, caused him some initial difficulty. Many of the service and technical areas and some of the smaller guest facilities were concentrated centrally between the duct and the main guest stairway.

The owner’s full-beam suite is arranged on the main deck forward of the central stairwell, together with two further family bedrooms-cum-VIP cabins. The main deck aft meanwhile is devoted to a bathing centre where guests can take a dip in the large pool between the stairs down to the stern bathing platform, the base for the yacht’s collection of sailing dinghies and toys. A helipad was also key for the permanently embarked Eurocopter EC135 helicopter.

Terence Disdale’s interior design eschewed marble or gold for space: the ultimate luxury. And an amazing collection of modern art focused the interior on the art rather than the backdrop – Zen minimalism, unique among Disdale’s work. Tables and many of the horizontal surfaces were made from limestone, while the five baths were carved from solid blocks so large and heavy that the yacht was built around them. The result was simple, serene and open, enhanced by large windows offering spectacular views.

Ice's wheelhouse includes a single joystick that interfaces the full azimuthing Schottel bowthrusters and Azipods, both of which also have separate controls. A nudge of the joystick rotates the yacht, while increased movement increases speed. Kerimov can walk his guests through the central passageway between the two generator rooms, with their 842kW MWM/Deutz gensets and huge exhaust cleaners, while holding a normal conversation.

Before her delivery, Ice's sea trials saw her hit an impressive 18.6 knots, with each Azipod operating at its full 2.5mW. Noise and vibration were low and exhaust emissions almost totally clean. Handling was exceptional: an emergency turn of 1.5 cables in diameter; crash stop (in which the Azipods are rotated 180 degrees) in not much more than a ship’s length. Cruising at 16 to 17 knots she used 16 to 17 tonnes of fuel in 24 hours – pretty green for a yacht of 2,870 tonnes.

Ice won Superyacht of the Year at the 2006 World Superyacht Awards.

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ice class super yacht

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Expedition Yachts for Sale

expedition yachts for sale

For anyone looking for expedition yachts for sale, these are a quickly-growing market in the yachting world, as increasing numbers of yacht owners choose to get off the beaten track and indulge in some remote cruising! Here is the full current selection of all expedition yachts for sale worldwide with photos and full specifications for each.

Expedition yachts, often called explorer yachts, are extremely versatile. As much at home in the wilds of Alaska as sitting pretty in the glamorous port of Monaco, expedition yachts are built to cross the world’s oceans while offering the extraordinary comfort of a luxury yacht.

The explorer vessel featured above, LEGEND Expedition Yacht For Sale, is a 254-foot or 77m Icon Expedition yacht available for sale. She is the only ice breaking mega yacht in the world. The proven world cruiser features a panorama Jacuzzi on the main deck, large sales throughout, welcoming cocktail bars, Movie theaters, Exclusive Balinese Spa (pictured below) and a gym.

ice class super yacht

AKULA Expedition Yacht For Sale – for full specifications and photos, click on the link.

Expedition yachts for sale are also becoming increasingly common options for new-build construction projects, but there are also many existing expedition yachts that have been converted from commercial vessels. As such, often expedition yachts for sale have wonderful histories as research ships, hospital ships, ice-breakers, trawlers and military vessels, and are now enjoying their latest incarnation as impressive luxury yachts.

Often sporting a more functional exterior, the interior of explorer vessels are as palatial and luxurious as their traditional superyacht counterparts. Expedition-style yachts tend to have a wider beam, thereby offering more volume for larger cabins and interior spaces. The yacht’s generous interior spaces are designed for live-aboard comfort for extended periods, and many of these yachts will have living quarters or suites for the owners, rather than smaller cabins.

expedition yacht for sale STAMPEDE

STAMPEDE Expedition Yacht For Sale – for full specifications and photos, click on the link.

Outside you’ll find generous open decks with elegant dining and entertaining spaces, with all the luxuries you’d expect on a superyacht.  Jacuzzis, helipads and observation decks are common features found on expedition yachts for sale.

Expedition yachts are sometimes nicknamed ‘toy carriers’, as they have plenty of space to carry the tenders and water sports equipment you’ll want as you cruise exotic places. Explorer yachts for sale often carry crew who are trained as instructors, so you might learn diving, jetski, kitesurfing or even photography while cruising the South Pacific or the Galapagos.

Because they’re built as sturdy ocean-going vessels, expedition yachts are built with a strong focus on safety, self-sufficiency and comfort underway. Some expedition yachts have reinforced ice-breaker hulls for exciting Arctic expeditions, and all have modern stabilization technology and state-of-the-art safety systems. Expedition yachts are built with large fuel tanks giving them exceptional range, while onboard water-makers and excellent cold and dry storage allows them to make long sea voyages without needing to stop for supplies. Because they are built to be away from port for long periods, expedition yachts normally carry the best in communication, entertainment and Wi-Fi capabilities.

expedition yacht for sale THE BIG BLUE

THE BIG BLUE Expedition Yacht For Sale – for full specifications and photos, click on the link.

Expedition yachts allow the yacht owner to get to all corners of the world, opening up beautiful destinations otherwise difficult to reach. From the snowy landscapes and penguins of Antarctica to the coral reefs and jungles of Micronesia, an expedition yacht opens up the world for exploration.

There are a multitude of options available for expedition vessels. Above are examples of existing brokerage vessels. Other options to consider include Full Custom Builds and Semi Custom Builds. A Fully Custom Expedition yacht build is a ground up design and specification package, which will include tank testing of hull forms, 3D modeling, etc. A Semi Custom Expedition Build includes an existing hull form and common engineering package, already being used and then customizing the house styling, layout and décor.

ice class super yacht

The 80m Explorer Yacht, unnamed, is an example of a Fully Custom Explorer Build. The vessel includes float in float out wet dock that will be able to hold a 65-70 foot sport fisherman in the stern, when the sport fish is removed the tender well becomes a deep swimming pool.  She is diesel electric with Azipod drives.   The vessel has the capability of landing two helicopters and can house both helicopters in a single hangar.  The vessel also has a large tender garage that could hold multiple smaller vessels including a RIB, flats boat, jets skis and two submarines.  The vessel has accommodations for 18 guests and crew of 36.  The vessel would be commercial fit and finish on the exterior and the interior are envisioned to be built to high end cruise ship standards.

ice class super yacht

The 75m Explorer, by Admiral Shipyards is an example of a Semi Custom Build. The yacht’s exterior design, which remains unnamed, is a display of an elegant yet robust platform with generous exterior deck spaces. The expansive aft deck is designed to accommodate an Agusta Grande helicopter, complete with a storage and refueling hangar below deck.

ice class super yacht

The interior is spread across four decks and will be finished in a timeless nautical style that is finished with contemporary elements, which will be built and installed by German interio specialists, Fitz Interior. The owner, who is expected to spend prolonged period onboard, will be treated to an exclusive main deck area covering over 300 square metres with five additional guest suites on the lower deck.

ice class super yacht

Explorer yachts look a little bit different and offer extraordinary cruising potential, marking an exciting difference in the luxury yacht market for those who love an adventure on the open ocean. If you are be interested in viewing our full portfolio of exhibition yachts for sale, reach out to the sales team by email , by this sales inquiry form or by calling one of our yacht brokerage offices worldwide.

ice class super yacht

    Ocean Xplorer ® Long-range, global expedition and yacht support vessels

Expedition Explorer Yacht Conversion

Paul Madden presents Expedition Yachts For True Explorers

We specialize in the conversion of commercial and government vessels into global expedition yachts. we source our vessels directly from fleet owners in europe and the u.s. as 'owners rep' we handle all aspects of the design, purchase of vessel, shipyard bidding and project management.  we operate in europe and the u.s., typically 6 7 to 85 meters (220 ft - 280 ft), range greater than 5,000 nm.​.

Endurance in excess of 30-days

12-15 knots cruise

Diesel-Electric or Direct Drive

12-36 Guests

Redundant systems, spares 

Onboard machine shop

Onboard medical clinic

Advanced security​​

 Certified heli ops

Expedition Explorer yacht

Full Displacement, High Volume Global Yacht

Expedition Explorer yacht

Fast Expedition & Yacht Support (comparable to Damen Axe Bow)

Expedition Explorer yacht

Typically 50 to 65 meters (165 ft - 215 ft)

Capable of 29-knots, cruises at 12-15 knots, under 500 gt, aluminum hull, shallow draft, jet-drive or shaft/prop, range up to 5,000 nm., dynamic positioning (dp2).

Endurance in excess of 20-days

Toy/Dive and Sports heavy

Advanced security

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Ice Class Yacht

Master Yacht 70m Icon Yachts

Conversion Project MASTER // Icon Yachts

ICON Yachts presents the 70m conversion project MASTER, designed by Espen Oeino.ICON Yachts’ latest conversion project, the 70m Project MASTER, was pulled into Harlingen’s shipyard’s drydock…

' src=

LA DATCHA // 77m Damen SeaXplorer

LA DATCHA is the name of a Damen SeaXplorer motor yacht in a 77m version.Damen Yachting launched the new luxurious expedition yacht LA DATCHA in July 2020 at the facilities in Vlissingen in the south…

80m Hybrid Explorer Yacht Gill Schmid Design Tim Dempers Studio

80m Hybrid Explorer Yacht // Gill Schmid Design

80m hybrid explorer yacht with ice class and generous surfaces of glassTogether with Tim Dempers Studio (exterior), Gill Schmid Design (exterior and interior) created the 80m hybrid ice-classed…

Rosetti Superyachts 48m Support Vessel

Rosetti 48 Support Vessel

Alongside the 85m supply vessel presented in 2017, Rosetti Superyachts comes up with 48m version.Like the other yacht concepts, also the RSY 48 comes has been designed by Tommaso Spadolini. This…

Argo Yacht Rossinavi Ken Freivokh

Argo - 48m Explorer by Rossinavi and Ken Freivokh

Rossinavi and yacht designer Ken Freivokh presenting the 48m concept ARGO.ARGO is a multi-talented and eye-catching explorer yacht concept with the largest open deck in her class. The big aft deck…

Sea Hawk 103m Hawk Yachts Ice Class Yacht

103m Concept 'Sea Hawk' by Hawk Yachts

The SEA HAWK is an extremely stylish ground- and ice-breaking expedition yacht concept, developed by Hawk Yachts.SEA HAWK features Polar Class 6 to break 80 cm first-year ice. In combination with…

Damen SeaXplorer

Amels / Damen SeaXplorer (Expedition Yacht 55 - 100m)

Damen (the mother company of Amels) presents a concept of a massive designed expedition ice class yacht called SeaXplorer - A luxury SUV for the seven seas.Damen is normally the part of commercial…

Azamanta Yacht Heesen Yachts

AZAMANTA // Heesen Yachts

Heesen delivered the 55m motor yacht Azamanta to her owners and exceeded the contractual maximum speed by 0.4 knots.Pictures by Dick Holthuis Azamanta has Van Oossanen’s Fast Displacement Hull…

I-Nova Yacht

I-NOVA // Cosmo Explorer

The Greek shipyard Cosmo Explorer built the 50m I-Nova in 2013 to a Cristiano Gatto design who is responsible for the exterior and interior design.The yard and designer developed I-Nova as a D0 ice…

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ice class super yacht

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Ice Class Explorer Specifications

  • Name Ice Class Explorer
  • Model Custom
  • Sub Type Motor Sailer
  • Hull Colour -
  • Naval Architect AvA Yachts
  • Exterior Designer AvA Yachts
  • Interior Designer AvA Yachts
  • Length Overall 27.2m
  • Length at Waterline -
  • Draft (min) 2.9m
  • Draft (max) -
  • Gross Tonnage -
  • Cabins Total 5
  • Hull Configuration -
  • Hull Material Steel
  • Superstructure -
  • Deck Material -
  • Fuel Type -
  • Manufacturer -
  • Total Power -
  • Propulsion -
  • Max Speed 14 Kn
  • Cruising Speed -
  • Fuel Capacity 30000
  • Water Capacity 8200
  • Generator -
  • Stabilizers -
  • Thrusters -
  • Amenities -
  • Yacht Builder AvA Yachts View profile
  • Naval Architect AvA Yachts View profile
  • Exterior Designer AvA Yachts View profile
  • Interior Designer AvA Yachts View profile

Yacht Specs

Other ava yachts.

City:  Orlovo, Moskovskaya, Russian Federation (Russia)
Near (Alt.):Rus'

Latitude: 55�32'58"N (55.549444)
Longitude: 37�51'52"E (37.864444)
Variation:12.04�E (WMM2020 magnetic declination)
0.14� annual change

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Elektrostal, visit elektrostal, check elektrostal hotel availability, popular places to visit.

  • Electrostal History and Art Museum

You can spend time exploring the galleries in Electrostal History and Art Museum in Elektrostal. Take in the museums while you're in the area.

  • Cities near Elektrostal

Photo by Ksander

  • Places of interest
  • Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
  • Central Museum of the Air Forces at Monino
  • Peter the Great Military Academy
  • Bykovo Manor
  • Balashikha Arena
  • Balashikha Museum of History and Local Lore
  • Pekhorka Park
  • Ramenskii History and Art Museum
  • Orekhovo Zuevsky City Exhibition Hall
  • Malenky Puppet Theater
  • Noginsk Museum and Exhibition Center
  • Saturn Stadium


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  6. Solar Explorer Icebreaker #facts #factsinhindi #sciencefact#factvideo #fact#amazingfacts #AkFactFlow


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    An ice class explorer yacht enables you to travel to the world's most remote destinations cocooned in the utmost comfort.. Ice class explorer yachts boast a rugged exterior, purposefully built to withstand the harshest conditions, such as the Polar regions. These ocean-going vessels can safely navigate through sea ice, enabling owners and guests to explore otherworldly destinations ...

  2. Boat of the Week: Inside a 165-Foot Ice-Class Explorer Yacht That Can

    SuperYachts Monaco. To paraphrase the late Ella Fitzgerald, "It isn't where you've been; it's where you're going that counts.". And when it comes to I-Nova, the 165-foot explorer yacht ...

  3. This Ice-Class Superyacht Has Explored the Remotest Waters on Earth

    The 251-foot "Yersin" was designed as an authentic expedition yacht, with research labs, hard-core tenders and a luxurious interior. This Ice-Class Superyacht Has Explored the Remotest Waters on Earth


    The 42.5m Explorer Ice Class, to be built by Arkin Pruva, is offered for sale at an unbeatable price.The Explorer Ice Class is a brand-new yacht, constructed in steel with an aluminium superstructure and is the expedition vessel of the 21st century. The Arkin Pruva shipyard, based in Turkey, has been building superyachts since 2006. The yard's location in the Antalya Free Zone enables them ...

  5. 90.1m Ice Superyacht

    Ice. Ice is a custom motor yacht launched in 2005 by Lurssen Yachts in Bremen, Germany and most recently refitted in 2008. Lürssen has remained a family-run German shipyard since its inception in 1875 and is now in its fourth generation of private ownership. The company was founded by Friedrich Lürssen with a desire to create a leading ...

  6. Explorer Yachts for Sale

    As the world's leading yacht brokerage, Fraser has a large number of explorer yachts in their sales fleet. Exploring the World in Safety and Style. ... Some explorer yachts for sale are built to ice class, meaning they can travel to the poles in safety and comfort, and most will carry an impressive fleet of water toys that can be enjoyed ...

  7. Hanse Explorer

    Hanse Explorer is a true expedition yacht in every sense. Ice-classed and built to handle the most challenging waters, she is a go-anywhere yacht under exclusive EYOS management, available for charter in some of the world's most remote places. ... Ice Class Hull; Stabilizers; Specification 12 Guests 7 Staterooms 15 Crew 47.76 Length (m) 10.4 ...

  8. Iconic yachts: Inside Lürssen's 90.1m eco explorer yacht Ice

    The World Superyacht Award-winning 90.1 metre explorer Ice, previously Air, is more than just imposing and stylish. She is also environmentally friendly. Built by Lürssen in 2005 and sold to Russian industrialist Suleiman Kerimov, Ice was the first yacht to have Azipod drive units in place of conventional shafted diesels, and Kerimov changed the yacht's name to Ice to reflect the purity of ...

  9. ICE Yacht for Sale

    The amenities offered by ICE 68 go well beyond those normally available on a yacht of this size. At 1,780 GT, ICE 68 delivers exceptional exterior deck space comprising a 5.60-metre-long swimming pool, beach club, a sizeable garage housing a 8.60-metre tender, as well as a touch-and-go helipad for maximum privacy and ease of access when coming ...

  10. Ice class

    Ice class. MS Viking XPRS, a ship in Finnish-Swedish ice class 1A Super in Helsinki harbour during wintertime. Ice class refers to a notation assigned by a classification society or a national authority to denote the additional level of strengthening as well as other arrangements that enable a ship to navigate through sea ice.

  11. Explorer Ice Class boats for sale

    Find Explorer Ice Class boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Explorer boats to choose from. ... Bluewater Yacht Sales | Martinsville, Virginia. 2024 Yamaha Boats 255 FSH Sport E. US$86,799. Performance East Inc | Goldsboro, North Carolina. 1997 Wellcraft 45 Excalibur. US$119,000.

  12. Expedition Yachts for Sale

    The explorer vessel featured above, LEGEND Expedition Yacht For Sale, is a 254-foot or 77m Icon Expedition yacht available for sale. She is the only ice breaking mega yacht in the world. The proven world cruiser features a panorama Jacuzzi on the main deck, large sales throughout, welcoming cocktail bars, Movie theaters, Exclusive Balinese Spa ...

  13. Expedition and Explorer Yachts for Sale and Charter Newport RI

    Expedition Yacht for Sale and Charters by Ocean Xplorer Yachts. Available projects and expedition yachts. ... 220' / 67m Ice-Class Expedition Vessel; 223' / 68m Ice-Class Expedition Vessel; 220' / 67m Expedition Vessel; 246 / 75m Expedition Vessel; 262' / 80m Ice-Class Yacht Support Vesse;

  14. Explorer and Expedition Yachts for Sale

    They may have ice-class capabilities for exploration in polar regions, or offer a vast range for those looking to truly travel off the beaten path. Motor Yacht: Luxury motor yachts come in various designs, focusing on luxury, comfort, and speed. They are generally built for cruising in more favorable conditions and may prioritize amenities and ...

  15. The Brand New Ice Class SuperYacht: Planet Nine

    I've always wanted to be able to show you the crew area on a yacht but due to the way yachting is that's not yet been possible and may never be fully. Howeve...

  16. Ice Class Yacht

    LA DATCHA is the name of a Damen SeaXplorer motor yacht in a 77m version.Damen Yachting launched the new luxurious expedition yacht LA DATCHA in July 2020 at the facilities in Vlissingen in the south…. by René. 80m Hybrid Explorer Yacht // Gill Schmid Design. 80m hybrid explorer yacht with ice class and generous surfaces of glassTogether ...

  17. 27.2m Ice Class Explorer Superyacht

    Ice Class Explorer is a custom sailing yacht due to launch in 2017 by AvA Yachts in Antalya , Turkey. ... Ice Class Explorer has a fuel capacity of 30,000 litres, and a water capacity of 8,200 litres. Accommodation. Ice Class Explorer accommodates up to 10 guests in 5 cabins. She also houses room for up to 4 crew members.

  18. Ice Class Explorer Superyacht

    Click to view the full table of specifications for Ice Class Explorer superyacht, including accommodation, performance, equipment and amenities. Sign up to our newsletter Read indepth magazine ... Ice Class Explorer Type. Sail Model. Custom Sub Type. Motor Sailer Year. 2017 Flag - MCA - Class - Hull NB ...

  19. Ice Yachts for sale

    Ice Yachts. Ice Yachts is a yacht manufacturer that currently has 14 yachts for sale on YachtWorld, including 3 new vessels and 11 used yachts, listed by experienced yacht brokers mainly in the following countries: Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Indonesia. YachtWorld offers a diverse array of models, showcasing a comprehensive range of sizes and ...

  20. Black Raptor Pro

    Black Raptor Pro Elektrostal postal code 144006. See 3 social pages including Youtube and Instagram, Hours, Phone, Website and more for this business. 2.5 Cybo Score. Review on Cybo.

  21. State Housing Inspectorate of the Moscow Region

    State Housing Inspectorate of the Moscow Region Elektrostal postal code 144009. See Google profile, Hours, Phone, Website and more for this business. 2.0 Cybo Score. Review on Cybo.

  22. UUDO

    Heliport information about UUDO - Orlovo, MOS, RU. Information on this site may not be accurate or current and is not valid for flight planning or navigation.

  23. Visit Elektrostal: 2024 Travel Guide for Elektrostal, Moscow ...

    Cities near Elektrostal. Places of interest. Pavlovskiy Posad Noginsk. Travel guide resource for your visit to Elektrostal. Discover the best of Elektrostal so you can plan your trip right.