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Best Catamarans Over 50 Feet

Best Catamarans Over 50 Feet

All kinds of high-end luxury sailing you could ever imagine can be experienced on Catamarans Over 50 Feet. It just depends on the boat at hand. Why spend your holiday cruising or liveaboard on a monohull when comfortable catamarans exist?

A catamaran is quite different from a regular monohull. Catamarans are typically designed with two equal-sized hulls and derive their stability from their wide beam; unlike a one-hulled boat deriving stability from a loaded undersurface.

The average catamaran is 38-47 feet in size. Usually, they are equipped with four large cabins with double or queen-sized beds, each cabin having an in-suite head. These vessels, originally designed for fishing, have, over the years, evolved and have become very popular in recent years. Lately, many boatbuilders are focusing more and more on building large catamarans over 50 feet as more and more people are starting to liveaboard and put more emphasis on comfort and luxury than their sailing performance.

In 2011, the biggest catamaran ever was built by Pendennis Shipyard in the UK, at 145 feet in length! It is equipped with a trampoline, a jacuzzi and can accommodate 12 guests in 5 cabins. This boat is designed to accommodate all the luxuries and adornments that can be found on a watercraft.

Here are the best sailing catamarans over 50 feet, in no particular order.

Length: 50 Feet

Price: From $500k to $1.5 Million USD On the Used Market

Back in 2019, the Lagoon 50 was awarded the best multihull of Sail Magazine. A product of the world’s largest boat manufacturer Lagoon, established in 1984, is majorly famous for the design and construction of cruising catamarans, which infuse top-notch designs, upscale comfort, and great sailing performances to one’s boating experience. Every detail is carefully thought out to establish novel and spacious architecture with a homely ambiance.

It’s a perfect balance between the model Lagoon 450 and the lofty 52. The Lagoon 50 has an encompassing view, generous volumes with a self-tacking jib, and a shorter mast for easily simplified maneuvers. It has two cockpits, one large one facing the sea and the other for seating at foredeck or on a deck chair. The hulls being large enough to contain more than 2 cabins, you can have up to six cabins. Italian agency Nauto Design Studio set a standard for their innovative interior designs every time. This vessel boasts of a unique brand signature, providing increased performance and a detailed wood finish to be fitted for the owner. Unconventional lines are linked with luxury, versatility, and a layout of technical options to cater to everyone’s needs.

Lagoon 50 Catamaran

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Length: 52 Feet

Looking for something contemporary and luxurious? Lagoon 52 takes the cake in that way. This boat signified a new stage in the design of cruising catamarans. The Lagoon 52 is a product of the prolonged conversations between Lagoon’s customary VPLP, Nauto design agency, and the Lagoon design department. It comes in two versions: The Lagoon 52 FlyBridge, known as Lagoon 52F, and Lagoon 52 SporTop.

The combination of onboard comfort with its sailing performance is perfect and in sync. The wide side decks allow easy movement onboard. The cockpit and saloon also offer spacious living areas. The vertical bows of the boat have a diamond-shaped appearance with diagonal shaped hull and a lifting deck house.

The boat is easily accessible and safe thanks to the open rear skirts. Most of the features in this luxurious watercraft can be found in the aforementioned Lagoon 50. It has a perfect blend for its easy use, a comfy, elegant interior, amazing space, and lighting. You’re sure to get your money’s worth with the LAGOON 52.

Lagoon 52

Privilege Series 5

Price: Around $1-1.5 Million USD

At 50 feet, this boat is quite marvelous and a privilege to spend your time in as a cruiser or owner. The Privilège Series 5 is the world’s first 50 feet sailing catamaran. This vessel was built by Privilège Marine, a French company based in Les Sables-d’Olonne, France. They are famous for building premium luxury catamarans and designed by French Naval Architect Marc Lombard. The Privilège Series 5 is equipped with three or four double and a full-sized owner’s cabin located in the yacht’s center. It’s a lightweight boat at 48500 pounds and could go up to 52900 depending on the size.

It has great customization options, and it can be designed to suit the boat owner’s taste. The attention to detail on the boat is nothing short of perfection as the interior design, woodwork, safety measurements laid out by the boat’s design, aesthetics, ventilation, etc., was thought out good. The vessel’s finishing is really phenomenal as everything has a high level of craftsmanship.

Privilege Series 5

Leopard 50L

Length: 50 Ft 6 In

Price: Around $1 Million USD

The Leopard 48, which was launched in 2012, was one of the most popular cruising cats ever designed. But the design was beginning to become dated, even as new orders kept coming in. So, Robertson & Caine, who build the Leopard cats, set out to improve on what was already great. The new 50 was their answer and comes with many innovations that will make owners happy. We test sailed the 50L last winter in Florida. The L version has the optional lounge on top of the hardtop over the cockpit. Unlike some cats with flying bridges and lounges up high, the 50L doesn’t feel like a layer wedding cake.

The steering station is a traditional raised helm to starboard, and the lounge is just up a few stairs from there. The helmsman is in contact with those in the main cockpit and those in the lounge. Out sailing, we got the 50L up to 10 knots in a good breeze, so the boat is fast. It is also commodious and will make a very comfortable home for a family or a charter party.

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Length: 58 Feet

Price: From $450k To $1.5 Million on the Used Market

Leopard 58 is a superb layout from Leopard, skilfully modeled by award-winning designers Robertson & Caine. This extravagant catamaran is suited to the prolific and innovative catamarans that have made Leopard famous while still giving out fresh features and various design options.

This expansive FlyBridge takes space to a whole new dimension as it is larger than its siblings with their award-winning aspects. A Flybridge is basically a version of catamarans that affords you the luxury of outdoor space, come rain or shine. Leopard 58 is more about space, bragging about 750 square feet in just the saloon alone. It gives you amazing comfort and is naturally luminous. With an open plan layout, the galley available means the meal making and interaction will be easy. Highly recommended for a family outdoor gathering.

Leopard 58 - Best Catamaran Over 50 Feet

Price: Around $1 Million USD New ; Not many options on the used market since its a newer model

Popularly called the Seawind 52 because of its 52 feet size. The Seawind 52′ 1600 is designed by world-renowned architects Reichel Pugh. Like the Lagoon 52, it’s a perfect balance for onboard comfort and performance sailing and sea safety. Perfect for sailors or boat lovers who are looking for a little extra.

This catamaran sets a standard for offshore sailing because of its simple sailing methods, large open cockpit space, and twin protected helms. Equipped with a three or four-cabin design that affords the owner’s cabin expansive living space, great storage, high aspect riders, daggerboards, an elegant fit/finish, and infused carbon-reinforced construction.

Seawind 1600

Price: Around $1 Million USD New

The new Seawind 1600 has been in the works for a while and has finally arrived on the market. The Reichel Pugh design is a departure from the more conservative looks of the other Seawinds and embraces a very Euro-style with plumb bows, hard chines, a swept-back cabin, and a large open cockpit with helm stations on both sides. The boat is a pure performance cruiser that was conceived as a blue water voyaging boat for a family. At 52 feet, it falls within the size range that an experienced couple can handle, so it would make a great platform for a couple to explore the world. The 1600 like all of the Seawinds and Corsairs, are built in Vietnam.

Nautitech 542

Length: 54 Feet

Price: Around $1.2 Million USD New

Nautitech 542 is the typical example of offshore meeting first class. This boat has ideally tweaked fittings for smooth sailing under any circumstances. Furnished with a single wheel on its roof for perfect views of the boat and a comfy 2-person seat. The idea of this boat is mostly based on performance and quality. Asides from the positions of the helm, Nautitech 541 and 542 are very similar. Nautitech 542 is large and luxurious. The sail controls at the helm stations for easy sailing maneuvers and perfect for all weather conditions. The interior was designed by French designer Franck Darnet. Equipped with state of the art furniture and cabin experience, a sleek experience is assured.

Nautitech 542

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Xquisite X5

Length: 51 Feet

Price: Around $1.5 Million USD

Once you have met your first Xquisite X5, you will never forget its absolute distinctive looks and almost space-traveling styling. The whole look of the boat, with its large reverse curving arches and cat’s eye windows, says right out loud that you need to pay attention. The boat itself is a very modern design with a classic and comfortable interior. It sails better than most of its peers in the 50-foot range and is set up cleverly so one watchstander can hand, reef, and steer all from the protected comfort of the raised steering station. Tomas and Sara, who build the boats in South Africa, are veteran cruisers and owned hull number one of the X5 line before taking over the company. Their attention to detail and the innovations they have incorporated into the boats all stem from their time living aboard and blue water sailing.

Privilege 615

Length: 61 Feet

Price: From $800k to $1.3 Million USD on the Used Market

When it comes to onboard luxury, Marc Lombard, who designed this catamaran, is an expert in that field. This lovely boat is in touch with the latest style, sporting a flybridge complete with two wheels and a broad sunbed suitable for the crew to relax the day away. The 615 is a combination of simplistic and superior design with an outstanding crew, results in the ultimate luxury Caribbean cruising experience. The impeccable elegance of the interior with a lavish owner’s suite and the boat’s perfect wood quality are two great reasons to make you get the boat. The freedom to choose a four or five-double cabin is another, depending on the size of the family.

Followed closely by its outstanding exterior, you’re sure to fall in love with it on sight, from the cockpit to the foredeck. With an impressive platform and lustrous profile, the Privilède 615 contradicts the volume and versatility of its interior. One wonders how they fit into the other, gives it a great ambiance.

Privilege 615 Cat

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Balance 526

Length: 52ft 6in

Price: From $1.3 to $1.6 Million USD New

Multihull impresario, dealer, and broker Phil Berman (The Multihull Company) has sold more multihulls over the last 30 years than just about anyone. His latest project has been the development of the Balance line of performance cruising cats. The queen of the line is the Balance 526 that was introduced a few years ago and has proven to be a very successful player in the 50-foot plus segment of the cat market. Built in South Africa by noted composite experts, the 526 offers a well-conceived combination of great sailing performance and luxury living in a boat that can be handled by an experienced couple.

The boat has plenty of innovations, among them a helm that can be tilted up so you can steer from the raised helm station or tilted down so you can steer from the protection of the cockpit. Very cool. The design does not take any particular element to the “extreme.” Instead, Berman and his crew have sought to provide a boat that is truly well balanced in all aspects. And, they’ve done it.

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Length: 62 Feet

Price: From $700k to $1.7 Million USD on the Used Market

Manufactured in 2014, this luxury catamaran is ideal for those who enjoy watersports and healthy activities. It was designed by world-renowned designer Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prvost (VPLP) and built to top-notch quality with a focus on stability, performance, luxury, and spaciousness. The maximum capacity of this boat is 12 guests in 4-double and 2-twin cabins. The Sunreef 620 is the very first to feature a newly developed rig. From the large cabins, saloon, galley, and sail performance, the 620 is one boat you’d get a memorable experience on. As you can understand, this is a great catamaran over 50 feet to use as a liveaboard.

Sunreef 62 - Luxury Catamaran

Outremer 5X

Length: 69 Feet

Price: From $1.3 to $1.8 Million USD on the Used Market

The Outremer 5X is unlike any other in the yacht market as it is fast, sturdy, but luxurious all at the same time. Also, it possesses finely finished cabinetwork, spacious accommodations, and an excellent payload carrying ability. Modeled great agility to make even a single person handle any maneuver, its retractable high aspect ratio daggerboards assure a shallower drift giving access to the most remote of harbors.

When it comes to the interior, every Outremer model is trying to outdo the last in elegance, neatness, and modernity. She offers an unrestricted view and functional comfort. The port hull suite includes a king-sized bed, superb sea view portlight, an office, and a separate private entrance from the rear. It’s a semi-custom interior designed by VPLP in conjunction with Patrick le Quement. It won the ‘European Yacht of the Year’ and Cruising World’s ‘Boat of the Year’ in 2013 and 2014. This catamaran is as affordable as a luxury catamaran over 50 feet can get. Beautiful isn’t she?

Length: 51 Feet

Price: From $450k to $550k On the Used Market

Aimed at Blue-water sailors looking to sail fast and far, Switch 51 has proved itself and regarded in this day as a remarkable ocean cruising catamaran. This classic high-performance voyage was designed by VPLP and is said to combine a level of comfort, performance, and safety. It was built by Sud Composites in France with high tech materials. Sud initially built about 18 of these classic catamarans from 2001 to 2007.

Switch 51 hulls are built with vinyl ester sandwiched with a Klegecelle PVC foam core, thereby creating a hull light enough to be real quick and heavy enough to handle the ocean waves and swells. The saloon and galley are huge, with the cockpit spacious. The layout and accommodation are perfect for a small family with classic amenities aimed at making your stay on board a memorable one. This also a pretty affordable option in this category with prices on the used market as low as 450k.

Switch 51 Catamaran

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a large catamaran to either spend your summer vacation with your family or to liveaboard, this list of the best catamarans over 50 feet will point you in the right direction. Obviously, there are many options on the used market, but you should pick the one that you like best and fits your budget.

While the prices vary with their manufactured year, options, location, etc., buying any of the above-mentioned catamarans will certainly offer you state of the art onboard luxury and comfort. Why not try one of them out on your next boat cruise to see for yourself before you buy?


Peter is the editor of Better Sailing. He has sailed for countless hours and has maintained his own boats and sailboats for years. After years of trial and error, he decided to start this website to share the knowledge.

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Cruising World Logo

2022 Boat of the Year: Best Cruising Catamaran (Over 50’)

  • By Cruising World Editors
  • December 15, 2021

During and in the four days immediately following the US Sailboat show in Annapolis, Maryland, the  Cruising World  judges inspected and sailed on 27 boats vying for recognition. Learn more about the boats in our  2022 Boat of the Year  »

Are they really all-around cruising sailboats, or are they luxurious and large party platforms that are best-suited for crewed charter vacations in tropical settings? That was once a fair, probing question to ask of the builders knocking off long, tall, beamy vessels balanced on a pair of cabin-filled hulls. But no longer. Despite their respective girths and displacements, not to mention a wide variety of windspeeds and sea states, this quartet of full-size cats performed admirably across the board in this year’s BOTY sea trials. Yes, they now truck along like good, honest sailboats. All that room is icing on the cake. At the end of the day, however, it’s how that space is utilized that separates the king and the contenders. 

Destined almost exclusively for the charter trade, the judges believed the Voyage 590 would truly excel in that role, so much so that they ultimately recognized it with a special award as the year’s Best Charter Boat. But that didn’t mean they did not consider it an innovative, exciting vessel on its total merits. “It’s a ‘techie’ boat, and they’re doing a lot of cool things with lithium batteries and 24-volt systems,” judge Ed Sherman said. “In terms of systems integration, they’re using high-end inverters to help out with things like variable-speed air-conditioning systems so they won’t have to run generators for extended periods of times. It’s pretty cool stuff. And under power, it’s one of the quietest boats we tested. High marks all around!”

Voyage Yachts 590

Lagoon Catamarans, as most multihull sailors know, was one of the era’s true pioneers in the evolving world of cruising cats. Their new Lagoon Sixty 5 is another vessel that, not unlike the Voyage 590, will find plenty of duty in the serious business of having fun: in other words, the charter business. And it would be hard to find a better vessel for doing precisely that. The focal point of the boat, on multiple levels, is the epic flybridge, a feature that Lagoon first explored on a big cat with the firm’s 620 but which they have fully realized on this massive 67-footer. It utilizes a pair of steering stations, which are handy indeed given the beam of the yacht. The overhead Bimini sports a glass window for trimming the mainsail, a welcome and innovative addition. Sofas, wet bar, grill, fridge: all combined, they ask an important question, one that strikes to the heart of the boat’s clear purpose. Why would you ever go below?

Lagoon Sixty 5

In many respects, Fountaine Pajot was unquestionably another pioneer in the realm of production cruising cats, and it’s been fascinating to watch the company evolve. Tim Murphy has had a ringside seat for much of that decades-long evolution. “It’s been interesting to watch their trajectory over the years,” he said. “They started out as a very performance-oriented manufacturer. So, a lot of their thinking is about keeping weight out of their boats and creating cats that are going to perform well. Now they’re more in a market that’s moved in the direction of accommodation, and we’ve watched them transition in that direction. But speed and elegance remain important, as shown here.” A key selling point in the Samana 59 is the versatility offered in the several optional interior layouts. A pair of Maestro versions incorporate a roomy, stellar owner’s suite. But for full-on chartering, who could resist the six (!) double cabins with, of course, a half-dozen accompanying heads.

Samana 59

When all was said and done, though, the judges couldn’t help but honor the efforts behind the Xquisite X5 Plus ; it must be noted that, unlike its competitors in the class, chartering wasn’t part of the design brief. This is a dedicated cruising cat, through and through. And there’s much to like about this 53-foot South African-built product. For judge Tim Murphy, the important details weren’t necessarily the ones you could easily see, but rather the ones you couldn’t. “What I was most struck by on our tour of the boat was actually the service side of the whole equation,” he said. “There are 40,000 man-hours invested in this boat. And you can see it—those are solid hours of labor. One thing that was pointed out were two different marks on the heads of bolts showing they were torqued. And part of the Xquisite program is they spend two weeks with each owner, training them up with systems. All told, this is really one strong product.” 

Xquisite X5 Plus

Judge Ed Sherman agreed: “The business model here is exemplary. What they’re really doing is emulating the high-end automotive market. I think they looked at the automotive sector for high-end cars like BMW and Mercedes and said, ‘OK, this sounds good, it looks good, and we’re going to do it, too.’ And they are. So, I think that that aspect of his business plan where they’re training the owners and then doing things like loading the boat up with spare parts as part of the original purchase, I mean, hats off to them. It’s a great way to go. How can you argue against it?”

“I couldn’t find anything that was done halfway,” said Gerry Douglas. “It was done better than you’d expect it to be, just because they wanted the boat to be perfect.  And the quality of construction is excellent. It’s an infused hull but with a hand-laminated deck because there’s so many very tight corners and cavities. They didn’t think they could infuse that without adding a whole lot of weight. And I get that. So, they would hand laminate it, which makes sense when you have some of the very sharp corners that exist on that boat. It was all just perfectly done.”

Sometimes coming to a decision is hard. Sometimes it’s obvious. And when the votes were tallied, it was the Xquisite X5 Plus that was the obvious choice as Best Cruising Catamaran (Over 50’) for 2022.

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2019 Leopard 58

Dania beach, united states of america (the), $1,299,000 tax paid.

catamaran 58 pieds

Yacht Overview

Change of plans, available now: 2019 Leopard 58 

Lightly used and a savings over new!

Broker's Remarks:  Leopard Brokerage proudly presents this like new, 2019 Leopard 58.  This is an open salon, 4 cabin version with owners cabin starboard aft.  The 58 is a true flagship for a discerning yacht owner.  The flybridge is largest in class with room for everyone to lounge, cook, or help with the sailing! 

Builder's Remarks:  Among the many intriguing features of the Leopard 58, the flybridge with seating for up to 10 people, outdoor kitchen, and grill is one of the most impressive focal points. Enjoy meals, lounging, and taking in beautiful panoramic views on this expansive flybridge. The large open aft deck and forward cockpit offer additional space for alfresco dining or lounging. To enhance durability and beauty, the flybridge, the aft deck and forward cockpit are all covered in TekDek, a lightweight high impact simulated teak.

Fully loaded with all factory options. Retail price $1,704,799

Many exceptional features were ordered on this boat as delivered from the factory. Included in the standard equipment of the boat: Synthetic teak deck, LED ambient lighting, mainsail & stack pack, self tacking jib, fly bridge hardtop and much more.  Please ask for original factory options list!

Additional options included:

  • Four cabin layout with owner's cabin aft starboard.  En suite heads for all.
  • Full length mirrors on all cabin doors 
  • Interior salon blinds (electric in galley, manual in salon)
  • Salon table converts to coffee table


  • Upgraded 110HP Yanmar engines with V drive in lieu of standard engines
  • Bow thruster in starboard bow


  • Full set of Raymarine electronics at fly bridge helm incl 12" Axiom chartplotter at helm, wind, depth, speed instruments and additional display.  9" Axiom display at nav station.  Autopilot, VHF at helm and nav station, Yanmar engine controls and thruster control.
  • Internal nav station / second helm in salon with autopilot control, second set of engine controls VHF and 9" Axiom display.
  • Rear view camera (displayed on chart plotter)
  • Forward facing camera (displayed on chart plotter)
  • Raymarine AIS 650 Transceiver
  • Locally controlled marine speakers in fwd cockpit (2), aft cockpit (2), and flybridge
  • 220V US specified (60Hz) shore power pack incl. 200A Victron charger / inverters
  • Additional heavy duty 50A shore power cable and Y adapter to provide the yacht with 100A shore power supply
  • Shaver outlets in every head, GFI protected
  • AGM batteries for house, engines and generator.
  • 2 additional AGM house batteries 
  • Link engine start batteries to house batteries, operated from push button at helm
  • 12V fans in each cabin
  • 20kW Northern Light generator with sound-shield
  • Air-conditioning Webasto Chiller system 81k Btu total, 6 individual controllers
  • Electric winches x 2 at helm
  • Under water lights 2 x blue in transom
  • 8 x 100W Solar Panels fitted to hard top
  • Galley: 5 burner propane stove, fridge, 2 x freezer and microwave. Corian counter tops
  • Dishwasher in galley.
  • Microwave in galley.
  • Additional refrigerator on aft deck, additional refrigerator in wetbar on flybridge, electric grill on fly bridge
  • Icemaker on fly-bridge, additional icemaker on aft deck
  • Dishwasher in galley
  • Drawer freezer in port corridor
  • Washer dryer combination installed in starboard hallway
  • Combination fresh-salt water wash down on fore deck
  • 3/4" sea-cock for future watermaker installation
  • Hot and cold shower on aft deck
  • Flybridge enclosure front and sides with aft sunshade curtain
  • Aftcockpit shade curtains
  • External coach roof side window covers
  • Hydraulic dinghy / swim platform with remote control
  • 88Lbs Delta anchor, 165' chain and electric windlass
  • 44Lbs Brittany anchor 26' chain and 200' warp
  • Anchor bridle, shackles and hook
  • Docklines and fenders
  • USCG safety package with 2 x 8 man life rafts
  • Freight delivered to Ft Lauderdale, duty paid, available August 2019
  • The Leopard 58 is CE and NMMA certified

Basic Details

  • Boat Name: 2019 L58
  • Make: Leopard
  • Length: 58ft / 17.68m
  • Location: Dania Beach, US
  • Price: $1,299,000
  • Fuel Type: diesel
  • Hull Material: Fiberglass
  • Hull Construction: Vaccuum bagged GRP hand layed up
  • Deck Material: GRP
  • Rudder Type: Spade
  • Keel Type: Catamaran
  • Designer: Simonis & Voogd
  • Where Built: Cape Town, South Africa
  • HIN: ZA-RACA7037C919
  • Layout (Cabins): 4
  • Layout (Heads): 4
  • LOA: 58 ft / 17.68 m
  • LWL: 54 ft 2 in / 16.51 m
  • Beam: 27 ft 9 in / 8.46 m
  • Draft: 6 ft / 1.83 m
  • Mast Height: 90’
  • Sail Area: 2013 sqft
  • Displacement: 61,730 lb / 28,000 kg

Engines and Controls

  • Make: Yanmar
  • Type: Inboard
  • Drive Type: V
  • Prop Type: Feathering
  • Engine Hours Run / Date: 150
  • Capacity: 900.93L / 238USgal
  • Capacity: 1559.59L / 412USgal
  • Capacity: 253.62L / 67USgal


  • Owner Suite: Starboard aft

Electronics and Navigation

  • Depthsounder: Raymarine
  • Log Speedometer: Raymarine
  • Wind Speed and Direction: Raymarine
  • Compass: Yes
  • Gas Detector: n/a
  • Navigation Center: Lower helm station
  • Plotter: Axiom 12
  • VHF: Raymarine
  • CD Player: Yes
  • Cockpit Speakers: Yes
  • Cameras at Helm: fore and aft
  • Fully Battened Mainsail: Yes
  • Furling Genoa: Yes
  • Mainsail Cover: Yes
  • Spar Maker / Material: Sparcraft
  • Standing Rigging Material: Stainless steel wire
  • Running Rigging Material: Rope
  • Mainsail Reefing: 2 x reef
  • Headsail Roller Furling: Furling
  • Boom Vang: boom strut
  • Electric Winch: Yes

Inside Equipment

  • Electric Bilge Pump: Yes
  • Manual Bilge Pump: Yes
  • Air Conditioning: Yes
  • Fans: every cabin
  • Heating: Yes
  • Hot Water: Yes
  • Fresh Water Pump: yes
  • Washing Machine: Yes
  • Cooker Type: 5 burner
  • Microwave Oven: Yes
  • Electric Head: Yes
  • Showers: 4 plus transom
  • Handbasins: 4
  • Upholstery/Color Scheme: modern / grey / white / various accents
  • Interior Construction/Wood Type: laminated ply
  • Refrigerator: Yes
  • Deep Freezer: Yes
  • USB Sockets: all throughout vessel
  • Blinds: Interior blinds in extended salon (Manually operated), salon (manually operated) and galley (electric operated)
  • Saloon Table: yes - Convert to a coffee table with adjustable leg to lower
  • Controls at Nav Station: yes
  • Dishwasher: yes
  • Washer/Dryer: yes
  • Icemaker: yes x 1
  • Watermaker: no
  • Additional Refrigerators/Freezers: yes+  1 in the aft cockpit 12v, 1 in the flybridge/wetbar, 1 in the port corridor in lieu of locker

Electrical Equipment

  • Battery Charger: Yes
  • Generator: Northern Lights 20kW
  • House Batteries: 6 x 210 AGM
  • Engine Batteries: 2 x AGM
  • Generator Batteries: 1 x AGM
  • Alternator: yes

Deck Equipment

  • Steering System: hydraulic
  • Steering Wheel: Yes
  • Bimini Top: Hard top
  • Solar Panel: 800W
  • Cockpit Cushions: forward cockpit
  • Swimming Ladder: Yes
  • Cockpit Shower: Yes
  • Davits: Winch type lifting platform
  • Grill / BBQ: electric on fly bridge
  • Icemaker: 1
  • Cockpit Refrigeration: 2 (one aft cockpit, one on flybridge)
  • Flybridge: yes with flybridge enclosure
  • Wetbar: yes
  • Anchor Windlass: yes
  • Primary Anchor: Delta 88 lbs
  • Secondary Anchor: Britany 44 Lbs
  • Other Ground Tackle: none
  • Liferaft: Yes
  • Bow Thruster: Starboard Hull
  • Teak Decks: cockpit / flybridge / stairs / platform (Flexiteek)
  • Underwater Lights: 2 x blue mounted in stern
  • Exterior 12V Outlets: 2 x USB on fly bridge
  • Deck Wash: yes, fresh and salt, forward near windlass
  • Safety Equipment: USCG safety package, incl Type 2 life jackets
  • Other Equipment: Additional swim ladder
  • Cockpit Cover: Yes

catamaran 58 pieds

The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

Privacy Policy

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Brand: Leopard 58

catamaran 58 pieds

The award winning line of Leopard Catamarans happily announces its newest addition, the luxurious and innovative Leopard 58. This exciting new member of the Leopard family, expertly crafted by world renowned Robertson and Caine, stays true to Leopard Catamarans sleek and innovative style. The designers at Robertson and Caine took 40 years of customer feedback into consideration when creating the new Leopard 58, as they have with the rest of the Leopard range. This makes each Leopard unique, and the Leopard 58 is no exception.

This one of a kind catamaran includes a large flybridge with lounge area with seating for up to 12. This picturesque area provides the perfect space for cocktails, lounging, or even meals. Also located on the flybridge, the helm station, equipped with some of the latest boating technology, including a Plastimo offshore 75 compass. This location gives the helmsman a 360 degree view, perfect for blue water sailing.

Like her sister, the award winning Leopard 44 which made her debut in 2011, the Leopard 58 also incorporates a forward cockpit with direct access from the saloon, only seen on Leopard Catamarans. This special feature allows for even more outdoor living space. The forward cockpit, first seen on the Leopard 44, received a healthy amount of positive recognition from judges in both Cruising World’s Boat of the Year 2012, and SAIL Magazine’s Best Boats 2012.

The Leopard 58 also includes a large aft cockpit with seating for up to 12 at stand-alone tables and chairs, which can be stored in the cockpit locker. This versatile area gives an expansive amount of flexible space for standing, or dining. The aft cockpit also leads straight to the hydraulic dinghy and swim platform found at the back of yacht.

This yacht comes with anywhere between 2 and 6 cabins, and 2 to 6 shower rooms and heads. The Leopard 58 accommodates groups with family get-a-ways in mind or the couple who wants to sail the world. The interior, just as aesthetically pleasing as the exterior, is complete with cherry wood finishes, wood trim, plush faux leather seating, and large windows letting in an abundance of natural light. The state of the art galley is prepared for all culinary needs, with ample counter and prep space, a large double sink, oven, fridge, and a plethora of cabinet space.

The Leopard 58 makes her debut in Annapolis, Maryland this October at the United States Boat Show. She will be on display and available for sea trials. Her arrival is anxiously awaited!

Evolving from 40 years of customer feedback, Leopard Catamarans pooled their expertise with builders Robertson and Caine to design the Leopard line of blue water cruising catamarans. As the worldwide dealer, we’re proud to say that over 900 Leopard cats have now sailed more than 9 million miles and the world’s largest oceans.

There are no catamarans currently for sale of this brand.

Please see our catamarans for sale page for a full listing of other currently available models.

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Leopard 58 The space ship

The key strength of the 58, the forward cockpit opens up the perspective of the boat.

The salon opposite the step on the 4 cabin version or 3 cabin owner’s version is a success, it totally seperates the relaxation area from the eating area.

The navigation station is opposite the salon in this version, well done on the choice of club chairs.

On the charter version, forward of the table, the front cabins enjoy an exceptional marine viewpoint.

The new interior design of the 58.

Practical info

  • Technical specifications

Video youtube

  • Finance your Leopard 58
  • Articles about the Leopard 58
  • Available in issue # 136

Boat Test price $5.00 Inc. tax

image description

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and get an extra discount!

Within the family of luxury catamarans there is fierce competition between the world’s leading manufacturers. The possible layouts of these 16-18 meter boats makes them extremely adaptable, so capable of seducing wealthy owners as well as charter operators and even a few defectors from the motorboat world. The 58, exhibited at the Annapolis Boat Show, is still not widely seen in Europe. So we went to Florida to try it out.

The advent of reliable electric winches and furlers, combined with incredible advances in equipment (clutches, blocks, deck organizers) and high resistance materials, have helped further the development of XXL sized cruising catamarans. Certain yards play the high speed card, and employ sophisticated building techniques to combine a good level of comfort and equipment, with high performance. The Outremer 5X, the Gunboats, the Sig 60, the Alibi all occupy this niche, Catana sits between the two, with its fast limousines (59’ and 70’), but it’s the multi yachts where there’s been the most progress. Sunreef has championed the personalized interior, Lagoon that of conviviality and reinvented spaces, brilliantly Fountaine Pajot is up there, but in this sector with the Sanya and the Victoria, Privilege is renewing its series 6 and 7 known for the quality of their finish; numerous other prototypes and creative projects are trying to establish themselves in this coveted demanding niche.

Test Leopard 58

A modern profile equipped with a sailplan which is easy to use and an XXL flybridge.

A flag ship in keeping with the times

The Leopard 62 is the largest multihull built by the Cape Town yard, ...

To read in full, Buy the boat test

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  • Leopard , 
  • Boat review

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catamaran 58 pieds

Technical specifications - Leopard 58

Photos of the boat, technical features.

  • Length HT : 59ft (18.01m)
  • Max. width : 28ft (8.45m)
  • Weight : 28 tons
  • Draft : 6ft (1.72m) to 6ft (1.72m)
  • Max. sleeping capacity : 12
  • Number of cabins : 2 to 6
  • Bathrooms : 6
  • Water capacity : 1500L

Standard motorisation

  • Engine Power : 75hp
  • Fuel capacity : 900L

Standard canopy

  • Total sail area : 614sqft (187m2)
  • Mainsail area : 423sqft (129.0m2)
  • Genoa/jib area : 190sqft (58.0m2)

Ideal destinations for renting a Leopard 58

catamaran 58 pieds

NEW: Catmar Range Explorer 58

The new Catmar® Range Explorer 58 full aluminium catamaran has been carefully designed for worldwide blue water cruising to the remotest corners of our world.

Its timelessly balanced and smart elegant design of hulls and rigging contributes to very comfortable and safe sailing experience.

This new Catmar® Range Explorer 58 catamaran features impressive interior space with astonishing head room in the exceptional large saloon and in the roomy cabins. The dedicated designed interior volume accommodates large storage capacities everywhere for long journeys / crossings.

The wide aft cockpit combined with the roof integrated protected helm position for central sails control contribute to optimal sailing experience.

The new Catmar® Range Explorer 58 is specially designed focusing on max application of sustainable high quality building materials and components and prepared for an optional hybrid drive propulsion configuration.

Catamaris® is committed to environmental protection and sustainability. Most of all components of the Catmar® Explorer catamarans can be recycled and re-used in an environmentally friendly way.

<button class="btn btn-default">More about sustainability</button>


EXTERIOR The high-performance rig is equipped with a "full-batten" Hydranet mainsail with ball-bearing mastsliders, furling genoa, staysail/storm sail on a 2 nd fore stay as well as a gennaker device and ensures excellent sailing characteristics with 220m2 of sail area (mainsail and genoa). A furling boom is available as an option.

All sails and fittings are ergonomically arranged and operated "single-handed" from the protected helm position where all lines, halyards, sheets and reefing lines are led. The anchor windlass can also be operated here when the crew is not on watch.

The yacht is built from Class certified 5083 H 321/H111 aluminium. More about the advantages of aluminium .

The strength of the aluminium construction and the weight are the result of newest generation of design software and computational fluid dynamics calculations in harmonious balance with optimal sailing and motoring characteristics. The result is a homogeneous and torsional light weight and extreme stable rigid structure preventing annoying creaking noises while sailing.

The hulls are equipped with watertight bulkheads as well as with reinforced bow tips.

Hull and superstructure designs in colours of your choice.

On the sun deck, beside the double seat integrated helm position from where you control all lines and sheets, you will find a spacious, comfortable seating and sunbathing lounge with lowerable table and high-quality, removable cushions. And many solar panels at the front.  The boom has not been raised at the expense of sailing performance. There is no headroom under the boom when under sail.

In the spacious 21.5 sqm aft cockpit, the long-distance sailor will find everything that makes life pleasant: seating area with large table, sun lounger for two, ice maker locker and under a folding worktop space for optional barbecue, refrigerator and sink as well as 2 stainless steel pendulum davits with telescopic arms and electric winch.

<button class="btn btn-default">More about exterior</button>

INTERIOR All aluminium inside panels are covered with high-quality insulation foam from SpreFix. A Class approved insulation material and the best insulation for fire protection, sound insulation, thermal insulation and condensation control. SpreFix™ is environmentally friendly with superior energy efficiency, no solvents, asbestos, cement or fusible silicates, radically reduced waste and circular insulation SpreFix™ can be recycled.

The interior living space is optimized for comfortable long-distance cruising. The 35 sqm saloon has a fully equipped galley block at star board side.

Opposite the galley is a comfortable dining area as well as a front settee besides the inside helm position with chart table.

The starboard side hull has been designed as an owner´s cabin with roomy wet cell and large fore peak storage and space for washer/dryer.

At port side there two large guest cabins positioned, fully equipped with roomy bathroom and separate toilets.

Both salon and all cabins have plenty of storage. 

<button class="btn btn-default">More about interior</button>

Design and construction according to your requirements

Catmar® Range Explorer catamarans are not built in series. They are always planned and built "custom made" according to the preferences of each individual customer.

That is why the design of the Catmar® Range Explorer 58 as shown here, can be customized to your individual ideas in terms of the number, layout and design of the cabins, saloon, interior fittings, furnishings, ceilings and walls as well as the entire technical equipment.

Concerning the technical equipment, we install tried-and-tested branded products, most of which are serviced worldwide : Engines, generator(s), drinking water heater, air conditioning, heating, navigation instruments, audio/TV, kitchen and washer/dryer etc.

The Catmar® Range Explorer 58 is built according to CE certification category A offshore with 12 persons (EU).

Optionally it can be built to other classifications, e.g. Lloyds Register of Shipping (GB), American Bureau of Shipping (US), RINA (IT) or Bureau Veritas (FR).

The construction of your new catamaran

Under the constant supervision of Catamaris, your CATMAR RANGE EXPLORER® 58 catamaran will be built by our partner Dijkstra Jachtbouw B.V. in Harlingen on the Wadden Sea in Holland, which has many years of experience in the construction of multihulls. Dijkstra is certified by "Germanischer Lloyd" and "Bureau Veritas" and has already built more than 180 catamarans, yachts and commercial vessels in aluminium.

Preliminary Technical Specifications

Side views of the catmar range explorer 58.

catamaran 58 pieds


Example of a layout for the salon and the aft cockpit of Catmar Range Explorer 58 sail

Request information

Please let us know your requirements so that we can provide you with the specific information you would like to receive.

More information about our Explorer sailing catamarans can be found here

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catamaran 58 pieds

Catamaran Leopard 58

Le Leopard 58 est un catamaran de croisière habitable construit par les chantiers Robertson et Kane en Afrique du Sud. Cet aileron est assemblé dans le cadre d’un sloop avec un tirant d’eau maximum de 1,70 m. La production a démarré en 2012. 16 navires ont été produits. Dans la famille des catamarans de luxe, la concurrence entre les leaders mondiaux est féroce. Les possibilités d’aménagement de ces plates-formes de 16-18 m les rendent extrêmement polyvalentes et peuvent attirer de riches armateurs, des charters, et même quelques transfuges de yachts à moteur. Le 58′ présenté au salon de l’automobile d’Annapolis est encore rarement vendu en Europe. Nous sommes donc allés en Floride pour l’essayer.

L’émergence de plusieurs générations de treuils électriques et de machines à friser très fiables, couplée à des avancées incroyables dans les accessoires (bloqueurs, poulies, organisateurs) et les textiles à haute résistance, a favorisé le développement incroyable du catamaran de croisière XXL. Certains sites Internet jouent à des jeux d’eau à grande vitesse et mettent en œuvre des procédés de fabrication complexes qui visent à allier confort et équipements à hautes performances. Outremer 5X, Gunboats, Sig 60, Alibi occupent ce créneau, Catana se situe entre ces deux tendances avec ses voitures de luxe rapides (59′ et 70′), mais l’essentiel du développement concerne plusieurs yachts.

Sunreef s’est fait un champion des intérieurs personnalisés, Lagoon est devenu le champion de la joie et de la transformation de l’espace, Fountaine Pajot l’a visité avec brio, mais avec sa valeur, les segments de marché de Sanya et Victoria, Privilege a mis à jour ses séries 6 et 7, est connu pour sa qualité finition ; de nombreux autres prototypes et projets créatifs tentent de prendre pied sur ce segment de marché exigeant et à l’image convoitée.

catamaran Leopard 58


Caractéristiques du bateau, informations techniques, naviguer avec le leopard 58, laisser un commentaire.

Enregistrer mon nom, mon e-mail et mon site dans le navigateur pour mon prochain commentaire.

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Sailing towards carbon neutrality

A global signature, heading to carbon-neutral cruising, catamarans, motor yachts & sailboats.

catamaran 58 pieds

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catamaran 58 pieds

Motor Yachts

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catamaran 58 pieds

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More than half a century of passion and innovation

Inspired by a passion for sailing and a love of the oceans, Fountaine Pajot has been combining vision, expertise and innovation to design the very best boats for over half a century.


08 Mar 2024

Alégria 67 – The Flagship Catamaran Star at the International Multihull Show – La Grande-Motte


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Acquire a flagship catamaran, tailor-made solutions: charter management, customization…

How do you buy a flagship? What types of ownership are there? How do I get proper support? Find out all you need to know in this broadcast…


20 Feb 2024

A new way to experience Motor Yachts


What is the future of hydrogen in recreational boating?

Discover the challenges of implementing Hydrogen, thanks to our experts…


16 Feb 2024

The Thíra 80 nominated in the “Multiyacht” of the Year category by Multihulls World magazine


Isla 40 and Astrea 42, the perfect models for starting out in the world of catamarans?

Isla 40 and Astréa 42, find out all about these catamarans through two testimonials…


The Tanna 47, a multi-purpose boat that ticks all the boxes?

Tanna 47: a program to find out all about this model…


25 Jan 2024

A brand-new experience… Welcome to the new Fountaine Pajot sites!


15 Jan 2024

Exclusive Events | Which Motor Yachts to visit in 2024 ?


Posidonia seagrass beds, the blue lung of the Mediterranean sea? WWF explains us everything


07 Dec 2023

The aura 51 catamaran wins the 2024 boat of the year award

catamaran 58 pieds

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40 Facts About Pyatigorsk

Adey Farrell

Written by Adey Farrell

Modified & Updated: 19 May 2024

Sherman Smith

Reviewed by Sherman Smith

  • Attractions Facts
  • History Facts
  • Landmarks Facts
  • Tourism Facts


Pyatigorsk, located in the beautiful region of Russia’s North Caucasus, is a city that is steeped in history and surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes. With its unique blend of cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and therapeutic mineral springs, Pyatigorsk is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

In this article, we will delve into 40 fascinating facts about Pyatigorsk that will give you a comprehensive understanding of this remarkable city. From famous literary connections to its role as a popular health resort, Pyatigorsk has plenty to offer for history buffs , nature lovers, and adventure seekers alike. So, get ready to embark on a virtual journey and discover the wonders of Pyatigorsk!

Key Takeaways:

  • Pyatigorsk, a city in Russia, is famous for its healing mineral springs, stunning natural landscapes, and vibrant cultural scene, making it a perfect destination for relaxation, adventure, and cultural enrichment.
  • Visitors to Pyatigorsk can explore historical landmarks, enjoy outdoor activities, and indulge in diverse culinary experiences while experiencing the warm hospitality of the locals, creating unforgettable memories in this beautiful city.

Pyatigorsk is a city located in the Stavropol Krai region of Russia.

This beautiful city is nestled in the picturesque North Caucasus region.

The name “Pyatigorsk” translates to “Five Mountains.”

The city is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and is surrounded by five majestic mountains.

Pyatigorsk is famous for its healing mineral springs.

Visitors from all over the world come to Pyatigorsk to experience the therapeutic properties of its natural mineral springs .

The city is home to the iconic Lermontov State Museum-Reserve.

Dedicated to the renowned Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov, the museum showcases his life and works.

Pyatigorsk is often referred to as the “City of Health.”

With its abundance of wellness resorts, spas, and medical facilities, the city is a popular destination for health-conscious travelers.

The iconic Proval Lake is located in Pyatigorsk.

This unique natural wonder is a sinkhole lake formed by a collapsed limestone cave.

Pyatigorsk is known for its vibrant cultural scene.

The city hosts numerous music festivals, theatrical performances, and art exhibitions throughout the year.

The renowned Kislovodskaya Narzan Gallery is situated in Pyatigorsk.

This gallery showcases a fascinating collection of mineral water bottles and artifacts related to the region’s famous Narzan mineral water.

Pyatigorsk is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

The nearby Caucasus Mountains provide opportunities for hiking, skiing, and mountaineering.

The city is a historical and cultural hub.

It is home to several historical landmarks, museums, and monuments that showcase the rich heritage of the region.

Pyatigorsk was a popular destination among Russian writers and poets.

Famous literary figures such as Alexander Pushkin and Leo Tolstoy visited the city and drew inspiration from its scenic landscapes.

The Pyatigorsk State Art Gallery houses an impressive collection of Russian art.

Art enthusiasts can explore a diverse range of paintings, sculptures, and artworks in this renowned gallery.

The city boasts a bustling market known as “Krai Farm.”

Visitors can indulge in local produce, handmade crafts, and traditional Russian delicacies at this vibrant market.

Pyatigorsk has a mild climate with warm summers and mild winters.

It is an ideal destination for those seeking a pleasant climate throughout the year.

The White Well is one of the most famous attractions in Pyatigorsk.

This natural spring is believed to have healing properties and is a symbol of the city’s wellness culture.

The Proval Observatory offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

Located on top of Mount Mashuk, the observatory is a popular spot for enjoying stunning vistas.

Pyatigorsk is a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities.

The city has a diverse population comprising Russians, Caucasians, and various other ethnic groups.

The Tsvetnik Park is a lush green oasis in the heart of Pyatigorsk.

Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks, picnics, and admire the beautiful floral displays in this serene park.

The city has a rich history dating back to ancient times.

Archaeological sites in Pyatigorsk reveal traces of settlements that existed thousands of years ago.

Pyatigorsk is a popular destination for eco-tourism.

The city’s natural reserves and wildlife sanctuaries offer opportunities to explore and observe diverse flora and fauna.

The famous Pushkin and Lermontov Promenades are scenic walkways in Pyatigorsk.

Visitors can stroll along these picturesque paths while enjoying the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

The city is known for its hospitality and warm welcome to visitors.

The locals take pride in showcasing the cultural heritage and natural wonders of Pyatigorsk to tourists.

Pyatigorsk is a popular destination for wellness retreats.

Visitors can rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul through various spa treatments , yoga classes, and meditation retreats.

The city serves as a gateway to the stunning Caucasian Mineral Waters region.

Visitors can easily explore nearby towns and resorts famous for their healing mineral waters.

Pyatigorsk is home to the magnificent Mount Beshtau.

This iconic mountain offers breathtaking views of the city and is a popular spot for hiking and nature exploration.

The city has a vibrant nightlife scene.

There are numerous bars, clubs, and entertainment venues where visitors can enjoy live music and dance the night away.

Pyatigorsk is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

Activities such as paragliding, rock climbing, and horseback riding are popular among adventure seekers.

The city is known for its diverse culinary scene.

Visitors can indulge in delicious traditional Russian dishes as well as international cuisines in the numerous restaurants and cafes.

Pyatigorsk has a well-developed transportation system.

Getting around the city and exploring nearby attractions is convenient with the availability of buses, taxis, and trains.

The city offers a wide range of accommodation options.

Visitors can choose from luxury hotels, cozy guesthouses, and budget-friendly hostels to suit their preferences and budget.

The Pyatigorsk Musical Theater is a cultural gem in the city.

Visitors can enjoy performances ranging from classical ballet to modern plays in this renowned theater.

The city has a rich architectural heritage.

Historic buildings, churches, and monuments reflect various architectural styles, including neoclassical and Russian Revival.

Pyatigorsk is a popular destination for spa treatments.

The numerous wellness centers and sanatoriums offer a range of therapeutic treatments to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.

The city hosts an annual International Jazz Festival.

Music lovers can immerse themselves in the soulful melodies of jazz artists from around the world.

Pyatigorsk has been a popular filming location for Russian movies and TV series.

Its stunning landscapes and architectural landmarks provide a captivating backdrop for cinematic productions.

The city is home to the famous Pyatigorsk State University.

Students from all over Russia and beyond come to Pyatigorsk to pursue higher education in various fields.

Pyatigorsk is a paradise for nature photographers.

The diverse landscapes, picturesque mountains, and stunning sunsets provide endless opportunities for capturing breathtaking photographs.

The city boasts a rich cultural heritage.

The Pyatigorsk Literary Museum and other cultural institutions preserve the works and legacies of renowned Russian writers and poets.

Pyatigorsk is well-connected to major cities in Russia.

There are regular train and bus services that link the city to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other important hubs.

The people of Pyatigorsk are known for their warm hospitality.

Visitors can expect a friendly and welcoming atmosphere when exploring the city and interacting with the locals.

So, there you have it – 40 fascinating facts about Pyatigorsk, a city that offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and wellness experiences. Whether you are seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural enrichment , Pyatigorsk has something to offer every visitor.

Pyatigorsk is a fascinating city with a rich history and a wealth of natural beauty. From its famous healing mineral springs to its stunning landscapes, there is no shortage of reasons to visit this unique destination. Whether you’re interested in exploring the historical sites, rejuvenating at the spa, or immersing yourself in the local culture, Pyatigorsk has something for everyone. Don’t miss the chance to discover all that this hidden gem has to offer.

1. How do I get to Pyatigorsk? Pyatigorsk is well connected by air, train, and road. There are regular flights to the nearby Mineralnye Vody Airport, and the city is also accessible by train from major Russian cities. Additionally, there are several highways that lead to Pyatigorsk, making it easily accessible by car.

2. What is the best time to visit Pyatigorsk? The best time to visit Pyatigorsk is during the summer months of June to September when the weather is pleasant and perfect for outdoor activities. However, each season has its own charm, so it ultimately depends on your preferences.

3. Are there any accommodations available in Pyatigorsk? Yes, Pyatigorsk offers a range of accommodations to suit every budget. From luxury hotels to cozy guesthouses and apartments, you will find plenty of options to choose from.

4. What are some must-visit attractions in Pyatigorsk? Some of the must-visit attractions in Pyatigorsk include the Proval Lake, Mount Mashuk, the Lermontov Gallery, and the Tsvetnik Park. You should also take the opportunity to visit the healing mineral springs that the city is famous for.

5. Is Pyatigorsk a safe city to visit? Yes, Pyatigorsk is generally considered a safe city for tourists. However, it is always important to exercise caution and follow basic safety precautions, just like you would in any other city.

Pyatigorsk's allure extends beyond city limits, enticing travelers to explore nearby wonders. Discover enigmatic Mount Elbrus facts, highest peak in the Caucasus Mountains . Quench your thirst with refreshing Topo Chico mineral water , renowned for its unique nutritional profile. Embark on a journey to Orenburg, another captivating Russian city brimming with historical and cultural treasures.

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