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Boat Warranty – The Complete Guide to getting a boat warranty (Extended Service Contract)

What is a boat warranty, what is covered with an extended service contract, how much does an extended service contract cost, how can i get an extended service contract, how do i file a claim and get reimbursed, what is not covered in an extended service contract, are there any restrictions to get an extended service contract, how and who performs repairs under an extended service contract, is your boat extended service contract transferable, tip: do regular maintenance.

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Buying and owning a boat is a great and fun experience, but it is often not cheap to maintain it. I have been a boat owner for over 20 years, and I still get overwhelmed with repairs. Or sometimes accidents just happen. Once my boat and engines hit a 3-year term or start racking up hours, I’m always facing maintenance repairs.

I was always skeptical about getting a boat warranty thinking it was too costly or that I didn’t need one. But when I finally got a boat warranty, it changed the way I thought about warranty, how it protected my investment, and how I save money in the long run. Keep in mind, even new boats typically only have hull and engine warranties for 1 or 2 years.

To help educate boat owners on boat warranties, this article will cover the basics on boat warranties, what is a boat warranty versus an extended protection plan, the different kinds of boat warranties, and how to easily obtain a boat warranty in a matter of minutes.

Boat Warranty

We all use the word “warranty” in conversations, but an extended boat warranty is technically referred to as extended service contracts or extended protection plan . The technical difference in this terminology is that a “warranty” is a guarantee provided by a manufacturer for a new boat and typically cannot be extended or purchased. The warranty is included with the sale of the boat, engine, or product.

When you are purchasing a warranty to protect your used boat, you are really purchasing an extended service contract to cover your boat and engine.

Another important note, these extended service contracts are not insurance. An extended service contract will not cover damage caused by a hurricane or weather, accidents, or even operator error.

Both terminology “warranty” and “extended service contract” are extremely similar, just think of extended service contracts being protective coverage not by a manufacture, but by a separate company.

The coverage of your service contract really depends on the company you purchase your service contract through. It is important to understand that not all the coverage is created equal. Every contract has coverage limits and exclusions, and it is important to understand what those are prior to purchasing. Extended Service Contracts can be purchased to protect you after your manufacturer’s warranty expires or for those customers purchasing a used boat where no warranty exists.

BoatzonProtect offers three packages for consumers to choose from.

  • Complete Boat – thorough boat and engine coverage
  • Complete Boat & Cabin – thorough boat, engine, and cabin coverage
  • Engine Protection – Engine Only Coverage

For comprehensive coverage details, you can review the specifications here .

In the past, boat or engine extended service pricing has been a bit of mystery or not published on websites. However, we are going to give you some inside knowledge and examples on pricing. Pricing is often determined by the purchase price of a boat and or the engine horsepower. Note, most carriers do not offer coverage for boats over 20 years old. Below are some sample rates with protecting your boat with an extended service contract with BoatzonProtect.

  • Complete Coverage for a boat with a purchase price of $50,000 =
  • Complete Coverage for a boat with a purchase price of $75,000 =
  • Complete Coverage for a boat with a purchase price of $100,000 =
  • Complete Coverage for a boat with a purchase price of $200,000 =
  • Engine only coverage for a 115hp engine =
  • Engine only coverage for a 250hp engine =
  • Engine only coverage for a 300hp engine =

There are a handful of companies that you can get a boat warranty or extended service contract with. Boatzon is the only company that will provide you with real, live rates online and same day activation. A pet peeve of mine is trying to obtain a service and having to fill out a form to be contacted. With Boatzon, you can enter in your information, a few details of your boat, see quotes online, and pay for your boat warranty online. If you have your serial number(s) for your engine and your boat hull identification number (HIN) handy, your boat warranty policy can be active the same day.

Step 1: Visit https://www.Boatzon.com/boat-warranty-quote

Step 2: Enter your personal information and boat information.

Step 3: See your real-time boat or engine warranty quotes.

Step 4: Pay for your desired policy terms. You can choose to pay in full, or monthly payments.

Step 5: Enter your engine serial number(s) and hull identification number to activate your policy.

Step 6: And your boat is protected!

Boatzon makes filing a claim very easy, and it is the first service to offer a nearly 100% online claim process. Below are the steps to submit a claim:

  • Navigate to https://protect.boatzon.com and login.
  • Upload your estimated from a certified shop or provider.
  • Upload your claim photos. An example might be photos of your engine repair needs.
  • Enter your bank account information to get paid or reimbursed.

It is easy to submit a claim and get paid or reimbursed. We put some tips below to help document your claim.

  • Save and include all documentation and receipts.
  • Capture and save photos of damages.
  • Record and save serial numbers from damaged parts.
  • Record and save conversations with technicians for the work performed.

You need to fully understand what is not typically covered in a boat extended service contract. It is important to note that boat warranties or extended service contracts are not boat insurance . Below are examples and instances where you may not be covered or protected.

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Boating Accidents
  • Improper use or negligence of boat storage or operation
  • Typically, warranties do not cover aftermarket parts or customizations, or non-factory repair work on the boat.

It is important to read and review the terms of your extended service contract for your boat or engine, so you fully understand what is covered in the event of a claim. An important tip, some providers require proof of regular boat or engine maintenance.

The biggest restriction on obtaining a boat warranty or extended service contact is the age of the boat or engine. If the boat or engine is over 20 years old, it is going to be very tough or impossible to obtain a service contract. Furthermore, if you find a warranty provider to protect a boat or engine over 20 years old, please review the terms of your contract carefully. The other factor is the purchase price of the boat. If your boat is a 60ft Viking Sportfisherman worth 5 million dollars, and extended service contract provider is not going to be for you.

Boatzon gives you the ability to use any dealer or certified mechanic for your boat or engine repairs.

This is a common question asked, an extended service contract can add resale value to a boat or engine. Because the extended service contract applies to the boat or engine itself and not the original owner, a boat extended service contract is transferable in most cases. However, please read your terms on the extended service contract to be assured that your policy is transferable.

Lastly, just because you get a boat warranty or extended service contract it doesn’t mean you should slack on general maintenance of your boat and engine. Regular maintenance helps prevent small issues from becoming larger problems and increase repair costs.

Additional Links & Information

  • Link to view quotes and obtain an extended protection plan for your boat. Visit https://www.Boatzon.com/boat-warranty-quote
  • Boatzon Protection Introduction Video

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The Top Boat Warranty Basics Every Owner Should Understand

Owning a boat is an exciting experience. However, it can also be an overwhelming one if you aren't sure how to set up your boat warranty. 

It's vital for every boat owner to understand the basics of a boat warranty. This includes how it works, what's covered, and why having coverage is important. 

This blog post will explore seven key points regarding boat warranties. We'll explain everything in a comprehensive way so you can make an informed decision about your boat's coverage.

Boat Warranty Basics Every Owner Should Understand:

1. Benefits of Boat Warranty

One of the main benefits of investing in a boat warranty is the peace of mind it provides. With a warranty, you can access reliable repairs and maintenance if something goes wrong with your boat. Many warranties also include coverage for accidental damage or natural disasters like floods. 

Additionally, many warranties will cover the additional materials or parts required to complete the repair. For example, if your flooring is damaged, the warranty might cover the cost of the new flooring. Finally, some warranties may come with extra services such as emergency assistance and discounts at select marinas and other locations.

2. Boat Warranty Options

Several boat warranty options are available, each offering different levels of protection and coverage. Standard factory warranties usually cover new boats against defects in materials and workmanship for some time. These types of warranties are generally shorter in duration than more comprehensive extended warranties. However, they're still valuable in protecting your investment.

Some manufacturers offer additional coverage like marine insurance or mechanical breakdown insurance to provide an extra level of protection. There are also third-party warranties that can be purchased separately from the manufacturer. Typically, they cover a wider range of repairs for a longer period.

3. Read The Terms and Conditions of Your Boat Warranty

The terms and conditions of a boat warranty can vary, but certain things are standard in all boat warranties. Generally speaking, the terms and conditions will outline what is covered by your contract and any limitations that may apply. 

For example, some warranties may only cover the cost of parts and labor for repairing mechanical issues. However, others may cover more extensive damage due to natural disasters or accidents.

It's important to review all the terms and conditions closely, so you know exactly what your warranty covers. 

Read Next: First-Time Boat Owners Guide

4. How to File a Claim 

When filing a claim on your boat warranty, you must understand your coverage and the process for making a claim. First, you should always read and follow the instructions provided by your vendor or manufacturer for filing a claim. Be sure to include all relevant documentation, such as receipts, photographs of damages, and serial numbers from damaged components.

Also, make sure that you compile all necessary paperwork to ensure that your claim can be processed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, keep records of all conversations with customer service representatives or technicians during the claims process. After submitting your claim, check back periodically for updates on its status. Being organized and patient will help ensure a smoother claims experience overall.

5. Boat Warranty Coverage - What's Not Usually Covered?

Certain damages and repairs are typically not covered, including damages caused by: 

  • Improper use or storage
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Intentional acts of negligence

In addition, most warranties do not cover any non-factory repair work performed on the boat.

It's crucial to review the terms of your warranty carefully so you understand what is covered before filing a claim. Additionally, some manufacturers may impose additional restrictions, such as requiring proof of regular maintenance or adherence to specific installation guidelines. Knowing these details can help you avoid costly surprises later on. 


6. Getting The Best Boat Warranty - How to Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of

When dealing with boat warranty companies, it is essential to do your research. Make sure you understand your coverage, costs, and limitations before agreeing to repair work. If a vendor offers a much lower price than usual for services or replacement parts, it should raise some red flags. 

Be wary of vendors who try to pressure you into making decisions without fully understanding the implications of those choices. Make sure to get a second opinion from an independent expert if something seems off or too good to be true. Lastly, keep detailed records of all conversations and repairs throughout the process to protect yourself in case something goes wrong.

7. Is Your Boat Warranty Transferable?

In most cases, boat warranties are transferable. This is because the warranty applies to the boat itself, not the original owner or purchaser. However, it's essential to check with the manufacturer to confirm this is the case for your particular boat and warranty agreement. Many manufacturers have specific transfer stipulations or offer limited warranties when transferring coverage from one party to another.

8. The Benefits of Regular Maintenance for Boat Warranties

Regular maintenance for boat warranties is essential in getting the most out of your coverage. When done regularly, maintenance helps prevent minor issues from becoming significant, expensive problems. It also helps catch malfunctions before they become too serious to repair. Regular upkeep can also help maintain the value and condition of your boat over time.

Remember that regularly scheduled maintenance can save money on your warranty claims by reducing the number and severity of repairs needed. Routine service appointments are an excellent opportunity to spot potential issues that can be addressed before they lead to larger problems. 

Lastly, make sure you also take a boating safety course and follow regulations when operating your boat. Doing so can help you prevent accidents and minimize potential risks on the water.

9. How Fast Are Claims Processed?

Claim processing times can vary greatly depending on the situation and the insurer. Generally, a claim will be processed faster if it is filed correctly and documentation is received in an organized, timely manner. Claims involving physical damage will often take longer than those dealing with finances due to the need for inspections.

In addition, insurance companies are typically more likely to process claims faster when an agent or other representative is provided. Still, most claims can usually be processed within a few weeks before payment is released.

10. Is Your Boat Warranty Prorated?

A boat warranty is typically prorated, meaning that it covers the repair or replacement of components over a specific period. The amount of coverage decreases as the warranty period progresses, with different levels of coverage for different types of repairs. 

Some warranties may provide full coverage for repairs during the first few years of ownership. However, others may offer only partial coverage in later years due to wear and tear. Remember that the prorated coverage may not extend beyond a few years if your boat is older or custom-made.

11. What Are The Typical Costs Associated With a Boat Warranty?

The typical costs associated with a boat warranty program depend on the age, condition, and type of boat receiving coverage. Most boat warranties come standard with purchasing a new or used vessel. However, these types are usually limited in coverage and duration. The cost of an extended boat warranty may vary widely depending on the manufacturer or provider.

For example, extended warranties that cover more expensive repairs may cost considerably more than a standard warranty. Costs can also increase if additional services, such as maintenance and technical support, are included in the agreement. More comprehensive coverage typically brings higher premiums. However, it could be worth the investment if it helps protect you from expensive repairs.

You can expect to pay around $200-$1,000 for a typical boat warranty, but this can vary depending on the coverage. Ultimately, the cost of a boat warranty should be weighed against the potential for expensive repairs.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to boat warranties, understanding what is covered and how claims are processed can help you avoid costly surprises. Regular maintenance is essential in ensuring the longevity and value of your boat. It can also improve the chances that your warranty claims will be accepted.

Above all else, it is essential to read the fine print of your warranty agreement. With the proper preparation, you can rest assured that your boat is covered and in good condition.

10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Boat Ownership Costs

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New Boat Warranties: How To Work Them in Your Favor

The warranty for a new boat is a lot different than a new car. in most cases a boats rudder and gelcoat arent covered. and when seeking repairs for work that is covered, a buyer often gets caught between a tight-fisted builder and an indifferent dealer. we asked builders, dealers and owners how to ensure that the fine print doesnt turn your love affair into a nightmare..

New construction methods and better raw materials have improved the general quality of boats. A byproduct, at least for some companies, is broader warranty coverage, extended warranty periods, and more aggressive factory support. But as would be expected in any industry, we hear the occasional horror story. To learn more about how new boat buyers are faring with their grand purchases, last fall we asked owners of new boats to complete a brief questionnaire concerning their warranties.

Eighty-eight percent of owners who responded said they ultimately received satisfaction regarding the disposition of warranty claims.

This jibes with what all of the manufacturers interviewed told us, who said Theres always that ten percent who will never be happy. And every manufacturers representative had at least one boat he wished the company hadnt sold.

Claims ranged from major problems with refrigeration units, blistering and failure of autopilots to minor leaks and fading of gelcoat. The most common complaint was the time required to resolve claims because dealers were not responsive or there was foot-dragging by the builder.

What Can Go Wrong: Two Case Histories The process of resolving a warranty claim can be anything from a straightforward, satisfying experience between a manufacturer and boat owner to a nightmare generating acrimony on all sides.

As an example, a boat buyer who lives in Colorado and sails on Rocky Mountain lakes ordered a Seaward 23 from Pollards Landing in Michigan, who had been representing the manufacturer for several years. The manufacturer, which is located in the southeast, has produced nearly 3,000 boats during the past 25 years.

After ordering the boat, the buyer forwarded a two-page letter to the dealer specifying the equipment and options to be installed, receipt of which was acknowledged in writing by the dealer. A copy was sent to the manufacturer. The purchase order indicated three coats of Sikkens (teak oil) on all teak surfaces, and specified that certain gear should be provided by specific manufacturers.

During the final stages of the construction process the buyer visited the factory to inspect the boat. The owner noted that interior bulkheads had been varnished sloppily, but, according to the builder, he requested only some minor repairs and returned home. The buyer made arrangements to have the boat transported; it was delivered two weeks after his trip to the factory.

The shouting began a month later.

In a two-page letter to the manufacturer, the buyer enumerated a laundry list of complaints, including the fact that the interior teak had been covered with three coats of varnish that had not been ordered and, worse, had been sloppily applied. He claimed to have spent 80 hours stripping the varnish and included a bill for $2,711.95 to cover the cost of materials and his labor, calculated at $18.63 per hour.

He also noted that the mast had been damaged during transport; substitutions had been made in boat equipment; and the surface of the hull-keel joint was abraded, so he provided an estimate for fairing at a nearby boatyard.

He followed that letter with a complaint to the Better Business Bureau in the cities of both the manufacturer and the dealer.

Months later, the dealer, builder and customer are still trying to resolve the matter, but in a decidedly chilly atmosphere. Could the breakdown in communications and ensuing conflict have been avoided?

Perhaps. After reviewing voluminous correspondence from all parties, it appeared that each party to the transaction may have erred.

The first line of the manufacturers warranty reads in bold capitalized type: IN THE EVENT YOU HAVE A WARRANTY CLAIM WITH YOUR BOAT, FIRST CONTACT YOUR DEALER.

Had the buyer worked with the dealer, rather than jumping in to perform his own work and forwarding bills for it, perhaps a speedier and more amicable settlement could have been reached. But the sailing season often is short. A recurring theme we heard was the buyers desire to get back on the water quickly, unwilling to wait for the dealer-builder to make a decision concerning the validity of their claim.

Playing by the rules doesn’t always result in a satisfactory conclusion, however, as one unhappy Beneteau owner discovered.

Six months after taking delivery of a new 1994 Oceanis 351 he found significant bubbling on the keel which, he said, was immediately brought to the attention of the dealer. The hull was repaired and repainted.

At the time of the second haulout a year later he discovered that the bubbling had continued, and had expanded over the entire surface of the keel. On the advice of the dealer, who thought the work would be covered by the builders warranty, the keel was refinished at a cost to the owner of $1,200. Both expected the owner to be reimbursed.

He said that the following year several large bubbles were noticed in the fiberglass rudder. They were ground out and repaired at a cost of $323. Several fiberglass voids in the cockpit were repaired by the dealer, but more voids have become apparent and need to be repaired.

When two years passed and the owners claims had not been paid, he wrote directly to Beneteau, only to learn that the companys warranty specifically excludes the keel and rudder (as is the case with most manufacturers!). Apparently the dealer was unaware of the exclusion, or chose not to be the bearer of bad news.

Beneteaus explanation: The manufacturers of the keel coatings do not offer extended warranties on their products, a fact that apparently escaped the attention of the dealer who authorized the repair.

Beneteaus Joe Foss said that the problem with the rudder was attributable to a manufacturing defect. On older boats, the stainless steel rudder shaft was encased in a glass-skinned, foam-filled rudder; the seal where the metal stock enters the fiberglass rudder may fail under extended use in heavy winds and seas, allowing water to invade the core. Beneteau estimates that 3% to 4% of the rudders required a repair. The company now builds rudders with carbon fiber rudder stocks and vacuum bags the rudder during layout to prevent the problem.

After a lengthy delay, the owners $323 fiberglass repair costs were reimbursed by Beneteau, and the company assumed responsibility for repairs to the newly discovered voids.

The owner laments, I had a bad dealer, whose relationship with Beneteau has since been terminated, and got bad advice, but the company is finally responding.

Parties to the Sale During the course of our research, we talked with eight major production boatbuilders: Hunter, Tartan, Sabre, MacGregor, Catalina, Pacific Seacraft and TPI Composites, Inc. We learned that their factories are all operating at or near full capacity, some with order backlogs extending into mid-2000. We also received comments from dozens of owners of boats built by these companies, and the dealers who represent them.

All of the manufacturers provided us with copies of their warranties; some also provided copies of their dealer procedure manual.

For any transaction, the parties are a builder, transportation company, dealer and the buyer.

(J Boats is something of an exception in that the company contracts with TPI Composites to build their products and to handle warranty issues, so J Boats is not directly in the warranty loop. Though Jim Johnstone of J Boats has responsibility for handling service issues within his company, claim resolution is the direct responsibility of Rich Moody, customer service manager at TPI.)

Successful builders factor into their manufacturing costs a reserve for repairs so that there is a fund from which to pay warranty claims.

However, dealers, despite having an implied post-sales responsibility to assist in solving warranty issues, don’t include a reserve for hard costs. Their 15%-20% commissions cover overhead, salesman fees and marketing costs, but not warranty claims. Many good dealers, however, do pay for small items without involving the factory.

In addition to the implied responsibility a dealer assumes when establishing a dealership, their responsibilities are clearly defined in agreements between them and the factory, though, as Sabres Bentley Collins said, its a team deal done in concert with Sabre.

The Beneteau owners manual, for example, includes a section that states your dealer is responsible for providing customer support and parts after you take delivery, and any warranty service under the terms of the limited warranty.

The J Boats dealer agreement contains a similar provision and further states that failure to perform may be a cause for termination of the relationship.

Technically, the warranty process begins when a completed boat leaves a factorys doors and is entrusted to the custody of a transport company. Depending upon the manufacturer, ownership of a new boat may remain with the company until the boat is delivered and accepted by a dealer, who is then obligated to pay for it; or it becomes the dealers property when it is loaded onto a truck.

Therein lies the first opportunity for a warranty claim as the boat may be damaged enroute to the dealer.

Prior to accepting delivery, the first step a dealer is required to take is a careful inspection of both exterior and interior. Builders guidelines also stipulate that dealers are responsible for assuring that hatch seals installed before the boat left the factory are still intact and that parts and equipment have not been stolen or vandalized. Dealers are responsible for double checking shipping documents to confirm that the parts listed in the manifest are actually aboard. One pre-delivery checklist we saw includes inspection of gelcoat, spars, woodwork, floorboards and cleanliness.

Once a dealer accepts the boat, the transport company is no longer liable for damage that may have occurred in transit or for missing parts.

Following delivery, dealers are then expected to follow another checklist during the commissioning process. Beneteaus checklist, for example, is three pages long and has a punch list of 87 items.

Warranty Basics The warranties we reviewed are remarkably similar (see accompanying chart) and are divided into three sections: the General Limited Warranty; a Structural Limited Warranty; and a Limited Warranty covering underwater deterioration or osmotic blistering. Some extend beyond the first purchaser to a second owner if properly registered at the time ownership is transferred, a real advantage when buying a used boat.

The General Limited Warranty provides coverage for the entire vessel and covers hull, deck and cabinetry, exclusive of parts provided by other manufacturers. One warranty that is representative of the industry states: The manufacturer warrants that the vessel will be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve months from the delivery to you by an authorized dealer.

The Structural Warranty states that The stringer systems, structural bulkheads and composite laminates will be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 60 months.

The Extended Warranty against osmotic blistering warrants That gelcoat surfaces of the vessel below the waterline will not blister when the vessel is properly used for a period of 120 months from delivery.

The most dramatic difference between companies is that Catalina and Pacific Seacraft reduce the amount theyll pay for a specific repair in successive years of the warranty. For blisters, Catalina reduces its contribution to the cost of repair by 20% in the second year and 10% more in each succeeding year so that in the last year of the warranty it pays only 50% of the total cost.

Beneteaus warranty was an exception. It does not contain a specific section covering blisters, nor do the words osmotic blistering appear in the document. Joe Foss, Beneteaus service manager, told us that blister coverage is implied in the General Warranty.

MacGregor Yachts has the simplest warranty we read; it is only 52 words in length and states that the company will repair or replace any sailboat part or sailboat equipment manufactured by MacGregor which is proven to MacGregors satisfaction to be defective…

Though all of the companies have a staff person at the factory who coordinates warranty work, all expect the dealer to be their prime contact. Some authorize dealers to personally solve problems costing less than $200 to $250, for which the builder will reimburse them.

Beyond that limit, claims must be pre-approved by the manufacturer, which provides dealers with a clearly stated procedure to follow.

Most builders say they attempt to process claims within 24 hours of receipt. But when major claims for structural work are at issue-amounts in excess of about $1,000-rest assured that a senior officer of the company will be involved in its resolution. And it could take longer.

If you own a boat produced by Catalina, don’t be surprised to find yourself on the receiving end of a telephone call from Frank Butler, president of the company, as Tod Herrick learned when he filed a warranty claim for his 1994 Catalina.

My first problem occurred when I was 100 miles from home on a Chesapeake vacation and the freshwater pump failed. The water tank hadnt been cleaned of fiberglass shavings at the factory and the dust eventually burned out the motor, he told PS.

Unable to find a replacement part while on his journey, it was eventually replaced by the dealer in Annapolis after Herrick and his family spent several dry days in sweltering July temperatures.

Then, when we hauled the boat that fall I discovered orange peeling on the bottom, and thats when the difficulties occurred, he continued.

The dealers service manager said, Cant be. Thats a new boat, and refused to travel an hour to inspect the boat. He blamed the paint.

Herrick filed a warranty claim and started a paper trail; he was surprised when Butler called out of the blue.

He became involved in the process, reviewed photos we provided and eventually authorized a $3,600 payment for the repair. I was satisfied with the outcome, but it took too long, he said.

Exclusions As with insurance contracts, the most important section of a warranty is often the list of excluded items. In our survey, we found that most companies have the same exclusions. Typical exclusions are for gelcoat (because of its natural porosity and tendency to fade), wood surfaces, upholstery, and parts not manufactured by the builder. As it turns out, this last category can include a lot of stuff such as engine, winches, cleats, portlights, etc.

In all warranties, one of the most severe exclusions are the costs of transporting the boat to the dealer or to the factory, if necessary, and for haulouts, launching or storage while processing a claim under the warranty.

We expect owners to have warranty repairs made at the time of annual haulouts, Butler told us, a sentiment echoed by most other builders. What builders are trying to avoid is the cost of an extra haulout.

Most manufacturers include in their warranty registration packet a list of suppliers of the boats gear (electronics, engine and winches, for example) with toll-free telephone numbers of service facilities. If there is a problem with any of this gear most warranty procedures still direct you to the dealer first, but you may be asked to resolve the problem with the supplier directly.

However, resolving problems with suppliers are often more complicated, as we learned from Bentley Collins of Sabre Yachts.

In a Sabre you might have a Yanmar engine coupled to a shaft supplied by Essex Machine Works driving a propeller made by Michigan Wheel. The shaft passes through a dripless seal made by PSS. So, theres vibration in the running gear, whos responsible?

When the bilge pump fails during the warranty period we secure a replacement and often supervise and pay for its installation, though were technically not responsible for that, Beneteaus Joe Foss said.

What Builders and Dealers Say Builders and dealers agree that problems fall into three major areas:

1. Owners who don’t read or fully comprehend their warranties or who don’t follow established procedures. This, say the builders, too often results in them facing unapproved repair bills that are substantially higher than necessary.

Our biggest problem is with owners who discover problems, pay retail prices to have them repaired, and then send us the bill, expecting full payment, said Tim Jackett of Tartan Yachts. When we and our dealer are involved in the process we can typically negotiate yard labor rates that are lower than the customer will pay.

TPIs Rich Moody said, The reason for our procedure is that, since we built the boat, we typically know how to diagnose a problem better than a boatyard, and can develop a solution. I can walk into our shop, talk to the person responsible for the failure, and come up with a remedy. A boatyard not familiar with the repairs can make a simple solution more complicated.

A warranty issue involving Bob Knott, a homicide investigator and new owner of a Hunter 380, illustrates Moodys point.

Before we took delivery of our boat we discovered that the floorboards (a total of 15 pieces) didnt fit the boat properly and the grooves were not in straight lines, he said. They looked like an improperly completed jigsaw puzzle.

The dealers suggestion was to remove the boards, recut some so they fit, and build new sections. Hunters response was to fly up the person who has built their floors for the last 18 years. He removed board #1, which was off 1/4 inch, and reinstalled the other 14 and the fit is perfect. While he was at it, he spent two days repairing other items I had on my punch list, Knott said.

Catalinas warranty specifically stipulates that repairs will be based on Catalinas standard hourly warranty labor rate, which varies by region but is less than retail rates charged consumers.

Thats why it is important to work with the dealer to resolve the problem, Butler said.

2. Lack of a nationwide network of service providers. Unlike automakers, most boatbuilders have a limited number of dealers. Many owners are located miles from their dealer and are at a major disadvantage when warranty work arises.

In that type of situation, we send our technician to the boat, Catalinas Butler said.

An owner isolated from his dealer said, Don Kohlmann (president of Pacific Seacraft) flew to Texas with a new boom for my boat.

My refrigerator was repaired ten times and still didnt perform properly. Hunter finally flew a technician out from Florida who completely replaced the system, the owner of a Hunter 410 related.

Karl Schmitt in Missouri,who purchased a MacGregor 26 in 1990, told us: Shortly after buying the boat I discovered what I thought were blisters in the cockpit, he said. When I popped them I discovered there was water under the gelcoat and the gelcoat and fiberglass had not bonded.

Subsequently, he found a series of long cracks and crazing in other areas of the cockpit. Since he had been orphaned when his dealer relocated to Florida, he filed the claim with MacGregor; after a lengthy delay he was instructed to secure an estimate for repairs from a local yard.

We had photos of what appeared to be gelcoat crazing; a minor problem, Roger MacGregor said of his companys action.

Unhappy with MacGregors position, the disgruntled owner eventually paid for a survey that indicated the boat suffered severe structural damage and was irrepairable. Schmitt feared for the ultimate resale value of the boat.

We knew the surveyor was nuts, MacGregor said. But we didnt have a yard in the area competent to effect the repair.

Eventually, Schmitt threatened legal action unless the company provided him with a new boat. MacGregor yielded and the damaged boat was returned to the factory.

We made a mistake, MacGregor admitted. He was more right about the problem than I thought, but we couldnt tell that from the photos and didnt have a local repair facility we felt was competent.

Schmitt is still sailing the replacement, and says Im totally satisfied with the boat and the company.

MacGregor said, We repaired the boat in a day, resold it, and its new owner is totally satisfied.

3. Dealers who don’t provide the post sales service to which a buyer is entitled. Owners agree. When we asked members of several owners associations to identify the biggest failure in the warranty system, the resounding reply was that dealers tend to shrug off problems.

The fact is, there are some good dealers and some bad and knowing the difference before buying isn’t easy.

When a dealership owns its own yard and has a service staff, however, at least it has the ability to perform repairs (whether he does or not is another matter). But if the dealer has to negotiate with independent contractors, the situation can become more complex.

When asked for advice on how to choose a reputable dealer, Bentley Collins said, My advice is to get referrals from other owners and to contact the builder directly.

Conclusions Based on the results of our survey, and from manufacturers comments, you have a one in 10 chance of having an unsatisfactory experience attempting to resolve warranty problems. Here are some tips to improve your odds:

Do not perform work yourself or have an unauthorized yard perform the work and then expect the builder to reimburse you. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to wait for the builder to take action, be prepared to accept the consequences.

Because its easy to obtain copies of a builders warranty, read the paperwork before a boat purchase or loan arrangement is consummated.

If you assume financial responsibility for the boat when the dealer accepts it, request an opportunity to review the checklist with him before completing the purchase. Better yet, withhold some percentage of the purchase price until commissioning is completed, youve inspected all of the systems and done a sea trial with the dealer.

Follow the same procedure with the commissioning checklist and review every item with the dealer before accepting delivery.

Determine in advance what procedures have been established to effect repairs. For example, will the dealer perform the work or will it be subcontracted?

For the builders part, we think the industry certainly could improve its customer satisfaction ratings by changing elements of its warranties.

Most troubling are the exclusions of parts not manufactured by the builder. Beneteaus refusal to accept responsibiliy for keel coatings seems to us ludicrous. If paint isn’t covered, does that mean that the resin and fibers used to make the hull are excluded, too? Of course not! It seems to us that a buyer should reasonably expect that the builder is responsible for any and all basic materials used in construction, including keel coatings.

And what of hardware such as cleats or mast fittings?

When an electric window on our Chevy failed, the local dealer replaced the motor under warranty and sent us out the door two hours later. We werent required to deal with whomever manufactured or sold the motor to General Motors.

We think its the builders responsibility to make it right for his customer. If he has to put out money to do this, then he should seek reimbursement from the supplier. After all, a yacht is a luxury item, costing far more than most cars. Buyers neither expect nor want to be burdened with the job of haggling with the builders vendors for replacement parts covered under warranty. How about adding a sentence that reads: The manufacturer warrants that it will bear the expense of replacing and installing any equipment that fails, provided that the equipment was installed by the manufacturer during the boats construction and is still under its warranty period.

When warranty work is necessary below the waterline that is related to safety or necessary for operation, we don’t think it should be delayed until the time of a regular annual haulout, unless that suits the owner. Because a summer cruise or race may be of paramount importance to an owner, a key to keeping him happy is enabling him to keep commitments.

On the other hand, postponing non-critical below-the-waterline work seems reasonable.

Other problems should be repaired as they occur.

Lastly, because hull blistering is such a concern, and so costly to repair, we prefer specific language in the warranty that covers the condition to general statements about freedom from defects.

When all of the parties to the purchase agreement-builder, dealer and purchaser-accept responsibility for their roles in the sale and purchase of a yacht, problems are few.

When they don’t, everyone loses-customers remain unsatisfied, reputations are damaged, and the only winners are the attorneys.


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boats and yachts warranty

All boats purchased from YACHTS.CO have different warranties depending on how they were bought, whether New, Brokerage or From Stock please read the below guide to check information regarding warranties and warranty procedures. If, having read through this and the below guide, you are unsure whether something is covered by warranty then please contact us BEFORE having any work carried out to the boat

Firstly, please note:

  • The majority of boats we sell are brokerage, if your boat was bought from us on brokerage, then you have no warranty unless remaining manufacturers warranties apply which can be invoked directly with the manufacturer. 
  • If your boat is new then it is covered by manufacturers warranties for at least 12 months against all manufacturing defects.
  • If your boat is used and bought from YACHTS.CO owned stock (as opposed to brokerage), it may still be covered by manufacturer’s warranty.  If not, then YACHTS.CO covers the engine and drive against major mechanical failure in the first 3 months.  Please check with us at the time of purchase whether manufacturers or YACHTS.CO warranty applies.  The warranty on a used vessel does not cover any electrical or navigation items including batteries. The cover starts from the date on your invoice, unless otherwise agreed at time of purchase.
  • Warranty does not cover serviceable items or wearing parts, i.e. filters, belts, impellers, props, starter motors, batteries etc.  No warranties, whether manufacturers or YACHTS.CO, cover any lifting or travelling costs.  All warranties are given on a “return to dealer / manufacturer” basis.
  • If the defect is found to be due to operator fault, wear and tear, or is a serviceable part then you will be subject to parts and labour charge.
  • All warranty work must be instructed by YACHTS.CO. We will not pay any unauthorised charges so please do not instruct any work to be carried out on the boat or engine without our consent.
  • Any faults noted to the buyer as apparent on Sea-Trial or Survey by either YACHTS.CO or the buyers Surveyor before acceptance of the vessel are excluded from the warranty these being accepted faults unless it otherwise agreed in writing that the Vendor or YACHTS.CO will fix the specific issues.
  • All engine manufacturers warranties on engines in excess of twelve months old are dependent on correct and timely servicing being carried out by official outlets, so please make sure that you only use approved dealers and have your book stamped each time or claims will be rejected by the manufacturer.  In this case then there is no recourse to YACHTS.CO for any work required which would otherwise have been covered.

What you need to do next.

Contact us either by Email or Phone where we will need full details of the date of purchase, the nature of the problem and the location of the boat. On receipt of this information we will assess whether your boat is covered. We may call you to discuss the claim with any questions we/you may have.

We will confirm what is and is not covered and we will then normally either:

  • Send a technician to the vessel and correct the fault in a timely manner (normally within 21 days)
  • Ask you to get two quotes from local firms to rectify the faults
  • Ask you to return the boat to our address where we will carry out the repairs


We will carry out the work or arrange for it to be carried out on our behalf.

Please do not forget to attach a copy of your original invoice and all service history when posting your claim and remember please do not authorise any works without our permission first otherwise we will not be able to settle the invoice.


If you bought the boat on brokerage then, subject to it having been well maintained and recently serviced you’ll be able to purchase a third party warranty should you want to.

Hopefully you shouldn’t need a warranty policy but its good to know that you’re covered! YACHTS.CO are working with Boats & Yachts Warranty, the marine industries leading extended warranty provider.

Make Sure you’re Protected

Although boating is fun for you and your family, it takes place in an environment that is hard on your craft. A salty atmosphere, rough seas, heavy engine loads and pressures etc. can all take their toll on your vessel, the engines, and its components. For this reason the Boats & Yachts Warranty extended Warranty Plans an essential investment and YACHTS.co is pleased to be able to offer it to the market to support any boat you purchase with us as an optional extra.

Why do I need a Boats & Yachts Warranty? 

Your craft is likely to be one of the largest investments you’ll make in your life, so why leave it without mechanical breakdown protection?

Every year 1,000’s of owners are left unprotected when their craft manufacturer’s warranty expires leaving them vulnerable to unexpected repair bills.

Most new boats and yachts come with a hull and engine warranty for 1 or 2 years; our extended Warranty Plans will prolong the coverage of your engine and systems for up to 20 years. Pre-owned crafts, on the other hand, are generally sold “as is”. Boats & Yachts Warranty extended Warranty Plans add a layer of protection to your purchase and give you that added peace of mind when buying a pre-owned craft.

Modern vessels are complex and expensive to fix if anything goes wrong, the high labour charges alone can be crippling.

Protection throughout Europe 

Boats & Yachts Warranty give you complete protection if your craft breaks down anywhere throughout Europe.

No other warranty company covers more of your vessel, plus, their Warranty Plans includes up to of £750 for the actual cost of Hoist/Haul-Out and storage, to facilitate diagnosis or repairs as standard.

Don’t let a costly repair ruin your boating; make sure you’re covered today.

If you’d like to find out more about the new boat warranty and commissioning process then click here!

+44 (0) 3300 101 101

What's Covered

Coverage for all types of boats and yachts.

Our Warranty Plans are designed to pay for repair costs, or the replacement costs, of any covered components that have suffered breakdown during the warranty period, whilst your boat or yacht is within the geographical limits specified in your Warranty Plan.

Subject to this, you are covered up to the single and aggregate repair limits as stated on your Warranty Schedule.

Peace of Mind

Whenever your craft requires repairing, you can sit back knowing you will have no expensive repair bills to pay, or complicated repair forms to fill out.

Hassle-Free Claims

All claims are paid directly to the dealership or repair facility of your choice within the geographical limits.

Hoist / Haul-Out & Storage

All Warranty Plans pay up to $750 for the actual cost of Hoist/Haul-Out and storage to facilitate diagnostics or repairs.

Transferable Warranty

Warranty Plans may be transferred to a subsequent private purchaser at the time of your craft sale.

Renewable Warranty Plans

You may renew your craft warranty for as long as you own the craft, subject to age and engine hours.

An extended warranty may seem like an unnecessary cost but the startling truth is that it only takes one expensive system or component to fail in your craft to make an extended warranty worth every cent.

Make Sure You're Covered... Today...

Click for more about inboard engine cover

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Boats and Yachts Warranty

+44 (0) 3300 101 101

At Boats & Yachts Warranty we understand that sometimes it's easier to speak with someone directly, that's why our customer service representatives are always ready to assist you.

Call us anytime, we're available 24/7 365 days a year. 

Tel: +44 (0) 3300 101 101

Or alternately if you wish to make an enquiry online or simply send a comment, please feel free to fill in the form below then press submit and we will endevour to respond as quickly as possible.

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boats and yachts warranty

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trawler yacht usato

SYS Yacht Sales - New and Used Boats and Yachts or Sale

Used Trawler Yachts for Sale

Trawler yachts have a full-displacement hull and feature a similar design as small commercial fishing boats. Known for their sea keeping ability, Trawlers are capable of making long-ocean passages to more remote locales and have a typical hull speed of 7-10 knots. They provide accommodations for extended living aboard and vary in their interior space and amenities. SYS Yacht Sales offers used Trawler yachts for sale worldwide, including aft cabin trawlers, sedan trawlers, fishing trawlers and much more. Don't see the vessel you're looking for here? Contact our experienced yacht brokers for assistance, we look forward to helping you find the yacht that's right for you.

2024 126' Inace Yachts-Explorer Fortaleza, BR

Inace Yachts Explorer


Numarine 37XP Hull No 20

2024 121' Van der Valk-Explorer 37M FL, US

Van der Valk Explorer 37M

2015 120' 9'' Van der Valk-37M Explorer Malaga, ES-MA, ES

Van der Valk 37M Explorer

Santa maria t.

2024 120' Inace Yachts-Overing Fortaleza, BR

Inace Yachts Overing

2023 112' 11'' Benetti-34M OASIS Miami, FL, US

Benetti 34M OASIS

1990 110' Cheoy Lee-110 Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Cheoy Lee 110

2024 107' 1'' Lynx-Adventure 32 Nijkerk, NL

Lynx Adventure 32

Adventure 32 #1.

2024 107' 1'' Numarine-32XP Hull No 20 Istanbul, TR

Numarine 32XP Hull No 20

2025 100' All Ocean Yachts-Tri-Deck Explorer Yacht US

All Ocean Yachts Tri-Deck Explorer Yacht

All ocean yachts 100' steel or fiberglass.

2010 98' 5'' Ses Yachts-100 Aegean, TR

Ses Yachts 100

2021 98' 5'' Blaundus-V30 Bodrum, TR

Blaundus V30

1979 98' 5'' Custom-Tug Roma, IT

Mave Barbara

2006 98' Inace-2006 Savannah, GA, US

Nomad 95 SUV

2023 90' Carboyacht-90 Istanbul, TR

Carboyacht 90

1996 90' ABD Aluminum-Enclosed pilothouse Harbour Island, BS

ABD Aluminum Enclosed pilothouse

2021 87' 3'' Explorer-LOYD 27 Yacht Support Istanbul, TR

Explorer LOYD 27 Yacht Support

1985 87' Doggersbank-Kuipers Vripack Saint Petersburg, FL, US

Doggersbank Kuipers Vripack

2024 86' 11'' Custom-27m Trawler Muğla, TR

Custom 27m Trawler

1986 86' Stephens-Enclosed Pilothouse MY Palmetto, FL, US

Stephens Enclosed Pilothouse MY

1999 85' 4'' Inace-86 Tarragona, ES

Numarine 26XP Hull No 28

2022 84' 4'' Mural Yachts-85 Semi Displacement Trawler Muğla, TR

Mural Yachts 85 Semi Displacement Trawler

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Top 15 Trawlers for 2023

  • By Patrick Sciacca
  • October 13, 2023

For every shoe, there’s a foot, and for every boating enthusiast, there’s a yacht. For those individuals who like to cruise their yachts across blue water, spend months on board or voyage to remote beaches and quiet coves, a trawler yacht is the go-to vessel choice. But even within this yacht genre, there are many options. For example, there are some mighty midsize trawlers that are easily capable of transatlantic crossings for an adventurous couple, and then there are megayacht-size craft with next-level amenities that require extra crew. Some trawler-yacht builders offer significant customization and others work from a fixed options list. There are single-engine trawlers and twin-engine trawlers. One thing that is common is that these trawler yachts are designed from the ground up for yachtsmen with wanderlust in their hearts.

Top Trawlers 

The following 15 trawlers are all vessels we’ve written about. They are listed in no particular order.

  • Nordhavn 96 : Built for an owner who desired to self-sufficiently while cruising the world, literally.
  • Beneteau Grand Trawler 62 : This trawler can travel nonstop for 1,000 nautical miles.
  • Kadey-Krogen 52 : This twin-engine-capable, all-oceans trawler is a solid fit for voyaging cruising couples.
  • Bering Yachts B76 : The B76 is the builder’s first fully custom trawler in this size range.
  • Ranger Tugs R-43 Command Bridge : This vessel is equally comfortable at a 7-knot stroll or an 18-knot jog.
  • Beneteau 48 Swift Trawler : Based on the builder’s Swift Trawler 47, this yacht has a resin-infused fiberglass hull.
  • Kadey-Krogen 50 Open : The 50 Open can cruise at 6 knots nonstop for 5,000 nautical miles.
  • Outer Reef 620 Trident : It has a three-stateroom layout and optional 600 hp Cummins diesels.
  • Grand Banks 60 Skylounge : This yacht is efficient across a variety of cruising speeds.
  • Krogen Express 52 : Headroom to spare, two staterooms, a chef-ready galley and long range define this trawler yacht.
  • Grand Banks 85 Skylounge : Grand Banks’ V-warp hull form makes for a level running attitude, seakindliness and long range.
  • Vicem Yachts 82 Classic : Construction is in cold-molded, strip-planked mahogany with epoxy.
  • Outer Reef 610 Motoryacht : Power on this Outer Reef is a pair of 500 hp John Deere 6090 diesels.
  • Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot : Did someone say this is a 20-knot Nordhavn?
  • Marlow 58E : A high level of customization and admirable performance are at the heart of the Marlow 58E.

Nordhavn 96

The Nordhavn 96 is the yacht builder’s second-largest yacht its 17-model fleet, which ranges from 41 to 120 feet length overall. (There is a new 112 on the drawing table.) The builder says the N96 is based on its earlier 86-footer with a 10-foot cockpit extension, which increases both main-deck, skylounge and below-deck volume. The N96 we reviewed was built by an owner who previously had an 86-foot Nordhavn, but with his plans for extended cruises to remote destinations, the 96 was the right size for his voyaging plans. In fact, since the owner took delivery of the boat, it has been on a continuous circumnavigation.

Quick Specifications

Beneteau Grand Trawler 62

Beneteau’s Grand Trawler 62 has 1,000-plus-mile range and 20-knot speed with twin 730 hp i6 MAN diesels . The Grand Trawler 62 is the builder’s flagship in its Trawler series, which also includes the Swift Trawler 35 , Swift Trawler 41 Sedan ,  Swift Trawler 41 Fly and Swift Trawler 48 . Small touches set the Beneteau Grand Trawler 62 apart. They include sea rails on all lockers to keep stowed food and gear in place, leather-wrapped interior handrails for security in a seaway, and leather drawer pulls like those found on larger yachts. Long-range cruising accommodations include a full-beam master stateroom aft, a forepeak VIP and twin-berth guest stateroom. A Quick X3 gyrostabilizer helps mitigate any potential rocking and rolling on rough days.

Kadey-Krogen 52

The Kadey-Krogen 52 is the trawler-yacht builder’s smallest offering in its raised-pilothouse series, complete with a Portuguese Bridge. Owners can choose from either a two- or three-stateroom layout, and between a single-diesel engine or twin-diesel engines, for owners seeking redundancy. The standard engine is a 231 hp John Deere diesel. With the single-engine setup, draft is 5’5” and with twins it’s a shallower 4’6”. At 6 knots, range is an ocean-crossing 4,850 nautical miles. At 7 knots, it’s 3,300 nm. At 9 knots, it 1,700 nm. The builder states, “The entire Krogen 52 is built from only three molded pieces for maximized structural integrity. There are no additional secondary bonds or caulk joints that can inevitably cause issues. All deck and superstructures are cored and vacuum-bagged to maximize strength while minimizing weight.” Additionally, six longitudinal stringers enhance overall strength.

Bering Yachts B76

Lemanja  is the first custom boat that Bering has built in this size range. The yacht is notable for its steel hull and aluminum superstructure, and for its 4,000-nautical-mile-plus range with its twin 404 hp Cummins QSL9 diesel engines. As rugged as the Bering 76 is built on the outside, it also offers homelike comforts in its skylounge inside, offering panoramic views out large windows surrounding the space. Sole-to-ceiling glass offers similar views in the open-plan salon. Accommodations are fox six guests in three staterooms with a master stateroom and two guest staterooms, plus crew accommodations. In addition to its traditional diesel engines, the B76 has a solar-rechargeable battery bank for hybrid propulsion.

Ranger Tugs R-43 Command Bridge

The Ranger Tugs R-43 Command Bridge is a long-distance cruiser with creature comforts. Our expert found the R-43 Command Bridge to be a solid candidate to cruise The Great Loop . We agree. Twin Volvo Penta IPS450 pod drives give the boat efficient low and high cruise speeds at 7 and 18 knots, respectively. For those that have work during their cruise, the R-43 Command bridge’s master stateroom is set up with an office with a desk. Long trips require extra stowage and a way to clean salty clothes, so on the R-43 Command Bridge there is a washer, dryer, auxiliary refrigerator/freezer and stowage under the dinette, which rises on electric rams. Voyagers who buy a R-43 Commander Bridge can opt for a Factory Delivery Experience, which is three days of instruction on Puget Sound, and includes in boat systems, handling and maintenance.

Beneteau Swift Trawler 48

The Beneteau Swift Trawler 48 has a 1,300-nautical-mile range at 8 knots, but can also speed away at 26 knots if the weather goes south in a hurry. Based on the builder’s 47-footer , the three-stateroom, two-head Swift Trawler 48 has a resin-infused fiberglass hull. Power is a pair of 425 hp Cummins diesels. The main-deck layout includes a galley aft setup, which is accessible to the cockpit. There, the seating and dining area can be fully enclosed, with tracks in place for side curtains. The helmsman is kept comfortable on long passages with a bolstered, pedestal bucket-style seat with a flip-up footrest. The Swift Trawler 48 we reviewed had upgraded 12-inch Raymarine HybridTouch displays (9-inch screens are standard).

Kadey-Krogen 50 Open

Designed for serious extended cruising,  Kadey-Krogen Yachts 50 Open provides owners with amenities that will enhance those longer passages. The galley is fitted with a Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer, a four-burner Wolf range, a microwave and an optional dishwasher. Unlike in many trawlers and their traditional pilothouse design, the galley is located on the same level as the helm and salon. Belowdecks is the master stateroom amidships with two hanging lockers, 12 cabinets, additional drawers for stowage and an en suite head, shower and two sinks. Forward of the master is an office. The 50 Open’s hull has soft chines and a curved after end, much like the characteristics of a sailboat built for cruising. The result is an efficient hull form that provides a gentle landing into troughs when the sea gets a temper. This trawler can cruise at 6 knots for 5,000 nautical miles; 7 knots for 3,000 nautical miles; 8 knots for 2,100 nautical miles; and 9 knots for 1,200 nautical miles.

Outer Reef 620 Trident

Outer Reef Yachts 620 Trident delivers a three-stateroom layout and optional 600 hp Cummins diesels that allow this vessel to approach a top hop of 21 knots. Cruising speed is a little over 16 knots, burning about 34 gallons of fuel per hour at 2,750 rpm. The amidships master stateroom has 6-foot-8-inch headroom, a walk-in closet and a shower enclosed in smoked glass. In the forepeak VIP stateroom, there are seven drawers, a hanging locker, a 31-inch Samsung TV and 7-foot headroom. The portside guest stateroom can convert to an office, too. The aft galley has a U-shape countertop, a three-burner electric cooktop, a Bosch microwave and a Vitrifrigo refrigerator and freezer. Cherry, walnut and oak are the available wood options.

Grand Banks 60 Skylounge

It’s obvious after a quick peek inside the Grand Banks 60 Skylounge that the  Grand Banks Yachts  trademark external DNA is retained. The deck, cabin house and skylounge are all composed of infused carbon fiber, reducing weight aloft and creating a lower center of gravity. With twin 900 hp Volvo Penta D13 diesels , the 60 Skylounge can accelerate to 31 knots and cruise at about 25 knots. The 60 Skylounge can also travel up to 2,000 nautical miles at 10 knots on a 1,530-gallon fuel tank. Twin 1,000 hp Volvo Penta IPS1200s are also available.

Krogen Express 52

The Krogen Express 52 runs on twin 440 hp Yanmar diesels and can cruise at 8 knots for 1,680 nautical miles or at 16 knots for 500 nautical miles. Top hop:  22 knots. In the interior,  Krogen Express  has outfitted the 52 with a master stateroom and a guest stateroom. The former has a queen island berth, more than 7-foot headroom, hanging lockers and smaller cubbies to port and to starboard, and an en suite head with a molded fiberglass shower stall with a seat, a VacuFlush toilet and a granite countertop. A power lift elevates the berth and grants access to more stowage underneath. The Krogen Express 52’s salon has a 26-inch HD LED TV and a home-theater system, leather Stressless chairs to port and a built-in, L-shape settee to starboard. The galley boasts granite countertops, a three-burner Force 10 propane range with an oven, a refrigerator, a GE microwave oven, a deep Elkay sink and a pullout sprayer faucet. There is a Buff Ultraleather Stidd helm seat for extra comfort during long runs.

Grand Banks 85 Skylounge

The Grand Banks 85 Skylounge comes in at more than 87 feet length overall and displaces 108,000 pounds, with a 22-plus-foot beam and an air draft of just under 26 feet. Owners can choose either a three- or four-stateroom layout. The standard motors are twin 1,000 hp Volvo Penta IPS diesels, twin 1,300 hp MAN straight-shaft diesels are optional. With the larger engines, owners can also choose an optional stern thruster, in addition to the standard bow thruster. With the IPS diesels, top speed is 26.5 knots and fuel burn is 100 gallons per hour, resulting in a range of 699 nautical miles. At a 21-knot cruise speed, fuel consumption drops to 57 gph, and range climbs to 972 nm. At a 9-knot jog, fuel burn falls to 9 gph, and the Grand Banks 85 Skylounge can cruise nonstop for about 2,500 nautical miles.

Vicem 82 Classic Flybridge

The Vicem 82 Classic is a flybridge model built in cold-molded mahogany, which creates a stout hull form with reduced weight. The yacht is notable for its timeless Downeast lines and strong joiner work. For cruising enthusiasts, the Classic 82 Flybridge is powered with twin 900 hp Volvo Penta D13 diesels . The yacht has a top-end speed of 17.8 knots, and the cruising speed is 15 knots. At 9 knots, and considering a 10-percent fuel reserve, range is reportedly 1,100 nautical miles.  Accommodations three en-suite-equipped staterooms. The master stateroom is full-beam and amidships with a king-size berth is on centerline. The starboard-side guest stateroom and a forepeak VIP each have queen-size berths.

Outer Reef 610 Motoryacht

Built for an enthusiastic cruising couple after a three-year boat search, the Outer Reef Yachts 610 Motoryacht (part of the builder’s Classic series ), was customized with a fore-and-aft berth in the owners’ stateroom (as in, not athwartships), and berths rather than bunks in the smaller of two guest staterooms. This Outer Reef 610 was designed to be used as a liveaboard vessel, so the salon is not set up for dining (there are tables in the pilothouse, on the aft deck and on the bridge). A pair of swivel chairs in the salon face the built-in couch and the pop-up TV to port. The 610 is built with hand-laid fiberglass, PVC coring above the waterline, resin infusion and a vinylester barrier coat against osmosis. Power is twin 500 hp John Deere 6090 diesels turning ZF transmissions . The 610 tops out at about 13.5 knots with full tanks and 21 people aboard. The engines burn 20 gph at 1,800 rpm for 11 knots at 45 percent engine load. Those numbers should allow it to cross oceans without shortening engine life.

Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot

Nordhavn has long been known for its stout circumnavigation -capable craft, and the Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot carries on the the tradition of a beefy build with addition of…speed. Twenty-knots-plus, actually. Twin 715 hp Cummins diesel inboards and a new semidisplacement hull form  are said to be key to the performance equation. The Nordhavn 59CP has a 777-nautical-mile range at a 9.3-knot cruise, and a 255-nm range at its 20.3-knot top-end. Construction is a solid fiberglass hull bottom supported by full-length longitudinal stringers and a series of transversal supports for added backbone. High freeboard should keep the decks dry in a seaway, while rails keep the crew secure during transits. Nordhavn says the 59CP has a “CE category A unlimited offshore rating, ensuring the vessel has the seakeeping and strength capabilities to take on most serious coastal cruises up to 1,000 miles.”

Marlow Yachts 58E

Following on the successful Marlow 57 , the Marlow 58E was started from scratch on a blank sheet of paper. The essence of the 58E is that it has better performance and more internal and external volume than her predecessor. The centerline length grew 10 inches over the 57, but the waterline length increased 16 inches and the beam widened 4 inches. If you were to examine the two boats out of the water, you would see more bell-shaped forward sections making for a soft impact with the vee’d portion. Power options start with twin 575 hp Caterpillar C9 diesels, but the 58E we got aboard had beefier twin 1,015 hp Caterpillar C18 diesels. Top speed: 27.9 knots. At 8 knots, the Marlow 58E can cruise nonstop for 1,400 nautical miles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a trawler yacht?

A true trawler typically has a full-displacement hull form and robust construction to handle open-water operation, and it’s designed to operate self-sufficiently for long periods of time. They are slow-cruising vessels, but over the years, hybrid yachts called fast trawlers have emerged to offer displacement-speed operation as well as the ability to run at planing speeds when desired.

What is a full-displacement hull form?

A displacement-hull form is known is for its rounded nature and deep draft. Full-displacement vessels do not plane on the water, but rather push through the water. This hull design makes displacement-hull vessels incredibly seakindly, but it also makes them relatively slow (think 5, 6, 7, 8 knots) when compared to semidisplacement- and planning-hull designs.

Is a long-range cruiser the same as a trawler?

While all trawlers are certainly long-range cruisers, not all long-range cruisers are trawlers. True trawlers will have full-displacement hull designs and not all long-range cruisers have them.

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New Shipyards for Sirena and Sunreef

Tankoa introduces 230-foot milano, new flagship for bering yachts: the b165, power catamaran popularity rising, azimut yachts 50 fly for sale, lowrance unveils the eagle, for sale: 2005 grand banks 49 eastbay hx, for sale: 2006 marlow 72e long range cruiser.

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60 feet Trawlers for Sale

Discover the world of luxury and adventure with our exquisite selection of 60-foot trawler yachts for sale. These magnificent vessels are designed to offer unparalleled comfort and style while navigating the open seas. Built with state-of-the-art materials and innovative engineering, they boast exceptional fuel efficiency and remarkable stability, ensuring long-range cruising capabilities for the most ambitious voyagers. Featuring spacious living quarters, modern amenities, and sophisticated navigational systems, these yachts cater to the discerning buyer who seeks the perfect blend of form and function. Embark on a journey of discovery and indulge in the ultimate maritime experience aboard your dream 60-foot trawler yacht.

Used 60 feet Trawlers Sale

19.04m | Nordhavn | 2018

18.89m | Beneteau | 2023


18.89m | Beneteau | 2022

17.67m | Kadey krogen | 2015


17.68m | Silver yachts | 1956

17.37m | Northern marine | 2004

16.99m | Cranchi | 2017

16.9m | Azimut yachts | 2016

If there are no brokerage yachts available on the market, you can get in touch with our brokers to find an off market one or build a new one. 

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Used Beneteau Yachts For Sale

Groupe Beneteau is the largest boat building enterprise in the world, employing 7,600 men and women to create 12 different brands and 180 boat models. Known as a quality builder that builds honest value into each boat, it has allowed thousands of boaters to enjoy quality time on the water, whether on a Beneteau, Jeanneau, Prestige, Lagoon, or any of their other brands.

(Seattle Yachts provides access to thousands of boats and yachts available on the market today. These new and used yachts for sale around the world and on the MLS may or may not be listed with Seattle Yachts, however we have the expert team on staff to help you with the purchase of any brand or type of boat.)

Search Beneteau by Price

Search beneteau by length, search beneteau by year, continue reading about used beneteau yachts for sale.

The brand Beneteau is one of the oldest, family-owned boat builders in the world, with a history that goes back to 1884. Originally building wood fishing boats, as new technology became available, the company began building fiberglass sailboats in the mid-1960s. The company started selling sailboats in the U.S. when they opened an office in Annapolis in 1976. Since then, they have expanded to 50 dealers across North America. Today they have 400 dealers in 150 countries, making it the largest recreational boat builder in the world.

Beneteau has long produced lines of sailboats and, in more recent years, it expanded into powerboats for the world market. The sailboat lines include the cruiser friendly Oceanis line, with six models from 51 to 32 feet. The first Oceanis was introduced in 1986, and the evolution has continued ever since. The latest models take advantage of design advances to allow a more comfortable angle of heel by maximizing hull form stability, with wide beam carried from stern to bow. This hull shape allows larger accommodations for owners and guests, and the large design and engineering teams are proud of its contemporary use of space and furnishings.

The list of options in layout, equipment, and finish offered by Beneteau is amazingly diverse. The Oceanis 46.1, as one example, offers optional layouts of three cabins/two heads, three cabins/three heads, four cabins/two heads, four cabins/four heads, and five cabins/three heads.

In addition, there are six levels of rigging packages, and three levels of electronics. From owner operated sailing yachts to fully outfitted charter boats, the Oceanis 46.1 can be configured to serve many needs and preferences.

The company also builds a higher level yacht finish with its Oceanis Yacht line, with two models from 54 to 60 feet. These are luxury yachts with elegant interiors and modern interpretations of liveaboard accommodations, deck layout and wide, walk-around side decks. 

Another model, the First Yacht 53, is a high-performance sailboat that also can go the distance in comfort and luxury.

All Oceanis and First Yacht models are CE certified for Class A Open Ocean.

For coastal and local cruising, Beneteau offers several other sailing models that combine fun on the water, club racing, and relaxed sailing The First series has four models from 36 feet down to 14 feet. These boats fit the roles of family cruiser, club racing, and general daysailing. Popular with younger sailors and small families, the First series provides maximum fun and great value in a low maintenance boat. The new First SE (Seascape Edition) takes the First concept into the one-design category for competitive one-design and adventure sailing.

Finally, Beneteau offers the Figaro Beneteau 3, the world’s first production, foiling one-design sailboat, a collaboration between Beneteau and the Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prevost design office, architects of the last two winning Vendee Globe around the world races.

The company also builds powerboats, and these range from smaller runabout-style day boats of the Flyer line, ideal for water sports and wake boarding, to express cruisers and the nine sport boat models in the Antares and Gran Turismo lines. These are family cruisers that balance performance and comfort with value.

When Beneteau decided to bring its boat building expertise into the trawler world, it came out with its own version of the cruising trawler with the Swift Trawler. Designed for comfortable long-distance cruising at higher speed than a traditional trawler , the company now offers four models from 48 to 35 feet. All told Beneteau has built over 1,300 Swift Trawlers to date. Each of these “fast” trawlers is perfectly suited for the Great Loop and local and coastal cruising during the season. The semi-displacement hull form and twin diesel engines allow higher speeds when desired, making the next destination a matter of hours rather than long days under way.

More recently, Beneteau has taken the cruising motorboat concept into the future, with the introduction of the Grand Trawler 62. This new and exciting yacht enters new territory in terms of design aesthetics, features, and accommodations. The Grand Trawler 62 is the new flagship of the powerboat line.

Given the tremendous manufacturing volume at Beneteau over the past several decades, there are hundreds of the popular models for sale at any given time. The popularity of the brand means it is relatively easy to find one with the right equipment and in satisfactory shape to avoid buying a boat project. Searching the various multiple listing sites, it doesn’t take long to find a potential boat that matches one’s criteria within a certain radius of geography. 

It should also be noted that, with so many boats out there, the service and repair facilities are familiar with the boats, and the number of dealers located around the country also add tremendously to the boat buying and boat ownership experience.

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Marine Parts / Service Center

2915 W Avenue

Sun Harbor Marina

5060 N Harbor Dr, Suite 155 San Diego, CA 92106


Marina Village Yacht Harbor

1070 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 109 Alameda, CA 94501


Marina del Rey

13900 Marquesas Way, Suite 6002 Marina del Rey, CA 90292


Fort Lauderdale

1535 SE 17th St, Suite #103B Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Safe Harbour Old Port Cove

116 Lakeshore Dr. North Palm Beach, FL. 33408

Annapolis Harbor

7350 Edgewood Road Annapolis, MD 21403


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150 anni

T43 Trawler

T43 Trawler/CPO1081


Dispositivi di navigazione, dotazioni di coperta, aria condizionata / riscaldamento, disposizione interni, dotazioni sottocoperta.

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Cambia Lingua

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Cantiere / Modello


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IDO 00899627

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x370 HP Cummins Diesel

Trowler Alaska 13.70, anno 2004, 3 cabine 2 bagni, 2x370 Cummins linea-assi diretta Accessoriata con: Elica di prua Aria condizionata Generatore ONA

Lunghezza:  13,70 mt

Anno:  2004

Nauticamato S.r.l.

IDO 00898608

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x350 HP CATERPILLAR Diesel

Bellissimo Trawler in ottime condizioni con 2 motori CATERPILLAR da 350 hp cad, nuovi del 2002, 700 ore di moto. numerosi lavori 2021/2022

Lunghezza:  13,90 mt

Anno:  1983

trawler yacht usato

IDO 00897879

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x435 horsepower Volvo Penta Diesel

Imbarcazione pari al nuovo - tenuta in maniera perfetta - ricchissima dotazione di accessori - motori e trasmissioni seguiti da officina Volvo Pent...

Lunghezza:  17,00 mt

Anno:  2018

Alto Tirreno (Italy)

GIAMPAOLI YACHT Mediatore Marittimo CCIAA La Spezia

IDO 00897528

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x165 HP Ford Lehman Diesel

In Central Agency alla Given For Yachting, Hermione attende il suo nuovo armatore. Contattateci per ogni informazione.

Lunghezza:  13,18 mt

Anno:  1973

Given For Yachting Srl Unipersonale

IDO 00897661

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x240 HP Yanmar Diesel

Questo è il classico trawler americano che merita essere visto per il modello che è ma soprattutto perchè impeccabile grazie ad un armatore meticoloso

Lunghezza:  12,80 mt

Anno:  2007


trawler yacht usato

IDO 00897353

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x730 HP MAN Diesel

Contattateci per ulteriori informazioni

Lunghezza:  16,47 mt

Anno:  2024

Mare Adriatico

Nautica del Delta S.r.l.

IDO 00896319

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x570 HP FPT Diesel

SUNDECK 580 TRAWLER - OTTIME CONDIZIONI - [email protected] ☏ (+39) 0185.1600000-☏ (+39) 338.1003320

Lunghezza:  16,30 mt



IDO 00895651

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x160 HP Volvo Penta Diesel

Classico Trawler in vetroresina 42 piedi anno 1981 OTTIME CONDIZIONI GENERALI come da foto Qualche lavoro estetico da eseguire Meccanica e carena in o

Lunghezza:  12,73 mt

Anno:  1981

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Yacht Diffusion Viareggio

IDO 00895867

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x380 HP Caterpillar Diesel

Trawler in ottimo stato con motorizzazione maggiorata CAT 380. Tanti lavori eseguiti negli ultimi 2 anni. Imbarcazione per lunghe crociere a basso cos

Lunghezza:  12,95 mt

Anno:  1992

Mare Ligure

Nord Est Yacht Broker

IDO 00895858

trawler yacht usato

Trawler mantenuto in eccellenti condizioni da armatore molto preparato con tanti anni di esperienza. Solo alcuni degli accessori principali: Generator

Lunghezza:  15,14 mt

Anno:  2001

Adriatico Meridionale

IDO 00895193

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x285 HP Caterpillar --

Reftting completo nel 2019 Verniciatura delle murate e sovrastruttura e Awl Grip Carena portata a zero con trattamento antiosmosi Coperta in teak nuov

Lunghezza:  14,22 mt

Anno:  1982

Mar Tirreno

Sacomar Srl

IDO 00894414

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x260 HP Yanmar Diesel

Advertising of this vessel in any printed material or the internet is not permitted without previous consent from this office. Vessel particulars are

Lunghezza:  9,96 mt

IDO 00894314

trawler yacht usato

IDO 00894166

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x435 Volvo Penta Diesel


Lunghezza:  15,00 mt

Alto Tirreno

Italian Yacht Sales

IDO 00894017

trawler yacht usato

Sundeck 550 in perfette condizioni 3 cabine più equipaggio Grandi spazi interni ed esterni, Comfort al top Seakeeper stabilizzatori - Yacht control

Lunghezza:  16,50 mt

Anno:  2016


IDO 00893837

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x450 detroit diesel Diesel

Hatteras 58 "MAGIE" ex barca appoggio della Camel per i Gp di F1 a Monaco anni 80

Lunghezza:  17,80 mt

Anno:  1979

Emiliana Boat

IDO 00893805

trawler yacht usato


Anno:  2006

SBS YACHTS di Piliero Pietro

IDO 00893587

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x210 Caterpillar Diesel

Imbarcazione molto solida e adatta per soggiorni a bordo di lunga durata e per lunghi viaggi.

Lunghezza:  16,80 mt

Anno:  2005

IDO 00893020

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x370 VOLVO PENTA Diesel


Lunghezza:  15,09 mt


Morvile Yachting Broker & Charter

IDO 00892870

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x270 Volvo Penta --

Full optional! Come nuova!

Lunghezza:  9,90 mt

Anno:  2019


IDO 00891767

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x400 HP General Motors (G.M.) Diesel

Lunghezza:  11,92 mt

IDO 00891296

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x300 Volvo Penta Diesel

Barca in perfette condizioni UNICO PROPRIETARIO

Lunghezza:  12,17 mt

Anno:  2012

Paride Nautica

IDO 00887763

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x440 YANMAR Diesel

Adagio 55 anno 2014 in condizioni impeccabili . Scafo bianco , ponte in teak completo incluso Flybridge  , Hard top . Barca concepita e att...

Lunghezza:  16,59 mt

Anno:  2014

Marine services sas

IDO 00886609

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x200 VOLVO PENTA Diesel


Lunghezza:  11,34 mt

Anno:  2000

Becucci Yacht Broker

IDO 00885386

trawler yacht usato


Lunghezza:  14,00 mt

Anno:  2021


IDO 00884602

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x435 VOLVO PENTA Diesel


Anno:  2017


IDO 00884561

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x375 Volvo Penta Diesel

Full Optional, molto ben tenuta con leasing in corso.

Lunghezza:  12,01 mt

Tirreno Centrale

Blue 1 Yachting

IDO 00884452

trawler yacht usato

Rimini service yacht sail srl

IDO 00884435

trawler yacht usato

Motori:  2x VOLVO Diesel

Studio Broker International

IDO 00884382

trawler yacht usato


Lunghezza:  11,99 mt


Accedi a Mondial Broker

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Electrostal History and Art Museum

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Andrey M

Electrostal History and Art Museum - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

  • (0.19 mi) Elektrostal Hotel
  • (1.21 mi) Yakor Hotel
  • (1.27 mi) Mini Hotel Banifatsiy
  • (1.18 mi) Elemash
  • (1.36 mi) Hotel Djaz
  • (0.07 mi) Prima Bolshogo
  • (0.13 mi) Makecoffee
  • (0.25 mi) Amsterdam Moments
  • (0.25 mi) Pechka
  • (0.26 mi) Mazhor


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Tips and Tricks to Help You Create a HIPAA Compliant Email

Tips and Tricks to Help You Create a HIPAA Compliant Email

How to Stop Facial Hair Growth in Females Naturally

How to Stop Facial Hair Growth in Females Naturally

40 facts about elektrostal.

Lanette Mayes

Written by Lanette Mayes

Modified & Updated: 02 Mar 2024

Jessica Corbett

Reviewed by Jessica Corbett


Elektrostal is a vibrant city located in the Moscow Oblast region of Russia. With a rich history, stunning architecture, and a thriving community, Elektrostal is a city that has much to offer. Whether you are a history buff, nature enthusiast, or simply curious about different cultures, Elektrostal is sure to captivate you.

This article will provide you with 40 fascinating facts about Elektrostal, giving you a better understanding of why this city is worth exploring. From its origins as an industrial hub to its modern-day charm, we will delve into the various aspects that make Elektrostal a unique and must-visit destination.

So, join us as we uncover the hidden treasures of Elektrostal and discover what makes this city a true gem in the heart of Russia.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elektrostal, known as the “Motor City of Russia,” is a vibrant and growing city with a rich industrial history, offering diverse cultural experiences and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • With its convenient location near Moscow, Elektrostal provides a picturesque landscape, vibrant nightlife, and a range of recreational activities, making it an ideal destination for residents and visitors alike.

Known as the “Motor City of Russia.”

Elektrostal, a city located in the Moscow Oblast region of Russia, earned the nickname “Motor City” due to its significant involvement in the automotive industry.

Home to the Elektrostal Metallurgical Plant.

Elektrostal is renowned for its metallurgical plant, which has been producing high-quality steel and alloys since its establishment in 1916.

Boasts a rich industrial heritage.

Elektrostal has a long history of industrial development, contributing to the growth and progress of the region.

Founded in 1916.

The city of Elektrostal was founded in 1916 as a result of the construction of the Elektrostal Metallurgical Plant.

Located approximately 50 kilometers east of Moscow.

Elektrostal is situated in close proximity to the Russian capital, making it easily accessible for both residents and visitors.

Known for its vibrant cultural scene.

Elektrostal is home to several cultural institutions, including museums, theaters, and art galleries that showcase the city’s rich artistic heritage.

A popular destination for nature lovers.

Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and forests, Elektrostal offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and birdwatching.

Hosts the annual Elektrostal City Day celebrations.

Every year, Elektrostal organizes festive events and activities to celebrate its founding, bringing together residents and visitors in a spirit of unity and joy.

Has a population of approximately 160,000 people.

Elektrostal is home to a diverse and vibrant community of around 160,000 residents, contributing to its dynamic atmosphere.

Boasts excellent education facilities.

The city is known for its well-established educational institutions, providing quality education to students of all ages.

A center for scientific research and innovation.

Elektrostal serves as an important hub for scientific research, particularly in the fields of metallurgy, materials science, and engineering.

Surrounded by picturesque lakes.

The city is blessed with numerous beautiful lakes, offering scenic views and recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

Well-connected transportation system.

Elektrostal benefits from an efficient transportation network, including highways, railways, and public transportation options, ensuring convenient travel within and beyond the city.

Famous for its traditional Russian cuisine.

Food enthusiasts can indulge in authentic Russian dishes at numerous restaurants and cafes scattered throughout Elektrostal.

Home to notable architectural landmarks.

Elektrostal boasts impressive architecture, including the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord and the Elektrostal Palace of Culture.

Offers a wide range of recreational facilities.

Residents and visitors can enjoy various recreational activities, such as sports complexes, swimming pools, and fitness centers, enhancing the overall quality of life.

Provides a high standard of healthcare.

Elektrostal is equipped with modern medical facilities, ensuring residents have access to quality healthcare services.

Home to the Elektrostal History Museum.

The Elektrostal History Museum showcases the city’s fascinating past through exhibitions and displays.

A hub for sports enthusiasts.

Elektrostal is passionate about sports, with numerous stadiums, arenas, and sports clubs offering opportunities for athletes and spectators.

Celebrates diverse cultural festivals.

Throughout the year, Elektrostal hosts a variety of cultural festivals, celebrating different ethnicities, traditions, and art forms.

Electric power played a significant role in its early development.

Elektrostal owes its name and initial growth to the establishment of electric power stations and the utilization of electricity in the industrial sector.

Boasts a thriving economy.

The city’s strong industrial base, coupled with its strategic location near Moscow, has contributed to Elektrostal’s prosperous economic status.

Houses the Elektrostal Drama Theater.

The Elektrostal Drama Theater is a cultural centerpiece, attracting theater enthusiasts from far and wide.

Popular destination for winter sports.

Elektrostal’s proximity to ski resorts and winter sport facilities makes it a favorite destination for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities.

Promotes environmental sustainability.

Elektrostal prioritizes environmental protection and sustainability, implementing initiatives to reduce pollution and preserve natural resources.

Home to renowned educational institutions.

Elektrostal is known for its prestigious schools and universities, offering a wide range of academic programs to students.

Committed to cultural preservation.

The city values its cultural heritage and takes active steps to preserve and promote traditional customs, crafts, and arts.

Hosts an annual International Film Festival.

The Elektrostal International Film Festival attracts filmmakers and cinema enthusiasts from around the world, showcasing a diverse range of films.

Encourages entrepreneurship and innovation.

Elektrostal supports aspiring entrepreneurs and fosters a culture of innovation, providing opportunities for startups and business development.

Offers a range of housing options.

Elektrostal provides diverse housing options, including apartments, houses, and residential complexes, catering to different lifestyles and budgets.

Home to notable sports teams.

Elektrostal is proud of its sports legacy, with several successful sports teams competing at regional and national levels.

Boasts a vibrant nightlife scene.

Residents and visitors can enjoy a lively nightlife in Elektrostal, with numerous bars, clubs, and entertainment venues.

Promotes cultural exchange and international relations.

Elektrostal actively engages in international partnerships, cultural exchanges, and diplomatic collaborations to foster global connections.

Surrounded by beautiful nature reserves.

Nearby nature reserves, such as the Barybino Forest and Luchinskoye Lake, offer opportunities for nature enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the region’s biodiversity.

Commemorates historical events.

The city pays tribute to significant historical events through memorials, monuments, and exhibitions, ensuring the preservation of collective memory.

Promotes sports and youth development.

Elektrostal invests in sports infrastructure and programs to encourage youth participation, health, and physical fitness.

Hosts annual cultural and artistic festivals.

Throughout the year, Elektrostal celebrates its cultural diversity through festivals dedicated to music, dance, art, and theater.

Provides a picturesque landscape for photography enthusiasts.

The city’s scenic beauty, architectural landmarks, and natural surroundings make it a paradise for photographers.

Connects to Moscow via a direct train line.

The convenient train connection between Elektrostal and Moscow makes commuting between the two cities effortless.

A city with a bright future.

Elektrostal continues to grow and develop, aiming to become a model city in terms of infrastructure, sustainability, and quality of life for its residents.

In conclusion, Elektrostal is a fascinating city with a rich history and a vibrant present. From its origins as a center of steel production to its modern-day status as a hub for education and industry, Elektrostal has plenty to offer both residents and visitors. With its beautiful parks, cultural attractions, and proximity to Moscow, there is no shortage of things to see and do in this dynamic city. Whether you’re interested in exploring its historical landmarks, enjoying outdoor activities, or immersing yourself in the local culture, Elektrostal has something for everyone. So, next time you find yourself in the Moscow region, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the hidden gems of Elektrostal.

Q: What is the population of Elektrostal?

A: As of the latest data, the population of Elektrostal is approximately XXXX.

Q: How far is Elektrostal from Moscow?

A: Elektrostal is located approximately XX kilometers away from Moscow.

Q: Are there any famous landmarks in Elektrostal?

A: Yes, Elektrostal is home to several notable landmarks, including XXXX and XXXX.

Q: What industries are prominent in Elektrostal?

A: Elektrostal is known for its steel production industry and is also a center for engineering and manufacturing.

Q: Are there any universities or educational institutions in Elektrostal?

A: Yes, Elektrostal is home to XXXX University and several other educational institutions.

Q: What are some popular outdoor activities in Elektrostal?

A: Elektrostal offers several outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, and picnicking in its beautiful parks.

Q: Is Elektrostal well-connected in terms of transportation?

A: Yes, Elektrostal has good transportation links, including trains and buses, making it easily accessible from nearby cities.

Q: Are there any annual events or festivals in Elektrostal?

A: Yes, Elektrostal hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, including XXXX and XXXX.

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Things to Do in Elektrostal. 1. Electrostal History and Art Museum. 2. Statue of Lenin. 3. Park of Culture and Leisure. 4. Museum and Exhibition Center.

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Lanette Mayes. Elektrostal is a vibrant city located in the Moscow Oblast region of Russia. With a rich history, stunning architecture, and a thriving community, Elektrostal is a city that has much to offer. Whether you are a history buff, nature enthusiast, or simply curious about different cultures, Elektrostal is sure to captivate you.

cal yacht club rowing

Southern California Yachting Association

California Yacht Club (CYC)

by evandiaz | May 19, 2023 | Yacht Club Members

cal yacht club rowing

California Yacht Club (CYC) calyachtclub.com 4469 Admiralty Way Marina del Rey, CA 90292 (310) 823-4567 Fax:(310) 822-3658

Total: 950 members – 33% power, 63% sail, 4% rowers.

Facilities: Bar open Wed. thru Sun 1000 to 2400. Dining room open Wed.- Sun for lunch and dinner (breakfast on Sat. & brunch on Sun.) Snack bar open every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day 1000 to 1630. Heated Pool and Paddle Tennis Courts available to members and their guests. 320 member slips (25’ to 120’), 100+ dry storage slips (up to 25’), two 2-ton hoists and launch ramp. Guest docks are first come, first served, but call for reservations. First night free for reciprocal club members. CYC monitors channel 68.

Junior program: Year round. Junior Sailing and Rowing Program. Open to all youths in the community (ages 8-18). Full time Junior staff.

Comments: Active power, sail and rowing fleets. Family friendly Club with a full schedule of races, cruises, and social activities.

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  • King Harbor Yacht Club (KHYC)

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The Rowing Tutor

The 10 Best Rowing Clubs in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city with a rich history in rowing. Rowing clubs have been around in Los Angeles since the late 1800s, and many of them are still going strong today. In this blog post, we will take a look at the top 10 rowing clubs in Los Angeles and what makes them so successful. We will also discuss the different types of rowing that these clubs offer and how you can get involved. So if you’re looking for a place to row in Los Angeles , be sure to check out one of these great clubs!

rowing clubs in los angeles

Table of Contents

1: Los Angeles Rowing Club

The Los Angeles Rowing Club was founded in 1994 and is located in Marina del Rey, California. They are a non-profit organization that is open to the public. The LARC was created with the mission to promote the sport of rowing, and they do so by providing quality rowing programs for all levels of experience. They offer both sweep rowing and sculling programs, as well as learn-to-row classes. The LARC is also home to several competitive teams that compete at the local, state, and national level.

Some of their most notable achievements include winning the US Rowing Club National Championship in 2004 and sending two athletes to the Olympic Games in 2008. In addition to their competitive teams, the LARC also has a strong community outreach program that provides free rowing lessons to underserved youth in the Los Angeles area. The LARC is truly a place for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned rower or just looking to try something new.

2: Lions Rowing Club

The Lions Rowing Club in Los Angeles, USA has a beautiful and vastly successful history. The club was established in 1887, making it one of the clubs that paved the way for the newer clubs to arrive in the 1900s. In its early years, the club was based out of a boathouse on the Los Angeles River, but today it is located on Grand Canal in Long Beach. The Lions Rowing Club has produced many national champions and Olympic champions over the years, including Olympic gold medalist John Larissa and world champion rower Sarah Trowbridge.

The club is also linked to several colleges and universities in the area, including UCLA, USC, and Pepperdine. As a result of its successes both on and off the water, the Lions Rowing Club is widely regarded as one of the premier rowing clubs in the United States.

3: Long Beach Rowing Association

The Long Beach Rowing Association Rowing Club in Los Angeles, USA has an extremely interesting history. Founded in 1872, the club started to attract rowers in vast numbers. Throughout its history, the club has been dedicated to promoting the sport of rowing and developing its members into successful athletes. Today, the club is home to a diverse group of rowers of all ages and abilities. The club offers a variety of programs for both beginners and experienced rowers, making it one of the most inclusive rowing clubs in the area.

In addition to its excellent programs, the club is also linked to several colleges and universities, making it a great place for college rowers to train and compete. The Long Beach Rowing Association Rowing Club has a proud tradition of excellence and is committed to continuing to develop world-class rowers.

4: California Yacht Club

The California Yacht Club Rowing Club in Los Angeles is a rowing club with an impressive pedigree. Founded in 1994, the club has been home to many famous and successful rowers over the years. The club is located in Marina del Rey, just a short drive from downtown Los Angeles, and it remains one of the premier rowing clubs in the country.

The club is closely linked to UCLA, which is just down the road, and many of its members are student-athletes who row for the university. In recent years, the club has produced several Olympians and national champions, cementing its place as a top rowing destination in the United States.

The Importance of Hydration When Rowing

5: Metropolitan Rowing Club

The Metropolitan Rowing Club in Los Angeles has an interesting and storied history. The club was originally founded in 1884, making it one of the first rowing clubs to welcome people through their doors. In its early years, the club was based out of a boathouse on the banks of the Los Angeles River. The club quickly gained a reputation for excellence, and in 1886 they won their first National Championship. In the years since, the club has produced numerous national champions and Olympic rowers.

Today, the Metropolitan Rowing Club is based out of a state-of-the-art facility in Marina del Rey. The club is open to rowers of all ages and abilities, and they offer a variety of programs for both recreational and competitive rowers. Whether you’re looking to get fit, compete at the highest level, or just enjoy a day on the water, the Metropolitan Rowing Club is the perfect place for you.

6: Whitehall Spirit

The Whitehall Spirit Club in Los Angeles was founded in 1997. The club has produced many national and international champions, including two Olympic gold medalists. The Whitehall Spirit Club is also linked to several colleges and universities, making it a great place for students to learn and compete. If you’re looking for a top-notch rowing club with a rich history and plenty of success, the Whitehall Spirit Club is the perfect choice.

The Row LA Rowing Club in Los Angeles is a historic rowing club that was founded in 1985. The club is based out of Marina del Rey and is one of the most well-known rowing clubs in Southern California. The club is also linked to several colleges, including the University of Southern California and UCLA. The Row LA Rowing Club is a respected and prestigious rowing club that has a rich history and tradition of success.

8: Rivanna Rowing Club

Rivanna Rowing Club is located in Los Angeles, USA. The club has produced several successful rowers, including Olympians and national champions. The club is also linked to a college nearby, which provides access to facilities and equipment. The club has a strong focus on developing young rowers and providing them with opportunities to compete at the highest level.

The club has a rich history and tradition of winning, and this is reflected in the success of its members. Rivanna Rowing Club is a highly respected and well-known club, and it continues to produce champions and contribute to the sport of rowing.

9: Open Water Rowing Center

The Open Water Rowing Center is located in Los Angeles, USA and is a rowing club that is open to the public. The club has produced several famous and successful rowers, such as Olympian rower Sue Enquist and national champion rower George Plimpton. The club is also linked to several colleges nearby, such as the University of Southern California and UCLA.

The club has been very successful in producing Olympic champions and national champions. In addition, the club has also been successful in developing young athletes into professional rowers. The Open Water Rowing Center is an excellent place for anyone interested in learning how to row or for anyone looking to improve their rowing skills.

10: Duluth Rowing Club

Founded in 1966, the Duluth Rowing Club is a popular club in LA. Located in Los Angeles, the club has produced several national and international champions, including two Olympic gold medalists. The Duluth Rowing Club is also affiliated with the University of California, Los Angeles, one of the top rowing programs in the country. As a result, the Duluth Rowing Club is considered one of the premier rowing clubs in the United States.

The Duluth club has produced numerous national champions and Olympic medalists. In addition to its competitive success, the Duluth Rowing Club is also known for its beautiful rowing facility, which overlooks downtown Los Angeles. The club is open to rowers of all levels of experience, from beginners to experienced athletes. Whether you’re looking to compete at the highest level or simply enjoy a leisurely row on a beautiful day, the Duluth Rowing Club is the perfect place for you.

CYC Rowing


Cyc jr. rowing inquiry form.

We are looking forward to hearing from you

CYC Rowing Participant Information

California Yacht Club is located at: 4469 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292 .

  • If driving, please park in the CYC visitor’s lot adjacent to Admiralty Way and accessed from the driveway which is between Café del Rey and the Warehouse Restaurant.
  • Once parked, proceed by foot and enter the member’s parking lot by passing by the main entry gate.
  • After passing the main entry gate, continue walking, bearing hard left along the chain link fence at the north end of the large parking lot until it ends at a dark green shade cloth covered rowing shed.
  • We meet, at the rowing sheds which are opposite the tall bamboo plants separating the Warehouse Restaurant and CYC.

If you will be late or unable to attend, PLEASE text (and identify yourself) as soon as possible: Craig Leeds 310.948.1456 and/or Anna Wilczek 818.523.2987.

If the main entry gate is locked when you arrive, please text us.

Participants should bring: athletic shoes (running shoes), socks, shorts, shirts, sunscreen, water, a change of clothes,

towel and personal items (hats, sunglasses, orthotics, inhalers, etc).

To keep all the gear organized, a small duffel bag or back pack is recommended.

Clothes should fit reasonably tightly so while rowing, hands won’t get caught in shirts and shorts won’t get caught in the sliding seats.

Dressing in layers and using wicking type fabrics is recommended.

Here are some links that will be helpful (you may need to copy and paste into a browser):

  • This is a video from Concept2 regarding technique on the rowing machine which is where we begin. Please watch the video before the first session.
  • World Rowing
  • This is a great pictorial representation of the rowing stroke as taught at CYC:
  • This is a great video showing Australian world champion scullers and sweep rowers in a beautiful setting.
  • Here’s a link to the US Women winning the quad at the 2015 World Championship:

Please don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

California Yacht Club-Junior Rowing



Peter duncan and relative obscurity return to the podium as j/70 world champion at cal yacht club.

The Ducasse Sailing Team of Santiago, Chile, triumphed in the Corinthian division.


The ducasse sailing team of santiago, chile, triumphed in the corinthian division..



Threatening minors wins one pro..

carousel image


Peter Duncan and Relative Obscurity Return to the Podium as J/70 World Champion at California Yacht Club

Peter Duncan’s Relative Obscurity has prevailed over 60 other teams and challenging wind conditions to capture the 2021 J/70 World Championship title at California Yacht Club, today. In a five-day series that tested the skill and patience of top-notch competitors from 11 nations, Duncan – sailing with Willem van Waay, Morgan Trubovich and Victor Diaz de Leon – secured a top five position in the beginning of the regatta and never let go.

“I’m elated!” said Duncan as he returned to the dock, bustling with activity. “That was a tough day out there. We didn’t start very well but had a bit of a break with a header on the first run of the second race that let us get close to everybody and sail through some folks we need to sail through,” he explained. “We have a lot of fun onboard – joke and laugh and keep it light – and that worked in our favor when we had to grind through. Everybody knows what their job is, and these guys do them exceptionally well.”


Cal Yacht Club is proud to host the 2021 racing of the J/70 Worlds.

cal yacht club rowing


Peter Duncan’s  Relative Obscurity  has prevailed over 60 other teams and challenging wind conditions to capture the 2021 J/70 World Championship title at California Yacht Club, today.

cal yacht club rowing


Threatening Minors  sailed by Jordan Janov, Grant Janov, Ryan Janov, Reddin Kherli and Willie Mcbride, took honors.

cal yacht club rowing


The J/70 is 22.75 feet with an 11 foot long cockpit and deck-stepped carbon mast for easy rigging and stepping.

The crew shall consist of 3 or more persons. The number of crew shall not be changed during an event.

The J/70 Class has been created as a strict one-design Class where the true test when racing is between crews and not boats and equipment.

Well, chances are it will not be like Day 1 of the Pre-Worlds. Maybe more like Day 2. But then again, this is MdR—anything can happen.


The Santa Monica Bay is dominated by an onshore breeze that typically doesn't kick in until around noon. Watch out for the oscillations!


CYC has a long history of excellence in race management. We host everything from Championship-level regattas to more casual weekend random leg races.


"Cal Yacht Club did an awesome job."

Peter Duncan | Relative Obscurity

“It was very cool that there were four boats who could have won this thing in the last race...”


Founded originally in 1922 by yachtsmen including Charles Hathaway and Frank Garbutt, the California Yacht Club's first clubhouse was built in Wilmington, CA in Los Angeles' inner harbor (berths nos. 192 & 193), just opposite Terminal Island. Close by were the yards of renowned yacht builders Wilmington Boat Works and Fellows & Stewart (second location). In the club's inaugural year, member yachtsmen formed the first Star class fleet on the Pacific coast. Involved in all aspect of the sport, the club has encouraged a variety of pleasure boating, first in Los Angeles Harbor, and now in Santa Monica Bay.

Over the years CYC has been the club for numerous prominent yachtsmen including Merritt Adamson, Pierpont Davis, Roy E. Disney, J. Paul Getty, Samuel K. Rindge, William Stewart, James Kilroy and navigator extraodinaire, Ben Mitchell. Movie mogul Cecil B. DeMille once served as a trustee of the club and donated a gold cup for powerboat racing. Comedy film producers Al Christie and Hal Roach were both deeply involved in club activities in the twenties and thirties.

Power boating has always been a part of the club's mission along with sailing and rowing. The first CYC powerboat regatta was run in 1922 and the winner was none less than the famous Gar Wood in his Harmsworth Trophy winner Miss America. CYC's Catalina Challenge race for powerboats has been run annually since 1922.

A fire on Thanksgiving Day, 1930 severely damaged the original clubhouse although the heroic efforts of some members saved all of the trophies.

In 1932, several CYC members figured prominently in the sailing events at the Los Angeles Olympic Games. Owen Churchill, inventor of the SwimFin, won the gold medal in the Eight-Metre Class with Angelita.

Unfortunately, the club was forced to relinquish its key location in the East Basin to the Coast Guard for the war effort in 1941. A dormant period followed.

With the development of the long-awaited Marina Del Rey in the early 1960s, the club reformed in '63 and elected Fritz Overton, Commodore in 1923, as head of the "new" club. In 1966, they opened the modern clubhouse and marina facility that is their home today. The radial design of the building allows sweeping panoramic views of the marina.

The California Yacht Club is owned by the Hathaway family, owners of the Los Angeles Athletic Club. The annual "Great Catalina to Marina del Rey Rowing and Paddling Event" pays tribute to Charles Hathaway's row in 1976 from Catalina Island to the club on his 50th birthday.

The unique combination of private ownership and annually elected flag officers has worked well to establish California Yacht Club as one of the outstanding clubs in the nation.

‘Nothing left’: After California Yacht Club fire, residents mourn loss of a beloved spot

Two firefighters injured fighting a massive overnight fire that destroyed

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In an instant, an overnight seaside blaze engulfed decades’ worth of boating trophies, historical artifacts and cherished memorabilia at the California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey on Monday.

Fire crews attempted to control the blaze as heavy smoke and flames consumed the two-story building. By the time they had subdued the fire two hours later, only the skeletal remnants of the clubhouse were left standing.

John Myers, senior vice president of the club, said the blaze had been reported by an employee working late in the clubhouse Monday night. The fire spared the remainder of the facilities on the ground, including the docks and the yachts moored there. But the clubhouse, and particularly its second floor, was all but wiped out.

“We are working closely with the Los Angeles County Fire Department in their investigation of the cause of the incident and will share those findings when they become available to us,” Myers said.

The three towers that make up the Marina City Club

Members are left mourning, comparing the loss to the death of a loved one.

Jennifer Dakoske Koslu awoke in Rancho Mirage at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, before the sun had risen, to find her phone inundated with text messages from club members.

The first message she read simply stated, “The CYC is gone.”

“As soon as I opened my phone, it went to a link on the Citizen app and saw a video of the club burning. I was shocked,” Dakoske Koslu said.

For the last 24 years, Dakoske Koslu and her family have been dedicated members of the CYC, whose clubhouse is a few miles away from their home in Playa del Rey. She said it is where her children have grown up, familiarizing themselves with every inch.

“I remember taking my son there on the Fourth of July when he was just 3 weeks old. It was the first place we went with him as a newborn,” Dakoske Koslu said.

She and her husband biked to the club in the aftermath of the fire, greeted by the charred remains of the building on Wednesday afternoon.

“The destruction is unbelievable. It’s clear that the fire was burning intensely on the second floor,” Dakoske Koslu said. “There’s nothing left.”

The second floor once housed a collection of the club’s prestigious racing trophies, kept on display for members and visitors. The fire melted all but a single salvageable California Cup. Most notably, the priceless King of Spain Trophy, acquired in 1929 from King Alfonso XIII, was lost.

Additionally, the club lost cherished photographs of every past commodore, a significant position within a yacht club. Members said they didn’t know if anyone had digitized the images of the commodores or of the club’s founders.

“We would tell yachting stories at the bar around lots of memorabilia, and the yachting artifacts behind the bar are all gone now,” Tom Materna said. “The yacht club provided us a facility for the off-the-water celebrations after hard-fought competition on the water.”

Boats on the water with palm trees in the background

The CYC dates to the early 1920s, started by boat owners from the Los Angeles Athletic Club and other yacht clubs. The Board of Harbor Commissioners approved the first clubhouse in 1922, designed by famed architect Edwin Bergstrom, co-designer of the Pentagon.

In 1965, the yacht club submitted a proposal for an all-encompassing $1-million, two-story, 10,000-square-foot clubhouse on four acres off Admiralty Way. Members envisioned a state-of-the-art facility with 170 boat slips, a guest dock, a small boat hoist and a dry land storage facility for boats. The clubhouse that resulted was dedicated on June 10, 1967.

Then-Commodore William A. DeGroot Jr. told The Times that the triangular parcel of land on which the clubhouse still sits is a “perfectly logical place for a club facility, and a commanding view down the main channel of the marina.”

Though the building has historical significance to its members, it does not have a historic designation, according to Linda Dishman, president of the Los Angeles Conservancy.

“We are deeply saddened by this tragedy and so grateful for the outpouring of support from the community and our members,” Myers said. “CYC has been a beacon for the nautical community for the past 101 years.”

Materna, 68, first found out about the fire through Facebook as friends posted videos and photos of the damage Tuesday morning. Then he began receiving calls and text messages from friends.

“Everybody woke up in the morning and realized we’d lost a significant part of the sailing community,” Materna said.

His connection to the club dates back nearly 52 years, to when he was just 16 years old. After spending 30 years sailing professionally with Hobie Cats, mainly racing catamarans — a watercraft with two parallel hulls of equal size — he recently served as a crew member on other club members’ racing yachts.

The CYC is pivotal in the boat racing community, organizing and hosting events such as the Optimist National Championship and Junior Olympic trials, Materna said. He fondly remembers the hundreds of people from across the globe converging on the marina for similar events.

The main topic among members now is what’s next for the club. Dakoske Koslu noted that the club’s ownership changed over the last few years, and many are unsure and concerned about the club’s continuation after the fire.

The club relocated to the marina in 1967, leasing the land it sits on from the county.

“I don’t think the county has really valued the contributions of the California Yacht Club as an important part of the Marina. They value Trader Joe’s because it’s more money for them,” Dakoske Koslu said.

Dakoske Koslu said she’s seen numerous small marine-oriented businesses displaced from the marina, making way for more commercialized developments such as Trader Joe’s and Recreational Equipment Inc.

 View of the Marina del Rey main channel

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Monterey Park, California January 21, 2024-People dance at the World Seafood Restaurant during the survivors one year ball for the anniversary of the Monterey Park mass shooting. (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times)

Monterey Park shooting survivors dance again in sadness, solidarity: ‘Nothing can kill our spirit’

Jan. 22, 2024

MARINA DEL REY, CA - DECEMBER 12: Two firefighters injured fighting a massive overnight fire that destroyed a decades-old California Yacht Club on Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2023 in Marina Del Rey, CA. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

Fire guts historic California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey

Dec. 12, 2023

TUSTIN CA NOVEMBER 7, 2023 - A massive fire continues to burn the historic north blimp hangar in Tustin, an Orange County landmark that dates back to World War II on Tuesday morning, Nov. 7, 2023. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

After 24 days, officials declare Tustin hangar fire ‘fully extinguished’

Dec. 2, 2023

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cal yacht club rowing

Anthony De Leon is a 2023-24 reporting fellow at the Los Angeles Times. Born in Fresno to a Chicano family, he pursued his higher education in his hometown, earning an associate‘s degree in journalism from Fresno City College and then completing a bachelor’s in media, communications and journalism at Fresno State. He went on to complete his master’s in media innovation at the University of Nevada, Reno.

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Asylum seekers from Columbia huddle against the cold and rain at a makeshift camp

Migrant arrests are up along the border in California and dropping in Texas. Why?

Former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov, left, walks out of his lawyer's office in downtown Las Vegas after being released from federal custody Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024. Prosecutors say that Smirnov, who is charged with making up a multimillion-dollar bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden, his son Hunter and a Ukrainian energy company, had contacts with Russian intelligence-affiliated officials. (K.M. Cannon/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP)

The informant next door: A quiet L.A. life masked Kremlin ties for FBI source accused of lying about Bidens

Gov. Gavin Newsom reads the book "Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts to kindergarteners at the Washington Elementary School in Sacramento, Calif., Friday, March 1, 2019. Newsom, accompanied by his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, left, visited the school to celebrate Read Across America Day. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Opinion: Should California schools stick to phonics-based reading ‘science’? It’s not so simple

Arcadia, CA - February 14: Karen Kropp locates books for a customer at The Book Rack, a bookstore she has owned for nearly two decades, on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2024 in Arcadia, CA. At the end of the month she is closing the bookstore doors and moving to Albuquerque with family. (Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times)

She poured her heart into Arcadia’s Book Rack. Now the small bookstore is closing

Rowing club los angeles: everything you need to know.

If you’re interested in rowing and live in Los Angeles, you’re in luck. Los Angeles has a long history of rowing, and there are many rowing clubs to choose from. Rowing is an excellent way to stay in shape, meet new people, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at rowing clubs in Los Angeles, their history, benefits, and how to join them.

History of Rowing Club in Los Angeles

Rowing has been a popular sport in Los Angeles for over a century, with the first rowing club, the Los Angeles Rowing Club, established in 1908. The club was founded by a group of rowing enthusiasts who wanted to promote the sport in Southern California. The first boathouse was located in the Venice Canals, and the club quickly gained popularity.

Over the years, many other rowing clubs have been established in Los Angeles, including the California Yacht Club, the Long Beach Rowing Association, and the Marina Aquatic Center. These clubs have played a significant role in promoting rowing in Los Angeles, and their members have achieved many successes in local and national competitions. Despite many challenges, including funding, maintenance, and environmental issues, rowing clubs in Los Angeles continue to thrive and attract new members.

Rowing is a low-impact, full-body workout that is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Joining a rowing club in Los Angeles offers many benefits, including improving your physical and mental health, socializing with like-minded people, and competing in rowing events.

Health Benefits

Rowing is an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular health, build muscle strength, and burn calories. According to a study by Harvard Health Publishing, rowing burns more calories than running or cycling, making it an effective way to lose weight and get in shape. Rowing also helps to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and boost your mood.

Social Benefits

Joining a rowing club in Los Angeles provides an opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and socialize. Rowing clubs often organize social events such as barbecues, parties, and team-building exercises, allowing you to connect with other members outside of the boat. Rowing also promotes teamwork, communication, and leadership skills, which can be applied to other areas of your life.

Next, we will discuss how to join a rowing club in LA and popular rowing clubs in the area.

The Benefits of Joining a Rowing Club in Los Angeles

Rowing is an excellent way to stay active and healthy, but joining a rowing club in Los Angeles offers many additional benefits beyond physical fitness.

Rowing is a low-impact, full-body workout that improves cardiovascular health, builds muscle strength, and burns calories. Regular rowing can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Additionally, rowing is an excellent way to improve flexibility and balance, which is essential for maintaining mobility as you age.

Joining a rowing club in Los Angeles provides an opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and develop a sense of community. Rowing clubs often organize social events such as barbecues, parties, and team-building exercises, allowing you to connect with other members outside of the boat. Rowing also promotes teamwork, communication, and leadership skills, which can be applied to other areas of your life.

Competitive Benefits

For those who enjoy competition, joining a rowing club in Los Angeles provides opportunities to participate in local and national rowing events. Rowing clubs often have teams that compete in regattas, races, and other events, giving members a chance to test their skills against other rowers. Participating in rowing competitions can be a fun and rewarding experience, and it can help you set and achieve personal goals.

How to Join a Rowing Club in Los Angeles

Joining a rowing club in Los Angeles is relatively easy, but there are some requirements you need to meet before you can become a member. Here’s what you need to know:

Requirements for Joining

Most rowing clubs in Los Angeles require that you be at least 18 years old and have a basic level of fitness. Some clubs may also require that you have previous rowing experience or complete a rowing class before you can join. Additionally, you may need to pass a swim test to ensure that you can safely navigate the water.

Application Process

To join a rowing club in Los Angeles, you will need to fill out an application form and pay a membership fee. The application form will typically ask for your contact information, rowing experience (if any), and emergency contact information. Once your application is approved, you will be given access to the club’s facilities and equipment. Some clubs may also require that you attend an orientation session to learn about the club’s rules and safety procedures.

Popular Rowing Clubs in LA

There are many rowing clubs to choose from in Los Angeles, each with its unique features, facilities, and programs. Here are some of the most popular rowing clubs in the area:

1. Los Angeles Rowing Club

The Los Angeles Rowing Club is the oldest rowing club in the city, founded in 1908. The club is located in a historic boathouse in the Marina del Rey harbor and offers programs for rowers of all levels, from beginners to advanced. The club has a competitive racing team, a recreational rowing program, and hosts many social events throughout the year.

2. California Yacht Club

The California Yacht Club is located in Marina del Rey and has a dedicated rowing program with a focus on competitive racing. The club has a state-of-the-art boathouse and equipment and offers programs for juniors and adults.

3. Long Beach Rowing Association

The Long Beach Rowing Association is located in Long Beach and offers programs for all levels, including recreational, competitive, and adaptive rowing. The club has a large boathouse and a fleet of boats, including singles, doubles, quads, and eights.

4. Marina Aquatic Center

The Marina Aquatic Center is located in Marina del Rey and is affiliated with the University of Southern California. The center offers rowing programs for USC students and the general public, including recreational and competitive rowing. The center has a large boathouse, a fleet of boats, and a team of experienced coaches.

In conclusion, joining a rowing club in Los Angeles is an excellent way to stay in shape, make new friends, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Rowing offers many health benefits, including improving cardiovascular health, building muscle strength, and reducing stress. By joining a rowing club, you can also develop teamwork, communication, and leadership skills, which can be applied to other areas of your life.

If you’re interested in joining a rowing club in Los Angeles, there are many options to choose from, each with its unique features and programs. We encourage you to check out the clubs we’ve listed and find one that suits your needs and interests. Remember, rowing is a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed at any age and fitness level, so why not give it a try and see what it can do for you? Join a rowing club in Los Angeles today and experience the benefits of this fantastic sport!



Henri-Lloyd 2023 Freo Jacket - SW MPU

2024 Puerto Vallarta Race at San Diego Yacht Club - Day 1

cal yacht club rowing

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cal yacht club rowing

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cal yacht club rowing

"They fell to the ground with screams": Russian Guards fired at children single near Moscow - there is a casualty


Highlights: In Russia, in the city of Elektrostal (Moscow region), during demonstrations, Rosgvardia soldiers began shooting at spectators with children from machine guns with blank cartridges. One child received serious damage from a rebounded cartridge case. In the video, a child can be heard crying and screaming violently. It is also interesting that Russia recently arranged a solemn farewell to Vladimir Shestakov, convicted for the murder of a child, who became a mercenary of PMC "Wagner" and was liquidated in the war in Ukraine.

cal yacht club rowing

In Russia, in the city of Elektrostal (Moscow region), during demonstrations, Rosgvardia soldiers began shooting at spectators with children from machine guns with blank cartridges.

So far, one injured child is known.

This was reported by the local Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU.

"Small children were clutching their heads screaming and falling to the ground. Not without injuries. The child received serious damage from a rebounded cartridge case," the report said.

One of the witnesses to the incident posted a video. It was her child who was shot by the Russian Guards. In the video, a child can be heard crying and screaming violently.

After the woman realized that her child had been wounded, she called her husband and doctor.

Meanwhile, Russian occupier Ivan Alekseev in the war in Ukraine after a drunken quarrel killed his colleague and tried to cover up the crime, saying it was the work of "Ukrainian saboteurs."

It is also interesting that Russia recently arranged a solemn farewell to Vladimir Shestakov, convicted for the murder of a child, who became a mercenary of PMC "Wagner" and was liquidated in the war in Ukraine.

  • The suspect in the murder of a military volunteer was released from custody
  • They will teach "patriotism": Russians in the occupied territories launch cadet classes
  • Russia has created another training ground near Mariupol: how many soldiers are in the city

Source: tsn

All news articles on 2023-08-20

Lebanese economist: More than $5 billion in economic losses as a result of the Israeli bombing in the south 2024-02-22T19:51:47.940Z

Alexey Navalny died of natural causes, according to a medical report shown to his mother 2024-02-22T19:51:40.552Z

Ukraine deters powerful Russian aviation, but missiles are running out - Western analysts 2024-02-22T19:51:34.062Z

Rumen Petkov: Why is there no commission for Alexei Petrov, is he less murdered? - Politics 2024-02-22T19:41:54.985Z

Indexation of pensions: who is waiting for an increase and what is the maximum amount 2024-02-22T19:41:47.569Z

El presidente de Ecuador explica por qué cambió de idea y no va a triangular armamento con Estados Unidos 2024-02-22T19:41:40.057Z

The US announced sanctions against Russian oligarchs - US 2024-02-22T19:41:33.285Z

The threat is real: Zhorin on the "accession" of Transnistria to the Russian Federation and ways to solve the problem 2024-02-22T19:31:41.099Z

In pictures: Israel destroys Yasser Arafat's house in Gaza 2024-02-22T19:31:33.225Z

Yavor Bozhankov: Through the memorandum, we offer non-politicized figures - Politics 2024-02-22T19:22:34.868Z

Russia poses a threat to Western countries underwater — Bloomberg 2024-02-22T19:22:28.686Z

Resumption of flights from Ukraine: how long will it take and will anyone be able to fly 2024-02-22T19:22:20.429Z

Russia: Israel is deliberately working to expel the Palestinians from Gaza 2024-02-22T19:21:47.736Z

Kuleba is in Warsaw to ensure the smooth passage of military aid to Kiev - EU 2024-02-22T19:21:40.328Z

"Project": Putin repressed more people than Brezhnev over the past 6 years 2024-02-22T19:11:40.960Z

Peter Stano: Medvedev should take care of his psyche - US 2024-02-22T19:11:33.489Z

USA: Houthi missiles hit British ship in Red Sea - Middle East 2024-02-22T19:01:40.890Z

A second summit in Paris to exchange prisoners.. Will it succeed in stopping the Israeli war on Gaza? 2024-02-22T18:51:55.880Z

"The military should feel needed": how well-known activists offer to help the defenders of Ukraine 2024-02-22T18:51:46.860Z

The EP calls for an investigation into the spyware found on the phone of an MEP - EU 2024-02-22T18:51:39.323Z

The Armed Forces of Ukraine were hit by motorized riflemen from Transbaikalia near Volnovakha: at least 60 Russian occupiers were killed - mass media News/Politics 2024-02-21T01:01:05.199Z

Russia faces the biggest drone assault on its own territory since the start of the invasion of Ukraine News/Politics 2023-08-30T19:20:25.125Z

Mayor: Houses in Kharkiv survive Russian missile attack News/Politics 2024-01-08T04:35:43.208Z

Volleys from Grady, DRG hunting and drones: how do the residents of Semenivka live, who see Russia from the windows News/Politics 2024-01-25T17:38:35.096Z

Jiuba MMA. There is a piece | Two women beat each other, kicked their stomachs and screamed, and one person roared: The shirt was rotten Life/Entertain 2023-08-29T12:21:13.624Z

Friendly fire: in Russia, a soldier shot his friend while hunting News/Politics 2023-09-19T18:06:18.501Z

Massive UAV raid on Russia: there were reports of "arrivals" on military facilities News/Politics 2023-11-26T20:07:15.992Z

Ukrainian army: Russia launches large-scale attack on Ukraine News/Politics 2024-01-08T09:35:57.571Z

Change of tactics, dangerous drones and where a "major offensive" of the Russian Federation is expected: what is known about the situation at the front News/Politics 2024-01-08T11:06:34.048Z

AT&amp;T customers report massive service outage. Verizon and T-Mobile also report failures News/Politics 2024-02-22T12:51:36.220Z

E-cigarette explodes in man's pocket - EU News/Politics 2024-02-22T10:32:47.254Z

Jordan airdrops medical aid into Gaza in cooperation with Britain News/Politics 2024-02-22T00:31:35.733Z

4 thousand victims in 2023. Africa hosts half of the global “terrorism” activities&nbsp; &nbsp; News/Politics 2024-02-22T00:41:24.515Z

Explainer: Battle of constitutional recognition and identity crisis! 'Don't want Rajasthani language' trending on Twitter News/Politics 2024-02-22T05:31:39.885Z

The State Department stated that the Russian Federation could not gain an advantage in the war against Ukraine News/Politics 2024-02-21T23:41:18.927Z

300,000 tons of sugar are coming - Bashe News/Politics 2024-02-22T12:32:38.087Z

Canada is going to help finance massive shipments of ammunition to Ukraine - CBC News News/Politics 2024-02-21T21:51:18.263Z

Air alert in the Israeli city of Eilat on the Red Sea - Middle East News/Politics 2024-02-22T05:01:49.555Z

Putin at the inauguration of the Future Games: “Sport should unite people” News/Politics 2024-02-22T04:42:06.063Z

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Dinamo Elektrostal Moscow

Field hockey - Dinamo Elektrostal Moscow


Hockey Club Dinamo Elektrostal is a field hockey team from Russia, based in Moscow. The club was founded in 1994.

Dinamo Elektrostal Moscow - Results

2021/2022 2018/2019 2017/2018 2017 2015/2016 2013/2014 2011/2012 2007/2008

Men's Euro Hockey League - Final Round - 2021/2022

Dinamo elektrostal moscow - identity.

  • Official name : Hockey Club Dinamo Elektrostal
  • Country : Russia
  • Location : Moscow
  • Founded : 1994
  • Wikipedia link : http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinamo_Elektrostal

Dinamo Elektrostal Moscow - Titles, trophies and places of honor

  • Best result : First Round in 2021/2022
  • Best result : 1st
  • 1 times first in 2010
  • 1 times second in 2009
  • 1 times third in 2017

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Club Risovalshchikov

Ratings and reviews, food and ambience, location and contact.

cal yacht club rowing

CLUB RISOVALSHCHIKOV, Moscow - Butovo South - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - Tripadvisor

  • Service: 4.5

Every item on this page was chosen by an ELLE editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

a person wearing a backpack

Yacht Rock: ELLE’s February 2024 Shopping Guide

From the rowing club to the runway, preppy classics are making a splash.

It’s time to recruit your own team of sporty staples. Go all in on the throwback aesthetic by pairing collegiate standbys with rope bracelets and loafers.

a collage of a woman

Dries Van Noten Retro Runner Sneakers

Double Stripe Tee

Joe McCoy Double Stripe Tee

Sanborn Canoe Maquoketa Canoe Paddle

Sanborn Canoe Maquoketa Canoe Paddle

Laurel Logo Windbreaker

MCM Laurel Logo Windbreaker

Pamela Terry Bikini

Lisa Marie Fernandez Pamela Terry Bikini

DY Bel Aire Color Box Chain Bracelet

David Yurman DY Bel Aire Color Box Chain Bracelet

Gambia Sunglasses

Port Tanger Gambia Sunglasses

American Classic

Kiel James Patrick American Classic

Alec Open-Knit Sweater

Marant Étoile Alec Open-Knit Sweater

Stretch Trousers

Herno Stretch Trousers

Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m

The You Vault Pendant Necklace

Ben The You Vault Pendant Necklace

Dior Addict Case

Dior Dior Addict Case

Mirage Nautical Sweater Dress

Guess Mirage Nautical Sweater Dress

Florentine Bowler Duffle

Dooney & Bourke Florentine Bowler Duffle

Sineu Slip-on Loafers

Hereu Sineu Slip-on Loafers

Rib Collar Polo

Dockers Rib Collar Polo

Satin Shorts

Mango Satin Shorts

street style

The Best-Dressed Celebrities at the 2024 SAGs

a woman sitting on a rug

17 Area Rugs

a person sitting on the floor

A First Look at Jhoan Sebastian Grey for HSN

milan street style fall winter 2024 pierguido grassano

The Best Street Style From Milan Fashion Week

a person in a green coat and a person in a black coat

The Launch: Fashion News to Know This February

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Shop the 16 Best Hobo Bags for Effortless Style

a sketch of a person wearing a white suit and a red hat

Willy Chavarria Reacts to His First ELLE Cover

the light fantastic brigitte niedermair

This Spring, Fashion Gets Bold and Bright

shape of spring solve sundsbo

Spring Is for the Shape Shifters

dries van noten

Spring’s Must-Have Striped Accessories

vittoria ceretti

Vittoria Ceretti Is the Ultimate Supermodel

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Ratings and reviews

Location and contact, california, tomilino - restaurant reviews - tripadvisor.

cal yacht club rowing

California Yacht Club was established in 1922 and boated its' first competitive rowing team back in the 1930's. In 1977, after a long hiatus, Stan Mullin, Ken Jacobs and Charles Hathaway reactivated rowing at the Club. CYC rowers now number about 60, and represent all abilities, ages and motivations.

Adult Rowing - California Yacht Club CYC is a great place for adults of all ages and skills to row out of Marina Del Rey. We have more than 60 active adult rowers with a wide range of interests and motivations varying from recreational, fitness, social, open water, and racing.

CYC Rowing - California Yacht Club - Rowing About us CYC Junior Rowing CYC offers a range of rowing programs suitable for girls and boys ages 12 - 18. CYC membership is not required to participate. Our junior rowing programs include: a highly successful competitive rowing team, a recreational program and private lessons.

Everyone at the California Yacht Club is devastated by the fire that took place at the structure of our historic club on Monday, December 11, 2023. We want to extend our sincere thanks to the Los Angeles County Fire Department for their rapid response and intensive efforts to extinguish the fire. We are committed to working with the fire ...

Junior Sailing and Rowing Program. Open to all youths in the community (ages 8-18). Full time Junior staff. Comments: Active power, sail and rowing fleets. Family friendly Club with a full schedule of races, cruises, and social activities.

California Yacht Club's Junior Rowing Program runs seasonally from September through June, and extends into Summer with several two week "Learn to Row" camps. The core instruction of the program is sculling. Singles, doubles and quads are the on the water tools for quality learning, and our inventory of ergometers are used for land training.

California Yacht Club, Marina del Rey, California. 4,778 likes · 133 talking about this · 24,313 were here. The California Yacht Club mission is to...

California Yacht Club was established in 1922 and boated its first competitive rowing team back in the 1930's. In 1977, after a long hiatus, Stan Mullin, Ken Jacobs and Charles Hathaway reactivated rowing at the Club and it has grown since then.

The California Yacht Club has a wonderful community of members who enjoy a packed social calendar of over 400 events throughout the year that features water activities, wine tastings, movies...

California Yacht Club is located at: 4469 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292. ... California Yacht Club-Junior Rowing. Craig Leeds [email protected] 310.948.1456. and. Anna Wilczek [email protected] 818.523.2987. CYC offers a variety of summer programs for junior age (13 - 18) boys and girls. CYC membership is not required to enroll.

J/70 Worlds 2021 : Peter Duncan's Relative Obscurity has prevailed over 60 other teams and challenging wind conditions to capture the 2021 J/70 World Championship title at California Yacht Club, today. In a five-day series that tested the skill and patience of top-notch competitors from 11 nations, Duncan - sailing with Willem van Waay, Morgan Trubovich and Victor Diaz de Leon - secured ...

Congratulations to the California Yacht Club Rowing Team on an impressive showing at the Long Beach Christmas regatta! 27 medals is an incredible achievement, and we are so proud of all of your hard...

The California Yacht Club is owned by the Hathaway family, owners of the Los Angeles Athletic Club. The annual "Great Catalina to Marina del Rey Rowing and Paddling Event" pays tribute to Charles Hathaway's row in 1976 from Catalina Island to the club on his 50th birthday.

3,429 Followers, 1,052 Following, 637 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from California Yacht Club (@calyachtclub) 3,429 Followers, 1,052 Following, 637 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from California Yacht Club (@calyachtclub) Something went wrong. There's an issue and the page could not be loaded. ...

515 Followers, 265 Following, 67 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from California Yacht Club Rowing (@calyachtclubrowing)

• 1st US Rowing Coach to win back-to-back Gold medals in the Mens Eight (97,98,99) (04,05). ... RC and California Rowing Club • Advisory coach at Cambridge University in England for their annual Boat Race since 1993 • U.S. Men's Olympic Head Coach from 2009-2012 London Olympic Games (Bronze - M4-)

When the California Yacht Club burned in Marina del Rey, prestigious awards, a priceless trophy and cherished photos were lost. Members mourn the club's loss.

The Los Angeles Rowing Club is the oldest rowing club in the city, founded in 1908. The club is located in a historic boathouse in the Marina del Rey harbor and offers programs for rowers of all levels, from beginners to advanced. The club has a competitive racing team, a recreational rowing program, and hosts many social events throughout the ...

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