1. Oceansouth Sailboat Bimini Top Stainless Steel

    bimini small sailboats

  2. Designing our new Bimini for our sailboat

    bimini small sailboats

  3. Sailboat bimini tops and the Unique Considerations For Your Boat

    bimini small sailboats

  4. What is a Bimini on a Sailboat? And Why You Should Install One

    bimini small sailboats

  5. 5 best small sailboats for sailing around the world

    bimini small sailboats

  6. 12 Perfect Small Sailboats

    bimini small sailboats


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  1. What is a Bimini on a Sailboat? And Why You Should Install One

    Bimini tops basically protect you and your sailboat from the elements. They create shade and at the same time retain visibility from the helm and allow the air to circulate. Generally, they're inexpensive and easy to install on pontoons, powerboats, and sailboats. Most of the time, a bimini cover is an open-air canvas canopy that has sturdy ...

  2. Designing Boat Biminis Right First Time Is Not Easy!

    Small Sailboats; Design Basics; Pics, Data & KPIs. Sailboats under 30' Sailboats 30'-35; Sailboats 35'-40' Sailboats 40'-45' Sailboats 45'-50' Sailboats 50'-55' ... If the boat bimini mounting point is inboard of the winches, then the limitations caused by the headsail sheet leads will not apply. But the bimini will be narrower and the shaded ...

  3. bimini on a small boat? other options?

    I think a bimini might ruin it, but I wouldask other small-boat owners. Try the Precsion group; some have biminis on simalar boats,are happy, and might have good tips. Writing full-time since 2014. Author-- Rigging Modern Anchors.

  4. DIY Bimini (umbrella) for Small Sailboat

    Adding an umbrella for a little shade and comfort on the deck of the 18 foot sailboat. A table fits nicely on the center post of the umbrella and the heavy b...

  5. Bimini Tops

    West Marine offers complete bimini kits in a variety of styles; stainless steel and aluminum frames; fabric canopy replacements and boots, or covers to secure the bimini top when not in use. Full Bimini Kits. If your boat requires a full bimini kit, look first for a size and style (T-top or bow bimini) that fits your available space in the cockpit.

  6. Sailcovers, dodgers & Sailboat biminis

    Some of these projects include, winch covers, helm covers, mooring covers, fender covers, boom tents, wheel covers, hatch covers and much more. You tell us what you would like and we will go the extra mile to meet your needs. Sailcovers, dodgers, biminis, storage covers, interiors and cockpit canvas for your sailboat.

  7. Upgrade to a Bimini Top on a Budget

    The Stainless boat Bimini top hinged jaw slide 1″ 25 mm I purchased from Discount Marine Store on Amazon. They had the best price that I could find at the time. ... I will receive a small commission that I will use toward the cost of administering this blog. The cost you pay to Amazon is the same but I'd appreciate your support if you enjoy ...

  8. Installing a Bimini Top on a Sailboat

    Installing a Bimini Top on my Macgregor 26 SailboatBuy an OFFICIAL Sailing FreeStyle T-Shirt! - Links in this episode:MSC 3 Bow...

  9. Premium Sailboat Bimini Top Stainless Steel

    Sailboat Bimini Top Stainless Steel. Introducing the Oceansouth Sailboat Bimini Top - a standout addition to our premium collection that establishes new benchmarks for high-quality shade solutions. Water-resistant, breathable high-tech ATLAS GOLDEN RANGE Marine Grade Fabric 10.4 oz/yd² with top-stitched double seams sewn using UV bonded thread.

  10. Carver Bimini Tops Direct

    Carver Bimini Tops are designed and engineered in our state-of-the-art facilities with over 40 years of experience manufacturing boat covers and Bimini tops. Our Biminis come in lengths from 5' to 10' long and they will mount on boats from small inflatables to large cabin cruisers.

  11. 6 Best Bimini Tops for Boats

    6. 4 Seasons Bimini Top Boat Cover. An advantage of this 4 Seasons is its anodized aluminum frame, which is proof that the structure is sturdy and durable. If you want to replace the poles with straps, you can do it. However, keep in mind that it is the poles that provide extra stability.

  12. Custom-Made Hard Top Biminis

    A hard dodger (as opposed to a Bimini) is less intrusive. Weve seen several custom, lightweight designs with low profiles that provide four-season protection and look terrific. For many boats, a good compromise is a hard dodger top (usually custom made), with canvas sides and clear vinyl front panels. We recently compared three types of popular ...

  13. DIY Bimini Kits, Make Your Own Bimini

    Choosing the Right Tubing for Boat Bimini Frames: Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel ... Bimini Skin Kit for 3-Bow Frame - Sunbrella® Standard Color. Sunbrella® Webbing Strap Kit For Bimini/Dodger. 2-Bow 1" Bimini Frame Kit & Fittings 106" x 42" x 60" (Stainless Steel) 2-Bow 7/8" Bimini Frame Kit & Fittings 106" x 42" x 60" (Stainless Steel)

  14. What is a Bimini on a boat?

    Bimini tops can be either fixed or retractable, meaning that they can be folded up or down depending on the weather or the needs of the boat's occupants. Bimini tops are popular on boats of all types and sizes, from small runabouts to large cruisers. They provide a comfortable and convenient way to enjoy time on the water, especially on sunny days.

  15. How-to: Build a hardtop bimini on your sailboat

    The hardest, and best addition during the refit. THE hardtop vid. I couldn't find anything like this while I needed it, so I hope it helps someone. Love, pea...

  16. Our Favorite Bimini Tops for Boats in 2024

    Naviskin Bimini Top. Made with 600D polyester canvas, this marine-grade Bimini top cover is available in 13 different sizes and 10 varying colors. This way, you won't have any trouble finding the right fit for your boat with respect to the size or color. The material of this top has a PU coating, which makes it waterproof and resistant to ...

  17. Bimini Tops

    3 Bow / 4Bow Bimini Top Boat Cover, 900D Polyester Canopy with 1" Aluminum Alloy Frame, Waterproof and Sun Shade, Includes Storage Boot, 2 Support Poles, 4 Straps ... 2 Bow Portable Foldable Bimini Top Oxford Cloth Cover with Aluminum Frame Quick Release Clips for Width 3.3-4.6 ft Rib,Small Jon Boat,Fishing Boat,Inflatable Boat,Dinghy. 3.7 out ...

  18. Custom Dodgers Built by Iverson's Designs

    The "Road Crew" at Iverson's is on the go, constructing dodgers on sailboats of all makes and styles between Portland, Oregon and Washington. With their efficient design and manufacturing methods you can have a new custom canvas dodger in as little as a week*. *Please note that the Iverson's Dodger waiting list can be 2 to 4 months out, upon ...

  19. Boat Bimini Tops

    Carver Bimini Tops are designed and engineered in Landrum, SC and are produced in Carver's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Carver has over 30 years experience manufacturing boat covers and Bimini tops. Their Biminis come in lengths from 5' to 10' long and they will mount on boats from small inflatable's to large cabin cruisers.

  20. Bimini Bay Sailing. Sailboat Lessons, Sailing Classes, Guided Rentals

    Fun at Bimini Bay Sailing! Slide Show. For an easy and inexpensive learning guide covering Sunfish and small sailboats, check out Learn Sailing Fun and Easy with Memory Tips and Water Riddles. Available as a $9.95 PDF for your PC or iPad, or Kindle eBook, Paperback, or Audio book. Anna Maria Weather Forecast Wind and Rain Hourly Updates

  21. Welcome to Brown's Marina in Bimini, Bahamas. Your marina in Bimini!

    Browns Marina in Alice Town, Bimini, Bahamas is ideally located with something to offer all. Special pricing and air transportation arrangements are available for long-term slip rentals - keep your boat at Browns Marina in Bimini and ride over on the ferry or a seaplane. You can keep an eye on your boat (and enjoy the view) through our web cam.

  22. Bimini Tops

    The most fabrics & colors. at the best prices. Many warranty options available. FREE mounting hardware & straps. Call us at 1-800-589-0602. FREE fabric samples upon request. Quality biminis for your boat. offers a wide variety of colors and fabrics for all climates. Superior protection, free shipping and a great price.

  23. Bimini Boat Tops

    Bimini Tops for Boat 2 Bow Portable Foldable Bimini Top Oxford Cloth Cover with Aluminum Frame Quick Release Clips for Width 3.3-4.6 ft Rib,Small Jon Boat,Fishing Boat,Inflatable Boat,Dinghy 3.7 out of 5 stars

  24. Small boat crossings even HIGHER than last year after more than 500

    That total is over 500 more than the total for this point last year, when the Government recorded a 36 per cent fall in small boat migrant arrivals. The Home Office said in a statement: "The unacceptable number of people who continue to cross the Channel demonstrates exactly why we must get flights to Rwanda off the ground as soon as possible.

  25. Dredging of Wailoa Small Boat Harbor on track

    A boater brings his boat into the Wailoa Small Boat Harbor while a man plays with his dogs in Hilo on Wednesday, March 13, 2024. HILO, Hawai'i — Lawmakers and boaters hope for smooth sailing ...

  26. Small boat capsizes in Mobile Bay, 2 people thrown into water

    MOBILE, Ala. - Harrowing moments on Mobile Bay Wednesday after a small boat overturned, throwing two people into the water. Both people were able to get back to shore after clinging to the boat ...

  27. Climate change and boat strikes are killing right whales ...

    Being hit by boats or entangled in fishing gear are the leading causes of right whale deaths. Scientists say forcing even small boats to slow down could reduce whale deaths.

  28. Migrant reportedly stabbed during 'busiest day' for small boats

    The cumulative number of arrivals by small boats in 2024 now stands at a provisional total of 4,043. This is 10% higher than the total at this point last year, which was 3,683, and 25% higher than ...