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Airstream Trailer Weight: a Guide with Stats for Each Model

Published on July 28th, 2020 by Levi Henley (Full-Time RVer, Content Manager and Media Specialist for RV LIFE)

People see advertisements with mid-size SUVs connected to 25-foot travel trailers. Yet when they see something like an Airstream Caravel in a similar ad, it’s connected to a full-size SUV. Many wonder how much does a 25-foot airstream trailer weigh and why the difference? We’ll show you the average Airstream trailer weight in a guide with stats with each model.

When you look at how much an Airstream Bambi trailer weighs compared to other brands of similar lengths, you’ll see how different they truly are. The construction materials, building methodologies, and components set Airstream apart from all other manufactures in the RV industry.

This difference is part of the reason why 75% of all Airstreams are still on the road today. If you’re looking to buy one of these iconic RVs, understanding their weight is a great start. You’ll need the right tow vehicle, how much you can load them up, and other important facts to properly care for your travel trailer.


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Airstream trailer weight terminology.

Airstream trailer parked under the tree

Airstream uses its own terminology to describe various weight values. We’ll define these terms and show you their universally accepted counterparts.

  • Unit Base Weight (UBW): UBW is the Dry Weight or Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) of the RV. This is the weight of the coach when it’s completely empty.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR): The GVWR is a universally accepted term. It is a rating the manufacture publishes telling both official governing bodies and consumers what the maximum amount of weight the RV can hold safely.
  • Net Carrying Capacity (NCC): The NCC is universally known as the Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC). It tells owners how much storage weight the coach can hold.
  • Hitch Weight (HW): Other manufacturers refer to this as Tongue Weight (TW). This is the pressure put on the hitch of the tow vehicle. The best weight is between 10-15% of the RV’s Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). If it’s too light, you’ll have a lot of sway. Heavier percentages overstress the vehicle’s suspension and other towing focused parts.

Understanding Tow Weights of Airstream Trailers

Airstreams have three major size levels. All Airstream models within the levels share commonalities that can confuse the untrained eye. Later, we’ll discuss how each model is different from each other.

Meanwhile, to help you start to understand Airstream travel trailers, we’ll show you the shared factors that each level has to help your prepare for the towing weight of an Airstream trailer.

Small Level

Small airstreame parked near house

There are eight models of Airstream travel trailers. Four of them fall under the small lightest weight Airstream category.

Each one of these models has an average GVWR under 4,700 pounds. They also have lengths ranging from 16 to 22 (21.8) feet.

For those looking to balance pulling power with fuel efficiency, mid-size pickups (also known as a quarter-ton) or full-size SUVs are a great option. Allowing about 1,500 pounds for cargo weight, passenger weight, and driving horsepower, you’ll want a vehicle with a towing capacity with at least 6,200 pounds or more.

Mid-Size Level

The mid-size Airstream models include the Flying Cloud, International, and Globetrotter. All three models measure between 23-30 feet in length and have a GVWR of 7,475 pounds.

The best tow vehicle for a 30-foot Airstream in this level or one of the shorter versions must focus on pulling power. Half-ton trucks are going to be your best option for these travel trailers. If you’re looking for an SUV, the Ford Expedition with the heavy tow package has a capacity of up to 9,300 pounds.

Car manufactures have been doing a lot to make their half-ton pickups more fuel-efficient in recent years. Even with the Airstream Flying Cloud 23FB weight behind it, your truck will get more miles per gallon today than previous year models.

Full-Size Classic

The Classic is the only model that fits in the full-size category. The GVWR is 10,000 pounds and it comes in either 30 or 33 feet in length. Towing this legendary icon takes real muscle.

Three-quarter ton trucks like the Ram 3500 have the power and size to pull the Classic comfortably. This class of truck has a towing capacity of up to 15,000 pounds. Fuel efficiency isn’t calculated for these heavy-duty trucks, but best estimates are 10 city and around 14 highway.

Certain half-ton trucks with heavy towing packages are capable of towing the Classic. The Ford F-150’s 3.5L EcoBoost V6 has the option to come with a towing capacity of up to 13,000 pounds from the factory. Talk to your truck dealer for more details.

Average Weight by Airstream Model and Other Features

  • Average Dry Weight: 3,075 pounds
  • Average GVWR: 3,900 pounds
  • Average NCC: 850 pounds
  • Average HW: 473 pounds
  • Floorplans: 4
  • Starting Price: $38,400

The Basecamp series started in 2016 and quickly became Airstream’s top-selling model. It started with the 16-foot model. Recently the 20-foot model came into the world with two multi-functional dinettes that fold down for additional sleeping space for four people.

The new “X” version allows your Basecamp to go off-road. The rear hatch allows you to store long items down the center aisle while you’re traveling.

Airstream does a great job keeping the Basecamp protected with the front corner rockguards. They also place all of hookup connections strategically so your mini Silver Bullet looks sleek and stylish driving down the road.

  • Average Dry Weight: 3,350 pounds
  • Average GVWR: 4,000 pounds
  • Average NCC: 700 pounds
  • Average HW: 375 pounds
  • Starting Price: $42,900

Aluminum and Airstream are like peanut butter and jelly. When you think of this RV manufacturer, everyone’s first thought is of an airplane-quality aluminum shell with rounded edges in a twinkie-shaped design. That’s until the Nest came along.

Airstream wanted to try their hand in the fiberglass realm but had little experience with it. Once they found Robert Johans and his design, Airstream knew they had something special. They bought his design, brought him on board, and finished it with the features and quality you would expect from them.

The Nest has a rear entry door, wet bath, and all of the features you could ask for in a 16-foot trailer. It comes with either a front bed or a front dinette that folds down. Critics generally prefer the memory foam bed over the dinette when it comes to comfort, but having the versatility of a U-shaped dinette is worth buying a simple bed topper.

Another interesting point is its overall weight. The Airstream Nest weight (4,000 pounds)is heavier than the Bambi 16-foot version (3,500), but lighter than the 22-foot version (5,000 pounds). The advantage with the Nest is having the same feature of the 22-foot Bambi in the 16-foot Nest.

  • Average Dry Weight: 3,050 pounds
  • Average GVWR: 4,250 pounds
  • Average NCC: 925 pounds
  • Average HW: 485 pounds
  • Starting Price: $49,900

The name “Bambi” has a diverse history with Airstream. In 1961, the company launched a small single-axle travel trailer named Bambi in response to consumers’ desire for smaller travel trailers. After that model fazed out of production, the name continued as a nickname for any small, single-axle Airstream.

A popular model from 2009-2019 was the Airstream Sport. They brought the Bambi back a few years ago in its 16-foot incarnation. Since the new Bambi and Caravel were so similar to the Sport, in 2019, Airstream decided to stop production of the Sport, and expand the Bambi increasing the line to include lengths up to 22 feet.

The Airstream Bambi comes in a 16 rear bed, 19 rear corner bed, or 20 and 22 front bed configuration. It’s the first model that has the traditional Airstream shape. The bright cabinetry and overall interior make it look spacious. The overall features are more standard-issue than it’s sister coach but meet the high bar of Airstream quality.

  • Average Dry Weight: 3,900 pounds
  • Average GVWR: 4,650 pounds
  • Average HW: 528 pounds
  • Starting Price: $62,200

Airstream founder, Wally Byam, had two recreational loves. RVs and boats. That’s why he named the Caravel after a sailing ship. He wanted his customers to feel like they were experiencing the same features of a yacht. This model has stayed in production since 1956.

When you compare the Caravel to the Bambi, you’ll notice upgraded amenities that tip the weight scale a little bit. The floorplans and lengths are the same. Differences include a panoramic rear window, electric hitch jack, and other components of improved luxury.

Unlike the Bambi, you’ll find side and rear awnings for the windows. The Caravel also has a front corner rock guard and a windshield protection shield to maintain shell integrity. This RV also has a classier interior look with name brand components and other high-end touches.

Flying Cloud

  • Average Dry Weight: 5,639 pounds
  • Average GVWR: 7,400 pounds
  • Average NCC: 1,761 pounds
  • Average HW: 781 pounds
  • Floorplans: 14
  • Starting Price: $78,900

Airstream advertised the Flying Cloud as the RV that “flys behind your car” in the 1950s. Airstream played on their aircraft-quality aluminum shells. Decades later, the Flying Cloud returned for today’s RVers to become the most versatile and family-friendly travel trailer in their lineup.

The Flying Cloud now has 14 different floorplans that come in:

  • Rear queen bed
  • Front queen bed
  • Rear corner queen bed
  • Rear double twins beds
  • Front double twins beds
  • Rear lower full size and upper twin size bunk bed

The sofas and dinettes fold-down/out for additional sleeping space allowing large families to sleep up to eight people. Even though Airstreams don’t have slideouts, these travel trailers make great use of space to give everyone their own personal space.

Some of the unique features include a rear hatch on 25 and 27 front bed floorplan to store long items while you’re traveling. There are plenty of USB charging ports and the latest in entertainment technology to keep everyone happy on rainy days. You’ll have all the storage you need for personal items and food to keep your brood’s bellies full.


  • Floorplans: 12
  • Starting Price: $91,900

In 1958, Wally Byam and his team introduced the International as the first self-contained travel trailer that was battery powered. It was one of the first RVs that had the capability to boondock with electricity.

Today’s International is the luxury version of the Flying Cloud. It has the same length options (23-30 feet) but doesn’t have the bunk bed or 30-foot rear bed options. Many of the luxury options you find on the Caravel come on the International.

The forest or seashore inspired natural interior brings the outdoors in. You can enhance your experience by allowing the breeze to flow through the coach through all the windows. As you enjoy your new book, you can let the smells and sounds of nature relax you.

When the temperature isn’t ideal, both the air conditioner and heater give you that perfect temperature. The low profile A/C doesn’t have an interior section that sticks out from the ceiling, so you have the best aesthetic look and still receive efficient performance.


  • Average Dry Weight: 6,144 pounds
  • Average GVWR: 7,550 pounds
  • Average NCC: 1,407 pounds
  • Average HW: 818 pounds
  • Floorplans: 8
  • Starting Price: $96,400

The Globetrotter is unique in its own right due to its adventurous origins. To further advertise his product, and go on a grand adventure Airstream hit Europe by storm. Wally Byam and his friend Cornelius Vanderbilt took a 22-foot model in the 1950s and set out for a worldwide adventure starting in Europe to show how durable his trailer was.

To memorialize that great trek, today’s Globetrotter comes with European-inspired interiors with lengths between 23-30 feet in length. Floorplans feature front or rear bed features. You can choose between the queen or the double twin beds.

The dark wood walls are offset by the bright cabinetry and flooring. Stainless steel appliances and trim give the coach a finished look of high-class appeal. This land yacht travel trailer look has the sophistication that fits the best French districts or contemporary styling of the best crafted Scandinavian decor.

  • Average Dry Weight: 8,025 pounds
  • Average GVWR: 10,000 pounds
  • Average NCC: 1,976 pounds
  • Average HW: 1,031 pounds
  • Starting Price: $157,400

The Classic is an amalgamation of many of Airstream’s previous models. They took the best ideas, the most iconic look, and rolled it into this 30 to 33-foot travel trailer. You’ll see hints of the Argosy, Safari, and Land Yacht. Today’s Classic gets most of its DNA from the 1980s Excella.

The 30-foot version comes in either a rear queen or double twin. The 33-foot has a front queen or double twin. Despite its size, it only sleeps up to five people. The reason for this is its overall purpose. The Classic is primarily designed for full-timers that want that combination of functionality with iconic style.

It features components like a full dry bathroom that takes up the rear section of the coach. A real desk space for those that work from home. Residential size appliances that allow a couple to live comfortable for weeks without restocking. It now comes with a wifi package and mobile device app to control and stay connected to your coach while you’re away.

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About the author:.

Levi Henley

Levi Henley, RV LIFE’s Content Manager and WordPress specialist, is renowned for his expertise in RVing and workamping, having lived on the road since 2015. He’s the author of the popular guide “Seasonal Workamping for a Living: How We Did It” , a testament to his deep knowledge in the RV community. For more insights into Levi’s nomadic lifestyle and expertise, visit Henley’s Happy Trails .

Levi Henley: Content Manager, Media Specialist at RV LIFE

Levi Henley stands at the forefront of RV-centric content, wearing multiple hats as a Content Manager and Media Specialist for the RV LIFE network. With his deep-rooted expertise in RVing, workamping, and the full-time nomadic lifestyle, Levi has been writing about and living the lifestyle since he hit the road in 2015 with his wife Natalie.

Their journey, punctuated by innovative approaches to nomadic income, has culminated in the guide, " Seasonal Workamping for a Living: How We Did It ," a testament to their hands-on experience and knowledge. This resource, available on Amazon and through their personal website, Henley's Happy Trails , offers invaluable insights into the mobile lifestyle. Levi's has written for RV industry media key organizations like Coach-Net, Escapees, and Workamper News.

Beyond his professional prowess, Levi is a man of diverse talents and interests. He's not only an actor and magician but also a certified scuba diving instructor. His adventures across the country in a 2011 Sunstar Itasca, accompanied by Natalie and their two feline companions and rambunctious dog, embody the spirit of exploration and lifelong learning.

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Remembering Airstream’s fanciest trailer: the Land Yacht

The nautically-themed trailer is out of production, but its memory lives on in other Airstream models

1974 airstream land yacht weight

Airstream trailers have been nicknamed a lot of things: the Silver Bullet, a Toaster-on-Wheels, and even the Silver Twinkie. But the now iconic American aluminum trailer—especially its largest models—has also been known as a “land yacht,” thanks to its high-end design reminiscent of the largest ships on the sea.

Airstream lived up to this title in 2014 when it debuted what it called “the most luxurious Airstream ever conceived.” The special edition model—the Land Yacht 28 —boasted three rooms and was designed with the help of Mauro Micheli, head designer at yacht design firm Officina Italiana Design , with cabinetry from the Italian firm Tecnoform.

All of that impressive pedigree meant one thing for the Land Yacht: It was fancy. Designed to resemble a luxury watercraft, the 28-foot trailer slept six and came with boat-deck plank flooring, LED lighting, and Corian countertops. The master bedroom boasted a pillow top queen mattress, a 30-inch flatscreen, and plenty of under-the-bed storage.

1974 airstream land yacht weight

The technology and decor was also first class. A powered pedestal table moved the dining room table out of the way to free up space, and a powered outdoor awning made shade accessible. The interior came in two color options, dark wood and cream or a lighter wood with dark grey seating fabric.

The Land Yacht started at $146,362 and because it was a special edition model, it had limited production.

“It doesn’t come down to how many Special Edition units we sell, it’s about creating truly unique models that allow our team, and those we partner with a creative outlet to try new ideas,” said Bryan Melton, General Manager of travel trailers at Airstream.

“When you remove certain constraints, you allow engineers and designers to maximize their creativity. The results are truly special, like the Land Yacht, which continue to make strong statements within Airstream’s prolific history.”

1974 airstream land yacht weight

Not long after the debut of the Land Yacht, Airstream took many of that model’s favorite qualities and added them to the remodeled Classic trailer and their new line of Class-B luxury touring coaches . Today, the Land Yacht is still on the product page of Airstream’s website , but according to a reputable Airstream dealer in Colorado, the only Land Yachts still left for sale are in Canada.

For many Airstream fanatics, the Land Yacht will go down as one of the fanciest—and best designed—trailers in the company’s history. Take a 360-degree tour, over here .

1974 airstream land yacht weight

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1974 Airstream

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1974 Airstream Argosy

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1974 Land Yacht 25FT

No longer available.

1974 airstream land yacht weight

Key RV Facts

-Model Year: 1974 -Type: Trailer (Land Yacht) – Length: 25 Foot

Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist -Location: Victor, ID -Asking Price: $15,900 -Seller Type: Private -Contact Info: No Longer Available

Description: For sale is a 25′ 1974 airstream tradewind land yacht travel trailer. The trailer is in excellent, mostly original condition. Everything works great except the hot water heater is inoperable. 3-way fridge, oven, 3-burner stove, propane heater, air conditioning, 3 vent fans, lights, outlets, toilet, shower. Sleeps 4 adults with two twin beds in the middle plus fold-out sofa bed up front. All of the glass is original and in perfect condition. Recent upgrades include a brand new zip dee 14′ side awning, zip dee rear awning, 4 new tires, spare tire, custom bumper hitch receiver, electric tongue jack. All in all, there have been close to $5000 in upgrades in the last year. The front sun shade needs to be replaced as the plexi glass is broken and there is some minor dents in the front right panel. Otherwise, the trailer and it’s condition is perfect.

Please contact me with any questions and get an amazing deal on this incredible trailer.

1974 Victor ID

Last Updated on December 14, 2018 by AirstreamAds

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1974 airstream land yacht weight

1974 Trade Wind

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1974 Mansfield TX

1974 Land Yacht Overlander Trailer in Mansfield, TX

Still original needs some cosmetic work (1974 colors) Great bones for a remodel project. Outside surface not perfect but very good shape for  its age. Refrigerator is just electric not propane. A/C works. Electric hitch […]

1974 corrales nm

1974 Land Yacht Sovereign Trailer in Corrales, NM

1974 Airstream Land Yacht Sovereign 31′ Has been gutted – New Paint – New Flooring – New AC – New Plumbing Hoses – New Water Heater – New Skylight Vents – New Stereo – New […]

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    The Land Yacht Series includes the 21 foot Globe Trotter, 23 foot Safan and the 25 foot Tradewind. It comes equipped with an automatic water ... The 1974 Airstream fleet offers you 15 exciting models to give you total travel pleasure! 21 FT. GLOBE TROTTER (Land Yacht) Hitch Wt. 420 Ibs. Total Wt. 3390 Ibs. 23 FT. SAFARI TWIN

  2. PDF Hitch Ball Year Name Length Dry Wt. Wt. GVWR Height

    1974 safari ly 23 twin 3420 580 19.5 1974 safari ly 23 double 3460 570 19.5 1974 trade wind ly 25 twin 4110 610 19.5 1974 trade wind ly 25 double 4190 630 19.5 1974 overlander international ly 27 twin 4575 515 19.5 1974 overlander international ly 27 double 4600 500 19.5 1974 ambassador international ly 29 rear bath twin 4855 515 19.5


    1974 trade wind ly 25 double 4190 630 19.5 1974 overlander international ly 27 twin 4575 515 19.5 1974 overlander international ly 27 double 4600 500 19.5 1974 ambassador international ly 29 rear bath twin 4855 515 19.5 1974 ambassador international ly 29 rear bath double 4850 485 19.5 1974 ambassador international ly 29 center bath twin 4795 ...

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    Select a 1974 Airstream Series An innovator for the recreational and vacation vehicle sector, Airstream was founded by Wally Byam in 1932. A company that quickly blossomed on the success of aerodynamic aluminum travel trailers, Airstream continues to use the same iconic styling and construction.

  5. How much does a '76

    Originally Posted by davidz71. Angel, A friend of mine has a '73 31' Sovereign and the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) is 7200 lbs. which means that is the max the unit can weigh with all liquids and cargo. This is not the dry weight. My '77 Excella 500 had a GVWR of 8100 lbs. and weighed around 5480 lbs. dry and a little over 5,600 lbs with ...

  6. Airstream Trailer Weight: a Guide with Stats for Each Model

    Mid-Size Level. The mid-size Airstream models include the Flying Cloud, International, and Globetrotter. All three models measure between 23-30 feet in length and have a GVWR of 7,475 pounds. The best tow vehicle for a 30-foot Airstream in this level or one of the shorter versions must focus on pulling power.

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    Airstream Trade Wind Land Yacht information is here at ... 1974 Airstream Trade Wind 1974 Airstream Tradewind 25' Travel Trailer (A) Center double, rear bath ... Dry Weight Hitch Weight GVWR Hitch Ball Ht. 1961 Trade Wind 24 3130 340 - 19.5" 1962 ...

  8. Remembering Airstream's fanciest trailer: the Land Yacht

    All of that impressive pedigree meant one thing for the Land Yacht: It was fancy. Designed to resemble a luxury watercraft, the 28-foot trailer slept six and came with boat-deck plank flooring, LED lighting, and Corian countertops. The master bedroom boasted a pillow top queen mattress, a 30-inch flatscreen, and plenty of under-the-bed storage.


    Airstream land yacht motorhome owners manual (131 pages) Motorhomes Airstream EXCELLA 1985 Owner's Manual. (80 pages) Motorhomes Airstream LAND YACHT 202 User Manual. (146 pages) Motorhomes Airstream Land Yacht 2006 Owner's Manual. Airstream 2006 motorhome owners manual (100 pages) Motorhomes Airstream 360 XC Land Yacht Owner's Manual. (120 pages)

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    between the Land Yacht series and the International Land Yacht series is in the degree of self-containment, amount of accessory eqnipment included and quality of interior furnishings. The Airstream Land Yacht series comes equipped with a pressure water system (including 12V air compressor), 12V electrical system (in addition to the regular

  14. 1974 Airstream Land Yacht 25FT Travel Trailer For Sale in Victor, ID

    -Model Year: 1974-Type: Trailer (Land Yacht) -Length: 25 Foot. Ad Information-Source: Craigslist-Location: Victor, ID-Asking Price: $15,900-Seller Type: Private-Contact Info: No Longer Available. Description: For sale is a 25′ 1974 airstream tradewind land yacht travel trailer. The trailer is in excellent, mostly original condition.

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  16. 1974 Airstream 27FT Land Yacht For Sale in ...

    Land Yacht. $19,850. Mansfield near Ft. Worth. , Texas. 1974 Airstream 27 ft International Land Yacht. rear bathroom - bought few years ago with intent to remodel to make it little more modern but never had time (ac business in Texas) found another bigger airstream that my wife loved and so bought it.

  17. 1974 Airstream 29FT Land Yacht For Sale in Chambersburg

    Land Yacht. $20,000. Chambersburg. , Pennsylvania. Excellent condition for a vintage airstream. Original interior. Flooring has been redone. New twin beds and new couch cushions. There are some things that need updating, but overall in great condition.

  18. 1974 Airstream 27FT Overlander For Sale in FRANKLIN

    Overlander. $22,400. FRANKLIN. , Tennessee. View 41 Photos. This is the most original 1974 Land Yacht Overlander you'll find anywhere! If you are looking for an original vintage Airstream, then this may be the one for you! Ready to use and enjoy, or begin a detailed restoration, its your call! This Airstream is oozing with history and ...

  19. 1974 Airstream Safari 23

    1974 Airstream Safari Land Yacht. This is the very desirable 23 foot trailer with twin beds. Rear bathroom with shower kitchen all you need for a safe trip. Or extra income with a rental unit. Priced to sell this is a real beauty that has been well maintain and is in good condition just needs a little love to make it your own.


    1974 AIRSTREAM INTERNATIONAL LAND YACHT 31RB For Sale in Kechi, Kansas at - Stock #269360 - 1974 Airstream Sovereign! Most of the interior is in decent vintage condition! This 1974 International Airstream is a classic travel trailer almost entirely vintage. Some items have been replaced, such as the relatively new air conditioner and some lights, but the rest is straight out of ...

  21. Land yacht (automobile)

    A land yacht is an informal category of large automobiles ... towards quality, feature content, and fuel economy. For example, American Motors' last full-size car was a redesigned 1974 Ambassador on a 122 ... Airstream three-axle travel trailer. The "land yacht" description was used in the 1941 film Sullivan's Travels to describe a bus ...