1. The Cynical Sailor & His Salty Sidekick: Category 1 Boat Inspections in

    cat 1 yacht requirements

  2. The Cynical Sailor & His Salty Sidekick: Category 1 Boat Inspections in

    cat 1 yacht requirements

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    cat 1 yacht requirements

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    cat 1 yacht requirements

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    cat 1 yacht requirements

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    cat 1 yacht requirements


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  1. Category 1 Safety Inspections

    Inspection costs. The full cost of an inspection is dependent on the time spent by the yacht inspector. The safety certificate is $115 for members of a Yachting New Zealand affiliated club. There is an additional cost of $75 for owners who are not a member of an affiliated club. These costs do not include the inspector's time and travel.

  2. Taking your boat overseas

    The decision on whether to grant section 21 clearance is made by the Director, or their delegate, (i.e. a Yacht Inspector). ... Click the link below to go to the Yachting New Zealand website to find out what Category 1 requirements consist of and to contact an inspector. Get a safety inspection.

  3. PDF Summary of changes to Safety Regulations for 2021

    NOTE: Yacht Inspectors may use their discretion as to the acceptability of items not listed. 3.10 Change from: Skippers of vessels over 20m and vessels that have been in MOSS (Maritime Operator Safety System) requiring a Category 1 certificate for customs clearance should contact a yacht safety inspector who must consult with Maritime New Zealand.

  4. PDF End to end process flowchart of gaining a Category 1 certificate and

    End to end process flowchart of gaining a Category 1 certificate and departing NZ (V11) 1. Decision to go offshore. 2. Access information on the process and requirements for pleasure craft departing NZ (YNZ and MNZ websites and direct contact with either/both organisations) 3. Read the YNZ Safety Regulations of Sailing.

  5. What Cat 1 inspectors want ~ Boating NZ

    Stability: Does it meet the stability requirements for Cat 1 as defined in the regulations? Some older New Zealand-built or -designed vessels with a history of voyages already undertaken can be grandfathered in. For example, the Farr 11.6 (38) does not meet the stability requirements under Cat 1 but is well-proven offshore.

  6. US Safety Equipment Requirements (SER)

    The SERs are easier for yacht owners and pre-race inspectors to understand. ... World Sailing OSR Category 1, 2: World Sailing OSR Category 0: Safety at Sea: Coastal Course. Online or in-person. ... to World Sailing the following MNA recognized courses that are accepted in the U.S. as meeting the first aid training requirements for Categories 1 ...

  7. PDF CAT 1

    One Certification relate to my motor yacht. Please note that while this isn't an exhaustive list of requirements, it gives you pretty good understanding of what you'll need to do. At a glance the Category One certification can be a bit confusing as the literature seems heavily biased towards Sailing Yachts - but category one

  8. Category 1 Offshore Certification

    Motor Yacht Service Centre is the only boating partner you'll ever need. Motor Yacht Service Centre is uniquely a one-stop shop for all servicing, improvement and repair needs for Luxury Motor Yachts. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. CAT 1 certification is the certification that your vessel is required to achieve if ...

  9. CAT 1 Requirements for NZ Registered Yachts Heading Offshore

    Ensure the safety of your offshore sailing adventure by meeting the CAT 1 requirements for NZ registered yachts. Book safety inspectors, complete medical and sea survival courses, and prepare your boat accordingly. If you need yacht delivery services, choose CAT 1 qualified skippers for a safe and reliable journey. Trust the experts and enjoy your offshore adventure with peace of mind.

  10. PDF Yachting New Zealand Yacht Inspectors Manual

    The Yachting New Zealand Yacht Inspectors Manual (Incorporating the Director's Guidelines for the application of section 21 of the Maritime Transport Act 1994), from herein referred to as the "Director's Guidelines", is a guidance document to the exercise of the discretionary power under section 21 of the Maritime Transport Act 1994.

  11. Offshore Safety

    To participate in a Cat 1 race in Australia, 50% of the crew of each yacht must have undertaken a Yachting Australia safety and sea survival course. In addition, the boat is required to have two licensed radio operators instead of the one required for Cat 2 races. Finally, two of the crew members must hold a recognised first aid certificate.

  12. Yachting NZ Cat 1

    Yachting NZ Cat 1. Viki Moore / March 24, 2014. If you own a New Zealand registered yacht and are planning on sailing it offshore, you need to comply with the Yachting NZ Category 1 safety regulations. As NZ is many hundreds of miles from any other countries, these safety regulations mean that boats are seaworthy and equipped with all the gear ...

  13. ARC safety checklist

    Divisions II (Racing) and VIII Invitation Racing are ISAF Offshore Special Regulations for Category 1 and these Safety Equipment Requirements. These safety equipment requirements do not override any greater safety requirement demanded by the yacht's national, or flag country, maritime authorities or appropriate regulatory bodies.

  14. PDF World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Checklist 2018 Categories 1

    OSR Category compliance (Please circle one): Category 1 / 2 Category 3 (Inc Cat 2 Liferaft & AIS) The numbers in the left column refer to Offshore Special Regulations. If you require help with completing this form please contact the RORC: Telephone: +44 (0) 1983 295144 Email: [email protected] WORLD SAILING OFFSHORE SPECIAL REGULATIONS CHECKLIST 2018

  15. "New" requirement for NZ Cat 1 certification

    Not easy to make a mistake unless you're really trying - the regulations specifically say: "In determining the adequacy of the vessel, the Yacht Inspector … will use the Category 1 requirements set out in Part II of these regulations except in exceptional circumstances." So you follow the same regulations as a Category 1 racer. Easy!

  16. CE Yacht Compliance Classification

    29 March 2016. The CE Yacht Compliance Classification System is the European (CE stands for " Conformité Européenne " in French) dictating the standards for CE Certification for construction and sale of boats. Vessels in one of the categories of controlled products cannot be legally sold in the EU unless they have passed the tests to ...

  17. "New" requirement for NZ Cat 1 certification

    Join Date: Jun 2019. Location: Bay of Islands New Zealand. Boat: Morgan 44 CC. Posts: 1,136. "New" requirement for NZ Cat 1 certification. The need for NZ registered boats leaving on ocean passages to have a Cat 1 certification has always been somewhat contentious. Now it has taken another step along the path of ridiculousness.

  18. New Cat 1 requirements

    According to this, BP doesn't need a stability certificate to get Cat 1, but rather, "For non racing yachts the inspectors may use their discretion regarding stability, providing that they are satisfied the vessel is self righting from a knockdown that submerges the masthead."

  19. Published: DOE O 426.2A Chg 1 (AdminChg), Personnel Selection, Training

    This Order establishes selection, training, qualification, and certification requirements for all contractor personnel who, by action or inaction, can affect compliance with the safety basis of a Hazard Category 1, 2, or 3 nuclear facilities. This Order updates and consolidates DOE's training requirements to ensure a well-trained nuclear facility organization.

  20. Yachting New Zealand Safety Regulations 2021-24

    Amendments to Safety Regulations of Sailing 2021-24. SRS Amendment Minimum Useful Headroom 19 July 2022. PDF. 173.01 KB. SRS Amendment 13.11 (K) & 13.12 (M) Windows 1 July 2022. PDF. 226.51 KB. SRS Amendment Mainsail reefing 30 March 2022. PDF.