1. 15' Wooden Mast for a Sailboat : 7 Steps (with Pictures)

    building a sailboat mast

  2. Diy sailboat mast ~ Plans for boat

    building a sailboat mast

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    building a sailboat mast

  4. Building A Sailboat From SCRATCH

    building a sailboat mast

  5. How to Build a Wooden Mast

    building a sailboat mast

  6. Boat Information: How To Build A Wooden Sailboat Mast

    building a sailboat mast


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  1. Building a Wooden Sailboat #20: Making the Mast

    In part twenty of this series on how to build a wooden Snipe class sailboat I show how I make a wooden mast from scratch. I mill blanks from left over cypres...

  2. How to Build a Wooden Mast

    Building this New York 32 mast as was done originally requires hollowing out the thick forward and after staves in order to lighten their weight. So, once again using the mast plan, we made templates for the mast's inside shape at each section. The Spar Bench. The first step in building the mast is to construct a spar bench.

  3. Thrifty wooden mast making with Duckworks

    An instructional video on how to build a sturdy, affordable, wooden sailboat mast.

  4. Wooden Mast and Spar building

    Wooden Mast and Spar Building. A mast or spar made from wood not only looks and feels good but it also takes advantage of the naturally ability that trees have developed over the centuries for creating a tall, strong, flexible pole. Those tall straight pine and fir trees are able to grow to such heights and survive in wind storms because their ...

  5. A "New" Method for Hollow Wooden Mast Construction

    1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION (6 ISSUES) PRINT $39.95. DIGITAL $28.00. PRINT+DIGITAL $42.95. Subscribe. I have developed a "new" mast construction method for use on light- to moderate-displacement sailboats having a Marconi rig, and for motorsailers. I put "new" in quotes because I am sure it has been thought of before now.

  6. 15' Wooden Mast for a Sailboat : 7 Steps (with Pictures)

    Using a hand plane or cabinet scraper, remove any excess glue. Joint and square one set of adjacent faces, then square the stock with a thickness planer. Cut to length. Your stock should now be 2.5" x 2.5" x 15.'. Tapering. If you are making a mast, you will want to taper the pole.

  7. Building a Sailboat Mast

    Building a Sailboat Mast. Over the last two weekends, I helped my brother in law make a mast for his Barnegat Bay Sneakbox, a beautiful little wooden boat, built in 1922, in Barnegat, NJ. The original mast is in fine shape as is the rigging, but it has to be taken out of the hole to move the boat on a trailer, a tough job for a couple of people.

  8. Hollow vs. Solid Mast S2 E66

    What you need to know before you make a wooden mast. In this episode of the Art Of Boat building, Bob Emser Boat builder guides us through his decision to bu...

  9. Step-By-Step Guide: How to Build a Wooden Sailboat

    When building a wooden sailboat, it is important to pay attention to every step, including the installation of the cabin and interior features. To install these features, follow the following steps: 1. First, measure and cut the materials for the cabin walls, floor, and ceiling. 2.

  10. Ep 29 Making the Tapered Round Mast: Designing and Building a ...

    Using traditional boat-building techniques make the mast. The 8 pieces have previously been joined. Now shape and finish the mast.I have since made a quick...

  11. How to Build a Wooden Sailboat: A Beginner's Guide

    Here are the steps to follow when installing the cabin: Build the cabin on a flat surface using marine-grade plywood. Cut the cabin to fit the deck and hull and sand the edges to ensure a tight fit. Apply a layer of epoxy to the cabin and deck joint to seal it. Secure the cabin to the deck using screws or bolts.

  12. how to's "building a wooden sailboat mast"

    Skene's has both the method and a worked example in the back. Also the rectangular masts in Skene's can be made much lighter than a birdsmouth mast - purely because the rectangular section has a higher second moment of inertia - is stiffer for the same weight. It is also easier to build - fewer parts.

  13. Mast for Sailboat: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing and Maintaining

    What material is commonly used to build sailboat masts? Answer: Sailboat masts are typically constructed using either aluminum or carbon fiber. Aluminum masts offer excellent durability, affordability, and ease of maintenance. On the other hand, carbon fiber masts provide superior strength-to-weight ratios, resulting in increased speed and ...

  14. How to Build a Wood Sailboat

    The mast step must be precisely located on the floor (sole) of the boat to give the mast the proper angle (rake). This is very important because it directly affects the boat's ability to sail upwind. Using your mast, insert it into the forward thwart (partner) and into the mast step.

  15. Sailboat Mast: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Maintaining

    A sailboat mast is a vertical pole or spar that supports the sails of a sailboat. It provides structural stability and allows for adjustment of the sail position to effectively harness wind power. Typically made of aluminum or carbon fiber, mast design varies based on boat size, sailing conditions, and intended use.

  16. Duckworks

    Several years ago, I managed to convert a broken 18-foot carbon fiber windsurfer mast into a functional mast for my 20-foot cabin beach cruiser which sports a 114-square foot balanced lug sail (Jim Michalak's Frolic2 design).. It's been a great success at less than half the weight of the original wooden mast and has withstood some severe conditions, carrying the boat to four Everglades ...

  17. How to make a model boat mast

    And many like to make a model of the real boat they are going to build. Here are the steps: Buy a dowel. Plane the dowel into a taper. Sand it. Tape off the top part that you want painted white. (The top is sometimes painted white so at night it can be seen.) Take black enamel paint thinned down and rub it on the mast.

  18. Sailboat Mast Guide: Types, Maintenance, and Upgrades

    Sailboat masts are the unsung heroes of the sailing world, silently supporting the sails and ensuring a smooth journey across the open waters. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a novice, understanding the intricacies of sailboat masts is essential for a safe and enjoyable voyage. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of ...

  19. Sailboat Masts Explained: From Basics to Repairs

    Yacht Masts: Designed for grandeur, these masts are equipped to handle multiple heavy sails, sophisticated rigging systems, and the weight and balance demands of a large vessel. Sailboat Masts: Engineered for agility, they prioritize speed, wind optimization, and quick adjustments. Maintenance, Repairs, and the Importance of Both.

  20. How to Step a Mast

    Build the mast either track up or track down depending on whether the crane will be set up forward of where the mast sits or aft of where the mast sits (bow-in or stern-to) Hang all standing rigging. Ensure all turnbuckles and stays are new or have been inspected and serviced. Install spreaders and make/ seize spreader ends onto the wire.

  21. Sailboat Mast: Everything You Need To Know

    A sailboat mast is a tall pole that is attached to the deck. It helps secure the sail's length to the boat and upholds the sail's structure. A sailboat mast is the most defining characteristic of a sailboat, helping keep the sail in place. What's amazing about it is that it can even be taller than the vessel's length!

  22. Building A Sailboat From SCRATCH

    Sean's Channel: Subscribe for more Content!!Hello and welcome to my channel! If you're new here, I'm...

  23. building a mast

    However building up a mast from boards is easy enough: Start with a four sided piece of the maximum diameter of your mast, taper it as specified, still four sided. Now saw off four corners to make eight sides. Pick up your hand plaine and make it 16 sided. A little sanding and you have a perfectly round mast.

  24. V-22 best way to raise the mast singlehanded ?

    fix the bottom of the pole with a stud sticking out the end about 1 inch (1/2" bolt shank epoxied in) that would insert into a hole at the base of the the mast. this would hold it secure while tripping the mast into position. no method can use a fixed pole as needs to hinge with the raising of the mast.

  25. Mast (sailing)

    Mast (sailing) The mast of a sailing vessel is a tall spar, or arrangement of spars, erected more or less vertically on the centre-line of a ship or boat. Its purposes include carrying sails, spars, and derricks, giving necessary height to a navigation light, look-out position, signal yard, control position, radio aerial or signal lamp. [1]