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Suits season 9 will have one final firm name change.

Suits creator Aaron Korsh teases one last name change for the legal drama's focal New York law firm in the show's upcoming ninth and final season.

There will be one last change to the law firm's name in Suits ' final season. Running for almost a decade, the USA Network legal drama is coming to a close with a shortened 10-episode season 9 . Debuting in 2011, it's gone through a flurry of changes in terms of key players, with fan-favorites like Mike (Patrick J. Adams), Rachel (Meghan Markle), and Jessica (Gina Torres) all leaving the New York-based firm. But even before original characters started exiting the show, there was always one constant change: the law firm's name.

Suits started off with Pearson Hardman, but before Jessica Pearson and Daniel Hardman's reign, it was Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke. Due to a string of promotions, scandals, coups, and mergers, during the show's run, it's gone through many more iterations. It's become Pearson, Pearson Darby, Pearson Darby Specter, Pearson Specter, Pearson Specter Litt, Specter Litt, Zane Specter Litt and Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. Given this pattern, fans are curious if Suits has one more firm-shaking name change in the pipeline for its final season.

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Creator Aaron Korsh can't obviously get into specifics with regard to the matter, but based on his answer, it seems like that's in the cards for Suits ' final  year. Speaking with TV Guide in light of the upcoming premiere, the executive producer reveals that he's still deciding on the best way to execute it.

How many times is this firm going to have to buy new stationary and send out a press release about the firm name changes in the final season? Korsh: Excellent question. By the way, we're right now, literally today, putting the beginnings of the finishing touches on [Episodes] 9 and 10. Not writing them — we call it "breaking a story," on kind of dictating what's going to happen in 9 and 10. From a month or two ago, or maybe even more, we did put a comment, and I hope it makes it in — obviously I'm the one to decide, but sometimes it fits and sometimes it doesn't — but a comment on how many times the firm has changed its name. I'll say, in true Suits fashion, at least one time is the firm going to change its name, from what it was at the end of last season to what it is at the end of this season.'

With Suits season 8 ending with the disbarment of Robert Zane  (Wendell Pierce), it's possible that his name will be taken down from the wall. That'll make the firm's name Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. However, this doesn't seem to be the name change that Korsh is talking about, considering that it'll more likely come into effect towards the last couple episodes of the legal drama. At this point, there are a few possibilities. Louis has already expressed his eagerness to step down as Managing Partner once his baby is born, proving that at this point, his priority is family. While that would still make him Name Partner, there's a chance that he'll be open to leave the firm to focus on family life. Considering that Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) doesn't seem as invested in the company, especially after Zane left, she might also exit the firm.

However, if Korsh wants maximum impact regarding the final name change for the law firm, it has to be about Harvey. At this point, New York's best closer has been able to get away scot-free with all his illegal dealings, including hiring Mike. There's a chance that this time, the law catches up with him, forcing the firm to take down his name on the wall. Then again, if they want a happier ending, bringing Mike back (who's already returning for an episode ) and making him Name Partner seems like a great idea. And since there's no more Suits, they can get away with the notion that Mike and Rachel are moving back to New York.

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Suits  season 9 premieres July 17 on USA.

Source: TV Guide

what does pearson specter litt become

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Suits Boss on [Spoiler]’s Exit, Mike’s Job Future, That Final ‘Darvey’ Scene

Vlada gelman, west coast editor.

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s finale of Suits

Farewell, Pearson Specter Litt.

During Wednesday’s midseason finale of Suits , one character said goodbye to the firm — and the show!

After successfully defending death-row inmate Leonard Bailey, Jessica ( Gina Torres ) remembered what it was that drove her to become a lawyer in the first place: her desire to help people. With that realization weighing on her, she decided to leave the corporate business she helped build… and move to Chicago with ex Malone!

While Torres will no longer be a series regular after five-and-a-half seasons on the USA Network drama, executive producer Aaron Korsh is hopeful that she will return in a guest-star capacity.

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Suits Gina Torres Leaving

As for the character’s choice to pack up and start a new chapter in her life, “I wanted [Jessica] to leave on her own terms, and I feel like that’s what [she] did,” Korsh explains. “I think that’s the only way she would leave.”

Below, Korsh details what led to Torres’ departure and reveals the killer ending he almost went with for her swan song. The EP also talks about Mike’s professional outlook, Harvey and Donna’s “intimate” moment, and Pearson Specter Litt’s future without its big boss.

TVLINE | Why say goodbye to Jessica now? Gina, towards the beginning of Season 5, had come to me and expressed a desire to be back in Los Angeles for personal reasons. We’re a family, on-screen and off, and when somebody needs something like that, we try to do our best to make it happen. So we discussed a little bit of a long-term game plan to allow her to move back there year-round and to have a better life. That’s what drove it. There was no creative [directive like], “We’ve got to get rid of Jessica.” I would have her on the show forever, and she had expressed to me that if the show was shot in Los Angeles, she would have stayed on it as long as it went. [ UPDATE : Torres has joined ABC’s The Catch .]

Suits Gina Torres Leaving

Her humanity is… I wouldn’t say “coming back” because it never left her, but it’s asserting itself as a larger percentage in her personality throughout the course of the year. She does and says things that she maybe wouldn’t have done or said before. This even goes back to a year or two ago when Rachel goes to Jessica and asks her if she should sign a prenup, and Jessica says, “Don’t sign a prenup if you think it’s going to hurt your relationship.” That’s not something Jessica in Seasons 1, 2 and 3 would have said. But she said it based on her relationship with Malone.

But the twist I had planned was that father that accosted Rachel and tried to get rid of that witness was going to approach her and go crazy and kill [Jessica]. I wasn’t going to have us see that, but I was going to have us hear that off-screen. For a number of reasons, we ended up not going that way…. Ultimately, the network was not on board with that. They might have changed their mind, but I didn’t have it in me to engage in that struggle, so I just thought, “Let’s give a happy ending,” and I think it worked out pretty well.

Suits Gina Torres Leaving

TVLINE | Jessica has left Harvey and Louis with the keys to the kingdom and without a third-party mediator. Is that going to cause trouble between the two men? There’s definitely going to be conflict there. But it ends up, hopefully, landing in a direction that is a little bit surprising. On both their behalf, as I said, there is some reaction that is as you would expect it, but then there’s a small twist to that, and it leads to another chapter at the end of [Episode] 611.

Suits Recap

Suits fans, what did you think of the season ender? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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I suspected she’ll leave with her boyfriend when he came back 2 weeks ago but I thought it’ll be at end of the year. Obviously in the season finale (next 6 ep there will be a time jump) mock my words lol I said this on 9/14

I mean at the end of the episode of this season 6×16

Did you mean “mock” my words or “mark” my words? :-)

Farewell the the fabulous Gina Torres & Jessica Pearson. What a great character. She will be missed

Totally agree!

Best kept secret. I’m happy for Gina

I know, not even a whisper got out.

First off all I am so glad that the finale doesn’t end on Mike and his secret. Secondly that was brilliant writing and acting by the writers and cast. If memory serves Gina has a new show show that would have prevented her from being apart of the show long term but I really hope when it comes to the series finale that she will be back for a couple of episodes. The show will just be missing a huge part of it.

About Harvey and Donna holding hands – I really hope because Abigail Spencer has a new show starting that they probably won’t be able to get her back for the winter episode and they are maybe moving towards putting the 2 of them together. I still think of Donna as Harvey’s Monneypenny. I’d rather see him with Scottie. If truth be known I think I’m the best match for Harvey….a girl can dream!!!

If I’m remembering right, Gina’s show didn’t get picked up.

It did not.

I stand corrected. That makes it an even bigger shame that she’s leaving. It feels like Season 7 will probably be the last and it would have been nice if the entire cast finished the series off together. Still it will set the last few episodes up nicely!!!

the show is signed through season 8….

It didn’t but she’s now on “The Catch”

I really liked Jessica…I liked her wisdom and power. She is going to be missed. I can only hope she comes back some day.

Does anyone know the name and artist of the song at the end?

Desi Valentine “Fate Don’t Know You”

Know where to find it?

I love the song, Fate Don’t Know You by Desi Valentine but can’t find it anywhere. Any help???

please if anyone can find it please post it!!!!! I have been looking all over for it!

Did anyone find it?

It’s on YouTube…..I’ve tried posting the link but for some reason my comment with the link doesn’t show….maybe it’s not allow

It is available on iTunes I just downloaded it. Great song.

Great character, excellently played! We’ll miss Jessica but wish the best for Ms Torres.

I don’t understand why the writers didn’t write that Gina Torres was moving to LA instead of Chicago. The truth would have been better and a nice salute to Gina Torres

I respect Gina’s decision to leave but I do hope she comes back for the 100th.

love the show

we want Jessica back

No mention of Louis and his love… I wonder who’ll get married first.. Mike or Louis??

You should send that question into Ask Ausiello or Matt’s Inside Line. :)

Aaron Korsh implied that he doesn’t know yet and will let the rest of the storyline take front and center and let that happen secondarily to the rest of the story. My money’s on Mike and Rachel!!

I think it will be Louis mainly because he has no patience AT ALL along with the pregnancy angle. As to whether Tara will want to marry before the baby arrives or after is a totally different story.After all, they haven’t been together that long.

I think that Mike and Rachel will want to figure out their future (especially Mike) before the wedding just like he didn’t want to get married when he was going to prison.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Vlada, do you know if they have filmed the final 6 eps of this season yet? Just curious as to how they break down and shoot these split seasons. Thanks in advance!

They recently started shooting the back half of the season.

I only watched the show for Jessica. Louis later grew on me because he was that narcissistic comedy act character. But I was there for Jessica and now that she’s gone. I don’t have a direct reason to watch it anymore

@Daniel: What you said…

As soon as you saw that flashback, you knew she was leaving.

I love Jessica, style and class. Hopefully we’ll see more of Gretchen.

Good for Jessica. Next season will be old-school Louis/Harvey Odd Coupling. I’m really gonna miss Stu and Kevin- I was hoping Mike would take a job with Stu and stay at the firm forever.

Or Mike is gonna go back to law school with Rachel

Love this show.

he can’t go to law aschool his plea deal was that he will never practice law again

If the firm goes to bat for him then perhaps it can be a mind blower that he gets in…then his name can go up on the wall or he and Rachel can start their own firm…lmao…Ross and Ross Attorneys at Law!

I loved her character, her demeanor, everything about her. A woman can be powerful, strong and a leader without losing her femininity and be respected for what she stands for. Love the show and am going to miss her on the show. Hope she comes back for several guest appearances.

I will deeply miss Gina’s character!!! I’m really sad. I can’t believe she is gone. I can’t imagine how stability will be maintained within the firm, without her character. I was totally blindsided. I’m sure you’ve got that all worked out though. But I’m clueless, as to how you’ll pull it off.

I guess I’ll say that the episode was written well. I actually rated it very good however, I hate that Jessica is gone! So, as you can see, I couldn’t rate it higher than what I did. So very sad, indeed. I feel like my friend moved away.

Please know that, I’m not confused about reality. I’ve just enjoyed the storyline these past few seasons and I most enjoy the dramatic twists and turns of the plots.

Hopefully, the writers will have some good stuff coming down the pipeline soon.

I really like this series and if it was up to me, it could as long as Gunsmoke did!

I hope they leave the firms name as ‘Pearson-Spector-Litt’. When people ask who is Pearson in the future, they’ll be like the baddest bitch you’ll ever meet.

you can’t remove a named partner without their say so,lol.

best episode ever. Thank god they didnt go along killing Jessica or else my friends and I wouldn’t have bothered watching the rest of suits. Horrible idea. Keep it happy endings, made me the happiest person in the world watching that amazing episode.

Oh goodness you took the words right out of my head. As I was reading the article I was like thank God the Network was smart enough to not let them kill her off – even if it was off air cause I would have had a fit if they had said Jessica was murdered in a later episode. Now I am sad to see the character go but I am so happy Jessica got a happy ending! And the added bonus of not killing a beloved character is that you don’t alienate the fans of the character and you can always bring the character back… Now I can look forward to Gina guest staring in the future and seeing the wonderful Jessica Pearson on Suits again -even if I have to wait for the series finale!

Gina Torres will be missed Greatly. S he really was a large reason I was such a fan and i sincerely hope she returns.As much as I love “Suits I just can not imagine the show with out her,Come Back Gina

I’m very sorry to see Gina leave and take Jessica with her, but I am very much on board with why she is leaving. The show just won’t be the same without her.

Still, this was a fabulous episode and a fabulous send off for her character.

For me 1/2 of the show was Jessica, 1/4 Louis, then 1/4 Harvey, Mike, et. al. I’m torn between feeling bummed out she’s leaving, and glad someone finally gets together in a happy way with a future ahead, in any series. There’s been a long, dry spell here in blue sky land.

I totally agree…maybe Mike’s fiancée dad will get a bigger role..he is kinda badass..I wanted him and Jessica to be a love interest…but, his character is married.

I am going to miss Jessica Pearson!

Jessica’s leaving? NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo…!

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‘Suits’ Season 6, Episode 11 Spoilers: Will Pearson Specter Litt Merge With Robert Zane’s Firm?

Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson

Will Pearson Specter Litt become Zane Specter Litt in Season 6, episode 11 of “Suits”?

Although Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) didn’t accept Robert Zane’s (Wendell Pierce) offer to merge P.S.L. with his own law firm in the Season 6 summer finale, executive producer Aaron Korsh told TVLine that the merger offer will still play a key role in the Season 6 winter premiere.

“Robert Zane is going to have to decide, and we’re going to wonder: Is he going to keep this offer on the table, or is he not?” Korsh told the news outlet. “And whether he keeps it on the table or doesn’t, how are Louis [Rick Hoffman] and Harvey [Gabriel Macht] going to respond to that? That is absolutely one of the focuses of [episode] 611.”

In a separate interview with Deadline earlier this month, Korsh said that the merger offer is actually going to be part of the story in the back six episodes of the installment.

“It’s contemplated in the back six,” the executive producer said of Zane’s offer to merge. “[But] the truth of the matter is that Wendell Pierce, who is an amazing actor, is a series regular on another show (“The Odd Couple”), and though they’re very generous with letting us have him within their schedule, we don’t have unfettered access to him, so it’s difficult to merge with Zane at the moment. But I’m not sure our characters would want to do that anyways, so I’ll say it’s unlikely that we end up merging with him in this back six, but you never know what the future holds.”

“Suits” actor Patrick J. Adams, who directed the episode, also told The Hollywood Reporter that the show’s winter premiere is generally “setting us off on this path of what’s next for everybody.”

As for what fans can expect from his character, Adams said that Mike “is desperately searching for where he’s going to fit next and realizing that even though he’s paid the price and done his time that it’s still something that’s going to get in the way of him accomplishing his dreams now. He can’t really shake the fact that he was sent to prison. It’s a great episode.”

“Suits” Season 6, episode 11 will air in January 2017 on USA Network.

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Pearson Specter Litt

Welcome to Pearson Specter Litt

Founded by steven pfeiffer, lesley dingle and gerald harrison back in 1989, today their new york city-based law firm is currently the #1 in both yearly cases dealt with and the percentage of all those cases being won., but that kind of success does not come by, just when you sit idly or do not have strict work ethic principles being put into practice …, t e s t i m o n i a l s, “harvey is the man and he won all my cases in a flash i was very pleased with the attorney and his staff and every call was answered back in a timely manner. each call had the utmost professionalism and i would use your firm again in the future. thank you so much for your help.”.

Michael Jordan, Former NBA Player

“Thank you so much for all your expertise concerning my fall. I really do not know how I could have settled matters without you. I really appreciate the check. Donna has been wonderful also and so very helpful and thoughtful. Again my sincerest thanks.”

Dominic Barone, Company Motors

“I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Pearson Specter Litt is number one in New York city. Jessica has a very kind professional attitude, that’s full of compassion, she was always prompt with answering all my questions and concerns. Mike and Harvey receive an A+ in my book.”

Clifford Danner, Landmark Employee

Our Lawyers

Jessica pearson, managing partner, harvey specter, senior partner.

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Quae cum essent dicta, finem fecimus et ambulandi et disputandi. Iam quae corporis sunt, ea nec auctoritatem cum animi partibus, comparandam et cognitionem habent faciliorem. Itaque contra est, ac dicitis; Satisne ergo pudori consulat, si quis sine teste libidini pareat? Causa autem fuit huc veniendi ut quosdam hinc libros promerem. Post enim Chrysippum eum non sane est disputatum.

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Your question is not here?

Press & News


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Franchises Raise Legal Issues for Franchisees and Competitors Alike

Many Florida small businesses are franchises—locally owned-and-operated affiliates of well-established regional or national brands. Franchising is especially popular in the restaurant industry, with companies like McDonald’s and Pizza Hut selling burgers and pizza through thousands of local stores. But as with any business structure, franchising includes its own set of regulatory obligations and legal risks. […]

'Suits' Season 6, Episode 14 Recap: Mike takes his shot to become a lawyer in "Admission of Guilt"

what does pearson specter litt become

Towards the latter moments of  last week's  Suits , Mike tells Harvey that he is ready to do what it takes to officially become a lawyer. In season six, episode 14, titled "Admission of Guilt," Mike and Harvey get started on a lawsuit with the intended goal of driving down the stock price of a company. Even though Oliver finds a legitimate reason for suing the company, we all could have guessed this was not going to be a straightforward path to Mike's acceptance by the bar. 

( Editor's Note:  Spoilers ahead for season six, episode 14 of  Suits .)

In episode 13 of this season, Craig Seidel, an attorney on the character and fitness committee of the New York bar, tries to shake Harvey Specter down in return for Rachel's eventual admittance as an attorney. Obviously, Harvey turned the tables on him, and not only does Rachel pass the character and fitness portion of the bar, but Seidel agrees to go to bat for Mike Ross. That is, if Harvey can drive down the stock price of a competitor.  

Harvey and Mike back in action

what does pearson specter litt become

While I would definitely prefer for Mike to remain unaffiliated with Pearson Specter Litt for as long as possible — to keep things fresh — it is certainly great to see Mike and Harvey back together in some form, witty banter and all. In "Admission of Guilt," Mike and Harvey begin their (let's call it what it is) collusion to get the former admitted to the bar. 

They know that in order to file a suit that would actually affect the price of the target company, they will have to secure an admission of guilt. Because that is not something that Pearson Specter Litt would normally go after — and since Harvey does not want to strengthen his tie to the case — the suit is handed over to Mike and his clinic. 

After some initial confusion over why Mike would even take this case, Oliver, who failed miserably in court last episode, is able to find some shady non-disclosure agreements that were signed, likely indicating that the company had done some real damage. Mike eventually brings Pearson Specter Litt back on board as co-counsel — much to Harvey's initial displeasure — after the CEO of the company threatens to send so much paperwork that the legal clinic would "choke."

With the juggernaut of Pearson Specter Litt behind the case, the CEO eventually offers to settle for $100 million. But when Mike refuses to accept any offer without an admission of guilt, and Harvey later turns down anything less than $500 million — the exact number that would impact the company's stock price — the CEO figures something is up, quickly zeroing in on Craig Seidel's involvement. 

When one door closes... 

what does pearson specter litt become

It is not yet clear whether the case against the company is over (hopefully it is not) but what certainly isn't over is Harvey's attempts to get Mike admitted to the bar. Early in the episode, Rachel has Harvey promise that if the case becomes too risky, he would pull Mike out. Obviously, she cannot stand for him to go back to prison. Well, things got risky. 

It certainly appears that Harvey is pulling the plug on the case, but after learning how shady Seidel is, he blackmails him with exposure if he does not make sure Mike becomes a lawyer. Somehow I feel like this will not end well. Harvey has really pushed the envelope this season, essentially committing crime after crime for Mike's benefit. 

While Harvey's actions show an extreme commitment to friendship, I cannot shake the feeling that there may need to be consequences — even if we don't like them. Let's just say I won't be shocked if Harvey faces some legal troubles at some point. 

Can Louis keep a client? 

what does pearson specter litt become

While the primary focus of "Admission of Guilt" was Mike and Harvey's case, that does not mean there wasn't plenty of action back at Pearson Specter Litt. In the early moments of the episode, Louis asks Harvey to take part in an annual client presentation that the former usually does with Jessica. While Harvey says he will do it, he later backs out when things get too busy with Mike. 

Keeping with his continued development throughout season six, Louis accepts this, begrudgingly, and looks to find another way to please the client. By the way, I am loving Louis and Harvey's relationship this season. There is some real funny banter between the two, with more mutual respect, and much less of Harvey's belittlement. It is nice to see Suits continue to evolve and not stick with the same formula. 

With a little input from Donna, Louis recruits Katrina and Rachel to help him dazzle the client with substance, rather than rank. And while the three of them felt their presentation (which we do not see) went well, in the end, the firm is fired for not showing up with Harvey, and because Louis later defended Katrina and Rachel. Again, rather than lose his temper, Louis takes the defeat in stride, going home to Tara to discuss his tough day. 

I certainly hope this does not happen, but I could easily see Louis exploding from pent-up rage in later episodes, as he has really kept his cool at times when he would normally get Litt up. 

"The Donna"

what does pearson specter litt become

"Admission of Guilt" continued  Donna's story arc  with Benjamin, with the two of them collaborating on a Siri-like device called "The Donna." And while  Westworld   was even name-dropped this time, it is pretty safe to assume this storyline is not leading to any type of robot uprising. 

To this point, "The Donna" seems to be mostly functioning as a form of comic relief, but in that role it is succeeding. The episode featured some humorous moments between "The Donna" and Harvey, as well as some fun back and forth between the device and the real Donna. The question, though, leading into "Admission of Guilt" was whether "The Donna" could learn to show more empathy. 

While it initially appears that Benjamin would not be able to achieve such human-like features with the device, towards the end of the episode, "The Donna" consoles Donna in a very similar way to how she comforted Benjamin. It's learning (cue scary music). 

what does pearson specter litt become

"Admission of Guilt" was another strong episode in  Suits ' sixth season that was rich in conflict and had a fair share of drama. Having Mike, and the rest of his clinic, work on the case, tremendously highlighted the various characters' internal conflicts. Mike is clearly uncomfortable with what he has to do, but on the other hand, he wants to be an attorney, and he really wants to help these miners who are suffering life-threatening illnesses. 

It is also easy to understand why Oliver and Nathan are so concerned about what Mike is doing, as he essentially is using the clinic for his own greedy reasons — even if he is also helping the affected miners. I also really liked Katrina and Rachel's arc. It was fun to see them working together, and touching when Katrina told Rachel how proud her father is of her. Could Rachel be having second thoughts about joining her father's practice? Probably not. 

Ultimately, "Admission of Guilt" did what we would hope for the third-to-last episode of the season: keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Going into the final two episodes, we do not know whether Mike will become a lawyer, whether he will ultimately stay at the clinic or if there will be any consequences to Harvey's continued efforts to get Ross admitted to the bar. And these are only a few questions that may be answered.

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what does pearson specter litt become

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Suits boss talks game-changing finale, spin-off development

Chancellor is a staff writer covering TV and occasionally comics. He's still upset that Hugh Laurie never won an Emmy for House.

what does pearson specter litt become

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Wednesday's Suits season 6 finale. Read at your own risk!

Well, Suits finally did it! After five seasons as a fraud and six episodes as a legal consultant, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) has finally become a lawyer.

In the USA Network drama's game-changing season 6 finale, Mike Ross passed the character and fitness portion of the New York Bar, despite Anita Gibbs' (Leslie Hope) attempts to stop him, thanks to a last-minute save from Jessica Pearson ( Gina Torres ), who made a welcome and surprising return in tonight's episode. Mike's first order of business was to accept a job at Pearson Specter Litt; however, he had a few conditions. Meanwhile, Tara (Carly Pope) dumped Louis ( Rick Hoffman ), which left him devastated at the end of the hour. (Read our full recap here .)

The finale left us with many questions about what the future has in store for our favorite lawyers, so EW hopped on the phone with executive producer Aaron Korsh for some answers. Below, Korsh teases what to expect from season 7 and, more importantly, confirms that he is indeed in the very early stages of developing a Jessica-centric spin-off.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Was it always the plan to end the season with Mike passing the bar and becoming a lawyer?

AARON KORSH: I don't remember when that plan was formulated, but I think from the time that we formulated that plan, yes, it was always the plan. I don't know if we had from the beginning of the season , because it's funny, the seasons start to blur a little bit as they move on and on. Often by the time we get to the back six [episodes], we're a little bit under the gun to sort of scramble and put together what we try to make a cohesive back six. But once we got the idea to make Mike a lawyer and have him pass the bar, we were happy with it and move forward with it.

When you first started out with the series, did you ever think you'd get to the point where Mike would actually become a lawyer?

Look, I don't tend to think far into the future probably in my life and in the writing because I feel like you're going to discover where it wants to go more than tell it where it wants to go. So, no, I definitely never [did]. When I first wrote this thing, I didn't even envision ever selling it, so I never thought about an episode, let alone Mike actually going to prison , getting out, becoming a lawyer. It's so rare to get the opportunity to have a series on for this long that to sort of expect that this would happen, no.

It ends with Mike agreeing to come back to the firm. Was that the natural next step of Mike becoming a lawyer, or did you consider having him go back to the legal clinic?

Well, we definitely thought about all the possible permutations. By the way, in answer to your other question, certainly once we decided that he was going to become a lawyer, there's no doubt in the room at one point we were like, "But what if he doesn't?!" But, it just didn't appeal to us.

In the same way, we definitely thought about [wanting] Mike to stay at the clinic and not bring him back to the firm. I think the feeling amongst most of us—it certainly seemed like that at the time—was that people wanted to get Harvey and Mike back together. We all missed them sort of having some fun and having some banter and working a little bit like the old days but with a twist, obviously now that he's no longer a fake lawyer and having other things in the background. Their relationship has progressed so much in these years, and we just wanted to get back to them being together and see how their relationship progresses under these new circumstances. Also, just the fun of having Oliver in the office with Mike and [seeing] how far Mike has come from being that guy who didn't know what was going on, to having Oliver being the green guy. So, it just felt like it was time to get the band together and see what happens from there.

Does this mean Oliver will be working at Pearson Specter Litt when we come back next season ?

At the time we were writing that scene in particular, honestly, when we first came up with the story, we weren't going to have him ask for that stuff. But then in writing the scene, it just felt like he would because he just had the big fight with Nathan. It just felt natural that he would say, "If I want to bring them on, I can." But in our minds, I don't think he comes with the idea in that moment, "I'm definitely bringing Oliver over, or Marissa over, or Nathan." It's just that he's a good lawyer and he says, "If I want to, I can," which is just a smart thing to say. We haven't broken far enough into season 7 to know if he's going to bring them over or not, but he's laid the groundwork if he wants to. I think more importantly than having the ability to bring them over if he wants is having the ability to bring them in on a case if he wants, because he knows that he just went and begged for his job at the clinic and he's going to be leaving the clinic. Boy, he better at least bring them in on a case or do something for them. So, that's the idea for season 7.

The other big moment in the episode is Jessica's return. When you decided Mike was going to become a lawyer, did you know that Jessica would have to come back for that moment? If so, why did you feel it was important to have her there?

When we were breaking the back six and in particular the big episode, the two questions were: Who is gonna speak on his behalf? And, we didn't want to have a parade of people speaking on his behalf. We were trying, to some degree, to differentiate it from his trial the year before, but there's obviously some overlap with Gibbs being there and discussing Mike's character. The first person to bring back, we decided, was Julius [ Malcolm-Jamal Warner ] because it was a good payoff to his prison time. So, that was the writers pitching that to me. There were some other pitches on the table, but I think we all collectively liked that the best.

But, the second they pitched me that Jessica is sort of the nail in the coffin to save the day, I was like, what better, more triumphant return for Jessica to have for me than that? I just loved it. Then, there was some discussion: Should it be a surprise? Should Mike go to talk to Jessica? I loved this surprise of Jessica showing up out of nowhere to save the day. She's been our hero for so long. They've all had different moments of saving the day, but Mike helped save the day with her, to some degree, with Leonard Bailey—Mike and Rachel, collectively. So, to have her come back and repay the favor and bring full circle her taking responsibility, her admitting that she knew he was a fraud and her getting in the bar, it just seemed really good.

I'll just add that we have a lot of sad endings on Suits . Obviously, Tara is a sad ending for Louis in this one. So to have a happy ending and have Jessica be a part of that feels good once in a while.

Speaking of Louis, I was surprised by the sad turn the finale took for Louis. Why did you decide to end Louis' relationship with Tara?

I think there are a lot of factors that goes into it. One of them is, for whatever reason when it comes to breaking Louis' hear—to my mind, I love that scene where he listens to the voicemail and watching Rachel be with him for that moment and the camera pulling back, I just love it. A lot of it was what's the most compelling to us. But also, is it true to Louis' character?

Louis has a certain character and his journey seems to be—and I'm maybe coming up with this on this phone call with you—is, when is he going to learn that when he explodes on someone in the moment it has consequences for his life? Learning that, to me, appears to be a process. We all have flaws. We all have things we want to overcome. It's not like you reach the epiphany and all of a sudden never do the thing you always did before. That's just not how life works. You do it and then it has a consequence and then you struggle not to do it again. You're successful for a while and then you do it again. And, that's what's happening with Louis and that's probably why we ultimately did this, is that we thought this is the natural way for him to go. We want to use it as an opportunity to hopefully further his growth, because when is he going to learn to stop doing these things? Because the truth is, he loved her and he didn't give her time to process this thing and it's a flaw in his character, which, by the way, the whole relationship came out of impulsivity. Donna said don't be impulsive and he did it and then it ended impulsively. So, I think it's a way of exploring his character. It definitely made me feel very sad for him, but I feel in a satisfying way.

Where will we find Louis next season? Will he have moved on by the premiere or is this hanging over him?

It's hanging over him and he's gotta deal with it. We're going to have him deal with it in a Louis way. We come back, it's cast a pall on his life.

What can you say about where Donna's story line goes after tonight's episode?

First of all, let me say, I have discussions with many of the cast about many of the things. I had a long talk with Sarah [Rafferty] the other night about what she thought was going on in Donna's mind during that scene [with Harvey]. I would definitely not say that I disagreed with her. I feel like 10 different people could watch that scene and sort of give a thought bubble at each expression on her head and come up with different thought bubbles. Certainly, there are different camps for their [hopes] for Donna's future.

What I'll say is this: Obviously we have a backdrop of Donna and Harvey and they have a romantic history and their feelings for each other on a personal level are always hanging in the air, particularly in the heightened interactions that they sometimes have. To some degree, she's saying, I don't know if I want more with you, I don't know if I want more with business, but I want more . That's all going through her mind. So, we're going to follow that through next year and I don't really want to give the specifics, because a) I don't want to, and b) we're still formulating them. I feel like Donna's role on the show is going to change next year and that's a result of this story line that started as a stretching of the bounds of where we are currently in technology.

So, there are reports that you are working on a Jessica-centric spin-off. Can you confirm that's in development? Is there anything you can share about it?

I can confirm that basically… First of all, I'll say I'm still in touch with Gina. She's a member of the family and always will be. I just love her as a person, as an actress, and she is now sort of becoming a producer. She had an idea for a potential spin-off with Jessica. She sort of pitched it to the studio and the studio came to me, talked to me about it and we talked about it a bit and got excited over the potential. It's very, very early stages of that, but we are talking about it and pursuing it. But I can't tell you what it is because it's so early and we haven't landed on anything yet. That's sort of where we are and what's going with that.

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Ask Legal Topics

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