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Arthur and his two children, Kathy and Bobby, inherit his Uncle Cyrus's estate: a glass house that serves as a prison to 12 ghosts. When the family, accompanied by Bobby's Nanny and an attorney, enter the house they find themselves trapped inside an evil machine "designed by the devil and powered by the dead" to open the Eye of Hell. Aided by Dennis, a ghost hunter, and his rival Kalina, a ghost rights activist out to set the ghosts free, the group must do what they can to get out of the house alive.

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13 ghosts: every ghost in the black zodiac explained.

The Black Zodiac in Dark Castle's 2001 horror movie 13 Ghosts had some of the most imaginative and terrifying spirits ever seen on the big screen.

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The black zodiac: why there are 13 ghosts in 13 ghosts explained, the first born son, the bound woman, the withered lover, the torn prince, the angry princess, the pilgrimess, the great child & the dire mother, the juggernaut, who is the 13th ghost in thirteen ghosts, thirteen ghosts original vs. remake: ghost differences explained, why 13 ghosts is still being discussed, a 13 ghosts tv reboot is on the cards.

  • The 2001 film 13 Ghosts has gained a cult following due to the intriguing backstories and unique designs of its titular 13 ghosts.
  • The Black Zodiac concept, which features 13 different ghosts, was ahead of its time and each ghost could be a horror movie villain on their own.
  • The film explores the tragic pasts and deaths of the ghosts, and while the movie only delves slightly into their backstories, there is potential for future projects to expand on their stories.

The 2001 Dark Castle horror 13 Ghosts , also referred to as Thir13n Ghosts or Thirteen Ghosts, is a highly underrated cult movie. 13 Ghosts centers on the Kriticos family and their attempts to escape the 13 Ghosts held by ancient glyphs in the presumed-dead Cyrus Kriticos' glass mansion. Every ghost in the movie has a complete origin story and unique aesthetic design, making it possible for each ghost to be a horror movie villain in their own right. All the ghosts differ from how they look to how they kill, and the Black Zodiac was an innovative character concept that was wildly ahead of its time when the movie was released in 2001.

13 Ghosts gained a cult following largely because of the creative prosthetic special effects seen in the film. The set designs in 13 Ghosts are truly unique and the costume design of the 13 Ghosts themselves ensures each has a clear origin story and M.O. that sets them apart from the rest, from the First Born Son to the dreaded Angry Princess. The movie itself only expands a little on the 13 Ghosts' backstories, but future projects from Dark Castle Entertainment could finally expand on what's known about all 13 Ghosts. This is an incredibly exciting prospect for 13 Ghosts fans since what's already been revealed about the spirits of the Black Zodiac is terrifying, unnerving, and ripe for a sequel or spinoff.

The Horror Films of Dark Castle Entertainment Ranked, Worst To Best

13 Ghosts' culminates when Cyrus Kriticos' "Basileus's Machine" begins to open up the Ocularis Infernum, which would grant Cyrus powers from Hell. The only way Cyrus could get the machine to work is if the spirits of the Black Zodiac were made complete. Cyrus had gathered all 13 ghosts in order to achieve his goal since the Ocularis Infernum would only open if the machine was powered by the spirits. Their presence not only powers Cyrus' machine itself but also helps power the mansion. All 13 Ghosts are connected through their tragic pasts and deaths, dying in a way that fulfills a certain set of criteria which is represented in their names such as The Juggernaut and The Withered Lover.

In 13 Ghosts , the 13 ghosts gathered by Cyrus represent individual members of the Black Zodiac. The reason there are only 12 ghosts despite the movie's title being 13 Ghosts is also revealed by the ending. Cyrus's initial plan was to force Arthur to sacrifice himself and become the 13th ghost called The Broken Heart. The 13th ghost in 13 Ghosts can only be created by a person sacrificing themselves in an act of love, which Arthur was prepared to do for his family. Luckily, he didn't need to, and the entire Black Zodiac is unleashed to roam free once again.

Of all the ghosts in 13 Ghosts, The First Born Son has one of the most sympathetic and tragic backstories. It would be unfair to label him as being an outright malevolent spirit like some other ghosts in the Black Zodiac. The First Born Son was a boy named Billy Michaels who had an unhealthy obsession with pop culture involving cowboys and Indigenous Peoples. Any attempt to rip him away from his fantasy life would earn rage, but that didn't protect Billy from a real arrow fired into his head by another boy during an ill-conceived duel. Billy is a relatively harmless child ghost and is one of the least harmless of the 13 ghosts, but he does scare them into the path of more violent demonic-like spirits.

Out of all 13 ghosts in 13 Ghosts, The Torso is the only one whose name directly describes what he is, a disembodied torso wrapped in cellophane. Prior to dying, the torso was part of a compulsive gambler named Jimmy Gambino. Gambino was also a bookie but his own gambling prevented him from being able to pay out the winnings of a "made man" in the mob. Goons killed Jimmy and dumped his remains into the ocean. Aside from having one of the most interesting backstories, The Torso is easily one of the most disturbing ghosts in the Black Zodiac with such a striking and unique design that he feels like something directly out of a more modern horror franchise.

The Bound Woman is one of the Black Zodiac that 13 Ghosts devotes notably less screen time to and gives less exposition on. The Bound Woman was named Susan LeGrow and had a privileged upbringing. She was a rich, popular cheerleader who dated the captain of the school football team. That was until the captain found her with another boy on prom night and had a rather horrific reaction, bludgeoning his romantic rival to death and strangling Susan with his own tie. Like the First Born Son and the Torso, she's more frightening than an actual threat and is perhaps the most tragic of all 13 ghosts in 13 Ghosts .

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The Withered Lover is one ghost in 13 Ghosts that's not a threat to the Kriticos family once they get trapped inside Cyrus' house of horrors due to her particularly tragic backstory. Cyrus found his ghost for The Withered Lover segment of the Black Zodiac from his own family. She was Jean Kriticos, wife of protagonist Arthur and mother to his children Kathy and Bobby. Jean died in a house fire that the rest of her family survived, and it's the only one of the 13 ghosts' backstories that's shown on-screen in 13 Ghosts . Her inclusion as one of the initial 12 spirits wasn't a huge twist, but it still helped add some personal stakes to Thirteen Ghosts' interesting premise.

The threat of the Torn Prince's can be missed when compared to the likes of The Jackal and The Juggernaut. The Torn Prince was a high school baseball star in the late 1950s, explaining the ever-present baseball bat weapon that he'll happily use to attack any of 13 Ghosts ' living characters. Named Royce Clayton in life, The Torn Prince died during a drag race, after losing control of his car in a horrific accident. He shouldn't blame himself though since his opponent had secretly tampered with his brakes. Though not the most dangerous of all 13 ghosts in 13 Ghosts , he definitely causes some havoc with his weapon.

Like The First Born Son and The Bound Woman, The Angry Princess's backstory is tragic and makes her a figure of empathy as much as fear. Born Dana Newman, The Angry Princess was an incredibly beautiful woman by all standards but her own. Sadly, she was unable to be happy with her looks, seeing imperfections others didn't and constantly trying to improve her appearance through surgery. After a self-administered but botched facial surgery left her disfigured, Dana died by suicide. In 13 Ghosts, the slimy lawyer character Ben Moss makes a rude comment about her nude ghostly appearance and pays for it accordingly.

Named Isabella Smith, The Pilgrimess was a victim of the Salem witch trial hysteria that gripped New England in the late 1600s. A local outcast, Isabella was accused of witchcraft, and when an attempted burning didn't work, the perception that she was evil only increased. In the end, The Pilgrimess was left to slowly die of starvation in the stocks her ghost remains locked in when she becomes one of the Black Zodiac in 13 Ghosts . She's one of the oldest ghosts trapped in the mansion and feels right out of American Horror Story: Roanoke . Of all 13 ghosts in 13 Ghosts , The Pilgrimess is the only one whose arms are bound. While she is threatening, there isn't really much she can do other than look scary.

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The Great Child and The Dire Mother are among the most creepy of the 13 Ghosts. Margaret Shelburne was a woman with dwarfism who worked in an American Horror Story- style carnival show. Her enormous son Harold was the result of a sexual assault by the carnival's tallest member of the freak troupe. Some of the other freaks later murdered Margaret, leading Harold to go crazy with an ax and kill most of them before he himself was killed by an angry mob. These ghosts in 13 Ghosts, especially The Great Child, are striking to behold, and arguably among the most memorable.

The Hammer is among the most terrifying of the 13 ghosts that 13 Ghosts contains. Born George Markley, The Hammer wasn't a bad person, working as a blacksmith in a small town. That was until he was falsely accused of theft by a white man and his family was brutally murdered. In a grief-fueled rage, George took his trusty sledgehammer and bludgeoned their killers. Of course, the townspeople blamed him and killed him by driving railroad spikes into his body. This is probably the only racial commentary made in the film, as 13 Ghosts and other early '00s horror movies weren't known for commenting on social issues, and horror films having a clear message is a relatively modern trend.

Easily the most volatile and unpredictable out of all 13 ghosts in 13 Ghosts , The Jackal was born Ryan Kuhn in 1887 and grew up to be a sick and twisted man. The Jackal is also one of the few of the 13 ghosts who was just as violent and sadistic before they became a spirit. Most of the 13 ghosts' names and stories hint at a tragic past, but this isn't the case with The Jackal. A vicious and compulsive sexual predator and killer, Ryan did actually seek help for his affliction, checking into an asylum. Before long he had completely lost what was left of his mind. He eventually died and became one of the 13 Ghosts when the asylum burned down.

Horace "Breaker" Mahoney, aka The Juggernaut, is definitely the most dangerous out of all the ghosts in 13 Ghosts. He can be considered almost a "final boss" of the Black Zodiac. A mountain of a man, Horace was a serial killer who would pick up hitchhikers or offer rides to the stranded, only to take them back to his junkyard and tear them apart with his bare hands. He'd then feed their bodies to his dogs. The Juggernaut is the first ghost that 13 Ghosts introduces thanks to a flashback of Cyrus and Matthew Lillard's Dennis capturing him for the Ocularis Infernum machine. Along with The Hammer, The Juggernaut sadly decimates friendly psychic character Dennis Rafkin.

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The thirteenth ghost in 13 Ghosts was supposed to be Arthur (Tony Shalhoub), at least according to Cyrus Kriticos' (F. Murray Abraham) master plan. By dying in the house, Arthur would have become The Broken Heart. This would activate Basileus's Machine, a device " designed by the devil and powered by the dead," the purpose of which was to grant Cyrus near-limitless power. However, Arthur survives.

While the 13th ghost in the Black Zodiac, The Broken Heart, never appears, the ghost of Dennis manifests after he's killed. This means that, technically, Matthew Lillard is the 13th ghost in 13 Ghosts. The movie does tease early on that Cyrus himself might be the 13th ghost, but then pulls an almost M. Night Shyamalan-level twist. Cyrus faked his own death and doesn't actually die until the movie's climax, after which he doesn't come back as a ghost.

2001's 13 Ghosts is a remake of a 1960 movie of the same name, but they're totally different especially when it comes to the ghosts. 13 Ghosts 1960 doesn't expand much on its titular ghosts and doesn't name the spirits in the house inherited by the Zorba family. They're also considerably less violent, both in terms of their actions and how they died. The spirits in the 1960 13 Ghosts don't look nearly as harrowing by modern standards, but this is to be expected.

There's no Black Zodiac in the original 13 Ghosts , although Cyrus is both present and the protagonist. The 12 ghosts in the remake also need someone to die in the house and create a 13th to free themselves. The inspiration this gave for the 2001 Thirteen Ghosts / Thir13n Ghosts/13 Ghosts , in which Cyrus needs 13 ghosts to activate Basileus's Machine, is obvious. However, that's effectively where the similarities end.

13 Ghosts is a cult gem of a 2000s horror movie, and its Black Zodiac of 13 ghost characters has gained a lot more attention in the age of streaming. The early 2020s have seen great success with horror reboots, with everything from Scream to Hellraiser getting some type of new movie. These endeavors have proven to be incredibly victorious, seeing great box office returns, and 13 Ghosts could follow suit. Despite being a box office failure, 13 Ghosts has garnered quite a cult following over the years making it a unique entry into the horror genre at large.

There simply wasn't a market for a movie like 13 Ghosts in the early 00s, but this very much isn't the case in the 2020s when audiences are eager for fresh and interesting concepts in their horror content. The production design in 1 3 Ghosts was ahead of its time and all 13 ghosts were horrifying to behold. 13 Ghosts deserves its resurgence in popularity, and the flexibility of the age of streaming feels like the perfect time to explore 13 Ghosts in a dedicated project.

The backstories of the 13 ghosts in 13 Ghosts are fascinating. They're the key reason the 2001 movie has managed to garner such a steady level of interest in the decades since its release. Dark Castle Entertainment may be resurrecting 13 Ghosts with the specific intent of exploring the names and stories of the 13 Ghosts. As reported by DreadCentral in August 2023, Dark Castle Entertainment is developing a 13 Ghosts TV series. The show will be written and developed by Patrick Mediate (Primordial Pictures) and Aaron McLane (Fear the Walking Dead ). It's expected will take an almost anthology-like approach with each episode dedicated to the story of a different ghost from the 13 Ghosts original film.

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Fans of Thirteen Ghosts are saying Netflix should make spin-off TV series

Fans of Thirteen Ghosts are saying Netflix should make spin-off TV series

Featured Image Credit: Entertainment Pictures/Abaca Press/Alamy Stock Photo

Netflix has become a hub for spin-offs, sequels and reboots and now, fans of Thirteen Ghosts are now begging the streaming service for a TV series based on the film.

The cult supernatural horror flick has a legion of passionate fans, despite underperforming at the box office when it hit cinemas in 2001.

Tony Shalhoub stars as Arthur, a widower with two children who is struggling financially . He inherits his eccentric, ghost-hunter uncle’s glass house where the family encounter vengeful ghosts.

The film - which is a remake of the 1960 film 13 Ghosts - used to be available to watch on Netflix UK but was removed in May 2022. It was also removed from Netflix US in September.

However, this setback hasn’t stopped fans from pleading for the streaming service to inject new life into the film by making a TV spin-off.

Fans have taken to social media to start their campaign for a Netflix Thirteen Ghosts series and they know exactly what it should entail.

Thirteen Ghosts has a legion of fans who want a Netflix TV series. Credit: United Archives GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

A viral post shared a ‘Horror Fanatics’ page on Facebook reads: “Netflix should make a ‘Thirteen Ghosts’ series that explores the backstories of all the ghosts.”

The pitch immediately won over fans who not only praised the film, but also elaborated on what the imaginary series would entail.

One social media user replied: “13 episodes. 1 season. 1 hour per episode. Would be so great.”

A commenter replied: “12 episodes. There was never a 13th ghost.’

Fans are clearly keen for a series. Credit: Facebook/Entertainment Pictures

Someone else explained: that should be the last episode, so it gives us the bridge and cliff hanger for the 2nd season with the main characters moving to the house!”

Adding to the pot of ideas for the fan-pitched series, one person wrote: “A prequel about all the ghosts, their deaths, and how Cyrus captured them.”

Praising the film, a horror fan wrote: “Still to this date one of the scariest films I’ve watched.”

While another person penned: “This movie has lived rent free in my damn head since I was a kid. And I don’t appreciate it.”

Matthew Lillard in Thirteen Ghosts. Credit: Entertainment Pictures / Alamy Stock Photo

Over on Twitter, someone tagged the official Netflix account and tweeted: “Hey @netflix. You should make a series about the backgrounds of the ghosts from Thirteen Ghosts movie. Thank me later.”

Although most people were in agreement for a series about the ghost’s backstories, lots of fans said their backstories were explored in the DVD special features.

Considering most people no longer use DVDs, an entire series could still work.

Maybe it's time to give the people what they want.

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1960, Horror, 1h 28m

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13 ghosts videos, 13 ghosts   photos.

When Cyrus Zorba (Donald Woods) and his poverty-stricken family inherit an old mansion, they can't believe their good luck. However, not long after they move in they realize that the house is haunted by 12 ghosts and run by a housekeeper (Margaret Hamilton) who works in the dark arts. Though the ghosts are intent on killing a member of the family, the Zorbas insist on staying in the house because they have learned that a large fortune is hidden somewhere inside it.

Genre: Horror

Original Language: English

Director: William Castle

Release Date (Streaming): Jun 27, 2014

Runtime: 1h 28m

Production Co: William Castle Productions

Cast & Crew

Charles Herbert

Medea Zorba

Martin Milner

Benjamen Rush

Donald Woods

Cyrus Zorba

Rosemary DeCamp

Hilda Zorba

Margaret Hamilton

Elaine Zacharides

John Van Dreelen

William Castle

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Thirteen Ghosts

  • 30   Metascore
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  • Horror, Suspense

The ghosts are even creepier in this effects-laden remake of William Castle's 1960 horror film about a haunted mansion. A family inherit a home from an eccentric uncle. When they arrive, they discover trapped spirits that are just dying to get out.

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Thirteen Ghosts

2:21 Thirteen Ghosts

Cast & Crew See All

netflix 13 ghosts

Tony Shalhoub

Arthur kriticos.

netflix 13 ghosts

Matthew Lillard

Dennis rafkin.

netflix 13 ghosts

Shannon Elizabeth

Kathy kriticos, latest news see all, trailers & videos see all.

netflix 13 ghosts

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netflix 13 ghosts

28 Days Later

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netflix 13 ghosts

Bloody Disgusting!

The ‘Thir13en Ghosts’ Remake Ushered Old-School Horror Into a New Millennium [Revenge of the Remakes]

' src=

Welcome to  Revenge of the Remakes , where columnist Matt Donato takes us on a journey through the world of horror remakes. We all complain about Hollywood’s lack of originality whenever studios announce new remakes, reboots, and reimaginings, but the reality? Far more positive examples of refurbished classics and updated legacies exist than you’re willing to remember (or admit). The good, the bad, the unnecessary – Matt’s recounting them all.

I am so exhausted by complaints about how the 2000s horror era was a wasteland of unoriginality and recycled cash-ins. We’ll save the post-9/11 “torture porn” discussions for another column (or when relevant here). My frustration stems from the idea that remakes were the bane of horror cinema for almost a decade. You know this, you’re here every month riding shotgun on this journalistic adventure. I mean, how can you watch Steve Beck’s Thir13en Ghosts and whine about studios rehashing older titles for a second go-around like they’re creatively bankrupt?

It wasn’t long ago that Revenge of the Remakes glommed onto The Blob , which is appropriate since Thir13en Ghosts shares similar “remake reasoning” in terms of justification (for those who need that). William Castle ’s 13 Ghosts dates back to 1960, and the Dark Castle reinvigoration lands more than forty years later. Technological advancement alone brings enough validation to the table, given decades of cinematic evolution as commonplace as colorized projections. As horror fans already know, the American-Canadian aughts classic—yes, CLASSIC—challenges audiences not only through its nightmarish Black Zodiac roster but an extravagant desire to honor Robb White ’s core screenplay while embracing the fiesta that is differentiation.

So crank the nu-metal, kiddies—it’s time to relive one of my favorite horror titles from the 2000s.

The Approach

netflix 13 ghosts

The starkest distinction between 1960’s 13 Ghosts and 2001’s Thir13en Ghosts (besides that exxxtreme number inclusion in the title) is the personality of the titular ghosts. William Castle commands more of a funhouse atmosphere where mustachioed supernatural chefs hurl plates like playful poltergeists, where Steve Beck oversees a roster of wayward souls who only comprehend the calming effect of grotesque violence. The death of J.R. Bourne ’s estate manager so early in Thir13en Ghosts is a tremendous contrast to Martin Milner ’s Benjamin Rush, who becomes the “surprise” villain in 13 Ghosts . Writers Neal Marshall Stevens and Richard D’Ovidio adapt an original tale about greed overshadowing spectral curiosity and generate the haunted house vibes we’d expect via spiritual threats—no doubt influenced by 2001’s ability to sell the ghastliest of tormented ghouls.

Enter Tony Shalhoub as Arthur Kriticos, the remake’s patriarch who inherits his deceased uncle Cyrus Kriticos’ ( F. Murray Abraham ) elaborate glassy complex. Daughter Kathy ( Shannon Elizabeth ), son Bobby ( Alec Roberts ), and nanny Maggie ( Rah Digga ) are given a tour by Cyrus’ lawyer Ben Moss (J.R. Bourne) of this labyrinthian manor that almost resembles a functioning contraption on a massive scale. Psychic Dennis Rafkin ( Matthew Lillard ) sneaks into the house with a pair of Cyrus’ ghost-seeing specs and is horrified to discover all the nastiest souls they collected together are contained in the basement—until Mr. Money-Hungry Lawyer unwittingly sets them all free. Thus begins Arthur’s quest to save his family, avoid the Black Zodiac prisoners, and prevent Cyrus’ whirring, reorganizing trap of a homestead from opening an eye into Hell.

All the hallmarks of 13 Ghosts exist. Cyrus Kriticos is the Dr. Plato Zorba role, cheekily referencing Castle’s protagonist, Cyrus Zorba ( Donald Woods ). An estranged uncle bequeaths his homemade abattoir to an unsuspecting nephew whose poverty-stricken family becomes sacrificial inhabitants unaware of a grander ritualistic scheme. Both adolescent boys—Buck ( Charles Herbert ) in the ‘60s iteration—harbor an obsession with death, although Buck is more of a conduit where Bobby can be seen as a scampering victim. Buck uses the special ghost-seeing glasses to interact with floaters on a friendly level, watching headless lion tamers put on a show, while the ‘01 version drenches audiences in a constant state of unrest. Castle operates within his generational constraints to support the film’s earthly evils—Beck slices to the core of fear, still retaining that human folly but adhering to stricter, far bleaker usages of unquiet souls.

Does It Work?

netflix 13 ghosts

Does The Angry Princess enjoy crimson tub soaks? I’m going to channel The Blob once again because both remakes succeed on similar grounds. The tethers that connect 13 Ghosts and Thir13en Ghosts are thinner than piano wire and yet hold stronger than chain links. General horror fans might not even know William Castle’s 13 Ghosts exists—or at the least have no nostalgia for the property—which permits Neal Marshall Stevens and Richard D’Ovidio a bit more freedom for original twists. There’s never a ripoff or shot-for-shot snicker. Go ahead and compare the film’s opening sequences, one a museum chat about the La Brea Tar Pits, the other a junkyard massacre with a liquid transport truck spewing blood and a magical containment unit.

One might assume going the gnarlier, more macabre horror route in 2001’s reanimation might dull the moral intrigue at stake. Steve Beck’s Black Zodiac is a lineup of monsters all primed for personalized spin-offs versus the more modestly costumed apparitions inserted via early photo-overlay filmmaker tricks. The fear is that mean mugs and destructive appetites might distract from Arthur’s familial gauntlet—tying his late wife to the Black Zodiac—but core development still centers around man’s obsession with a replaceable “something.” Money. Power. It’s all the same whether that’s Benjamin’s sleuthing for Plato’s fortune (and willingness to crush Buck in a collapsing bed device) or Cyrus’ fake-out in an attempt to see the past, present, and future using his Latin-inscribed facility. The degrees to which both frighteners lash out are on opposite spectrums, but the ending remains the same as in 2001’s finale—Cyrus’ afterlife hostages are freed from their purgatorial torment.

The addition of Arthur’s marital tragedy treads dangerously overdramatic waters, but the power of the ‘00s endures. It’s a vibe still influenced by the Wild West that is ‘90s horror with a bit more reverence. There’s a sincerity to Arthur’s movin’ on up into Cyrus’ upgraded lifestyle, but also a commitment to the graveyard maniacs that impatiently wait within. Better yet, Thir13en Ghosts understands what horror fans want and provides by any means necessary. Danger remains paramount as the invisible inmates escape their asylum walls, and locked eyes with any of Cyrus’ subjects requires immediate panic. One might lament the lack of bite in 13 Ghosts , which Thir13en Ghosts rectifies out the gate while achieving the grandest levels of scream-in-your-seat enjoyment.

netflix 13 ghosts

I mean, Thir13en Ghosts rips or slaps or whatever the newest internet lingo might say. From the opening shot, it’s like the ripcord on a chainsaw is revved, and the gas tank never empties (ignore electric models for this metaphor). It’s what I’d describe as comfort horror not because I ever feel safe, but more because whenever I’m in the mood for some boilerplate, dictionary definition horror, Thir13en Ghosts is that stability selection. Production design goes above and beyond to ensure you feel as trapped as doomed characters. Practical effects demonstrate why flesh-and-prosthetics monsters will always be superior to animated pixels. Thir13en Ghosts is a big-budget, high-concept horror blockbuster that leaves a lasting impression. Unfortunately, its tragic $68m gross on a $42m budget is a legitimate failure of the horror community (and push towards studios striving for lower budgets with higher rewards).

Should we be surprised Greg Nicotero and Robert Kurtzman brought Thir13en Ghosts to life (er, back from the dead)? The Black Zodiac features creations that mark the pinnacle of what makeup artists and special effects warehouses had to offer at the time (and still hold up stupendously). I think of The Hammer with railroad spikes puncturing beefy biceps or The Torso, played by Daniel Wesley , a double amputee. It’s no exaggeration to dub The Angry Princess iconic with her full-frontal gashes or The Jackal legendary with his beastly savagery and that broken cage over his head as a useless precaution. Thir13en Ghosts is a showcase for cosmetic applications in the horror genre and feeds off each ghost’s presence in the same way horror fans appreciate kitchen-sink approaches like Cabin In The Woods . The Black Zodiac is some Hall of Fame composition, along with Ben Moss’ sliding-door demise where he’s halved side-to-side. The howl I let out every time Ben’s front half slips to reveal his exposed insides as the back follows shortly after is a distinct pleasure.

If you’re not into Matthew Lillard playing a smartass psychic ghost-hunter who despises jump scares despite constantly putting the see-all glasses on right in front of ghosties, I have questions. There are absolutely some quintessential ‘00s horror performances between rapper Rah Digga as the “oh hell no” nanny or Shannon Elizabeth’s older sister routine. Still, they fit within the tonality of Steve Beck’s direction. A world where discarded automobiles devour Cyrus’ lackeys like they’re eating a snack or quicksilver flares repel dead-but-furious attackers tearing fathers to shreds with berzerker abandon. So is it a peculiar choice to end the film on Digga’s character muttering jokes about babysitting not being worth her night in a madman’s graveyard zoo? I thought so until I watched 13 Ghosts go out with a wink as the haggard caretaker grabs a broom to all but confirm she’s an actual witch.

netflix 13 ghosts

Stop doubting 2000s horror! We get stuck in the generalization that everything was either another futile attempt at banking on existing IPs or another Saw ripoff. Were there countless? No argument. Does that mean an entire class of horror films like Thir13en Ghosts , Stay Alive , and House On Haunted Hill (close enough) are unceremoniously lumped in as well? Every damn time. Steve Beck handles Thir13en Ghosts as a remake with a clean slate, ushering old-school horror into a new millennium with infinitely more malice but the same focus on mortal ugliness. The ghosts, after all, are just prisoners of Cyrus—aka the John Hammond of Neal Marshall Stevens and Richard D’Ovidio’s narrative.

Oh, did I not get into my rant about how Thir13en Ghosts is pretty much Jurassic Park ? I’ll save that bite for another month or a Twitter thread.

What did we learn?

  • The more time that passes, the more remakes can assert themselves.
  • If you have Greg Nicotero working in your effects department, you’re on the right path.
  • The characterization of monsters is just as crucial as your heroes and anti-heroes.
  • We’re never going to forget the Black Zodiac.
  • The best remakes are viewed as tributes that eventually veer down unique explorations or further enrich existing story bones.

The more I cover 2000s horror remakes, the more I’m furious over the snobbish disregard around opinions of this era’s genre output. Thir13en Ghosts is one of those titles I slam into my Blu-ray player whenever someone makes the mistake of admitting it’s a blind spot, with no fault to the new viewer. Critics and audiences turned their back on horror in the 2000s, and now’s the time for a reclamation. Start by celebrating the ones that deserve your apologies most, like Thir13en Ghosts.

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5 New Horror Movies Releasing This Week Plus “True Detective” Returns

‘primeval’ – revisiting a flawed but unique killer croc movie.

' src=

While “based on a true story” is typically a ploy to lure in audiences, the basis of the 2007 movie Primeval does, in fact, exist. Or at least he did, at one point. The whereabouts of what many deem the “world’s most prolific killer” — a decades-old Nile crocodile named Gustave who allegedly claimed somewhere between 200 and 300 human lives — are murky nowadays. Some say Burundi’s most infamous reptile is long gone, and others demand proof of his passing. Regardless, Gustave’s notoriety lives on in this panned Hollywood creature-feature with a severe identity crisis. 

Back then, it was understandable to have a cursory look at the original ad campaign for Primeval and not realize the movie is about a crocodile. An intentionally vague trailer led to complaints of deception from viewers; they were expecting a movie about a human serial killer. Imagine their surprise once they watched Primeval , which, for obvious reasons, was not screened for critics before its release. Bumping up the premiere by several months — to January, no less — also did not bode well. As anticipated, Michael Katleman’s directorial feature debut was chewed up and spat out by critics.

In cinema, 2007 was the year of the crocodile. Along with Rogue , Greg McLean’s much anticipated follow-up to Wolf Creek , was another Australian ripped-from-the-headlines saltie thriller called Black Water . However, both movies did not see a commercial release until after Primeval was rushed out by Buena Vista. Behind-the-scenes drama sank Rogue ’s chance of a theatrical premiere in the United States, whereas Black Water slipped under the radar despite positive reviews. Needless to say, Primeval was the only one of this toothy trio to grace the American big screen. Critics did not miss an opportunity to note the small surge of croc horror that year, and a few did their damndest to steer potential viewers away from Primeval and toward Rogue (even with McLean’s sophomore pic being stuck in distribution hell). Nevertheless, the dissuasion was undue. As confused and uneven as Primeval turned out to be, the movie’s disreputation is not completely warranted. 


Image: Orlando Jones and Brooke Langton’s characters run from danger in Primeval.

The criticism of Primeval taking itself too seriously seems almost strange to hear these days. By and large, though, people still expect “nature’s revenge” horror to be silly and campy. The subgenre has its roots to consider, yet after so much frivolity from the Syfy side as well as the lingering effects of the postmodern horror wave, a straight approach for this kind of movie was good in theory. The execution, on the other hand, made Primeval not only difficult to digest but also tonally awkward.

The attempt to make Primeval an issue-film is far from perfect. Maybe even reckless. Worst of all, John Brancato and Michael Ferris ’ bizarre and totally unsubtle script does not accomplish much of anything in the end apart from some inevitable white knighting. The political framing device does, at the very least, fatten up an otherwise anemic story. The basic concept of a TV network staging the capture of the legendary Gustave could have gone either way. After all, safe and undemanding is the norm for monster movies. It is the unconventional, not to mention questionable pairing of a maneater’s intrinsic horrors with the atrocities of a civil war that ultimately muddies the water. This is not the sort of exploitation that viewers signed up for.

As self-important as Primeval comes across, it does manage to be self-aware from time to time. The frequent scene-stealer and most likable character, a comical American cameraman played to the max by Orlando Jones , has a real way with words. Following the Gustave-related death of a British forensic anthropologist in Burundi, Jones’ character Steven sums up the movie’s inciting incident best: “You know what, this crocodile’s like O.J. Simpson; he messed up when he killed that white woman.” Vulgar, yes, but not too off the mark in this case. And when it comes to the indifference toward urgent domestic affairs in Africa, Primeval points a finger at the West. Funnily enough, the script is guilty of its own accusation. The constant prioritization of animals over human lives also comes up as the movie’s own resident croc hunter ( Gideon Emery ) states there are “more than enough human beings on this planet” and Gustave is of “greater value.” Mind you, he has the audacity to say this as genocide continues in Burundi.


Image: Gustave the killer Nile Crocodile appears in Primeval’s finale.

Primeval could have very well been pitched as Lake Placid meets Blood Diamond . Although, this cocktail of bestial horror and political thriller is often more sobering than inebriating, especially when the American characters get mixed up with the Burundi warlord who goes by the nickname of Little Gustave ( Dumisani Mbebe ). Other movies would refrain from being so on the nose about their message, but Primeval lacks nuance. The metaphor here does not go unnoticed or unsaid as  Dominic Purcell spoon-feeds it to both his co-star,  Brooke Langton , and the audience. Upon learning Little Gustave’s victims wind up as meals for Big Gustave, Purcell’s character says with a straight face: “We make, create, our own monsters.”

Clumsy and unrefined as it may be as a political piece, Primeval moderately succeeds as a creature-feature. The movie’s insatiable centerpiece always leaves the audience wanting more during his meager appearances. Those run-ins with Gustave include implausible but exhilarating set-pieces that embody 2000s Hollywood excess. Due to an extensive and flagrant use of CGI — the movie ended up abandoning a practical animatronic during filming — Gustave resembles and acts like a mythical dragon more than anything tangible and existing in nature. The guttural roar in place of an authentic croc hiss evokes memories of the growling shark in Jaws: The Revenge , and Gustave’s ability to gallop across grasslands and crawl up and down the sides of a cage defies both credibility and physics. Still and all, more go-for-broke stunts and less bleak warfare for the sake of genre entertainment would have immensely benefited Primeval . When the movie leans into its cold-blooded antagonist’s predation, it is undoubtedly more satisfying.

Primeval remains polarizing all these years later. Admittedly, the opportunistic and misguided political element preoccupies way too much of the story, but several bright spots — namely Gustave’s flashy feats, Orlando Jones’ amusing if not indelicate turn, and the surplus of South African vistas — help raise the value of this widely panned monster romp. It can be argued that Primeval does too much for a movie of this caliber; it feels stuck between two genres. As a counterpoint, its flawed and messy ambition is still preferable to all the more routine crocsploitation movies currently swimming in existence.


Image: Brooke Langton, Dominic Purcell and Gideon Emery in Primeval.

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Dread Central

‘Thirteen Ghosts: The Series’ Creators Share Inventive New Details [Interview]

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13 ghosts 2 568x320 - 'Thirteen Ghosts: The Series' Creators Share Inventive New Details [Interview]

For years, horror fans have fantasized about getting a television adaptation of Thirteen Ghosts . And at long last, this dream could be on the fast track to becoming a reality.

Patrick Mediate (Primordial Pictures), Ashley Robinson (co-producer, Fear the Walking Dead ), and Aaron McLane (SFX Supervisor, Fear the Walking Dead ) are teaming up to develop a fascinating and downright necessary TV version of Thirteen Ghosts . Now, this creative trio joins me for a new episode of the Development Hell podcast to discuss their pitch and unpack what it will actually take to get this show made.

Listen to the new episode here:

Thirteen Ghosts 960x960 - 'Thirteen Ghosts: The Series' Creators Share Inventive New Details [Interview]

The filmmakers also recently shared an exclusive update with Dread Central announcing their partnership with Dark Castle Entertainment to develop and pitch a Thirteen Ghosts television series to Sony Pictures Television. While nothing has been officially greenlit yet, we’re still psyched at the idea of this new series.

Per the official pitch:

“Every culture in the world has its ghost stories, and this re-imagining of Thirteen Ghosts  presents an international sampling of these supernatural tales. The ghost stories within each episode will have their own stylistic look and feel that will be explored and influenced by each individual director. This makes our ghost vignettes stand out stylistically as they set the theme for each episode.”

13 ghosts 1024x634 - 'Thirteen Ghosts: The Series' Creators Share Inventive New Details [Interview]

Lastly, what do you think of a potential series adaptation of Thirteen Ghosts ? Have you checked out the Development Hell episode about it? Let us know on Twitter via @DreadCentral . We’re always around to chat about all things horror TV!

Categorized: Interviews News

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‘Thirteen Ghosts’ TV Series Reportedly In The Works

thirteen ghosts

The 2001 horror movie Thirteen Ghosts has maintained a secure place in pop culture over the decades. Now Dark Castle Entertainment is reportedly in the process of pitching a Thirteen Ghosts television series to Sony Pictures Television.

It’s worth noting that the series isn’t officially greenlit at this point. But there have been several conceptual images shared by Patrick Mediate and Aaron McLane via Dread Central . Fans can see the images below which include a teaser poster, concepts for ghosts, a page regarding “spectral viewers,” aka the special glasses required to see ghosts, and other exciting designs.

According to the pitch, it would be “a thirteen-episode run with an ensemble cast where each episode explores the origins of a different ghost.” The following logline goes further into detail:

“Every culture in the world has its ghost stories, and this re-imagining of 13 Ghosts presents an international sampling of these supernatural tales. The ghost stories within each episode will have their own stylistic look and feel that will be explored and influenced by each individual director. This makes our ghost vignettes stand out stylistically as they set the theme for each episode.”

Here are the images:

image0 - 'Thirteen Ghosts' - Dark Castle Reportedly In Development On New TV Series [Exclusive]

As mentioned, the film and its potential television series feature “spectral viewers.” Apparently these could be part of a viral marketing element for the show in the form of “a proposed AR component.” This “would allow audiences to download an app and see additional ghosts both on-screen and in their own homes as the series airs.”

In addition to Patrick Mediate and Aaron McLane, Fear the Walking Dead co-producer Ashley Robinson is attached to the series.

Stay tuned to ScreenGeek for any additional updates on the potential Thirteen Ghosts series as we have them. Fans have been particularly vocal over the years for a new Thirteen Ghosts project. It looks like the online popularity of the film and its various spectral foes have finally caught the attention of Dark Castle Entertainment.

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Thirteen Ghosts: All the Ghosts of the Zodiac, Explained

Now a cult favorite among horror fans, renewed interest in 13 Ghosts has led to an exciting future for this once-forgotten horror film from 2001.

It's been well over 20 years since the memorably freaky horror film Thirteen Ghosts was first released. It was pretty underwhelming at the box office and fared horribly with critics, not even managing 20% with its critical rating. Given these disappointing metrics, it would be easy to give this one a pass if you've never seen it. However, for those who did watch the movie when it first came out, despite all the skewering it received from critics, many audiences will attest to the fact that there was a certain uniqueness about it that made it enjoyable.

Sure, it was cheesy at times and had some bad acting. However, what sometimes resonates with pop culture isn't always acclaimed, and so it was for Thirteen Ghosts. It seemed largely forgotten for a long time, until surges in Halloween popularity, and pop culture horror films saw horror fan pages and content creation platforms across social media begin featuring all manner of content that brought the film's very recognizable scenes vividly back to memory.

A remake of a classic horror from the '60s, the 2001 version of Thirteen Ghosts has since become a sleeper hit. Now a cult favorite, It was recently announced that the film is set for a spin-off series . Billed as a show that will give each of its spooky characters more attention this time, in preparation, here's a reminder of what the film was about, and some background information on all the ghosts of Thirteen Ghosts .

15 The Plot

Thirteen Ghosts sees a man named Arthur Kriticos (Tony Shalhoub) inherit a house from his uncle. In a precarious financial state, Arthur decides to move there with his children (played by Shannon Elizabeth and Alec Roberts) and their nanny. The house is unique but creepy since it's made of multiple glass panels, that are marked with Latin inscriptions.

It soon emerges that Arthur's uncle, Cyrus Kriticos, and his psychic partner, Dennis (Matthew Lillard) were ghost hunters. Cyrus and others were killed as they attempted to capture a particularly powerful ghost. The house, as it turns out, is actually an elaborately designed prison to keep the ghosts trapped.

Dennis meets the family at the house and realizes the Latin inscriptions are barrier spells that keep 12 captured ghosts sealed in their cells. However, a mechanism that keeps the seals intact is inadvertently released, allowing the angry ghosts to roam free and cause havoc. The family is later joined by Kalina (Embeth Davidtz), a ghost liberator, who helps them fight for their survival against the terrifying ghosts that can only be seen with specialized spectral glasses.

14 The Black Zodiac

As the film went on, we learned that Cyrus actually built an occult device that powered the entire house and was meant to open a gateway called the Ocularis Infernum. His goal was to use it to gain powers from hell, but needed to capture the ghosts, who all needed to have died under specific circumstances, in order to open it.

Their existence and their order were all part of a dark inversion of the astrological zodiac calendar. Known as The Black Zodiac, like the common zodiac, this one also features 12 signs. Only, whereas our zodiac is represented by the likes of Pisces, Sagittarius, and the others, commonly associated with their corresponding star constellations, the signs of the Black Zodiac are represented by the 12 ghosts from the film — with a 13th one that is meant to complete it.

The hook of the film therefore came from the novelty of there being so many unique spirits in it, but also that each ghost had tragic backstories that made them all interesting in their own way. So, in anticipation of the upcoming series, here's what you need to know about each of the ghosts of the Black Zodiac.

13 The First Born Son

Billy Michaels was probably one of the most tragic ghosts . He was a little boy who liked to play cowboy games. That was until another child challenged him to a duel. While Billy used a harmless cap gun, his assailant used a steel-tipped arrow.

20 Best Horror Cult Movies, Ranked

While Billy appears as the young boy he was, his appearance is frightening since he still has the arrow that killed him lodged in his head. He isn't particularly harmful, and mostly will just say, "I want to play." However, while he might not attack you himself, his frightening appearance is enough to scare you toward others who will.

12 The Torso

The stuff of nightmares and a cautionary tale for lovers of vices, The Torso is an aptly named ghost since that's exactly how he appears. Jimmy "The Gambler" Gambino lived during the early 1900s. His fondness for gambling would be his downfall when he made a boxing bet with members of the mafia. Unable to pay, he was hacked to pieces and had his body parts wrapped in cellophane.

He therefore appears as a shocking dismembered torso, often with his head somewhere close by. He can't actively attack you, but just the sight of him is terrifying enough.

11 The Bound Woman

Susan LeGrow may have been the epitome of a mean girl, but she still never deserved what happened to her. She was the quintessential rich girl, popular, desirable, and with many admirers. However, Susan was also narcissistic and thrived on the attention she received from boys.

Her flirtatious ways led her to toy with many of the boys from her school, and even men, seeking romantic encounters with many of them along the way. Naturally, she left many lovelorn boys in her wake. Her malicious games came to the fore on her senior prom night when Chet Walters, a star football player, caught her cheating on him.

In a jealous fit of rage, Chet took revenge. Her lover was later found bludgeoned to death and Susan disappeared. Her body would later be found buried under the 50-yard line of their school's football field; strangled with a tie. Like the first two ghosts, Susan isn't very dangerous, but can still scare the wits out of you.

10 The Withered Lover

If Jean Kriticos' last name sounds familiar in the film, that's because she's a ghost with a personal connection to the main family depicted in it. She was the wife of Arthur and the mother of his kids. Jean sadly died in a house fire while everyone else survived, leaving Arthur heartbroken.

10 Extremely Unique Movies About Ghosts

Cyrus Kriticos, rather than caring about his relatives' grief, realized the circumstances of her death made Jean an ideal match for one of the ghosts he needed to complete The Black Zodiac. Jean appears with burns on her face and wearing a hospital gown. However, she tries to actively help her family rather than terrorize them.

9 The Torn Prince

Royce Clayton once had it all going for him. He lived during the '50s and was a gifted baseball player as a teenager. His talent and fame caught the attention of colleges across the country and his future seemed set.

However, being young and famous also gave him a taste for reckless thrills. Back then, people of the lower classes were sometimes known as 'greasers' and one of them took a challenge for a drag race against Royce too seriously. Cutting his brake lines, Royce suffered a horrific death in the ensuing crash.

Still bearing his scars from the accident, his ghost carries a baseball bat, forever doomed to never fulfill his legacy as a star player. He may not be the most dangerous ghost, but won't hesitate to take a swing at anyone who gets too close.

8 The Angry Princess

By far one of the most popular of the 13 ghosts for obvious reasons, Dana Newman was a beautiful woman who lived up until the late 20th century. Despite her looks, she suffered abuse that tragically caused her to only see her perceived flaws but never her beauty.

Her obsession with plastic surgery took a dark turn when a clinic botched an experimental one. Left with a mutilated eye, Dana could not bear the sight of herself and killed herself in a bathtub at the clinic by stabbing and slicing up with a huge knife.

Her added cult popularity among the other ghosts from the film came from the fact that she was played by beautiful actress, Shawna Loyer. It's also pretty hard to miss her since she moves about with all her wounds on display. Her scars, the knife she carries, and her striking look should have made her far more frightening. Except, it's hard to focus on her frightening qualities alone since she's also a well-endowed woman who walks around stark naked in the film. However, pass a rude or racy comment at your peril as she won't hesitate to attack those who do — as the seedy lawyer in the film learned the hard way.

7 The Pilgrimess

An orphan from England, Isabella Smith traveled to the new world as a colonist. Seeking a new life, she found only rejection as she was ostracized by the close community she lived in. Soon accused of witchcraft , she was blamed when crops and livestock began dying.

Although claiming to be innocent of the charges, she was trapped in a burning barn but survived. This only offered more proof to her persecutors who then confined her to the pillory where she eventually starved to death. She still carries it around with her, giving her a haunting look, though inhibiting her ability to do much harm since her arms are bound.

6 The Great Child

Actually a grown man and enormously built, Harold Shelburne was a person with neurological differences. These stunted his emotional development and left him with the mind of a child.

Even as an adult, he was forced to wear diapers and was spoonfed by his mother, Margaret, who was a little person. After his mother was brutalized, and he was tortured, Harold later massacred most of the residents of the carnival performers they lived with.

5 The Dire Mother

Margaret Shelburne was a part of a previously so-called "freak show" carnival. A little person, after being attacked and sexually assaulted by the tallest member of the carnival, she was left with her son, Harold, but loved and raised her child on her own no matter how difficult their circumstances were.

While Harold was mercilessly mocked and taunted his entire life, Margaret was later kidnapped and murdered by other members of the carnival, and the carnival owner had Harold mutilated. Harold's rage caused him to use an ax to avenge the atrocities against him and Margaret. A pair of frightening figures, Harold appears in a diaper, covered in slime and vomit, with his mother at his side and his ax at the ready.

4 The Blacksmith

George Markeley lived during the 1890s. He was an honest man, simple, and hardworking as a blacksmith. George was also a family man and lived a decent life. Despite all this, he was later accused of stealing by a man of higher standing named Nathan.

Threatened with exile from his town, George stood up to Nathan and refused to accept the accusations. As retribution, Nathan and his brutal friends later accosted George's family and brutally murdered them. George was driven to rage and later used his blacksmith hammer to beat Nathan and the others to death.

For his troubles, he was chained to a tree by community members and had spikes driven into his body. His hand was severed, and his hammer was crudely attached to it. Sadly, as kind and gentle as he once was when he lived, George's ghost is one of the angriest, most vengeful, and most dangerous ones around.

3 The Jackal

Born in 1887, Ryan Khun was the son of a sex worker. He grew to develop a terrifying and morbid taste for women that later led him to sexually assault, brutalize, and murder stray women and other sex workers.

His one redemptive feature is that he wanted to cure himself of his sick perversions and compulsions, so he voluntarily committed himself to a medical facility. However, the doctors there left him in solitary confinement for years, causing his mind to slowly break down.

He was also bound in a straightjacket that was made tighter and tighter whenever he acted out. By his end, his physical deterioration from years of injuring himself and being abused left him with his head locked in a cage to stop him from biting at the jacket. Left alone in a basement, he grew to hate humanity and when the facility later burned down, he chose to stay behind as everyone else escaped.

His ghost still wears the remnants of the jacket and his head is still in the cage. The most violent and aggressive of the ghosts, he will brutally kill anyone in his vicinity without hesitation.

2 The Juggernaut

Horace Mahoney was born with physical differences that left him disfigured and forced him to live as an outcast his entire life. Abandoned by his mother, he was forced to work in a garage by his father from a young age.

20 New Horror Movies That Have the Potential to Become Classics One Day

He had unusual strength, but after his father died , lost his faculties and went on a murderous spree where he would target hitchhikers and other motorists. Using his strength, Horace would tear his victims apart limb by limb. He was later killed by a SWAT team and left riddled with bullets. Haunting the junkyard where he lived, he's known for having the highest kill count of all the ghosts.

1 The Broken Heart

After featuring the first 12 ghosts of the zodiac, the film's finale threw up a huge twist. As it turned out, Cyrus was alive all along and needed one more ghost. Arthur, his own nephew, provided the perfect person to be "The Broken Heart", since he was left heartbroken by the death of his wife.

However, this ghost was never seen since Arthur survived and Cyrus was unable to complete The Black Zodiac . Although Cyrus does die in the end, he never returns as a ghost.

With all the reinvigorated interest in this cult film, fans are now eagerly anticipating what the spin-off series will be like. While Dark Castle's plans are ambitious and, frankly, sound great, between the recent strikes in Hollywood and a deal that hinges on Sony, there are still some kinks to work out before we get to see it.

"If Sony and Dark Castle can come to some kind of agreement – either Sony joins forces with Dark Castle on the series or they merely give Dark Castle the green light to do what they wish with the property – the plan on Dark Castle’s side is to essentially use the ending of the 2001 movie as the springboard for a deep dive into the mythology of each of the monsters."

The concept for now is certainly intriguing. After all the drama with Cyrus and his evil plan is revealed, the film ends with all the ghosts being released and wandering off. With an ending like that, there's plenty of scope to now build an amazing horror franchise from this once-forgotten movie.

Is Ghosts on Netflix?

By d.j. rivera | oct 21, 2021.

"Pilot"/"Hello!" -- Samantha and Jay throw both caution and money to the wind when they decide to convert a rundown country estate they inherited into a bed & breakfast -- only to find it's inhabited by the many opinionated spirits of deceased residents who now call it home. Also, when Sam thinks she's crazy because she continues to see the ghosts of Woodstone Manor, she tries to ignore them, making them even more determined to get her to acknowledge they're real, on the special one-hour series premiere of the new CBS Original comedy GHOSTS, Thursday, Oct. 7 (9:01-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. The one-hour premiere will be seamless with back-to-back episodes. Pictured (L-R ) Rose McIver as Samantha and Utkarsh Ambudkar as Jay Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS 2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The side-splitting sitcom Ghosts is a laugh riot affair, and many subscribers are more than excited to find out if the TV series is available to stream on Netflix .

The adaptation of the BBC One series of the same name has become a big hit with viewers, and there is no telling what hilariously haunting hijinks will go down throughout the first season. So far, the show has obtained critical acclaim and has received impressive scores on Rotten Tomatoes .

The very well-received story for Ghosts follows two married New Yorkers named Samantha and Jay, who receive a magnificent country house, and after an accident, the wife is able to see the dead spirits occupying the property. Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Richie Moriarty, Asher Grodman, Rebecca Wiscocky, and Danielle Pinnock star in Ghosts. 

From the laugh-out-loud premise to the exciting names involved, there is no shortage of reasons to check out Ghosts . Because of this, it’s really not extraordinary that patrons would like to know if they can witness it on Netflix.

The news as to whether or not Ghosts is available on Netflix has a very terrifying answer, and readers should definitely brace for impact. Unfortunately, the nightmare-inducing truth is the show is not on the streamer, and, regrettably, there don’t seem to be any immediate plans for this to change.

If there are Horror comedies people are looking to enjoy, then Netflix still has them covered. Some of these examples include Vampires vs. The Bronx , The Babysitter , and Santa Clarita Diet , among several intriguing others.

Where to watch Ghosts

Episodes of the wickedly funny series air on CBS on Thursdays. In addition, Like new episodes of Evil and Star Trek: Lower Decks, Ghosts is available to enjoy on the streaming service Paramount+ .

You can check out the trailer below:

Will you be watching Ghosts? 

Next. 50 best Netflix shows to watch right now. dark
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Rose McIver, Rebecca Wisocky, Brandon Scott Jones, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Richie Moriarty, Asher Grodman, Sheila Carrasco, Román Zaragoza, Devan Chandler Long, and Danielle Pinnock in Ghosts (2021)

A young couple, Sam and Jay, inherit a haunted mansion and, unaware of their invisible housemates, plan to turn it into a B&B. Their lives become much more complicated after a fall causes Sa... Read all A young couple, Sam and Jay, inherit a haunted mansion and, unaware of their invisible housemates, plan to turn it into a B&B. Their lives become much more complicated after a fall causes Sam to see the ghosts. Based on the UK series. A young couple, Sam and Jay, inherit a haunted mansion and, unaware of their invisible housemates, plan to turn it into a B&B. Their lives become much more complicated after a fall causes Sam to see the ghosts. Based on the UK series.

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Rose McIver, Rebecca Wisocky, Brandon Scott Jones, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Richie Moriarty, Asher Grodman, Sheila Carrasco, Román Zaragoza, Devan Chandler Long, and Danielle Pinnock in Ghosts (2021)

  • Jay Arondekar

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  • Trivia As reported in a People magazine article, since she is portraying "Flower", the ghost of a hippie in the series, actor Sheila Carrasco says she has since adopted a throwback beauty trend - and is hoping others can catch on as well. "Let's release the stigma of women not shaving their pits," says Carrasco. "I had to grow mine out for the season. I'm in Quebec and I'm going to yoga and I see all these beautiful French Canadian women with hairy armpits and it's normal there. Then I go back to L.A. yoga and I'm like, 'I have to wear a T-shirt.' You know? I'm so embarrassed. I'm like, 'What is with this? This is how we naturally are. Who cares?!'"
  • Goofs The Farnsby's house moves between seasons. In season 1, when they first meet Sam and Jay, they introduce themselves as the next-door neighbours, and talk about hearing the construction work from next-door. But in season 2, Sam says they are two doors down. With the size of the grounds belonging to the houses, two doors down would be several miles away, and completely unaffected by anything Sam and Jay did with their house.
  • Connections Featured in Half in the Bag: 2021 Movie Catch-Up (part 2 of 2) (2022)

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Rose McIver, Rebecca Wisocky, Brandon Scott Jones, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Richie Moriarty, Asher Grodman, Sheila Carrasco, Román Zaragoza, Devan Chandler Long, and Danielle Pinnock in Ghosts (2021)

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netflix 13 ghosts

Thirteen Ghosts Television Series Reportedly in Development

By Neil Bolt

Dark Castle is reportedly developing a television series based on the film Thirteen Ghosts .

In a Dread Central exclusive , Patrick Mediate of Primordial Pictures and SFX supervisor for Fear the Walking Dead Aaron McLane announced a partnership with Dark Castle to pitch the series for Sony Pictures Television

It’s been 22 years since the remake of William Castle ‘s horror gem 13 Ghosts and fans of the 2001 version have long championed the idea of having a television series that focused on each ghost’s backstory. That so happens to be the pitch being made here.

Thirteen Ghosts TV Show Pitch

The idea is thirteen episodes with an anthology style that delves into a different ghost each time. The potential series creators explain exactly how it should pan out.

“Every culture in the world has its ghost stories, and this re-imagining of 13 Ghosts presents an international sampling of these supernatural tales. The ghost stories within each episode will have their own stylistic look and feel that will be explored and influenced by each individual director. This makes our ghost vignettes stand out stylistically as they set the theme for each episode.”

It sounds like an interesting way to frame things, but of course, it needs to be approved before it can become a reality. I hope so, because it might pave the way for a Ghost Ship reboot one day.

Neil Bolt

Neil became a horror fan from just a nightmare-inducing glimpse of the Ghoulies VHS cover and a book on how to draw ghosts. It escalated from there and now that's almost all he writes and talks about.

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Hannah Waddingham & Octavia Spencer to Lead Action Series From Reacher Producers

Ghosts (UK) Season 1

Ghosts (UK) Season 1 Streaming: Watch & Stream via Paramount Plus

Ghosts Season 5: How Many Episodes

Ghosts Season 5: How Many Episodes & When Do New Episodes Come Out?

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Mortal Kombat: Conquest Shows Why the Series Should Konquer Television Again

netflix 13 ghosts


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11 shows like 'Fool Me Once' to watch if you loved Netflix's latest thriller

  • "Fool Me Once" revolves around a grieving widow who sees her seemingly dead husband on a nanny cam.
  • Writer Harlan Coben has worked with Netflix on a number of other projects.
  • Here are 11 shows you should watch if you enjoyed Netflix's "Fool Me Once."

Insider Today

Mystery writer Harlan Coben has delivered yet another enthralling Netflix series with "Fool Me Once," which stars Michelle Keegan as Maya Stern, a grieving widow who spots her dead husband on a nanny cam inside her home.

From there, Maya is pulled into a dark conspiracy involving her murky military history, her husband's wrongdoings, and the mysterious death of her sister.

But for audiences who already made it through the twisty ending of "Fool Me Once" and want more, there are plenty of other shows to dive into with equally dramatic storylines.

1. "Safe"

netflix 13 ghosts

First up is "Safe," the 2018 Netflix series with "Dexter" star Michael C. Hall as Tom Delaney, a British widower whose daughter goes missing from a gated community in England. The show was an original idea from Harlan Coben for the streamer, rather than an adaptation of one of his books.

Although the plot mainly revolves around the disappearance of Jenny Delaney (Amy James-Kelly), the story creeps into the lives of the community's other residents, many of whom are harboring surprising secrets behind closed doors.

For subscribers who want to dive into another compelling mystery, "Safe" is a great place to start.

2. "The Stranger"

netflix 13 ghosts

The premise behind "The Stranger" is pretty simple": A young woman ( Hannah John-Kamen ) approaches people in a seemingly normal town and tells them a devastating secret about someone close to them, before completely disappearing.

Much like "Safe" and "Fool Me Once," it's about unearthing secrets that seemingly normal are hiding. The main plot follows Hannah John-Kamen's titular stranger and her connection to Adam Price (Richard Armitage).

Like many of Coben's Netflix shows, "The Stranger" is based on his 2015 book of the same name, although the series takes place in the UK, rather than the book's US setting.

3. "The Woods"

netflix 13 ghosts

Harlan Coben has a knack for creating a messy mystery with plot twists and red herrings galore. If you want a new murderous puzzle to solve, look no further than "The Woods."

Grzegorz Damięcki plays Pawel Kopiński, a prosecutor who has to identify a body connected to the summer camp that he worked at in 1994.

The Polish series is set over two timelines, 1994, and 2019, as Pawel tries to uncover the truth behind several murders, and the disappearance of his own sister.

4. "Stay Close"

netflix 13 ghosts

If there's one thing audiences should expect from a Harlan Coben series, it's that most of the characters will have a mysterious past that they're trying to move on and get closure from. That's very much the case in "Stay Close."

It stars Cush Jumbo as Megan Pierce, a mother of three children who is happily settled down with her partner, Dave (Daniel Francis).

She hides the fact that she was an exotic dancer in the past, which becomes just one of the many secrets that swirl around the fictional town of Livingstone as a man disappears on the anniversary of an infamous missing person's case from years ago.

Northern Irish star James Nesbitt also leads the cast as Detective Michael Broom. And Richard Armitage has yet another Coben/Netflix role under his belt, as he plays a paparazzi photographer who never got over a lost love.

5. "The Innocent"

netflix 13 ghosts

There are even murkier pasts behind the characters of 2021's "The Innocent," based on (you know where this is going) the book of the same name by Harlan Coben. The Spanish series follows Mateo Vidal (Mario Casas) a man who was convicted of manslaughter after accidentally killing a man during a brawl.

Nine years after the tragic event, Mateo and his wife Olivia Costa (Aura Garrido) try to make a new life for themselves, only for Mateo's past to cause problems for them. But it isn't long before ghosts from Olivia's own difficult past start to plague the couple.

From there, "The Innocent" takes viewers into a seedy underworld, full of corrupt policemen, blackmail, and murder. Perfect fun for all the family! Or not.

6. "Gone for Good"

netflix 13 ghosts

Here comes the predictable spiel: "Gone for Good" is loosely adapted from Harlan Coben's 2002 bestselling novel of the same name.

The French show revolves around young social worker Guillaume Lucchesi (Finnegan Oldfield) who tries to lead a normal life 10 years after seeing the deaths of his girlfriend Sonia (Garance Marillier) and his brother, Fred (Nicolas Duvauchelle).

But when Guillaume's current girlfriend Judith (Nailia Harzoune) disappears one night, he's forced to relive the trauma of the past — and to deal with the revelation that his brother might still be alive.

7. "Hold Tight"

netflix 13 ghosts

Okay, "Hold Tight" is the last Harlan Coben Netflix series on the list, but it's worth your time. The 2022 Polish series is a follow-up to "The Woods," with Grzegorz Damięcki reprising his role as Pawel Kopiński.

It mainly revolves around the disappearance of Adam Barczyk (Krzysztof Oleksyn) who had been struggling to cope with the death of his friend, Igor (Piotr Napierala). After Adam vanishes, the neighborhood he lives in descends into paranoia-induced chaos.

While "Hold Tight" might not be as, well, tight as Coben's other Netflix shows, the series still manages to keep audiences hooked with its bizarre plot twists and surprising climax.

8. "Broadchurch"

netflix 13 ghosts

If we're talking about a buzzy crime drama, it's fair to say ITV's "Broadchurch" is the high bar for modern TV murder mysteries.

The fictional coastal town of Broadchurch is rocked when the body of 11-year-old Danny Latimer (Oskar McNamara) is found on the beach after he had been strangled to death.

The heartbreaking story is meticulously well-plotted, and it's very easy to get wrapped up in various theories during a first watch.

David Tennant and Olivia Colman lead the series as the detectives investigating Danny's death. While every cast member is at the top of their game, here, it's their performances that truly made it so great. Colman's ferocity in the final episode is particularly astounding.

Basically, "Broadchurch" is essential viewing.

9. "Vigil"

netflix 13 ghosts

It's a "whodunit" aboard a submarine. That's it, that's the show.

If that simple premise doesn't hook you in, maybe this will. It stars Suranne Jones, star of other gripping dramas like "Doctor Foster" and "Gentleman Jack," as Detective Amy Silva, who is tasked with investigating a murder on a Royal Navy nuclear submarine off the coast of Scotland.

Not only is the detective trapped underwater with a murderer, but her investigation leads her into a conspiracy involving the Navy and MI5.

This claustrophobic thriller is arguably one of the BBC's best crime dramas of the last few years, and fans will be pleased to know that a second season is also on the way.

10. "The Fall"

netflix 13 ghosts

Gillian Anderson . Jamie Dornan . Do you really need any other reason to watch "The Fall"?

The BBC series sees Dornan play Paul Spector, a depraved killer of women in Belfast, with Anderson playing Stella Gibson, the detective tasked with hunting him down.

Although the show isn't overly gory, it can be quite a grim watch due to the sexual nature of Spector's crimes. Thankfully, it shows restraint in not showing the full extent of the violence he inflicts on his victims.

But his inflated ego and god complex make "The Fall" so compelling to watch because the audience is practically begging Stella to catch him as soon as possible.

"The Fall" is a white-knuckle ride crammed with tension and high-stakes drama.

11. "Happy Valley"

netflix 13 ghosts

Set in the north of England, "Happy Valley" introduces Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire), a dedicated police officer who struggles to bring up her grandson after the tragic suicide of her daughter eight years earlier.

Although she has slowly patched up her broken family, Cawood is pushed to breaking point when the man who abused her daughter, Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton), is released from prison.

As Royce instantly turns back to a life of crime, Cawood becomes obsessed with punishing him for what he did to her daughter. But it gets more complicated when her grandson gets curious about his real dad. It's riveting, heart-wrenching, and downright brilliant.

Disclosure: Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Business Insider's parent company, Axel Springer, is a Netflix board member.

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    The 2001 Dark Castle horror 13 Ghosts, also referred to as Thir13n Ghosts or Thirteen Ghosts, is a highly underrated cult movie. 13 Ghosts centers on the Kriticos family and their attempts to escape the 13 Ghosts held by ancient glyphs in the presumed-dead Cyrus Kriticos' glass mansion.

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    November 19, 2021 · Follow This family just inherited a crazy amazing house... unfortunately it's filled with souls of the damned. Thirteen Ghosts is now on Netflix See less Most relevant Jacob Dietz The general premise of Thirteen Ghosts would make for a killer series... just saying, Netflix 1y 29 2 Replies Nathaniel Allen Sloniker

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    The film - which is a remake of the 1960 film 13 Ghosts - used to be available to watch on Netflix UK but was removed in May 2022. It was also removed from Netflix US in September. However, this setback hasn't stopped fans from pleading for the streaming service to inject new life into the film by making a TV spin-off.

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    Thirteen Ghosts (also known as 13 Ghosts and stylized as THIR13EN Ghosts) is a 2001 supernatural horror film directed by Steve Beck in his directorial debut. A remake of the 1960 film 13 Ghosts by William Castle, [2] the film stars Tony Shalhoub, Embeth Davidtz, Matthew Lillard, Shannon Elizabeth, Alec Roberts, Rah Digga, and F. Murray Abraham. [2]

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    A 13 Ghosts television series just might be on its way. Patrick Mediate (Primordial Pictures) and Aaron McLane (SFX Supervisor, Fear the Walking Dead) have shared an exclusive update with Dread...

  14. The 'Thir13en Ghosts' Remake Ushered Old-School Horror Into a New

    All the hallmarks of 13 Ghosts exist. Cyrus Kriticos is the Dr. Plato Zorba role, cheekily referencing Castle's protagonist, Cyrus Zorba ( Donald Woods ). An estranged uncle bequeaths his...

  15. 'Thirteen Ghosts: The Series' Creators Share Inventive New Details

    The creators behind the proposed 'Thirteen Ghosts' television series join Dread Central's 'Development Hell' podcast to share exciting new information.

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    The 2001 horror movie Thirteen Ghosts has maintained a secure place in pop culture over the decades. Now Dark Castle Entertainment is reportedly in the process of pitching a Thirteen Ghosts...

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    CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1reuGJV Follow us on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/scream_factory Follow us on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1ojljJS "A nightmar...

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    Now a cult favorite among horror fans, renewed interest in 13 Ghosts has led to an exciting future for this once-forgotten horror film from 2001.

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    Is Ghosts on Netflix? By D.J. Rivera | Oct 21, 2021 "Pilot"/"Hello!" -- Samantha and Jay throw both caution and money to the wind when they decide to convert a rundown country estate they...

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    1 Video 99+ Photos Comedy Fantasy A young couple, Sam and Jay, inherit a haunted mansion and, unaware of their invisible housemates, plan to turn it into a B&B. Their lives become much more complicated after a fall causes Sam to see the ghosts. Based on the UK series. Creators Joe Port Joe Wiseman Stars Rose McIver Utkarsh Ambudkar

  21. Thirteen Ghosts Television Series Reportedly in Development

    August 11, 2023. By Neil Bolt. Dark Castle is reportedly developing a television series based on the film Thirteen Ghosts. In a Dread Central exclusive, Patrick Mediate of Primordial Pictures and ...

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    After inheriting his eccentric uncle's house, Cyrus Zorba moves in with his family, only to discover a host of malign spirits haunting the place. Director: William Castle. Cast: Charles Herbert, Jo Morrow, Martin Milner, Rosemary DeCamp, Donald Woods, Margaret Hamilton, John Van Dreelen. Netflix Rating: 3.5 /5.

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    Netflix originals have taken the entertainment industry by storm! They have recently released originals based on classics like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Trolls movie, Captain Underpants, Fuller House, Invader Zim, etc. - though not all of these have been well received, some of their other originals' success can't be disputed such as; Hill House, Atypical, Big M

  24. 11 Shows Like 'Fool Me Once' on Netflix to Watch Next

    11 shows like 'Fool Me Once' to watch if you loved Netflix's latest thriller. Eammon Jacobs. Michelle Keegan as Maya Stern in Netflix's "Fool Me Once," and Amanda Abbington as Detective Sophie ...

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