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210+ Ghost Names & Their Spooky (Or Cool) Stories

ghost names

Are you trying to find a ghost name for Halloween , a cool name for a ghost character, or searching for “ugly” names to avoid giving your baby because of their supernatural links? Or perhaps you’re interested to read about spooky (or sometimes cool) ghost stories ?

No matter your reason for finding ghostly names, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve listed 210+ names with meanings and some ghost stories you might find interesting below.

Note that while some are considered feminine or masculine names , many ghost names are nonbinary or gender-free.

What Are The Best Names For Ghosts?

  • Abraham (Hebrew biblical boy name ) – After the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, who served beginning in 1861 as the 16th US president until his assassination in 1865; several people, including Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, claimed to have seen his ghost wandering the White House halls (1)
  • Alma (English and Spanish girl name ) – Beautiful baby name that means “soul,” “to feed one’s soul,” “nourishing,” or “kind”
  • Ernest ( German boy name ) – After the apparition in the haunted house of Netflix’s “ We Have a Ghost ” 
  • Flying Dutchman – After the legendary ghost ship that’s supposedly doomed to sail the seas forever; sightings of the Dutchman are believed to mean impending doom, and the ship is a favorite in popular culture (e.g., in the “ Pirates of the Caribbean ” movie series)
  • Ghost ( androgynous name ) – After the DC comic book super-villain Alec Rois, who designed experimental weapons as a brilliant physicist but turned into a villain with teleportation powers
  • Ginette (Germanic, Hebrew, and Italian girl name ) – “White phantom” or “tribe woman”
  • Headless Horseman – A classic ghost name after the “spirit” that scared schoolteacher Ichabod Crane in “ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow ”; also a Disney name after the character in “ The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, ” an adaptation of the classic tale
  • Jinn ( Arabic boy name ) – “Genie” or “magical spirits”; made famous by the Genie in the Disney princess movie “Aladdin” 
  • Samuel (Hebrew boy name ) – “God has heard”; biblical name after the ghost of the prophet Samuel summoned by the Witch of Endor for King Saul (the ghost was so angry at being summoned from his peaceful “slumber” that he predicted the king’s downfall in battle, which came true the following day)
  • Beetlejuice (invented name; originally fashioned as “Betelgeuse”) – Ghostly demon from the Netherworld who claims to be a “bio-exorcist” for ghosts who want to get rid of the living humans in their “ haunted house ”; the main character in the American fantasy horror comedy film “ Beetlejuice ”
  • Ghost Rider – Main character in “ Ghost Rider ” after the ghostly hero who, despite being hell-bound, does his duty to use his powers to punish evildoers for their crimes
  • Morrígan ( Irish girl name ) – Mythical name that means “phantom queen”; also after the ancient Celtic goddess of war
  • No-Face – Anime name after the dark spirit in “Spirited Away” who resembles a black humanoid being that has a white mask; this magical being can devour other spirits and use their voice, powers, emotions, and abilities

Cute & Adorable Ghost Names

  • Anima (Latin name) – “Soul”; can be considered a girl name
  • Banafrit (Egyptian girl name ) – “Beautiful soul”
  • Boo – Adorable ghost enemy in the Super Mario Bros. video games , depicted as a round figure with fangs but still looks cute
  • Casper (Scandinavian and Persian boy name ) – “Treasure bearer”; after the friendly ghost in “ Casper ”
  • Genevra (Italian and Greek girl name ) – “White phantom”
  • Gengar (Danish and German name ) – “Doppelgänger or a double of a person”; anime boy name after a character in “ Pokemon ”
  • Nwaya (Javanese – Indonesian unisex name; pronounced as “nwah-yah”) – “Soul”
  • Snapchat Ghost – Cute ghost that symbolizes the temporary nature of Snapchat messages
  • Spyridoula ( ancient Greek name for girls) – “Ghost spirit” or “little spirit”
  • Tien ( Vietnamese name for girls) – “Spirit,” “fairy,” or “ angel ”

Pac-Man ’s Ghost Gang

The Pac-Man video game has four colorful ghosts, collectively called the “Ghost Gang,” with different traits:

  • Blinky – Red ghost that chases Pac-Man around the maze
  • Clyde – Orange ghost with random, slower movements 
  • Inky – Blue ghost described as “shy”
  • Pinky – Pink ghost that speeds around the maze

Good & Helpful Ghosts

  • Annie (Hebrew, Scottish , and Irish girl name ) – “Full of grace”; after Annie Sawyer, a ghost in “ Being Human ” who lives with Mitchell (a vampire) and George (a werewolf)
  • Ibbur (Hebrew name) – Positive form of ghost possession in Jewish folklore wherein a benevolent soul inhabits a living person temporarily, in a beneficial way
  • Malcolm ( Scottish boy name ) – “Devotee of Saint Columba”; ( spoiler alert ) after Dr. Malcolm Crowe, the child psychologist in “The Sixth Sense” who turns out to be a ghost in the movie’s biggest plot twist
  • Sam (Hebrew gender-neutral name ) – “God hears”; after Sam Wheat, played by Patrick Swayze in the movie “ Ghost ” who stays on Earth to protect his girlfriend

The Christmas Ghosts

In Charles Dickens’s “ A Christmas Carol , ” three Christmas ghosts visit Ebenezer Scrooge, a cold-hearted miser (stingy person who hoards wealth but rarely spends money).

  • The Ghost of Christmas Past – Reminds the old Scrooge of his goodness by showing some memories from his past
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present – Shows him scenes of people sharing with each other despite not having much to give
  • The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come – Frightening ghost that resembles the Grim Reaper, he silently reminds Scrooge of what might happen in the future

Badass Ghost Names

  • Cheveyo (Hopi – Native American boy name ) – “Spirit warrior”
  • Danny ( Scottish and Hebrew boy name ) – “God is my judge” as a nickname or variant of “ Daniel ”; after Danny Phantom, the ghost-hunting superhero who became a half-ghost after accidentally blowing up his parents’ laboratory
  • Dead Men of Dunharrow – Known as the “Men of the White Mountains” or “Army of the Dead” in “ The Lord of the Rings ” who abandoned Gondor during the War of the Last Alliance and were cursed by King Isildur to remain in Middle Earth; they stayed as ghosts for centuries until they redeemed themselves by helping Isildur’s heir (Aragorn) defeat some armies of Sauron (the main antagonist)
  • Ryuu ( Japanese boy name ) – “Dragon spirit”

What Names Mean Ghost Or Spirit?

  • Achak (Algonquin – Native American boy name ) – “Spirit”
  • Avatāraya (Sinhalese – Sri Lankan boy name ) – “Ghost”
  • Avira ( Arabic boy name ) – “Spirit,” “air,” or “atmosphere”
  • Bhūta (Gujarati – Indian girl name ) – “Ghost”
  • Drogo (Anglo-Saxon and German boy name ) – “Phantom,” “ghost,” or “to carry”
  • Eulalia (Corsican – French girl name ) – “Ghost”
  • Gui ( Chinese name ) – “Ghost”
  • Hantu (Indonesian boy name ) – “Ghost”
  • Lillith ( Arabic girl name ) – “Ghost,” “belonging to the night,” or “monster”
  • Mamua (Basque boy name ) – “Ghost”
  • Phantom (English name) – “Ghost”
  • Roho (Swahili – African boy name ) – “Ghost”
  • Shen (Chinese name) – “Spirit”

Ghost Names That Mean Soul

  • Aatamgosh (Hindu boy name ) – “Soul” or “inner light”
  • Anam ( Irish boy name ) – “Soul”
  • Ānmā (Tamil – Indian girl name ) – “Soul”
  • Atman (Sanskrit unisex name) – “Soul” or “self”
  • Āvi (Tamil – Indian girl name ) – “Soul”
  • Dušek (Slavic and Polish name for boys) – “Soul”
  • Euthymios ( Greek boy name ) – “Good spirits”
  • Hew ( Scottish and Old German boy name ) – “Soul,” “spirit,” or “mind”
  • Jan (Kazakh unisex name) – “Soul”
  • Jiva (Sanskrit unisex name) – “An individual soul”
  • Mahatma (Sanskrit boy name ) – “Great soul”
  • Moyo (Chichewa – African name) – “Soul”
  • Rŭh (Kurdish – Iranian unisex name) – “Soul”
  • Tamashī ( Japanese name for boys) – “Soul”

Characters From Ghost Stories , Literature, Movies, & Pop Culture

  • Anakin (American boy name ) – “ Warrior ”; after the ghost of Anakin Skywalker in “ Star Wars ”
  • Bloody Baron – Slytherin ghost in the “ Harry Potter ” series
  • Captain Daniel Gregg – Sea captain ghost in “ The Ghost and Mrs. Muir who tried to haunt a young widow but ended up developing a friendship and, later, a romantic relationship with her
  • Denny ( Greek name ; unisex) – “Follower of Dionysius”; after Denny Duquette, the heart transplant patient who becomes a ghost in “ Grey’s Anatomy ”
  • Duke Ellington in “ Big Mouth ” – Fictional ghost name after a real-life character (American jazz pianist Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington)
  • Hatbox Ghost – One of the antagonists in the “ Haunted Mansion, ” including in the film’s comic book adaptations; he’s tasked to collect 1,000 souls
  • Jacob (Hebrew boy name ) – Twin boy name meaning “to supplant”; after Jacob Marley , the ghost of Scrooge’s former partner in “ A Christmas Carol ” who also warns him to change his miserly ways
  • Joe (Hebrew boy name ) – Short boy name and variant of “Joseph,” which means “God will add”; after Shoeless Joe Jackson, a ghost in “ Field of Dreams ” based on a real-life baseball player from the early 1900s
  • King Hamlet – Hamlet ’s father in Shakespeare’s play “ Hamlet ”; once a mighty warrior, he demands his son to avenge his death
  • Slimer – One of the ghosts in “ Ghostbusters , ” known for being green and slimy

What Is A Ghost Girl’s Name ?

  • Charlotte ( French name for girls) – “Free man (or woman)”; after Charlotte Usher, the main character in the novel “ ghostgirl ” who became a ghost after choking on a gummy bear

What Is A Ghost Boy’s Name ?

  • Jerome (American and Greek boy name ) – Boy who turned into a ghost after being shot by a police officer who thought his toy gun was a real threat

Ghosts That Haunt Certain Locations

  • Drury Lane Ghost – After the ghost that supposedly haunts the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane in London
  • Moaning Myrtle – Witchy name after the muggle-born (not pure blood) student witch in “ Harry Potter ” who haunts the girl’s bathroom where she died; she also uses the pipes to haunt the other bathrooms in Hogwarts

The Creepiest Ghost Names

  • Bloody Mary – American folklore ghost or phantom that supposedly appears in front of the mirror if you light a candle and say her name repeatedly
  • Cihuateteo ( Aztec name ) – Ghosts of women who died during childbirth; they’re believed to steal children, cause madness or disease, and haunt crossroads
  • Freddy ( English boy name ) – Powerful name meaning “peaceful ruler”; contrary to the name’s positive meaning, Freddy Krueger is a child killer in “ A Nightmare on Elm Street ” who became a vengeful ghost after his victims’ parents burned him to death
  • Ghoul (English name) – “Ghostly demonic creature that drinks blood and eats the dead”
  • Phi Tai Hong ( Thai name ) – Vengeful and angry spirit who suffered a violent death
  • Poltergeist (German name) – “Noisy ghost”; disruptive ghost various folklore from around the world, disturbing humans and creating the typical “haunted home” with strange noises and, sometimes, physical attacks; poltergeists are among the most common ghosts in popular culture (e.g., the “ Poltergeist ” movies or in “ Harry Potter ”)
  • Ringwraiths – Ghostly but powerful black riders, also called the “Nazgul,” in “ Lord of the Rings ”; they’re undead entities from the nine mortal men who received rings of power from Sauron

Scary Ghost Names & Poltergeists

  • Bell Witch – American folklore ghost who supposedly tormented the Bell family, their visitors, and the investigators (who didn’t believe in ghosts); unlike most ghosts, this one was able to interact with humans
  • Mr. Boogedy – Disney character in the movie “Mr. Boogedy” after the ghost of a pilgrim who received a magic cloak after selling his soul to Satan
  • Peeves – Poltergeist with a physical form in the “ Harry Potter ” series

Ghosts From Urban Legends

  • Candyman – Ghost of a young slave who was killed by an angry mob because he fell in love with a white woman (they also took off his hand and replaced it with a hook); according to urban legend, he can be summoned if you say his name five times in front of a mirror
  • Skinned Tom – Another urban legend about a vengeful ghost who supposedly attacks lovers in their cars; he is the ghost of a man skinned alive by a jealous husband using a hunting knife
  • Vanishing Hitchhiker – Common urban legend around the world about a hitchhiker who suddenly vanishes

Exotic Ghost Names From Around The World

  • Bogill ( Scottish and English name) – Goblin-like ghostly beings who love to annoy, frighten, or confuse humans, but they rarely cause serious harm; also spelled as “Bogle” or “Boggle”
  • Chindi (Navajo – Native American name) – Ghost that leaves a person’s body when they take their last breath; it’s considered a bad spirit
  • Draugr (Norse and Norwegian name ; pronounced as “druy-ghur”) – Ghostly but powerful undead Vikings with superhuman strength and shape-shifting abilities
  • Gjenganger (Scandinavian name; pronounced as “gin-gah-ner”) – Vengeful ghost of a murderer or someone who died a violent death (by murder or suicide) who cause torment to the living
  • La Llorona ( Spanish girl name ; pronounced as “ler-row-nah”) – Ghost of a woman who drowned her children to be with her lover but committed suicide when she was rejected
  • Multo (Filipino name) – Word name that means “ghost” in many parts of the Philippines
  • Nachzehrer (German name; pronounced as “nahk-keer”) – Powerful ghost from the spirit of a person who died an accidental or violent death; once awakened, the ghost tries to eat their own flesh in the grave, living family members, or rings the church bells and kills everyone within hearing
  • Roh (Javanese and Indonesian name) – “Spirit”
  • Strigoi (Romanian name) – Evil spirits who haunt the living, especially their family members

Gender-Based Ghost Names

Names for male ghosts.

  • Caden (Welsh boy name ) – “Spirit of war”
  • Du’an (Serbian boy name ) – “Soul”
  • Tomas (Aramaic and Greek boy name ) – “ Twin ”; after Tomás, a ghost (protagonist) in the Spanish suspense/horror film “ El Orfanato ” ( The Orphanage )

Names For Female Ghosts

  • Arima (Basque girl name ) – “Spirit”
  • Dušana (Slavic girl name ) – “Soul”
  • Enid (Welsh girl name ) – “Soul”; also spelled as “Enide”

Nonbinary Ghost Names

  • Chuchip (Hopi – Native American name) – “Deer spirit”
  • Nurzhan (Kazakhstani name) – “Light soul”

Fake Ghost Names

  • Banquo (invented name) – “Thane of Lochaber,” a ghostly character in William Shakespeare’s play “ Macbeth ”; although seen as a “ghost” that causes a scene during a feast, many believe that Banquo is just Macbeth ’s hallucination out of guilt for killing him
  • Murdered Peddler – There are several versions of this ghost story , but it usually involves the vengeful spirit of a murdered peddler buried in someone’s house; however, the story is also believed to be a hoax created by the Fox sisters (Leah, Margaretta, and Catherine) in the 1800s to earn money by posing as a medium to communicate with the ghost (2)

Fun Or Creepy Ghost Names From A To Z

Ghost names starting with a.

  • Alice ( German girl name ) – “Noble” or “exalted”; after the ghost of Alice Pyncheon in “ The House of the Seven Gables ”
  • Amadlozi (Nguni – African nonbinary name) – “Spiritual figures”
  • Ātmaya (Sinhalese – Sri Lankan nonbinary name) – “Soul”
  • Axar (Gujarati – Indian nonbinary name) – “Ghost”
  • Ayakashi ( Japanese name ; unisex) – “Strange phenomenon of the sea”; after the vengeful spirits of those who died at sea and trying to capture others to join them

Ghost Names Starting With B

  • Baiszhan (Persian boy name ) – “A rich soul”
  • Bhoot (Indian unisex name) – Restless ghost that appears human but with backward-facing feet, no shadow, and can float above the trees
  • Bob ( German boy name ) – “Bright fame”; after Bob (real name: “Hrothbert of Bainbridge”), a smart spirit who assists Harry Dresden with various magical tasks in “ The Dresden Files ”

Ghost Names Starting With C

  • Canterville Ghost – Also known as “Sir Simon,” the main character in “ The Canterville Ghost ” that haunted the ancestral home for over 300 years after he was murdered by his brothers-in-law and buried in a secret chamber in the house 
  • Clytemnestra ( ancient Greek name for girls) – A scheming woman who murders her husband and then becomes a vengeful spirit after her son, Orestes, kills her out of revenge for his father’s death
  • Crypt Keeper – After the narrator of “ Tales from the Crypt, ” who later became a ghost and portrayed as a cackling animated corpse who loves to make “deadly” and funny puns (e.g., “ Hello, boils and ghouls ! ”)

Ghost Names Starting With D

  • Demonica (Latin girl name ) – “Demon ghost” or “mistress of evil”
  • Draugur (Icelandic boy name ) – “Ghost”
  • Dušan (Slavic boy name ) – “Soul”
  • Dybbuk (Hebrew boy name ; pronounced as “di-buhk”) – Malevolent spirit or soul of a dead person who can possess the living

Ghost Names Starting With E

  • Edwina (Latin and Old English girl name ) – “Prosperous friend” or “rich friend”; after Edwina Cutwater, the spoiled heiress who ends up sharing a body with a man after she became a ghost in “ All of Me ”
  • Egbere (Yoruban – African unisex name) – “Malevolent spirit”
  • Elliot (Hebrew gender-neutral name) – “The Lord is my God”; after Elliot Hopper, the workaholic widower dad who temporarily becomes a ghost in “ Ghost Dad ”
  • Elvira ( German name for girls) – “Truth”; after Elvira Condomine, a disruptive ghost who troubles her former husband in “ Blithe Spirit ”
  • Emeric (French boy name ) – “Power”; after Emeric Belasco, the crazy and sadistic millionaire who was powerful enough to cause physical damage and deaths as he haunts in “ Hell House ”
  • Espiridion ( Spanish boy name ) – “Little spirit” or “ghost spirit” as a variant of the Greek name Spiridion

Ghost Names Starting With F

  • Fat Friar – The Hufflepuff ghost in “ Harry Potter ” who attended Hogwarts in his youth, then returned to the school as a ghost after his death
  • Fravardin (Persian boy name ) – “Guardian spirit”
  • Funayūrei (Japanese nonbinary name) – Human spirits that become vengeful ghosts at sea

Ghost Names Starting With G

  • Gashadokuro (Japanese nonbinary name) – Spirit that takes the form of a 10-foot giant skeleton made from skulls of those who died on the battlefield
  • Gayna (English girl name ) – “White phantom”
  • Georgia ( Greek girl name ) – “Farmer” or “earth-worker”; after Georgia “George” Lass, the ghost who took up work as a grim reaper after dying from falling space debris in “ Dead Like Me ”
  • Gozer (Persian and Iranian boy name ) – “The Destroyer” or “ancient, demonic Sumerian god”; after Gozer the Traveler, a powerful shapeshifter ghost in “ Ghostbusters ”
  • Grey Lady – Witchy name after the ghost of Helena Ravenclaw (daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw) in “ Harry Potter ” who haunts the Ravenclaw house founded by her mother
  • Goryō (Japanese nonbinary name) – Noble person who became a vengeful ghost after an untimely death, causing hauntings and bringing problems like diseases, an epidemic, or famine

Ghost Names Starting With H

  • Hania (Hopi – Native American boy name ) – “Spirit warrior”
  • Hatif ( Arabic and Ancient Egyptian nonbinary name) – Haunting voice that can be heard, but its body can’t be found
  • Hehewuti (Hopi – Native American girl name ) – “Warrior mother spirit”
  • Hewie ( Scottish and Old German boy name ) – “Soul,” “mind,” or “spirit”
  • Hototo (Hopi – Native American boy name ) – “Warrior spirit who sings”
  • Hungry Ghosts – Entities in Buddhism and Chinese folklore that are always hungry

Ghost Names Starting With I

  • Ifrit ( Arabic and ancient Egyptian nonbinary name) – Spirits of the dead that turn into powerful demons inhabiting temples or ruins
  • Ikiryō (Japanese nonbinary name) – Ghost or spirit that haunts places and can travel across great distances
  • Imamu (African boy name ) – “Spiritual leader”
  • Inugami (Japanese nonbinary name) – Possession done by the spirit of a dog

Ghost Names Starting With J

  • Janan ( Arabic unisex name) – “Soul” or “heart”
  • Jeongsin ( Korean boy name ) – “Spirit”
  • Jima (Wari – indigenous Amazonia name) – Ghostly beings that grab at living victims, attempting to tear their spirits away from their bodies 

Ghost Names Starting With K

  • Kachina (Hopi – Native American name) – “Spirit” or “sacred dancer”
  • Kneph (Egyptian boy name ; pronounced as “neph”) – “Soul breath”; also a mythical name after the Egyptian god of animals and spirit
  • Kotori (Hopi – Native American boy name ) – “Screech owl spirit”
  • Kuchisake-onna (Japanese girl name ) – “Slit-mouthed woman”; a malevolent ghost that usually covers her face partially with a mask while carrying a sharp object (e.g., knife or pair of scissors)

Ghost Names Starting With L

  • Landvættir (Old Norse and modern Icelandic nonbinary name; pronounced as “land-fa-teer”) – Spirits of the land that protect their territory, which can be as small as a rock or as large as an entire country section
  • Large Marge – Kind trucker ghost in “ Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure ”) who gives Pee-Wee a ride while he searches for his missing bike; she recounts the worst accident she’s ever witnessed, but Pee-Wee learns later on that the trucker had died in that accident 10 years ago
  • Lwa (Haitian – African nonbinary name) – Group of spirits in Haitian Vodou religion venerated in various West African traditional religions

Ghost Names Starting With M

  • Madam Koi Koi (Nigerian – African girl name ) – Ghost that haunts school toilets and hallways, dormitories, or boarding school toilets at night
  • Mary Celeste – After a real-life ghost ship mysteriously abandoned by its crew and discovered in 1872, making it a favorite subject of ghost stories
  • Masina (Malagasy – Austronesian language in Madagascar) – Word name for “ghost”
  • Mogwai (Chinese nonbinary name) – “ Evil spirit ,” “monster,” “demon,” or “devil”
  • Mononoke (Japanese nonbinary name) – Vengeful spirits that can possess individuals, making them suffer or cause their death

Ghost Names Starting with N

  • Nathaniel (Hebrew boy name ) – Biblical boy name meaning “God has given”; the ghost of a dad who died on Christmas Eve but was still able to interact with his family and other living characters in the TV series “ Six Feet Under ”
  • Nearly Headless Nick (Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington) – Ghost of the Gryffindor House in “ Harry Potter ”; he died after a magical mishap in King Henry VII’s court, but his head wasn’t completely severed because of a dull ax
  • Nirvana (Sanskrit nonbinary name) – “Liberation of the soul”
  • Noppera-bō (Japanese nonbinary name) – “Faceless ghost” after a ghost that looks human but doesn’t have a face

Ghost Names Starting With O

  • Obake (Japanese nonbinary name) – “Ghost” or “shape-shifting ghost”
  • Obambo (Central African androgynous name) – “Supernatural being”
  • Ogbanje (Igbo – African unisex name) – “ Evil spirit ”
  • Oliver (Old Norse, Latin, and English boy name ) – “Olive tree”; after Oliver Welles, a theater director who became a ghost after he got run over by a truck, yet he refuses to move on after learning that his troubled protege steps took over his role of artistic director to a “ Hamlet ” stage production for the New Burbage Shakespeare Festival
  • Onryō (Japanese girl name ) – “Vengeful spirit” or “resentful spirit” of a traumatized woman who seeks revenge against the world by killing or injuring their enemies and even causing natural disasters for vengeance

Ghost Names Starting With P

  • Phi (Laothian girl name ; a language used in the Southeast Asian country Laos) – “Ghost”
  • Pishacha (Hindu girl name ) – Demonic ghosts that can feed on human energies and flesh, possess their bodies, and alter their thoughts, pushing them to madness; they often haunt cremation grounds
  • Pneuma (ancient Greek girl name ) – “Spirit”
  • Preta (Sanskrit and Standard Tibetan nonbinary name) – “Hungry ghost with an extreme level of hunger and thirst”

Ghost Names Starting With Q

  • Qiqirn (Inuit androgynous name) – “Large, bald spirit of a dog”
  • Qliphoth (Hebrew and Jewish nonbinary name) – “ Evil spirits ”
  • Queen Anne Boleyn – Beheaded by her husband, King Henry VIII, after she was found guilty of incest, high treason, and adultery, she became a ghost believed to have haunted the Tower of London since 1536
  • Queen Esther – Ghost of an Iroquois (Native American) woman in Pennsylvania who cries over the massacre of her village 

Ghost Names Starting With R

  • Radande (Swedish nonbinary name) – “Tree spirit”
  • Revenant (European nonbinary name) – Visible ghost or an undead corpse that returns from the grave for vengeance against their killer or other people responsible for their death and had wronged them in life
  • Rusalka (Slavic girl name ) – Mermaid name meaning “female water spirit”
  • Ruyu (Hausa – African unisex name) – “Spirit”

Ghost Names Starting With S

  • Slender Man – Internet myth or an online urban legend about a mysterious creature who stalks his victims, even for long periods, and causes paranoia, madness, or amnesia; he is believed to be responsible for several unexplained disappearances
  • Space Ghost – Former space superhero who became the host of his own ghost talk show in “ Space Ghost and Dino Boy ” and in “ Space Ghost Coast to Coast ”
  • Spiridion (Greek boy name ) – “Ghost spirit” or “little spirit” as a variant of the Latin name “Spiritus”
  • Suli (Georgian girl name ) – “Spirit”

Ghost Names Starting With T

  • Tek-ko-kui (Taiwanese nonbinary name) – “Bamboo ghost” after the entity that haunts a bamboo forest, causing the bamboo to bend and block the way
  • Tenkuuji Takeru – Anime boy name after the protagonist in “ Kamen Rider Ghost ”; he began as a ghost hunter and later transformed into the Kamen Rider Ghost 
  • Tikolosh (Zulu – African nonbinary name) – Mischievous and evil dwarf-like water spirit that can become invisible by swallowing a stone or drinking water; also known as “Tikoloshe,” “Tokoloshe,” “Thokolosi,” “Tokolotshe,” or “Hili”

Ghost Names Starting With U

  • Ubume (Japanese girl name ) – Ghostly apparition of a pregnant woman who died during childbirth; according to ghost stories , the Ubume typically looks like an ordinary woman and usually tries to give their baby to a passerby before suddenly disappearing 
  • Umibōzu (Japanese boy name ) – “Ghost of a drowned priest”
  • Utukku (Akkadian – Semitic boy name ) – “Underworld messenger spirit”

Ghost Names Starting With V

  • Vetala (Hindu nonbinary name) – Spirit who haunts burial grounds, taking possession of corpses to cause trouble to the living
  • Vigo the Carpathian – Cruel and powerful magician who returns to the world as a ghost through his creepy self-portrait in “ Ghostbusters II ”
  • Vogi (Armenian boy name ) – “Spirit”

Ghost Names Starting With W

  • Wanageeska (Native American boy name ) – “White spirit”
  • Wangliang (Chinese nonbinary name) – Malevolent spirit believed to cause illnesses such as malaria or eat the brain and liver of corpses
  • Wiedergänger (German nonbinary name) – Undead spirit who troubles the living (e.g., jumping on their back and becoming heavier until the person breaks down or appearing as a scary being, such as a headless horseman )
  • Wild Hunt – Group of ghostly huntsmen (includes horses and hounds) that float or rampage across the sky; they’re believed to be an omen of plague, war, death, or another catastrophic event

Ghost Names Starting With X

  • Xana (Asturian girl name ) – Mystical name after a ghostly creature of extraordinary beauty, living in areas with pure water
  • Xiuhcoatl ( Aztec name for boys; pronounced as “schee-uh-koh-aht”) – Mythological serpent believed to be the spirit form of Xiuhtecuhtli (Aztec god of fire); also called the “fire serpent”
  • Xunantunich (Mayan girl name ; pronounced as “zooi-nan-tuh-nuhch”) – “Stone woman,” after a ghostly figure dressed in white and has red, glowing eyes, believed to be haunting an ancient Mayan archaeological site in Belize, Central America

Ghost Names Starting With Y

  • Yaoguai ( Chinese name ; unisex) – “Strange ghost or “sprite”
  • Yennifer (Welsh girl name ) – “White phantom”
  • Yurei (Japanese unisex name) – General term for “ghost”

Ghost Names Starting With Z

  • Zar (Ethiopian unisex name) – “Demon spirit”
  • Zhong Kui ( Chinese boy name ) – Ghost of a man who committed suicide after failing his civil service exams; he is known as a vanquisher of evil spirits
  • Zuul – Ghost in “ Ghostbusters ” that works as a minion of The Destructor

How To Create A Random Ghost Name

Some tips for making your own random ghost name :

  • Choose a creepy adjective or spooky characteristic (e.g., “bloody,” “ghastly,” “fiery,” etc.)
  • Think of a title, occupation, or name (e.g., “baron,” “janitor,” “Joe,” etc.)
  • Put them together and check how the two words sound together (e.g., “Bloody Janitor” vs. “Ghastly Janitor,” etc.)

Of course, you can also make the ghost name funny.

Random Names For Ghosts

  • Ghastly Janitor
  • Full Moon Howler
  • Crying Bride
  • The Glowing Groom

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You can also find ideas from the top 15 baby name generators .

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Blog Of Tom

449+ Ghost Names (BEST List!)

Tom Derbyshire

Posted on: September 17, 2023

Updated on: September 18, 2023

A ghost standing in front of a castle.

Table Of Contents

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Ghost names have always been an intriguing element in spooky stories, paranormal experiences, and supernatural events. Whether you’re crafting a thrilling tale or taking inspiration for your next Halloween costume, having a unique and ominous ghost name can set the mood and heighten the sense of mystery. From cultural folklore to popular fiction, the ghostly names that haunt our world come in various forms and origin stories.

There are no rules or boundaries when it comes to naming your spectral characters, but there are some sources worth exploring to get your creative juices flowing. To help you find the perfect spooky alias, we have compiled a few suggestions from various sources, such as folklore, online name generators, and popular media. These options can spark some inspiration to create the ghost name that sends chills down your reader’s spine.

  • Amadlozi – Nguni spiritual figures
  • Obayifo – Ashanti vampire
  • Madam Koi Koi – Nigerian ghost
  • Mbwiri – Central African demon
  • Egbere – Yoruban malevolent spirit

Feel free to take these suggestions as an initial starting point, or mix and match elements to create your own eerie moniker. Remember the goal is to evoke shivers, intrigue, and a sense of the supernatural with your choice. With this in mind, you can craft the perfect ghost name for your story, game, or creative project.

m ghost names

Best Ghost Names

In this section, we’ve compiled a list of the best ghost monikers to inspire your own ghost story or to stir your imagination.

From classic names like Casper to more unique choices like Ayakashi , these ghost name ideas will give you plenty of ideas for both male and female ghost characters.

  • Banjhakrini

This next set of names offers a mix of both spooky and sweet, as well as names inspired by famous ghost stories like the Bell Witch . So, whether you’re searching for a name for your ghostly writing project or simply want to name your Halloween persona, look no further.

  • Poltergeist
  • Phantomette
  • Phantasmagoria
  • Abraham (inspired by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln)
  • Wilhelmina (inspired by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, who claimed to have seen Lincoln’s ghost)

Now that you have a list of captivating ghost monikers at your disposal, you can create characters for your ghost stories or add an extra layer of eeriness to your Halloween celebrations. Remember to keep the essence of a ghost in mind while selecting the perfect name for your character, making sure it fits their personality and backstory.

m ghost names

Good Ghost Name Ideas

In this section, you will find a list of cool ghost monikers that you can use for various purposes like stories, games, or upcoming Halloween events. Remember, you can also use a ghost name generator to come up with more ideas. Here are the first 25 good ghost name ideas:

While some of these names might seem lighthearted, a few have roots in various types of ghosts and mythologies. This adds a level of intrigue to your ghost name ideas. Here are the next 25 names in the list:

These names should provide a starting point for generating interesting ideas for your ghost characters. As you explore different types of ghosts, don’t hesitate to use a ghost name generator to come up with more unique and fitting names for your spectral friends. Enjoy creating your spooky world!

m ghost names

Female Ghost Names

In this section, you will find a variety of female ghost monikers to spark your imagination. These names are inspired by famous female spirits and legends from around the world. Here’s a list:

  • Bloody Mary – The infamous vengeful spirit who appears in mirrors when her name is called three times.
  • Queen Esther – A ghostly figure rumored to haunt a Pennsylvania hotel, named after the former queen of Persia.
  • Anne Boleyn – The specter of King Henry VIII’s beheaded queen is said to wander the Tower of London.
  • La Llorona – The famous weeping ghost from Mexican folklore who lost her children and roams the earth searching for them.
  • Lady in White – A common appearance for female ghosts, typically wearing a flowing white gown and appearing distressed.
  • Bellatrix – A name borrowed from the world of Harry Potter, it carries a mystical and dark aura.
  • Silent Sally – A ghost who prefers to stay in the shadows, quietly observing her surroundings.
  • Cassandra – An enchanting name for a spirit that is both beautiful and mysterious.
  • Eleanor – A classic name with an air of sophistication, suitable for a spirit haunting an elegant mansion.
  • Wailing Winifred – This ghost is known for her sorrowful wails that can be heard late at night.

Continue to explore this list of captivating female ghost monikers, drawing from a wide range of sources and inspiration.

  • Spectral Seraphina – A ghost who seems like an angel but harbors a sinister secret.
  • Phantom Penelope – A restless spirit who is cursed to wander the earth, never finding peace.
  • Helena – Perfect for a ghost haunting a castle, this name has an old-world charm.
  • Lilith – A haunting and powerful name, often associated with dark legends and mythology.
  • Morgana – A mystical name, steeped in legend and lore from King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
  • Melancholy Mina – A ghost characterized by her constant gloom and despair.
  • Sabrina – A bewitching name full of charm and intrigue.
  • Grieving Giselle – A tormented spirit forever mourning the loss of something dear to her.
  • Desdemona – A tragic name inspired by the Shakespearean play Othello, fitting for a ghost with a sorrowful tale.
  • Whispering Willow – A ghost who communicates through subtle whispers and gusts of wind.

Don’t hesitate to mix and match ideas from these names or even create your own. The possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting a unique and memorable female ghost name. Now, let your imagination run wild and have fun naming your ethereal entities!

m ghost names

Male Names For A Ghost

In this section, we will explore a variety of male ghost name ideas that would be perfect for your story or creative work.

These names are inspired by various sources, including characters from literature, folklore, and popular culture.

Let’s dive in!

Edward – A classic name that evokes the image of an elegant, haunting presence.

Alistar – A mysterious and sinister name that could suit a malevolent spirit.

Jacob Marley – The tormented spirit from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” who warns Scrooge of his impending doom.

Chevoyo – A Native American name meaning “spirit warrior,” perfect for a brave and determined ghost.

Barrett – A unique and rare name, often used for ghosts and spirits.

Finn – A simple and easy-to-remember name for a friendly or mischievous ghost.

Eamonn – An Irish name with a touch of mystique, perfect for a wandering spirit.

Gideon – A strong and powerful name, suitable for a ghost who seeks justice or vengeance.

Silas – A haunting and eerie name, evocative of desolate graveyards and shadowy spirits.

Mortimer – A dignified and somber name, fitting for a ghost of nobility or high social standing.

Hugh – A common English name that means “spirit.”

Ezra – A Hebrew name that could suit a wise and knowledgeable ghost.

Coldin – A chilling name that evokes the image of an icy, undead specter.

Specter – A ghostly name that encompasses the ethereal nature of a haunting presence.

Ghost of Christmas Past – From Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” this spirit takes Scrooge on a journey through his own past.

Ghost of Christmas Present – Another spirit from Dickens’ classic, showing Scrooge the current consequences of his actions.

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come – The final ghost in the tale, who reveals Scrooge’s bleak potential future.

Lysander – A captivating and enigmatic name for a ghost with a commanding presence.

Casper – The quintessential friendly ghost, ideal for a more lighthearted character.

Orpheus – A classical name with ties to Greek mythology, perfect for an ancient or legendary specter.

Ignatius – A bold and distinguished name that conjures an image of a sophisticated ghost.

Lucien – A name that embodies a dark and brooding spirit.

Laszlo – A captivating and mesmerizing name for a ghost with a mysterious past.

Jasper – A striking and intense name, fitting for a ghost who seeks vengeance or redemption.

Thanatos – A name with roots in Greek mythology, representing the personification of death itself.

This next set of names continues our exploration of male ghost monikers. These names are equally mysterious, haunting, and evocative, ensuring a memorable character for your story or creative work.

  • Fletcher – A versatile name that can suit a benevolent or cunning ghost.
  • Griffin – A powerful and commanding name for a ghost with a strong presence.
  • Balthazar – An ancient and mystical name, perfect for a ghost with a dark past.
  • Poe – A name inspired by the famous writer Edgar Allan Poe, who is known for his tales of the macabre.
  • Mordecai – An enigmatic and chilling name, ideal for a ghost with a cryptic and vengeful aura.

m ghost names

Unisex Ghost Name Ideas

When creating a ghost character or ghostly spirit, it’s important to select a name that conveys a sense of eeriness and mystery.

Here are the first 25 unisex ghost names to help you choose the perfect name for your ghostly being:

  • Aisling : Ghosts of dreams or visions
  • Blair : A shadowy figure in the darkness
  • Casper : A friendly ghost
  • Destin : The final destination of souls
  • Eerie : The feeling of ghostly presence
  • Fay : A ghost connected to fairy folk
  • Grey : Shades of gray spirits
  • Haze : Indiscernible spectral beings
  • Indigo : A mysterious, twilight spirit
  • Jade : A ghost of an ancient past
  • Kai : An ocean spirit, connecting to water-related hauntings
  • Lilith : A dark, feminine presence
  • Morgue : A ghost associated with the afterlife and the dead
  • Nocturne : A spirit of the night
  • Orion : A celestial, otherworldly ghost
  • Pax : A peaceful, calming spirit
  • Quill : A ghost with ties to the written word
  • Raven : A ghost with a dark and brooding presence
  • Sable : A silky smooth, ethereal being
  • Talon : A sharp, keen spirit
  • Umbra : A ghost that lurks in the shadows
  • Veil : A spirit seemingly always behind a veil or shroud
  • Whisper : A ghost that communicates by subtle whispers
  • Xan : An enigmatic, unknown ghostly force
  • Yara : A ghost with ties to natural elements, such as water or earth

Continuing on with our list of unisex ghost names, we present the next 25 names suitable for various types of ghosts or ghost characters:

  • Zephyr : A spirit of the winds or air
  • Alaric : A ghost with a noble or regal past
  • Bryn : A spirit connected to the hills or nature
  • Celeste : A haunting, celestial ghost
  • Drift : A wandering, restless spirit
  • Elva : A ghost with elven or otherworldly qualities
  • Frost : A cold, chilling ghostly presence
  • Gale : A spirit characterized by swift, powerful movements
  • Hollis : A ghost related to the forest, trees, or nature
  • Ignis : A specter glowing with an inner fire
  • Jet : A night-colored, shadowy entity
  • Keir : A ghost linked to darkness or shadows
  • Larkin : A clever, cunning spirit
  • Moss : A ghost deeply connected with natural elements
  • Nyx : A night-dwelling, nocturnal ghost
  • Obsidian : A smooth, dark spirit
  • Pierce : A ghost with a sharp, keen intellect
  • Quartz : A striking, crystalline phantom
  • Rowan : A tree spirit or ghost with ties to nature
  • Sage : A wise, ancient ghost
  • Tremor : A specter that can cause unsettling sensations
  • Undine : A water-dwelling, aquatic ghost
  • Vesper : A spirit of the evening or dusk
  • Wraith : An eerie, terrifying ghost
  • Yew : A ghost connected to the tree of life or immortality

These unisex ghost name ideas cover a wide range of ghost characters, ghostly spirits, and types of ghosts, providing you with many options to create a unique and captivating ghostly presence for your stories or Halloween parties.

Cool Names For A Ghost

Ghosts and spirits have always fascinated us with their fascinating tales and mysterious qualities.

If you are looking for some cool ghost monikers to send shivers down your spine or to use in your creative writing, we have got you covered.

Here, you will find a list of 50 cool ghost names, separated into two sub-sections for your convenience.

  • The Silent Lover
  • Lady Aurora
  • The Screaming Student
  • Phantom Scribe
  • Lost Wanderer
  • Ghostly Guardian
  • Whispering Soul
  • Shadow Dancer
  • Ethereal Mist
  • Black Marble
  • Crimson Dream
  • Shimmering Specter
  • Eerie Traveler
  • Midnight Watcher
  • Solitary Queen
  • Hidden Echo
  • Cold Keeper
  • Wailing Willow
  • Frozen Fable
  • Silent Steps
  • Lantern Bearer
  • Misty Enigma
  • Haunted Harbinger
  • Ghostly Gardener
  • Dark Musician
  • The Phantom Poet
  • Twilight Children
  • The Whispering Woods
  • Grave Watch
  • Eternal Entertainer
  • Spectral Serpent
  • Chilling Chorus
  • Quicksilver Messenger
  • Enchanting Essence
  • The Hollow Guide
  • Icebound Apparition
  • Echoes of Eternity
  • Crystal Contemplation
  • Amethyst Awareness
  • Ghostly Grace
  • Lingering Legend
  • The Shadow Seer
  • Eternal Ember

To make the ghost naming process even more exciting and personalized, you can use a ghost name generator to come up with more unique and creative names. These generators are readily available online and often help by combining different combinations of adjectives, nouns, and titles to create a ghost name that truly reflects the haunting spirit you are trying to represent.

Badass Ghost Names

As you continue your exploration into the realm of the paranormal, here is a list of badass ghost monikers that can help inspire your creativity:

  • Ghostly Hunter – The perfect name for an ethereal being who spends its afterlife seeking out prey in haunted forests.
  • Wraithlock – A powerful combination of a wraith and warlock, striking fear into the heart of any who encounter them.
  • Bell Witch – Inspired by a famous American folklore haunting, this ghost is said to be malicious and terrifying.
  • Spectral Slayer – This fearsome ghost is known for its ability to effortlessly navigate between the realms of the living and the dead.
  • Phantom Fury – The embodiment of eternal rage, this ghost will leave a path of destruction in their haunt.
  • Revenant Reaper – Combining the traits of a revenant and a reaper, this ghost is not one to be trifled with.
  • Shadow Shrieker – A chilling name for a ghost with a piercing, otherworldly scream.
  • Ectoplasmic Enforcer – This powerful ghost is a relentless force ensuring balance and justice in the spirit world.
  • Ghastly Goliath – A formidable and imposing ghost, whose mere presence is enough to strike terror into those who encounter it.
  • Spectral Stalker – The essence of a relentless pursuer, this ghost is one that will never give up the chase.
  • Wailing Warrior – This ghost’s fierce cries continue to echo through history, a chilling indicator of their combat prowess.
  • Haunting Howler – A ghost whose haunting howls send shivers down the spines of those who are unfortunate enough to hear them.
  • Apparition Assassin – This stealthy spirit specializes in dispatching its targets without detection.
  • Ethereal Eviscerator – A brutal and vicious ghost, known for leaving a gory aftermath in its wake.
  • Poltergeist Punisher – This ghost takes a ruthless approach, inflicting chaos and havoc in any place it chooses to haunt.
  • Phantom Phalanx – This legendary team of ghostly soldiers continues to stand guard in the afterlife.
  • Spectral Saboteur – This cunning and elusive ghost wreaks endless havoc on unsuspecting victims.
  • Shadow Sovereign – A ghostly ruler who reigns supreme in the realm of spirits.
  • Revenant Ravager – A vicious and relentless ghost that knows no mercy.
  • Phantom Pharaoh – A haunting presence from ancient Egypt, commanding respect and reverence from all who encounter it.
  • Ghastly Gladiator – A fierce and bloodthirsty warrior, forever seeking battles in the afterlife.
  • Ectoplasmic Executioner – This chilling ghost is the embodiment of vengeance, delivering swift justice to those it deems deserving.
  • Spectral Sentinel – A steadfast and vigilant ghost, eternally guarding the boundary between life and death.
  • Haunting Harbinger – A ghostly omen of darkness and doom, often appearing shortly before disaster strikes.
  • Apparition Avenger – This ghost is driven by an undying quest for justice and retribution, unrelenting in its pursuit of those who wronged it.
  • Spectral Scourge – A ghostly presence that sows fear and devastation wherever it goes.
  • Shadow Spectre – An elusive entity, eternally lurking at the edges of your peripheral vision.
  • Ethereal Eradicator – A ghost known for its ruthless efficiency in removing any threats to its domain.
  • Wraith Wrangler – A ghost who is skilled at corralling and controlling lesser spirits.
  • Scarlet Specter – A haunting presence dripping in blood, this ghost brings a new level of terror to the table.
  • Phantom Fatale – a bewitching and deadly female presence, capable of captivating and destroying any who fall under her spell.
  • Haunting Huntress – A fierce female spirit, eternally hunting those who dare enter her domain.
  • Ghastly Guardian – A daunting protector, fiercely defending the location or object it is bound to.
  • Ectoplasmic Emissary – A ghostly diplomat, maintaining order and peace between the realms of the living and the dead.
  • Crypt Keeper – A sentinel spirit tasked with guarding the tombs and resting places of the deceased.
  • Obsidian Apparition – A dark and enigmatic presence, shrouded in shadow and engulfed in mystery.
  • Wraith Whisperer – A ghost who has mastered the art of communicating with and commanding other spirits.
  • Spectral Scythe – A swift and silent force, striking down its victims with deadly precision.
  • Ghastly Gargoyle – A fearsome, stony guardian steadfastly keeping watch over its haunted domain.
  • Reaper’s Requiem – A haunting melody that foretells the arrival of a fearsome specter.
  • Nightmare Necromancer – A ghost with the power to raise and command legions of the undead.
  • Wailing Wisp – A ghostly cry echoes throughout the darkness, heralding the arrival of this chilling spirit.
  • Ethereal Extinguisher – A ghost known for snuffing out the life force of those who cross its path.
  • Phantom Philosopher – A wise and otherworldly presence, offering its insight from beyond the grave.
  • Spectral Shade – A shadowy figure, exuding an aura of menace and dread.
  • Haunting Hades – A ghost cloaked in darkness, its chilling presence evoking visions of the underworld.
  • Cryptic Conjurer – A master of mysticism, this ghost wields immense supernatural powers.
  • Ghastly Gloom – A spirit that seems to drain all the light and hope from those in its presence.
  • Revenant Ringleader – The cunning and charismatic leader of a legion of restless spirits.
  • Ectoplasmic Enigma – An enigmatic ghost, unknowable and forever shifting in form and purpose.

Unique Ghost Name Ideas

When crafting a ghost story, having unique and mysterious ghost names can make your tale even more captivating.

Here is a list of distinct ghost name ideas for various types of ghosts:

  • Phantomus – A wandering spirit seeking redemption
  • Estella – A ghostly presence residing in an ancient castle
  • Whispers – A faint voice haunting an abandoned building
  • Banshira – A banshee-like ghost, known for her chilling wails
  • Shadowmere – A shadowy figure lurking in the darkest corners
  • Poltar – A mischievous poltergeist disturbing a family home
  • Grimwick – A ghost from the Victorian era, cursed to roam the streets
  • Omenshade – A spirit acting as a harbinger of doom
  • Emberlyn – A ghost of a young girl lost in a tragic fire
  • Etherea – A celestial spirit guiding lost souls
  • Skullen – A ghostly pirate captain, cursed to sail the seas for eternity
  • Noxaura – A nocturnal specter haunting dreams and nightmares
  • Wraithhold – A fierce wraith guarding a hidden treasure
  • Ghastelle – A gaunt apparition appearing in haunted mirrors
  • Lilitha – An ancient ghost caught in a web of deception
  • Spectralis – The essence of a powerful mage, trapped in limbo
  • Eclipsen – A ghost born from the darkness of an eclipse
  • Dirgewalker – A mourning spirit, following those in torment
  • Nyxshade – A spirit appearing only during a moonless night
  • Ravenstone – A ghost cloaked in raven’s feathers, roaming graveyards
  • Ghoulcrest – A malevolent ghoul searching for its next victim
  • Ivorysoul – A tragic figure eternally imprisoned in a cursed manor
  • Frostwhisper – A spirit haunting the coldest nights of winter
  • Eternalis – An ageless ghost trapped between worlds
  • Nightmara – A nightmarish entity dwelling in the shadows of your mind
  • Spectrina – A playful spirit seeking companionship
  • Gravemourn – A ghost lamenting a past love
  • Hallowsbane – A restless spirit, haunting Halloween nights
  • Cripper – A vengeful ghost dwelling in an abandoned asylum
  • Duskshade – A ghost who appears only at twilight
  • Eericka – A gentle ghost, looking for peace in the afterlife
  • Marowraith – A skeletal wraith guarding an ancient tomb
  • Doomgazer – A foreboding spirit with a chilling gaze
  • Stormspirit – A ghostly presence during turbulent storms
  • Shiverlance – A haunting figure in icy landscapes
  • Ebonwillow – A ghost caught in an eternal curse
  • Infernia – A spirit born from the ashes of destruction
  • Phasmalia – A reflective ghost dwelling in reflective surfaces
  • Gloomsire – A malevolent spirit stalking foggy nights
  • Revenire – A revenant seeking revenge for a past injustice
  • Bladewalker – A ghost carrying a cursed blade
  • Vaporia – A spirit with an ethereal yet captivating presence
  • Moonhaunt – A lunar spirit appearing only on full moons
  • Soulstitch – A ghost trapped by the threads of fate
  • Gameria – A spirit haunting an abandoned arcade
  • Edgarus – A ghost with a poetic soul
  • Dawnseeker – A spirit watching over a small village during sunrise
  • Onyxblood – A ghost with a heavy burden from their mortal life
  • Whispervine – A spirit residing among overgrown ivy in a forgotten garden
  • Catacomb – An undead entity lurking in the depths of a crypt

With these unique ghost name ideas, you’re more than ready to bring your ghost story to life or even add some spectral flair to your Halloween party.

Catchy Names For A Ghost

In this section, we’ve curated a list of captivating and memorable ghost names that will add a touch of originality to your story.

These names have a focus on humor, character, and cuteness. Remember, just because they’re ghosts doesn’t mean they have to be scary!

  • Boo Berry – A play on the classic ghost term “boo” with a sweet twist
  • Chills McGee – A funny ghost with a frosty demeanor
  • Spectral Sprinkles – A cute ghost that sprinkles fun wherever it goes
  • Apparition Adams – A mysterious ghost character
  • Poltergeist Pete – A mischievous little ghost with a penchant for pranks
  • Spooky Simon – A ghost known for being both adorable and spooky
  • Phantom Fiona – A stylish female ghost character
  • Ectoplasm Ernie – A ghostly figure with a peculiar slime trail
  • Whispering Wanda – A ghost who communicates in faint whispers
  • Shadow Sidney – A ghost that tends to lurk in the shadows
  • Ghastly Giselle – A ghost with a terrifyingly beautiful appearance
  • Haunting Hannah – A cute ghost that knows how to captivate its audience
  • Moaning Margo – A funny ghost who loves to complain
  • Spooktacular Stella – A ghost character with a vibrant personality
  • Casper Cuddles – A charming and friendly ghost
  • Haunted Hermione – A ghostly character with an intellectual twist
  • Floating Fred – A ghost who prefers to glide through the air
  • Eerie Eloise – A cute ghost with a haunting presence
  • Grinning Gus – A funny ghost with an ever-present smirk
  • Weeping Willow – A sorrowful ghost with a name inspired by nature
  • Ghostly Glenda – A mysterious and beautiful ghost character
  • Spine-chilling Steve – A humorous ghost with an affinity for frights
  • Spirit Spritz – A cute ghost that adds a touch of spirited fun
  • Mysterious Marvin – A ghost character shrouded in mystery
  • Wisparella – A ghostly figure with an enchanting presence
  • Phantom Phil – A witty ghost with a flair for one-liners
  • Whiskers the Wraith – A cute ghost with a penchant for cats
  • Terrifying Tamara – A ghost that’s scary but irresistibly charming
  • Ghoul Giggles – A humorous ghost that loves a hearty laugh
  • Spectral Sweetness – A gentle and kind-hearted ghost figure
  • Ghostly Galore – A ghost character with a touch of extravagance
  • Ethereal Emmett – A ghost who exudes mystery and allure
  • Boo Boo Betty – A clumsy yet endearing ghost
  • Creepy Cuddles – A ghost that enjoys the occasional scare and snuggle
  • Wandering Wendy – A curious ghost who’s always exploring
  • Frightful Franny – A ghost that’s delightfully scary and comical
  • Gossamer Greta – A ghost character with a refined presence
  • Shrieking Sharon – A hysterical ghost who isn’t afraid to be loud
  • Phantom Flip – A funny ghost known for quick movements
  • Haunted Howie – A ghost that still embraces life’s daily activities
  • Eerie Emilia – A ghost with a mysterious, yet captivating presence
  • Spooky Stripes – A visually unique ghost with a signature pattern
  • Phantom Fireball – A spirited ghost with a penchant for mischief
  • Spectral Snuggles – A cute ghost that provides warmth and comfort
  • Ghoulish Gary – A hilarious ghost with a wild sense of humor
  • Shadow Shimmer – A ghost with an entrancing, shimmering form
  • Banshee Banter – A ghost that loves good conversation
  • Spectral Stanley – A lovable and friendly ghost character
  • Whispers of Wendy – A ghost known for its gentle demeanor
  • Chilly Charlie – A ghost with an icy presence both figuratively and literally

Cute Ghost Names

Sometimes, you want to give a ghost a cute name that brings a smile to people’s faces instead of shivers down their spines. Here are some cute ghost monikers that you can consider:

  • Boo – The classic cute ghost name.
  • Casper – The friendly ghost everyone knows and loves.
  • Bella – Adapting a popular girl’s name for a cute ghost.
  • Ash – A simple name with an autumnal feel.
  • Autumn – Speaking of seasons, this name is perfect for a fall-themed ghost.
  • Blinky – For a ghost that has twinkling eyes.
  • Candy – Nothing is sweeter than a cute ghost named Candy.
  • Cream – Another name that suggests a softer side of a ghost.
  • Callum – A charming ghost name with Celtic origins.
  • Cybil – An elegant name for a well-mannered, sophisticated ghost.
  • Cash – A fun, modern name for a cool ghost.
  • Clyde – Perhaps the best friend of Casper?
  • Crow – A name inspired by the natural world for a more earthly ghost.
  • Carrie – A classic name with an eerie edge.
  • Blair – Perfect for a ghostly girl who might haunt old mansions.
  • Bram – A nod to the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker.
  • Bones – For a ghost that is playful rather than scary.
  • Blade – A name that suggests this ghost has a mischievous side.
  • Beast – A gentle giant of a ghost.
  • Bella Churel – Mixing a popular girl’s name with a folklore-inspired ghost name.
  • Banjhakri – A unique ghost name with Nepalese roots.
  • Banjhakrini – A female counterpart to Banjhakri.
  • Anne Boleyn – Drawing from the historic figure who is often said to haunt the Tower of London.
  • Ayakashi – A name rooted in Japanese folklore.
  • Queen Esther – The queen who is rumored to walk the halls of her ancient palace.

If you didn’t find the perfect cute ghost name in the first 25, here are 25 more options for you:

  • Elmo – A friendly and furry ghost name.
  • Ember – A warm-spirited ghost.
  • Felicity – For a ghost that brings happiness wherever they go.
  • Frost – A ghost with a chilly demeanor but a warm heart.
  • Fizz – A lively, sparkly ghost.
  • Glimmer – A ghost with a radiant presence.
  • Glow – For a ghost that lights up the room.
  • Hazel – A nature-inspired name for a gentle ghost.
  • Honey – A sweet name for a sweet ghost.
  • Inky – A ghost inspired by the inky depths of the night.
  • Ivy – A name that suggests a ghost entwined with nature.
  • Jasper – A friendly, gemstone-inspired ghost name.
  • Juniper – Another nature-related name for a ghost that prefers the outdoors.
  • Kitty – A cute, furry name for a ghost with a feline presence.
  • Lilac – A fragrant and flowery ghost name.
  • Lucy – A classic girl’s name that adds charm to any ghost.
  • Lulu – A fun, whimsical name for a ghost who loves to laugh.
  • Misty – Perfect for a ghost that prefers foggy, mysterious settings.
  • Moonbeam – A reflecting ghost who only comes out at night.
  • Ollie – A friendly, approachable name for a playful ghost.
  • Pippin – A name that brings to mind small, cheerful ghosts.
  • Poe – Inspired by the master of horror, Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Raven – A name that evokes dark, mysterious beauty.
  • Sorrel – A unique name for a one-of-a-kind ghost.
  • Willow – A softly romantic name for a ghost with a connection to nature.

Funny Names For A Ghost

If you’re looking for funny names to make your ghost story a little less spine-chilling, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of entertaining ghost name ideas that can make even the scariest of tales seem more lighthearted:

  • Sheet Faced
  • Creepy Crepes
  • Chills Kardashian
  • Apparition Styles
  • Phantöm Menace
  • Spectre Gadget
  • Ghouliver’s Travels
  • Polter Heist
  • Spooktacular
  • Casper’s Cousin
  • High Spirits
  • Wraith Charles
  • Ghost Malone
  • Lady MacDeath
  • Fright Lights
  • Floating Anxiety
  • Shadow Sneak
  • Spookie Boogie
  • Transparent Trevor
  • Grim Whisper
  • Unseen Usain
  • Hauntington Post
  • Creaky Casanova
  • Ectoplasm Elvis
  • Chillin’ Vanillin
  • Pins and Sneakers
  • Wraith Trackers
  • Ghostface Grillah
  • Mourning Glory
  • Abra-ghost-ra
  • Crypt Kicker
  • Paranormal Peeps
  • Afraidy- cat
  • Ghoul Guacamole
  • Monster Munchies
  • Spookasaurus
  • Junior Banshee
  • Ghoulish Gomer
  • Moonwalking Dead
  • Party Phantom
  • Spectral Snuggles

Immerse your readers in an amusing world of ghost stories with these funny ghost monikers, making their hair stand on end while simultaneously laughing out loud.

Tips For Brainstorming The Perfect Ghost Name

Coming up with the perfect ghost name can be both a fun and challenging task.

Whether you’re working on a story or preparing for a Halloween event, here are some tips to help you brainstorm the ideal ghost name:

Use a ghost name generator: There are various online tools available, such as the Ghost Name Generator , that can provide you with a unique and spooky ghost name. These generators typically use a combination of adjectives and nouns to create a ghostly and mysterious name.

Explore different types of ghosts: When brainstorming a name, consider the various types of ghostly spirits that exist in folklore and literature. Familiarize yourself with different ghost stories and legends to find inspiration for your own ghost name ideas. Some examples of ghosts include poltergeists, banshees, or even friendly spirits like Casper.

Combine adjectives and nouns: To create a distinctive and memorable ghost name, try combining an adjective and a noun. This can give your ghost an eerie and mysterious vibe, making the name more interesting and captivating. For example, pair words like “whispering,” “silent,” or “haunting” with words like “shadow,” “maiden,” or “soul.”

Use alliteration and rhyming: Alliteration and rhyming can make a ghost name sound more whimsical and catchy. These techniques can be particularly helpful if you’re looking for a more playful or lighthearted ghost name. For instance, you could use names like Misty Maiden , Spectral Steve , or Phantom Phil .

Think about the ghost’s backstory: Consider the background of the ghost you’re naming, such as how they died, their personality, or their appearance. Your ghost name should reflect these aspects, making it more relevant and engaging. For example, if your ghost was a musician during their life, a name like Melodic Spirit could be fitting.

Remember, when brainstorming the perfect ghost name, it’s essential to be creative and let your imagination run wild.

Use these tips as a starting point, and explore various ghost name ideas to find the one that best suits your ghostly character.

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The Greatest Ghost Characters of All Time


Vote up your favorite fictional ghost characters.

For this poll we've created a list of the greatest ghosts of all time, featuring ghosts you know from movies, television, video games and more. Of course your favorite cartoon ghosts are included, but this list doesn't only feature animated characters that can talk. If your favorite fictional ghost is missing, don't be salty- just add it to the list so that other people can vote for for it too!

Characters here include everything from Sam Wheat to Spike. Who is the number one ghost that people just can't get enough of? Scroll down and find out who the masses voted for.

Casper the Friendly Ghost

Casper the Friendly Ghost

Defying the stereotypical spooky apparition, Casper the Friendly Ghost has won the hearts of millions with his endearing charm and unwavering kindness. Often ostracized by other ghosts for his friendly demeanor, Casper's adventures showcase his determination to make friends despite his spectral form. His innocent and cheerful spirit has made him a beloved figure in pop culture, proving that not all ghostly figures need to be frightening to make a significant impact.

  • # 53 of 282 on The Greatest Cartoon Characters In TV History
  • # 649 of 1,218 on The Best Movie Characters Of All Time
  • # 1 of 13 on 13 Childhood Favorite Cartoon Characters With Tragic Origin Stories



Arguably one of the quirkiest and most eccentric spirits ever portrayed on screen, Beetlejuice has redefined the concept of chilling comedy. With his penchant for mischief and devious tactics, this ghost with the most leaves a lasting impression, often resulting in a mixture of fear and laughter. Thanks to Tim Burton's beautifully macabre vision and Michael Keaton's unforgettable performance, Beetlejuice remains an iconic supernatural figure.

  • # 52 of 550 on The Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time
  • # 65 of 1,218 on The Best Movie Characters Of All Time
  • # 68 of 111 on The Most Awesome Monsters & Creatures Of All Time

Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman

Few specters have managed to strike terror in the hearts of mankind quite like the legendary Headless Horseman. Armed with a flaming pumpkin head and an insatiable desire for revenge, his sinister presence is more than enough to send shivers down anyone's spine. The Horseman's thrillingly haunting pursuits through Sleepy Hollow have forever etched him into our collective nightmares as an inescapable harbinger of doom.

Binky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde

Binky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde

Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde are the original gang of ghosts in the universe of video games. As one of gaming history's most iconic adversaries, the Pac-Man ghosts have been spooking and entertaining players since their introduction in 1980. Their simple yet addictive gameplay mechanics helped shape the landscape of the industry, solidifying their status as legendary figures in the world of gaming.


Hailing from the beloved Ghostbusters franchise, Slimer is a slimy, green specter with an insatiable appetite for both food and chaos. Highly mischievous and downright hilarious, Slimer's comical antics make him an unforgettable highlight of every Ghostbusters escapade. Although he isn't nearly as frightening as some of his spectral contemporaries, Slimer's charm lies in his entertaining, light-hearted disregard for any rules or boundaries.

  • # 226 of 282 on The Greatest Cartoon Characters In TV History
  • # 235 of 550 on The Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time
  • # 142 of 162 on The Greatest Fictional Pets You Wish You Could Actually Own

Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman

Believed to be cursed to sail the seas forever, the Flying Dutchman is a haunting and legendary figure in nautical folklore. His ghostly ship and crew send shivers down many a sailor's spine with their chilling presence and eerie green glow. Immortalized in countless films, television shows, and literature, the Flying Dutchman's eternal journey speaks to our deepest fears of being trapped in a never-ending, hellish nightmare.

The Twins

As one half of the unforgettable Grady twins from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, Grady Daughter #1 leaves a lasting impression on anyone who experiences her eerie presence. With her prim attire and unblinking stare, she embodies the essence of chilling and unsettling horror. Her role in the film, though brief, is an unforgettable testament to the sheer terror that can be achieved by a well-crafted ghostly character.

Nearly Headless Nick

Nearly Headless Nick

With his decapitated head nearly severed from his body, Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, the Gryffindor House ghost from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, is a gregarious and helpful spirit. Known as Nearly Headless Nick, his tragicomic backstory and affable demeanor make him one of Hogwarts' most admired and beloved specters. In a world filled with magic and wonder, Nearly Headless Nick brings a touch of spooky charm to the lives of the students.

  • # 37 of 119 on The Greatest 'Harry Potter' Characters
  • # 291 of 1,218 on The Best Movie Characters Of All Time
  • # 21 of 34 on The Best Members of Gryffindor

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

As one of Marvel's most captivating antiheroes, Johnny Blaze, or Ghost Rider, is the definition of a tormented, supernatural powerhouse. Possessed by the demon Zarathos, Blaze becomes an unstoppable force of vigilante justice, haunting those he deems wicked with his flaming skull and fiery chain. This dark twist on the traditional superhero archetype has made Ghost Rider an enduring and fascinating figure in the world of comic books and film.

  • Dig Deeper... The Best Ghost Rider Storylines To Get To Know The Characters Who Took On The Role
  • # 12 of 227 on The Top 100+ Marvel Comics Superheroes
  • # 31 of 31 on The Best Superhero Evolution On Film

Samara Morgan

Samara Morgan

Some ghostly figures have a penchant for haunting our dreams, but none quite as viscerally as the vengeful spirit of Samara Morgan from The Ring franchise. With her dark motives surrounding a cursed videotape, Samara's terrifying power to spread her curse to those who watch it has struck fear into audiences for decades. As a result, she's become a chilling pop culture icon and a symbol of true supernatural terror.

  • # 177 of 550 on The Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time
  • # 29 of 230 on The Greatest Female Villains
  • # 1164 of 1,218 on The Best Movie Characters Of All Time

Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom

Uniquely straddling the line between the living and the dead, Danny Fenton, or Danny Phantom, is a high school student turned ghostly superhero. In attempting to harness his newfound powers for good, he encounters a variety of spectral threats, garnering a large fan-following and cementing his status as an iconic figure in the world of animated television. Danny's story is both thrilling and relatable, striking a perfect balance between action-packed adventures and the challenges of teenage life.

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Perhaps the most harrowing of the spectral trio in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol , the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come represents the chilling consequences of one's actions. Silent and enigmatic, this dark, hooded figure leads Scrooge on a grisly tour of his potential future, showcasing the true horrors that await those who live their lives without compassion. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is a bone-chilling reminder of the importance of redemption and goodwill to avoid a grim fate.

Big Boo

Few spirits demonstrate such prowess for giving goosebumps like Boo, a ghost from the Super Mario franchise. These mischievous spirits quickly became fan-favorites with their unique ability to shy away from Mario's gaze, only to pursue him when he isn't looking. With their simple yet creepy design and endearing shyness, Boo has earned their place as one of the most captivating and memorable ghost characters in gaming history.

Emily, the Corpse Bride

Emily, the Corpse Bride

Emily, the titular character in Tim Burton's animated film Corpse Bride , captures our hearts with her tragic story of love and betrayal. Despite her ghoulish appearance, Emily exudes an endearing vulnerability that allows the audience to empathize with her plight. The film's hauntingly beautiful animation and captivating voice work by Helena Bonham Carter make Emily a truly unforgettable spectral figure.

Ghost of Christmas Present

Ghost of Christmas Present

A gregarious, larger-than-life apparition from Dickens' A Christmas Carol , the Ghost of Christmas Present is the embodiment of festive joy and merriment. Teaching Scrooge the value of living in the moment and appreciating the simple pleasures of life, his character serves as a poignant reminder to cherish our time with loved ones. The Ghost of Christmas Present's ability to provide warmth and happiness despite his ethereal form has made him a classic figure in literature and beyond.


As one of the original ghost-type Pokémon from the popular franchise, Gengar is a mischievous and powerful creature with the ability to manipulate shadows and control dreams. With its spiky grin and enigmatically sinister nature, Gengar has always been a fan favorite among the ever-growing roster of Pokémon. Its distinctive design and thrilling appearances in various games and television episodes have solidified Gengar's status as one of the best ghostly creatures in the world of gaming.

  • Dig Deeper... Complete List of All Pokémon Characters
  • # 2 of 151 on The Best Generation 1 Pokemon
  • # 24 of 29 on This Artist Draws Pokémon In Grotesquely Realistic Style

Dr. Malcolm Crowe

Dr. Malcolm Crowe

In the critically acclaimed film The Sixth Sense , Dr. Malcolm Crowe, played by Bruce Willis, is a child psychologist consumed by guilt over his failure to help a former patient. His gripping journey to redemption through helping his newest patient, who can communicate with the dead, kept audiences riveted until the iconic twist ending. Dr. Crowe's story challenges our perceptions of the afterlife and what it means to truly be a ghost.

  • # 336 of 1,218 on The Best Movie Characters Of All Time
  • # 10 of 13 on The Dumbest Geniuses In Movie History
  • # 6 of 71 on The Best Fictional Therapists

Moaning Myrtle

Moaning Myrtle

Known for her haunting wails and dramatic displays of sadness, Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter series is a memorable and captivating figure. Though often seeking attention and sympathy, Myrtle's tragic backstory and connection to one of Hogwarts' most dangerous secrets make her essential to the plot. Her interactions with the series' protagonists provide both light-hearted moments and sobering realizations, bringing depth and nuance to her character.

  • # 51 of 119 on The Greatest 'Harry Potter' Characters
  • # 21 of 29 on The Most Brutal Deaths in Harry Potter
  • # 5 of 12 on 12 Tragically Unlucky 'Harry Potter' Characters Who Can’t Catch A Break

Ghost of Christmas Past

Ghost of Christmas Past

The first of the spiritual trio in Dickens' A Christmas Carol , the Ghost of Christmas Past serves as a haunting reminder of regret and lost opportunity. Providing Scrooge with glimpses of his past, this ethereal being forces him to confront the choices he has made and the life he has left behind. Its mysterious and otherworldly presence is the perfect catalyst for Scrooge's journey of self-discovery and redemption.

Sam Wheat

As the tortured spirit in the 1990 film Ghost , Sam Wheat, portrayed by Patrick Swayze, captured audiences with his heartfelt journey to protect his true love after his untimely death. His quest for justice and ability to communicate with a psychic, played by Whoopi Goldberg, showed a more tender side to ghostly characters. Sam's emotional depth and unwavering devotion to those he left behind make him a relatable and compelling figure in the realm of supernatural cinema.

Force Ghosts

Force Ghosts

The Star Wars universe introduced the concept of Force Ghosts – Jedi masters transcending mortality to guide and counsel their living counterparts. With appearances by significant characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Anakin Skywalker as Force Ghosts, these spectral apparitions hold a crucial role in furthering the saga's narrative. These ethereal figures offer wisdom and hope, highlighting the importance of spirituality and connection in the vast expanse of the galaxy.

Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger

Few malevolent spirits are as iconic or terrifying as the sadistic Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Armed with his razor-sharp glove and a twisted sense of humor, Krueger has terrorized the dreams of countless victims, securing his place in history as one of the most chilling and memorable supernatural villains. With Robert Englund's legendary portrayals, Freddy Krueger will forever be feared as a true nightmare come to life.

  • Dig Deeper... 13 Freddy Krueger Fan Theories That Are More Than Just A Dream
  • And Deeper... 15 Of Freddy Krueger’s Most Devastating Puns
  • # 61 of 550 on The Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time



Hailing from the indie video game Undertale , Napstablook is a shy and introverted ghost with a penchant for creating music. Their quirky personality and downtrodden outlook on life quickly endeared them to fans of the game. As a unique and memorable character, Napstablook showcases how ghostly figures can be vulnerable and relatable, even in a virtual setting.

Boo Berry

As the charismatic mascot for the popular cereal, Boo Berry brings a touch of ghostly fun to breakfast tables everywhere. This friendly specter is known for his love of all things blueberry-flavored and has been a staple in households for decades. With his playful demeanor and light-hearted antics, Boo Berry proves that ghostly characters can be both enjoyable and harmless.

Kayako Saeki

Kayako Saeki

The vengeful spirit of Kayako Saeki from the Japanese horror film Ju-On: The Grudge is a prime example of how a ghost can evoke both fear and sympathy. Born from a tragic and violent background, her haunting croaking noises and jerky movements have become synonymous with terror. While her murderous actions inspire dread, Kayako's tragic history allows audiences to understand the pain fueling her vengeance.

King of the Dead

King of the Dead

In J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings , the King of the Dead is a foreboding, spectral figure leading an army of oathbreakers cursed to remain restless until their debt is repaid. With his chilling visage and army of ghosts, the King of the Dead invokes terror in his enemies before eventually aiding the protagonist in their time of need. This complex character illustrates the power of redemption, even for those who have long passed from the world of the living.

  • # 16 of 28 on The Most Powerful Characters In 'Lord of the Rings' And ‘The Hobbit’
  • # 10 of 12 on Minor 'Lord of the Rings' And 'Hobbit' Characters With Major Backstories
  • # 30 of 89 on The 50+ Best 'Lord Of The Rings' Characters


Another chilling figure from the Japanese horror genre, Toshio is the ghostly child from the Ju-On series. With his pale skin, wide-eyed stare, and eerie meowing sounds, Toshio has haunted the nightmares of audiences worldwide. As one of the many victims of the curse that plagues the series, Toshio's unrelenting presence contributes to the overall atmosphere of terror and despair.

The Bloody Baron

The Bloody Baron

A menacing figure in the Harry Potte r series, the Bloody Baron serves as the Slytherin House ghost at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His blood-stained robes and sinister demeanor set him apart from other spectral figures in the series. However, beneath his terrifying exterior lies a deeply tragic backstory, adding layers of complexity to this intriguing character.

  • # 104 of 119 on The Greatest 'Harry Potter' Characters
  • # 8 of 13 on 'Harry Potter' Characters Who Were Done Dirty By The Movies
  • # 8 of 21 on The Best Members of Slytherin

The Harmons

The Harmons

In the first season of American Horror Story , psychiatrist Ben Harmon, played by Dylan McDermott, portrays a family man haunted by his past mistakes. His turbulent journey through infidelity, loss, and eventual transformation into a ghost highlights the challenges humans face when grappling with their own moral shortcomings. As a deeply flawed yet relatable character, Ben's story offers a unique perspective on the human side of ghostly figures.

Grace Stewart

Grace Stewart

Nicole Kidman's portrayal of Grace Stewart in The Others is a chilling example of how the lines between the living and the dead can blur in the world of storytelling. As her character unravels throughout the film, Grace's desperation to protect her family from supernatural threats culminates in an eerie and unexpected revelation. This masterful blend of psychological drama and ghostly suspense makes Grace Stewart an unforgettable figure in the realm of supernatural cinema.

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What is the definition of a ghost?

A ghost is defined as a spirit or soul of a person who has died, which is said to haunt the living. There are many stories and accounts of ghosts throughout history and across cultures. Some believe that ghosts are trapped between this world and the next, while others believe that they are simply figments of our imagination. Whether you believe in them or not, ghosts have always been a source of fascination for humanity.

How do famous ghosts get their names?

When it comes to naming ghosts, there are a few methods that seem to be popular among the ethereal set. Many famous ghosts get their names from the manner of their death, while others are named after objects or places with which they're associated. Still others are given more mundane appellations based on their appearance or behavior.

One of the most common ways for a ghost to get its name is from the circumstances surrounding its death. For example, the White Lady of Worstead Church is so named because she was reportedly killed in a wedding dress. The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall got her name from the brown Cloak she's said to wear. And then there's Anne Boleyn, one of England's most infamous queens, who was decapitated and is said to haunt Hampton Court Palace with her head under her arm.

5 questions to help you come up with ghost names

  • What adjectives would best describe the spirit?
  • What symbolic meanings are associated with the spirit?
  • Are there any historical or religious figures associated with the spirit?
  • What sound would best represent the spirit?
  • What emotions does the spirit evoke?

Can I use the random ghost names that this tool creates?

Yes you can. The Story Shack claims no copyright on any of these names, but it is of course possible that some of the values this name generator provides are already owned by anyone else, so please make sure to always do your due diligence.

How many ideas can I generate with this Ghost Name Generator?

The Ghost Name Generator can generate thousands of ideas for your project, so feel free to keep clicking and at the end use the handy copy feature to export your ghost names to a text editor of your choice. Enjoy!

What are good ghost names?

There's thousands of random ghost names in this generator. Here are some samples to start:

More on ghost names across the web

Can't get enough of generating ghost names? Then continue exploring:


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The Best Ghosts, Ranked

Here are the best ghouls, spirits, and poltergeists from pop culture history.

Headshot of Adrienne Westenfeld

Human beings have told ghost stories since time immemorial. Ghosts are braided into our folklore, after all—think the Headless Horseman or Bloody Mary—and we’ll hazard a guess that even primitive humans were painting ghosts on their cave walls. We love ghosts because they suggest a world without dying, because they can lend a measure of justice to unjust deaths, because they provide a means of communicating with our loved ones from beyond the grave.

However, not all ghosts take themselves and their mission so seriously. Some are mischievous; some are looking for love (and even sex) from the living; others are just plain flatulent. Not all ghosts are crusaders in search of justice or spiritual connection, after all—some are tricksters, some are malingerers, and some are just out to cause as much commotion as they possibly can. Can you really blame them? If you were a ghost, wouldn’t you, too, want to levitate a lamp and make some hapless witness crap his pants?

Here at Esquire , we love all things spooky, so with Halloween fast approaching at the end of the month, we ranked our favorite ghosts from worst to best. It was a challenge riddled with tough decisions, as we have great affection for all these kooky ghosts, yet we had to admit that some of them lost points by refusing to maximize their use of their ghostly powers. Why linger on earth in perpetuity if you’re not going to have a grand old time of it? Buckle up--this ride is haunted.

28) Guys On Tinder

Facial hair, Beard, Technology, Sitting, Photography,

Enough said.

27) Shoeless Joe Jackson, from Field of Dreams

Forehead, Headgear, Uniform,

If I had my choice of baseball ghosts to throw BP to, Field of Dreams ’s Shoeless Joe Jackson would probably be low on that list. He only likes the ball in one spot, and lives in mystical corn fields, so he’s never really free for a beer after. When you really think about it, Shoeless Joe is kind of a dick to Kevin Costner’s Ray Kinsella. What do you mean I’m not invited? That’s my goddamn corn. - Brady Langmann

26) Dr. Malcolm Crowe, from The Sixth Sense

White-collar worker, Photography, Businessperson,

That’s right, we spoiled it. What are you gonna do about it? A complete lack of awareness of his ghostly powers makes Bruce Willis a pretty lame ghost, in all honesty. After all, there’s got to be a more exciting way to spend the afterlife than administering therapy to troubled children. -Adrienne Westenfeld

25) The Hatbox Ghost, from Disney's The Haunted Mansion

Not many ghosts can claim to have been cancelled, but the Hatbox Ghost can. Upon his installation in the Haunted Mansion in 1969, he was deemed insufficiently scary within a few months of operation, and as a result, he was decommissioned until 2015. Womp womp. After 46 years of retirement, the Hatbox Ghost may have preferred to stay retired, but hey, who doesn’t love a good comeback? -AW

24) Jacob Marley, from NBC's A Christmas Carol

George Costanza is Jacob Marley, and yes, this is Seinfeld canon. In what now would become a series of plagues on this world, NBC stars of new and old teamed up to ruin a bit of the holiday season in every home. With a score by Alan Menken and an all-star cast featuring Kelsey Grammer as Scrooge, there’s some charm to this cheesy straight to TV musical feature. It's not even that Jason Alexander did a bad job, but seeing George Costanza and Frasier Crane talk about the mistakes of their pasts feels more like NBC Sitcom Purgatory than a holiday classic. -Cameron Sherrill

23) The Snapchat Ghost

Clip art,

He’s small, he’s spooky, and he’s got all your nudes. The Snapchat Ghost approaches your most sensitive photos with a frankly inappropriate level of mischief—just look at those pinwheeling arms and that floppy tongue. Fun, cringey fact: his real name is Ghostface Chillah. -AW

22) Ghost Rider, from Marvel's Ghost Rider

He’s spooky. He’s on fire. He’s a biker. And his head is a skull. Ghost Rider may not be Marvel’s most famous hero, but he is hands-down the best Ghoulish Good Guy that the MCU has to offer. -Dominick Nero

21) The Pac-Man Ghosts

Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde are Pac-Man’s chief tormentors. A few little-known facts about them: Blinky is bad at grammar, Inky lacks focus, Pinky has a crush on Pac-Man, and Clyde is a hapless do-gooder. Basically, they’re a pack of playground bullies in spectral form. -AW

20) The Dead Men of Dunharrow, from The Lord of the Rings

One ghost is great—a horde of ghosts is even better. In The Lord of the Rings , the Dead Men of Dunharrow are a swarm of spirits cursed to linger under a mountain as punishment for breaking their promise of military aid to Isildur, Aragorn’s ancestor. Only when they fight for Aragorn in the war against Sauron are they released to their eternal rest. A ghost putting in an honest day’s work for an honest reward: you love to see it. -AW

19) Slimer, from Ghostbusters

Slimer isn’t just a garden variety ghost—he’s the rare gross ghost. A “grohst,” if you will. You’d think bodily functions would lose their importance in the afterlife, but Slimer is smelly, flatulent, and forever looking for his next meal. Whomst among us can’t relate? -AW

18) The Ghost of Christmas Present, from The Muppets Christmas Carol

The Muppets Christmas Carol has ghosts ranging from hilarious and charming to downright nightmarish, from the antics of Statler and Waldorf as Jakob Marley (or Marley and Marley in this case) to the nightmarish Humanoid doll muppet mutant that is the Ghost of Christmas Past. Out of all of the muppet mayhem, there’s one happy haunt that stands apart: the Ghost of Christmas Present. This jovial, forgetful, giant piece of felt is one of the most charming things about the Christmas Classic. Cheers to you, Ghost of Christmas Present, for saving us all from the other Eldritch abominations that haunt this wonderful film. -CS

17) The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln's Murder

The ghost of Honest Abe gets around. Lincoln is said to have haunted the White House since his death in 1865, with sightings reported by presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson, among others. In one memorable anecdote, Prime Minister Winston Churchill reported encountering the ghost of Lincoln after emerging from the bathtub, which left him facing down the deceased head of state buck naked. Is Ghost Lincoln a peeping Tom? Who’s to say? For further reading, refer to George Saunders’ Lincoln in the Bardo. -AW

16) Danny Phantom, from NIckelodeon's Danny Phantom

More ghosts should have catchphrases. Sure, “I’m going ghost” isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but can you blame Danny Phantom? He’s a half-human, half-ghost 14-year-old juggling puberty, a secret identity, and a single-handed responsibility to keep his small town safe from a menacing horde of ghosts. Plenty of ghosts are do-gooders, but Danny Phantom is a bona fide hero. -AW

15) King Hamlet, from Hamlet

While other ghosts swan through the afterlife on a series of rascally larks, King Hamlet is a ghost on a mission. Trapped in purgatory, as he died without receiving his last rites, King Hamlet urges his good-for-nothing son to avenge his murder at the hands of his brother. It’s worth noting that King Hamlet appears in his full kingly regalia—no cruddy bedsheets for this guy. This is a ghost with class. -AW

14) The Blow Job Ghost and His Lover, from The Shining

The Shining is remembered mostly for its disturbing sequences and unbridled terror, but people seem to forget how downright hilarious this 1980 movie is. Stanley Kubrick never failed to deliver on his trademark mischievous sense of humor, and The Shining is no exception. When the hotel finally becomes a full-on Haunted House in the big finale, Wendy spots a spirit in a bear costume performing oral sex on a man in a tuxedo. Good for them! -DN

13) Moaning Myrtle, from Harry Potter

Do you like your ghosts the vengeful, old-fashioned way? Had enough of these gentle, benevolent, “go toward the light” types? Then Moaning Myrtle is the ghost for you, bitter and malevolent as she is. In the Harry Potter universe, Myrtle torments female students in the second floor ladies’ restroom at Hogwarts, though she occasionally slips into the men’s restroom to spy on naked boys in the bath. -AW

12) Banquo, from Macbeth

Showing up uninvited is basically a ghost’s calling card, but Banquo dials it up to 20—he shows up uninvited, and he takes the host’s chair, and he talks shit about the host to his very face. Basically, Banquo is a messy bitch who lives for drama, and we’re here for that. -AW

11) The Holy Ghost in Fleabag

Sitting, Architecture, Photography,

God, or some manifestation of his/her spirit, is floating around and unafraid to make its presence known in the second season of Fleabag . Making out with a priest? It’s happy to knock a framed image or two off the wall to keep you in line. At least one-third of the Holy Trinity isn’t here to mess around. -Justin Kirkland

10) Denny Duquette, from Grey's Anatomy

The ghost of Denny Duquette was a breaking point for a lot of Grey’s Anatomy fans. Sometimes he appeared as a vision when someone died. Then he appeared as a warm presence in the hospital. Then he had a whole season where he slept with Katherine Heigl’s character. In short, Denny Duquette would not go away, but if you’re going to be haunted by an apparition (or manifestation of your tumor—dealer’s choice), you’d be lucky to find one as charming as Jeffery Dean Morgan. -JK

9) Anakin Skywalker, from Return of the Jedi

For years, the ghoulish visage of English thespian Sebastian Shaw stood as the one and only human representation of Darth Vader. He appeared to Luke Skywalker at the end of Return of the Jedi dressed in a Jedi robe, with a spooky light blue aura surrounding him and fellow Jedi ghosts, Yoda and Old Ben Kenobi. Then, as he is wont to do, George Lucas went and fucked it up. The updated versions of Return of the Jedi now have Hayden Christensen standing in amongst the Original Trilogy Force Ghosts–but Sebastian Shaw will always be the definitive Papa Skywalker. -DN

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80 Names That Mean Ghost, Spirit, Soul, or Phantom

m ghost names

When deciding on your baby’s name, you may want to be creative and choose it based on what it means rather than just if you like the name, although that plays an important part too.

Names that have spiritual meaning are a great place to start and often provide some very unique names for both boys and girls. We have pulled together the best of those names that mean spirit, ghost, soul, or phantom .

Names That Mean Ghost, Spirit, Soul, or Phantom

See if you can find any inspiration from our list below.

In this article

Girls Names

The final thought, names that mean ghost.

If you’re thinking of looking for a name for your baby that means ghost, there are only a few names to choose from. But you can be sure they are all unique names to choose from.

It doesn’t mean that they need to be creepy or have a dark association with them. See what you think of our list below.

Axar  – Gujarati in origin and meaning ‘ghost.’

Drogo – From the Anglo-Saxon word ‘ drog ‘ which means ‘ghost’ and ‘phantom.’

Mooroopna – Aboriginal origins and meaning ‘ghost’ or ‘spirit.’

Names That Mean Spirit

There is far more choice when it comes to names that mean spirit and they too are all very unique. These names have their origins all over the world so no matter where you are in the world you are sure to find one that is suitable.

Achak  – Native American Algonquin name meaning ‘spirit.’

Ahriman -Middle Persian and means ‘evil spirit.’

Alastor  – Greek name meaning ‘avenging spirit.’

Avallach  – Celtic Arthurian legend name of a King of Avalon who made Galahad’s shield and means ‘apple’s masculine spirit.’

Avira  – Aramaic name meaning ‘air, atmosphere, spirit.’

Cheveyo  -Native American Hopi name meaning ‘spirit warrior.’

Chuchip  – Native American Hopi name meaning ‘deer spirit.’

Dumnonos  – Celtic myth name of a god worshipped by the Dumnonii meaning ‘world spirit.’

Dusan  – Czech name derived from the Slavic element dusha meaning ‘soul, spirit.”

Dusek  – Pet form of Czech Dusan, meaning ‘soul, spirit.’

Espiridion  – Spanish form of Greek Spiridion which means ‘little spirit.’

Euthymios, Euthymius, Eutimo – Ancient Greek name composed of the elements eu ‘good, well’ and thynos ‘soul, spirit’  which gives you good-spirited.

Fravardin  – Persian name derived from the word fravashi meaning ‘guardian spirit.’

Gogo  – Basque name meaning ‘spirit.’

Hania  – Native American Hopi name meaning ‘spirit warrior.’

Hew, Hewie – Scottish form of Old French Hugues meaning ‘heart, mind, or spirit.’

Hototo  – Native American Hopi name meaning ‘warrior spirit who sings.’

Hubert, Hubertus, Hubrecht – Old French form of Latin Hubertus meaning ‘bright heart/mind/spirit.’

Huchon  – Medieval Scottish form of French Hugon meaning ‘heart, mind, or spirit.’

Hudd, Hudde –  Variant spelling of English /Hugh meaning ‘heart, mind, or spirit.’

Imamu – African Swahili name meaning ‘spiritual guide.’

Kneph  – Egyptian name meaning ‘spirit.’

Kotori  – Native American Hopi name meaning ‘screech owl spirit.’

Mahatma  – Hindi name meaning ‘great soul.’

Mentor  – Greek name derived from the word menos , meaning ‘spirit.’

Mundoo  – Native American Algonquin name for the ‘great spirit.’

Ryuu  – Japanese name meaning ‘dragon spirit.’

Shen  – Chinese name meaning ‘god, or spirit.’

Spiridion  – Greek name derived as a diminutive form of Latin spiritus meaning ‘little spirit.’

Spiro, Spiros, Spyridon, Spyro, Spyros – Greek origins meaning ‘spirit.’

Uberto  – Italian form of Latin Hubertus meaning ‘bright heart/spirit.’

Ugo  – Italian form of Latin Hugo meaning ‘heart, mind, or spirit.’

Wanageeska  – Native American Sioux name meaning ‘white spirit.’

Angwusnasomtaqa  – Native American Hopi name meaning ‘crow mother spirit.’

Anima  – Modern English name derived from the Latin anima meaning ‘spirit, passion, mind, and essence.’

Dusana, Dusicka  – Feminine form of Czech Dusan meaning ‘soul, or spirit.’

Hehewuti – Native American Hopi name meaning ‘warrior mother spirit.’

Kachina  – Native American Hopi name meaning ‘sacred dancer, spirit.’

Keres  – Greek myth name of ‘female death spirits.’

Pneuma  – English name derived from Greek pneuma meaning a non-material being or influence such as a ‘spirit.’

Psyche, Psykhe – Latin form of Greek Psykhe meaning ‘animating spirit.’

Rei  – Japanese name meaning spirit amongst other things.

Shechina  Hebrew origins meaning ‘god’s holy spirit.’

Shekinah  – Hebrew name meaning ‘God’s holy spirit.’

Tien – Vietnamese name meaning ‘angel, fairy, spirit.’


Names That Mean Soul

As human beings, we tend to have strong beliefs when it comes to such things as our soul, so choosing a name that means the soul can have very deep connections and meanings.

Aatamgosh – Which means the ‘inner light or soul.’

Baiszhan  – Meaning a ‘rich soul.’

Du’an  – Serbian name meaning ‘soul.’

Dusan  – Czech name derived from the Slavic element dusha meaning ‘soul, spirit.’

Eideann  – It means ‘one who has little fire inside their soul.’

Hansroop – The name’s meaning is ‘one who has a great soul.’

Judge  – Meaning the ‘one with the passionate soul.’

Nurzhan  – Kazakh name meaning ‘light soul.’

Alma, Almah – English name meaning ‘nourishing’ or ‘soul.’

Arima  – Basque name meaning ‘soul.’

Banafrit  – Egyptian name meaning ‘beautiful soul.’

Diblin  – Which means the ‘fragrance of soul.’

Dusana, Dusicka – Feminine form of Czech Dusan meaning ‘soul’ or ‘spirit.’

Enid  – Welsh Arthurian legend name of Geraint’s wife meaning ‘soul.’

Enide  – French form of Welsh Enid meaning ‘soul.’

Enit  – Variant spelling of Welsh Enid meaning ‘soul.’

Gronw  – Means the ‘one with a passionate soul and reserved nature.’

Janan  – Arabic name meaning ‘heart, soul.’

Kittie  – This means the ‘woman who is pure of soul.’

Mania – Meaning ‘mother of souls.’

Muhjah  – Arabic name meaning the ‘heart’s blood, soul.’

Nirvana  – modern English name derived from the Sanskrit word nirvana meaning ‘extinction of the soul.’

Names That Mean Phantom

It appears from our list that there are very few male names that mean phantom but that there are quite a few female names that have this meaning.

Drogo – From the Anglo-Saxon word ‘ drog ‘ which means ‘ghost, phantom.’

Gayna , Ginette – A name of English origin and meaning ‘white phantom.’

Genevra  – Of Greek origin and meaning ‘white phantom.’

Gennifer  – American in origin and meaning ‘white phantom.’

Genovieve, Guinevere  – Both of French origin and meaning ‘white phantom.’

Jenny, Jensine  – Of Welsh origin and means ‘white phantom.’

Jinny  – Scottish origin meaning ‘white phantom.’

Morrigan  – Irish in origin and means ‘phantom queen.’

Yennifer  – Native American origin and means ‘white phantom.’

There are truly some very unique names on our list. I’m sure that there is one that will suit your new little one if you’re set on choosing one that has either the meaning ghost, spirit, soul, or phantom.

101 Two Syllable Girl Names

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m ghost names

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Osp investigates ghost names on government payroll system; threatens to prosecute culprits.

m ghost names

The government's efforts to eradicate ghost names from the payroll system may see progress with the intervention of the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

According to the OSP's half-year report unveiled on December 29, 2023, the focus of their assessment and investigation is to eliminate fictitious names and recoup erroneous payments.

The OSP warned that individuals found to be involved in any wrongdoing will face prosecution.

“The Office has commenced corruption risk assessment and investigation into suspected corruption and corruption-related offences in respect of the Government of Ghana payroll administration.

“The assessment and investigation are especially aimed at isolating and removing non-existent names, recovering wrongful payments, and the prosecution of persons suspected to be culpable for any offence(s).”

The Office of the Special Prosecutor also affirmed it is in collaboration with the Controller and Accountant General’s Department to carry out the investigation.

It emphasised that the scope of the investigation and assessment extends to all banks and employees enlisted on the government payroll.

“A joint project team of selected staff of the two institutions has been formed for the purpose,” OSP stated in its report.

“The exercise is being carried out in two phases. Phase I covers the Ghana Education Service and the health institutions. Phase II covers all other Metropolitan/Municipal/District Assemblies, Ministries, Departments, and Agencies.”

The Office mentioned that it is concurrently probing 152 other cases at different stages of examination.

“These would be publicised if the Special Prosecutor determines that they are within the mandate of the Office and that they should be moved past the preliminary investigation stage."

"This is a policy intended to protect the privacy of individuals and the business operations of institutions and companies, and to avoid unnecessary stigmatisation."

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  • I only issued a caution to Ghanaians, I didn’t attack Judiciary – Kissi Agyebeng
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  • OSP can’t probe further alleged case of businessman attempting to bribe Majority MPs – Kissi Agyebeng
  • Judicial Service, OSP ‘unite’ to combat corruption
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  • External Debt Restructuring: World Bank welcomes agreement on key parameters for Ghana 5 hours
  • Teachers are still part of Parent Associations – GES clarifies 5 hours

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Generate 100's of ghost names and ghouls with our ghost name generator. Great for story time.

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About Our Ghost Name Generator

The Ghost Name Generator is a tool designed to generate eerie and mysterious names for ghosts, ghouls, and other spectral entities. It is perfect for writers, gamers, and anyone seeking inspiration for ghost characters in their stories, games, or other creative projects.

The generated names can be used in various contexts, such as novels, short stories, role-playing games, and more. You can also use the names as a starting point and modify them to suit your specific needs and preferences. If you need a place for your ghost to haunt , such as a cemetery we can help with that as well!

More Fantasy Names : Name Generators

Frequently asked questions, can i use random names i generate with this ghost name generator for any purpose.

Absolutely! We do not have any rights to the names created with our ghost name generator, but since the names are randomly generated, please check to see if they are owned elsewhere.

Is this Ghost Name Generator free to use?

Yes, it is free and unrestricted. You may use our ghost name generator to find as many ghost names as you wish.

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Ghost Names for Babies

Sophie Kihm

Whether or not you actually believe in ghosts, it’s hard to deny that a ghost name would be ideal for a baby born around Halloween. And I’m not talking about Casper , Jacob , or Helena , all ghosts from popular culture. Today we’re looking at ghost names for babies of the supposedly real ghosts that walk among us, haunting our cities and towns after their tortured pasts.

Of course, many of their stories are tragic enough that the superstitious among us might think twice before naming a child after one of these ghosts. But for true fans of the supernatural, a baby name with a ghostly backstory could feel just right.

Here, ten “real” ghost names for your Halloween baby.

Ghost Names For Girls and Boys

Agnes Sampson was accused of witchcraft in 16th century Scotland, for which she was later executed. Her ghost, known as Bloody Agnes , is said to haunt Holyrood Palace—Queen Elizabeth ’s official Scottish residence. Agnes is a quirky name that has recently been embraced by trendsetting parents but has not yet made it back into the US Top 1000. The adorable girl in Despicable Me may help propel Agnes back into fashion.

Catalina Lercaro is a famous Spanish ghost, claimed to spook the Canary Islands. Unhappy with her forced engagement to an older man, Catalina killed herself on her wedding day by jumping into a pit outside her family home. The name Catalina is the Spanish variation of Catherine and has taken a large leap in popularity over the past decade. This may have something to do with Catalina ’s recognizability as a place name—currently a hot category in names. Santa Catalina is an island off of California , and Isla Catalina is off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

Dorothy Townshend is the famed Brown Lady of Raynham Hall , who was supposedly captured on film in 1936. Lady Dorothy died in Raynham Hall from smallpox in 1726, but the first reported sighting of her ghost was not until 1835. The ghostly photograph was published in Country Life in 1937, although many regard it as a hoax today. Dorothy feels fresh again for girls after decades of association with The Wizard of Oz . Dorothea , the name from which Dorothy is derived, is also getting more attention. Dot and Dottie make sweet nicknames for either.

Queen Esther was an Iroquois leader who live in Pennsylvania in the 18th century. After the death of her son at the hands of colonial townsmen, she ordered an attack that led to the loss of her entire village. Rumor has it that the Ghost of Queen Esther prevents hunters’ guns from firing in the Pennsylvania woods to protect her village. The name Esther is an Old Testament classic and has never left the Top 400. It’s on the ascent right now, currently ranked at #153 in the US.

Kate is associated with two notable ghosts, Kate Morgan and the Bell Witch. Kate Morgan is said to haunt the Hotel del Coronado in California , where she was found dead—although by murder or suicide it is unclear—in 1892. The Bell Witch, said to be named Kate , was a spirit who haunted the Bell family in 19th century Tennessee . It is widely considered folklore, but the legend of the Bell Witch was the basis for multiple stories in pop culture, including The Blair Witch Project . Kate originated as a nickname for Katherine but is substantial enough to stand on its own. It conjures up royal images thanks to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Perhaps the most pervasive ghost of folklore is Bloody Mary , who is said to appear in one’s mirror if her name is chanted in a dimly-lit room. Bloody Mary is not reliably linked to a specific person from history, although it is suggested that she might be Mary I of England , who was nicknamed Bloody Mary , or Mary Worth , who was killed in the Salem Witch Trials. Mary is also the most pervasive name on this list, as it was the top girls’ name in the US for over seventy years.

Minnie Quay was a teenager in Forester, Michigan, who drowned herself after learning of her lover’s death from a sunken ship. Her ghost is thought to wander along the shores of Lake Huron. Minnie is still heavily associated with Minnie Mouse, but otherwise fits in with the trend of vintage nickname revivals, along with Millie , Josie , and Sadie . Quay , our ghost’s surname, also works as a baby name. It rhymes with “key” and is French for “wharf.”

Nan Tuck disappeared in the woods of Buxted, England, after poisoning a man in the 17th century. The village has a road named after her, Nan Tuck ’s Lane , which is apparently haunted by her ghost. Historically Nan was a nickname for Ann or Nancy , but it can also be used as a short form of the more popular Annabel , as in Edith Wharton’s “The Buccaneers.”

Sweet William ’s Ghost is an English folk song that tells the story of a ghost, William , appealing to his fiancé to be free of his commitment to marry her. Little is known about the origins of the ballad, but it is speculated that the story may have been inspired by a 17th century British play. William is a classic name—a common name among historic kings—and the third most popular name for boys in the US.

Zona Shue—born Elva Zona Heaster—is the Greenbrier Ghost of West Virginia . She was murdered by her husband in 1897 and her mother claimed Zona ’s ghost visited her in the weeks following her death. Zona ’s interesting name is Latin in origin and also the name of a constellation of Orion . It peaked on the US popularity charts in 1887 at #412. A notable wearer is Zona Gale , a novelist and playwright who won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1921.

So which of these real-life ghost names for babies would you consider?

About the Author

Sophie kihm.

Sophie Kihm has been writing for Nameberry since 2015. She has contributed stories on the top 2020s names , Gen Z names , and cottagecore baby names . Sophie is Nameberry’s resident Name Guru to the Stars, where she suggests names for celebrity babies. She also manages the Nameberry Instagram and Pinterest .

Sophie Kihm's articles on names have run on People , Today , The Huffington Post , and more. She has been quoted as a name expert by The Washington Post , People , The Huffington Post , and more. You can follow her personally on Instagram or Pinterest , or contact her at [email protected]. Sophie lives in Chicago.

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Evil, scary, and creepy baby names

Babies are all sweetness and light, of course. But their names don't always have to be. We drew inspiration for these dark baby names from horror films, classic novels, the Bible, Greek mythology, and even Disney.

Rebekah Wahlberg

Scary boy names

Scary girl names, scary unisex names.

If you like one-of-a-kind baby names, have an affinity for the "supernatural," or you're looking for something with an edge, a little bit of goth, or straight up macabre – pick your poison. The world is your haunted house. Move over, Bobby and Susie . These baby names are not for future teacher's pets.

Bram is a nickname for the Hebrew name Abraham , which means "father of many." Bram Stoker, author of the gothic novel Dracula , introduced the world to the infamous vampire, a reanimated, blood-sucking man who lives in a dark castle surrounded by wolves. Stoker's Dracula epitomizes evil, and the name Bram carries on his legacy.

Cain is a character from the Bible – the firstborn son of Adam . He is said to have killed his brother Abel in a twisted tale of sibling rivalry, thus becoming the first human to commit murder. Subsequently, Cain was cursed to become a restless wanderer of the earth for eternity. Fun fact: The expression "my brother's keeper" comes from the story of Cain and Abel.

Damien comes from a Greek word meaning "to tame." It also has an irreparable association with the horror film The Omen , whose main character, a boy named Damien Thorn, is the son of Satan. This name was also borne by several Christian martyrs.

Draco sounds a bit like Dracula, for good reason. It's supposedly derived from the Latin word for "dragon," but "drac" also means "devil" in Romanian. This name is brought to you by the Harry Potter fantasy novel series, which features Draco Malfoy, a school rival of Harry .

Freddy , short for Frederick , is the name of the villain in the horror flick Nightmare on Elm Street . The name means "peace ruler," which doesn't exactly describe Freddy Krueger, whose capacity for violence and wickedness has left all who have dared to watch the films terrified for life. This classic nickname has seen use as a unisex name before, but it's commonly used as a boy's name.

Silas is a possible variant of the Roman name Sylvan , meaning "wood" or "forest," or, some theorize, of the Hebrew name Saul . What we know for sure is that Silas is the name of the unforgettable hit man in Dan Brown's novel DaVinci Code , who is often depicted devoutly whipping himself with a wire chain-like implement, while practicing mortification of the flesh in the name of his faith. Silas is also a villain in the teen supernatural drama series The Vampire Diaries .

Bellatrix is a Latin word that means "female warrior." It earns a spot on this list thanks to Bellatrix Lestrange, a villain in the Harry Potter series who tortures and murders in the name of Voldemort, Harry's nemesis. If you're looking for a spooky name that's undercover, Bella is a natural nickname for this dark moniker.

Carmilla is the name of the title character in the gothic novella Carmilla , written by Sheridan Le Fanu in 1872. Carmilla is an aristocratic vampire who preys on and seduces several women in the book. Said to be the original vampire story that preceded Bram Stoker's Dracula by 26 years, the story of Carmilla is credited with inspiring all other vampire stories that followed.

Carrie is the titular character of Stephen King's first horror novel. The story, which was made into a film in 1976 and then remade in 2013, is a tale of high school woe and cruelty, and, in the end, extreme violence. Carrie is an awkward, bullied high school student who ultimately is pushed too far in such a graphically bloody way it's impossible to unsee. Likely short for Caroline or Carol , Carrie means "free."

Desdemona translates from Greek as "ill-fated one." If that is not enough explanation for appearing on this list of evil baby names, then consider the fact that Desdemona is the name of the wife who is unjustly murdered by her jealous husband in Shakespeare's tragic play Othello . Conspiracy, deceit, murder – the baggage this name carries is dark and burdensome.

Lilith translates from Latin as "of the night" or "night monster." In Jewish folklore, Lilith was Adam's first wife, who was banished from the Garden of Eden for disobedience. Other versions tell of Lilith growing wings and flying away by choice. In mythical Assyrian legend, Lilith is the name of a demon with sinister powers. It's no surprise that many groups of women have embraced Lilith as a symbol of independence and empowerment.

Maleficent has surprisingly risen more than 5,000 spots on BabyCenter's list of most popular names since 2021, with possible thanks to the Disney film Maleficent and Angelina Jolie's depiction of the evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty . Maleficent derives from Latin and means "harm" or "evil." Like many an archetypal villain, Maleficent has a troubled backstory, which explains her wickedness and makes her ever so slightly more sympathetic.

Ophelia is a beautiful name with tragic connotations. Ophelia is a character in Shakespeare's Hamlet , who meets a dark fate when mental illness and grief over her father's murder drive her to suicide. Her name likely derives from Ancient Greek and means "benefit."

Rosemary , while being a beloved, pungent herb, is the name of a fictional character in one of the more iconic, creepy psychological thriller films in history – Rosemary's Baby . In the film, based on a novel written by Ira Levin, Rosemary has an ominous pregnancy before ultimately giving birth to, you guessed it, the spawn of Satan.

Ambrose means "immortal," much like a vampire. Stemming from the Latin word "ambrosius," this name shares roots with ambrosia – a mythical food or drink in ancient Greece that was said to make all who ingested it immortal. Considered by some to be on the preppy side, this name's meaning is perfect for those seeking a benign name with a secret dark side.

Jadis is the name of the fictional villain from C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. Known as the Queen of Charn and the White Witch, she appears in the first two books: The Magician's Nephew, and The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Jadis is part giant, and said to be the offspring of an iteration of the biblical Lilith. Bound by misery and an evil heart, she is responsible for Narnia's eternal winter.

Nyx is a goddess and the personification of night in Greek mythology. She is the daughter of Chaos and the mother of the gods Hypnos, Thanatos, and Erebus (the personifications of sleep, death, and darkness, respectively). She is reputedly feared by Zeus, the king of the gods. The one syllable, the x-ending (think Bex), and the potential to be a nickname for Phoenix make this somewhat mysterious, dark name, which sounds like "nothing," all the more alluring.

Poe is a perfect, short, nonbinary name. The surname of macabre writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe, whose poem "The Raven" explores death and loss and opens with the famous line "Once upon a midnight dreary," makes it especially appealing to anyone looking for a gothic-themed name. Poe was also famous for his short stories, including The Cask of Amontillado , in which a man buries another man alive to get revenge for an insult.

Salem is the name of a town in Massachusetts with a rich history of Puritanism, hysteria, and paranoia toward any woman who practiced what was considered "the devil's magic." The Salem witch trials resulted in 20 women being hanged as "witches" over crimes as benign as using herbs as medicine. At least 200 others were sentenced to jail for practicing "Satanism." These punitive acts have since been proven unwarranted, but the legacy of this New England seaport town lives on through Arthur Miller's play The Crucible and the Salem Witch Museum.

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74 refreshing summer names for your baby

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Baby names inspired by colors

A baby coloring with crayons

Baby names inspired by gemstones

assorted colorful crystals

Baby Names A-Z

Where to go next.

A Polaroid of a baby holding a stuffed animal's hand

Top 37 Funny Ghost Names (Curated & Ranked) + Generator

Witch wearing a purple cloak and holding a candle in the woods

Top 57 Words Associated With Witches (Curated & Ranked)

Pet rock with a bow tie and google eyes

93 Best Pet Rock Names (Curated & Ranked) + Generator

Home » Top 37 Funny Ghost Names (Curated & Ranked) + Generator

Person wearing a white sheet to look like a ghost

Tales of ghosts date back to ancient times and have played a role in a huge variety of cultures worldwide.

Ghost stories as old as five thousand years have been found! In ancient Mesopotamia, for example, people believed that each death created a “gidim,” or ghostly image of the person at the time of their death. ' data-toggle="tooltip" data-html="true">[1]

A clay tablet created around 1500 BCE in ancient Babylon is thought to include the earliest visual depiction of a ghost. It even includes directions for getting rid of a ghost! ' data-toggle="tooltip" data-html="true">[2]

Not all things ghostly are purely spooky. Ghosts can be funny, too, as seen in movies like “Ghostbusters.”

Below, we have the list of funny ghost names, plus a name generator and tips to help you come up with your own unique options.

Funny Ghost Names

Polly the Poltergeist

Mr. Boogedy [3]

Happy Haunter

Free Spirit

Angel of Terror [4]

Boo Marley [5]

a play on Bob Marley

Ghostess With the Mostest [6]

The Helpful Demon [7]

Humphrey Bogart

inspired by the classic Hollywood actor nicknamed “Bogie,” which is also a synonym for “ghost”

Nightmare [9]

The Roaming Angel [7]

Tombstone [9]

Spooks McSpook

The Wandering Guest [7]

The Shivering Reaper [9]

Cyclops [9]

The Weeping Screamer [9]

Soul-dier [5]

The Screaming Terror [4]

Sally Specter

The Midnight Sentinel [9]

short for “invisible boy”

Dr. Deadman

The Gruesome Doll [9]

Phyllis the Phantom

The Pleasant Guest [7]

Funny Ghost Name Generator

How to create your own funny ghost names.

There are endless opportunities to create unique, funny names for a ghost!

Keep these tips in mind to help you brainstorm:

  • Think of a ghost’s characteristics. What do you picture when you think of a spirit? If you imagine a floating, translucent being, you might choose a name like “Misty” or “Cloud,” inspired by how it looks. If you picture a dark creature that holds a grudge, you might choose a name like “Shadow” or “Diablo.”
  • Get inspiration from history and folklore. There are so many ghost stories and myths worldwide. You can take inspiration from these to find an excellent ghost name! Look into cultures you’re unfamiliar with for options that will seem new and fascinating. For example, suppose you’re most familiar with European ghost stories. In that case, you might look to East Asia for stories like Korea’s egg ghost (a spirit with no limbs or facial features) or Japan’s Hitodama (floating balls of fire representing human souls).
  • Avoid the obvious. Though it’s great to get inspiration from ghost stories, some of the ghost names you’ll find there are already highly well-known, like “Casper” or “Bloody Mary.” Avoid using options like these if you want something truly unique and funny!
  • [ ↩ ]
  • [ ↩ ]
  • "Ghosts From A to Z," [ ↩ ]
  • "370 Paranormal & Ghost Hunter Names," NextGala [ ↩ ][ ↩ ]
  • "Ghost Puns," Punpedia [ ↩ ][ ↩ ]
  • "102 Funny Halloween Puns," Country Living [ ↩ ]
  • "Ghost Nicknames: 200+ Best and Hilarious Names," WorthStart [ ↩ ][ ↩ ][ ↩ ][ ↩ ]
  • "500+ Ghost Names: Good & Evil Ghosts," Imagine Forest [ ↩ ][ ↩ ]
  • "550+ Cool Ghost Nicknames That Are Terribly Scary," ChampW [ ↩ ][ ↩ ][ ↩ ][ ↩ ][ ↩ ][ ↩ ][ ↩ ][ ↩ ]

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143 Best Three-Letter Nicknames (Curated & Ranked) + Generator

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Human resources won’t use my name in emails because of my unfortunate initials.

Thanks for contacting us. We've received your submission.

When naming a child, you might try and steer clear of any possible negative connotations.

But sometimes that’s easier said than done, especially if you accidentally overlook your future child’s initials.

A woman named Samantha recently went viral on TikTok for sharing how her name has drawn negative attention as she’s gotten older and started operating in professional workplaces.

Clearly, her parents didn’t think about email address conventions when she was born in the 90’s.

An unfortunate email address

She begins the clip by announcing that she is moving to another job soon, something that fills her with “dread” because of an issue that always arises when she changes workplaces.

“I always have to have the tough conversation about how my name fits into a company email structure,” she continues.

@thesam_show sorry if i talk about this problem too much but it is HAPPENING AGAIN!! ♬ original sound – Sam Hart

“My name is Samantha Hart,” she explains. 

“And most companies use the email designation of first initial, last name, meaning my email would be ‘shart’.”

For the uninitiated, “shart” is a term for an unexpected, well, let’s just say, mishap, when one is trying to pass gas. 

“Fix it. Give me something else”

Samantha says she’s had two professional jobs so far and they’ve both had that email structure, leading HR to reach out to her on both occasions.

The woman says all of her workplaces have followed the same email structure.

“They told me that my name doesn’t exactly fit the email structure and would I mind if they gave me a different structure for my email,” she says.

“To which I say, yeah, I don’t want an email that says shart. Fix it. Give me something else.”

She now wants to know if she should proactively reach out to her new job to let them know or make them initiate the awkward conversation. 

People shared their equally unfortunate names

Both HR offices have asked Samantha if she would follow a different email structure.

The response to her video was a flood of solidarity from fellow ‘unfortunate name’ bearers.

From Chris Littmann (email: Clittmann) to Samantha Wallo (Swallo), the confessions kept rolling in.

Sue Hartlove’s work email?

One user said they knew a Tiffany Estes (Testes), and someone called Rach says her alias is Rkelley.

Then there’s the unforgettable BAllsman and also Patrick Ecker. 

Parents-to-be take note!

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900+ Haunted House Names + Generator

No Halloween story is complete without a haunted house. Who lives there? No-one knows. But one thing we know is that the house is haunted. Haunted with the spirits of the dead. Haunted by the monsters that live there. And haunted by its name. Speaking of all things possessed, this haunted house name generator is the perfect tool for generating some cool haunted house name ideas! Give it a go, and find a name perfect for the scariest house in town!

The names in this spooky house generator have been created based on famous haunted house names, such as the Addams Family Mansion or the 13th Floor haunted house:

We have plenty of other spooky idea generators, like this monster name generator and werewolf name generator .

Here’s a challenge, why not try writing your own horror story with one of the names from this generator?

Create Your Own Haunted House Name

If our haunted house names are not spooky enough, try creating your own – It’s super easy! To create your own haunted house name:

  • Make a list of creepy adjectives. This list could include words like old, broken or abandoned.
  • Now make another list of spooky Halloween nouns. Try to name something you might find in a haunted house, like a demon, ghost or witch .
  • Next, make a list of house synonyms. Some good examples include a mansion, motel, or even ghoulery. 
  • Finally, combine both lists to create your haunted house name. Here are our examples: Abandoned Demon’s Motel, Bloody Witch’s Mansion or Old Ghost’s Ghoulery.

That’s it! Now you can create your own haunted house names using this easy technique. Let us know what names you come up with in the comments below.

Random Haunted House Name Ideas

  • Old Man’s Hotel
  • Black Doorway
  • Monster Presence
  • Demon’s House
  • Phantom Roadhouse
  • Haunting Opera House
  • Fallen Plantation
  • Bell Witch Horror
  • Disturbed Attic
  • Haunting Manse
  • Demon’s Catacombs
  • Sinful House
  • Dracula’s Grounds
  • Devil’s Dance Theatre
  • Blood Grounds
  • Old Man’s House
  • Grudge Ghoulery
  • Haunted Letting House
  • Blair Witch Crypt
  • Terrifying Ghoulery
  • Hell’s Horror
  • Toxic Castle
  • Hell’s Gate Roadhouse
  • Abandoned Plantation
  • Hell’s Prison
  • Blood side Grounds
  • Fallen Roadhouse
  • Screamer’s Letting House
  • Demon’s Presence
  • Boo’s Basement
  • Phantom Home
  • Creepy Lair
  • Black Dollhouse
  • Berryman’s Family Opera House
  • Brain’s Attic
  • William’s Family Road
  • Twisted Letting House
  • Blood side Hollows
  • Tainted Souls Museum
  • Dead Man’s Manor
  • Tainted Souls Gardens
  • Nightmare Acres
  • Octagon Manse
  • Hell’s Gate Crypt
  • Toxic Basement
  • Dr.Mouth’s Revenge Grounds
  • Chucky’s Doorway
  • Dark Hospital
  • Hazardous of Doom
  • Pumpkin Head Basement
  • Exorcism House
  • Raggedy Ann’s Hollows
  • Witch’s Cauldron Horror
  • Hexagon Manor
  • Demon’s Gardens
  • Scary Cottage
  • Devil’s Dance Dungeon
  • Devil’s Dance Cabin
  • Witch’s Cauldron Crypt
  • Bell Witch House
  • Dr.Mouth’s Revenge Letting House
  • Raggedy Ann’s House
  • Terrifying Townhouse
  • Curse of Moira Lair
  • Screamer’s Plantation
  • Brain’s Hospital
  • Black Monk Crypt
  • Blood side Basement
  • Toxic Cottage
  • Ancient Curse Park
  • Dark Museum
  • Witch’s Castle
  • Bloodcurdling Road
  • Dead Man’s Townhouse
  • Berryman’s Family Inn
  • Late Night Manor
  • Scary Mansion
  • Exorcism Dollhouse
  • Full Moon Tower
  • Devil’s Woods
  • Chucky’s Inn
  • Tainted Souls Manor
  • William’s Family Tower
  • Devil’s Dollhouse
  • Tainted Souls Cottage
  • Curse of Moira Cottage
  • Hell’s Gate Road
  • Hillside Attic
  • Pumpkin Head Hollows
  • Insane Roadhouse
  • Chucky’s Gate
  • Old Ghoulery
  • Burnt Haven Den
  • Witch’s Mansion
  • Nightmare Road
  • Dracula’s Cabin
  • Bloodcurdling Gate
  • Broken Motel
  • Devil’s Den
  • Pumpkin Head Castle
  • Curse of Moira Estates
  • Boo’s House
  • Haunting Ghoulery
  • Demon’s Crypt
  • Screamer’s Grounds
  • Beating Heart Train
  • Phantom Road
  • Dead Man’s Tower
  • Tainted Souls Dollhouse
  • Late Night Basement
  • Half Moon Tombstones
  • Murder Townhouse
  • Broken Tower
  • Mummy Tower
  • Blood side Prison
  • Chucky’s House
  • Blair Witch Maze
  • Disturbed Cottage
  • Boo’s Crypt
  • Hazardous Woods
  • Hell’s Fire Tombstones
  • Chucky’s Gardens
  • Berryman’s Family Gate
  • Beating Heart Basement
  • Monster Townhouse
  • Ancient Curse Motel
  • Terrifying Letting House
  • Berryman’s Family Lair
  • William’s Family Doorway
  • Scary Castle
  • Demon’s Lair
  • Demon’s Dungeon
  • Hazardous Den
  • Black Abyss
  • Grudge Cottage
  • Terror Gate
  • Nightmare Maze
  • Octagon Abyss
  • Living Dead Letting House
  • Half Moon Catacombs
  • Gilmour House
  • Ghostly Grounds
  • Beating Heart Den
  • Nightmare Hill
  • Fallen Home
  • Raggedy Ann’s Opera House
  • Hell’s Fire Manse
  • Pumpkin Head Crypt
  • Haversham of Doom
  • Devil’s Dance House
  • Late Night Manse
  • Moon Bay Attic
  • Scary Go Round Attic
  • Black Widow’s Estates
  • Raggedy Ann’s Train
  • Blood Moon Letting House
  • Full Moon Church
  • Haunted Abyss
  • Dr. Know’s Estates
  • Hillside Catacombs
  • Late Night Room
  • Clown’s Funhouse Lair
  • Curse of Moira Townhouse
  • Eek Dollhouse
  • Murder Roadhouse
  • Demon’s Estates
  • Murder Park
  • Bloodcurdling Acres
  • Old Man’s Road
  • William’s Family Dungeon
  • Bloodcurdling Den
  • Black Widow’s Room
  • Abandoned House
  • Living Dead Horror
  • Insane Train
  • Haunting Tower
  • Devil’s Dance Grounds
  • Half Moon Motel
  • Berryman’s Family Dollhouse
  • Hexagon Tombstones
  • Phantom Dungeon
  • Ghostly Motel
  • Mummy Manse
  • Curse of Moira Horror
  • Ghostly Zone
  • Haunted Tower
  • Disturbed Hollows
  • Raven’s Catacombs
  • Fallen Acres
  • Chucky’s Basement
  • Full Moon Train
  • Half Moon Abyss
  • Raggedy Ann’s Crypt
  • Blood side Hotel
  • Boo’s Roadhouse
  • Blood side Estates
  • Scary Abyss
  • Witch’s Cauldron Den
  • Full Moon Inn
  • Pumpkin Head Catacombs
  • Demon’s Castle
  • Living Dead Church
  • Dead Man’s Woods
  • Insane Crypt
  • Octagon Den
  • Grudge Hospital
  • William’s Family Roadhouse
  • Tainted Souls Mansion
  • Gilmour Museum
  • Hazardous Cabin
  • Nightmare Crypt
  • Exorcism Catacombs
  • Evil Dungeon
  • Old Roadhouse
  • Scary Go Round Tombstones
  • Mummy Estates
  • Devil’s Dance Tombstones
  • Blood side Opera House
  • Octagon Park
  • Brain’s Church
  • Black Monk Letting House
  • Moon Bay Hospital
  • Dead Man’s Theatre
  • Sinful Horror
  • Old Mansion
  • Old Man’s Manse
  • Creepy Ghoulery
  • Mummy Ghoulery
  • William’s Family Lair
  • Blair Witch Train
  • Phantom Theatre
  • Blood Moon Gardens
  • Hillside Zone
  • Hell’s Grounds
  • Haversham Roadhouse
  • Ancient Curse Horror
  • Dark Letting House
  • Hillside Hill
  • Twisted Hospital
  • Blood side Museum
  • Mummy Hollows
  • Exorcism Crypt
  • Black Monk Road
  • Lost Souls Basement
  • Insane Tower
  • Dr. Mouth’s Revenge Tombstones
  • Moon Bay Dungeon
  • Raven’s Letting House
  • Blood side House
  • Hell’s Gate Plantation
  • Toxic Manse
  • Ghostly Acres
  • Screamer’s Mansion
  • Hillside Lair
  • Terror Hill
  • Hillside Plantation
  • Disturbed Horror
  • Murder Tower
  • Ancient Curse Maze
  • Fallen Manse
  • Eek Gardens
  • Hell’s Opera House
  • Grudge Manor
  • Blood Museum
  • Black Grounds
  • Abandoned Tower
  • Terror Abyss
  • Berryman’s Family Crypt
  • Dracula’s Hollows
  • Curse of Moira Catacombs
  • Devil’s Theatre
  • Fallen Prison
  • Shrieking Tower
  • Lost Souls Park
  • Old Catacombs
  • Lost Souls Theatre
  • Dead Man’s Motel
  • Evil Plantation
  • Dracula’s Hill
  • Blood Acres
  • Mummy Cabin
  • Bloodcurdling Zone
  • Broken Opera House
  • Black Monk Park
  • Gilmour Park
  • Trick or Treat Horror
  • Broken Dungeon
  • Witch’s Letting House
  • Bloodcurdling Manse
  • Blood Moon House
  • Moon Bay Motel
  • Murder Castle
  • Black Monk Acres
  • Dracula’s Theatre
  • Haversham Zone
  • Screamer’s Acres
  • Devil’s Letting House
  • Curse of Moira Tower
  • Brain’s Presence
  • Raven’s Park
  • Hell’s Gate Basement
  • Half Moon Museum
  • Sinful Park
  • Raven’s Manor
  • Late Night Park
  • Screamer’s Cabin
  • Moon Bay Crypt
  • Devil’s Church
  • Insane Townhouse
  • Curse of Moira Home
  • Toxic Estates
  • Black Dungeon
  • Dr. Mouth’s Revenge of Doom
  • Broken Gate
  • Moon Bay Hollows
  • Curse of Moira Manor
  • Sinful Townhouse
  • Old Man’s Mansion
  • Devil’s Park
  • Blood side Inn
  • Murder Manse
  • Ancient Curse Cabin
  • Phantom Grounds
  • Black Cat’s Cabin
  • Fallen Cottage
  • Black Hotel
  • Twisted Woods
  • Berryman’s Family Museum
  • Terrifying Gate
  • Old Wives Zone
  • Haunting Train
  • Bloodcurdling Maze
  • Scary Go Round Crypt
  • Monster Hotel
  • Twisted Mansion
  • Living Dead Acres
  • Blair Witch Hollows
  • Blair Witch Opera House
  • Grudge Home
  • Black Monk Gardens
  • Full Moon Plantation
  • Bloodcurdling Hospital
  • Exorcism Plantation
  • Witch’s Cauldron Park
  • Witch’s Cauldron Castle
  • Devil’s Castle
  • Blood side Roadhouse
  • Hell’s Fire Theatre
  • Haunting Hotel
  • Late Night Cabin
  • Phantom Lair
  • Dark Catacombs
  • Curse of Moira Inn
  • Old Man’s Castle
  • Ancient Curse Dollhouse
  • Screamer’s Castle
  • Abandoned Church
  • Bell Witch Woods
  • Twisted Roadhouse
  • Old Man’s Dungeon
  • Trick or Treat Manor
  • Scary Go Round Park
  • Black Cat’s Motel
  • Pumpkin Head Grounds
  • Twisted Room
  • Haunting Grounds
  • Disturbed Church
  • Hell’s Fire Cottage
  • Broken Mansion
  • Nightmare Gardens
  • Hell’s Fire Den
  • Half Moon Basement
  • Late Night Plantation
  • Hell’s Park
  • Dracula’s Gardens
  • Blair Witch Prison
  • Devil’s Dance Manse
  • Disturbed Gardens
  • Terror of Doom
  • Witch’s Cauldron Museum
  • Berryman’s Family Theatre
  • Ghostly Letting House
  • Old Dollhouse
  • Shrieking Manor
  • Hell’s Fire Dollhouse
  • Curse of Moira Gardens
  • Evil Doorway
  • Hell’s Gate Hollows
  • Disturbed Train
  • Ancient Curse House
  • Boo’s Ghoulery
  • Broken Gardens
  • Creepy Dungeon
  • Boo’s Lair
  • Twisted Maze
  • Late Night Cottage
  • Dead Man’s Church
  • Hell’s Gate Letting House
  • Haversham Hotel
  • Old Tombstones
  • Abandoned Road
  • Chucky’s Road
  • Witch’s Home
  • Creepy Cottage
  • Nightmare Dollhouse
  • Living Dead Gate
  • Blood Moon Basement
  • Haunting Lair
  • Hell’s Gate Zone
  • Mummy Hospital
  • Shrieking Grounds
  • Haunting Road
  • Toxic of Doom
  • Creepy Hill
  • Old Wives Road
  • Hillside Crypt
  • Devil’s Cottage
  • Beating Heart Plantation
  • Abandoned Hotel
  • Witch’s Basement
  • Devil’s Train
  • Scary Go Round Zone
  • Terrifying Theatre
  • Trick or Treat of Doom
  • Shrieking Presence
  • Blood Basement
  • Chucky’s Plantation
  • Dr. Mouth’s Revenge Woods
  • Scary Opera House
  • Scary Go Round Lair
  • Lost Souls Zone
  • Black Widow’s Motel
  • Black Cat’s Mansion
  • Scary Gardens
  • Full Moon Castle
  • Raggedy Ann’s Theatre
  • Disturbed Prison
  • Black Widow’s Castle
  • Dr. Mouth’s Revenge Home
  • Dr. Mouth’s Revenge Estates
  • Gilmour Acres
  • Sinful Roadhouse
  • Grudge Attic
  • Sinful Church
  • Fallen Theatre
  • Witch’s Cauldron Opera House
  • Pumpkin Head Room
  • Monster Tower
  • Old Wives Grounds
  • Monster Den
  • Terror Doorway
  • Sinful Prison
  • Hell’s Fire Hospital
  • Nightmare Presence
  • Demon’s Basement
  • Dead Man’s Grounds
  • Demon’s Prison
  • Hazardous Crypt
  • Dark Grounds
  • Dr. Mouth’s Revenge Townhouse
  • Octagon Lair
  • Hell’s Fire Road
  • Burnt Haven Manor
  • Scary Go Round Dollhouse
  • Broken Road
  • Living Dead Crypt
  • Boo’s Gardens
  • Lost Souls Catacombs
  • Black Monk of Doom
  • Shrieking Woods
  • Fallen Dollhouse
  • Grudge Grounds
  • Haunting Abyss
  • Pumpkin Head Manor
  • Hillside Prison
  • Pumpkin Head Ghoulery
  • Old Man’s Train
  • Moon Bay Opera House
  • Hell’s Inn
  • Dead Man’s Opera House
  • Phantom Church
  • Phantom Museum
  • Tainted Souls Estates
  • Abandoned Attic
  • Twisted Inn
  • Disturbed Hospital
  • Toxic Catacombs
  • Murder Woods
  • Clown’s Funhouse Roadhouse
  • Fallen Church
  • Witch’s Dungeon
  • Broken House
  • Haunting Theatre
  • Insane Mansion
  • Hell’s Gate Den
  • Moon Bay Church
  • Black Monk Train
  • Dracula’s Mansion
  • Raggedy Ann’s Letting House
  • Twisted Theatre
  • Hell’s Gate Cabin
  • Exorcism Doorway
  • Brain’s Estates
  • Haunted Church
  • Boo’s Attic
  • Ancient Curse Doorway
  • Dead Man’s Estates
  • Half Moon Estates
  • Witch’s Cauldron Tower
  • Terror Church
  • Dr. Mouth’s Revenge Den
  • Blair Witch Horror
  • Eek Letting House
  • Ancient Curse Tombstones
  • Dr. Mouth’s Revenge Museum
  • Phantom of Doom
  • Full Moon Basement
  • Exorcism Hotel
  • Haversham Tower
  • Hell’s Acres
  • Octagon Gardens
  • Phantom Abyss
  • Mummy Roadhouse
  • Murder Dollhouse
  • Haunted Presence
  • Hexagon Park
  • Full Moon Grounds
  • Old Wives Hotel
  • Bloodcurdling Dollhouse
  • Living Dead Presence
  • Disturbed Den
  • Murder Tombstones
  • Black Widow’s Road
  • Hell’s Gate Inn
  • Monster Catacombs
  • Bell Witch Doorway
  • William’s Family Hotel
  • Black Widow’s Basement
  • Black Widow’s Letting House
  • Murder Opera House
  • Scary Go Round Cottage
  • Octagon Gate
  • Bloodcurdling Attic
  • Tainted Souls Gate
  • Raven’s Tombstones
  • Dr. Know’s Mansion
  • Dr. Mouth’s Revenge Opera House
  • Hell’s Fire Plantation
  • Half Moon Zone
  • Dr. Know’s Ghoulery
  • Exorcism Estates
  • Blair Witch Plantation
  • Dead Man’s Hill
  • Blood Moon Tombstones
  • Lost Souls Roadhouse
  • Blair Witch Ghoulery
  • Boo’s Doorway
  • Terrifying Attic
  • Curse of Moira Hollows
  • Hell’s Room
  • Fallen Train
  • William’s Family Park
  • Boo’s Estates
  • Old Wives Ghoulery
  • Chucky’s Manse
  • Clown’s Funhouse Train
  • Blood Moon Tower
  • Blood Moon Presence
  • Curse of Moira Tombstones
  • Blood Moon Acres
  • Brain’s Room
  • Chucky’s Estates
  • Demon’s Plantation
  • Demon’s Opera House
  • Haversham Tombstones
  • Sinful Estates
  • Haversham Den
  • Ancient Curse Cottage
  • Demon’s Inn
  • Curse of Moira Attic
  • Raven’s Theatre
  • Trick or Treat Gate
  • Black Castle
  • Scary Museum
  • Demon’s Gate
  • Haunted Crypt
  • Hell’s Fire Catacombs
  • Living Dead Tower
  • Old Wives Prison
  • Brain’s Abyss
  • Screamer’s Attic
  • Chucky’s Tower
  • Gilmour Road
  • Haunting Park
  • Chucky’s Acres
  • Disturbed Room
  • Dr. Know’s Motel
  • Chucky’s Dungeon
  • Blood side Attic
  • Boo’s Church
  • Chucky’s Motel
  • Hell’s Roadhouse
  • Terror Cabin
  • Black Cat’s Hospital
  • Evil Mansion
  • Insane Attic
  • Witch’s Church
  • Evil Castle
  • Blair Witch Doorway
  • Devil’s of Doom
  • Gilmour Maze
  • Witch’s Tower
  • Haunting Horror
  • Screamer’s Cottage
  • Terrifying Hill
  • Devil’s Tombstones
  • Blood Moon Room
  • Late Night Horror
  • Pumpkin Head Inn
  • Phantom Letting House
  • Fallen Gate
  • Witch’s Cauldron Prison
  • Hazardous Grounds
  • Haunted Museum
  • Screamer’s Opera House
  • Moon Bay Lair
  • Burnt Haven of Doom
  • Clown’s Funhouse Road
  • Haunting Manor
  • Demon’s Cottage
  • Murder Ghoulery
  • Ancient Curse Letting House
  • Old Wives Gardens
  • Pumpkin Head Tower
  • Raven’s Zone
  • Curse of Moira Theatre
  • Raven’s Cottage
  • Monster Letting House
  • Dr. Know’s Home
  • Beating Heart Gate
  • Hillside Home
  • Gilmour Opera House
  • Pumpkin Head Mansion
  • Scary Go Round Abyss
  • Burnt Haven Theatre
  • Full Moon of Doom
  • Raven’s Opera House
  • Boo’s Horror
  • Mummy Manor
  • Terrifying Manor
  • Octagon Museum
  • Creepy Home
  • Tainted Souls Attic
  • Brain’s Gate
  • Witch’s Maze
  • Abandoned Lair
  • Sinful Train
  • Nightmare Cottage
  • Sinful Manse
  • Ancient Curse Hotel
  • Dark Prison
  • Lost Souls Dungeon
  • Fallen Gardens
  • Screamer’s Museum
  • Clown’s Funhouse Cottage
  • Black of Doom
  • Ghostly Attic
  • Exorcism Hill
  • William’s Family Acres
  • Late Night Abyss
  • Fallen Room
  • Demon’s Home
  • Scary Go Round Motel
  • Phantom Plantation
  • Ghostly Horror
  • Sinful Tombstones
  • Ghostly Church
  • Creepy Opera House
  • Monster Gardens
  • Dr. Know’s Tombstones
  • Tainted Souls Tower
  • Tainted Souls Lair
  • Nightmare Den
  • Black Widow’s Townhouse
  • Full Moon House
  • Old Wives Church
  • Late Night Hill
  • Dr. Know’s Abyss
  • Dr.Mouth’s Revenge Hill
  • Chucky’s Hospital
  • Bell Witch Opera House
  • Gilmour Gardens
  • Haunting House
  • Half Moon Home
  • Scary Go Round Den
  • Gilmour Hotel
  • Beating Heart Home
  • Trick or Treat Room
  • Creepy Park
  • Berryman’s Family Townhouse
  • Nightmare Doorway
  • Moon Bay Gardens
  • Exorcism Tower
  • Boo’s Acres
  • Curse of Moira Letting House
  • Scary Go Round Manor
  • Terror Mansion
  • Scary House
  • Devil’s Dance Hill
  • Full Moon Dollhouse
  • Hexagon Train
  • Phantom Train
  • Ancient Curse Acres
  • Terrifying Doorway
  • Disturbed Tower
  • Witch’s of Doom
  • Pumpkin Head House
  • Haunted Acres
  • Haversham Prison
  • William’s Family Cottage
  • Screamer’s Hill
  • Scary Go Round Woods
  • Shrieking Lair
  • Old Wives Train
  • Late Night Tombstones
  • Moon Bay Horror
  • Twisted Presence
  • Abandoned Manor
  • Blood Tombstones
  • Raven’s Hollows
  • Murder Hospital
  • Old Wives Basement
  • Haversham Inn
  • William’s Family Den
  • Beating Heart Abyss
  • Terrifying Tower
  • Creepy Letting House
  • Grudge of Doom
  • Phantom Hospital
  • Toxic Gardens
  • Dark Dungeon
  • Curse of Moira Grounds
  • Nightmare Park
  • Hell’s Gate Gate
  • Haunted Tombstones
  • Trick or Treat Theatre
  • Gilmour Manse
  • Hillside Manor
  • Screamer’s Hollows
  • Shrieking Cabin
  • Nightmare Hotel
  • Toxic Train
  • Nightmare Hospital
  • Blood side Church
  • Hexagon Motel
  • Blood Moon Woods
  • Scary Go Round Castle
  • Lost Souls Church
  • Black Acres
  • Demon’s Train
  • Eek Plantation
  • Scary Dungeon
  • Terrifying Lair
  • Moon Bay Theatre
  • Fallen Catacombs
  • Half Moon Acres
  • Nightmare Ghoulery
  • Broken Letting House
  • Scary Go Round Roadhouse
  • Haversham Basement
  • Hell’s Plantation
  • Monster Maze
  • Toxic Manor
  • Living Dead Attic
  • William’s Family Abyss
  • Twisted Home
  • Terror Maze
  • Terrifying Maze
  • Blair Witch Zone
  • Terrifying Zone
  • Disturbed Letting House
  • Witch’s Cauldron Hill
  • Living Dead Train
  • Hell’s Den
  • Living Dead Doorway
  • Clown’s Funhouse House
  • Full Moon Estates
  • Hell’s Fire Crypt
  • Fallen Hollows
  • Tainted Souls Inn
  • Dr. Know’s Catacombs
  • Devil’s Motel
  • Nightmare Castle
  • Black Widow’s Den
  • Demon’s Tower
  • Mummy Cottage
  • Dead Man’s Hollows
  • Half Moon House
  • Lost Souls Museum
  • Half Moon Plantation
  • Black Letting House
  • Pumpkin Head Gardens
  • Dark Dollhouse
  • Bell Witch Attic
  • Old Wives Cabin
  • Terrifying Church
  • William’s Family Catacombs
  • Hazardous Horror
  • Bloodcurdling Lair
  • Tainted Souls Opera House
  • Old Wives House
  • Mummy Crypt
  • Raggedy Ann’s Gate
  • Haunting Basement
  • Dead Man’s of Doom
  • Twisted Basement
  • Ancient Curse Den
  • Phantom Townhouse
  • Scary Go Round Church
  • Chucky’s Maze
  • Monster Dollhouse
  • Exorcism Acres
  • Black Cat’s Tower
  • Blood Presence
  • Shrieking Crypt
  • Murder Dungeon
  • Black Attic
  • Demon’s Manse
  • Grudge Dollhouse
  • Lost Souls Room
  • Raven’s Cabin
  • Hell’s Gate Tombstones
  • Insane Abyss
  • Berryman’s Family Cabin
  • Monster Crypt
  • Nightmare Theatre
  • Scary Go Round Horror
  • Terrifying Prison
  • Blair Witch Grounds
  • Blood Church
  • Broken Roadhouse
  • Chucky’s Opera House
  • Terror Room
  • Berryman’s Family Manor
  • Hell’s Fire Prison
  • Monster Road
  • William’s Family Hollows
  • Living Dead Tombstones
  • Terrifying Road
  • Fallen Manor
  • William’s Family Ghoulery
  • Creepy Estates
  • Hazardous Cottage
  • Old Wives Lair
  • Scary Ghoulery
  • Half Moon Theatre
  • Bloodcurdling Tower
  • Creepy Mansion
  • Fallen Motel
  • Black Widow’s Abyss
  • Disturbed Museum
  • Hell’s Gate Abyss
  • 13th Floor Gate
  • 13th Floor Zone
  • 13th Floor Roadhouse

What do you think of these haunted house name ideas? Let us know your favourite in the comments below.

haunted house name generator

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Ohio State expected to name Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork to succeed Gene Smith

Ohio State is expected to hire Texas A&M’s Ross Bjork to succeed Gene Smith as the school’s athletic director, a source told The Dispatch Monday.

Bjork, 51, has been Texas A&M’s AD since 2019. He was previously at the Mississippi and Western Kentucky.

He is a native of Dodge City, Kansas, and graduated from Emporia State. He played fullback on Emporia State's football team.

Bjork’s expected hiring comes just days after Ted Carter officially began as Ohio State’s new president . Ohio State’s Board of Trustees must approve the hiring. Their next meeting is in February.

In an interview with The Dispatch on Thursday , Carter said the first word that comes to mind in hiring a new AD is "leader." The individual would need to "know how to work across a very complex spectrum," he said.

Carter was also looking for someone who understands the vast challenges and changes taking place across the college athletics landscape — name, image and likeness opportunities, conference realignments, changes to the college football playoffs and managing 36 Division 1 teams, to name a few.

"We need to hire somebody that is not learning on the job," Carter said. "(They) have to come in with a whole lot of experience, understand the challenges that are out in front of us, be able to make certainly hard decisions — because there will be some hard decisions coming up."

If he is hired, Bjork would be the ninth athletic director in school history. He has no ties to Ohio or the Big Ten.

His tenures at Ole Miss and Texas A&M were not without controversy. At Ole Miss, Bjork repeatedly defended then-football coach Hugh Freeze against 21 NCAA rules violation charges, including a failure-to-monitor charge against Freeze and a lack of institutional control. The NCAA infractions committee said Ole Miss had "an unconstrained culture of booster involvement in football recruiting."

The allegations included charges of a cash payment to a linebacker. Freeze was eventually fired after it came to light from a public records request filed by his predecessor, Houston Nutt, that Freeze had placed at least 12 phone calls to escort services.

Ole Miss issued a self-imposed bowl ban for the 2017 season. The NCAA added a bowl ban for the following season.

"This is now the third case over three decades that has involved the boosters and football program," the NCAA panel said when announcing the bowl ban. "Even the head coach acknowledged that upon coming to Mississippi, he was surprised by the 'craziness' of boosters trying to insert themselves into his program. At the hearing, Mississippi's chancellor acknowledged his institution's problem with boosters, characterizing one instance as 'disturbingly questionable.'"

The NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee partly overturned the sanctions, eliminating a restriction on unofficial visits to the school.

At Texas A&M, Bjork fired football coach Jimbo Fisher in November. Fisher was lured to Texas A&M from Florida State in 2017 with a guaranteed, 10-year, $75 million contract. Bjork didn't become Texas A&M's AD until 2019, but he extended Fisher's contract in 2021 through 2031 and allowed it to remain fully guaranteed.

No offset or stipulation was included in the extension to reduce the amount A&M owes Fisher if he takes another job. As a result, the school owed Fisher $76 million.

"It was a mistake, as we look back on it," Bjork is quoted as saying in a report by Dallas television station WFAA following Fisher's firing. "There’s a lot of other buyouts where if coaches got let go today, would be more than what our buyout is. But those programs are winning. Ours didn’t work."

Despite spending more than $177 million, Texas A&M's athletics, particularly football, has been an underachiever. The Aggies had recruiting classes ranked in the top 10 from 2020-22, including the No. 1 ranking by in 2022, but finished only 7-6 last year and 5-7 in 2022.

According to Bjork's contract with Texas A&M, he must pay the school $750,000 −half of his annual salary for this year − as the buyout to accept the Ohio State offer.

Bjork did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Dispatch.

The Dispatch has learned that Washington State athletic director Pat Chun was a finalist for the job. Chun spent 15 years in the OSU athletic department from 1997-2012, including as executive associate athletics director before his hiring at WSU.

Smith will retire at the end of June after serving as AD since 2005.

Get more Ohio State football news by listening to our podcasts.

Former flight attendant to become first woman to lead Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines said Wednesday that it will appoint Mitsuko Tottori as its next president, in a move that will make her the first female leader in the carrier’s seven-decade history. She will start in her new role in April.

Her appointment reflects Japan Airlines’ intent to assuage customer concerns about safety, in the wake of the fiery collision between one of its passenger jets and a Japanese coast guard plane at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on Jan. 2. Five coast guard officials were killed, but all 367 passengers and the dozen crew members aboard the jet escaped. The carrier was praised for its smooth 20-minute evacuation of a plane that was already on fire.

At a news conference announcing her appointment, Tottori praised those crew members. “I think there was a strong sense of mission to ensure that everyone evacuated safely,” she said.

“I feel very proud” of the crew, she added.

Tottori is a former flight attendant who began her career in 1985 four months before the airline’s deadliest disaster, which killed more than 500 people. Only four survived, including two children, The Washington Post reported at the time.

Tottori told reporters this week that the 1985 accident remains “deeply ingrained in my heart.”

“As someone who knew what happened then, I feel extremely responsible for passing on the importance of safety to the next generation,” she said. “I will continue to work with a strong determination for safety, which is the foundation of airlines.”

How 379 people escaped fiery Japan Airlines plane crash

The symbolism of becoming the company’s first female leader was not lost on Tottori, who promised to serve as a role model.

“There are female employees out there who are struggling with their career steps or going through big life events,” she said. “I hope that my appointment as president can encourage them or give them the courage to take the next step.”

The 59-year-old has served in roles that helped shape the company’s safety policies. She was a senior manager of the carrier’s cabin safety department from 2013 to 2015 and was a vice president overseeing the same department from 2019 to 2020, according to Japan Airlines .

The carrier has previously cited Tottori’s “high level of insight and field experience in safe flight operations” as a flight attendant, plus her work with safety and security, as reasons for naming her to senior positions.

“Safety and service are the two pillars of my career,” Tottori told reporters.


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    Find over 1,000 name ideas for cute monsters, scary monsters and even good monsters in this Halloween-inspired name generator. Perfect for some Halloween writing or for your next horror story. Inspired by famous monster names from history and random spooky words, we created this cool monster name generator:

  17. Ghost Name Generator

    The Ghost Name Generator is a tool designed to generate eerie and mysterious names for ghosts, ghouls, and other spectral entities. It is perfect for writers, gamers, and anyone seeking inspiration for ghost characters in their stories, games, or other creative projects. The generated names can be used in various contexts, such as novels, short ...

  18. Ghost Names for Babies

    News Ghost Names for Babies By Sophie Kihm Updated Thu Oct 17 2019 Share Copy link Whether or not you actually believe in ghosts, it's hard to deny that a ghost name would be ideal for a baby born around Halloween. And I'm not talking about Casper, Jacob, or Helena, all ghosts from popular culture.

  19. Evil, scary, and creepy names

    Evil, scary, and creepy baby names. Babies are all sweetness and light, of course. But their names don't always have to be. We drew inspiration for these dark baby names from horror films, classic novels, the Bible, Greek mythology, and even Disney. Fact-checked by Rebekah Wahlberg, Associate Editor. Written by Betsy Shaw | Aug 31, 2022.

  20. 200+ Creepy Names From Fiction And Real Life To Inspire You

    1. Alice, the little girl with a creepy mask from 'Alice Sweet Alice'. This is one of the best evil girl names. 2. Charlene, the girl from 'Firestarter' who starts fires and troubles her family. 3. Cole, the baby from 'The Sixth Sense' who can see ghosts. 4. Damien, this scary baby was an Antichrist in 'The Omen'.

  21. Top 37 Funny Ghost Names (Curated & Ranked) + Generator

    If you imagine a floating, translucent being, you might choose a name like "Misty" or "Cloud," inspired by how it looks. If you picture a dark creature that holds a grudge, you might choose a name like "Shadow" or "Diablo.". Get inspiration from history and folklore. There are so many ghost stories and myths worldwide.

  22. Top 100 Brilliant Spooky Halloween Names You'll Love

    89. Phantom (Greek origin) meaning "mere image, unreality". This is one of the typical Halloween words. 90. Phoebe (Greek origin) meaning "bright". 91. Pumpkin (Greek origin) referring to the large, orange-yellow, round fruit. It is traditional to carve a spooky face in a pumpkin at Halloween. 92.

  23. 17 Demon Names M

    Huge listing of demonic names, images and bios of demons on this page are of Malaphar, Malephar, Malpas, Malphas, Malthus, Mammon, Marax, Marbas, Marchosias, Mastema. Check Out Our Top 25 Demon Movies You Must See! Demon Names in the Bible Reference (Old Testament and New Testament)

  24. Human resources won't use my name in emails because of my unfortunate

    original sound - Sam Hart. "My name is Samantha Hart," she explains. "And most companies use the email designation of first initial, last name, meaning my email would be 'shart'.". For ...

  25. 900+ Haunted House Names + Generator

    Try to name something you might find in a haunted house, like a demon, ghost or witch. Next, make a list of house synonyms. Some good examples include a mansion, motel, or even ghoulery. Finally, combine both lists to create your haunted house name. Here are our examples: Abandoned Demon's Motel, Bloody Witch's Mansion or Old Ghost's ...

  26. Where does the word 'caucus' come from?

    Advertisement. Liberman, the University of Minnesota linguistics professor, said "caucus" originates from slang — which "dooms its etymology to obscurity.". Tracing the origin of such ...

  27. Blazers' Jerami Grant on NBA Trade Rumors Ahead of 2024 Deadline: 'I'm

    Jerami Grant's name has popped up in trade rumors ahead of the Feb. 8 deadline, but he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to leave the Portland Trail Blazers. Speaking to Sean Highkin of the Rose ...

  28. OSU expected to name Texas A&M AD Ross Bjork to succeed Gene Smith

    Ohio State is expected to hire Texas A&M's Ross Bjork to succeed Gene Smith as the school's athletic director, a source told The Dispatch Monday. Bjork, 51, has been Texas A&M's AD since ...

  29. Japan Airlines names ex-flight attendant Mitsuko Tottori president

    Tottori is a former flight attendant who began her career in 1985 four months before the airline's deadliest disaster, which killed more than 500 people. Only four survived, including two ...