Wayne County Historical Museum

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ghost tours in richmond indiana

Tag Line: Four Nights of Spooky Wayne County Tales!

When: Friday October 8, Saturday October 9 & Friday October 29, Saturday October 30

8:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Where: Wayne County Historical Museum 1150 N. A St. Richmond, IN 

Admission: $10.00/ Person  

Tickets must be reserved in advance via Eventbrite


Description: YOUR WCHM is hosting four nights of Spooktacular fun! Each group will have expert paranormal investigators that will tell you about different ghostly encounters that they, or others have experienced in houses and buildings within the Depot and Starr Historic District! Please call or come to the museum to pay for tickets. Please be aware that we will be walking so wear clothes that you can walk in!  Masks are required inside the museum,  and we ask that our gests social distance during the event.  

Background: From cemeteries to parks and everything in between, our Haunted History Tours will give visitors a look into the paranormal realms of Wayne County. Guests will learn about some of the Wayne County Historical Museum’s spookiest residents, as well as some that share the neighborhood with us!

ghost tours in richmond indiana

Forsaken Forest

Own this Attraction?

Forsaken Forest is a Haunted Attraction located in Richmond, IN.

ghost tours in richmond indiana

5970 IN 121, Richmond, IN 47374

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About This Attraction:

Haunt Types:


Black Forest Productions will be debuting the Forsaken Forest in fall of 2023.

Forsaken Forest Facebook Page

Guest Reviews Guest Average: 9.78 out of 10

Sabrina Ballard – 10 / 10 – November 4, 2023 Crash was amazing to our family really enjoyed is Comfort he was really respectful and very good to …show more our family we hope he is back again next year thanks for the fun we had!!!!

Ric – 10 / 10 – September 30, 2023 For their second weekend of their first year as a haunt they did amazing. I jumped a few time but I …show more had so much fun. All the actors are amazing and everyone there has put in so much work. You all are doing great keep it up.

Elizabeth – 10 / 10 – September 29, 2023 Went with a friend and our kids. Had an amazing time! I really enjoyed the clown scene. Had some …show more great laughs and a lot of scream lol Definitely going back.

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Haunted Places in Richmond, Indiana

ghost tours in richmond indiana

Starr Piano Building

Richmond, indiana.

The late-1800s Starr Piano Company not only made and sold pianos and phonographs but also housed Gennett Records, which recorded jazz, blues and country artists including Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton and Hoagy Carmichael. The complex was partly demolished in the 1970s and the shell still stands. The area is ...

Earlham College

Earlham College is a liberal arts college founded by Quakers in 1847. The college has a resident ghost in the Athletic and Wellness Center who is known to play basketball at night.

St. Clair Memorial Hall

Greenville, ohio.

St. Clair Memorial Hall was built in 1910 and has an old man's spirit lingering inside, folks say. The hall, where plays and musicals are performed, is haunted by a man who fell to his death while changing a light bulb.

Guyer Opera House

Lewisville, indiana.

In the 1900s, tragedy struck when a young boy was killed when a bullet ricocheted during a Wild West gun show. His spirit, along with that of the founder O.K. Guyer, who died the same year his opera house opened, are said to haunt the building. Guyer's funeral was held ...

Bear's Mill

Bear’s Mill, an operating water-powered mill and historic landmark, was built in 1849 by Gabriel Baer. It is said to be haunted by a former owner, whose ghost can be heard walking on the creaking floorboards upstairs when no one is there.

ghost tours in richmond indiana

Thornhaven Manor

New castle, indiana.

This curious haunt has been featured on Ghost Adventures and is quickly becoming one of the most talked about haunted locations for the innumerable amounts of paranormal activity occurring on the property. Sitting on seven acres this foreboding home is the site of murder, mysterious deaths, and rumored suicide. (Submitted ...

Florentine Hotel and Restaurant

Germantown, ohio.

The 1816 hotel and restaurant is haunted. Staff and diners have experienced an eerie presence on the third floor, and the mezzanine is haunted by a poltergeist that causes the chandeliers to swing to and fro. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Sorg Opera House and Mansion

Middletown, ohio.

The opera house is haunted by the ghost of former residents, who can be heard walking around the house and talking late at night. The ghost of an actress in a red dress has been seen in the dressing rooms, but she vanishes when approached. She has also been heard ...

Finch Cemetery

Portland, indiana.

The late-1800s Finch Cemetery at the Jay County Conservation Club is said to hold the grave of a boy named Cinderella. Rumor has it that the gravestones here shift, or disappear. If you count the gravestones on the way to Cinderella's grave, you will count 13. But on the way ...

Sinclair Community College

Dayton, ohio.

Sinclair Community College's cafeteria is said to rest on the site of the old city gallows, but a number of other places here are rumored to have ghosts. At Blair Hall, something has tugged at witnesses, and they've heard phantom cats, babies and footsteps. The elevators work on their own, ...

ghost tours in richmond indiana

Victoria Theatre

It opened in 1866 and has been known as Turner Opera House, Grand Opera House, Victoria Opera House and Victoria Theatre. The likes of Harry Houdini, Sarah Bernhardt and Mark Twain have performed here, and one performer never left. The ghost is a 1920s actress who vanished from her locked ...

Patterson Homestead

Patterson Homestead is a historic house museum built in the early 1800s, originally home to Revolutionary War veteran Colonel Robert Patterson and his wife Elizabeth Lindsay Patterson. When the house was donated to the city by ancestor Jefferson Patterson in 1953, it was complete with 18th- and 19th-century furnishings and ...

Revenant Acres Farm

Charlottesville, indiana.

An old farmhouse dating back to the 1800s known to locals as a hot-spot for paranormal activity. An old woman's presence is felt by some. Others have claimed to have experienced poltergeist activity.

Woodland Cemetery

Woodland Cemetery has a sad story. Young Johnny Morehouse froze to death when he fell into the Miami & Erie Canal, although his dog tried hard to pull him out. After Johnny died, the dog wouldn't move from the gravesite, and eventually died. A statue was made of the dog, ...

Redkey, Indiana

This 1912 former hotel now houses the offices of a paranormal investigative team, who claim that the building is one of the most haunted in the entire state. With its troubling past of murder, manslaughter and illegal activity, it isn't that hard to believe either. At least two, possibly ...

Patterson Tower

Kettering, ohio.

Two glowing, shadowy apparitions have been seen standing near the base of the tower on stormy nights. The ghost of a lady in a white dress has been seen on the boulevard directly adjacent to the tower. A black mist has been around the tower, and chases away visitors. (Submitted by ...

The Screaming Bridge of Maud Hughes Road

Richmond, ohio.

Maud Hughes Road has a haunted bridge known to locals as the Screaming Bridge. Locals say it has been the site of at least 36 deaths through accidents and suicides. Witnesses have reported apparitions, mists, hooded figures, strange lights, and a phantom train on the tracks below. There are many, ...

The Big Green Castle

Harrison, ohio.

This Victorian manor house is now a private residence, but back when it was abandoned and for sale, residents reported seeing figures in period clothing looking out of the windows and seeing lights moving around the house. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Normandy United Methodist Church

Normandy United Methodist Church is housed in a building that was once a mansion. But the mansion's owner never left, according to some, and she still haunts the church. Her perfume has been smelled late at night by the cleaning crews when no one else is in the building.

Kaup Pharmacy - Homestead Restaurant

Portland, ohio.

Once known as Homestead Food and Spirits, the building that houses the Kaup Pharmacy is said to have a ghostly resident. A lady's apparition has been spotted, and the door to the women's restroom has been known to open and close on its own.

ghost tours in richmond indiana

Fort Piqua Hotel

Piqua, ohio.

Built in 1891, the historic Fort Piqua Hotel was once a library, and then stood empty for years. Now it is said to be haunted by a handyman who died in 1910 after falling into a barrel of cleaning acid. His ghost is seen working on things or shoveling coal ...

Town Hall Theatre

Centerville, ohio.

The Town Hall Theatre, according to witnesses, has a sensitive ghost who doesn't like it when the plays put on here have profane language or nudity. The spirit is said to act up during such performances in order to show his displeasure. There is also alleged to be an apparition ...

Hays Cemetery

Wilkinson, indiana.

Hays Cemetery, aka Main Street Graveyard, is said to be home to a "devil's child" because of a plant that grows in the shape of a pitchfork on her grave. Visiting is not recommended at night, as much of the area is private property and you could be arrested for ...

Kopper Kettle Inn Restaurant

Morristown, indiana.

Not only is this local historic eatery known for its delicious family-style chicken dinner, it's also known for being haunted by several spirits.

Banana Leaf Modern Thai

Mason, ohio.

The building is rumoured to be haunted by the apparition of a woman murdered over a century ago. Her ghost has been seen in the dining room on the upper floor of the restaurant. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Wright-patterson air force base, ohio.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is said to be haunted by apparitions, moving objects, unexplained noises, voices laughing, footsteps and mysterious shadows. The site has been featured on an episode of TV’s Ghost Hunters.

ghost tours in richmond indiana

Golden Lamb Inn

Lebanon, ohio.

Ten presidents, including John Quincy Adams, have stayed at the charming Golden Lamb Inn, in operation since 1803. Harriet Beecher Stowe and Mark Twain also are among its former guests. The rooms also are named for past guests, and rumor has it that the Harriet Beecher Stowe room is rich ...

State Theatre

Anderson, indiana.

The State Theatre was opened in 1930 with eco friendly geo thermal heat and air system way before it's time and an acoustically engineered dome for the best sound for the first talkies. People have felt and seen various apparitions and vague whisperings in several places in the ...

Kings Island Amusement Park

Kings Island, an amusement park that opened in 1972, is rumored to have an 1840s graveyard called Dog Street Cemetery on the premises. But most witnesses feel that the park's haunts are victims of accidental deaths, like the 1976 tragedy when a Lion Country Safari Ranger was killed by a ...

Hammel House Inn

Waynesville, ohio.

The inn has been declared one of the most haunted buildings in Waynesville. The most haunted room at the bed and breakfast is Room #004. The shadowy apparition of a young merchant who was murdered in the inn has been seen here, as well as in the dining room of ...

ghost tours in richmond indiana

Peters Cartridge Company

Maineville, ohio.

Peters Cartridge Company, built in 1916, produced gunpowder and ammunition, including bullets and cannonballs for the Union during the Civil War. It is said to be haunted by workers that were killed in accidental explosions during the 1940s. Witnesses have reported footsteps and apparitions seen through the windows at night.

Greendale Cemetery

Greendale, indiana.

White or gray apparitions have been seen, and locals say that passing the graves belonging to the Tebbs family will give you chills and an uneasy feeling of being watched. Cold breezes have been reported here on hot, windless days.

Westwood Town Hall

Cincinnati, ohio.

The late-1880s Westwood Town Hall used to hold a volunteer fire department in the basement, a jail, meeting rooms, and an auditorium. Legend has it that it's haunted by a deceased security guard named Willy who hanged himself in his apartment on the premises after losing his job. He is ...

Bonnyconnellan Castle

Sidney, ohio.

The apparition of a regal man in a blue military uniform has been seen on the landing, examining a display. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Spring Grove Cemetery

Spring Grove Cemetery is said to have a haunted bust on a gravestone located in Lot 100. It is said to turn its head and watch those who walk past.

Chateau Laroche - Loveland Castle

Loveland, ohio.

The Historical Loveland Castle & Museum, aka Chateau Laroche, is said to be haunted by many ghosts, including one who liked a particular willow tree and a girl in a long dress who walked on water. A Viking in a long dark cloak has been seen as well.

Whisky's Restaurant

Lawrenceburg, indiana.

This restaurant began as two private houses that were combined to make a button factory. A former resident, an elderly lady died in the room now called the Malt Room, and her spirit is believed to remain here. A waitress reported feeling a tug on her apron when no one ...

Stenton House - Cornell Place Apartments

There have been numerous deaths reported in these historic apartments. Disembodied footsteps and ghostly voices are heard in the old building when on one is around. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

ghost tours in richmond indiana

Fortville, Indiana

Built in 1921 by Dr. Jess E. Ferrell, the Ivy House bed-and-breakfast inn is said to have a haunt that came with the purchase of an antique piano. The owners say the instrument brought with it a ghost who makes the decidely nonmusical sounds of banging and walking footsteps.

Cincinnati Zoo

The ghost of a lioness has been heard following visitors and workers in the zoo late at night. Green eyes are also seen in darker buildings or at the end of corridors. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

ghost tours in richmond indiana

George Rogers Clark Park

Springfield, ohio.

George Rogers Clark Park's Daniel Hertzler House is rumored to be haunted by Hertzler himself, killed October 16, 1867 by robbers. His killers escaped the jail and were never found.

Cincinnati Union Terminal and Museum Center

The ghost of a former security guard who was murdered there still haunts the building at night, rattling the door knobs and checking the locks on the doors. A World War I plane exhibit is haunted by the ghost of a pilot. Visitors have reported seeing the ghostly aviator in ...

Ye Olde Trail Tavern

Yellow springs, ohio.

The historic tavern, built back in 1827, is believed to be haunted by an ominous woman in blue. She has only been known to appear to men, and is openly hostile towards women. She has been known to knock objects off shelves and make sinister whispering noises to visitors ...

ghost tours in richmond indiana

Cincinnati Music Hall

Haunts have been reported at this historic music hall since the 1870s. It is said that when an elevator shaft was installed in 1988, bones of both children and adults were found under the building.

Cincinnati Art Museum

The Cincinnati Museum of Art is not only renowned for its prized art collection, it is also well known for the various paranormal occurrences there. The first apparition seen here is the seven foot tall figure of a misty black figure with no face, who has reportedly materializes from a ...

ghost tours in richmond indiana

Spring House Gazebo

In 1927 a wealthy and prominent business man and bootlegger murdered his wife Imogene in broad daylight and in front of a dozen witnesses (including her daughter) in the park's gazebo. She was on her way to the courthouse to divorce him and apparently, this was too much for ...

Imogene Remus, wife of notorious bootlegger George Remus, is rumored to haunt their former home. When George went to prison in the mid-1920s, Imogene sold all the furnishings in their mansion and many of his distilleries, essentially closing his business, and filed for divorce. On October 6, 1927, they were ...

Hebron Lutheran Cemetery

Hebron, kentucky.

There has been many sightings here, and I have personally been here multiple times, and have had many experiences. When you approach the crematorium, you can always smell something burning, even if there is no one there. As well, when approaching graves, you can feel a chill and sometimes ...

Sedamsville Rectory

Over a century old, the rectory is believed to be haunted. Witnesses working on building renovations have seen eerie mists and shadows under the doors of empty rooms. Some say one ghost who resides here is Father Donald MacLeod, who wrote "The History of Roman Catholicism in North America." In ...

ghost tours in richmond indiana

Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

A ghostly Lady in Green walks the Hall of Mirrors and the mezzanine. She was seen often by construction workers in 1983, while the hotel was undergoing renovations. Legend has it that she was the wife of a worker who was killed during the hotel's construction in 1930. So the ...

ghost tours in richmond indiana

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4 True Ghost Stories from Richmond Indiana

  • Published October 31, 2020

ghost in downtown richmond indiana

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? And if it takes place nearby, all the better. Some modern haunted places in Richmond Indiana include the Haunted Swinging Bridge, the Devil’s Driveway, and several farmhouses full of spirits.

But what kind of ghost stories were people in Richmond telling a century ago?

I looked into the Richmond Item’s archive to uncover ghost stories from yesteryear. Enjoy these reprinted accounts of ghosts in Richmond. Can you imagine newspapers publishing these kinds of ghost stories now?

Ghost Story from Starr Piano Factory

headless  ghost is visitor at factory one of many haunted places in richmond indiana

 A ghost which has appeared frequently is striking terror into the hearts of the girls and women and the more timid of the men working nights at the Starr Piano factory. The phantom has made his appearance for the past week between the hours of 6 and 8 when the employes are going about their work. The spirit has been seen several times in the lighter parts of the shop and on approach of any one it flees to some darker parts of the factory which are then idle.

There are several descriptions as to the dress and size of the spirit. Those most alarmed credited the ghost with being very tall, without arms and having an unusually small head, in which are two remarkable eyes, which throw off a light comparable to that given by pocket-flash lights.

Another employe, who has seen the spirit on different nights says that the phantom each time was dressed in white and is without arms or head and his description of the eyes tallies with that given by others.

On one of his visits the ghost met a reception from one of the watchmen. The watchman saw his white form in the doorway leading to a covered, bridge between two of the buildings. Drawing his revolver he proceeded to the door only to see the ghost moving at an astonishing rate of speed across the bridge. The watchman fired twice at the retreating figure and then went forward to see if any damage had been done. The ghost was, not to be found but the bullets were found imbedded in the side of the bridge.

The ghost has been seen in various parts of the shop but mostly in the vicinity of the covered bridge leading across the street from one building to the other and in the door of the engine room. The employes have leagued together and are determined to get the phantom.

Looking for Ghosts North of Richmond Indiana

ghost stalkers throng cart road find nothing ghost story from newspaper

“To see or not to see, that is the question.” So might have spoken Hamlet had he been out on the Cart Road, northeast of the city, last night.

And if Hamlet’s eyesight was no better than that of hundreds of Richmond folk who were there the answer would have been “not to see.” For the ghost, much discussed for the last week, failed to appear. Sunday night, too, in spite of a large audience, the temperamental spectre refused to do his stuff.

Report and rumor and story, current about the city for the last few days, have it that an unearthly being was seen several nights along the east fork of Whitewater. No one, however, seems to take the credit for first seeing the strange figure.

“Cousin” Saw It

Although the Item reporter attempted to locate someone who has seen the ghostly personage, he failed. The nearest to first hand information that was obtainable was from one individual who declared that “my cousin said he saw it the other night.”

According to the best information available a taxi driver was the first to report the spectre. He is said to have declared that a white figure approached his car while he was returning from taking a country passenger home. The driver, upon seeing the ghost, proceeded to “step on the gas” in an effort to go away from there, it is reported. But this move was to no avail. The fearsome thing let out another notch and kept right alongside. Finally, according to the story, the filmy shape melted through a fine mesh wire fence and disappeared.

Some reports have it that the spectre is nine feet tall and broad in proportion, while others aver that it is nothing of the sort but is small and runs along the top of the fence beside the road! The general opinion is that the shape is clothed in filmy white, but one story has it that a flaming red garment was worn on one occasion. Still another yarn, relayed from mouth to mouth, swears that there are two of “them” and that “they” were seen wrestling in a field.

Spooks: They Make Horrible Noises and Disturb the Peace

spooks (ghost story) in Richmond

Tupper Townsend, night clerk at the Arlington house, is a man of iron nerve, but he is gradually getting the horrors from the effects of various frights given him by the spooks, who idly gambol up near Albertus Swaine’s furniture factory.

Frequently, about 3 o’clock in the morning, Townsend says just across the railroad, and near the above designated place, he can hear a pistol fired, and then a succession of shrill yells that make one’s hair bristle to hear. He has no way of accounting for the unearthly disturbance and says that every morning after its occurrence he expects to hear of someone being, murder.

Last night the screams were so loud and protracted that even Mr. Iliff, awakened from bland and child-like sleep, heard them.

Haunted House in Richmond

some modern ghosts story from richmond indiana newspaper

Haunted houses have belonged to the dark ages, or if heard at all, the present time are generally found to be inhabited by persons of ignorant and superstitious ideas who could easily believe that darkness was light and falling meteors were the very stars themselves. But when we hear of what would seem to be a genuinely haunted house right here in Richmond, occupied by persons of high respectability, we are inclined to doubt if ghosts are all either white sheets or guide posts.

 Mr. T. W. Classon and family have lived for the last three years, at No. 529 North 17th street. It is the north half of a large double house. Nothing marred their peace until a few months ago when peculiar and mysterious disturbances began to take place in the way of rapping and heavy poundings.

These were treated at first very lightly and when “ghosts” were, suggested by some were laughed away in the most skeptical manner. Then a careful and full investigation was entertained but with no result.

The noises come with three peculiarly quiet poundings then no more. At times lightly, then again very heavy, steps are plainly heard coming up the cellar-way, and the door to open. The cellar door opens against a small pantry door in such a way that when the latter is shut the former cannot be opened, the two lock coming together; we examined the doors carefully and found them closed; they were fast as if bolted to the wall.

With the pantry door shut the cellar door is hard to move and the family on rushing to the spot find the door wide open; we are told by Mrs. Classon that this has occurred many times. The peculiar rounding came so heavy the other day that neighbors in the next house hurried in, having plainly heard them. The noises are located in the cellar, stair-way, and work on the board partitions that separate the two sides of the house, and affect the south half of the house the same as the north.

The Classons are first-class respectable people not given to foolish belief, whose integrity we cannot question. “There is a mystery somewhere.” Let those of alleged scientific learning who ridicule and sneer at ghost stories, please explain or clear this mystery that is becoming the talk of an intelligent community.

More Richmond Ghost Stories

Have you ever seen or heard something ethereal? Did your cousin see a ghost? I’d love to hear your story! Leave it in the comments and maybe in a hundred years it’ll get republished, too.

And if you’re interested in a new website to tell the world about the ghosts you saw, we offer affordable WordPress web design services .

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ghost tours in richmond indiana

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ghost tours in richmond indiana

Whitley Haunted Jail in Columbia City, Indiana

This ominous-looking, old jail building, badly in need of TLC, looks the part of a creepy, haunted place, as it radiates an unmistakable aura which is hard not to feel, even to this un-psychic writer! Designed by J.C. Johnson, known for his Indiana jail designs, this once lovely, 3 story brick building has been described as displaying "the highly ornamented Second Empire style of architecture, ... [ Read more ]

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ghost tours in richmond indiana

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ghost tours in richmond indiana


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Take a trip to haunted houses in three different states, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana as we review tons of different haunted houses all throughout these states. Haunted Houses Reviewed include Nightmare Estates, Bufford Haunted School, Haunted Spook Coop, Chamber of Horror, Kings Island, Dent School House, Land of Illusion, Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride, USS Nightmare, Baxter Avenue Morgue, Haunted Hotel, and Industrial Nightmare.


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These Central Indiana Ghost Walks are a Spooky Good Time

If your idea of fun is being scared silly, sign up for one of these ghost walks through some of the most haunted territory of central Indiana. 

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Michael and Nicole Kobrowski of Unseenpress.com , Inc. have authored a number of books about haunted locations throughout Indiana, and have been leading Historic Indiana Ghost Walks and Tours of Indianapolis neighborhoods, Underground Railroad sites in Westfield, the Noblesville town square and downtown Anderson since 2002.

“My wife grew up in an old farmhouse in the Anderson/Lapel area and had experiences along with her two older sisters,” Michael says. “That totally got her into all things paranormal. Together, we attended ghost walks in other states, and we’ve always loved history, so it just grew from there.”

ghost tours in richmond indiana

During the tours, the Kobrowskis share fascinating stories of mysterious occurrences and events that have taken place in each location. Ghost sightings aren’t guaranteed, but strange experiences have been known to happen, particularly around the Riverside Cemetery in Noblesville and the Anti-Slavery Friends Cemetery in Westfield.

ghost tours in richmond indiana

Unseen Press also hosts paranormal investigations and ghost hunts to raise funds for organizations that own and maintain historic (and haunted) buildings, including the Hamilton County Old Jail and Sheriff’s Residence, the Wayne County Historical Museum in Richmond and the Athenaeum Building in downtown Indianapolis.

ghost tours in richmond indiana

If you go, ghost walk tickets cost $18 per adult and reservations are required as attendance numbers are limited. Tours take place rain or shine year-round with a seasonal break in December and January, and events frequently sell out during October as Halloween draws near.

For more information on Historic Indiana Ghost Walks and Tours, go to unseenpress.com .

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These Five Epic Indiana Ghost Tours Will Leave You Thrilled And Chilled

ghost tours in richmond indiana

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It happens each and every year: the days begin to get shorter, and the mornings start getting a little chillier each and every day. Finally, the leaves start changing color; it’s autumn, and it’s a wonderful time to be a Hoosier. How lucky are we to live in a place so splendid this time of year? What else says “autumn” loud and clear? Well, spooky things, of course, and luckily, there’s no shortage of spooky-but-enjoyable things in this beautiful state. UnseenPress.com is an intriguing company based out of central Indiana that offers five chilling ghost tours for curious guests, and we are totally here for it. When it comes to ghost tours in Indiana, these folks are among the best – you’ll want to experience every tour!

ghost tours in richmond indiana

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ghost tours in richmond indiana

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Do you believe in ghosts? Do you plan to take any spooky ghost tours this autumn? Tell us your plans in the comments! Have a creepy haunted place you’d like to see featured someday? Tell us about it by filling out this form – we love to hear from you!

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ghost tours in richmond indiana


ghost tours in richmond indiana


ghost tours in richmond indiana


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ghost tours in richmond indiana


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Inquisitive Wonder

Hoosier Haunts: Discovering Indiana’s Eerie Legends and Ghostly Tales

Do you ever find yourself curious about the eerie legends and ghostly tales of Indiana? Do you love to explore the haunted places near you? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Discover haunted locations in the Hoosier State and uncover the truth about strange cattle mutilations, the Mad Gasser of Mattoon, and other eerie legends.

Join us as we explore Indiana’s haunted history and discover what secrets are lurking in the shadows.

Indiana’s Haunted History

Legends and ghostly tales from the Hoosier State have been passed down for generations, from ancient and troubling secrets in Southern Indiana to the haunting of a grandiose mansion in Madison, to the mysterious Ghost Train of Arcadia and cattle mutilations in Taylorsville. Let us explore these stories and unravel the mysteries surrounding them.

Southern Indiana Secrets

This region of Indiana is riddled with unbelievable tales of hauntings and supernatural creatures. From mysterious Black-Eyed Children to ghosts that loudly bang on doors, many of the terrifying hauntings and legends of Southern Indiana have kept locals and visitors alike on edge.

One of the most famous hauntings in the area is the Red Lady of Buffalo Trace, a spirit that is said to walk the grounds of the Buffalo Trace Distillery. People have reported seeing the spirit wearing a red dress and a red hat, and her presence is often accompanied by a feeling of dread or unease.

If you’re looking for haunted places near you, the small town of Leaven takes the cake as far as haunted locations near me. It’s said that Leaven is inhabited by numerous spirits, including a woman in a long dress who is often seen in the area of the old railroad bridge. Others have reported loud noises and mysterious fog in the area surrounding the bridge.

The Haunting of the Lanier Mansion

Located in Madison, Indiana, the Lanier Mansion is one of the most prominent haunted places in the state.

Today, the Lanier Mansion is open to the public to tour, but during its 158-year history, the mansion has spawned its own ghostly tale. Built in 1844, the mansion has been home to four generations of A.B. Lanier’s family.

Despite the Lanier family leaving the mansion in the 1950s, the many visitors who have experienced the paranormal can still feel their presence.

Visitors have reported sudden drops in temperature and other mysterious occurrences. If you’re interested in haunted places near you, the Lanier Mansion is definitely a must-see. With its haunted history and eerie atmosphere, it’s sure to be one of the most haunted locations near you.

The Ghost Train of Arcadia

Located near the town of Franklin, Indiana, the Ghost Train o Arcadia is one of the most well-known haunted places in the state. The legend tells the story of a freight train that derailed in the town in 1893, killing more than 30 people.

Since then, locals have reported strange sightings of a phantom train late at night, with lights that move along the tracks and screams emanating from the wreckage.

The story of the Ghost Train of Arcadia has become a popular stop on lists of haunted places near me and haunted locations near me.

Cattle Mutilations at Taylorsville

Located near Taylorsville, Indiana, this rural area has been the site of some strange phenomena that date back to the late 1940s.

Reports of animal mutilations, mysterious lights, and strange sounds have been documented in the area for years.

Witnesses have reported seeing lights in the woods, hearing strange sounds, and the mutilation of cattle. The mystery surrounding this haunted destination has been the source of numerous investigations, with no clear answers as to what is happening.

For those looking for haunted places near me, Taylorsville is a great option. It is one of the most haunted locations near me and an eerie tale that is sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Haunted Legends

Indiana is teeming with eerie and mysterious legends that evoke the state’s paranormal presence. From haunted cemeteries to abandoned hospitals to quaint towns rife with centuries of secrets, Indiana has plenty of spooky stories and haunted places to explore.

Search for ‘haunted places near me’ or ‘haunted locations near me’ to find a variety of haunted landmarks and trails throughout the state.

Many parts of Indiana have been shaped and impacted by the various hauntings and paranormal activities that have occurred in the area.

The Haunting of the Winchester Mansion

Located in LaPorte, Indiana, the Winchester Mansion is one of the spookiest places around. The mansion is said to be haunted by the spirits of the Winchester family, who tragically lost most of their members in accidents and suicides.

There have been numerous reports of paranormal activity in the mansion, such as lights turning off and on by themselves and screams coming from nowhere.

The Legend of the Leaning Tree

The Legend of the Leaning Tree is a favorite spooky tale amongst Indiana locals. It is whispered that deep in the forests of the state, there stands a single, solitary leaning tree.

Legend has it that if you approach this tree and whisper your deepest wish, it will grant it to you… no matter the cost.

While many of the locals are divided on the truth of this story, eerie sightings of an unnatural leaning tree have been reported at various haunted locations near me. Whether or not these sightings can be confirmed remains to be seen.

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon is one of Indiana’s most mysterious urban legends. In 1944, the small town of Mattoon was gripped by fear as reports started coming in of an unknown assailant wielding a mysterious gas.

The gas had an uncomfortable smell and would cause intense burning sensations on the skin and eyes. For weeks, locals reported strange sightings, and residents feared that they could be attacked at any moment.

Although the Mad Gasser of Mattoon was never identified, and the gas was never traced, the tale remains a spooky local legend.

For those looking for haunted locations near me, the Mad Gasser of Mattoon provides a unique opportunity to explore the mysterious and spooky side of Indiana’s folklore.

The Demon Cat of Owen County

This haunted legend has been passed down through generations of locals in the small town of Spencer in Owen County.

According to the legend, the Demon Cat is a gigantic black feline entity with glowing eyes. It is said to appear in a cemetery near the town and vanish whenever someone comes near.

Those brave enough to venture out in search of the Demon Cat often find themselves in some of the most haunted places near them.

Sightings of the Demon Cat have intrigued and scared locals for centuries.

Ghostly Tales

Every state has its share of haunted places, and Indiana is no exception. Indiana has its own creepy stories of the supernatural. Whether you live in the state or are just passing through, plenty of ghostly tales exist to explore.

The Ghostly Goats of Jackson County

The legend of the ghostly goats has been around for decades, although no one is sure of the exact origin of the tale.

Many believe that the ghostly goats, which are said to haunt the forests of the area, are the spirits of fallen soldiers from the Civil War. Those visiting the area have reported unusual animal sounds, ghostly lights, and strange mists.

Those who are brave enough to venture out to Jackson County will find plenty of haunted places near them, offering a unique glimpse into Indiana’s paranormal history.

Whether venturing out alone or with a small group, visitors can explore the eerie forests of Jackson County in search of the ghostly goats and other haunted locations near them.

The Haunting of the Willard Library

Nestled in the heart of Evansville, Indiana, the Willard Library has been home to some eerie occurrences for over a century.

This richly decorated, two-story Victorian building is the city’s oldest library and one of its most haunted. A friendly, gray-dressed spirit is said to interact with visitors and staff, while other paranormal phenomena include strange knocking and rustling of ghostly hands lurking in the stacks.

While some of the Willard Library’s ghostly activity has sparked speculation of its supernatural history, no conclusive explanation has ever been reached.

To this day, locals and tourists continue to flock to the library to uncover the secrets and mysteries of this haunted location near me.

The Phantom Elevator of the City-County Building

The Phantom Elevator of the City-County Building is one of the many haunted locales in Indiana. This spooky tale is set in the City-County Building in Indianapolis, the capital city of the state of Indiana.

According to legend, the building is haunted by a phantom elevator that moves up and down the floors on its own.

Witnesses say that the elevator suddenly appears and then disappears, leaving an eerie chill in the air. Those brave enough to approach it find that it is a normal-looking elevator that is unresponsive to calls and buttons.

If you’re looking for haunted places near me or haunted locations near me, this is a great place to start your exploration into the paranormal.

The Ghostly Bride of the White River

Local folklore tells of a young bride who drowned in the White River in the late 1800s. To this day, visitors to the riverbank have reported hearing the voice of a woman singing and feeling an icy chill emanating from the area.

Those brave enough to look into the river have even claimed to have seen a white figure in bridal robes leaping into the water.

White River is a must-see destination if you’re looking for haunted places near you. Although the area is no longer known for its ghostly bride, it still remains one of the most haunted locations near me.

Indiana is home to multiple hauntings, legends, and ghostly tales from around the state. Each site has a unique past and story, making them all fascinating and worth visiting. If you’re looking for a few thrills and chills, be sure to add Indiana’s infamous Hoosier Haunts to your bucket list.

Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, Hoosier ghosts, legends, and hauntings are an amazing way to learn about the state’s past and experience our unique culture.

Visiting some of these eerie sites can be an unforgettable experience. Though you may not see any extraordinary happenings, the stories of these supernatural beings will surely add mystery to your trip.

So if you’re feeling brave, why not explore the strange, spooky, and unforgettable tales Indiana has to offer?

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Richmond Historic Haunts

Sharing the offbeat, little known history of Richmond.

Welcome to Richmond Historic Haunts

Thank you for visiting Richmond Historic Haunts! We are the parent company of Haunts of Richmond Ghost Tours, RVA Hidden History Storytellers & Richmond Haunts Media. If you’re looking for services related to ghost tours or history tours in Richmond, Virginia, you’ve come to the right place. Checkout our tour companies below for more information and to reserve your Richmond tour experience!

ghost tours in richmond indiana

Founded in 2004, Haunts of Richmond is the city’s original ghost tour company, featuring the most experienced and knowledgeable ghost guides in Richmond. Starting with a single tour in historic Shockoe Bottom, Haunts of Richmond has grown to include six unique tour routes across Downtown Richmond, including Church Hill, Capitol Hill, Monroe Park & Court End. They also offer special events, including Haunted Dinner events, Pub Crawls, on-site professional storytelling services, and more. Public and private tours are available all year round.

Visit Haunts of Richmond Online

ghost tours in richmond indiana

RVA Hidden History Storytellers was founded in 2018 to help bring forth some of the overshadowed aspects of Richmond’s past. It sprung forth from a desire to share fascinating details that came to light while conducting research for Haunts of Richmond. While those details didn’t quite fit into the paranormal realm, they found a home with RVA Hidden History Storytellers. RHH has grown to include four unique themed tours, special history dinner events and professional city guide services. Public and private tours are available all year round.

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Additional services.

We can also assist with services related to historical research and paranormal lore. Richmond Historic Haunts is led by experienced researchers who can help you find the information you are looking for. Please contact us to inquire about these services.

ghost tours in richmond indiana

ghost tours in richmond indiana

The Original & Longest Running

Richmond ghost tours, locally owned and operated since 2004, buy online and save, advance purchase recommended, gift a spooky experience, the best of richmond's haunted history.

Explore the dark side of Virginia's capital city on a Haunts of Richmond Ghost Tour. After the museums close and the sun goes down, Richmond's spirits rise, and we can't wait to share their ghastly tales with you. Specializing in haunted history since 2004, we feature the most experienced and knowledgeable ghost guides in Richmond. Get your tickets for a public tour or event now, or contact us to schedule a private tour for your group.

Our Tours & Events

Shadows of Shockoe Ghost Tour

A fascinating nighttime exploration of Shockoe Bottom, the oldest and most haunted neighborhood in Richmond. This outdoor walking tour will lead you about 3/4 miles in 90 minutes through the historic streets.

General Admission: $21.95 online, $25 walk-up or by phone.

Tour meets in front of Richbrau Brewing Company, 5 S. 20th Street

Church Hill Chillers Ghost Tour

Birthplace of the American Revolution, and home to a notorious Civil War spy, Church Hill's colorful past has produced a cadre of restless spirits. This outdoor walking tour will lead you about 3/4 miles in 90 minutes through the historic neighborhood.

Tour meets at Patrick Henry's Pub & Grille, 2300 E. Broad Street

Haunted Capitol Hill Ghost Tour

Richmond's Capitol Hill hosts more than just elected officials and security guards amidst its hallowed halls, but also many spirits from beyond the veil. This outdoor walking tour will lead you about 1 mile in 90 minutes as you ascend the seat of Virginia's political power.

Tour meets in front of The Berkeley Hotel, 1200 E. Cary Street

Phantoms of Franklin Ghost Tour

Come discover the eerie beauty of Richmond's turn of the century Franklin Street. Home to many beautiful landmarks, it's easy to see why spirits of days past would still linger here today. This outdoor walking tour will lead you about 1 mile in 75 to 90 minutes through the historic neighborhood.

Tour meets in front of The Jefferson Hotel, 101 W. Franklin Street

Creepy Tales on Campus Tour

The thin veneer of higher education hides a macabre history that has left us with tales of ghastly hauntings and shocking murders. Join us for creepy tales of the time before Richmond's largest university called Monroe Park home. This outdoor walking tour will lead you about 1 mile in 75 to 90 minutes across campus.

Tour meets in front of Catherdal of the Sacred Heart, 823 Cathedral Place

Specters and Shades of Court End Tour

Richmond's Court End hosts some of the city's most notable landmarks, along with some of its most macabre tales. Join us as we take a glimpse back at the haunting tales that linger in the shadows of this neighborhood's past. This outdoor walking tour will lead you about 1.5 miles in 90 minutes through the historic neighborhood.

Tour meets in front of the Richmond Marriott, 500 E. Broad Street

Haunted TukTuk

Spooky stories on wheels! Join our friends at RVATukTuk as they drive you to some of Richmond's most haunted sites and share the tales of spirits that still linger there. As an added bonus, you can BYOB and partake in some liquid spirits along the way!

Pricing: $275 plus tax for up to six guests. Visit the RVATukTuk website to check for availability and to make reservations.

John Marshall House

Visit the historic, beautiful and haunted John Marshall House for an indoor 30-minute tour and then embark on a fascinating exploration of historic Court End's spirited tales with a outdoor 60-minute tour.

Next tours are Saturday, February 24th, 2024

General Admission: $30.95 per person. Advance purchase is required.

Gift Certificate

Looking for a gift for the spooky person in your life? Look no further! A Haunts of Richmond Gift Certificate can be redeemed for any tour or event purchased on HauntsOfRichmond.com. Certificates are available in any denomination and never expire.

Terms & Conditions: Not valid for Haunted TukTuk. All sales are final. An online convenience fee does apply. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Must be redeemed online.

Haunted Dinner

Want a delicious meal with some spooky stories on the side? Join us for a Haunted Dinner at Patrick Henry's Pub & Grille! Tickets include an entree, dessert, non-alcoholic beverages, applicable taxes, and gratuities for the wait staff at Patrick Henry's Pub.

Next public dinner is Saturday, March 9th, 2024 at 6:00PM. Our theme will be the Specters & Shades of Richmond's Court End.

Pricing: $50 per person. Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase at an additional cost.

Pub Crawl

Want your ghost stories with a spirited beverage? Contact us to arrange a Haunted Pub Hop or Pub Crawl! Perfect for wedding parties, company outings, family reunions, birthday parties, or just a spooky (and tasty) night out with your friends!

Pricing: Varies by event. Contact us for details.

RVA Hidden History Logo

Maybe you're looking for something a little different by daylight? Check out our sister company, RVA Hidden History Storytellers, where you can find specially curated tours that feature some of the offbeat and overshadowed chapters of Richmond's past. Led by many of the same talented and experienced guides from Haunts of Richmond, you'll be sure to walk away with a greater appreciation for the city's remarkable and complex history.

Site contents copyright 2022 Haunts of Richmond unless noted otherwise. All rights reserved. Website by Richmond Historic Haunts, LLC.


Richmond Ghosts offers a remorseless look at River City’s tumultuous history. Our collection of captivating and unnerving historical stories reveals what makes this city one of the most compelling haunted locations in Virginia.

Uncover stories of murder, mayhem, and tragedy from Richmond’s storied past that have led to unexplained hauntings experienced today. This ghost tour of Richmond will take you to some of Richmond’s most haunted locations.

Ghost Tour Meeting Location : The 17th Street Farmers market, between Franklin and Main Streets at 17th.

Tour Duration : 1hr. across 1 mile

To Order : Press "Get Tickets" for availability.

Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

The Experiences You've Heard About

Tours are available daily year-around from the afternoon to late at night. Some are offered throughout the day based on season.

Richmond Ghosts: Sinister Scares of Shockoe Bottom Tour

Richmond ghosts boos and booze haunted pub crawl, hollywood cemetery tour: richmond lore and civil war, drink richmond brew tour, taste of richmond: monroe ward culinary food tour, unveil richmond’s hauntings, step into the turmoil of richmond’s past..

Richmond is where the revolutionary spark was set aflame. From St. John’s Church, Patrick Henry fanned the dream that would eventually transform into the wave of revolution across the 13 United States. It is the place where iconic figures like Benedict Arnold and Thomas Jefferson helped shape history.

Richmond is also the home of villains, murderers, and rogues. Of the ghosts and spirits that wander its streets, some are welcoming, others diabolic, but they all have good stories to share.

Richmond Ghosts will take you through Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom area – home to some of America’s oldest and most haunted buildings, tunnels, and grounds. These tales are based on historical events, local folklore, and eyewitness accounts. They will delight and scare you with a plethora of paranormal activity. Walk with us through history, the Colonial era, and the chaos of the Civil War, the unfeeling industrial revolution, and on. On your tour, you will feel the shadows of the slave trade’s terrible sins and hear tales that will freeze the very marrow in your bones.

GHEar chilling tales about the ghosts of the roaring 20s’, the decadent 70s’ and macabre modern specters that refuse to leave Richmond’s streets. We strive to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date information about Richmond’s haunted past and ongoing paranormal activity.

Visit the About Us page to learn more about Richmond’s history and why Richmond Ghosts tour is the best!

Before Richmond

Richmond was home to Native Americans who called the city “Powhatan,” which led to the group being called the Powhatan Confederacy. Christopher Newport was the first European to set eyes on the land. John Smith later sent settlers to an area near Richmond in 1609. They formed the second oldest English colony in North America, Henricus, in 1611. The original residents did not welcome Their presence, and they entered the first of many wars with natives. The most serious conflict, in 1622, killed 25% of the English settlers in Virginia.

“Give me Liberty or Give me death”

Richmond is where this rousing phrase was spoken by Patrick Henry, who became the first post-colonial Governor of Virginia. Following his speech, the House of Burgesses, as the governing body was called then, committed to sending Virginian troops to the War of Independence. This helped assure victory in the War and liberty from British rule. However, death came to more than a few residents of Richmond and in very unnatural ways. This legacy of mortality leaves its traces all over the charming cobblestones of the Shockoe Bottom neighborhood of Richmond.

The docks of Shockoe Bottom were also the gruesome epicenter of the East Coast slave trade. With hundreds of thousands of scared and tired slaves seeing Richmond as their first taste of life on American soil. Before being sold at the Richmond slave auctions. Later, after emancipation, Richmond was home to the ‘the Wall Street of Black America’ in the Jackson Ward of Richmond. It was the national center of black entertainment and business in the South.

This southern city was a hotbed of independence and industrial progress. The state’s progressive leaders also passed the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, written by Thomas Jefferson, the first of its kind.

The streets of Richmond inspired author Edgar Allan Poe and often appeared in his macabre stories. He was resident here on and off during the early decades of the 1800s, writing his only novel at his house in Richmond. The staircase from this house was moved to the Poe Museum in Shockoe Bottom, Poe’s spirit is said to have tagged along for the ride.

Poe is credited with having invented the modern concept of murder, with motive, means, and opportunity, and he still inspires dozens of crime writers. Richmond has spent decades trying to perfect the form, and the ghosts on these streets are all that remains. At least four serial killers haunt the landscape of Richmond decades after their executions. Experience the bloody streets of one of the oldest European inhabited areas in America with Richmond Ghosts.

What makes Richmond a haunted hotspot?

Richmond’s past reads like a highlight reel of the United States’ history. It was a cradle of the Revolution, a pivotal point in the civil war, a key industrial hub, and a political whirlpool. Its past is highlighted with moments of selfless sacrifice as well as wicked betrayals. Richmond is a land soaked in blood and fury, dripping with the worst and best of humanity. On its streets, valiant soldiers fought wars. In its alleyways, serial killers and madmen preyed on innocents.

The first use of DNA technology halted the Southside Strangler

Timothy Wilson Spencer called Richmond not only his home but his killing grounds. Spencer prowled these quaint and quiet streets from 1984 – 1987. He was known as the ‘Southside Strangler,’ and at his height, he held a city hostage in their own homes, such as the fear of becoming his next victim. In 1994 he was executed for his crimes by electrocution. Some say his fiendish ghost remains at large in the city he gripped with fear. His fascinating trial and conviction used the new technology of DNA analysis to catch a fearsome killer for the first time. DNA also freed a man wrongfully convicted for one of Spencer’s crimes.

Timothy Spencer isn’t the only killer to have stalked the streets of Richmond. Its past is filled with such horrors. Each murderer continues, in their own ghostly way, to haunt the streets of Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom.

Richmond’s booming trade in human souls

Shockoe Bottom was a flat, low lying creek mouth on the James River. Prone to flooding, it would eventually become the soggy commercial center of Richmond, subject to constant inundation until flood defenses were built in the 1990s. This area was once home to over 69 wealthy slave dealers and several auction houses, holding cells, and communal burial grounds. By the late 18th century, Richmond was one of the largest slave-trading centers in the country, second only to New Orleans in sheer numbers, but not brutality.

Endless boats came up James River, loading and unloading their miserable captives just down the river from Shockoe Bottom. The walk up the river and across the Mayo Bridge to holding cells was often the first sight of land these people had seen since boarding the ships in West Africa. Families were sold together or traded as individuals as if livestock. Wealth was created on the backs of these human souls. They built the South’s wealth in the fields, factories, and plantations from Louisiana to Maryland.

For those awaiting sale, or with the spirit to try and escape captivity, a special hell awaited them. Lumpkin’s Jail was known as the Devils half-acre. Hear more about its horrors on the extended tour.

The area was a whirlwind of desolation and despair. The cries of anguish drifting down to the banks of the river, the rancid smell of fear all-consuming. The slaves who did not survive the journey or died later were buried in unmarked graves next to the Devil’s Half Acre. Many ghost sightings occur in the areas of the slave auctions.

Home of American Gothic

Edgar Allan Poe is often called “America’s Shakespeare.” The author is credited with inventing and reshaping whole genres and formats. A prolific writer of horror, science fiction, poetry, and detective stories, Poe was also haunted by his own demons, obsessions, and shortcomings.

He arrived in Richmond after his father left his family, and his mother died. He was taken in, but never formally adopted by the Allan family, who gave him his middle name. He was alternately spoiled and harshly criticized by his new father figure, wealthy tobacco merchant, John Allen.

Poe was a staple of Richmond society. He roamed the town, seeking inspiration and fanning his creativity with the wild tales and bizarre stories that were common currency on the streets of Shockoe Bottom. Richmond’s history owes a great debt to this legendary figure. Poe and even some of his characters are said to haunt Richmond’s streets, particularly the Poe Museum.

Other attractions in Richmond just don’t quite hit the spot?

Richmond, during the day is a great place to visit. The Poe Museum, the Craig House, St. John’s Episcopal Church are all fine destinations. You’ll hear the sanitized version of events and think that’s all there is. However, Richmond Ghosts will give you a glimpse behind the curtain of everyday life. After you hear these stories, you will marvel at the bloodcurdling tales hidden in plain sight.

Our tours are a welcome change of pace from the perfectly acceptable, more conventional attractions of Richmond. You’ll leave your tour with a host of truly memorable and scary stories to thrill your friends back home. We’ll also sneak in a better understanding of Richmond’s most prominent buildings and figures and how they impacted American history.

If you visit Richmond in December, be sure to try and catch the Krampusnacht parade , a spooky evening of events and costumes. If art is more your style,  The Institute of Contemporary Art is a great place to see some world-class paintings and their events are a lot of fun, but they shut at 6 pm. The bars up in the Fan district don’t get going until much later, which leaves a perfect window, just as the sun is setting and dinner is over, to come down to Shockoe Bottom and Church Hill and see the spooky side of Richmond.

Nighttime is the right time for Richmond hauntings!

Just as the shadows start to lengthen and the sun sets behind the steely towers of Downtown Richmond, the atmosphere is perfect for the haunted histories of Shockoe bottom to be discovered.

The nighttime tour of the haunted highlights is for skeptics and dedicated believers alike. While we can’t guarantee you’ll witness the ghosts of children that like to photobomb visitors to the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, we can guarantee that you’ll get plenty of thrills and chills on your tour. Lumpkin’s Slave Jail is eerie in broad daylight, but at night it becomes even more disturbing as a part of the extended Richmond Ghosts tour. Add in your guide’s skillful narration of the terrible things that happened here, and you are ensured a night to remember.

The stories of hauntings we tell at each stop on your tour are based on eyewitness accounts of the ghostly activity or local legends too common not to be based on fact. Many of the sites your tour visits boast decades of reported paranormal activity. Many of these accounts were originally published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Virginia paper of record, first published in 1850. We encourage you to take photos throughout your tour and to report any anomalies that you witness!

You want a crash course in Richmond’s haunted history

Whether you’re a local or just in town for a spell, Richmond’s past holds a treasure trove of fascinating tales and nasty secrets. Join us as we walk along the flood defenses that stand on the site of the Libby Prison. This gruesome hell hole was home to Union and then Confederate prisoners during the Civil War, and a daring prison escape plot took place by the river’s swampy banks.

The streets of Shockoe bottom were described as ‘chaos’ during the civil war, slave revolts, drunken soldiers, and rioting residents all played their part in making the capital of the Confederate states a place where things happened fast and furiously.

Richmond Ghosts is full of factual, historical details about the city and packed with local ghost sightings. We have Richmond legends that bring you a tour that’s as fun as it is educational. Kids, teens, and adults alike will enjoy becoming more familiar with Richmond’s devilish history—and its resident ghosts!

You live in Richmond and want to do something different to do at night

If you already know all the happening places around Richmond. Suppose you can recite restaurant menus from memory if you want something a bit edgy, something just out of your comfort zone, something sinfully delightful. That’s where a ghost tour fits the bill perfectly. Richmond Ghosts tours are fun-packed excursions through the horrific haunted history of Shockoe Bottom. Tours are scheduled at night to fit everyone’s schedule, even on weekdays.

We’re not going to ask you to hold an EMF meter (but you can if you want) or recant an ancient curse of the Powhatan, but if you know any, we’re all ears. We don’t go in for an overcooked reenactment experience, but we do have some stone-cold facts plucked from the latest historical research, and the best ghost stories we can confirm.

Tours last around an hour to an hour and a half. They are the perfect way to wrap up a date, a night on the town or a long day of sight-seeing. See the tour details page for more information or click the ‘Get Tickets’ button to see the tour times and availability.

You want an unforgettable birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, corporate event or family outing!

Richmond Ghosts offers customizable group tours to those looking for the perfect event for family and friends, or work colleagues. All tours start near to one of Richmond’s best venues, the brand-new Main Street Station. See the tour details page for the exact location.

Hurricane Agnes caused the James River to burst its banks, and water came up the middle of the Main Street Station’s ground floor. It has since been beautifully renovated. The Dark Gothic station has its own ghosts that you will hear all about if you let us create your own group tour experience.

We can help you plan the perfect group ghost tour, working with you to tailor your tour to your specific interests and needs. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll work with you to help make it happen! Check out our Group Tours page for more information.

You don’t like conventional tours.

If you’ve tried other tours and found the guides lack enthusiasm or local knowledge, then this tour is for you. We won’t leave you feeling like the guide is an energy vampire… slowly draining you and leaving you an empty husk. On Richmond Ghosts, the only vampire you have to worry about is the Richmond Vampire, spotted at one of the stops on your tour!

Your guides are fun, knowledgeable locals, enthusiastic about the stories they tell, and committed to giving you a truly awesome experience. The tours are designed to entertain, have you on the edge of your seat, and make each stop spookier than the last.

We tell the stories behind some of the most famous landmarks and haunted hotspots of Richmond. We also have tales of unbelievable events in ordinary places, and the ghosts that leave their mark on our world for eternity.

Looking for a fun company outing?

What better way to bring your work team together than to take your employees out for a group ghost tour? Richmond Ghosts has something for everyone—scary stories for the thrill-seekers, research-based history for the fact obsessed, and fun for everyone!

After a hard day of team building, or intensive company games or fun corporate activities in the Richmond area, a recommended way to blow off steam is to take a gentle stroll and hear about some of the hidden histories of this unassuming neighborhood.

The stories on your haunted tour will be remembered by everyone in your project team or department. Whether you are a Richmond based company or from out of town, a ghost tour is a great way to get to know the scary and historical stories of a fascinating neighborhood in a low-pressure team setting. No performance anxiety, no cruel tricks, and no singing from anyone!

Check out the Group Tours page for information on how to start putting together the best company outing your employees have ever attended!

Get the scariest offers and stay current on sales and events.

Haunted History of Oregon Hill

The unexplained history of Oregon Hill contributes to Virginia being recognized as one of the most haunted places in the country. Oregon Hill was given its name in the 1700s when folks who moved there... read more

The Haunted History of Belle Isle

The Ghosts of Belle Isle  Belle Isle is a picturesque park and the largest island in the middle of the James River. It's only accessible by a suspension bridge underneath the highway that le... read more

The Edgar Allen Poe Museum, Haunted Evermore

The Edgar Allen Poe Museum, Haunted Evermore  Edgar Allan Poe was a famous American writer, poet, editor, and critic. He’s most infamous for his creepy gothic poetry and short stories such... read more

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ghost tours in richmond indiana

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ghost tours in richmond indiana

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12th Annual Haunted Museum

Date(s) / time(s): fri, 10/15/2021 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm sat, 10/16/2021 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm fri, 10/22/2021 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm sat, 10/23/2021 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm, date(s) / time(s):.

  • Fri, 10/15/2021 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Sat, 10/16/2021 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Fri, 10/22/2021 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Sat, 10/23/2021 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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A not-too-scary Halloween experience by appointmentWhen: October 15, 16, 22 and 23 from 6:00 – 9:00 pmWhere: Wayne County Historical Museum 1150 N. A St. Richmond, IN There is accessible parking in the rear parking lot located at S. 11th Street and B street. The Museum building is accessible via ramp located on the East side of the building. Please contact the musuem to let them know at least 24 hours prior to your visit if additional accommodations are necessary. Admission: $7 adults, $4 for kids 6-17, Age 5 and under FREE, Members FREEDescription: It’s time for our 12th Annual Haunted MuseumBackground:  Haunted Museum will work two ways this year!From October 8th -October 31st 9:30 – 4:00 pm Monday-Friday and 12-4 Saturday, visitors can enjoy the museum decorated for Halloween and children will receive a prepackaged bag of treats and take-along activities at the end of their visit! Masks are required for entry!October 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th from 6:00 – 9:00 pm will be our traditional Haunted Museum evenings. Costumes are encouraged! Visitors must make an appointment prior to arrival. Call us to reserve your time at 765-962-5756! We will have appointment times every 15 minutes. Due to Health Department directives, we can only accommodate 25 visitors per appointment time. Visitors will receive a prepackaged bag of treats and take-along activities at the end of their visit! ***Masks for everyone 8 years and up are required for entry.Please call the museum or visit our Eventbrite to schedule your appointment. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/167364930011

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  1. Richmond Ghosts: Sinister Scares of Shockoe Bottom Tour

    ghost tours in richmond indiana

  2. 4 True Ghost Stories from Richmond Indiana • Always Relevant Digital

    ghost tours in richmond indiana

  3. Richmond's Locally Owned & Operated Ghost Tour

    ghost tours in richmond indiana

  4. UnseenPress.com Offers Some Fun And Spooky Ghost Tours In Indiana

    ghost tours in richmond indiana

  5. 4 True Ghost Stories From Richmond Indiana

    ghost tours in richmond indiana

  6. Eerie Nights Ghost Tour

    ghost tours in richmond indiana


  1. I went back to this ghost town in illinois, things were changed

  2. I Talked To A Ghost At The Haunted Old Lake County Jail


  1. Haunted History Ghost Walk

    1150 North A Street Richmond, IN 47374 Event Website: View website Phone # to call for information: (765) 962-5756 Looking for a Halloween event? Make sure to attend the Wayne County Historical Museum for two nights of fun. This is a ghostly event for our 21+ visitors only.

  2. Haunted History Ghost Walks

    A St. Richmond, IN . Admission: $10.00/ Person . ... our Haunted History Tours will give visitors a look into the paranormal realms of Wayne County. Guests will learn about some of the Wayne County Historical Museum's spookiest residents, as well as some that share the neighborhood with us! ... Richmond, Indiana 47374. [email protected] ...

  3. Forsaken Forest

    The Forsaken Forest forest is a new haunted attraction in Richmond, Indiana near the Ohio state line. Brought to you by Black Locust Producti. Skip to content. ... Forsaken Forest is a Haunted Attraction located in Richmond, IN. Location. 5970 IN 121, Richmond, IN 47374 ... Follow us for haunted house walkthrough videos, behind the scenes ...

  4. Haunted Places in Richmond, Indiana

    Loveland, Ohio. 50.3 miles from Richmond, IN. The Historical Loveland Castle & Museum, aka Chateau Laroche, is said to be haunted by many ghosts, including one who liked a particular willow tree and a girl in a long dress who walked on water. A Viking in a long dark cloak has been seen as well.

  5. 4 True Ghost Stories From Richmond Indiana

    Some modern haunted places in Richmond Indiana include the Haunted Swinging Bridge, the Devil's Driveway, and several farmhouses full of spirits. But what kind of ghost stories were people in Richmond telling a century ago? I looked into the Richmond Item's archive to uncover ghost stories from yesteryear. Enjoy these reprinted accounts of ...

  6. Unseen Press Does Truly Chilling, Original Ghost Tours In Indiana

    Let's take a closer look at one of the tours in particular: the Anomalous Anderson Ghost Walk. Anderson, Indiana is about 30 minutes northeast of downtown Indianapolis, and it serves as the seat of Madison County. It's got a long history, and you know what that means: the potential for plenty of hauntings. And hauntings you'll find should you ...

  7. Historic Indiana Ghost Walks & Tours

    Contact us for details. Reservations are required by phone or on the web. Walking tours (1.5-2 hours). Children must be at least 10 years old to attend.

  8. Eerie Nights Ghost Tour

    About Eerie Nights is a theatrical story telling experience where guides in special effects make-up, period costume, and in the character of a person from Richmond's past, lead you to several historic and haunted sites on our trolley and walking ghost tours.


    GHOST TOURS IN INDIANA Find the scariest REAL HAUNTED HOUSES in Indiana including haunts in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Gary, Bloomington, Lafayette, Indiana.

  10. These Central Indiana Ghost Walks are a Spooky Good Time

    Michael and Nicole Kobrowski of Unseenpress.com, Inc. have authored a number of books about haunted locations throughout Indiana, and have been leading Historic Indiana Ghost Walks and Tours of Indianapolis neighborhoods, Underground Railroad sites in Westfield, the Noblesville town square and downtown Anderson since 2002.

  11. Group/Private Haunts of Richmond Ghost Tours<

    A private walking tour with Haunts of Richmond can take you to haunted sites for an outing you won't forget. Choose from our Shadows of Shockoe, Church Hill Chillers, Haunted Capitol Hill, Phantoms of Franklin, Creepy Tales on Campus, and Specters & Shades of Court End tours. Private walking tours are $150 for up to six guests, and additional ...

  12. Take This Bus On One Of The Best Ghost Hunting Tours In Indiana

    Chaos Haunted & Historical Tours/Facebook. There's a bunch of things to choose from, so make sure to thoroughly browse the website before deciding. You never know - you might just want to do them all. All four haunted bus tours are $42.00 each at the time of this writing. Chaos Haunted & Historical Tours/Facebook.

  13. UnseenPress.com Offers Some Fun And Spooky Ghost Tours In Indiana

    There are five distinct tours offered up by UnseenPress. unseenpress.com Historic Indiana Ghost Walks & Tours/Facebook. The first is the Indianapolis Downtown Ghost Walk. This fascinating tour takes you through the streets of Indy in search of wayward spirits, including those of a serial killer and possibly a lady of the night or two.

  14. Haunted Randolph County Asylum / Infirmary

    1882 U.S. 27 South, Winchester, Indiana Reservations: (765) 808-8730. MENU. Home Page; About The Asylum; Asylum History; TV Investigations

  15. Hoosier Haunts: Discovering Indiana's Eerie Legends and Ghostly Tales

    Located in Madison, Indiana, the Lanier Mansion is one of the most prominent haunted places in the state. Today, the Lanier Mansion is open to the public to tour, but during its 158-year history, the mansion has spawned its own ghostly tale. Built in 1844, the mansion has been home to four generations of A.B. Lanier's family.

  16. Top Ten Haunted Places in Richmond

    Top Ten Haunted Spots In Richmond. 10. The Byrd Theatre. At least two phantoms haunt the Byrd. "One is a little girl who is seen frequently in the women's bathroom. The other ghost is Mr. Coulter - Byrd manager from 1928 to 1971. He's seen in several places but mostly spotted in the balcony.".

  17. Richmond Ghost Tours

    Discover a sordid collection of ghastly phantoms on a Richmond ghost tour to reveal terrifying encounters that continue to haunt the streets of this historic colonial city. Richmond Ghosts Choose Your Unique Richmond Experience Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round.

  18. Richmond Historic Haunts Tour Company

    If you're looking for services related to ghost tours or history tours in Richmond, Virginia, you've come to the right place. Checkout our tour companies below for more information and to reserve your Richmond tour experience!

  19. Richmond's Locally Owned & Operated Ghost Tour

    Explore the dark side of Virginia's capital city on a Haunts of Richmond Ghost Tour. After the museums close and the sun goes down, Richmond's spirits rise, and we can't wait to share their ghastly tales with you. Specializing in haunted history since 2004, we feature the most experienced and knowledgeable ghost guides in Richmond.

  20. #1 Rated Ghost Tour In Richmond, VA

    Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine! Tour Details Book Now The Experiences You've Heard About Our Tours Tours are available daily year-around from the afternoon to late at night. Some are offered throughout the day based on season. Book Now 8 pm Richmond Ghosts: Sinister Scares of Shockoe Bottom Tour $ 25 Book Now 6 pm

  21. Indianapolis Ghost Tours

    Welcome To Indianapolis's #1 Rated Ghost Tour Known for fast cars, infamous gangsters, dead presidents and ghostly poets, Indianapolis boasts terrifying tragedies and a horrific past that sped it to the front line for haunted places. Book Now

  22. Haunted Ghost Walk

    This will should be a truly spooky Haunted Ghost Tour in the Depot District! Tickets are limited so sign-up before all the spots are gone! Available via Eventbrite, first come first serve so please no walk-ins! Tickets are $10 Costumes encouraged, but not required for entry. ... Richmond, IN 47374. Phone: 800-828-8414 or 765-935-8687 Fax: 765 ...

  23. 12th Annual Haunted Museum

    1150 North A Street Richmond, IN (765) 962-5756 Event Website: View website Phone # to call for information: (765) 962-5756 A not-too-scary Halloween experience by appointmentWhen: October 15, 16, 22 and 23 from 6:00 - 9:00 pmWhere: Wayne County Historical Museum 1150 N.