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Ava Starr is the daughter of Elihas and Catherine Starr , who gained the ability to render herself intangible and generate extreme amounts of power following a quantum accident which killed her parents. At a young age, S.H.I.E.L.D. began taking advantage of her powers, enlisting her as a stealth operative under the moniker of Ghost prior to HYDRA 's uprising . Under Bill Foster 's care, Starr realized that she was slowly dying due to a lack of quantum energy, which she involuntarily harnessed.

Within weeks of succumbing to her disease without a cure, Starr learned that a Quantum Tunnel had been created by Hank Pym and embedded into a portable lab. Her plans to absorb energy from the Quantum Realm conflicted with Pym's plans to rescue Janet van Dyne , whose survival in the Quantum Realm relied directly on the energy Starr sought to extract. Starr began making attempts to steal the lab by force, putting her in conflict with Ant-Man and Wasp . Upon her return, Janet transferred some of her quantum energy into Starr, temporarily stabilizing her affliction. With her pain lessened, she went into hiding with Foster.

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Biography [ ]

Early life [ ], losing her family [ ].

A&W egghead4

Starr is found with her deceased parents

As a child, Ava Starr grew up in Argentina as the daughter of Catherine and Elihas Starr . Starr witnessed the fallout of her father's partnership with Hank Pym , who kicked him out of S.H.I.E.L.D. and smeared his name within the scientific community. Embittered, Elihas continued to research quantum energy on his own, despite the risks. When an experiment involving the Quantum Tunnel went wrong, Starr tried to run to her father to ensure he didn't die alone, but the tunnel ruptured before she reached him, killing her parents and inundating her with quantum energy.


Starr is adopted by Bill Foster

When the Fire Department arrived, they were unable to touch Starr as she had become intangible from the accident. Starr was placed in an orphanage and later met her father's ex-colleague Bill Foster , who gave her a teddy bear. Although she was upset for her inability to hold the toy, Foster encouraged Starr to focus her powers, eventually allowing her to solidify and pick it up. Foster promised to find a way to cure her condition and began to act as a surrogate father to Starr, developing the quantum chamber to allow her to briefly stabilize and ease her pain. [1]

Joining S.H.I.E.L.D. [ ]


Starr is fit with the newest Ghost Suit

Observing the potential asset her powers could become, S.H.I.E.L.D. took Starr and began to train her in espionage so that she could go on missions to take down threats that proved too difficult for conventional operatives. They developed the Ghost Suit for her to harness her abilities, granting her the option to slip between intangible and solid states, and promised to help find a way to cure her.


Ghost appearing during one of her missions

Over the course of her time in the field, as well as the prolonged suffering caused by her quantum displacement, Starr became hardened and extremely vicious, eventually realizing that S.H.I.E.L.D. had no intention of finding a cure. When S.H.I.E.L.D. collapsed , Starr was taken back in by Bill Foster , who began to assist her in researching a cure as her condition started to deteriorate. [1]

Finding a Cure [ ]

Clashing with the pyms [ ].


Ghost follows the Wasp at the restaurant

Starr observed Hank Pym who shrunk the Mobile Laboratory and left with Hope van Dyne and Scott Lang . Starr suddenly materialized a short distance away, tracking their van to Sonny Burch 's restaurant, Oui . After Burch attempted to double-cross van Dyne, Starr waited until van Dyne, in her Wasp Suit , had defeated Burch's mercenaries and taken the final component.

Ant-Man and the Wasp 75

Ghost closely confronts and fights the Wasp

Ghost appeared in front of Wasp and engaged with her in a duel for the ownership of the Mobile Laboratory, loosening her grasp of it until she was punched in the face once Wasp turned small. After phasing out from Wasp's attack, Ghost disappeared from the conflict and waited for the opportunity to distract her and grabbed her body to slam it on a table. As Wasp grabbed the lab and tried to attack Ghost with a service table, she phased through it without a flinch.


Ghost gains the upper hand against Wasp

Ghost then attacked Wasp by punching her in the face, knocking the Mobile Laboratory out of her hold. Despite gaining an upper hand on van Dyne, Ghost's plans were thwarted when Lang, in the Ant-Man Suit , arrived, being stopped at the moment when she pinned Wasp against the wall. Ghost was kicked to the ground by Ant-Man, causing her to disappear again. Once the two managed to defeat her, Ghost came up with a plan to confront Pym somewhere he was contacting them.


Ghost threatens Pym to give up the lab

Going outside of the restaurant while Ant-Man and Wasp tried to communicate with Pym, Ghost managed to find Pym inside his van and phased through his throat with her arm. Threatening Pym with his life, Ghost coerced him to give up the Mobile Laboratory, resulting in it being handed to her. She then fled the van before Ant-Man and Wasp could intervene.


Ghost arrives at her hideout with the lab

Arriving at her hideout , Starr walked inside the guestroom with the Mobile Laboratory and the component and placed them on a desk. Taking off her suit so that she could breathe, Starr placed her suit down and slowly walked over to her Quantum Energy Chamber to temporarily stabilize herself. Once Starr was inside the Chamber, she rested on her bed and tried to relax while her molecules were put into place. [1]

Taking Hostages [ ]


Starr rests inside the Quantum Chamber

While Starr was recovering inside the Quantum Energy Chamber , Hank Pym had successfully tracked down the Mobile Laboratory using re-engineered tech from an earlier Ant-Man Suit and sent Wasp and Ant-Man there to retrieve it. While they were able to enter the building and locate the lab, Starr woke up from her rest and quietly snuck up on them.


Starr introduces herself to Scott Lang

Starr went behind the Wasp's back and knocked her out with a punch in the head and kicked Ant-Man's face, causing them to lose consciousness. Starr then began to put them in restrains while they were sitting in a chair for interrogation. When Lang regained consciousness, he tried to wake up van Dyne and Pym, who were beside him. Starr quickly appeared in front of Lang, telling him that they can't hear him.


Starr intently reaches for Scott Lang 's face

Starr introduced herself to Lang, and was asked if she uses the Suit to go through things, responding to him that it only helps her control her powers and the pain she felt while doing so. As Lang expressed his fear of her by questioning if she'll rip his heart out from his chest, Starr laughed at his fear and told him that she'll never hurt him unless she has to, noting she wants something that is in his head instead.


Starr threatens Pym for his past actions

After touching Lang's face and triggering her powers again, Starr decided to wake up the rest of the captives, kicking them to wake them. When Wasp threatened Starr to never touch her father, she expressed that she was a little too gentle with him. Once Bill Foster clarified who Starr was, van Dyne wanted to know what was going on, leading Starr to tell Pym that her father, Elihas worked with Pym until their disagreement had gotten him fired.


Ghost explains the truth of her own past

Starr further mentioned that her father was discredited for good measure once he was fired from his research on quantum energy. Starr continued that her father was doing his research while taking risk until something went wrong. Starr told them that his research had killed him and her mother, Catherine but survived from the explosion that resulted in her powers emerging. Starr noted that she was adopted by Foster and was taken in by S.H.I.E.L.D. as an assassin.


Starr declares she wants to cure herself

Foster told them that once S.H.I.E.L.D. had collapsed, he took Starr to his home and noticed that her condition had progressed even further. As Foster explained that Starr needed a cure, he was told that she noticed Pym was building a Quantum Tunnel and knew about the psionic link that Lang shared with Janet van Dyne in order to track her down in the quantum realm and extract her quantum energy to permanently fix her displacement.


Starr tells Hank Pym to do what she says

After Foster gave Lang his call for his daughter , Foster continued on by telling them that he'll be extracting Janet's quantum energy that she was absorbing for thirty years and give it to Starr for her survival. Pym refused to cooperate with Foster because of the potential that Janet would die during the extraction. Starr bitterly retorted by telling him that he'll do as she says, walking over with Foster as he took the component.


Starr sees her captives escape the Hideout

As they were about to leave, Pym feigned a heart attack to trick Foster into opening the Altoids tin, leading him to grab the tin and give it to Pym. Getting suspicious over Pym, Starr notice that it was a trap and told Foster to not open it. The tin released a group of enlarged Ants , allowing van Dyne and Lang to escape with the lab. Starr was then attacked by van Dyne with her Stingers , watching the rest of the captives flee the room as she ached in pain. [1]

Losing Time [ ]


Starr asks Bill Foster the time she has

With Hank Pym , Wasp , and Ant-Man taking back the Mobile Laboratory and the component, Starr witnessed Bill Foster checking the Quantum Energy Chamber and told her that it can barely help her temporarily restore her molecules. On that note, Starr asked how long does she have, in which Foster theorized that it could be a couple of weeks.


Starr agrees to find another option

Starr demanded that they need to get that lab, using Lang's daughter another victim to kidnap in order to give up the lab for themselves. Foster told Starr to not resort to that, noting that he would not participate in that kind of behavior. Starr responded to him that he is not the one who is being tore apart from her condition and told him that he kept his promised to fix her. Foster told Starr he will help her but go on a path of using violence to get it.


Ghost sneaks into the X-Con Security Office

Knowing that Foster won't be fixing her if she lays a hand on Lang's daughter, Starr declares that she will find another option. Finding another to track down the lab, Starr spied on Sonny Burch and his men, who were going to X-Con Security Consultants . Starr then snuck on the group where Luis had told Burch where Lang was at trick spot in emotional level. Burch interrogated Luis on where was Lang literally speaking, being told that he was at the woods.


Ghost interrogates Luis about Ant-Man

Starr made herself appeared in front of Luis, now knowing that Lang is in the woods with the lab. Starr leaned in closely to ask Luis where in the woods, to which he answered that it was specifically Muir Woods . Now with the knowledge of the Mobile Laboratory, Starr then left the room and quickly phase out of thin air. Starr went outside of the office and purposely damaged Burch's car to slow him down and quickly headed for the lab. [1]

Taking Back the Lab [ ]


Ghost aggressively attacks Agent Stoltz

After Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne were arrested by the FBI in Muir Woods , Ghost followed Agent Stoltz as he took the Mobile Laboratory inside a van. Ghost watched Stoltz walking to his trunk of his car to put the lab inside, only for her to puncture his heart. Ghost took the lab after she attacked Stoltz, leading the FBI to be suspicious.


Starr demands to continue the process

Starr arrived inside the Laboratory and had Bill Foster operate the Quantum Energy Chamber by using the Tunnel to extract the energy from it. After they had begun the extraction process, Starr was told by Foster that it could be dangerous. Starr responded to Foster that she had days to live and that they would be performing the process regardless. Just as Foster began to turn on the Tunnel, a group of Ants had stopped their machine, causing them to realizing Hank Pym 's interference.

Ant-Man and the Wasp 65

Ghost sneaks up on Ant-Man for an attack

Once Starr looked below the army of Ants on the control panel, she told Foster that they couldn't be that far ahead from the lab. Picking up her helmet and walking out of the lab, Ghost found a streak of Ants from an abandoned building. Ghost snuck up behind Ant-Man , who had previously freed Pym and Wasp from the San Francisco FBI Office , smashing his face on a glass window and kicking him across the wall to the other side of the room.

Ghost chasing Scott Lang

Ghost chases Ant-Man inside of a building

As Ant-Man got up to grow smaller, Ghost walked toward to his direction and told him to call off the Ants that were invading their plans. Once Ant-Man realized his suit wasn't working properly, Ghost began to chase down him at a walking pace, passing through walls as he tried to escape her surroundings. While Ant-Man had temporarily lost Ghost and tried to contact his team to hurry up on the plan, she found him hiding near a wall and began to chase him down again. Ghost finally tracked down Ant-Man, passing through a table.


Ghost is tricked by Ant-Man and his crew

Ghost snuck up in front of Ant-Man while he was reporting his team, aggressively kicking toward a wall. Ghost was about to attack Ant-Man but had noticed the lab had shrunk down into a small size again. Looking at Luis giving the Mobile Laboratory to the Wasp, Ghost was quickly outraged at her supposed trap. Ant-Man told Ghost that misdirection was the first rule of close-up magic , turning small again in order to leave the area. [1]

Chase for the Laboratory [ ]

Ghost (Ant-Man and the Wasp)

Ghost chases down Ant-Man and the Wasp

A three-sided car chase then took place between Wasp and Sonny Burch 's men across the streets of San Francisco . Ghost managed to chase down the cars that were following down the streets and used her phasing powers to move across a random woman's car, kicking Burch's men in that face so that she could hijack his motorcycle.


Ghost chases Ant-Man and Wasp

During her drive-by with her motorcycle, Starr had managed to track down Ant-Man and Wasp's van and began to drop her motorcycle to sneak up front of the van. Ghost went through the car window and kicked Wasp away from the back of the van, letting her out of the van before she shrunk down. Ghost tied Luis and Ant-Man with their seat belts and got the Mobile Laboratory from them, escaping the van to hijack a nearby truck with a wooden plank. Ghost drove the truck with the lab in hand and tried to get over to her rendezvous point.


Ghost fights Wasp while driving the truck

Wasp suddenly tracked down Ghost and began to fight against her for the lab until Ant-Man had to interfere in the conflict. Ghost noticed Ant-Man clinging onto the windshield wiper and began to turn it on in order to lose him. Wasp leans in for the punch but Ghost phases out to dodge and then grabs Wasp on the drivers seat, hoping to strangle her out. Wasp got out of Ghost's grasp and as they continued to fight, Ant-Man enlarges himself and punched Ghost in the face.


Ghost confronts Wasp for the Mobile Lab

Ghost was slightly knocked out from the attack and in that moment, Wasp took the lab and flew away behind the truck. Ghost took off her helmet and phased through the driver's seat and landed onto the wooden platform on the truck. Before the both of them could fight against each other, Burch and his mercenary had bumped into the truck, letting the lab go onto the hands Burch once again. Ghost flew out of the truck and landed on the ground.

Ava Ghost

Ghost suddenly loses the Mobile Laboratory

While on the ground, Ghost witnessed Burch and his henchman driving away to another direction and followed them along the way. Eventually, after Ant-Man took the lab from Burch and struggled to breathe, he dropped the lab on the nearby pier. While Luis planned on getting the lab, Ghost kicked away from it and used the remote she stole from him to make it normal size again, entering the building as fast as possible. [1]

Getting the Cure [ ]

Ant-Man and the Wasp 123

Starr tells Bill Foster to begin her process

As Hank Pym was preparing to return to the real world with Janet van Dyne , Starr began her process of extracting energy to repair her body. Foster followed Starr and warned her that Janet will die if she continues the extraction. Starr ignored Foster's statement, as she thought he cares more about Janet than about her.

Ant-Man and the Wasp 112

Starr turns on the Quantum Chamber

While Starr reached for the control panel, Foster promised that Janet would be able to help her, leading her to push him away aggressively. Starr told Foster that this is the way and turned on the Quantum Tunnel in order power the Energy Chamber . Starr walked inside the Chamber as she began to become whole again, much to her delight. Ant-Man and Wasp walked inside the lab and stopped her from using the Tunnel to power the Chamber.


Ghost furiously fighting against Ant-Man

Starr noticed what they were doing and began to interfere with their plans to stop her. Starr attacked Ant-Man with full force but her punches couldn't land on him until he grew small enough that she kicked him across the room. Starr saw Wasp near the control panel and began to attack her, phasing out of her Stingers that she was blasting onto her. Starr attacked her with her punches and kicks but was caught off guard once Ant-Man had teamed up with Wasp.


Ghost is defeated by Ant-Man and the Wasp

Starr was kicked into the ground but attacked back once Wasp tried to knock her out and proceeded to kick Ant-Man in the face. Noticing Wasp on the trail of the Tunnel, Starr walked over to her and finally tried to kill her only to be run over by the Quantum Vehicle , flying across the room. Once Starr was stopped by Lang and van Dyne and kept at bay until Pym and Janet were able to successfully return from the Quantum Realm, Starr recovered from the injury.

Janet temporary heals Ava

Starr is healed by Janet van Dyne 's powers

By then, Starr's body was beginning to fall apart completely; however, Janet calmed her down and told her that she felt her pain. Starr expressed to Janet that her condition hurts and always had. Janet apologized for her sickness and told Starr that she can fix it. Janet transferred a portion of quantum energy into her, making Starr feel whole again and letting her touch Janet's hand. Luis then burst inside the lab and warned them that the Police were coming. [1]

Moving Away [ ]

Group leaves the area

Ghost quickly leaves the Mobile Laboratory

Afterwards, Ghost proceeded to escape the lab with Scott Lang , Bill Foster , Hank Pym , Janet , and Hope with a plan to distract the FBI from their path to not get them all arrested. Once they had succeeded on the plan, Starr and Foster escaped the scene and into an alleyway in order to avoid getting arrested.


Starr leaves the city with Bill Foster 's help

On the alleyway with help of Foster on her side, Starr told him to leave her there but he insists on making it on a different location. Starr justifies by telling him that she hurt people like he said but Foster responded that he wouldn't abandon her. With a bleak smile, Starr hugged Foster with open arms. [1] Starr kept in contact with the Pyms and Lang, as they had begun to process to help her receive quantum energy. However, the team turned into dust , which left Lang trapped in the Quantum Realm, thus preventing them from providing any further help to her for the next five years. [3]

DNA Acquired [ ]

By 2023 , Ghost's DNA had been acquired by her former S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury , who placed her DNA alongside many other enhanced individuals in a vial known as the Harvest . The Harvest vial was then administered by the Super-Skrulls Gravik and G'iah , bestowing both of them with Ghost's powers. [4]

Personality [ ]

Ava Starr has been trained by S.H.I.E.L.D. to become an elite and ruthless stealth operative tasked with infiltrating and eliminating criminal organizations, terrorist cells, and other threats. She holds a grudge against Hank Pym for expelling and discrediting her father, inadvertently leading to the accident that killed him and his wife as well as afflicting her with molecular disequilibrium.

Due to the years of chronic pain Starr experienced as a result of this, she was desperate enough to do anything to permanently fix her condition, especially when she learned that she had only a few weeks to live. Starr's limited time to live, chronic pain, and desperate need to survive pushed her to act with extreme aggression and impatience. She was planning to extract Janet van Dyne 's quantum energy despite the fact the process could potentially kill Janet and even considered kidnapping Cassie Lang as leverage to force Scott Lang to give her the Mobile Laboratory . Starr was unwilling to hear pleas of more peaceful yet uncertain means of curing her condition, as she was acutely aware of her limited lifespan. Having been promised a cure by S.H.I.E.L.D. that was not delivered made Starr distrustful of anyone who urged patience and vague plans for a cure to her condition. Although she shares a somewhat familial bond with Bill Foster , who assisted her in attempting to find a cure, she violently threw him aside when he tried to stop the quantum energy extraction.

Despite Starr's brutal exterior, she was not a heartless person by nature. While Starr's condition and imminent death caused her to act ruthlessly to survive, she still has a sense of morality, feeling shame for her actions as an assassin of S.H.I.E.L.D. due to the fact that the organization never had any intention of finding a cure and all she did for them did nothing to help her, showing she is able to feel remorse for committing actions that were not beneficial in her attempt to cure her condition. Starr has also proven to be capable of showing compassion and regard for others' well-being, particularly to those close to her. This is best exemplified when she urges Foster to abandon her, warning him that he will also be pursued by the authorities if he continues to act as her caretaker. Also, despite what the Pym family's actions caused her, Starr was willing to accept help from them and seems to be on much better terms with them after Janet returns and they begin extracting quantum energy to gradually cure her quantum illness.

Powers and Abilities [ ]

  • Enhanced Strength : Starr is able to amplify the amount of force behind her attacks while phasing, as a single kick was able to launch Ant-Man through several walls. She played Wasp , with brute force on the street, and able to fling Bill Foster to the other side of a room for attempting to prevent the opening of the Quantum Tunnel .
  • Enhanced Durability : Due to her condition, her body is tougher than that of an ordinary human, being able to withstand numerous injuries including blows from Ant-Man and the Wasp , mainly from the Giant-Man, and later she both received a bullet from the Wasp's gauntlet and being run over by Pym's quantum vehicle and flinging her to the other side of the lab leaving her alone with her leg limp.

Ghost Trail

Ghost phasing in motion

  • Invisibility : Starr is able to pass in and out of the visible spectrum. She first used this power to spy on Hank Pym after they shrunk the Mobile Laboratory and fled. In fights, she was shown vanishing, then reappearing to launch a surprise attack against Wasp during the skirmish inside of Oui , and also appeared in the midst of Sonny Burch 's interrogation to find out where the lab was from Luis . Starr turned invisible by stealing the remote control from Luis' office .

Abilities [ ]

Ghost fighting against Ant-Man

  • Expert Acrobat : Starr is a highly trained acrobat, allowing her to vault over a car with ease. She incorporates this and also gymnastics into her fighting style to battle opponents.
  • Master Spy : Starr was trained by S.H.I.E.L.D. , as a secret agent, she put an end to many criminal organizations, terrorists, and other threats that proved too difficult for conventional agents.
  • Master Assassin : Starr was taken by S.H.I.E.L.D. and was forced to become a very skilled assassin in order to do S.H.I.E.L.D.'s bidding. Over her time with the agency, she racked up many kills, becoming one of their best assassins.

Equipment [ ]

  • Ghost Suit : A full-body suit that was designed by S.H.I.E.L.D. to help her better control her powers. The suit allowed Starr to selectively phase through matter at will, allowing her to rapidly switch between intangibility and tangibility for both stealth and offensive purposes.
  • Quantum Energy Chamber : Created by Bill Foster , the chamber releases waves of quantum energy which temporarily stabilize Starr's disequilibrium.

Facilities [ ]

  • Ghost's Hideout : Ghost used a hideout, which used to be her mansion, to keep herself stable in a Quantum Energy Chamber . Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne infiltrated the hideout, so she captured them and Hank Pym , explaining her past with S.H.I.E.L.D. to them. However, they tricked Bill Foster into replacing giant ants , allowing them to escape.
  • Oui : Ghost attacked the Oui during a battle between Wasp and Sonny Burch 's crew. She stole a device from Wasp and left the restaurant.
  • X-Con Security Consultants Office : Ghost hid in X-Con Security Consultants ' office while Sonny Burch and his crew interrogated the company's owners, and Luis revealed the location of the Mobile Laboratory .
  • Mobile Laboratory : Ghost and Bill Foster took control of Hank Pym 's mobile laboratory and attempted to use Pym's Quantum Tunnel to stabilize Ghost. However, Pym entered the tunnel instead while Ghost fought Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne . When Pym returned with Janet van Dyne , Janet cured Ghost of her lack of stability.

Relationships [ ]

  • In the comics, Ghost was an unnamed male anticapitalist saboteur and created a battle suit that allowed himself or any object he touched to be invisible or intangible. In some universes, Ghost is also an Inhuman .
  • Ghost is the fourth character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be depicted as a different gender from their counterpart in the comics, following Jeri Hogarth , the Ancient One , and Fenris .
  • Ghost is the second female main antagonist in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film, the first being Hela .

Behind the Scenes [ ]

  • Ghost's first name was originally listed as Dawn .
  • Stephen Broussard states that Ghost is: "a villain whose main objective is to rid herself of the very thing that makes her a threat. I thought that was really interesting and sort of an emotional core that we really haven’t explored. People seemed to respond to the idea of not a supervillain that had to take over the world. We knew we were coming off the heels of Infinity War and you can’t get bigger than that in terms of epic score, so we zigged where they zagged kind of on purpose." [5]
  • Tamiko Brownlee was a stunt double for Hannah John-Kamen in the role of Ghost.
  • Eli Logue was a stand-in for Hannah John-Kamen in the role of Ghost.

References [ ]

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Theory: shield's ghost rider is in phase 4 & marvel already explained how.

Agents of SHIELD introduced its own version of Ghost Rider - and the character could make the jump into Doctor Strange 2 with remarkable ease.

The multiverse lies at the heart of the MCU's Phase 4, and it could be the key to bringing back Gabriel Luna's Ghost Rider from Agents of SHIELD . When Marvel Televison launched Agents of SHIELD in 2013, they envisioned it as the official MCU tie-in TV series. Unfortunately, relations between Marvel Televison and Marvel Studos became strained as the years passed, particularly after a major restructure at Marvel in 2015 .

Oddly enough, it's now easier to incorporate the old Marvel Netflix shows into the main MCU timeline than it is with Agents of SHIELD . This is largely because of the direction Marvel Television's flagship TV series took from season 5 onwards. Season 5 was designed to join in with the MCU's 10-year celebrations, and incorporated elements of Avengers: Infinity War into its main arc. It deliberately avoided the snap, however, and couldn't even deal with that when the show was unexpectedly renewed after seasons 6 and 7 - largely because nobody at Marvel Television had any idea how the studio would resolve the deaths of half the lives in the universe.

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Most viewers tend to assume Agents of SHIELD should now be considered to take place in another branch of the MCU's multiverse - an approach that makes sense, because Agents of SHIELD actually embraced the multiverse in season 7, well ahead of the mainstream MCU. Surprisingly, though, this doesn't rule out the possibility one major character from Agents of SHIELD could jump the dimensions with ease. Gabriel Luna's Ghost Rider shouldn't be written out just yet.

Gabriel Luna's Ghost Rider Explained

The most famous Ghost Rider of all is Johnny Blaze, but in the comics he's just one of thousands to have claimed the mantle of the Spirit of Vengeance since 1,000,000 years ago. In 2014, Marvel Comics introduced a new Ghost Rider - one unlike any seen before in the comics. Inspired in part by One Direction's Zayn Malik, Robbie Reyes was envisioned as a Latino hero who fell under the influence of a Vengeance Demon rather than Zarathos, the traditional Spirit of Vengeance associated with the Ghost Riders. Where the most famous Ghost Riders drove bikes, this " All-New Ghost Rider " was celebrated for driving a classic muscle car – a 1969 Dodge Charger, which he soon dubbed "the Hellcharger."

Robbie Reyes was a welcome step forward in Marvel's attempts to increase diversity, and the themes in the All-New Ghost Rider comics stressed how he differed to his predecessors. He was particularly noted for his relationship with his disabled brother Gabe, who he felt responsible for, and this aspect of his character appealed to the showrunners of Agents of SHIELD . The Marvel Television show had always focused on the theme of family, making Reyes a perfect fit. They cast actor Gabriel Luna for the role, and he immediately became a firm fan-favorite - so much so Marvel Television even tried to launch a Ghost Rider spinoff starring Luna , although production on this project ceased in 2019 among reports of creative differences between Hulu and Marvel Television's creative team. The comics have continued to develop Reyes' All-New Ghost Rider as a character, and he's currently a member of the Avengers - revealed to be the Rider Above All, the ultimate incarnation of the Ghost Rider.

The All-New Ghost Rider Could Easily Enter The MCU

Assuming Agents of SHIELD is indeed a divergent timeline in the MCU, it would actually be remarkably easy for the show's Ghost Rider to make the jump between the dimensions. At one point in season 4, Robbie Reyes became stranded in a Hell Dimension. He allowed the Spirit of Vengeance to take charge, and his powers increased markedly as a result. When  Ghost Rider returned , he possessed an ability very similar to that of Doctor Strange; he could spin his chains in a circle, opening portals between the dimensions in the same manner as the Sling Rings used by the Masters of the Mystic Arts.

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It's easy to forget that the Sling Rings don't just allow the Masters of the Mystic Arts to travel from Kamar-Taj to Mount Everest, or from Titan to North America. Rather, they can travel anywhere they can envision with their minds, even to other dimensions - after all, as Mordo explained in Doctor Strange , " they allow us to travel throughout the multiverse. " This means Robbie Reyes' Ghost Rider can open portals from one branched timeline to another. He can potentially jump straight into the mainstream MCU, simply by simulating a Sling Ring and spinning his chains.

How Robbie Reyes' All-New Ghost Rider Could Fit Into The MCU's Phase 4

Marvel has spent much of the year clarifying how the MCU's multiverse works  ahead of  Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness . This appears to introduce two new multiversal groups; some sort of interdimensional Illuminati (including a variant of the X-Men's Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart) and beings like America Chavez who seem to travel through the multiverse unsupervised. The Ghost Rider from  Agents of SHIELD could fit into either of these groups. On the one hand, he could potentially be a member of this mysterious Illuminati group, because his knowledge of the Hell Dimensions would surely be invaluable to such a group. Alternatively, Robbie Reyes was never especially keen on authority figures, so he could easily be an independent operator who travels through the multiverse doing good, potentially even opposed by the Illuminati. Trailers have, after all, seemed to tease the Illuminati will imprison America Chavez at some point in  Doctor Strange 2 .

Either approach would make Gabriel Luna's Ghost Rider a perfect fit for the MCU's Phase 4 multiverse . It would be a smart approach for Marvel to take; he'd add some welcome diversity into the mainstream MCU as a major Latino superhero, and potentially to the Illuminati themselves. What's more, Ghost Rider would serve as a way to bring other characters from  Agents of SHIELD into the Phase 4 multiverse as well, such as Chloe Bennet's Quake, who became one of his most notable allies. Given Marvel Studios is beginning to acknowledge other old Marvel Television shows, bringing Charlie Cox back as Daredevil and Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin, it would be great to see them incorporate such a significant aspect of  Agents of SHIELD 's lore.

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