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How To Grow Ghost Peppers (Bhut Jolokia) From Seed

Posted on Last updated: 01/15/2024

Ghost peppers are relatively easy to grow, pack in the heat, and taste great in homemade hot sauce. We’ll teach you how to grow ghost peppers (bhut jolokia) from seed to harvest.

Red bhut jolokia plant in container with ripe peppers.

The ghost pepper, or bhut jolika, is well known for its fierce heat and unique, wrinkly shape. Clocking in at approximately 1,000,000 SHUs on the Scoville Scale, this pepper will definitely add some spice to your garden. In this guide, we will discuss how to grow ghost peppers from seed.

If you want to skip the process of starting ghost peppers indoors, you can purchase a young plant for your garden. Some garden centers sell ghost pepper plants, or you can check on Etsy .

Step 1: Buy Your Ghost Pepper Seeds

Peach Ghost Pepper Grown From Seed

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of gardening, purchasing seeds! We love browsing seed varieties and deciding which to plant. One of our favorite ghost peppers is Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion.

The pods ripen to a beautiful shade of peach and they add unique color to our garden. We suggest keeping it interesting and choosing a few different varieties. Check out our list of favorite retailers to buy pepper seeds online.

After you have decided which variety of ghost pepper you will plant, it’s time to pick out soil and fertilizer.

Step 2: Choosing The Best Soil

Handful of soil

If you are starting your ghost peppers from seed indoors, it is best to use seed starting mix . You can find this at any gardening supply store, or online on Amazon.

Check our guide here for how to start pepper seeds indoors .

Seed starting soil is a light, fluffy mix, usually containing peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite. It creates the ideal environment for germination. It usually does not contain nutrients either, so fertilizer should be applied about 1 week after the seeds sprout.

Approximately 3-4 weeks after sprouting, you will move your plants to another soil medium. Don’t overthink which soil to get for growing your ghost peppers. We recommend a loamy, well-draining organic potting soil.

Our favorite potting soils:

  • Ocean Forest

You should avoid using an “in-ground soil” if you will be growing your ghost peppers in pots. This soil is too heavy for container gardening and will not allow for adequate drainage and aeration to the root zone. You can find an acceptable potting soil at any garden store, or purchase one online.

Step 3: Start Your Ghost Peppers Indoors

Seed Tray Humidity Dome

Before starting your ghost pepper plants, you should first consider how much space you have to grow them. Make sure you have enough room to house your seedlings, as well as the larger plants that may not be ready to transition outside yet.

When to start ghost peppers: Start seeds 8 weeks before your plants will be moved to their final home outdoors. Ghost pepper plants will thrive in outdoor temperatures between 75-85°F.

One thing to keep in mind is that ghost peppers take a long time to germinate. Like other super hot varieties, they are very stubborn and can take up to 35 days to sprout .

When starting ghost peppers indoors, we highly recommend using a seed heating mat to keep the soil at an ideal temperature of 80-90°F during germination.

Sow your ghost pepper seeds 1/4 inch deep in pre-moistened seed starter mix. We recommend bottom-water seed trays from Bootstrap Farmer . These are high quality and can easily be reused every year. They also sell some great seed starting kits, including our very own Pepper Geek kit!

Now that your seeds are sown, it is time to place them on your seedling mat and wait! Keep a close eye on the moisture of your seed trays and water them if the soil feels dry to the touch. You want the soil to be moist, but not soaking wet.

After your seedlings sprout, it’s time to place them under your grow light. If you are new to pepper growing, you do not need to invest in anything fancy. Check out our grow light recommendations and choose a light that fits your space and budget.

If you have a sunny windowsill, you can also move your peppers there to grow. Where we live, we always use grow lights for the best results.

Step 4: The Best Fertilizer For Ghost Peppers

Fertilizer options for ghost peppers

Fertilizing is one of the most confusing topics for new pepper growers. You’ll want to begin fertilizing your ghost pepper seedlings as soon as they form their first set of true leaves (about 2 weeks after sprouting).

Because the seedlings are young, start with a 1/4-1/2 strength feeding regimen. The directions on your fertilizer should specify the correct ratios.

To keep things simple, we like to use the Fox Farm Trio . This trio provides necessary nutrients throughout the entire growth cycle of the ghost peppers.

Step 5: Transplanting Ghost Peppers

Bhut Jolokia Solid Gold pepper plant

Before you know it, your ghost pepper plants will need to be transplanted into larger pots. You’ll know your plants are ready when the roots reach the end of the seed trays. At this stage, the plant will be around 3 inches tall.

We have a full guide to transplanting here . At this point, you will no longer be using seed starting mix. Transplant your ghost peppers into organic potting mix at this time.

Moving the ghost peppers into large pots will allow the plants to continue to grow indoors until outdoor temperatures are livable. We transplant our seedlings into 3″ pots where they stay for the remaining 4-6 weeks before going outside.

Moving Outdoors

If you are planning on transplanting your pepper plants into the ground, be sure there is no longer a risk of frost. This will devastate your ghost pepper plant and will ruin all the hard work and time you put into sprouting seeds.

Before moving your plants outside, you will want to harden them off for a couple of weeks. The idea is to slowly adjust your plants to direct sunlight by putting them outdoors for increasing amounts of time.

Ghost peppers like room to spread out and grow, so be sure to give them a couple feet between plants. If your ghost peppers are going to stay in a container for the season, their final pot should be at least 3-gallons.

Step 6: Harvesting Your Ghost Peppers

Red ghost peppers peppers on plant.

Ghost peppers have a long growing season – up to 150 days from planting to harvest! The pods can take a long time to fully ripen and change color. We love watching the colors turn slowly throughout the weeks.

Determining when to harvest your ghost pepper depends on the variety grown. A ghost pepper is ready to harvest when it has reached its final color . Peach ghost peppers will ripen to a light peach color, while some chocolate ghost varieties turn deep brown.

After you harvest your ghost peppers, there are many things you can do with them. We like to dehydrate ours, make hot sauce, and grind them into powder . You can also try adding some ghost pepper to stir-fry or chili if you like it really hot.

Add a few slices to homemade spicy pickles to give them a decent kick. The possibilities are endless!

  • All about ghost peppers
  • Hottest peppers in the world
  • Simple hot sauce recipe

Are you planning on growing ghost peppers this year? Let us know which varieties you’ll be growing and what you plan on doing with your harvest! We hope this guide was a helpful start in helping you grow ghost peppers from seed.

ghost pepper seeds amazon

Crystalyn loves spicy food and getting creative in the kitchen. When she isn’t finding new ways to use hot sauce, shes very busy watching cat videos on the internet.

Monday 18th of September 2023

I have 7 plants that have been loaded with bloom for the past month (zone 7b). But I only have 2 fruit. Any ideas? I’m a successful organic Gardner.

Monday 18th of December 2023

I'm not sure what exactly may have happened with your plants. If they're indoors, that's a no-brainer - they're probably not getting pollinated. They'll need wind or pollinators. If outdoors, it could have to do with the nutrient in the soil - perhaps too heavy on nitrogen. It could also have to do with temperature. If the flowers are falling off, it is usually due to high heat or poor pollination. If they're all the same variety, it could have to do with something genetic. We (rarely) have a plant that will not produce its own pollen (sterile), and thus cannot self-pollinate. But, if you have multiple varieties this is not the issue.

Dennis Reid

Sunday 12th of March 2023

Do you have a discount code for BOOTSTRAP FARMER?

Wednesday 15th of March 2023

No, unfortunately they never run sales

Thursday 15th of September 2022

My ghost peppers are growing alot but it has been nearly 2-3 months and are quite large peppers in size about a finger length or half finger in length and there still green! why arnt/wont they turn color!

Friday 17th of June 2022

I put my seeds in water for a day or until they sink to the bottom then they're ready

Norm Hollis

Friday 4th of March 2022

How tall do they grow, how often to water,is soil kept dry or moist, are grow bags suitable for this plant. can you over winter the plant and how to do so.

How to Grow Ghost Peppers

Cori Sears is a writer with over a decade of experience, specializing in houseplants, gardening, and home decor. She writes about trending news, interior design, houseplants, and gardening for The Spruce. Her expertise in these areas has led her to contribute to other major publications including Better Homes and Gardens and Apartment Therapy.

ghost pepper seeds amazon

Mary Marlowe Leverette is one of the industry's most highly-regarded housekeeping and fabric care experts, sharing her knowledge on efficient housekeeping, laundry, and textile conservation. She is also a Master Gardener with over 40+ years of experience and 20+ years of writing experience. Mary is also a member of The Spruce Gardening and Plant Care Review Board.

ghost pepper seeds amazon

The Spruce / Gyscha Rendy

Ghost Peppers vs. Habaneros

  • Growing in Pots
  • Propagating
  • Growing From Seeds


  • Pests and Diseases
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Add more than a bit of spice to the pepper plants in your garden with ghost pepper plants ( Bhut jolokia ). Native to India, ghost peppers are a hybrid of the species Capsicum chinense and Capsicum frutescens. They are over 200 times hotter than jalapeños .

The plants have green stems and foliage. The peppers typically come in red, though they also can be orange, yellow, or chocolate. And they stretch roughly 2 to 4 inches long. A healthy ghost pepper plant can produce up to 100 peppers. Ghost pepper plants are perennial in zones 8 to 11 but can be grown as annuals in cooler climates. They are very slow-growing peppers, requiring around 120 days or more to mature, and they should be planted in the spring.

How to Plant Ghost Peppers

When to plant.

Because ghost peppers require such a long growing season, it's best to start seeds indoors around eight to 12 weeks before your area’s last spring frost date. They can be planted outside once the nighttime temperatures are reliably above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Selecting a Planting Site

The planting site should get lots of sun and have well-draining soil. Container growth is also an option. High and consistent temperatures and humidity also are essential for healthy growth. Ghost peppers don't like fluctuations in their environment, which is why many gardeners opt to grow them in controlled greenhouse spaces. 

Spacing, Depth, and Support

Plant seeds around 1/4 inch deep, and situate nursery plants at the same depth they were in their previous container. Space the plants 2 to 3 feet apart. You might need to stake your plants to prevent the stems from breaking when they're heavy with peppers, especially if your plants are exposed to strong winds.

Ghost Pepper Plant Care

During their four- to five-month growing period, the plants require consistently hot, bright, direct sunlight. When growing them indoors, supplementing natural light with grow lights is required. They should receive at least six hours of full sun on most days.

Loamy , well-drained soil with a slightly acidic soil pH is best for ghost pepper plants. Add some organic matter, such as compost, into the soil at the beginning of the growing season, especially if the soil is sandy.

A good rule of thumb is to wait for the top two inches of soil to dry before watering ghost pepper plants. Aim to maintain a regular watering schedule, as inconsistent watering can shock the plants.

Temperature and Humidity

Ghost pepper plants are extremely particular about their temperature and humidity conditions to produce a crop of fruit . They must have a growing season of longer than three months in temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit with high humidity. Four to five months of extreme heat and humidity is ideal. Rapid temperature changes and cold periods can cause ghost pepper plants to drop their flowers or fail to thrive.

Fertilize ghost pepper plants immediately after planting, and then twice more throughout the growing season, using a balanced fertilizer . Although it might be tempting, do not fertilize ghost pepper plants more often than that, as they are very sensitive to overfeeding.


Ghost pepper plants are self-pollinators with the help of animals and the wind.

Ghost peppers and habaneros are closely related. However, ghost peppers are slightly larger than habaneros and are significantly hotter. Plus, habaneros have a slightly fruity taste while heat dominates the flavor of ghost peppers . 

Harvesting Ghost Peppers

As ghost peppers ripen, they typically will turn from green to red. Bright red color and slight wrinkling of the skin are signs that they have reached full maturity. Reaching maturity will take between 120 and 150 days on average. They can be harvested at any stage of development if desired, but they are spiciest when fully mature. This is because the compound responsible for the spice in ghost peppers, capsaicin, increases in concentration until the peppers reach full maturity. 

Always wear protective apparel when harvesting ghost peppers, and be careful to avoid touching your eyes or skin after handling the hot chilis. They can cause burning or stinging via skin contact. Cut peppers off the plant with a knife or pruners, leaving around an inch of stem. They can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week in plastic. They also can be dried. 

How to Grow Ghost Peppers in Pots

Growing ghost peppers in pots is a good option in case you need to move the plants indoors to protect them from an unexpected cold snap. Select a pot that’s at least a foot wide and deep per plant to give the roots plenty of room. And make sure the pot has ample drainage holes. Unglazed clay is a good container material to allow excess soil moisture to evaporate through its walls. If the pot has a saucer, promptly empty it if it collects water. You'll likely have to water a container plant more often than plants grown in the ground. But make sure the soil is never waterlogged.

Pinching back the stem tips as ghost pepper plants grow is recommended to encourage bushier growth, but it is not essential.

Propagating Ghost Peppers

Ghost pepper plants can be propagated via stem cuttings , though this is not always successful. Still, it is an inexpensive way to essentially clone a plant that is particularly vigorous or otherwise preferable. The best time to take a cutting is in the late spring to early summer when the plant is actively growing and before it is producing fruit. Here's how:

  • Cut a 4- to 6-inch piece of healthy stem. 
  • Remove the foliage on the lower half of the stem, as well as any flower buds. 
  • Dip the cut end in rooting hormone, and then plant it in moist soilless potting mix. 
  • Keep the cutting in a bright, warm spot, and maintain a moist but not soggy growing medium. Roots should start to form in about three weeks.

How to Grow Ghost Peppers From Seed

Ghost pepper seeds can take three weeks or longer to germinate. Before planting, soak seeds in hydrogen peroxide for a minute to increase germination success. Then, plant them in a moist seed-starting mix that is between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It's critical to keep the temperature and moisture level consistent. Use full-sun fluorescent grow lights to maintain temperatures when starting seeds indoors.

Potting and Repotting Ghost Peppers

When potting ghost pepper plants, ensuring that the growing medium drains well is of utmost importance. Use a quality organic potting mix. Aim to use a pot that will accommodate the plant's full size right from the start, so you don't have to disturb it by repotting.

Unless you have a climate-controlled greenhouse, it is very difficult to maintain the right amount of heat, humidity, and light for ghost pepper plants over the winter. This is why many gardeners treat the plant as an annual outside of its growing zones.

Common Pests and Plant Diseases

Ghost pepper plants are susceptible to several common pests and diseases when grown both outdoors and indoors. Some of the pests most likely to afflict a ghost pepper plant include aphids , spider mites , slugs, snails, and thrips . Common bacterial and fungal diseases include anthracnose , bacterial leaf spot, powdery mildew , and pepper mosaic. The best way to keep a ghost pepper plant healthy is to conduct regular inspections and catch issues early. Treat problems with organic methods to maintain the edibility of the peppers.

Ghost pepper plants can be tricky to grow. They need consistent levels of high heat and humidity.

Ghost peppers take around four months from planting to maturity on average.

Ghost peppers are perennial in hot, humid climates. But in other areas, they are often treated as an annual.

Ghost pepper production . University of Florida

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Ghost Pepper Seeds - Bhut Jolokia Champion

Super Hot Seeds

Ghost Pepper Seeds - Bhut Jolokia Pepper Seeds

(153) 153 total reviews

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The Red Ghost Pepper, AKA the Bhut Jolokia chili, is an heirloom variety coming from India that was at one point the hottest pepper in the world! The hot Ghost Pepper chili took the crown in 2007, and held the record for 4 years!

This is the hottest commercially grown pepper in the world! Our Ghost pepper seeds have been field-tested for years and are sheer perfection. Grow these plants in your garden and watch the stretch up to 4 ft. tall, with some growing even taller! These 3" pods even look menacing - with a wrinkly texture and conical shape, these pepper mature from a sweet and innocent green to a fiery hot red.

Most ghost peppers run around the 900,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Unit) mark, but they have been recorded at over 1,000,000 SHUs! As one of the spiciet peppers in the world, the Indian Army once weaponized these to make chili hand grenades ( what?! ). The fruity and berry-like flavors from the Ghost make these impeccable additions to hot sauce and salsa, as well as a great chili powder when dried. We only recommend eating this pepper for brave, steel-gutted pepper heads - just ask our team members ! Grab a packet of Ghost pepper seeds today!

  • Species: Capsicum Chinense
  • Heat Level : 855,000–1,041,427 Scoville Heat Units
  • Type : Super Hot
  • Flavor: Fruity, Berry
  • Origin : India
  • Pod Size: 2-3"
  • Plant Height: 4 ft.
  • Days to Harvest : 150+ Days

Try other Ghost Pepper Varieties and enjoy the same stinging heat! Explore our other Super Hot Pepper Seeds that you can grow in your own garden.



ghost pepper seeds amazon

  • Plant Size: 4 ft.
  • Origin: India
  • SHU: 855,000-1,041,427
  • Days to Harvest: 150+ Days

ghost pepper seeds amazon

Customer Reviews

All seeds were delivered quickly and safely. I am looking forward to this years growing season thanks to the service and selection offered by Pepper Joe. Thank you!

Been trying to purchase some Ghost Pepper seeds in the past, but got caught in PepperGate (look it up.) I should have gone straight to the source from the beginning. If you want to ensure you have high-quality seeds and don't want to get taken advantage of, only buy from the original source, Pepper Joes!! Looking forward to the next pepper seeds when they start selling them!

You guys are great. For a HOT PEPPER lover you guys fit right in for me.

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ghost pepper seeds amazon

Ghost Pepper Seeds - Bhut Jolokia

Bhut jolokia ghost pepper seeds for planting | super hot heirloom peppers.

The Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Pepper was rated the spiciest chili in 2007. It has an intense flavor and even more intense heat. Therefore, it is recommended to use a heat mat when germinating indoors.

Harvest when the peppers have turned red and are 4"-6" long.

CAUTION!  Extremely hot pepper! Handle with care using gloves and goggles!

Days till Maturity: 90-120

Planting Depth: 1/4"

Plant Spacing: 12" - 18"

Days to Germination: 7-21

Start Indoors: 8-10 weeks before the last frost

Sun or Shade: Full Sun

Scoville Units: 1,040,000

Our Ghost Pepper seeds for planting allow you to grow one of the world's hottest and most fascinating peppers - the Bhut Jolokia. Originating from Northeastern India, this pepper boasts an astonishing Scoville rating of over 1 million units, making it one of the hottest peppers in existence. The Ghost Pepper, also known as Bhut Jolokia, is famed for its fiery heat and its unique, smoky, and fruity flavor, making it a sought-after ingredient in various hot sauces, salsas, and culinary dishes.

Germination: To ensure successful germination, it is essential to follow these simple steps:

Soak the seeds: Start by soaking the Ghost Pepper seeds in warm water for 8-12 hours. This will soften the outer shell and promote faster germination.

Prepare the soil: Choose a well-draining, sterile seed-starting mix to avoid damping off, a common fungal disease that affects young seedlings. Fill seed trays or small pots with the soil mix and moisten it with water.

Plant the seeds: Sow the pre-soaked seeds about ¼ inch deep in the prepared soil. Gently cover the seeds with soil and mist them with water.

Provide warmth and humidity: Ghost Pepper seeds germinate best in temperatures between 80-90°F (27-32°C). Use a seedling heat mat to maintain the optimal temperature and cover the trays or pots with a humidity dome to retain moisture.

Be patient: Germination may take anywhere from 14 to 30 days, so patience is vital. Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged, and keep the temperature consistent.

Growing and Care: Once your Ghost Pepper seedlings have sprouted, follow these steps to ensure healthy growth:

Provide light: Transfer the seedlings to a sunny spot or provide artificial light, ensuring they receive at least 6-8 hours of light daily.

Transplant outdoors: When the seedlings have developed 2-3 sets of true leaves and outdoor temperatures have consistently reached at least 60°F (16°C) at night, it's time to transplant them to your garden or larger pots. Harden off the seedlings by gradually exposing them to outdoor conditions for a week before transplanting.

Choose the right location: Plant your Ghost Peppers in a spot with well-draining soil and full sun exposure. Space the plants 24 inches apart, allowing for proper airflow and growth.

Water and fertilize: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Use a balanced, slow-release fertilizer to provide essential nutrients throughout the growing season.

Prune and support: Prune lower leaves and branches to encourage bushier growth and better airflow. Use stakes or cages to support heavy fruit-laden branches.

Harvesting: You can expect your Ghost Peppers to be ready for harvest in approximately 120-150 days from germination. The peppers will change from green to bright red or orange when fully ripe, and this is the ideal time to harvest them for maximum heat and flavor. To avoid skin irritation, wear gloves while handling the peppers and use a sharp pair of scissors or pruners to snip the peppers from the plant, leaving a small stem attached.

Preserving and Enjoying: Once you've harvested your Ghost Peppers, there are various ways to enjoy and preserve them:

Fresh use: Add your freshly harvested peppers to salsas, sauces, or any dish that could use a fiery kick. Remember to use them sparingly due to their intense heat.

Drying: String up your peppers and hang them in a warm, dry, well-ventilated area to air-dry. Alternatively, you can use a dehydrator or an oven set to its lowest temperature, with the door slightly ajar. Once thoroughly dried, grind them into a powder or store them whole in airtight containers.

Freezing: Simply rinse, dry, and place the whole peppers in a ziplock bag or airtight container before storing them in the freezer. This method preserves their flavor and heat for later use.

Pickling: For a tangy twist, pickle your Ghost Peppers in a vinegar brine with your choice of herbs and spices. Enjoy them as a spicy condiment or as an ingredient in various dishes.

Growing your own Bhut Jolokia Ghost Peppers from seed is an exciting and rewarding experience for gardening enthusiasts and heat-seekers. Our premium-quality Ghost Pepper seeds for planting offer you the chance to cultivate these fiery peppers in your own garden, allowing you to enjoy their unique taste and heat in your favorite dishes. So unleash the power of the Ghost Pepper and embark on a spicy adventure today!

Customer Reviews

Great seeds ,Germinated in 5 days.That was awsome ! I soaked them in epson salt 1 teaspoon to 1 liter of water for 8 hrs .Then planted them in soil.5 days later they were up.Thanks Garden basics for good seeds.

Very good seeds mine came up in 5 days 100% germination on the Bhut Jalokia.

Yes I got it now I will grow as per instruction but if it not grow than what is yr gurranty

So excited Got my Ghost Pepper seeds, Can't wait for them to pop up.

To early to tell seed haven’t sprouted yet

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The Spicy Trio

Where to Buy Ghost Peppers – 6 Places

Ghost Peppers are primarily grown in northeastern India, more specifically in the state of Assam. In the West, these scorching peppers have only been known for a couple of decades, whereas in the East, people have been using them to flavor their food and help treat various health issues for many years.

You can buy Ghost peppers at grocery and specialty grocery stores, especially Indian and Mexican ones. You can also buy them from farmers’ markets, websites that sell frozen or dried varieties, and online shops operated by farmers and growers. You could also buy seeds or nursery plants online.

Finding Ghost peppers may prove a little challenging, especially if you live in an area with a relatively low demand for “exotic” food items. By following the tips in this article, you can buy Ghost peppers, in one form or another, no matter where you are.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Photo of a fiery hot ripe ghost pepper on a white back drop

1. Grocery and Specialty Grocery Stores

Both India and Mexico are known worldwide for their rich cuisines and centuries old culinary techniques.

Indians and Mexicans share a strong appreciation for spices , which are found in most of their traditional dishes. If you are lucky to have an Indian or Mexican grocery store in your area, that is the first place you should go if you want to buy Ghost peppers.

Regular grocery stores may also stock hot peppers like Ghost peppers. However, it is unusual for large retailers like Walmart and Target to sell particularly hot varieties, mainly due to lower demand.

Home Depot and Lowe’s have been known to sell Ghost pepper plants occasionally, so you may want to check your nearest branch or head to their respective websites. I know that Home Depot used to sell a pack of two Ghost pepper plants for a reasonable price, but sadly, this item has been out of stock for a while. But it’s worth checking every once in a while in case they carry inventory again.

As demand for fiery pepper varieties grows, some larger supermarket chains are starting to stock Ghost Peppers.

In 2020, for instance, British supermarket chain Tesco announced that its U.K. stores would soon carry three of the world’s hottest peppers, all supplied by a local chili farmer. Hopefully, some U.S.-based grocery chains will start carrying the fiery pepper in their produce departments.

2. Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ markets typically carry various seasonal fruits and vegetables, including some rare varieties. If you are looking for an unusual food item not commonly found in regular supermarkets, head to your local farmers’ market before you turn to the Internet.

This way, you will enjoy high quality, fresh food, all while supporting your local community. With more and more people starting to appreciate robust flavors, farmers’ markets have become more diverse with their selections.

You probably won’t have trouble finding medium-heat peppers such as Jalapeños and Serranos at your local farmers’ market. If it’s a large enough farmers’ market, you may come across hotter varieties such as Thai chilis , Habaneros , and Ghost peppers.

When looking for Ghost peppers, remember that some farmers may know them as “Bhut Jolokia,” which is the actual name of this variety. Although, at this point almost everyone knows them as Ghost peppers.

Jar full of red dried chili peppers

3. Websites that Sell Dried or Frozen Ghost Peppers

If you haven’t had any luck finding Ghost peppers at grocery stores or local farmers’ markets, you may want to look for websites that sell dried or frozen chilis.

On Amazon, for instance, you may get a pack of Wicked Tickle Ghost Pepper or a 2.5 oz. (28 gr.) pack of Holy Natural Blazing Fire Ghost Pepper . 

The Wicked Tickle packs contain ten whole dried seed pods, and the company provides free shipping in the United States. The Holy Natural brand is 100% pure with no additives or preservatives.

Like most super-hot peppers, Ghost peppers also come in a powdered form, which is probably the best option if you want to spice up your dishes without having chunks of peppers mixed in. Amazon sells a 2 oz. (58 gr.) bottle of Wicked Tickle Devil’s Chili Powder for a very reasonable price. It’s also 100% ground Ghost pepper, which ranks 1,000,000 on the Scoville Heat scale .

Several reliable e-commerce platforms also sell dried and frozen Ghost peppers.

The best thing about buying from these websites is that they are usually operated by farmers, which generally means higher-quality products and better prices—not to mention fewer intermediaries and a lower overall carbon footprint.

Here is a short, and by no means comprehensive, list of websites selling dried Ghost peppers with positive customer reviews:

  • Melissa’s Produce
  • The Sonoran Spice Company
  • Frieda’s (Frieda’s does not sell its products online, but you may visit its website to see if they have any shops in your area. They have shops across the U.S.)

Buying frozen Ghost peppers online is also a great idea if you cannot find fresh ones. However, keep in mind that it is far more convenient for online sellers to store and distribute dried foods than frozen ones.

If you find an e-commerce platform that sells frozen high-heat peppers, certainly give it a try, as once defrosted, your Ghost peppers taste fresher than dried ones.

4. Online Shops Operated by Farmers and Growers

These days, many people buy their fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants from online farmers and growers.

With consumers becoming increasingly curious and passionate about exotic flavors, more and more farmers are starting to diversify their inventory to boost their revenues.

Because the market for rare foods is still relatively limited, many farmers are turning to the Internet to sell their produce.

5. Shops and Websites that Sell Ghost Pepper Seeds

If you are already familiar with Ghost peppers and plan to consume them regularly, you may want to consider growing your own.

This way, you won’t have to check every grocery store in your area or wait for someone to ship them to you every time you run out.

Like dried Ghost peppers, Ghost pepper seeds are not that difficult to find, provided that you do not live in a remote area. For instance, large retailers like Walmart and Home Depot carry a wide range of seeds for you to grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Both retailers regularly stock Jalapeño seeds, but if you are lucky, you may also find fierier varieties like Ghost peppers.

If you haven’t had much luck with offline retailers, do not despair: you won’t have trouble finding Ghost pepper seeds online.

Many websites sell high-heat pepper seeds these days, including Amazon, Etsy, and Pepper Joe. For instance, you may purchase a pack of Gardeners Basics Ghost Pepper Bhut Jolokia Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds from Amazon.

6. Shops and Websites that Sell Nursery Ghost Pepper Plants

If you are not in the mood for gardening or do not want to wait for your seeds to germinate, a Ghost pepper plant may be for you.

Head over to your nearest plant nursery to see if you can find what you are looking for. If you are lucky enough to live close to a plant nursery that carries both common and rare pepper varieties, there is a good chance that you will be able to get your Ghost pepper plants from there.

Despite chilis being very popular, finding Ghost pepper plants online is not as easy as you would think. Many online plant nurseries appear to have run out of stock, and it is unclear if or when they will update their inventory.

Fortunately, Amazon is selling a pack of Clovers Garden Ghost Pepper Plants in two packs.

Remember, Ghost peppers have particular growing requirements and can only survive in soil temperatures of 80 to 90°F (27 to 32°C). So, unless you have a greenhouse or live somewhere very hot and humid, you’ll likely have to grow your peppers inside .

You’ll want to use LED grow lights and a grow tent . Make sure to fertilize the plants initially and then at least twice more while the Ghost pepper grows. It’s also essential to keep the soil damp and humid.

Ghost pepper plants are not the simplest plants to grow. However, they’re well worth the effort if you can get them to survive and enjoy spicing up your dishes.

ghost pepper seeds amazon

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magFlags XL Flag Elektrostal Moscow oblast | landscape flag | 2.16m² | 23sqft | 120x180cm | 4x6ft - 100% Made in Germany - long lasting outdoor flag

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ghost pepper seeds amazon

magFlags XL Flag Elektrostal Moscow oblast | landscape flag | 2.16m² | 23sqft | 120x180cm | 4x6ft - 100% Made in Germany - long lasting outdoor flag

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  • 100% Made in Germany » ... because the first impression last, quality flag for representative purposes *****
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  • Landscape flag | 2.16m² | 23sqft | 120x180cm | 4x6ft
  • Elektrostal Moscow oblast

Product Description

Flag: Elektrostal Moscow oblast landscape flag | 2.16m² | 23sqft | 120x180cm | 4x6ft Elektrostal Moscow oblast Elektrostal obwód moskiewski , flaga ???????????? ?????????? ??????? Since we know how important your external presentation is, we print our Elektrostal Moscow oblast flag for your representative appearance using the most modern machines in Germany. To ensure your maximum flexibility, we have equipped the flags with high-quality metal eyelets, to let you simply attach these flags to any flagpole. To let you use the flags for a long time, we have strengthened the flag using double safety seams and a tear proof strap at the side of the pole. Due to the quality of this business flag, you demonstrate in-depth the ties you have to Elektrostal Moscow oblast. Details about this flag This landscape Elektrostal Moscow oblast flag is a quality German product made of 110g/m² gloss polyester. This Elektrostal Moscow oblast flag is wind- and weather-resistant and highly durable. The flag colors are intensive and UV-resistant. This flag is specially made for outdoor area. This Elektrostal Moscow oblast flag will be delivered with a double safety-seam as well as with 2 metal eyelets to hoist at the flag pole. The metal eyelets give you great flexibility for placing this flag on any flagstaff. The mast side is reinforced with a white hem. The high-quality bunting and the metal eyelets will take care of a long endurance of this Elektrostal Moscow oblast flag. If required, the flag can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius. Recommended height of flag pole Elektrostal Moscow oblast flags of 2.16m² | 23sqft | 120x180cm | 4x6ft look best with flagpoles of around 6m | 18ft height. Need a bigger size or an other configuration? We can provide bigger sizes, other configurations, exclusive indoor room ...

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Customer reviews.

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To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness.

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Jewish Encyclopedia of Russia Surnames starting with the letter P

Translated by josif and vitaly charny.

The following list is a translation of names and minimal personal data for 8,500 people included in Jewish Encyclopedia of Russia (Rossiyskaya Evreiskaya Entsiclopediya); first edition; 1995, Moscow.

Famous people who are listed in the book, which in fact is a biographical dictionary, were born in Russia, the USSR, the Russian Empire, or lived there. This is the first edition of this kind in Russia and a large group of specialists from Russia, Israel and other countries participated in the project.

There are many more well known people in Russia to be included in the next edition of the book. We have to remember that the success of many of these people was achieved against all odds related to limited opportunities that Jews had in Russia.

The translation is an attempt to inform people about this additional source available for researchers.

Vitaly Charny

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JewishGen: Belarus SIG

Last modified February 4, 2020 Copyright © 2016-2020 Belarus SIG Web Design by Alan Raskin

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    ghost pepper seeds amazon

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  1. Ghost Pepper Seeds

    1-48 of 233 results for "ghost pepper seeds" Results Ghost Pepper Seeds for Planting Spicy Hot - Heirloom Non-GMO Hot Pepper Seeds for Home Garden Vegetables Makes a Great Plant Gift for Gardening by Gardeners Basics 495 200+ bought in past month $485 List: $5.95 $4.61 with Subscribe & Save discount

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    Find a variety of ghost pepper seeds for planting, from the hottest chile pepper in the world to the rare and colorful Bhut Jolokia. Compare prices, ratings, and delivery options for different products and sellers on

  3. Ghost Pepper Seeds for Planting Spicy Hot : Ghost Pepper Seeds for Planting Spicy Hot - Heirloom Non-GMO Hot Pepper Seeds for Home Garden Vegetables Makes a Great Plant Gift for Gardening by Gardeners Basics : Patio, Lawn & Garden Patio, Lawn & Garden › Gardening & Lawn Care › Plants, Seeds & Bulbs › Vegetables

  4. : Ghost Pepper Seeds

    Ghost Pepper Seeds - Naga/Bhut Jolokia Pepper Seeds for Planting - High Grade Heirloom Seeds, Non-GMO - Extra Hot & Spicy Chili - Pack of 30 Plant Seeds Brand: Farmer Flints 4.2 51 ratings Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. See more About this item

  5. Organic Ghost Pepper Seeds

    Ghost Pepper Seeds for Planting Spicy Hot - Heirloom Non-GMO Hot Pepper Seeds for Home Garden Vegetables Makes a Great Plant Gift for Gardening by Gardeners Basics 3.9 (327) $595 Save more with Subscribe & Save FREE delivery Sat, Mar 11 on $25 of items shipped by Amazon Or fastest delivery Fri, Mar 10 Small Business

  6. Ghost Pepper Seeds- 25+"Bhut Jolokia" by Ohio Heirloom Seeds : Ghost Pepper Seeds- 25+"Bhut Jolokia" by Ohio Heirloom Seeds : Patio, Lawn & Garden Patio, Lawn & Garden › Gardening & Lawn Care › Plants, Seeds & Bulbs › Vegetables Enjoy fast, free delivery, exclusive deals, and award-winning movies & TV shows with Prime Try Prime and start saving today with fast, free delivery $449 ($0.18 / Count)

  7. How To Grow Ghost Peppers (Bhut Jolokia) And Get 100+ Peppers

    ProMix You should avoid using an "in-ground soil" if you will be growing your ghost peppers in pots.

  8. Ghost Pepper Seeds ghost pepper seeds. Skip to main Delivering to Lebanon 66952 Update location All. Select the department you want to search in ...

  9. The Ghost Pepper Seed Challenge: Grow Your Own Fiery Hot ...

    $999 About this item Ghost peppers, also known as Bhut Jolokia, are a type of chili pepper that is known for its extreme spiciness. Ghost pepper seeds can be obtained from mature ghost pepper plants, which are typically grown in hot and humid regions of the world such as India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

  10. Ghost Pepper Seeds Ghost Pepper Seeds 1-48 of 292 results for "ghost pepper seeds" Results Naga Bhut Jolokia - Ghost Pepper 5 Chilli Seeds by CHILLIESontheWEB Pick and Mix Get 4 Packs for Price of 3 331 £329 (£0.66/count) Get 4 for the price of 3 Get it Wednesday, 20 Dec FREE Delivery Arrives before Christmas Small Business

  11. Ghost Pepper

    Ghost Pepper 2,057 $1673 ($49.21/kg) Save more with Subscribe & Save FREE delivery Sun, Nov 12 on your first order Or fastest delivery Tomorrow, Nov 9 Kiva x MARK WIENS - Smoked Ghost Chili Pepper Powder (Bhut Jolokia) - Non GMO, Fair Trade - 2.5 oz 334 $1499 ($14.99/count) Save more with Subscribe & Save

  12. How to Grow Ghost Pepper Seeds: A Comprehensive Guide

    $2.49 Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper Seeds for Planting | Super Hot Heirloom Peppers The Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Pepper was rated the spiciest chili in 2007. It has an intense flavor and even more intense heat. Therefore, it is recommended to… read more Add to Cart Ghost Pepper Characteristics

  13. Ghost Peppers: How to Plant, Grow, and Enjoy These Super Spicy Veggies

    Ghost pepper seeds have a long germination time and do best when started indoors. Start seeds about 6 to 8 weeks before you plan to transplant them outside. Seeds should be sown 1/4 inch deep. Peppers can be transplanted outside once temperatures remain at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.

  14. How to Grow Ghost Peppers

    Harvesting Growing in Pots Pruning Propagating Growing From Seeds Potting Overwintering Pests and Diseases Frequently Asked Questions Add more than a bit of spice to the pepper plants in your garden with ghost pepper plants ( Bhut jolokia ). Native to India, ghost peppers are a hybrid of the species Capsicum chinense and Capsicum frutescens.

  15. Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia) Seeds

    09/23/2023 Abel Gutierrez Ghost Pepper Seeds - Bhut Jolokia Pepper Seeds 1 2 3 Spice up your inbox Sign up for hot deals, growing tips, and more! Try growing our Ghost pepper seeds, an heirloom from India and one of the world's hottest pepper with great flavor and stinging heat! Super Hot. 10+ Seeds.

  16. How To Grow Ghost Pepper Plants in Pots

    1. Starting Your Ghost Pepper Seeds Indoors Depending on the variety, ghost peppers require a long growing season, typically between 150 and 200 days. To ensure a successful harvest, start your ghost pepper seeds indoors about 35 days before the last expected frost in your area. Here's how to do it: Ghost Pepper Seeds - Bhut Jolokia $2.49

  17. Ghost Pepper Seeds For Planting

    Select the department you want to search in ...

  18. Ghost Pepper Seeds

    Planting Depth: 1/4". Plant Spacing: 12" - 18". Days to Germination: 7-21. Start Indoors: 8-10 weeks before the last frost. Sun or Shade: Full Sun. Scoville Units: 1,040,000. Our Ghost Pepper seeds for planting allow you to grow one of the world's hottest and most fascinating peppers - the Bhut Jolokia. Originating from Northeastern India, this ...

  19. Where to Buy Ghost Peppers

    On Amazon, for instance, you may get a pack of Wicked Tickle Ghost Pepper or a 2.5 oz. (28 gr.) pack of Holy Natural Blazing Fire Ghost Pepper . The Wicked Tickle packs contain ten whole dried seed pods, and the company provides free shipping in the United States.

  20. Gleb Genadievich Fetisov (born June 5, 1966), Russian investor, film

    Background Gleb Genadievich Fetisov was born on June 5, 1966, in Elektrostal, Moscow region, Russian Federation. Education Gleb Genadievich graduated from high school with a medal.

  21. PDF On the Soviet Nuclear Scent

    2 G-2, OSS, and their British counterparts, under the direction of the two nations' atomic authorities, 3 began with a vigorous campaign to discover which Germans had been recruited for this effort and which

  22. magFlags XL Flag Elektrostal Moscow oblast

    This Elektrostal Moscow oblast flag is wind- and weather-resistant and highly durable. The flag colors are intensive and UV-resistant. This flag is specially made for outskirt area.Recommended height of flag poleElektrostal Moscow oblast flags of 2.16m² | 23sqft | 120x180cm | 4x6ft look best with flagpoles of around 6m | 18ft height.

  23. P

    P - Jewish Encyclopedia of Russia - Belarus SIG - translated by Josif and Vitaly Charny. The following list is a translation of names and minimal personal data for 8,500 people included in Jewish Encyclopedia of Russia (Rossiyskaya Evreiskaya Entsiclopediya); first edition; 1995, Moscow. Famous people who are listed in the book ...