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In our How to Get Tower Heroes Contracts, Ghost Hunting Gear guide, we are going to show you how to start (and complete) all 16 challenges and earn the limited piece of gear (a vacuum backpack, basically). Some of these Contracts are pretty easy, but others are way more complicated to figure out. Don’t you worry, though, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

how to get tower heroes contracts ghost hunting gear

How to Get All 16 Tower Heroes Contracts

We start our journey of getting all 16 Tower Heroes Contracts and the Ghost Hunting Gear with the Conductor Contract. To get it, go to the Calamity Canyon map and don’t vote on any difficulty, just wait for the timer to run out. If everything is in black and white when you get in, you’ve done well. Defeat the boss to get the contract. As for the Imp , that requires you to play PvP Sabotage matches until you or someone on your team kills an Imp. To get the Pixies Contract, just defeat ten Pixies anywhere. The Squiggle is harder: go to Radiant Reef and kill the fish that looks like Squiggles, then kill the boss (or reach wave 25 and use Spiggles to spawn the boss).

Next on our list of 16 Tower Heroes Contracts is Clown Zombie . This requires you to beat Build To Survive (Easy Mode allowed) without building anything. As for the Cursed Champion , you need to beat Desolate Desert under 15 minutes (Easy Mode allowed). For Lights Out , let an enemy kill a Lampy than destroy that same enemy. The Creepy Guy can spawn on any Halloween map, but it’s a matter of RNG, so good luck. Similarly, Nekomata also spawns randomly, but only on Corporate Chaos (and possibly Sacred Shrine).

Moving on to the next of the 16 Tower Heroes Contracts, ever closer to the Ghost Hunting Gear. Frog Boy , like Nekomata, spawns on a specific map: the Sneaky Swamp (and possibly Swamp Adventure Mode). For Wereworker , use the Time Swap Modifier (or set your time to midnight) on Corporate Chaos and beat it in under 10 minutes. The Evoker is another random spawn, this time in Creepy Carnival (and apparently Halloween Havoc, thanks Frost and Canyon Calamity, thanks Michael). The Pumpkin Twins , on the other hand, require you to destroy the 999 Defense Pumpkin in Pumpkin Paranoia (Easy Mode allowed) using Dumpster Child.

Now for the last 3 Tower Heroes Contracts out of 16 and the Ghost Hunting Gear. Meltdown requires you to play Facility Frenzy and change the core color to red before defeating the spawned enemy. To get the Crystal Ball , use the Hide Enemies modifier; the Ball has a chance to spawn whenever an enemy with Hide Enemies applied appears. Lastly, the Grateful Mimic , just let any Mimic get to the end to spawn the monster. You’ll get the Ghost Hunter Gear when you complete all the challenges. It’s limited to only 10,000 copies, so get to it. And speaking of grateful, huge props to Santa4D for putting together all this info.


Best Welcome to Ghoulsville Deck Clash Royale

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I think evoker and creepy guy is a random spawn in any map or any dark map for creepy guy

Okay i got evoker at castle town and i got creepy guy at bleak barrens aswell

The evoker can spawn on canyon calamity if you do the conducter, thats how i got him before i read this article

Thank you Michael for additional information!

I was able to get Evoker in Castle map on battle mode

I got Evoker in Tidal Takedown aswell. Seems like it spawns in numerous maps but with a low rate.

uhh evoker is wrong because i got it in halloween havoc please update this article

Article Updated no complaints now

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ghost of future tower heroes

Follow TV Tropes

Characters / Ghosts of the Future

Edit locked.

Being centered in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, Ghosts of the Future has numerous characters.

All spoilers in the entries for the "group" as a whole, Venice "Vennie" the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic, and all of the antagonists are unmarked! Also, links to lore (aka Word of God ) may contain spoilers!

    open/close all folders 


Silver the Hedgehog is an average kid living in San Francisco... except for his strange and terrible dreams of a dying Blue Hedgehog, a Black Hedgehog, and mysterious gems called "Chaos Emeralds". What will he do, when these "figments of his imagination" appear before him in real life?

  • The Call Knows Where You Live : When Silver Refuses the Call and quits, Nicole controls Metal Sonic to ambush and seriously injure Vennie, which persuades Silver to return to his mission .
  • The Chosen One : He is selected by Sonic and Shadow to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds, helped by his Recurring Dreams of what happened to them 200 years ago .
  • Dreaming of Times Gone By : Issue 1 starts with Silver dreaming of the killing of Sonic and Sonic's best friends 200 years ago. His dream is a recurring one.

ghost of future tower heroes

  • Homeschooled Kids : He and her sisters are homeschooled by their mother.
  • It's All My Fault : He blames himself for what happened to Vennie . It takes Tikal giving him a pep talk to snap him out of it.
  • Locked Out of the Loop : He didn't know that his parents were part of the New Chaotix. Or that Blaze had pyrokinesis .
  • Ordinary High-School Student : Silver was just a regular teenager who had some weird Recurring Dreams . When Sonic's ghost and Shadow found him, his life entirely changed. For starters, his telekinesis was enabled by the presence of Sonic's ghost.
  • Refusal of the Call : In issue 8, Silver quits being The Chosen One to seek the Chaos Emeralds and resumes normal life. This doesn't last for long .
  • Skilled, but Naive : His powers are impressive. His combat experience? There's some work needed.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene : Silver spends the Scourge Arc walking around in nothing but yellow boxer shorts at first, and then a brown cloak . No one seems to question this.

    Sonic the Hedgehog

Originally a world-renowned hero, after sacrificing himself to free Shadow from Dr. Eggman, he's a ghost still haunted by his past. Sonic suppresses 200 years worth of guilt for the disaster that led to the death of his closest friends, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, and the scattering of the Chaos Emeralds through a myriad of alternate dimensions .

  • Beneath the Mask : Sonic keeps up his usual cheerful persona for the most part, but too many reminders of the people he's lost reveal that he's not handling his grief nearly as well as he claims.
  • Blue/Orange Contrast : He is blue and his best ghost friend, Tikal, is orange.
  • Blood Knight : He becomes outright aggressive and willing to fight when Badniks show up, to the point where Tikal has to snap him out of it.
  • Demonic Possession : He can jump into the bodies of others and possess them, as seen with Silver and a brainwashed Shadow .
  • Friendly Ghost : He's the ghost of a heroic hedgehog and is a friend of Shadow and Silver.
  • Heartbroken Badass : It's been shown that the deaths of Tails and Amy in the past left some deep wounds that Sonic's still recovering from.
  • Heroic Sacrifice : He gave his life to save Shadow, who in turn ended the threat of Eggman once and for all. Really, could Sonic have gone out any other way?
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot : Would you believe a ghost werehog? Ok, it's not really a werehog, more like a "corrupted-manifestation-of-gaia-induced fluffy state", but whatever.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different : Sonic can do the usual stuff like turn invisible, fly through walls, and possess people. But he also gains jewelry for every Chaos Emerald the team finds and can unleash bursts of energy that completely dissipate Scourge's ghost-form temporarily .
  • Stepford Smiler : He may retain his cheerful attitude when talking to Silver, but there's definitely a lot of sadness behind his old grin.
  • Symbiotic Possession : Sonic’s spirit form has the power to do this, which comes in handy for countering Nicole’s nanites .
  • Tomato in the Mirror : While Sonic's ghost thinks he's the real Sonic, Nicole states that his ghost is actually just a magical copy of the real Sonic .

The black and red Ultimate Lifeform that was created by the late professor Gerald Robotnik over 50 years ago. He eventually became one of Sonic's greatest rivals.

Tragically, Dr. Eggman forced him under his control and used him to kill Sonic and his closest friends. With Sonic's sacrifice he broke free and killed the evil scientist. For Shadow, the only way he can even begin to forgive himself is to aid Sonic and Silver in their quest to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds.

  • The Atoner : Shadow is trying to redeem himself ever since he killed Sonic and his best friends, even though it wasn't his fault at all .
  • Brainwashed and Crazy : When the story starts, he's under Dr. Eggman's control. And later NICOLE forces him under her control.
  • Break the Badass : After he frees himself from Eggman's mind control and realizes he killed off Sonic and his friends , he goes into a Heroic BSoD which leaves him shivering in a Troubled Fetal Position , having a frozen face, and muttering to himself repeatedly .
  • My God, What Have I Done? : He very much blames himself for the death of Sonic and his friends, even though he was under Dr. Eggman's control at the time.
  • Really 700 Years Old : He's been around for 250 years, despite not appearing that much older than Silver or Sonic.
  • Survivor's Guilt : He feels bad about being alive when everyone else he cared about is dead... the rest of Team Dark, in particular.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene : Prior to issue 16, he goes around wearing pants and boots, but no shirt.
  • Vanity License Plate : His Meteotech Black Shot 4 motorbike's license plate reads "CHAOS57".

    Tikal the Echidna 

  • Orange/Blue Contrast : She is orange and her best ghost friend, Sonic, is blue.

The "Group"

    The "Group" as a whole

A group of Freedom Fighters, known as the New Chaotix, secretly battling Nicole and the corrupt G.U.N.

  • The Remnant : After Sonic and his friends die, the few heroes left (Rouge, Omega, the Chaotix, and Big) form the New Chaotix to fight Nicole and G.U.N.
  • Secret Legacy : Silver and his sisters' parents and Blaze's dad turn out to be following Sonic's legacy and secretly fighting evil.

    Blaze the Cat 

  • Adaptation Origin Connection : It's hinted that Blaze and her father are descendants of Big the Cat in this continuity.
  • Homeschooled Kids : Like Silver, she is homeschooled.
  • Scars are Forever : She gets three nasty scars across her face, courtesy of a NICOLE-controlled Metal Sonic.

ghost of future tower heroes

    Duke the Cat 

Blaze the Cat's father.

  • Cool Old Guy : Duke is a Reasonable Authority Figure and a Boisterous Bruiser who gives Silver and Blaze a lot of good advice. He's also a member of the New Chaotix.
  • Epic Flail : Duke wields a mace-and-chain attached to a fishing rod, implied to have been inherited from Big the Cat.
  • Family Business : He runs a Chinese restaurant and Blaze the Cat, his daughter, works there, with Silver being the only unrelated employee on their staff.
  • Identical Grandson : He's implied to be a descendant of Big the Cat and looks a lot like him, albeit with small, folded ears.

    Richard and Deborah Erin 

Silver, Vennie, and Sicily's parents, who are both hedgehogs.

  • Gadgeteer Genius : Richard is pretty skilled with machines and pilots Big Foot mech he restored into battle.
  • Humongous Mecha : Richard pilots a Big Foot mech at one point.
  • Our Werebeasts Are Different : Deborah is able to turn into a werehog at will thanks to a mysterious artifact she found years ago.

Silver's little fraternal twin sister.

  • Astral Projection : She is accidentally granted this power by Tikal. Her ghost can separate from her physical body, re-possess the body, and repeat.
  • Barrier Warrior : Vennie is born with the power to create force fields so powerful that one serves Scourge's connection to his "Boss". Silver's own powers are able to supplement them.
  • Break the Cutie : She's an adorable, loving being who is permanently disabled and unable to walk from being ambushed by Metal Sonic and Tikal's botched healing attempt and kidnapped and held hostage as a ghost by Scourge. Furthermore, she has to leave a reformed Scourge during his off-screen demise after she has befriended him.
  • Cute Ghost Girl : She's a cute little hedgehog girl, so her ghost definitely counts!
  • Dream-Crushing Handicap : She had a dream of being an actress, participating in the local drama club and the plays of William Shakespeare . This is all ruined when she is severely injured by Metal Sonic and Tikal fails to fully heal her, which means she can never walk again.
  • Fog Feet : Unlike other ghosts, her ghost has fog feet 24/7.
  • Girls Love Stuffed Animals : She has a few in her room to highlight her innocent nature.
  • Non-Standard Character Design : Unlike other hedgehogs, her eyes are separated.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname : Silver's younger sister is named Venice, but the rest of the cast almost exclusively calls her “Vennie”.
  • Motor Mouth : Vennie talks non-stop . She stops doing it as much after becoming disabled, much to Silver's distress .
  • Speaks in Shout-Outs : Issue 7 introduces her quoting Shakespeare regularly.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics : Averted , as she lacks eyelashes, which female Sonic characters usually have to denote they're female, to avoid making her face design, with already intensive eye markings, more complex and the fact that it's already clear Vennie's female.

    Sicily "Sissy" the Hedgehog 

Silver's older sister and the eldest of the three Erin siblings.

  • Gadgeteer Genius : Sicily is an aspiring engineer with a talent for repairs, which backfires horribly when she repairs an abandoned robot that turns out to be Metal Sonic . It seems she got the skills from her father.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero : Sicily discovers and repairs a damaged Metal Sonic, mistakenly thinking he's just a normal, harmless robot. Nicole proceeds to take remote control of him and seriously injure Vennie before sending Metal after Silver.

    Metal Sonic

  • The Atoner : Metal Sonic is trying to redeem himself after freeing himself from Nicole's control, but no one but Sicily accepts that .
  • Even Evil Has Standards : Metal Sonic insists that he would never willingly hurt Vennie and indeed, he only attacked her because Nicole forced him to. Though it's not clear if he's always held such standards or is just now developing them ...
  • The Friend Nobody Likes : With the exception of Sicily, none of them like or trust him since he's been a villain for most of his life and ambushed Vennie while under Nicole's control.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be : Metal Sonic gets his lower waist smashed off by Silver's mom in Werehog form. Being a robot, he's more or less unharmed by it, but the team forbids Sicily from repairing him since they don't trust him.
  • Reformed, but Rejected : Metal Sonic is trying to do a Heel–Face Turn , but all of the heroes except Sicily are not receptive to the idea.
  • Token Evil Teammate : The heroes see Metal Sonic as a bad guy, even though he's genuinely trying to be a good guy now .


An evil AI and the true leader of G.U.N.

  • Adaptational Villainy : In the mainstream comics, she's a staunch ally of freedom. In this comic? She's the Big Bad .
  • Adaptation Origin Connection : Nicole was created by Gerald Robotnik alongside Shadow and may have been indirectly responsible for Maria's death.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot : An Artificial Intelligence who has turned for evil.
  • Big Bad : All signs so far point to her as the primary culprit in the world's recent woes.
  • The Corrupter : Placed Shadow under mind control. It's also implied that she's the one pulling the strings behind G.U.N. these days, having turned them into corrupt military police .
  • Cute and Psycho : She may take the form of a cute lynx, but she's really vile.
  • The Dreaded : Even Shadow fears her.
  • Fangs Are Evil : She has way sharper and more noticeable fangs than her canon counterpart.
  • Faux Affably Evil : She appears as friendly and approachable as her mainstream counterpart. But don't let that fool you — she's got a cruel streak matched only by her ruthlessness.
  • Government Conspiracy : Nicole has infiltrated and taken over G.U.N., which now serves her sinister designs in secret instead of helping people.
  • Kick the Dog : Nicole makes Metal Sonic savagely attack Vennie to the point she's permanently disabled, simply to silence a witness.
  • The Man Behind the Man : She is directly responsible for Dr. Eggman gaining control over Shadow , which led to him killing Sonic and his best friends .
  • Released to Elsewhere : In a flashback, Nicole claims that the Commander of G.U.N. has been "let go". It's very clear what she actually means by that.


Once a dark reflection of Sonic , Scourge the Hedgehog now exists as an incorporeal spirit. Brought in by NICOLE to help deal with Sonic, the psychotic ghost-hog remains as sadistic and menacing as he ever was. The question is... how did Scourge become what he is today? And what other secrets lie behind his twisted grin?

  • Ax-Crazy : He makes no effort to hide how much he enjoys tormenting his enemies.
  • Body Horror : The weaker Scourge is, the more decayed and damaged his spirit looks. When he first appears, he's practically a skeleton , and he only gets his more familiar appearance after getting a power boost.
  • Bolivian Army Ending : His last move is teaming up with Antique to perform a joint attack on his former master, a vastly powerful entity of darkness.
  • Dark and Troubled Past : Issue 15 reveals this in the yellow-colored Monochrome Past . His girlfriend, Fiona, approached him when she found him all depressed. He slaps her, which causes her to run away from him. With the yellow ribbon she leaves, he then immediately regrets this and makes a Deal with the Devil , resulting in everyone being turned to stone and killed, including Fiona ...
  • Deal with the Devil : His newfound immortality and spirit powers came as part of a deal with... something.
  • Dying Moment of Awesome : Scourge and Antique use a ton of Anarchy Beryl to attain their super forms, then fling themselves at Scourge's Eldritch Abomination boss to buy time for the heroes to escape Moebius. They're not shown dying, but it's all but explicitly stated they won't survive.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones : Scourge genuinely loved Fiona Fox and is wracked with remorse over the fact that she and everyone else on Moebius is dead because of him.
  • Even Evil Has Standards : Scourge draws the line at outright hurting Vennie, though he is willing to hold her hostage to dissuade Sonic and company from attacking him.
  • Flipping the Bird : Scourge gives the finger to Silver in his introduction in issue 10 and to his "boss" in issue 15.
  • Ghastly Ghost : A ghost who appears as zombie/ skeleton -like at first, serves as Sonic's Evil Counterpart , and is as menacing as ever. Subverted when he takes his Heel–Face Turn .
  • Heroic Sacrifice : Scourge and Antique stay behind on Moebius to try and fight off Scourge's "boss", allowing the heroes to escape.
  • Hidden Depths : Some events suggest that he's not in full control of his newfound existence, and is more frightened and miserable about the circumstances than his usual demeanor would suggest.
  • Loincloth : He wears a skirt parted into two pieces and made out of what appears to be animal skins.
  • The Lost Lenore : His newfound powers seem to have come at the cost of Fiona Fox's life. Saying that he's unhappy is an understatement.
  • My God, What Have I Done? : Is filled with remorse over what he had done to Fiona and especially the Deal with the Devil which costed everyone including Fiona .
  • Outside-Context Problem : He's from the Moebius of Archie Comics. The thing is, this comic takes place in a reality more faithful to the Sega games, meaning that Sonic and the others have no idea of what to expect from him at first.
  • Unknown Rival : He is Sonic's Unknown Rival, due to the fact that Sonic has never encountered him before in this universe. Scourge meant to reach the Prime Zone , but ended up in this one by mistake.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene : Except in his super form, Scourge's ghost wears a loincloth-like skirt and nothing else on top.
  • Would Hurt a Child : He has few qualms with threatening Venice, Silver's younger sister. Though recent events suggest that he's not beyond having second thoughts about it.

    Antique (Anti-Tikal)

Tikal's Moebius counterpart.

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing : Antique seems as kindhearted as her main universe self, but is really a ruthless Knight Templar who's willing to do anything to fight Scourge's "boss".
  • Bolivian Army Ending : She teams up with Scourge to perform a joint attack on his former master, a vastly powerful entity of darkness, and it's unknown if she survived.
  • Evil Counterpart : She is meant to be this to Tikal. While she is nice to the heroes , it is mostly to advance her own agenda .
  • Knight Templar : She'll do anything to fight Scourge's "boss".

    Scourge's Boss

  • Eldritch Abomination : It's a massive being made of shadows that destroyed Moebius and is trying to reach the Prime Zone to destroy it to. Anything it touches is turned to stone and it takes two people in super form to fight it off even temporarily.
  • Greater-Scope Villain : Nicole may be the Big Bad , but this Eldritch Abomination completely outclasses her.
  • The Man Behind the Man : It's the main reason Scourge's current state in the comic.
  • Taken for Granite : Anyone and anything that gets touched by it is turned instantly into stone. Rouge and Omega died this way at some point in the past.
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ghost of future tower heroes

Tower Heroes: How To Get Conductor Contract | Roblox

All abooooard.


Tower Heroes   is a fun Roblox tower defense game that you can play for free. With countless units having unique abilities, the possibilities for your builds are endless. Additionally, the Halloween event has added more contracts, so be sure to be on the lookout.

One of the newly added contracts that players are confused about is the Conductor Contract, which we will be covering in this guide.

How To Get Conductor Contract

Contract requirements, tips & tricks.

First things first, you will need to select the Canyon Calamity map to get this specific contract.

Once on the map, make sure that no one votes for the difficulty since this is a necessary step. If no one does vote, then the map will turn dark , and the waves will begin.

Now, all that you will need to do is to win on this particular map in the dark mode , and you will succeed in completing the contract and getting the reward.

Dark map

For the tower, we recommend using the Balloon Pal unit since it will prove to be very helpful. Moreover, you should use El Gobino to trap the contract boss.

The final boss is a Ghost Train which you need to basically defeat 5 times over to win the map.

Tower Heroes: How To Get Conductor Contract | Roblox Ghost Train

For each stage, the boss will have 60,000 Health . So, you will essentially need to deal enough damage equal to 300,000 to account for the 5 stages of the boss.

Make sure that your units are well spaced over the map and not concentrated in one area, since it will be very likely that the boss will require a long time to be defeated.

From what we have seen in most cases, the Ghost Train will be defeated just before the end of the map.

Tower Heroes: How To Get Conductor Contract | Roblox Wave 35

With proper planning and strategy, you should be able to defeat the Ghost Train and complete the contract. We hope that this guide for completing the contract was helpful to you. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions for future content.

ALSO NEXT: Tower Heroes: How To Get Meltdown Contract | Roblox

Tower Heroes

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ghost of future tower heroes

Clover Retribution: How To Spawn Lily’s & Location

SkibiVerse: How To Get Camera Woman

SkibiVerse: How To Get Camera Woman

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Best ghost superheroes from DC, Marvel, and beyond

The ghost superheroes are as spooky as they are super

ghost superheroes

Halloween is known as the night when the dead roam the earth - but some restless spirits haunt comic books year round.

As we prepare to get spooky, we're looking at the legacy of ghost superheroes in comic books (BoOoO-ks?) - and yes, we're sticking to superheroes and adventurers, so classic comic characters like Casper don't count, despite definitely being ghosts, and with superheroes who are specifically ghosts or who have been called ghosts (sorry "Ghost who walks" fans - despite his name, the Phantom is 100% alive).

So without further ado, here are the greatest ghost superheroes of all time!

10. The Haunted Tank

The Haunted Tank is a World War II tank that is haunted by the ghost of Confederate general J.E.B. Stuart who was sent back to Earth by Alexander the Great to watch over his descendant Jeb Stuart and his M3 Stuart tank (which flies a Confederate flag instead of a 'Union' flag in honor of its namesake, Jeb's Confederate ghost grampa).

Yes, you read all that right. 

It's a real head-scratcher, and we'll leave it at that.

9. Ralph & Sue Dibny

To be honest, this entry might make us tear up a little.

Though Ralph Dibny is best known as the stretchy superhero Elongated Man and his wife Sue as his constant companion, even in his stints on the Justice League, through a series of dire tragedies Sue died, Ralph became a destitute alcoholic, and then died fighting the demon Neron.

But as is sometimes the way of things, the pair returned as ghostly detectives in a later story. Of course, this change was short-lived - it didn't last through 2011's 'New 52' reboot - but seeing Ralph and Sue reunited even in the afterlife was a brief respite for readers shocked by their deaths.

8. The Secret

When she was rescued from DEO captivity by Young Justice, the intangible, mist-like Greta Hayes appeared to be a metahuman - but her true origin proved to be much more tragic.

As it turns out, Greta is a ghost - a tortured spirit trapped between life and death following her murder at the hands of the villain Harm - her own brother.

But Secret made the best of it ( she disappeared from continuity), hanging out with DC's teen heroes for a time.

7. Doctor Mirage

Valiant's Doctor Mirage is a tale of lovers separated by death but who still manage to become a superhero team through their shared mystical abilities.

Though which of them is dead and which is alive varies by incarnation, the current Doctor Mirage is Shan Fong, who uses her paranormal ability to speak to the dead to search for her husband Hwen's spirit - and then fight crime when they're reunited.

Doctor Mirage slightly borrows a concept from Marvel's Brother Voodoo - a powerful sorcerer who has a fluctuating relationship with his brother's ghost.

6. Johann Krauss

The B.P.R.D. may skirt the line of superheroes and special agents, but Johann Kraus is all ghost.

A German-born psychic, Kraus is a fully-formed ectoplasm apparition which inhabits a special containment suit, necessary since his human body was destroyed in a magical accident.

Johann once got a cloned body - but it led him to lapse in his work with the B.P.R.D., eventually resulting in his death (again) and return to the containment suit.

He eventually died (permanently) fighting the Ogdru Jahad.

This entry seems self-explanatory just based on name alone… But since we love a Ghost story (or two)…

Dark Horse's Ghost is Elisa Cameron, and initially, she was not actually a ghost (in fact, she was never technically a ghost at all, but we'll get to that). She was initially a vigilante with "nanomite" technology that allowed her to become intangible – but later, following the loss of her memories, she believed she actually was the spirit of a dead woman destined to investigate her own murder.

Ghost even crossed over with Hellboy, featuring its own cast of paranormal heroes (including previous entry Johan Kraus).

Then of course there's Marvel's Ghost, who's not undead, but a tech-powered intangible corporate spy.

4. Ghost Rider

Technically Ghost Rider is a Spirit of Vengeance, but since it's right there in his name – and he's still a dead guy who comes back to life in a haunting visage – we'll take the mulligan.

Ghost Rider is actually more of a title for many heroes, anti-heroes, and even villains throughout the history of the Marvel Universe, but Johnny Blaze, the first modern Ghost Rider, and Danny Ketch, his successor, are the most well known.

Pretty much across the board, Ghost Riders are dead folks who were granted resurrection in exchange for serving as the host for the "Spirit of Vengeance," a skull-faced entity sent to earth to punish the wicked.

In recent years, the Robbie Reyes and alt-future Frank Castle versions of the character have been in the spotlight, but Johnny and Danny took center stage again in a recent volume of Ghost Rider.

3. Gentleman Ghost

DC's Gentleman Ghost is definitely more of a supervillain than a superhero, but he's such an iconic aspect of this supernatural comic book trope it just wouldn't be a complete list without him.

'Gentleman' Jim Craddock was an old west outlaw who ran afoul of two cowboy vigilantes named Cinammon and Nighthawk – who just so happened to be one life cycle of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, who have died and been reborn over and over again since ancient Egypt. After Nighthawk killed Craddock, he became a ghost, doomed to wander the Earth, eventually even fighting Hawkman and Hawkgirl themselves in the '40s.

Though he's primarily been a Hawkman and JSA villain, Gentleman Ghost has also often clashed with Batman. Weirdly enough, Gentleman Ghost was co-created by writer Robert Kanigher (alongside Joe Kubert), who also co-created the Haunted Tank, seen elsewhere on this list.

Boston Brand might just be the prototypical ghostly superhero (if not for our first entry on this list … more on that soon).

A circus performer who was murdered by a mysterious assassin named the Hook, Boston Brand was returned to Earth as a spirit by a fictional god named Rama Kushna.

Using his newfound power to possess the bodies of the living, Brand (as Deadman) solved his own murder and has teamed up with Batman and other DC heroes on numerous occasions, even serving on an incarnation of Justice League Dark.

1. The Spectre

Like his Marvel Comics counterpart Ghost Rider, DC's Spectre is the ghostly embodiment of vengeance and karmic justice – though he predates the modern Ghost Rider by a few decades.

The original Spectre (in real world terms – the character is ancient) is a dead detective named Jim Corrigan who is granted the power of the Spectre, returning to Earth as a ghost to wreak horrific divine justice on those who do wrong. Debuting in the Golden Age, the Corrigan version of the character was a founding member of the Justice Society.

Corrigan appeared in the 'New 52' era as a once again living Gotham City detective - and in 2019, Corrigan returned as the Spectre in a Detective Comics tale.

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Ghost Widow

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Overview [ ]

Ghost Widow is a City of Villains contact located in the The Tangle neighborhood of Grandville  at coordinates (2700, -58.9, 847) . Ghost Widow is a Magic origin contact. Her level range is 40-44 as well as 45-50.

Ghost Widow is also an Archvillain who serves under Lord Recluse in the Arachnos faction. She also awards the patron power Soul Mastery to villains who complete her patron arc.

Heroes can face her in Recluse's Victory as one of the signature villains that show up as reinforcements.

  • 2 Description
  • 5.1 History
  • 5.3 Character Stats
  • 6.1 Contact Introduced By
  • 6.2 New Contact(s)
  • 6.3 Information
  • 6.4 Too Many Missions
  • 6.5 Initial Contact
  • 8.1.1 Stop the attack
  • 8.1.2 Free the mystic
  • 8.1.3 Secure the spell components
  • 8.1.4 Set a trap for Numina
  • Speak to Scirocco
  • Crash Carnival revel to steal masks
  • Speak to Scirocco
  • 8.1.6 Draw out Numina
  • 8.2.1 Help Ghost Widow get her body back
  • 8.2.2 Get the Tome of Tormvodel
  • 8.2.3 Test the ceremony
  • 8.2.4 Test the ceremony on Red Widow
  • 8.2.5 Talk to Arbiter Daos
  • 8.2.6 Replace Crystals
  • 8.2.7 Return crystal to Daos
  • 8.2.8 Perform the ceremony
  • 8.3.1 Perform a task
  • 8.3.2 Kidnap Dr. Franks
  • 8.3.3 Kidnap Dr. Murphy
  • 8.3.4 Kidnap Dr. Nelson
  • 8.3.5 Stop Longbow from freeing the scientists
  • 8.3.6 Capture last scientist for Operation: DESTINY
  • 8.4.1 Go through the portal
  • 8.4.2 Talk to Arbiter Daos
  • 8.4.3 Go to Arachnos center for prognostication
  • 8.4.4 Go through the portal
  • 8.4.5 Take the hint and get Ghost Widow's help to 'Flee'
  • 8.4.6 Enter Destiny Portal and defeat Lord Recluse
  • 10 External Links

Description [ ]

See also [ ].

  • Ghost Widow's Arachnos profile for a list of her powers

Biography [ ]

History [ ].

Formerly an Arachnos Night Widow , Belladonna Vetrano was killed on a strike mission in 1989. She was leading a team against a troublesome member of The Family on Mercy Island . It is unknown what exactly happened except that the mission was a complete failure. Not only did the team fail to meet the objective, but almost everyone on the strike team lost their life, including Belladonna. The only person to survive was Paolo Marino, the leader of the Wolf Spider squad, who in an altered form called Wretch , now serves as Ghost Widow's loyal guardian and protector.

Ghost Widow is but one of several ghosts who continue to interact with the living world. Other examples include Archmage Tarixus , War Witch , and Woodsman . Ghost Widow tends to be far more active, however. It is believed that ghosts only exist in the living world when something anchors their spirits here, be it unfinished business, loved ones or vengeance. A ghost can only be permanently destroyed once its anchor is eliminated. Ghost Widow's anchor appears to be Arachnos itself. As long as the organization exists, so shall she.

The following dialogue can be overheard during the mission Warn Ghost Widow of the plot against her , and takes place the moment a faction of conspirators within Arachnos lead by Mu'Rakir and Huntsman Ohanko as they try to destroy her in her own tower, as a previous step to get their revenge on Wretch. During this long cutscene, Ghost Widow reveals the key details of her afterlife:

(Ghost Widow faces a group of Mu Mystics headed by the Wolf Spider Huntsman Ohanko)

(after being freed)

Ghost Widow: I know the content of the warning you bring. They seek to take the life of one of the dead, and they will fail at that. But there is another life they hunger for.

Character Stats [ ]

Secret Identity: Belladonna Vetrano Origin: Magic

Archetype: Dominator

208px-Rndr Ghost Widow 03

Primary Powers: Dark Miasma Secondary Powers: Dark Blast Other Powers: Flight , Phase Shift and Soul Mastery

Please note that Ghost Widow has access to two powersets which are unavailable to Dominators. This is probably considered normal, as many Heroes and Archvillains have access to powers the players will not have.

Introductions [ ]

Contact introduced by [ ].

  • Arbiter Rein

New Contact(s) [ ]

Information [ ].

Arachnos Matron

Beautiful, mysterious, and deadly. Ghost Widow appears to be an actual spirit from beyond the grave rather than a super with some sort of incorporeal power. Some have said she was once a rising star in the Night Widows when she was slain. Her thirst for vengeance must have been great, for she returned from the void and now serves at Recluse's side. There are rumors that her service isn't entirely voluntary, however.

Too Many Missions [ ]

Initial contact [ ].

So, one of the Destined of Arachnos comes to me, and with high praise from the Arbiters. You've left a trail of wreckage and bodies in your wake, shattered dreams and broken lives, and this is only the beginning. Now, let us see what nightmares we can unleash together.

Ghost Widow sells the following items:

  • Tier 1 Inspirations
  • Level 40 Magic Single-Origin Enhancements
  • Level 45 Magic Single-Origin Enhancements
  • Level 50 Magic Single-Origin Enhancements

Story Arcs [ ]

Mystic mayhem [ ].

Souvenir: The Sand Riddle

This self-perpetuating puzzle was created by Scirocco at the request of your patron, Ghost Widow. While it's now little more than a desktop trophy, it once served as a psychic beacon to draw in one of Paragon City 's most powerful defenders. It's still a potent reminder of the adventure you like to call:

Mystic Mayhem

It began with a Longbow raid on one of Ghost Widow's hidden bases. Ghost Widow was disturbed by the loss of the base, but even more disturbed by how it came to be found. Its location was, after all, a well-guarded secret. Even the fact that some of Scirocco's Mu Mystics had been there to help upset her, and she promised to have words with him.

Scirocco offered to share what he knew, but only if you tried to help one of his Mu Mystics escape from a Longbow captivity. Afterwards, he explained how he knew about the raid: He'd been tracking the entity who had found Ghost Widow's base: The ghostly sorceress Numina , of the Freedom Phalanx !

Since Numina's astral form shared certain traits with Ghost Widow's undead existence, it makes it difficult for them to fight each other, but Ghost Widow had a plan. First, she needed spell components, so she send you to rob a Circle of Thorns base. You returned with the items she requested, and now the spell was ready.

Unfortunately, there was one critical element missing: Numina. You had to figure how to draw the meddlesome spirit out of hiding so that you could destroy her. You broke into a Crey base to access their files on the heroes of Paragon City ; there you learned that Numina was especially sensitive to psychic emanations. She could sense them from miles away. The trouble is, even if she was drawn in, she could easily escape through the astral plane.

You needed to create psychic emanations powerful enough to draw Numina out into the open, then find a way to trap her where she could be attacked. Ghost Widow had a plan to trap her, and Scirocco had offered to create a psychic beacon to draw her in. On Ghost Widow's behalf, you approached Scirocco to get the beacon, and also asked him for the location of a group of Carnival of Shadows revelers, so that you could bring their masks to Ghost Widow for her trap. Both were soon done, and with the beacon and the masks, you returned to your patron.

Ghost Widow performed the ceremony that would give you the power to attack Numina's spectral form. Then you took the beacon to a Longbow base and activated it. Though Numina arrived with many guardians in tow, you defeated her, dissipating her spirit. Unfortunately, she managed to escape the trap and final destruction, but your work will keep the Astral Sorceress out of Ghost Widow's plans for long enough. Your stock has risen considerably, within Ghost Widow's organization and within Arachnos . It only remains to be seen what task your patron will have for you next.

Stop the attack [ ]

I have agreed to work with you, Character , but know this: I do not trust you. Oh, it's not that I have anything in particular against you, it's just that I was very short on trust when I died, and the dead cannot change. Though that also means I have little to worry about physical harm, you could hurt my political standing within Arachnos , or worse, you could harm my Lord Recluse . So you must excuse me if I regard our relathionship with some trepidation. Still, you can be useful to me, particulary for more dangerous things. For example, Longbow has attacked a secret Arachnos facility I had constructed on Mercy Island , a facility where I've stored some important things. It would not do to see the items within that base fall into heroic hands. You must go at once and stop the attack.

Mission Acceptance

This base was a closely guarded secret, Character . I must know how that secret got out. Then, I may have something else for you to do.

Unecessary Solicitation

Why are you here? Longbow is even now rifling through my valued possessions, and I need you to stop them.

Mission Objective(s)

The air in here has the heady, powerful feel of magic recently cast. Someone has been doing spells here.

  • Defeat all Longbow in base

You have stopped the Longbow raid.

Primary Enemies

V badge LongbowBadge

Notable NPCs

  • Arachnos Mu Guardian (Ally, Pet-class) x 2
  • Arachnos Night Widow (Ally, Pet-class)

There were Mu present? Sent by Scirocco ? Interesting. How did he know of my base, or that it was under attack? I will need to speak with him at some length. I do not like this kind of interference in my affairs. Remember that, Character . Still, what truly upsets me is that Longbow found that base at all.

Free the mystic [ ]

I have spoken with Scirocco . He says that he had learned of the Longbow attack from one of his Mu Mystics, who had been working on a special project. Unfortunately, that mystic's role in that project come to light, and the heroes have captured him. Scirocco tells me that if I have you recover that man, he'll share how he learned what he knows. I need you to free that mystic, Character .

Try to bring this man out alive, Character . He is the key to learning what Scirocco knows.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Same as Mission Acceptance.

Longbow has managed to dot little hidden bases even near the Grandville coast.

  • Lead mystic out

You have freed Scirocco's mystic.

  • Arachnos Mu Guardian (Ally, Boss-class, must escort to exit)

Excellent. Scirocco and I have been talking. It's provided some interesting insights. it seems that he learned of the discovery of my base because he has been trying to keep the discoverer out of his own affairs. That person is no less than Numina , the spirit mystic of the hated Freedom Phalanx ! And we have drawn up a plan against her.

Secure the spell components [ ]

Numina and I are alike, in a way. We are neither of us alive. But whereas I am a ghost, she's an astral form. It makes it difficult for the two of us to hurt each other. But Scirocco's research has uncovered an interesting spell that might be able to effect her. Regrettably, a few of the components are quite rare. However, the Circle of Thorns often keeps what I'll need around for similar spells of their own. And I will need you to get those components from a Circle encampment beneath Thorn Isle in the Nerva Archipelago .

There should be three components you'll need to find. Once we have those, Numina will soon come to regret her interference in Arachnos business.

Until we have those spell components, Numina will remain a threat.

The air is sharp with mystical energy.

  • 3 ingredients to steal

You have the spell components.

Badge villain cot

You have found a mystic sigil. You have found the Oracular Octavo. You have found a pouch of herbs.

Excellent, I feel Numina's time growing short. But so is ours. We must hurry to prevent further interference.

Set a trap for Numina [ ]

We have the incantation. We have the components. The only thing we're missing for this ritual is Numina. But don't think you can just go busting into Paragon City to find her. No, she's clever, and will have to be lured into our territory, then trapped long enough to hold her to the fight. And while I have an idea of how to trap her, I need to know more about how to lure her in. And that's where my spies have come in handy. It turns out that the Crey Corporation recently did a study of Numina. I want you to get it for me. Their more scientific perspective may give me the clue I need to draw Numina into the trap.

Get to the Crey facility on Grandville. There, find out everything they've learned about Numina.

We must learn everything before we strike.

Crey collects data on all heroes, large and small. No doubt they'll have files on Numina.

  • 2 pieces of information

complete message seems to have a mistake

Badge villain crey

You found files on Ghost Widow!

You found files on Numina.

  • Security Chief ( Crey Power Tank )
  • Headhunter-725 ( Malta Operatives Gunslinger )

Security Chief: "The Malta group is willing to pay for those files, and for Dr. Nelson."

So. Numina is sensitive to psychic emanations, I see. I will need to find a way to take advantage of that. I think I'll also report to Lord Recluse about Crey's study of me. I doubt he'll be pleased, and that will bring bad business to Crey. That does leave the matter of those Malta group people, but I don't think that's going to concern us for a while.

Speak to Scirocco [ ]

Numina is drawn to psychic emanations, but even once she's been drawn in, she'll need to be kept in place to keep her from escaping. I have spoken with Scirocco , and he's been very willing to help me. He's almost... nice... to me, actually. It's strange. But then, neither of us wants Numina poking her astral nose into our affairs. Scirocco thinks he may have a way to draw her in, I want you to speak with him about it. At the same time, ask him if he's found a suitable group of Carnival folk. I have a plan to hold her in place, but I'll need some of the Carnival of Shadows ' face-masks for it. I asked for help finding a Carnival of Shadows group, se he'll be able to tell you where to go.

A word before you go. Scirocco has been very helpful to me, but then, so have you. I greeted you with such distrust, and I tell myself that the dead do not change, so that is just my nature. But though death is this strange stasis, one can find that there are parts of one's self that are not gone, but merely disused and forgotten. I mean, I was a whole person before I died, even though I concentrate mostly on who I was at the moment of my death. What I'm trying to say is, thank you. You have been a great help.

Go. Hurry. Scirocco awaits you.

  • Speak to Scirocco

Crash Carnival revel to steal masks [ ]

Good! I somehow felt Scirocco would come through. Get those masks from the Carnival revelers I'll need them for the final step.

Looks like you're just in time to crash the party.

  • Get Rialla's mask

You have stolen the masks you need.

You found a carnival mask. You pull Riallia's mask off her face.

Badge villain carnival

  • Riallia ( Carnival of Shadows Ring Mistress )

Scirocco awaits you.

Excellent! My trust in you has been rewarded. I will take those masks, and the spell. Soon, Numina's interference will be at an end. And it will all be thanks to you.

Draw out Numina [ ]

I have forged Scirocco's spell and the most powerful mask you found to make a trap. Once activated, it will lure Numina, but prevent her from leaving. Now, go to a Longbow base and plant the beacon to lure Numina out. Numina will be drawn to it, like a fly to honey. When she arrives, as she surely will, you may do with her as you wish. The spell I have performed will allow you to attack her, end defeat her.

The best place to do this will be inside one of the hero bases in the Nerva Archipelago. Subtlety is not a necessity here. I will have my own agents place the six lesser masks at hidden points to make certain that Numina will never be able to escape!

Oh, and if you wish to make Numina suffer, that is your own affair. Personally, it would not grieve me at all.

This Psychic trap will capture Numina for sure!

Numina must be defeated, and I have given you the tools to do it. The other masks are in place, and this plan cannot fail. Go!

Numina won't be the first hero you've taken out, or the first ghost. But it should be a memorable experience nonetheless.

  • Plant psychic trap

You have planted the psychic beacon. The psychic beacon should draw Numina, and the trap will keep her. You have defeated Numina!

  • Numina ( Hero )

75% Health: "How? how is it you can injure me?" 50% Health: "You will not succeed in this!" 25% Health: "No! I feel my essence fading!" Defeated: "Nooooooooo!"

You did your job to perfection. I felt the moment of Numina's defeat. Unfortunately, one of my handmaidens and her guardians were ambushed on the way to place one of the lesser masks by Blue Steel . I fear that Numina's spirit was able to escape, but even so, she will be weakened and of no concern for some time as she tries to re-gather her spectral essence. You have done well, Character . Well Indeed. You are an asset to my organization, and to Arachnos . I am... I am glad, yes, glad that you chose me as your patron. And now that Numina's interference is done with, I can move forward with my greater plans. Plans that will now include you, I think.

In thanks to you, I will grant you access to powers unlike those you've had before. Powers only I could control, but that I will share with you. And I will give you another gift, my loyal villain. If your powers have developed in ways you regret, I will grant you the power to change them this once. Speak with Arbiter Lupin in Nerva Archipelago. He will help you use my gift.

It is difficult for the dead to learn to trust, but you have done much for me. I think I will trust you. Contact me at any time.

Completion of this mission awards the Spider's Kiss Badge and the Crab Spider Longfang Badge .

A respec will be given, and Ghost Widow's patron powerset Soul Mastery will also be unlocked.

Life and Death [ ]

Souvenir: Daos' seal

After you obeyed his command to punish Ghost Widow for her actions against Red Widow, Arbiter Daos gave you this seal. It's a mark of distinction within Arachnos , as well as a reminder of the adventure you like to call:

Life and Death

It began when Ghost Widow told you she had grown tired of her spectral life. She wanted to become human again, and she suspected the Circle of Thorns would know a way to do it. You scoured the streets for the mages, and eventually learned that the secrets might lie in the Tome of Tormvodel.

You stole the tome from a Circle base, and Ghost Widow prepared to work her magic.

But she wanted to test the ritual first. She sent you to gather some artifacts of another spirit's life.

You gathered the items, and learned that Ghost Widow's target was none other than Red Widow, one of Lord Recluse 's most trusted assassins. You performed the ceremony, but instead of restoring Red Widow to life, you used a soul crystal to trap her.

Ghost Widow was ready to work the spell on herself, but first you were summoned before Arbiter Daos . He informed you that Ghost Widow's actions had incurred the ire of Lord Recluse . If you wished to drag yourself out of the hole she had dug, you would not help Ghost Widow; instead, you would punish her. Daos first had you recover the Red Widow's soul from one of Ghost Widow's bases. Once this was done, he had a final task for you: He wants you to defeat Ghost Widow when she tries to re-form herself, destroying her new body and returning her to her spectral form.

Your relationship with Ghost Widow has taken a serious hit, but you're not too concerned about it. After all, you are a villain who has bested Ghost Widow. Surely her wrath means little to you now.

Help Ghost Widow get her body back [ ]

(Story Arc: Life and Death. Mission 1 of 8)

We've worked together for a while, you and I, and I think you have proven that I can trust you to help me, in even the most delicate of matters. Tell me, Character , have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a ghost? Immortal, untouchable, unchanging. By some standards, a perfect being. I won't deny that my existence has it's benefits, but I still long to be human again. I can't help it. The dead cannot change, and when you are dying you want nothing more than life. And now I may have found a way to return from this state and live once again. This is what I have been working towards. Character , I want your help to bring me back to life.

I am close to developing a ritual that will help me reclaim my body, but I need some more information from the Circle of Thorns . Seek them out, and force them to tell you about a book called the Tome of Tormvodel.

If the Circle has the tome, then I will be on the verge of a new life.

  • Defeat 30 Circle of Thorns

Mission Complete

One of the mystics you defeated told you what you wanted to know.

You never disappoint, Character . I knew I could turn to you for results. Now, we must acquire this Tome of Tormvodel. I trust you will be your usual capable self.

Get the Tome of Tormvodel [ ]

((Story Arc: Life and Death. Mission 2 of 8)

If that Circle mystic can be believed, the Tome of Tormvodel contains the last secret I need to restore my life. You must get it from Nerva Archipelago at once.

I long, Character , I hunger to once again shuffle on the mortal coil. Come back quickly.

Do not keep me waiting. I want that book.

If the mage was correct, the tome should be somewhere within these ancient halls.

  • Get the Tome of Tormvodel

You have the Tome of Tormvodel

You have stolen the tome, as Ghost Widow requested.

The Tome of Tormvodel. The key to my mortality. Soon I will touch it with warm hands of living flesh, and look back on all these dark years lived in death's shadow as no more than a dream. But first, I must make certain that it will work. And oh, do I have a plan for that.

Test the ceremony [ ]

(Story Arc: Life and Death. Mission 3 of 8)

We now have the spell that will turn me human once more. And though I yearn for life with every echo of my ghostly heart, my years in Arachnos have taught me, often painfully, to retain my caution. The Circle was almost too willing to give up that spell, and I think that it might be a trap. So, I will test this new process, and I know just the subject. Unfortunately, Lord Recluse might not be happy with the idea. So, I'm going to need you to get a few things for me.

Our subject will be someone who was once very dear to Lord Recluse . Sometimes I think I feel her spirit around these islands still. It is on her that we shall test the ritual. I know of an Arachnos base where many of her belongings are kept. Go there, and bring me all that you can. In order to keep our secret a little longer, you must leave no witnesses within.

I must have the spirit's belongings before I can test the spell on her.

You have entered these bases both as ally and adversary. You have no illusions that Ghost Widow's blessing will protect you in here.

  • 3 items to steal

You have found some spellbooks.

You have found a long, red cloak.

You have found a tall, red hat.

You have the spirit's possessions

Wonderful. These items once belonged to the woman who stood at Lord Recluse 's side. The dreaded Red Widow. She perished in an avalanche while Lord Recluse battled Statesman , or so it is said. Sometimes I think Lord Recluse still thinks of her. With these, we shall test the ritual, and see if we can restore her to life. What happens to her afterward? That is a question I shall have to ponder.

Test the ceremony on Red Widow [ ]

(Story Arc: Life and Death. Mission 4 of 8)

Character , I have thought it over at some length, and have come to a decision. I wish to test this ceremony, but I do not truly wish to make Red Widow live again. No. Were she to live once more, she would likely be able to wrest control of the Widows and Fortunatas from me. And I cannot allow that to happen. In order to complete the ceremony without rendering her solid, you will need a vessel for her spirit, such as a Circle of Thorns soul crystal. Seek out one of these crystals, perform the ceremony, and bring Red Widow's spirit back to me.

What will I do once I have Red Widow's spirit in my grasp? It is hard to say, Character . No witnesses or clues remain to implicate us in the theft of her belongings. And once you have the soul crystal, there will be nothing to stop us.

Do you know that Lord Recluse call me by her name, once? He confided his uncertainty about an upcoming operation to me, and then told me that he felt he could trust me above all others. And it was minutes later that I realized he had called me by her name, and not my own. no. It's best not to think of what will become of Red Widow. I think it is better if you do not wonder.

I want Red Widow's soul!

Somewhere herein, you must find a soul crystal. That shall be the trap for Red Widow's soul.

  • Utilize Soul Crystal

You have captured the soul of Red Widow!

So you were able to draw out her soul? Excellent! Let me have it. Now, I will prepare some basic tests, and quickly.

The soul of Red Widow, at last. Who is my lord's pet now, vile creature? I have always known that you were weaker than me.

Talk to Arbiter Daos [ ]

(Story Arc: Life and Death. Mission 5 of 8)

You must go at once to Nerva Archipelago . Arbiter Daos has summoned you. He would not tell me his purpose, and I have no authority to compel him to answer. Whatever he wants, please dispense with it quickly. He probably has some errand for the glory of Arachnos . Which is important, of course, but not something I can be bothered with. I must work out the extent of the ceremony, and prepare it. This should buy some time to do so.

Daos may know of our actions, but I doubt he knows the purpose. I urge you to tell him nothing he has not already uncovered!

Arbiter Daos will not be kept waiting

  • Talk to Arbiter Daos

Replace Crystals [ ]

(Story Arc: Life and Death. Mission 6 of 8)

Arbiter Daos : Welcome, Character . I believe you have put yourself in an unfortunate predicament, and I am here to give you the chance to extricate yourself. First of all, do not attempt to act innocent. Yes, I know everything that's happened and I know what's being planned. Ghost Widow has far underestimated my intelligence gathering, and she's going to pay for that. Ghost Widow's actions against Red Widow are unforgivable, and she must be punished for them. Normally, you would be executed for your part in this, but Lord Recluse believes that you may have a greater destiny, and has decided to spare your life and possibly even promote you, if you are willing to betray Ghost Widow and mete out her punishment.

Your first task is to recover the Red Widow's soul. Take ths false crystal, go to the Widow's tower in Mercy Island , and replace the crystal with the decoy. When that's done, return to me.

Hurry and complete whatever task Daos has given you. I'm deep in my researches. I'll have need for you soo.

You remember the first time you saw the Widow's Tower, when you arrived at Mercy Island. Who'd have thought it would come to this?

  • Replace Crystals

You replaced the real crystal with a fake one.

You switched the crystals.

Return crystal to Daos [ ]

(Story Arc: Life and Death. Mission 7 of 8)

You have replaced the real crystal with the fake one. Betraying Ghost Widow may not be smart, but it's got to be better than betraying Lord Recluse . Now, to give the real crystal to Arbiter Daos .

Are you done with Arbiter Daos's errand yet?

  • Return crystal to Daos

You return, and alive. That can only mean that Daos knows nothing. if he suspected anything, he surely would have had you... Dealt with.

Did that sound callous of me? It's difficult to tell. The dead often forget the perils of the living. It will be so strange to experience it all once more.

I now stand on the cusp of mortality, and I have you to thank. I will not forget this moment, I assure you.

Perform the ceremony [ ]

(Story Arc: Life and Death. Mission 8 of 8)

Whatever Arbiter Daos wanted from you, it need not delay my ceremony any longer. I will be flesh again, Character ! I will walk these streets once more!

You must go to the tunnels of Mu once more. There, you can enact the ritual that will make me mortal at last!

I grow impatient, Character . Complete the ceremony at once!

Ghost Widow has no idea that Arbiter Daos has ordered you to stop this.

  • Trap Ghost Widow
  • Defeat Ghost Widow!

Ghost Widow is now trapped between life and death.

You have defeated Ghost Widow!

Notable NPC

  • Archvillain Ghost Widow You have deceived me, and I will not suffer this betrayal!

Arbiter Daos was waiting for me the moment I returned to my ghostly form. He told me everything. So, Character , you chose to obey Arbiter Daos , and to betray me. An interesting choice. One that secures your future within Arachnos , but does considerable damage to our relationship. But don't think that I'm mad, or will seek revenge. Such passions are the folly of the living. No, I will do as I have been ordered. I will free the soul of Red Widow, as Arbiter Daos commands. But I will have to give great consideration to which task I give you next.

Brainpower [ ]

Souvenir: Operation: DESTINY files

You retained these Operation: DESTINY files, out of the belief that they may come in useful someday. They're a potent reminder of the adventure you like to call

The schedule for Operation: DESTINY was tightening up, and Ghost Widow needed to make her contribution felt. So she sent you to rendezvous with an Arachnos operative who has some critical files. You met the operative, fended off a Longbow attack, and learned that the files contained the names of three scientists who could be useful to Operation: DESTINY.

The first scientist was Dr. Franks, a SERAPH researcher working in Paragon City. You kidnapped him in Steel Canyon, right under Positron's nose.

The second scientist was Dr. Murphy, a former Portal Corporation technician who had been lured away by the Council. Dr. Murphy was only too happy to go with you, and now there was just one more scientist to acquire.

The last man was Dr. Nelson, also an erstwhile employee of Portal Corporation. You kidnapped him from the Malta Group, over his strident purposes [sic].

You now had three scientists in custody, all of whom had experience with portal technology. Ghost Widow was worried about a Longbow raid, and with good reason. Soon enough you were battling to keep longbow [sic] from recapturing the scientists you'd worked so hard to acquire.

But there was still one more scientist to on [sic] your list. As Black Scorpion sent his troops in to raid Portal Corp to steal technology, you went along with them to kidnap the last scientist needed for Operation: DESTINY.

Thanks to you, the operation was a success. With all the scientists now forcibly recruited, Operation DESTINY was on the way. Even Ghost Widow seemed to be loosing [sic] some of her hostility towards you from your earlier betrayal. You feel like you're on the top of the world, and things are getting better all the time.

Perform a task [ ]

I have not forgotten your recent betrayals. Nor shall I ever forget. But I am bound to Arachnos , and thus to my Lord Recluse . And my Lord Recluse feels that your success against me is the ultimate display of your true power. You have risen up through the ranks, and now stand at the heights of power, as was foretold. No doubt you've heard that Lord Recluse seeks a 'Destined One' to bring about his final victory against Statesman and the heroes of Paragon City? He believes that you are that one, and that it is time for you to join us in Operation: Destiny. The first step on that road begins with a small task

There is an Arachnos operative who has information that is critical to Operation: Destiny. Unfortunately, she is having some trouble reaching the Rogue Isles. I wish you to rendezvous with her ship and make certain that information reaches me.

The sea breeze is bracing.

  • Meet the operative

You have acquired the files from Ghost Widow's operative.

Faction(s) Encountered:

Wonderful. These files contain information that means a great deal to Arachnos. You have done well.

Kidnap Dr. Franks [ ]

(Story Arc: Brainpower. Mission 1 of 5)

According to these files you recovered, my agent had found four probable candidates whose knowledge and talents are needed for Operation: DESTINY to succeed. Of course, in order to properly persuade them, I need these gentlemen to be in Arachnos custody. You can take care of that, can't you? The first candidate is a Dr. Franks. He is a SERAPH researcher, currently working with their temporal mechanics division. And while the Paragon Police will likely have him under heavy guard, that should present no obstacle for you to go in and retrieve him from Paragon City.

I would exercise caution in this task if I were you. Breaking into a SERAPH lab is not exactly the world's easiest assignment.

You take a moment to reflect how it's always the little people, like Dr. Franks, who are hurt by Arachnos' big schemes. Saps.

  • Kidnap Dr. Franks

V badge MayhemOutlaw

You have kidnapped Dr. Franks.

I assure you, Dr. Franks is being attended to most well. He is comfortable, and will remain so as long as he continues to expend his considerable talents in service of Arachnos. Now, we have two more scientists to 'recruit'.

Kidnap Dr. Murphy [ ]

(Story Arc: Brainpower. Mission 2 of 5)

Your next target is a Dr. Murphy. He used to work for Portal Corporation, and it is there that he acquired the expertise that we so desperately need. Fortunately, the good doctor then defected to the Council , so you will not have to go quite so far this time. Murphy is quite close, in the Council compound on Sharkhead Isle . I trust he will be here shortly.

The Council's tunnels will be well guarded, but I trust you know that by now.

Dr. Murphy sounds like a sensible man. No doubt he'll go along willingly.

  • Lead Dr. Murphy out

You have kidnapped Dr. Murphy

Faction(s) encountered

Badge villain council

Dr. Murphy seemed most amenable to our terms. There is only one more scientist I need you to recover.

Kidnap Dr. Nelson [ ]

(Story Arc: Brainpower. Mission 3 of 5)

We have but one scientist left to recover. Dr. Nelson was lured away from Portal Corporation by the Malta Group. I have learned that the lab he works in is right here, on Grandville. Go and get him for me, won't you?

Yes, every one of the men we seek has experience in working on portal technology. That experience will be most critical to Operation: DESTINY.

The Malta Group hates and fears all super-powered beings. You have to wonder how Nelson will react to you.

  • Lead Dr. Nelson

Faction(s) Encoutered

Badge villain malta

Excellent. All three scientists are now busily doing the work of Arachnos, with differing degrees of cooperation. But do not imagine that you have worked off your debt to me yet. I have more work in store for you.

Stop Longbow from freeing the scientists [ ]

(Story Arc: Brainpower. Mission 4 of 5)

We have only 2 more scientists to go, but my spies have discovered that Longbow is attempting to stop us by stealing our kidnapped scientists back. They must be stopped, and as the Destined One, it falls to you to stop them.

Longbow is attacking the research facility where the prisoners--er--scientists are being kept. Your job will be to extract all 3 of them. While you're getting that finished, I'll prepare the final phase of our part of this operation.

There are sounds of fighting within.

  • Stop scientist rescue

You have fended off the Longbow attack!

You did well. Doctors Frank, Murphy, and Nelson remain in Arachnos custody, and shall do so for the rest of their natural lives. The feelings of admiration and trust in your abilities are spreading among Arachnos. They see you as strong, powerful, and on the rise. And since I am bound to Arachnos, the feelings of the troops influence my opinions. Fortunately for you. But you will have to perform greater services to truly re-earn my trust.

Capture last scientist for Operation: DESTINY [ ]

(Story Arc: Brainpower. Mission 5 of 5)

The preparations for Operation: DESTINY continue, but our part is nearly complete. Black Scorpions' forces are preparing to strike Portal Corp to steal technology. I want you to go along with his team, but your target will be different. You are to capture one last scientist during the Portal Corp raid. Then, our part of the preparation will be complete. But before you leave, I do strongly suggest you bring some cronies with you. The heroes surely know what we're up to by now, even if they don't know why. They will likely have someone in place, ready to protect this last asset.

You will be joining an assault force on the three main buildings of the Portal Corp campus on Peregrine Isle near Paragon City. Your target is building 112, on the right side of the Portal Corp. campus. But in order to get inside, you'll need to take the codes from the security computer. There should be one in the lobby of both buildings 110 and 111, but I cannot tell you which you'll need to access. Once you're inside, find Dr. Roberta Crow and extract her back to the flyer. Black Scopion's troops have been told not to interfere in building 112, so you should be clear to face any guardian without their interference.

And I would again recommend you bring some allies. I do confess, much as I hope that we will succeed for the greater glory of Arachnos, I would not be saddened to hear that you were humbled. I suppose that's petty, but at least I'll be honest about it.

Black Scorpion 's boys are already on the attack. They'll stay away from the building on the right. That's going to be your target.

  • Find Bldg 112 Security Codes.

You have kidnapped Dr. Crowe.

With Dr. Crowe added to our newly acquired scientists, we have completed our part of Operation: DESTINY. Or rather, I have completed my part of it. Surely you feel the excitement in the ranks of Arachnos? They all believe Lord Recluse's 'Destined One' is here, and Operation: DESTINY is about to begin. And Operation: DESTINY is all about you. Or rather, how you will finally change Destiny itself and allow my Lord Recluse to change the fate of the world. This is what your entire existence has been leading up to. I hope you won't disapoint.

Time After Time [ ]

Souvenir: Lord Recluse's helmet

You have kept Lord Recluse 's helmet as a badge of distinction. No one who sees it fails to fall on his knee before you, but for you it's more than a symbol of power. It's a reminder of the adventure you like to call:

Time After Time

It began when Ghost Widow asked you to take a more active role in Operation DESTINY. You would enter the experimental Arachnos portal, and bring back knowledge of the future. But when you stepped into the portal, something strange happened. There was a sound, and a blinding light, and before you knew it, you were fighting for your life against Dr. Aeon !

After getting permisison from Arbiter Daos , you questionned Dr. Aeon . He insisted he had nothing to do with your strange experience, but claimed he had been visited by a Dr. Echo , who wanted to forestall your terrible future.

Just what was your terrible future? Ghost Widow knew some people who might have the answer. They were that Arachnos center of prognostication, and you went to visit them at once. There, you learned through force that should Operation: DESTINY succeed, it would risk the destruction of the entire world unless you were killed And Lord Recluse had planned for this all along.

Ghost Widow helped you to confirm this by sending you to a future in wich you had succeeded in gaining power. It was a barren wasteland inhabited only by tormented ghosts.

It was true. You goose was cooked. In order to ensure Arachnos ' future, Lord Recluse would surely have to eliminate you. Ghost Widow had grown quite fond of you, and even though she could never betray Arachnos or it's master, she presented you with a plan: you could speak with Grant Naylor and see if he could provide you with a way to escape into the multiverse. You spoke with Grant , all right, but following the hints that Ghost Widow had been dropping, you had him whip up a method that wouln't help you to flee, but would instead send you into the future, at the moment of Lord Recluse 's virctory. You can't fight Recluse in the here and now without starting the civil war within Arachnos that spark the end of the world you saw, but if you were able to defeat him then, it could dissuade him in the present and prevent it all from happening.

It wasn't easy beating down the big man, but it was worth it. Now you have the respect--and fear--of every single person on the Rogue Isles .

Go through the portal [ ]

(Story Arc: Time After Time. Mission 1 of 6)

Operation DESTINY has reached a critical juncture, and now I must ask you to take a greater role. You must go to the experimental portal here in Grandville and venture through it. Once through the portal, you will be able to assess what the future holds for Lord Recluse and Arachnos. You will be one of our first scouts to a brave new world.

In some ways, I envy you. This is a grand adventure you embark on.

You hear a loud crackle and are nearly blinded by a flash of light.

  • Find Dr. Aeon

You have found... and defeated Dr. Aeon.

V badge ArachnosBadge

You met Dr. Aeon within the portal? Very troubling. Aeon is supposed to be a loyal servant of Arachnos, but I have heard rumors in the past that this is not entirely true. If he truly redirected our portal, there will be trouble for him.

(Story Arc: Time After Time. Mission 2 of 6)

You must go and visit Arbiter Daos . Only with his permission can you accost Dr. Aeon and bring him in for questioning.

Daos, like all arbiters, has the power to save lives, or to destroy them.

Some say Dr. Aeon is a genius. Some say he's mad. And there are quite a few who say that he's both.

Arbiter Daos

If Dr. Aeon is redirecting the portals in use by Operation: DESTINY, it is a serious matter indeed. You have my permission to question him, by any means necessary. Almost any means, that is. You must leave him alive.

  • Question Dr. Aeon

You have defeated Dr. Aeon.

Notable NPC's

Aeon's story is a strange one. We will have to follow up on this 'Professor Echo' he mentions. He sounds as though he is particularly interested in your future, and he could be a threat to Operation: DESTINY.

Go to Arachnos center for prognostication [ ]

(Story Arc: Time After Time. Mission 3 of 6)

Dr. Aeon mentioned a Professor Echo who hinted at your future. But rather than send you of to catch some old fool, we have our own means of determining these things. I know that Lord Recluse often consults with both my Fortunata seers and Scirocco's Mu Mystics to find glimpses of the future. I want you to go to the Mu Mystic prognostication group, and confirm this strange tale with their leader, Mu'Kau. They won't be happy to see you, but any mayhem you cause while looking for Mu'Kau will only ensure that he tells you the truth when you do find him.

Oh, Scirocco will no doubt be upset when he hears of the damage you caused, but I can calm him. And besides, if they did not see it coming, they can't be terribly good at seeing the future, now can they? You have my permission to use any force necessary to wring the truth from those you encounter.

This place is filled with Mu Mystics floating about in their strange way.

  • Defeat Mystic Mu'Kau

You have learned your future.

So, my dear. Either you will survive, or the world will. The mystics are seldom wrong, and they never lie. I'm afraid our association will soon come to an end; Recluse will surely have you destroyed.

(Story Arc: Time After Time. Mission 4 of 6)

According to Mu'Kau, your success will mean the destruction of the entire world. It is a great favor, but I can allow you to find out whether this is true. I can help you explore a future in which all your plans succeed. If the mystics are telling the truth, you will find that future barren and wasted, beyond redemption. Go to the portal, and look closely at what you find.

The technicians will locate a world in which you rise to glory and power, then send you into it's future. I fear what you find there may shock you. But all of this must be kept quiet. You'll have to return to the portal by yourself, after you've found what you need to.

Despite the smoldering fires and the burning sky, this blasted landscape is unnaturally cold and barren. Nothing lives here, not anymore.

Find Mission Exit You have learned your future.

Badge croatoa Banisher

So, it was as the mystics said. You destroyed the world. Or rather, you will destroy it, unless you die or Operation: DESTINY is stopped.

Take the hint and get Ghost Widow's help to 'Flee' [ ]

(Story Arc: Time After Time. Mission 5 of 6)

You are in a serious situation, my young apprentice. It would appear that you are the greatest obstacle to all of my lord's plans. I am bound to Arachnos , but still I am appalled that my Lord Recluse would continue on his course, even knowing that he risked the future of Arachnos and the world. But what could I do? I cannot disobey my Lord. And I could not even counsel you to challenge him, for to do so would only bring about the ruin you saw earlier. No, your only option is to flee. Well, flee or find some way to prove to Lord Recluse how great a threat you are without actually fighting him in the present time, where it could cause the end of the world. But that would be nearly impossible to imagine. Even were you find Lord Recluse at the point in the future he seeks where he finally defeats Statesman and were to attack him then, well, it would be difficult at best. But, bound to Arachnos I am, I can only tell you how to escape to any point in time.

I confess I have grown fond of you. Though we have clashed in the past, you have done much for Arachnos, and therefore, much for me. So I can do you one last favor. Speak with Technician Grant Naylor on Nerva Archipelago . He should be able to re-align the Destiny Portal for you to reach any point in time within, oh, say, the next 10 to 15 years. I suppose he could even alter the portal so that you could come back, perhaps with a trophy of some sort.

Debriefing Technician Naylor

Oi. I 'ear you're in big trouble. You want me to... WHA? You're kiddin' me, right? You want to go ta the moment of Lord Recluse's victory? Sure, I can do tha' for yeh. We've had people there a 'undred times before though, an' really you should be talkin' ta Operative Grillo , but you're the 'Destined One', I guess. Let me adjust this Harmonic Redistributor for yah. Take it with ya next time ya go through tha Destiny Portal, an' that should fix things for yah.

So, it has come to his. I will do you this one last favor, and allow you to slip into the Destiny portal. Perhaps, lost in the multiverse, you may be able to find your true destiny.

Enter Destiny Portal and defeat Lord Recluse [ ]

(Story Arc: Time After Time. Mission 6 of 6)

With that device from Technician Naylor, you should be able to reach exactly where you need to go. Still, I must counsel that you flee. Unless, of course, you think yourself able to defeat Lord Recluse at his moment of triumph then return and show him the proof. That would be pure madness, even with a group of helpful cronies with you. No, that's a task that might even stop you.

Sometimes my Lord Recluse forgets that my spirit is bound to Arachnos, not necessarily to its leader. I hope you find just the time and place that you're looking for.

This is what the future could be: Recluse's Victory, and possibly your moment to triumph.

  • Defeat Lord Recluse

You have beaten Lord Recluse!

It's over. Time to show Lord Recluse your prize.

  • Show Lord Recluse your trophy.

Debriefing Lord Recluse

This is mine, is it not? I understand your message. The Fortunatas warned me that your growing power might become inconvenient for my plans. And perhaps, one day we will clash for real, in a true final battle. But for the moment, you have earned some measure of my respect. You have grown in strength, you have grown in power, and you would challenge even me to battle without fear. I will no longer attempt to use you for Operation: DESTINY. You have grown beyond a mere tool. No, in you I have created something more. Through your long struggle you have become a true villain, wielding power over all and beholden to none. Go now, and work your terrors upon the Earth!

Who could have imagined such a thing would come to pass? My Lord's plans in shambles when his chosen puppet disobeys orders! It is unthinkable. But such is the nature of villainy, don't you think? To do the unthinkable, to challenge the impossible, to conquer all before you and make destiny your own. I see many great things before you. Foes yet unconquered, challenges yet unfaced. The future is yours, and I envy it of you. I think we are done. I must return now to my own work within Arachnos, and you have your future ahead. but I will keep watching you.

Missions [ ]

External links [ ].

  • Ghost Widow at Dread Tomax's Guide to City of Villains
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3 Sliem King Evil, Sliem King Evil 2, Sliem King Evil 3, Sliem King Wolt, Sliem King Wolt 2, Sliem King Wolt 3, Sliem King Popkin, Fraktrue Evil, Fraktrue Evil 2, Fraktrue Evil 3, Fraktrue Big Evil, Fraktrue Big Dead, Scent tree 1, Scent tree 2, Scent tree 3, Naughty, De Son, Frusbyte 1, Frusbyte 2, Frusbyte 3, Frusbyte Xmas, Timper 1, Timper 2, Timper 3, Timper Secret, Caiptan Boblin, Caiptan Boblin 2, Caiptan Boblin 3, Gesder Boss, Motherlien 1, Motherlien 2, Motherlien 3, Raoyl Gaard, Lloyd the Rapper, Dissapointment, Pain 1, Pain 2, Pain 3, Branj Evil 1, Branj Evil 2, Branj Evil 3, Amogus Screw 1, Amogus Screw 2, Amogus Screw 3, Amogus Engine, Slaughter, Rcokel 1, Rcokel 2, Rcokel Slaughter, Whitty 1, Whitty 2, Whitty 3, Lempie Evil, Heys Evil, Vapor Evil, Yoy Slim King, Gesder Eck, Aymer, Gut, B Kwin, See fire B Kwin, Ru B Kwin, Cool, No Cool, Broken Cool, Princapal, Evel Loke, Whitty Test, Mathia Boss, Demonolosis, Add Demonolosis, Ex Demonolosis, Oh no bye, Go oh no bye, Scary oh no bye, Dead, laiM Man, Coolbera, Victorious Coolbera, Ad Coolbera,

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4: Stickers

6: Old Stuff and Buildables

1 Chef, Hot Dog Frank, Volt, Yasuke, Wizard, Scientist, Fracture, Bunny, Beebo, Voca, Branch, Wafer, Keith, Sparks Kilowatt, Soda Pop, Quinn, Lure, Slime King, Kart Kid, Jester, Hayes, Beetrice, Protagonist, Pumpkin Kid, Reese, Sticky, Nelly, Stella, Wuffle, Jem, Snow Minion, Doug, Crab Bot, Byte, DUMPSTER CHILD, Lemonade Cat, Maitake, Spectre, Balloon Pal, Discount Dog,

2 Baby Alien, Alien, Alien Grunt, Big Alien Grunt, Big Alien, Giant Alien Grunt, Alien Boss, Mothership, Ultra Mothership, Chaos Mothership, Bun, Bill, Cherry Intern, Fishy Cat, Tax Collector, Orange Staff, Orange Chairman, Cattail, cats, CAT, CAT BIG, Cookodile, Elite Cookodile, Kitsune, Kappa, Big Kappa, Giant Kappa, Baby Froggy, Froggy, Big Froggy, Mous, Rowdy, Rat, Big Rat, Gym Rat, Outlaw, Vicious Outlaw, Advanced Outlaw, Coulber, Vicious Coulber, Advanced Coulber, Snail, Big Snail, Giant Snail, Snail Prince, King Snail, Queen Snail, Torock, Box Torock, Sea Torock, Pizza Torock, Big Torock, Big Sea Torock, Giant Torock, Giant Sea Torock, Turkey, Golden Turkey, Pearl, Clam, Clam Knight, Clam King, Crab, Big Crab, Fish, Big Fish, Giant Fish, Koi, Payara, Fishy S., Fishy C., Manta, Puffer, Big Puffer, Sea Angel, Big Sea Angel, Squish, Big Squish, Baby Urchin, Urchin, Big Urchin, Huge Urchin, Normal Bug, Tough Bug, Whisper, Honey Bee, Forager Bee, Worker Bee, Gatherer Bee, Drone Bee, Caster Bee, Fighter Bee, Elite Bee, Guard Bee, Bee Queen, Sapphire Queen, Ruby Bee Queen, Fly, Fire Fly, Zap Fly, Roach, Sandworm, Big Sandworm, Giant Sandworm, Spider, Giant Spider, Huge Spider, Tiny Express, Wrapped Monster, Big Wrapped Monster, Wrapped Boss, Tuff Cake, Big Tuff Cake, Giant Tuff Cake, Fruitcake, FruitRoll, Gingerbread, Peppermint, Milk Manager, Wafer, Graham Cracker, Graham Crackers, Wafer Boss, Jack, easy 1, Jack easy 2, Jack medium 1, Jack medium 2, Jack hard 1, Jack hard 2, Ghost of Past, Ghost of Present, Ghost of Future, Candle Golem, Big Candle Golem, Giant Candle Golem, Festive Frostbite, Ice Cube, Big Ice Cube, Giant Ice Cube, Luca, Hop, Big Hop, Gelato, Yogurt, Sorbert, Sherbert, Rein, Toy Robot, Big Toy Robot, Giant Toy Robot, Nick, Figgy Slime, Big Figgy Slime, Giant Figgy Slime, FrostWalker, Festive Stump, Yule, Top, Big Top, Giant Top, Very Berry, Ice Cream Man, Very Berry Fast, Neopoltitan, Blum, Big Blum, Hydrablum, Bunny, Armored Bunny, Poach, Flower Cacti, Cactus Cat, Mother Nature, Sneaky Whiskers, Bomb Egg, Knight Egg, Axolotl Egg, Martian Egg, Hatchling, Big Hatchling, Giant Hatchling, Jester Egg, Aymor, Trixie, Moai, Gurt, Piwi, Big Piwi, Giant Piwi, King Shroom, Yolk Slime, Big Yolk Slime, Giant Yolk Slime, Ms Yolk Slime, Yolk King Slime, Pot Torock, Big Pot Torock, Giant Pot Torock, Gust, Big Gust, Giant Gust, Giant Electric Gust, Snowman, Snowman Head, Giant Snowman, Bigger Snowman, Goblin, Goblin Slime, Goblin Blue, Goblin Pirate, Tire Goblin, Coal Miner Goblin, Miner Goblin, Minecart Goblin, Giant Goblin, Giant Miner Goblin, Steel Minecart Goblin, Giant Goblin Pirate, Handcar Goblins, Swamp Goblin, Boat Goblin, Motorboat Goblin, Goblin Boss, Goblin Admiral, Goblin Captain, Bronze Goblin Captain, Silver Goblin Captain, Golden Goblin Captain, Conqueror, Anniversary Goblin, Pebble, Golem, Bit Golem, Ice Golem, Fire Golem, Hive Golem, Dark Golem, Space Golem, Lava Golem, Hivemind Golem, Big Golem, Big Fire Golem, Big Dark Golem, Giant Golem, Giant Dark Golem, Frostbite, Arctic Frostbite, Mystic Frostbite, Monster Golem, Cursed Golem, Big Cursed Golem, Dark Crused Golem, Bat Boy, Crow, Gum Drop, Candy, Candy Corn, Cotton Candy, Twist, Goodie Bag, Crackle, Chocolate Bar, Lollipop, Jack O Lantern, Evil Jack O Lantern, Pumpkin Kid, Butter, Spookiner, Smiley Face, Question Mark Face, Baby Ghost, Ghost Poltergeist Perception, Jump Ghost, Electric Ghost, Ice Ghost, Magician Ghost, Husk, Skull Reaper, Pumpkin Reaper, Grim Reaper, Grave Robert, Wagon Grave Robert, Bag Grave Robert, Ellis, Hayes Boss, Evil Skeleton King, Trumpet Skeleton, Pumpking, Overgrown Stump, Glitch Ghast, Big Glitch Ghast, Giant Glitch Ghast, Glitchduke, Molly, Big Molly, Giant Molly, Cule, Nova Cule, Glitch Cule, Moon, Mars, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Rocket, Small Rocket, Big Rocket, Meta Soldier, Shooting Star, Cosmic Shooting Star, Mimic, Big Mimic, Golden Mimic, Blastech Mimic, Bee Mimic, Metaverse Mimic, Fairy Mimic, Business Mimic, Wicky Mimic, Minecart Mimic, Reef Mimic, Golden CAT Mimic, Mimicbot, Christmas Mimic, Easter Mimic, Candy Mimic, Gift Mimic, Ragdoll, Fry Guy, Card, Die, 20 Sided Die, Hexo, Double Hexo, Triple Hexo, Frank, Burger, Hydrant Stump, Beacon, Onibi, Ghastly Onibi, Spectral Onibi, Lampy, Desk Lampy, Tall Lampy, Blotchy, Stain, Radioactive Stain, Electric Stain, Sour Suit, Sour Suit Racer, Sour Suit Driver, Sticker, Sticker Conglomerate, Cog, Cog Friends, Cog Group, Cog Cluster, Coglomerate, Toothpaste, Green Wisp, Clancy, Morsel, Hercules, Purple Wisp, Zak, Marissa, Tony, Red Wisp, Eddie, Gwen, Owen, The Principal, Red Barrel Boy, Yellow Barrel Boy, GREEN BARREL BOY, Blue Barrel Boy, Purple Barrel Boy, Barrel Boy, Bomb Barrel Boy, Tiny Crew, Steel Tiny Crew, Electified Tiny Crew, Cap, Howard, Baby, Mail Boy, Mafia Tot, Crossin Tot, Mail Tot, Crossin Guard, Demolitionist, Advanced Demolitionist, Expert Demolitionist, Sylvia the Dragon Queen, Egboi, Eggby, Berry Mirai, Sunny Mirai, Mirai, Evil Luca, Mafia, Mafia Boss, Kart Kid, Kart Kid Boss, Guest, Noob, Builderman, Torpedo, Big Torpedo, Huge Torpedo, Shade, Light Shade, Dark Shade, Sand Soldier, Wind Soldier, Aqua Soldier, Charge, Synth, Cacti, Big Cacti, Tall Cacti, Spore, Glow Shroom, Shroom, CapShroom, ClotShroom, Para-Shroom, Giant Shroom, Junk Shroom, Branch, Branch Boss, Fall Branch, Sakura Branch, Stump, Shoot, Roots, Tall Stump, Utility Stump, Giant Stump, Tumbleweed, Big Tumbleweed, Giant Tumbleweed, Reaper, Black Reaper, Ice Reaper, Ice Reaper with Staff, Bamboo Reaper, Winged Bamboo Reaper, Winged Reaper, Devil Reaper, Big Reaper, Void Reaper, Bombie, Crawler, Scorcher, Blastech Soldier, Big Bombie, Sentinel, Blastech Brawler, Inferno Brawler, Molten Brawler, Holo-Berry Mirai, Holo-Sunny Mirai, Holo-Mirai, Virus, Catware, Malware, Big Catware, Tiny Sentry, Small Sentry, Mini Street Sentry, Void Sentry, Sentry, Sentry Red, Sentry Green, Big Sentry Red, Big Sentry, Void Sentry, Big Sentry Yellow, Big Sentry Blue, Street Sentry, Giant Sentry Green, Giant Sentry Red, Giant Sentry, Mega Sentry, Ultra Sentry, Chaos Sentry, Bronze Bot, Bronze Basher, Demon Sentry, Manwog, Guard, Star, Beebo, Knoddy, The Sun, Lemon Slime, Slime, Slime Green, Slime Blue, Slime Yellow, Lucky Slime, Mafia Slime, Snow Slime, Honey Slime, Baby Fire Slime, Fire Slime, Ice Slime, Radioactive Slime, Electric Slime, Electro Slime, Inferno Slime, Blizzard Slime, Demon Slime, Big Radioactive Slime, Big Lucky Slime, Big Lemon Slime, Big Slime, Big Honey Slime, Giant Lemon Slime, Giant Slime, Giant Honey Slime, Giant Radioactive Slime, Big Inferno Slime, Big Blizzard Slime, Plasma Slime, Big Demon Slime, King Slime, Fire King Slime, Inferno King Slime, Electric King Slime, Electro King Slime, Plasma King Slime, Mega Slime, Giga Slime Medium, Giga Slime Hard, Seer, Overseer, Skele-Fish, Big Skele-Fish, Job Ghost, Ghost, Holo, Spirit, Fire Spirit, Big Holo, Worker Ghost, Fast Ghost, Giant Holo, Void Skull Ghost, Skull Ghost, Big Void Skull Ghost, Flaming Skull Ghost, Tough Ghost, Tempre 1, Tempre 2, Shadow Tempre 1, Shadow Tempre 2, Evil Tempre 1, Evil Tempre 2, Skull Tempre, Fire Skull Tempre, Wandering Ghoul, Big Wandering Ghoul, Giant Wandering Ghoul, Jester Boss, Corrupted Knight, Dark Matter, Big Dark Matter, Ancient Spirit, Rune, Big Rune, Ancient Rune, Demise, Skeleworm, Big Skeleworm, Skeleton, Skeleton Rogue, Big Skeleton Rogue, Dark Skeleton Rogue, Elite Skeleton Rogue, Dark Skeleton, Molten Skeleton, Skeleton King, Petrified Skeleton King, Molten Skeleton King, Zombie, Cone Zombie, Ghost Zombie, Ice Zombie, Lava Zombie, Saw Zombie, Toilet Zombie, Giant Zombie, Gym Zombie, Caged Monster, Big Caged Monster, Caged Boss, Kart Kid Runner, Bomb Float, Tornado, Slime King Slime, Big Slime King Slime, Kart Kid Invincibility,

3 Blue Moon, Clean, Cotton Candy, Blue Stars, Ink, Basic Cake, Basic Purple, Basic Orange, White Sparkle, Yellow Sparkle, Watermelon, Sunset, Bubbles, Nature, Black Iron, Green Sparkle, Camo, Pastel, Error, Mummy, Sailor, Dark Lightning, IceCream, Maid, Magma, Pizza Kid, Hollow, Science Cat, Charming, Weeping Spectre, Cartoony Rainbow Wizard, Noodles, Luca, Strawberry Blast, Blueberry Slime, Basic Pink, Cookie, Noob, Basic Yellow, Abstract, Pink And Purple, Overcharge, Blood Moon, Leopard, Zebra, Kiwi, Dark Matter, Gummy, Pickle, Cardboard, Adurite, Color Splash, Vibrant, Beebo, Toothpaste, Flames, Blue Sparkle, Red Sparkle, Cheerleader, Cat Girl, Lonely, Virtual Idol, Summer Cat, Evil Cat, Pink Stripes, Destiny, Lab Coat, Basic White, Basic Green, Business, Coal, Despacito, Basic Pink, Transparent, Tacky, TNT, Lime, Goo, Heat, Patience, Cone, Hazmat, Orange Sparkle, Matrix, Radioactive, Flames, Galaxy, Tired, Recycle, THE LAD, Pastel, Coffee, The Host, Shadow Puppet, Lemonade Girl, Gloomtake, Basic Black, Bee, Basic Blue, Corn, Cheese, Polkadot, Basic Red, Yellow Sparkle, Emo King, Soccer, Euclidean, Blossom, Spiral Grid, Neon Angel, Noise, Blast, Burger, Kid, Tropical, Frozen, Pink Clouds, Crescent, Cup, Cowboy, Splash, Evil Wizard, Bloxdonalds, Pink Sparkle, Pilot, Rainbow Sparkle, Virtual Pet, 80s Spectre, Beam, Bubblegum, Clear Sky, Cyborg, Fireflies, Frog, Grapes, Molten, Pink Robe, Popsicle, Amethyst, Bacon, Baker, Blacklight, Daydream, Dino, Honeycomb, Pencil, Purple Night, Airbag, Bloodghost, Faces, Glitter Rain, Intergalactic, Motherboard, Evil Branch, Frozen Bee, Gemstone Volt, Toaster, Fisher Kid, King of Gelatin, Virtual Defender, Suit, Farmer, Mint, Sweet, Chef, Lightning, Apparition, Window, Neapolitan, Fudge, Rings, Emerald, Tree, Fishy, Gloomy, City Sunset, Dusk, Cardinal, Spring, Beans, Constellations, Retrowave, Crazy, Mantis, Static Void, Robo Sparks, Alien, Wizard Rat, Fish Tank, Synth, Bloxy Hills, Chip, Dirt Pebble, Pebble, Concrete, Sand, Planks, Wooden, Blue Brick, Red Brick, Brick, Green Grass, Fabric, Grass, Orange Granite, Blue Granite, Blue Plate, Plate, Purple Granite, Granite, Oak Wood, Cobble, Pink Fabric, Orange Grass, Red Foil, Green Foil, Blue Foil, Foil, Black Glass, Glass, Red Sand, Neon, Frozen Ice, Statue, Glow, Reflective, Abyss, Force Field, Ghostly, Inverted, Grayscale, Core, Ablaze Spectre, Occult, Pie, Spook Blast, Halloween Night, Spider Webs, Misty, Pumpkin, Cauldron, Toxic Waste, Spooky, Glow Eyes, Cursed, Candy Corn, Jack the Terror, Ecto, Stitched, Radical, Witch Maitake, Burning Spirit, Pumpkin Child, Yurei, Spook Plush, Haunted Byte, Cauldron Volt, Snow Material, Candy Cane Fade, Christmas Theme, Winter Pattern, Tiny Crew Wrap, Goblin Wrap, Pinata, Fruitcake, Aurora, Candy Cane, Byte Wrap, Branch Wrap, Dog Wrap, DUMPSTER WRAP, Reindeer Sweater, Pink Sweater, Cookie Cake, Christmas Cake, Voca Wrap, Kart Kid Wrap, Blotchy Wrap, Present, Elf, Comfort Sweater, Festive Onesie, Festive Branch, Festive Fracture, Yule Log, Festive Volt, Winter Kart Kid, Toy Soldier, PRESENT CHILD, Baker Stella, Carrot, Easter Pattern, Spring Blossom, Easter Soldier, Butterfly, Spring Fade, Pink Egg, Green Egg, Yellow Egg, Blue Egg, Robin, Tourist, Easter Basket, Easter Clothes, Totem, Spring Flowers, Gardener, Spring Clothes, Grass Monster, Raincoat, Chocolate Candy, Carrot Cake, Honey Ranger, Rotten Egg, Bugs, Carrot Wizard, Chocolate Bunny, Egg Hunter, EGG CHILD, Easter Chick, eggy volt, Strawbunny, Fire Slime King, Inferno Slime King, Snowman Wizard, Ice Skeleton Fracture, Winter Cat, Plaid Chef, Midnight Voca, Tempre Spectre, Baseball Chef, Petrified Fracture, Molten Fracture, Evil Scientist, Evil Spectre, Infected Byte, Knoddys Resort Beebo, Candy Aquarium Beebo, Cyan Neon Beebo, Black Checker, Red Checker, King of Slimes, Pirate Chef, Ghoul Spectre, Pirate Child, Electric Slime King, Electro Slime King, Plasma Slime King, Astronaut Scientist, Alien Child, Pixel Byte, Mechanic Scientist, Graffiti Frank, Fancy Lemonade Cat, Fall Branch, Sakura Branch, Forest Maitake, Cloud Child, BANDIT BALLOON PAL, Desert Maitake, CACTUS CHILD, Desert Cat, Blastech Byte, Robot Branch, Science Maitake, Ultra Scientist, Voxel Slime, Winter Voca, Festive Jester, Pumpking Slime King, Evil Fracture, Beekeeper Maitake, Bee Pal, Jester Egg, Booker, Bunny Sparks, Shroom King, Piwi Kart Kid, Glitch Byte, Molly Volt, Casual Oddport, Murder Oddport, Lemon Child, Lemon Pal, Sour Suit Cat, Shiba Inu Dog, Sushi Frank, Rogue Yasuke, Void Skull Slime King, Seer Volt, Cowboy Chef, Cowboy Frank, Wandering Ghoul Beebo, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Xbox, Wiz SCC, Coins, Streamer Kart Kid, Metaverse, Purple Hatsy, Pink Egg, PBAJ, Trick or Treaters Oddport, Skele-Suit, Flamin Beebo, Skull Spectre, Jack o Lantern, Fifteam, Snow Cones Cat, Blastech Brawler Fracture, Yolk King, Hive Byte, Planets Kart Kid, Niko Cat, Students Oddport, Spookiner Dog, Impwick Chef, Miner Kid,

4 Tutoro Neutral, Skull..., Tutoro Sad, Cosmic Star, Action Wizard, Mimic Spotted, Tire Goblin, Card and Die, Angry Kart Kid, Bee Mimic, V Volt, Kart Kid Wave, Tutoro Mad, Blastech Mimic, Sad Snowman, Shroom Shout, Goblin, Eye, Bee, MLG Byte, Jester FENCE, Hotdog NO, Heart Lemonade Cat Heart, Dog L, Need Mana, Sad Branch, Jester, Dumpster YEAH, Mana Farming, Melted Snowman, Shooting Star, Molly, Red Shroom, Support Dog, Jester Hehe, Voca YAY, PICK ME, Slime King HEY, Jupiter, Bombie Surprise, Mad Slime King, Dog MOVE, Chef WHAT, Maitake HELP, Branch NICE, Safe Driver, Luca, Pastel Cat, Dog Ability, But at what cost..., Dumpster K, Sad Spectre, Byte Stare, Grumpy Branch, Voca GG, Nervous Cat, Seasonal Heroes, Smug Sylvia, When 4 Bytes, Demon Slime, Kart Kid L, Happy Scientist, Sad Scientist, Amazing Chef, Dumpster Scheming, Angry Mars, Mimic?, Tasty Lemonade, Ghost, Teamwork, GET DUNKD ON, Hotdog Flip, Pirate Goblin, NO SKIPPING, Maitake Surprise, Malware, Dont Skip, Evil Kart Kid, Babies, Invincibility, Superb Chef, Happy Cacti, Horror Stump, Tire Goblin Roll, Beetrice, Pizza Time, Sad Moon, Blotchy Run, Da Kart Kid Kart, Frank Beats, NICE CATCH, Rocket, Jester Shock, Lemon on Cat, No Mana..., Balloon Pal Spin, Sus Bee Queen, Glitch Byte, Wizard Shock, Shroom BOINK, Sleepy Dump, Scientist Glare, Slime Trophy, Jester Look, Demise, Nightmare, Branch Ok, Kard Kid Smile, Skeleton Rogue, Keith Nah, Keith Check, Gemstone Volt, Jester Action, Stop, Beacon, Branch Sorry, Maitake Nervous, Maitake Pout, Beach Teamwork, Cherry Intern, Coffee Wizard, Nice Job Voca, Spectre Rate Up, Need Mana?, They Left, Taco Chef, Lucky Slime, Scientist Glare, Maitake Bye, Slime King Lets Go, Chef Sabotage, Wizard Motivation, Yasuke Lucky, Yasuke Bring It, Frank, Wizard Idea, Kitsune Bowl, Chef Thumbs Up, Wizard Support, Sylvia Mad, Tax., Corrupted Knight, Lemon Slimes, Smug Cacti, Fractured Hopes, Evil, Byte Couch, Your Demise, Dump Yay, Stack, Pay up, Chef Cooking, Scientist Portal, Byte Portal, Kitsune, Peace Out Blotchy, Cozy Cat, Le Money Cash, Balloon Fail, Mail Boy Delivery, Wizard Burger, Tax Thumbs Up, Dump Teach, Void Skull Laugh, YOU, Rat, Beetrice Bruh, MAN, Pong Byte, Stump Glad, Toaster Byte, Trick or Treat, Candy Apple, Spirit Fracture, Pumpkin Dog, Fracture BOO, Occult Snacks, Ellis, Plush THX, Candies, Psychic Bee, Backstage, Spook Candy Sleep, Toot Fracture, Haunted Byte, Im Alive, The Machine, LOOK OUT, Ghost Kid, Spirit Plush, Ghost Dog, HERES CHEF, Witch Maitake, Candy Kid, Plush Dance, Candy Cat, Hayes, Impact Slime, Pumpkin Tax, Pumpkin Child, Holiday Cat, Stella Coffee, XMAS Fracture, Voca Wink, Snowflake Child, Wafer !?, Snowball Rein, XMAS Future, Clumsy Rein, Burnt Wafer, Melted Snowman, Merry Branch, Happy Rein, XMAS Pal, Winter Cat, Nick, XMAS Special, Peppermint Wizard, Snow Kid, Mad Wafer, Present Child, Proud Cat, XMAS Branch, Festive Demise, Cookies!, Wafer Nice, Present Byte, Candy Wafer, Wafer Cookies, Wafer shots you, Volt Tree, Kartmas!, Voca Gift, Cat Globe, Wafer BONK!, Mocha Child, Luca Route, Mana Gifts, Jolly Jester, An Awful Idea, Voca Spin, Angry Carrot, Carrot Cake, Easter Voca, Maitake Hehe, LOL Volt, Easter Skins, Egg SHHH, Spring Frank, Carrot Wizard, Bunny NOPE, Maitake Egg?!, Choco Look Out!, Fry up!, Byte Egg?, Bawk Bawk, Choco Bun, EGG! Dog, Bunny Smile, Chick Maitake, Sad Bunny, Bun Bun, Egg Fracture, Egg Dog, Sad Egg, bnuuy, Spring Bee, Easter Cake, Easter Dog, Yolk King, Bunny POW, Easter Stella, Lockd and Loadd, Egg Friends, Dog Booo, Perish, Bunny Defense, Painted Stump, Trixie, Yolk Hatch, Trixie Egg, Easter Pals, Stella Egg, Egg Slam, Yolk King Stare, Trixie Sleep, Milk Bunny, Easter Friends, Egg Painting, Maitake Hatch, Dancing Dog, Tower Heroes, Sparks Kilowatt, PK!, Reese!, Sticky!, Protagonist!, Birthday Frank, AJ Striker, Nonexistent Egg, Fey Yoshida, Wren Brightblade, Tutoro, Sticky Heart, Baby Alien, Toy Goblin, Toy Chef, Kart Kid Figure!, Spiders!, Rein, Fluff Jester, Snow Minion, Figgy Slime, Cupcake Science, Mafia Snowman, Festive Stump, 5 Rings, Moai, Sun-burnt,

5 Easter Eggland, Castle Town, Desolate Desert, Volcano Valley, Corporation Chaos, Facility Frenzy, Knoddys Resort, Canyon Calamity, Glowing Glacier, Frantic Forest, Chaos Kingdom, Pirate Panic, Rooftop Rumble, Alien Attack, Grand Garage, Silent Sanctuary, Halloween Havoc, Cloudy Catastrophe, Facility Raid, Toy Takeover, Blastech Barrage, Honeycomb Heist, Metaverse Madness, Oddport Academy, Sacred Shrine, Bleak Barrens, Ghouling Graveyard, Radiant Reef, Bustling Bakery, Idol Encore, Build to Survive, Sneaky Swamp, Aftermath, Gleaming Garden, Abandoned Alleyway, Sweet Sunrise, Timeless Tower,

6 1 Million, Blueprint, ANTS!, Red Wave, Vaporwave, Yellow Egg, Pink Egg, Hiloh, Burst, Invincible, Popcorn, Orange Soda, 2021 Voca, Pilgrim Chef, Snowflakes, Valentine, Leaves, Firework, Mushroom, 100M, Gun Wizard, Lunar, Birthday Frank, Shopkeeper Cat, Chaotic Jester, Blue Maid Voca, Lonely Prince, 02 Scientist, The Host Byte, Kuro Cat, Bakuretsu Wizard, Painter Voca, Mummy, Eyes, Fence, Spike Trap, Tower, Lampy, Brick, Spike, Window, Lamp,

Charming Chef, Plaid Chef, Baseball Chef, Pirate Chef, Pilgrim Chef, Toy Soldier, Concept Chef, Impwick Chef, Chefs Basket, Cowboy Chef, Bloxxer Chef, Detective Chef, Cookodile Chef, 100M Chef, Hero Battles Chef, Graffiti Frank, Birthday Frank, Sushi Frank, Cowboy Frank, Mummy Frank, Chef Frank, 100M Frank, Hero Battles Frank, eggy volt, Molly Volt, Gemstone Volt, Seer Volt, Cauldron Volt, Festive Volt, 100M Volt, Hero Battles Volt, Cog Volt, Rogue Yasuke, Synth Yasuke, 100M Yasuke, Hero Battles Yasuke, Evil Wizard, Lonely Wizard, Coffee Wizard, Wiz SSC, Snowman Wizard, Crescent Wizard, Cartoony Wizard, Cartoony Rainbow Wizard, Gun Wizard, Carrot Wizard, Payara Wizard, 100M Wizard, Hero Battles Wizard, Bronze Wizard, Tired Scientist, Pilot Scientist, Evil Scientist, Cat Girl Scientist, Astronaut Scientist, Mechanic Scientist, Ultra Scientist, Virtual Defender, Baker Scientist, 100M Scientist, Hero Battles Scientist, Petrified Fracture, Molten Fracture, Ice Skeleton Fracture, Evil Skeleton Fracture, Burning Spirit Fracture, Festive Fracture, Blastech Brawler Fracture, Coral Fracture, 100M Fracture, Hero Battles Fracture, Chocolate Bunny, Strawbunny, 100M Bunny, Hero Battles Bunny, Painted Egg Bunny, Knoddys Resort Beebo, Candy Aquarium Beebo, Cyan Neon Beebo, Flamin Beebo, Wandering Ghoul Beebo, Alien Beebo, 100M Beebo, Hero Battles Beebo, Charming Voca, Midnight Voca, Cheerleader Voca, Painter Voca, Virtual Idol Voca, Winter Voca, 2021 Voca, Yurei Voca, Holo-Voca, 100M Voca, Hero Battles Voca, Fall Branch, Sakura Branch, Festive Branch, Robot Branch, Evil Branch, Rein, 100M Branch, Hero Battles Branch, PB&J Wafer, Fancy Wafer, Ice Cream Wafer, 100M Wafer, Hero Battles Wafer, Scuba Keith, 100M Keith, Hero Battles Keith, Bunny Sparks, Robo Sparks, 100M Sparks, Hero Battles Sparks, Graffiti Rat, Wizard Rat, Santa Pop, Demolitionist Pop, 100M Pop, Hero Battles Pop, Pumpkin Quinn, Cupid Quinn, 100M Quinn, Hero Battles Quinn, 100M Lure, Tower Battles Lure, Fire Slime King, Inferno Slime King, King of Slimes, Electric Slime King, Electro Slime King, Plasma Slime King, Pumpking Slime King, Voxel Slime Yolk Slime King, King of Gelatin, Void Skull Slime King, Angel Slime, Shroom King, Snail Prince, 100M Slime King, Hero Battles Slime King, Pizza Kid, Streamer Kart Kid, Winter Kart Kid, Planets Kart Kid, Fisher Kid, Miner Kid, Piwi Kart Kid, Rack Kart Kid, 100M Kart Kid, Hero Battles Kart Kid, THE LAD, Festive Jester, Jester Egg, CAT Jester, Chip Jester, Jack Jester, 100M Jester, Hero Battles Jester, Purple Hatsy, Booker, 100M Hayes, Hero Battles Hayes, Frozen Bee, 100M Beetrice, Hero Battles Beetrice, Casual Oddport, Murder Oddport, Students Oddport, Trick or Treaters Oddport, Bloxy Hills Oddport, 100M Oddport, Hero Battles Oddport, Baker Stella, Spider Stella, 100M Stella, Hero Battles Stella, Infected Byte, The Host, Virtual Pet, Pixel Byte, Haunted Byte, Yule Log Byte, Blastech Byte, Hive Byte, Glitch Byte, Toaster Byte, Fish Tank Byte, 100M Byte, Hero Battles Byte, RECYLE CHILD, PIRATE CHILD, ALIEN CHILD, PUMPKIN CHILD, CANDY CHILD, CLOUD CHILD, PRESENT CHILD, CACTUS CHILD, EGG CHILD, LEMON CHILD, SLIME CHILD, SLUDGE CHILD, SNAIL CHILD, 100M CHILD, HERO BATTLES CHILD, Business Cat, Pastel Cat, Lemonade Girl, Evil Cat, Winter Cat, Science Cat, Hiloh Cat, Niko Cat, Noodles Cat, Bloxdonalds Cat, Summer Cat, Fancy Lemonade Cat, Snow Cones Cat, Desert Cat, Sour Suit Cat, Epic Cat, Fishy Cat, 100M Cat, Hero Battles Cat, Witch Maitake, Forest Maitake, Science Maitake, Desert Maitake, Beekeeper Maitake, Easter Chick Maitake, Gloomtake Maitake, Jellyfish Maitake, Angel Maitake, 100M Maitake, Hero Battles Maitake, Shadow Puppet Spectre, Evil Spectre, Tempre Spectre, Ghoul Spectre, Hollow Spectre, 80s Spectre, Weeping Angel Spectre, Ablaze Spectre, Skull Tempre Spectre, Spook Plush Spectre, Poltergeist Spectre, Holo Spectre, DJ Hiku, 100M Spectre, Hero Battles Spectre, Steam Spectre, BANDIT BALLOON PAL, Bee Pal, Lemon Pal, Candy Pal, Hot Chocolate Pal, 100M Pal, Hero Battles Pal, Egg Hunter Dog, Spookiner Dog, Shiba Inu Dog, Doge, Seed Dog, Hero Battles Dog, 100M Dog,

Booker Hayes, Booker Beetrice, Baker Wuffle, Baker Jem, Baker Snow Minion, Baker Doug, Baker Crab Bot, Spider Wuffle, Spider Jem, Spider Snow Minion, Spider Doug, Spider Crab Bot, 100M Wuffle, 100M Jem, 100M Snow Minion, 100M Doug, 100M Crab Bot, Hero Battles Wuffle, Hero Battles Jem, Hero Battles Snow Minion, Hero Battles Doug, Hero Battles Crab Bot,

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And its really big, +45,627!!!!! its all the Whatchamacallits i made for media

This is so i don't lose them if the place where i make them gets deleted :T

Vroom vrooov vrrrr vrrrrrrrrrrrrrv vvvrrrrr's avatar

LAST UPDATED: 2023.02.12

~ [18] Finished builds (oldest -> newest) ~

Wiki user inspired build no. 1: BlackWell5378

General build

Wiki user inspired build no. 2: BeeboiYES

Racing track/go kart area (?)

Wiki user inspired build no. 3: Temmie252

Restaurant [WILL REVAMP, probably]

Wiki user inspired build no. 4: CoolDevReturns

Wiki user inspired build no. 5: SSSpoolsie

Library/bookstore (probably the latter but idk)

Wiki user inspired build no. 6: MileswolfYT

Cafe (possibly an animal one)

Wiki user inspired build no. 7: SomeoneonthisplanetearthOuO

Cottage (or at least that's what i think it is, maybe a ranch??)

Wiki user inspired build no. 8: Shawkstatus

Wiki user inspired build no. 9: ClassicalBl0x

Tiny kingdom (vaguely based off of the castle town map from TH)

Wiki user inspired build general update; added THW logo mural

Self explanatory i think

Wiki user inspired build no. 10: Bonniejkj

Brewery (i think??)

Wiki user inspired build no. 11: HoiBoiPureboi

(Also " The house kinda makes him look like a narcissict but it's interesting " LMAO thank you for your insight human)

Wiki user inspired build no. 12: Vroom vrooov vrrrr vrrrrrrrrrrrrrv vvvrr...

Wiki user inspired build no. 13: Simplysugarsnaps

Wiki user inspired build no. 14: Temproller

Armory - bean storage unit

Wiki user inspired build no. 15: BoredRandomAtHome21

Warehouse - small market

Wiki user inspired build no. 16: IcecreamSandvich

Shooting range

Wiki user inspired build no. 17: E1024

Dairy (specifically cheese) shop

Wiki user inspired build no. 18: Didyouhavefifydollash3

~ [1] Users I'll be doing ~

Planning on making it a small collection of buildings or something like that (heavily based off of the 2fort map) so i might end up leaving it for build no. 20 as a finale of sorts (not planning on putting this series on hold after that!! just gonna start working on some characters for a diff art series and then get back to this one etc etc) (NOTE: since it might be a little big it'll be in pt 20!)

~ [5] Users I'll be doing once I get any ideas for what to do for their builds

I already have the rough ideas for all these figured out, i'm just gonna need to figure out how to lay them out 👍



Ref: Primal aspid


Shawkstatus's avatar

Queue (any order due to difficulties):

IF you want to join comment on this post

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Users i got ideas for:

If you got a character you want a hollow knight sprite of, post it in comments,

Note i won't be taking suggestions in relation to how you want your sprite to be like, i will do 2 sprites per person

Completed sprites:

Wiki user inspired build no. 3: Temmie252 (may end up redoing, not happy with it in the slightest :/)

***reading user suggestions, not doing morally questionable/straight up problematic users


List of users I have planned, no particular order:


Users I'm planning to do if I actually manage to come up with anything for them:


Vroom vrooov vrrrr vrrrrrrrrrrrrrv vvvrrrrrr




Blook exists

That's everything i have for now


Opinion based

Likely inaccurate

ONLY A HANDFUL OF USERS INCLUDED; Won't be adding more users any time soon

Would I fight this wiki user?

Playing monopoly

Wearing cat ears

In the purge

Responses to "Well, what would you like?"

After lending money to a friend

Responses to "I love you"

Can kill you in an instant/Can fairly beat you up/Can hug you + and will/if deserved/but won't

Dealing with a rubik's cube

Bold of you to/How dare you/Please + assume I have dignity/assume I'm straight/assume I've reached my peak of dumbass

Eating out but the order is wrong in some way

Teaches little kids how to swear-Watches the chaos ensue-Yells at the people teaching little kids how to swear

Responses to "I'd die for you"

"Ios7 lets you charge your phone via microwave"-"Who would believe that?"-"I tried it and my phone blew up"

Welcome to the community!

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    ghost of future tower heroes

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    ghost of future tower heroes

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  5. Ghost Town Weekly Challenge in Tower Heroes (Roblox) 03.06.2023

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    1 Eyes 2 Fishes 3 Ghosts 4 Ghouls 5 Jester 6 Knights 7 Matters 8 Phantoms 9 Runes 10 Skeleworms 11 Skeletons 12 Skullbats 13 Zombies 14 Trivia Eyes Fishes Ghosts Ghouls Jester Knights Matters Phantoms Runes Skeleworms Skeletons

  2. Christmas 2023 Event

    How To Obtain? Angel An exclusive skin for Maitake . Beat Sweet Sunrise on Easy. An exclusive skin for Hot Dog Frank . Beat Sweet Sunrise on Medium. Ice Cream An exclusive skin for Wafer . Beat Sweet Sunrise on Hard. Frigid Fortress Name Image Note (s) How To Obtain? Candle An exclusive skin for Keith . Beat Frigid Fortress on Easy. Snow Trapper

  3. Tower Heroes Wiki

    is a tower defense game on ROBLOX made by . Here you can learn about the heroes in the game, events, codes, maps, and more! Codes, crates, Quests and more! Found any missing info? Help us by providing it You can see a page version of the rules . English Only This wiki is an English speaking community.

  4. How to Get Tower Heroes Contracts, Ghost Hunting Gear

    Updated: Nov 02, 2023, 08:00 8 Comments Home » Guides » How to Get Tower Heroes Contracts, Ghost Hunting Gear In our How to Get Tower Heroes Contracts, Ghost Hunting Gear guide, we are going to show you how to start (and complete) all 16 challenges and earn the limited piece of gear (a vacuum backpack, basically).

  5. Ghost Town 2022 (Weekly Challenge) in Roblox Tower Heroes

    Thank you again for the coins :)Tower Heroes you so much for the game Tower Heroes Scripter:...

  6. (Fun, Former Quest!) How to beat Weekly Challenge: Turn up ...

    Man, it's finally back from a year ago! Turn up the Heat has been a really popular and fun challenge in the past and many people lost their Skull Spectre ski...

  7. VENGEFUL GHOSTS! Tower Heroes Spooky Weekly Challenge! (Roblox)

    (Roblox) Kittie GTV 6.79K subscribers 6K views 1 year ago #TowerHeroes #Roblox #UnikittyGamerTV Welcome to this week's spooky challenge that is FULL of ghosts! In this video, I will show you the...

  8. Easter 2024 Event

    Roliday 2024 Event. Easter 2024 Event is the fifth Tower Heroes Easter Update. This event includes the return of Easter Eggland and Gleaming Garden, in addition to the Easter Crate, the Easter Pack and the Bunny tower. The event has yet to be released.

  9. Ghosts of the Future / Characters

    Originally a world-renowned hero, after sacrificing himself to free Shadow from Dr. Eggman, he's a ghost still haunted by his past. Sonic suppresses 200 years worth of guilt for the disaster that led to the death of his closest friends, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, and the scattering of the Chaos Emeralds through a myriad of alternate dimensions .

  10. Tower Heroes: How To Get Conductor Contract

    Tips & Tricks. First things first, you will need to select the Canyon Calamity map to get this specific contract. Once on the map, make sure that no one votes for the difficulty since this is a necessary step. If no one does vote, then the map will turn dark, and the waves will begin. Now, all that you will need to do is to win on this ...


    GHOST TOWN! BEAT TOWER HEROES WEEKLY CHALLENGE 2023! (Roblox) - YouTube A spooky tutorial of this week's challenge. They didn't allow for a lot of tower placement, so make sure to put on...

  12. The Ghost of Heroes

    Peter Parker Tony Stark Steve Rogers Loki (Marvel) Thor (Marvel) Prince Aragon (Danny Phantom) Danielle "Dani" Phantom Shuri (Marvel) James "Bucky" Barnes Clockwork (Danny Phantom) Frostbite (Danny Phantom) Thanos (Marvel) Carol Danvers Stephen Strange Additional Tags: Not Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie) Compliant Infinity War?

  13. Maps

    Welcome to the Tower Heroes Wiki! Tower Heroes is a tower defense game on ROBLOX made by Pixel-Bit Studio. Here you can learn about the heroes in the game, events, codes, maps, and more! In order to edit pages you must create account and wait for at least 4 days. Make sure to read our.

  14. Best ghost superheroes from DC, Marvel, and beyond

    As it turns out, Greta is a ghost - a tortured spirit trapped between life and death following her murder at the hands of the villain Harm - her own brother. But Secret made the best of it ( she...

  15. Ghost Widow

    Ghost Widow is a City of Villains contact located in the The Tangle neighborhood of Grandville at coordinates (2700, -58.9, 847). Ghost Widow is a Magic origin contact. Her level range is 40-44 as well as 45-50. Ghost Widow is also an Archvillain who serves under Lord Recluse in the Arachnos faction.

  16. GHOST TOWN! Tower Heroes Weekly Challenge! (Roblox)

    GHOST TOWN! Tower Heroes Weekly Challenge! (Roblox) Kittie GTV 7.04K subscribers Subscribe 12K views 2 years ago #TowerHeroes #Roblox #UnikittyGamerTV Better late than never, but there's a new...

  17. Christmas Enemies

    10 Ghosts 11 Golems 12 Hops 13 Ice Cubes 14 Lucadukes 15 Penguins 16 Reindeer 17 Robots 18 Rollers 19 Sandworms 20 Slimes 21 Snowmen 22 Stumps 23 Tops 24 Elves 25 Trivia Barrel Boys Berries

  18. Meet Your Heroes In A New Tower Of Fantasy Character Showcase

    Level Infinite and Hotta Studios, the creators of the shared open-world adventure Tower of Fantasy, just dropped a new trailer featuring he heroes of this new adventure. Prepare for even more hype surrounding RPG Tower Of Fantasy.

  19. Tower Heroes

    (Tower Heroes) Stella Is The BEST Tower In The Game In this video I showcase the NEW GLOOMTAKE mythic skin from this Roblox Tower Heroes Update!Please Subscribe so I can reach my goal of...

  20. Discuss Everything About Dumb Heroes Tower Wiki

    "Dumb Tower Heroes Skribblio" and more great discussions about Dumb Heroes Tower Wiki. FANDOM. Fan Central BETA Games Anime Movies TV Video ... Jack easy 2, Jack medium 1, Jack medium 2, Jack hard 1, Jack hard 2, Ghost of Past, Ghost of Present, Ghost of Future, Candle Golem, Big Candle Golem, Giant Candle Golem, Festive Frostbite, Ice Cube ...

  21. Halloween 2023 Event

    6 Free Limited UGC Maps Rewards & Bonuses view image Crates/Sticker Packs Alistair Contracts Contracts are a new addition to this Halloween Event. Some of the enemies bellow will appear only when certain conditions are met. Once defeated, you will be rewarded with a badge and a follower version of the enemy you defeated.

  22. Green or lure? (TOWER HEROES MEME)

    #towerheroes #roblox #meme

  23. Glitches

    Glitches are little malfunctions that happens sometimes on tower heroes. A lot of these Glitches can be replicated, some got patched, but to replicate highly recommend playing on bad Wi-Fi devices. If bad connection occurs and the player places a tower, a ghost silhouette of the tower can appear and can't be removed unless the round ends. Any follower can spawn multiple times instead of just ...