What You Likely Never Noticed About The Binary Code In Futurama

Bender looking sad in Futurama

There's no denying that " Futurama " has some impressively deep references hidden throughout its episodes. With one of the most highly-educated writing staffs of any cartoon in history (via Nerdist ), the series spares no expense in calling back to literature, science, science fiction, and math. They even went so far as to develop two different ciphers in the form of alien languages (via The Infosphere ). Any time viewers see alien text in the series, they can actually decode what it says with little to no effort.

However, the two alien languages are just the tip of the Easter egg iceberg. As it turns out, just because the "Futurama" writing staff made their own cipher, doesn't mean it's the only language they are liable to use. Bender, along with other robot characters in the show, frequently use binary code. What you likely never noticed about the binary code in "Futurama," however, is that it often means something.

The hidden messages of Futurama's binary

Likely the best example of a binary message in "Futurama" comes in the episode "The Honking," when the Planet Express crew sees bloody binary text appear on the walls of Bender's haunted family mansion. The text reads "0101100101," which as Bender says is "just gibberish" when translated into English. Backwards, however, the message translates to " 666 ," causing Bender to freak out when he reads the message in a mirror.

Another famous example of binary code in "Futurama" comes in the first film , "Bender's Big Score," as the secret Machine Time Code tattooed onto Fry's butt. There are many unique properties for this message, including the fact that it is a palindrome and can be read both frontwards and backwards, but when translated into english it reads "1'¡·" (via Fandom ). This appears to be a reference to Fry's one-eyed love interest, Leela, though this is not officially confirmed.

Finally, Bender's binary apartment number translates to a dollar sign, which is a more-than appropriate choice for the greedy robot. Unfortunately, that's the final major binary reference in "Futurama." However, it's not the only computer science language that the writers know or use. Episodes like "Hell is Other Robots" and "I Roommate" make puns in the programming language BASIC, though only very rarely.

As cool as the coding language jokes are, the show's writers were still more keen on using their own alien language to make their hidden jokes.

  • The Honking
  • I Second that Emotion
  • Brannigan, Begin Again
  • A Head in the Polls
  • Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?
  • The Lesser of Two Evils
  • Put Your Head on My Shoulders
  • Raging Bender
  • A Bicyclops Built for Two
  • A Clone of My Own
  • How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
  • The Deep South
  • Bender Gets Made
  • Mother's Day
  • The Problem with Popplers
  • Anthology of Interest I
  • War Is the H-Word
  • The Cryonic Woman

" The Honking " is the thirty-first episode of Futurama , the eighteenth of the second production season  and the first of the third broadcast season . It aired on 5 November, 2000 , on Fox . Bender becomes cursed to become a were-car and the crew must find the original were-car to cure him.

  • 1.1 Act I: "Pardon me, my good simpleton..."
  • 1.2 Act II: "You are a were-car!"
  • 1.3 Act III: "Many robots are stupid and violent."
  • 2 Reception
  • 3.2 Continuity
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  • 3.6.1 Characters
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  • 3.6.3 Miscellaneous
  • 4 Episode credits

Act I: "Pardon me, my good simpleton..."

When Bender 's Uncle Vladimir dies, the Planet Express crew go to the funeral at his castle in Thermostadt . Vladimir has left Bender the castle in his will, stipulating that he spend the night before receiving the castle. The castle is haunted by robot ghosts. After Bender runs scared from the castle, the Professor finds a logical explanation for the ghosts. Before Bender can be told this, he is run over by a car.

Act II: "You are a were-car!"

Bender has nightmares about the car. A car is seen chasing down some squatters. The next day, Bender awakens in Impound Lot 136 with no memory of the previous night and covered in transmission fluid. Bender seeks advice on the situation from the Gypsy and learns that he is now a were-car , doomed to become a car each night and eventually kill his best friend. He must kill the original were-car to remove the curse. Hoping to confine him, Leela and Fry weld Bender to the wall of his apartment then leave, Bender transforms and chases Leela. This upsets Fry, who takes it as a sign that Bender does not consider him his best friend (as the Gypsy warned them that Bender would ultimately kill his best friend under the curse).

Act III: "Many robots are stupid and violent."

Bender returns to normal and Fry tells him that he hurt his feelings. They attempt to track down the original were-car, with Fry still upset he's not Bender's best friend, and reach Calculon , who reveals his past as a construction robot in 2019 and tells them where to find the car, Project Satan . At the automotive lab, Bender transforms and tries to kill Fry, which cheers Fry up. Project Satan falls into an incinerator and melts to death, curing Bender.

This episode was subject to censorship by Pick TV .

Additional information

bender haunted house binary

  • Blimf Hovermayor of Thermostadt "I Will Rise Again"
  • THE RED LeBARON (a mixture of the WWI German pilot and the Chrysler produced automobile)
  • Vladimir 2790-3001 Efficient Husband and Father.
  • The numbers on the wall, 0101100101, equal the number 357 in binary . But in the mirror we see 1010011010, which is 666, which could mean Bender has Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia , fear of the number 666. It should be noted that 666 is commonly referred to as the Number of the Beast and is associated with Satan.
  • Calculon is over a thousand years old. He has been Acting Unit 0.8 , Thespa-mat , David Duchovny , Calculon 1.0 (a robot construction arm) and others.
  • This is the first time that Bender says "butt" instead of "ass". He uses it in a pun targeted at Calculon. He calls him Mac-butt (Very likely an allusion to Macbeth).
  • For some reason, the airing of this episode on 20 October, 2012 on Sky1 had the subtitles for " Bender's Big Score Part 1 ". These subtitles disappeared during the first part of the episode, and returned during one of the adverts before Part Two of the episode. Then they disappeared again, returning and disappearing again during Part 2. The audio description was correct though, despite the Sky Guide listing for the episode noting that subtitles and audio description were not available for the showing of this episode. Online listings state that "Bender's Big Score Part 1" should have aired in this slot, Part 2 of the film in the next " Futurama slot", which was filled in with " Attack of the Killer App ", and Part 3 and 4 of the film in the 7pm and 7:30pm slots, which were filled in with The Simpsons episodes " To Surveil With Love " and " The Squirt and the Whale " respectively.
  • Bender's Werecar form is styled after the car from the 1977 Movie "The Car ".
  • The uninstall code transmitted by Project Satan is the message "TO YOU" encoded via RTTY at 45.45 baud.
  • The car that runs Bender over and turns him into a werecar is a 58 Plymouth Fury. This car to some people is know by Christine which was the title of a novel by Stephen King about an evil car.
  • The concept of robots turning into ghosts is next seen in " Ghost in the Machines ".

Fry : Bender's supposed to murder his closest friend, which I thought was me. But he went straight for you! He didn't even try to second-degree murder me! Leela : Could you give me some help? I think Bender crushed my foot. Fry : Stop rubbing it in!

Gypsy : You have nothing to worry about. Except a nightmarish life of unremitting horror. Bender : Pfew!

Execu-Tor : And to my loving nephew Bender, assuming he's not responsible for my death, I leave my castle. Bender : Yes! Let's stay there tonight! Execu-Tor : On condition that he spend one night within its walls. Bender : Aw, man, there's always a catch!

Farnsworth : Just as I suspected. These robots were buried in improperly-shielded coffins. Their programming leaked into the castles wiring through this old, abandoned modem allowing them to project themselves as holograms. Hermes : Of course! It was so obvious! Farnsworth : Yes, that sequence of words I said made perfect sense.

Sal : We're all scared, it's the human condition. Why do you think I put on this tough guy facade?

Leela : The tracks lead here. Fry : Thanks, eagle eye.

  • Likewise Tandy's shirt "Euro TR a S h-80" is in reference to the TRS-80 known by users as the Trash-80.
  • Ghosts seen in the castle includes the Windows logo and a flying toaster from the After Dark screen savers.
  • The sound heard when laughing starts and when the binary written blood appears is the Windows 98 The Microsoft Sound .
  • The idea of a message on a wall that only makes sense when viewed in a mirror is a reference to the novel and movie, The Shining .
  • When Bender turns into his were-car form, he resembles The Car from The Car .
  • The "anti- Chrysler " building is a reference to the biblical antichrist.
  • Trying to entice Project Satan to attack him, Fry refers to himself as a "Blind Pedestrian [worth] 20 points!". This is a reference to Carmageddon .
  • In the last scene, Bender chokes Fry in the same manner that Homer Simpson chokes Bart .
  • The line spoken by a Thermostadt villager, "Mumbo, perhaps. Jumbo, perhaps not," is an allusion to a line from the 1934 horror film The Black Cat , where Dr. Vitus Werdegast, played by Bela Lugosi , says: "Supernatural, perhaps. Baloney, perhaps not."
  • The Calculon-Duchovny problem is explained on another page, and comics are non-canon.
  • Calculon didn't say he was THE David Duchovny. Only that he had that name.
  • For a few seconds when the Planet Express crew is seen searching Paris for Project Satan , the Eiffel Tower is seen stationary. However, usually, the tower is seen hovering.
  • When the crew return from Thermostadt to New New York they pass the Statue of Liberty, holding a torch, while in the pilot episode she held a tube for the city transport system .
  • When Leela holds up the newspaper, its from the New New York Post, but when she puts it down it changes to Your Daily News and the picture of officer Smitty changes as well as other parts.
  • When Fry and Leela take Bender to see the Gypsy, she threatens to kill Bender by pointing a gun at him. The gun passes through the front of the box, but, later, when she points, her finger impacts glass that should've stopped the gun.
  • In a deleted scene , Fry explains why he's leaving the apartment. For a split second, however, you can see Fry's mouth move before that portion is cut out.
  • Despite running on an electric motor, Project Satan still makes the sound of an internal combustion engine when it drives.
  • The motorized service arm (Calculon) grabs the car window from the in- and outside of the car, this seems impossible because the car has a roof.


  • Debut: Acting Unit 0.8 (mentioned in speech only)
  • Debut: Abominable Snow Mobile
  • David Duchovny (mentioned in speech only)
  • Debut: Gypsy
  • Debut: Robo-Hungarian Robot Farmer
  • Debut: Robo-Hungarian Robots
  • Debut: Mourning Fembot
  • Preacherbot
  • Prof. Farnsworth
  • Debut: Project Satan
  • Debut: Street Thugs
  • Debut: Tandy
  • Debut: Thespa-mat (mentioned in speech only)
  • Debut: Uncle Vladimir
  • Debut: Vladimir's doctor
  • Debut: Execu-Tor
  • Debut: You There
  • Debut: The Squatterly


  • Debut: Curse of the Were-Car

Episode credits

  • Susan Dietter
  • Katey Sagal
  • John DiMaggio
  • Tress MacNeille
  • Maurice LaMarche
  • David Herman
  • Phil LaMarr
  • Frank Welker
  • Matt Groening
  • David X. Cohen
  • Episodes written by Ken Keeler
  • Episodes directed by Susan Dietter
  • Season 2 Episodes
  • A plots focusing on Bender
  • B plots focusing on Fry
  • Media featuring flashbacks
  • Media featuring funerals
  • Media wherein characters run away

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bender haunted house binary

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Speaks in Binary

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Binary code: The base-2 number system. Occasionally known as the "language" of computers . However, it's not usually spoken. But when it is, it's this trope. It's usually used jokingly as robots "native" language.

However, "binary" is not a language: Raw binary data has no meaning without a structure describing what it is. The "binary language" could be anything from "English text encoded in ASCII" to "Ideas, each attributed to a 16-bit number".

Compare Speaks in Shout-Outs , where a character speaks almost exclusively in reference to other works.

01000101 01111000 01100001 01101101 01110000 01101100 01100101 01110011 (Examples):

  • Robots in Masamune Shirow 's works ( Ghost in the Shell , Appleseed ) often do something very similar: speaking in bar codes!
  • Pipospetchi in Tamagotchi !
  • The old modem like chirping emitted by droids in Star Wars films is called "binary" in-universe. However, it's unknown whether it's binary as we know it and how is it encoded into sound.
  • In Star Trek: The Motion Picture , when V'ger arrives at Earth, she starts sending a signal towards Earth, expecting a response from her Creator. As Spock observes, "A simple binary code, transmitted by carrier-wave signal. Radio." Kirk responds, "Radio?"
  • Ashley, and all the other aliens, in Jasper Fforde's Nursery Crime series have binary as their native language. They also play binary Scrabble .
  • Binary Larry has a friend named Hex Lex who chisels code into the sidewalks in hexadecimal (base 16).
  • In the The Original Series episode " The Changeling ", the Enterprise tries to contact the probe Nomad, and it replies in a binary code. Then it sends a mathematical message requesting language equivalence, which leads it to speak in English afterwards (which does not fit Aliens Speaking English since Nomad was made on Earth).
  • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode " 11001001 ", there is a race called the Bynars, who always operate in pairs and speak to each other in binary code.
  • Joe from NewsRadio claims to be able to read binary.
  • In Red Dwarf , Kryten uses binary as droidspeak on occasion. In "Terrorform" he gives a very long set of binary as an "old droid saying" about not standing and blathering when you're in mortal peril .
  • In the Flight of the Conchords song "The Humans Are Dead", there is a binary solo. It doesn't mean anything though.
  • In a Dilbert strip, Dilbert is eating lunch with a nameless coworker. The coworker brags, "When I first started programming, we didn't have any of these sissy windows! We only had ones and zeros. And sometimes we didn't even have ones! I once programmed an entire database using only zeros!" Dilbert replies, "You had zeros? We had to use the letter O!"
  • In Warhammer 40,000 , Tech Priests use binary as a secret language (although it's never been established if it's binary as we would know it), described as "twittering" sounds (whether this means they make modem sounds is up to the reader). Justified by the fact that all of them are at least part machine .
  • Elohim Eternal: The Babel Code : According to Idinite scripture, the Kosmocraters cursed the Cainites with the Code of Babel, which causes them to only speak in 1s and 0s. However, the Cainites eventually invented a new language out of binary. In reality, the curse is fake because several Cainites managed to learn the Idinite language . The Cainites also made a chip that can enable Idinites to instantly learn Cainite language after swallowing it, and it's implied Adam and Lot ate those chips in order to form their alliance with the Cainites .
  • In Mass Effect , the final message from the rogue AI on the Luna Base is in binary. It translates into " HELP ".
  • When Pyrrhon from Kid Icarus: Uprising tries to control the Aurum, only for them to take control of him , he speaks out loud in binary; it translates to "KILL".
  • Volt in Tales of Phantasia note  at least the Super Famicom Fan Translation speaks almost entirely in binary, causing a misunderstanding between him and the heroes which leads to a fight, and later, a contract .
  • In The Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilation , CAT-209's dying speech is in binary; it translates to "FUCK YOU NERD".
  • meowowme owowmeow: 01101101 ("m")
  • meowowme meowmeow: 01100101 ("e")
  • meowowme owowowow: 01101111 ("o")
  • meowowow meowowow: 01110111 ("w")
  • If you pet them, they'll say, "owowowmememeowme owmemeowowmemeow owmeowmemeowmeow": 11100010 10011001 10100101 ("♥", a heart symbol).
  • In Street Fighter III : Third Strike , all of Twelve's win quotes are in binary. Among their translations are "EZ JOB", "PAIN" and "KO". That said, he's fully capable of speaking English, as his rival dialog with Necro proves.
  • In The Order of the Stick , Elan considers a dilemma from a Law/Chaos viewpoint, and his Lawful Angel is a modron and speaks entirely in binary. It's not very helpful.
  • In The Witch's Throne , the Witch's arm uses a spell in binary.
  • A crowd scene includes a robot with a sign proclaiming that The End Is Nigh in binary ASCII.
  • Pirate_Tinman speaks in binary because his actual voice is broken, as shown when he first booted up in Shadow of Israphel and also in "Sunshine of Israpony". This is used to call Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane idiots behind their back at some points.
  • SF Debris makes this joke in this review of Star Trek: Voyager episode "The Killing Game". A Borg "love song" sung by Chuck!Seven is in binary with a hexadecimal verse.
  • Quite a few SCP Foundation writers seem to be under the impression that binary is some kind of universal language, considering the number of SCP objects of alien or extradimensional origin with "messages in binary" in them.
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device : the Custodes reveal fairly early on that they have a "translator" device that allows them to speak in binary. When demonstrating its use, the binary output, if decoded, actually spoils several plot points. Later they use these devices when negotiating with with the Fabricator-General of the Adeptus Mechanicus in his "native" language... the output is delivered as song, with binary subtitles for the lyrics (which are written in l33tsp34k).
  • There's also the Time Code from Bender's Big Score , a long list of zeros and ones that is said like an incantation to send the speaker back in time.
  • In "Godfellas", the galaxy that may or may not be God signals Bender in binary. Bender mentions that he only knows enough binary to ask where the bathroom is ( which contradicts the above , but hey, Rule of Funny ).
  • Played for another joke in "The Honking", where during a stay in his late uncle's haunted castle, the passage "0101100101" appears in blood. When pressed on what it means, Bender correctly describes it as gibberish... but once he sees it in the mirror reflected as "1010011010" , he freaks out and runs away screaming. That alone would constitute a gag, but it turns out the latter sequence is a real decimal : 666 .
  • In various other episodes, numbers are said in binary. For example, Turbo remarks that Matrix's age should be 11 (pronounced one one, or what would be 3 in base 10). Also, characters infected by super virus Daemon could be made to count backwards, in binary, disintegrating up on reaching 0.
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bender haunted house binary

10 Tiny Details In Futurama You Definitely Missed

2. 1010011010.

Futurama Zoidberg

There is a lot of secret language used throughout Futurama, from the alien language that was genuinely created for the show, to the binary code used by robots the world over. Generally, there won’t be many people that understand binary in the audience, so this joke may have gone unnoticed by most.

In ‘The Honking’, Bender is forced to stay one night in the family castle being left to him by his Uncle Vladimir, and he got creepy haunted vibes from it immediately. This wasn’t helped by red dripping numbers appearing on the wall.

As Bender read out the sequence of 0101100101, he told Leela that it meant nothing, and that it was just jibberish. When he looked in the mirror however, reading the code backwards, he ran off screaming without so much of an explanation.

A quick check on Google will tell you that in binary, 1010011010, the reversed code Bender saw in the mirror, actually translates to '666'. I suppose you can’t really blame him for losing it after seeing such a wonderful play on the famous 'Red Rum' scene.

This standard nerd combines the looks of Shaggy with the brains of Scooby, has an unhealthy obsession with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is a firm believer that Alter Bridge are the greatest band in the world.

The Geek Twins

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The Geek Twins

11 Nerdiest Jokes on FUTURAMA (And What They Mean)

Nigel G Mitchell

Futurama has developed a cult following partially due to the large number of in-jokes it contains, most of which are aimed at geeks. In commentary on the DVD releases, David X. Cohen sometimes explains the nerdiest jokes. Not all fans have listened to the DVD, so not all of them know the explanation. Of course, there’s an old saying that if you have to explain a joke, then it’s not funny. I’m going to buck that trend by doing just that.

bender haunted house binary

1. Quantum Horseracing

Appearance:  “The Luck of the Fryrish”

The Joke:   At a racetrack, they use a “quantum finish” to declare the winner. Professor Farnsworth complains, “No fair! You changed the outcome by measuring it!”

The Meaning: The “quantum finish” is about the observer effect. The observer effect means just watching something can change what’s being watched. For example, in experiments,  particles will literally change how they behave , depending on whether they’re being watched. Farnsworth is protesting that watching the horse race changed the winner.

bender haunted house binary

2. Schrödinger’s Cat

Appearance: “Law and Oracle”

The Joke: Fry and the robot cop URL track down a traffic violator who turns out to be Erwin Schrödinger, the 20th century quantum physicist. On the front seat of the car is a box, and when questioned about the contents, Schrödinger replies, “A cat, some poison, and a Caesium atom.” When Fry asks if the cat is alive or dead, Schrodinger answers, “It’s a superposition of both states until you open the box and collapse the wave function.”

The Meaning: Schrödinger is most famous for a thought experiment: a cat is placed in a sealed, soundproof box with some poison and radioactive material. If the material decays, it triggers the poison, which kills the cat. If it doesn’t, the cat stays alive. Since we can’t know which happened without opening the box, the cat is both alive and dead until we open the box. Immortality through uncertainty.

bender haunted house binary

3. Error Message

Appearance:  “Mars University”

The Joke: When Bender goes to Mars University, he runs into his old fraternity, Epsilon Rho Rho.

The Meaning: Epsilon Rho Rho is abbreviated as ERR, which is an abbreviation of “error,” a reference to errors in programming. And the nerds at ERR certainly had their share of errors.

bender haunted house binary

4. The P/NP Problem 

Appearance: “Put Your Head on My Shoulders”

The Joke: In the closet where Amy and Fry are hiding, we can see there are two books in the closet; one labeled P and the other NP.

The Meaning: P and NP refer to a mathematical problem described by Wikipedia as asking “whether every problem whose solution can be quickly verified by a computer can also be quickly solved by a computer.” A deeper explanation of that is beyond my pay grade, but basically all you need to know is that the problem is complex, and currently unsolved. There’s a million dollar prize out there for anyone who can find the solution. The idea that it could be found in a couple of books, tucked away into a closet is kind of like the Mona Lisa in a broom closet. Then again, it is the future.

bender haunted house binary

5. The Infinite Theater

Appearance: “Raging Bender”

The Joke: The crew of Futurama goes to their local theater, which is named “Loew’s ℵ0-Plex”

The Meaning:   The ℵ0  (pronounced “aleph-null”) is a mathematical representation of the smallest infinite cardinal number. In other words, the theater has an infinite number of screens. Now that’s convenience.

bender haunted house binary

6. Condensed Milt

Appearance:  “Put your Head On My Shoulder”

The Joke:  When Fry and Amy are in a same closet, we also see in the background a bottle of “condensed milt.”

The Meaning:  Condensed milk is a common household good, just milk in a thicker form. Milt is the seminal fluid of aquatic animals (like mollusks) who reproduce by spraying it onto eggs. There are some  countries that eat milt , but I don’t know of any condensed cans of it.

bender haunted house binary

7. BASIC Housekeeping

Appearance: “I, Roommate”

The Joke: Fry and Bender are moving into a new apartment, and hang a sign that reads, “10 Home,” “20 Sweet,” “30 GOTO 10.”

The Meaning: The sign is written in an early computer language called BASIC. Each line in BASIC is numbered, and the term “GOTO” tells the program to go back to the line number that comes after it. In other words, if this were a BASIC program, it would read “Home Sweet Home” in an endless loop.

bender haunted house binary

8. Binary Evil

Appearance: “The Honking”

The Joke: In a haunted house, blood forms “0101100101” on the wall. Bender pronounces it gibberish until he looks in the mirror and sees “1010011010.” He runs off screaming.

The Meaning: In binary, “0101100101” translates to 357. However “1010011010” translates to 666, which is commonly referred to as the Number of the Beast and associated with Satan. That would spook me out, too.

bender haunted house binary

9. Exclusionary Beer

Appearance: “The Route of All Evil”

The Joke: At one point, we see a beer labeled “St. Pauli Exclusion Principle Girl.”

The Meaning: The name “St. Pauli Exclusion Principle Girl” is a combination of the popular beer St. Pauli Girl, and the Pauli Exclusion Principle . In case you were wondering, the Pauli Exclusion Principle states two electrons can’t have the same four quantum numbers.

bender haunted house binary

10. Groin Exercise

Appearance: “Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love”

The Joke: At one point, the Futurama crew walks through a gym, passing various people on various exercise equipment. One woman is grimacing as a weight goes up and down on a machine labeled the “Kegelcizer.”

The Meaning: David X Cohen called this “ one of the dirtiest but subtlest jokes on Futurama ever .” The muscles that form part of the pelvic floor are colloquially referred to as the “Kegel muscles.” A Kegel exercise consists of repeatedly squeezing these muscles to treat sexual dysfunction. The implication is that the woman is working this muscle, and has the machine inserted in herself. And that’s a lot of weight she’s lifting with it.

bender haunted house binary

11. Strong Glue

Appearance: “The 30% Iron Chef”

The Joke:  When Zoidberg breaks Farnsworth’s model ship, he tries to fix it with a bottle of Strong Force Krazy Glue.

The Meaning: The strong force  (also known as the strong nuclear force, nuclear strong force or color force) is one of four basic forces of nature. The other three are electromagnetism, the weak nuclear force, and gravity. As the name implies, strong force is the strongest of the four, responsible for holding together subatomic particles at the nuclei. So some glue using strong force would be pretty strong. But apparently, not that strong, since Zoidberg gets it all over himself, and manages to get it off. I’d demand a refund.

UPDATE: Fixed numbering, fixed P/NP description

Did you know all these nerdy jokes? What other nerdy jokes can you list from the show? Let us know in the comments.

[Image Source: The Infosphere ]

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bender haunted house binary

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12 Sigourney Weaver Sci-Fi Movie Roles Ranked From Worst To Best


bender haunted house binary

I did actually get a couple of those. In the FX series "The League' a little girl names a doll Kegel the Elf. Not as subtle of course.

What's scary is I remember Basic computer language…

WOW! Very informative. I only got the stuff dealing with Computers. The math was a little above me…(that is why I married above me). Hopefully the show will find another way to come back. Netflix, Hulu, or just more straight to DVD movies.

interesting on the computer angle… i don't watch this show all that much, maybe i should.

I never caught onto these while I watched the show. Interesting stuff.

I think also from "The Honking" , there is a portrait on the wall of a robot dressed in old naval attire with the name plate beneath reading "Commodore LXIV"

the evil binary # is my fave! and ive heard of the cat from big bang theory! i learn a lot of geeky facts there!

You kids and your topology.

In the P/NP section you say "It basically asks whether every solution that can be quickly solved by a computer can also be quickly solved by a computer". That first "solved" should be "verified".

There are a bunch of Klein bottles right next to the St. Pauli Exclusion Principle, but these you ignore?

There is a concise explanation of the P versus NP problem at the Clay Mathematics Institute website: http://www.claymath.org/millennium/P_vs_NP/

What's really scary is I remember as a kid we had to learn it because it would be "required" in the future. The 80's ruled. 😉

To further clarify, LXIV is 64, Commodore 64 was an early and very popular personal computer.

I am glad someone other than me caught that 🙂

If you did, you would realize that it does not say "home sweet home" in a loop, it says "home sweet" in a loop, which is not the same. A RETURN and a GO SUB would do it, but I guess that would make the joke a bit hard.

Not that this is the only mistake in the list, mind you.

At 2, the joke actually starts earlier, when they clock Schrodinger with c+15. 4 has bad copypasta 7 is the BASIC one.

And finally, these are just some jokes someone got together, not THE nerdiest jokes. Time travel code is missing, complete with symmetry so that Fry can read it from his behind while looking in a mirror. Mathematical proof of body switching. Bender division episode.

Fixed, thanks!

One of robots at the will reading is a "Euro TRaSh-80" referencing a Radioshack TRS-80.

Imagine my surprise, as the founder of http://theinfosphere.org , hitting my Stumble button and seeing links to the Infosphere! Hooray!

I still have my TRS-80. Blimey.

You do great work! Thanks for commenting!

This article is chock full of win.

Thank you. That helped.

Futurama contains several jokes about the Hardy–Ramanujan number (1729, the first taxicab number, one that is expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways). In one episode, Bender receives a Christmas card from the machine that built him labeled "Son #1729". Ken Keeler, a writer on the show with a Ph. D. in applied mathematics, said "that 'joke' alone is worth six years of grad school". In another episode, Bender's serial number is revealed to be the sum of two cubes: his number is 2716057 = 952^3 + (−951)^3, while that of fellow robot Flexo is 3370318 = 119^3 + 119^3. (This datum is one of the pieces of evidence the episode uses to establish that Bender and Flexo are a pair of good-and-evil twins.) The starship Nimbus displays the hull registry number BP-1729, which simultaneously riffs on the USS Enterprise's NCC-1701. Finally, the episode The Farnsworth Parabox contains a montage sequence where the heroes visit several parallel universes in rapid succession, one of which is labeled "Universe 1729" (the universe where Fry, Leela and Bender are all giant rude talking bobbleheads). In the film, "Bender's Big Score", the number of the taxi cab Fry takes home in the past is 87539319, which is the third taxicab number, being the smallest number expressible as the sum of two cubes in three different ways.

in the chapter The Beast with a Billion Backs the Crack That Appears there seems a fract

Fractal is a mathematical structure that almost always have the self-similarity propierty http://theinfosphere.org/images/d/d0/BWABBp2.jpg



First explanation is inadequate, second one is plain wrong and misses the point completely. I got bored after that. And Nick Denton gargles donkey milt.

Good one! http://www.thegeektwins.com/2013/10/why-is-1729-so-important-to-futurama.html

Fundamentally, her spouse had sat her down and advised her that his affections for her had "changed." obviously, the wife's quick response was to request that he characterize what, precisely, he implied by this. She needed to know things like: did this mean he didn't love her any longer? Did this mean he was no more enamored with her? Did this mean he would not like to be hitched or that he needed a separation? What x sometimes means

Type above and press Enter to search. Press Esc to cancel.

Futurama Wiki

  • View history

The Were-Car was a terrible curse that could befall Robots if they were infected by an existing Were-Car. Though often dismissed by most people as ancient folklore, the Planet Express crew confirmed the condition when Bender was infected.

  • 2.1 Known Were-Cars
  • 4 Appearances

Symptoms [ ]

When a robot is infected, it remains unaffected during the daytime. But when the robot's internal chronometer resets at midnight, it changes into an ancient vehicle that utilizes an internal combustion engine to move across the ground. Additionally the Were-Car is doomed to rove the streets until one night it kills their best friend. When a robot is attacked by a Were-Car, the virus is transferred through the were-car's headlights. Humans are usually killed. The next morning, the Were-Car program will have ran its course, and the robot will have no memory of the events.

The only way for a robot to escape this condition is to either kill itself or to gain the uninstall program by killing the original Were-Car, Project Satan.

History [ ]

On learning that the only way to cure Bender was to find the original Were-Car, the Planet Express crew followed the line of Were-Cars from the one who infected Bender in Thermostadt to the Anti-Chrysler Building . The origin of the curse, the original Were-Car, was known as Project Satan and only as he was being destroyed would the uninstall program be beamed out to all those infected.

Known Were-Cars [ ]

Though many more may have existed, there are several Robots who are confirmed to be were-cars.

  • Project Satan (original were-car)
  • The Abominable Snow Mobile
  • Unnamed Thermostadtian Were-Car
  • Additionally, ending the curse is very similar to killing the vampire curse because you have to kill the head vampire and Fry , Leela , and Bender had to kill the original Were-Car.
  • Another nod to the werewolf concept is Leela planning to kill Project Satan by stuffing a silver potato into his exhaust pipe. Traditionally, a werewolf can only be killed by shooting it with silver bullets.
  • Bender's Were-Car form is based the Lincoln Continental Mark III that was used in the 1977 horror/thriller film The Car . Even the Were-Car's acting is similar to the behavior of the car in said horror movie.
  • In addition to Werewolf lore, the concept of the Were-Car is a reference to the novel and it's film adaptation.
  • Project Satan has pieces from multiple "evil" cars such as the steering wheel from the staff car belonging to Adolf Hitler, and the left indicator from the VW camper owned by Charles Manson. It also has the windshield wipers from K.I.T.T., the car from the TV series Knight Rider . When Fry mentioned that Knight Rider wasn't evil, Calculon replied "His windshield wipers were. It didn't come up much in the show though."

Appearances [ ]

  • " The Honking "
  • 1 Philip J. Fry
  • 2 Turanga Leela
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The 12 Geekiest Maths Jokes Hidden In Futurama

As well as investigating the geekier side of Springfield, The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets reveals that the writers behind Futurama also snuck a whole heap of nerdy references into the show.

Simon Singh

BuzzFeed Contributor

Kelly Oakes

BuzzFeed Staff

1. The episode “Möbius Dick” concerns a four dimensional space-whale.

bender haunted house binary

The name is not just a pun on Herman Melville’s novel Moby-Dick : It also refers to a one-sided mathematical surface known as a Möbius strip. The episode title is the punchline to this obscure joke: “What's non-orientable and lives in the ocean?”

2. In “The Honking”, Bender visits a haunted castle and sees the digits 0101100101 written in blood on the wall.

bender haunted house binary

Bender is more confused than spooked, but when he sees the digits reflected in the mirror as 1010011010 he is immediately terrified. No explanation is given in the dialogue, but those capable of translating binary to decimal would have appreciated that this is 666, the number of the beast.

3. The registry number of the Nimbus is BP-1729.

bender haunted house binary

This is a tribute to an Indian genius Srinivasa Ramanujan, who observed that 1729 is the smallest number that is the sum of two positive cubes in two different ways. (1729 = 10^3 + 9^3 = 12^3 + 1^3.)

Ramanujan first started thinking about the number 1729 when he was visited by the mathematician G. H. Hardy, who had come to see him in a taxi with this number.

4. 1729 is also Bender's unit number.

bender haunted house binary

5. And 1729 is the number of the universe Fry jumps out of in “The Farnsworth Parabox”.

bender haunted house binary

6. 87,539,319 appears as a taxicab number in “Bender’s Big Score”.

bender haunted house binary

It's the smallest number that is the sum of two positive cubes in three different ways.

7. In "Put Your Head on My Shoulders", just behind Amy-Fry’s right hand are two files marked P and NP.

bender haunted house binary

There's an unsolved mystery in mathematics known as P v NP. In short, P-problems are easy, and NP-problems are hard. But if someone gives you the answer to an NP-problem, then it is easy to check if it is right. So are NP-problems really hard, or is there a shortcut that would turn them into P-problems?

8. In the same episode a sign states that Bender’s computer dating agency is both “discreet and discrete”.

bender haunted house binary

Discreet implies that Bender will respect his clients’ privacy. Discrete is used in mathematical circles to describe an area of research that deals with data that does not vary smoothly or continuously. The sign might have been inspired by this joke:

Q: What do you call a mathematician who has lots of romantic

liaisons, but who doesn’t like to talk about it?

A: A discrete data.

9. This sign appears in the episode “Rebirth”.

bender haunted house binary

It says “Studio 1^2 2^1 3^3”, which is equivalent to “Studio 1 × 2 × 27” or "Studio 54", the famous 1970s New York nightclub.

10. This sign appears in “Parasites Lost”.

bender haunted house binary

Instead of “Historic Route 66”.

11. “The Route of All Evil” shows a Klein bottle, a mathematical oddity that has no definable inside or outside.

bender haunted house binary

Incidentally, its inventor, Felix Klein, was born on April 25, 1849, which is 4/25/1849, which is 2^2/5^2/43^2. Each element of the date is the square of a prime number.

12. The Loew’s ℵ0-Plex movie theatre, which first appeared in “Raging Bender”, is reference to ℵ0 (pronounced aleph-null).

bender haunted house binary

Mathematicians have proved that there are different scales of infinity, and ℵ0 is smallest, standard type. ℵ1 is even bigger. Which means Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase “To infinity and beyond” is meaningful, and the “beyond” probably refers to ℵ1.

Excerpted from The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets .

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bender haunted house binary

Screen Rant

Futurama: bender's 10 best episodes, ranked.

Bender is the iconic mascot of Futurama, easily the most quotable yet ever hard to imitate, featured in the center of many unforgettable episodes.

Futurama is a far departure from Matt Groening's original claim to fame, The Simpsons . It's not exactly a family story, and it certainly doesn't take place in a small town like Springfield. However, if there was ever a parallel between these two series , it's their appreciation of loveable, destructive drunks (both of which kind of have the same head design).

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And, in Futurama 's favor, theirs can bend metal without breaking their back (mostly). Bender is the iconic mascot of Futurama whose drunken antics and in-your-face attitude reliably added spice to the franchise during its more than ten-year run. Easily the most quotable yet ever hard to imitate, Bender is a special figure among adult animation who helped give Futurama some of its most memorable episodes.

The Bots And The Bees

"The Bots and the Bees" answers one of life's most important questions, "Where do robots come from?" Apparently, when manufacturers aren't able to meet demand, engineers set up a way for robots to make more robots between themselves.

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In "The Bots and the Bees," Bender gets into an illicit relationship with the office soda machine, and the two end up having a robot baby. The mother immediately abandons them, and Bender has to deal with the trials and beauty of raising his son (mostly to be a petty thief). However, when it comes to teaching the kid how to bend, Bender has to start asking himself what he's willing to do for his child's happiness.

One Bender alone was apparently not meeting the demands of Futurama 's scrutinizing and hungry audience. To mitigate this, "Benderama" creates a seemingly never-ending supply of Benders. Here, the Professor invents a machine that can create two, half-sized duplicates of anything. Bender uses it to save himself from work and creates little minion Benders.

However, these inevitably end up being just as lazy as him, and they make Benders for themselves and so on. Things get really out of hand when the microscopic Benders get the smart idea to start rearranging water molecules into alcohol. With a boundless supply of Benders and water supplies running low, this episode shows that there probably can be too much of a good thing.


In the age of planned obsolescence, an old robot-like Bender is gonna have a hard time keeping up with the most mundane of tasks, such as winning at video games. In "Overclockwise," Cubert decides to make Bender smarter and better at an online video game by overclocking him like an iPhone.

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The drastic improvement makes Bender greedy for more knowledge, so he sets off to collect more data and coolant. This leaves Cubert and Dr. Farnsworth in trouble, as their breach of service puts them in a hefty lawsuit from Mom. Will Bender try to clear save them or will his pursuit of knowledge take him other places?

A Pharaoh To Remember

In "A Pharaoh to Remember," Bender worries that he might not be well-remembered after his death. Even when his friends try to stage him a fake funeral, he still doesn't feel appreciated. However, he starts learning how appreciated one can really get when he and his friends get tricked into slavery by a pseudo-Egyptian planet trying to build a monument to their pharaoh.

After the pharaoh eventually dies, Bender takes it as an opportunity to steal his throne and use the slaves, including Fry and Leela, to build him his own monument. With Bender at his highest pedestal yet, it doesn't take too long for everyone to start considering regicide.

Love And Rocket

"Love and Rocket" stands as proof that workplace romances don't typically end well. Even worse, it can force people into a deadly homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey . Here, the Professor repairs the Planet Express ship, with one of the most noticeable changes being in the Planet Express' interface.

Bender immediately starts a romantic relationship with the new software but quickly grows bored of her when things get too serious. Because Bender has great timing, he decides to break up with the ship while the crew was in the middle of a battle with the Omicronians. With the ship damaged and heartbroken, the crew has to fight for their lives to escape the danger of an ex-girlfriend's wrath.

Obsoletely Fabulous

While Bender has never been the most productive robot, he's still been a treasured member of the Planet Express crew. That value comes into question however when the Professor acquires a new and more efficient robot for the company. Seeing how jealous and threatened their friend is feeling, Planet Express decide to have a correctional center reprogram him to be more amicable towards new robots.

RELATED:  Futurama: 10 Ways The Series Changed Since The Pilot

Bender, however, manages to escape at the last second and runs away on a raft. It eventually takes him to an entire, lost island full of obsolete robots. While there, Bender learns to appreciate a quieter, less advanced world. This peace teaches Bender one thing: the rest of the world is wrong and that he and his obsolete friends should wage war against modern society.

Lethal Inspection

Confronting one's own mortality does a lot of things to a person. Sometimes they'll get scared and try to run away from their problems. Others try to live every day as if it were their last. Bender, however, is one of the few who gets angry at their creator when he finds out how flawed and limited he really is.

In "Lethal Inspection," Bender discovers that he has a factory defect that prevents him from backing up his consciousness to a new body after death. Taking Hermes along, Bender goes on a warpath to kill the inspector that let him be mortal. As the story unfolds, the fans learn a mysterious connection between Hermes and Bender.

Hell Is Other Robots

Only in Futurama will people find robots who have turned to religion (among other, thought-provoking concepts ). In "Hell Is Other Robots," a recent bender (not the robot) has Bender turn to a robot religion for salvation. While the crew immediately appreciate his change in attitude, they soon learn that his change makes him less fun and convenient as a friend.

They eventually work to turn Bender back to his old ways; and when he inevitably does, Bender learns the consequences of abandoning one's faith which is essentially just getting kidnapped by the Robot Devil and sent to Robot Hell. It must've taken a really cruel world and an even crueler engineer to envision and build Robot Hell.

A Flight To Remember

Unlike Fry, Bender is far from a romantic in Futurama . Most either end in violence or him abandoning his girls. However, "A Flight to Remember" stands the test of time as being one of Futurama 's most romantic episodes, even for a cold, heartless robot-like Bender. Here, Bender meets a fancy, aristocratic on board a space version of the Titanic.

At first, he just tries to steal from here like everybody else in his life. However, after getting close to her, he falls in love. Even when she finds out how poor he is, she falls in love with him. The two begin a romance that could never tragically go wrong.

"Godfellas" isn't just the best Bender episode, but it's one of the best episodes in Futurama 's history. When Planet Express gets into a battle with space pirates, Bender tries to find some peace and quiet within one of the cannons. Fry and Leela inadvertently fire with him inside, and he's shot off to the distant void.

While floating through space, Bender suddenly finds himself housing a community of tiny aliens who believe him to be a god. Bender initially uses them for personal gain before trying to be a benevolent ruler. Neither method works out as his citizens eventually kill themselves in a holy war. Alone and in an existential fit, Bender only finds solace after coming across a cosmic entity.

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bender haunted house binary


Residential building, fantasy house, haunted house.

bender haunted house binary

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bender haunted house binary

The Kansas Homestead Where America’s First Serial Killer Family Committed Its Crimes Is Up for Sale

Authorities recovered the bodies of up to 11 people from the Old West tract of land owned by the notorious “Bloody Benders”

Brigit Katz


The Bloody Benders family of serial killers

In the 1870s, a family of four settled on the frontier prairie lands of southeastern Kansas, not far from the town of Cherryvale. John and Kate Bender, along with their two adult children, also named John and Kate, operated an inn and grocery store that catered to travelers along a nearby road—until, one day, they vanished.

Locals initially thought the Benders were the latest victims in a string of mysterious disappearances plaguing the area. But it soon became clear that the family had played a more malevolent role in the story. An investigation of the Bender property revealed the remains of an estimated 11 individuals buried in the garden, their skulls smashed in and throats slashed. The family members, who appeared to have fled the scene, were quickly identified as the perpetrators of these grisly murders.

Today, the “ Bloody Benders ” endure as a notorious serial killing family of the Old West. And as Jonathan Riley reports for the Salina Journal , the land where they committed their crimes is now up for sale.

The historic Bender farm is listed as “Tract 2” in a bundle of 15 properties heading to auction on February 11. Schrader, the Indiana-based real estate and auction company facilitating the sale, describes the 162-acre tract as containing “some mature trees and a beautiful view overlooking the Drum Creek and the farmland bottoms below.”

According to Amy Renee Leiker of the Wichita Eagle , the property’s current owners purchased the land in the 1950s or 60s, long after souvenir seekers drawn in by the gory tale had picked apart the original Bender homestead.

“It’s strictly cropland,” Brent Wellings, Schrader’s southwest auction manager, tells the Eagle . He suspects that the property will continue to be used as farmland by its new owner but notes that the upcoming sale of the property could provide “a neat opportunity for somebody who’s interested in that type of history.”

The Benders are often described as a family of German descent, though little is known about them, and some researchers have questioned whether they were actually related. They arrived in Kansas after the southeastern part of the state had opened to settlers, according to the Kansas Historical Society . A historical marker set up near the Bender farm states that the younger Kate “soon gained notoriety as a self-proclaimed healer and spiritualist.”

A canvas curtain divided the family’s home into two sections. The front half was used as an inn and general store, selling goods like crackers, sardines and candies, but the sleeping quarters in the back of the property were employed for far more sinister purposes. The family is said to have enticed travelers into the small cabin with the promise of a hot meal and a chance to rest.

According to the Salina Journal , authorities were able to piece together the Benders’ modus operandi based on evidence found at the scene. One of the family members would hide behind the dividing curtain, then creep up on the victim from behind and attack them with a hammer. The hapless individual was then dropped through a trap door into the cellar, where another waiting Bender would slash their throat. After removing anything of value from the dead, the Benders waited until nightfall and buried the bodies on their property.

Because it was not uncommon for travelers to go missing on the rough frontiers of the Old West, it took some time before victims’ disappearances began to attract notice. Alarm bells were first raised when one George Lochner and his daughter, traveling from Kansas to visit family in Iowa, vanished without a trace. Then, a well-known local doctor named William York disappeared. His brothers traced York’s last-known whereabouts to the Bender farm; the family admitted he had been there but said the doctor had not stayed for long.

In spring 1873 , a local noticed that the Bender inn had been abandoned and, upon closer investigation, found the family’s livestock dead or starving. Subsequent searches of the property revealed a blood-soaked cellar and multiple bodies in the garden. One of Dr. York’s brothers was able to identify his remains. Lochner and his daughter were found buried together in a single grave.

Though authorities issued a $2,000 reward (more than $50,000 today ) for the family’s capture, their fate remains unclear. Some say the Benders were killed by vigilantes; others believe they successfully escaped punishment.

Today, the tract of land holds no visible signs of the farm’s macabre history. The Benders’ cabin was demolished long ago, and the precise location of the home and its garden are not known. But morbid mementos of the crime may still linger beneath the surface of the land. Though most accounts place the number of victims at around a dozen, some believe the Benders killed as many as 21 people. And, Wellings tells the Eagle , he is “pretty confident” the property has never been scanned for missing bodies.

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Brigit Katz | | READ MORE

Brigit Katz is a freelance writer based in Toronto. Her work has appeared in a number of publications, including NYmag.com, Flavorwire and Tina Brown Media's Women in the World.

T.I. Korobkov House

bender haunted house binary

  • Novokuznetskaya • 6 min walk
  • Tretyakovskaya • 7 min walk

bender haunted house binary

Also popular with travelers

bender haunted house binary

T.I. Korobkov House - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Slovenščina
  • Science & Tech
  • Russian Kitchen

Why the dacha was a Soviet heaven on earth (PHOTOS)

bender haunted house binary

In modern Russia, a dacha is usually a cottage or a nice house in the country, with a high fence, running water and sometimes heating. The concept of ‘dacha’ appeared in the Russian language back in the 18th century. For nobles, it meant a country estate with a splendid manor house, where they did not live permanently, but would visit from time to time, usually in the summer. A Soviet dacha was a completely different thing altogether.

What was a Soviet dacha like?

Dacha residents tending strawberry beds

Dacha residents tending strawberry beds

First of all, it was a place where city dwellers could grow their own vegetables and fruit. Dachas were allocated free of charge to employees of various departments, officials, the military, teachers, members of the professional unions of architects, writers, artists and many others, as well as to many ordinary public servants in the USSR. Usually those were small wooden houses on a small plot of land, typically just 600 square meters in size.

Dachas outside Moscow

Dachas outside Moscow

In the USSR, there were whole dacha settlements (known as ‘allotment associations’), where a large number of houses stood close to each other along several streets, separated by low fences. Sometimes, houses were semi-detached and would be shared by two families, each having a separate entrance.

A dacha settlement outside Moscow

A dacha settlement outside Moscow

However, even those cramped houses were people’s favorite place to escape from the city. Albeit small, it was a patch of land that a Soviet person could call one’s own and where they could relax.

A Baikal-Amur Railway train driver’s dacha outside Irkutsk

A Baikal-Amur Railway train driver’s dacha outside Irkutsk

Those who were not given a dacha could still get a plot of land in an allotment association, where they could grow vegetables, visit regularly to tend their kitchen garden and gather crops. Usually people grew potatoes, cabbage and strawberries, but also much more.

Ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya at her dacha

Ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya at her dacha

Tiny Soviet apartments had hardly any storage space in them, so many people used their dachas to store old clothes, books, furniture and other junk that they did not want to throw away.

Dacha garden art

Dacha garden art

Even now, dachas are often used as a place for recycling old things, which has given rise to a peculiar “art” form, sometimes quite tacky. Check out this picture gallery of garden art here . 

Dacha is all about summer

An engineer from the Elektrostal heavy machinery plant at her dacha

An engineer from the Elektrostal heavy machinery plant at her dacha

Traditional Soviet dachas usually had no heating. Thus, the dacha season usually opened with the first visit of the year around the May holidays, when the dacha was cleaned after several months of disuse, its shutters opened, garden furniture taken out of the shed and arranged on the plot of land, which also had to be taken care of after the winter months.

Soviet cosmonaut Vladislav Volkov at the dacha, with his family

Soviet cosmonaut Vladislav Volkov at the dacha, with his family

Since most dachas were just summer houses, visited mainly at weekends, they also usually did not have running water or sewerage. What they did have were outdoor wash-hand stands, consisting of a water container with a stopper underneath that had to be pushed up for the water to come out. The water from it went either directly onto the ground or into a basin.

The famous wash-hand stand

The famous wash-hand stand

Toilets were outdoor, too: usually in the form of a small wooden hut built over a large hole in the ground. Some dachas had outdoor shower rooms, with water collected in tanks on their roofs and heated by the sun.

A dacha toilet

A dacha toilet

In winter, dachas mostly stood unused. Those that had a stove could be visited for the New Year holidays, too, but the house had to be well heated first.

Clearing snow at the dacha

Clearing snow at the dacha

Dacha is not (necessarily) for leisure

Dacha gardening

Dacha gardening

A Soviet person practically did not know how to relax. If they were lucky, they could be issued with a holiday voucher to spend a fortnight at a sea or a health resort. However, those fortunate enough to have a dacha, usually ended up spending their vacations there.

Prominent children’s surgeon Nemsadze gardening at his dacha

Prominent children’s surgeon Nemsadze gardening at his dacha

The catch was that while at the dacha, there was absolutely no time to relax, because there were always so many things to do. Something would always break down and needed to be repaired.

Domestic chores at the dacha

Domestic chores at the dacha

Even when everything was in order, there was always room for further improving the property and the patch of land it stood on, e.g. by installing a shower or building a summer veranda, for instance.

On a veranda

On a veranda

In addition, looking after the kitchen garden took a lot of time and care – first planting, then weeding, watering and caring for plants, treating them against pests and then harvesting the crops. Often, a whole weekend or vacation could be taken up by all this work.

Circus artist Oleg Popov at the dacha with his parents

Circus artist Oleg Popov at the dacha with his parents

The only time to relax at a dacha was when receiving guests. Then, hosts would heat a samovar, set a table outside and treat their guests to homemade berry jam and other goodies.

Dacha as a source of happy childhood memories

A little girl at a dacha outside Moscow

A little girl at a dacha outside Moscow

During the three-month-long summer holidays, schoolchildren could go to a pioneer camp for several weeks. But for the rest of the time, to escape from the city (and to give their parents some breathing space), children were often sent to the country, to spend time at their grandparents’ dachas. Often, parents would also take their annual leave in the summer and spend it in the country with their children.

Father and son at a dacha

Father and son at a dacha

In large dacha settlements, there were always many children, who spent all their time outdoors, running around, playing together, or disappearing to their secret haunts. An added bonus was the proximity of a river, a lake or even a small pond.

Children dressed according to dacha fashion: rubber boots are a must

Children dressed according to dacha fashion: rubber boots are a must

While at the dacha, children usually wore old clothes that had been retired from the city (and that could get torn or dirty without anybody minding), so they often ended up looking quite ridiculous. But nobody minded that either, as it was one of the charms of dacha life, where kids felt liberated after spending nine months in tidy and ironed school uniforms.

Soviet leaders had dachas, too

Stalin with his daughter Svetlana and Lavrentiy Beria at a dacha in Sochi

Stalin with his daughter Svetlana and Lavrentiy Beria at a dacha in Sochi

Stalin was very fond of spending time at his dachas. He had about 12 of them - several in Moscow Region, as well as in Sochi, Abkhazia and in Crimea. He not only worked at his country residences, but also often received ministers and officials there.

Marshal Georgy Zhukov at his dacha

Marshal Georgy Zhukov at his dacha

The country’s leaders after Stalin, as well as high-ranking officials, members of the Soviet nomenklatura and generals also had dachas. Theirs, however, sat not on 600 sq. m. plots of land, as those of ordinary people, but often occupied entire hectares of land.

Leonid Brezhnev at his dacha

Leonid Brezhnev at his dacha

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Featured Reviews for Interior Designers & House Decorators in Elektrostal'

What does an interior designer do, questions to ask when you meet with local elektrostal' interior designers:, find interior designers & decorators near me on houzz, how do i find a local interior designer & decorator in elektrostal'.

  • Reach out to the pro(s) you want, then share your vision to get the ball rolling.
  • Request and compare quotes, then hire the Interior Designer & Decorator that perfectly fits your project and budget limits.

What do Interior Designers do?

An interior designer is a professional who helps you make your indoor spaces beautiful and functional. They can assist you with various projects, whether it’s complete home remodeling or simply refreshing the look of a room. Hiring an interior designer early in the process ensures proper planning and maximizes the potential of your project.

Here are some main things an interior designer does:

  • Designs your space to match your style and needs.
  • Makes the best use of your space for practicality and flow.
  • Selects the right colors and materials for a pleasing look.
  • Provides visualizations to see how your space will look.
  • Manages the project and works with contractors.
  • Ensures your space meets all regulations and codes.

In short, hiring an interior designer in Elektrostal' ensures your space is not only beautiful but also suits your lifestyle and functions well for your daily activities.

What services do Interior Designer & Decorator companies provide in Elektrostal'?

  • Interior design
  • Floor Plans
  • Holiday Decorating
  • Kids Bedroom Design

Do I need Interior Designer or Interior Decorator?

  • Create functional and appealing spaces, collaborating with professionals.
  • Manage projects from start to finish, ensuring a smooth process.
  • Formal education in interior design, including color schemes, materials, and CAD.
  • Handle design and decoration, offering a comprehensive approach.
  • Focus on understanding your needs and lifestyle.
  • Specialize in surface-level aesthetics like paint colors and furnishings.
  • Enhance the overall look and feel with decorative elements.
  • Can work independently or for a decorating firm.
  • Typically lack formal educational requirements in interior design.

How many Interior Designers & Decorators are in Elektrostal'?

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    Get directions to Karla Marksa Street, 51 and view details like the building's postal code, description, photos, and reviews on each business in the building

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    Many clients who hire a house interior decorator in Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia — particularly those who are remodeling — have a good sense of how the room should look and what products they should use. Often clients will insist that interior design contractors use the products already present in the house. Other times a designer ...