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Zululand Yacht Club

richards bay yacht club fees

The Pelican Grill restaurant on the ground floor, supplies reasonably priced meals to the bar area, beach or pool. Catering facilities may also be arranged via the restaurant to suit any occasion. A private pool gives much needed refreshment during the long hot summers and is pleasantly appointed within view of the clubhouse, beach and “The Wet Deck”, our waterfront bar. A 25 site camping / caravan area is conveniently adjacent, with electricity, water and ablutions readily available. Social events are organized by the management.

Every Wednesday we have a happy hour between 18H30 – 20H00 hrs. Although the bar is closed, every Monday evening there is a “bring and braai” (pot luck) in the Jib & Anchor braai area. For sailing enthusiasts, there is keeler sailing every Wednesday evening and every alternate Sunday morning. A program for junior sail training is well under way. For the fishing enthusiasts the fish cleaning area is convenient and there are braai facilities nearby.

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1 Commodore Close, Meer En See, Richards Bay, South Africa Africa , Global   Show phone number +27 35 788 0256   https://zyc.co.za

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Richards Bay

From cruiserswiki.

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-28.81;32.0945 destination

Richards Bay is a city encompassing one of South Africa's largest harbours. It is situated on a 30 square kilometre lagoon of the Mhlatuze River, on the northern coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

There is reasonable access to the Kwa Zulu Natal Safari parks from Richards Bay so it makes for a popular stop-over for cruising yachts.

Give local weather conditions or refer to another page (a region or island group) that covers these conditions.

Sources for Weather forecasts:

  • Richards Bay to Cape Town
  • Richards Bay to Durban
  • South East Asia to South Africa


  • 06:30 UTC: Starts on 14316 kHz for 5-10 minutes, and then moves to 7,120 kHz.
  • 11:30 UTC: Starts on 14316 kHz for approx. 30 mins and then moves down to 7,120 kHz.

Also see World Cruiser's Nets

richards bay yacht club fees

Before entering the harbour channel, all yachts must call "Richards Bay Port Control" or "Richards Bay VTS" on VHF channel 12 or 16 to request permission to enter the port.

Richards Bay is a port of entry for South Africa. For details see Entrance: South Africa .

On arrival, foreign yachts MUST proceed to the Customs Dock and await the arrival of personnel from Immigration, Customs, and Health. This could take up to 24 hours and a friendly reminder on VHF to Port Control to re-notify these departments of your arrival is often helpful. Do not leave the vessel until ALL the authorities have visited your vessel and completed their documentation.

Update 2011/08: Health does NOT always come, probably depending on last port of call. Several yachts reported waiting up to 4 days for Immigration to show up. Calling Port Control several times/day did NOT  help. The Zululand Yacht club has the phone of a supervisor at Immigration, calling him helped.

There is no cost for these check-in procedures and no cost for berthing at the Customs Dock. Beware of cockroaches!

For entrance details see South Africa .

Note: Anyone wishing to visit a neighboring country must obtain a re-entry visa before leaving.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

richards bay yacht club fees

Tuzi Gazi Marina

Marina icon

A full-service, secure marina that is situated directly opposite the Customs Dock. Full facilities, fuel (on request), water, electricity, showers, laundry, chandlery. Carpenters and stainless steel manufacturer on-site.

Zululand Yacht Club

The ZLYC is a full-service marina that welcomes all foreign and returning South African yachts. Hot showers, laundry, bar, restaurant and swimming pool. Chandlery and boatyard.

Water In both and
Electricity In both and
Toilets In both and
Showers In both and
Laundry In both and
Garbage Bins in and
Fuel ?
Bottled gas At Builders Warehouse in the suburb of Arboretum
Chandlers In both and
Repairs In both and
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


Give the names and locations of supermarkets, grocery stores, bakeries, etc.

  • Pick'n Pay and Spar are supermarkets in the suburb of Meerensee, about 3kms from Zululand Yacht Club.

Give the name of recommended restaurants, tavernas, pastry stores, etc.


List transportation (local and/or international.)

  • Taxi is the easiest short term option for access to shops. Ask for a recommendation at the offices of Zululand Yacht Club.

Give a short history of the port.

Places to Visit

List places of interest, tours, etc.

Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.

List links to discussion threads on partnering forums . ( see link for requirements )

  • Richards Bay at the Wikipedia

See South Africa .

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Zululand Yacht Club

Located in South Africa :: KZN Zululand  :: Richards Bay Category: Activity :: Boat/Yacht/Sailing

Richard' Bay, KZN, South Africa Facilities include ablution and laundry; restaurant and bar, closed on Monday; swimming pool, fuel and water; yacht chandler. A haul out cradle and crane for yachts (25t max), as well as a workshop with 220v are available. Visiting foreign yachts are given the first two weeks free on the moorings or the wharf. If they are staying longer, they are required to take out membership, as well as a small fee if living aboard. Clearance Formalities: Foreign yachts or SA Yachts going foreign have to submit a flight plan to Port Control after obtaining clearance from ZLYC, immigration, customs and Harbour revenue. SA Yachts proceeding to any SA port must also submit a flight plan. Office Hours Monday to Friday 08:00 to 16:00 Mail is received and held for collection. Fax and photocopy, as well as long distance call-box available. Richards Bay offers all amenities, restaurants, banks, car hire, engineering works, etc. Game Reserves are in close proximity and various tour operators exist.

Address :  Richards Bay Harbour, 3900, KZN Zululand, South Africa
Tel :  +27(0)35 788 0256

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Places in the Vicinity

  • Richards Bay 2.94 km Where: South Africa :: Richards Bay Category: City

Categories in the Vicinity

richards bay yacht club fees

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SailRSA Zululand Yacht Club

richards bay yacht club fees

SITUATION (how to get there) ZLYC is located on the Richards Bay harbour, adjacent to the NSRI base. Coming from Durban on the N2, turn off right to Richards Bay on the R34. Turn off right towards the Tuzi Gazi Marina, but turn off left into Commodore Close before going over the bridge to Tuzi Gazi.

Map reference: 28 o 47' 31" S 32 o 05' 05" E

CLASSES CATERED FOR All types of keelboats, dinghies and catamarans.

Yacht racing and cruising, Walk-on moorings , Slipway facilities, chandler, restaurant, bar.

ADDRESS P O Box 10387 Meerensee Richards Bay 3901 Kwazulu Natal South Africa

CONTACT PERSONS Fiona Strydom Tel : 035 788 0256 EMail :

Club Website : www.zyc.co.za/

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Richards Bay - General Info

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richards bay yacht club fees


Richards Bay is a large natural harbor and is South Africa’s most northernmost and easterly port.  It is 87NM (160kms) NE of Durban and 252NM (465kms) southwest of Maputo.

Prior to the mid 1970s, the port complex of Richard’s Bay was a large natural lagoon, home to the exuberant wildlife of the coastal region of Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal. In April 1976 the port was officially opened and the one-time lagoon converted into a thriving 19m deep man-made port.

Although it is a large commercial port, it has become a popular call for international cruising yachts because of the close proximity to game parks and the St Lucia World Heritage Site. Cruising yachts make use of the small craft berth where there is a modern marina (Zululand Yacht Club) near the small craft basin.

Entrance Notes and Cautions:

  • Cape St. Lucia: main light is unlit (20 March 2024)

The port of Richards Bay is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The approach is easy at any time.  The entrance channel is dredged to a permissible draught of 17.5 metres with a -19.5m depth in the entrance channel. Berthing varies between 8m (small craft berth) and 19m (coal berths).

When departing Richards Bay stick to around 100 meters water depth to make use of the excellent current flowing south at about 3knots. It runs all the way down to Port Elizabeth.

Contact Richards Bay Port Control on VHF channel 12 (NOT 16) from no more than 6 miles away before entering the harbor breakwater. You will be instructed to either stand-off or enter – although you may not get an answer at all. In bad weather, you will most likely be permitted to enter the harbor immediately unless a large ship is also approaching.

Vessels arriving from Foreign Ports must proceed to Tuzi Gazi (Waterfront) to clear Customs, Immigration and Health before proceeding to Zululand Yacht Club. Stick to the left hand side of the channel as there is a sand bar to the right. Channel has an average depth of 2.5 meters.

Useful Contacts:

  • OSASA representative and OCC Port Officer: Natasha Wolmarans Email: [email protected]
  • Port Manager:  Ph:  +27 035 9053203 Email:  [email protected]
  • Harbour Master:  Ph:  +27 035 7531991
  • Zululand Yacht Club – Fiona Linde – Email:  [email protected]   – Ph:  035 788 0256

Cruiser Highlights:

First port of call for vessels crossing the Indian Ocean.  Well organized and Zululand Yacht Club will take good care of you.  Close to some of the best game reserves in Africa.

28° 48.63′ S, 32°06.08′ E (harbor entrance)

Last updated:  February 2024.

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Next Section: Profile: Clearance

Richards Bay was last updated 5 months ago.

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richards bay yacht club fees

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Main Ports - South Africa

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profile photo

Having boat work done in Richards Bay: We needed help with welding and engine maintenance and found great help from Jacques and Morgan of Fleet Maintenance Office. They have a workshop close to the E-pontoon (walk-on). Jacques and his colleagues did an excellent job removing a leaking deck window and welding the deck, while Morgan and his colleagues worked on our engine to replace parts. They were skilful and efficient and honest about the time they spent on the jobs. We can warmly recommend them.

The only negative thing we experienced was a break-in of our boat with the key we had left in the care of the yacht club. The key was missing when we returned. No good system was in place to keep boat keys secure and to log who had left a key with them and to whom it was given. The yacht club acknowledged the lack (or failure) of their system and promised to improve it, but refused to reimburse (part of) our losses.

Leaving Richards Bay (for coastal sailing) is quite straightforward: fill in forms at the reception of ZYC, pay outstanding marina fees, then make your way to the Sea Police. We walked (15 min), as it is in the Tuzi Gazi area (across the street from the Dros restaurant, where internationals arrive). Then back to ZYC, where they will communicate to Port Control. Call Port Control on VHF when you leave.

Updates Received from Floris and Ivar – Sailors for Sustainability

Tuzi Gazi marina was destroyed in a storm. It no longer exists. 

Immigration moved to the Bayview entrance of the commercial port. They are in a small building at the security gate on Newmark Road (NOT close to where Tuzi Gazi used to be but on the other side, near Alton). Just before the security gate stop at the bus stop. Walk to the building on the left of the gate. 

If leaving your boat in Richards Bay to travel abroad, get a form from immigration, so you’ll have no problems getting back into SA without a return ticket. 

There are haul-out options at Zululand Yacht Club. The club manages the “dolly”, where you leave the boat on a trailer for the duration of the work. This is managed by the club and fully booked weeks ahead. The other option is a boat lift up to 30 tons. It is run by a business operating independently from the club (but on its premises). Each movement is about USD 500 for a 45-foot yacht. Days on the hard are reasonably priced. There is another trailer for catamarans run by the same business. 

Internet: public wifi is rare, so get a local SIM card. We got Vodacom in their shop at the mall, where they signed us up using just a passport. It’s useful to buy some credit there and then (which they call airtime). This can be used to make phone calls and buy data packages using a menu on your phone or via their app. 

You’ll need a taxi for anything you do outside the Yacht Club. The club’s unofficial driver is Eric, who will take you around for a reasonable fee. 

All best Floris van Hees & Ivar Smits Sailors for Sustainability

Hi Domander, Thanks for your comment. We have updated the Fuel section of the Marine Services page with information on diesel deliveries to the Small Craft Harbour and Zululand Yacht Club. Thanks again for the info.

The standard way to get fuel here is by taxi and fuel jugs. However, there is a fuel truck that makes deliveries by hose onto the International Wharf. The standard way may be being protected by taxi drivers. I have no further information concerning this. This is just a heads up that a fuel truck does exist.

Clearing in and out in Richards Bay is time-consuming. It took from 13:00 Monday 20 Nov 17 until 17:00 Wednesday 22 Nov to complete inward and then outward formalities, in order to catch a weather window south on the 23rd.

As we motored out into the channel I requested permission from Port Control and was eventually told that they didn’t have a hard copy of my FLIGHT PLAN. I was ordered to go to Zululand Yacht Club to fax it through to them. No one explained to me that I needed the 6 stamps to leave port and I assumed they were for entry at the next port. I am in correspondence with the Office for Red Tape Reduction, who have stated that once cleared in a yacht is a coastal yacht and need not complete full clearance requirements, to try to get some action on this.

Reported on the Indian Ocean Crossing Facebook Page:

Richards Bay Zululand Yacht Club can only accommodate boats until the World ARC arrives approx 9/11th Nov: is possible to anchor off. Contact Fiona Linde [email protected] *27 (0)35 788 0256.

Tuzi Gazi (where you have to go tie up to the concrete docks in order to check into Immigration etc.) can only handle boats up to 10-12 tonnes, 40′ loa. Contact [email protected] – very helpful.

Posted on behalf of Conny Dahlin on Swedish yacht “Miramis”: I am at the moment in Richards Bay, South Africa, and found the company SA Energy Group. They supply deep cycle batteries, solar panels, inverters, wind turbines etc. for off-grid systems. They are not far from Zululand yacht club and fill a big hole for this kind of things in Richards Bay since most people don’t know about them and try to go through Durban. I strongly recommend that they get listed on noonsite.

Editor’s Note: SA Energy Group is now listed under Electrics & Electronics.

Re: Clearing in and out in Richards Bay

We spent 4 weeks at Tuzi Gazi Marina in December 2015. Clearing in by health and immigration takes place at the marina. We have directed directly into the Tuzi Gazi marina pontoons since the “international” area of the port was absolutely crowded.

On arrival, we (but not other boats) were informed, that customs would no longer come to the boat to clear you in, but you would have to take a taxi and go there, which we did. Though other cruisers reported, officials were not really motivated to clear yachts in, it was easy and friendly. The warden at the customs office (see below, point 3) shows you where to go and gives you an in-house phone number to call; I was cleared in within 10 minutes. We heard that some boats have been fined for not clearing in with customs – other boats have not. It does not hurt to drop by the customs office when you go shopping at the mall anyway

Clearing out: As mentioned above, clearing out is a bit more complicated, even if you only move to another South African port, such as Durban, so this is the proper way to do that: 1. go to the office (Tuzi Gazi Marina or Zululand Yacht club) and pay for your stay They then will provide you with the “flight plan”, 7-page paperwork you have to fill in

2. see the reception of the Zululand Yachtclub to get the first stamp in. the flight plan

3. Go to Richards Bay/Arboretum to see immigration. The office is located in some office buildings off Krugerrand Grove, just west of the junction at the Netcare Bay Hospital. The front of the building, next to FNB-Bank, is marked Department of Home Affairs, but you reach the immigration office through a side entrance on the left side of the building, marked “Port control”. Easy and friendly and fast – you get your flight plan stamped there.

4. Proceed to customs – located in the SARS Building on Dollar Drive, on the right-hand side before you reach Guldengracht Street (quite close to immigration). The taxi driver who took me there for clearing it did not know the place and had to ask around. Fill in some more forms and you get a clearance and a stamp in your flight plan.

The email address for Zululand Yacht Club is no longer in use. The correct address is [email protected] (reception), [email protected] (management) or [email protected] (accounts).

richards bay yacht club fees

Sailing the Coast of South Africa


Last Updated on October 24, 2020 by Amy

We spent 70 days in South Africa, sailing the coast from Richards Bay to Cape Town.  

Table of Contents - Click to Jump

Strategy for Sailing Around South Africa

For many boats coming from the Indian Ocean, South Africa is a bit of a haven – protected from cyclones, favorable exchange rate, lots of services and luxuries available.  However, it is a really tough sailing ground.  

There’s an expression; “there are no old and bold sailors in South Africa”, which is kind of bullshit.  There’s NEVER a great window to go anywhere.  You have to take risks sailing around this coast.  I feel like we were in the middle of the pack as far as rick-taking sailors.  We didn’t take any huge risks, and many people took windows we thought looked too rough, but we also didn’t twiddle our thumbs, waiting for the perfect window.  

Small windows are riskier than bigger ones – a 20-hour window can rapidly disappear and deteriorate into dangerous conditions.  But sometimes, you just have to take what you can.

There were two strategies we saw sailor use: hop along the coast, taking advantage of small windows that come every few days, or hold out for the big one, and power through.  We took the former, while our friends on Slow Flight took the latter.  We made five stops along the coast, while Slow Flight sailed directly from Richards Bay to Cape Town.

We didn’t really do any touring in two of our stops.  Durban is great for a day or two, especially if you get out to dive Aliwal Shoal as I did.  But Richards Bay and Cape Town were definitely the two best stops – do not miss if you are sailing around the coast.

Now, so many people told us we HAD to stop in Knysna, and I would have loved to.  However, Knysna has a narrow entrance and you have to treat it much like the bar entrances of Australia: go in when the conditions are just right (2m swell or less and it’s best if you have a pilot help you).  And then there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get out anytime soon.

I regret not stopping in Knysna, but there’s nowhere else along the coast I was particularly interested in seeing.

There’s another factor to consider.  Waiting for small windows means you don’t know when you’ll be leaving any given port, and you have to get ready quickly when a window does open. It’s hard to get projects accomplished and tradesmen out to the boat when you have a loose schedule.  Exacerbating the issue, most shops and services close down for the two weeks around Christmas and New Year’s.  While we tried to get all the parts we needed for projects before the holidays, we ended up having snafus and having to wait until shops reopened again or tradesmen became available to make repairs.  This ended up delaying our departure from Cape Town by over two weeks trying to get projects finished.  Slow Flight did a lot of projects in Richards Bay while they waited for a big window to jump the coast.

We did have a schedule to stick to as David’s brother Thomas was flying into Cape Town on December 24 th and we had a slip reserved at the V&A Waterfront Marina.  While we could have had him fly down the coast to meet us, we really wanted to get to Cape Town before the holidays.

Weather Routing on the South African Coast

In a very simplified view, what happens is that a low sits in the Antarctic providing clockwise winds (blowing from west to east on the coast). Then a high-pressure system forms in the South Atlantic and rolls east, making the wind shift to blow from the east.

Ideally, the cruising boat will wait for the high-pressure system to roll in and take off, shooting west. Unfortunately, the big hang-up is that these systems can be unpredictable.

During the last half of our Indian Ocean crossing, we used a volunteer weather router, Des. Des lives in Durban and continued to route us along the coast. However, we went against his advice a lot, taking windows that we could. Fortunately for us, it always worked out.

The current is another big factor. There’s a huge current that runs down the east coast. We had a stronger boost than forecast; up to 5 knots with us. That current lightens once you turn to the west, but it’s still a slight push.

Richards Bay

Time: 9 Days

We arrived in Richards Bay on November 11th after 8 days in the Mozambique Channel sailing from Madagascar. Richards Bay is a small city with a big port. It’s quieter than Durban, 90 miles to the south, so many cruising boats come here to clear in to South Africa.

Entrance Formalities

We hailed Richards Bay Port Control before our arrival and were rather brusquely told to hail one mile from the breakwater. We did, and the radio operator asked where we came from, how many were on board, and where the boat was flagged.

It was overcast, rainy, and even chilly while we sailed into the entrance. We navigated to the “International Moorings”, which is the official name for the Richards Bay small boat basin. We tied up to the wall, snuggling up between monohulls stacked two deep. The concrete wharf was lined with sailboats, cruisers from all around the world who had made the trip across the Indian Ocean, just like we had.

The Port Police came directly to our boat, asked us a few questions and filled out a form.

Immigrations came to the port to clear all the boats in (there were about five of us who arrived that day). The officer took a table at one of the local restaurants, passed out forms, and stamp, stamp, stamp all done.

Our neighbors recommended Lionel (WA +27 64 651 1578) to help us with getting around town. Lionel is a taxi driver, but also just really knowledgable about the area and tries to help cruisers get whatever we need. Lionel drove us to Customs to finish our entrance formalities.

Everything was free, but also, everything was done by physical papers and ledgers. It’s not very tech-savvy here. Also, some of the officers weren’t very friendly, which we found to be the case all around the coast.

Yachty Services

There are a lot of services available in Richards Bay.  We were able to get our propane tanks filled (Lionel’s help) and sent off our laundry for very cheap (Andreas +27 83 463 3536).

We pickled our watermaker here in Richards Bay and didn’t recommission it until we left Cape Town. City water was readily available and tasted wonderful.

Boardwalk Inkwazi Shopping Centre

Next Lionel took us to the mall. What a culture shock after the Indian Ocean! We haven’t seen a mall quite like this since Phuket.

We got our SIM cards for our phones, did some clothes shopping (David lost a flip-flop in Mahujunga), and checked out the grocery stores. There’re two main ones, Food Lover’s Market and Pick & Pay. We shopped more at the Food Lover’s Market, as the produce and meats there are excellent.

Vodacom was the cheapest service provider, and we had great coverage everywhere along the coast for R700 for 20 GB ($2.33/GB).

Docking in Richards Bay

There are two marinas in Richards Bay: Tuzi Gazi and Zululand Yacht Club. We wanted to go to Zululand, but the World ARC was coming in and it was full. We looked at going to Tuzi Gazi, but the docks aren’t in great shape and we had a few storms roll through. When no one kicked us off the wall, we just stayed.

The great thing about the wall: it’s free to dock, free drinking water, and close to many restaurants. There is supposed to be a time limit, but we were there for nine nights and no one kicked us out.  Eventually, boats did have to move, but we were long gone by then.  There are a bunch of restaurants within walking distance, though most of of them weren’t particularly good.  The wharf is well-protected.  While we were there, a big storm rolled through and port officials came by passing out a paper notice with wind and rain warnings, urging us to secure our boats and be safe.

A great thing about Richards Bay in itself is the access to game parks. (More about that later).

Bad things about the wall: there are huge black rubber vertical fenders that leave giant black marks. The tide swing is so large, we worried over our fenders for a while and ended up having to buy a new round fender (so now we have two). When the tide was low, David had to “catch” me as I jumped onto our deck (I don’t know how many of the other cruisers got on and off their boats, as most have a significantly lower freeboard).

Monkeys were very persistent. They board the boats and steal whatever they can (usually food) and then show their disdain for you by relieving themselves on your boat. They also get into the trash, leaving a huge mess on the wharf.

There is a nightclub right next door too, which is very weird, as the port is far from town. But they party hard Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. When I woke up Saturday morning at 4:45 am they were still partying.

Dining at the Small Boat Harbor

The surrounding area has a shockingly high number of restaurants for such a quiet place. There’s only one neighborhood nearby, one hotel, and then the busy port. While the food was pretty cheap, most of it wasn’t that great.

We ate at Dros, a pub that serves lots of meat-and-potatoes style food. I was shocked when the wine I ordered, advertised at R150 ($10USD), was a whole bottle! I had the hamburger, David has the chicken burger (I think he liked his better than I liked mine).

Taking a risk, we ate at Mojito’s, a Mexican and Cuban joint. The cuban menu was pretty much a Cuban sandwich, but we ordered enchiladas and fajitas. It wasn’t what we would expect for Tex-Mex food (and it certainly wasn’t authentic Mexican) but it was pretty good.

Khrua Thai Food & Sushi was a bit of a disappointment. My Pad See Ewe was nothing like I would get in Thailand – or the US. The sushi looked good though.

I think our favorite (and many cruisers agreed) was KNK Curry. For less than $10 total, we had five mince samosas, David had Chicken Curry, and I had a traditional South African dish called Bunny Chow. Bunny Chow is a loaf of bread cut into halves or quarters with the inside carved out. The crust is filled with curry. It was delicious!

Another spot to try out (if you are into this kind of thing) is Bohemian Beach Bum’s. According to Wikipedia, marijuana is “legal for possession and cultivation but not for sale.”. I don’t know how this works, because Bohemian Beach Bum’s is a “coffee shop” where you can buy infused items like gummies, coffee, chocolates, etc.

What to Do in Richards Bay

Richards Bay is the best place we stopped at to explore game parks. Most of the game parks are smaller, so they can be done in a day self-driving.  Unless you’ll be flying to Kruger or Kgalagadi , go on safari here.

We hired a driver for a day, who took us to a hippo cruise in St Lucia and the iSimangaliso Wetland Park .

Other cruisers went to Hluhluwe (pronounced Shu-Shu-lay) or Thula Thula Private Game Reserve. Our friends on Slow Flight went to Hulhule and Drakensberg .  Months later, I was chatting with some French ex-pats living in South Africa who were going to all the national parks (what a great goal!).  They said Kruger was the best park for wildlife, but Drakensberg was the most beautiful landscape.

Departure Formalities

For clear out, we hired Lionel to drive us around and sort out our paperwork. South Africa is one of those countries where you must clear in and out at every port, even when traveling domestically.

We went to Zululand Yacht Club, Immigrations, Customs, Water Police, and then back to Zululand Yacht Club. It was A LOT of paperwork and took us about two hours. It would have been faster if we’d been given the correct forms to fill out ahead of time instead of sitting at ZYC filling out ten pages.

Sailing to Durban

Time: 14.9 Hours

Distance: 90 miles

Average Speed: 6 knots

Frankly, our sail to Durban was boring, though that’s a good thing. We departed Richards Bay around 1630 and headed out to sea. Our plan was to see how the morning forecast looked before deciding whether to stop in Durban or try to push through to East London. Several other boats left the same day as us, making the jump too.

We kept close to shore as it’s only 90 miles. First, we had to work our way through the anchorage of ships. While we got the mainsail up, there wasn’t a whole lot of wind. I motored most of my watch till 2 am.

David sailed most of his watch, and when I woke up in the morning the first thing I said was “Durban or East London?”. David replied with Durban. The weather forecast was predicting 10-15 knots of wind on the nose for 12 hours. Forecasts around here always seem to lowball, so we didn’t have an interest in beating hard for nearly 1/3 of the passage from Durban to East London.

Des agreed Durban was best. Some boats we know did decide to continue on.  

The skyline of Durban is pretty memorable, with the huge stadium and art deco buildings.

We arrived into Durban early in the morning. We cleared our entrance with Port Control first on the VHF before approaching Durban Marina. Their website says to anchor out first and then dinghy in to handle your formalities. However, there’s not a good anchorage in this very busy commercial port, so we weren’t sure what we were going to do.

As we approached the marina, a tender came out to meet us and told us just to take the t-head. Gratefully, we tied up and waited for the office to open.

The marina gave us our paperwork to fill out and explained how to do the clearance. The staff was very helpful, getting us checked in and sending us off to the right offices to check in with authorities (Thanks, Bronwyn!). We walked 15 minutes to the Customs And Excise building. Immigrations just verified that we had a visa. Customs had us fill out a little bit of paperwork. In 15 minutes we were out of the building and walking back home.

Durban Marina

Durban is not a very nice port. The water is very dirty with lots of floating trash in it. The marina itself is friendly and the docks are fine. We moved to the last slip on D dock for our stay. It is a LONG walk down the dock to the office.

Yacht Clubs

Visiting yachts get a free temporary membership to the Point Yacht Club. There are shower and restroom facilities, free wifi, plus Charlie’s Bar and the Anchorage Restaurant. We had a pretty good lunch at the restaurant.

Yachties also get free membership to the Royal Natal Yacht Club.

There was a very cheap laundromat across the main road from the marina.

What to do in Durban

Durban is not a very safe city, and we were warned left and right to be extra careful. Thankfully, there’s Uber in Durban, so it’s easy to get around at the touch of a button.

We spent an afternoon on the promenade, cycling the Golden Mile , which is actually longer than a mile. I also went with friends out to Aliwal Shoal for a dive with ragged-toothed sharks .

Trying to Leave Durban

We got a bit stuck in Durban for 10 days.  There was a window that some boats took about four days after we arrived, but Des didn’t like the window so we decided to listen to his advice and stay.  Hindsight being 20/20, it was a good window, and we would have made it to the next stop.  So we took the next one – against Des’ advice – to get out of Durban.  At this point, there were several boats that had left Richards Bay when we did who had already made it all the way to Cape Town, so we were going to try our luck.

Sailing to East London

Time: 31 Hours

Distance: 264 miles

Average Speed: 8.5 knots

We woke up at 0230, checked the weather, and untied the lines. The winds had died down to about five knots. Durban harbor was brightly lit and full of activity, even this early.

As soon as we were clear of traffic, I went back to bed. As soon as we passed the breakwater, we started to bash into the waves. David navigated us around the marker and once we made the turn it was a bit better and I was able to sleep.

When I woke up we were still motoring along. While the waves weren’t big, they were choppy, and we were headed straight into the wind. Thankfully, it was less than 10 knots of wind, but we had both engines running around 2200 RPMs to keep our speed up. We were going to be chased into East London by a strong low system, so we needed to move.

While David napped, we slipped into the current and picked up 3-5 knots of SOG! I turned one engine off, and we were zooming along.

After lunch, the wind had picked up and clocked around enough to get the sails out. We even got the screecher up! David was able to turn off the engines and we started sailing while I napped.

We put two reefs in the main overnight, and the wind continued to clock around. Around midnight I put us on wing-and-wing and the wind was pushing us directly into East London.

Early in the morning, David had dolphins join him on his watch!

When I woke up we were just a few hours from the entrance. At 1000 we picked up a trot mooring at the Buffalo River Yacht Club, safe and sound!

East London

Time: 66 Hours

Around 9:30 we were making our way up the Buffalo River in East London, and ready for a lesson on trot moorings!  The Buffalo River Yacht Club has trot moorings instead of swing moorings, which is actually rather genius.  

Trot moorings are a line of moorings anchored into the river bed.  Instead of tying up to one mooring and swinging with the wind and current, you tie up to two moorings; one on your bow and one on your stern.  This means no swinging back and forth, something that’s key for a river with strong currents in a place where heavy winds regularly roll in.  However, it is hard to get set up.  Thankfully, the yacht club sent out a tender to help us, and after tweaking our lines a bit, we were settled in just fine.

The yacht club is small and only open in the afternoons for a beer or braai (that would be a South African BBQ).  

We did have to dinghy across the river to check in with the officials.

We didn’t do anything in East London other than provision.  The BRYC is pretty removed from town, and I didn’t see anything in East London that I was super interested in doing.

Sailing East London to St. Francis Bay

Time: 28.1 Hours

Distance: 179 nautical miles

Average Speed: 6.4 knots

We departed East London at zero-dark-thirty after three nights in the river.  Our next stop was St Francis Bay, a place where not many cruisers boats call in.  

The winds were dead when we left, but the current was still pushing us along at three knots.  We had expected that we would be out of the current, but it was still working in our favor!

The waves were pretty big though; three meters with a 10-12 second period.  Throughout the day the winds increased, so first, we motor-sailed with just the genoa, and then in the evening, we were sailing with the genoa only, apparent wind speeds of up to 30 knots!

Around midnight the wind died again, and we motored towards St Francis.  We had actually gone too fast and had to kill time out in the harbor before the pilot came out to lead us in through the entrance.  It was a bit tricky because of its sharp, 90-degree turn into the basin.  But soon we were tied up at a proper dock.

St Francis Bay

Time: 45 Hours

The marina is very small, with no room for transients.  Thankfully, we know someone and were able to get a slip, but it was costly $100 a night!

The marina is in a residential area, with a few restaurants on the waterfront, and it’s a 5-10 minutes drive into the town itself.  Mostly the boats were fishing boats, but our reason for visiting was to pop in and visit one of the South African catamaran manufacturers – Balance Cats.  

Here is where we had to decide to call into Knysna or not.  As much as we wanted to go, we were concerned that if we called into Knysna it would be a while until we got the right conditions to leave again.  Also, we had a troubling leak at the waterline that we wanted to get fixed ASAP.  So we made the decision to take a big jump and gun for Cape Town.

St Francis Bay to Cape Town

Time: 55 Hours

Distance: 384 miles

Average Speed: 7 knots

The window wasn’t great to get to Cape Town, but we took it anyway.  We left first thing in the morning (after dawn though, sleep in!) on December 8 th .  

The winds were pretty high for most of the sail, and aft of us.  We switched back and forth between wing on wing and deep-reaching for a majority of the passage.  

Our first morning out, David got visited by dolphins again!  They seem to like to come out at sunrise.

Just after dinner on the 9 th,  we passed Cape Agulhas, leaving the Indian Ocean behind and entering the Atlantic! The official line is 20 degrees E.

The next morning when I came up, Starry Horizons was enveloped in a thick fog.  We passed an anchored ship off of Cape Town, coming as close as a three-quarters-of-a-mile, and couldn’t see a thing.  The thick fog prevented us from seeing the iconic Table Mountain too…until we rounded and approached the entrance mid-morning.  Finally, the sky cleared and we got to see the mountains rising behind Cape Town.

Our reservation was at the V&A Waterfront Marina, and we had to pass through two bridges to get in; a swing bridge and a bascule bridge.  The bridges open on the 15 and 45 on demand.  

Cape Town: V&A Waterfront

Time: 41 Days

We docked at the V&A Waterfront Marina, which is right in the heart of the V&A Waterfront District.  Let me get this out of the way: I love Cape Town, and a huge part of what I loved was being at the V&A Waterfront.  

Many cruisers I talked to chose not to go to V&A because of the price.  This, I did not understand.  Yes, perhaps other places are cheaper (like Hout Bay), but the V&A Waterfront Marina was cheaper than many marinas we’ve been to, the amenities were great, and the location was even better.

We were in the heart of one of the best districts in Cape Town.  I could get anything I wanted within walking distance.  The food was amazing – the V&A Food Market was less than a five-minute walk and we could eat dozens of cuisines for less than $10 a person.  The view was breathtaking, one that rivals being anchored off the Sydney Opera House or (I’d imagine) anchoring by the Statue of Liberty.  

All of this is to say that I think it was one of the best values for marinas we’ve ever stayed in.  We paid what averaged out to less than $40 a night.  The many hotels ringing the marina are priced well over $200 a night.  While the amenities weren’t as nice as One 15 Marina in Singapore (the best marina we’ve ever stayed in), we were paying nearly 1/3 of the price.  

In the marina, we had access to free wifi and the ablution block included laundry (which is good because sending it out in Cape Town was much more expensive than the rest of South Africa).   The neighboring apartment complex had a gym we could use for R250 each for a month.

We did a lot of fun things around Cape Town and used it as a base to jump off to Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park for a 3-night safari .

We were able to get a lot done in Cape Town: fill propane tanks, patch canvas, machine some metal parts, and a lot of shopping. Cape Town is huge, and has everything you need. Rental cars and Ubers are cheap.

Clearing out in Cape Town

With the help of Josh at V&A Waterfront Marina, we were able to do our whole clear out process without moving over to Royal Cape. Everything went smoothly – even though we didn’t clear in with Customs & Immigration when we arrived into Cape Town; they just did the paperwork altogether.

And just like that, we were off on a 12-day sail to Saint Helena!


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Three- slipways which allow for a safe launch into the protected waters of the Richards Bay harbour. The two main slipways can accommodate up to four boats and also has a section with a rubber covering to allow fishing ski and Jet Ski anglers to easily launch their craft single handed without the risk of damaging them on the concrete. The third is a small slipway at the area designated for Jet Ski use. A boat wash which can easily accommodate four large boats and a huge fish cleaning facility are conveniently located near the main slipways.

  • The floating jetty allows for the easy and safe boarding of craft.
  • A large thatched Lapa entertainment area next to the main slipways and jetty.
  • The Lapa houses a bar, kitchen, and toilets. Light meals are available from the kitchen at very reasonable prices. It also boasts a big screen where sporting events or competition information are displayed for easy viewing.
  • A recent addition to the Lapa is a wooden sundeck extending towards the water.
  • The clubhouse which houses a small hall with a veranda, a ladies bar and the club office.  The club hall is available for functions and can be booked by contacting the club administrator.
  • Lots of picnic spots some with small thatched lapas for shade
  • A fenced swimming pool with a large surrounding lawn.
  • A jungle gym for the entertainment of small kids.
  • Petrol refuelling facilities (two stroke oil is also available).
  • Bait is available from the radio control room
  • A boat garage complex where lock-up garages are leased to members for the safe and secure storage of boats and tackle.
  • An outdoor boat park where members can rent space to leave boats for extended periods.
  • A small caravan park situated on the grounds with easy access to all club facilities for the exclusive use by members.  The park has 20 stands with its own ablution block.

richards bay yacht club fees

Our Club in the 70s and 80s

richards bay yacht club fees

Our Club Now

richards bay yacht club fees

CommodoreMike Van Rooyen071 413 0534
Vice-CommodoreBossie Booysen079 135 3019
TreasurerDeon Swanepoel082 651 4156
SecretaryHermann Collen082 956 0224
Safety OfficerGerrie Delport073 312 3194
RecordsJan Kapp (Jnr)035 753 2516

GroundsHennie Steyn
 035 753 2516
PR & EntertainmentVacant

Competitions & DevelopmentJacques Van Wyk083 725 0553
BookkeeperSandra v.d. Berg
035 753 2516
Admin AssistantHannetjie Mans035 753 2516
Hospitality ManagerNellie Steyn
035 753 2516

richards bay yacht club fees

Authorised Suzuki Sales, Fitment & Service Centre

News: Fishing

Bottom or game fish at meerensee boat club.

richards bay yacht club fees

All your Meerensee Boat Club facilities and membership fees info, fishing competitions, boat launch and download membership forms, plus: fish species and locals’ best fishing spots

From tuna and dorado in the deep to an amazing list of common bottom fish species, there’s such a wide range of fishing to do at Meerensee Boat Club on Commodore Close in Richards Bay. The club locals share some of the best fishing spots with us, and we bring you all the info about Meerensee Boat Club and membership: info, contacts, facilities, membership fees, boat launch and boat services, plus all the popular fishing competitions, including the 21 Species.

Here’s what’s to discover at Meerensee Boat Club.

meerensee, boat, club, meer en see, 21, species, fishing, competition, richards bay, 2019, dates, info


Home to the annual SA Marlin Cup in April each year, Meerensee Boat Club is situated in very near the waterfront and yacht club in Richards Bay. And it is a multidisciplinary club, featuring everything from boat fishing (deep and bottom fishing) to light tackle, canoe and kayak and even shore angling.

This because the Richards Bay area sits on a lagoon/estuary zone that gives you access to the deep ocean, making for a very wide range of fishing options. You can fish anything from marlin, tuna and dorado to rock salmon, sandfish and cave bass – and of course nearly every species of mackerel,  garrick, grunter, dusky, cod, shad and more in between. All right here from Meerensee Boat Club.

21, species, fishing, competition, richards bay, 2019, dates, info, meerensee, boat, club


Meerensee Boat Club is fully kitted with nice common areas, a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and lapa – all for membership to use. There’s a big events space, and the club even helps host small functions, such as birthdays, weddings and get-togethers.

And the general public and non-members are welcome to come and say hi and spend the day or grab a bite to eat at the restaurant. Just note, all visitors pay an R20 visitor’s fee on entry.

meerensee, boat, club, meer en see, 21, species, fishing, competition, richards bay, 2019, dates, info


In terms of facilities for boats, there are demarcated and very safe parking zones for boats and trailers. And do note that the club adheres very strictly to local, provincial and national safety regulations. But the club is also geared to help members get all necessary documentation and certificates of fitness, from seaworthiness to skipper tickets etc. Just ask at the club, they’ll gladly assist.

In terms of boat launching, Meerensee Boat Club has two slipways on the premises. And they also have a very good relationship with Richards Bay Ski-Boat Club nearby (where the caravan park is), who often make an additional three slipways available, especially during big competitions at Meerensee Boat Club.

21, species, fishing, competition, richards bay, 2019, dates, info, meerensee, boat, club


Although Meerensee will often work together with Richards Bay Boat Club down the road, the Meerensee Boat Club has built a nice stable of their own fishing tournaments that are quite popular. Most recently, Meerensee hosts the annual South African Marlin Cup in April each year.

But Meerensee is perhaps best known for the one comp that brings all the various fishing disciplines together in one big festival: the 21 Species .


Started in 1981 by a collective of bay boaters who fished the estuary and harbour areas, Meerensee Boat Club officially got its name in 1984. A light-tackle division, as well as canoe and kayak fishing division, became part of the club in 1986, while the ski-boat division joined the club in 1994.

Today the club still caters to a wide range of boats and fishing disciplines.


There’s a remarkable range of species fishable in the area around Meerensee Boat Club and Richards Bay. From true deep sea game fish to bottom fishing and even a vast number of species fishable directly inside the Richards Bay harbour.

21, species, fishing, competition, richards bay, 2019, dates, info, meerensee, boat, club

There are sailfish and marlin, but a good way to get an idea of the richness of species here is to consider the qualifying fish in the club’s annual 21 Species competition. You can expect to find tuna, dorado, snoek and couta, but also garrick, lantern fish, grunter and dusky. Slinger, cob and rockcod, shad, stumpnose, sandfish and even rock salmon are all also very common here. 

And, according to club commodore Crone Kleinschmidt, the majority of these species are so common that you can fish them right inside the Richards Bay harbour.

But, of course, there are a few lekker fishing spots that the locals will tell you about.


One of the most popular fishing spots, especially for grunter etc. is to the south from Richards Bay, down towards the border of the marine protected areas. There’s a landmark that locals know as Rooiwalle – the surrounding area referred to as Rooiwalle Beach – where the fishing is very good.

21, species, fishing, competition, richards bay, 2019, dates, info, meerensee, boat, club

About 20km north of Richards Bay, about 4km out from shore, there’s another landmark known as Groenkop where there’s a lot of bottom fish species and an average depth of around 20 metres. And locals will tell you this is where they go looking for couta and snoek.

Ask the Meerensee Boat Club members, they’ll know.


1 Commodore Close, Richards Bay Phone: 035 788 0258 Email: [email protected] Website Facebook  


Club fees are around R1000 per year, and you can download the application form here . 

Restaurant, bar, receptions and functions venue, pool and lapa. As well as two slipways for boat launching and secure parking for boats and trailers.

Thanks to club commodore Corner Kleinschmidt, Alida and team for contributing to this feature!

Also nearby, discover St Lucia Ski-Boat Club and Mapelane Ski-Boat Club .  Plus: See all the ski-boat clubs in Zululand .

mapelane, ski, boat, club, sbc, maphelane, angling, game, fish, deep, sea, association, st lucia, wetlands, offshore, fishing, spot, pelagic, species, marlin, billfish, membership, member, facilities, contact, number, directions, surf launch, clubhouse, isimangaliso

A little further south from Durban is Shelly Beach Ski-Boat Club .

And also check out all of the year’s big fishing competitions .


Also explore with us the  ski-boat clubs of Border .


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Suzuki Lean Burn Control System, Fuel Economy Outboard Technology by Nauti-tech Suzuki


Discover our range of beautiful, custom-built  new boats .

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To ensure you always get first dibs on the latest deals and be the first to know about new, events and special offers by joining the  Nauti-Tech Suzuki Facebook community  and  signing up for our newsletter .

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richards bay yacht club fees

How Much Do Yacht Club Memberships Cost? (5 Helpful Examples)

' src=

Joining a yacht club is an important milestone in your life. It marks a certain degree of success and allows you to enjoy plenty of luxurious amenities. Setting sail on a yacht is the ultimate way to unwind from a hectic work week while you try to climb the corporate ladder.

Fortunately, there are yacht clubs all over the country that would love to welcome you as a brand-new member. You can enjoy an afternoon on the water with a beautiful yacht in exchange for a small sum of money.

But how much do Yacht Club memberships generally cost?

Prices for Yacht Clubs will vary based on your location, the fleet, and even the amenities that are offered at the marina. The average annual membership price is between $900-$4,000 depending on your level of luxury and needs.

To give you an idea of what you could expect to pay for your yacht club membership, here are some numbers gathered from across the country:

Yacht Club Annual Dues
Charleston Yacht Club $900
Florida Yacht Club $3,288
Atlanta Yacht Club $900
Chicago Yacht Club $3,690
California Yacht Club $3,144

Table of Contents

richards bay yacht club fees

What Does Each Yacht Club Offer?

Each yacht club is going to offer something that sets it apart from the others on this listing. To give you a better idea of where your money is going, here is a brief synopsis of what you can expect at each location.

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Charleston Yacht Club

Charleston is a premier cruising destination with plenty of waterways for you to explore. They offer a launch hoist, dry slips, day dockage, free parking, and a long list of events scheduled throughout the year.

You also gain privileges at other yacht clubs around the world. If you don’t own your own yacht, they have plenty of members who often have room on their boats to accommodate a few extra passengers.

Florida Yacht Club

The Florida Yacht Club is a relatively exclusive club that features amazing amenities like fine dining and an array of aquatic activities.

You can play tennis, enjoy a spa treatment or massage, or get in a rousing game of croquet from the shore. They also host events and permit you to extend your privileges to other locations scattered around the Florida coast.

Atlanta Yacht Club

The Atlanta Yacht Club is primarily geared toward sailors who are interested in racing. They have a fleet of more than thirty different boats that are designed to help you further your knowledge of sailing.

If you still have a lot to learn, you can even take classes at this location. Prospective members must be sponsored and co-sponsored by two club members for entrance.

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Chicago Yacht Club

Members of the Chicago Yacht Club will find plenty of opportunities to get involved. With more than forty different committees, you can find a circle of friends that have common interests beyond just sailing and racing.

You also receive transient docking at both the Belmont and Monroe harbors, exclusive invites to private events, and reciprocity at more than 900 clubs across the country.

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California Yacht Club

The California Yacht Club is home to both national and world championship regattas.

They host plenty of events from scuba club to book club to wine tastings. If you want to find a true community of like-minded sailors, this could be the place for you.

One of the best features is the reciprocity at locations not just across the United States but across the world. You can feel free to travel the world with your yacht and experience some of the same fellowship globally.

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What are the Cheapest Yacht Clubs?

The cheapest yacht clubs charge just under $1,000 per year for membership. While this does give you access to different types of experiences, you may be disappointed by the overall amenities.

Some yacht clubs are known for their extravagant country club styles that help you to embrace a particular lifestyle. They include Olympic-sized swimming pools, state-of-the-art tennis courts, and fine dining.

Everything has a beautiful waterfront view. It can feel like you are in the middle of an idyllic paradise without ever even having to leave the shore. If this is what you can gain from the most expensive yacht clubs, you should set your expectations much lower for the cheaper yacht clubs.

The cheaper yacht clubs lack the community aspect of these exclusive options. They feature dry slips and the occasional party, but not much more.

Some of them may have the feel of a county park with some picnic benches, outdoor grills, and a moderately sized swimming pool. Expect a much more casual atmosphere when you choose to go with a cheaper yacht club.

It is even possible that they are simply “paper yacht clubs” that do not even maintain a physical building of their own.

How Much Do the Most Expensive Yacht Clubs Cost to Join?

The most expensive yacht clubs can vary a great deal in price. Most of them will cost between $3,000 and $4,000 per year. However, you can certainly find more exclusive clubs that will cost above and beyond this.

Keep in mind that these more expensive clubs generally are not open to the public. They are offered by invitation only and you must have a member sponsor you to be considered for entrance.

When you are paying for a more expensive yacht club, you should make sure that you are really going to get your money’s worth. These expensive clubs promote a certain type of elegant lifestyle.

Make sure that you are planning to take advantage of all the amenities available from one of these clubs before you sink too much money into the membership fees. The social aspect of these expensive yacht clubs is extremely important.

If you plan to simply rent a boat from time to time, you might be able to go with a cheaper yacht club.

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What Is Generally Included in the Membership Fee for Yacht Clubs?

Have you been wondering why you should join a yacht club? Many potential members want to know what they can expect from their membership fees before they commit to a year-long contract. There are many advantages to signing up for a membership with a well-known yacht club.

Amenities and Activities

First and foremost, you get access to activities and cruises planned by board members. These might be various sailing activities, dinners, get-togethers, tennis matches, or other events that take up a lazy Sunday afternoon.

You also gain access to any amenities that surround the yacht club’s marina. For many programs, this means a fitness center, pool, and tennis courts. Several locations also offer fine dining, meeting rooms, and more.

It is like a private oasis where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the regular world. Time moves slowly when you’re enjoying the amenities here.

Many yacht clubs have programs that introduce children (and adults!) to sailing. Take classes to learn more about improving your technique, sailing safety, and other important aspects of life on the open water.

Access to the Fleet

The main reason why most people join yacht clubs is to be able to rent out boats instead of purchasing their own. Joining a yacht club may give you access to an entire fleet of yachts that can be reserved for a day or weeks at a time. Some yacht clubs allow you to rent boats for up to ten days at a time.

Others do not allow you to rent out ships. They are primarily geared toward individuals who already own a yacht or will own a yacht in the future. Make sure you know the difference in advance.

richards bay yacht club fees

Are There any Additional Costs Besides the Membership Fees?

Unfortunately, the membership fees are not the only cost associated with joining a yacht club. Most of the clubs in the United States also have a one-time initial fee that tends to cost thousands of dollars. Many will range from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on the location and the exclusivity of the yacht club.

This one-time fee should be the only additional money you pay except for fuel. Most yacht clubs do not cover the cost of the fuel used in the ship during your rental if renting is an option. Be prepared for what this could cost you.

If you cause damage to the ship, you can also expect some out-of-pocket costs. Insurance should cover the damage, but you will likely be asked to cover the cost of the deductible.

Be sure to inquire about how much you may be on the hook for before you sign up for any particular yacht club. Accidents can happen, even to the most experienced sailors. Make sure that you can afford the mishap in advance.

Is a Yacht Club Membership Right for You?

Understanding what the real cost of a yacht club membership is can be the first step toward determining if this is right for you. Many people love the luxuries available through the more expensive yacht clubs, but they may not be able to afford it. Consider what is most important in a club to you before deciding to sign on the dotted line for an annual membership.

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Our History:

richards bay yacht club fees

The current version of the Richardson Bay Yacht Club was founded in 1978 but despite our relatively recent past, we have claims to some of the earliest history of San Francisco Bay yachting.  Take our burgee, presented to us by the Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association, it was first flown by the California Yacht Club of Alameda founded in 1893 and one of the five original clubs of the PICYA .

Then there is our name. An earlier Richardson Bay Yacht Club graced the Bay from 1936 to 1941, with their headquarters in the hulk of the Barkentine “Echo” beached in Richardson Bay. The rent was only $10 a month, but a rash decision, fueled by adult libations, led to the wreck’s purchase. Stormy weather and the ravages of time accelerated Echoʼs deterioration beyond any hope of restoration.

Her end came after a rip roaring party, when she was set afire to become her own funeral pyre. She burnt like paper right down to her waterline, but relieved of the weight of her topsides, off she floated to the far side of Richardson Bay on the next high tide. Despite the Coast Guardʼs best efforts to moor her, Echo broke loose for several more unauthorized voyages until the Corps of Engineers finally lost patience and took her off the Bay, threatening to bill the Club for their costs. This may have prompted the membership, some 150 active young sailors, to move en-mass to the San Francisco Yacht Club on Opening Day 1941, incidentally creating the single largest membership increase for the SFYC .

The RBYC is not a full service yacht club. We do not have a club house. We do not support racing teams. We do not have a junior program, but we are a fully supportive and active member of the PICYA, and many fellow clubs extend their reciprocity privileges to our members. Our Membership is currently around 90 and we do not anticipate ever growing beyond 150. We are best described as a pleasant group who all have some interest in recreational boating and who all value the friend-ships and fellow-ships berthed at our Club.

Some 15-20% of our members own a boat, and the RBYC has a proud record, in the decorated vessel contests of the PICYA Opening Day parade, winning first place twice in each of the power and sail divisions (see below), as well as picking up a number of 2nd and 3rd places over the years. A past RBYC Commodore has also served as Commodore of the PICYA . Another past Commodore is currently the senior safety officer of the local Coast Guard Auxiliary. Members share their fascinating experiences with us through our Website and our monthly newsletter, the STAR. You are encouraged to explore our Web Site at: www.rbyachtclub.com. Plus, Click the STAR link on our Home page to view our current STAR newsletter .

Club Activities & Entertainment:

The Club sponsors a program of monthly events. The News section of our website Home page will give you an idea of the scope of our activities. Events range from the formal dinner and dance of our Change of Watch ceremony in September to summertime cook outs and kayak races. We also cruise out to some reciprocating PICYA Bay Area yacht clubs. Other features and benefits:

  • Instant enlargement of your circle of friends and contacts.
  • An organized program of delightful and unusual social activities - the easy way to vary your routine and add a great deal of fun.
  • Music and Dancing evenings with great bands in great venues.
  • A chance to play on San Francisco Bay - boater or no, you’ll spend pleasant times on or near the water in the RBYC.
  • We’re a Fraternity in the world wide yachting community. Our members have been welcomed in Yacht Clubs on both coasts, major inland lakes, in Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaii and the South Seas and our burgee hangs proudly in Clubs around the world commemorating our visits.
  • An opportunity to add a new social dimension to your life as you participate in RBYC activities and management .

How Much is a Yacht Club Membership? 3 Common Price Ranges

Dinner table set onboard a yacht with the text "how much is a yacht club membership?" superimposed over the image

The cost of an annual yacht club membership can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the location of the club, the amenities offered, the exclusivity of the membership, and the size of the yacht being accommodated. We’ve compiled a set of guidelines below to help you estimate what you can expect to pay for an annual yacht club membership.

Local or Less Exclusive Yacht Clubs

Afternoon party at a local yacht club

These clubs might offer basic amenities such as docking facilities, a clubhouse, and some social events. Annual fees can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Membership fees could be as low as $500 to $2,000 per year.

Mid-Range Yacht Clubs:

Mid-range yacht club facility

These clubs may offer more extensive amenities, including high-quality dining facilities, repair and maintenance services, fitness centers, and a busy calendar of social and boating activities. Annual fees for these clubs can range from $3,000 to $10,000 or more.

Prestigious or Exclusive Yacht Clubs

Yacht party during sunset among members of a prestigious yacht club in Miami

The most exclusive yacht clubs, often located in prime locations with extensive facilities and services, can have annual membership fees that are significantly higher. These can range from $10,000 to $30,000 or more per year, with some of the most elite clubs costing even more. Additionally, these clubs might have initiation fees that can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It’s also important to note that many yacht clubs have additional costs beyond the annual membership dues. These can include initiation fees for new members, monthly minimum spending requirements at the club’s facilities, and additional fees for docking, storage, and maintenance services.

Additional Considerations

Some yacht clubs require yacht ownership as a prerequisite before being accepted into the club. Hence, while the yacht club membership itself might only be between $500 and $2,000, the true price of a yacht club membership might be tied to the cost of ownership of your yacht as well.

Bottom Line: Simply Ask If Interested

If you’re interested in joining a yacht club, make a list of yacht clubs that you might be interested in joining, and reach out to them via email or phone to get the most accurate and up-to-date information. Most yacht club members are quite friendly and are willing to help those who are interested in joining.

We wish you good luck in your yacht club search, and hope that you were able to find this article helpful.

Listing your boat with Yachtlify provides several unique benefits, including:

  • List once, post on multiple platforms (Yachtlify.com, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and others).
  • Schedule showings and sea trials with our calendar and reminders.
  • View listing engagement analytics across platforms.
  • eSign, state forms, and Coast Guard forms to manage closing documentation in once place.

richards bay yacht club fees

Eviction of Clubs from the Richards Bay harbour and surrounding areas

Imagine a well-developed Port not having facilities for the launching of pleasure craft such as ski – and bay boats nor moorings for yachts and larger sport fisher vessels.

It seems unthinkable but that is the scenario which is unfolding in the Port of Richards Bay if the City of uMhlathuze were to have its way.

  Chronological Developments

  • Historically social and sports clubs paid nominal rentals to the municipality.
  • On 25 November 2015, the Council reviewed the position and resolved to increase the rentals to an amount equivalent to 10% of the market related rental save for those clubs conducting commercial activities on their premises.
  • Pursuant to a further resolution passed on 20 June 2017, officials met with representatives of the various clubs advising that they would be offered a further 1-year lease subject to the payment of drastically increased monthly rentals – the highest being that of the Zululand Yacht Club which would now be required to pay R85 000.00 per month.
  • On 1 February 2018 many of the clubs received letters requiring that addenda to their lease agreements be signed within 24 hours accepting the drastic upward adjustments to the rentals failing which they should vacate their premises by 28 February 2018.

The affected Clubs and Institute with direct access to the harbour are: Richards Bay Ski-Boat Club, Meerensee Boat Club, Zululand Yacht Club, Richards Bay See Scouts, Richards Bay Undersea Club, Zululand Multi-Sports Club and the National Sea Rescue Institute.

Affected Clubs / entities removed from the harbour area are: Imvubu Lodge and Caravan Park, Empangeni Arts and Crafts, Richards Bay Rugby Club, Equestrian Club and Richards Bay Bowling Club.

Period of Occupation

The oldest of the clubs referred to above is the Zululand Yacht Club which was established in 1961 and has over the subsequent decades occupied the premises in terms of various leases. The Zululand Yacht Club has improved its premises by the construction of, amongst others, a Club house, boat houses, administrative offices, a slipway, repair facilities as well as walk-on and other moorings, the total insured value being in excess of R42 million. The other Clubs have similarly developed their premises to suit their specific requirements.

Contribution of Clubs

The boat clubs render the following services to the local and international community: launching facilities to the public, haulage and repair facilities, development programmes for the surrounding rural communities and the hosting of national and international fishing and sailing events. In addition, the clubs’ premises are used by the Natal Sharks Board, the Waterwing of the South African Police Services, South African Maritime Safety Authority, National Sea Rescue Institute and to launch anti-poaching craft to combat gillnetting which is taking place on a massive scale within the port.

Legal Position

In view of the fact that none of the affected clubs are able to afford the exorbitant rentals imposed, which even if agreed to would have extended their tenure by a mere 12 months, some of the clubs have instituted legal proceedings by way of interdict and action against the municipality to resist the proposed evictions.

The hearing of the interdict was set down for 11 April 2018 on which date an agreement was reached to postpone the application indefinitely pending the outcome of the action challenging the grounds for the evictions. In the interim, the municipality has undertaken to suspend all further action against the clubs.

Rationale for evictions

The municipality avers that the space occupied by the various clubs is required to make way for a further waterfront development which gives rise to a number of questions:

  • The proposed evictions must surely be premature given that no tender has been put out for any development?
  • Why have the clubs situated well-outside any possible waterfront development zone been included in the list of those to be evicted?
  • What is to become of some 135 yachts and other vessels berthed at the moorings of the Zululand Yacht Club?
  • Has the position of those employees who will lose their employment been considered? The yacht club alone provides some 38 employees with work.
  • Why could those existing clubs requiring access to the harbour not be permitted to remain in place and given the opportunity if and when a bona fide developer is appointed to negotiate to be incorporated in the envisaged grand waterfront development?
  • Has the massive contribution of the clubs in promoting tourism been considered? During the State of the Nation Address, President Ramaposa stressed the importance of developing the tourism industry.
  • The evictions of the clubs would be in direct conflict with the government initiative of Operation Phakisa which has as its objective the unlocking of the economic potential of the oceans.
  • What is to become of the structures on the clubs’ premises once these have been vacated? They are likely to become a haven for vagrants and criminal elements as has happened elsewhere in Richards Bay following irrational and ill-timed evictions.

Resolution of matter

It will be interesting to see how the courts interpret the reasonableness of the municipality’s decision to evict the clubs.

richards bay yacht club fees


richards bay yacht club fees


richards bay yacht club fees


richards bay yacht club fees


richards bay yacht club fees


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If you bank with Standard Bank, Nedbank, Investec, FNB or Absa Bank you are encouraged to pay us using the bank approved beneficiary: Shepstone and Wylie Attorneys .

If you don’t use the bank approved beneficiary option, you must always call us to verify our banking details before making any payment.

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Boat & Catamaran charter in Richards Bay  - Yacht Rental

Boat & Catamaran charter in Richards Bay - Yacht Rental

Richards bay yacht rental.

Welcome to Yachting.Rent, the premier provider of yacht rental services in Richards Bay, a vibrant city located on the stunning coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. We specialize in crafting unique sailing experiences that blend adventure, luxury, and relaxation, transforming ordinary vacations into unforgettable journeys against the splendid backdrop of Richards Bay.

Our yacht fleet is carefully chosen to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance. Each vessel in our fleet reflects our commitment to safety, luxury, and exemplary sailing performance. Whether you seek a small, intimate yacht for a romantic getaway or a larger vessel to host a group of friends or family, our diverse fleet caters to a wide range of preferences and requirements.

Yachting.Rent takes pride in delivering unparalleled sailing experiences that epitomize perfection. Our yachts are equipped with advanced navigation technology and outfitted with lavish amenities for an indulgent journey. Enjoy the beautifully designed cabins, spacious lounge spaces, well-equipped galleys, and enticing on-deck Jacuzzis, perfect for a relaxing soak as you drink in the panoramic vistas.

Our dedicated team at Yachting.Rent consists of experienced professionals passionate about sailing and delivering superior customer service. We ensure smooth, secure, and memorable journeys, tailored to your unique desires. From planning the ideal route to curating a delectable menu and organizing unique on-board experiences, our team attends to every detail of your sailing adventure.

Sailing in Richards Bay offers a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of South Africa’s northeastern coastline. Marvel at the panoramic views of the vast ocean, watch the mesmerizing sunset, or relax under the starry sky after a delightful dinner. Each voyage with us promises an array of enchanting sights and memorable moments.

Beyond our standard charter services, we offer a range of specialized options to enrich your sailing experience. This includes private sailing lessons, curated wine tastings featuring South Africa’s esteemed vineyards, professional photography sessions to capture your memorable moments, and gourmet catering services for indulging your culinary desires.

At Yachting.Rent, we are committed to offering unparalleled yacht rental services that combine luxury, comfort, and unforgettable experiences. We invite you to explore the mesmerizing beauty of Richards Bay and discover the joy of sailing with us. Contact us today to learn more about our services and book your dream yacht journey.

Daniel Goldman

CEO of Yachting.Rent

Boat & Catamaran charter in Richards Bay

Bali 4.4 - 3 + 1 cab. - Apollo - 2022

Bali 4.5 – 4 + 2 cab. – Adria Chicha – 2017

Lagoon 450 F - 4 + 2 cab. - Shiva - 2018

Lagoon 450 F – 4 + 2 cab. – Shiva – 2018

Lagoon 42 - 4 + 2 cab. - Eleni - 2023.

Lagoon 42 – 4 + 2 cab. – Hanselli – 2024

Lagoon 42 – 4 + 1 cab. – pirelli – 2024.

Saxdor 320 GTO - Kali - 2022

Saxdor 320 GTC – Olivia – 2022

Saxdor 320 gto – kali – 2022.

richards bay yacht club fees

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richards bay yacht club fees

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About Richards Bay

Why is Richards Bay a good sailing destination?

At Yachting.Rent, we are proud to highlight Richards Bay as an exceptional sailing destination. Situated on the eastern coast of South Africa in the KwaZulu-Natal Province, Richards Bay is a bustling city nestled against one of the country’s largest harbors. Its combination of unique marine life, mild weather, and scenic beauty makes it a remarkable choice for sailing enthusiasts.

Richards Bay boasts a subtropical climate, which makes it suitable for sailing year-round. The warm Indian Ocean currents and predictable wind patterns contribute to comfortable, enjoyable sailing conditions.

The bay itself, with its deep-water harbor and vast waterfront, provides ample space for sailing. It offers remarkable views of the sprawling city, the open sea, and the surrounding lush vegetation. The breathtaking sunsets and sunrises over the harbor are sights that every sailor cherishes.

Beyond the experience on the water, Richards Bay is also a gateway to a range of exciting marine life. The city’s location on the migratory route of humpback and southern right whales makes it a prime spot for whale watching, particularly between June and November. Spotting these majestic creatures from the deck of your yacht is an unforgettable experience.

The waters of Richards Bay are also home to a variety of game fish, making it a great spot for anglers. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, you can add excitement to your sailing adventure with some deep-sea fishing.

Onshore, Richards Bay has much to offer. The city is known for its shopping centers, fine dining options serving up local and international cuisine, and vibrant nightlife. Moreover, its close proximity to several nature reserves, including the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park, provides ample opportunities for safari adventures where one can spot the Big Five game animals.

At Yachting.Rent, we are dedicated to more than just providing a yacht rental service; we aim to deliver a comprehensive sailing experience. Sailing in Richards Bay with us offers you the opportunity to not only enjoy the thrill of navigating the waters but also to immerse yourself in the diverse experiences this amazing destination has to offer. Contact us today and let’s plan a sailing adventure that will remain etched in your memory for a lifetime.

richards bay yacht club fees


richards bay yacht club fees

What Choose

Sailing boat or Catamaran, what to sail in Richards Bay

Richards Bay, a coastal marvel in South Africa, offers a diverse sailing landscape, with its bustling port, rich marine life, and serene blue waters. Yachting.Rent, a leading provider of yacht charter services, helps you make the ideal choice between a sailing boat and a catamaran for your adventure in this beautiful harbor town.

Sailing Boat in Richards Bay: If you’re looking for a traditional and intimate sailing experience, our sailing boats are the way to go. Perfectly designed to catch the wind and navigate the waves, sailing boats are ideal for the thrill-seekers and those who want a hands-on experience. The sleek design allows you to explore hidden coves and reach secluded beaches, providing an authentic connection to the ocean.

Catamaran in Richards Bay: If comfort and luxury are at the top of your list, a catamaran charter from Yachting.Rent might be your preferred choice. With its dual-hull design, a catamaran offers a smooth ride, ample space, and a wide deck that’s perfect for socializing, sunbathing, or simply relaxing. The stability and spaciousness make catamarans an excellent option for families, large groups, or special events.

What to Sail in Richards Bay?

  • Sailing Boat: Choose a sailing boat for a more adventurous and traditional sailing journey. Experience the thrill of tacking and jibing, and feel the pulse of Richards Bay’s maritime life.
  • Catamaran: Opt for a catamaran if you’re looking for a leisurely and luxurious experience. Enjoy the panoramic views, the elegance, and the comfort that only a catamaran can provide.

At Yachting.Rent, we understand that every guest has unique preferences, and our expert team is ready to guide you in selecting the vessel that aligns with your desires. Whether it’s the romance of a sailing boat or the opulence of a catamaran, your exploration of Richards Bay’s charm will be a voyage to remember.

Contact Yachting.Rent today, and let us tailor your sailing experience in Richards Bay, where the waves tell stories, the winds whisper adventure, and the horizon invites exploration. Choose your vessel, set sail, and become part of Richards Bay’s captivating coastal tapestry.

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Find golf prices in your city

How much does it cost to golf at Regatta Bay Golf & Yacht Club?

At Regatta Bay Golf & Yacht Club, the cost to golf starts at $75.00 and goes up to $210.00.

Regatta Bay Golf & Yacht Club

Regatta bay golf & yacht club today from $75 to $119.

18 holes $75 to $119 $75 to $210 $75 to $210 $75 to $210 $75 to $210 $75 to $210 $75 to $119 $75 to $119

Always call the clubhouse to confirm pricing

DISCLAIMER This website is a directory website and we are not affiliated with Regatta Bay Golf & Yacht Club. The prices listed above have been obtained via public information and green fees may change without notice. Always call the clubhouse to confirm pricing. If you see an error, please update it.

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http://local.gf/89gVR Copy

465 Regatta Bay Blvd, Destin, FL 32541, United States Destin, FL 32541

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(850) 337-8080


This website is a directory website and we are not affiliated with Regatta Bay Golf & Yacht Club. The prices listed above have been obtained via public information and green fees may change without notice. Always call the clubhouse to confirm pricing. If you see an error, please update it.

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Last updated February 13, 2024.

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  • Family 36+ (Married or Single Adult age 36+ with children <26).........$115.75 Monthly
  • Family 30-35 (Married or Single Adult age 30-35 with children <26)...$72.83 Monthly
  • Family 22-29 (Married or Single Adult age 22-29 with children <26)...$58.50 Monthly
  • Single Adult 36+ (no children <26).......................................................$98.00 Monthly
  • Single Adult 30-35 (no children <26)....................................................$55.00 Monthly
  • Single Adult 22-29 (no children <26)....................................................$40.75 Monthly
  • Ancient Mariner* 72+ Family................................................................$58.50 Monthly
  • Ancient Mariner* 72+ Single Adult.......................................................$48.50 Monthly
  • Ancient Mariner*/Bondholder 72+ .......................................................$55.00 Monthly
  • Associate Junior ..................................................................................$29.75 Monthly

*Ancient Mariner status requires 25+ years as a member


  • Persons age 20 – 30, a $700 initiation fee, $200 up front with the remaining $500 “Forgiveness” credit for each year they remain in the Club, completed in 5 years.
  • Persons age 31 – 40, a $900 initiation fee, $400 up front with the remaining $500 “Forgiveness” credit for each year they remain in the Club, completed in 5 years.
  • Persons 41 and older – a $1,800 initiation fee with pay off in one year.
  • Boat partnership offer – boat partners, when both join at the same time, would pay only one (1) initiation fee, based on the age brackets described above (oldest partner).
  • Re-applying former members offer – assessed 25% of the initiation fee based on the age brackets described above with pay off in one year. This situation does not include being a former member as a dependent under a parent's family membership.


  • Fixed Slip........................................$  70.00/ft/yr
  • Floating Dock..................................$106.00/ft/yr

When a FBYC or reciprocal club member needs a slip for a short period of time, nightly slip rental is $2.00/ft.


  • Optimist on rack.................................................$12.92 Monthly
  • ILCA (Laser) or Board on rack...........................$14.17 Monthly
  • Kayak on rack....................................................$ 8.34 Monthly
  • Dinghy on rack...................................................$12.92 Monthly
  • ILCA (Laser) on trailers......................................$27.42 Monthly
  • All other Fleet Status boats on trailers...............$31.50 Monthly
  • Boats under 20 ft. on trailers..............................$31.50 Monthly
  • Catamarans........................................................$104.58 Monthly
  • Offshore boats 20.1 ft. thru 25 ft.........................$57.33 Monthly
  • Offshore boats over 25.1 ft.................................$111.83 Monthly
  • JC Large Lockers - 1 - 18..................................$12.41 Monthly
  • Barn Lockers #s 1 - 12.......................................$11.25 Monthly
  • X-Small 8" x 12"................................................$22
  • Small 10" x 15"..................................................$25
  • Medium 12" x 18"..............................................$30
  • Large 16" x 24"..................................................$35
  • X-Large 24" x 36"..............................................$70


DUES AND FEES:    Dues and Fees are billed annually each January.  Payment in full by check or credit card is due by January 31, unless a member chooses to pay by monthly bank draft, in which case the final draft goes through in January of the following year.

INITIATION FEES:   Initiation Fee payments are based on the age of applicant (eldest member of a family) at the time the complete membership application is received by FBYC. The payment due upon final approval for membership may be paid in full by check or credit card within 30 days of final approval, the entire amount paid by 12-month bank draft with no fee. 

Registration in the Junior Program by non-members is encouraged on a space available basis, as of a date determined by the Junior Division Commander. Such registrants shall pay a "premium" to the normal tuition for the Program. To encourage membership applications by such non-member registrants, they shall be given a credit for the tuition premium(s) they pay, against their Initiation Fee. Such credit(s) shall be taken, if at all, within a year of the last premium paid. All premiums paid by the applicant shall be credited, but the credit shall not exceed the applicable initiation fee.

PAYMENT OPTIONS:   Payment may be made by check, by bank draft or by credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

  • Bank Draft Option:   Bank draft payments for dues and fees are calculated based on the number of months remaining in the payment period. In paying dues/fees by bank draft, the figure after being divided by the number of months will be rounded up to the next even dollar amount. Initiation can be paid by bank draft beginning the month following final approval. There is no fee for payment of initiation by 12-month bank draft; however, there is a fee of $200 if paying by the 30-month bank draft option. Members paying by bank draft must complete a Bank Draft Authorization Form.
  • Credit Card Option:   Credit card payments must be paid in one installment. A 4% service charge (rounded to nearest even dollar amount) will be added to dues, fees and initiation paid by credit card. A member paying by credit card must complete a Credit Card Authorization Form.
  • New Members:   New members pay full Initiation Fee and their dues shall be prorated as of the month of final approval based on a 12-month scale (formula of Dues/12 x number of months remaining in calendar year).
  • Late Payment Charge:   A late payment charge of $10 will be added for each month that payment is past due.

richards bay yacht club fees


  1. Explore the Richards Bay Neighbourhood

    richards bay yacht club fees

  2. Richards Bay Yacht Club

    richards bay yacht club fees

  3. Zululand Yacht Club, Richards Bay, South Africa

    richards bay yacht club fees

  4. Ocean sailing seminar set for Richards Bay

    richards bay yacht club fees

  5. Richard’s Bay: the furthest port

    richards bay yacht club fees

  6. Richards Bay Yacht Club

    richards bay yacht club fees


  1. Zululand Yacht Club

    Zululand Yacht Club. Longitude 32° 0.5.015 E Latitude 28° 47.529 S. 035 788 0256; [email protected]; Mon - Fri 08hH00-16h00 Sat 08H00 - 12H00; Home; About Us. Facebook Page ... The Zululand Yacht Club (ZYC) is located at Longitude 32° 05.015 E and Latitude 28° 47.529 S, at Richards Bay Harbour ,in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, in sunny South ...

  2. Rules & Procedures

    Zululand Yacht Club. Longitude 32° 0.5.015 E Latitude 28° 47.529 S. 035 788 0256; [email protected] ... Richards Bay Harbour Restricted Areas ... The Application to the Offshore Committee and Study material is available at the Club office after payment of the required fee. The Pilots Exemption Certificate has to be renewed every January.

  3. Zululand Yacht Club

    The Zululand Yacht Club (ZYC) is located at Longitude 32° 05.015 E and Latitude 28° 47.529 S, at Richards Bay Harbour, in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, in sunny South Africa. Zululand Yacht Club takes great pride in introducing our visitors to our superb location on the dolphin coastline.

  4. Richards Bay

    The ZLYC is a full-service marina that welcomes all foreign and returning South African yachts. Hot showers, laundry, bar, restaurant and swimming pool. Chandlery and boatyard. [email protected]; Tel: +27 (35) 788 0256; Fax: +27 (35) 788 0254; VHF channel XX. Address: P.O. Box 10387, Meerensee, Richards Bay 3901, South Africa.

  5. Tracks4Africa Padkos

    Fax and photocopy, as well as long distance call-box available. Richards Bay offers all amenities, restaurants, banks, car hire, engineering works, etc. Game Reserves are in close proximity and various tour operators exist. Contact. Address : Richards Bay Harbour, 3900, KZN Zululand, South Africa. Tel :

  6. Zululand Yacht Club, 1 Commodore Cl, Meer En See, Richards Bay, phone

    15 reviews 1 Commodore Cl, Meer En See, Richards Bay, South Africa +27 35 788 0256 zyc.co.za suggest an edit. KwaZulu-Natal. Yacht Club. Zululand Yacht Club. Categories Yacht Club. People also viewed. Point Yacht Club. ... Excellent yacht club with well-kept facilities at a very reasonable price. Everyone is friendly and welcoming.


    ZULULAND YACHT CLUB Richards Bay APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP ... Joining Fee R1000.00 Subscription Fee R_____ Type _____ SAS Fee R_____ Type _____ ... notification that is deemed fit by the Zululand Yacht Club. Please be advised that should you not wish for us to keep

  8. Home

    The bay was named for William A. Richardson, early 19th century sea captain and builder in San Francisco. Richardson's Bay is one of the most pristine estuaries on the Pacific Coast in spite of its urbanized periphery. To promote the skillful and safe operation of pleasure boating craft. To sponsor events for the enjoyment and entertainment of ...

  9. Zululand Yacht Club

    Public group. ·. 3.7K members. Join group. Club Members, Guests and Interested persons of Zululand Yacht Club Richards Bay.

  10. Zululand Yacht Club

    Zululand Yacht Club. ZLYC is located on the Richards Bay harbour, adjacent to the NSRI base. Coming from Durban on the N2, turn off right to Richards Bay on the R34. Turn off right towards the Tuzi Gazi Marina, but turn off left into Commodore Close before going over the bridge to Tuzi Gazi. Map reference: 28 o 47' 31" S 32 o 05' 05" E.

  11. Noonsite.com

    Richards Bay Zululand Yacht Club can only accommodate boats until the World ARC arrives approx 9/11th Nov: is possible to anchor off. Contact Fiona Linde [email protected] *27 (0)35 788 0256. Tuzi Gazi (where you have to go tie up to the concrete docks in order to check into Immigration etc.) can only handle boats up to 10-12 tonnes, 40′ loa.

  12. Sailing the Coast of South Africa

    Time: 9 Days. We arrived in Richards Bay on November 11th after 8 days in the Mozambique Channel sailing from Madagascar. Richards Bay is a small city with a big port. It's quieter than Durban, 90 miles to the south, so many cruising boats come here to clear in to South Africa.

  13. Richards Bay Ski Boat Club

    Richards Bay Ski Boat Club. Login - Register. 035 753 2516; [email protected]; Home; Photo Gallery; Downloads; Login - Register; Rates. Venue Hire; Caravan Park; Membership; ... The clubhouse which houses a small hall with a veranda, a ladies bar and the club office. The club hall is available for functions and can be booked by contacting the ...

  14. Bottom or Game Fish at Meerensee Boat Club

    MEERENSEE BOAT CLUB. 1 Commodore Close, Richards Bay Phone: 035 788 0258 Email: [email protected] Website Facebook MEERENSEE BOAT CLUB MEMBERSHIP FEES. Club fees are around R1000 per year, and you can download the application form here. CLUB FACILITIES. Restaurant, bar, receptions and functions venue, pool and lapa.

  15. Zululand Yacht Club

    Looking for Clubs - Recreation in Richards Bay, Kwazulu Natal? Zululand Yacht Club offers reliable and efficient services. Click here for more information! ... 1 Commodore, Richards Bay, 3900. Email: [email protected]. Phone: 035 788 0256. EMAIL BOOKMARK Share. Services Provided. Clubs - Recreation, Yacht Club. Business Hours.

  16. How Much Do Yacht Club Memberships Cost? (5 Helpful Examples)

    To give you an idea of what you could expect to pay for your yacht club membership, here are some numbers gathered from across the country: Yacht Club. Annual Dues. Charleston Yacht Club. $900. Florida Yacht Club. $3,288. Atlanta Yacht Club. $900.

  17. Meerensee Boat Club

    Meerensee Boat Club, Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal. 493 likes · 1,308 were here. The club started 14th November 1981 with 4 Bay Boats.The name was... The club started 14th November 1981 with 4 Bay Boats.The name was Impangela Boat Club.On 18th of May

  18. About Us

    An earlier Richardson Bay Yacht Club graced the Bay from 1936 to 1941, with their headquarters in the hulk of the Barkentine "Echo" beached in Richardson Bay. The rent was only $10 a month, but a rash decision, fueled by adult libations, led to the wreck's purchase. Stormy weather and the ravages of time accelerated Echoʼs deterioration ...

  19. How Much is a Yacht Club Membership? 3 Common Price Ranges

    The most exclusive yacht clubs, often located in prime locations with extensive facilities and services, can have annual membership fees that are significantly higher. These can range from $10,000 to $30,000 or more per year, with some of the most elite clubs costing even more. Additionally, these clubs might have initiation fees that can range ...

  20. Eviction of Clubs from the Richards Bay harbour and surrounding ...

    Imvubu Lodge and Caravan Park, Empangeni Arts and Crafts, Richards Bay Rugby Club, Equestrian Club and Richards Bay Bowling Club. Period of Occupation. The oldest of the clubs referred to above is the Zululand Yacht Club which was established in 1961 and has over the subsequent decades occupied the premises in terms of various leases.

  21. Boat & Catamaran charter in Richards Bay

    Richards Bay, a coastal marvel in South Africa, offers a diverse sailing landscape, with its bustling port, rich marine life, and serene blue waters. Yachting.Rent, a leading provider of yacht charter services, helps you make the ideal choice between a sailing boat and a catamaran for your adventure in this beautiful harbor town.

  22. Regatta Bay Golf & Yacht Club Info & Green Fees ($75-$210)

    Regatta Bay Golf & Yacht Club is an 18-hole semi-private golf course in Destin, FL (par: 72; yards: 6,894). Green fees start at $75.00 and go up to $210.00.

  23. Dues

    FISHING BAY YACHT CLUB 2024 DUES AND FEES. ANNUAL DUES: Family 36+ (Married or Single Adult age 36+ with children <26).....$115.75 Monthly ... Office Mail: Fishing Bay Yacht Club, 2711 Buford Road #309, Bon Air, 23235, Clubhouse Address: 1525 Fishing Bay Road, Deltaville, VA 23043 (no mail delivery) Phone Numbers: Club House 804-889-2327 ...