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The Best Yacht To Buy In GTA Online

There is a small fleet of yachts to buy in GTA Online but one is more worth your money than the others.

By Joey Carr on July 5, 2023 at 12:02PM PDT

There is perhaps not a clearer sign of wealth in GTA Online than owning a yacht. As in real life, a yacht is the ultimate flex of luxury in the world of Los Santos. When Rockstar Games introduced the Galaxy Super Yacht fleet, they released three different yachts for players to purchase. All three of these gigantic boats are well worth your hard-earned GTA cash, as they all boast amenities as far as the eye can see. The main differences in the yachts lie in their price and how many features they have. However, as you'll see, those features don't drift too far apart from yacht to yacht.

Since the yachts start at the sky-high price of $6 million, players have asked if going for the most expensive yacht is actually worth it or if they can get by with the least expensive. It's a similar question that players have asked in regards to cars, jets, and any other property available in the online world of Los Santos. In this guide, we'll be going over all three of the yachts in GTA Online and determining which is the best to buy based on all of the factors.

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The Orion yacht in GTA Online. Image provided by VicenzoVegas21

Kicking us off is The Orion, the least expensive yacht in GTA Online. Of course, the term "least expensive" is used lightly here, as The Orion still costs a whopping $6 million in GTA cash. The Orion, and the other two yachts, are equipped with a 210-foot body and the same basic outside appearance as the two more expensive Galaxy Super Yachts in the game. There's a sun deck on top for sunbathing or throwing parties but no hot tub, unfortunately. Also on the exterior is one single helipad and storage for two vehicles, the Shitzu Tropic and Speedophile Seashark jetski. On the interior, The Orion is equipped with three luxurious guest rooms. Like the rest of the yachts, you can't actually drive The Orion. What you can do is pay your captain to park it somewhere and have it ready for you when you want to come aboard at a certain location. You can also complete six A Superyacht Life missions to reduce your overall operating costs and make some money with your yacht in the process.

The one aspect of The Orion that's truly lacking is that it doesn't spawn with a helicopter and only has one helipad. While not a huge problem, the other two yachts on this list have these aspects over The Orion. If you're in the market for a yacht and can spend $6 million, then you can likely also spend another million for the next yacht on this list. This could make The Orion obsolete unless you're truly strapped for cash.

The Pisces yacht in GTA Online

For one million more than The Orion ($7 million), you can own The Pisces. Compared to The Orion, The Pisces spawns with a helicopter and has two helipads, a hot tub, and space for five vehicles. Those vehicles are the Buckingham Swift (helicopter), Pegassi Speeder, Nagasaki Dinghy, and two Speedophile Seashark jetskis. Aside from the Speeder, the yacht will spawn with all of the aforementioned vehicles, letting you and some friends get to shore or to another location with ease. Having the extra helipad is also nice to either have a friend land on the yacht or to keep a spare in case something happens to your first.

$7 million is considered the sweet spot for the line of Galaxy Super Yachts. You'll see why when we go over the last yacht on this list.

The Aquarius

The Aquarius yacht in GTA Online

The big daddy of them all, the Aquarius is the last and most expensive yacht on this list. The final Galaxy Super Yacht of the fleet costs an eye-gouging $8 million. This makes it the most expensive piece of property you can buy in GTA Online by a country mile. The Aquarius has everything The Pisces has, including the two helipads and hot tub, but has room for seven vehicles instead of five. However, those two extra vehicles are two additional Seashark jetskis, which is really only good for if you have half a dozen friends on your yacht at the same time.

The main point of The Aquarius in GTA Online is to flex on other players. Its price point is relatively unwarranted due to the lack of amenities compared to The Pisces. However, if you're a collector of the most luxurious items in Los Santos, The Aquarius needs to be your next purchase.

The verdict

As you might have expected from the descriptions of each yacht, The Pisces is what we consider to be the best Galaxy Super Yacht in GTA Online. It features a great price point and is a huge step up from The Orion at one million dollars more. The Aquarius simply doesn't offer enough compared to The Pisces to warrant it being the best bang for your buck. Unless you truly want to show off your wealth, going with The Pisces is the best option in GTA Online.

gta 5 is the yacht worth it

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gta 5 is the yacht worth it

Outsider Gaming

Home » GTA 5 Yacht: A Luxurious Addition to Your Online Gameplay

GTA 5 Yacht: A Luxurious Addition to Your Online Gameplay

Get ready to sail the seas in style with a personal yacht in GTA 5. Our expert guide shows you how to acquire and customize your very own.

Live the high life in GTA 5 with your own personal yacht


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  • 1 1. The Orion: A reasonable choice for gamers
  • 2 2. The Pisces: The middle ground
  • 3 3. The Aquarius: The ultimate status symbol
  • 4 Why own a Galaxy super yacht in GTA 5?
  • 5 How to purchase a Galaxy Super yacht?
  • 6 Conclusion

Living a life of luxury in GTA 5 wouldn’t be complete without a lavish yacht. Are you ready to sail the seas in style and find out how to acquire your own floating palace? Keep reading to learn all about the extravagant yachts in GTA 5 . 

Below, you’ll read:

  • About the three different models of Galaxy Super Yacht
  • Why should you own a GTA 5 yacht?
  • How do you purchase a Galaxy Super Yacht?

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1. The Orion: A reasonable choice for gamers

The Orion is the most economical Galaxy Super Yacht in GTA 5 , priced at $6,000,000. Despite being the cheapest option, it is still a great choice for players who want to experience a lavish lifestyle. It has a single helipad and three guest rooms with private bathrooms . The sundeck is ideal for relaxing and taking in beautiful scenery, and players can also use the Shitzu Tropic and Speedophile Seashark for various tasks.

2. The Pisces: The middle ground

The Pisces is the middle option among the three available models, costing $7,000,000. It provides significantly more features than The Orion, such as two helipads, a hot tub, and a sundeck for relaxation. The number of guest rooms and their amenities are the same as The Orion. Five vehicles are available on The Pisces, including a Buckingham Swift Deluxe helicopter, Pegassi Speeder, Nagasaki Dinghy, and a pair of Speedophile Seasharks. These vehicles can be used for specific missions and tasks, as well as transportation purposes.

3. The Aquarius: The ultimate status symbol

The most expensive Galaxy Super Yacht is The Aquarius, priced at $8,000,000. It represents the pinnacle of luxury and is a status symbol of your accomplishments in the game. It provides comparable features to The Pisces, with several hot tubs, a sundeck, and multiple helipads. When it comes to transportation, The Aquarius surpasses the other models . It has the Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon, Nagasaki Dinghy, Lampadati Toro, and four Speedophile Seasharks. These vehicles can be used to complete Superyacht Life missions and earn rewards.

Why own a Galaxy super yacht in GTA 5?

Purchasing a Galaxy Super Yacht in GTA 5 is not solely about flaunting your wealth. It is an excellent investment for players looking to broaden their gaming experience. The Superyacht Life Missions provide a unique way to earn GTA rewards and increase your rank and net worth in the game. Additionally, owning a Galaxy Super Yacht adds a new dimension to your online gameplay.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Super Yacht provides an exceptional venue to hang out with your friends or crew members. You can host parties, go for a swim, or simply relax on the sundeck. It is the perfect place to unwind after completing challenging missions or battles.

How to purchase a Galaxy Super yacht?

To purchase a Galaxy Super Yacht, players must visit DockTease in GTA 5. It is available for $6,000,000 to $10,000,000, depending on the model selected. Once players purchase the ship, they can unlock the Superyacht Life Missions and multiply their RPs, JPs, and net worth.

The Galaxy Super Yacht is an outstanding addition to your GTA 5 gameplay. With three different models available, players can select the one that best suits their style and budget. From hosting parties to completing missions, the Galaxy Super Yacht offers infinite possibilities to enhance your gaming experience. Therefore, if you are seeking a lavish and extravagant addition to your gameplay, look no further than the Galaxy Super Yacht.

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gta 5 is the yacht worth it

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></center></p><h2>THE Yacht Guide</h2><ul><li>View on YouTube</li></ul><p>Home » GTA Online » Guides » THE Yacht Guide</p><h2>Mastering Yachts in GTA Online – The Ultimate Guide</h2><p>Are you a fan of Grand Theft Auto V and its online version? If so, you might want to consider investing in a luxury yacht! In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about owning and mastering yachts in GTA Online.</p><h2>Why Own a Yacht?</h2><p>First things first, why should you own a yacht in GTA Online? There are several reasons to invest in this luxurious vessel. Firstly, depending on your budget, your yacht might come with a helicopter, which can be called for a small cost. It also comes with some watercraft, such as jet skis and power boats. Additionally, there’s a bedroom for you to spawn in, which comes in handy if you have businesses near the southwestern coast or you want quicker access to the Los Santos airport. Another excellent benefit of owning a yacht is that it comes with an anti-griefer defense system, which gives you a safe haven. It also provides access to exclusive missions, which are designed for beginners and can be done solo. And of course, owning a yacht is a great way to show off your wealth and success in the game.</p><h2>Which Yacht Should You Choose?</h2><p>In GTA Online, there are three types of yachts to choose from: The Orion, The Pisces, and The Aquarius. The Orion is the cheapest at 6 million, the Pisces costs 7 million, and the Aquarius is the most expensive at 8 million. The Pisces, in our opinion, is the best deal as it comes with better watercraft and a better helicopter than the Orion. However, if you are a fan of jet skis and don’t mind the extra cost, The Aquarius is the way to go. Once you have decided which yacht to buy, you can customize it with aesthetic upgrades such as gold fittings, lighting, and a paint job. You can also choose your own flag and name for the yacht.</p><h2>How to Buy a Yacht in GTA Online</h2><p>To buy a yacht in GTA Online, you need to open your phone, head to the internet, then to vehicles and transportation. Click the “Galaxy Super Yacht” banner, pick your yacht, and set your options. Then click “Buy Now,” and you will immediately receive a notification and a new contact. Once you get the notification, head back out to the free roam lobby to get another notification about your chopper (if your yacht comes with one).</p><h2>What Can You Do With Your Yacht?</h2><p>Besides having a helicopter, watercraft, and a bedroom, there are other things you can do with your yacht. For example, you can move the yacht around the coastline, though you can’t actually drive the yacht itself sadly. Additionally, you can call in your helicopter by going to contacts, toggling down to the captain, and requesting a helicopter. The yacht also comes with some defenses, but keep in mind that if someone swims to your yacht, the defense system won’t target them. Finally, you can start yacht missions, which can be a great way to earn money.</p><h2>Yacht Missions</h2><p>Yacht missions are missions that you can start once you have the yacht. There are six missions in total, and they can take between eight and twenty minutes each to complete. Additionally, the missions can typically pay between twenty and thirty thousand dollars each. However, keep in mind that it can take a while to break even, as you need to complete a minimum of 200 missions to break even with the cheapest yacht.</p><p>Owning a yacht in GTA Online can be a great way to show off your wealth and success in the game. However, keep in mind that it can be a long and expensive process to get your money back from the investment. With this guide, we hope you have a better understanding of what you can do with your yacht and how to own and master it in GTA Online. Happy gaming!</p><p>hi in this video we’re going through the luxury yacht in gta 5 online hi and welcome back my name’s dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly massive game between gta 5 and the concert updates from rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of new content and interesting things to do join me then as we look at the luxury yachts in gta 5 online before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ring the bell to stop today so first things first why on earth would you want a yacht well there’s a few core reasons the luxury heli so depending on your budget your new yacht might come with a helicopter which can be called for a small cost they have a very specific spawn point so they’re not quite as convenient as a sparrow or the oppressor but they’re still very nice some watercraft so that’s a few jet skis and a lovely power boat all of which are stationed off the back of the yacht an additional spawn point so unsurprisingly the yachts have a bedroom so you can spawn in and this can be handy if you have businesses near the southwestern coast or you want quicker access to the los santos airport anti-griefer measures so the yacht comes with a neat defense system that gives you a safe haven it has a couple of caveats but it’s a great way to deal with vehicle-based idiots access to exclusive missions the yacht gives you access to facility specific missions they’re designed for noobs and can be done completely solo and of course it’s a hell of a flex i mean it’s a nice facility to have and one of the most expensive things you can buy in the game so it is a cracking way to show off right we have three different options to choose from with the yachts starting with the orion at 6 million which is a 210 footer and it comes with a single helipad a small two-person canopy runabout and a jet ski the pisces at seven million dollars also a 210 footer but this one comes with two helipads a swift deluxe helicopter the big car speeder which is arguably the best boat in the game a dinghy and two jet skis and a hot tub and finally the aquarius at eight million even now this is the same size and birth as the other yachts 210 feet and has two helipads a hot tub and a dinghy the same as the pisces but comes with the super volito carbon and the toro as well as four jet skis so i’ve gone for the aquarius here but only because it was on super special if i was paying full price the pisces at seven million dollars is a better buy in my opinion the speedboat and their helicopter that come with the pisces are much better and really how often are you using four jet skis at the same damn time next up is the trim chrome is included but you can step it up with gold fittings for an additional seven hundred and fifty 000 lighting and color scheme next now again there is a free option but you can pick from the eight available which will set you back anywhere up to 600 grand sticking with the aesthetics the paint job is next starting with the white paint job and grey trim included and with 12 options ranging in price up to 650 000 and the final option is your flag and yacht name both of which are included in the original price so your minimum out of pocket on this one is six million which gets you the base model yet and nothing else if you have around 8 million to spend though the pisces with a few aesthetic upgrades would be the go right once you’ve decided on your model find somewhere safe open your phone and head to the internet then to vehicles and transport docts and click the galaxy super yacht banner pick your yacht and set your options click buy now and you will immediately receive a notification and a new contact close out of the internet by hitting the x up the top right and you’ll see a new notification with the yacht icon top left as well as a new message from the captain of your new vessel after that you can head back out to the free roam lobby and you’ll get yet another notification this time about your chopper if your yacht comes with one and i’ll cover how to call that in in a bit right so once you’re ready head over to your new yacht and take a look around and after you’ve had a bit of an explore head to the helmets where the captain hangs out and into the yellow marker to start yacht missions there are six missions in total and depending on your skill with a chopper a boat and a firearm they’ll take you between eight and twenty minutes each to complete and typically pay between twenty and thirty thousand dollars each which means an absolute minimum of 200 missions or 27 hours to break even if you go for the absolute cheapest option and get the maximum payout every time honestly though it’ll be more like 300 missions and 75 hours of grinding at maximum difficulty to get your money back so great flex rubbish investment you do get this sweet captain’s outfit though which is nice oh and there’s a few additional things you can do with the yacht which can come in handy too firstly if you’ve gone for the pisces or aquarius you can call in your helicopter and to do this open your phone and go to contacts toggle down to the captain and give him a call once he picks up select request helicopter which will set you back a thousand dollars now this is a little old school so the chopper will spawn in in one of a few dozen places around the map which was great back in the day but it is pretty inconvenient if you’re used to a sparrow or a mark 2 oppressor but anyway once it’s spawned in you’ll see a new chopper icon on the map head on over and you’re good to go while we’re on the captain’s phone you may have also noticed a few other options you can use this same menu to call in your premium boat which will again spawn somewhere up the coast oh and you can also request a personal vehicle or your next job too should you feel so inclined the next thing you can do is move the yacht around the coastline now again this is a little old school so you can’t actually drive the damn thing sadly it’s not the kasaka but you can have the yacht quick travel to different locations in the lobby or be it at a particularly ouchy cost of 25 grand a throw to do this head to the helm on your yacht and stand next to the captain to trigger a button prompt in the top left of the screen click the button noted and bring up the location menu then you can cycle through the locations until you’ve found the one you’re after your defenses and management is next now to access these you can be anywhere on the yacht or anywhere outside in the free roam map head to the interaction menu that’s m on your keyboard the double squares on your xbox or swipe for your playstation scroll down to services and galaxy super yacht from there there’s a few things you can do to skipping the defenses for a moment we can set up who has access to the boats jet skis and the chopper if you have one we can also change who can access the yacht itself and we can set the type of clothing that people wear in the hot tub if yacht has one finally let’s scroll back up to defenses when these are on and don’t forget to set your exclusions but when these are on any player in the free roam lobby in a vehicle will be targeted by the defense systems oh and this also takes care of guided missiles from the casa too but there’s a rub it’s only players in vehicles if someone swims to yacht they won’t be targeted and will be able to board the vessel so it’s great for mark to inject griefers but not so good for people who are just running around being a pain in the backside oh and one more thing with the defenses when they’re on no one can draw a weapon no one it’s great because you can’t have a griefer come in and shoot up the place but it also means you can’t draw and shoot anyone your own self and that’s about it thanks for watching check out the video at the top for another property and business guide or the one down the bottom for some more old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video you</p><p><center><img style=

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Galaxy Super Yacht

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The Galaxy Super Yacht is a yacht introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online in the GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals update for the PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , and PC .

In A Superyacht Life - Bon Voyage , it is stated that "Galaxy" would provide some compensation for unexpected engine failure. It is not certain whether "Galaxy" is the company name of the ship manufacturer, or just simply a short-form for "Galaxy Super Yacht" as a full company name.

  • 1.1 Air defenses
  • 1.2 Purchase
  • 2 Daily Fees
  • 3.1 The Orion
  • 3.2 The Pisces
  • 3.3 The Aquarius
  • 4.1 Fittings
  • 4.2 Lighting
  • 4.4 Personalize
  • 6 Notable Owners
  • 10 Glitches
  • 11 Navigation

Description [ ]

The yacht is a full-sized yacht/cruiser fitted with a range of luxury features, including one or two helipads. The vessels feature a large bridge and 3 individual decks, while medium and high-end yachts also include a jacuzzi and a luxury helicopter.

There are a few options which can be chosen by calling the ship's captain using the in game phone, and can be used to gain access to the yacht when it is anchored at a location. The options include:

  • Calling for the helicopter (if applicable) which spawns on the yacht to be delivered to a location near the anchor point. Costs $1,000.
  • Calling for a boat to be delivered to the shoreline near the anchor point. This will always be the Dinghy . Costs $750.
  • Requesting your personal vehicle to be delivered to the shoreline so that you can travel from the yacht to the shore and have a car waiting for you. Free of charge.

Yachts can be purchased from $ 6,000,000 to $8,000,000 in GTA Online .

The Yacht cannot be controlled and does not move by itself, but the player can request the captain to move it to another location for $25,000. This fee can be reduced to $10,000 by completing the A Superyacht Life missions.

The ship comes with 2 NPC crew members — the captain and a bartender. The player can select who can access the yacht and its vehicles. Like apartments, the yacht can be set as a spawn point. Essentially, the yacht acts as a floating apartment, although it does not count toward the total properties owned by the player.

When entering the location of the yacht or nearing it, the following format of text will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen: [model of yacht] [custom name of yacht] [player's ID]

  • For example:

Aquarius Yacht Titanic Player999

Air defenses [ ]

The owner can activate the vessel's weapons defense system through the interaction menu and specify who can pass through, but while the system is active, players cannot access their personal weapons or fire their weapons from armed vehicles in a 150-meter radius of the yacht. The defense system can attack player and NPC aircraft and those with parachutes by emitting nearby explosions within the 250 meter radius, and also giving a warning to intruders to leave the air zone when approaching in the radius of 400 meters. It can even destroy armored aircraft (including the Avenger ) in one direct hit. The air defenses can also defend against incoming rockets from aircraft and launchers.

Purchase [ ]


Daily Fees [ ]

Owning a Galaxy Super Yacht incurs a fee of $500 per day. Before The Contract update, the fee was $1,000 per day.

The names of the three models are references to constellations and mythology.

The Orion [ ]


The Orion Yacht . ( Rear quarter view )

The Orion is the cheapest yacht purchasable, for $ 6,000,000. Comes with:

  • 210ft yacht with timeless exterior styling.
  • Three beautifully appointed guest rooms with en-suites.
  • Expansive sun deck for entertaining.
  • Shitzu Tropic
  • Speedophile Seashark

The Pisces [ ]


The Pisces Yacht . ( Rear quarter view )

The Pisces is the middle-class yacht purchasable, for $7,000,000. Comes with:

  • Two Helipads
  • Buckingham Swift Deluxe
  • Pegassi Speeder
  • Nagasaki Dinghy
  • A pair of Speedophile Seasharks

The Aquarius [ ]


The Aquarius Yacht . ( Rear quarter view )

The Aquarius is the most expensive yacht purchasable, for $8,000,000. Shares the main features of The Pisces but exchanges the small portholes below the accessible decks for larger rectangular windows. Comes with:

  • Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon
  • Lampadati Toro
  • Four Speedophile Seasharks

Modifications [ ]

Similar to the customized apartments , several modifications can be applied to allow the player to create their own yacht. The following apply to all models of the Yacht.

Fittings [ ]

  • Chrome Fittings ( Included; $100,000 to downgrade )
  • Gold Fittings (+$750,000)

Lighting [ ]

  • Presidential Green (Included; $300,000 to downgrade)
  • Presidential Blue (+$315,000)
  • Presidential Rose (+$330,000)
  • Presidential Gold (+$350,000)
  • Vivacious Green (+$500,000)
  • Vivacious Blue (+$525,000)
  • Vivacious Rose (+$550,000)
  • Vivacious Gold (+$600,000)

Essentially, the main difference between the two types of lighting options is that the Vivacious puts light bars on the exterior of the yacht as well as lighting the interior, whereas the Presidential option only lights the interior.

Each of the color options features an additional accent color, this is most visible when looking at the demonstration photos of the lighting when selecting the options when you purchase the yacht. If the player selects the Vivacious Gold lighting for example, the top decks are lit up purple, and there are other places along the yacht which this accent color will feature. Accent colors feature on both Presidential and Vivacious options, however the latter is more vibrant. The following accent colors correspond to the lighting choices:

  • Green base color - pale orange accent
  • Blue base color - pale green accent
  • Rose base color - light blue accent
  • Gold base color - dark blue/purple accent
  • Pacific - White with blue hull (Included; $100,000 to downgrade)
  • Nautical - White with blue hull & stripe (+$135,000)
  • Mariner - White with green hull & stripe (+$170,000)
  • Merchant - White with red hull & stripe (+$195,000)
  • Pristine - White (+$220,000)
  • Azure - White with blue hull & sides (+$300,000)
  • Uniform - White with black hull & sides (+$315,000)
  • Ruby - White with red hull & sides (+$340,000)
  • Mediterranean - White with red hull stripes (+$365,000)
  • Vintage - Cream/Beige with blue stripe (+$425,000)
  • Continental - Cream/Beige with gray stripes (+$450,000)
  • Battleship - Dark gray with cream stripes (+$475,000)
  • Command - Dark gray with light-gray upper decks (+$495,000)
  • Classico - White with dark gray upper decks (+$620,000)
  • Intrepid - Black with red hull stripes (+$635,000)
  • Voyager - Green with yellow stripes (+$650,000)

Based on the colour scheme chosen, the spawned vehicles on the yacht will take on that color scheme as well.

Personalize [ ]

The player is able to select from 46 flags to place on the rear:

  • United States of America
  • Netherlands
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • Puerto Rico
  • Czech Republic
  • Liechtenstein
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom

Selecting a new flag after the initial purchase will cost $25,000.

The player is also able to name their ship up to 20 characters. The default name is "Galaxy Super Yacht".

Weapons [ ]

Several weapons can be found within the interior of the yacht, which can be picked up by the player. These weapons spawn here indefinitely.

  • Special Carbine
  • Heavy Sniper
  • Homing Launcher
  • Proximity Mines

Notable Owners [ ]

  • GTA Online Protagonist
  • Club Promoter 's father - S.S. Daddy's Boy (Aquarius model)
  • Ben Brooks - HODL (Pisces model)
  • Dr. Dre - Pisces model

Gallery [ ]

The Galaxy Super Yacht seen in the background of the update’s official artwork.

GTA Online - Yacht Gameplay and Tour Executives and Other Criminals DLC

  • It costs $500,000 to downgrade to the Orion and $1,000,000 to downgrade to the Pisces.
  • Darcy states in A Superyacht Life - Overboard that paper documentation kept onboard identifies the ship and crew as permanent residents of international waters. Without it, taxes would have to be paid to the IRS.
  • Multiple yachts can be in the same area, except they are spread out. There are 12 spots around the map which a yacht can be moved to, and there is a limit of 3 yachts at one time in the same location. This means that there are enough spaces in a single 30 player free roam lobby for every player to have their yacht on the map at the same time.
  • In addition, it will also cost $250,000 to rename their yacht, and $25,000 to fit a different flag onto their yacht.
  • Despite the vessel's size, there doesn't appear to be any staff present other than the Bartender and the Captain, Brendan Darcy . However, there are apparently further occupants according to the Bartender, as she will sometimes comment to the player "The crew are so well trained, you wouldn't even know they were here". In A Superyacht Life - Overboard, Darcy mentions that he will send out crew members to retrieve the jetskis stolen from the ship.
  • All models feature inaccessible areas, as evidenced by windows not connected to rooms in the cabin. This could be where the crew mentioned above reside. Additionally, there seems to be a large engine room as seen on the Dignity , as these Yacht models share the same removable access hatch by the stern.
  • Vehicles that come with the yacht purchase will respawn on/with the yacht a few minutes after being destroyed.
  • In addition, should one deign to sit in one of the designated seats in the Jacuzzi, their health would quickly regenerate to full.
  • The yacht hot tubs also have a location where the player can stand and lean against the side of the tub, which is unique to the yacht hot tubs.
  • The ash trays that appear around the Jacuzzi have " Buckingham Luxor " branding on them, likely because they were reused from the ash trays present in the Luxor Deluxe .
  • The roof and electronic masts vary between yacht models. The Orion has a mostly flat roof and a tall, vertical mast; the Pisces has short exhaust risers, more anti-aircraft launch tubes, and a sloped mast; and the Aquarius has tall exhaust risers, even more anti-aircraft launch tubes and a short mast attached to an arch.
  • Despite the number of anti-aircraft launch tubes between yacht models, they all have equal range, firepower, and reloading times.


Example of the generic "true" name that can appear on a yacht when the owner leaves the session.

  • When there's someone on a yacht and the owner leaves the session, the yacht will have the name "true" or "false" shown on the back. No-one will be able to use the vehicles that belong to the yacht. When no one is looking at the yacht, it will despawn. In some cases, the defense system will come online, with Brendan warning the player to leave the yacht's vicinity.
  • When a player moves their yacht, any other players on it will also be moved on the yacht to its new location.
  • If the player moves their yacht, vehicles left on it that do not belong get left behind. If another player is in the area, the vehicle will simply fall into the sea.
  • The chair on the right side of the Yacht's bar has unique animations where the player sitting on it will do actions such as head banging, tapping their feet, resting their arm on the chair's head and clapping their hands.
  • There is an error with the Hot Tub where the player's clothes will not get visibly wet when entering it, however, water can still be seen falling off of them after they have left it.
  • Despite not being near land, strippers from the Vanilla Unicorn can still be called to the Yacht. The phone options menu will state "Invite to Your Apartment" however, but if the player is present inside their Yacht, they will buzz the Cabin door there instead.
  • If a vehicle is driven into the hot tub, it wouldn't get damaged from the water, even if it's fully submerged.
  • The yacht's anti-air defenses are not able to defend against Merryweather Security 's airstrike service.
  • The yacht, especially the Aquarius, appears to be the same yacht from Max Payne 3's "Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas, and Greed" chapter, which is another Rockstar game. Likely a homage, considering that Max Payne 3 came out in 2012, one year before Grand Theft Auto V .

Glitches [ ]

  • There is a minor visual glitch that occurs during rainy weather, wherein the ceilings and canopies of the yacht will not block the rain while the player is on the deck, and the rain falls through these surfaces.
  • Sometimes, yacht owners may see someone else's yacht marked as their own; it will be marked on their radar and their name will appear above it, as if the player owned a second yacht. This, however, does not affect any functionalities on either the player's own yacht or the other player's, such as accessibility or the air defenses.

Navigation [ ]

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  • 2 Vehicles in GTA Online
  • 3 The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid

GTA Online: How To Complete The Superyacht Life Missions

The Superyacht Life Missions are a complex series of quests in GTA Online. Here's everything players need to know about them.

Quick Links

What is a superyacht life, mission 1: overboard, mission 2: salvage, mission 3: all hands, mission 4: icebreaker, mission 5: bon voyage.

Unlike most entries in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Grand Theft Online allows players to breathe life into their characters and explore Southern San Andreas as their own crime lords-to-be. Now outside the confines of the stories of usual Grand Theft Auto protagonists, GTA Online players are left to their own devices to make a name for themselves with a rising criminal empire. That, or just go have explosive mayhem with their friends.

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Thankfully, players who want a genuine GTA experience can rely on missions to give them a semblance of sanity in the game’s setting. One such quest is “A Superyacht Life,” which in itself is a series of six missions that players can pursue with up to three friends. What makes “A Superyacht Life” one of the most memorable quest lines in the hit online installment, and how can players complete it?

Available through the Los Santos Summer Special update released in 2020, “A Superyacht Life” is a questline given to a player or up to four players. This questline is primarily set in the Galaxy Super Yacht , an expensive GTA Online vehicle that players will eventually own.

Similar to other questlines in GTA Online , the ones provided in A Superyacht Life revolve around an interconnected plot point. Players must assist the quest-giver, Captain Brendan Darcy, in various duties involving the usage of the Galaxy Super Yacht. These include undersea missions, cargo retrieval, and even fulfilling the goals of high-end clients.

Accessing The Quests

Players can access "A Superyacht Life" from the Bridge of the Galaxy Super Yacht. From here, they should head to the Captain’s Workstation to load the current mission available to them.

Alternatively, players may be able to use their smartphone to call Captain Brendan Darcy and then choose a Request Job. The current available mission in the series should be made accessible to players. Both these options are available as long as players haven’t completed the questline in full.

When players access this mission, a distressed Captain Darcy informs the player that someone has stolen the yacht’s jetskis (another expensive GTA Online vehicle ) as well as important documents related to both the Captain and the players. The documents specify that they are “permanent residents of international waters.”

First, head to the Vespucci Canals, the last known location of the joyriders. The waterworks can prove tricky ground to eliminate the thieves at first, but the area provides both decent cover and a lot of openings to shoot opponents.

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The Captain will then inform players that the thieves were part of a Puerto Del Sol yacht club, which means players have to exact revenge against them. To do this, they need to head to the yacht club and sink the 10 boats located there. Players need to do this fast, as one of the boats may attempt to sail away from danger. This second objective is tricky, as this part of the mission is done with a Wanted level that doesn’t lower. The yacht club also has medium-level Security Guards. Moreover, the mission is only completed once players lose their Wanted level as well.

After a successful encounter with thieves, the Captain sends players to their second Grand Theft Auto mission . "Salvage" resembles a more modern take on sea exploration, albeit with a dash of wanton violence. The Captain informs a player of a distress call that has come from a sunken supply ship, the Olifantus, not too far from them. Should they make it in time, they will be able to retrieve the cargo and the loot for themselves.

Retrieving Supplies

Players are first directed to a dredge barge just south of the yacht. Go underwater towards the shipwreck and slowly retrieve the supplies. Players can’t stay underwater for too long, though. They are able to rise and swim back courtesy of Rebreathers, around 10 of which are provided. Players may also use their own scuba suit for this portion of the game.

Dealing With The Kkangpae

The Captain, via a call, congratulates the player after their retrieval of the cargo. Unfortunately, the sound of glass breaking can be heard, as well as the implication that part of the cargo has been stolen. Players have to go back to the ship, only to see it hijacked by the Kkangpae. They will also notice some enemies riding Dinghies circling their yacht. The confrontation with the Kkangpae is tricky, as players find themselves surrounded. There is no time limit for rescuing the Captain though, so players can take their time.

After eliminating the Kkangpae, players will receive a call from an unknown number with the Captain on the line. He will explain that the Kkangpae took him and the bartender hostage as revenge for the yacht destruction in the previous mission. Players will be directed to a peninsula near Cape Catfish, with one area designated as a hostage site. Be careful during this portion of the mission, as the player's travel towards the peninsula will have them encounter various Kkangpae. Not only that, they need to steer clear of the hostage site, as the Captain and bartender will be executed once players are seen at a particular distance. Eliminating the hostiles stealthily will complete the mission.

The adventures of the players and the Galaxy Super Yacht take a wilder turn fitting the Grand Theft Auto name courtesy of the third mission. When players accept their mission, the Captain tells the player of a business deal they have to salvage involving the Pacific Country Club. Apparently, an unknown party has started setting club members' cars on fire, and it’s up to players to stop this. Despite its straightforward nature, the mission has a particular complexity that players need to consider.

Stealing The Tula

First, go to the LSIA to steal a Tula (an aerial firefighting plane) from the coast guard before the fire department is able to respond to the situation. When players arrive at the airport, around 10 Coast Guard members are patrolling the area. Players will notice stealth visibility cones in their minimaps, all from the Coast Guard members. Players need to steal the Tula quietly, as getting spotted will give players 2 Stars in Wanted levels.

Once players do steal the Tula, they will notice a new part of the HUD: a “Water Remaining” gauge. Players need to land on water periodically to refill it, and should do so until they have around eight water gauges. This serves as “water bombs” to wipe out the fire in the garage. After filling up the bars, players will get a text message warning them to stay out of this problem.

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Putting Out Fires

Players will notice eight burning cars when they arrive at the country club, all of which they have to extinguish. This becomes challenging as Kkangpae try to destroy the Tula from the ground. The added challenge here is that players only have five minutes to save all these vehicles.

When players finish this segment, the Captain will tell players that they need to go to the Pipeline Inn nearby to save yet another set of vehicles. This time around, players need to save six more vehicles within another five minutes while enemies try to destroy the Tula. After putting out all the fires, the Captain will tell players to bring the Tula back to the yacht for disposal. The mission ends when the player lands the Tula near the yacht.

Despite the difficulty of the mission, failing and restarting does get players next to the Tula without any enemies present. This allows them to simply load the Tula with water and proceed with the rest of the mission.

In the fourth mission, the Captain has begun formulating a plan for exacting vengeance against the Kkangpae for the previous mission’s kidnapping. This becomes a more action-packed take on the questline, akin to more standard missions in the title.

First, players have to go to the Fridgit Cold Storage warehouse inside the Cypress Flats. The mission will tell them to destroy all AC units that maintain the temperature of the gang’s products. During this part of the mission, the Kkangpae will attack players from Frogger choppers from the skies and from other rooftops. Players new to GTA Online need to be careful here, as they might be overwhelmed.

Next, players are asked to steal Benson, a product that the gang is currently preparing to deliver. The Captain will then tell players to deliver the product to the buyer themselves. During the process of delivery, the Kkangpae will still try to chase and attack the players from various directions and from different vehicles. The buyer is located in Del Perro’s Hedera Hotel, in an alley behind the structure. The mission is completed after players exit the vehicle.

Bon Voyage takes place during a heavy thunderstorm. At the start of this mission, the Captain tells players that the heavy rain has shut down both yacht’s engines and generators. Even the power onboard will go down, and the helicopter aboard the expensive GTA Online yacht explodes while waves of enemies slowly arrive.

The yacht usually has anti-aircraft systems, but the lack of electricity means they’re non-functional. Only the players are able to defend the yacht. This is perhaps the most difficult confrontation in the questline. Enemies will be coming from multiple fronts: enemies already onboard, those arriving from the sea, and those rappelling down from choppers.

There will be three waves of enemies of progressing difficulty. Unfortunately, players won’t be able to enter the interior of the yacht. However, players will continuously see Body Armor and Health pack pickups on the top deck just outside the bridge’s entry to give them the occasional boost.

After the second wave, the Captain will realize that the attackers are once again the Kkangpae. When players reach the third wave, the Captain will finally get power back on the yacht and activate the defenses. This gives players an offensive boost, as the Captain will be able to handle threats from the skies. After players clear the remaining threats from the boats and on the ground, they will finally complete the mission.

Grand Theft Auto Online was released for the PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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gta 5 is the yacht worth it

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GTA Online Yacht Missions And Payouts

GTA Online offers a wide variety of mission chains and quests, providing players with the opportunity to earn substantial rewards. Among these missions are the Yacht missions, which are part of the "A Superyacht Life series" and become available after purchasing a Yacht. 

To assist you in completing these missions and obtaining the associated rewards, we have provided a comprehensive breakdown below. We will outline the specifics of each Yacht mission, explain the payout structure, and reveal the rewards you can expect upon completion.

GTA Online - All Yacht Missions

As part of the Los Santos Summer Special update in Grand Theft Auto Online, players can engage in a series of six missions called " A Superyacht Life. " These missions are assigned by Brendan Darcy, the captain of the player's Galaxy Super Yacht, and can be played by a group of 1 to 4 players.

GTA Online All Yacht Missions listed below

Below are the descriptions of all six of these Yacht missions in GTA Online:

Mission 1: Overboard

Captain Darcy alerts the player that the yacht's jetskis and important documents, which establish both the Captain and the player as permanent residents of international waters, have been stolen. The player is instructed to proceed to the Vespucci Canals, where the joyriders were last spotted. Eliminating the thieves in this area can be challenging, but it offers decent cover and strategic shooting positions.

GTA Online All Yacht Mission Overboard mission

The Captain reveals that the culprits are members of the Puerto Del Sol yacht club, prompting the player to seek revenge. The next objective is to head to the yacht club and sink the 10 boats docked there. Time is of the essence, as a boat may attempt to escape. Sink them all, and the mission will be completed.

Mission 2: Salvage

Brendan Darcy informs the player about a distress call from a sunken supply ship nearby. They are directed to a dredge barge to collect the sunken cargo around the wrecked Olifantus ship. 

After retrieving the cargo, the player returns to find the yacht invaded by the Kkangpae. They eliminate the hijackers and receive a call from Brendan, who reveals he and the bartender have been taken hostage. The player rescues them while fending off attackers and returns to the yacht.

Mission 3: All Hands

Brendan alerts the player about a problematic business deal at the Pacific Country Club. They must steal firefighting planes from LSIA to extinguish cars set on fire by club members. Guards at the airport trigger a 2-star wanted level until the Tula is acquired.

GTA Online All Yacht Missions All hands mission

After refueling in the air and receiving a threatening text message, the player heads to the country club. They extinguish burning vehicles while fending off Kkangpae attacks. There's a 5-minute time limit for each task. Brendan mentions additional fires at the Pipeline Inn. Returning the Tula to the yacht concludes the mission. Failing restarts at the LSIA hangar without enemies.

Mission 4: Icebreaker

Brendan Darcy devises a revenge plan against the Kkangpae for kidnapping him. The player destroys air-conditioning units at the Fridgit Cold Storage warehouse and steals the prepared product. 

The player must deliver the goods while fending off Kkangpae attacks. The mission ends when the player reaches the buyer in an alley behind the Hedera Hotel in Del Perro.

Mission 5: Bon Voyage

The mission starts with a stormy setting as the yacht's systems fail. Enemies attack from different directions, including onboard, in Dinghies, and from Buzzards. Brendan reveals that the attackers are the Kkangpae, the gang that previously kidnapped him. 

GTA Online All Yacht Missions Bon Voyage mission

The player defends the yacht through three waves of enemies. Brendan restores power and requests the player to eliminate remaining foes on foot and in boats. The mission ends after completing this task.

Mission 5: D-Day

Brendan informs the player about the boss of a money laundering outfit staying on a heavily defended yacht. He suggests using a Kraken submersible to sneak past their defenses. The sub is located near a barge, close to the rival yacht's defensive zone patrolled by Dinghies.

While operating the sub, the player must stay low to avoid detection and navigate through underwater mines. A detection meter shows the player's visibility to the yacht's defenses, while a depth meter indicates their underwater level. Staying at a safe depth of around 275-350ft is crucial. The surrounding area is patrolled by boats, so the player must remain submerged.

GTA Online All Yacht Missions Final mission D Day

Approaching the yacht's vicinity, the player resurfaces and boards the ship, engaging multiple enemies onboard. After eliminating all enemies, the boss tries to escape in a helicopter. The player must give chase, with the helicopter being escorted by two others. Dinghies also join the pursuit. The escort helicopters have gunners armed with RPGs. The target helicopter's health is displayed on-screen. Once the helicopter is destroyed and the boss is killed, Brendan suggests collecting the bounty on the boss's head, concluding the mission.

GTA Online - Yacht Missions Payouts

Currently, we don't have an exact number for the payout of each of these missions, since they depend on other factors such as the rank you play at and the amount of time the mission takes. However, we can say that the payout will be around the $38,000 mark (adjusting for the 25% increase thanks to the recent update), as after they are all complete, players will earn the Captain's Outfit as a souvenir.

GTA Online All Yacht Payout's total amount

So there you have it, a complete breakdown of all the Yacht missions on GTA Online as well as the Payouts you'll receive for completing them. Be sure to check back here soon, as we'll update this listing with the most relevant information as it's made available. 

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Diddy's private jet tracked to caribbean island amid raids in u.s., diddy loveair private jet tracked amid raids down on caribbean island.

Diddy 's homes were raided in the U.S. to kick off the week -- but the guy's own private jet is miles away in a completely different nation ... although it's unclear if he's aboard himself.

TMZ has tracked Diddy's personal LoveAir LLC jet -- the well-known black Gulfstream 5 that Diddy has flaunted and flown for years now -- and it looks like the aircraft is currently on the ground in Antigua ... which is down in the Caribbean.

Based on the flight activity, viewed by TMZ, Diddy's jet has been up and down California between Sunday and Monday -- taking off from Sacramento Executive Airport Sunday evening around 5:30 PM PT and landing at Palm Springs Int'l Airport about an hour later.

An hour after that, around 7:30 PM PT, Diddy's jet took off from Palm Springs yet again and landed at Van Nuys Airport, which is in the L.A. area, about 30 minutes later around 8:00 PM PT. Around 9 AM PT Monday, the jet took off from Van Nuys airport and landed at some point in Antigua.

The plane is currently grounded there, although the flight data has yet to update and register him as having officially landed. In any case, it's definitely Diddy's jet ... no question.

The only thing that remains unanswered is whether Diddy is on the plane -- we don't have any evidence he is at this point ... and we also don't know what's happening on the scene.

As we reported ... two of Diddy's homes, in L.A. and MIami, were swarmed by federal law enforcement agencies Monday -- and armed officials stormed the properties, taking some people into custody ... including his sons Justin and King . Unclear if any arrests took place.

The raids are believed to have stemmed from accusations hurled at Diddy in multiple lawsuits -- which have touched on alleged human and sex trafficking, among other claims ... all of which he's vehemently denied.

We've reached out to Diddy's rep and lawyers ... so far, no word back.

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    Hi friend! As an expert in business analytics, my advice is to only buy a yacht in GTA Online if you are a highly experienced player with plenty of in-game cash to spare. For new and casual players, the multi-million dollar expense is not at all worth it early on. Yachts are purely luxury status items with limited ability to generate income.

  8. Which is the best yacht in GTA Online? All yachts ...

    1) The Orion. It's one of the cheapest yachts available in GTA Online. Costing at $6,000,000, it's a pretty decent choice for players. Lesser features than the other two but enough for a rich life ...

  9. Is the Yacht worth it in GTA 5 Online?

    I bought the yacht in GTA Online for the summer dlc update and this is my opinion on it so far.#gta #gtaonlineJoin this channel to get access to perks:https:...

  10. 2024 Luxury Super Yachts in GTA 5 Online: A Comprehensive Breakdown

    Complete 2024 update to the Yacht guide offers viewers an in-depth analysis of the most coveted opulent yachts in GTA 5 Online. Unwrap the complexities of yacht options, defense systems, exclusive missions, and aquatic luxury featured within the game. 2024 Luxury Super Yachts in GTA 5 Online: A Comprehensive Breakdown. Play Video. View on YouTube.

  11. GTA 5 Yacht: A Luxurious Addition to Your Online Gameplay

    The most expensive Galaxy Super Yacht is The Aquarius, priced at $8,000,000. It represents the pinnacle of luxury and is a status symbol of your accomplishments in the game. It provides comparable features to The Pisces, with several hot tubs, a sundeck, and multiple helipads. When it comes to transportation, The Aquarius surpasses the other ...

  12. Should GTA Online players consider buying a Galaxy Super Yacht?

    Starting from November 25 to November 28, players will be able to purchase the Galaxy Super Yacht at an amazing 50% discount. It has been featured in the game since the release of the GTA Online ...

  13. THE Yacht Guide (Executives and Other Criminals DLC)

    In GTA Online, there are three types of yachts to choose from: The Orion, The Pisces, and The Aquarius. The Orion is the cheapest at 6 million, the Pisces costs 7 million, and the Aquarius is the most expensive at 8 million. The Pisces, in our opinion, is the best deal as it comes with better watercraft and a better helicopter than the Orion.

  14. 2024 Luxury Super Yachts in GTA 5 Online: A Comprehensive ...

    Complete 2024 update to the Yacht guide offers viewers an in-depth analysis of the most coveted opulent yachts in GTA 5 Online. Unwrap the complexities of ya...

  15. Galaxy Super Yacht

    The Galaxy Super Yacht is a yacht introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online in the GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals update for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In A Superyacht Life - Bon Voyage, it is stated that "Galaxy" would provide some compensation for unexpected engine failure. It is not certain whether "Galaxy" is the company name of the ship manufacturer, or just simply a ...

  16. Do players really need the Galaxy Super Yacht in GTA ...

    The cheapest yacht costs $6,000,000 in GTA Online. When the yacht is anchored to a location, the player can call the ship's captain using the in-game phone and make a few requests: Ask the ship's ...

  17. GTA Online: How To Complete The Superyacht Life Missions

    Mission 1: Overboard. Mission 2: Salvage. Mission 3: All Hands. Mission 4: Icebreaker. Mission 5: Bon Voyage. Unlike most entries in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Grand Theft Online allows ...

  18. yacht worth buying? :: Grand Theft Auto V General Discussions

    It takes roughly 1 hour to earn 100K, by grinding missions and selling 9K cars, so no, not worth it. If you mean save up your illegitimate money you get by being a child, by all means, buy the yachts. You can camp it and avoid enemy fire. Depends on what you mean by "save up".

  19. GTA Online Yacht Missions And Payouts

    GTA Online - All Yacht Missions. As part of the Los Santos Summer Special update in Grand Theft Auto Online, players can engage in a series of six missions called "A Superyacht Life." These missions are assigned by Brendan Darcy, the captain of the player's Galaxy Super Yacht, and can be played by a group of 1 to 4 players.

  20. Super Yachts in GTA Online: A guide on how to buy

    Go to the DockTease website. GTA Online players can buy a Super Yacht from this watercraft retailer. All they have to do is use their phone and browse through EyeFinder. DockTease offers three ...

  21. Diddy's Private Jet Tracked to Caribbean Island Amid Raids in U.S.

    3.8K. 3/25/2024 4:22 PM PT. Getty/X / @_aviationian_. Diddy 's homes were raided in the U.S. to kick off the week -- but the guy's own private jet is miles away in a completely different nation ...

  22. List of GTA Online's Galaxy Super Yacht missions ...

    Here is a list of all six yacht missions in GTA Online (all of which have "A Superyacht Life -" as a prefix): Overboard; ... The Pisces is priced at $7,000,000, and The Aquarius is worth $8,000,000.