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Lagoon 40 Catamaran Review

  • By Mark Pillsbury
  • Updated: June 22, 2018

lagoon 40

Conditions in Miami’s Government Cut were nearly perfect for testing the new Lagoon 40’s waterproof hatches. With a stiff onshore wind blowing straight down the channel to meet a brisk outgoing current, the cat’s bows plowed repeatedly into seriously steep waves, sending green water up and over the cabin top and raised helm, soaking Lagoon’s managing director, Yann Masselot, who happened to be at the wheel. Beneath the Bimini, though, sitting at the teak cockpit dining table and enjoying the splendid view — ahead through wraparound windows and astern across the wide-open transom — the ride was thoroughly dry and comfortable, as it should be on a catamaran capable of long-range cruising.

The 40 replaces a 39-footer in the Lagoon range as well as the popular Lagoon 400, which is being phased out after a 10-year run. Like its big sister, the Lagoon 50 , it bears the look of a new generation of catamarans from the French builder.

Both boats were designed by a longtime Lagoon collaborator, naval architectural firm Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost, with exterior styling by Patrick Le Quément and an interior by Nauta Design. They made their North American debut last winter at the Miami International Boat Show.

This latest breed of Lagoons still carries the brand’s vertical saloon windows, but its cabin roofs and Biminis have evolved and now seem to float atop the house. Larger ports are embedded in the hulls, bringing loads of light into the living space within, and the masts have been located farther aft (reflecting lessons VPLP has learned from its racing multihulls). The new sail plan translates into larger headsails and higher-aspect-­ratio square-topped mains for increased power.

Once in open water, we cut the engines and sailed first with a full main and the self-tacking jib set. The breeze wavered between 15 and 20 knots and moved us along closehauled at 7 knots through boisterous chop. On a broad reach and with the (optional) genoa unfurled, I saw 7.8 to 8 knots on the GPS, which jumped to 9 on occasion as we took off surfing. Good stuff.

I found the raised helm station on the 40 to be quite user friendly. You could reach it from both the cockpit and the side deck, and from the two-person seat, visibility was good on all four corners of the boat. An overhead canvas Bimini provided protection from the elements, but was fitted with roll-up flaps and windows so you could see the sails overhead. Winches were within reach, and with all lines led to the helm, trimming and tacking shorthanded was straightforward.

Lagoon these days infuses its balsa-cored hulls (solid fiberglass below the waterline), bridgedecks and decks with polyester resin and a layer of anti-osmotic resin to prevent blistering.

Interior furniture on the 40 is made from a walnut-colored Alpi; the dark woodwork and leather accents on things like stainless handrails contrast smartly with light-colored fabrics that cover cabin sides and ceilings.

The boat we sailed had a single owners cabin in the port hull. Its queen-size berth was aft and a head and separate shower forward, with storage spaces and a desk in between. There were cabins fore and aft in the starboard hull, each with queen-size bunks and hanging lockers. They shared a large head and separate shower amidships. The 40 also comes in a four-cabin layout, with either two or four heads.

Upstairs in the saloon, a large dining table is forward to starboard and has an L-shaped couch around it. The nav station is to port; its bench can be moved to add more seats at the table for guests. The galley, also L-shaped, is to port and aft, a convenient location when the sliding saloon door is open because the cockpit table is adjacent to it. Across the cockpit, there’s a lounging area under the helm station; another cushioned, forward-facing bench spans the bridgedeck from transom to transom.

The new design reflects a change in CE regulations that require engine rooms to have hatches that open from the safety of the cockpit. Previously, on most cats, hatches were lifted while standing on the transom or transom steps. In a following sea of any size, the benefit is obvious.

The 40 comes standard with two 29 hp Yanmar ­diesels. Delivered at the factory in France, the base price is just under $330,000. The boat we sailed had optional 45 hp Yanmars and saildrives. The power upgrade, plus a host of other options, brought the sticker price up to just over $540,000.

Forty feet is an attractive size for cruising families and charterers who want to enjoy no-heel sailing and the living space a multihull provides. The length makes the boat easy enough for a shorthanded crew to handle and maintain, but large enough for bluewater passages. The Lagoon 400 had a good 10-year run of it. As its replacement, the 40 should enjoy more of the same, but with a fresh new look.

Mark Pillsbury is CW’s editor.

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The Lagoon 40 is the entry level catamaran for the famous French catamaran manufacturer now that they have stopped producing the 39, the 400 S2 and the iconic 380. The 40 is almost 800kg lighter than the 39- that will give you an idea of how Lagoon had adjusted the dial on this boat. The mast is further back than the 400 in the new Fourth Gen style and it is wider.

A Big Seller Will the 40 hit the kinds of sales that the 380 achieved? You wouldn’t bet against it, this looks like it will become one of the best selling Lagoon catamarans of all time. It will have to catch the 42 though. These days, of course, they have a lot of competition from the likes of Fountaine Pajot , Leopard and even sister company Excess.

Photos credit: Nicolas Claris .

1 Minute Summary

– The 40 is 800Kg lighter than the 39. – The mast has been moved further back compared to the 400 (easier sail handling). – Visibility is pretty good to all 4 corners, the port bow being the hardest to see. – Down below there’s plenty of space. She’s the best in class here. – Put the square top mainsail down as one one of your priority options. – She sails OK upwind for a fixed keel cruising cat, don’t pinch her too high. – Upgrade to the 45HP Yanmars if you can.

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Full review, specs and video  below (5 minute read)

Overall Design

Designed by long term Lagoon partners VPLP, the 40 has taken many of the design cues from her older and larger fourth generation sisters (especially the successful 42): a more angular, muscly look, bigger windows and portholes for more light.  The saloon windows are still vertical, that trademark Lagoon look, but they have been stretched which gives the boat a streamlined look.

4th Gen Styling with the Mast Further Aft With a vacuum-infusion construction and balsa coring in the deck and the hull above the waterline, the weight has been kept off as much as possible. The mast is well aft in the new 4th Gen style, with an easy to handle main and bigger foresail- all good stuff for sailing her short handed.

  • The accommodation is the roomiest in her class, although Fountaine Pajot probably matches her with the Isla 40.
  • She feels safe to clamber about – there are plenty of handrails to grab onto and most of the hatches are recessed on deck
  • The Lagoon 40 is well set up for short-handed or even single handed sailing with that mast aft, big headsail configuration.
  • She is surprisingly good upwind and great fun off the wind (especially with the larger headsail up in 18 knots of wind).
  • Lagoon is a popular brand. If their previous models are anything to go by, there should be demand for your boat when it is time to sell.
  • The Square Top main is an option. This should be first on your list in my opinion or you’ll risk feeling underpowered under sail, especially in lighter winds.
  • Because the bimini stops short of the aft bench and that bulkhead helm, the aft cockpit will get wet quickly in a downpour.
  • The saloon / aft cockpit area doesn’t feel as open as many of her competitors, especially with that mast support stepped so far back. It feels a bit like you have to weave your way into the saloon compared to more open designs like some of the Nautitech catamarans we have taken a look at.
  • There is no ventilation in the roof in the saloon – this could get hot and stuffy quickly with the burners on.
  • The folding ladder that you use to get onto the coachroof from the foredeck could be sturdier
  • At 300L, the fresh water storage is on the low size compared to the competition.

2 steps take you up from the sugar-scoops to the aft cockpit where they have added an aft beam seat and a dining table with an L-Shaped wrap around sofa. The bulkhead helm peeps up over the bimini on the starboard side in traditional Lagoon Sport Top fashion, and there´s a day lounger tucked in behind it on the starboard side.

catamaran lagoon 40 occasion

You´ll need to step up to see the bows though which makes it more difficult to reach the throttles. Coming in stern first when docking is the way to go, just duck under the bimini for the best visibility and at 38 and a half foot, she is very manoeuvrable with those twin engines (29HP or 40HP on the upgrade).

Getting up onto the bimini and to the mast is pretty easy- either jump up from the helm, or head up via the ladder from the foredeck. Most of the deck hatches are recessed on the deck (apart from the forepeaks).

Decent Visibility, Well Connected Overall, the helm position is a great compromise. You are connected to the cockpit, visibility is OK, and the mast is still low enough to access quickly and easily if you need to sort problems out with any lines.

The downside with these single bulk head helms is that it’s not so easy to trim your sails on both tacks. The genoa is problematic on the port tack. Also, if it´s raining hard, your aft cockpit is going to get wet quickly unless you get your helm covers up quickly, there is not as much protection as you get on cats with a full bimini.

The other thing with the 40, is that the bimini does not extend back to the aft of the boat. That gives you a view of the mainsail from the aft bench but again, that means there is less protection from the sun and rain at the back of the boat.

Well, this is where Lagoon excels, isn’t it? With fatter hulls than much of the competition, there is more room down here for accommodation and the 40 feels like a much bigger boat than 38 and a half feet.

catamaran lagoon 40 occasion

The saloon and galley layout is pretty standard- why change a winning formula? There’s an aft facing galley on the port side (with only a single sink though). Forward is an ample wrap around sofa, the dining table and a nav desk tucked into the forward port corner.

To starboard aft is a refrigerator/freezer and plenty of storage. Ventilation comes from 2 forward hatches. They could do with some hatches in the roof in my opinion, I say that about most of the Lagoons. It would be cooler and you could keep an eye on the mainsail.

Three or Four Cabins Your options are three to four cabins and two to four heads. In the maestro version, the whole port hull is given over to the master suite, and it feels big. Forward is the head with a large shower , and aft is an island berth. Amidships, there’s an office space with a desk and sofa, and a sliding door to keep any pesky guests out. With those bigger port windows, it’s nice and light down here.

In the other hull to starboard, there are two guest cabins that share a head with a shower (or you can go for 2 smaller heads). If you really want to pack ’em in, you can configure the boat with 4 berths and 4 heads, but I’d go 4 berths and 2 or 3 heads or 3 berths and 2 or 3 heads.

It´s worth going for the square-top mainsail option on the 40, as this will catch the clean air up high and will move the Lagoon nicely in a breeze. Like most of the range, she won´t get going quickly in light airs, but once the wind fills in, this catamaran will move nicely, especially on a beam reach with the Code 0 up (go for the bowsprit option if you can). In a moderate to fresh force 4/5 you should see double digit speeds off the wind and respectable speeds (8 knots) pointing higher up to 50 degrees apparent.

Acceptable Upwind Performance Sailing upwind, you will probably be doing 110 degree tacks. Pinch her any further and the speed drops off and you will start to slip sideways, but that is true of many cruising cats. If you need to get up wind fast, fire up the leeward engine to give you a boost.

The standard sail area is 875ft with a self-tacking jib with sheets that lead back to a track on the coach roof just forward of the mast. This frees up the foredeck for a sunlounger cushion just aft of the nets.

She’s an easy boat to handle short-handed. All lines come back to the helm (apart from the furling lines for the headsails and the gennaker sheets). Make sure you go for the folding props- that should give you an extra knot.

The standard engine set up is twin 29HP Yanmars with saildrives, but I would recommend the upgrade to 2x 45HP to help you power through the chop. There is minimal weight penalty. The 40 will motor along happily at over 7 knots at 2,300 rpm and you should see 6 knots with just one engine running if you want to conserve diesel. The engine rooms are nice and roomy for maintenance – we have no complaints on that front.

The Lagoon 40 has every chance of match the 380’s sales number as long as they don’t launch another entry level boat any time soon.

The Market Leader There is stiff competition in this sector of the market, with Fountaine Pajot launching the Isla 40 (bit nippier, feels less robust), the Nautitech 40 Open (more performance, less space down below) and the Bali 4.1 (higher boom, more living space), but I would guess that the Lagoon is the top seller.

The charter companies have lapped this boat up and they remain very popular with owner operators too. It should definitely be on your short list.

How does the Lagoon 40 compare to the 400S2 and the 380? In terms of size, the 40 sits in between these 2 boats. With the mast stepped back, in general the Sail Area to Displacement ratios are lower for the newer Lagoons. In light winds, the game is all about getting the Code 0 up. The 410 is substantially longer and packs more sail power for its weight than the others.

How much does a new Lagoon 40 cost? The price is heavily dependent on the options you go for, but €500-550k gets you in the ball park for a new boat (ex taxes).

Technical Specification

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catamaran lagoon 40 occasion

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Lagoon 40 d'occasion

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Brand: Lagoon

catamaran lagoon 40 occasion

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catamaran lagoon 40 occasion

Lagoon 410 (Atlantic)

Lagoon 410

S/V Permanently Temporary is a 2002 410 Lagoon OWNER’S VERSION catamaran, for sale by owner. She comes with 3 staterooms and 2 heads.

PORT HULL – V-Berth, Spectra Watermarker (under v-berth), storage, hanging locker. Electrical Control Panel, access to wiring and storage. Head with Jabseco manual head, sink and separate shower. Queen Stateroom with a hanging locker is aft. STARBOARD HULL – Full shower, sink, storage, large hanging locker, poo-poo tank, Raitian electric head, storage and space for washer. Hallway-large hanging locker, storage desk with bookshelves. Queen Berth, hanging locker, escape hatch.

SALON – SB-Double Sink, Force Ten gas stove, countertop storage, under sink and stove storage. IsoTherm AC/DC refrigerator and freezer. Salon table, circular bench seating with storage under cushions and seating on credenza with cabinet and under cushion storage. To Salon Port – Nav Station with VHF radio, Icom SSB, Weather Fax and Snailmail modem, Heart 2500 inverter controls, AIS. Air conditioning controls located on nav station and on SB stairs.

Lagoon 42 (Caribbean)

Lagoon 42

S/V Drunken Cat is a 2018 Lagoon 42 Owner’s Version catamaran, for sale by owner. Are you tired of boats just not measuring up to your expectations? Well look no further than this 42 Lagoon sailing catamaran. This 2018 Owners Version has it all and it all works! From bow to stern this vessel is turn key and blue water ready.

She’s currently in the Virgin Islands experiencing the joys of cruising while offering the comforts of home. We are the second owners and have lived aboard Drunken Cat for 2 years. We’ve outfitted her with a new lithium battery system, new water maker, new inverter, new Code 0, new electronics and many other upgrades to make sailing the Caribbean an enjoyable experience.

If you’re looking to enter the live aboard /cruising world, this catamaran will not disappoint. Come check it out in St. Thomas USVI. You will not be disappointed.  Complete videos available upon request along with a drone fly over.

Lagoon 450S (Caribbean)

Lagoon 450S

S/V Mystic is a US-flagged, 2018 Lagoon 450S Owner Edition catamaran, for sale by owner.

The original owners are accomplished offshore sailors with 22 years of experience who have been cruising S/V Mystic through the Virgin Islands, New England, Florida, and the Bahamas since she was built. Mystic is currently in St. Maarten and ready for more adventures. Owners’ children are grown and busy, and business responsibilities make it difficult for them to spend as much time on the boat as they would like. This is their second lagoon catamaran, the first being a Lagoon 410, and they continue to love the brand.

Mystic has been the perfect platform for us to make lasting memories with friends and family and we believe it is the best 45′ cruising catamaran ever made. We have traveled many thousands of miles in safety and comfort. Our only regret is that we didn’t order a Code Zero and Spinnaker when we bought the boat for more sail combinations in both protected and offshore conditions. The boat needs only the new owners’ personal gear and provisions and she is offshore-ready.

Lagoon 37 TPI (Florida)

Lagoon 37 TPI

S/V Jus Dreaming is a 1995 Lagoon 37 TPI Jeanneau Catamaran, Ready to cross the Atlantic. This boat is set up for a Full-time live Aboard couple with over $100,000.00 in upgrades. This is Not a project boat, it has all been done for you. This boat has crossed the Atlantic twice and is rigged and ready to cross again. I guarantee it will pass any survey. 

American made, By Jeanneau in a joint production venture with TPI in Warren, Rhode Island, USA.  Known to be one of the strongest catamarans ever built. (They Just don’t build them like this anymore)

Built by French Jeanneau in a joint production venture with TPI in Warren, Rhode Island, USA to the highest standards of construction and finish; the Lagoon 37 has good sailing ability and excellent interior and exterior living space. Designers of the Lagoon 42, Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot-Prevost reproduced the winning formula in a smaller boat.

Lagoon 42

S/V Sonder is a 2019 Lagoon 42 catamaran, owner’s version (3 cabins), offered by her original owners, a husband and wife team, who outfitted Sonder for a live aboard sabbatical with extended, remote, blue water cruising in mind. No pets, no smokers, and never chartered, and with meticulous investments in professional maintenance and care, Sonder looks almost new in many respects.

Sonder is the perfect vessel to cruise distant shores and relax in comfort at anchor.  She has the combination of fun sailing and condo like living that makes adventuring abroad very comfortable for any couple. A VPLP design, Lagoon 42s perform very well compared to other similarly sized vessels.  With her square top main and Code 0 equipped, in reasonable winds and seas, Sonder often maintains 8-10 knots of speed while sailing, even while loaded down with cruising gear. 

In a remote anchorage, Sonder’s oversized Rocna anchor, sun shades, large solar capacity and lithium battery bank, oversized and efficient generator with ample fuel capacity, all come into play to ensure comfort and safety for prolonged periods, in good or bad weather conditions. With the sail package, and the numerous amenities and equipment that are offered on Sonder, she is a rare, turn-key find, ready to sail remotely in the tropics worldwide, with both comfort and performance. 

Lagoon 450F (Florida)

Lagoon 450F

S/V Freedom is 45 foot Lagoon 450F Owner version Catamaran built in 2013. This cat features a “Fly Bridge” and is ready for you to step aboard and set sail.

With the galley up design just off the cockpit in the salon keeps everyone included in the fun. The galley is fully equipped and the salon is loaded with a Samsung TV, Bosh washing machine and Raymarine I70 displays.

The 3 staterooms are all equipped with queen sized berths with hanging lockers and ample storage throughout with custom shelving added to the owner’s suite. Staterooms each have a private head with full height shower. She is a great live aboard. Fully self-sufficient with water maker, generator, solar.

Lagoon 450 F (Florida)

Lagoon 450 F

S/V Antares is a very well maintained 2018 Lagoon 450 Flybridge catamaran, for sale by owner. Very recent engine survey available upon request.

Engine cylinders have excellent compressions. Starts right up and purr like kittens. Good oil analysis results for both engines and generator. New engine batteries and generator battery. New trampoline and new bimini in the works.

New wind instrument transducer. Very comfortable queen size beds. New dinghy with 8.0 HP outboard included in the sale. AC, Watermaker, Electronics and Refrigeration are in good working condition. 4 solar panels keep the house batteries charged. A must see to appreciate. Motivated seller.

Lagoon 470 (Caribbean)

Lagoon 470

S/V Minty is a 2000 Lagoon 470 catamaran, for sale by owner. Cruise the World in Style!

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with our meticulously maintained Lagoon 470 Catamaran! This stunning vessel, born in 2000, has been cherished by its owners since day one. Bought in France with VAT paid. Offering unparalleled comfort and space, this catamaran is perfect for those who value privacy and comfort at sea without breaking the bank.

This vessel had a lot of money spent on it in the last 2 years with a full refit in 2021 including new engines, sail drives, generator and standing rigging. This makes it a standout from other boats. A full traceable invoice library available with boat. 

Lagoon 42

S/V CatNip is a 2019 Lagoon 42 catamaran, for sale by owner. She is a 3 Cabin Owner’s Version, fully equipped and turn-key ready!

CatNip had her engines and saildrives serviced in 2023, and has a new tender bought in late December of 2023.

This new member of the Lagoon family is a sleek, modern design. While retaining the main features of the latest generation of Lagoons, it shows us a new path. The elegant silhouette with new coach roof design emphasizes the powerful and dynamic nature of this new model.

Lagoon 42 (Florida)

Lagoon 42

S/V Holy Cattitude is a 2020 Lagoon 42 catamaran, for sale by owner. Commissioned April 5, 2020 in Puerto Rico, we feel the Lagoon 42’ was a perfect fit for our transition into retirement. From our Puerto Rico home-base, Holy Cattitude kept us safe throughout the Caribbean, this past 4 years.

Holy Cattitude features new hull polishing and bottom paint in January of 2024, as well as Victron control station and charger in 2023. She also had her engines serviced in June of 2023 and has had her sail drive serviced in January of 2024.

We Explored the Spanish Virgin Islands exclusively, our first year, while honing our catamaran sailing skills and familiarity with our new 42. We hope Holy Cattitude finds her next adventure with as loving and caring caretakers as we have been. It’s been the best ride of our life, and a 4 year Honeymoon. 

Lagoon 380 (California)

Lagoon 380

S/V Misha is a 2000 Lagoon 380 catamaran, for sale by owner. Misha is hull number 15, which if you check the reviews, was better built than later models.

This catamaran has had only 2 owners, NEVER chartered, and is in excellent condition. Only 700 hours on the engines. Custom interior upholstery and curtains. A joy to sail, super easy and fun. The reason for the low engine hours is due to the fact that the original owner lived in Arizona and only used the catamaran in the summer on the San Francisco Bay. This boat has been babied from day one.

The Lagoon 380 is known as the most successful cruising catamaran model. Introduced in 2000, it was built to be a workhouse for the charter industry and an entry level-cruiser. It is a great entry level cruising catamaran that sails better than many other cats and provides lots of living space for the money.

Lagoon 410 S2 (Caribbean)

Lagoon 410 S2

S/V Breezy is a 2004 Lagoon 410 S2 catamaran, for sale by owner. We are selling our 2004 Lagoon 410 S2. A current survey from August 2023, with a job list completed.

We spent the last couple of months fixing everything on the boat that was deemed an issue in the recent survey including brand new anti-slip and top paint. The hulls are also freshly painted with Seahawk and the hulls have been polished to bring the exterior of the boat to a sparkling new finish.

With the water maker, solar, lithium, and washing machine this boat is completely self-sufficient. This boat is in Excellent condition, ready to take your family around the world.

Lagoon 500 (Florida)

Lagoon 500

S/V Wonder is a 2008 Lagoon 500 catamaran, for sale by owner. She has had only TWO owners and has NEVER been chartered. This vessel has barely been used, has been well taken care of and customized for long passages. She is ready for any passage and perfect for liveaboards! Includes Starlink Antenna.

Wonder is fully equipped with everything that you could ask for, from two electrical diving compressors to fixed stainless steel lifelines that are also extended higher up for even more safety. Duplicate and back-up systems, including Raymarine and Garmin navigation equipment, can be found throughout the vessel, as well as a large inventory of extra parts, filters and equipment.

The transom (sugar scoops) have been extended by 1.07m for more stream line sailing, with pull-down ladders on each side. This also makes it easier to get on and off of the boat, particularly when loading and unload groceries or diving equipment. Everything is meticulously labeled and all manuals are still onboard in labeled binders!

Lagoon 450F

S/V Undaunted, formerly Dauntless, is a 2017 Lagoon 450F catamaran, for sale by owner in Fort Pierce, FL.

She was originally a charter layout with 4 cabins and 4 heads that has been converted into a pseudo “owners version”, 3 cabin 4 head with a custom utility room. The utility room has amazing features such as a washer AND dryer, custom storage drawers with expansive workspace.

The galley has been upgraded to a true chef’s kitchen. These upgrades are documented on YouTube. Bulkheads have been inspected and reinforced.

Lagoon 50 (Greece)

Lagoon 50

S/V Victoria is a 2019 Lagoon 50 catamaran, for sale by owner.

This is our family business charter boat based in Athens, Greece. It is the 6 cabin, 4 bathroom version with 2 extra cabins at the bow and an extra WC for the crew. It it in perfect shape with brand new anti-fouling, new props, a new anchor and chain and more. She includes extras such as: A/C, teak deck, fully enclosed aft deck, bimini top with spray hood, underwater lights, and a remote controlled gangway and anchor.

With Lagoons signature flybridge, the Lagoon 50 is on another level, with dual access and a helm station, experience perfect visibility. The large forward triangle offers a wider choice of downwind sails, guaranteeing performance.

Lagoon 570 (South Pacific)

Lagoon 570

S/V Aldebaran is a classic 2004 Lagoon 570 ocean-cruising catamaran, for sale by owner. She features long, slick hulls for added performance and stability.

Aldebaran underwent major refits from 2014-2023, including new sails, engines, and electric generation.

The boat is easy to handle moving extremely smoothly and efficiently upwind and surfing downwind. In terms of performance/comfort ratio this boat is hard to beat representing a unique opportunity for leisure or offshore cruising. She successfully crossed the Pacific from Panama to French Polynesia in 2023.

Lagoon 40 (Caribbean)

Lagoon 40

S/V Inca Cross is a 2018 Lagoon 40 catamaran, a never-chartered owners’ version for sale by owner. Are you serious about your dreams? Then this is the boat for you!

She spent her first 2 years as a beauty queen at the Florida boat shows, and in 2020 we acquired her as her original owners. She is blue water ready and exceptionally outfitted with all the upgrades and features that will allow you to simply pack your clothes and set sail, including upgraded Yanmar 45 hp engines with only 770 hours, 1660 watts of solar on a custom stainless steel solar arch, 900 Ah Kilovault battery bank, watermaker, A/C/Heat, 10 Kw generator with just 110 hours, Starlink and more.

We have spent 3 seasons joyfully cruising on her in the warm waters of the Bahamas and Caribbean and we are now ready for the next chapter in our lives. Don’t miss this opportunity to realize your dreams!

Lagoon 450 F (Bahamas)

Lagoon 450 F

S/V Marlove is a 2011 Lagoon 450 F Owner version catamaran, for sale by owner. EU VAT PAID, NEVER chartered, she is viewable in Bahamas from Jan 10th, in perfect shape.

The Lagoon 450 has taken several items ideas from its predecessor, enhanced them through owner feedback, and created a larger sail area for favorable cruising speeds. The 450 flybridge version gives optimal visibility and access to sailing controls while providing easy access to the main cockpit and seating areas via twin stair wells. Cushions and lounging areas abound for the family and crew to relax under way or in port. As with all Lagoon catamarans the vertical windows provide superb visibility while maximizing interior space and keeping the interior cool under those overhanging eyebrows.

The engines are 2200 hours, fully accessories included watermark, washing machines and dryer, ice maker, Fully AC, dishwasher, generator 11Kw, new sail 2022, new electronic 2022, Teak ,full of spare parts, new life raft (2022). All safety equipment are in and new (2022) and so much more.

Lagoon 52F (Caribbean)

Lagoon 52F

S/V Cocoloco is a 2016 Lagoon 52F catamaran, for sale by owner.

After 20 years experience as a Lagoon dealer, I made this catamaran perfect for sail and live on board. I removed many electronic complications such as Dometics, Yanmar engines, electronic injectors, and electronic fuel pumps. They are now without electronics. Engine controls are mechanical, no more electronic Micro Commander.

After I repaired several boats with electronic damage for lightning or magnetic field, I saw that they remain in the sea without any possibility to start the engines, without electronics, with the need to be towed into port. So I decided to fix my Lagoon 52 that is much more safe now. The catamaran has been completely renewed in 2022 and is ready to go.

Lagoon 380 (Italy)

Lagoon 380

S/V Papillon is the popular Owners Version 2004 Lagoon 380 catamaran with extensive upgrades, for sale by owner. She features a full walk-in internal shower, external shower at swim ladder, hard top Bimini, double helm seat, big interior volume, fast and seaworthy hulls.

Recent upgrades including new lithium house batteries, solar panels, Victron controllers, chartplotter, radar and sails. This vessel will take you anywhere. Twice sailed across the Atlantic and into the Pacific.

Papillon has been lovingly maintained as a liveaboard for the past five years. She was never chartered and is in excellent condition. She is ready for sailing in the Med and beyond. Marina fees have been paid through May 2024.

Lagoon 450F Owner’s Version (Caribbean)

Lagoon 450F Owner’s Version

S/V The Rabbit Hole is a highly sought-after and wonderfully maintained 3-cabin Owners Version 2015 Lagoon 450F catamaran for sale by owners and has NEVER been in charter.

The Rabbit Hole has a custom-built enclosed fly bridge, which the navigation of the vessel can be done at the helm or inside at the chart station with second electronic throttles and full instruments. A newly painted antifouling bottom including the sail drives and props (2023). There are upgraded 54HP Yanmar engines, and a generous sail inventory. To be totally self-sufficient she features an Onan generator along with a 1200W solar power and water maker, plus full 48,000BTV A/C throughout. The bulkheads have been inspected and certified intact by Lagoon.

She’s ready for long-term, comfortable cruising, and what a location to start your special adventure from! If we’ve piqued your interest, hop aboard (digitally) to view more pictures and see all features packed into this incredible catamaran.

Lagoon 450F (Antigua)

Lagoon 450F

S/V Dreamy is a 2015 Lagoon 450 Fly Bridge catamaran, for sale by owner. We are ready to sell our lovely dream boat: S/V Dreamy. She is the perfect boat for a full time liveaboard family and it’s ready to sail around the world.

Not a hurricane damage boat. Bulkhead inspected and reinforced with Lagoon parts (and extras) for above standards, Onan Generator, AC (5 units), Water maker, New Manta Anchor 105lb (45kg), New B&G Radar (all B&G instruments), 05 new Solar Panels, New 4 lithium batteries, new child safety net and trampoline net to be installed, etc.

Dreamy is fully equipped and self sufficient to live aboard as we cruised the Caribbean with a family of 5 for the last 2 years. The galley accessories, bed mattresses, complete tools box set and extra parts will be included.

Lagoon 400 (Florida)

Lagoon 400

S/V CurRIJ is a 2011 Lagoon 400 Owner’s Version Catamaran. This is a rare version with only 2 heads. Meaning the guest hull bathroom has a walk in shower and spacious bathroom instead of two wet heads.

She is a dual voltage 230v and 120v vessel with isolation transformer so you are good to go anywhere in the world. The vessel has Northern Lights Generator, AC and Heat in all rooms and salon. Separate fridge and freezer, Upgraded 40HP yanmar engines. CuRIJ received $100,000 worth of upgrades in 2023.

The Lagoon 400 is the largest of 40 foot catamarans available and has the space of a 60 foot monohull. Headroom in the boat is 7 feet. Please click on the link for more photos and full details.

Lagoon 450 F Owners Version (Florida)

Lagoon 450 F Owners Version

S/V OFF PISTE is a highly sought-after fully loaded 2018 Lagoon 450F 3-cabin Owners Version catamaran for sale by owners. Maintained by professional full time captain, used very little and has never been in charter.

She features upgraded low-time Yanmar 57 HP engines (1080 hours), all electric winches, a generous sail inventory with asym. spinnacker and black Code 0, full 48,000 BTU A/C throughout, solar (1160W), generator (1090 hours) and water maker (670 hours) that leave you totally self-sufficient, electric toilets in all ensuite heads, and beautiful teak wood flooring in the cockpit area and heads. A 20HP Highfield 340 Dinghy with Console ensures fast and comfortable shore excursions and with the Bauer Oceanic electric dive compressor you can fill your dive tanks safely right on board.

These are just a sampling of the upgrades she holds.

Lagoon 400 (Mexico Pacific)

Lagoon 400

S/V V-Dom is a 2012 Lagoon 400 offered for sale by World’s Aquarium, a 501 C 3 non profit located in Spokane Washington and dedicated to the rescue of sea lions in the Gulf of California.

V-Dom has undergone a change in floor plan, the forward starboard cabin is now converted to storage and Laundry room. She’s had a variety of upgrades over the last year, including: new solar setup in the cockpit, refrigerator and ceiling fan in the cockpit, and new battery setup.

She is now a perfectly sorted out 2012 Lagoon 400 located in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, the jewel of the Sea of Cortes and ready to go sailing in better shape than she was when purchased by World’s Aquarium just one year ago.

Lagoon 421 (Caribbean)

Lagoon 421

S/V Road Less Traveled is a 2013 Lagoon 421 for sale by owner. She is extensively upgraded extended for blue water cruising, completely equipped to begin your adventure today. The Lagoon 421 is known for spacious cabins and tons of storage options. The forward cabins are unique, having a separate standup shower compartment. The comfortable outside salon has all new upholstery.

With 2K of solar, a 1120ah Lithium bank, and 35GPH water maker your destinations are endless. A new Precision Sails blue water main sail was installed in 2022 and a major refit and upgrade in 2021. SD60 sail drives are upgraded.

Lagoon 55s (Panama)

Lagoon 55s

S/V Vitesse is a Panama based 1989 Lagoon 55 catamaran for sale by owner. The Lagoon 55 is a large, modern, performance cruising catamaran and one of the best-looking catamarans ever built. They are one of many cruising catamarans designed and built by Jeanneau (JTA, Jeanneau Technique Advances). The designers were Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prevost who used their knowledge of offshore racing and the latest racing sailboat design technologies to produce a cutting-edge cruising catamaran. This 3 cabins, 3 head owner’s version has had an extensive Refit, and has been lengthened to 60 feet long.

The Lagoon 55 affords it’s crew and passengers lavish accommodations inside and outside. She is spacious, light and well ventilated. She offers excellent all-around visibility from the deck, cockpit and saloon. The cockpit affords comfortable seating for at least ten people. Custom cushions for all seats assure comfort for everyone. A large boat in excellent condition. Click on the above link for boat photos and details.


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