1. TANTON YACHT DESIGN.: Tanton Cat-Ketch 43-45

    cat ketch trimaran

  2. 1981 Freedom 33-MKII Cat Ketch Ketch for sale

    cat ketch trimaran

  3. 1981 Herreshoff Cat Ketch 31 Cruiser for sale

    cat ketch trimaran

  4. What Are Cat Ketch Sailboats and Do they Make Good Cruising Boats?

    cat ketch trimaran

  5. 1981 Freedom 33 cat rig ketch Ketch for sale

    cat ketch trimaran

  6. 1985 Herreshoff Cat Ketch Ketch for sale

    cat ketch trimaran


  1. Whatever happened to the cat puppet from SML PART 4

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  5. Катамаран. Легкий и надежный каркас для пеше-водных походов Часть2

  6. How much space on a sub-40ft cat?!


  1. Two Masts on a Multihull

    Naval architect, Mike Waters, discusses the question of rigging a trimaran with two masts, and the issues it raises. Use of Two Masts on a Multihull ... An unstayed cat-ketch rig and a more powerful stayed ketch rig with rotating spars. Each has its advantages, but in a nutshell, the stayed rigs can be more powerful although they are more ...

  2. Cat ketch trimaran

    Cat ketch trimaran. Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by peterbike, May 23, 2018. Joined: Dec 2017 Posts: 75 Likes: 25, Points: 18 Location: melbourne peterbike Junior ... So the cat ketch falls into the 'efficient' category, not ultimately fast - but with a good turn of speed.

  3. Why a Cat Ketch?

    The well-designed cat ketch rig is a simple, inexpensive and balanced rig. The sail plan spreads the sails along the length of the boat on two masts. The low center of effort afforded by the fore and aft, rather than upward, spread of sail, produces less heeling force.

  4. Cat Ketch or Cat Schooner Rig on Trimaran...

    The little one finds about efficacy of cat ketch rigs on multis- trimarans in particular- seems to point toward better performance with the aft sail and mast removed. Newick White' Wings is the example that first comes to mind, as not tacking well with the aft rig. My recollection of source is foggy, but I recall something about a rig that ...

  5. Perry Design Review: SeaPearl 28

    One of the best things about the Ron Johnson-designed SeaPearl 28 is that it makes no attempt at being "something for everyone." In fact, it is aimed at a very select group with a distinct style of cruising. The SeaPearl 28 combines portability with 19 inch draft, an unstayed cat-ketch rig, water ballast and outboard power to make a unique product.

  6. What Are Cat Ketch Sailboats and Do they Make Good Cruising Boats?

    Some examples of cat ketch sailboats are: The Freedom 40, designed by Gary Hoyt in 1977, was one of the first modern cat ketch sailboats. It has an aluminium mast forward and a carbon fibre mast aft, and can carry a small jib on a fractional forestay; The Herreshoff 31, designed by Halsey Herreshoff in 1979, is a classic cat ketch sailboat.

  7. 1986 Marine Concepts Sea Pearl 21 Trimaran

    Seller's Description. 1986 Marine Concepts Sea Pearl 21 sailboat, refitted at the factory in 1996, converted to full trimaran with wing decks and battened sails. Cat ketch rig. 2 identical masts and sails. Rigged by 1 person in 45 minutes, 30 minutes with 2 people. Nothing heavier than 40 lbs.

  8. The Ketch-Rigged Cat

    Aft Mast Alternative on Big Trimaran Several years ago I was asked by a gentleman to come have a look at a big Kurt Hughes trimaran he was building, a 63 footer he had stretched to 65, if I remember correctly. He was VERY concerned about handling that big mainsail on that big sloop rig. I spent a week as his guess at his home, and in the huge building shed outback he had erected to build this ...

  9. A One-sided Defense of the Cruising Ketch

    Impress your sloop-sailing friends with fancy ketch tricks. Sail backward through the mooring field (spin circles if you have a sharpie), nose casually up to anchor, hove-to with jig and jigger. Barrel westward on a reach. Turbo-charge off-wind sailing by setting a mizzen staysail. Don't fear a dismasting.

  10. Herreshoff Cat Ketch 31

    Halsey Herreshoff is unclear about dates or specifics, but he confirms what printed sail plans show, that the total working sail area of his H-31 grew from an original 403 sq. ft. to a subsequent 466 sq. ft. At the same time, the displacement shrunk from 8,640 pounds to 7,560 pounds.

  11. Please critique my cat ketch thoughts

    Boat: Freedom 39 Pilothouse Schooner 1984. Posts: 58. Images: 2. Re: Please critique my cat ketch thoughts. As for spinnakers we fly two when racing but the rig has plenty of sail area for cruising. As for lost masts, consider how many hundreds of failure points on wired systems could and would let you down.

  12. 15 Surprising Benefits of a Ketch Rig (and 7 Cons)

    Since the sail area is divided over multiple sails, the ketch is more easily managed and is great for single-handed sailing. It offers more versatility in sail plan, and is known to handle very well in heavy winds. The ketch rig is an especially effective rig for larger boats (40ft and up). Just a quick recap: the ketch is a two-masted sailboat ...

  13. Sea Pearl 21

    The Sea Pearl 21 is a recreational dinghy or a keelboat, if fitted with the optional ballast tanks holding 360 lb (163 kg) of water. The boat is built predominantly of fiberglass, with wood trim and has forward decking. It is a cat rigged ketch, with two unstayed masts. A lug sail rig was optional. The hull has a raked stem; an angled, canoe ...

  14. The Ketch-Rigged Cat

    Maren. Registered User. Join Date: Feb 2008. Location: Eastern Seaboard. Boat: Searunner 34 and Searunner Constant Camber 44. Posts: 949. The Ketch-Rigged Cat. I have a passion for design. This makes me spend a lot of time looking at things and tweaking them, mentally if nothing else.

  15. Cat-ketch

    A cat-ketch is a sailboat that is rigged as both a catboat and a ketch. Specifically, there is larger mast stepped at the very bow, and a smaller mast further aft. It is different from a standard ketch rig because there is no jib, and the foremost mast is further forward than most ketches. This rig is found on amongst others Norwalk Island ...

  16. Types of Sailboats: A Complete Guide

    The most common kind of sailboat is the sloop, as it's simple to operate and versatile. Other common sailboat types include the schooner, cutter, cat, ketch, schooner, catamaran, and trimaran. Other sailboat variations include pocket cruisers, motorsailers, displacement, and shoal-draft vessels. The information found in this article is sourced ...

  17. Concept 63

    The CONCEPT 63 Catamaran is a thoroughbred cruising catamaran, conceived as a fast, long distance cruiser for a small crew. She delivers exceptional performance under both sail and power and very comfortable accommodations. While not currently in production, the Concept 63 is available on a custom basis. Call Chris White for details. The design ...

  18. plywood power trimaran or cat design

    The Rider dosn't exist anymore and no other boats were built. The Rider was 28' long and 9'2" wide. The cabin was 1/4" ply and the windows Lexan. Because of her inability to carry much of a payload I saw no commercial value in the design but for someone tolerant of the lightness factor she was a great boat.

  19. Monohull vs Trimaran

    It is difficult to give an 'overall' rating, so lets break it down point-by-point: Stability:Inherently, a multihull is more stable due to its width. While sailing, a trimaran does heal a little, somewhere in between a monohull and a catamaran. While at anchor, our trimaran does rock a little, more so than a catamaran, but less than a monohull.

  20. $12,900

    Looking at a proven bluewater sailboat for sale, a Cat Ketch Freedom 35, Captain Q gives us a little background history on the origins of the Cat boat, the k...

  21. Ketch boats for sale

    Ketch sailing vessels for sale on YachtWorld are offered at a variety of prices from $20,110 on the relatively lower-priced, classic models all the way up to $9,460,180 for the more lavish boat models. Find Ketch boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.

  22. Rapido 60

    Billed as the World's Ultimate Ocean Cruising Trimaran, the Rapido 60 really is the Queen of the Oceans. It offers speed, safety, performance - and luxury. ... Der Kat-Jäger: Carbon-Trimaran Rapido 40 aus Vietnam ("The cat hunter: carbon trimaran Rapido 40 from Vietnam") by Yacht TV, 12 October 2023; Cruising World announces Rapido 40 ...

  23. Bought a 29 foot cat-ketch low tech boat

    Very cool! We sailed a cat ketch sharpie for 10 years & it was a lot of fun. We also had a third sail we could fly between the main & mizzen similar to what you show but inverted. Called a yankee it's easy to tack with but strictly a light air sail. Here's a pic of one on a bigger boat.