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What to Know About the Accusations Against Andrew Tate

The antagonistic online influencer is facing charges in two separate cases.

A man with a shaved head and a beard wears a black hooded sweatshirt with gold writing. He is handcuffed, and being led by an officer in head-to-toe black.

By Isabella Kwai

Reporting from London

Andrew Tate, an online influencer known for his displays of wealth and his misogynistic views, is facing criminal accusations over sexual misconduct in two separate cases.

Mr. Tate and his brother, Tristan Tate, have since 2022 been battling charges from Romanian prosecutors that include human trafficking.

They were detained in March on a separate arrest warrant issued by the British authorities, the Romanian police said, this one accusing them of sex crimes.

Here’s what to know about the situation.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Mr. Tate, who is both British and American, is a former kickboxer who has gained a large online following by marketing a brand of antagonistic masculinity tied to lavish displays of wealth. That brand has included sexist views that demean women and argue that men are victims of feminism.

Online and in interviews, Mr. Tate has said that women hold some responsibility if they are raped and that they “belong” to men in marriage, while men should be providers and protect them.

Mr. Tate sells access to an online “academy” and a “War Room,” where his fans discuss get-rich-quick schemes. Educators in Britain have warned that his messaging is reaching young boys who are wrestling with their own ideas of masculinity.

Concerns over his influence led several social media sites to ban Mr. Tate in 2022, but he has an active presence on X , where he shares pictures of his luxury cars and rails against “The Matrix” — his conspiratorial term for a network of corporate elites, mainstream politicians and feminists that he claims are victimizing men.

What is he accused of in Romania?

Prosecutors in Romania filed an indictment against Mr. Tate and his brother last June, accusing them and two Romanian women of forming an organized criminal group in 2021 and trafficking women across Romania, Britain and the United States.

Some details of the charges have been kept confidential, but an official in the prosecutor’s office last June confirmed that Andrew Tate is also facing a rape charge.

According to court documents, investigators identified seven women who said that the brothers misled them into believing they wanted a relationship with them. Instead, they were housed in a compound near Bucharest, Romania’s capital, and forced to appear in pornographic videos that were shared online.

The brothers have denied the accusations and said that their wealth had made them targets. “I’m sure at the end we’ll be absolutely exonerated,” Mr. Tate said to reporters after a court ordered their release from house arrest last August.

Since then, they have been ordered to stay in Romania as a judge inspected the indictment. In late April, a preliminary chamber in Bucharest approved the case for a trial.

The new arrest concerns a U.K. accusation.

In March, Mr. Tate and his brother were taken into custody once again in Romania on a new European arrest warrant issued by the British authorities.

The charges related to the arrest were made between 2012 and 2015 and include allegations of sexual aggression, Mr. Tate’s spokesman said. He added that the charges had been dismissed by the Crown Prosecution Service years later.

The Bedfordshire Police in England said at the time that they were working with the authorities in Romania on an investigation into allegations of rape and human trafficking. They had obtained a European Arrest Warrant for two men in their 30s, they said.

The brothers “unequivocally deny all allegations and decry what they perceive as an exploitative use of the legal system,” their spokesman said.

What happens next?

A court in Bucharest in March said that the Tate brothers could be extradited to Britain, but only after legal proceedings in Romania were completed; the court ruled that the brothers could be released in the immediate term. The Romanian authorities have seized part of their assets, including luxury goods and cryptocurrencies. The brothers have appealed that decision, so far without success.

A date has not yet been set for the Romanian trial: lawyers for the brothers have said that they will also fight that decision, which is not final.

Matei Barbulescu contributed reporting.

Isabella Kwai is a Times reporter based in London, covering breaking news and other trends. More about Isabella Kwai

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Romanian court reimposes travel ban on influencer Andrew Tate and his brother as they await trial


Andrew Tate grimaces while talking to media at the Court of Appeals in Bucharest, Romania, Tuesday, July 16, 2024. A Romanian court overturned a July 5 ruling allowing online influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan to leave Romanian territory providing he remains within the European Union, as he awaits trial on charges of human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women. (AP Photo/Alexandru Dobre)

Andrew Tate strikes a pose at the Court of Appeals in Bucharest, Romania, Tuesday, July 16, 2024. A Romanian court overturned a July 5 ruling allowing online influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan to leave Romanian territory providing he remains within the European Union, as he awaits trial on charges of human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women. (AP Photo/Alexandru Dobre)

Andrew Tate, left, and his brother Tristan wait inside at the Court of Appeals in Bucharest, Romania, Tuesday, July 16, 2024. A Romanian court overturned a July 5 ruling allowing online influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan to leave Romanian territory providing he remains within the European Union, as he awaits trial on charges of human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women. (AP Photo/Alexandru Dobre)

Andrew Tate grimaces at the Court of Appeals in Bucharest, Romania, Tuesday, July 16, 2024. A Romanian court overturned a July 5 ruling allowing online influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan to leave Romanian territory providing he remains within the European Union, as he awaits trial on charges of human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women. (AP Photo/Alexandru Dobre)

Andrew Tate grimaces upon arriving at the Court of Appeals in Bucharest, Romania, Tuesday, July 16, 2024. A Romanian court overturned a July 5 ruling allowing online influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan to leave Romanian territory providing he remains within the European Union, as he awaits trial on charges of human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women. (AP Photo/Alexandru Dobre)

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BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — The internet influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan will no longer be allowed to leave Romania as they await trial on charges of human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women, following a new court ruling Tuesday.

The earlier court ruled July 5 that the 37-year-old Andrew Tate, a social media personality known for expressing misogynistic views online, and his brother Tristan, 36, could leave Romania as long as they remained within the 27-member European Union.

But on Tuesday the Bucharest Court of Appeal ruled in favor of prosecutors who challenged that decision.

The brothers’ spokesperson, Mateea Petrescu, said the decision is final and that the pair cannot leave Romania.

The Tate brothers, both former kickboxers and dual British-U.S. citizens, were arrested in December 2022 near Bucharest, the Romanian capital, along with two Romanian women.

Romanian prosecutors formally indicted all four in June last year with forming a group to traffic women, allegations they all deny.

“The court has ruled and we respect its decision. Tristan and Andrew Tate will fully comply with the Court’s decision as well as the obligations included in the judicial control, just as they have done so far,” said Eugen Vidineac, a laywer for the brothers. “They remain dedicated to clearing their names and reputation in the court of law.”


On April 26, the Bucharest Tribunal ruled that the prosecutors’ case file against the four met the legal criteria and that a trial could start but did not set a date for it to begin. That ruling came after the legal case had been discussed for months in the preliminary chamber stages, a process in which the defendants can challenge prosecutors’ evidence and case file.

After the Tate brothers’ arrest, they were held for three months in police detention before being moved to house arrest. They were later restricted to the Bucharest municipality and the surrounding Ilfov county, and later to all of Romania.

Andrew Tate, who has amassed 9.7 million followers on the social media platform X, has repeatedly claimed that prosecutors have no evidence against him and that there is a political conspiracy to silence him. He was previously banned from various social media platforms for misogynistic views and hate speech.

andrew tate yacht name

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Andrew Tate - Bio

Andrew tate hopes to take detroit river by storm.

By Mike Brudenell, Detroit Free Press

Andrew Tate

Remember the name Andrew Tate on the Detroit River later this month.

The 26-year-old Walled Lake powerboat racer may just drive into Unlimited Hydroplane history.

Tate will compete in the 2016 APBA Gold Cup at the UAW-GM Spirit of Detroit HydroFest on Aug. 26-28.

He’ll pilot the U-9 thunder boat at the event, which will be celebrating 100 years of Unlimited Hydroplane racing in the Motor City.

Despite his rookie status in the H1 Unlimited big-dog series, Tate has already displayed his enormous talent.

Last Sunday, in just his third Unlimited Hydroplane final, he drove the U-9 Sound Propeller/Les Schwab Tires entry to victory in the Albert Lee Appliance Seafair Cup on Lake Washington in Seattle.

Tate, whose father Mark Tate is a two-time Gold Cup winner, held off H1 Unlimited stars Jimmy Shane (U-1) and Brian Perkins (U-21) on the final lap to win.

“It’s monumental for me,” said Tate, who started racing inboard hydroplanes at age 11. “It’s a dream come true. I always imagined sitting in the cockpit of an Unlimited. It’s all kind of surreal.”

Tate was talking on Tuesday from the offices of his father’s Sun Coating Company in Plymouth, which offers production and custom coating services to the automotive and packaging industries, among others. Tate is the production manager there.

“My brother Brent and I split time in one boat my Dad provided us growing up,” said Tate, who drives the U-9 Jones Racing Unlimited ( Delta RealTrac ) for owners Mike and Lori Jones of Enumclaw, Wash. “He wanted to know if we wanted to really become race drivers before investing a lot of time and money.”

Andrew did, progressing through the junior ranks to race outboard hydroplanes and on to the 2.5-litre modified inboard category, where he won the 2013 APBA National High Points Championship.

The past couple seasons, Tate has raced in the Grand Prix class before being signed to run Unlimited Hydroplanes for Jones Racing this year.

“Driving a million-dollar boat – it’s a huge responsibility, and a great honor,” said Tate, whose great grandfather, Joe Tate Sr., and grandfather, Joe Tate Jr., were also Detroit powerboat racers and boat builders. “I’m very excited to be racing next on the Detroit River.”

Andrew’s mother, Sandy, who was born in California, also raced inboard hydroplanes.

“I remember sitting in the grandstands as a kid and watching dad race and sweating a lot,” recalled Tate. “Now I’m putting my parents through it.”

Mark and Sandy Tate were not in Seattle to witness Andrew’s victory last weekend, their son the first rookie to win the Seafair race since Jim Ranger of Detroit drove to the win there in “My Gypsy” in 1966.

“We watched it live on TV from home,” said Mark, 56, who won the Gold Cup on the Detroit River in 1991 and 1994 and was a four-time National High Points Champion. “It was a proud and exciting moment for us when Andrew crossed the finish line. I never won in Seattle. Sandy was jumping around and screaming in the living room.”

Andrew says his father doesn’t “try and overload me with advice about how to drive an Unlimited.”

“He painfully keeps his distance, but he’s always in my corner,” said Andrew.

Mark believes his son needs to learn by his own mistakes.

“You have to come up with a game plan, visualize the race, evaluate where you need to be on the racecourse,” said Mark. “Andrew is a great driver. He races hard and gets the most out of his boat. It’s his race to win or lose.”

Andrew Tate knows the dangers of powerboat racing. He accepts the risks.

“My last name comes with history in this sport,” said Tate. “”You walk the line (in Unlimited Hydroplane racing) between water and the sky. But there’s nothing like it.”

Tate has never piloted an Unlimited on the Detroit River, considered the toughest course the big thunder boats race on.

He’s never hurtled by the Detroit Yacht Club at over 200 miles per hour while setting up for the Roostertail Turn, the tightest on the H1 Unlimited circuit.

“Bill Muncey said once you don’t win on the Detroit River, you survive,” said Tate. “Look, I’m just humbled to be competing in the 100th year of Unlimited Hydroplane racing in Detroit. I rate it the equal of the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500, and the Stanley Cup. I’m going to have to figure this out on my own.”

[Detroit Free Press, Published 7:34 p.m. ET Aug. 11, 2016]

andrew tate yacht name

Andrew Tate: Romanian court reimposes travel ban on influencer and his brother as they await trial

C ontroversial influencer Andrew Tate will not be able to leave Romania ahead of his upcoming trial, where he will face charges of human trafficking and rape.

Social media sensation Andrew Tate, who is known best for expressing misogynistic views online , was indicted in mid-2023 along with his brother Tristan and two Romanian female suspects for charges of human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women.

They deny allegations the allegations and “remain dedicated to clearing their names and reputation in the court of law”, their lawyer said.

With a trial date still to be set, the siblings had previously been allowed to leave Romania as long as they remained within the 27-member  European Union .

But on Tuesday the  Bucharest  Court of Appeal ruled in favour of prosecutors who challenged the decision, meaning the pair now cannot leave Romania.

“The court has ruled and we respect its decision. Tristan and Andrew Tate will fully comply with the Court’s decision as well as the obligations included in the judicial control, just as they have done so far,” said Eugen Vidineac, a lawyer for the brothers.

“They remain dedicated to clearing their names and reputation in the court of law.”

The Tate brothers, who are both former kickboxers and dual British-US citizens, were arrested in December 2022 near Bucharest along with two Romanian women.

All four defendants were formally charged in June last year with forming a group to traffic women, allegations they all deny.

Andrew, 37, and Tristan, 36, are also facing charges of rape.

Andrew Tate, who has amassed 9.7 million followers on the social media platform X, has repeatedly claimed that prosecutors have no evidence against him and that there is a political conspiracy to silence him.

He was previously banned from various social media platforms for misogynistic views and hate speech.

“God has made a plan for me, and I am following his decisions,” Tate told reporters in court on Tuesday.

“If I get shot in the head, I get shot in the head. If I get free, I get free. If I stay home, I stay home. I’m happy. I’m not emotionally involved in any of the process. I’m going to follow the law. I’m going to respect the Romanian judicial system. Whatever they decide, I will do.”

In April, a court in Bucharest ruled that their trial could go ahead after finding the case made the legal criteria, but did not set a date for it to begin.

The ruling came after the legal case had been discussed for months in the preliminary chamber stages, a process in which the defendants can challenge prosecutors’ evidence and case file.

After the Tate brothers’ arrest, they were held for three months in police detention before being moved to house arrest. They were later restricted to the Bucharest municipality and the surrounding Ilfov county, and later to all of Romania.

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Romania Andrew Tate

andrew tate yacht name

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andrew tate yacht name

Accueil » Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate

Date of birth:, place of birth:, walled lake, mi, usa.

andrew tate yacht name

Career start:

Gp-71 the wild one.

Andrew Tate grew up in the world of hydroplane racing. As a 4th generation driver, boat racing is part of Andrew Tate’s DNA. Indeed, his great-grandfather, grandfather, father and mother all raced hydroplanes. His family has every reason to be proud of him, both as a hard worker in the family business, Sun Coating Company, and as a competitor. Andrew won the Best start in a superior class Award in 2015, as he was debuting in the Grand Prix class.


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andrew tate yacht name

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andrew tate yacht name

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Andrew Tate’s Yacht – Is It Really Worth $100 Million?

Curious about Andrew Tate‘s yacht? Luxury yachts are often seen as the ultimate symbol of success and wealth, a testament […]

  • BY Dr. Mike Jansen
  • PUBLISHED September 4, 2023

Andrew Tate partying on his Yacht

Curious about Andrew Tate ‘s yacht?

Luxury yachts are often seen as the ultimate symbol of success and wealth, a testament to one’s achievements in life. Among his many possessions, one that stands out is his yacht. Andrew Tate’s yacht is not just an object of luxury but also represents his lifestyle, approach to success, and philosophy toward life. 

This article will delve into the details of Tate’s yacht – its features, the lifestyle it affords him, and how it reflects his personal and professional ethos. Whether you’re interested in the lifestyles of successful individuals, have a fascination for luxury yachts, or are a follower of Andrew Tate, this blog post offers an engaging glimpse into a world of luxury and achievement. 

So, let’s set sail and dive into the world of Andrew Tate’s yacht!

Short Summary

  • Andrew Tate rented out a $40 million Freedom Yacht for a week after he was banned from mainstream social media platforms.
  • Tate says he may be banned from Instagram and TikTok, but he was partying “in the real world” on his private mega-yacht!
  • Andrew Tate says he doesn’t own his yacht – instead, he holds a trust which owns a company which owns a subsidiary company that lends him the boat.

Table of Contents

Who Is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a man of many facets: a four-time kickboxing world champion, entrepreneur, playboy, and social media influencer. 

His journey to fame and fortune has been marked by success, controversy, and resilience.

Kickboxing Champion

Tate’s athletic prowess is undeniable. He is a four-time kickboxing world champion, a title that speaks volumes about his discipline, determination, and skill in the sport. 

This achievement laid the foundation for his subsequent ventures.

Successful Entrepreneur

After retiring from professional kickboxing, Tate transitioned into entrepreneurship. He established a webcam studio business that quickly took off, earning him millionaire status.

His business understanding and ability to capitalize on emerging markets have been crucial to his financial success.

Social Media Influencer

Tate’s fame skyrocketed in early 2022 when he became a sensation on TikTok.

He posted a controversial video in which he made misogynistic comments about women, drawing outrage and worldwide attention. 

Despite the backlash, this incident significantly increased his visibility and influence on social media.

High-Profile Interviews

In the wake of his newfound fame, Tate was invited for interviews with prominent figures such as Tucker Carlson, Patrick Bet-David, and Candace Owens4. 

These interviews gave him a platform to share his views and further increased his global recognition.


However, Tate’s journey has not been without controversy. 

In August 2022, he was banned from several major social media platforms due to his inflammatory remarks. In December of the same year, he was arrested on charges of human trafficking. 

Tate maintains his innocence, claiming these allegations are baseless and part of a broader attempt to silence him.

Andrew Tate’s $100 Million Freedom Yacht

Andrew Tate partying on his Yacht

Andrew Tate, known for his extravagant lifestyle and controversial statements, made headlines in 2022 when he purchased a private yacht worth an astounding $100 million.

Christened “The Freedom,” this super yacht is as much a symbol of luxury as it is of Tate’s defiance against conventional norms.

The Freedom Yacht

“The Freedom” is one of the most expensive yachts in the world, offering a glimpse into Tate’s luxurious lifestyle. 

Not just a vessel, this super yacht is a floating palace equipped with all the amenities one could imagine.

Escape After Social Media Ban

Interestingly, Tate embarked on a trip aboard his super yacht shortly after being banned from several major social media platforms. 

This voyage was seen as a form of escapism, a way for him to enjoy his freedom and live life on his terms, away from the constraints of the digital world.

Specifications and Features

The specifications of “The Freedom” are truly impressive. Built by the renowned Lürssen Werft GmbH & Co, the yacht measures a staggering 142 meters (465 feet) in length. 

It boasts a range of luxury features, including spacious living quarters, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and even a gym with the heaviest weights Tate could find, as he mentioned in a tweet.

Why the Yacht is Famous

“The Freedom” has gained fame not just because of its owner but also due to its sheer size, luxury, and the circumstances surrounding its purchase. The fact that Tate bought it after being canceled and banned from social media has only added to its allure.

Andrew Tate’s super yacht is a testament to his wealth, success, and unwavering determination to live on his terms. 

Despite the controversies surrounding him, he continues to make literally and figuratively waves with “The Freedom”.

Andrew Tate’s Yacht Name

Andrew Tate, a man of extravagant tastes and lifestyle, owns a luxurious yacht as grand as his personality. The name of this magnificent vessel is “The Freedom.”

Much like its owner, the yacht stands as an embodiment of opulence, luxury, and defiance against conventional norms.

“The Freedom” is more than just a yacht for Andrew Tate. It represents his philosophy of life and his unwavering pursuit of personal liberty. 

As he navigates the waters on this majestic vessel, he sends a clear message to the world: he is a man who values freedom above all else.

Andrew Tate’s Yacht Size

Andrew Tate’s super yacht, “The Freedom”, is a testament to his extravagant lifestyle and love for the finer things in life. 

The size of this luxurious vessel is as impressive as its owner’s achievements.

“The Freedom” is a colossal structure built by the renowned Lürssen Werft GmbH & Co. Measuring an astounding 142 meters (465 feet) in length, it stands among the largest private yachts in the world. This massive size allows for numerous luxury features and amenities, making it a floating palace that offers all the comforts of a lavish home.

From spacious living quarters to state-of-the-art entertainment systems and a fully equipped gym, “The Freedom” is designed to cater to every need of its owner and guests. 

Its size is not just a symbol of wealth but also of the freedom and autonomy, Andrew Tate values so highly.

How Much Is Andrew Tate’s Yacht?

Andrew Tate, known for his flamboyant lifestyle and unabashed display of wealth, owns one of the most expensive private yachts in the world. 

Named “The Freedom”, this luxurious vessel is reported to be worth an incredible $100 million.

The cost of “The Freedom” reflects its grandeur and opulence. Every inch of this 142-meter-long yacht oozes luxury, from its spacious living quarters to its state-of-the-art entertainment systems. 

The high price tag also covers the advanced navigational and maritime technologies that ensure a safe and smooth sailing experience.

It’s important to note that the purchase and upkeep of such a yacht come with substantial costs. 

Beyond the initial purchase price, the annual maintenance, crew salaries, fuel, and dockage fees can add millions more to the total expenditure.

Where Is Andrew Tate’s Yacht

Tracking the exact location of private yachts is challenging due to privacy concerns and maritime regulations. As of my last update, I couldn’t find the current location of Andrew Tate’s ship, “The Freedom.”

However, Andrew Tate often shares updates about his travels on social media. You may want to check out his Twitter or Instagram accounts for the most accurate and recent information.

Please note that the location of private yachts can change frequently, depending on the owner’s travel plans and weather conditions. 

Therefore, the location mentioned at any given time might not be the current location of “The Freedom.”

Why Is Andrew Tate Famous?

Andrew Tate talking on Podcast

Andrew Tate is a well-known figure in the world of social media, particularly on the platform TikTok. 

His fame and notoriety stem from his controversial statements, extravagant lifestyle, and impressive achievements in kickboxing. 

Here’s a closer look at the factors contributing to his fame.

Controversial Social Media Presence

In 2022, Andrew Tate took over TikTok by training people to repost clips of his most controversial videos. 

This strategy ensured his face was all over the platform, garnering attention and sparking heated debates.

  • One of his most notorious videos involved him declaring women as property. While highly contentious, this statement undeniably drew attention to him and fueled conversations about his views.
  • Another part of his fame came from showcasing his collection of 41 supercars. Videos of him driving these luxury vehicles added to his image as an extravagant individual who lives life on his terms.

Accomplishments in Kickboxing

Not just a social media sensation, Andrew Tate is also a four-time kickboxing world champion. 

His athletic prowess and sports success have earned him a significant following and respect in the kickboxing community.

Extravagant Lifestyle and Wealth

Andrew Tate’s wealth and the lifestyle it affords him are key aspects of his fame. 

He frequently shares glimpses into his abundant life, which includes traveling the world and living on a luxurious yacht.

Comparison to Dan Bilzerian

Many have compared Andrew Tate to Dan Bilzerian , another controversial figure known for his lavish lifestyle and misogynistic comments. 

Like Bilzerian, Tate inspires some men to strive for success, even as he faces criticism for his views on women.

Andrew Tate’s Net Worth – Is He A Trillionaire?

Andrew Tate, a man of many talents, is estimated to have an astronomical net worth of around $750 million.

His wealth primarily results from his highly successful business, “The Real World,” and his extravagant spending habits reflect his financial prowess.

Let’s delve into how he amassed such a fortune and the insane things he spends his money on.

The Real World: A $500 Million Empire

“The Real World” is undoubtedly the crown jewel of Andrew Tate’s business ventures. 

This cash cow is reportedly worth a staggering $500 million and generates an impressive $10 million monthly revenue. The platform offers various programs aimed at helping men improve their lives in areas like fitness, finances, and dating. 

Its success has significantly contributed to Tate’s immense wealth.

Insane Spending Habits

When it comes to spending, Andrew Tate doesn’t hold back. 

His expenditures are as lavish as they come, reflecting his larger-than-life persona and unconstrained lifestyle.

  • Supercars : Tate boasts an incredible collection of 41 supercars, including a Bugatti, one of the world’s most expensive and luxurious cars.
  • Real Estate : He owns several $50 million mansions globally, with properties in Romania and Dubai standing out as particularly wealthy.
  • Private Jets : As part of his extravagant lifestyle, Tate frequently travels worldwide on private jets, combining luxury and convenience in the most glamorous way possible.

The Speed of Wealth Accumulation

What’s equally remarkable about Andrew Tate is the speed at which he makes his money. 

His business generates millions of dollars monthly, and his wealth grows astonishingly. It’s a testament to his business acumen and relentless drive for success.

In conclusion, Andrew Tate’s net worth and spending habits are as extraordinary as the man himself. 

Whether building a multimillion-dollar business or splurging on luxury cars and mansions, he embodies the phrase “living life in the fast lane.”

How Did Andrew Tate Make His Money?

Andrew Tate spending his money

Andrew Tate is not just a kickboxing champion and social media sensation; he’s also a savvy businessman with a knack for creating profitable ventures. 

His wealth accumulation is primarily due to his successful businesses, which range from webcam studios to online networking platforms. Let’s delve into the sources of his impressive income.

Webcam Studio Business

One of Tate’s most lucrative ventures is his webcam studio business. 

This enterprise reportedly brings in up to $500,000 monthly, demonstrating his ability to tap into profitable niches and maximize revenue.

Romanian Casinos

Tate’s involvement in Romanian casinos has yielded untold millions. 

While there’s speculation that he may have ties to the Romanian mafia, the specifics of this venture remain largely unconfirmed.

The War Room

“The War Room” is a networking group by Tate that charges an annual membership fee of $8,000. This platform provides members networking opportunities, advice, and resources to help them succeed in their respective fields.

Hustlers University

“Hustlers University” is an online membership website that charges a monthly fee of $50. Despite the seemingly modest fee, the platform’s popularity has led to around $10 million in annual earnings for Tate.

Andrew Tate is undeniably a marketing genius with an uncanny ability to monetize his ventures effectively. 

To understand his approach to business, here are his top 5 business tips, drawn from his quotes:

  • “Always be selling.” – Tate emphasizes the importance of continually promoting your product or service to generate sales.
  • “Money follows attention.” – He believes in the power of visibility and encourages others to seek attention to increase their earnings.
  • “If you want to get rich, start a business.” – For Tate, entrepreneurship is the surest path to wealth.
  • “Never stop learning.” – He underscores the importance of continuous learning in business success.
  • “There’s no such thing as too much money.” – Tate encourages a limitless mindset regarding wealth creation.

In conclusion, Andrew Tate’s wealth is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, and relentless pursuit of success. 

His diverse ventures and strategic approach to business offer valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Andrew Tate’s Kickboxing Career

Andrew Tate’s kickboxing career is nothing short of impressive. 

He has made a name for himself in combat sports with a professional record of 76 wins and only 9 losses. His journey into kickboxing, successes, and eventual retirement make for an intriguing story.

Becoming a 4x World Champion

Tate’s entry into kickboxing was motivated by a desire to escape the confines of a regular job.

He viewed the sport as a ticket to freedom and dedicated himself to mastering it. 

His hard work and determination paid off when he became a four-time world champion, a testament to his skill and tenacity in the ring.

Impressive Professional Record

With a professional record of 76-9, Tate repeatedly demonstrated that he was a force to be reckoned with in the kickboxing world. 

His consistent victories and relatively few losses highlight his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport.

Transitioning Out of Kickboxing

Despite his success in kickboxing, Tate decided to hang up his gloves after launching his first successful business, a webcam studio. 

The business generated a staggering $500,000 per month, providing him with financial security and allowing him to step away from the physically demanding world of kickboxing.

Why Was Andrew Tate Arrested?

Andrew Tate arrested in Romania

In December 2022, a surprising event unfolded in the life of Andrew Tate, the four-time kickboxing world champion and successful entrepreneur. 

He was arrested during a brief visit to Romania on charges of human sex trafficking and employing a devious tactic known as the “loverboy method.” 

Despite these serious allegations, there remains no concrete evidence supporting them.

The Arrest in Romania

Andrew Tate’s visit to Romania took an unexpected turn when he was arrested and charged with grave offenses. 

The accusations included human sex trafficking and the utilization of the “loverboy method,” a manipulative technique where men make women fall in love with them, only to exploit their feelings later.

Scant Evidence and Claims of Innocence

Despite the charges’ gravity, no substantial evidence has been presented publicly to support the claims against Tate. 

As a result, many believe in his innocence, arguing that the allegations are outrageous and unfounded.

Jail Time and House Arrest

Following his arrest, Tate spent three months in jail. In March, he transitioned from prison to house arrest, which lasted until July. 

These were undoubtedly challenging times for Tate, yet he maintained his innocence throughout.

Formal Indictment and Preparing for Trial

Despite the lack of clear evidence, Tate was formally indicted in July. With his release from house arrest, he is now preparing for the upcoming trial.

To summarize:

  • Andrew Tate was arrested in Romania in December 2022.
  • He was charged with human sex trafficking and using the “loverboy method”.
  • There is currently no substantial evidence to support these claims.
  • After spending three months in jail, Tate was placed under house arrest until July.
  • Despite the lack of clear evidence, Tate was formally indicted in July and is now preparing for his trial.

This unexpected turn of events in Tate’s life serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of life, even for those who seem to have it all. 

Many watch closely as he prepares for his trial to see how this complex case will unfold.

Andrew Tate’s Famous Quotes

  • “Boredom is crippling! If you’re an intelligent person, and you’ve got a good brain on your shoulders, you can’t just sit there bored.” – Andrew Tate
  • “I’ve lived an extreme life. I’ve been broke, I’ve been worth hundreds of millions of dollars, I’ve been a 4x kickboxing world champion.” – Andrew Tate
  • “If you can’t control your mind, then you’re just a feather in the wind. You might land over here, you might land over there, you have no control!” – Andrew Tate
  • “I don’t believe in motivation. I believe in discipline! I am a disciplined person!” – Andrew Tate
  • “The temporary satisfaction of quitting is outweighed by the eternal suffering of being a nobody.” – Andrew Tate
  • “Every day that you make the wrong choice, more of your potential is wasted.” – Andrew Tate
  • “How you view the world absolutely shapes how you react to the world.” – Andrew Tate
  • “I’ve yet to experience in my 36 years, a man or a woman, who genuinely tries their very best, and genuinely dedicates themselves to something.” – Andrew Tate
  • “The Universe is extremely giving. If you actually try, and actually want it, and you’re actually not making excuses, lying, talking shit, you’re going to get what you want!” – Andrew Tate
  • “I’ve gotten mixed reviews about the color of my Bugatti. Some people like it, some people don’t like it. So I said, what color is your Bugatti?” – Andrew Tate
  • “The key with business is to make sure you’re always moving forward, always producing content, and always doing everything as quickly as possible while maintaining quality.” – Andrew Tate
  • “The sloth doesn’t understand the definition of speed until he surrounds himself with a cheetah.” – Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate Frequently Asked Questions

1. does andrew tate own a yacht.

There are conflicting reports about whether Andrew Tate owns a yacht. 

Some sources claim he bought a $100 million yacht, while others suggest the yacht was rented.

2. How much does Andrew Tate’s yacht cost?

According to some sources, the reported cost of Andrew Tate’s yacht is around $100 million.

3. Where is Tate’s yacht?

The current location of the yacht allegedly owned or rented by Andrew Tate is not publicly known.

4. Does Andrew Tate have a private jet?

Yes, Andrew Tate has a $100 million private jet that he uses to fly worldwide on a moment’s notice.

5. Who owns the most expensive private yacht?

The most expensive private yacht is believed to be the “History Supreme,” owned by Malaysian businessman Robert Kuok. 

This yacht is reportedly worth nearly $4.8 billion.

6. Is Andrew Tate richer than Logan Paul?

While Andrew Tate and Logan Paul have amassed significant wealth, their exact net worths are not publicly disclosed, making a direct comparison difficult.

7. How many Bugattis does Andrew Tate have?

Andrew Tate has 1 Bugatti Chiron Purr Sport and 10 Bugatti scooters.

8. Is Andrew Tate richer than Ronaldo?

Comparing Andrew Tate’s wealth to that of Cristiano Ronaldo is challenging due to the lack of specific financial details. 

However, given Ronaldo’s lucrative football contracts and endorsements, Ronaldo likely has a higher net worth.

9. How rich is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate’s exact net worth isn’t publicly known. 

Nevertheless, his success as a kickboxer, entrepreneur, and media personality suggests he has achieved considerable wealth.

Verdict – Andrew Tate Yacht

Andrew Tate jumping in pool

So what’s the verdict with Andrew Tate’s yacht?

The saga surrounding Andrew Tate’s yacht, dubbed ‘Freedom,’ has been as tumultuous as his personal life. The controversial figure rented this luxurious vessel after facing a wave of bans from various social media platforms. 

The yacht symbolized his defiance and resilience, embodying his refusal to be silenced or subdued.

Tate’s decision to rent a yacht following his social media ban showcases his unconventional approach to adversity. Instead of retreating from the public eye, he made a bold statement with the Freedom yacht, reinforcing his larger-than-life persona.

However, this extravagant lifestyle has been overshadowed by serious allegations and legal troubles in Romania. Charges of rape, human trafficking, and forming an organized crime group have cast a dark shadow over his flamboyant lifestyle. 

These developments have added a new layer of complexity to the narrative surrounding the Freedom Yacht.

Regardless of one’s views on Tate, his story offers a fascinating insight into the life of a controversial figure navigating a world of fame, fortune, and serious legal issues!

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A new $500k ferrari, hanging with french montana and trolling women online: andrew tate makes his return.

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Andrew Tate with piles of money in front of him

Toxic online personality and proud misogynist Andrew Tate may be facing criminal trials over alleged sex crimes in Romania and the UK, but that hasn’t made him lower his profile.

The entrepreneur, 37, recently jumped onstage with rapper French Montana, heavily promotes dubious digital currencies and continues to spout hate and get into spats in the few places online where he isn’t banned.

Andrew and his younger brother Tristan, 36, are not permitted to leave Romania, where they were last year arrested for rape, human trafficking and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women — all charges which they deny.

The brothers often make themselves known on the streets of the capital, Bucharest, via their supercars.

In May, “Andrew Tate bought a car for 400,000 or 500,000 euros” — a purple Ferrari SF Spider. “Tristan got a Maserati.”

Andrew Tate with a black Ferrari

“[Andrew and Tristan] drive through the main thoroughfares of Bucharest in their sports cars,” Iosefina Pascal , a TV journalist in the city who covers the brothers, told The Post.

Former professional kickboxer Andrew — a dual UK and US citizen — recently bragged online about buying the $2 million Aston Martin for Tristin’s birthday on July 15.

This week, a judge renewed an order which prevents the Tates leaving Romania. It was a quick reversal of a ruling which had briefly allowed them to travel throughout the European Union after they had been under house arrest.

Following the initial lifting of the travel ban , Tate crowed on X, “Where do I want to go? I can go anywhere I want.”

Andrew Tate with a bikinied woman holding his cigar

His flex was not exactly true, as he had to remain within the EU, and is much less so now he is again confied to Romania. The brothers also face charges of sexual aggression in the UK, for an in a case which dates back more than a decade. 

Tristan faces the same charges as his older brother. But the precarious circumstances have not led to the keeping of a low profile.

Last week, via X, Andrew Tate went after six female coworkers from the Australian company tbh Skincare. They had posted a light-hearted TikTok video in which members of the group each pointed out and celebrated their various accessories.

Tate responded as if it was a personal affront. “If you do not escape The Matrix [Tate’s word for the 9 – 5 corporate world], women like this will be your boss,” he Tweeted

Andrew Tate kickboxing

Then he busted out a white supremacist trope by adding, “Zog [Zionist occupied government] corp loves emasculating men by forcing them to listen to semi sentient females.”

The Aussie skincare workers are not alone in getting noticed and commented on by Tate. “He sends hundreds of Tweets per day,” Jack Beeston, an attorney with McCue Jury & Partners, a London firm representing four women who are suing Andrew Tate for assault charges that include rape, told The Post.

Regarding that matter, Tate’s representatives have maintained that that there was “no evidence to support the allegations.”

Though Tate has been banned from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, added Beeston, “Musk stays with him,” as his Twitter account remains active.

The brothers’ publicist did not comment. Their lawyer did not respond to a request for comment about allegations.

Tristan and Andrew Tate looking stylish in a Bucharest court house

Andrew recently posted a message on Twitter stating: “In the midst of our toughest legal battles, my brother and I stood united and unwavering. No matter how formidable the challenge, our bond and resilience carried us through every storm, proving that together we are unstoppable.”

Besides ripping into other people’s posts, Tate goes online to push businesses that include cryptocurrencies and online training programs, Real World and War Room, which promote get-rich-quick money-making schemes and the toxic masculinity for which he is all too well known.

Just don’t look for Real World in the app store. “Real World has been removed from the Google and Apple application stores,” Beeston said. “There are allegations that the app is [possibly] a pyramid scheme where you make money by bringing people in.”

Tate’s reputation does not seem to put off the rapper French Montana , as was made apparent on July 14. “Andrew Tate went on stage with French Montana during his appearance at a music festival called Beach Please! [which took place along the Black Sea in Romania],” Pascal told The Post.

“But it was not just to hype up the audience. It was calculated. Andrew gave a short speech about ‘escaping the Matrix,’ which was live-streamed online, and suddenly his cryptocurrency [known as $Daddy] went up more than 20 percent.”

Andrew Tate smiling in the back of a limousine

Tate is the face, if not the owner, of $Daddy, which accounts for one of his businesses these days. On the morning of July 14, it sold for less than 12-cents per coin . By the evening of July 15, it hit more than 15-cents.

The sum does not sound like much — unless you own millions of the coins. According to CoinDesk, Tate’s crypto wallet, which had not sold any of the coins as of this past June, held $65 million of $Daddy last month.

“The [cryptocurrencies] he appears to be involved with are known as meme coins or s—t coins or alt coins,” said Jaime Tahsin, co-author of “ Clown World: Four Years Inside Andrew Tate’s Manosphere ,” out on October 8.

“They are promoted by celebrities. [Various publicity stunts] cause drops and rises in price. He seems very closely linked to $Daddy. He also promoted $RNT, which [as is confirmed on Binance ] stands for Real N-word Tate. He promoted one called $Sluts .”

Andrew Tate wearing a tee shirt that promotes his $Daddy cryptocurrency

It is easy to believe that the Tates may not be as affluent as they once were. Bank accounts have been frozen in the UK — regarding the Tates’ banking practices, their lawyer has stated that “whatever happened was totally orthodox” amid allegations of being serious “ tax and Value Added Tax evaders ,” which Andrew is said to have bragged about in an online video , which was later used as evidence against him.

Additionally, luxury cars and designer watches have been seized by the Romanian government. Nevertheless, according to Beeter, “[Andrew Tate] overstates his wealth, but I think he is not broke. I think he is well off.”

That seems to be the appearance Andrew and Tristan, who live together in their Bucharest compound, aim to put across.

“Last week Andrew Tate was spotted with a new girlfriend or chick or whatever you want to call her at a very expensive restaurant in Bucharest,” Pascal said, referencing a steakhouse called Ferma Baciu.

“Then, as reported in June , a girl with them had an accident in Comarnic, a mountain town that is [around 75 miles] from Bucharest. They were there with ATVs and eight chicks and some driving under the influence.

“One of the chicks, a passenger, broke her arm. The girl driving didn’t even have a license — and she was American.”

Andrew Tate on a ATV

As for the Tate brothers ongoing mobility situation, according to a text message sent by their publicist, “the judiciary control limitations are reviewed every 60 days.”

Beester is not optimistic about a re-reversal. “The fear is that [Andrew] can go to a country without extradition,” back to Romania, Beester said.

Tate’s lawyer insisted to the BBC his client would not take off or try fleeing justice .

“There are countries within Europe where he can avoid extradition,” said Beester. “If he went to one of those countries, though, he would be violating bail conditions. If he did that, it would make sense for him to stay permanently.”

Andrew Tate with a black Ferrari


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Andrew Tate, who won at Seafair as a rookie last year, seeks an encore Sunday

Before Andrew Tate became the first rookie to win at Seafair in 60 years, the U-9 Les Schwab Tires boat wasn’t on the radar of the vast majority of unlimited-hydroplane fans.

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Nathan Joyce

Seafair was a coming-out party last year for the U-9 Les Schwab Tires and its rookie driver, Andrew Tate.

Before Tate became the first rookie to win at Seafair in 50 years , the white boat wasn’t on the radar of the vast majority of unlimited-hydroplane fans.

“I think we surprised the entire boat-racing world with that one,” Tate said while preparing to repeat as champion of the Albert Lee Appliance Cup at Seafair.

But it was the culmination of more than five years of work by boat owners Mike and Lori Jones to get their boat from also-ran to contender.

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Let’s start with Tate. Jones jokes that he is the result of his team’s recruitment program. Jones and crew chief Jeff Campbell noticed Tate after a strong performance at an outboard national championship three years ago in Moses Lake.

“You’re always looking for a kid in outboards and inboards that you can just see has that extra talent,” said Jones, comparing it to scouting in football or baseball.

Boat racing being a tight community, Jones and Campbell were already familiar with the Tate family. Andrew’s father, Mark Tate, was a decorated unlimited-hydroplane driver in the 1990s.

Tate began his apprenticeship with the team shortly after, showing up at the season-ending Bayfair race in San Diego. The next season, he got some laps in the boat during preseason testing in the Tri-Cities.

Last year, the job was his.

It was a slow start. In the season opener in Madison, Ind., Tate was the “trailer” boat, which means he had to start outside and behind the fleet in the final as a sort of rookie initiation. The next race, in the Tri-Cities, a broken propeller kept Tate in the pits.

But Jones knew the boat would be competitive.

Seafair was the next week. That’s when Tate slipped inside Jimmy Shane, took the advantageous inside lane and flew to the title, the first for a rookie since Jim Ranger in the My Gypsy in 1966.

He’s followed that up with a second-place finish in San Diego last year and a win in Madison this year in a two-boat shootout against Shane, the four-time defending national champion who drives the U-1 HomeStreet Bank. Last week, in the Tri-Cities, he was the top qualifier and won three heats before taking fourth in the final.

“He’s very good,” Jones said. “He’s very good. He’s just a nice young man.”

If you talk to most drivers walking around Stan Sayres Pits, they have a similar story. Grew up in a family of boat racers, started young and raced in all sorts of boat classes. That’s only half of Tate’s story.

He started boat racing at 11, as he and his younger brother, Brent, got started at the same time. While spring and summer were spent boat racing, fall and winter were spent playing hockey. The Detroit area, where Tate grew up, is a hotbed of hockey talent, including the Tates.

Andrew, 27, played forward and was good enough to play NCAA Division III hockey at Curry College outside of Boston for a year. His brother was a bit better, dropped boat racing and played Division I hockey at Bowling Green and played beyond college before hanging it up recently.

“I think we had a mutual agreement between me and the sport. It kind of passed me by,” Tate said of his hockey days. “I was spending my summers playing with boats instead of training like I should have.”

Mark Tate said Brent was actually a better driver in the early days. Andrew, a fourth-generation boat racer, stuck with racing and became one of the top drivers in the Midwest, competing in the Grand Prix class.

And now he’s one of the top drivers on the unlimited-hydroplane circuit. But it takes more than a driver to win. The boat also needs plenty of speed.

That’s where Jones’ several-year campaign comes in.

He’d been after the Campbell brothers for years to join his team. The Campbell brothers were key members of the Miss Budweiser team, which was one of the most dominant in the history of the sport before it disbanded in 2004.

Finally, he got them to agree to join the team for one race. That was five years ago. Now, Jeff is the crew chief and Mike does the props, wings and deck. Throw in a couple of other former Miss Bud guys on the crew, and they’ve turned the team around.

The Les Schwab Tires team, which is based in Enumclaw, likes to point out that it has the youngest driver and the oldest boat on the circuit, and that’s true. Sort of.

Jones, a veteran boat racer himself, points out that the only original part of the boat are the sponsons. The boat, which was built in 1992, has been rebuilt several times.

“I know they’ve been working their butts off every year to make that boat what it is now,” Shane said. “… We wanted that competition on the water, and we got it with the U-9.”

Saturday, Tate picked up a victory in Heat 1B after Shane was given a penalty for going under 80 mph in the prerace milling period. He was second to Shane in Heat 2B.

And Sunday, he’ll be going for his second win at Seafair, something his dad never did once.

But you won’t hear any trash talking from Tate to his old man.

“Andrew is a very, very humble person,” Mark Tate said. “I think I have as much respect for him as he does for me.”

There’s plenty to respect. Both drivers won the unlimited hydroplane rookie of the year awards. Mark is one of seven drivers to win four National High Points Championships. Andrew is contending for his first, though he’ll have to beat Shane and J. Michael Kelly in the U-12 Graham Trucking.

“He’s got a lot to learn and it shows at times,” Mark said. “The more seat time he gets, the more he’ll become a complete driver.”

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Speak No Evil' s James McAvoy compares his terrifying character to toxic masculinity king, Andrew Tate

The actor says the horror remake plays to a "quite upsetting and worrying doctrine" taking root with young men online.

Be careful who you meet on vacation.

That’s just one lesson from director James Watkins’  Speak No Evil  (in theater Sept. 13). But it’s the film’s deeper themes, in addition to its heart-pounding scares, that attracted James McAvoy to the project. “It’s Blumhouse at its best, really,” the actor, 45, tells Entertainment Weekly . “It’s entertaining and scary, but it’s also got something at its foundation. It’s grounded in something real.”

A remake of a the 2022 Danish horror film , the psychological thriller follows two very different couples who become friendly on vacation — though it's the men who bond the most, forming a bit of an odd-couple bromance. McAvoy plays Paddy, a devilishly playful and charismatic doctor whose infectious joie de vivre and charm thinly veils a deep well of toxic masculinity.

“Paddy is living and presenting a version of the good life off-grid on his own time, self-sustaining back to nature, earthy, educated, erudite, sexy. He just wants to f---ing love and feel and touch and bite and talk and debate," McAvoy explains. "It’s a modern version of classic masculinity that isn't metrosexual, that isn't beta, that isn't compromising in any way. And yet he kind of makes it almost palatable."

Susie Allnutt/Universal

Scoot McNairy’s Ben Dalton is his opposite; a nebbish, city-dwelling beta male in a rocky marriage to his uptight wife and co-helicopter parent, Louise ( Mackenzie Davis ). As McAvoy explains it, you have “two good people who have a relationship you don't want, and then two really questionable people who have a relationship that you do want.” 

Ben admires Paddy’s alpha energy and uninhibited passion for his sexy, equally carefree wife, Ciara (Aisling Franciosi), while Paddy delights in helping Ben unleash his inner caveman. ”I liked how it was easy for Scoot’s character to be attracted to this uncompromising throwback of an alpha male type figure,” adds McAvoy. In fact, the movie’s messaging about modern masculinity is part of what drew him to the role. “I thought it played to a lot of these figures that are out there garnering the attention of young men, and not just young men, but a lot of young men at the moment, with this quite uncompromising and quite upsetting and worrying doctrine,” he says. “But what I thought was really intelligent about it was that it's always riding a line … He isn't just being Andrew Tate,” he adds, referring to the divisive internet personality known as the “ king of toxic masculinity .”

As McAvoy points out, part of what separates Paddy from figures like Tate is the unsettling ease with which he hides his toxicity under a veneer of charm and vivacity. At first glance, he’s a loving husband to Ciara and an attentive father to his son Ant, a shy boy who is unable to speak due to what Paddy describes as a rare disorder. Despite his shyness, Ant seems to strike up a friendship with Ben and Louise’s daughter Agnes, a neurotic pre-teen who still clings to a stuffed bunny. So, when Paddy and Ciara later invite Ben, Louise, and Agnes to visit them in their peaceful, isolated country home, they make the fateful decision to pack their Tesla and “unplug” with their new friends.

Universal Pictures

Want more movie news? Sign up for  Entertainment Weekly's  free newsletter   t o get the latest trailers, celebrity interviews, film reviews, and more.

Of course, all hell breaks loose. But the most excruciating aspect of the Daltons’ predicament is their refusal to escape the situation — not because Paddy has them chained in a cellar (at least, not yet), but because of Ben’s unwillingness to offend his hosts, no matter how bizarre their behavior. The film explores “our capability to accept,” says McAvoy. “Our capability to acquiesce, and to just take a lot of s— and believe what you're being told and comply.... A lot of the time, Paddy lets them do the work themselves... They're digging a hole for themselves.”

That’s not to say Paddy doesn’t enjoy watching them dig. “He enjoys the game,” says McAvoy. “He enjoys the hunt and that is something that's really fun to play when a character is really enjoying himself. That's usually a fun thing for me to do.”

A version of this story appears in EW's complimentary Comic-Con 2024 Preview print edition, being passed out in San Diego throughout the convention.

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andrew tate yacht name

Andrew Tate to pilot U-9 in 2016

Andrew Tate

Mike and Lori Jones, owners of the U-9 Jones Racing Unlimited Hydroplane Race Team are proud to announce the team will run the entire 2016 H1 Unlimited series. The team’s primary sponsors’, Les Schwab Tires, RedDot Corporation, and Sound Propeller Services Inc. once again will return with one major change. New to the cockpit of the U-9 for 2016 is 26-year-old Michigan native, Andrew Tate.

As a fourth-generation boat racer, Andrew Tate was born to drive hydroplanes. The Tate legacy began in 1930’s with hydroplane pioneer Joe Tate, Sr., who built and raced his own boats. The desire to go fast on water was passed on to his son, Joe Tate, Jr., who drove Grand National (7-litre) hydroplanes until he was 70 years old. The Tate name was etched into boat racing history by Andrew’s father, Mark, who was inducted into the APBA Hall of Champions four times, winning the APBA Gold Cup twice. Mark married California native and champion 145c.i. driver Sandy Wray, creating a family embedded in a world of high speed on the water.

Driving his first hydro at 9 years old, Andrew honed his skills at the beginning of his career by piloting various types of kneel-down outboard hydroplanes. Since 2006, Andrew won nearly 100 races in various APBA outboard hydroplane categories, including nine national titles, and has been inducted into the APBA Hall of Champions twice (2010 and 2016).

The well-known Tate name and Andrew’s early success in the smaller hydros caught the attention of boat owner and family friend, Randy English. In 2011, the English family hired Andrew to drive one of their 2.5-litre modified inboard hydroplanes. Winning a slew of races and the 2013 APBA National High Point Championship, success has been constant for both the English family and Andrew.

A rich history followed Andrew to a prestigious class of boat racing when in 2015 the English’s invested in a two-boat Grand Prix Hydroplane team, giving Andrew the honor of piloting the GP-101, Fat Chance Too. By the end of the team’s 2015 rookie campaign, Andrew had silenced any critics and gave his expanding fan base something to cheer about. He won his first ACHA race off of “rookie restriction” in Tonawanda, NY, and the APBA Grand Prix National Championships in Waterford, MI.

Andrew Tate tested the U-9 in Tri-Cities in 2015

Andrew’s footprint in the sport continued to grow, and 2015’s results spoke for themselves. Winning four APBA National Championships in three different categories of racing (stock outboard, modified outboard, and inboard hydroplane), Andrew was voted into the APBA Hall of Champions for the second time.

The U-9 team is looking forward to Andrew’s youth and exuberance to blend well with the team’s experience and tenacity to win. The team is currently hard at work preparing the hull for a test run on June 10th, 2016 in Tri-Cities Washington.

© 2024 H1 Unlimited. H1 Unlimited is a registered trademark of the American Boat Racing Association. | Privacy Policy

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'Nothing short of a miracle': Missing N.L. fishing crew arrives home safely

Fishing boat lost contact wednesday evening.

andrew tate yacht name

Missing N.L. fishing crew home after being found safe

Social sharing.

The crew of the Elite Navigator, the fishing vessel missing since Wednesday, arrived home safely on Saturday.

The seven crew members were greeted by hundreds of people celebrating their return to Valleyfield, a neighbourhood in the town of New-Wes-Valley.

Some residents were waiting on the docks and its surrounding areas with signs and balloons. Others took to the water and greeted the crew in their own boats as they passed by on a Canadian coast guard in-shore rescue boat. 

The crew members' safe arrival was emotional, as family and friends tightly hugged the loved ones they thought they'd lost.

Elite Navigator captain Eugene Carter said the crew is happy to be home after spending almost three days in a life-raft following a fire on the ship that escalated quickly.

"Within five minutes, we had seven men aboard a life-raft and there was fire around us everywhere," Carter said.

andrew tate yacht name

Rescued N.L. fishing crew returns home after days drifting in life raft

Good spirits helped while stranded.

In the days that followed, Carter said the crew had to keep each other warm, there was limited water supply, and the raft kept drifting farther from land. Nonetheless, they stayed in good spirits.

"We were actually sitting around joking with each other, using the microphone, interviewing each other with the flashlight trying to keep our hopes and everything up," he said.

But the most challenging part of the situation wasn't being stuck on a life-raft in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean — it was thinking about what their families were going through.

"The hardest thing about it was knowing we were alive and everyone here thinking the opposite. That was the hardest thing to cope with out there," Carter said.

Men hugging in a crowd

Llewellyn Howell, brother of one of the crew members, said people who grew up in fishing communities were raised to expect the worst.

"The thing is, we thought there was no chance. None whatsoever," Howell told CBC News.

Even the town's mayor said the situation was astonishing.

"It's nothing short of a miracle," said Michael Tiller.

Life-saving flare was the crew's last one

The entire crew was found in a life-raft by search-and-rescue teams on Friday night.

"A handheld red flare was spotted, which led us to a life-raft," the coast guard said in an update posted to Facebook on Saturday.

The flare that saved their lives was the last one the men had. When it caught the attention of the helicopter, Carter said, it was the best feeling in the world.

David Lee Tiller and Jordan Lee King, who were both on the raft, were in good spirits as they greeted their loved ones on Saturday.

Image of a boat at dock with Elite Navigator written on side

Tiller feels lucky to be alive. 

"I'd fish with all the boys again tomorrow, any day. But thanks to the big one above we are home alive," he said.

King said he wasn't surprised when the helicopter found them. He knew someone would find them eventually, he said. 

"I felt amazing, I couldn't wait to get on board and get something to eat," King said. "It's good to be home."

'Great news story'

Greg Pretty, president of the Fish, Food & Allied Workers union, said he couldn't sleep after finding out the good news late Friday night.

"To see this come to a successful conclusion, like I suggested yesterday, is a great news story for this province and this whole country," Pretty told CBC News.

Premier Andrew Furey posted to social media at about 1 a.m. NT Saturday that search-and-rescue efforts had been a success.

"Our entire province is so relieved to hear the crew members of the Elite Navigator have been found and are returning to safety to their families, who have been waiting so anxiously for this good news," Furey posted. "Thank you to all the dedicated people involved in the search and rescue effort."

Pretty said the crew members' successful outcome shows the importance of safety training at sea.

"I can tell you without even knowing the details that there was a training component kicked in for those crew members and with the result of seven."

Five of the crew are from New-Wes-Valley, one is from Centreville-Wareham-Trinity and another is from the Gander Bay region.

The boat went missing off Newfoundland's northeast coast on Wednesday, with its last known location about 300 kilometres northeast of Gander that evening.

No injuries reported

"Everybody is in good health with no obvious injuries," Furey told a news briefing Saturday.

Tiller said the entire region had been holding its breath waiting for news, good or bad.

"Being human, you always have that fear in the back of your mind that the worst will happen. But when word started to spread last night, it was like a huge weighted blanket lifted after region and people were celebrating it," he said.

Two men hugging in a crowd of people.

A significant fog bank about 15 nautical miles (about 28 kilometres) off the coast complicated search efforts Thursday.

Search efforts expanded Friday.

  • Residents of New-Wes-Valley anxious for missing fishermen to be found safe, says mayor

Four coast guard vessels, as well as a Cormorant helicopter and Hercules aircraft, helped in the search.

PAL Airlines also used sensors in flyovers to try to locate the boat, and a number of fishing vessels also joined in.

Dangers of fishing highlighted

Tiller said the entire incident highlights how dangerous the profession of fishing can be.

"It hits home because in small-town Newfoundland, you know everybody. You know who they are and you know their parents, their relatives, you know the boat owners. You know basically everything about them," he said.

"You grew up with them and, you know, it's like losing a part of your family.… It's nothing short of a miracle that they're all on the way home." 

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With files from Arlette Lazarenko, Danny Arsenault and World Report

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Breaking down 2024 Big Ten Preseason Poll and how many teams could make College Football Playoff: Buckeye Talk podcast

  • Updated: Jul. 23, 2024, 3:11 p.m.
  • | Published: Jul. 23, 2024, 11:00 a.m.

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Listen to Buckeye Talk, your favorite Ohio State football podcast, five days a week with Stephen Means, Stefan Krajisnik and Andrew Gillis. Cleveland.com

  • Stephen Means, cleveland.com

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The 20204 college football season has officially arrived in the midwest with the arrival of Big Ten Media Days, and with that comes a chance to do something the Big Ten won’t.

On this episode of Buckeye Talk, Stephen Means, Stefan Krajisnik and Andrew Gillis reveal their ballots as three of the 27 voters in cleveland.com’s preseason Big Ten Media Pol l. The trio share where they ranked Ohio State and who they picked to win Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year.

They also discuss who could win Coach of the Year and how many teams the conference will get in the first-ever 12-team College Football Playoff.

Thanks for listening to Buckeye Talk.

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Read the automated transcript of today’s podcast below. Because it’s a computer-generated transcript, it may contain errors and misspellings.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (00:31.445)

Welcome back to Buckeye Talk. I’m Stephen Means. That’s Stefan Kreischnick and that’s Andrew Gillis. The last time you heard all three of us together, we talked nonsense for 45 minutes. And now we’re going to do it again, but it’s actually going to be about things in real life. It’s going to be real football talk and not about a video game. As you’re listening to this pod, we’re all already in Indianapolis as we get ready for 2024, pick 10 media days. Ohio State will be talking on Tuesday. Get the text 614 -350 -3315. But has been the case.

for the past 14 years now because the Big 10 is too chicken to put out preseason polls, put out preseason players of the United, do this Big 10 honors things, but it’s almost like a certificate that you would get for participation. They don’t actually do it. Here’s the preseason poll for the Big 10. Here is who we think is the favorite to win the conference because they’re so chicken.

Shout out to Doug Lamarice, out to Bill Landish, out to Ari Wasman. 14 years ago, they started that here at cleveland .com. And then obviously when Nathan and I came aboard, we continued that tradition. And now that Andrew and Stefan are here, we’ll continue that tradition of doing what the Big Ten won’t. We had 27 people vote in the Big Ten Media Day preseason poll. That includes myself, that includes Stefan Kreisnick, and that includes Andrew Gillis. And on this pod and on the site cleveland .com slash OSU and through the text.

Where we be revealing not only who we voted for but what the overall vote is so let’s start there before I get into the actual 18 person list because that’s the difference guys between This year in the last 13 years of this is there’s no divisions So instead of going here’s who’s gonna win the West here’s who’s gonna win the East or they used to call it legends and leaders Which was a stupid thing to call it, but it is what it is It’s just 1 through 18 is what I sent out to people 1 through 18

Getting a first place vote got you 18 points. Getting a last place vote got you one point. You guys know how math works, I would hope. Stefan, let’s start with you. You’re new to this.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (02:31.989)

Were number one and number two easy for you and was there a conversation about who you were going to put at number one or was it pretty clear cut where you were headed with

Stefan Krajisnik (02:42.87)

I knew I knew pretty instantly who my one and two were going to be with Ohio State and Oregon. And I went back and forth a little bit on who I had being number one, just because that game being in Oregon is a little tricky. But I ended up going with Ohio State. I just think top to bottom. It’s the roster that I trust the most in the conference. You know, I trust Ohio State’s defense a little bit more than I trust Oregon’s right now.

you know, I kind of want to see what Oregon has on that side of the ball before I fully buy into them, you know, winning the conference in year one. but, but I think, I feel like most people who did the poll would probably agree that picking one and two and then just kind of having to pick the order of those two was probably, among the easier things to do on the poll this

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (03:30.613)

So you went Ohio State one, Oregon two, Andrew, where did you go with this? also with preseason polls, I don’t know if there’s a direct science to how you go about doing these things, right? It’s a little bit of you’re trying to predict what’s going to happen, but also where you think teams are right now. Andrew, which way did you lean more towards when trying to decide one through 18 and then also who’s number one in

Andrew (03:56.758)

Yeah, well, I had Ohio State over Oregon in that one, two, and I think that there’s a gap between one and two, and then you get to three and four and the rest of the list. And think you can kind of segment that. I think Oregon’s about a year away from really kind of being in that pole position, maybe. I looked at this group and I see an Ohio State team that is set up to be maybe the best team in college football this year.

Like with all the guys they have coming back with the, you know, the talent they have on defense, especially like this could very well be the best defense in college football. And I think that if you have that, you kind of have the kryptonite to what Oregon could maybe do to you on the road. Like if Oregon’s offense is firing, like that might be the one game that you can really see a really slow down Oregon offense. know, Dylan Gabriel is probably going to put up a lot of numbers and I’m sure we’re going to talk about him later in this pod,

that Oregon team is just, I think that they’re good, but I think you’re really not going to see the recruiting wins and the talent that has really kind of been rising in Oregon for another year. And I just think Ohio state’s just a step above right now. But I do think, you know, when we talk about this with, you know, the rest of the poll and everything like that, it’s one, two, and then to me, there was a pretty large gap as to when you get from two to three. Because I think we’re going to talk about playoff teams, obviously as well.

And those teams to me are kind of fighting to get into the playoff. Whereas I look at Ohio State and Oregon, I view them as locks to make the 12 team playoff. These are just two teams that are cut from a different

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (05:41.109)

Yeah, that was number one and number two. I’ll say it was number one. 21 of the 27 first place votes went to Ohio State. Oregon got the other six. In fact, Ohio State only got first and second place votes in this poll. Oregon got all but one. They had one third place vote, which means one other team got a second place vote. I’ll let you guys guess later on in this pod who got that third place, that second place vote other than those two guys. But I think what this

Ohio State won the offseason, right? Yes, you lose your starting quarterback, but I think you feel okay at least about their options with Howard and Devin Brown and Lincoln Keenholz and Julian Sand and Aaron Nolan, though Aaron Nolan may be a future conversation and Julian Sand, maybe a bit of both and Lincoln Keenholz a bit of both. You go get Caleb Downs, you Seth McLaughlin, you add Will Kazmeric, right? get what you did in the transfer portal, Jeremiah Smith.

Is on this roster, which we’re to have a con a short conversation about Jeremiah Smith and his prospects this year just because there are two people who are all in on the Jeremiah Smith hat hype and for the record Andrew I am NOT the person all in on the Jeremiah Smith height

Andrew (06:52.366)

I wanna find out who that was. I’m gonna do some reconnaissance work in Indianapolis and I wanna find out who did that if that is the case. I need names.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (06:59.253)

I mean, I’m sure most people will come out and tell you who they were they put in what they put stuff with Listen, we’re all about accountability here, right our whole jobs are be holding people accountable So we want to be accountable as well. I think you guys are right though. There are gaps one and two There’s a gap and then I think the next gap is I would almost group Three through five in our poll together and what was we reveal guys? I’ll explain why I think that actually I’ll just give to you. Here’s the top

Andrew (07:02.894)

I’m sure, I’m sure, yeah.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (07:28.373)

Ohio State number one they have 480 points and as I mentioned 21 of the 27 first place votes Oregon number two six of the first place votes Penn State is number three Michigan who was the Number one in last year and obviously won a national title won the big ten They dropped down to number four under new head coach Sharon Moore. I was number five in this so of those five Michigan Penn State, Ohio State, Oregon all cleared 400 points and then I was the highest of anybody

400 points, but here’s how the gap split up in terms of average ranking in this poll from the 27 people voted first and foremost Thank you to those guys who voted every but guys and gals who all voted Ohio State and Oregon group together Penn State and Michigan group together I was on a island all by itself and then six and down is almost like You exist in the big ten this year, and I think Stefan that’s

Right? Even if you don’t agree with the order of maybe three through five, there is some discrepancy there and how you feel about that. I think three through five is very clear of when you’re talking about talent and expectations and ceiling this year, who should be in that conversation.

Stefan Krajisnik (08:38.996)

Who’s number six in

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (08:41.543)

The University of Southern California.

Andrew (08:43.79)

Okay, so I just want to time in real quick. I had that exact top six, one through six. So I feel really good about myself that I’m like, all right, I’m not crazy. That’s the way that I feel about this part right now. Like, all right, I’m looking at this at Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Michigan, Iowa, USC for kicks and giggles. had Washington, UCLA, Wisconsin, and Nebraska to round out my top 10. That was what I had the top six. So I feel not crazy now. I feel like I was doing this list and I was so worried. I was like, oh man, everybody’s going to be like, oh man, I had USC second, you’re an idiot. What are you doing? And I had the exact top six.

Feeling pretty

Stefan Krajisnik (09:14.624)

Well, it’s funny you mentioned that. Well, so I’m, I’m the idiot who didn’t think to save how we voted. So a lot of this is, based on vibes of how I remember voting. but I, I’m pretty sure I had USC at five and Iowa at six. So I, I, I’m, I’m curious what that gap is after why I walk. Cause it feels like USC and maybe Wisconsin, if they start, you know, writing the ship a bit under fickle,

could be closer to kind of that Iowa than maybe, you know, going down to like a Minnesota or a Purdue or an Indiana, something like that. like that, that’s what I, that’s what I was curious to see where USC was in this. Cause I figured there were somewhere in that five, six spot. Cause I think a lot of people just don’t really know what to expect from them. Like, know, their offense is going to be good. I Lincoln Riley is a good offensive mind, but you probably have a pretty good feeling that their defense is going to be terrible. They are literally the opposite of Iowa.

And you’re kind of trying to figure them both out. just like, if they played each other, it’s like, like two forces.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (10:19.125)

I think it would break

Andrew (10:19.17)

Yeah, it’s what is it the very movable object versus the yeah, yeah, exactly.

Stefan Krajisnik (10:21.93)

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (10:23.623)

I think if USC and Iowa play each other, would break college football. Cause I don’t know. Yeah, I think it’s cause it’s not going to be zero to zero or a hundred to a hundred.

Andrew (10:28.716)

The very stoppable force versus the movable object.

Stefan Krajisnik (10:28.886)

I think we need

Stefan Krajisnik (10:39.302)

That would be the game where Iowa like... That would be the game where Iowa finally put some points and it’s like, you’ve got to be kidding me. Like we put a 50 and we lost.

Andrew (10:40.03)

can only score on defense and special teams, so it doesn’t matter.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (10:49.736)

So here is the top 10 mix. I think that’s a, you make a good description there, Steph. USC is six. Wisconsin is seventh. Nebraska is eighth. Rutgers is nine and Washington is 10. I think six through nine. If I had to label it, I would call it, give me something to believe in because

Something is happening at Wisconsin. It’s just year two. So you don’t know what something is. Something can be good. Something can be very bad. We could find out Luke Fickel is Patch Fitzgerald like where he’s very good at getting the most out of lesser talent. But then he gets on a stage where maybe he should be doing a little bit more. The expectations are there. Not so much. I don’t know if I believe in Lincoln Riley at this point as a head coach. I know he’s a good Heisman Trophy quarterback maker in college football.

I don’t know what else he is outside of that. And as we all just joked about, we don’t even know if Iowa knows what offenses anymore, right? I think that’s a mythical creature up there in Iowa right now. Nebraska with Matt Ruhl and Dylan Raola, are they building something? Maybe you’re intrigued, but believing in it yet? I don’t know if I’m there. While with Rutgers, just think it’s Greg Ciano has taken the spot of Mike Locksley in terms of he might just be the perfect coach.

for this program in this area of the country and he might be able to get the most out of it. But what does that really mean when you’re in a conference with other national championship caliber programs while Washington’s just starting from square one Andrew and it’s like you played in the national championship game nine months ago and then your coach left because the greatest coach of all time left. So I don’t that’s it’s sick. It’s five teams where interesting.

Andrew (12:28.034)

That’s crazy.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (12:38.579)

Let’s see how we feel about them in October before we give a real opinion on

Stefan Krajisnik (12:42.87)

It kind of goes back to what you and I were talking about on Monday’s pod. think where it feels like there is that group. Probably I’d probably put Iowa in there, but maybe they’re just slightly above just cause of, you know, consistency and things like that. like, there is this group of four or five teams where it’s like, you have a chance to become one of those last big 10 playoff teams, or you have a chance

really drop and be irrelevant in the new Big Ten. like Nebraska is probably the epitome of that, right? Like it’s like things can really start to take off for them soon or they continue just being Nebraska and it never takes off for them. And it’s like these few years of this new Big Ten, the first couple of years are kind of going to be important to like establishing where you fit in this, you know, 18 team conference now.

Andrew (13:34.414)

Yeah. And well, the thing with the, and the thing with like some of these programs, like I think the divide, I think for me with USC and why I have them below Iowa is I think you can just kind of count on Iowa to be eight and four. You can kind of count on them to be just reliably consistent. am curious to see kind of how that changes in the new big 10, because one of the things that Ohio state fans and fans across the conference, I think are going to have to get used to is the fact that it’s a lot harder to go 12 and O and it’s a lot harder to go 11 and one.

and 10 and two and so on down the line, because you’re going to be playing better programs, right? The odds of you playing a higher level program. I think so because here’s and I want to bring up USC as this example, because USC now like listen to their schedule. This is why I had them six. They play LSU and I know that’s not a big 10 game, but they open with LSU, Utah State in a bi -week. Then they have seven games in a row at Michigan, Wisconsin, at Minnesota.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (14:11.593)

Is that true?

Andrew (14:33.902)

Penn State at Maryland Rutgers at Washington. So you not only do you have the time zone change, you got to go to Ann Arbor and then you got to come back and then you got to go to Minneapolis and you got to come back and then you got to go to College Park and then you got to come back. And I know you’re staying in the same time zone, but then you got to go play Washington. There’s some body blow games in there. You’re to play at Michigan, Wisconsin, and then at Minnesota and then Penn State in four straight weeks. That’s really difficult. And then not to mention you have a bye week and then you have Nebraska at home.

at UCLA and then Notre Dame. Like that’s a really, really tough schedule. Those are a lot of body blows. And I, I look at this USC schedule and I’m like, man, there’s going to be a lot of really, really tough moments for this team. Not just because of the travel, not just because of the, the physicality of the schedule, but just there’s a lot of really good teams that you can, you don’t get a break. You don’t have a, a Purdue on that schedule in between Michigan.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (15:11.401)

But is it, is it, is

Andrew (15:31.31)

and Penn State. Like after Michigan, after you’re at Michigan, you got to play Wisconsin at home and Wisconsin’s not going to be showing up, you know, afraid of them or anything like Wisconsin is going to show up and try to lay the lumber. Like this is a, this is a really physical, brutal schedule. And I think that we kind of have to get used to this new normal. And I think that that’s why I have USC below because that schedule is very difficult. Not only do you have to play a big 10 schedule, I just, I wonder what’s going to happen when you have like an LSU to kick off the year.

You have Michigan early, you have Wisconsin early, you have Penn State.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (16:02.293)

Yeah, but like nothing I don’t know if that like idea of it It’s gonna be harder to go 10 and 2 11 and 1 12 and 0 apply it applies to us because you see hasn’t been good So like to your point of should was caught Wisconsin’s not gonna come in there afraid Why should they be with USC one look one more game than Wisconsin did last year while USC was playing in the pack? so I don’t think I Think the winner of the big 10 is probably going to go 11 and 1 or 12 at all. I think that’s what

Andrew (16:28.482)

Yeah, I think that that’s fair.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (16:30.237)

I think what you’re talking about Andrew is maybe for teams who have been in the Big Ten West for the past decade where they can go nine and three and eight and four and make the Big Ten Championship game. That’s true. Sure. Getting that record no longer gets you the reward of getting the Indianapolis because you didn’t have to play Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State religiously every single year. I think it’s just creating a bigger middle class though of an already big middle class. just

We already knew who the middle class in the big 10 was Andrew and Stefan. It’s just because we had divisions. We couldn’t actually map it out that way. Now we do. So from USC standpoint, sure. Is Miller Moss going to have 4 ‚000 yards and 45 touchdowns? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe he will. But is he also going to have to do that because they’re going to be in shootouts every single week because USC can’t play defense? Sure. That’s also on the table. I just don’t know if USC suffering through the big

moves me in a way that makes me feel like, the conference just got tougher. No, just means a team who’s already an average team last year is just an average team in a tougher conference.

Andrew (17:40.322)

Yeah, but I think you’re adding, but you’re not adding like five and seven, six and six teams, right? Like obviously Oregon, think we’re gonna, yeah, but that’s what I’m saying. Like eight, like how many teams in the conference were better than eight and four last year? Like you look at the program, you’re not adding a bunch of middle, you’re not adding Arizona state, you’re adding programs with like high ceilings and programs that have a lot of talent. So it’s not, you’re adding Oregon who’s obviously at the top, but then you’re adding USC, UCLA and Washington. Those aren’t,

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (17:46.047)

They were only five, that’s -

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (17:57.146)

So what changes?

Andrew (18:09.55)

bottom feeder programs and you’re just supplementing them into the middle class, which makes the middle class more equitable in the big 10. I think you’re going to see a lot more variance in the big 10 because guess what? You know who else is like a nine and three program? Penn State, Iowa, maybe Wisconsin. Like you have a lot of programs that are kind of in this middle ground where I think they’re all going to be kind of cannibalizing each other. And I think it’s going to make the middle class more competitive. But I think that that’s just going to lead to more losses because hey, look, if USC beats Penn State,

and USC has a good offense this year. Is anybody going to be like floored? Not really. You shouldn’t be like if USC has the offense that people think that they can them hang in 50 on Penn State should not surprise anybody. If that is kind

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (00:08.364)

So the rest of the preseason poll is as follows. Maryland is at 11, Minnesota is 12, Illinois is 13, 14 is Northwestern, UCLA is 15, Michigan State is 16, Indiana is number 17, and Purdue is 18. So the state of Indiana as a whole just rounding out the back here. I just, for the sake of asking, who did you guys have last in your poll?

Stefan Krajisnik (00:32.793)

I had Purdue.

Andrew (00:33.9)

I had Purdue, I had the fighting Nathan Baird’s last.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (00:37.416)

Okay, I had Indiana last in my poll. Okay.

Andrew (00:40.596)

I had Indiana second to last. So was Purdue and Indiana last and second to last.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (00:45.644)

Now 44 % of the voters agree with you guys Purdue is going to be in last place. just state of Indiana, man, is just not having fun with the state. Purdue just won a national championship in basketball, so it’s fine. It is what it is. Okay.

Andrew (00:52.504)

Purdue’s schedule is really tough too, but they’re gonna be mad.

Stefan Krajisnik (00:58.758)

No, they lost the championship.

Andrew (01:01.046)

Yeah, Purdue Purdue’s gotta play Notre Dame, Oregon, Ohio State, Penn State this year. Their schedule is going to be there. Not in for a good time.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (01:03.243)

I did listen, listen, listen, that schedule is irrelevant. They just have to play football this year and that’s what was going to happen in that situation.

Andrew (01:11.582)

Stefan Krajisnik (01:14.408)

You’ve got a you got an interesting mix though those those teams that you mentioned like the the 10 and below of like. There’s some coaches there that it’s like if you don’t if like if you don’t do it this year, like obviously like like Purdue, they’re coached in the second year like Indiana coached in his first year like they’re probably not in that conversation in terms of like coaching change, but like you look at Illinois and it’s like man if they finished 13th in the Big 10 this year, like what is the excitement like with like how do you? How do you get momentum when the conference is only getting tougher

There’s going to be some teams I need to make decisions which would have been crazy to think two or three years ago that that’s where Illinois would be now. I mean they went they went like nine games two years ago right or eight games like you got teams in that in that pod there where it’s like if if it’s not this year like if you’re closer to Indiana and Purdue than you are to like Iowa like there’s some questions that are going to be asked.

Andrew (02:08.014)

So I do, you raises a good point, Stephane, because I think that this applies for every program in the Big Ten. And I don’t want to give too much of this away. But like, I think that there’s a lot of programs where there is kind of like a now or never kind of vibe to it. And not just maybe the bottom programs. I think it goes for some programs at the top. I think it goes for some programs in the middle. Like I think that every program kind of has their various expectations, right?

And I think that there are a lot of programs that are probably looking at this 2024 season, whether that’s their place in the big 10, whether that’s their place in the national landscape of college football. And I feel like there for a lot of programs that there kind of is a vibe of if not now, when, if we can’t do this now with this team we have or this situation that we have or this schedule that we have, when is this going to be possible? So we’ll get into this with the playoff teams, I think, in a couple of segments. But I think that that is something that is going to be really prevalent. That’s a really good point.

Because again, maybe it is for Maryland and maybe it is for like, know, Northwestern or whoever you want to say at the bottom. But I think that also applies for like USC. I think that applies for Penn State. I think it applies to Ohio State in some ways. Like there’s a lot of programs that are kind of facing that pressure this year for a myriad of different

Stefan Krajisnik (03:21.318)

That’s why we talked about it on Monday’s part two of like this notion that expanding the playoff is going to make games less meaningful and it’s going to ruin college football. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yes, you can maybe afford to lose a game or two, when these coaches are like, we were talking about USC, there’s a chance by week four that their playoff chances are gone.

They’re in a boat where when you’re playing that tough of a schedule, every game does start to matter like very quickly, depending on what your expectations are, right? Like what’s your leashes? Like what’s the leash for? Like I think Ohio State could make the playoff with two losses. I’m not sure if USC can lose two games and make it just because you’re going to be looked at differently. Like let’s be really like how things are looked at. Like I just, I think that college football is in a just fine spot with the expanded playoff just because of

how many different things there are leaning over every team.

Andrew (04:22.134)

Stefan, I really wish you could go back and listen to some older Buckhound thoughts.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (04:22.252)

I think what we have in this grouping here is kind of 11 through 18 are in a different category in the Big 10 right now, right? It’s divisions, but it’s not like actual divisions. It’s divisions by caliber or program. I don’t think any of the teams 11 or 18 through 18 have realistic college football playoff aspirations. Maybe UCLA, right? If they ever stopped being a dumpster fire, but other than

I don’t think any of those teams can have realistic college football playoff expectations. So when that’s not your end goal and it’s real now, it’s not just, the four best teams in college football get in. No, it’s 12. So you can get hot one year, have the right schedule, go 10 and two, cause you played the right teams at the right time. And now you’re in the playoff. I wouldn’t even put those teams in that category this year. Like maybe they just got hot and now they’re seven and one heading into a big time opponent. It’s like,

There’s something interesting going on there. They’re in a different group. One through 10 is where it’s like, are you making the playoff one through five? It’s like, what are you doing in the playoff? Right? If, if you’re getting in, if you’re Ohio state, Oregon, Michigan, Penn state, especially getting into the playoff and you’re losing the first round or your loot, you get the buy, but you lose that first game you play every single year. That’s not good enough anymore. Getting to the playoff is not good enough for every year.

I think that’s one through five, six through 10 getting to the playoff is probably a really good year. If you do that two or three years in a row, you’re building a hell of a program. 11 through 18. It’s just like, listen, man, can you just get bowl eligible? That’s kind of where you’re living at right now. Let’s transition into that playoff conversation though. First the stats, because we love stats when they’re good. I asked everybody.

How many teams is the big 10 get into the college football playoff this year and the options most people picked four, three, two or one. Nine people picked four. I love the faces people are making right now. People can’t see their faces, but I said, I said one and both the Andrew said, huh? Yes. Somebody said one nine said four, 16 said three. One person said only two teams and one person said one team. Ohio state is the only person.

Andrew (06:30.444)

When you got to one, ooh.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (06:45.484)

who was on every single list. Oregon made all but one, which was obviously the team guy who picked one person. And then Michigan, Iowa and Penn State were all in consideration as well. Stephon, we’ll start with you. Mark it down. Right now, this is your first market. This is your first prediction that you have to live with. We’re going to call you out and hold you accountable when December rolls around. How many teams in the Big 10 make the playoff?

and which one of them gets the

Stefan Krajisnik (07:17.544)

So I had three big 10 teams making it. Um, I had Ohio state getting a buy and I had Oregon and Michigan being the other two teams to get in. Um, I, understand, I get the argument for Penn state and, and you said in the poll that people had Penn, like Penn state was number three, right? Or ahead of Michigan. Okay. So I’m probably, I mean, I’m a little bit against the grain on that one there. The person who had one team get, they might not know that the, year is like the expanded playoff. Maybe they think it’s like next year or something like

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (07:32.64)

Stefan Krajisnik (07:45.832)

But those are just the three teams that I feel the most confident like Penn State. I think could make it, but if they do, I don’t really see them doing much in the playoff. But those were my three and I guess I’ll have to live with those those deprediction all year and my first prediction. This is probably a little bit positive on the Michigan side, so I’m sure that’ll be go over well.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (08:10.54)

I mean more than likely you’re go at least two for three. Andrew, did you go Penn State or Michigan? And also, I mean, if you added both of them, you can say that as

Andrew (08:18.732)

No, I had Penn State. I did not have Michigan in the playoff. I have kind of said before on this podcast that I’m maybe out on Michigan, because at least as it relates to the college football playoff argument, because they play Texas, they play Oregon, they play Ohio State. They lose those three games, that’s nine and three. And do I think we could live in a world where nine and three SEC and Big Ten teams get in? Absolutely.

Like people need to start preparing themselves for that scenario where like a nine and. Well, I’m well, I mean, if you compare a nine, a nine and three SEC team versus a 10 and two big 12 team, like if those are their options, 10 and two big 12, 10 and two ACC, nine and three big 10, I understand that avoids us from all contexts, but I think you could make the argument of, Hey, look, look what our schedule is. Look who we had to play. You’re telling me you’re going to put 10 and two Virginia tech in there when you know, their worst losses are

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (08:49.386)

You keep saying that! I don’t think that’s true!

Andrew (09:15.192)

Clemson and Boston College and Michigan here lost it. They beat everybody else except for Texas, Ohio State and Oregon and all of them are in the playoff. Are you kidding? I think that that’s the world that we’re going to live in. And if you get to nine and three, I do think that that’s going to leave you out like the majority of the time. And if you lose those three games, you’re out. I think they’re going to lose to Ohio State. I think they’re going to lose to Oregon. And I understand that they play Texas and Oregon at home. But even if you beat, you know, even if you beat Texas.

Right. And, you know, there’s 10 and two, if you still lose to Oregon and Ohio state, you still got to beat USC. You still got to go to Washington. You still have the rivalry game against Michigan state. Michigan state might be better this year. Like you still have a couple weird trap games, which might be, you know, a little screwy. And if that happens, nine and three is probably going to leave you out. Like nine and three is probably going to leave you out. And I just, I don’t trust Alex Orji at quarterback.

I don’t, like they still have really good players. mean, if you recall back, I know Stephane wasn’t here, but if you recall back to the podcast we did where we compared Ohio State and Michigan rosters, like I think that there’s a really good argument that you’re taking Will Johnson one of any player on either team. And then there’s a solid argument that you’re taking Mason Graham second or third, or probably no lower than fourth. Like they’ve still got really high end players. I just don’t trust the quarterback. And if you lose three games, you’re in

And I look at Penn State’s schedule. Penn State avoids Oregon. They avoid Michigan. And, I had Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Michigan, and Iowa as my top five Big Ten teams. Penn State’s got to play one of them and it’s at home against Ohio State. So like, even if you give them a weird loss at Wisconsin or at USC or at Minnesota or something like

10 and two is almost certainly getting a big 10 team. So I just, had three, I had to map out the rest of the college football landscape, you know, how I wanted to view SEC teams and ACC teams. And cause you remember you got to throw in the group of five and I had, I left room for one, but you know, so maybe I guess you could get a fourth big 10 in there, but I think it’s, I think it’s those three. And I think that Penn State has the schedule to do

Andrew (11:33.326)

And I think that they’re always solid enough to where if you get the right schedule, this is going to be a top 12 team most years.

Stefan Krajisnik (11:40.944)

I like, I like not having the divisions, but I do wish this year we had a Penn State Michigan game because I think it would answer a lot of questions about both teams.

Andrew (11:49.803)

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (11:53.452)

I just don’t know. And I think I’m just prepared to be wrong about Michigan. think sometimes I’m just willing to take that L if it comes along. Wow. I don’t know what if you’re allergy takes a step there, but then also you’re 10 and two and you’re probably getting to the cost of a ball playoff. How I mapped it out was in trying to figure out if I was going to do four or three was just trying to figure out how I think the rest of the country might look. So the big 10s getting three teams in, right? So that’s

The SEC is getting three teams in so that’s another so now you’re at six already and then you’ve got the conference champions and both the big 12 and the ACC so you’re at eight

Andrew (12:33.89)

and then you’re at nine with the group of

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (12:35.894)

And then that team has to get into it. So now it’s three spots. I think the ACC is going to get two teams.

Andrew (12:38.934)

Yeah, you got three outlarges basically after that.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (12:45.004)

And so then it’s like, and I know, I think they’re get two teams in. So now you’re at 11. And so now it’s like, does the big 12 kind of surprise you a little bit? Does the team who loses in the big 12 championship game, and pressure you, wait, no. Yeah. Cause the pack 12 has two teams, which I think is hilarious. Does the team in the big 12 championship game who loses impress you more than a potential nine and three team and other than the big 10 or the sec. And I think that might be a yes.

Part of the answer might simply be because we just watched you play all these playoff teams and lose So why would why would we give that’s why I don’t think nine and three teams are gonna get in and In the SEC in the big ten at least to start this thing off because it’s like well your three losses are probably two teams in the playoff So why do we need to see you do that again? No, we’re gonna put the team who hasn’t played those teams yet and see if they have a better shot than watching nine and

Missouri which I don’t know if Missouri is gonna go nine and three or nine and three Michigan or mine and three Iowa lose to teams. They’ve already lost

Andrew (13:51.406)

So the way that I did this, like just, I think that this is, I think that this is just an example that I did. I had three big tens. I’m not going to say who they are because I know we’re going to do this in August, but I had three big tens and SEC, the ACC, the big 12, the group of five. I had an independent school in there. Wonder who that could be. Uh, and then you have

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (14:10.422)

Don’t say you had an independent school in there. Just say you think Marcus Freeman is getting the playoff bird.

Andrew (14:15.118)

Their schedules are terrible this year. They got really lucky, but then there’s 11 so basically the question and the reason I bring up how I map that out was because Do you think the SEC bias is strong enough Stefan maybe to get get five like can the SEC get five? I don’t think I agree I agree but so then you’re talking a fourth you’re talking a fourth big ten a second ACC or a second big 12 and that’s where you’re at so

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (14:29.738)

No, no, no, no. That’s insane.

Andrew (14:42.446)

is the fourth team in the Big 10. So whether that’s Iowa, whether that’s Michigan, whether that’s USC, whether that’s a team we don’t see coming, what if Nebraska goes nine and three or 10 and two? I don’t know. Pick a team, pick a team, any team. I agree, but pick a team, any team, basically. So pick a nine and three -ish, 10 and two -ish Big 10 team. And is that gonna be better than the second ACC team? Or potentially the second Big 12 team? So that’s kind of where you’re

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (14:53.62)

Nebraska is not getting an apparel going up in the jury.

Andrew (15:10.766)

with this prediction and kind of how this is gonna lay out. So I really will, until they get to 14, I will struggle to see a conference get five, but four is absolutely on the table. I think it just depends on what happens in the ACC and the Big 12, because it’s gonna be really hard to turn down, like you said, Steven, I think you’re right. It’s gonna be really hard to turn down like 13 and 0 ACC champ Clemson and then

12 -1 or 11 -2 Florida State. And I know Florida State is a hilarious example because they just did get turned down. But it’s going to be really hard to turn down some of those teams in favor of a 3 loss Big 10 or a 3 or 4 loss SEC. I just struggle to see how you’re going to get to

Stefan Krajisnik (15:58.792)

Yeah, you would need you would really need the stars to line to have a conference get five teams and I think that’s just he would probably only be the ever caught any conference to ever kind of have that as a possibility. I don’t like I don’t think it’s crazy to think that could happen this year because Ole Miss and Missouri I think are both going to have 10 wins because their schedules kind of set up for that and then you add Georgia, Texas, Bama and you have a pretty good sense that all three of them will be decent like let’s like

Everyone should be prepared in December for that argument to be there. The SEC is going to want five teams in if they have five teams that have won at least 10 games. And now are they going to get

Andrew (16:37.646)

If they have not, if they have five teams that have won at least nine games, they’re gonna make that argument. Of course.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (16:38.156)

Yeah, but yeah, but so is the Big Ten though. That’s the thing like so I don’t I get what you guys are saying and I don’t know how this ended up being how many teams is the SEC gonna be it I said Yeah, both of these we talked about that on Monday Stefan both of these teams should be getting three in that should be their baseline and then the competition starts there which one of them didn’t get four five is living in a world where Jordan Travis gets hurt again, and so that’s

Andrew (16:56.974)

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (17:07.82)

That’s why Florida State didn’t get in. didn’t not get in because people thought, an Alabama team who had some losses on its schedule was better than a Florida State team who was undefeated. If Jordan Travis doesn’t get hurt, Florida State’s in the playoff and Alabama’s Nick Saban’s not playing in the playoff game. So I don’t, the five thing, sure. In this magical world where quarterbacks get hurt again, sure. The SEC or the big 10 is going to be going, Hey, look, we’ve got five, 10 and two teams. Put all five of them

But more realistically, the big 10 gets three every single year trying to get four. The SEC gets three every single year trying to get four. The ACC is trying to make sure it keeps two in the playoff and the big 12 is trying to convince us. They deserve to while Notre Dame is just being what Notre Dame is why you have a group of five team in this conversation as well. Okay. We all said three was anybody close to two just in case

Ohio State and Oregon are so dominant, then the other 16 teams in the Big 10 just kind of fall flat on their face.

Stefan Krajisnik (18:10.642)

I think I was closer to four than I was to two.

Andrew (18:12.866)

Yeah. Yeah, I was the same way. I think closer to four, but I... Because like, what would have to happen for it to be two? Like, I just, you would have to have some real

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (18:25.228)

Ohio State and Oregon are 12 and oh going into the excuse me Ohio State or Oregon is 12 and ho Going into the Big Ten Championship game. The other team is 11 and 1 and everybody else is 9 and 3 or worse Wow While the big 12 and the ACC prove they’re just as competitive as the SEC in the big time I think that’s a more realistic possibility in year one than the SEC or the big 10 get five teams just because there’s a lot of new going on in college football right now and

Andrew (18:36.49)

Yeah. Yeah. That like, but that’s, and that’s the thing that you would

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (18:54.922)

You know, I don’t know, maybe cows good this year. I don’t know. I’m just throwing out teams, but

Andrew (18:58.286)

Well, and you could also get that that monkey wrench scenario where you get like a nine and three team that wins its conference over a team that’s 11 and one. And it’s kind of like the college basketball tournament where you’re talking about like where you’re you how you talk about every year to the Joe Linares bracketology. And it’s always just like, hey, if you’re on the bubble, you need this team to win or else you’re in trouble. I think you could have that situation because like, you know, what if you have a situation where like USC let’s just use USC as an example, because they play LSU and Notre Dame, they’re not in the Big Ten.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (19:08.118)

Bingo! Bingo!

Andrew (19:27.982)

you lose those two games, there’s two losses, and then all of a sudden you lose one Big Ten game, now all a sudden you’re nine and three going to the Big Ten title game, you pull an upset on Oregon or Ohio State, and then you have to get in. You were kind of on the bubble before, now you have to get in. And then you’re not gonna leave out 11 and 0, 11 and 1, 12 and 0, Ohio State or Oregon. So I think that that might be the scenario where you get a team that has some non -conference losses, does well in conference play.

and then basically steals an at large

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (19:58.7)

I’m gonna say this and then we’re gonna take a break. If USC...

Andrew (20:03.298)

Stefan Krajisnik (20:05.066)

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (20:05.278)

Wins more I’m putting the over under on USC wins at seven and a half if they go over I’m gonna buy a

Stefan Krajisnik (20:13.69)

I, do we’re going to need, we’re going to need a scale this year of like find someone who loves you as much as Steven loves Oregon and Dan landing, but never ever find someone that hates you as much as Steven hates USC at Lincoln Riley.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (20:21.196)

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (20:25.516)

I just think two of the most disappointing programs of the past 15 years are USC and Miami. They should be better than they are and they’re not. But we have to talk about they’re almost like the Cowboys in a way, except the Cowboys actually at least make the playoffs, right? And when their division every so often, Miami and USC are just kind of relics of what they used to be. And I think it’s disappointing. And so every year when the AP voters, which I am this year, so I can’t just be like, shame on you, AP voters have to go shame on

Every year when they put Miami in the top 20 in the preseason, I’m like, oh, you’re going to pay for that one. And they pay for it immediately. They’re going to do it with USC. And I’m like, oh, we’re going to pay for that one too. We’re going pay for it immediately.

Andrew (21:02.346)

USC’s over under win total is seven and a half per the betting lines. is seven and a

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (21:07.414)

You thought I pulled that out of nowhere? No, I know my stuff.

Andrew (21:09.266)

I thought you were just coming at this is Stephen Means the betting line for Mr. Means is incorporated and I was like, I thought you were just coming up with that on I didn’t know you were actually citing a pro official statistic.

Andrew (21:22.455)

I’m aware of that, but we also do a lot of just stuff by the seat of our pants. I figured that’s what that was. Yeah, exactly.

Stefan Krajisnik (21:27.226)

we did a podcast on college football or college football video games so by the way absolutely crazy when you think about what our jobs are as reporters what this last like week plus has been in the news cycle and we just did a college football video game pod it’s just awesome it’s like dudes rock

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (21:31.18)

So you guys, so you know.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (21:43.372)

I know I know it’s amazing We cover a child’s game for a living and we got to be like the ultimate children for a week I think it’s awesome But here’s my point and then we actually don’t take a break if they go over seven and a half wins I’m gonna buy a shirt and it’s gonna say I’m Stephen Means and I love Lincoln Riley. I’m gonna buy that we do video So I’m gonna wear that shirt if it happens because I don’t think it’s happen Let’s take a quick break here and then we’ll transition in player of the year awards

We can talk about some Lincoln Riley players who I think are going to be very good. Plus a few other guys here on Buckeye

Andrew (22:17.9)

I wasn’t looking for a debate and I wasn’t going to bring this up on the pod. Florida State would not have gotten if Jordan Travis was healthy. That’s all I needed to say. Let’s

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (22:24.8)

Why they were the undefeated team? Why would they undefeated conference champion? Why would?

Andrew (22:28.131)

Because they would have still put in the SEC champ. Bama would have still gotten in. It was a convenient excuse.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (22:30.93)

No, they wouldn’t. No, they wouldn’t. No, they wouldn’t.

That makes zero sense, but okay.

Andrew (22:38.498)

Yeah, not a pod for today. I just needed to say I needed to say my piece. Listen, Gre -

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (22:40.874)

Not a powerful at all. You’re wrong. Like the board is that I didn’t say Alabama would have been out I’m saying Florida State undefeated conference champion would have been in and Texas probably would have been out but like That’s crazy ludicrous talk to say an undefeated conference champ with his quarterback. It doesn’t get in that’s insane

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (23:00.812)

And we’re back here on Buckeye Talk. We’re talking about our preseason Big Ten media poll, which means predicting who we think is going to the conference, but it also means preseason offensive player of the year and preseason defensive player of the year. Let’s start offense. Stephane, how do you handle preseason votes like this when you’re talking about players? Is it an ode to talking about an established guy? Or are you taking your shot?

and to predict what the season might be and who you think might end up being the season’s best

Stefan Krajisnik (23:38.28)

Well, I think as it pertains to offensive player of year, it’s kind of a mix of both. know Dylan Gabriel is not established in the big 10 per se, but I think he did enough at Oklahoma to make me think that he can do a really good job in, uh, in the big 10. And I also think him just being in that offense. Um, I mean, the stuff that Bo Nix was able to do, think Dylan gave will kind of be in a similar spot of coming in as a transfer and kind of just taking it off as by storm. And, and usually when it comes to

A lot of the time I do vote for quarterbacks here because I just think that that’s just how it’s going to go. Like offensive player of the year is going to be a quarterback I think this year. Unless there’s someone at a skilled position that I think is really got a chance to put up like outrageous numbers. And I think there probably are some guys in a big 10 this year that at running back and receiver can be really good. But I just think Oregon is going to be so good. I think Dylan Gabriel.

And that offense are gonna be so good that I just, I don’t really see a world in which he doesn’t win it this year.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (24:43.084)

Andrew, this is Ohio State since 2018 has dominated this award, right? 2018, Dwayne Haskins wins it, Justin Fields gets it to the next two years. CJ Stroud, who I predicted would win it in 2021, that’s why I asked that question that way, Stefan, is just kind of predicting how some things would play out. CJ was not established in 2021, but it’s like, at that point when you’re looking at Ohio State’s quarterback, it’s like, popping a highly rated dude with this offense, he’s gonna put up numbers.

And he put up numbers, even if it started out wishy washy. He wins it the next two years. Kyle McCord ends the quarterback streak, but then Marvin Harrison Jr. gets it, which to your point, that’s how a receiver gets it is he’s the reason not the quarterback. That’s why Devontae Smith won the Heisman Trophy. that’s 2018, Andrew, that’s six years in a row that the Ohio State guy has won it. And it doesn’t seem like that’s the expectation at least right

Was there an Ohio State player at least on your ballot?

Andrew (25:41.26)

Yeah, do you mind if I give my top three? that? Okay, I didn’t know if you want me to give the number one and then we just talk about number one or if you want me to give one through three. I had Dylan Gabriel one. I think he’s gonna win offensive player of year. I had a Mecha Buka two and then I had Zachariah Branch three. And I had Gabriel one because I think he’s, look, it’s much easier like we said to win that award as a quarterback and.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (25:44.492)

That’s why I asked the

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (25:49.6)

No, I asked for the ballot.

Andrew (26:10.478)

This to me was like a safe pick because who’s the next best quarterback in the Big 10 after Dylan Gabriel? And I asked that kind of rhetorically, but is it Will Howard? Is it Drew Aller? Is it Miller Moss? Is it Alex Orte? Like you’re kind of running down the line and there’s a reason to at least kind of raise your hand and go, not sure, not sure about that one. I don’t know.

Hmm, there’s a reason to maybe be concerned there or there’s a reason to think that person won’t be the driving factor of their team. And I think I said this kind of after the spring game, like I think a Mecca is awesome and a Mecca might just be the best receiver in the Big Ten this year. And when you map out kind of what Ohio State might be offensively, I think we could have a similar year to.

what happened last year where everybody kind of looks at Will Howard and goes, not system quarterback, but I think everybody can kind of look at Will Howard and go, man, if you lose Will Howard, you’re not, your team’s not cratering if you have to go from Will Howard to Devin Brown, right? And plus we don’t even know for certain, we have an idea that Will Howard’s gonna be the quarterback, but we don’t know for sure, we don’t know 100 % for sure that he’s gonna be the quarterback. So it’s like, there’s a lot of question marks

quarterback outside of Dylan Gabriel, I think he’s going to shred. He’s going to have a lot of really good numbers. I think their schedule is not super crazy. Like I know they play Ohio State. I know they play at Michigan, but like there’s some games on there where I think he can really rack up some numbers. And I just think it’s a quarterback award. And I had Zachariah Branch three, and this was the one where I took a leap of faith because

For those of you dedicated readers of Cleveland .com, there was a story last year written by Stephen Means. This was in August or September. And Stephen said, Zachariah Branch might be the best receiver in the Big Ten next year. And I think maybe the Emeka Puka and kind of thing kind of changed that.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (28:20.776)

I was not expecting a mecha buka to still be playing college sports.

Andrew (28:23.178)

Yeah, exactly. And so I’m not blaming Stephen for that. But Zachariah Branch is the type of athlete and the type of football player where you watch him play and go, Whoa, like it looks different. It looks like another like I’m not going to compare him to Reggie Bush,

It’s a similar type of athleticism. It’s a similar type of breakaway speed. It’s a similar type of like agility and short range quickness and just ability to explode. they’re going to, think if, if, if, if USC uses him properly, this is not a, like he was hurt a lot last year. He only played a couple of games, you know, for like through the midway point of the year, he played a lot early, he got hurt, came back. wasn’t himself. I think if he’s, if he’s healthy.

and they use him the way that they should where they’re getting him involved in the passing game, but they’re just getting him the ball. They’re getting the ball in his hands in as many ways as possible. I think that that’s going to be a terror for opposing defenses to try and hang on to. So I think Zachariah Branch is a really, really talented football player. I think we could be talking about a 2025 season where we go into the year going. Jeremiah Smith and Zachariah Branch.

one, two, man, this is really crazy. Like the, think that they’re really, I think that Zachariah is a really, talented football player. And the way that USC can use him, I think kind of supersedes anything that could come from Miller Moss. Now, obviously it could be wrong. Miller Moss could be awesome or whoever they decide to go quarterback. But I think Zachariah Branch is going to be so versatile for them that where, however they use him, he’s just going to put up yards, put up numbers, and he’s going to be their Swiss army. So that’s what, that was my one through

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (30:10.924)

So, fun story, Jeremiah Smith and Zachariah Branch, almost teammates at Ohio State. Zachariah Branch and his brother, who’s a safety at USC entering his junior year there, they were high on Ohio State. And then Lincoln Riley came to USC and made them relevant again. And so two kids from Vegas grew up loving USC. They ended up at USC. The story that Andrew is referring to, say, Ohio State’s claim to wide receiver, you may finally have a worthy challenger. And it’s simply because at the time,

I’m Mecca Buka and Marvin Harrison Jr. Were not supposed to either be on the swastika before and it wasn’t about I think Ohio State’s gonna take a step back. It’s just they were going to be where they were in 2022 again where they just don’t have proven guys even if you think they’re gonna be good. You thought Marvin was gonna be good, but he just hadn’t had a chance to show it yet. I’m back admin. He hadn’t just show it yet. So you had carnell tate and Brandon is and then Jeremiah Smith as a true freshman but Zacharias branch is the only one at that point who would be established.

Andrew (30:41.916)

You did it!

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (31:08.492)

And now he’s in year two. Yes, Andrew, you’re right. He dealt with some health issues last year that may be limited to him, but maybe he wasn’t going to be a thousand yard guys first year anyway. I think he had just over 300 yards last year, so he might explode. He’s going be Miller Moss’s best weapon this year. And so, yeah, he was on the list for me because when you combine how they can use him in the past game, how they can use them in the run game as a return specialist, that kid is fast, like track fast, like Tyreek Hill level fast

Andrew (31:33.644)

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (31:35.816)

Again goes back to the USC conversation of USC just might be in shootouts because they can’t play defense that helps Zach if his stats look great. Like think about Jackson Smith, the Jigba to bring this back to Ohio State. Why was he able to do what he did against Utah on the Rose Bowl? As good as it was, also, he had to do it. Yeah, he had to, they were losing that football game. I had Zachariah Brandt stirred on my ballot because of that. At a Mecca book a second, which fun fact actually with the voting here.

I’m assuming Stefan you had Dylan Gabriel number one of yours as well. 22 of the 27 first place votes for Dylan Gabriel where I think it’s, I like what you said as you safe. It’s comfortable, right? He’s done this at Oklahoma. I mean, we’ll how are you at Kansas state, but Oklahoma is just a better program than Kansas state is. don’t know if Dylan Gabriel’s actually going to be the best quarterback in the big 10 by the time we get to the end of the year. And to your point, Steph, with the numbers Bo Nicks put

I think that’s as much system as it is talent at quarterback. And so because of that, your point, Dylan Gabriel is going to have the numbers. It’s what does it look like when they play good football teams? But I went Dylan Gabriel and Mecca Bucca and then I went Zachariah Brands. Mecca Bucca actually finished second in voting for offensive player of the year without receiving a single first place

Andrew (32:52.802)

That’s crazy. That’s

Stefan Krajisnik (32:55.228)

You know what’s an interesting thing that I was thinking about is there’s a world in which. Either of Ohio State’s running backs would be a kind of a shoe in to be one of the three best offensive players, but because they’re both there, I think it almost ends up hurting them in the preseason poll. Not that they probably give a crap about that like they probably shouldn’t, but it is an interesting conversation because I think at the same time.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (33:07.19)

Stefan Krajisnik (33:23.77)

I almost wanted to pencil in like Ohio State quarterback because I’m pretty confident that it’ll be Howard. And if it is Howard, I think he’s going to put up impressive numbers. I just think this offense is going to be really good this year. So Mecca is probably going to have really good numbers. Will Howard will have really good numbers. We look at Henderson and Judkins combined. They’re probably going to have really good numbers. Like you’ve got candidates on this Ohio State team up and down the roster that could win this award. And I mean, would it shock

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (33:27.23)

Stefan Krajisnik (33:49.68)

If at the end of the year, Will Howard had a good enough year where he beat out Dylan Gabriel for this award. I wouldn’t be shocked.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (33:56.444)

I think the fact that there’s a chance they’re going to get to play each other twice where whoever performs better on October 12th has the lead while whoever performs better on December 7th gets to lock up the award. think that’s how this might play out to your point about the running backs though. Quinchun Judkins was third and overall voting had two first place votes. Traveon Henderson fourth and overall voting but all second place votes. That’s why he was third. There was 18 people who got a vote.

I think the running backs are going to run into what Ohio State’s 2021 receivers ran into when none of them were belittling the Kauff Award finalists, which made zero sense. But it’s like, there’s three of you, dude, and you take away from each other. It’s easier for Jameson Williams and Jalen Hyatt and on down the list to be in that conversation. It’s easier for Marvin to get into that conversation when it’s just him. When there’s multiple guys to your point, it can take away

Cause it’s like, yeah, you’re that open, but it’s cause they’re also worried about the other two and vice versa. And I think that’s what might end up happening. think you’re right. Trevion Henderson and Quinchon Judgkins. If it was only one of them here, like if Trey had gone pro, I think Quinchon might’ve gotten a lot more first place votes or if Quinchon wasn’t here, Trey would’ve got more first place votes. But both of those guys, Andrew being at Ohio state, what you end up getting is their fourth and fifth on the, excuse me, third and fourth on a list like

Andrew (35:17.134)

Well, yeah, think about like an 11 personnel situation for Ohio State.

One of Trevion Anderson or Quincheon Judkins are not on the field, right? So they’re not on the field in that situation. Or think about a situation where they run two receivers. Okay, well, you’re probably gonna leave a Mecca on. Is Jeremiah Smith in that role? Like, okay, so Carnell Tate might be coming off the field, but Carnell Tate’s really good. And like, I think we’re kind of on the same page here with this where, that’s a good actually headline. Ohio State

too good at skill positions to win offensive player of the year if it’s not Will Howard because like if like they have two really good running backs and I mean we’re gonna I’m gonna be honest like what if Dylan Gabriel has a Bo Nix year again like he just repeats what Bo Nix did last year and Trevion Henderson has 890 yards rushing and Quinchon Judd -Kintz has 850 yards rushing. Is offensive player of the year gonna go to a guy who rushed for 850 yards

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (35:56.683)

Andrew (36:20.046)

10 touchdowns? Probably not. if like, because we talked about this with the numbers for Ohio State’s offense, like, do you think that a guy is going to win offensive player of the year? We talked about this with Heisman thing. Like, do you think that a guy who can have maybe diminished stats because of the unit is going to win a certain award? Probably not. It’s just really hard to do. one of the reasons why I think Marv was as propped up as he was last year and he deserved

was because of Mecha was hurt and you really saw how much Marvin was driving this offense. Well, if you have a Mecha and Cornell and Jeremiah and Trevion and Quinchon all healthy, somebody is going to get left out just statistically. It doesn’t mean you’re going to get left out of the offense completely, just statistically. And I think frankly, like if Trevion Henderson wins offensive player of the year, is a finalist or same for Quinchon Judkins, I think you’d probably make an argument that something bad

to Ohio State’s running back room this year. if Trevon, like it would, yeah, like you would need Trevon Henderson to rush for like 1600 yards or 1500 yards or whatever it is in that scenario, but I just, yeah.

Stefan Krajisnik (37:19.592)

I was just gonna say

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (37:30.278)

Or I think the alternative to that is one of them is just that special because I’ve been using this example a lot and I’m not saying either one of these guys is as good as this duo. I’m not saying they’re not. I’m just saying it’s a good comparison. Go look at Lindell White and Reggie Bush’s numbers at USC. If you take the names off of those numbers when they were the running back duo,

I think there are people who might point to the numbers that ended up being Lindell White’s. was like, man, that was the better back in that situation. But we all watched football and we saw how special Reggie Bush was. And when you’re talking about special and electric in a way that guys like us, you your average voters will look at things special matters when you’re electric in the moments that matter. Trevion Henderson, 61 yard touchdown run against Notre Dame.

mattered a lot more than Chip Trenum’s one yard run for a touchdown where Notre Dame also was missing a play on the field. We know which one won the game for sure, but which one put momentum in Ohio State’s favor? The 61 yard touchdown run when Ohio State couldn’t figure things out. Trevion’s ability to just do special is how you win an award like this where both of you have stats.

where if you take the names away, you’re not sure which one was better. Now I am not saying that’s going to happen, but it happened with Marv. Marv and the Mecca stats in 2022 weren’t that different, but we knew what we knew. We all knew we all watched football. And that’s part of this is yes, the stats. Yes. Your point, Andrew, if they both have 850 yards and nine touchdowns and no, they’re not winning this award, but if they both have a thousand yards and one of them just looks special against Oregon and Penn State and Michigan and in a big 10 championship game,

That’s how you win this award. But if they just look good, because they’re good football players, that’s how this becomes a situation where I don’t think CJ Stroud was Ohio State’s best player in 2021. I think Garrett Wilson was their best player, but he was their best awards candidate when you’re talking about Heisman trophies and Big Ten Player of the Year awards. And I think for Will, that’s what makes quarterbacks better for this stuff is when everybody’s good and you’ve got Trevion Henderson and Emeka, Buka and Cardinal Tate and

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (39:55.18)

On down the list, it’s like, oh, let’s just get lazy and pick the quarterback. Even if we don’t, we all know that Will Howard’s not going to be the best player on that offense. Now I want to bring up the guy who might be Ohio State’s best player in 2024. Jeremiah Smith got two votes. I’m going to give you both a chance to claim whether or not one of those two votes were yours. I know one of them wasn’t because I know who did vote for them because I was talking to him earlier. And in fact, Andrew, he’ll be in the car with us.

As we’re headed to Indianapolis, you can get, well, they don’t know that he got a second place post in a vote in a third place vote, which I think everybody went responsible then on Jeremiah Smith, Stefan, no first place votes, but he did get some votes because there’s intrigue. Were you close to giving Jeremiah Smith a vote? And even if you weren’t, what if he’s what we think he

Andrew (40:26.623)

that narrows it down.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (40:54.592)

Does that fall under the category I’m talking about as special in a way where throw out the stats, we all just watch football and we know who the best player on the field

Stefan Krajisnik (41:05.754)

Yeah. So I was not, I was not the other person who voted for them. I think if we had voted like top five, I probably would have included him or at least come close to including them. I mean, when you talk about the ceiling and what he can be this year, I mean, he could be Ohio state’s best wide receiver, which was, I mean, it be saying a lot because of how good a Mecca is, but like, I don’t think anyone would be surprised if at the end of the

You look at Jeremiah Smith. said that’s the best receiver in the Big 10 this year. Now things got to go his way. And I think I’m always a little bit more hesitant with freshmen because what I will say in his case, he’s not facing a Big 10 team or if we want to go even deeper, he’s not facing a really good team until October. So like the schedule kind of in his favor to like, can kind of figure it out and get thrown into the fire and Ohio State can be fine if he struggles a little bit early in the year. So I think like that would, that

maybe give me some more confidence to have voted for him. But yeah, I just, I think it’s, me just being a bit more hesitant with freshmen kind of by nature of, know, I kind of want to see it to believe it. Not, I mean, I’m like 99 % sure that he’s going to be a really good college football player. Like I’m not doubting that, but to, be one of the three best offensive players in the big 10 in your first year.

I could very well be wrong in December, I just, I think it’s a little premature for me to say

Andrew (42:36.428)

Yeah, I didn’t really even consider him to be honest with you. think maybe if we had gone a little further on this list, I’d rank a top five, he would have probably been considered maybe top seven, but I didn’t consider him for top three. Number one, because I have another Ohio State receiver on this list. the thing with Jeremiah Smith is I just think a lot needs to happen. And that’s the problem that I would run into over putting him on this list because

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (42:36.69)

Andrew, did you think about JJ?

Andrew (43:06.35)

I already had a quarterback and two receivers on this list, but I can very easily, I mean, we’re probably all going to be wrong in some way, shape or form, but like I could very easily be wrong because what if USC just is what they’ve been and all of sudden Miller Moss puts up tons of yards, tons of points, and all of sudden he’s a great quarterback who just, he has to score 48 every game to win. Like what if

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (43:32.17)

I don’t think he wins it. If they go eight and five again, the quarterback.

Andrew (43:33.998)

I know I’m not saying he wins it, I’m what if he’s in that conversation, right? Or what if Jeremiah is a 900 yard receiver, but so is a Mecca? Like, and I understand what you’re saying about like the talent you can see. We have eyes, we have functioning brains, we can see Jeremiah Smith and a Mecca Bucca. We can watch them play football and we can say that guy’s better,

not only do you have to have a statistically, not just relevant, statistically dominant year in an offense with players that have been statistically dominant at the college level already, like you’ve got Trevion, you’ve got Quinchon in the backfield, you’ve got Emeka, you’ve got Carnell, like you have to be statistically impressive. And then all of a sudden you have to maybe beat out a couple other quarterbacks that might get a nod just because they’re quarterbacks. Like I just think too much would have to happen for that for Jeremiah because

They still have really good players on Ohio State’s team. like, I’m not sold that Jeremiah is the best receiver on the team right now. I’m not sold that he’s going to be the best receiver on the team in November because Emeka Guka exists. Like Emeka is a really, really, really good receiver. And I just, I don’t know. And I just think it would have to be a level. Basically he would have to hit like a five leg parlay.

to kind of be on this list, right? You need to have a bunch of different things happen.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (45:00.396)

Oh, okay. Let me ask you question. Let’s assume. Because I don’t think this is off the table that the quarterback play across the conference is no better than it was last year. Right. I don’t know if there’s not right now. There is not a guy on this who’s a legitimate first round draft pick now. It might there be because the NFL can be crazy and how the draft quarterback sure, but I don’t think there is a first round quarterback who is expected to be a day one starter in the big 10 right now, which to your guys’s point opens the door.

Andrew (45:11.18)

Right. Yeah, that’s fair.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (45:29.844)

if the quarterback play is just fine, which it was last year. But being just fine can win your national championship, it’s that’s Michigan. Let me ask you this, Andrew.

Jeremiah Smith catches 67 passes for 1211 yards and 14 touchdowns as true freshmen this year Do you think that’s good enough to win big 10 offensive player of the year? And that’s like I’m not saying that’s what he’s going to do I’m asking if a a wide receiver at Ohio State has that exact stat line Do you sit in the quarterback play is what it was last year? Could they win an offensive player of the

Andrew (46:04.472)

feels like entrapment because it was a really specific number and I feel like I’m on the stand and I’m talking to a lawyer who’s just like, who’s circling the, he’s circling the sharks with me. So I’m gonna say yes.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (46:07.947)

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (46:15.117)

Okay, I don’t okay those are those blowing your face away numbers

Andrew (46:21.326)

So it was 67 catches, 12.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (46:24.524)

1211 yards and 14 touchdowns. Is that blowing you away?

Andrew (46:27.15)

For the 14, I think it depends because like, I think we’re in, it’s not blowing me away, but I think there’s context with those numbers that can be added. Where if he has 150 yards against Penn State, Oregon and Michigan, that matters more than, you know, getting 160 against Akron. And I think that, especially him being a freshman, he could turn it on late. So I think it’s possible if that stat line happens, yeah.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (46:31.55)

Is it a yes or no?

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (46:38.166)

So special,

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (46:46.262)

So the context

Okay, so you’re saying those numbers which are pretty quality but the context around them is that they were special when they needed to be special. That’s why he would win an award like

Andrew (47:00.344)

feel like my lawyer should advise me to stop talking at this moment in time.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (47:04.234)

Just saying, I did not vote for Jeremiah Smith on my ballot. But to the point I’m making with all of this is if a quarterback’s not going to win the award, it’s because the quarterback play is like what it was last year where there’s not somebody special. But then also you look in a room where a guy isn’t the only really talented guy, but he’s special and he’s the guy that makes the offense go. I’m not going to rule out Jeremiah Smith doing it. And I’m not going to rule out Trevion Henderson. I’m not going to rule out anybody. A couple of the guys got some votes.

Colston Loveland at Michigan got some votes. I think he’s in that category of he’s just the engine of the offense. Donovan Edwards might be that if he proves he’s more than just a number two back in college football. Kyle Montaguey out of Rutgers got some some votes and then Tess Johnson who I think I think we should be talking about him in this conversation too of maybe he can win it over his quarterback. that organ has the wide receiver. Okay. Let’s take a quick break. We’re going long. We’re gonna take our last break here and they’re gonna switch to the defensive side of the ball where it’s a little bit more parody.

in terms of who potentially could win this award and will reveal who some of those names here are when we come back from the break.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (48:12.16)

Dylan Gabriel might be the blown away, without a doubt favorite to win Big Ten offensive player of the year and what will be his first season in the Big Ten, but also his team’s first year in the Big Ten. But that’s not necessarily the case on defense. A lot of guys got first place votes. So Stefan, I wanna start with you. Give me your one, two, three and

Stefan Krajisnik (48:35.149)

Well, I’ll try my best to remember it. but I know my, my one was Caleb downs and, I mean, on the field, I think people know, I mean, what he brings. So I’ll tell a story of off the field actually went to Atlanta Braves game over the weekend. And, the guy sitting in front of me was a big Bama fan. mean, it’s, he was as Bama fan as it gets like it. When he told me that he lived in Alabama, I was like, I know where you went to school. I know what team you root for. was like, I like,

I know what’s going on here. And, I brought up Caleb Downs and I was like, how’s it man? That that dude’s got a chance to be real special this year at Ohio state. And he did the thing where he was like, yeah, I mean, we didn’t really like want him back. Like he was asking for too much money. But I was like, I was like, dude, I was like, I know what it’s like to be a fan. get it. But like, like that’s cope to like a new level. I was like, it’s all right to say a good player left your team. That’s okay. We can all air it out.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (49:31.34)

You can’t even admit that your ex -girlfriend hurt your feelings.

Stefan Krajisnik (49:34.248)

Exactly. Exactly. I’m going to try to see if I could find it when other two were, well I had Mason Graham, on there. I think he’s going to be, I think he’s going have a really good year. And then I think Jack Sawyer was my third. maybe I’m wrong on that one, but, but I was, I was pretty quick to put Caleb at number one. I think he’s going to have that kind of a year and we can, maybe this is a discussion for another day because

Of that conversation we just had about Ohio State’s offense with the weapons you have at running back multiple the weapons you have a receiver multiple and then maybe just the general uncertainty with Will Howard. And I know in terms of Ohio State players, Will Howard is the betting favorite to be a Heisman winner. Like he’s fifth overall. I think in terms of Heisman odds, I think that’s literally just because he’s probably going to be Ohio State’s quarterback and you’re not going to have much more. And that’s such a quarterback award now.

I think I would almost say that Caleb might have the best chance to be Ohio State’s Heisman finalist. They were to have one just because of what I think he can, the numbers he can put up. He’s not, I guess, as limited by other players at his possession, taking, taking his snaps or taking, you know, numbers away from him. If he, and if they do use them a little bit on offense, even if it’s just a tiny bit, it can’t, it’s like he could have one touchdown.

Andrew (50:52.78)

Yeah, he’s gonna be their starting running back, don’t you know? He’s gonna play both ways.

Stefan Krajisnik (50:59.216)

And like immediately it’s like boom, two way star, like people, us who vote, our brains are small. Sometimes we see like a clip and we’re like, boom, store it for December because I’m going to need that. Like I, I don’t know, maybe the, maybe, there’s no chance he’s eyes when finalists, but like, just look at like, do I think a Mecca is better? Do I think Quinshawn or Trevion or whatever could be better players? Yeah. But because of that discussion we just had, it almost feels like a defensive player.

would be a more likely Heisman finalist for Ohio State than maybe some of the weapons on offense. Now, obviously, the conversation shifts a lot if Will Howard does what he’s expected to do when he’s the starter, because it is a quarterback award, I get that. But I just think Caleb has a chance to do something real special this year.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (51:45.548)

I think Caleb Downs is the best player on this defense. I think he’s going to take a dip in production because this defense is better than Alabama’s defense was last year. And it’s not going to it’s almost like he led Alabama and tackles last year. I’ve come to the realization while doing this job, especially here, I’ve seen safeties at Ohio State, lead Ohio State tackles before. If your safety is leading you in tackles, it’s not a good thing because that means they’re spending that means officers are spending a lot of time and you’re back in my friend.

I think if he takes a dip in production, it’s not about him. It’s about Jack Sawyer, JT Toymolo, Ty Leek Williams, Denzel Burke, Ty Hamilton, CJ Hicks, Cody Simon, Sonny Stott. They’re so much better that he’s just as special. just, he has to be special less often because teams aren’t getting past the front seven all the time. I want to hold off on the Caleb Downs Heisman Trophy conversation.

we’re going to predict the Heisman, also I think it’s a really good conversation to have 12 months from now when this team loses a ton of talent and Caleb Downs is in his last year of college football. And it’s like, why not just try everything with this kid? Andrew, did you have any Ohio State football players on your ballot?

Andrew (52:58.86)

Yeah, I had Caleb Downs, running defensive player of the year. was a really kind of tight toss up for me between him and Will Johnson. I had Will Johnson second, I had Mason Graham third. So I had two Michigan players in the top three. the reason it came down to me for Caleb Downs of, I think Ohio State’s gonna have the best defense in the Big Ten. I think Ohio State might have the best defense in college football. And I think Caleb Downs is gonna be the best player on that best unit in college football, or at least in the Big Ten. And

Perhaps that was too simple of me. Perhaps I thought about this, as Stefan said, too small -brained, and perhaps I got really like, perhaps, you everybody, always say you overthink something. Perhaps I underthought it, and I just went best player, best defense, boom. That’s who I want to go with. you know, I think that there is that possibility of Caleb Downs not only clearly being the best player on the best unit, I think.

he has maybe a different chance for stats than maybe like Will Johnson does or Mason Graham does. Because Mason Graham, like he’s an interior player, like the stats are not going to be there, right? Like with Mason Graham, it’s going to be really hard. He’s like, unless he’s Aaron Donald, which he’s not, and that’s no disrespect to Mason Graham, no one’s Aaron Donald, you’re not going to get nine sacks as a defensive tackle. Now watch him get nine and a half and I’ll eat my words, but you’re not going to get nine sacks as a defensive tackle, especially if you’re getting double teamed.

And I know Michigan has two really good defensive tackles, but if you’re getting double teamed, it’s really hard to make a statistical presence. And I’m not saying like voters are not ball knowers, but it’s really hard to judge a guy who has 19 tackles and four and a half of them for loss. Like that’s a difficult thing to do. So Will Johnson was kind of a similar thing where I just think he might get like, people just might not throw near him. People just might not go anywhere near Will Johnson this year.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (54:38.272)

You are. Yes, are.

Andrew (54:52.652)

And I think it might be harder to go away from Caleb Downs than it is Will Johnson, because Caleb Downs, you can play him in the box. You can play him up top. You can play him all over. You play him left. You play him right. He can be your ballhawk safety. He could be your deep free safety. You can play him in the box. You play him in the slot. You can move him all around where Will Johnson, if Michigan’s defensive coordinator puts Will Johnson in the box, he should be fired before the series is over. Like Will Johnson is going to play outside corner and he’s going to lock down whoever the other team’s number one is probably.

And teams are just not going to go his way. And again, it goes back to the amazing grand point where like for a quarter to win it, I would think that there would need to be some statistical presence there. And I was like, man, if we’re talking, there’s not really a huge statistical presence. Like Will Johnson doesn’t have like eight picks or something like that. And Caleb Downs doesn’t even have that. I think it might just go to like a tie goes the runner situation. That goes to the runner where you have like, all right, I’m just taking the best player on the best defense and I’m feeling

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (55:50.572)

think I’m happy that Will Johnson got preseason defensive player of the year because he deserves it. He’s the best defensive player in the Big Ten. According to College Football 25, he’s the best player in college football. I think he deserves it. He made the defining play in the Ohio State Michigan game that ultimately ended up winning Michigan that game. He deserved to have that award. With that being said, a defensive back in the Big Ten has not won Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year since Mike Doss shared it with Michael Haynes, Ohio State Safety and Defensive in at Penn State. They shared that award in 2002.

A cornerback has not won the award since Jamar Fletcher out of Wisconsin won it in 2000. It is a front seven award. And more importantly, it is a defensive lineman award. I a hundred percent agree with you, Andrew, on the Mason Graham point. I think his case is like what Jordan Davis’s was at Georgia the one year where he’s a defensive tackle, Stefan. But so the stats are going to be what the stats are. Right. But we know ball knowers, man.

ball knowers but the one thing I was a little disappointed by in the voting so here’s who all got a first place vote will Johnson had eight first place votes Jay Higgins the Iowa linebacker had five Mason Graham got four JT 20 low I’ll let all Ohio State players he also had four Caleb Downs got three Abdul Carter the linebacker slash defensive in basically Penn State’s new Michael Parsons he had two votes Jack

Got one vote you it was not used to find you did not vote for Jack Sawyer. Yeah, Jack Sawyer got one vote in the entire poll and it was a first place vote that was his only vote and as I think back on it, my order was Will Johnson, Caleb Downs and Abdul Carter. I actually voted Abdul Carter to win it last year in the preseason and obviously that didn’t necessarily happen. So I dropped it from one to three in my ballot a year later.

Stefan Krajisnik (57:20.84)

I probably voted for JT

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (57:46.156)

Caleb Downs is the best player on Ohio State’s defense coming into the year. Will Johnson is the best defensive player in the Big 10 coming into the year. So I’m fine with how it played out. I’m just a little shocked that myself or the voters didn’t consider Jack Sawyer a little bit more. And maybe it’s because JT’s the more famous name at Ohio State’s defensive line because of the Penn State game right now. But Jack Sawyer led his team in sacks last year. And the last time we saw Jack Sawyer play football, he played against an SEC school who was pretty damn

And he had three sacks and it seems like best case for Ohio State’s got a 10 -sack guy again is Jack Sawyer. And I’m wondering to your point, Andrew, if we under thought this, maybe Jack Sawyer maybe should have got a better look for an award like this, where it’s like, if he’s who we think he’s about to be, then Caleb Downs, great football player. He ain’t getting 10 and a half sacks a game.

Andrew (58:45.504)

Yeah. So the thing that I’m thinking about with this is like Jack Sawyer, one of the reasons that I really like him and is just that he, and I think why everybody else really likes him. I don’t want to make this a me thing. This isn’t Davis Nick Vinnosan, but which by the way, if I’m, I’m, I’m a little kind of, I’m laughing that he didn’t get a vote because that would have been the first thing that we talked about on this podcast if he had a vote. But I know.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (59:11.104)

He was never gonna get a vote. Denzel Burke would have got a vote, but he was never gonna get a

Andrew (59:15.234)

Denzel Berg not getting a vote. I’m a little surprised by that. But anyway, the thing with Jack Sawyer is Jack Sawyer just maybe does those things well that you really got to kind of be in the weeds to know. Like he fits the run correctly every time. And like, again, I’m not trying to like disrespect voters or say that they’re not ball knowers or anything, but like how many people are really looking at a second and seven play and going, man, Jack Sawyer got a half a tackle on that. But look at the way he spilled that

pulling guard. Wow, that was incredible. Like that’s just look at the footwork. Like I just I wonder if he’s just so technically sound where everything he does just look simple. And I also wonder if like that’s part of his greatness. I’ve compared him to Sam Hubbard a lot and I know other people have as well where I think that there’s a lot of Sam Hubbard in his game or it’s just man this guy just he doesn’t do anything wrong. And he just he’s always in the right spot. He always makes plays. He just everything about him is really good.

And I wonder if we could be having the same conversation about Ohio State’s defensive ends that we’re having about the running backs. Like what if JT to Malo has nine or 10 sacks and Jack has eight or Jack has eight or nine or they both have the same number of sacks even like is like which are flashier, which come at bigger moments? Does one come when you’re up 27 20 on Oregon and Oregon’s driving and it’s fourth and four.

and someone and JT gets a sack or Jack gets a sack to end the game. Like those moments matter in in votes like this. So like I wonder how that would play out. And I wonder if Ohio State just has two really good defense men’s and they’re like, I but that’s what I’m saying. Like, I wonder if those two things kind of cancel out. And it’s a good problem to have for a safe, but I wonder.

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (01:00:54.976)

JT would get the

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (01:00:59.756)

No, I think I think I’ll unlike with the running back situation where trade man and Quintchon are he’s are equally as prominent coming into the season. I think what you’re talking about Andrew is similar to what we would have gotten in 2018 had Nick Bosa not gotten hurt and chase young to show a 10 and half sacks last year on bat that year in bad ankles. So if chase has that and Nick Bosa’s Nick Bosa Nick Bosa would have won big 10th defensive player of the

over to chase young why because Nick Bosa is the known co -op commodity coming into the season and he did exactly what I thought he was going to do while he would have set chase young up to get it the very next year which he did anyway I think in that situation if JT and Jack are both 10 sacrifice which I don’t think is actually what’s on the table here because I don’t know if that’s how JT’s game is set up then I think JT might just get the vote because now you’re talking about as the non ball knowers which we are a part of that unfortunately people consider us not

Andrew (01:01:51.31)

Yeah, tunics, yeah, 100%,

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (01:01:53.29)

non ball norris i think in that situation name recognition probably matters a little bit

Stefan Krajisnik (01:01:59.112)

Yeah, it’d be interesting too. Cause I mean, you probably say the same about offense too of like Ohio state could on both sides of the ball have the most all conference players in the big 10 and not have a player that wins offensive or defensive player of

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (01:02:15.082)

Yeah. Yeah. And I think that’s on the table. I think, I think it’s on the table that Dylan Gabriel, because of how Oregon’s offensive setup takes home offensive player of the year. But I also think it’s on the table that maybe we’ll how it’s pretty good. And he gets on the field with Dylan Gabriel, not literally because they play the same position. So they’ll never actually be on the field together, but they get to go at it twice. And that’s who decides the winner.

Is what happens in Indy and what happens in Eugene or maybe trade yonder quincean goes off or maybe JJ Smith is a superstar and he’s Superman and all those other superheroes you want to name or maybe some some random guy who comes out of nowhere and wins this award but I do think what we’ve come to the conclusion here is multiple Ohio State players on both offensive and defensive player of the year preseason award list You’re probably going to see multiple on the preseason honors list that the big ten actually puts out, but they are chicken chicken

to rank these teams in the preseason. Everybody else does it. Every conference, the AP national rank is not just a, I’m an AP voter. So that’s the one I want you to go look at, but there’s a CBS one. There’s a USA. Everybody does preseason, but the big 10, cause they’re chickens, but we’re not chickens here at cleveland .com. So we have a poll. Go to cleveland .com slash OSU to check that out. You can see the entire.

Preseason 1 through 18 rankings for the Big Ten you can see the preseason offensive player of the year the preseason defensive player of the year a couple other things I asked voters just for the sake of asking Coach of the year Dan landing beat out Ryan day by two votes I don’t think either one of them actually ends up getting it though and here’s why Ohio State has dominated this conference for most of the last 20 years and Ryan day is the only coach who’s won coach Big Ten coach of the year and it was his first year being the head coach in 2019

It’s one of those awards and we know this coach of the year goes to the coach who? Coached the team who was better than we thought they were gonna be right so I don’t think either Dan landing or Ryan day ends up getting that award So but yeah, go check that out cleveland .com slash OSU and get the text six one four three five or three three one five You’re listening to this pod You’ve got that text at like nine o ‘clock in the morning on Tuesday morning, buddy Plus plenty of other texts as you listen into this we’re listening to Ryan

Stephen Means, Cleveland.com (01:04:31.948)

Tony Petiti and a bunch of other Big Ten head coaches because Big Ten media days is here, which means officially it’s the start of the 2024 regular season for college football. For Stefan Kreischnik, for Andrew Gillis, I’m Stephen Means. That was Fuck I Talk. We were

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Fourth-generation power boat racer Tate gears up for Detroit's Gold Cup

Plymouth high grad follows family legacy to become h1 unlimited hydropane points leader.

Portrait of Brad Emons

Like the Earnhardts were to stock car racing and the Andrettis were to Indy cars, the name Tate has long been synonymous with power boat racing.

Andrew Tate, currently the American Power Boat Associaton's  H1 Unlimited Hydroplane points leader after winning this weekend's Seafair event in Lake Washington (Seattle), has picked up where his father Mark and grandfather Joe left off on the circuit. (Tate's great-grandfather and mother raced boats as well.)

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"My father raced unlimited hydroplanes, so as a little kid I got to grow up in the pits and follow his career," said the 28-year-old Tate, a Canton native who now resides in Walled Lake. "It's something you always kind of imagined yourself doing and it's a childhood dream. But the reality of it as ever happening ... it's a realization, but kind of unexpected. But it's an honor and really is a dream come true."

The 2007 Plymouth High grad has captured two of the first three races on the APBA schedule. He is coming off a win at the Columbia Cup in Tri-Cities, Wash., and would like nothing better than to make a splash when he returns home Aug. 24-26 for the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Hydrofest on the Detroit River. 

Going into the fourth race, Tate has racked up a sizable lead with 5,660 points, followed by his nearest competitor at only 3,577.

Positive results

"So far, we couldn't be happier with the U-9 Delta/Realtrac race boat," Tate said. "So far, it's gone really well. We really couldn't ask for anything better. We've won three out of the four races and we look forward to continuing that success and building momentum as we head towards Detroit and the Gold Cup."

The Gold Cup in Detroit is the equivalent of Daytona and the Indy 500, for sure, as a fleet of eight H1 Unlimited teams, along with 10 boats from the Hydroplane Racing League, will compete. It's also the oldest active motor sports trophy, which was first contested in 1904 on the Hudson River in New York.

"Detroit presents kind of a unique challenge, because at one end of the race course you have the biggest, essentially widest turn in the circuit and then, at the other end, you have the narrowest, sharpest turn in the circuit," said Tate, who started racing boats at age 9. "So that in itself presents a unique challenge, because you're actually picking up speed from the time you come out of the narrow corner, through the start-finish line, around the big turn and then all the way down the back chute heading just past the Detroit Yacht Club into the Roostertail turn, where we're going 200 mph."

For Tate, there are other obstacles.

Tricky course

"The river presents a challenge, because the depth of the river changes and there's a current there," he said. "As the depth changes, basically, there are shells in there. And as the current is pulled downriver, when it hits those shells, it changes the water level and creates, basically, speed bumps or potholes, which will make the boat react different ways and kind of act erratically. The race course on the river in downtown Detroit is very unique, very challenging for any driver."

Tate began racing H1 Unlimited hydroplanes in 2016, when as a rookie he earned his first winner-take-all final at the Albert Lee Appliance Cup in Seattle driving the U-9 Sound Propeller Service/Les Schwab Tire boat.

And just three years into his young career, Tate claimed three race victories and one non-point exhibition race win. One of his wins came at the prestigious President’s Cup that he won in 2017 near his home in Walled Lake.

Last season, Tate broke through, posting the two fastest qualifier poles, winning eight preliminary heats and taking two winner-take-all finals. But he fell just short in the overall points standings, settling for second place (by only 425 points).

Family legacy

Andrew's grandfather Joe drove an H1 Unlimited hydroplane in 1996 and also a 7-litre powered hydroplane until he was 70, but never qualified as an H1 Unlimited driver.

Mark Tate, now 69, drove from 1990 to 2004, securing 12 H1 Unlimited hydroplane victories including two APBA Gold Cups and four H1 Unlimited national championships. He and Andrew are one of only six other second-generation father-son combinations to race H1 Unlimited hydroplanes competitively.

"Anytime I have a question or he seems to think I'm doing something wrong, he's always there to kind of guide me and point me in the right direction," Tate said of his father. "It's been a huge help in my career and the learning curve."

Tate got his start on the water racing small wooden kneel-down outboard hydroplanes. He moved into the inboard hydroplane classes in 2006 and has racked up a total of 100 wins in various APBA hydroplane categories, including nine national titles. He was also inducted into the APBA’s Hall of Champions twice (2010 and 2016).

Tate, however, had another passion athletically as a youth.

Hockey career

"It's funny, I grew up playing hockey," he said. "I started skating when I was 2. That was kind of my other love. Boat racing season was the summer and spring time and it was always ice hockey in the fall and winter. I had a semi-successful hockey career. I played for Little Caesars AAA Midget Major program out of Detroit, went on to play junior. I actually went out east to play at a D-III school. Things happened and I actually came home after my freshman year. I thought I might be a professional hockey player, not a professional boat racer."

During the off-season, Tate helps run the family business at Sun Coating Co., located in Plymouth.

"The coating business that my grandfather started 60-odd years ago is definitely a big part of my life," Tate said. "Racing is something that we're all passionate about. (Joe) raced boats as well as my father (Mark) and my great-grandfather, so most things have been passed down through the generations and it's kind of our way of life. Between work and racing this time of year, I'm really busy. Still trying to play hockey once in a while in, I guess, what I'd consider a men's league or beer league. I'll shoot shotgun sporting clays once in a while. I kind of get a kick out of that."

The Jones Racing U-9 Les Schwab Tires H1 hydroplane that Tate drives features a Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine engine built by Ron Jones Jr. while, Mike Campbell, who served 12 years with the Miss Budweiser organization, serves as crew chief. The boat's home port is Kent, Wash.

"Mike and Lori Jones are just great people that have been around the sport and my family since I've been around, so I've grown up with them and always had a good relationship," Tate said of the owners. "Their relationship with my family goes back three generations to my grandfather ... so they kind of kept tabs on my career and where I was with smaller boats. When they thought I was ready, they kind of gave me a shot to race the unlimited hydroplane, which is the pinnacle of the sport. And so far, so good. I think I've made them proud and I couldn't be happier to be part of this with them."

Contact Brad Emons at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter: @BradEmons1.

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