The Porsche-designed 135-foot yacht a decade in the making just hit the market — here's a peek inside the futuristic 'spaceship on the water'

  • Studio F. A. Porsche has launched a lavish yacht that is now for sale.
  • Royal Falcon One, a 135-foot catamaran, was built in conjunction with Royal Falcon Fleet and Kockums shipyard over the course of 10 years.
  • The final product is exclusively listed with Camper & Nicholsons , and price is available on application only.
  • The futuristic vessel has spacious living and dining areas, a luxurious master suite with a private balcony, and the capacity to conceal a tender in the stern.
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Studio F. A. Porsche , the design team that is part of the Porsche group and affiliated with the legendary automaker, is continuing to position itself as a general authority on all things luxury by exploring different industries — like yachting . Its most recent endeavor? A distinctly futuristic-looking 135-foot catamaran called Royal Falcon One that just hit the market.

The motor yacht took 10 years to complete , according to Charter World. It was developed by Singapore-based Royal Falcon Fleet and built by Sweden-based Kockums shipyard .

The boat can accommodate 10 guests over five guest rooms, and it has a master suite with a private balcony. It also features other luxury amenities like an onboard bar, Jacuzzi, and tender garage.

Camper & Nicholsons holds the exclusive yacht listing and the price is available by application only. The listing agent, Hugo Van Schaik, deems Royal Falcon One to be "a spaceship on the water."

Here's a look inside the unique catamaran.

Royal Falcon One, the 135-foot luxury catamaran from Studio F. A. Porsche, is finally on the water after 10 years of development and construction.

catamaran porsche design

Source:  Camper & Nicholsons , Charter World

The sleek, aluminum vessel is now on the market for a listing price that is available upon application through Camper & Nicholsons.

catamaran porsche design

Source:  Camper & Nicholsons

The luxury yacht has a cruising speed of roughly 15 knots and a maximum speed of 35 knots. It was specifically designed for low fuel consumption.

catamaran porsche design

The multi-hull and wide beam design facilitates a spacious and luxurious feeling throughout several decks.

catamaran porsche design

There is no shortage of indoor and outdoor areas for dining and relaxing. The interiors boast windows with panoramic views and furniture outfitted with fine leather.

catamaran porsche design

Other luxurious amenities include an onboard bar in the main saloon and a Jacuzzi on the top sun deck.

catamaran porsche design

The vessel can accommodate up to 10 guests and 10 crew members.

catamaran porsche design

The crew quarters are located below deck in the hulls. There are four guest cabins and one master suite.

catamaran porsche design

The palatial master suite showcases windows that provide maximum light and ocean views ...

catamaran porsche design

... as well as private deck space.

catamaran porsche design

On top of all that, because mobility-oriented yacht toys are important, there is a tender garage hidden in the stern. Deployment and recovery is made easy by a crane.

catamaran porsche design

  • Main content

catamaran porsche design

November 22 2021

22 Nov 2021


"Royal Falcon One" may look like something out of science fiction, but the twin-hull cat can perform at high speeds over long distances.  

The assignment to designers at Studio Porsche Design was simple: Create a spaceship for the water. And make it go fast. The result was  Royal Falcon One , this futuristic, mind-warping 135-foot, all-aluminum power catamaran with a super-luxury  Star Trek  interior and a searing 43-mph top speed. Commissioned by a Swedish tech entrepreneur, the twin-hulled superyacht was built at Sweden’s famed Kockums shipyard, best-known for its stealthy navy submarines and sleek corvette warships.

Taking 10 long years to construct—the yacht was finally delivered in 2019—its maiden voyage was a 4,000-mile wild ride from the Baltic to the Mediterranean that included long spells battling 15-foot-high frothy North Sea rollers.

“ She really proved herself on that maiden voyage. Especially when we had to outrun a big storm while crossing the Bay of Biscay. That’s when 10,000 horsepower makes the difference ,” Roger Leitner,  Royal Falcon One ‘s project manager and executive vice president of Royal Falcon Fleet, told  Robb Report .

The owner’s interest in power catamarans came during a visit to Australia and a ride on a high-speed cat designed by Sydney-based naval architects and fast-cat specialists Incat Crowther. “ He really liked the stability you get from two hulls, and the tremendous interior space. Wanting his next boat to be something very different than a traditional monohull superyacht, he asked Studio F.A. Porsche to come up with a groundbreaking design ,” explains Leitner.

Those slender, twin hulls are joined by an almost egg-like superstructure with a wave-piercing lower section and acres of curved, super-strong glass.

“ The owner had a vision to create something that demonstrated the power of a sports car—a Porsche—with a touch of spaceship for the sea,"  says Leitner. “ A yacht that would really make a statement and break the mold of what a superyacht should look like .” It would be the first superyacht design from the Austrian Studio F.A. Porsche, the independent design arm of the famous car maker.

Being a “Porsche” it needed to go fast. Which is why twin German-made MTU 16V 4000 diesels, each packing 4,615-horsepower, were specified, along with Swedish-made Marine Jet Power (MJP) waterjets instead of conventional props.

“ The performance is hugely impressive ,” says Martin Ven Den Berg,  Royal Falcon One’s  captain since 2019. “ Yet it all feels surprisingly undramatic; when you push forward the throttles she just surges ahead like a jet on take off. Her 37-knot top speed is fast, but it feels really fast when you are overtaking other boats .” At her 17-mph cruising speed the yacht can go over 1,200 nautical miles on a tank; or around 2,250 miles when it is throttled back to 11 mph.

Step aboard and the yacht’s huge 41-foot beam helps create large interior volumes. From the expansive aft deck with its full-width, curved-glass doors, you enter a vast entertaining area. The central dining table has places for 10, and there is also seating on the hip bar, or on the mile-long leather sofa. From here a long, glass-walled corridor-illuminated to give the feeling of being beamed-up by Scotty on a  Star Trek  transporter—leads into the so-called Panoramic Lounge. Designed for entertaining, the lounge is all wraparound sofas, deep windows and an elegant cocktail bar.

Steps lead to the upper deck and one of the yacht’s showcase features, the owner’s suite. As well as copious amounts of space, there’s a Porsche Design circular bathroom with its brushed-metal finishes and  50 Shades of Gray color scheme. Perhaps the  piece de resistance  here is the secluded owner’s terrace off the master bedroom. It features an intimate, circular dining table, positioned below a large skylight, for star-gazing during fine dining.

The yacht has five ensuite cabins for 10 guests, and accommodation in those spacious twin hulls for a crew of up to 10.

Part of the original plan for  Royal Falcon One  was for it to be part of a super-exclusive, invitation-only club, called Royal Falcon Club, where members would get timeshare-style use of the yacht. Club membership would also include use of a castle in Parma, Italy, a sporting ranch in North Carolina, and a vineyard in Tuscany.

“ Unfortunately, we finalized plans for the club in February 2020, just as the pandemic started to lock things down. Everything was put on hold ,” says Leitner

As the name  Royal Falcon One  suggests, the intention was to build a fleet of power catamarans to be operated by the club.

A second, identical Royal Falcon yacht was built alongside the original, though only the aluminum hull and superstructure were completed. It’s currently in a yard in Vietnam where the owner’s company is based.


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Tour the 135-foot Porsche Design Studio Royal Falcon One Catamaran

Unlike any catamaran you’ve seen before.

Denison Yachting’s Alex Clarke recently had the chance to tour the truly unique Porsche Design Studio 135 Royal Falcon One catamaran. This spaceship-styled yacht comes in with a length of 135-feet and a very wide 41-foot beam, dimensions made possible by its catamaran layout. The exterior of Royal Falcon One allows the large yacht to stand out in any marina, but its power and modern design give guests a wonderful experience out on the water or at the dock. She has room for ten guests in five cabins and also can accommodate a crew of 10. When it comes to traversing the waters, Royal Falcon One not only looks fast but is fast. Powered by twin MTU 16V4000 M93L engines that power MJP 850 water jets, she can travel at a top speed of 37 knots. You can learn all about this wild yacht from Porsche Design Studio by clicking play up above.

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Royal Falcon One: A 135-Foot Porsche Designed Catamaran

Royal Falcon

Have you heard of the catamaran called “Royal Falcon One”? If you haven't, then you are in for quite a treat when you start reading about it. As a matter of fact, you will probably be inspired to find out as much about it as you possibly can, including finding pictures of this astonishing and impressive-looking vessel . For starters, it's unlike anything else that's ever graced the water. In terms of both performance and appearance, it really doesn't have any equals to speak of. As a matter of fact, it was designed from scratch because there wasn't anything else even remotely like it when it was built. That means that design teams and engineers alike had to figure out how to create the ideal yacht and marry it to the hull of a catamaran, creating something that even the most discerning individual would be happy to sail on.

More Spaceship Than Aquatic Vessell

This particular vessel is something that looks much more like it was designed to appear on an episode of “Star Trek” than a boat that belongs on the water. It's as sleek as they come, looking far more like the aerodynamic, futuristic yacht that it truly is. Of course, it does have the catamaran hull , meaning that there is a lot of room that's lost at the front of the boat. Nevertheless, designers were able to come in and create something that was truly unique. There's no doubt about it, this boat looks very much like a high-end yacht in every respect except for the shape of the hull. On that end, it looks like one of the fastest racing boats that you're ever likely to lay eyes on. In reality, it really is all of these things wrapped up into one very sleek package. As a matter of fact, the boat is capable of traveling at an astonishing 43 mph, a speed that's much faster than a lot of smaller, lighter boats. If you know anything about boats, you know that this is more than respectable. It becomes even more so when you consider the fact that this particular boat is 135 feet long. While it's true that there might be some boats that are slightly faster, there certainly aren't many. In addition, this is a watercraft like nothing else that you could ever even imagine. It's not all about speed and performance. While it's certainly true that this is important, luxury matters as well.

Performance and Art Come Together

It is a truly beautiful thing when performance and art are capable of coming together, and that is precisely what has happened here. Not surprisingly, the company that built the boa t, Royal Falcon Fleet, decided to turn to someone who knows a thing or two about performance (albeit on land). They decided to get together with the engineers at Porsche in order to design the boat to look as sleek and is fast as any Porsche automobile ever has been. The key was to create something that was fully capable of looking beautiful, even as it was in the midst of outperforming virtually everything else on the water. No one would ever argue the fact that they definitely accomplished this goal. In fact, they couldn't have done a better job in the eyes of most individuals.

The Interior

The thing that is truly surprising about this particular boat is that it's a lot more spacious on the inside than you might think when looking at it from the outside. In fact, it has five separate cabins and is capable of comfortably sleeping up to 10 people with room to spare. In addition to room for guests, there is also room for a crew of 10 to man the boat. Surprisingly enough, their quarters are actually located within the twin hulls of the boat. As such, they're completely out of sight until they are needed. As a matter of fact, it seems that the one thing this boat does not lack is space, despite the earlier assumption made about the catamaran hull causing an issue. In addition to sleeping quarters and a separate master suite that is located upstairs, the boat has a kitchen that would rival any 5-star hotel and an entertainment room to match. There, guests can rest and relax, read, watch television or do virtually anything else that they would like to do. There's also a separate sun deck that can be found directly off the master suite. Of course, you're going to get plenty of sun with this boat as well. It incorporates windows that run all the way around the boat itself.

There's no doubt about it, this is a boat that's capable of rivaling even the most exclusive hotels in the world. There are many elements of it that are inspired by these types of hotels, not the least of which include full accommodations and spacious quarters. In some aspects, the boat is not unlike the Porsche automobiles that the design team from that company are also responsible for. This one just happens to glide across the water as opposed to racing down the road. In still other respects, it is a luxurious yacht that simply cannot be rivaled. Perhaps that is what makes this particular vessel so unique. It doesn’t incorporate only one of the aforementioned qualities, but all of them mixed together. The beauty of it is that all of these qualities come together in order to create something that is genuinely out of this world. When you look at it, you're not sure if it's meant to float on the water or if it's about to take to the skies and do a few laps. After all, what would you expect from a boat that can cut through the water at more than 40 miles per hour?

Benjamin Smith

Written by  Benjamin Smith

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catamaran porsche design

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A Closer Look at David and Victoria Beckham's Yacht SeaFair

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17 Most Expensive Yachts in the World

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A Little Bigger than a Cayenne: Porsche Design's 135-foot catamaran megayacht

catamaran porsche design

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catamaran porsche design

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catamaran porsche design

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ROYAL FALCON ONE Kockums | From EUR€ 195,000/wk

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ROYAL FALCON ONE has 31 Photos


Royal Falcon One News

Spaceship for the ocean: 41.4m Porsche Design yacht Royal Falcon One hits the water in Sweden

Spaceship for the ocean: 41.4m Porsche ...

Similar yachts.

49m ELENI - Main shot

ELENI | From EUR€ 195,000/wk

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ROYAL FALCON ONE Kockums | From EUR€ 195,000 /wk

Launched in 2019, catamaran ROYAL FALCON ONE was built in Sweden by Kockums AB to the design by Porsche Design Studio. The naval architecture comes from Singapore-based design studio Royal Falcon Fleet. At 41.4m/135ft the charter catamaran offers accommodation for up to 10 guests in 5 cabins.

NOTABLE FEATURES: ~ Interior & exterior by Porsche Design ~ Jacuzzi ~ Bar ~ Airy interior living spaces ~ Wifi ~ Indoor & outdoor dining areas

The exterior profile of the yacht resembles a "spaceship on the water", representing speed and dynamics.

The mid-deck entertainment exterior deck and the main exterior deck are fantastic options for spending time with friends and family while enjoying the sun and the views of the surroundings. The sundeck is the place to be on the warm sunny day, lounging on sunbeds, soaking in the Jacuzzi and sipping on refreshments at the bar.

The catamaran boasts Porsche Design DNA which is known for luxury, and functionality without a trace of ornate opulence. The main deck area hosts a large lounge with ample seating and panoramic views, as well as a dining area opening onto the main exterior deck. Located on the mid-deck, the owner's cabin and private lounge provide ample and comfortable space for relaxation. The mid-deck also includes a pilothouse, captain's cabin and guest suits.

ROYAL FALCON ONE Specifications

The power comes from a pair of 16V 4000 M93 diesel engines, which generate a top speed of 35 knots. At 30 knots the catamaran has a range of 2,000nm.

Yacht Charter Accommodation

Accommodation is offered across one master cabin and four guest suits for a total of ten guests. The crew quarters are located in two independent hull decks which can sleep ten staff members.

Charter Amenities and Extras

Tenders & Toys: Water Toys ~ 1 x Castoldi JET TENDER 16SB. 8 persons. ~ 1 x Water scooter. iAqua SEADART FUN, ~ 1 x Kneeboard. Radar Hawk ~ 1 x Water Ski. Jobe Mode Slaloom 67” ~ 1 SUP. Jobe Aero Mira 10 ~ 1 SUP. ITIWIT Gonfiabible 100 ~ 10 pair water shoes. Various sizes. Aqualung and Cressi reef Aqua ~ 12 Swim vests. 2 x XS, 5 x M/L, 5 x XL/XXL. Gul 50n Gilet. ~ 10 snorkeling sets with fins, mask and snorkel. Various sizes. Cressisub

Charter Yacht Disclaimer

This document is not contractual. The yacht charters and their particulars displayed in the results above are displayed in good faith and whilst believed to be correct are not guaranteed. CharterWorld Limited does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information and/or images displayed. All information is subject to change without notice and is without warrantee. A professional CharterWorld yacht charter consultant will discuss each charter during your charter selection process. Starting prices are shown in a range of currencies for a one-week charter, unless otherwise marked. Exact pricing and other details will be confirmed on the particular charter contract. Just follow the "reserve this yacht charter" link for your chosen yacht charter or contact us and someone from the CharterWorld team will be in touch shortly.



STARSHIP 185' | From US$ 195,000/wk

Motor Yacht ELENA V

ELENA V | From EUR€ 195,000/wk

Superyacht PISCES Running With Jetski

PISCES | From US$ 195,000/wk

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David Sadowski, Acoustic Engineer, 2024, Porsche AG

Porsche’s pursuit of perfect sound

Discover how Porsche engineers analyze and adjust the sound design of their vehicles — with the help of an artificial head called Sam.

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A closing door, an engine warming up, and the windshield wipers gliding over the windshield —   in a vehicle, there are countless sound sources. As a driver, you tend to take little notice of them. Only when something unusual rattles, thuds or crunches do you pay attention and wonder: is something not right here?

However, in a Porsche, all the natural, overlooked sounds produced during normal operation are meticulously harmonized. And not everything is truly overlooked. Some even contribute to the unique Porsche sound. To create this sound and make a journey in a Porsche an impressive and special experience, there are people like David Sadowski.

Sadowski is an acoustic engineer and works at the Zuffenhausen site in quality assurance and analysis. He has been with Porsche since 2015 and previously worked at the Weissach development site. Acoustics play a crucial role there, even in the pre-series of a model. Numerous vibration technicians and acousticians ensure the unique Porsche sound in every new vehicle. In 2018, Sadowski established acoustic quality analysis in Zuffenhausen, where he leveraged his expertise and cross-departmental measurement techniques.

Meet Sam — the artificial head

One of his most important tools: the artificial head. The artificial head is a so-called sound acoustic module, and his human colleagues affectionately call him ‘Sam’ for short. Sam has all the acoustically relevant components of an upper body and an outer ear. This guarantees a natural listening impression, which provides the best conditions for evaluating product sounds.

Incorporated into him is a binaural measurement system, meaning he has two ears with two ICP® microphones. These microphones have their own preamplifiers and can record in a dynamic range of 130 dB, meaning they can capture especially loud or quiet tones with consistent quality.

“We naturally have a binaural measurement system in our headphones, which we wear as human testers,” explains David Sadowski. “But Sam allows us to take an additional pair of ears on board for every test and place this pair in another location in the car –for example, on the rear seat.” For this, Sam and his stand are strapped to the seat, and he perceives sounds as a human ear would. The acoustic engineers then evaluate his recording.

The various sounds to check on

There are various types of sound analyzed in Sadowski’s department. They receive specifications from the development team and then check the sound design accordingly. They pay attention to the sounds produced by individual components. “The sound of an oil pump, for example, may be overshadowed by the sound of the combustion engine in the overall structure of a vehicle and therefore play a subordinate role,” explains Sadowski. “In an electric vehicle, the oil pump suddenly becomes a relevant factor in the vehicle’s sound design, as the electric motor operates much quieter and masks fewer background sounds — we then have to adjust it so that we can create the typical Porsche sound.”

Even conventional sounds like music or a podcast host are checked. Are all frequencies equally audible in the front right of the vehicle as they are in the rear left? “In quality assurance, we work closely with colleagues in the development department. Every piece of feedback we provide serves to improve the vehicle and the driving experience for the customer,” says Sadowski.

In addition, there are sounds controlled by the driver, such as when someone opens and closes the door. Here too, there are specifications that a Porsche vehicle must meet and that Sadowski’s team checks.

David Sadowski, Acoustic Engineer, 2024, Porsche AG

The sound of an anomaly

And of course, there’s the centerpiece of the Porsche sound: the engine. “An electric motor naturally emits a quiet hum. That’s simply the way it is — which is why, for example, the sound of the motor in the electric Taycan is artificially enriched. Our task in acoustic quality assurance is to determine whether the perfect Porsche sound has been created here.”

What consumers simply perceive as part of Porsche quality is an extremely elaborate process. Sam alone logs 2,000 kilometers of test drives on the road each year, helping to find the right sound compositions –or clues as to where something doesn’t sound as it should.

If a vehicle makes unusual noises during a test, recording the faulty noise using the artificial head is the most efficient way to identify the cause of anomalies. “By correlating the vibrations of the components and the interference in the interior, we can clearly determine the parts that cause disturbing sound,” explains Sadowski. In close collaboration with the development team, efforts are then made to fix the problem and eliminate the noise –so that in the end, only one thing remains: the sound of a flawless Porsche.”

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Hermann-Josef Stappen

Hermann-Josef Stappen

Spokesperson Technology Communications

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Virtual shopfloor trainings on Apple Vision Pro

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catamaran porsche design

catamaran porsche design

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Porsche is slowly rolling out details of its upcoming third-generation 2024 Porsche Panamera luxury performance sedan, which will be shown off in full at the end of this month. We've already gotten a good look at the revised interior, with as many as four available all-new displays including a passenger screen, plus a new Android/Google-powered operating system with more applications like YouTube and TikTok. Now Porsche has revealed a new look for the 2024 Porsche Panamera Turbo trim, with new so-called "Turbonite" accent trim pieces including an all-new Porsche crest, which will roll out to all future Porsche Turbo trim models going forward.

The "Turbo" moniker has been used by Porsche since 1974 for its classic 911, but the word's use has since evolved to be more defined as simply a high-performance trim designation on all of its model lines, both sports cars and SUVs. Controversially today, the brand has a quirky use of the "Turbo" nomenclature, with the introduction of more turbocharged powertrains packaged below the more powerful "Turbo" and "Turbo S" trims on the 911 in 2015, and the introduction of a "Turbo" trim on the fully-electric Taycan sedan (again, to mostly denote performance capability) in 2019.

Even since all of that, Porsche has continued to expand and diversify many of its performance offerings—even Porsche now openly admits it has muddied the design differentiation between its trim designs on the various Turbo, Turbo S, Turbo GT, GTS, and S-T variant introductions on different models over recent years. "We now want to make the Turbo even more visible, and differentiate it more markedly from other derivatives such as the GTS," explains Michael Mauer, Vice President of Style at Porsche. Now the designers have a solution, and it's called "Turbonite."

catamaran porsche design

The new Turbonite colorway trim touches many elements inside and out on all new Porsche Turbo models going forward, starting November 24 with the new Panamera (also confirming we'll see the Panamera Turbo at the reveal). Traditionally glamorous or flashy touches of gold or other metallic elements like the side window surrounds will be finished in a new metallic grey tone called Turbonite, with a soft, satin or matte surface finish that resembles, yes, the carbonite that encases Han Solo in Star Wars .

Perhaps the biggest change on the Turbo trim comes to the brand's iconic crest, which already recently got a redesign earlier this year that simplified its look with notably flatter, simpler gold background texture, slightly larger graphic elements, and subtly bolder "Stuttgart" text engraving. The new Turbo trim crest pieces will be mostly finished in the new Turbonite grey with black contrasting elements, and it will apply to the pieces on the front of the car, on each of the wheels, and inside on the center of the steering wheel.

Turbonite touches extend to the rear lettering on the exterior, and Porsche says it could also potentially show up in inlay elements of each car's front fascia design as well as aeroblades, spokes, and other details on light alloy wheel options. Considering there are photos of these wheels already, I'd guess this style will be available on the upcoming 2024 Panamera Turbo. Inside these new Turbo models, at least for the Panamera so far, Turbonite shows up on HVAC controls, the drive mode switch, and smaller trim elements. All Turbos also get the new grey tone on the seatbelts, and black interiors will get contrasting Turbonite grey stitching on the dashboard, door panels, seats, and floor mats. In Porsche's previous preview of the new Panamera interior, it only offered images of a red and black interior which does not appear to have these flourishes ( you can check that out here ).

catamaran porsche design

It's very likely many recent "Turbo" buyers and shoppers may have flagged the lacking aesthetic diversity and motivated Porsche to act, but we can't say we're impressed by an icon with all of the saturation drained away. It's also likely that the decision to differentiate the Turbo trim's look is what prompted Porsche to "simplify" elements of the crest, to better register in a monotone display. Washing away the symbolic details of your brand crest behind a minimalist filter because there's a business case for it is a little bleak. However, the broader trim package detailing and color choice reminds us of the soft satin trim flourishes Genesis has been offering on some designs since model year 2018, and BMW has recently dipped its toes into softer matte and satin finishes lately on models like the new XM SUV, so perhaps Porsche is also following a trend.

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