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Through the Inside Passage on a Nordhavn 52

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Awanui NZ Ep 58.5: Mark found lost footage – he so sorry

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Awanui NZ Ep 59: Goodbye Greece – Hello Albania – How to check out!!

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Price Reduced: Nordhavn 63 AMNESIA

N Meteor

Through the Inside Passage on a Nordhavn 52: Wednesday June 12, 2024

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Awanui NZ Ep 58 Boats are not made for caves – someone tell Mark that!

Soundings: adventure awaits.

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Price Reduced: Nordhavn 80-01

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Price Reduced: N60 DOOR PRIZE

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Awanui NZ Ep 57 Transit Roman Canal into Ionian crystal clear waters

trawler yacht

Ta-Shing factory tour with Dan Streech

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Awanui NZ Ep 56 – Getting the hang of the drone, pushed our luck with a long day

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PASSAGEMAKER: Refresh and Repeat

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Awanui NZ Ep 55 – The Corinth Canal – what a day!!

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Awanui NZ Ep 54 – Repairs completed in Athens. Nordhavn’s 1st N51 Departs in tip top shape!

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The Sanctuary Boat Show is on!

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Awanui NZ Ep 53 Visit Vathy on Nordhavn’s first N51 – A break before final repairs

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NOR 2024 organizer Jill Bernard interviewed on KOMO News

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NOR 2024 breaks records en route to smashing success

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SUPERYACHT TIMES: First look onboard 25m Nordhavn motor yacht Lady Di

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Awanui NZ Ep 52 – The Saronic Gulf – Something petrifies Mark

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N4125 Delivery in Greece

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Awanui NZ Ep 51 4K Video upload for those big TV’s! Limping to Athens on 1 engine

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trawler yacht


Model: Nordhavn 71

Hull no: 01

Sales office: Nordhavn Southwest

trawler yacht


Model: Nordhavn 625

Hull no: 02

Sales office: Nordhavn Southeast

trawler yacht


Model: Nordhavn 52

Hull no: 81

Sales office: Nordhavn Northwest

trawler yacht


Model: Nordhavn 51

trawler yacht


Model: Nordhavn 475

Hull no: 48

Sales office: Nordhavn Northeast

trawler yacht


Model: Nordhavn 41

Hull no: 31

trawler yacht


Hull no: 26

trawler yacht


Hull no: 25

trawler yacht


Model: Nordhavn 60

Hull no: 84

trawler yacht


trawler yacht


trawler yacht


Hull no: 18

trawler yacht



PASSSAGEMAKER: Pacific passage

2025 ‘nordhavns around the world’ photos wanted, owners rendezvous set to break nordhavn attendance record, cast your vote for the beautiful nordhavn 80#3 lady di, a tribute to our friend bruce kessler 1936-2024, new nordhavn 51 comes out of the gate with flying colors, e-newsletter.

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POWERBOAT WORLD: Owners Rendezvous expected to break Nordhavn attendance record

Pae’s dan streech featured in’s story on state of boat building in china, the first nordhavn 51 successfully delivered to owners, cruising odyssey: first nordhavn 51 cruises to greece, upcoming events.

trawler yacht

Annapolis Powerboat Show 2024

Dates: October 3-6 Boat on display: N475 Boats are subject to change without notice. Please call for confirmation of boat availability.

trawler yacht

SOUNDINGS: Adventure Awaits – Nordhavn 51 By Kim Kavin Photography: Doug Harlow #nordhavn51 #nordhavn #nordhavn_yachts #AdventureAwaits #YachtLife #BoatLife #ExploreMore #OceanAdventure

Through the Inside Passage on a Nordhavn 52: Wednesday, June 12, 2024 #nordhavn52 #nordhavn_yachts #InsidePassage #BoatLife #YachtLife #ExploreMore #CruisingLife

New photos: Nordhavn 63 TRUE BLUE #nordhavn63 #nordhavn #nordhavn_yachts #realnordhavnsales #NordhavnYachts #YachtLife #LuxuryYachts

A few interior photos of the brand new N4126. The 41 just keeps getting better and better! #nordhavn41 #nordhavn #nordhavn_yachts #InteriorDesign #YachtLife #ExploreMore

Through the Inside Passage on a Nordhavn 52 with Devin Zwick. Follow the journey at #nordhavn52 #nordhavn_northwest #nordhavn #nordhavn_yachts #InsidePassage #BoatLife #AdventureTime #YachtLife #ExploreMore

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Nordhavn is the world’s most celebrated expedition trawler yachts for adventure boaters of all levels. With models ranging from 41 to 120 feet, there is a Nordhavn perfectly suited to you, no matter what your experience or ambition. Nordhavn trawler yachts provide the safety and comfort necessary for expeditions to the highest latitudes of the globe and coastal day-cruises down the eastern seaboard. Known for robust construction, forward-thinking engineering, luxurious interiors, clever space planning, millions of successful ocean miles traveled and hundreds of happy, dream-fulfilled owners, Nordhavn is the number one name in trawler yachts.

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Top 15 Trawlers for 2023

  • By Patrick Sciacca
  • October 13, 2023

For every shoe, there’s a foot, and for every boating enthusiast, there’s a yacht. For those individuals who like to cruise their yachts across blue water, spend months on board or voyage to remote beaches and quiet coves, a trawler yacht is the go-to vessel choice. But even within this yacht genre, there are many options. For example, there are some mighty midsize trawlers that are easily capable of transatlantic crossings for an adventurous couple, and then there are megayacht-size craft with next-level amenities that require extra crew. Some trawler-yacht builders offer significant customization and others work from a fixed options list. There are single-engine trawlers and twin-engine trawlers. One thing that is common is that these trawler yachts are designed from the ground up for yachtsmen with wanderlust in their hearts.

Top Trawlers 

The following 15 trawlers are all vessels we’ve written about. They are listed in no particular order.

  • Nordhavn 96 : Built for an owner who desired to self-sufficiently while cruising the world, literally.
  • Beneteau Grand Trawler 62 : This trawler can travel nonstop for 1,000 nautical miles.
  • Kadey-Krogen 52 : This twin-engine-capable, all-oceans trawler is a solid fit for voyaging cruising couples.
  • Bering Yachts B76 : The B76 is the builder’s first fully custom trawler in this size range.
  • Ranger Tugs R-43 Command Bridge : This vessel is equally comfortable at a 7-knot stroll or an 18-knot jog.
  • Beneteau 48 Swift Trawler : Based on the builder’s Swift Trawler 47, this yacht has a resin-infused fiberglass hull.
  • Kadey-Krogen 50 Open : The 50 Open can cruise at 6 knots nonstop for 5,000 nautical miles.
  • Outer Reef 620 Trident : It has a three-stateroom layout and optional 600 hp Cummins diesels.
  • Grand Banks 60 Skylounge : This yacht is efficient across a variety of cruising speeds.
  • Krogen Express 52 : Headroom to spare, two staterooms, a chef-ready galley and long range define this trawler yacht.
  • Grand Banks 85 Skylounge : Grand Banks’ V-warp hull form makes for a level running attitude, seakindliness and long range.
  • Vicem Yachts 82 Classic : Construction is in cold-molded, strip-planked mahogany with epoxy.
  • Outer Reef 610 Motoryacht : Power on this Outer Reef is a pair of 500 hp John Deere 6090 diesels.
  • Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot : Did someone say this is a 20-knot Nordhavn?
  • Marlow 58E : A high level of customization and admirable performance are at the heart of the Marlow 58E.

Nordhavn 96

The Nordhavn 96 is the yacht builder’s second-largest yacht its 17-model fleet, which ranges from 41 to 120 feet length overall. (There is a new 112 on the drawing table.) The builder says the N96 is based on its earlier 86-footer with a 10-foot cockpit extension, which increases both main-deck, skylounge and below-deck volume. The N96 we reviewed was built by an owner who previously had an 86-foot Nordhavn, but with his plans for extended cruises to remote destinations, the 96 was the right size for his voyaging plans. In fact, since the owner took delivery of the boat, it has been on a continuous circumnavigation.

Nordhavn 96

Quick Specifications

7,000 Gal.
900 Gal.
400,000 lb.

Beneteau Grand Trawler 62

Beneteau’s Grand Trawler 62 has 1,000-plus-mile range and 20-knot speed with twin 730 hp i6 MAN diesels . The Grand Trawler 62 is the builder’s flagship in its Trawler series, which also includes the Swift Trawler 35 , Swift Trawler 41 Sedan ,  Swift Trawler 41 Fly and Swift Trawler 48 . Small touches set the Beneteau Grand Trawler 62 apart. They include sea rails on all lockers to keep stowed food and gear in place, leather-wrapped interior handrails for security in a seaway, and leather drawer pulls like those found on larger yachts. Long-range cruising accommodations include a full-beam master stateroom aft, a forepeak VIP and twin-berth guest stateroom. A Quick X3 gyrostabilizer helps mitigate any potential rocking and rolling on rough days.

Beneteau Grand Trawler 62

1,022 Gal.
222 Gal.
61,729 lb.

Kadey-Krogen 52

The Kadey-Krogen 52 is the trawler-yacht builder’s smallest offering in its raised-pilothouse series, complete with a Portuguese Bridge. Owners can choose from either a two- or three-stateroom layout, and between a single-diesel engine or twin-diesel engines, for owners seeking redundancy. The standard engine is a 231 hp John Deere diesel. With the single-engine setup, draft is 5’5” and with twins it’s a shallower 4’6”. At 6 knots, range is an ocean-crossing 4,850 nautical miles. At 7 knots, it’s 3,300 nm. At 9 knots, it 1,700 nm. The builder states, “The entire Krogen 52 is built from only three molded pieces for maximized structural integrity. There are no additional secondary bonds or caulk joints that can inevitably cause issues. All deck and superstructures are cored and vacuum-bagged to maximize strength while minimizing weight.” Additionally, six longitudinal stringers enhance overall strength.

Kadey Krogen 52

1,400 Gal.
400 Gal.
5’5” (single) 4’6” (twins)
70,000 lb.

Bering Yachts B76

Lemanja  is the first custom boat that Bering has built in this size range. The yacht is notable for its steel hull and aluminum superstructure, and for its 4,000-nautical-mile-plus range with its twin 404 hp Cummins QSL9 diesel engines. As rugged as the Bering 76 is built on the outside, it also offers homelike comforts in its skylounge inside, offering panoramic views out large windows surrounding the space. Sole-to-ceiling glass offers similar views in the open-plan salon. Accommodations are fox six guests in three staterooms with a master stateroom and two guest staterooms, plus crew accommodations. In addition to its traditional diesel engines, the B76 has a solar-rechargeable battery bank for hybrid propulsion.

Bering Yachts B76

6,750 Gal.
946 Gal.
287,000 lb.

Ranger Tugs R-43 Command Bridge

The Ranger Tugs R-43 Command Bridge is a long-distance cruiser with creature comforts. Our expert found the R-43 Command Bridge to be a solid candidate to cruise The Great Loop . We agree. Twin Volvo Penta IPS450 pod drives give the boat efficient low and high cruise speeds at 7 and 18 knots, respectively. For those that have work during their cruise, the R-43 Command bridge’s master stateroom is set up with an office with a desk. Long trips require extra stowage and a way to clean salty clothes, so on the R-43 Command Bridge there is a washer, dryer, auxiliary refrigerator/freezer and stowage under the dinette, which rises on electric rams. Voyagers who buy a R-43 Commander Bridge can opt for a Factory Delivery Experience, which is three days of instruction on Puget Sound, and includes in boat systems, handling and maintenance.

Ranger Tugs R-43 Command Bridge

300 Gal.
120 Gal.
2/Volvo Penta IPS450s

Beneteau Swift Trawler 48

The Beneteau Swift Trawler 48 has a 1,300-nautical-mile range at 8 knots, but can also speed away at 26 knots if the weather goes south in a hurry. Based on the builder’s 47-footer , the three-stateroom, two-head Swift Trawler 48 has a resin-infused fiberglass hull. Power is a pair of 425 hp Cummins diesels. The main-deck layout includes a galley aft setup, which is accessible to the cockpit. There, the seating and dining area can be fully enclosed, with tracks in place for side curtains. The helmsman is kept comfortable on long passages with a bolstered, pedestal bucket-style seat with a flip-up footrest. The Swift Trawler 48 we reviewed had upgraded 12-inch Raymarine HybridTouch displays (9-inch screens are standard).

Beneteau Swift Trawler 48

510 Gal.
169 Gal.
:27,896 lb.

Kadey-Krogen 50 Open

Designed for serious extended cruising,  Kadey-Krogen Yachts 50 Open provides owners with amenities that will enhance those longer passages. The galley is fitted with a Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer, a four-burner Wolf range, a microwave and an optional dishwasher. Unlike in many trawlers and their traditional pilothouse design, the galley is located on the same level as the helm and salon. Belowdecks is the master stateroom amidships with two hanging lockers, 12 cabinets, additional drawers for stowage and an en suite head, shower and two sinks. Forward of the master is an office. The 50 Open’s hull has soft chines and a curved after end, much like the characteristics of a sailboat built for cruising. The result is an efficient hull form that provides a gentle landing into troughs when the sea gets a temper. This trawler can cruise at 6 knots for 5,000 nautical miles; 7 knots for 3,000 nautical miles; 8 knots for 2,100 nautical miles; and 9 knots for 1,200 nautical miles.

Kadey-Krogen 50 Open

1,240 Gal.
400 Gal.
68,000 lb.

Outer Reef 620 Trident

Outer Reef Yachts 620 Trident delivers a three-stateroom layout and optional 600 hp Cummins diesels that allow this vessel to approach a top hop of 21 knots. Cruising speed is a little over 16 knots, burning about 34 gallons of fuel per hour at 2,750 rpm. The amidships master stateroom has 6-foot-8-inch headroom, a walk-in closet and a shower enclosed in smoked glass. In the forepeak VIP stateroom, there are seven drawers, a hanging locker, a 31-inch Samsung TV and 7-foot headroom. The portside guest stateroom can convert to an office, too. The aft galley has a U-shape countertop, a three-burner electric cooktop, a Bosch microwave and a Vitrifrigo refrigerator and freezer. Cherry, walnut and oak are the available wood options.

outer reef 620 trident

800 Gal.
185 Gal.
:51,000 lb.

Grand Banks 60 Skylounge

It’s obvious after a quick peek inside the Grand Banks 60 Skylounge that the  Grand Banks Yachts  trademark external DNA is retained. The deck, cabin house and skylounge are all composed of infused carbon fiber, reducing weight aloft and creating a lower center of gravity. With twin 900 hp Volvo Penta D13 diesels , the 60 Skylounge can accelerate to 31 knots and cruise at about 25 knots. The 60 Skylounge can also travel up to 2,000 nautical miles at 10 knots on a 1,530-gallon fuel tank. Twin 1,000 hp Volvo Penta IPS1200s are also available.

Grand Banks 60 Skylounge

1,532 Gal.
291 Gal.
62,832 lb.

Krogen Express 52

The Krogen Express 52 runs on twin 440 hp Yanmar diesels and can cruise at 8 knots for 1,680 nautical miles or at 16 knots for 500 nautical miles. Top hop:  22 knots. In the interior,  Krogen Express  has outfitted the 52 with a master stateroom and a guest stateroom. The former has a queen island berth, more than 7-foot headroom, hanging lockers and smaller cubbies to port and to starboard, and an en suite head with a molded fiberglass shower stall with a seat, a VacuFlush toilet and a granite countertop. A power lift elevates the berth and grants access to more stowage underneath. The Krogen Express 52’s salon has a 26-inch HD LED TV and a home-theater system, leather Stressless chairs to port and a built-in, L-shape settee to starboard. The galley boasts granite countertops, a three-burner Force 10 propane range with an oven, a refrigerator, a GE microwave oven, a deep Elkay sink and a pullout sprayer faucet. There is a Buff Ultraleather Stidd helm seat for extra comfort during long runs.

Krogen Express 52

700 Gal.
370 Gal.
43,000 lb.

Grand Banks 85 Skylounge

The Grand Banks 85 Skylounge comes in at more than 87 feet length overall and displaces 108,000 pounds, with a 22-plus-foot beam and an air draft of just under 26 feet. Owners can choose either a three- or four-stateroom layout. The standard motors are twin 1,000 hp Volvo Penta IPS diesels, twin 1,300 hp MAN straight-shaft diesels are optional. With the larger engines, owners can also choose an optional stern thruster, in addition to the standard bow thruster. With the IPS diesels, top speed is 26.5 knots and fuel burn is 100 gallons per hour, resulting in a range of 699 nautical miles. At a 21-knot cruise speed, fuel consumption drops to 57 gph, and range climbs to 972 nm. At a 9-knot jog, fuel burn falls to 9 gph, and the Grand Banks 85 Skylounge can cruise nonstop for about 2,500 nautical miles.

Grand Banks 85 Skylounge

2,640 Gal.
370 Gal.
108,025 lb.

Vicem 82 Classic Flybridge

The Vicem 82 Classic is a flybridge model built in cold-molded mahogany, which creates a stout hull form with reduced weight. The yacht is notable for its timeless Downeast lines and strong joiner work. For cruising enthusiasts, the Classic 82 Flybridge is powered with twin 900 hp Volvo Penta D13 diesels . The yacht has a top-end speed of 17.8 knots, and the cruising speed is 15 knots. At 9 knots, and considering a 10-percent fuel reserve, range is reportedly 1,100 nautical miles.  Accommodations three en-suite-equipped staterooms. The master stateroom is full-beam and amidships with a king-size berth is on centerline. The starboard-side guest stateroom and a forepeak VIP each have queen-size berths.

Vicem Classic 82 Flybridge

1,585 Gal.
500 Gal.
10 Knots

Outer Reef 610 Motoryacht

Built for an enthusiastic cruising couple after a three-year boat search, the Outer Reef Yachts 610 Motoryacht (part of the builder’s Classic series ), was customized with a fore-and-aft berth in the owners’ stateroom (as in, not athwartships), and berths rather than bunks in the smaller of two guest staterooms. This Outer Reef 610 was designed to be used as a liveaboard vessel, so the salon is not set up for dining (there are tables in the pilothouse, on the aft deck and on the bridge). A pair of swivel chairs in the salon face the built-in couch and the pop-up TV to port. The 610 is built with hand-laid fiberglass, PVC coring above the waterline, resin infusion and a vinylester barrier coat against osmosis. Power is twin 500 hp John Deere 6090 diesels turning ZF transmissions . The 610 tops out at about 13.5 knots with full tanks and 21 people aboard. The engines burn 20 gph at 1,800 rpm for 11 knots at 45 percent engine load. Those numbers should allow it to cross oceans without shortening engine life.

trawler yacht

1,000 Gal.
300 Gal.
93,000 lb.

Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot

Nordhavn has long been known for its stout circumnavigation -capable craft, and the Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot carries on the the tradition of a beefy build with addition of…speed. Twenty-knots-plus, actually. Twin 715 hp Cummins diesel inboards and a new semidisplacement hull form  are said to be key to the performance equation. The Nordhavn 59CP has a 777-nautical-mile range at a 9.3-knot cruise, and a 255-nm range at its 20.3-knot top-end. Construction is a solid fiberglass hull bottom supported by full-length longitudinal stringers and a series of transversal supports for added backbone. High freeboard should keep the decks dry in a seaway, while rails keep the crew secure during transits. Nordhavn says the 59CP has a “CE category A unlimited offshore rating, ensuring the vessel has the seakeeping and strength capabilities to take on most serious coastal cruises up to 1,000 miles.”

Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot, Nordhavn

1,100 Gal.
444 Gal.
88,000 lb.

Marlow Yachts 58E

Following on the successful Marlow 57 , the Marlow 58E was started from scratch on a blank sheet of paper. The essence of the 58E is that it has better performance and more internal and external volume than her predecessor. The centerline length grew 10 inches over the 57, but the waterline length increased 16 inches and the beam widened 4 inches. If you were to examine the two boats out of the water, you would see more bell-shaped forward sections making for a soft impact with the vee’d portion. Power options start with twin 575 hp Caterpillar C9 diesels, but the 58E we got aboard had beefier twin 1,015 hp Caterpillar C18 diesels. Top speed: 27.9 knots. At 8 knots, the Marlow 58E can cruise nonstop for 1,400 nautical miles.

trawler yacht

1,500 Gal.
300 Gal.
69,000 lb.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a trawler yacht?

A true trawler typically has a full-displacement hull form and robust construction to handle open-water operation, and it’s designed to operate self-sufficiently for long periods of time. They are slow-cruising vessels, but over the years, hybrid yachts called fast trawlers have emerged to offer displacement-speed operation as well as the ability to run at planing speeds when desired.

What is a full-displacement hull form?

A displacement-hull form is known is for its rounded nature and deep draft. Full-displacement vessels do not plane on the water, but rather push through the water. This hull design makes displacement-hull vessels incredibly seakindly, but it also makes them relatively slow (think 5, 6, 7, 8 knots) when compared to semidisplacement- and planning-hull designs.

Is a long-range cruiser the same as a trawler?

While all trawlers are certainly long-range cruisers, not all long-range cruisers are trawlers. True trawlers will have full-displacement hull designs and not all long-range cruisers have them.

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Used Trawler Boats For Sale

photo of 126' Inace Explorer 2024

126' Inace Explorer 2024

$ 14,995,000

Fortaleza, Brazil

photo of 120' Inace Overing 2024

120' Inace Overing 2024

$ 14,950,000

photo of 100' Custom Tri-Deck Explorer Yacht 2026

100' Custom Tri-Deck Explorer Yacht 2026

$ 10,000,000

Unknown, United States

photo of 86' Trawler 26,5M Trawler 2024

86' Trawler 26,5M Trawler 2024

$ 2,396,250

Mugla, Turkey

photo of 85' Terranova Yachts T85 2018

85' Terranova Yachts T85 2018

$ 4,995,000

photo of 84' Custom Mural Yachts 85 Semi Displacement Trawler 2022

84' Custom Mural Yachts 85 Semi Displacement Trawler 2022

$ 3,408,000

photo of 80' Northern Marine Expedition Motor Yacht 2017

80' Northern Marine Expedition Motor Yacht 2017

$ 4,900,000

Queenstown, United States

photo of 80' Northern Marine Pilothouse 2003

80' Northern Marine Pilothouse 2003

$ 2,800,000

Anacortes, United States

photo of 78' Commercial Trawler 1980

78' Commercial Trawler 1980

Eleuthera, Bahamas

photo of 75' Northern Marine 1998

75' Northern Marine 1998

$ 4,300,000

photo of 74' Custom Robinson Modified Monk 1991

74' Custom Robinson Modified Monk 1991

Poulsbo, United States

photo of 70' Marlow 70E 2003

70' Marlow 70E 2003

$ 1,299,900

Fort Lauderdale, United States


With many different kinds of trawler yachts being built today, it's important to really understand the kind of long distance cruising that you plan to do. Cruising on your yacht for days, weeks, or even months on board can present a variety of challenges, but is one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences in boating. Owning a trawler with the ability to run long distances brings out your inner explorer, quenching your desire to discover places you've never seen while also feeding it. Whether you plan on cruising the Pacific Northwest, island hopping in the Caribbean, or taking on the Great Loop, before you make a selection on a trawler, it's best to discuss your plans with an experienced, knowledgeable broker that can walk you through the differences in some of the brands, styles, and capabilities.

Yacht Image


Finding yourself slowing things down in your world due to the crazy rush of information and speed all around us? Decided you’re ready for a boat, or have one but feel a shift in your style and aren’t ready to dig too deep into your pockets for one but would like a more economical choice to escape the frenzy in? Well, then fast your gaze upon what is known as a trawler - a perfect option for those seeking all of the above points just mentioned. Please meet the well-known boat type - a trawler - which is simply a price conscious motorboat with a full-displacement, ballasted hull that possesses just that perfect cruising range for those long-ocean passages you’ll be heading out on to decompress from the never ending present day chaos.

Below are some of the well-known trawler yacht brands in the industry :

  • American Tug
  • Fleming Cruising Yachts
  • Kadey-Krogen Yachts
  • Mainship Yachts
  • Marlow Yachts
  • Nordhavn Yachts
  • Outer Reef Yachts
  • Ranger Tug Boats

As Ferrari is to sexy race cars, trawlers are to functional ‘workboat-look’ recreational boats. Yes, ‘trawler’ is a classic, non-Euro ‘look’. This lends itself to a specific so called, ‘trawler lifestyle’ which translates to a sailor’s cruising lifestyle with the power of a motorboat. Those who appreciate their boat to have excellent sea keeping skills coupled with the range to take you to far - off hideaways, are in for a real treat when setting out on a trawler. Invite your family and friends as the trawler yachts offer long-term living accommodations - perfect for desiring an ‘at anchor’ remote boat getaway. These ‘small packages with a punch’ will carry, launch, and retrieve your tender too - thanks to her efficient crane.

Listing some of the trawlers other features, such as anchor accommodations, reverse windows, a pilot house, and walk around decks for line handling and docking, you’ll find this type of boat is well equipped for leisure and fun!

So get your calendar out and block off a stretch of time, as the trawler embraces trips like those!

Once a commercial fishing boat, the trawler has evolved to meet all boater requests of this present day resembling a comfortable home with the benefit of never having to jump in and out of your car as you’ll be motoring above sea level from one port to the next sipping on your favorite island cocktail and popping shrimp cocktails! You can choose from a more basic trawler or go all out with designing one that rivals a luxury yacht with all it’s out of this world comforts.

Don’t be surprised if that block of time turns into calling your realtor to put your house on the rental market as you’ve decided to set out aboard your sweet ride on the water for months on end or even decided to drop the home and move aboard! We don’t see why you couldn’t if your spirit has been calling you out to a sea salt life as there’ll be no compromise in comfort with the trawler’s private staterooms for nights dreaming above the ocean, full galleys to prepare scrumptious fresh-caught fish dinners, and roomy galleys to gather in and share island stories. Why should long-distance cruising be any less as it’s equally important getting to your dream destination. Slow and steady, you’ll be pleased to see the fuel bill is allowing you extra funds for elaborate dinners out or that new tender you’ve been eyeing.

If you’re more of a tropical breeze cruiser, then by all means, get her ready to cruise south for the winter to extend the warm months aboard. The journey up and back on the intracoastal waterway has been traveled by many with the same idea to keep that summer warmth going! You’ll appreciate how little fuel she’ll consume and that excellent range we continue to remind you of too. Built for voyages such as these, the builders have kept the size of the engine areas to a minimal and chose displacement hulls to aid in cutting through the seas instead of sucking up tons of power. Your search for a super trawler is doable as you’ll find many to be ocean-crossing water babies. If you want the speedier versions, there are a few builders who can accommodate you in making that dream come true on your trawler too. And don’t be fearful you’ll have to give up the low fuel bills, as even the fast trawlers typically offer superior fuel economy than many different powerboat styles.

What we find our clients greatly appreciate is the trawler’s expansive cabin space even on the smaller models and some can offer aft cabins in the rear and some manufacturers pulled all stops out and in their larger models have been known to add multiple deck levels to these ever evolving sweet ‘floating packages’.

We hope you’ve come to see that there are numerous reasons many of our clients love trawlers of all sizes because you don’t always need a yacht-sized vessel to make your dreams of venturing to remote ports in comfort and efficiency a reality without exhausting the retirement savings account.

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trawler yacht

trawler yacht

  • – KROGEN 44 AE
  • – KROGEN 48 AE
  • – KROGEN 50 Open
  • – KROGEN 52
  • – KROGEN 58 EB
  • – KROGEN 60 OPEN
  • – KROGEN 70
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trawler yacht

Ready to Cruise

Learn how the Pure Full Displacement hullform is the most efficient and comfortable way to cruise.

trawler yacht

Built-In Confidence

Our bluewater trawler yachts are constructed to stand up to a wide range of offshore sea conditions.

trawler yacht

Stretch Your Sea Time

Find a liveaboard boat that checks all the boxes for comfort and space with our semi-custom interiors.

trawler yacht

Sea Stories

How far can a trawler travel? Hear about all the ways Krogen owners make the most of their time aboard.

Perfect Day: Tales in the Kadey-Krogen Tradition


Watch the detailed walk-through video of a new Krogen 58 EB on display at the 2022 Palm Beach International Boat Show.

Explore More Videos Now

trawler yacht

Cruising Synchronicity

Two couples, two cruising styles — and a singular obsession

Explore Now

trawler yacht

All Tranquil on Tranquility Base

Australia’s Pacific Coast lets one cruising couple stretch their legs on a Krogen 48 North

 From the fine entry to the wineglass transom, Kadey-Krogen’s Pure Full Displacement hull design uses full end-to-end symmetry to provide a softer ride with less pounding, better tracking in a following sea, and a safer and more comfortable ride.

A low displacement-to-length ratio allows us to drive the hull through the water easily, making the most of the power on board, with lighter, lower-horsepower engines further reducing weight and improving efficiency.

Having a yacht that can cross oceans means more than just efficiency. The hull and components must hold up in those conditions, and contribute to the experience. Every aspect of Kadey-Krogen trawlers is carefully considered to meet expectations.

trawler yacht

Krogen 44 AE

trawler yacht

Krogen 48 AE

trawler yacht

Krogen 50 Open

trawler yacht

Krogen 60 Open

trawler yacht

When cruisers really dig into our boats, when they come and see us in person at a boat show or soon after and we take them through all the onboard systems, we discover they’ve really done their research and know what they want. They understand many of the features, the construction, the hull design, they know what sets us apart. When you speak to someone who knows your product this well, you know you’ve found someone who can see the difference. That’s just another reason why we love our jobs here.

trawler yacht

Review Select Pre-Owned Cruising Yachts

  Pre-Owned Kadey-Krogen Yachts and other proven passagemakers that meet our standards.

trawler yacht

2017 Krogen 58 EB

trawler yacht

2014 Krogen 55 Expedition

trawler yacht

2022 Summit 54 Motoryacht

Find these and more Kadey-Krogen Brokerage listings here

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Why Buy Factory Direct?

At Kadey-Krogen, when we say people matter, it’s not just marketing hyperbole and lip service. It’s deeply rooted in our ethos. We are a team of passionate boaters who love making the dreams of other passionate boaters come true. We feel we may have the best jobs in the world, and our direct-to-customer model allows our team to work directly with you. The customer benefits throughout the sales and build processes as well as after delivery when the real fun begins!

  • Every customer deals directly with Kadey-Krogen dedicated sales and production professionals
  • Nobody knows a Kadey-Krogen better than the folks that build and design them
  • 44-year legacy of building high-quality cruising yachts
  • Trusted by nearly 700 customers worldwide

Yachts for sale in Moscow

Yacht specification

Haven't found what you are looking for? Send us a request and we'll find you a perfect yacht!

Aluminium yachts

Steel yachts

Used yachts

Trawler yachts

Expedition yachts

Elite yachts

Mega yachts

Small yachts

Yachts 10–20 meters

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Yachts for sale in Moscow Leopard 32

2007 | €3,450,000

Yachts for sale in Moscow Riva MYTHOS


2017 | Price on request

Yachts for sale in Moscow Princess 30M

Princess 30M

2019 | €8,750,000

Yachts for sale in Moscow Benetti Motopanfilo 37m

Benetti Motopanfilo 37m

2025 | €17,600,000

Yachts for sale in Moscow Admiral QUINTA ESSENTIA 55M


2016 | €25,000,000

Yachts for sale in Moscow Benetti Classic 37m Riva

Benetti Classic 37m Riva

2006 | €5,650,000

Yachts for sale in Moscow Heesen Aurelia 37 m

Heesen Aurelia 37 m

2011/2017 | €7,750,000

Yachts for sale in Moscow FORTISSIMO

2022 | Price on request

Yachts for sale in Moscow HARMONY

2017 | €8,400,000

Yachts for sale in Moscow Heesen Explorer Xventure 57m

Heesen Explorer Xventure 57m

Yachts for sale in Moscow Princess 30M

2017 | €5,700,000

Yachts for sale in Moscow Cantiere Delle Marche Acciaio 123 Astrum

Cantiere Delle Marche Acciaio 123 Astrum

2020 | Price on request

Arcon Yachts offers  yachts for sale in Moscow:  both new and pre-owned from shipyards and regions all around the world.

Actually there is no cliché that could survive in Moscow and one of the strongest that buying a yacht is only considered to be meaningful only on the seaside – also totally crushes here. With the arrival of warm weather in the Central European part of Russia and in the Moscow region itself it is becoming evident that the yachting season here could be spent really elegantly: the Moscow Canal is full yachts and the atmosphere of summer holidays hover over everywhere! Demand for  motor yachts in Moscow  is growing every year, and more and more yacht owners are delivering their vessels into the Russian territorial waters. Usually people buy the boats in Russia to Moscow or coastal regions.

In order to find  yachts for sale in Moscow  - contact our experts! Arcon Yachts advises the clients regarding all the brokerage issues, organizes construction of the new vessel or importation and delivery from other countries. If you are interested in selling your own yacht in Moscow -  our experts will also help you to find a client.

trawler yacht

We Are Yacht Brokers

Welcome to Atlantic Yacht & Ship, Inc. We remain an integral leader in the yacht and ship brokerage industry, serving the yachting community since 1959. Atlantic Yacht & Ship, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is located in the heart of the “Yachting Capital of the World”. Whether buying or selling a quality motor yacht, center console, or having your luxury yacht built. Atlantic Yacht & Ship is your one-stop resource for the highest quality luxury yacht sales and service in the yachting industry today. The dynamics in buying or selling a yacht are complex and time consuming, but at Atlantic Yacht & Ship, our team of professional yacht brokers are prepared to handle the entire process and create a positive and easy experience for all our clients.

Atlantic yacht and ship

Presenting Our Featured Yachts

Picture Of: 116' Lazzara Yachts 2008

The Most Recent Yachting News

53 ILIAD profile

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Featured Image

510 SKY - new model for 2024

The 510 SKYDECK model combines the best features of the popular 500 FLY, offering a more sporty design and an enclosed upper deck. Check out the changes we've made for the 2024 model year.

500 FLY - new model for 2024

The award-winning Galeon 500 FLY has been significantly refreshed for the 2024 model year. Check out the new side profile design and improved functionality of this incredibly popular model

700 SKY - Silver Edition

Check out the custom extravagant exterior of the Galeon 700 SKYDECK with the silver color scheme

435 GTO - World Premiere

The 435 GTO is the next-in-line of powerful, outboard models with its sleek contours and versatile space distribution on board - check out the amazing new photos!

800 FLY - A true flagship

Amazing photo gallery of the flagship Galeon 800 FLY! Check out the interior and exterior photos of the largest yacht ever from our shipyard.

560 FLY - Cannes photos

560 FLY: balancing practicality, volume and boundary- pushing design. Exciting photos from Côte d'Azur

Galeon events

List of upcoming events

Galia motorboats

Visit the Galia motorboats website

A marketplace for used Galeon yachts

800 FLY - USA

New flagship model interior photos

Polboat Yachting

Save the date 18th-21st July, Marina Yacht Park ...

South Coast Boat Show

Join us at the 2024 South Coast show in ...

440 FLY – Yacht Style Award Winner!

Galeon 440 Fly Wins Top Honor at 2024 Yacht Style Awards

South Coast UK show

Join us at the South Coast Boat Show in the UK, 19-21 of April

Palm Beach Show 2024

Make sure to visit us at the 2024 Palm Beach boat show 21-24th of March!

The Galeon range

Choose your perfect galeon yacht from our selection of luxurious and dynamic models, sport cruiser.

Great performance with open cockpit and saloon down below

Sleek exterior with bright living area on the main deck

Functional and spacious on all three decks

A perfect combination of substance and style

Galeon company

Established in 1982, Galeon remains a privately owned company specializing in constructing luxury yacht and motorboats. With clear vision and steady growth we have reached employment of over 1 200 people working on 35 000 square meters of production and assembly halls, capable of taking on even the most ambitious projects. Every Galeon yacht is a piece of handcrafted excellence and thanks to the unparalleled attention to detail, cutting edge technology and great designs the company has become one of the premier European boat builders. We strive to become synonymous with high quality, innovative features and perfect execution of our products. Our attention to detail and willingness to improve constantly pushes us forward and with over 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers from all around the world – you can be sure your next Galeon yacht will meet all your expectations.

Galeon Owners Club

Join the elite GOC today!


Exclusively for Galeon yacht owners

Professional cutting services

Galeon business partners

Find a dealer

Search the galeon network for an official dealer near you..

Alexander Marine Australia Pty Ltd

The Boat Works Complex Waterfront Suite 2 Building A 200 Beattie Road Coomera Queensland 4209

Ph: +61 (0)7 5618 0000

[email protected]

Alexander Marine Australia & NZ

Sydney Superyacht Marina Suite A, 2 Maritime Court

Rozelle NSW 2039 Australia

Ph: +61 (0)414 249 626

+61 (0)410 304 850

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Regus Vienna Europaplatz 2/1/2 A1150 Vienna

Tel: +43 660 785 8302 Tel: +43 664 914 7229

HL SCHIFSTECHNIK (Lake of Constance only)

Wassersportzentrum 9 88079 Kressbronn

Tel:+ 49 7543 5588 Fax:+ 49 7543 5602

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Vordermayrbergstraße 33 A4030 LINZ

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[email protected]

Tel: +43 699 1777 2668

Tel: +43 660 785 8302

Rohr 1 6973 Fußach


Rivierdijk 34 3372 BG Hardinxveld-Giessendam

Tel:+ 31 184 612227

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Freedom Marine


9835 Seaport Pl, Unit 1D

Sidney BC, V8L 4X3


[email protected]


510 Nicola Street #100

Vancouver BC, V6G 3J7


50, 62ième avenue Île-aux-Noix, J0J 1G0

Tel: +1 514 282 8484

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Shenzhen City


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51521 Punat

+385 91 547 0206

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Zeleni Trg 1

+421 949 626 307

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Put gradine 1

22243 Murter

+385 91 911 1130

Extravagant Yachts

20 Av. Aggelou Metaxa 

16674 Glyfada

Athens, Greece

T: +30 6945708572

[email protected]

[email protected]


Bohdalecká 1576/23c

10100, Prague

Tel: +420 723 718 004 Tel: +421 949 626 307

Bluebay Marine A/S

Kejlstrupvej 241

8600 Silkeborg

Tel: +45 86822222

[email protected]

Zenith for Imports and Exports

Tel: +2 012 2214 2207

[email protected]

Paseco General Escalon #4715, 2a planta Local #1,

San Salvador, El Salvador

Jorge Saca Bahia

t. (503) 7 886 32 75

[email protected]


Kalevi Jahtklubi Pirita 11911 TALLINN Eesti Tel.:+372 522 8814

+372 510 2549

[email protected]

GN Boats Oy

Address: Gneissikaari 5 A


mobile: +358 40 509 2995

[email protected]


GENERAL IMPORTER Port de la Rague 06 210 Mandelieu La Napoule

Tel + 33 493 49 08 58 Fax +33 493 49 63 30

Port de la Napoule 06210 Mandelieu La Napoule

[email protected]

Rio et Fils

Z.A.Le Gourbenet 83420 La Croix Valmer

[email protected]

Dorée Marine

Port de la Pointe Rouge 13008 Marseille

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Bateaux de Clémence

2 bis quai de la Trireme 34300 Agde

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1 Rue François Toullec 56100 Lorient

[email protected]

OMV Golfe de Saint Tropez

319 Route des Blaquières 83310 Grimaud


[email protected]

2235 Avenue de l’aéroport 83400 Hyères


[email protected]

Experience Yachting

ZT 1 Route des Marines 30240 Port Camargue


[email protected]

Armor Nautic

6 Allée Georges Lacombe Zone du Guélen 29000 Quimper


[email protected]


Büro Ostsee, Ancora Marina,

An der Wiek 7 – 15,

23730 Neustadt in Holstein,


Geschäftsführer Ralf Segel Rudolstädter Straße 13 07422 Bad Blankenburg

Tel:+49 36741-72040 Fax: +49 36741-72041

[email protected]


Mittelwendung 39 28844 Weyhe-Dreye

Tel:+ 49 4203 3548 Fax+ 49 4203 5172

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Reichenaustr. 45 78467 Konstanz

Tel+ 49 7531 89330 Fax+ 49 7531 893322

[email protected]


Aggelou Metaxa 20

Glyfada 16674

  [email protected]

20 Calle 16-00, Zona 10 esquina,

Guatemala, Guatemala 01010.

Roland Morel

t. (502) 2 498 80 00

[email protected]

Jean Paul Morel

[email protected]

Armando Morel

[email protected]

29 Calle, 10 Avenida S.O., Bo. La Guardia,

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Claudio Fernandez Sera

t. (505) 8 244 91 50

[email protected]

Geovani Chain

t. (504) 9 995 84 15

[email protected]

Asia Marine Yacht Services Ltd


[email protected]

Tel: +852 2677 7791 Tel: +852 9763 9100

N.L.S. Yachting Group Kft.


Veres P. str.10.


[email protected]

Asia Marine Yacht Services Ltd.

[email protected]

Tel: +852 2677 7791

Tel: +852 9763 9100

Ambil-Yam LTD

9 Yad Harutzim St. Poleg Industrial area, Netania

Tel: +972-9-8358088 Tel: +972-50-5210510

[email protected]

Fortune srl

Porto Turistico box 49 – 16033 Lavagna (GE) Italy

Mob. +39 335 304097

Mob +39 335 323646

[email protected]

Slow Boat Co., Ltd

598-1 minamityoda.hiratsuka.kanagawa 254-0084

tel: +81 463 67 8849 mob +81 90 2495 3209

[email protected]

Royal Marine Ltd

Block 8 Tala Bay Marina

Aqaba – Jordan

Tel +962 3 206 1556

Email: [email protected]

Eurasia Motors

Almaty, Utegen Batyr st, 11a

tel: +77017891437

[email protected]


King’s Road Tower – Ground Floor King’s Road

Mobile: +966 541 820 636 Tel: +966 2 6068783

[email protected]

Seas & Deserts

Al Ameeri Group Building Al Rai, Street 20 Kuwait City

Tel : +965 1822288

Cell :+965 96015666

[email protected]

[email protected]


104 , ground floor , ABI AKL Bldg

Casino stree, Jounieh

Tel.: +96 13861361

[email protected]

Hobio Centras UAB „Serenika“

Dubysos str. 25A, Klaipėda, LT-91181, Lithuania


Famalco Group

Pitkali Road, Attard ATD2214 Malta, Europe

Tel: (+356) 2339 2339

[email protected]

Camino Al Mare

Av Tulum 232 – B8 Manzana 12 SM 4 Cancún, Centro 77500

Tel: +52 9988 92 8679

Email:  [email protected]

Homero 342 piso 4 Col, Polanco Miguel Hidalgo 11560 Ciudad de México


Prvomajska 4 85310 Budva, Mne

Tel: +381 63 271 888



14 Rue Salonique

Casablanca, Morocco

Tel: +212 520 621 151

Tel: +212 661 157 758

[email protected]

Camino de Oriente,

Managua, Nicaragua

Mauricio Solorzano P.

t. (505) 8 723 11 00

[email protected]

Nordic Clean AS

Skibåsen 28

4636 Kristiansand

Tlf: 99 33 46 64

Mail: [email protected]

Citadel West

P.O. Box: 234 Postal Code 114, Hay Al Mina

Tel: +968 24657145 Fax: +968 24567481

[email protected]

Calle 50 Edificio Rita Angelica,

San Francisco, Panama, Panama.

Edwin Faberga M.

t. (507) 6 070 20 10

[email protected]

Starogardzka 22 83010 Straszyn

Tel+ 48 58 692 69 00 Fax+ 48 58 690 69 02

[email protected]

Centrum motorowodne

Mazurska 98

11-513 Rydzewo

Tel: +48 507187390

[email protected]

Pietrzak Yachts Sp. z o.o.

ul. Bocheńskiego 109

40-816 Katowice

Błażej Pluta

General Manager

Tel:  +48 503 133 300

E-mail:  [email protected]

Argo Yachting

Tel:+44 1489 885656

[email protected]


21 st floor , doha tower

Westbay, Doha, Qatar.

(+974) 70729734


Generala Milutina Vlajica 6 Beograd 11000

Tel: +381 63 271 888 Tel: +381 69 552 0125

AVENTURA Lifestyle s.r.o.

Bajkalská 29/C 82101, Bratislava Tel: +421 949 626 307 Tel: +420 723 718 004 [email protected]

Atal Nautika d.o.o.

Bukovžlak 65 d 3000 Celije

Tel: + 386 3 492 40 00 Mob: + 386 51 395 222 Mob: + 386 31 646 420

[email protected]

Gin-A Co. Ltd.

Suite 708 Dongbu Root Bldg. Bundang-gu Hwangseul-ro 200-gil 36 Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do 13595

Tel: +82 31-711-9681

[email protected]

Argo Yachting -Botafoch Ibiza

Marina Botafoc, 07800,

Ibiza, Balearic Islands

Argo Yachting - Cala D'Or

Port Petit 320,

ES – 07660,

Cala D’Or, Mallorca, Spain

Argo Yachting - Peurto Portals

Torre de Capitanía s/n,

Edificio C5 Locales 103-104,

Portals Nous (Calvià)

Argo Yachting - Port Adriano

Urbanizacion El Toro s/n,

Calvia 07180,

Mallorca, Spain

Yates Mallorca

Club de Mar 07015 Palma de Mallorca

Tel: +34 971 70 77 74 Mob: +34 607 607 536 Fax: +34 971 70 29 53

[email protected]

DON MARINO BOATS General Importer

Puerto Deportivo De Estepona 29680 Estepona-Malaga

Tel: +34 952803800 Fax:+34 952791784

[email protected]

Marenostrum Yachts

[email protected]

+34 629 537 172

Club Náutico Port Balis – Local n°13

Sant Andreu de Llavaneres

08392 Barcelona

Port Ginesta – Local n°810


08860 Barcelona

Yates y Cosas

[email protected]

+34 942 369 151

Polígono industrial de Raos 11E

39600 Camargo (Cantabria)

Nautica Paco

[email protected]

+34 986720268

+34 986723384

Náutica Paco

Avda. de León, 25 – 36960 Sanxenxo (Pontevedra)

Náutica Paco Puerto

Puerto deportivo Juan Carlos I – 36960 Sanxenxo (Pontevedra)

Nautica AZA

Avenida de la Pista, 14 E46470 Massanassa 

Tel: +34 963 240 099

[email protected]

PS Marin AB (East and north of Sweden)

General Importer

Långvretsvägen 14 S-163 46 SPÅNGA

Tel: +46-8-369460 Tel +46-703-369460

[email protected] (South of Sweden)

Humlaviksvägen 16 S-372 97 Ronneby

Tel: +46-708-202698

[email protected]


CH-6053 Alpnachstad

Tel+ 41 416729191 Fax+ 41 416729198

[email protected]

Asia Marine Ltd.

20/35 Moo 2, Thepkasattri Rd., T. Kohkeaw, Muang District Phuket 83000 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 239 111 Fax: + 66 (0) 76 238 974

[email protected]



Tel+90 212 352 659596 Fax+90 212 352 6603

[email protected]


Khmelnetskogo,32 01030 Kiev

Tel: +380675045706 Tel: +380445682590

[email protected]

Royal Yachting Middle East Boat Trading LLC.

Suite 814, The Onyx Tower 2,

The Greens,  SH’ Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.

PO Box, 283741 Dubai

+971 (0) 43996399 +971 (0) 504674113 (Mr. Hussain)

[email protected]

Unit 1 The Saltings Swanwick Marina Bridge Road Swanwick Southampton SO31 1FA

Turnchapel Wharf, Barton Road,

Turnchapel, Plymouth, PL9 9RQ

Unit 1, Alexandra Wharf,

1 Maritime Walk,

Ocean Village,

Southampton SO14 3QR

18025 U.S. 19 North, Clearwater, Florida 33764

Tel: 727-536-2628

[email protected]

1601 Ken Thompson Parkway, Sarasota, Florida 34236

Tel: 941-388-4411

14030 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, Florida 33919

Tel:  239-481-8200

1146 6th Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102

Tel:  239-262-1000

2370 SW Palm City Road, Stuart, Florida 34994

Tel:   772-287-4495

700 South Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062

Tel:  954-783-9555

700 N.E. 79th Street, Miami, Florida 33138

Tel: 305-758-5786

2 Fishing Village Drive, Key Largo, Florida 33037

Tel:  305-367-3969

3605 Thomas Drive, Panama City, Florida 32408

Tel:  850-708-1317

84 W. Airport Blvd., Pensacola, Florida 32503

Tel:  850-477-1112

3001 NASA Parkway, Seabrook, Texas 77586

Tel:  281-326-4224

1490 N Stemmons FWY, Lewisville, Texas 75067-2505

Tel:  972-436-9979

1860 Bald Ridge Marina Road, Cumming, Georgia 30041

Tel:  770-781-9370

1991 N.E. Catawba Road, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452

Tel:  419-797-4492

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Argo Yachts

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Professional training on the Chesapeake Bay in a 42-foot single engine fast trawler, with a curriculum tailored to your needs; we recommend an intensive 2-day package.

Also available, remote or on-site voyage planning and routing service for your next journey.

Training on YOUR boat

Detailed on-site training on your trawler for post-purchase or to enhance specific skills prior to a voyage.   A completely tailorable curriculum for you, your boat, and crew: Choose from detailed system and engineering walk-throughs, preventive maintenance, navigation and communications setup, and boat handling and seamanship skills.

Vessel delivery

Experienced U.S. East Coast delivery services for sail and power--daily rate includes licensed Captain and a trained mate.   For safety, deliveries with owners aboard do not alter the requirement for a qualified crew/mate.

Sea Trial services also available at $500 daily rate, plus transport and lodging as required.

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Daily Mail

Moment 1000 ton trawler collides with fishing boat in English Channel

Posted: 18 June 2024 | Last updated: 18 June 2024

This is the heart-stopping moment a 1,000 ton trawler smashed into a tiny fishing boat and then sailed off during a dramatic hit-and-run crash in the English Channel.

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  1. 2011 Custom LUXURY TRAWLER YACHT A motor Barco en venta

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    Trawler boats listed for sale on YachtWorld offers a diverse price range, from $28,170 on the relatively more affordable end to a staggering $9,082,492 for the most unique, one-of-a-kind yachts available. It is advisable to bear in mind the expenditure involved in ownership while contemplating your budget and the listed price of a yacht being ...

  2. Nordhavn Trawler Yachts

    Welcome to Nordhavn Trawler Yachts. Nordhavn is the world's most celebrated expedition trawler yachts for adventure boaters of all levels. With models ranging from 41 to 120 feet, there is a Nordhavn perfectly suited to you, no matter what your experience or ambition. Nordhavn trawler yachts provide the safety and comfort necessary for ...

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    A review of 15 trawler and trawler-style yachts, from owner-operator-size bluewater-cruising platforms to globe-girdling supersized explorer yachts. Learn about their features, performance, range, customization and more.

  4. 5 Best Trawlers of 2022

    2022 Beneteau Swift Trawler 48. Image via Ancasta International Boat Sales. Beneteau turned the concept of the "slow trawler" on its ear with the introduction of the Swift series, with over 1,300 hulls built to date. The newest of these is the Swift 48, a replacement for the successful Swift 47 with a few new twists.

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    Bering 165. Meticulously crafted, B165 is an impressive four-deck 49.4-meter superyacht. Genuine transoceanic explorer, this vessel blends an easy-going, relaxed, and comfortable ambiance with ruggedness, stability, range, and all-weather capability of a typical Bering boat. learn more.

  6. Used Trawler Boats For Sale

    Fortaleza, Brazil. 100' Custom Tri-Deck Explorer Yacht 2026. Unknown, Florida, United States. 86' Trawler 26,5M Trawler 2024. Mugla, Turkey. 85' Terranova Yachts T85 2018. Unknown, United States. 84' Custom Mural Yachts 85 Semi Displacement Trawler 2022. Mugla, Turkey.

  7. Kadey-Krogen Yachts Builds Cruising Trawlers

    Kadey-Krogen Yachts offers a range of trawler yachts from 44 to 70 feet, designed for efficiency, comfort and liveaboard cruising. Learn about the Pure Full Displacement hull design, the semi-custom interiors, the sea stories and the pre-owned listings.

  8. Trawler boats for sale in United States

    Find Trawler boats for sale in United States. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.

  9. Trawler Boat Buying Guide 2024

    Trawler boats are powered by single engines for long-distance cruising; several also have a second engine or generator to help owners if the single engine fails. If you are looking to travel to remote places with choppy waters, a trawler is a great option.

  10. Trawler Yachts for Sale

    Trawler yachts are purposefully designed for comfortable ocean-cruising, as well as cruising in difficult conditions. A trawler boat typically boasts wide-side decks, plenty of storage for tenders and toys, and large fuel and water storage tanks ideal for long-distance cruising.

  11. Trawler boats for sale

    These powerboats use the following propulsion options: inboard engine. There are a wide range of Trawler boats for sale from popular brands like Grand Banks, Beneteau and Ranger Tugs with 407 new and 1,425 used and an average price of $247,401 with boats ranging from as little as $20,495 and $6,504,709.

  12. Trawlers: A Comprehensive Guide

    What is a Trawler. Trawlers are boats with relatively large cabins designed for extended stays aboard and long voyages. Most offer slow but efficient displacement cruising speeds, and while few older trawlers could plane, many new ones do have a bit more "get home power" and speed which can be used when maximizing efficiency isn't the primary concern.

  13. Trawler Lifestyle

    Go Big or Stay Home. Cruising Destinations. Far-Flung Fascination. Cruising Destinations. Big Cats, Big Adventure. Cruising Destinations. By Way of Greenland. PassageMaker is a comprehensive trawler cruising publication and Trawler Fest Events offers educational trawler boat shows.

  14. Trawler boats for sale

    Prices for trawler boats on Boat Trader range from a reasonable $16,900 at the more affordable end to $4,378,000 for the more sophisticated boats. While the most modest utility models may have engines with as low as 100 horsepower on them, models with more power can have motors up to a tremendous 2,212 horsepower (although the average power ...

  15. Recreational trawler

    Recreational trawlers are pleasure boats that resemble fishing trawlers. They may also be called cruising trawlers or trawler yachts. Within the category, however, are many types and styles of vessels. A fishing trawler, for example, always has a displacement hull for load-carrying capacity. Recreational trawlers, on the other hand, are as ...

  16. Yachts sale

    Trawler yachts. Expedition yachts. Elite yachts. Mega yachts. Small yachts. Yachts 10-20 meters. Yachts 30-40 meters. Yachts from 50 meters. About Projects Sale. Adriatic Sea Barcelona Germany Greece Dubai. Egypt Ibiza Spain Italy Cannes. Corsica Cote d'Azur Majorca Marmaris Monaco. Monte Carlo Moscow UAE Phuket Sardinia.

  17. Trawler boats for sale in North America

    2001 Camano 31 Trawler. US$86,000. Bluewater Yacht Sales | Norfolk, Virginia. 1988 Grand Banks 49 Classic. US$295,000. North Point Yacht Sales Southern Bay | Gloucester Point, Virginia. 1997 Camano 31 Trawler. US$89,000. North Point Yacht Sales | Tilghman, Maryland. 2024 Beneteau 41 Swift Trawler FLY.

  18. Atlantic Yacht and Ship

    Welcome to Atlantic Yacht & Ship, Inc. We remain an integral leader in the yacht and ship brokerage industry, serving the yachting community since 1959. Atlantic Yacht & Ship, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is located in the heart of the "Yachting Capital of the World". Whether buying or selling a quality motor yacht, center console, or having ...

  19. Luxury Yachts Manufacturer

    Galeon company. Established in 1982, Galeon remains a privately owned company specializing in constructing luxury yacht and motorboats. With clear vision and steady growth we have reached employment of over 1 200 people working on 35 000 square meters of production and assembly halls, capable of taking on even the most ambitious projects.

  20. Trawler Yachting

    Training on YOUR boat. $800 daily rate, plus transport and lodging. Detailed on-site training on your trawler for post-purchase or to enhance specific skills prior to a voyage. A completely tailorable curriculum for you, your boat, and crew: Choose from detailed system and engineering walk-throughs, preventive maintenance, navigation and ...

  21. Trawler boats for sale

    Trawler. Trawler is a yacht brand that currently has 12 yachts for sale on YachtWorld, including 1 new vessels and 11 used yachts, listed by experienced yacht brokers mainly in the following countries: Spain, Netherlands, France, Grenada and Italy. The selection of models featured on YachtWorld spans a spectrum of sizes and lengths ...

  22. Dutch fishing trawler trades fumes for volts

    As compared to non-electric boats of the same size and fuel capacity (3,500 l/925 US gal), such a combination of running under battery power and generator power should allow the trawler to have a ...

  23. Moment 1000 ton trawler collides with fishing boat in English Channel

    This is the heart-stopping moment a 1,000 ton trawler smashed into a tiny fishing boat and then sailed off during a dramatic hit-and-run crash in the English Channel. More for You.

  24. The Trawler-Life Trend: Great Loop Cruising To Bluewater Adventuring

    Inspired by salty, seaworthy commercial fishing trawlers and shrimping boats, recreational trawlers were made popular in the 1970s and 80s by a handful of builders. Grand Banks, Willard, Kadey-Krogen and Marine Trader, to name a few. Trawlers are known for their bluewater capability and have a solid reputation for being fuel-efficient.

  25. Sea turtles are under threat from trawlers in the Adriatic. A center

    On a crisp morning off the coast of Marina di Ravenna, the Adriatic Sea glistens under the sun as marine biologist Linda Albonetti stands in a gently bobbing boat. Reaching into a plastic tub, she ...

  26. 1978 Marine Trader 44 Trawler for sale

    As of January 2024, the best interest rates for yacht loans typically start around 7.74%. These rates fluctuate with market conditions, inflation, and supply and demand. Borrowers with the highest credit scores and strongest overall financial profiles usually get the best yacht loan rates.