• Schooner: A Classic Sailboat with Timeless Elegance

1. Introduction

Sailing has always captivated the human imagination, and one type of sailboat that has left an indelible mark in maritime history is the schooner. With its distinctive design and graceful sails, the schooner embodies timeless elegance and the romance of the open sea. In this article, we will explore the definition of a schooner, its history, anatomy, types, famous examples, modern relevance, and more. Join us on this voyage as we delve into the world of schooners.

2. Definition of a Schooner

A schooner is a type of sailing vessel characterized by its unique sail plan. Unlike other sailboats, a schooner has multiple masts, with the forward mast being shorter than the aft mast. The sails on a schooner are typically fore-and-aft rigged, meaning they run parallel to the length of the boat, allowing for efficient sailing against the wind. Schooners come in various sizes, from small pleasure craft to large commercial vessels.

3. History and Evolution

The history of the schooner can be traced back to the early 18th century. Its design is believed to have originated in the Netherlands and spread throughout Europe and North America. The schooner quickly gained popularity due to its versatility and speed. It was widely used for various purposes, including fishing, cargo transportation, and even as private yachts for the wealthy.

4. Anatomy of a Schooner

To understand the anatomy of a schooner, let's explore its key components:

  • Hull: The hull of a schooner is the main body of the boat, providing buoyancy and stability. It can be made of wood, steel, or fiberglass.
  • Masts: A schooner typically has two or more masts, with the aft mast, known as the mainmast, being taller than the forward mast, called the foremast.
  • Sails: The sails on a schooner are arranged in a fore-and-aft configuration. Common types of sails found on a schooner include the mainsail, foresail, jib, staysail, and topsail.
  • Rigging: Schooners have intricate rigging systems that support the masts and control the sails. This includes various lines, ropes, and pulleys.
  • Deck: The deck is the horizontal surface on the schooner where crew members move and work. It may feature cabins, hatches, and other structures.
  • Steering Mechanism: Schooners use a rudder system to control their direction, allowing the sailors to navigate through the water.

5. Types of Schooners

Schooners can be classified into different types based on their size, rigging, and purpose. Some common types of schooners include:

  • Baltimore Clipper: A sleek and fast schooner popularized in the mid-19th century.
  • Gaff Topsail Schooner: A schooner with a gaff-rigged topsail, providing additional sail area.
  • Schooner Yacht: Luxurious schooners designed for pleasure sailing and racing.
  • Two-Masted Schooner: Schooners with two masts, offering a balanced sail plan.
  • Three-Masted Schooner: Larger schooners with three masts, commonly used for commercial purposes.
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An elegant two-masted gaff schooner (training tall ship) sailing in Mälaren lake, Sweden.

6. Famous Schooners in History

Throughout history, numerous schooners have gained fame for their remarkable voyages and contributions to maritime heritage. Some notable examples include:

  • The America: A schooner that won the first America's Cup yacht race in 1851, setting the stage for modern yacht racing.
  • The Bluenose: A Canadian fishing and racing schooner celebrated for its speed and beauty.
  • The Wyoming: Once the largest wooden schooner ever built, measuring over 330 feet in length.
  • The Adventuress: A historic schooner now serving as an educational vessel, promoting environmental stewardship.

7. Schooners in Popular Culture

Schooners have found their way into popular culture, appearing in literature, movies, and music. They symbolize adventure, freedom, and the romanticism of a bygone era. From classic novels like "Treasure Island" to films such as "Pirates of the Caribbean," schooners have captured the imagination of storytellers and audiences alike.

8. Advantages of Schooners

The design of a schooner offers several advantages over other sailboats. These include:

  • Speed and Maneuverability: Schooners are known for their agility and speed, making them ideal for racing and navigating through various weather conditions.
  • Sailing Options: The fore-and-aft rigging of schooners provides flexibility in sail adjustments, allowing for efficient sailing in different wind directions.
  • Versatility: Schooners can be adapted for various purposes, including pleasure sailing, chartering, cargo transportation, and even scientific research expeditions.

9. Sailing a Schooner

Sailing a schooner requires skill and expertise. The crew must work together to hoist and adjust the sails, control the rigging, and steer the vessel. Schooners offer an immersive and hands-on sailing experience, connecting sailors to the rich heritage of traditional seafaring.

10. Schooners in Modern Times

While the heyday of commercial schooners has passed, their legacy continues. Many enthusiasts restore and sail schooners, keeping the tradition alive. Schooners are also popular choices for those seeking a unique and nostalgic sailing experience. Whether for pleasure, racing, or exploring remote corners of the world, schooners continue to inspire sailors and onlookers alike.

11. Schooner Yachts: Luxury on the Water

Schooner yachts combine the timeless elegance of schooners with the luxury and comfort of modern amenities. These magnificent vessels offer a blend of classic design and state-of-the-art features, providing an unforgettable experience for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Schooners stand as testaments to human ingenuity and our eternal fascination with the sea. Their iconic design, rich history, and enduring allure make them a beloved part of maritime heritage. From their humble beginnings to their continued presence in modern times, schooners continue to inspire and captivate sailors and dreamers alike.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our range of charter boats and head to some of our favourite sailing destinations.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our range of charter boats and head to some of our favourite  sailing destinations.

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Denisa Nguyenová

Denisa Nguyenová

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Schooner 101: What do YOU know about the Schooner?

January 18, 2019

Schooner 101: What do YOU know about the Schooner?

What better way to learn about schooners and sailing than to set sail aboard The Liberté in 2019?

While you may know that The Liberté is a schooner , do you know which qualities distinguish a schooner from other vessels sailing on the water? What better way to learn about schooners and sailing than to set sail aboard The Liberté in 2019? Before you set sail on this exciting adventure in the new year, consider these fun facts about the rich history and recognizable characteristics of a schooner!

Size and Qualities of the Schooner

A schooner is a sailboat built with a minimum of two masts. With this, the foremast is typically slightly shorter than the first or main mast. While a schooner may sometimes have more than two masts, most schooners contain only two. The size of the schooner enables it to sail upwind with ease, making for an enjoyable and efficient sail.

History of the Schooner

With striking similarities to many 17th-century Dutch ship designs, origins of the schooner are believed to be around New England during the early colonial period of the United States. Built for speed and efficiency in coastal sailing, the design of the schooner then led to the development of the famous Clipper ship design. With its origins in the Chesapeake Bay , the Clipper ship design grew in popularity as the descendant of the schooner.

Schooners and Pirates

Throughout its early history, the schooner was even known to be the preferred vessel of pirates! Because of their speed and efficiency, schooners were recognized as pirate ships sailing around the Caribbean, often holding more than 60 men at a time. In true pirate ship fashion, many schooners also contained nearly ten guns, with swivel guns included as well.

Schooners and the Adventure of Sailing

In addition to being an exciting piece of history, a schooner also offers a fun, first-time sailing experience! Not only is sailing a great way to get outside and enjoy the day, but it is also a special experience that can be shared with your friends and family aboard The Liberté . Plan your adventure in either Cape Cod or Annapolis for 2019, and experience the magic of a schooner this year!

Enjoy a Sail with Your Family Aboard The Liberté !

The Liberté provides private charters in Cape Cod and Annapolis as well as public sailings in Cape Cod. Celebrating aboard the magnificent Liberté is a great way to create cherished memories that are sure to last a lifetime. If you want to charter The Liberté for your next corporate event or wedding reception, contact The Liberté today! Call us today and we will be sure to respond within 24 hours. Be sure to also check us out on Facebook , Google + , and Twitter .

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When and If

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When and If

Explore the world with When and If

Welcome to the Schooner When And If. Built in 1939 for General George S. Patton, When And If was commissioned by Patton himself from naval architect John Alden, and built by FF Pendleton in Wiscasset, ME to sail around the world “When the war is over, and If I live through it.”

TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice 2021 Award

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Explore the water with our sister companies. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a first-timer, our excursions have something for everyone.

Sunset Sail Key West Logo

Sunset Sail Key West

Sunset Sail Key West is more than just a private sailing charter, it is the culmination of decades of experience and a lifetime of passion for sailing, and for Key West.

When and If Logo

Sunset Sail Salem

Salem and the North Shore are home to some of loveliest sailing in New England. We offer daily sailing and private charters on the beautiful Salem Sound.

Sailing on When and If

When And If sails all year round: out of Key West, FL in the Winter and Salem, MA in the Summer. With our wide range of custom private charter options as well as our a la carte shared sailing availabilities, you’re sure to find your dream sail on this beautiful classic schooner yacht.

Whether it’s a morning excursion, an afternoon on the water or a sunset sail, When And If offers an unparalleled sailing experience on a gorgeous historic schooner; see and be seen as you sail in style.

When and If

Experience the magic of sailing

Welcome to our photo gallery! We hope the photos inspire you to join us on one of our voyages and create your own unforgettable memories out on the sea.

schooner yacht

The history of When and If

With her storied past, productive present, and bright future, When And If has a narrative all her own. She was commissioned by General George S Patton from the illustrious naval architect John Alden, and built by FF Pendleton of Wiscasset, ME to sail around the world “When the war is over, and if I live through it.”

Her sturdy construction of double planked mahogany over black locust frames and an oak keel made her heavier than Alden’s signature racing schooners, more suited to her transoceanic cruising agenda. She was launched in November of 1938 and in 1939 Patton took delivery of her to Massachusetts where the Patton and Ayer families lived. Shortly thereafter, Patton was deployed in Europe. He returned on leave at least once to sail the boat in his home waters of the North Shore of Massachusetts with his family. Many boats during World War Two, particularly wooden vessels, were requisitioned as sub hunters for the United States Navy though When And If seems to have escaped this fate and saw out the war in safety. Patton was killed in a car accident in Germany in 1945, shortly after the armistice, and his vision to sail around the world on the boat remains unfulfilled to this day.

When And If remained in the Patton family until 1972, when she was donated to the Landmark school for children with Dyslexia in Pride’s Crossing, MA. Patton himself was dyslexic and When And If’s time there marked some of the happiest years for children at the school. Today they come sailing and visit the boat both in Massachusetts and Florida, bringing their own families to regale them with their sea stories never forgotten from all those Summers ago.

In 1990 a vicious nor’easter tore When And If from her mooring and put her up on the rocks at Pride’s Crossing. She appeared mortally wounded, with a hole in her port side “you could drive a VW bug through” and all hope seemed lost until a pair of shipwrights from Martha’s Vineyard purchased the wreck and barged her over to Vineyard Haven to give her a new lease of life.

In 1994 to she was launched, sparkling, from the railway at Gannon and Benjamin, earning them industry-wide recognition for their fine craftsmanship and traditional values in shipbuilding.

Following a stint as the belle of Vineyard Haven harbour, When And If passed into private ownership for a time and in 2011 was purchased by Doug Hazlitt who, after his restoration of the Alden racing schooner Malabar X, purchased When And If prepared to undertake the second big rebuild of her life.

After X years, with a gleaming new sprung teak deck among the most prominent of her new adornments and her length restored to the original 63.5 ft from the 63 it had become during her previous rebuild, When And If once again splashed and lay in wait for her next adventure.

schooner yacht

Captain Seth Salzmann had a special place in his heart for When And If. He remembers the first time he saw her in Penobscot Bay, ME in 2006 and though he knew almost every boat in those waters he didn’t recognize the new visitor. “It was like when you see a girl for the first time” he says.

In 2015, after he had managed a large portion of When And If’s 2012 refit, Seth couldn’t resist the opportunity to lease her and begin her new life as a sailing charter boat.

After a summer in Hyannis, MA and a winter in Key West, FL When And If spent the Summer of 2016 touring the Great Lakes for the Tall Ships Festival there before found her new Summer home the following year in Salem, MA.

During this time the opportunity arose for Seth to buy the boat and in 2017 he became owner/operator of his treasured vessel.

Seth’s ambition has always been to fulfil When And If’s destiny and sail around the world. Now with a young family in tow the focus is on keeping the boat busy and raising her condition, ready for that time in the not-too-distant future when her great journey will begin.


Schooner Brilliant

Brilliant is an offshore classroom for the Museum’s education programs. This sailing program offers people of all ages the opportunity to learn about sailing on one of the finest wooden schooners ever built.

We are seeking $3,000,000 in philanthropic support to make the necessary repairs, augment the endowment, and fund future voyages beyond New England waters. If you would like to support this effort, please contact the Advancement office at 860-572-5365 to make a contribution to “keep Brilliant brilliant.”


After nine decades of active use and 70 years at work delivering positive youth development through sail education, the beloved schooner Brilliant is ready for some extra attention. Beginning in the fall of 2024 a major project will address aging structure that is original to the vessel and aging equipment that has reached the end of its serviceable life. T he engine and bronze fuel tank will be pulled from the center of the vessel to access frames that are de-lignified down low in the center of the vessel. New frame sections will be installed, and bronze strapping will reinforce the joints.  A new fuel tank and engine will be installed, aligning with the Museum’s Low Carbon Transformation initiative, and Brilliant will be ready to set sail again in the summer of 2025. This work will set the stage for Mystic Seaport Museum to expand the Brilliant program to encompass more blue water voyaging in the decade ahead. With the Museum’s shipyard booked with projects into 2026, and a fter careful consideration, Rockport Marine in Rockport, Maine, was selected to complete this complex, multi-faceted, and time-sensitive project.

On April 23, 1932, the schooner Brilliant was launched from the yard of Henry B. Nevins at City Island, New York. Built for Walter Barnum, the construction details were of the highest standard for a possible voyage around the world. Soon after being launched, the vessel entered the 1932 Bermuda Race and though the Genoa jib was lost on the first night out, Brilliant was not far behind when Highland Light broke the existing course record.

In 1933,  Brilliant set a record in elapsed time for vessels of similar size when the vessel ran from Nantucket Lightship to Bishop Rock Light, England, in 15 days, 1 hour, and 23 minutes.

In 1936, one of the hardest Bermuda Races was run. In a heart-breaking finish,  Brilliant  was becalmed almost at the finish line, and the crew helplessly watched the Vamarie catch a breeze, come up from astern, and cross the finish line several minutes ahead.  Brilliant  was thus second over the line. Kirawan , a smaller craft, won on corrected time.

Henry E. Bodman of Detroit, Michigan, purchased Brilliant in 1940 and took the vessel to the Great Lakes. There Brilliant cruised until William W. Spivy bought the vessel in 1942. Mr. Spivy donated Brilliant to the United States Coast Guard for antisubmarine patrol work. In this service Brilliant operated out of St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, evidently spotting at least one submarine.

At the end of World War II,  Brilliant , along with other yachts that had been pressed into service, was auctioned off. In 1945, famed America’s Cup skipper and race car driver Briggs Cunningham purchased Brilliant   and rerigged the vessel with taller masts and increased sail area with the intention of increasing the speed in light winds. After a poor showing in the 1946 Bermuda Race, Brilliant stayed more or less in Long Island Sound.

In 1953, Mr. Cunningham generously donated  Brilliant  to Mystic Seaport Museum to teach young people the art of seamanship. Brilliant  was named “Sail Training Vessel of the Year” in 1997. Through program earnings and continued donations by friends of  Brilliant , this fine schooner has been maintained to a high standard and is broadly admired.

During the summer of 2000, Brilliant raced with Tall Ships 2000 from Boston to Halifax and won First in Class and third in a fleet of more than 40 vessels. Brilliant went on to win the race from Halifax to Amsterdam, First in Class and First in Fleet. In October 2000, the American Sail Training Association voted Brilliant ’s Captain George Moffett “Sail Trainer of the Year.” Brilliant has won the famous Nantucket Opera House Cup twice, in 1986 and 1997, and has won many other classic boat races over the past 50 years.

In 2007 the original teak deck was replaced after almost 75 years of wear. This was the first major structural project completed on the vessel since rerigged in 1945.

Since 1953, Brilliant has sailed the equivalent of five times around the earth, with more than 11,000 students setting the sails and steering the vessel’s course. Caring for this significant vessel and keeping maritime skills alive help Mystic Seaport Museum fulfill its mission of inspiring an enduring connection to the American maritime experience.

Brilliant  is owned and operated by Mystic Seaport Museum and inspected by the United States Coast Guard. Though traditional in operation and construction,  Brilliant  carries modern navigation and safety equipment. The vessel has been described by WoodenBoat Magazine  as one of the 100 most beautiful classic boats in existence and as “one of the best maintained and sailed classic yachts in the country — if not the world.”

Brilliant ‘s excellent condition is a testament to the designers and skilled craftsmen who built the vessel to the highest standards at the Nevins yard in 1932, and to the careful maintenance the vessel has received ever since.

Learn more in the brochure below.

schooner yacht


75 Greenmanville Ave Mystic, CT 06355 860-572-0711 [email protected]

  • Full Museum: Open Daily, 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Grounds close at 6:00 p.m.

Copyright © 2021 Mystic Seaport Museum

schooner yacht


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schooner yacht

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O'Neill Yacht Charters in Santa Cruz

Sail aboard the 65' Team O'Neill catamaran and experience an unforgettable adventure on the beautiful waters of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. A variety of sailing activities are offered annually from April through October, including afternoon and sunset sails, Wednesday night regatta cruises, local wine and beer tastings, wildlife sails, and seasonal fireworks charters. Private sails for special occasions, company outings, weddings, and more are also available year-round. Whether you’re new to being out on the water or an avid sailor, everyone can enjoy the smooth, relaxing atmosphere of the Team O'Neill catamaran, as well sail you along the stunning Santa Cruz coastline.

Enjoying a day on the bay with O'Neill Yacht Charters (OYC)


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A fun, active club for San Francisco Bay sailors, cruisers, and sailboat owners.           Established 1958

The San Jose Sailing Club represents a broad cross-section of bay area sailors who enjoy sailing all kinds of craft, ranging from dinghies to trailerables, to cruisers docked in marinas around the bay.


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schooner yacht

Thank you for your interest in joining San Jose Sailing Club! If you’re a resident of the San Francisco Bay area and love sailing, you’re invited to join one of our club … [read more]

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BackWind is an award-winning newsletter available in PDF format. Articles cover club activities as well as hot tips on keeping a sailboat in shape and tall tales of sailing … [read more]

Lou Abel, 2017 Safety Chair

Lu Abel, Safety Chair

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Welcome to Schooner Yachts

We offer over three generations of maritime experience. Located in Fort Lauderdale, the yachting center of the world, your professional sales crew at SCHOONER YACHTS LLC is specialized in a wide variety of marine products. We are connected with premier yacht builders and designers. We stay in touch with the leading edge of technology and ensure our clients do as well. We will be there for you all the way, from finding your dream yacht, to arranging financing, documentation, transport and delivery of your vessel to any destination in the world.We continuously present our yachts for sale at international boat shows and have been serving the yachting industry for over 18 years.

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schooner yacht

Rebuilding Paradise: The Bitter End Yacht Club’s Inspiring Comeback

By: Shannon Sinnard Destinations

Nestled at the northeastern tip of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, the Bitter End Yacht Club has long been a premier maritime destination for sailors. For years, this iconic resort has drawn seafarers from around the globe, offering a serene escape amidst the sparkling waters of the Caribbean.

While the term “bitter end” often refers to the final part of a rope or chain, the phrase can also signify reaching the farthest point or the end destination of a long or difficult journey. The founders of the Bitter End Yacht Club chose this name to reflect both its geographical location and the spirit of adventure and perseverance inherent to sailors. For those who navigate to this end-of-the-line point, the BEYC stands as a haven where their journey culminates in beauty and tranquility. And, for many, it has long stood as a cherished traditional stop when exploring the waters of the BVI.

A Legendary Past, a Devastating Blow

In more recent years, the Bitter End’s name has embodied not only a physical destination but also a symbolic one. The iconic BEYC experienced a devastating blow in September 2017 when Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes in history, wreaked havoc on the Caribbean, leaving the Bitter End Yacht Club in ruins. The devastation was profound, with buildings flattened, boats destroyed, and the once-thriving resort reduced to rubble.

schooner yacht

While many Bitter End enthusiasts were devastated to hear of the destruction Hurricane Irma left in her wake, the iconic Bitter End Yacht Club kept its loyal fans updated via its website , detailing both the damage and community efforts to rebuild this beloved BVI institution.

Rising from the Ashes

Having now been rebuilt and risen from the devastation of Hurricane Irma, the Bitter End’s name resonates even more with the idea of enduring and overcoming challenges – much like the sailors who venture to the farthest reaches to get there.

After the storm, the Bitter End Yacht Club faced a long and arduous journey to recovery. But the spirit of resilience and determination among its community never wavered. Fast forward to today, and the Bitter End Yacht Club has not only been rebuilt but has been reimagined, standing as a testament to the power of recovery and the adventurous spirit that made it famous.

A New Era for the Bitter End Yacht Club

The reopening of the Bitter End Yacht Club marks a new chapter in its storied history. The rebuilt resort seamlessly blends the charm and character of its past with modern amenities and environmentally friendly practices. Here’s a glimpse of what visitors can now expect:

State-of-the-Art Marina

The heart of the Bitter End experience, the marina, has been meticulously restored and upgraded, offering deep-water slips that can accommodate yachts up to 200 feet, along with enhanced dockside services. Sailors can enjoy top-notch amenities including electrical hook-ups, fuel, ice, showers, rubbish disposal, and laundry facilities. Additionally, guests have access to the resort’s swimming pool. The BEYC also boasts one of the best deep-water anchorages in the Caribbean, providing many of the same amenities as the docking facilities.

schooner yacht

Culinary Delights

Dining at the Bitter End is an experience in itself. The resort’s restaurants feature locally sourced ingredients, celebrating Caribbean flavors with a gourmet twist. Whether it’s a casual beachside meal or an elegant dinner under the stars, the culinary offerings are sure to delight every palate.

schooner yacht

Adventure and Exploration

For those with a thirst for adventure, the resort offers a wide range of water sports, including sailing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and snorkeling. Guests can explore the vibrant coral reefs, embark on a deep-sea fishing expedition, or simply enjoy a leisurely paddle around the bay.

schooner yacht

Environmental Stewardship

The Bitter End Yacht Club has embraced sustainability as a core principle in its rebuilding efforts. The resort utilizes renewable energy sources, practices water conservation, and is committed to preserving the natural beauty of the BVI. Initiatives such as coral reef restoration and marine conservation programs are integral to its operations, ensuring that the Bitter End remains a pristine paradise for future generations.

schooner yacht

A Bright Future

From its storied past to its recent resurgence, the Bitter End Yacht Club is more than just a return to business; it’s a celebration of resilience, community, and the indomitable spirit of the BVI. As it welcomes back old friends and new, the Bitter End promises to once again be the ultimate retreat for those who seek the thrill of the open sea and the tranquility of an island paradise in one of the most breathtaking locations on earth. 

schooner yacht



Join Richard and Lauren Hokin as they reminisce about the Bitter End Yacht Club’s past and discuss its exciting reopening as “Bitter End 2.0” after Hurricane Irma.

schooner yacht


The Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands is filled with detailed charts of the various anchorages, supported with colorful aerial photography in addition to piloting, anchoring and shoreside information. The Island Connections sections provide valuable telephone, email and website information to make finding island businesses, services and restaurants effortless. Additionally, the guide includes a free, fold-out color 27” x 17” planning chart covering the British and U.S. Virgin Islands. 

schooner yacht


Printed on two sides this new chart includes the U.S. & B.V.I. from St. Thomas to Anegada, including anchorage and mooring locations as well as GPS coordinates, sailing routes and distances between waypoints. Excellent for the cockpit and attractive enough to hang on the wall when you get home.

This planning chart is a duplicate of the one you receive in the guide with the exception of being waterproof.

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Schooner Windsong

Photo of Schooner Windsong - Cape Charles, VA, US. Our crew!

Location & Hours

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11 Marina Rd

Cape Charles, VA 23310








Open now

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Hampton Roads Boat Company

Hampton Roads Boat Company

Join us for a beautiful time on the water with the most experienced and comfortable tiki themed boat in Virginia Beach. read more

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Amenities and More

9 More Attributes

About the Business

Business owner information

Photo of Corey R.

Business Owner

Experience your own unique sailing adventure on the Chesapeake Bay aboard the traditional Schooner Windsong! Relax with a beer or glass of wine while we sail the smooth waters of the Chesapeake Bay, or take a hands-on approach and help the crew set sails and helm the boat. We also offer custom special event and full day adventures! …

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Photo of Kim B.

Thank you Corey and Zach for a peaceful, beautiful 2 hour morning sail. Just what the doctor ordered! You guys were great! Thank you. Kim and Ed.

Beautiful morning!

Beautiful morning!

Photo of Tracey V.

A must have experience in Cape Charles! Captain Corey and his first mate & wife are a pleasure to be with. Both very knowledgeable about sailing and the area. My girls and I enjoyed the nostalgia of this 1954 (I believe that's the year!) sail boat. They helped raise the sails and enjoyed the wind in the hair. Thank you!!

schooner yacht

3 other reviews that are not currently recommended

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Sailboat was built to travel the world. instead, it has commanded the st. croix river since 1951..

There's no other boat quite like the Dar-Ja sailing the St. Croix River, gliding along the shoreline, its twin masts outfitted with white triangles of sail billowing across the bow like a New England schooner.

The sailboat that Jack Lown built in a back yard in Iowa was supposed to take him on an around-the-world voyage with three friends. That was before World War II broke out, and two of Lown's buddies died fighting overseas. What happened next became Lown's true sailing adventure, one that never left the Midwest, touched salt water or charted a course across an ocean.

Sailing into its eighth decade, the wooden sailboat first launched in 1951 has become an iconic St. Croix River vessel, still piloted by the same family that grew up on it and still drawing attention from sailors and non-boaters alike.

John Lown steers the Dar-Ja while adjusting a sail on the St. Croix River near Hudson, Wis.

"I remember Mom and Dad dancing on the deck," said Mary Ann Bergquist, one of the daughters of Jack and Darlene Lown. Her parents floated up the Mississippi River from Waterloo, Iowa, a few years after they married in 1948, back when the boat named for them had a motor but no masts or sails.

The Lowns had seven children, danced twice a week at Twin Cities-area ballrooms and spent the sailing season aboard Dar-Ja when Jack took a long break each summer from teaching high school industrial arts.

The boat that was to conquer the globe instead found a home in Stillwater for several years and then, after Lown got tired of waiting for the Stillwater Lift Bridge to open, Hudson, Wis., in 1954. Over more than 70 years, the boat has been launched countless times to sail north to Stillwater or as far south as Lake Pepin.

Jack died in 1987 and Darlene in 2012. Today their surviving children sail Dar-Ja, especially their son John Lown, who said he takes it out three to four times a week. The boat has sailed so many times, and with so many people, that John said it's not uncommon for him to be at a store somewhere and have someone approach him with their Dar-Ja story.

John said he was sailing one day when a Zodiac zipped up behind him. It was Stan Hubbard, the owner of KSTP, delivering pictures he had of Dar-Ja under sail.

Jack Lown is memorialized aboard the Dar-Ja.

Childhood dream

A young Jack Lown first imagined sailing around the world after reading "Around the World Single-Handed" by Harry Pidgeon. An uncle and his father had built dozens of boats, and by the time Jack Lown was 15, he had built his own motorized riverboat. It wasn't until his early 20s as he studied to become a teacher that he began work on the boat that would become the Dar-Ja.

He first had his plans checked by a naval architect in Chicago, then built a 4-foot model. The full-size version, of oak and spruce and fir, is 12 feet across and weighs some 28,000 pounds when fully loaded with fuel and water. Its middle deck section above the cabin makes a good dance floor.

After the boat was built, Lown got a permit to haul it the 90 miles to Dubuque, Iowa, and the Mississippi River, first launching it in 1951.

Jack Lown never officially chartered the boat as a business, but friends soon learned that he would go out most weekends with a full crew. Lown told a newspaper in the 1970s that he was taking some 2,000 people a year out on the St. Croix River. His family took several trips each summer to Lake Pepin; the boat can sleep 12 people and has a full kitchen and bathroom.

Son John said growing up with the Dar-Ja meant sailboat construction was ongoing. The wooden ship has seen its hull replaced and its main mast and engine. A second mast built in 1978 was partly completed at the former Frank B. Kellogg High School in Little Canada, where Jack was teaching industrial arts.

It was finished at the family home in northeast Minneapolis, then delivered by car and specialized trailer to the St. Croix River. To install the new mast, Jack's son Curtis Lown stood on the Interstate 94 bridge with a block and tackle to raise the mast up from the deck of the Dar-Ja, which was floating below.

"Can you imagine that now?" Curtis said.

The boat has had close calls — Curtis remembers a time when he took it out for his birthday and the Dar-Ja was hit with a massive straight-line wind. The boat leaned over, the cockpit filled with water, and someone called the sheriff for help.

"It was just a freak deal," said Curtis.

On a night in 1958, a motorboat driver slammed into the ship's prow at full speed, killing the driver, a 58-year-old man from St. Paul.

John Lown steers the Dar-Ja with his foot.

River sailing

Sailing on the river means the Lowns know the bridges over the St. Croix and whether the Dar-Ja and its 56-foot-tall mast can pass underneath.

Even sailing under the Interstate 94 bridge can feel like sailboat limbo with river levels at moderate flood stage this past week.

The I-94 bridge is fixed, but others have a bridge operator to lift or swing open a section.

It was at the Prescott, Wis., bridge that Mary Ann used to jump off the boat as a child and run up to the bridge operator's house. "I knew where the bridge man lived," she said, "and I would run up to his house and say, 'You have to open the bridge!'"

Matt McKinney is a reporter on the Star Tribune's state team. In 15 years at the Star Tribune, he has covered business, agriculture and crime. 

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The restaurant closed after Sunday night's service on June 30, after one more Pride weekend.

After 64 years in downtown Minneapolis, Eli's Food & Cocktails has closed

Members of the worship team lead the congregation in song during a service at River Valley Church's Apple Valley location in October 2016. The church

Eagan grants permit for church's move to former Kowalski's space

schooner yacht

Tolkkinen: Renting a place up north for a week? A primer on being a good guest in lake country

The Pequot Lakes bobber water tower needs a $77,000 facelift after decades of disrepair. Residents and area businesses have donated nearly $57,000 and

The Pequot Lakes bobber water tower was sinking in disrepair. Residents rallied to keep it afloat.

Ben Schave from A Touch of Magic walks on stilts during a Warehouse District Live event June 29 in Minneapolis.

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Nerstrand Big Woods State Park is near the site of a gravel mine that was recently permitted by Rice County.

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  • Most patients quit GLP-1 drugs in two years, jeopardizing their weight loss • Local
  • Tolkkinen: Renting a place up north for a week? A primer on being a good guest in lake country • Local
  • Eagan grants permit for church's move to former Kowalski's space • South Metro

schooner yacht

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Racing SailBoat located in the Thames River, London @ Greenwich Yacht Club.

Motor sailers, fisher 34 motor sailer yacht, 6 berth 30ft family yacht cruiser (dufour arpege) for sale, macgregor 26x for sale, new listing sailing boat - macwester 26, elizabethan 29 yacht project, sailing boat, fabulous family drascombe cutter, 21 foot sailing boat with trailer : etap 21i, newbridge navigator sailing yacht - project boat, cornish shrimper 19 mk2, morgan giles one design. classic wooden sailing dinghy. 18’ clinker built, island packet 380, new listing leisure 17 yacht, new listing sailing yachts for sale, colvic watson 31.6 motor sailer / liveaboard, catena 32ft, laurent giles rose rambler 35', 36’ staysail ketch, van de stadt 34 yacht, vancouver 27 yacht, yacht / sailing boat, 2004 maxim 380 catamaran (mk2), moody 33 sailing yacht, 35 ft steel gaff cutter, with lifting keel., sailing yacht, hunter horizon 273 yacht boat, project boat - colvic atlanta 31 motorsailor sold subject to completion, classic merlin rocket, yachts for sale cobra 850 (28ft), yacht maxi 95 sailing yacht, fisher 25 motor-sailer, might p/x, 22ft sailing yacht (4 berth) with double axel road trailer and motor, new listing sail boat, 62ft narrow boat (project / fire damaged barge), new listing tinker star traveller. excellent condition, new listing sailing boat hurly 22, bavaria c38 yacht 2022, sailing boat, yacht, classic world cruiser, laurent giles, ketch,, leisure 23 yacht, westerly fulmar 32' bilge keel, new listing mystere 26 sailing boat restoration project, westerly konsort, 1982 compass 31 motorsailer/ketch, nicholson 26 sailing boat (needs anitfouling), new listing pegasus 800 (1977), new listing cruising sailing yacht jeanneau, 8.8m - ready to go sailing, catamaran heavenly twins 27, new listing huffler 35 motorsailer, classic live-aboard, 2 heads, 1 double, 2 single berths, colvic sailer 29’6” yacht, bilge keels, mini transat yacht dudley dix mini cruise - ready to sail - new tohatsu outboard, freedom 21 sailing boat - yacht, monark 690 motorsailer / trailersailer with trailer, classic sailing yacht 8.2m cutlass 27 - ready to sail away inventory., lm24 motor sailer yacht, you may also like.

Screen Rant

What happened to chase lemacks after below deck sailing yacht season 4.


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20 Best Reality TV Shows Right Now

Trishelle cannatella breaks silence on below deck med appearance after cast is accused of faking poor performance, who is naomi on claim to fame season 3.

  • Chase Lemacks sailed on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 and started a YouTube series, Chasing Grace, showcasing his maritime travels.
  • Chase has forged friendships with other Bravo stars, such as TJ Dinch from Southern Hospitality.
  • Chase could be a potential replacement for Gary as first mate in future Below Deck Sailing Yacht seasons, given his performance and lack of drama during his time on the show.

Chase Lemacks hasn’t stopped sailing on yachts since Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4. The Below Deck spin-off premiered in 2020, spotlighting the crews on sailing yachts as they navigate the highs and lows of the charter season . Captain Glenn Shephard leads Below Deck Sailing Yacht , and the rest of the cast frequently rotates. Daisy Kelliher has remained on the show since its first season while the rest of the crew has shifted.

Chase joined Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 as a newcomer, working as a deckhand under Gary King. The two exterior team members didn’t necessarily see eye to eye and did not form a close friendship. One of the main storylines of the season stemmed from Daisy, Gary, and Colin Macrae’s season-long love triangle . However, the season was later tainted when accusations of sexual misconduct about Gary were revealed. It’s unclear where the fate of the show will lead and if Chase will return as a deckhand in the Below Deck franchise.

Reality TV is more popular than ever. With so many to choose from, here are some of the best reality TV shows to stream or watch right now.

Chase Has A YouTube Series

Chase vlogs his sailing adventures.

Since Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4, Chase has started a YouTube series entitled Chasing Grace . In his YouTube channel bio, the deckhand revealed it was his dream to sail the world. “ After countless hours of hard work and loads of sacrifices, I'm finally ready to purchase my boat, Grace ,” wrote Chase. On the channel, he posts vlogs sailing to different destinations . Chase has a true passion for maritime travel, and he’s proved that with his Chasing Grace YouTube series that gives fans a better look into his life outside of Below Deck .

Chase Has Hung Out With Fellow Bravo Stars

Chase is friends with this southern hospitality star.

Even though Chase isn’t on a Bravo series at the moment, he’s forged friendships with fellow network stars . On his Instagram, Chase posed with TJ Dinch from Southern Hospitality , whom he seemingly hosted aboard his boat. The deckhand thanked him for being “ an amazing guest ” and added he was “ stoked ” about their friendship. It may seem out of the blue for Chase and TJ to be friends, but their meetup isn’t that out of the ordinary. Southern Hospitality is based out of Charleston, South Carolina, the same state where the Below Deck Sailing Yacht deckhand is from.

Chase's Journey On Below Deck

Chase didn’t get along with gary.

Chase had an interesting journey on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4. He hadn’t appeared on the show before and joined as one of Gary’s deckhands. Early in the season, Chase expressed an interest in stew Mads Herrera . Gary disregarded his deckhand’s intrigue and started hooking up with the stew himself, causing tension among the deck team . Instead of mending their conflict, they acted passive-aggressively towards each other. Chase called out Gary’s lack of leadership, citing that he gave “ no instruction ” and he and Alex Propson were “ expected to know everything ” on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen .

Will Chase Ever Return To Below Deck Sailing Yacht?

Chase should replace gary.

Chase should return to Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 5 . The fate of the show is up in the air after allegations of sexual misconduct were made against Gary. However, there’s no reason that Chase shouldn’t be invited back to work as a deckhand again. Despite a lack of guidance, he did well in his role and worked well under pressure. Chase didn’t get involved in much drama during the season, positioning him as a viable candidate to return to Below Deck Sailing Yacht in the future. If not, he could make the switch to another Below Deck franchise.

Chase could be a potential replacement for Gary as first mate in a future season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht . Season 5 had begun filming with the first mate when the accusations of sexual misconduct were made public. It would be shocking if the network decided to bring Gary back for another stint on the show after Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 5, as it’s uncertain if that footage will even air. Chase would be an adequate, unproblematic replacement for Gary in the future.

Since Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4, Chase has started sailing the world. He clashed with first mate Gary on the show but didn’t get too heavily involved in any drama. Chase deserves to return for a future season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht .

Below Deck Sailing Yacht seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Peacock.

Sources: Chase Lemacks /YouTube, Chase Lemacks /Instagram, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

*Availability in US

Not available

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is a spin-off of the Below Deck reality television series. Premiering on Bravo, the show follows the life of a Yacht crew as they attempt to navigate a busy Charter season in which many customers make use of a 177-foot sailing yacht. Over the first three seasons, the yacht has been to Greece, Croatia, and Spain.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht (2020)

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Daisy Kelliher Takes Credit for Lindsay Hubbard’s Pregnancy: ‘Partly My Doing’

  • Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later. More content below

Lindsay Hubbard’s pregnancy announcement on the Fourth of July may have been a surprise to followers, but it seems that at least one of the Bravolebrity’s colleagues didn’t feel that way.

One had to weed through the multitude of congratulations posted to the former publicist’s Instagram page. Of course, Lindsay’s notable friends posted as well. But one, in particular, stood out because Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Daisy Kelliher took credit for the Summer House star being pregnant.

Followers speculated about Daisy’s involvement

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lindsay Hubbard (@lindshubbs)

Lindsay famously posted her pregnancy announcement on Thursday, July 4 in an Instagram post that featured a series of heartwarming photos.

“Trigger Warning: This post contains more fireworks than the 4th of July! WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!!” the former publicist announced.

“I truly believe the universe has a bigger plan and this is it!” she added. “My boyfriend and I are beyond excited to welcome our little #HubbCub this Holiday season 2024!!”

In the comment section, the Below Deck Sailing Yacht chief stew posted, “Um omg I feel like this is kinda partly my doing.”

Lindsay responded, “haha.” No further explanation was given.

Followers made their own conclusions. Some speculated that Daisy played matchmaker between Lindsay and a fellow Below Deck star. One comment suggested that BDSY First Officer Gary King might have been involved.

However, the father in question is someone land-based. During the Summer House Season 8 reunion, Lindsay revealed that her mystery boyfriend had “Went on a few dates three and a half years ago.”

“It was just bad timing back then for him and for me and then he kinda popped back up in December and we started dating in January. I would say it’s tracking in a pretty serious direction. He’s been a great support,” she told Andy Cohen .

Perhaps the connection with Daisy will come to light. In the meantime, Lindsay and her boyfriend are celebrating their baby. They have also decided to keep the baby’s gender a secret.


The post Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Daisy Kelliher Takes Credit for Lindsay Hubbard’s Pregnancy: ‘Partly My Doing’ appeared first on Reality Tea .

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    schooner, a sailing ship rigged with fore-and-aft sails on its two or more masts. To the foremast there may also be rigged one or more square topsails or, more commonly, one or more jib sails or Bermuda sails (triangular sails extending forward to the bowsprit or jibboom). Though it probably was based on a Dutch design of the 17th century, the ...

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    What's in a Rig # 7- The Schooner. The schooner is another split rig plan, like the ketch and yawl, but really fell out of favor after having a very dominant place in sailing history for quite a long time. Early in the 18 th century on into the 19 th they became widely popular for their speed, versatility, and upwind prowess, which by today ...

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    Specialties: Experience your own unique sailing adventure on the Chesapeake Bay aboard the traditional Schooner Windsong! Relax with a beer or glass of wine while we sail the smooth waters of the Chesapeake Bay, or take a hands-on approach and help the crew set sails and helm the boat. We also offer custom special event and full day adventures! Established in 2021. Schooner Windsong is a 47 ...

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