sandusky yacht club membership cost

How Much Do Yacht Club Memberships Cost? (5 Helpful Examples)

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Joining a yacht club is an important milestone in your life. It marks a certain degree of success and allows you to enjoy plenty of luxurious amenities. Setting sail on a yacht is the ultimate way to unwind from a hectic work week while you try to climb the corporate ladder.

Fortunately, there are yacht clubs all over the country that would love to welcome you as a brand-new member. You can enjoy an afternoon on the water with a beautiful yacht in exchange for a small sum of money.

But how much do Yacht Club memberships generally cost?

Prices for Yacht Clubs will vary based on your location, the fleet, and even the amenities that are offered at the marina. The average annual membership price is between $900-$4,000 depending on your level of luxury and needs.

To give you an idea of what you could expect to pay for your yacht club membership, here are some numbers gathered from across the country:

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sandusky yacht club membership cost

What Does Each Yacht Club Offer?

Each yacht club is going to offer something that sets it apart from the others on this listing. To give you a better idea of where your money is going, here is a brief synopsis of what you can expect at each location.

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Charleston Yacht Club

Charleston is a premier cruising destination with plenty of waterways for you to explore. They offer a launch hoist, dry slips, day dockage, free parking, and a long list of events scheduled throughout the year.

You also gain privileges at other yacht clubs around the world. If you don’t own your own yacht, they have plenty of members who often have room on their boats to accommodate a few extra passengers.

Florida Yacht Club

The Florida Yacht Club is a relatively exclusive club that features amazing amenities like fine dining and an array of aquatic activities.

You can play tennis, enjoy a spa treatment or massage, or get in a rousing game of croquet from the shore. They also host events and permit you to extend your privileges to other locations scattered around the Florida coast.

Atlanta Yacht Club

The Atlanta Yacht Club is primarily geared toward sailors who are interested in racing. They have a fleet of more than thirty different boats that are designed to help you further your knowledge of sailing.

If you still have a lot to learn, you can even take classes at this location. Prospective members must be sponsored and co-sponsored by two club members for entrance.

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Chicago Yacht Club

Members of the Chicago Yacht Club will find plenty of opportunities to get involved. With more than forty different committees, you can find a circle of friends that have common interests beyond just sailing and racing.

You also receive transient docking at both the Belmont and Monroe harbors, exclusive invites to private events, and reciprocity at more than 900 clubs across the country.

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California Yacht Club

The California Yacht Club is home to both national and world championship regattas.

They host plenty of events from scuba club to book club to wine tastings. If you want to find a true community of like-minded sailors, this could be the place for you.

One of the best features is the reciprocity at locations not just across the United States but across the world. You can feel free to travel the world with your yacht and experience some of the same fellowship globally.

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What are the Cheapest Yacht Clubs?

The cheapest yacht clubs charge just under $1,000 per year for membership. While this does give you access to different types of experiences, you may be disappointed by the overall amenities.

Some yacht clubs are known for their extravagant country club styles that help you to embrace a particular lifestyle. They include Olympic-sized swimming pools, state-of-the-art tennis courts, and fine dining.

Everything has a beautiful waterfront view. It can feel like you are in the middle of an idyllic paradise without ever even having to leave the shore. If this is what you can gain from the most expensive yacht clubs, you should set your expectations much lower for the cheaper yacht clubs.

The cheaper yacht clubs lack the community aspect of these exclusive options. They feature dry slips and the occasional party, but not much more.

Some of them may have the feel of a county park with some picnic benches, outdoor grills, and a moderately sized swimming pool. Expect a much more casual atmosphere when you choose to go with a cheaper yacht club.

It is even possible that they are simply “paper yacht clubs” that do not even maintain a physical building of their own.

How Much Do the Most Expensive Yacht Clubs Cost to Join?

The most expensive yacht clubs can vary a great deal in price. Most of them will cost between $3,000 and $4,000 per year. However, you can certainly find more exclusive clubs that will cost above and beyond this.

Keep in mind that these more expensive clubs generally are not open to the public. They are offered by invitation only and you must have a member sponsor you to be considered for entrance.

When you are paying for a more expensive yacht club, you should make sure that you are really going to get your money’s worth. These expensive clubs promote a certain type of elegant lifestyle.

Make sure that you are planning to take advantage of all the amenities available from one of these clubs before you sink too much money into the membership fees. The social aspect of these expensive yacht clubs is extremely important.

If you plan to simply rent a boat from time to time, you might be able to go with a cheaper yacht club.

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What Is Generally Included in the Membership Fee for Yacht Clubs?

Have you been wondering why you should join a yacht club? Many potential members want to know what they can expect from their membership fees before they commit to a year-long contract. There are many advantages to signing up for a membership with a well-known yacht club.

Amenities and Activities

First and foremost, you get access to activities and cruises planned by board members. These might be various sailing activities, dinners, get-togethers, tennis matches, or other events that take up a lazy Sunday afternoon.

You also gain access to any amenities that surround the yacht club’s marina. For many programs, this means a fitness center, pool, and tennis courts. Several locations also offer fine dining, meeting rooms, and more.

It is like a private oasis where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the regular world. Time moves slowly when you’re enjoying the amenities here.

Many yacht clubs have programs that introduce children (and adults!) to sailing. Take classes to learn more about improving your technique, sailing safety, and other important aspects of life on the open water.

Access to the Fleet

The main reason why most people join yacht clubs is to be able to rent out boats instead of purchasing their own. Joining a yacht club may give you access to an entire fleet of yachts that can be reserved for a day or weeks at a time. Some yacht clubs allow you to rent boats for up to ten days at a time.

Others do not allow you to rent out ships. They are primarily geared toward individuals who already own a yacht or will own a yacht in the future. Make sure you know the difference in advance.

sandusky yacht club membership cost

Are There any Additional Costs Besides the Membership Fees?

Unfortunately, the membership fees are not the only cost associated with joining a yacht club. Most of the clubs in the United States also have a one-time initial fee that tends to cost thousands of dollars. Many will range from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on the location and the exclusivity of the yacht club.

This one-time fee should be the only additional money you pay except for fuel. Most yacht clubs do not cover the cost of the fuel used in the ship during your rental if renting is an option. Be prepared for what this could cost you.

If you cause damage to the ship, you can also expect some out-of-pocket costs. Insurance should cover the damage, but you will likely be asked to cover the cost of the deductible.

Be sure to inquire about how much you may be on the hook for before you sign up for any particular yacht club. Accidents can happen, even to the most experienced sailors. Make sure that you can afford the mishap in advance.

Is a Yacht Club Membership Right for You?

Understanding what the real cost of a yacht club membership is can be the first step toward determining if this is right for you. Many people love the luxuries available through the more expensive yacht clubs, but they may not be able to afford it. Consider what is most important in a club to you before deciding to sign on the dotted line for an annual membership.

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sandusky yacht club membership cost

Join The Club

Yacht clubs of the great lakes.

Do you love boating? Do you love the Great Lakes ? Do you love boating [ on ] the Great Lakes ? How about hanging out with other people who share these same passions?

Well, then…join the club!

Being a member of a yacht club offers a myriad of benefits for Great Lakes boaters and it’s a wonderful way to get together with other people who share a similar passion for boating. If you’re not already a member of a club or you’re thinking of joining one but aren’t quite sure where to start, check out these excellent yacht clubs on the Great Lakes . It’s high time you discover what you’ve been missing.

sandusky yacht club membership cost

In 1955, three friends named Oscar Sweeny, Dr. John Pierpont, and Bill Peet created a club on the shores of Lake Superior in Bayfield , Wis. , in order to promote sailing and racing on the lake. Ever since then, Apostle Islands Yacht Club (AIYC) has remained a family club and many members have belonged to it for generations.

Originally called the “Bayfield Yachts,” the club gradually grew to be large enough to purchase the point of land named Dock 8 which had originally been a lumber mill and fish cleaning station for the local commercial fishing fleet. Over the years, AIYC has had many upgrades, such as the seawall that was built in 2009 and the recent completion of the clubhouse that they rebuilt in 2017.  

AIYC offers 30 secure and protected slips with 30 amp power, water and internet access, and you can park your car directly at your slip. The club’s bathhouse features private showers that can be reached within 50 yards of all slips.

The newly rebuilt clubhouse boasts a fireplace and a full kitchen. You’ll also find outdoor patios, decks and spaces for sitting, campfires and grilling. Then the “Herring Shed” provides members with tools and a workbench for sails, equipment and ice. Additionally, you’ll find dinghy racks and shared bicycles for members.

Plus, if you’re a fan of the outdoors and hiking, the AIYC rests in a prime location, right in the town of Bayfield . This places it adjacent from the Brownstone Trail for hiking and biking, so you’ll never be too far from your boat or a scenic walk.

As a private club owned and operated by its members, AIYC is not a public marina. One of their goals at the club is to keep the organization simple and affordable which requires all members to help manage, repair and improve the club and its facilities.

With a mission to promote sailing and racing on Lake Superior , AIYC makes a fantastic club. If you want to be a member, be sure to apply sooner rather than later because they currently have a waiting list to join. ( )

sandusky yacht club membership cost

The Bay City Yacht Club (BCYC) is located in Bay City , Mich. , near the mouth of the Saginaw River , just a short distance to the Saginaw Bay and beautiful Lake Huron . The club is member-managed, member-owned and is open to both power boaters and sailors alike. The clubhouse is also available to members for private events, and they offer different levels of membership from social to voting, with competitive pricing.

The BCYC is a club comprised of power and sail boating enthusiasts who love enjoying the bounty of the Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron . If you too are a boating enthusiast who loves to be out on the water, rest assured you’ll fit right in. The club prides itself on being family-friendly and respectful towards each other, and accommodates boaters at all skill levels. So whether you’re new to boating or you’re a seasoned veteran, BCYC will grant you the perfect experience.

The club offers an active sailing program with “beer can” races on Wednesdays, as well as weekend racing and regattas. In addition, anglers have access to a newly-built fish-cleaning station. Many amenities are available, including a clubhouse with a seasonal restaurant and full bar, a private launch ramp, shower/bath facilities, ample parking for guests, a gin-pole, pump-out facilities, wireless internet access, and secure gated access to facilities.

BYCY has 264 slips ranging from 26 to 50 feet situated in two basins. The South Basin is deep-draft with nominal 9-foot depths and the North Basin is shallow draft with depths maintained to 6 feet.

Being a member of this yacht club allows you to spend more time on the lake and less time getting to it. You’ll also be sure to enjoy the park-like setting with its expansive and well-maintained grassy areas and mature shade trees. Basically, it’s the perfect location for hanging out after a day on the water.

When you get hungry, you can mosey on over to the waterfront restaurant with its phenomenal view of the bay and full bar. You can keep the good times rolling both on the lake and on the land, thanks to the BCYC. Members also receive reciprocity benefits for transient dockage and discounts at over 700 Yachting Club of America registered clubs. So even when you want to explore, the BCYC has got your back. ( )

sandusky yacht club membership cost

Nestled on the largest of the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior rests Madeline Island Yacht Club (MIYC). It first came to be in 1977 when a group of passionate boaters organized the club after deciding they wanted a gorgeous and peaceful marina to serve as their yachting home.

Now MIYC serves as a private, non-stock yacht club that operates on a non-profit basis, benefiting its 140 voting members. These members collectively own the club and facilities, and they direct its operation through its elected board of directors.

MIYC offers a full-service marina with transient and seasonal dockage. Since it’s in a prime location, you’ll also find yourself within walking distance of shops and restaurants. Open year-round, the club is also home to the largest ship store in the area.

Even though MIYC offers its services to the general public, its primary mission is to support and serve its members who enjoy special benefits. Some of these benefits include preferred slip spaces and keyed access to the private member’s lounge and shower/bathroom facilities. You’ll also get Wi-Fi access and substantial discounts on dockage, launch, haul-out, storage and shop repair fees and fuel.

Once the full cost of your membership has been paid, you’ll receive your Certificate of Membership and member voting rights. Not to mention that you’ll also get to participate in club-sponsored social events and you’ll start receiving the club newsletter along with exciting industry updates. Plus, you get reciprocal docking privileges at other clubs that are also members of the Yachting Club of America.

Becoming a bona fide member of the MIYC is easy and definitely worth it. All you need is a “Letter of Introduction” and a completed application with signatures of two sponsoring members, or two letters of recommendation from sponsoring members. You then submit these materials to the board of directors through the MIYC business office.

In your letter be sure to include an introduction for you and your family members so they can get to know you. Also include why you wish to join the club, a description of your boating experience, and the details of the boat you own. You will also need to submit a $500 non-refundable deposit with your application which will then be credited to your membership purchase fee once you’ve been approved.

Once you’re an official member of the MIYC, your enjoyment of the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior will be enhanced substantially with all the benefits and privileges your club membership offers. ( )

sandusky yacht club membership cost

Established in 1934, Muskegon Yacht Club (MYC) is a premier Great Lakes yachting destination located on the southwest shore of beautiful Muskegon Lake . Just one mile from the channel, their unique location offers MYC members and their guests easy access to Lake Michigan for either day-sailing or cruising. They’re also only 35 minutes from Grand Rapids , Holland , and Grand Haven in case you’re in the mood for an on-land exploration.

MYC features a clubhouse with plentiful amenities which include a dining room, cocktail lounge, multiple big-screen televisions, and a covered patio, all alongside stunning views of the marina and Muskegon Lake . The clubhouse offers the perfect place to kick back and relax after a full day of boating on the lake.

Other amenities of the club include an 85-slip marina, a swimming pool with lifeguards, showers, and a spacious deck. But it doesn’t end there. You’ll also find a restaurant and bar, lounge, patio, grills and picnic tables, games for kids, and a spacious front lawn that makes MYC a truly unique year-round spot for endless fun. They also offer a full range of event space and catering. They can have you covered on everything from birthday parties to family gatherings to weddings.

However, the true heart and soul of MYC is their sailing program. They’ve hosted many regional and national regattas over their 85-year history and they proudly offer organized racing for all ages, adult and youth sailing lessons, crewing opportunities, an exceptional junior program, and a certified, expert race committee. 

Additionally, MYC offers many other opportunities for you to gather together and socialize with other boaters, thanks to a dynamic social calendar. You can expect to enjoy festive holiday parties, monthly wine dinners, an annual commodore’s ball, and much more. The good times are always rolling at MYC. ( )

sandusky yacht club membership cost

Since 1890, National Yacht Club has offered an active, inclusive boating community located near the foot of Bathurst Street , right in the heart of downtown Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario . With more than 180 docks plus a swing mooring field, you’ll find everything you need, along with in-house water taxi service, dry sail and winter storage.

There’s never a dull moment at this club since it operates year-round, and members enjoy club life with an active social community, racing and cruising, events and educational programs. Members also get to enjoy on-site showers and laundry facilities. Plus, the club offers a sailing and racing school for kids and adults seasonally as well.

The National Yacht Club also features comfortable dining and a spectacular patio with free on-site member parking—an exceptionally rare find for downtown! The club gives you safe dockage for your boat while boasting a beautiful setting for social events and leisure. This prime location allows you to be on Lake Ontario in minutes and then back in the city just as quickly when you’re done boating.

The club’s active dry sail fleet, three nights of club racing, organized cruises and community of enthusiastic power boaters will be sure to sate your hunger for boating. Plus, you’re pretty much guaranteed to make plenty of new friends with like-minded boating enthusiasts.

Once you’re absolutely famished at the end of a day of on the water, you can head over to the club’s restaurant for some quality dining. Quality and variety are two focal points on the menus created by their executive chef. National’s elegant clubhouse with licensed dining room and terrace give you stunning views of on-water activities, the air show, some of the most romantic sunsets over the water and Toronto’s city skyline.

At National Yacht Club, it doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a seasoned old salt because there’s truly something for everyone. Whether you want to cruise, learn to sail, or test your abilities through club and regatta racing, you’re sure to find a club program to satisfy your inclinations.

Being a member of the club gives you some exclusive benefits you won’t want to miss out on such as the aforementioned free parking, your choice of serviced docks or swing moorings for sail and power boats, limited on-site winter boat storage, a very active racing/cruising program, and much more. ( )

sandusky yacht club membership cost

Sandusky Yacht Club (SYC) is located in the heart of downtown Sandusky , Ohio , on the shores of Lake Erie and is open year-round, serving its 700 members and their guests. With 125 years of history, the club has given its members shelter and comfort when the outside weather is not as inviting as a warm fireplace and friendly company.

The floating population sits attractively in Sandusky ’s beautiful land-locked harbor and features a 180-slip marina resort-style property that has multiple food and beverage outlets, a pool, a fitness center and plenty of family programs. Summers bring the club to life with sunsets, bonfires, live music and good friendship.

The club is also a scene of activity for 12 months out of the year. SYC’s facilities offer a full-staffed clubhouse, a 24-hour fitness center, wellness activities, a heated pool, and, most importantly, plenty of opportunities for club member to engage and socialize together.

Not only that, but through reciprocal agreements with the Interlake Yachting Association and the Yachting Club of America, members can dock and visit hundreds of yacht clubs on the Great Lakes and the east, west, and Gulf coasts. So even when you’re out exploring, SYC will still have you covered.

Then when you get hungry after a full day of boating on Lake Erie , you can head back to the club and enjoy its formal dining areas that offer a full menu for all tastes alongside beautiful views of the lake. However, if you’re after a more casual dining experience, SYC offers that as well in a more relaxed atmosphere that enjoys the same delicious menu.

Sandusky Yacht Club has more than 210 docks, all constructed with a state-of-the-art floating pier system, and equipped with city water hook-up, electricity and Wi-Fi. Since a marina staff is on-site 24-7, you can count on always being welcomed back home to the club with a smile. ( )

sandusky yacht club membership cost

Nestled in Vermilion, Ohio , the Vermilion Yacht Club (VYC) is ideally situated in the Western Basin of Lake Erie. It provides one of the best sailing and power boating ports of call in its unique and beautiful setting that comes equipped with top-notch facilities and services for all of your boating needs.

With over 80 years of operation, VYC is one of the longest-established Cleveland area yacht clubs. It’s not hard to see why so many members love this club with their view of spectacular Lake Erie right from VYC. You can also take a water taxi to dinner at Chez Francois, a world class French restaurant on the water.

The club is also only a walk, dinghy ride or water taxi away from downtown where you can delight in scrumptious restaurants and enjoy some drinks with friends at local bars. You can also visit the lovely shops such as Brummers for chocolate candy, Buyers Fair for men’s and women’s clothing, the Olive Scene for specialty olive oils, and Lees Landing for some nautical gifts.

Over the last few years, VYC has made many improvements in response to the challenges created by the changing water levels in the area. Some of the changes include a new seawall and a charming riverfront walkway that attaches to the clubhouse.

Additionally, they remodeled all of their restroom and shower facilities in 2018 and embarked on a complete interior redesign for their club in 2019. This means new furnishings and much larger glass areas for natural interior lighting which all contribute to the club’s beauty and attractiveness.

Being a member of the VYC is a true pleasure with their well-protected dockage and access to the picturesque private sandy beach only one block away. Apart from this, you’ll also have access to free wireless internet, a TV lounge, meeting rooms, and the gas grills that are provided for the convenience of all dockers.

In addition to general docking privileges, VYC members also have parking just a few feet from their boats and access to a washer and dryer. There’s also full kitchen availability. To top it off, club members also get to attend social events year-round and boat rendezvous throughout the summer months. ( )

sandusky yacht club membership cost

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sandusky yacht club membership cost

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For over one hundred and fifteen years now, the Sandusky Yacht Club has provided its members shelter and comfort when Sandusky Bay waters are not as inviting as the warm fireplace near a friendly tap.


Yacht Dreaming

Yacht Clubs on Lake Erie: The Ultimate Guide for Boating Enthusiasts

Bill Michaels

Understanding Yacht Clubs on Lake Erie

Lake Erie is one of the five Great Lakes in North America and is located in the eastern part of the continent, touching the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan. If you are a boating enthusiast looking to explore Lake Erie, then you should consider joining a yacht club. A yacht club is a social club that focuses on boating activities, usually on sailboats or motorboats. Joining a yacht club on Lake Erie can provide you with numerous benefits, including access to exclusive facilities, social events, and camaraderie among fellow boaters.

What are Yacht Clubs?

A yacht club is a membership organization that caters to boating enthusiasts. Members participate in boating activities such as racing, cruising, and fishing. They also socialize with members who share the same passion for boating. Yacht clubs often have their own marinas, docks, and boathouses, which provide a secure and convenient place to park your boat. Yacht clubs also offer training, workshops, and seminars on boating techniques, maintenance, and safety.

The Benefits of Joining a Yacht Club

Joining a yacht club on Lake Erie offers several benefits. Firstly, yacht clubs provide access to exclusive facilities such as marinas, docks, and boathouses. These facilities are often well-maintained and secure, providing peace of mind for boat owners. Secondly, yacht clubs organize social events such as parties, dinners, and outings. These events provide opportunities to meet other boating enthusiasts and share your experiences. Thirdly, yacht clubs offer training and education programs on boating techniques, navigation, and safety. These programs are especially useful for novice boaters who want to improve their skills and knowledge.

Types of Yacht Clubs

There are various types of yacht clubs, each with its own focus and membership requirements. For example, some yacht clubs specialize in racing, while others focus on cruising or fishing. Some yacht clubs are open only to owners of certain boat types, such as sailboats or motorboats. Other yacht clubs are open to anyone who shares a passion for boating. Before joining a yacht club on Lake Erie, it is important to research its focus, membership criteria, and facilities to ensure that it meets your needs.

The Best Yacht Clubs on Lake Erie

If you are looking to join a yacht club on Lake Erie, there are several excellent options to choose from. Here are some of the best yacht clubs on Lake Erie:

Erie Yacht Club

The Erie Yacht Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious yacht clubs on Lake Erie. It was founded in 1895 and boasts over 1,200 members. The club has a marina with over 200 slips, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a clubhouse with a restaurant and bar. The Erie Yacht Club is well-known for its racing program, which includes weekly regattas and major events such as the Annual Bayfront Regatta.

Mentor Harbor Yachting Club

The Mentor Harbor Yachting Club is located on the shores of Lake Erie in Mentor, Ohio. It is a private club with over 500 members and offers a wide range of boating activities, including racing, cruising, and fishing. The club has a marina with over 200 slips, a heated swimming pool, tennis courts, and a clubhouse with a restaurant and bar. The Mentor Harbor Yachting Club is also known for its junior sailing program, which teaches young sailors the skills and techniques of sailing.

Sandusky Sailing Club

The Sandusky Sailing Club is located on the shores of Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio. It is a small and friendly club with around 100 members and focuses on sailing activities. The club has a marina with over 80 slips, a clubhouse with a kitchen and bar, and a picnic area. The Sandusky Sailing Club is known for its casual atmosphere and its emphasis on family participation.

How to Join a Yacht Club on Lake Erie

To join a yacht club on Lake Erie, you need to meet the membership criteria and pay the membership fees. The membership criteria vary from club to club, but they usually require a recommendation from a current member, a background check, and a demonstration of boating skills and experience. The membership fees also vary depending on the club and the type of membership you choose. Some clubs offer family memberships, while others offer individual memberships.

Steps to Join a Yacht Club:

  • Research yacht clubs in your area.
  • Contact the yacht club to inquire about membership criteria and fees.
  • Obtain a recommendation from a current member.
  • Complete the membership application and submit the necessary documents.
  • Attend an orientation session and a boating skills assessment.
  • Pay the membership fees and become a member.

Joining a yacht club on Lake Erie is a great way to explore the beauty of the lake and meet other boating enthusiasts. Yacht clubs offer access to exclusive facilities, social events, and training programs. They also provide a sense of community and camaraderie among members. If you are considering joining a yacht club on Lake Erie, research your options and choose the one that best meets your needs and interests. Happy boating!

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Sandusky Yacht Club

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Sandusky, OH 44870

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Photo of Stephanie K.

We came here for a retirement dinner at the pavilion by the pool. It is a beautiful place to spend an evening, especially if you like boats. The food was served Buffet style and they did a great job keeping everything replenished. We had a most enjoyable evening.

Photo of Binnan O.

Ordered: Clam Chowder, Perch Sandwich Ambiance: In terms of the dining area, it was pretty nice and open. There are plenty of windows encircling the dining area letting in tons of light and offering a view of the water and boats docked. The place was clean and has the same vibe as you would expect in a golf resort, hotel, or any other member-club. Service was friendly. Food: The clam chowder was by far the best thing here. It was savory, well-balanced and had the MOST TENDER pieces of clam i've ever had. They were an absolute joy to nom and didn't fatigue my jaw at all unlike some places. Heads up, their chowder has more of soup-y consistency because they don't thicken it with starch. This makes for a much lighter chowder which doesn't put you into a coma. My first experience with perch was sadly disappointing. The sandwich was large, having 3-4 pieces of fried perch in it. The problem with multiple thin pieces of breaded fish, however, is that you're primarily tasting grease and breading! The fries were also lackluster, not soggy but not cripsy or particularly well-seasoned. I did enjoy the rainbow sherbet at the end but it wasn't anything I couldn't get in a value-tub from krogers. Overall I gave this place 4-stars to include the ambiance, service, and exclusivity but the food is honestly 3-stars (decent). I would definitely get the chowder and explore other things besides the breaded perch.

Photo of Kerry D.

I've been coming here since before I was born, if you asked my mother. It's an amazing little spot on Lake Erie with the best sunset views I've ever seen. Wonderful staff, great food (perch, sauerkraut balls, chowder, etc...) and amazing brunch. I'd recommend for brunch, lunch or dinner. It's really wonderful in the summer, on the patio, but it's a great spot anytime of year.

Photo of Erica M.

Went here for NYE buffet with friends who are members. We were the only people under 40 in the place besides staff. We sat in a pretty rotunda area with a beautiful xmas tree and flags from boats. Staff was good and attentive. Met the admiral of the club which was a nice touch, but the food was standard buffet food. Not Good not bad, the bread pudding was probably the best part of the meal. Buyer beware drinks only come with 1 free refill. A bit uptight for our taste, but if that's your thing then you'll be ok. Would be nice for a shower or meeting.

Christmas tree on NYE

Christmas tree on NYE

Photo of Andi D.

I have been to the Sandusky Yacht Club several times to eat. It has come to my attention that recently, in the last several months, it has come under new management. I literally gave this review a 2 star rating because the service was excellent. I believe our server's name was Laura, and she was very attentive, on top of making sure that our drinks were refilled, and even when we sat around for quite some time after paying our bill, talking, she came back twice and asked if there was anything else that we needed or if anyone wanted their drinks refilled. The criticisms that I have regard the food. Let me start off by saying that I don't know if the lack of quality of the food is due to management telling the kitchen to cut corners, or if the person who is supposed to be a chef is just someone who can microwave or reheat pre-prepared food. Regardless, that is what the food taste like unless it is a salad or a sandwich. We ate dinner there a few weeks ago and the special was shrimp scampi with angel hair pasta and alfredo sauce. Shrimp scampi is supposed to be made by sauteing shrimp in a garlic butter sauce with some wine. The shrimp was cooked but there was absolutely no garlic or butter flavor. Additionally, the pasta was overcooked and soaked in alfredo sauce. It was completely blande. During the most current experience having dinner there, I ordered the chicken with mashed potatoes and French onion soup. The French onion soup was the most Bland french onion soup I have ever had. There were onions in it that were almost black because they looked like they were burned, and others that were not cooked enough. The broth had virtually no taste and I had to add salt to it. I believe it is safe to say that the cheese used was not mozzarella, it was more like a monterey jack and the bread tasted as if it was stale, like they used older bread instead of fresh bread. If I had to venture a guess, I would say that it was microwaved, as there was no crispy cheese like there is supposed to be when it is baked. The mashed potatoes that came with the entree I had to return. If you have ever eaten a frozen dinner, and had mashed potatoes in that dinner, they were just like frozen mashed potatoes that had been thawed and were watery. The second batch that was brought to me was the same. I couldn't finish them. The chicken marsala was satisfactory. The chicken did seem like it had been pre-prepared and then reheated, a little on the dry side. The sauteed mushrooms are good but the marsala sauce was extremely Bland. Again, I had to add salt to this dish. I don't believe the person cooking this has any idea how to use seasoning. I also got a side of coleslaw which tasted fine but was extremely saucy. The cook seems to like to drown the food in whatever sauce he or she is using. My son got the perch sandwich, which came with a good portion of perch, but the coating was very salty. His side of fries were very soggy. They were not crisp, and again seemed like they had been cooked and then reheated in the microwave. I'm not sure, again, if the quality of food is the fault of the management or the kitchen, but if it is the management the chef needs to understand that the poor quality is a reflection on his or her reputation. If it is the fault of the chef, which I use the term lightly here, then management really needs to look into getting someone else in the kitchen. Whoever is putting these dishes together is not a chef. They are really doing themselves a disservice if they are trying to get more members, especially younger members, to join. The feature of any club having a restaurant is a huge draw, and if I was in the area I can tell you as poor as the food quality is here I would not consider joining this club. I really think that in visiting Sandusky in the future I am going to insist that we go elsewhere for dinner. I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures to go with this, we were guests and I really didn't feel comfortable taking pictures.

Photo of Frank C.

Amazing view, good brunch buffet. We have eaten here a couple times and have had good service. During winter snow storms the view of the lake is unreal.

Photo of P. G. H.

My mom was a member of the Sandusky Yacht Club from 1947 until she passed away in 2003. That ought to tell you something about what a great place this is. The views of Sandusky Bay are awesome. The food is great; especially the Lake Erie Perch.

3 other reviews that are not currently recommended

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The Sandusky Yacht Club in Sandusky, Ohio, is every couple's dream for a waterfront wedding. The Sandusky Yacht Club can accommodate 200 guest for your big day. This private club sits right on the Sandusky Bay, has breathtaking sunsets, provides a clear view of Cedar Point- and is only a short walk to downtown. Offering both outdoor ceremony space and indoor reception spaces, there are plenty of ways to make your wedding unique. The Sandusky Yacht Club can also offer dock space for your wedding party or guests should they choose to arrive by water. All meal and bar services are provided at the Sandusky Yacht Club. Established in 1894, this private club has a rich history and unique character to add to your special day.

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Sandusky Yacht Club

sandusky yacht club membership cost

sandusky yacht club membership cost

Youth Learn to Sail

sandusky yacht club membership cost

Safety First!

sandusky yacht club membership cost

Day 1 of Learn To Sail includes a capsize drill.

sandusky yacht club membership cost

A certified instructor will capsize the boat with the junior sailors.

sandusky yacht club membership cost

The instructor will then walk the sailors through the process to right the boat. 

sandusky yacht club membership cost

2024  Youth Sailing Schedule (Click to View)

June 1 0-14   Youth Learn to Sail Session 1 (Half and Full Day)

June 1 7-21 Youth Learn to Sail Session 2 (Half and Full Day)

  June 2 4-28  Youth Learn to Sail Session 3 (Half and Full Day)

July 1-3 Junior Keelboat (Half Day PM)

July 1-3 Community Sailing (AM-register through Sandusky Rec)

July 8-12   Youth Learn to Sail Session 4 (Half and Full Day)

Ju ly 2 2-26  Youth Learn to Sail Session 5 (Half and Full Day) 


August 202 4

Ju ly 2 9-Aug 2   Youth Advanced Sailing Camp (Full Day) 


In years past, we have hosted our Junior Keelboat class 

at the Sandusky Yacht Club.  In 2024, we are happy to continue

offering classes at SYC and look forward to what 2024 has to bring. 

sandusky yacht club membership cost

During the week long Learn To Sail sessions, our more experienced Junior Race Team members have the opportunity to be Junior Instructors.    

course descriptions & Cost

Learn to Sail  (Age 7-17) 

A typical day: 

Morning weather brief

Discussing weather advantages and disadvantages of the day

Skill lesson(s) 

New skills to be taught that day 

Putting the boats together, this requires teamwork and coordination from the class to complete the goal


Taking the boats apart and packing everything away cleaned and organized

Daily recap, discussion of what we learned 

HALF DAY - 9:00a-12:00p 

$255/wk Sponsor Member * (+$25 after 4/15/2024)

$280/wk Non-Member (+$25 after 4/15/2024)

FULL DAY - 9:00a-4:00p

$440/wk Sponsor Member * (+$25 after 4/15/2024)

$465/wk Non-member (+$25 after 4/15/2024)

Kayaking/ Boating Safety  (Age 10-17)

Participants will be instructed regarding  powerboats, kayaks, and water safety. 

All course material will follow US Sailing and ODNR standards.

HALF DAY - 1:00p-4:00p

$255/wk Sponsor Member *(+$25 after 4/15/2024)

JR KeelBoat Program  (Age 12-17)

The JR KeelBoat program is a modified version of our Adult KeelBoat program.  The schedule and skill lessons are similar to our traditional Learn To Sail program but all skills are practiced with an instructor on a KeelBoat rather than the dinghy boats used in Learn To Sail.  

HALF DAY - 1:00p-4:00p 

Advanced Sailing  (Age 7-17)

 Participants must have completed at least one course of Youth Learn To Sail.

Registration must be approved by a Sailing Center Coach or Director.  

Opti sailors will learn more advanced skills and learn how to sail and/or race the boat at a higher level then traditional Learn To Sail participants.

Participants who meet the age, weight and skill level requirements could sail in Lasers and 420's.

*Sponsor Members:

Sandusky sailing club, sandusky yacht club, sierra lobo, 2024 registration , is now open, please click the links below to register for the programs you would like to register for.  please remember you need one registration per sailor.  .

June 10-14 (S1) Registration

June 17-21 (S2) Registration

June 24-28 (S3) Registration

July 8-12 (S4) Registration

July 22-26 (S5) Registration

JR Keelboat Registration

Advanced Camp Registration

What to bring to a week of Learn to Sail:

sunscreen (Lotion, NO SPRAYS )

close-toe shoes that can get wet ( NO sandals, slides or flip-flops )

Clothes that can get wet

lunch (full day class only)

refillable water bottle

Life Jacket/PFD (Optional and can be provided by SJSI)

In order to keep everyone in our program safe, airborne contaminants  ARE NOT PERMITTED in our program.  These include but are not limited to: body sprays, colognes, perfumes, spray s unscreen, aerosol sprays , vape cartridges, cigarettes, etc...  Many people can be allergic to these items and could have a potential reaction.  Completely removing them from our program keeps everyone safe while respecting the privacy of the participants in our program. 

What I need to know Day 1 of Learn to Sail:

Drop off is at the Clubhouse (9am)

Pick up is at the Clubhouse (Half Day 12pm/Full Day 4pm)

Drive up to the gate and it will open

Forms must be signed on day 1 of registration (please arrive early)

Parents must sign students in and out daily

All cars must park in the parking spaces of the Sailing Center and NOT in the gravel.

Youth Cancellations

Youth learn to sail classes are a rain or shine event.  refunds are not issued, but schedule changes may be requested on a case by case basis, and based on availability in the desired class.  if a class roster is full, a student can not be moved into that class..

Located at:

Sandusky Sailing Club * 814 Water Street * Sandusky, Ohio 44870

(Sessions 1,2,3,4, Jr Keelboat)

Sandusky Yacht Club * 529 E Water Street * Sandusky, Ohio 44870

(Sessions 5, Advanced Camp)


Mailing address:

PO Box 254    Huron, Ohio 44839

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Restaurant-Yacht Chaika

Ratings and reviews, location and contact.

Pleasantly surprised, service is good so is the food. Great selection of Fusion food, a mixture of Italian, Japanese, European, Asian etc. A pleasantly nice dining experience, highly recommended, a must try!

Thank you for your feedback and invite you to have lunch or dinner again aboard the ship in an atmosphere of high standards of yacht hospitality.

everything was perfect - the food, the service, the desserts were the best, nice atmosphere and the location - magical

Best food, best view in Moscow. absolutely faultless from arrival to finish. Best risotto i had for many years absolutely perfectly cooked. The view on Ukrainian hotel and the white house by night is amazing

Had to wait for the food for 1.5 hours and then another 20 minutes for the check. Finally called for the manager and he offered... a 10% discount as a compensation. Simply pathetic! The food is mediocre at best. Not bad per se, but one... would expect something better considering the prices. There are many places to eat in area that are much better. Avoid this one at all costs. More

Hello, Alexander Your comment is extremely important for us, thank you a lot for it. We are terribly sorry for your time that you`ve spent waiting your order and we have already taken actions to improve quality of our service and it would be realy... More

Food is very expensive,very pretentious, doesn't worth that money. Portions are very small. We ordered ravioli and there were 4! Four raviolis! For almost 15 euros. Then we asked to bring us dessert menu but nothing, they didn't even bothered, so we payed and left... without dessert. Very poor service for that price. More

This is a very good restaurant. The food is really good, maybe the best in Moscow. The service is also good. The view from the restaurant is great. The prices are very high.

I often visit this restaurant and must say it’s one of the best in Moscow in terms of quality and service. Staff really try hard to make sure that you are happy and satisfied. Customer service is a huge problem in Moscow but Chaika sets... a great example for others in the industry! Food is delicious and the menu has lots of options for everyone! Atmosphere is great and view is beautiful on the embankment. Special thanks to German & Oleg! More

Thank you for your feedback! Again aboard the yacht restaurant "Chaika" in accordance with the high standards of yacht hospitality.

Highly recommended, great location in the city center of Moscow with a superb atmosphere. Too many menu choices, though all delicious!

sandusky yacht club membership cost

Thx a lot for your review! We are looking forward to see you in our restaurants.

Visited this lovely restaurant with a friend of mine. It was relaxingly warm August evening - so the place on the river seemed like a good idea. We came quite early and the restaurant was not full. The hostesses kindly offered several places to sit... and we chose to sit on the sofas. We had some wine, which was good. We struggled a bit when deciding about the food as few options (scallops) were not available. Fish on ice on display did not look very fresh. To be honest it was an unusually hot August and it is probably understandable that some see food options were not available. However, we did manage to order something and sat waiting and looking onto the river. My long-legged friend struggled sitting at the low sofa and the manager noticed that, offering as a very good, proper table beside the open window. It was nice touch and I was very pleased by their polite observations and immediate reaction to solve the problem. Food was quite good and presentation was perfect. Perhaps I can something about the food, but 1 visit is not enough to criticize or make a definitive opinion. Overall, quality place, which of course, does not come cheap. I would recommend this restaurant without hesitation. More

Good afternoon! Thank you for your detailed feedback! We are looking forward to seeing you again, we are sure that you will be delighted with our dishes!

I've been here several times during two business trip in Moscow. The overall quality for both service and food is absolutely top-notch, plus the location is very unique.

Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We are looking forward to visiting again!

Located on a boat at Krasnopresenskaya River Bank this 5 Star Restaurant transforms into a party location due to multiple groups hosting events. Impressive wine selection, Asian and European kitchen...

sandusky yacht club membership cost

Thx a lot! We are waiting for you!

It is a nice place to gather specially at the lounge The service and staff very good I like the river view The food is almost like all restaurants in Russia they serve different cuisine. Staring Russian appetizer till Asian dishes Presentation and taste amazing... I consider it overpriced little bit More

Good location. Nice views. Good choice of food and drinks. European and Asian menu. Nice service. Pricey enough.

Had a large group dinner here. Food was above average and service quite good. The real attraction is the view of Moscow from the river on a nice night. Great place for a larger group dinner. More

Hello, John We are really pleased by reading that you and your friends were satisfied by our service, client`s experience is the highest value for us. We will be happy to see you again, come and enjoy some new dishes from our chef and nice... More

The luxurious atmosphere of this place, the view and the location make it quite outstanding. We had dinner here with friends and the dishes were amazing, accompanied by a chilled bottle of Chablis, it really made me feel as if it was a part of... the classic Russian movie. More

RESTAURANT-YACHT CHAIKA, Moscow - Presnensky - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor

  • Service: 4.5
  • Atmosphere: 4.5

ThePricer Media

How Much Does an Elks Club Membership Cost?

Certified CFA

The Elks Club was founded in 1868 and is one of the largest and oldest fraternal organizations in the United States of America. It has over 1.2 million members who have joined in more the 2,000 communities.

This club is open to all citizens of the United States who are older than 21 years of age and believe in God. Men and women are both eligible for membership.

The cost of an Elks Club Membership depends on the application fee which is anywhere between $60 and $85 , and an annual fee that will start at around $40 and will go up to more than $550. For the initiation fee, you will have to pay between $60 and more than $1,050 .

The cost of the initiation fee will be affected significantly by the geographical place where you are living as there are many locations, but in most situations, the initiation fee will be less than $250 and the monthly costs will rarely exceed $30.

At Wellesley, Massachusetts lodge, the application/initiation fee is $75 , and the membership dues per year are $40 . As a result, the full amount a future Elk member would owe would be  $110 .

The annual dues for a standard/regular membership at Fremont Elks Lodge 2121 are $160 , and the half-year dues are $100 . There is also a handling fee of $2.50 per transaction.

The required membership dues for 2023/2024 at Palo Alto Elks Lodge are  $586.50 . For those who would like to use the athletic facilities (pool, gym, locker room, racquetball), an additional annual athletic fee of $1170 for a family or $664 for an individual applies.

The annual membership fee for Elks Lodge 158 is $139.00 , plus a 3% convenience fee. The single pool membership fee is $300.00 , plus a 3% convenience fee.

On the other hand, according to a Yelp member, the initiation fee at the Elks Club in Honolulu is around $1,050 , while the monthly costs are almost $35 .

Elks Club membership details

Membership is only by invitation from a current member and requires a sponsor as well as other members to vote in acceptance.

As an Elks Club member, you will take advantage of many benefits such as regular lodge meetings for lunches throughout the week, dinner on different nights, cheap drinks, and occasional karaoke music and dancing. However, the amenities will vary from one club to another and it is recommended to check the official website of the Elk Club you joined to see your benefits.

The majority of the clubs post on their website their events and amenities. For instance, the members of Elks Club #496 are offered dart boards, dining options, a shuffleboard table, karaoke, a game room with a pool, and flat-panel televisions.

The main membership types available at Elks Club lodges

Active Member

The regular adult membership for age 21+ who has been voted in by the lodge. Pays full dues and can hold office and vote.

Life Member 

An Active member who has maintained membership for 30+ consecutive years. Dues are waived and have full privileges.

Honorary Life Member 

A distinguished non-member awarded lifetime status by the Grand Lodge without dues or voting rights.

Associate Member

Typically is the spouse of an Active member. With this membership, you can use facilities and assist with events but cannot vote or hold office. It has reduced dues.

National Life Member

An Active member who has held membership for 50+ years. Dues are waived and can be transferred between lodges.

Non-Resident Member

For Active members who now live abroad or a distance away. They can visit lodges but have no voting rights, and pay nominal dues.

Youth Member

Children/grandchildren must be sponsored by a parent/grandparent Active member. They use facilities until 21 and pay minimal dues.

Each local Elks Club may have additional special member categories as well per their bylaws and traditions according to the jurisdiction of the lodge you wish to join. There are both voting and non-voting classifications. As a member, you can pay your dues online

The club provides exclusive membership, a social atmosphere with peers, and opportunities to give back locally through lodges nationwide.

Being a member may also provide access to benefits and discounts, including access to other lodges around the country. All you have to do is to contact them.

You might also like our articles about the cost of membership at Bellevue Club , Augusta National , or Country Club of Virginia .

What are the additional expenses?

You may have to pay for the drinks and meals, but the Elks Club is well known for the low prices it charges for its food and drinks. For instance, you will have to pay less than $5 for a wine or beer.

In case you want to organize a private event such as a birthday party or even a wedding, then this will come with some costs that you need to take into consideration.

Important things to consider

Elks Club Lodge Hawaii

Also, another condition to becoming a member of this club is to have two co-sponsors who are current members and to live in the jurisdiction. After you pass the verification, you will get in front of the Investigation Committee, and a date and time will be set up for the interview. The majority of the applicants will receive a response somewhere between 10 days and 2 months after the interview is conducted.

Elks Club offers awards of more than $3 million every year for college scholarships as part of the Elks National Foundation. Among these scholarships, the Legacy Grants, the Most Valuable Student Grant, the Emergency Grants, and the Vocational Grants are included. Members who would like to save money on their education are allowed to apply for these scholarships.

Also, the Elks Club creates many opportunities to provide better education and enrich student lives through many no-cost programs. The young members of the Elks Club are partners in different community service programs. For instance, the Drug Awareness Program offers materials to communities and schools to encourage young people to make smart and healthy lifestyle decisions regarding alcohol and drug abuse.

The Elks are known for their rapid response to disasters. They often provide financial assistance, supplies, and volunteers to support disaster relief efforts.

Elks Lodges often provide grants to local community organizations and associations. These grants can support a wide range of causes, from education and healthcare to arts and culture.

Moreover, the Elks Club supports the Boys and Girls Clubs, arts programs, 4-H programs, and youth athletics, as part of the community outreach program. Often, the Elks Club is a meeting spot for the Scout troops. According to the club, the aim of these programs is to make sure that no child is ignored or forgotten.

If you want to find an Elks Club location close to you, visit their official website.

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  1. Membership

    sandusky yacht club membership cost

  2. Membership

    sandusky yacht club membership cost

  3. Membership

    sandusky yacht club membership cost

  4. Membership

    sandusky yacht club membership cost

  5. Home

    sandusky yacht club membership cost

  6. Sandusky Yacht Club in Sandusky, OH, United States

    sandusky yacht club membership cost


  1. Membership

    Membership. Since 1894, Sandusky Yacht Club has been an established Member-owned and family-focused private Club in Sandusky, Ohio. Nestled between a quiet residential community and the serene, beautiful Sandusky Bay, you will find a club rich in tradition with exceptional facilities and service. Home to more than 180 sail and power boats, the ...

  2. The Sandusky Yacht Club

    The Sandusky Yacht Club, Sandusky, Ohio. 3,127 likes · 138 talking about this · 13,488 were here. The Sandusky Yacht Club is a private club located on Sandusky Bay on Lake Erie

  3. How Much Do Yacht Club Memberships Cost? (5 Helpful Examples)

    To give you an idea of what you could expect to pay for your yacht club membership, here are some numbers gathered from across the country: Yacht Club. Annual Dues. Charleston Yacht Club. $900. Florida Yacht Club. $3,288. Atlanta Yacht Club. $900.

  4. Join The Club Yacht Clubs of the Great Lakes

    Sandusky Yacht Club has more than 210 docks, all constructed with a state-of-the-art floating pier system, and equipped with city water hook-up, electricity and Wi-Fi. Since a marina staff is on-site 24-7, you can count on always being welcomed back home to the club with a smile. ( Vermilion Yacht Club

  5. About SSC Membership

    Print the SSC Membership Application and include with your Initiation Fee, ILYA Fee, and Dues. ... Tartan Ten, and Thistle championships. Together with the Sandusky Yacht Club, we sponsor an outstanding junior racing program that competes regionally. In the winter we offer our facilities (free) to iceboat racers from all over the Midwest. In ...

  6. Sandusky Yacht Club

    For over one hundred and fifteen years now, the Sandusky Yacht Club has provided its members shelter and comfort when Sandusky Bay waters are not as inviting as the warm fireplace near a friendly tap.

  7. Yacht Clubs on Lake Erie: The Ultimate Guide for Boating Enthusiasts

    The club has a marina with over 80 slips, a clubhouse with a kitchen and bar, and a picnic area. The Sandusky Sailing Club is known for its casual atmosphere and its emphasis on family participation. How to Join a Yacht Club on Lake Erie. To join a yacht club on Lake Erie, you need to meet the membership criteria and pay the membership fees.

  8. Sandusky Yacht Club

    Sandusky Yacht Club. Slip Information: Marina Phone: 419-625-6567. 529 E Water St, Sandusky, OH 44870. View Marina Website. Sandusky Yacht Club offers all the amenities you could ask for in a marina. With over 250 docks, SYC can offer any size dock from personal water crafts, to vessels over 75 feet. All docks are constructed of a state of the ...


    My mom was a member of the Sandusky Yacht Club from 1947 until she passed away in 2003. That ought to tell you something about what a great place this is. The views of Sandusky Bay are awesome. The food is great; especially the Lake Erie Perch.

  10. Sandusky Yacht Club Reviews

    Sandusky Yacht Club. Sandusky, OH 4.9 17 Reviews. View more information. Quality of service. 5 out of 5 rating. 5.0. Average response time. 4.9 out of 5 rating. 4.9.

  11. Sandusky Yacht Club

    About. The Sandusky Yacht Club in Sandusky, Ohio, is every couple's dream for a waterfront wedding. The Sandusky Yacht Club can accommodate 200 guest for your big day. This private club sits right on the Sandusky Bay, has breathtaking sunsets, provides a clear view of Cedar Point- and is only a short walk to downtown.

  12. Dockage Information

    Email [email protected] if bringing a Powerboat to the Club for a Regatta. Non-I-LYA Member Overnight Dockage is $1.50/ft per Night (Sailboats Only) Enter 41° 27' 36'' N, 82° 42' 0'' W into your Chart Plotter for the Sadler Sailing Basin Entrance. Enter the Basin Entrance with the SSC Rock Buoy to Starboard to avoid the Rocks ...

  13. Harbor Bay Yacht Club

    During the initial year, 175 charter member families joined the club. The first meeting took place June 10, 1995, under the North Pavilion of Sandusky Harbor Marina. On Oct. 18, 1995, Harbor Bay Yacht Club received its charter from the State of Ohio. HBYC also became a member the Inter-Lake Yachting Association. Photography provided by Aubrey Irwin

  14. Sandusky Junior Sailors

    July 2024. July 1-3 Junior Keelboat (Half Day PM) July 1-3 Community Sailing (AM-register through Sandusky Rec) July 8-12 Youth Learn to Sail Session 4 (Half and Full Day) July 22-26 Youth Learn to Sail Session 5 (Half and Full Day) SESSION 5 HOSTED AT SANDUSKY YACHT CLUB IN 2024. August 2024. July 29-Aug 2 Youth Advanced Sailing Camp (Full Day)

  15. Club Membership

    Individual membership. - Candidates must have up to three reference letters from current Club members, they must be present for approval by the Club Board and pay a one-time entry fee. - Membership is for one person at least 21 years old and grants membership privileges. - The yearly fee for individual memberships is paid at the beginning of ...

  16. PDF Reciprocal Club List

    Sunset Harbor Yacht Club The Surf Club (Miami Beach) The Tampa Club University Club of Orlando University Club of Tampa Georgia The Chatham Club The Commerce Club The Georgian Club Pinnacle Club of Augusta Hawaii The Pacific Club Idaho The Arid Club Illinois Club Quarters, Central Loop


    Restaurant-Yacht Chaika. Claimed. Review. Save. Share. 185 reviews #547 of 10,703 Restaurants in Moscow $$$$ Italian Seafood Mediterranean. Krasnopresnenskaya Emb., 12A Berth International Exhibition, Moscow 123610 Russia +7 495 777-87-88 Website Menu. Closed now : See all hours.

  18. Dining

    Sunday: 10:30am - 3pm. Monday & Tuesday: closed. Our lunch menu is offered from 11am-4pm, dinner menu is available after 4pm. On Sundays we serve brunch 10:30am-1pm & lunch from 1pm-3pm. Call the club to make reservations or order carry-out at 419-625-6567.

  19. How Much Does an Elks Club Membership Cost?

    The cost of an Elks Club Membership depends on the application fee which is anywhere between $60 and $85, and an annual fee that will start at around $40 and will go up to more than $550. For the initiation fee, you will have to pay between $60 and more than $1,050. The cost of the initiation fee will be affected significantly by the ...