The Wraith are the dominate race in the Pegasus galaxy.

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The Wraith can suck the life force from a living being, causing them to appear to rapidly age before dying. ( SGA : " Rising ") They inject an enzyme into their victims as they feed on them, which strengthens their victims temporarily so the shock of being fed on doesn't instantly kill them. ( SGA : " Poisoning the Well ", " The Siege, Part 3 ") The enzyme comes from a sac in the right arm. ( SGA : " Runner ") They do not have inhibiting proteins which allow their cells to regenerate easily and their regeneration ability is directly porportional to how recently they fed. ( SGA : " Rising ", " The Defiant One ") They are difficult to kill, being able to survive being shot and regenerating. They can make nearby humans hallucinate things to get them to reveal themselves. The Wraith queens are a different subset of the species. ( SGA : " Rising ") They can resist attacks from Tasers and Stun grenades but are susceptible to their own stun weapons. ( SGA : " Suspicion ") The Wraith seem to be only able to feed on humans, as well as Lanteans and their own kind. ( SGA : " Poisoning the Well ", " The Defiant One ") They can last for several weeks without feeding, but soon became weaker and can collapse. ( SGA : " Poisoning the Well ", " Miller's Crossing ") They are capable of living for over 10,000 years provided enough food is provided for them. ( SGA : " The Defiant One ") They can communicate with one another through a pyschic network that can project across light years . ( SGA : " The Gift ") Their feeding hand becomes attached when they feed and is difficult to remove. ( SGA : " The Siege, Part 3 ") When young, Wraith sustain themselves with regular food but as they reach adolescent they need to begin feeding on people. ( SGA : " Instinct ") Wraith retain their digestive system and can consume regular food for pleasure but it does not sustain them. ( SGA : " Condemned ") Wraith can work together to telepathically communicate over much larger distances than they usually can. ( SGA : " Misbegotten ") They can return life taken from humans, restoring them from the point of death. ( SGA : " Common Ground ")

The Wraith have spaceship technology with Hive ships , Cruisers and Darts . ( SGA : " Rising ", " Letters From Pegasus ") They also have stun weapons as well as explosives . ( SGA : " Suspicion ", " The Defiant One ")

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, terminally ill Wraith used to let Iratus bug queens feed on them to restore them to perfect health, which usually resulted in the Wraith's death. ( SGA : " Infection ") The Wraith were encountered by the Lanteans and the two went to war . ( SGA : " Rising ") They overpowered Lantean ships and obtained Zero Point Modules which they used to clone thousands of new soldiers to overwhelm their enemy. ( SGA : " Spoils of War ") The Wraith began taking over all Lantean territory until only Atlantis remained and the Wraith tried to get through the shield but could not. ( SGA : " Rising ") They soon after encountered the Asurans but luckily disabled the directive that made them attack Wraith. ( SGA : " Reunion ") They came into contact with the Vanir and destroyed their intergalactic ships. ( SGA : " The Lost Tribe ") In 2004 the Wraith were asleep and were woken up when the Keeper was killed. ( SGA : " Rising ") At least 60 Hive ships became active. ( SGA : " Underground ") The Wraith began culling worlds. ( SGA : " Thirty-Eight Minutes ") The Hoffans created a drug that prevented the Wraith from feeding on them and wanted to spread it to other worlds. ( SGA : " Poisoning the Well ")

After learning of Earth and the billions of humans there, they sent some Hive ships to attack Atlantis, knowing that it could lead them to Earth. ( SGA : " The Gift ") The Wraith had one of their Hive ships destroyed in the Lantean System but the other two arrived and attacked Atlantis. The other two were destroyed and the Cruisers fled to alert the other Wraith. Twelve more Hive ships headed to Atlantis, with two destroyed by the Daedalus along the way. When they learned that Atlantis was going to be destroyed they stopped their attack, not wanting to help destroy the city. But after a Nuclear bomb was launched, nothing of the city remained so the Wraith left. ( SGA : " The Siege, Part 1 ", " The Siege, Part 2 ", " The Siege, Part 3 ") The Wraith began being very territorial with one another. ( SGA : " The Lost Boys ") The Wraith came under attack from the Asurans again who started to destroy human populations as a weapon against the Wraith. ( SGA : " Lifeline ", " Reunion ", " The Seer ") Several Hives took part in an attack on Asuras to stop the Asurans. ( SGA : " Be All My Sins Remember'd ") With the Asurans destroyed, the Wraith split back into factions. ( SGA : " Spoils of War ")

Known Wraith

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Alternate Realities

  • In an alternate reality , the Wraith learned the location of Earth and a Hive ship was sent to attack but they were destroyed in orbit. ( SGA : " Vegas ")

Alternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline , Michael Kenmore used the Hoffan drug to taint the Wraith's food supply, causing them to fight one another and he used his hybrids to defeat them. ( SGA : " The Last Man ")

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Stargate: Who Are The Wraith?

Get to know the Wraith, a relentless alien force that haunted viewers with their insatiable hunger in Stargate Atlantis.

The Wraith emerged as the primary antagonistic alien species in Stargate Atlantis . From their first appearance in the show's pilot episode, "Rising," they captivated viewers and brought a chilling allure to the series.

In the early seasons, the Wraith dominated the Pegasus Galaxy, displaying an insatiable hunger and unyielding dominion. They decimated civilizations, reducing them to dust, and mercilessly feasted upon the life force of their victims. This cosmic struggle added an irresistible allure to Stargate Atlantis , transforming the narrative into a spine-tingling odyssey. Just who were these villains, and what were the goals of their villainy?

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Background and Origin

The Wraith, humanoid in form but insect-like in behavior and hive-based existence , originated from a disturbing union between humans and the ancient Iratus bug. This encounter forever altered their existence. When Major John Sheppard encountered the Iratus bug, a parasitic creature that attached itself to his neck, a chilling revelation unfolded. The Wraith soldier pursuing Sheppard abandoned him, aware of his impending fate. It seemed they understood the Iratus bug's thirst for life force, shown in the SGA episode "Thirty-Eight Minutes."

Through scientific inquiry into Atlantis, the theory emerged that the Iratus bugs, once a source of sustenance for humans, underwent a metamorphosis, resulting in the birth of the hybrid species known as the Wraith. The Wraith's physical appearance reflects their insectoid heritage. Their waxy skin, colored pale teal or white, is an eerie canvas for their long, white hair. Their visage is completed by translucent yellow teeth, pointed and menacing, which reflect their persistent hunger. Armed with exceptional martial prowess, they strike fear into the hearts of their adversaries.

The most frightening aspect of the Wraith is that their sustenance lies in the essence of human life force. Only humans or similar beings, such as the Ancients or Lanteans , possess the nourishment that can satisfy the Wraith's appetite. Their unyielding hunger often drives them to cannibalism. In "Thirty-Eight Minutes," Dr. Carson Beckett proposes a connection between the arrival of the Ancients in the Pegasus galaxy and the evolution of the Wraith. Dr. Elizabeth Weir discovers linguistic ties between the Wraith and the Ancient civilization, leading to the speculation that the Ancients may have contributed to the development of the Wraith, spreading humanity on worlds that were once inhabited by the Iratus bugs.

Lantean Vs. Wraith

The Lanteans, descendants of the Ancients who had fled their dying Milky Way, unwittingly bore the responsibility for the existence of the Wraith. Initially, the Lanteans held the upper hand in the war, with their advanced ships dominating the celestial stage. Their confidence led them deeper into Wraith territory. However, the tides turned swiftly. Through great sacrifice and significant cost, the Wraith managed to capture Lantean warships and the coveted Zero Point Modules that powered them. This dramatic turn of events , documented in the episode "Spoils of War," unveiled the Wraith's secret weapon: a cloning facility that multiplied their numbers and shifted the balance of power in their favor.

Like an unstoppable tide, the Wraith surged forward, devouring the territories once held by the Lanteans. They faced mighty weapons and impregnable outposts, determined to dismantle their enemy. The struggle extended for years until only Atlantis remained. In the SGA episodes "The Defiant One" and "Before I Sleep," a desperate Lantean delegation ventured forth, hoping to negotiate a truce. Shielded by formidable warships, they believed they could withstand the Wraith's onslaught. However, their optimism shattered when the Wraith's massive fleet ambushed them, obliterating their hopes and dreams.

After that fateful battle, the fate of Atlantis hung by a fragile thread. The Wraith tightened their grip, laying siege to the once-mighty capital for a grueling century. Like a beast sinking its teeth into its prey, they gnawed away at Atlantis. It was a protracted struggle, a clash of ancient titans echoing through time. Thus, the haunting tale of the Lanteans and the Wraith came to an end. In the desolate corridors of Atlantis, the echoes of their war still reverberate, a reminder of a civilization on the brink of annihilation. The Wraith emerged triumphant, forever etching their name in the annals of cosmic conquest.

Encounter With The Tau'ri

The Wraith would abduct their prey and retreat into a dormant slumber. This gruesome pattern persisted for 10,000 years until the arrival of the Atlantis expedition disrupted the status quo. Led by Major John Sheppard and Lt. Aiden Ford, a daring rescue mission was launched to retrieve their captive compatriots from the Wraith homeworld. In the heart-pounding three-part episode titled "Siege," the Tau'ri and the Ancients, with their combined might, struck a devastating blow against the Wraith forces. Forced to abandon their stronghold on Planet Lantea, the Wraith sought sustenance from the dwindling population of scattered humans in the galaxy.

However, upon Atlantis' return to the Pegasus galaxy after six long months, a new figure emerged from the shadows of the Wraith hierarchy: Queen Death. As a formidable "queen of queens," she united the fractured hive ships under her iron grip, leaving no resistance. This chilling revelation came to light as the Atlantis expedition uncovered her guidance behind the kidnapping of the brilliant Doctor Rodney McKay , transforming him into one of their own in exchange for coveted ZPM technology and limited shield capabilities. Yet, hope flickered amidst the darkness. McKay was rescued, and a new alliance formed under the leadership of Guide and the enigmatic Teyla Emmagan.

A decisive battle loomed over the very planet where the Wraith originated, as Queen Death's alliance clashed with the united forces opposing her reign. Teyla, wielding her own brand of justice, struck the final blow, bringing Queen Death to a grisly end. However, the truth revealed itself in the aftermath. A puppet master named Ashes, the last surviving original Wraith , had manipulated Queen Death and her alliance. Driven by an insatiable thirst for revenge against the long-gone Ancients, Ashes faced justice at the hands of Queens Alabaster and Waterlight. They ensured that he paid for his treacherous actions in the gripping episode "Legacy."

With the consequences of Death's defeat rippling through the galaxy in the climactic Stargate Atlantis episode "Inheritors," a fragile peace descended upon the remnants of the Wraith. A treaty was forged, relinquishing half of the Pegasus galaxy to the Tau'ri. This newfound harmony was made possible by the creation of a revolutionary retrovirus. The retrovirus strengthened human physiology while providing sustenance to the Wraith, forging an unsettling symbiotic relationship where feeding on humans was no longer an automatic death sentence for the prey.

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The Wraith are an alien race encountered by the Atlantis Expedition Team when they went on their first off-world mission in search of a power source for the city-ship Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy. They were introduced in the series premiere of Stargate Atlantis , "Rising".

Stargate References

Origin, physiology, and development.

When the Ancients arrived in the Pegasus Galaxy, they had just left the Milky Way after creating a second generation of humanity after a plague swept through and devastated their advanced human population. This event happened five to ten million years ago. A holographic recording made by an Atlantian Ancient from 10,000 years ago said that the Ancients had settled in Pegasus "in the hope of spreading new life in a galaxy where there appeared to be none." ( Stargate Atlantis : 1.01 "Rising Part 1")

The story goes on to reveal that the human worlds prospered thereafter. The Ancients stayed in the galaxy hoping to exchange friendship and knowledge with these new societies. During these millions of years, however, another new life form was also evolving: the Wraith. The evolution of the Wraith was the result of the Ancients' having introduced humanity to the galaxy, so, basically, the Wraith were accidentally created by the Ancients. An insect-arachnid type of "bug" called the Iratus Bug fed on humans and the DNA from both species began to blend. The Wraith, as a result of this blending of genetic material, are humanoids who still require humans as a food source. They use sucker-like organs in the palms of their right hands to drain a human of his life force, leaving behind a shell of a body that appears to have been aged and dried out completely. ( Stargate Atlantis : 1.01 "Rising Part 1", 1.02 "Rising Part 2", 1.04 "Thirty-Eight Minutes", 2.07 "Instinct")

The Wraith have genetic tendencies from both the Iratus Bug and Humanity. Their external appearance is very human-like, and their young eat food just like a normal human. However, after reaching a certain age, perhaps near puberty, the ingestion of normal food stuffs no longer provides the nutrition a Wraith needs as the Iratus tendencies become more dominant. They must suck the life from a human in order to survive. The actual act of feeding on a human provides the Wraith with an incredible sense of pleasure and satisfaction as it is replenished. As a Wraith feeds on a human, it injects an enzyme from a sack in its feeding arm that increases the victim's strength, thus giving the Wraith greater satisfaction with the feeding. Some Wraith have actually made humans who demonstrate a strong will to live on their own into prey in a ritual hunt. These human prey, called "runners", are hunted down with the use of tracking devices and once caught, give the hunting Wraith extreme gratification and a big ego boost when fed upon. ( Stargate Atlantis : 1.07 "Poisoning the Well", 2.03 "Runner", 2.05 "Condemned", 2.07 "Instinct")

Wraith have also inherited strong regenerative powers from their Iratus ancestors. Each individual can live for thousands of years if it hibernates and feeds regularly. The Wraith Queen who led in the siege on Atlantis during the war with the Ancients 10,000 years ago survived her ship's crash by feeding on her crew and hibernating. Another Wraith survived the crash of his cargo ship that carried human food during the war by feeding on the cargo and his fellow crewmates. A Wraith's strength and regenerative capabilities are directly proportional to the amount of feeding he has recently done. Conventional weapons have very little effect on a Wraith that has recently fed. If a Wraith, however, is weakened with hunger, he can be taken down with several bullets. ( Stargate Atlantis : 1.01 "Rising Part 1", 1.02 "Rising Part 2", 1.12 "The Defiant One", 3.18 "Submersion")

Because they are a hive-based race, the Wraith have telepathic links with each other. They also have the ability to connect with human minds for interrogation, as well as to fool them with false phantom-like images. These phantom-like images are most likely how the name "Wraith" was applied to the species, since a wraith is, by definition, a "visible spirit". ( Stargate Atlantis : 1.01 "Rising Part 1")

Not much is known about Wraith reproduction, but their society is very insect-like: They live in "hives" and have a queen as their leader. She produces the genetic material necessary to continue their race, which grow in large cocoon-like structures. There are three types of Wraith, similar to there being three types of bees that live in a hive: one queen, soldier drones (which appear to be male), and male leaders. The soldier drones never speak and wear bony masks to hide their grotesque faces. The male leaders are highly intelligent and are the ones who pilot the hive ships, plan strategies, conduct scientific research, and engineer advanced technologies. Their allegiance is to the queen of their hive, but there have been some instances when a hive functions under a male leader when there is no queen. ( Stargate Atlantis : 3.04 "Sateda", 4.11 "Be All My Sins Remember'd Part 2", 4.12 "Spoils of War")

In addition to the insect-like society of the Iratus Bug, the Wraith have inherited arachnid-like tendencies. The Iratus Bug is very similar to a tick or a spider that attaches itself to its prey and sucks the life right out of it. The Iratus also spins webs into which it entraps its prey and keeps that prey sedated and alive by wrapping it in a cocoon for later feeding. The Wraith have similar tendencies through the life-sucking organ in their feeding arms, the injection of the enzyme in preparing the meal, and the wrapping of humans in cocoon-like structures for later feeding. The Wraith have also developed stunning weapons that paralyze their victims, but they remain awake and aware, thus giving the Wraith the maximum sustenance that a resisting human has to offer. A human can be fed upon multiple times before dying as long as there is a minimum of three hours between the Wraith's "snacks". A human's life, however, can be extinguished in less than a minute if a Wraith so chooses. And remarkably, if the Wraith so chooses, the human's life can be returned to him. The "gift of life", the giving of life back to one who has been fed upon, is usually reserved for Wraith worshippers or Wraith brethren, but it has also been used as a form of torture, including the act of repeated take-and-give in converting a human into a worshipper. A human who is given his life back by a Wraith feels pleasure as his life is being restored and develops an addiction to the enzyme. Only the strongest of humans are converted through this method (also referred to as "reverse feeding") as the process usually proves fatal for the weak. Withdrawal from the enzyme that is injected into the human's system is incredibly painful, but it is possible to break the Wraith's control. ( Stargate Atlantis : 1.01 "Rising Part 1", 1.02 "Rising Part 2", 1.04 "Thirty-Eight Minutes", 1.07 "Poisoning the Well", 3.07 "Common Ground", 4.03 "Reunion", 4.05 "Travelers", 5.03 "Broken Ties")

The Wraith inherited the intelligence and agility of their human ancestors. They derived their language from the Ancients' own language and their technology is extremely advanced, but has some limitations, the primary weakness being that they don't have intergalactic hyperdrive technology. Their technology is organically-based, which also contributes to its weaknesses, but at the same time allows their starships to repair or regenerate themselves. It was discovered that the Wraith build their hive ships by exposing a human to a pathogen, using the human's mind and body as the base components of the hive's core systems. The human's body is completely overtaken by the hive's growth, but if caught early enough, a phage developed by Dr. Carson Beckett's clone kills the infection and restores the human to his/her pre-infected condition without any apparent side effects. ( Stargate Atlantis : 1.01 "Rising Part 2", 1.18 "The Gift", 5.02 "The Seed")

The Ancient-Wraith War

The Ancient hologram that greeted the Expedition upon their arrival 10,000 years after the Ancients left Atlantis told of why the Wraith won the war: "Then one day our people stepped foot upon a dark world where a terrible enemy slept. Never before had we encountered beings with powers that rivaled our own. In our over-confidence, we were unprepared and outnumbered. The enemy fed upon defenseless human worlds like a great scourge until finally only Atlantis remained." ( Stargate Atlantis : 1.01 "Rising Part 1")

During the hundred-year war with the Wraith, the Ancients sent their heavily-armed Aurora-class starships deep into the Wraith's territory. Three of these ships were captured by the Wraith and their Zero Point Modules (ZPMs) were used to power a cloning facility where the Wraith produced an extraordinarily large army of their drones (masked soldiers). The Wraith's ability to clone their soldiers is another indication of their advanced technology, but this advancement had a major drawback: they had to find more worlds on which to feed to satisfy their greater numbers. Since they had taken all of the human worlds of Pegasus, they needed to find another galaxy, but they couldn't get there in their hive ships (no intergalactic hyperdrives meant that they had to stop periodically to regenerate and to feed, but there are no planets in the vast void between galaxies). The Wraith besieged Atlantis because it had the only Stargate capable of dialing to another galaxy: to Earth, specifically. Atlantis also had a massive database that could provide the Wraith with the information they needed to build intergalactic hyperdrives. (10.03 "The Pegasus Project"; Stargate Atlantis : 1.02 "Rising Part 2", 1.15 "Before I Sleep", 1.18 "The Gift", 2.06 "Trinity", 3.20 "First Strike Part 1", 4.12 "Spoils of War")

Finally, the hologram told about the end of the Ancient-Wraith war: "This city's great shield was powerful enough to withstand their terrible weapons but here we were besieged for many years. In an effort to save the last of our kind, we submerged our great city into the ocean. The Atlantis Stargate was the one and only link back to Earth from this galaxy, and those who remained used it to return to that world that was once home. There, the last survivors of Atlantis lived out the remainder of their lives. This city was left to slumber, in the hope that our kind would one day return." ( Stargate Atlantis : 1.01 "Rising Part 1")

Some of the Ancients who fled to Earth became part of its primitive societies (perhaps also infusing their Ancient gene into the genome), and others secluded themselves to achieve ascension, the shedding of the physical body to live as a form of energy on a higher plane of existence as Ascended Beings. The Wraith must have determined that their final victory was when they destroyed the last of the Ancients' transports as it approached Atlantis because the city itself remained untouched after the last of the Ancients abandoned it as it sat shielded on the bottom of the ocean (on the planet known as Lantia). (10.03 "The Pegasus Project"; Stargate Atlantis : 1.01 "Rising Part 1", 1.15 "Before I Sleep")

But even after the Ancients left Pegasus, their efforts in the war against the Wraith had not ended: There was a technological legacy that remained that caused the Wraith problems. During the war to fight off the Wraith, the Ancients developed nanites that would kill a Wraith from within. These tiny machines were programmed not to harm Ancients, but when they advanced on their own, taking on the human form of their creators, they apparently went after the Wraith by attacking their food source: human populations. It is speculated that the Asurans, as these artificial life forms came to be called, developed a nanovirus that caused brain aneurysms directly above the visual cortex in the human victims. The Ancients tried to exterminate the Asurans by bombarding their homeworld Asuras, but a few nanites remained that eventually rebuilt their society over a period of time. After the Ancients left Atlantis, the Asurans had developed enough to resume their primary programming: to go after the Wraith. A modern-day Wraith told of the story of the Asurans: "Many thousands of years ago [we deactivated the attack code]. We had defeated the Ancients — the galaxy was ours, and then these things appeared. They are an abomination. They’re not even alive. They are machines. Machines can be reprogrammed." The Wraiths' reprogramming stopped the Asurans from attacking them, but the Asuran society continued to grow and develop in isolation. ( Stargate Atlantis : 1.13 "Hot Zone", 3.05 "Progeny", 4.03 "Reunion", 4.08 "The Seer")

The Arrival of the Expedition

The Ancients themselves didn't return to Atlantis as they had hoped, but their "kind" did when the Atlantis Expedition arrived 10,000 years later. Their arrival, however, caused the city-ship's power to deplete to the point that the shield began to fail. They realized that they needed to find more Zero Point Modules to power the city-ship and the Stargate to return back to Earth, so they sent out a team to a planet in the Stargate network. Their first off-world mission to the planet Athos resulted in their being captured by the Wraith during one of their "cullings". The Expedition found out later that their arrival on Athos had been detected by the Wraith when Maj. John Sheppard, a possessor of the strongest form of the Ancient gene that could activate Ancient technology, touched a pendant that was designed by the Wraith to detect Ancients. ( Stargate Atlantis : 1.01 "Rising Part 1", 1.02 "Rising Part 2", 1.05 "Suspicion")

Sheppard led a rescue mission to retrieve the captured Athosians, including their leader Teyla Emmagan who would later join Sheppard's team, and other Expedition members once they determined the Stargate address of the Wraith's retreat. They found their captured comrades inside a large facility that was full of hibernating Wraith (later discovered to have been a hive ship that had been on the planet so long that trees had grown on top of it). While they hibernate, sometimes for centuries, the Wraith are watched over by a Keeper, a female Wraith. The Keeper was in the process of torturing the military leader of the Expedition, Col. Marshall Sumner, for information on how to get to Earth when Sumner gave Sheppard permission to kill him so that the Keeper would not obtain any more information. Sheppard shot a single round into Sumner's heart while the Keeper fed on him. ( Stargate Atlantis : 1.01 "Rising Part 1", 1.02 "Rising Part 2", 1.04 "Thirty-Eight Minutes")

The Keeper and Sheppard engaged in a struggle after Sumner's death, and Sheppard killed her. Before her last breath, she told him that he had awakened all of the Wraith with her death. Just like the Ancients before them, the Atlantis Expedition "set foot upon a dark world where a terrible enemy slept" and woke up all of the Wraith at once. ( Stargate Atlantis : 1.02 "Rising Part 2")

The ten thousand years between these two awakenings had given the Wraith time to create a culling schedule so that not all Wraith were awake at once to feed. Only a few decades would pass before a world full of human life could be culled, giving them very little time to develop advanced weapons or other technologies to have any kind of a chance at overcoming their enemy. These civilizations chose different paths to survive, and many times, some sacrificed their own lives to appease the Wraiths' hunger. Other civilizations, such as the Genii, fought back by living two types of lives: one of a lowly agrarian society on the surface and one of a scientifically advanced military power underground. Unfortunately, some of these human societies had internal struggles of their own that meant that the society as a whole was weakened and prime for total annihilation. ( Stargate Atlantis : 1.06 "Childhood's End", 1.07 "Poisoning the Well", 1.08 "Underground", 2.05 "Condemned", 3.04 "Sateda", 3.16 "The Ark", 4.18 "The Kindred Part 1")

But, with all of the Wraith awakened at once, the food supply became limited. The Wraith broke into factions led by queens, and the queens became rivals, plunging the Wraith into a civil war. They tried all types of tactics to defeat each other, sometimes forming a seeming alliance, then quickly betrayed each other. The Expedition played a major role in trying to save the human worlds being fought over, as well as Atlantis itself because of the technology it harbors. The major weaknesses of the Ancients during the first Wraith war was their arrogance and their over-confidence in their own technology, but now, the Expedition uses that same technology, plus their creative, yet crude, innovations to combat the Wraith. This war, however, has only just begun. ( Stargate Atlantis : 2.11 "The Hive Part 2", 2.20 "Allies Part 1")

The New War Against the Wraith

To read more about the war between the Atlantis Expedition and the Wraith, visit the companion article: Wraith: The New War .

Wraith Starships

Notable characters, michael kenmore.

  • A false alliance with the Expedition ended in betrayal as the Wraith obtained valuable technical information about hyperdrive engines and the location of Earth in the Milky Way.
  • Within the Wraith themselves, various hives will gather in an alliance, but sometimes these result in one or both hives' mutual destruction.
  • Humans of both the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies are now at risk because the Wraith are extremely hungry and are looking for new feeding grounds. The over six billion lives on Earth are incredibly tempting for them. The Atlantis Expedition Team and the SGC have led in the fight against the Wraith, hoping to keep the location of Earth a secret. Prominant human groups actively involved in the fight against the Wraith in the Pegasus Galaxy include the Athosians, Genii, and Travelers.

Stargate SG-1

  • 10.03 "The Pegasus Project"

Stargate Atlantis

  • 1.01 "Rising Part 1"
  • 1.02 "Rising Part 2"
  • 1.04 "Thirty-Eight Minutes"
  • 1.05 "Suspicion"
  • 1.06 "Childhood's End"
  • 1.07 "Poisoning The Well"
  • 1.08 "Underground"
  • 1.12 "The Defiant One"
  • 1.13 "Hot Zone"
  • 1.15 "Before I Sleep"
  • 1.18 "The Gift"
  • 2.03 "Runner"
  • 2.04 "Duet"
  • 2.05 "Condemned"
  • 2.06 "Trinity"
  • 2.07 "Instinct"
  • 2.11 "The Hive Part 2"
  • 2.18 "Michael"
  • 2.20 "Allies Part 1"
  • 3.01 "No Man's Land Part 2"
  • 3.02 "Misbegotten Part 3"
  • 3.04 "Sateda"
  • 3.05 "Progeny"
  • 3.07 "Common Ground"
  • 3.16 "The Ark"
  • 3.18 "Submersion"
  • 3.19 "Vengeance"
  • 3.19 "First Strike Part 1"
  • 4.03 "Reunion"
  • 4.05 "Travelers"
  • 4.07 "Missing"
  • 4.08 "The Seer"
  • 4.09 "Miller's Crossing"
  • 4.11 "Be All My Sins Remember'd Part 2"
  • 4.12 "Spoils Of War"
  • 4.18 "The Kindred Part 1"
  • 4.19 "The Kindred Part 2"
  • 4.20 "The Last Man Part 1"
  • 5.01 "Search And Rescue Part 2"
  • 5.02 "The Seed"
  • 5.03 "Broken Ties"

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Claw fighter, wasp bomber, hornet bomber, shadow fighter, heavy transport, tyrant corvette, harbinger cruiser, accerum destroyer, manta artillery ship, iratus battlecruiser.

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Todd 001

"Todd" is a Wraith with whom the Atlantis Expedition has made contact several times. He first appeared in 2006, returning in subsequent years. He is distinguished by a starburst-shaped tattoo centered around his left eye. He formally introduces his "name" as "Todd" and while his real name is unknown, he was named "Todd" by Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard after a guy he knew from college who was very pale. ( ATL : " Common Ground ", " The Seer ", " Spoils of War ") He is currently in the custody of the Atlantis Expedition on Earth after again seeking help from them against a common threat .

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Biography [ ]

Before his capture, Todd was a Wraith of some political standing; after being freed he is in loose command of about a dozen Hive Ships (out of at least sixty in the galaxy), and these had remained loyal to him during his imprisonment, implying that he used to command even more, most probably because he is at least 10,000 years old. ( ATL : " The Lost Tribe "). He notes that his time spent in Commander Kolya 's prison diminished his standing among the Wraith, further supporting the notion that he held a great deal of influence beforehand. He's also an adept scientist, having a significant understanding of nanite coding as well as Wraith technology.

When first introduced, "Todd" (then unnamed) first appeared as a prisoner of the Genii forces loyal to Commander Acastus Kolya . As part of their plan to get the Atlantis Expedition to turn over Ladon Radim , the current leader of the Genii, Kolya threatens to have Todd periodically feed on, but not completely drain, Colonel John Sheppard . He was allowed to feed on Sheppard three times only for several seconds to force Elizabeth Weir to give him Ladon Radim , before they finally conspired together to escape the Genii prison; Sheppard having given Todd a new sense of hope. Working together, the two overpowered Kolya's guards and escaped, only to be cornered as they neared the Stargate . In order to gain the strength to fight them off, Todd almost completely drained Sheppard, leaving him barely alive but allowing Todd to easily kill the Genii soldiers approaching them. To repay Sheppard for freeing him, he drained the Genii soldiers he overpowered and used their life-force to regenerate Sheppard, an action which he referred to as the Gift of Life ; Doctor Rodney McKay even claimed that Sheppard looks younger than he did before. Sheppard, in return, left Todd on another planet to link up with his hive. Both he and Sheppard agreed to honor their deal of letting the other go with Sheppard warning Todd again that should they meet again, they would be enemies. Todd suggested that it would be good, for both their sakes, that they never meet again. ( ATL : " Common Ground ")

Todd returned a year later to forge an alliance with Atlantis Expedition against the Asurans , with whom the Wraith were now at war , while also informing Atlantis of the Asurans new strategy of wiping out every human in the galaxy to deprive the Wraith of a food supply. Since the efforts of the Atlantis personnel have rendered the Wraith's previous virus ineffective in shutting off the Asuran Wraith-attack command, he needs their help to adjust it, jokingly offering to secure their truce with a handshake. He was stranded on Atlantis after the Hive Ship which brought him is destroyed by another suspicious Hive.

He remained in custody on Atlantis for weeks, working with McKay on the nanite coding. He also agreed to help McKay in shutting down the nanites in Jeannie Miller 's body, but only after he was allowed to feed on the man who had infected Jeannie. During this time on Atlantis, he hacked McKay's computer and took the macro for the Carter-McKay Inter Galactic Gatebridge (which was later stolen from him), allowing the Wraith to later attack Midway Station and Stargate Command . ( ATL : " The Seer ", " Miller's Crossing ", " Midway ")

Todd secured his freedom when he convinced seven Wraith Hive Ships to join with Atlantis' two Daedalus-class battle cruisers and the Travelers on an assault of the Asuran homeworld . Todd used the battle as a distraction to steal several ZPMs from the planet before it was destroyed, in order to power a massive Wraith cloning facility , which he wanted to use to create his own Wraith army able to wipe out the rival Wraith factions. He was, however, betrayed and imprisoned by a rival hive, set to be fed upon by a Wraith Queen once he outlived his usefulness. Sheppard's team located his damaged ship and frees Todd, and together they destroy the facility by ramming it with the damaged Hive-Ship. He escaped this hive ship on a Dart separately from Sheppard's team. ( ATL : " Be All My Sins Remember'd ", " Spoils of War ")

Later, it was discovered that Todd provided information to a Wraith faction allowing them to attack the Midway station and Stargate Command, implying that he conducted espionage on the expedition during his stay in Atlantis, and that he is still alive. This is later confirmed when random outbreaks of a modified version of the Wraith-poisoning inoculation prompt Todd to arrange another collaboration in order to stop the threat to both races. When confronted with his apparent involvement in the Midway incident Todd admits to stealing information from McKay's laptop, but insists that the Wraith who planned the Midway occupation stole the information from him in turn. Given his shock over their accusation that he had something to do with this, he was likely telling the truth. ( ATL : " Midway ", " The Kindred, Part 1 ")

Some time after, Jennifer Keller found a gene therapy within Michael's database that should eliminate the Wraith 's need to feed on Humans again. The Expedition met with Todd to discuss this major discovery. He told them that although he saw the benefits of the endeavor, in order to disseminate the therapy with the other hives in the alliance they would need to convince the leader, the Primary queen. There was a slight problem to the plan—the Primary would only meet with another queen, and Todd's was killed a year ago when his Hive Ship was destroyed. However, the Primary did not know this. He then proposed a plan in which Teyla Emmagan , being a Wraithkin , could pose as a queen for the dealings. She agreed and the two set off to meet with the Primary's hive ship and the queen. As soon as they were onboard, the ship jumped into hyperspace, surprising Todd and Teyla. The Primary met them soon after, but Todd killed her almost immediately and told Teyla to take the blame. After a brief confrontation with the hive's commander , Teyla was made the new queen. She then ordered the ship to drop out of hyperspace. Meanwhile, Todd's second in command and the Atlantis team were pursuing them in Todd's own hive ship. They arrived at the last known position of Todd's tracking device , but Teyla's hive had already moved to confront a rival hive at one of their feeding grounds. Todd recommended to Teyla that she should negotiate with the other hive, but instead she opened fire on them. She deployed the Darts to face the brunt of the enemy fire, during which Todd remarked on how she is doing this intentionally, to kill Wraith on both sides.

Sheppard and his team had left Todd's hive in their Gateship , and they arrived at the battle through the Stargate quickly enough to destroy the enemy ship with drones and board Teyla's hive, but were stunned and captured. Teyla came to their cell and explained the situation, but the hive's original commander overheard their conversation. He attacked Teyla in her quarters and was about to kill her when Todd intervened and killed the commander. Shortly after, she left the ship with the other team members on the Gateship. Todd was left in command of the ship, and with Teyla giving him full authority, effectively lead the Wraith alliance. The team later commented on how it could have been his intention all along. ( ATL : " The Queen ")

Some time later, Todd's hive ship and two of his Wraith cruisers rendezvoused with the Daedalus so he could come onboard and work with Keller on the gene therapy drug.

Meanwhile, the Atlantis Expedition discovered the Lantean , Janus ' secret lab in Atlantis . The Drs . Rodney McKay and Daniel Jackson unknowingly activated a signal alerting the rogue Asgard faction, the Vanir , of their location. The Vanir then infiltrated Atlantis and kidnapped Daniel Jackson and Rodney McKay with the intention of activating the " Attero Device ", which destroys any Wraith ship going into hyperspace as well as making active stargates explode with the power of a dozen nuclear warheads.

While Todd and Keller were working, his cruisers attempted to go into hyperspace and were disintegrated, leading Todd to assume that the Atlantis Expedition had located and deliberately activated the device. Believing he was betrayed, Todd hijacked the Daedalus and set off to destroy it. At the same time, the device destroyed both Atlantis' stargate and another gate near a Traveler settlement, the former being controlled by the gate shield and the latter obliterating the settlement and killing three thousand Travelers as well as destroying their Lantean warship . As a result of this, Katana Labrea was sent by Larrin to Atlantis to find the cause of the explosion. Because Todd would probably destroy the lab with McKay and Jackson still in it, Sheppard and Radek Zelenka came onboard Katana's ship in an effort to get there first and rescue them. Ronon Dex , who was still on the ship, sabotaged the Daedalus' systems, delaying Todd.

Three Vanir starships , the hijacked Daedalus and Katana's ship confronted each other around the planet M6H-987 , where the device was. Ronon freed the Daedalus' original crew and they stormed the bridge, only to find that Todd had locked the Daedalus into a collision course with the device. Soon after, Todd and his Wraith escaped the vessel in their shuttle . The Traveler ship managed to open a hyperspace window to save the Daedalus and its helpless crew, then destroyed Janus' lab and the Attero device with its weapons. ( ATL : " First Contact ", " The Lost Tribe ")

Todd was forced to work with the Expedition once again when his Hive appeared in orbit over M35-117 where Atlantis was floating. He had stolen the experimental drug created by Jennifer Keller . It took away his ability to feed but also gave him a disease, like cancer. The disease spread to his Hive Ship when in symbiosis with the crew during stasis. His warriors turned feral and tried to eat several humans, while the hive's systems behaved erratically. Todd told the team that being fed on by an Iratus bug queen could reverse the effects of the disease and that there was a planet three days' journey away inhabited by the insects. Sheppard rejected the suggestion because the ship was too damaged to make a hyperspace journey. After a short altercation between the two, Todd was imprisoned in a holding cell on the hive. Soon though, the ship could no longer handle the strain and broke in half, with the team in the forward section, which began to fall towards M35-117's surface. With no other choice left, Sheppard asked Todd to help him in exchange for allowing him to seek an Iratus queen to cure himself. Todd successfully landed the front portion of the hive on water, saving them. Sheppard told Richard Woolsey to let him go find his cure. He was released and left Atlantis on good terms. ( ATL : " Infection ")

Later he contacted Atlantis revealing that, though the process was extremely painful, the Iratus bug had completely cured him of the horrid disease, also reversing the gene therapy causing him to turn back into a normal Wraith. He also told them that he had been defeated by one of his crew, who had gotten his hands on several Zero Point Modules , a vast power source that can strenghten a Hive greatly. He was allowed back to Atlantis , but was held in a cell. The wraith who had betrayed Todd was on his way to Earth having received the coordinates from a subspace transmission from an alternate reality. Therefore, Todd provided the expedition with two ZPMs so it could fly to Earth and battle the Hive before it attacked. Atlantis landed on Earth after the Hive had been destroyed and Todd was still in custody. ( ATL : " Enemy at the Gate ", " Vegas ")

Personality [ ]

Todd's personality is unusual for a natural pure-blooded Wraith . He is reasonable, surprisingly loyal, and to a degree quite honorable, usually keeping his bargains. He is far more willing to make compromises and deals with humans, and acts far less arrogantly in their presence, serving in many ways as the Wraith version of the Goa'uld System Lord Yu , as both were willing to work with Earth 's forces to achieve mutual goals. He regards the Atlantis Expedition with neutrality, knowing that they are more useful as occasional allies than enemies. He also seems to care about the collective good of the Wraith.

During his imprisonment with Sheppard , he commented that it would be worth escaping just to see the stars again, implying that he has a sense of beauty and appreciation of freedom. He also seems to regard the act of feeding as more of a necessity than an act of sadistic pleasure. He attempts to justify the Wraith's actions when it comes to feeding by comparing Wraith hunger to the pain of being burned alive. Notably, when he threatens to feed on the Daedalus crewmembers when Ronon begins sabotaging the ship, Ronon assumes he's bluffing, while this claim made by any other Wraith would be taken seriously. ( ATL : " The Lost Tribe ")

More recently, due to his continued presence among the Atlantis teams , he seems to have developed a grudging respect for the teams' various abilities. During Teyla 's telepathic struggle with a Queen , he is seen looking on with a degree of surprised admiration. It is unknown how much of his personality is due to his long imprisonment and contact with humans .

However, he is still very cunning and manipulative and does not hesitate to mislead or deceive the Atlantis expedition when he is working with them to serve his own ends. Most notably, he hacked into the Atlantis computer to find the Midway station's location (later resulting in its destruction) and kept his real plan secret when seeking Teyla's help in dealing with the Primary.

Alternate realities [ ]

  • In the alternate future Sheppard learned about Todd's final fate when he accidentally traveled 48,000 years into the future. It is revealed that Todd died fighting alongside Ronon Dex in an attempt to destroy one of Michael's research facilities. This is ironic in a poignant point of view, as Ronon had always held a begrudging resentment towards Todd since they first met. It is possible the two may have come to terms with one another, seeing as they had a common enemy to deal with at the time. ( ATL : " The Last Man ")
  • In another alternate reality Todd is seen in the captivity of the Tau'ri. He had been captured when his hive that had attacked Earth was destroyed and his dart had crashed. The Tau'ri kept him in a cell but hadn't fed him, which had made him delusional from starvation. This version of Todd seemed to be quite poetic. ( ATL : " Vegas ")

External links [ ]

  • Todd on the official MGM website.
  • GateWorld 's article on Todd in The Stargate Omnipedia

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Wraith supply ship

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Wraith supply ships are vessels which carry cocooned humans to other parts of the Wraith fleet . They are usually used when the Wraith are in a long battle, and need to be resupplied with humans to feed upon.

History [ ]

The Atlantis expedition discovered a crashed supply ship on the Light Bugs' Planet in the Lantean system , one which was intended to feed the Wraith battling the Lanteans who were defending Atlantis . ( SGA : " The Defiant One ")

The vessel isn't a class of its own, but is in fact a modified Wraith cruiser , as stated by Lt. Col. John Sheppard . ( SGA : " Critical Mass ")

In 2007 or 2008 , a crashed Wraith supply ship was discovered on M3T-211 by members of the Atlantis expedition. The humans held on board the ship escaped after the crash and killed all of the active Wraith onboard and set up their own civilization in some ruins on the planet. The ship was badly damaged to the point that the wreckage had little power and hundreds of the Wraith that survived in hibernation likely died trapped in their chambers as their support systems failed, suffocated or starved. When the Sea King started abducting people, the descendants of the humans who had escaped from the crashed ship decided to start sacrificing the surviving Wraith to them, awakening the Wraith one at a time, drugging children and having them feed on the children which then knocked the Wraith out. The crashed ship was discovered by members of the Atlantis expedition as the people awakened a Wraith warrior that was dubbed Buddy . Buddy escaped and boosted the ship's distress signal.

Dr. Rodney McKay managed to route power away from the distress beacon, but it proved to be too much for the ship's damaged systems which were unable to contain the bypass and created energy feedback. The feedback caused the supply ship's reactor to go critical, destroying the wrecked vessel and killing all of the remaining Wraith on board. ( SGA : " Bone Music ")

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