I'm the Killer (Killer Rap)

Scary movie music.

Na, na, na, na I'm gonna slash and gash Na, na, na, na Cut another hole in your ass Spill blood on the walls and play tennis with your balls If the phone rings Don't answer the call I'm gonna slit your throat, fuck you like a goat Peel your foreskin off and make a Winter coat. I'm a Denny's surprise I'll scoop out both of your eyes Na, na, na, na Scrape the meat off your thighs Leave your carcass for flies 'Cause everyone who meets up with me In the end Eventually dies. I'm the last thing you see I'll hang you from a tree Scare the shit out of you Then watch you pee. I'm the bad ass killer There ain't nobody iller You're ice cold dead 'Cause I'm the fucking chiller. I'm the bad ass killer There ain't nobody iller You're ice cold dead 'Cause I'm the fucking chiller. I'm gonna slice and dice 'Cause murder's my vice I'll stab you once, twice Maybe even thrice. Carve initials in your liver Make you quiver Deliver Yeah, that'd be nice. I'll dissect your heart Rip your entrails apart Hack off your head And that's just the start. I put the scary, scary movie Make people do a doobie Make them pee-pee up the place When they see my ugly face. You better keep alert or you'll be sleepin' in the dirt I've got a PhD in how to use my cutlery I make you kneel and squeal as I turn you to a beal You'll be squirtin' in your shorts And you're squirtin' crimson quarts. I'll chop the virgin beaver with my shiny butcher's cleaver Need your cries of fear It's music to my ears I cut off Oscar Meyer's wiener I stick it in a bun Slap on some pickle relish Ain't we having fun? I'm the bad ass killer There ain't nobody iller You're ice cold dead 'Cause I'm the fucking chiller. I'm the bad ass killer There ain't nobody iller You're ice cold dead 'Cause I'm the fucking chiller. I'm gonna cleave your gut Treat you like a slut Mutilate your organs And shove them up your butt. Haha! I'll slit you ear to ear You know what? Then I'll slam a beer. Saw off your toes Jam 'em in your nose Cut your tongue out Feed it to a trout Fry 'em in a pan Shoot it out my can Aim at your face Then you'll know your place. I promise you pain I'm totally insane I promise you pain I'm totally insane I promise you pain I'm totally insane. Now let me tell ya once again: I'm the bad ass killer There ain't nobody iller You're ice cold dead 'Cause I'm the fucking chiller. I'm the bad ass killer There ain't nobody iller You're ice cold dead 'Cause I'm the fucking chiller. I promise you pain I'm totally insane I promise you pain I'm totally insane I promise you pain. Like a scrotum Here it is in a nutshell!

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scary movie ghostface rap

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scary movie ghostface rap

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I'm the Killer (Killer Rap) lyrics - Lifelong f/ Incidnet

I'm the killer (killer rap) song lyrics.

scary movie ghostface rap

  • Scary Movie
  • I'm the Killer (Killer Rap) Lyrics

 Scary Movie  Album Cover

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Eminem - Scary Movie Lyrics

Artist: Eminem

Album: Conscience

scary movie ghostface rap

Yo, Slim Shady Yo, Royce 5 9 Y'all wanna make a movie? What We got the film right here What? Yeah, I'm one of them pretty rappers Buck if I really hafta, I really slap ya King of Detroit who they namin' the city after (What?) Scandalous partners, whose grammar hammers the hard shit Into your heart with, content, yo who wanna start with Experts, Bad and Evil is comin' soon MC's get stuck, head first back in they mother's womb This shit is written, in my eyes I'm the illest MC spittin' (What?) Leavin' all of you cats shittin' kittens I gotta diss you, my niggaz be cockin' pistols Shot and split you, fuck splittin' the profits with you (What?) Six percent, of y'all niggaz is just pretend Clicks with clits, pussy niggaz stink with dicks (What?) Niggaz act bully, and blast for the fast penny My auto is fully, plenty of niggaz packin' semi Speak darts, yo you get paid? Rhymin' about it is the sweet part You can't be street smart with a cheap heart Five Nine, a street nigga with deep feelin' (What?) I keep illin', my steez willin' to keep killin' (What?) Fuck rap, a lot of y'all all is just acts Trust that, you rhyme all wack on rough tracks Bust and then we all black when you get bust back at Fuck that, you get blast at, you get laughed at And I'ma spit thunder, stick to my guns (What?) Niggaz is finished before they gimmicks, one-hit wonders What? Big balls, that's why when I spit, your clique stalls I'ma pit bull, I'm just dog, I'm just raw (What?) Split y'all, holla, "It's on", then I diss y'all All of y'all niggaz get pissed on claimin' you pissed off Y'all want drama? Wanna make a scary movie? Rappers comin' in with they team and carry toolies You can jump right out of the screen and barely move me We hard-hittin', directin' and starrin' in it Y'all want drama? Wanna make a scary movie? Rappers comin' in with they team and carry toolies You can jump right out of the screen and barely move me We hard-hittin', directin' and starrin' in it The one man on the planet that'll drive off of the Grand Canyon Hop out of a Grand Am and land in it handstandin' Any man plannin' to battle will get snatched out of his clothes So fast it'll look like an invisible man standin' I'm headed for Hell, I'd rather be dead or in jail Bill Clinton, hit this, and you better inhale (Here) 'Cause any MC that chooses to go against me Is gettin' takin' advantage of like Monica Lewinsky (Leave me alone!) Came home in a frenzy, pushin' a ten speed Screamin' to Aunt Peg (Aunt Peg) With three spokes stickin' out of my pant leg Fuck a headache, give me a migraine Dammit I like pain And you should be anywhere that a mic ain't You rap knowin' you wack You act up and I'm throwin' you down a flight of steps Then I'm throwin' you back up 'em If they don't like the track, fuck 'em The rap struck 'em harder then gettin' hit by a Mack truck And then backed up on And any half-assed known rapper to trespass Better be ready for the second Celebrity Deathmatch (Ding ding!) So tell the medic to bring the medication and quickly (Hurry up man) I'm sicker than a Tupac dedication to Biggie I'm free-fallin' feet first out of a damn tree To stampede your chest 'til you can't breathe And when I'm down to my last breath I'ma climb the Empire State Building and get to the last step And still have half left Y'all want drama? Wanna make a scary movie? Rappers comin' in with they team and carry toolies You can jump right out of the screen and barely move me We hard-hittin', directin' and starrin' in it Y'all want drama? Wanna make a scary movie? Rappers comin' in with they team and carry toolies You can jump right out of the screen and barely move me We hard-hittin', directin' and starrin' in it Bad, the bad Uhh, when the bad meets the bad, yo The evil Take the evil with the evil Put 'em together What? Nine-nine Two times, Slim Shady, Royce the Five Nine

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scary movie ghostface rap

Ghostface still making Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox ‘Scream’ in relaunch’s new trailer

Two women standing up

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Ghostface is back and ready to make his victims run, bleed and — of course — scream in the new “Scream” trailer.

Released Tuesday, the preview features Wes Craven’s iconic horror-film antagonist terrorizing people who were related to the subversive franchise’s original killers.

And while 2022’s “Scream” installment features a new cast of tech-savvy Gen Z-ers, it also hails the return of the four-film series’ original stars (at least those whose characters survived): Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott, David Arquette’s lawman Dewey Riley and Courteney Cox’s journalist Gale Weathers.

scary movie ghostface rap

The fifth “Scream” is set 25 years after the streak of brutal murders shook up Woodsboro, and the new trailer opens with the scary-movie sequence reminiscent of the original films, which began with 1996’s “Scream.”

In it, an unsuspecting girl named Tara (Jenna Ortega) gets a landline call and corresponding text messages from the omniscient stalker — then sees her smart-phone tech turn against her as Ghostface emerges at her door to slash her belly.

But Sidney Prescott, “who’s been though this — a lot,” is on the case, bringing in her guns, wits and reluctant friends back to Woodsboro to face off with this latest slasher.

“Whatever his link is to our past, it’s pulled us all back here. And I won’t sleep until he’s in the ground,” she says, as the new killer racks up a body count in the trailer.

Horror filmmaker Wes Craven, famous for the "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Scream" pictures, in a photo for one of his nonhorror forays, 1999's "Music of the Heart."

Appreciation: Wes Craven was a master of genre and reinvention

Fittingly for someone so closely associated with two enduring, ongoing movies series, Wes Craven had a knack for reinvention.

Aug. 31, 2015

The person donning the white mask targets a group of teenagers “to resurrect secrets from the town’s deadly past,” according to Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group, which will release the long-gestating film on Jan. 14, 2022.

“Scream” is co-directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett and also stars Melissa Barrera, Kyle Gallner, Mason Gooding, Mikey Madison, Dylan Minnette, Jack Quaid, Marley Shelton, Jasmin Savoy Brown and Sonia Ammar.

Kevin Williamson, who created characters for the original four films and wrote three of them, serves as executive producer this time around. James Vanderbilt (“Zodiac,” “White House Down,” “Murder Mystery”) and Guy Busick (“Castle Rock,” “Ready or Not”) wrote the new script.

Only good movies

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scary movie ghostface rap

Nardine Saad covers breaking entertainment news, trending culture topics, celebrities and their kin for the Fast Break Desk at the Los Angeles Times. She joined The Times in 2010 as a MetPro trainee and has reported from homicide scenes, flooded canyons, red carpet premieres and award shows.

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Issa Lopez, the writer, director and showrunner of HBO's True Detective: Night Country" in Culver City on Jan. 4, 2024.

How a Sherlock Holmes obsession and personal loss informed Issa López’s ‘True Detective’

Jan. 15, 2024

Avantika Vandanapu, Angourie Rice, Reneé Rapp and Bebe Wood all wear pink blouses as they pose for a group selfie together.

‘Mean Girls’ makes theaters run pink once again as it sings its way to $28 million

Jan. 14, 2024

Peter Crombie as "Crazy" Joe Davola in "Seinfeld."

Peter Crombie, a classic comic menace on TV’s ‘Seinfeld,’ dies at 71

Jan. 13, 2024

Woman in purple tuxedo looking straight ahead

Commentary: The new ‘Mean Girls’ isn’t perfect. But it’s justice for Janis

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Ghostface (Scary Movie)

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Doofy Gilmore , also known as Ghostface or The Killer , is the main antagonist of the 2000 parody comedy film Scary Movie . He is a local young man in Stevenson County, California who feigned mental retardation and dresses up as a nefarious serial killer similar to the Ghostface killer from Scream . He is also the brother of Buffy Gilmore.

He was portrayed by Dave Sheridan .

  • 1 Biography
  • 2 Personality
  • 5 Navigation

Biography [ ]

Doofy is a mentally disabled employee and Buffy Gilmore's brother who works as an assistant for the Stevenson County Sheriff's Department where he is often mocked and teased by the regular officers. Reporter Gail Hailstorm flirts with Doofy in order to obtain information for her news report. He later accidentally reveals himself as her informant during a news broadcast.

At home, Doofy uses the vacuum cleaner to masturbate despite the fact his mother tells him not to do it. He is home with Cindy Campbell stays over and the Ghostface Killer calls her.

Cindy eventually realizes that Doofy is the original Ghostface killer that murdered Drew Decker, possibly because he was infatuated with her and she didn't return his feelings. It's also revealed he killed everyone else as well excluding Shorty who was killed by Bobby Prinze and Ray Wilkins with Doofy killing them and attempting to kill Cindy. Doofy, however, manages to escape town ahead of the police.

Doofy's mental disability is also revealed to be fake as Doofy is seen walking normally, ripping off his fake mustache and the top of his cop uniform, lighting a cigarette and hopping into a car with Gail and throwing his fake backpack out of the car.

Personality [ ]

Doofy is a severely intellectually disabled person with limited cognitive and social skills. At the time of the murders, he said he was almost twenty-six years (placing his birth in or around 1974). He works at the local Stevenson County Sheriff's Department as an assistant in some capacity, but he considers himself a police officer worthy of respect, even if the other officers treat him otherwise.

Despite being an adult, he still acts like a kid with an interest in bodily fluids and placing his finger up his rectum. He is somewhat ambivalent about his sexuality, using a vacuum cleaner to fulfill his sexual needs until meeting Gail Hailstorm, who seduces him to get information from him.

He also had infatuations with Drew Decker, whom he murdered for not returning his affection, and with Cindy Campbell. Because of the murder, he might be borderline psychotic.

Victims [ ]

  • Drew Decker - Stabbed to death off-screen.
  • Greg Phillipe - Throat slit.
  • Miss Congeniality - Killed off-screen.
  • Buffy Gilmore - Head chopped off with a cleaver.
  • Heather's Boyfriend - Killed off-screen.
  • Heather - Stabbed three times.
  • Tina - Crushed inside a garage door.
  • Dookie - Slashed with either a docker's hook or hunting knife.
  • Shorty's Friend - Slashed with either a docker's hook or hunting knife.
  • Ray Wilkins - Impaled through the back and chest with a docker's hook.
  • Doofy is the only main villain in the Scary Movie franchise to be human. The rest have been ghosts, demons and extraterrestrials.
  • An early draft of Scary Movie 5 predicted Doofy's return as the main antagonist.
  • However, one assumption that Doofy may have killed Buffy may be as revenge for the humiliations she put him through in front of his co-workers.

Navigation [ ]

  • 1 Oliver Quick
  • 2 The Dealer (Buckshot Roulette)
  • 3 Statue of God

Scream (1996)

Roger jackson: phone voice.

  • Photos (13)
  • Quotes (14)


Neve Campbell and Roger Jackson in Scream (1996)


Ghostface : What's your favorite scary movie?

Phone Voice : Do you like scary movies?

Sidney Prescott : What's the point? They're all the same. Some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can't act who is always running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door. It's insulting.

Phone Voice : Name the killer in Friday the 13th.

Casey : Jason! Jason! Jason!

Phone Voice : I'm sorry. That's the wrong answer!

Casey : No, it's not. No it's not. It was Jason.

Phone Voice : Afraid not. No way.

Casey : Listen, it was Jason! I saw that movie 20 goddamn times!

Phone Voice : Then you should know that Jason's mother, Mrs. Voorhees was the original killer. Jason didn't show up until the sequel. I'm afraid that was a wrong answer.

Casey : [Weeping]  You tricked me.

Phone Voice : Lucky for you there's a bonus round, but poor Steve... I'm afraid he's OUT!

Casey : Listen, asshole...

Phone Voice : [interrupting]  No, *you* listen to me you little bitch! You hang up on me again and I'll gut you like a fish!

Phone Voice : You still haven't told me your name.

Casey : [smiling]  Why do you want to know my name?

Phone Voice : Because I want to know who I'm looking at.

Casey : [looks around, frightened]  ... What did you say?

Phone Voice : [short pause]  I said I want to know who I'm talking to.

Casey : That's not what you said.

Phone Voice : [serious tone]  What do you think I said?

Casey : Who's there?

Ghostface : Never say "who's there?" Don't you watch scary movies? It's a death wish. You might as well come out to investigate a strange noise or something.

Casey : [Talking on the phone to Ghostface]  What do you want?

Ghostface : To see what your insides look like.

Casey : Look, I am two seconds away from calling the police!

Phone Voice : They'll never make it in time.

[first lines] 

Casey : Hello?

Phone Voice : Hello.

Casey : Yes?

Phone Voice : Who is this?

Casey : Who are you trying to reach?

Phone Voice : What number is this?

Casey : Well, what number are you trying to reach?

Phone Voice : I don't know.

Casey : I think you have the wrong number.

Phone Voice : Do I?

Casey : It happens. Take it easy.

Ghostface : Wait, I thought we were going to go out.

Casey : [uneasily, starting to feel nervous]  Um, I don't think so.

Ghostface : [in a warning tone]  Don't hang up on me.

Casey : [she hangs up. The phone rings again]  Yes?

Ghostface : [in an ominous, taunting threatening tone]  I told you not to hang up on me.

Casey : What do you want?

Phone Voice : [voice]  Hey, we're not finished yet. Final question. Are you ready?

Casey : [trembling]  Please... leave me alone...

Phone Voice : [voice]  Answer the question and I will. Which door at I'm at?

Casey : What?

Phone Voice : [voice]  There are two main doors to your house. The front door and the back patio door. If you answer correctly, you may live. Very simple.

Casey : Please... don't do this. I can't do this... I don't want to play this game anymore.

Phone Voice : [voice]  Your call.

Sidney Prescott : Tatum, just get in the car

Ghostface : Hello Sidney.

Sidney Prescott : Um..Hi. who is this?

Ghostface : You tell me?

Sidney Prescott : Well, I, I have no idea

Ghostface : Scary night isn't it? With the murders and all. It's like right out of a horror movie or something.

Sidney Prescott : [laughing]  Randy, you gave yourself away. Are you calling from work? Cause Tatum's on her way over.

Ghostface : Do you like scary movies Sidney?

Sidney Prescott : I like that thing you're doing with your voice Randy, it's sexy.

Ghostface : What's your favourite scary movie?

Sidney Prescott : Oh come on, you know I don't watch that shit.

Ghostface : Why not? Too scared?

Sidney Prescott : No, it's just what's the point? There all the same. Some stupid killer stalking some big breasted girl who can't act, who's always running up the stairs. When she should be going out the front door. It's insulting.

Ghostface : Are you alone in the house?

Sidney Prescott : Randy, that's so unoriginal. I'm disappointed in you.

Ghostface : Maybe that's because, I'm not Randy.

Sidney Prescott : So, who are you?

Ghostface : The question isn't, who am I? The question is where am I?

Sidney Prescott : S..s..so, where are you?

Ghostface : Your front porch.

[Moves to the front door] 

Sidney Prescott : Why would you be calling from my front porch?

Ghostface : That's the original part.

Sidney Prescott : Oh yeah? Well I call your bluff.

Sidney Prescott : So, where are you?

Ghostface : Right here.

Sidney Prescott : Can you see me right now?

Ghostface : Uh huh.

Sidney Prescott : Uh huh, okay, What am I doing?

[sticks finger in nose] 

Sidney Prescott : huh? Huh? What am I doing? Hello?


Sidney Prescott : Nice try Randy. Tell Tatum to hurry up, okay? Bye now.

Ghostface : IF YOU HANG UP ON ME YOU'LL DIE JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER! Do you wanna die Sidney? Your mother sure didn't.

Sidney Prescott : Fuck you, you cretin!

Phone Voice : Why don't you wanna talk to me?

Casey : Who is this?

Phone Voice : You tell me your name, I'll tell you mine.

Casey : I don't think so.

[checks popcorn] 

Phone Voice : What's that noise?

Casey : Popcorn!

Phone Voice : You're making popcorn?

Casey : Uh huh.

Phone Voice : I only eat popcorn at the movies.

Casey : Well, I'm getting ready to watch a video.

Phone Voice : Really, what?

Casey : Oh, just some scary movie.

Phone Voice : What's your favourite scary movie?

Casey : I dunno.

Phone Voice : You have to have a favourite, what comes to mind?

Sidney Prescott : Ah, okay.

[puts a finger in her nose] 

Sidney Prescott : What am I doing? Huh? Huh? What am I doing? Hello?

[takes finger out] 

Sidney Prescott : Nice try, Randy. Tell Tatum to hurry up, okay? Bye now.

Ghostface : IF YOU HANG UP ON ME, YOU'LL DIE JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER! Do you want to die, Sidney? Your mother sure didn't.

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15 Creepiest Ghostface Quotes

Ghostface is one of the creepiest killers in horror movies, and over the years he's said a host of chilling one-liners fans won't soon forget.

Following the revival of the Scream franchise with Scream (2022) , the Ghostface killers' legacy will continue with the upcoming Scream 6 . Each Ghostface has unique characteristics and motives. However, every Ghostface has used the same methods, making creepy phone calls, recruiting allies, and bringing their signature long knives to every party.

Throughout the years, Ghostface frightened and amused audiences, even as the actual killer changed in each movie. Voiced by Roger L. Jackson in each film, Ghostface manages to pivot from funny to terrifying in his phone calls, and even after the killers are revealed, each Ghostface's motives and observations have managed to creep out the franchise's fans.

Updated on October 25th, 2023 by Jordan Iacobucci: Scream is back in action, with two new sequels reinvigorating the iconic horror franchise. Scream VI, the most recent addition to the series, took the franchise to a whole new level by bringing Ghostface to New York City, proving that the franchise still has plenty of fresh stories to tell. Now, with a seventh film on the horizon, audiences can go back to relive the creepiest quotes from their favorite masked killer.

15 "Do You Think I Made It Inside Your House..."

Scream (2022).

25 years after a streak of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, Calif., a new killer dons the Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to resurrect secrets from the town's deadly past.

REVIEW: Scream Brings Bloody Joy Back to the Slasher Genre

"Do You Think I Made It Inside Your House Before You Could Re-arm?”

In the age of modern home security, it can be easy to feel safe while hiding behind a wall of technology. Tara Carpenter certainly seemed to feel this way when Ghostface first called her in 2022's Scream . After the killer messed with the locks, however, Tara wasn't so sure she was safe anymore.

Scream perfectly sets up its new Ghostface, showing that he--or, in this case, she--can get to a victim even with a home security system at play. As Ghostface asks if Tara really feels safe, she learns one of the quintessential rules of surviving a horror movie : never trust a lock.

14 "If You Hang Up On Me, You'll Die Just Like Your Mother."

Scream (1996).

A year after the murder of her mother, a teenage girl is terrorized by a masked killer who targets her and her friends by using scary movies as part of a deadly game.

If you hang up on me, you'll die just like your mother.

The original Scream hinted from the beginning that Sidney Prescott would be a key player but the film focused on her plight the first time Ghostface called her. Like other characters who made the same mistake, Sidney believed it was a joke and mocked the caller.

Sidney's calm demeanor made Ghostface's response all the more shocking. This not only worked as a chilling threat but as a sign that her mother's death was part of the killer's motivation. While Sidney didn't return for Scream 6 , this was the beginning of her epic fight for survival throughout the franchise.

13 "Hello Samantha, Did You Miss Me?"

In the next installment, the survivors of the Ghostface killings leave Woodsboro behind and start a fresh chapter in New York City.

REVIEW: Scream VI Promises a Bright Future for the Franchise

Hello Samantha, did you miss me?

Just as the original set of Ghostface killers haunted Sidney Prescott, Scream (2022) and Scream VI prove that Samantha Carpenter is their new source of obsession. When Samantha finally comes in contact with Ghostface once more in Scream VI, the killer can hardly restrain himself from gloating over his terrifying return, asking if she'd missed him.

As Scream 's new final girl , Samantha's burden is to battle every new Ghostface killer that crops up over the years. Even so, this doesn't make it any less bone-chilling when Ghostface finally returns. Merely hearing his smarmy voice over the phone is enough to send tingles down anyone's spine--including the viewer.

12 "...This Is Long Overdue."

Strange that you and I have never spoken on the phone. This is long overdue.

Scream VI established itself as a smart horror movie sequel by treading new ground as often as possible, especially with its legacy characters. In a franchise that often depicts phone calls between the killer and his victim, five-time Ghostface survivor Gale Weathers finally gets a call from the new murderer--who is quick to point out the novelty of their situation.

This line is woefully eerie, reminding audiences that a phone call between Gale and Ghostface has never occurred before in the franchise. With uncharted water being explored for the first time, it seems that even Gale isn't safe. While she ultimately survives the film, this scene does a terrific job of convincing the viewer that the classic character is about to meet her bitter end.

11 "You Will Die When I Want You To, Sidney."

Ten years have passed, and Sidney Prescott, who has put herself back together thanks in part to her writing, is visited by the Ghostface Killer.

You will die when I want you to, Sidney.

Many viewers thought Sidney's cousin Jill was Scream 4 's Ghostface early on. However, Jill Roberts was still a chilling Ghostface who brought another level of brutality to the already thrilling movie series.

This was one of Jill's best lines in Scream 4 . Though Sidney had dealt with several Ghostface killers who specifically targeted her, the fact that her cousin plotted an intricate scheme to steal her "fame" was especially appalling. Jill's truly sinister attitude shined through in this quote.

10 “Maybe You’re Too Weak For This Franchise.”

Maybe you're too weak for this franchise.

After she survived Ghostface's initial attack in Scream (2022), Tara Carpenter is ambushed in the hospital by the selfsame killer. Alone and wounded, Tara crawls through the hallway floor in a desperate attempt to escape. Patiently walking behind her, Ghostface snarls that she may be "too weak for this franchise."

The Scream franchise has always been delightfully meta in its humor , constantly referencing not only other horror movies but also its own installments. The latest films dial this trend to the extreme in the scariest way possible, as the Ghostface killers taunt their quarry with the idea that their fate is scripted, leaving them helpless.

9 "Honey, You're Not The Hero. You're The Villain."

Honey, you're not the hero. You're the villain.

Scream (2022) brought back this beloved slasher franchise and it was easily the best horror movie of the last few years. The movie created a new cast of potential legacy characters while incorporating key aspects from the original trilogy, including bringing back Billy Loomis as Sam Carpenter's biological father.

Though Sam's affable boyfriend, Richie, was a suspect from the beginning, he didn't reveal himself until the final showdown. This quote from Richie was not only creepy because it showed how disturbed he was, but it highlighted the eerie similarities to Billy's plan in the original film.

8 "By The Time I See You, I'll Have Gutted Your Baby Boy."

By the time I see you, I'll have gutted your baby boy.

The Scream franchise knows how to play on suspense and common fears audiences can relate to. Returning from Scream 4 , Sheriff Judy Hicks received a disturbing phone call from Ghostface threatening her son, Wes. When she turned her car around and raced to save him, she ran right into the killer's trap.

Though Hicks's death wasn't necessarily a shock, this line the killer uses was a chilling representation of the twisted minds in this Ghostface team. They played on a mother's primal fear of a child in danger to lure her into her own death.

7 "Movies Make Psychos More Creative!"

Movies don't create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative!

The original Ghostface duo, Billy Loomis and Stu Macher, are still the most disturbed Ghostface team. In the film's finale, when the two boys are stabbing each other to make themselves look like victims, this was Billy's retort when Sidney told him he'd seen "one too many movies."

This is what makes Scream the perfect meta-horror movie. In the real world, there's no evidence that violent media makes fans more violent, but it's been a part of the public conversation since at least the comic book scare of the 1950s. By having the killers embrace this argument, the movie engages with real-world fears in a creative way, even as it highlights the fact that Billy and Stu are uninspired hacks.

6 "Do You Want To Die Tonight, Cici?"

Two years after the first series of murders, as Sidney acclimates to college life, someone donning the Ghostface costume begins a new string of killings.

Do you want to die tonight, Cici?

Ghostface's phone call to Cici at a sorority house in Scream 2 is easily one of the series' scariest. While there were a few obvious legacy characters who were targets of the Ghostface killer, Cici was a random victim chosen to match the clues this Ghostface was leaving in their wake.

While Cici just thought she was dealing with a drunk college kid, that mistake was corrected when Ghostface threatened her life. This quote is one of the most chilling in this entire movie, working to build tension and leading directly into an action-packed scene.

5 "Who Gives A @!#$ About Movies?"

Who gives a @!#$ about movies?

Scream VI goes out of its way to ensure that its killers don't blend in with the sea of previous Ghostface murderers from the franchise. One of the earliest kills in the film comes when Ghostface murders Jason Carvey, who had himself donned the Ghostface mantle as part of a film class. Jason, believing his murderer to be his partner, asks about finishing their movie, leading the real Ghostface to declare that he doesn't care much for movies.

The Scream films have always been self-referential, especially when it comes to the tropes of filmmaking. However, the rebooted horror films have tried to twist this franchise trope as much as possible. By depicting a Ghostface who doesn't kill based on a sick love of cinema, Scream VI ensures that it will be a unique installment of the long-running franchise.

4 "I'm Talking About How Much Fun It's Gonna Be..."

While Sidney and her friends visit the Hollywood set of Stab 3, the third film based on the Woodsboro murders, another Ghostface killer rises to terrorize them.

I'm talking about how much fun it's gonna be to rip your insides out!

Though Scream 3 was a disappointing sequel overall, the movie is still a beloved part of the Scream franchise. The movie started out strong, with Ghostface targeting Cotton Weary and his girlfriend Christine. This was the first time the franchise featured Ghostface using another person's voice to trick his victims.

In this opening scene, Ghostface uses the above line to terrorize Christine, using her boyfriend's voice to threaten her. As a result, when Cotton tried to save her, she attacked him, and Ghostface was able to kill them both. This wasn't just a gruesome promise, it was Ghostface pitting his victims against each other.

3 "Have You Ever Felt A Knife Rip Through Human Flesh?"

"Have you ever felt a knife rip through human flesh and scrape the bone beneath?

In 2022's Scream , Dewey Riley met his brutal end, killing off one of the franchise's final legacy characters. However, long before Deputy Dewey's departure, fans were shocked at Randy Meeks's heartbreaking and bloody death in Scream 2 .

While Randy was hunting for Ghostface in broad daylight, the killer managed to distract the film fan with this unusually grisly and visceral quote. In hindsight, it's obvious that it was a mistake for Randy to disparage Billy Loomis while he was talking to Billy's mother. This obviously enraged her, though she was already targeting Randy when she intoned the above lines.

2 "Who Do You Want To Hear Die?"

10 funniest horror movie parodies.

Who do you want to hear die?

Scream (2022) was true to its origins and remembered that Ghostface has always loved games. Here, the killer forced Sam to choose between her boyfriend Richie and her sister Tara, a horrifying threat worthy of the original Ghostface.

Ghostface's startling ultimatum made this quote disturbing on its own, but the fact that this is the phone call that lured Dewey to his death makes it one of Ghostface's deadliest moments. The fact that Jill threatened Richie's life here is also interesting, especially considering his fate at the end of the film. The choice she forced on Sam foreshadowed Richie's death and it's hard to know what she would have done if Sam had told Ghostface to murder her beau.

1 "To See What Your Insides Look Like!"

To see what your insides look like.

The Scream franchise's first phone call made a lasting impact on horror history. This scene has been mimicked throughout the genre, with varying levels of success. However, the increasing suspense throughout the phone call between Ghostface and Casey Becker was truly chilling.

This is the same conversation where Ghostface threatens to gut Casey "like a fish." It's the perfect introduction to the iconic killer, starting off playful and friendly before pivoting first to threats and then Ghostface's first horror trivia game. The contrast between the killer's initial persona and the threats he makes before actually murdering Casey and her boyfriend highlighted everything about this monster that his fans love to hate.

Scream is an American murder mystery and slasher franchise that includes six films, a television series, merchandise, and games. The first four films were directed by Wes Craven,

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  • Do you like scary movies?
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  • Don't do it. If you do one thing to attract attention to yourself one thing, I'll kill them both.
  • Hello Sydney, welcome to the final Act.
  • Hello Sydney. Remember Me?
  • I don't want them. I want you. It's simple. You show yourself, they survive. You run, they die. Don't you want to know Sydney, who killed her? Don't you wanna know who killed your mother?
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  • I told you not to hang up on me.
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  • I'm not interrupting anything, am I?
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  • It's time, girlfriend.
  • Just one question. Do you think it's over Sydney? Do you?
  • Let's play a little game and to write. Your girlfriend lives. Answer wrong, she dies. Where's Maureen's daughter, Sydney?
  • Ohh, it's hard being friends with you Sydney. When you're friends with Sidney, you die. Well, these friends don't have to, Sydney. It's up to you.
  • Really what?
  • Somebody who killed to know where Sydney Prescott is. One chance come. You've got connections. Where is she?
  • They'd never make it in time.
  • To see what your insides look like.
  • What’s your favorite scary movie?
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  • You tell me.

GhostFace Scream Soundboard

GhostFace Scream Soundboard Edit

Scream started the whole "self aware horror" thing that became the big trend. The movie keeps a frantic pace and an atmosphere of paranoia very well. Hear the clips of the GhostFace in Scream's sequels.

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Mr. Rogers Soundboard

Bloody Disgusting!

Ghostface Glossary: A Guide to Every Horror Reference in the Original ‘Scream’ Movie

' src=

Welcome to the Ghostface Glossary , a guide to every horror reference and nod throughout the first five films of the Scream franchise.

After a lot of pausing, rewinding, and zooming in, as well as researching, we’re catching all of the many horror-specific references Williamson, Craven, and Co. included in this beloved postmodern slasher franchise. If we’ve forgotten any glaring ones, kindly let us know. 

“If they’d watch Prom Night , they’d save time!”

For millions of horror fans in the ’90s— the budding and jaded alike— a murder mystery slasher movie that promised Drew Barrymore in the marketing and released right before Christmas ’96 came out of absolute nowhere. Written by an up-and-comer with a penchant for the original Halloween and directed by the guy who directed meta masterpiece New Nightmare , the original Scream blew minds and box office numbers with not only its hot cast, brutal kills, and what-would-become iconic villain Ghostface, but its wealth of knowledge and genuine love for the horror genre, which ebbed and flowed in quality after years of what felt like slasher movie (in particular) burnout.

Millennial-aged horror fans own it, quote it, cosplay it, and most importantly, perhaps even learned from it— as the film dropped so many references of past horror classics that it became a gateway film for those of us who may have been a few years too young to have caught the Golden Age of slasher films in theaters.

Forget the “rules.” Here are all the horror nods contained within the OG classic!  

scary movie ghostface rap

‘When a Stranger Calls’

Black Christmas (1974), When A Stranger Calls (1979) and When A Stranger Calls Back (1993): The call is coming from inside the house . A masked murderer taunting a teenage girl home alone over a landline call is so often identified with the first 12 minutes and 46 seconds of Scream that it’s difficult to imagine that scenario in film before it. But the extended opening sequence of When A Stranger Calls (its most valuable) was the precursor for Casey’s deadly phone games with Ghostface, as both are perfectly valid short films on their own accord.

Its made-for-TV 1993 sequel, When A Stranger Calls Back , really ramps up the tension, as whoever is watching the babysitter is watching her through windows and doors to the house– almost identical to what’s happening to Casey in Scream . Of course, five years before WASC , Billy tortured Jess and the sorority girls via lewd phone calls in the beginning moments of Black Christmas , which doesn’t carry quite the same scare impact– as the group of girls are together and not home alone during that particular scene.  

Halloween (1978) and Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (1992): 1) In a scene which will forever live in infamy, Ghostface begins his game by asking Casey what her favorite scary movie is, to which she says the 1978 classic. 2) Casey is making popcorn, too, just like her fellow fictional victim, Annie. 3) When Ghostface quizzes her for the killer’s name, Casey knows it’s Michael. 4) Thanks to some brightening and zooming, the video tapes that Casey notoriously gets ready to watch before she meets her fate appear to be Halloween and Children of the Corn II . Brace yourself for an obscene amount of Halloween references to come. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984, and franchise): “Is that the guy who had knives for fingers?” Ghostface plays dumb while Casey guesses his favorite scary movie. Of course, Casey goes on to quip that the first one was good, but the rest “sucked.” Obviously, at the time, this was the film franchise Wes Craven was most famous for. 

scary movie ghostface rap

‘Friday the 13th’

Friday the 13th (1980) and Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981): Friday fans around the world would cringe during the moment in which Ghostface tricks Casey into incorrectly answering Jason as the killer instead of Pamela Voorhees. Casey’s boyfriend Steve ultimately pays for this sin.

Halloween II (1981): Similar to Laurie crawling her way through the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital parking lot and softly crying for help to no avail, Casey’s close-by parents arrive home and do not hear her faint, desperate sobbing for assistance. This sequence within a hospital setting would also be emulated in a later Scream sequel.  

Dementia 13 aka The Haunted and the Hunted (1963): Ghostface drags Casey’s body across her lawn before her final breaths, akin to the scene in which the killer drags a woman’s body by the wrist in this Francis Ford Coppola black-and-white horror classic.

Halloween (1978): Repeated almost verbatim from this Laurie line to Lindsey and Tommy, the Beckers come home to a burning kitchen and no Casey in sight. Frightened, Casey’s dad prompts her mother to “call the Mackenzies.” 

Suspiria (1977): Casey’s hanging, blood-doused body, mouth agape, is a nod to the iconic Argento moment in which young woman Pat is stabbed, killed, and hung from the ceiling.

Horror Protagonists Sent to Prison


Psycho (1960): Drew Barrymore famously rejected the role of Sidney and insisted on portraying Casey to shock the audience, a la Janet Leigh as Marion Crane dying halfway through the Hitchcockian classic. Additionally, though we often associate Billy’s last name Loomis with Halloween ’s Dr. Loomis, we forget that the origin of the Loomis name comes from Marion’s questionable boyfriend Sam Loomis in Psycho . 

A Nightmare on Elm Street , again (1984): 1) The casting directors of Scream famously considered Skeet Ulrich the ’90s version of NOES ’s Johnny Depp, due to their similar heartthrob physical features, so they threw a nod to the ’84 film when he enters Sidney’s window in the same fashion as Nancy’s boyfriend Glen. 2) Sheriff Burke, portrayed by Joseph Whipp, is also in NOES as Sgt. Parker. 3) Of course, Wes Craven also later makes his cameo as a Freddy Krueger janitor lookalike, and 4) Tatum wears the same crop top ”10” jersey as Glen. 

The Exorcist (1973): 1) “ The Exorcist was on. It got me thinking of you.” One of Billy’s most nauseating lines– and there are quite a few. 2) Linda Blair later appears as the obnoxious TV reporter questioning Sidney about her “almost butchered” attack. “The people want to know– they have the right to know!” Of course, Linda has appeared in several horror movies, including a Wes Craven film from 1978, Stranger in Our House – but Regan remains her most recognizable role. 

Halloween (1978): Though Scream is better known for featuring Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ “Red Right Hand,” a slow, haunting cover of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” plays in the background, performed by Gus Black. The script also pokes fun at the confusion of John Carpenter and Wes Craven when Tatum says the line “Wes Carpenter flick” later on. 

Basic Instinct: While the gang sits around at lunchtime and discusses Casey and Steve’s murders, Tatum argues the killer could easily be female, because of the ice-picking female baddie portrayed by Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct . (There’s stabbing, so we’re counting it as horror.)

Are You In the House Alone? (1978): As Sidney receives her first phone call from Ghostface, he asks her if she’s “alone in the house?” Uncertain as to why Kevin Williamson didn’t just use the direct line “are you in the house alone” from this 1978 TV movie. (This film also would go on to influence I Know What You Did Last Summer with the handwritten note “I’m watching you”). 

scary movie ghostface rap


Candyman (1992): Stu criticizes Sidney for branding (Billy) as the Candyman. “His heart’s broken!”  

Copycat (1995): The bathroom stall scene, in which Sidney gets stalked by someone in the Ghostface costume before she runs out of there intact, references a scene from the 1995 film in which the killer attacks Sigourney Weaver’s Helen from the neighboring stall. 

Frankenstein (1931): Before Randy goes on his first of two infamous rants, this 1931 Universal Classic Monsters movie plays on the TV at the video store. 

The Howling (1981): “What’s that werewolf movie with E.T.’s mom in it?” Oh, you mean scream queen Dee Wallace? 

Prom Night (1980): The film’s adoration for another scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, firmly begins with Randy’s famous line: “If they’d watch Prom Night , they’d save time. There’s a formula to it– a very simple formula. Everybody’s a suspect!”

Mother’s Boys (1993): A poster of the film at the video store prominently displays this ’90s thriller with JLC at the helm. 

scary movie ghostface rap

‘The Town That Dreaded Sundown’

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976): Getting prepared for town curfew, Sidney compares the desolate Woodsboro town to the 1976 film, to which Dewey says he has also seen. 

Hellraiser (1987), The Evil Dead (1981), The Fog (1980), Terror Train (1980), Prom Night (1980), Halloween (1978): Randy brings these VHS tapes to Stu’s party, and explains Jamie Lee’s scream queen status to horror cynic Sidney. “Not til Trading Places – ’83…”

I Spit On Your Grave (1978): While unrealistic to think that the same girl who confuses Wes C and John C would be familiar with this video nasty rape revenge title, the “I spit on your garage” line spoken by Tatum is too quintessential to not love. 

Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974): A jealous Randy refers to Billy as Leatherface when he arrives at the party to “make up” with Sid.

The Bad Seed (1956): Sidney confides in Billy that she’s scared she’ll follow in her mother’s scandalous footsteps, worrying she’ll turn out to be a “bad seed or somethin’.”

The Silence of the Lambs (1991): Another of Billy’s unhinged, obsessive movie-brain analogies, he compares Sidney’s anguish to this 1991 Oscar-winning film. He also later references the film again when he rhetorically asks if they ever found out why Hannibal Lecter liked to eat people. 

scary movie ghostface rap

‘Deep Red’

Deep Red (1975): As Sidney is being chased by Ghostface throughout Stu’s house, she runs through a room (Stu’s?) in which several dolls are strung across the ceiling- a nod to this Argento giallo in which the killer does the same. Of course, the creepy-dolls-being-hung-by-a-noose to indicate a psychopath’s working space is a common trope used throughout the genre.. 

Halloween (1978): In these final loving tributes to the Halloween night classic, Randy watches on as fellow real-life actor named Jamie gets stalked by Michael Myers, as he unknowingly gets stalked by Ghostface. Before Sidney finally ends Billy’s life for good, she hides in the closet until the right moment to stab Billy with an umbrella. 

Lady in White (1988): Sidney locks herself in the car to avoid Ghostface, akin to a scene in which LIW ’s protagonist Frankie does the same.

Carrie (1976): 1) According to Kevin Williamson, the visual of Sidney drenched in blood, as Gale nearly runs her over driving the news van, recalls Carrie White standing in the middle of the road and telepathically causing classmates to crash and burn before they almost run her down. 2) Once Billy “unmasks” himself, he reveals he and Stu used corn syrup– “same stuff they used for pig’s blood in Carrie .” 

Psycho (1960): 1) “We all go a little mad sometimes.” Once again, a line from Billy’s movie-freaked mind. 2) “Did Norman Bates have a motive?”

Happy Birthday to Me (1981): Billy’s motive is reminiscent of the killer’s motive in this 1981 slasher gem, as HBTM ’s Ann was also furious about her father’s affair with another woman. Never a good enough excuse for murder though, guys…

Thanks to IMDb and the Zack Cherry YouTube channel for picking up a couple this writer had missed for this comprehensive guide. 

scary movie ghostface rap

‘Scream’ (1996)

' src=

Journalism/Communication Studies grad. A24 horror superfan- the weirder, the better. Hates when animals die in horror films.

scary movie ghostface rap

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‘Primeval’ – Revisiting a Flawed But Unique Killer Croc Movie

' src=

While “based on a true story” is typically a ploy to lure in audiences, the basis of the 2007 movie Primeval does, in fact, exist. Or at least he did, at one point. The whereabouts of what many deem the “world’s most prolific killer” — a decades-old Nile crocodile named Gustave who allegedly claimed somewhere between 200 and 300 human lives — are murky nowadays. Some say Burundi’s most infamous reptile is long gone, and others demand proof of his passing. Regardless, Gustave’s notoriety lives on in this panned Hollywood creature-feature with a severe identity crisis. 

Back then, it was understandable to have a cursory look at the original ad campaign for Primeval and not realize the movie is about a crocodile. An intentionally vague trailer led to complaints of deception from viewers; they were expecting a movie about a human serial killer. Imagine their surprise once they watched Primeval , which, for obvious reasons, was not screened for critics before its release. Bumping up the premiere by several months — to January, no less — also did not bode well. As anticipated, Michael Katleman’s directorial feature debut was chewed up and spat out by critics.

In cinema, 2007 was the year of the crocodile. Along with Rogue , Greg McLean’s much anticipated follow-up to Wolf Creek , was another Australian ripped-from-the-headlines saltie thriller called Black Water . However, both movies did not see a commercial release until after Primeval was rushed out by Buena Vista. Behind-the-scenes drama sank Rogue ’s chance of a theatrical premiere in the United States, whereas Black Water slipped under the radar despite positive reviews. Needless to say, Primeval was the only one of this toothy trio to grace the American big screen. Critics did not miss an opportunity to note the small surge of croc horror that year, and a few did their damndest to steer potential viewers away from Primeval and toward Rogue (even with McLean’s sophomore pic being stuck in distribution hell). Nevertheless, the dissuasion was undue. As confused and uneven as Primeval turned out to be, the movie’s disreputation is not completely warranted. 


Image: Orlando Jones and Brooke Langton’s characters run from danger in Primeval.

The criticism of Primeval taking itself too seriously seems almost strange to hear these days. By and large, though, people still expect “nature’s revenge” horror to be silly and campy. The subgenre has its roots to consider, yet after so much frivolity from the Syfy side as well as the lingering effects of the postmodern horror wave, a straight approach for this kind of movie was good in theory. The execution, on the other hand, made Primeval not only difficult to digest but also tonally awkward.

The attempt to make Primeval an issue-film is far from perfect. Maybe even reckless. Worst of all, John Brancato and Michael Ferris ’ bizarre and totally unsubtle script does not accomplish much of anything in the end apart from some inevitable white knighting. The political framing device does, at the very least, fatten up an otherwise anemic story. The basic concept of a TV network staging the capture of the legendary Gustave could have gone either way. After all, safe and undemanding is the norm for monster movies. It is the unconventional, not to mention questionable pairing of a maneater’s intrinsic horrors with the atrocities of a civil war that ultimately muddies the water. This is not the sort of exploitation that viewers signed up for.

As self-important as Primeval comes across, it does manage to be self-aware from time to time. The frequent scene-stealer and most likable character, a comical American cameraman played to the max by Orlando Jones , has a real way with words. Following the Gustave-related death of a British forensic anthropologist in Burundi, Jones’ character Steven sums up the movie’s inciting incident best: “You know what, this crocodile’s like O.J. Simpson; he messed up when he killed that white woman.” Vulgar, yes, but not too off the mark in this case. And when it comes to the indifference toward urgent domestic affairs in Africa, Primeval points a finger at the West. Funnily enough, the script is guilty of its own accusation. The constant prioritization of animals over human lives also comes up as the movie’s own resident croc hunter ( Gideon Emery ) states there are “more than enough human beings on this planet” and Gustave is of “greater value.” Mind you, he has the audacity to say this as genocide continues in Burundi.


Image: Gustave the killer Nile Crocodile appears in Primeval’s finale.

Primeval could have very well been pitched as Lake Placid meets Blood Diamond . Although, this cocktail of bestial horror and political thriller is often more sobering than inebriating, especially when the American characters get mixed up with the Burundi warlord who goes by the nickname of Little Gustave ( Dumisani Mbebe ). Other movies would refrain from being so on the nose about their message, but Primeval lacks nuance. The metaphor here does not go unnoticed or unsaid as  Dominic Purcell spoon-feeds it to both his co-star,  Brooke Langton , and the audience. Upon learning Little Gustave’s victims wind up as meals for Big Gustave, Purcell’s character says with a straight face: “We make, create, our own monsters.”

Clumsy and unrefined as it may be as a political piece, Primeval moderately succeeds as a creature-feature. The movie’s insatiable centerpiece always leaves the audience wanting more during his meager appearances. Those run-ins with Gustave include implausible but exhilarating set-pieces that embody 2000s Hollywood excess. Due to an extensive and flagrant use of CGI — the movie ended up abandoning a practical animatronic during filming — Gustave resembles and acts like a mythical dragon more than anything tangible and existing in nature. The guttural roar in place of an authentic croc hiss evokes memories of the growling shark in Jaws: The Revenge , and Gustave’s ability to gallop across grasslands and crawl up and down the sides of a cage defies both credibility and physics. Still and all, more go-for-broke stunts and less bleak warfare for the sake of genre entertainment would have immensely benefited Primeval . When the movie leans into its cold-blooded antagonist’s predation, it is undoubtedly more satisfying.

Primeval remains polarizing all these years later. Admittedly, the opportunistic and misguided political element preoccupies way too much of the story, but several bright spots — namely Gustave’s flashy feats, Orlando Jones’ amusing if not indelicate turn, and the surplus of South African vistas — help raise the value of this widely panned monster romp. It can be argued that Primeval does too much for a movie of this caliber; it feels stuck between two genres. As a counterpoint, its flawed and messy ambition is still preferable to all the more routine crocsploitation movies currently swimming in existence.


Image: Brooke Langton, Dominic Purcell and Gideon Emery in Primeval.

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‘The Exorcist: Deceiver’ Removed from Release Calendar as David Gordon Green Exits Sequel

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The 10 Best Video Games Based on Horror Movies

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Every Ghostface In The Scream Series, Ranked

Drew Barrymore screams at Ghostface

The slasher film subgenre is often the  black sheep  of horror movies, typically focusing on cliché teenage characters getting hacked up with cheap jump scares sprinkled throughout. Then, the masked villain is "killed" at the end, only to be brought back in increasingly ridiculous ways in the sequels. Rinse and repeat. It's a tried and true formula that critics scoff at while audiences gobble it up. There is one slasher franchise, however, that is a  cut  above the rest. In 1996, Wes Craven's brilliant horror/comedy "Scream" revitalized and reinvented the genre. It offered up meta-commentary with scares and laughs in equal measure, with the added fun of being wrapped up in a whodunnit. 

By slasher standards, the "Scream" franchise has mostly solid entries, with all of them boasting a Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes (aside from the stumbling third entry, but we'll get to that). With the sixth movie taking Ghostface on a mayhem-fueled trip through Manhattan, we thought it's time to ask: "Who's your favorite scary Ghostface?" We're going to rank each killer based on the surprise of their reveal and motive, the brutality of their kills, and overall how much fun they are to watch. It's time to slice into these maniacal movie murderers. Warning: spoilers ahead, including for "Scream VI." 

13. Ethan Landry - Scream VI

Ethan Landry (Jack Champion) is Chad Meeks-Martin's (Mason Gooding) nerdy roommate. First glimpsed at a Halloween frat party in a homemade costume that could be Monty Python-inspired or a reference to the indie horror/comedy " Murder Party ," he spends most of his screen time either showing up with sketchy alibis or offering nervous reactions to possibly being the next victim, given his proximity to the Carpenter sisters (Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega). The reveal that he is the least-favorite sibling of deceased Ghostface, Richie Kirsch (Jack Quaid), rates as a twist we should have seen coming, but in typical "Scream" fashion, there are misdirects aplenty — and they're effective.

Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown) suspects Ethan immediately. After all, he has no close connection to the group besides being Chad's roommate. The subway scene is a killer way to convince us he's  not  Ghostface, and he appears in the surveillance van when Gale throws down with her ghastly assailant. The reveal genuinely surprises, but Ethan doesn't get to do much once unmasked. It's pretty much Detective Bailey's (Dermot Mulroney) time to unleash his evil monologue. Also, just try to tie Ethan to any actual kill. He attacks Chad and Tara but fails to kill either. He  can claim one of the best death scenes, though, with a knife in the mouth and then the infamous Stu Macher tube television to the head. 

12. Quinn Bailey - Scream VI

Quinn Bailey (Liana Liberato) plays Sam's sex-positive roommate, who appreciates "variety," as she calls it. Quinn delivers a few  funny  moments in the first act. She accidentally c**k-blocks Tara and Chad's first near-kiss. She comes across as a friend genuinely concerned for Tara, opening up about how over-protective her father has been since her brother died. Her reveal at the end proves shocking since we assumed she was dead, but her killer time as Ghostface ends when Sam introduces her head to a bullet. 

Quinn isn't the first Ghostface to fake their death, but the filmmakers convincingly staged this particular fake-out. Since Quinn receives limited screen time, her final act showdown amounts to little more than sequel "canon" fodder" to up the body count. We should have known when Sam's ID was found at Jason Carvey's apartment that her roommate stole it, but that's an easy dot to connect with the benefit of hindsight. We never see her body at the crime scene, but again, that could be construed as the filmmakers using restraint and not gratuitously showing Detective Bailey sobbing over his daughter's sliced-up body. Her "death" shifts suspicion away from Quinn and her dad. While her fight with Gale and the tense subway sequence with Mindy are stand-outs, neither kill attempt sticks, and her body count is non-existent compared to previous Ghostface killers.

11. Roman Bridger in Scream 3

"Scream 3" features bizarre plot choices, overly campy humor, and such tame violence that it barely feels part of the same universe. Original "Scream" scribe Kevin Williamson wrote a detailed outline, but it wasn't used for various reasons, including that they felt "it was too violent," considering the Columbine High School shooting and "teenage violence," as Williamson told Bloody Disgusting . The result was a trilogy finale that leaned too heavily into comedy over horror and provided a baffling third-act killer reveal. While this Ghostface wins the award for highest body count since he's the sole killer, all his kills are forgettable at best.

Roman Bridger (Scott Foley) is the director of the latest "Stab" sequel, the in-movie film series based on the original Woodsboro Killings. Before long, his cast starts falling victim to a copycat Ghostface. Roman eventually shows up "dead," only to reveal he faked his death, a lame rehash of the original's twist. Then, there's the reveal that he's Sidney's (Neve Campbell) illegitimate half-brother after slimeball producer John Milton (Lance Henricksen) assaulted their mother. A plot detail that feels both timely and bizarre since real-life monster Harvey Weinstein produced the movie. 

Roman also adds  he  was the one who corrupted Billy to go on his killing spree. See, it's all connected ... or is it just a shoe-horned retcon? The most unforgivably silly plot device is Roman's future-tech voice changer, allowing him to mimic  any  character's voice. It's a lazy way to make the audience suspect everyone with technology that still doesn't exist.

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10. Charlie Walker in Scream 4

"Scream 4" billed itself with the tagline: "New decade. New rules." The fourth entry takes a stab at Hollywood's penchant for remakes and reboots while continuing our favorite legacy characters' stories. Charlie (Rory Culkin) is this "Screamake's" Randy (Jamie Kennedy), the resident film buff and "Stab" fanatic. Charlie has some of the most meta and entertaining banter pre-killer reveal with his buddy Robbie (Erik Knudsen). He even confesses his manifesto early on, unbeknownst to the other characters or audience. Charlie states the logical evolution would be to film the murders and upload them to the web, "making your art as immortal as you." He also defines the rules of remakes as "the reversals become the new standards."

Charlie spells out his plan, but we think he's the in-the-know movie geek. There are also moments, like when Charlie is tied up, mirroring the boyfriend's death in the original film's opening, that make us fear he will be the next victim. Charlie is responsible for some of the most graphic kills in the movie. While his co-conspirator, Jill (Emma Roberts), is playing the "victim," he's off getting stab-happy. Olivia (Marielle Jaffe) is brutally slashed up and disemboweled. He viciously stabs Kirby, angry that she finally noticed him, giving off real incel vibes. While Charlie being one of the Ghostface killers is a genuine surprise, his motive is a bit of a rehash and isn't quite as scary and cold-blooded as his cohort in crime, Jill.

9. Jason Carvey - Scream VI

"Scream VI" opens with Laura Crane (Samara Weaving) at a swanky bar awaiting a blind date. Her date calls, expressing embarrassment because he's lost. He lures her away from prying eyes, only to switch to the classic Ghostface voice and scold her for walking down a dark alley alone. Ghostface jumps out, viciously stabs away at Laura, and then takes off his mask in a franchise first. Underneath we find Jason Carvey (Tony Revolori). He heads home, places the bloody mask in his shrine to the "Stab" movies, and then receives a call from the same familiar voice. Thinking it's his roommate Greg, he plays along until the killer directs him to find Greg's dismembered body in the refrigerator. Jason meets this movie's  real  Ghostface, and his killing spree ends with only one notch in his belt. 

Jason's motive: finish Richie's movie and help get the "Stab" franchise back on track. It's a meta way of continuing the theme of toxic fandom while clearly stating that this installment is moving on. Our new Ghostface plays no games, even delivering the rage-filled line: "Who gives a f**k about movies?" before dishing Jason his final slice of murder pie. This entire sequence is fantastic, featuring the most high-profile actress to bite the bullet in an opening since Drew Barrymore in "Scream." Unmasking Ghostface within the first five minutes throws the audience entirely for a loop, and then seeing this wannabe killer caught in his own game is incredibly satisfying to watch and a fun new twist. 

8. Detective Baily - Scream VI

Detective Bailey  starts as the cop investigating these new Ghostface killings but enters distraught-father mode and seeks vengeance after his daughter winds up one of the "victims." Taken off the case, he joins the Core Four to trap the killer. Before the final showdown, he calls Sam and says Kirby is the killer, setting the audience on edge when the group finds itself locked in the "Stab" shrine with Kirby. Once he reveals his true identity, Richie's father, he delivers a fun, scene-chewing monologue and hilariously angry lines defending his man-child son. We bet he didn't  see  the final blow coming ... Sam, in a cheer-worthy, gross-out finishing move, stabs him in the eye.

Bailey is the most logical of the three to have killed Jason Carvey, knowing how to stage a crime scene, and his phone call resembles an interrogation. We are pretty sure he's the Ghostface at the bodega considering his strength, speed, and proficiency with a shotgun. That's police training, not something you learn engaging in "Call of Duty." He 100% killed Sam's therapist to eliminate any alibi for her. If we believe Ethan's econ excuse, then Detective Bailey is responsible for one of the movie's most intense sequences. The fake-out kill of Quinn, her boyfriend, filleted in the bathtub, and poor Anika (Devyn Nekoda) getting gutted and then falling off a ladder, meeting the lid of a dumpster face first, is non-stop tension and gory violence. While Detective Bailey's motive is a little lackluster, being that it's the  exact  same as Nancy Loomis's in "Scream 2," his kills are off the charts. 

7. Mrs. Loomis in Scream 2

"Scream 2" is arguably the  best sequel  in the franchise and one of the best slasher sequels in general, with a higher body count, more elaborate kills, and a satirical commentary on sequels and movie violence that's just as sharp. We also get the introduction of the "Stab" movies, taking the definition of meta to a new level. Deb Salt (Laurie Metcalf) first appears as an intrusive reporter and an easy plot device to show Gale's (Courteney Cox) character growth. The audience has almost no reason to have Deb on their suspect sheet, making the twist a shock (if not a little convenient). 

Deb reveals her true identity as the mother of Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich). Before the "logic police" can arrest Gale for not recognizing her, Sidney explains, "This is 60 pounds and a lot of work later." While Mrs. Loomis only confesses to Randy's killing, offing a fan-favorite makes her all the easier to hate. She admits her "motive isn't as '90s as Mickey's — just good old-fashioned revenge," blaming Sidney for killing her son and Maureen Prescott for breaking up her marriage. 

Mrs. Loomis claims to have found Mickey (Timothy Olyphant) in a chat room out of the "97 active serial killers" (a stat we're not sure how to fact-check) and nurtured his killer instinct. Metcalf chews the scenery and is clearly having a blast playing this unhinged serial mom. Her Ghostface doesn't rank higher only because the motive is a bit too straightforward in comparison. 

6. Amber Freeman in Scream 5

Amber (Mikey Madison) is introduced as Tara's (Jenna Ortega) friend in peril if she fails this new Ghostface's killer trivia. She then plays the role of the concerned best friend for most of the movie, even revealing that Sam (Melissa Barrera) ditched Tara when they were younger, and she doesn't want to see her friend get hurt again. When Sam is attacked by Ghostface early on, Amber has the alibi of being at the station with Sheriff Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton). Her reveal is a surprise, mainly because who could have possibly seen her whacky motive coming?

Amber and Richie (Jack Quaid) are both obsessive fans of the original "Stab" movie and want to  save the franchise . How? They believe Hollywood needs some inspiration from another real-life event. So they orchestrated getting Sam, the illegitimate daughter of Billy Loomis, back to Woodsboro. They kill Dewey (David Arquette), leading to Sidney and Gale's return because, as Amber puts it, "We had to bring the legacy characters back to make it matter." 

The kills are the highest of the series on the violence scale. Tara's initial Ghostface encounter is harrowing and brutal, and Wes (Dylan Minnette) meets an excruciatingly slow end. Amber also confesses killing Dewey, a feat three prior Ghostfaces have failed, and she gets an epic throwdown with Sidney and Gale. Richie nudges out Amber's turn with more pre-reveal screentime, and his betrayal is more maddening because we all should have seen it coming a mile away.

5. Mickey Altieri from Scream 2

One of the main themes "Scream 2" dissects is if movie violence is directly responsible for real-life violence. A heated debate at the time and, as previously stated, would end up neutering "Scream 3." Mickey feels like Randy 2.0, the sequel's cooler, edgier film fanatic. Played by the then-unknown Timothy Olyphant, he's entertaining to watch even before his killer reveal, and responsible for some of the franchise's best slasher moments. The opening movie theater scene is iconic and terrifying, and later when Sidney has to crawl out of a wrecked cop car over an unconscious Ghostface, it's bite-your-nails-off intense.

Mickey is the first killer to show his face in the finale. He then proceeds to out Sid's boyfriend Derek (Jerry O'Connell) as his partner, and for a moment, we suspect this to be a "deja vu" twist. Then Mickey shoots Derek, whose dying words to Sidney are: "I never would've hurt you." It's devastating, and Mickey callously rubs this in her face, saying, "This was just the kind of boy you'd like to take home to mom. If you had a mom." 

His entire rant oozes sociopathic behavior. Mickey tells Sidney he's different from Billy because he  wants  to get caught and go on trial to blame the movies. His motivation is absurd and frighteningly believable. Timothy Olyphant's surprise return from the dead, only to be blasted into oblivion by Sidney and Gale, is one final scare for a top-tier Ghostface. 

4. Jill Roberts in Scream 4

Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) has one of the most unique motives of any Ghostface killer. She wants to be famous for being a  victim , a real-life final girl. The film sets her up as this generation's Sidney, with Ghostface ceaselessly stalking her, which is a solid and well-earned misdirect for the audience. After all, Sidney is her cousin, so it's easy to assume that the fourth entry in a horror series would introduce such a stereotypical plot device. When we find out  she's  the killer and has been  playing  the victim, it's a bold twist while also connecting to everything we just watched. 

"Scream 4"  has a lot of hilarious things to say about reboots and remakes. It also aims sharp criticism at teens and their addiction to social media and YouTube, where, like Jill, being famous is the goal. Jill lets loose some brutal kills, like a knife to the forehead of Deputy Perkins (Anthony Anderson) or stabbing her own mother (Mary McDonnell). 

Jill goes to extremely self-punishing lengths to stage the final crime scene, including using her dead boyfriend's hand to scratch her face, stabbing herself, and bodyslamming a glass table. It's hilarious and violent, a "Scream" moment at its best. Eventually, Jill dies by defibrillators to the skull and a gunshot to the chest, followed by Sidney delivering the cheer-worthy line, "You forgot the first rule of remakes. Don't f*** with the original." 

3. Stu Macher in Scream

Matthew Lillard's performance as Stu Macher in the original "Scream" is a wild combination of over-the-top and scary, making him one of the most unhinged Ghostface killers. Initially, Stu comes off as an eccentric and inappropriate friend, cracking insensitive jokes about Casey's (Drew Barrymore) murder. He banters with and mocks his bud Randy, but overall seems harmless. When it's revealed that Stu is one of the killers, it's a betrayal to Sidney and the audience. How could this lovable goober be a cold-blooded killing machine?

What is Stu's motive? He claims it's scarier when the killer doesn't have one. So, is he a horror fan who took his love for the genre too far? A teen easily influenced by Billy's peer pressure? Or just a sicko? Maybe it's all three. We'll never know since he got some old-school FaceTime, aka death by tube TV. Before Stu meets his "electrifying" end, he dishes out very memorable kills. His girlfriend, Tatum (Rose McGowan), learns the hard way that doggie doors are for pets only. Casey, disemboweled and hanging from a tree while her mother screams, is one of the most disturbing moments in any "Scream" film. 

He also has the best one-liners, whining when Sidney turns the tables: "My mom and dad are going to be so mad at me..." or mocking Randy with "I'll be right back!" Stu is easily the funniest Ghostface killer. In contrast, his lack of motive and gleeful relishing of their bloodbath make him one of the scariest of the bunch.

2. Richie Kirsch in Scream 5

Richie Kirsch plays the loyal boyfriend caught up in Sam's violent past. Jack Quaid's natural charm and typical casting make him less suspicious, but we all should have known. Dewey calls it out immediately; always look at the love interest. When Amber reveals herself as the killer, Richie hides with Sam in the basement, a  huge  red flag, but we still think he's just trying to protect her. He even gets shot by Sidney while she's on the phone with Ghostface, and we  still  believe he's the good guy. So when he stabs Sam, it's a throw-your-popcorn-at-the-screen in anger moment. 

As stated with Amber, Richie's motives are based on toxic fandom, but he would argue, "How can fandom be toxic? It's about love!" While this seems ridiculous, it's not too far off if you've been on the internet lately. Fans have review-bombed movies, pressured studios to release  alternate cuts , and created petitions to get films remade (looking at you, angry "The Last Jedi" fans). This "Scream" entry satirizes the misguided idea that only "true fans" know how to make a good movie. 

Richie declares: "This time, the fans are going to be the ones who win." The film knowingly mocks legacy sequels while justifying this "requel's" existence. He also gets one of the best Ghostface death scenes. After being viciously stabbed by Sam, Richie (still the concerned fan) wails: "Wait ... what about my ending?" Sam makes sure there will be no sequel for Richie.

1. Billy Loomis in Scream

Rod Stewart once said, "The first cut is the deepest," and that's also true with the first and best Ghostface, the one who set in motion a murderous legacy where blood runs deep. Billy Loomis is the character that everyone (especially Dewey) immediately suspects. He appears after Ghostface attacks Sidney with barely a flesh wound. Even though Sidney has suffered extreme trauma after the rape and murder of her mother, Billy is laser-focused on getting laid. He's a creep, but Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson find several sneaky ways to trick the audience. The corn syrup fake-out is still one of the most iconic slasher twists.

Billy and Stu are the originators of the Ghostface modus operandi. The creepy voice-changing device, the  extremely  high-stakes movie trivia, and the costume; it's all Billy and Stu. While Stu is the goofier of the duo, Billy is the menacing mastermind, and his motivation is grounded in severe mommy issues. He killed Maureen Prescott, framed Cotton Weary, and now plans to kill Sidney and frame her dad as part of his twisted revenge plot. 

Billy also takes quite a few hits before going down, stabbed multiple times by Stu (once for pretend and again for real), attacked with an umbrella by Sidney, and shot by Gale. When we think the heroes are safe, Randy warns, "Careful, this is the moment where the supposedly dead killer comes back to life for one last scare." Billy lurches back to life to receive one final headshot from Sidney. His reign of terror ends, but Ghostface's legacy will never die.


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