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21 school horror stories that are scarier than MRT breakdowns

21 school horror stories that are scarier than MRT breakdowns

Schools can be a scary place, filled with pubescent children and raging hormones.

As if that's not enough, many schools in Singapore are also known to be favourite haunts for restless spirits and disembodied ghosts!

Here are some of the stories behind famous hauntings of schools in Singapore to get your hair standing. Of course, you might want to take these stories with a pinch of salt (but you can never be too sure with these things).

Incomplete homework is the least of your school-related worries now!


There's a pond in school where a group of students were playing Follow The Leader (or Caterpillar). The girls are lined up, blindfolded and made to hold the shoulders of the person in front.

After the game, a girl was missing and was eventually found back at the pond, still playing the game by herself.

She believed she was still holding onto someone's shoulders.


Having been built before WWII, it was used as a hospital and an administrative building during the war.

The armoury was a dumping ground for bodies, leaving the place severely haunted. Legend has it that it took the combined efforts from holy men of various religions to cleanse and seal the room - real life Ghostbusters!


Stories say that the Red bridge was painted red because the blood stains resulting from a suicide couldn't be washed off. In fact, it is rumoured that some of the stains make a reappearance from time to time!

Also, if you take a look at the map of the school, Block T13 is conspicuously missing. Reasons behind its omission are unknown. However, seeing as the number 13 is such an ominous number, it has set alarm bells ringing among supernatural enthusiasts.


A group of student counsellors reportedly heard crying noises in the room formerly called "Design Studio" down the hall. Knocking on both doors in attempt to find out who was in the room yielded no response.

Alas, a teacher was called in to unlock the door, looking visibly flustered upon arrival as if he already suspected the source of the sobbing. It turns out the room was empty upon entry.


The most famous story was the reports of the statue of Mother Mary within the school compounds shedding tears of blood at night. Some even recounted that the statue comes to life at night, roaming the school compounds.


The female toilet in the swimming pool was haunted by a girl who committed suicide by drowning. Students have also reported the feeling of their feet being tugged as if someone was grabbing onto them for help.


The D&T room was claimed to be haunted by a disembodied head from a student who died in a workshop accident. Always pay special attention in a place full of dangerous tools, kids!


The ITAS block is reportedly haunted by a spirit that enjoys scaring its occupants by singing old Chinese classics, perhaps in search of an audience. Doesn't sound too bad if you put it that way!


Block K (Health and Life Science department) was reportedly haunted by dummies that come alive at night to roam the compounds.

Just like Night of the Museum, you say? Except with less laughing your pants off and more soiling it.

Furthermore, the secluded lift on Block K has a tendency to stop at the 3rd floor of the build, where real dead bodies are stored for research.


Ngee Ann Polytechnic's blocks 50/51/52 was reportedly wrought with hauntings, from the usual restless toilet spirits to the presence of blood stains situated on the infamous 9th floor.

The most common theory to the cause of the hauntings was that Ngee Ann Poly was built on bunkers that litter the hilly terrain.

One of the workshops in the campus was also the scene of a freak accident where a girl died after her hair got caught in one of the machines. In addition, it was claimed that you can hear screams from the workshop if you happen to pass by its proximity.


Refrain from shining your torchlight on treetops at night because you might just be greeted by bodies of those murdered and then hung by the Japanese during WWII.

The statues erected in the school are also reportedly haunted.

If you walk behind the statue of Tan Kah Kee at midnight, it has been known to turn around, asking for the time.

Besides that, the emerald eyes adorning the statue of Lee Kong Chian glows an eerie green. The eyes are covered now but some of that ghostly light still escapes through the cracks - so spooky!

It was also mentioned that they only use one out of their four flagpoles at the field, because the three flagpoles symbolize the joss sticks to please the spirits. Word has it, the field used to be shaped like a tombstone, perhaps that's why.


The clock tower is allegedly haunted by the restless spirit of a boy who took a deadly plunge into the gears of the fixture. Supernatural possessions are also claimed to be a common occurrence in the school.


A tragic incident is thought to be the source of the school haunting: a girl was raped by a construction worker during its construction in the 80s, and now her restless spirit haunts the compounds of the school.


The lights of the female toilet on the 4th floor are left on for 24 hours due to it being haunted.


As recounted by one of the teachers, an angry spirit of a Japanese soldier once burst into one of the corner classrooms (then Bukit Batok Primary School) located right beside a forested area when class was in session.

Needless to say, many pupils were traumatised by the event. It is said that this harrowing event was swept under the rug for the mental well-being of the other pupils in the school.


In the senior block where the science lab is located, jars of preserved specimen are stored. One of the specimen is that of a foetus (science!). Word is, the foetus flies around the proximity calling out your name like a horror mashup of cupid and a toyol .

Turning around to heed the call of the foetus is considered a bad idea, as unknown terrible repercussions await those who do.


Someone had entered to school compounds to have a bit of a kickabout, but was ticked off by a bearded old man commanding him to leave the premises.

He then promptly left the compounds of the school to return another day, only to find out that bearded old man was actually the school's late founder.


Red doors locked with a chain and padlock.

About a decade ago, a student was left locked in the basement of the main building while playing hide and seek, after his seekers weren't able to find him.

It was a Friday.

Monday came and he was found dead, leaving blood stains all over the walls. Since then, the basement is now locked at 8pm.


A student was crying and screaming down the corridor with her hands covering her face.

When a teacher came to her aid, she dropped her hands revealing her eyes which were rolled up and only her whites showing.

Apparently, she had seen an old man beckoning to her.

According to student sources, there has been an unnatural death in the campus every year since 2007.

Google "NTU deaths" and you'll be surprised.


The old holding site at Malan Road was a temporary home for several schools before their move to a new location. Horror stories plagued the vicinity, with sightings concentrated at the old chapel, remodelled as a make-shift lecture room.

Considering the cramp corridors, with oddly placed, locked doors three feet above ground, and a dimly lit art room, the chapel brings goosebumps to anyone who dares to wander alone.

A female student seated alone in one of the lecture rooms once observed someone fiddling with the door knob, but peering out of the windows, no person was in sight.

What do you think, are these just baseless rumours or true stories? I'll let you be the judge of that. Either way, your days of solo runs to the the toilet are over.

Now what is that shadow behind your back?

Just kidding.

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Holistic Education

8 Ghost Stories That Haunt Singapore Schools

Nadya Sharfina · May 31, 2023 · Leave a Comment

Years after students have left school, you will still hear them discussing one aspect of their teenage lives with great intensity and conviction. In Singapore’s schools, there are spooky stories and supernatural experiences that give people goosebumps for life. Many schools appear to have a fascinating and haunted past that still captures our imagination. Within their walls, ghostly figures appear, strange sounds echo, and eerie encounters unfold, creating a collection of ghost stories deeply woven into the culture of Singapore schools. These supernatural tales have been passed down through generations, whispered among students and teachers. 

Let’s explore the supernatural realm together and discover eight of the scariest ghost stories that have become a part of the shared folklore that thrives within Singapore’s schools.

1. The Ghost of Old Admiralty Secondary School

Old Admiralty Secondary School, which closed in 1994, is known as one of the most haunted schools in Singapore. According to legend, the spirit of a deceased student still haunts the empty halls. Visitors have reported hearing footsteps and whispers with no visible source. Some even claim to have seen objects move on their own, creating a chilling atmosphere linked to the school’s ghostly history.

2. The Haunted Classroom at CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School

CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School has a classroom with an eerie reputation. Many students have seen a ghostly figure sitting at one of the desks, even when no one else is present. The room carries an unsettling presence, and some students have heard strange laughter coming from nowhere, sparking curiosity and unease about the supernatural happenings in that classroom.

3. The Mysterious Piano at Victoria School

At Victoria School, there is a captivating story about a mysterious music room. According to the tale, a former music teacher who loved playing the piano has left behind a supernatural presence. When night falls, the music room comes alive with an eerie enchantment as the piano starts playing by itself. The haunting melody echoes through the corridors, mesmerising those who listen and leaving them with a lingering sense of the supernatural.

4. The Crying Child of Nan Chiau High School

Nan Chiau High School has the haunting legend of a ghostly child’s sorrowful cries. Students and teachers have heard the heartbreaking sobs in the school’s quiet corridors. The unexplained weeping creates an eerie and sombre atmosphere as it echoes through the hallways. Even though the ghostly child’s origins are unclear, those who hear its eerie screams are left feeling both sympathetic and uneasy. Harry Potter’s ‘Moaning Myrtle’ definitely comes to mind…

5. The Headless Statue at Raffles Institution

Raffles Institution, a school with a rich history, has a spooky story about a haunted statue. The statue of Sir Stamford Raffles, an important figure from Singapore’s history, is said to sometimes appear without a head at night. The sight of the headless statue terrifies those who see it, leaving them wondering about the mysterious haunting.

6. The Haunted Lake and Labyrinth of Chung Cheng High School

There are some fairly creepy stories going around at Chung Cheng High School. According to some, it is haunted by the spirits of Japanese soldiers. The school has a big lake. Legend has it that if you walk around it three times and ring a nearby bell three times, a creepy mermaid might pop up from the water.

Inside the school’s auditorium, a labyrinthine network of interconnected doors and winding passages exists. According to local legend, these rooms may have had a dark background, possibly serving as torture chambers in the past.

7. The Moving Mannequin at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School

At some point in the past, a mannequin was placed in the classroom to remember a girl after she died by suicide. The mannequin wore her uniform and had her name tag. The classroom was located on the ground floor and faced the track and field. Students noticed something peculiar during their physical education classes – the mannequin always seemed to be facing them, despite its original positioning towards the front of the class.

8. The “White House” of Montfort Secondary School

The “White House,” a historic structure that houses the school and is located in Hougang, is rumoured to be haunted. Students and workers who have been inside the structure have claimed to have heard eerie footsteps, strange noises, and seen apparitions. Some speculate that the ghostly presence may be connected to the school’s past or prior residents.

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Matilda House

The most haunted places in Singapore

Time for a good spook with some paranormal activity spotting at these eerie haunts in Singapore...but only if you dare

In our land-scarce Lion City that hardly sleeps, even the deceased can’t always find a proper resting place. Growing up with so many tales about ghost-sightings or places feeling eerie, it's natural for so many of us to be curious about the haunted places across the island. Take note, while some are free and easy for you to explore, a handful of these spots are located on state land or private property so we wouldn't recommend checking them out – lest you get caught by something scarier than the ghouls: the police. Happy hantu -hunting!

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An email you’ll actually love

If you dare to go exploring

Pasir Ris Red House

1.  Pasir Ris Red House

Haunted by Rumours say the house was used as a temporary nursery and shelter for children during the Japanese Occupation from 1942-1945. A massacre may have happened where the children and teachers were burnt alive or bayoneted in the house. Or there was a murder case where a man killed his wife and children then hung himself. The spirit of the family resides at a big old tree that used to stand beside the house. Apparently, it’s called Red House because paranormal-seekers said they saw blood-stained interior walls. Other famous tales are a doll sitting on a rocking chair, and if you try to remove it, you’ll hear a scream, or a pair of Chinese guardian lion statues with glowing eyes and turning heads, white shadows in the compound and the sounds of children running around and, even, evil laughter.

The story behind it Situated in the former fishing village of Kampong Loyang, the house was built in 1938. The first owners were Sir Percy McNeice, a British civil servant, and his wife, Lok Yuen Peng, also known as Lady McNeice, in the late 1940s. Sir Percy was known for his contributions to housing, family planning and social welfare in Singapore. Lady McNeice was the daughter of Loke Yew, British Malaya’s richest man before the Second World War and sister to the founder of Cathay Organisation, Loke Wan Tho. Lady McNeice used her house as a community area where kampong residents nearby gathered and she provided free meals and education for them. In 1964, the house was sold to Tang Choon Keeng, or CK Tang, the owner of the Tangs Department Store. Shortly after, it was mysteriously abandoned, remained derelict for many decades and became a thrill-seeking spot for ghost-hunters, especially in the 90s. 

Accessibility 191 Jalan Loyang Besar. In the early 2010s, the house was bought over by Odyssey Preschool. It was renovated, spruced up and the lion statues and big old tree removed. In 2014, the preschool officially opened giving the compound a new lease of life.

Woodleigh MRT

2.  Woodleigh MRT

Haunted by The train station was built under what used to be Bidadari Cemetery – enough said. Commuters say they saw white figures when the train whizzed past the station from Serangoon to Potong Pasir when it was closed to the public. 

The story behind it Woodleigh MRT station was built in 2003 but stayed closed and deserted until 2011. The area it’s built on is the old Bidadari Cemetery where around 147,000 graves were exhumed to make space for the development on 18ha of land. It was once Singapore’s largest grave site. In space-scarce Singapore, this isn’t unusual but gulp. Apparently, the spirits weren’t happy about the redevelopment so ghostly figures were sighted there. I mean, can we blame them?

Accessibility Woodleigh MRT (NE11) sits on the North East Line.

Hillview Mansion

3.  Hillview Mansion

Haunted by There’s tons of conspiracy theories behind this haunted estate. One of them is the mistress who used to stay in the house.

The story behind it It was said she died from a fall off the unfinished balcony while she was viewing the construction's progress. Over the years, those who wandered into the property have claimed to hear sounds of a lady weeping at night. The mansion was ordered to be demolished in 2006, but a landslide hit the area in the same year. Stabilisation works were attempted on the land but another landslide hit in the same year, burying parts of Hillview Mansion. 

Accessibility Located at Bukit Batok, Hillview Mansion can be found at the end of Jalan Dermawan.

Matilda House

4.  Matilda House

Haunted by  No one actually knows! There were rumours that there was a lady with long hair in the trees in the surrounding area and that some workers actually died while working at Matilda House.

The story behind it  Matilda House was built in 1902 by Irish lawyer Alexander Cashin for his wife – and was named after his mother . The house stayed in the Cashin family for a while until it was left abandoned before the government acquired it. Legend has it that the house 'refused' to be demolished with stories saying unexplained forces would always get in the way of tearing down the house or any major renovations.

Accessibility In the end, Matilda House was incorporated as the clubhouse of a private condominium in Punggol. We haven't heard any spooky stories... yet. 

Caldecott Hill

5.  Caldecott Hill

Haunted by Ask the Mediacorp staff and they have plenty of horror stories to share. The place is haunted by various spirits lingering in the area.

The story behind it It is no secret that this former Mediacorp headquarters is spooky. Staff there have reportedly seen disembodied heads looking through windows and spirits messing with the costumes. The staff there have mentioned that they worry about accidentally bringing a spirit home. The stories behind how the spirits got there is unknown. 

Accessibility Located along Thomson Road, you can get there via public transportation. The area is currently waiting for future development.

Yishun Dam

6.  Yishun Dam

Haunted by Headless ghosts and a faceless lady with long hair

The story behind it While it is a great place to chill with friends at night, this place has an eerie history behind it. The area is known as a site for mass beheadings during the Japanese Occupation, which explains the sightings of headless ghosts around. Many have also spotted a faceless lady with long hair. She usually disturbs unsuspecting anglers there.

Accessibility Most drive to Yishun Dam , but you can get there easily by public transport. Take bus 117 or 103 and alight just before Shell Aviation.

Jalan Mempurong

7.  Jalan Mempurong

Haunted by Multiple spirits, apparently. Some people even spotted a pontianak flying in this area. 

The story behind it Lost souls of people who were forced to leave the fishing village are believed to be haunting the area. Also, local shamans are said to release dark entities that they have caught. These spirits that dwell are aggressive and known to inflict harm. So, visit at your own risk.

Accessibility Pass the residential blocks near Admiralty Road and you'll be greeted with a small lane that trails into a bend. Follow the narrow road and you’ll find yourself at Jalan Mempurong.

Former Brunei Hostel

8.  Former Brunei Hostel

Haunted by  No one knows. 

The story behind it  In the early fifties, Brunei sent over some of its brightest students to make up for its lack of a proper education system back home. The Tanglin Brunei Hostel was built to house these students, as well as government officials on training programmes. In its heyday, the hostel hosted sports events and festivals, but was closed in 1983 after Brunei set up its own education infrastructure back home. Today, the hostel is abandoned and in disrepair – making it a favourite haunt of paranormal seekers in Singapore. 

Accessibility  The abandoned hostel is located at the end of Tanglin Hill. There is a 'no trespassing' sign at its gates – which tells you all you need to know. 

Lim Chu Kang Road

9.  Lim Chu Kang Road

Haunted by Lingering spirits here, because.. of the cemeteries nearby.

The story behind it   A brutal murder is said to have taken place here back in 2016, however, the body of the female victim was never found. Only clumps of hair, burnt fabric and a burn mark have been discovered. It is said that the burn mark can still be seen today. Also, you wouldn’t want to wait here alone at night. Lonely and eerily quiet, this road tends to be deserted on most nights. There have been multiple accounts of taxi drivers picking up spirits that appear as humans, which vanish when they step out of the vehicle. Drivers have also claimed to have seen spirits lingering at the bus stop or crossing the roads. There’s also a sinister atmosphere, adding to the uneasiness you feel in the area.

Accessibility It starts of the junction of Sungei Gedong Road and ends at the junction of Ama Keng Road.

Spooner Road

10.  Spooner Road

Haunted by  Disturbances, weird unexplained sounds and sightings in the flats, darting shadows, the list goes on.  

The story behind it   The HDB blocks at Spooner Road are some of the oldest in Singapore. The few blocks were built in the mid-1970s and  were formerly used as the quarters to house personnel of the staff and families who worked at the nearby (now defunct)  Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. The flats were left empty for years when operations ceased at the railway station but are currently  used as rental apartments for low-income residents. There have been many stories from residents and explorers about the eerie things they experienced at Spooner Road. 

Accessibility   Spooner Road is quite easily accessible from Kampong Bahru Road in Tanjong Pagar or by the Rail Corridor. Do note that residents are living there so be respectful of their space. 

Sungei Api Api and Pasir Ris Park

11.  Sungei Api Api and Pasir Ris Park

Haunted by  A band of mischievous p ontianaks.  

The story behind it   While there's no macabre history in Pasir Ris Park, there are rumours that Sungei Api Api is infamous for being a place where murders and suicides have occurred. Other stories include the area to be where black magic was practiced in the past because it used to be heavily forested. 

Accessibility   Sungei Api Api is now part of a park connector and is a popular jogging spot and one of the many entrances to Pasir Ris Park. Jog at your own risk – especially if its going to be late at night!

Nee Soon Rubber Estate

12.  Nee Soon Rubber Estate

Haunted by Pontianaks – waiting on residents’ balconies and doorsteps, calling out to those fishing at the canal, or staring at people crossing through Sembawang Park.  

The story behind it Sembawang is where the Nee Soon Rubber Estate used to sit. Yup – that’s a whole field of rubber trees, which are known to be the favoured residence of these restless female vampire ghosts. They sure love those trees – their spirits apparently still remain even though the estate has since been cleared to make way for flats and industrial buildings.

Accessibility The rubber plantations covered a vast area around Yishun, Sembawang and Seletar, but your best bet is to take a night walk in Sembawang Park if you dare.

Pulau Tekong

13.  Pulau Tekong

Haunted by Among many others, the ghost of a disembowelled recruit, a white, long-haired figure at Jacob’s Ladder and a grandma and grandson duo who wander the bunks at night to disturb sleepless recruits.

The story behind it There’s no saying if the ghost stories have roots in the early history of the island when it was inhabited by a majority Chinese population, or if they sprang up after Tekong was taken over for military use. But these spooky stories have become something of a rite of passage for fresh recruits – just ask anyone who’s gone through National Service and they’ll have a tale or ten to tell you about Tekong.

Accessibility Fall in recruits, there’s no escaping this one. The rest of us might have the chance to visit if we’re sending a family member off for Basic Military Training.

Old Tampines Road

14.  Old Tampines Road

Haunted by Pontianaks (yup, more than one apparently!), the vengeful spirits of women who have died during their pregnancy or childbirth that continue to linger in the area.

The story behind it   While there is no official recorded history – as with most ghost stories – many riders and cyclists have said to feel 'extra weight' when passing through  the long and quiet stretch late at night. On top of that, there is always a sweet, floral scent lingering in the air during these incidents. 

Accessibility  The road has been upgraded and a lot of the spooky trees have been cut down but you can cruise through at 2am if you dare.

Every Singapore school

15.  Every Singapore school

Haunted by Spirits of girls who committed suicide in toilets, shadowy figures (especially in the Design and Technology block), Pontianaks with a penchant for education. 

The story behind it   There really is no science behind it but every school in Singapore seems to have its own spooky stories. Just ask your friends about their own school horror stories and you'll notice there will be some parallels. 

Accessibility  You won't walk into someone else's workplace so don't be dropping by other people's schools. 

National Museum of Singapore

16.  National Museum of Singapore

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Haunted by The wandering spirit of former museum director, British doctor and naturalist Carl Alexander Gibson-Hill whose death was regarded as suicide. 

The story behind it  We don't know the exact tale but many have claimed to have seen and felt unnatural forces at the notorious Victorian-style spiral staircase which has a reputation for being the most haunted spot in the century-old museum. 

Accessibility Visit the museum all you want but the staircase are closed off to visitors. We wonder why.

Bedok Reservoir

17.  Bedok Reservoir

Haunted by   The restless souls that took their lives at this infamous reservoir.

The story behind it   Considered a suicide destination, Bedok Reservoir has met six suicides between 2011 to 2012 where the sixth body was found on the morning of an inter-religious blessing ceremony. The blessing ceremony was organised to rid the evil that surrounds the area.

Accessibility Still a popular jogging spot, with a bunch of suicides to its name.

Kubur Kassim

18.  Kubur Kassim

Haunted by The 'Orang Bunian' – a s upernatural human-like creature from Malay folklore. It's also said that a Pontianak resides here and was the inspiration behind the Malay classic film Pontianak .

The story behind it If the name doesn't strike you as uncanny, get this: 'Siglap' literally means 'the dark one'. Aptly named after an incident that involves a solar eclipse in 1821, the quaint neighbourhood has a dark, creepy past and is home to Kubur Kassim, a 90-year old Malay cemetery. And if you look hard enough, you'll be able to spot grave plots dedicated to the 'Orang Bunian'.

Accessibility We recommend sticking to visiting hours.

Sentosa Island

19.  Sentosa Island

Haunted by   The ghostly soldiers that are seen at quieter spots on the island.

The story behind it   Sentosa was formerly known as Pulau Belakang Mati which translates to 'Back Island of Death'. Many executions took places on the island's pristine beaches during World War II when Singapore was under the Japanese Occupation which explains the sightings.

Accessibility It's the State of Fun, how can we resist.

Woodneuk House

20.  Woodneuk House

Haunted by Creepy sightings that include random shadows, spirits, poltergeists and even  phantom scents .

The story behind it Previously known as Istana Woodneuk, this now-abandoned house is located in the deep woods of the Holland Road and Tyersall Road area. It was once occupied by a Sultan of Johor, but now remains empty and covered in vegetation and decay. What's creepier is the fact that the spot is not charted on the map of Singapore and is, therefore, out of bounds. Unless you've got stellar hunting skills, of course.

Accessibility  Don't do it, the house is state property and you can (and will!) be caught for trespassing.

Old Changi Hospital

21.  Old Changi Hospital

Haunted by The restless souls of those who were tortured to death or executed by the Japanese during World War II, as well as a security guard who used to work there. The story behind it Used by the Kempeitai  (Japanese military police) to hold more than 50,000 Allied prisoners-of-war and as a torture chamber during the Japanese Occupation, it was vacated in 1997, four decades after it was first built, when the new Changi General Hospital was opened. The abandoned building still stands and occasional ghost tours are held there, which has added to its reputation of being one of the spookiest places in Singapore.

Accessibility Don't get caught for trespassing! But you can still observe from afar or from Raintr33 Hotel (which used to be part of the hospital). 

Amber Beacon at East Coast Park

22.  Amber Beacon at East Coast Park

Haunted by The restless spirit of a young woman who was supposedly raped and murdered there still lingers on the steps of the spiral staircase. The story behind it A local couple was stabbed by two unknown assailants while chatting on the steps of the tower in 1992. The woman, then only 21, died before the police arrived, although there was no evidence to suggest that she was raped. The murder remains unsolved to this day. 

Accessibility The tower is still there if you want to check it out.

Bukit Brown Cemetery

23.  Bukit Brown Cemetery

Haunted by Pontianaks, Singapore's favourite female spirit.

The story behind it Bukit Brown Cemetery, otherwise known as Kopi Sua, is one of the oldest Chinese cemeteries in Singapore and is home to over 100,000 tombs. So it makes sense that this place will give you the heebie-jeebies. 

Accessibility Overgrown and hidden, it's not easy to get to most parts of Bukit Brown. If you're game, download the self-guided trail  from Singapore Heritage Society and get exploring. 

Neo Tiew Estate

24.  Neo Tiew Estate

Haunted by A pontianak (a spirit of a banana tree – one of the scarier supernatural beings in Malay folklore) who has been trapped there since a gambler refused to remove the seven pins placed in the tree to coerce it into helping him win the lottery. The story behind it Named after the businessman who helped develop the Lim Chu Kang area in the early 20th century, the abandoned estate – comprising a trio of three-storey blocks, a wet market and a playground – was built in 1979 and is currently used for urban warfare training by the Singapore Armed Forces after being sold en bloc in 2002.

Accessibility The area is now restricted but you can still look at it from afar. Still creepy, we admit.

Syonan Jinja

25.  Syonan Jinja

Haunted by The spirits of the Japanese soldiers who committed mass ritual suicide via seppuku (literally ‘bellycutting’) to preserve the shrine’s sanctity. The story behind it Built in 1942 by British prisoners-of-war and Japanese soldiers, the shrine was dedicated to the Shinto sun goddess Amaterasu and used to commemorate fallen Japanese soldiers. It was demolished following the Japanese Imperial Army’s surrender but legends persist that a massive treasure – most popularly believed to be the fabled Yamashita’s gold plundered during the South-East Asian campaign – remains hidden there.

Accessibility This area is also closed off to the public now.

Bishan MRT

26.  Bishan MRT

Haunted by Phantom passengers who do not cast any reflections on the windows and, according to construction workers who built the station, a funeral procession on the train tracks with a headless ghost. The story behind it The station and the surrounding housing estates were built on the site of the former Kwong Wai Siew Peck San Theng, one of the largest Chinese cemeteries in Singapore before it was exhumed in 1982.

Accessibility Some of us go through the station every day.

Haw Par Villa

27.  Haw Par Villa

Haunted by As if they weren't scary enough during the day, the wax statues depicting condemned souls are said to come to life at night, filling the infamous Ten Courts of Hell exhibit with tortured screams. The story behind it The Burmese Aw brothers, who made their fortune selling the Tiger Balm heat rub, lent their first names Haw (‘tiger’) and Paw (‘leopard’) to the theme park, where children could learn about traditional Chinese myths through the vivid wax dioramas. It’s truly one of the more bizarre corners of the island – no wonder people think it’s haunted.

Accessibility It's still a popular and interesting place to visit if you like exploring offbeat Singapore.

The Devil’s Bend @ Old Upper Thomson Road

28.  The Devil’s Bend @ Old Upper Thomson Road

Haunted by The spirits of drivers who were killed while trying to navigate this tricky hairpin bend. The story behind it Part of the race route of the original Singapore Grand Prix – which was held from 1961 to 1974 until it was discontinued due to its high fatality rate – the poorly-lit stretch is still a favourite haunt for illegal street racers and thrill-seekers. The most recent accident claimed the lives of two passengers when the car they were travelling in plunged into a ditch in 2008. 

Accessibility Sure you can drive through the area but please be alert and careful.

Novena MRT

29.  Novena MRT

Haunted by Numerous sightings of headless apparitions have been reported at the underpass linking it to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore building. The story behind it Another MRT station built on the grounds of a former cemetery. In this case, its history is tied to its name, which originated with the weekly Catholic novena prayer sessions held at the nearby Church of St Alphonsus (also known as the Novena Church). It was used as a Jewish cemetery until its exhumation in 1985. 

Accessibility Ride all you want through this station. 

Changi Beach

30.  Changi Beach

Haunted by The screams and cries for help of the civilians executed by Japanese soldiers during World War II. The story behind it In one of the first massacres carried out during the infamous Sook Ching operation (literally ‘cleansing purge’ in Mandarin), 66 Chinese men were executed by firing squad at the water’s edge on February 20 1942. 

Accessibility A popular spot for families, the picnic crowds and just to chill out. There are several beach areas to hit and parking lots if you're driving.

The most haunted places in Singapore: according to the experts

Seekers Paranormal Singapore

Seekers Paranormal Singapore

Ghost hunting isn’t exactly your usual pastime but these guys take it seriously. 

Singapore is haunted.  And it must be true – with volumes upon volumes of books published about schools inhabited by dark shadows, long-haired female spirits that flag down taxis and the souls of those who died a violent death... the list goes on. We reached out to Seekers Paranormal Singapore , established in 2011, to find out more about Singapore's spookier side. They are a group of individuals who have more experience (and guts) than us with the other world. Whether you take this as a ‘to explore’ list of places to avoid at all costs, here are the most haunted places in Singapore according to the experts.

Lim Chu Kang

Lim Chu Kang

FACTS Following a fight between a couple, there was a murder here in July 2016. Clumps of hair, pieces of burnt fabric and a burn mark on the ground were found at the scene, but the full body of the female victim remains to be found till today.

ENCOUNTER The Seekers Paranormal team state that the burn mark is still present on-site and its surroundings are quiet and spooky. They also found a banana tree with its blossom – known as a heart – intact. It is believed that banana trees with its heart attached are a favourite haunt of pontianaks, or vengeful female spirits.

Neo Tiew Estate

FACTS There are many abandoned buildings in Lim Chu Kang including Neo Tiew Estate, a cluster of uninhabited HDB blocks. The whole area underwent en-bloc in 2002 and its residents moved to Jurong West. Once it was vacated, the estate fell into disrepair. It is currently used as training grounds by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

ENCOUNTER Before the SAF took over the grounds, the team dropped by to investigate the hauntings. While they were there, it was a hotbed of paranormal activity. They heard a baby crying, sounds of someone cleaning up the area and things dropping on the floor. These days the location is protected by the SAF so don't even try to sneak in.

Jalan Kubor Cemetery

Jalan Kubor Cemetery

FACTS Jalan Kubor Cemetery is the oldest Muslim cemetery in Singapore. It contains the graves of many prominent Malays and Muslims from the 19th and 20th centuries. The cemetery is made up of three sections: one plot reserved for Malay royalty, an adjoining site for Muslim burials that came under the care of the Aljunied family, and a third area originally designated for Indian-Muslims that became popular with Bugis and Banjar merchants.

ENCOUNTER At first look, the cemetery is not that big. Still, the team didn’t manage to enter the premises as there was a huge python on the cemetery gates. They tried to shoo the python away but it wouldn’t budge. Because snakes feature a lot in dark magic and the occult, the team believe that it was not an ordinary python but a guardian of the cemetery, forbidding them from entering as the grounds are sacred.

Pulau Ubin

FACTS If you didn’t already need know, the famous Pulau Ubin summit is called Puaka Hill – which translates to haunted hill. There’s also the mysterious German Girl Shrine, creepy mangrove swamps, abandoned kampong houses and more to be discovered. With more wildlife than people on the island, there's bound to be ghostly tales and sightings, especially after the sun sets.

ENCOUNTER While mainland Singapore only has one last remaining kampong (Kampong  Lorong Buangkok), Pulau Ubin still houses multiple kampong clusters. The team investigated an abandoned kampong, which the local residents claim to be haunted. As soon as they entered one of the houses, they heard the voice of an old lady telling them to go away in Mandarin. Most of the houses are still furnished although

Ghost hunting tips  by Arai, head team operations of Seekers Paranormal Singapore

Ghost hunting tips by Arai, head team operations of Seekers Paranormal Singapore

1. At all times, we don’t call each other by our real names when we’re on location. We go with a call sign pre-assigned to each person.

2. Minimal light or no light is better unless there is an accident during the exploration or if someone is possessed.

3. Communicate via walkie-talkies because there is a high chance the group will separate or break up to explore different areas.

4. Don’t run if you hear or see anything during the exploration as it could be dangerous.

5. It’s going to be dark and you can’t see your surroundings clearly. Always have one person stationed at the base or have a location assigned for when accidents occur or when things go awry.

More paranormal activities

10 local myths and superstitions every Singaporean should know

10 local myths and superstitions every Singaporean should know

Where to get your fortune told in Singapore

Where to get your fortune told in Singapore

The best alternative date ideas for goths in Singapore

The best alternative date ideas for goths in Singapore

  • Sex and dating

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More on Halloween

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haunted school in singapore


Haunted schools in Singapore (part 1)


We hear them all the time – stories about places that have that spooky factor to it.  Legend has it that ghosts are formed when people are maliciously wronged to death or that they are spirits with unfinished business in the living realm. Their souls are therefore tied their death’s location in eternal misery. Below are some educational institution locations that have been said to consist for the departed…that never left.



Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 6.25.16 pm

Check out Part 2 of our story!

by Hidir Koh


nursing SIT

From Student to Professor: A Remarkable Nursing Journey | campus.sg


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Nourishing Lives with Flavour | campus.sg


[Review] “Napoleon” by Ridley Scott: An Ambitious Yet Uneven Epic


5 Reasons Singapore is the Best Place to Cultivate Your Career | campus.sg

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NIO Cicada

[Interview] Sounds of Taiwan: NIO and Cicada at AXEAN Festival 2023 | campus.sg

Shape of Stories

Vonnegut’s “Shapes of Stories”: Decoding Your Favourite Books and Films | campus.sg

SIT engineering

Engineered for Success: The Journey from ITE to Poly and SIT

University students

5 Great Extracurricular Activities for University Students in Singapore | campus.sg

haunted school in singapore

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haunted school in singapore

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haunted school in singapore

10 Allegedly Haunted Schools In Singapore & Their Multi-Generational Ghost Stories

TheSmartLocal · 2023-09-11 12:04

haunted school in singapore

Most haunted schools in Singapore

Tekong ghost stories may be popular among National Servicemen, but school is where most of us first hear of grisly hauntings. Perhaps due to our friends’ overactive imaginations, some of these stories may have been cooked up out of boredom to make school life more exhilarating … or have they?

While just about every school has its share of requisite toilet hauntings, the following tales have some basis behind them, making them even creepier once you understand their origins. Be warned: Some of these stories will get even the most fervent Halloween Horror Nights fans clutching their blankets in fear and crying for mummy.

– Secondary schools –

1. anglo-chinese school (barker road), haunted clock tower with spirit that possesses students.

Image credit: SAA Architects

The clock tower at Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) is iconic for greeting passers-by along Dunearn Road, but it holds a much more sinister role than just displaying the time. Legend has it that a past student managed to gain access to the clock’s gear room but accidentally fell into the gears, with his body gruesomely crushed.

After the student’s sudden violent death, it is said that his spirit continued lurking in school, seeking out other students to prey on. Students claim he possessed several others over the years and caused them to attempt suicide by the same clock tower gears, but thankfully, teachers always managed to intervene before any repeat incidents.

2. Chung Cheng High School (Main)

Haunted lake + maze-like auditorium passages once used as torture chambers.

Image credit: @cchms via Instagram

As a post-Japanese occupation school, Chung Cheng High School is said to be full of lost Japanese soldiers’ souls wandering the hallways. As such, there are numerous convex blind spot mirrors scattered throughout the compound for students to keep a lookout for malicious spirits creeping up behind them.

While the lake has set Chung Cheng apart as the only school with such a massive water feature, it is also said to be cursed by a lingering figure. Apparently, if one walks around it 3 times and rings the nearby bell thrice, a creepy mermaid will surface from its depths.

That’s not all. At the auditorium, there are several doors linked to each other through a series of maze-like passages and rooms, supposedly once used as torture chambers. One of these entrances is considerably low at about 1.6m and meant to be used as cleaners’ storage. Yet, there are no brooms to be found within these chambers of secrets.

3. Loyang View Secondary School

Toilet with lights on 24/7 to deter spirits from lurking.

Image credit: @weiqi_inlovewithlife via Instagram

Even before its merger with Greenview Secondary School, Loyang Secondary School had a particular 4th floor female toilet at its old block where lights are left on 24/7. The toilet is said to be haunted, so the lights act as a deterrent to malicious spirits afraid of exposing themselves under the glare.

4. Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School

Mannequin that moves when people aren’t watching.

Image credit: @freemeeeee via Instagram

At Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School, the story goes that a mannequin was once placed inside the classroom of a girl named Sally who had committed suicide. It was dressed up in her uniform and name tag to commemorate the student.

As the classroom was situated on the ground floor near the track, classmates reported seeing “Sally” always facing them during PE lessons despite having placed her facing the front of the class.

As a teacher was marking exam papers early in school one morning, she was surprised to catch a glimpse of a student’s uniform saunter past her staff table. Realising it was still way before school hours, she glanced up to see who it was, only to realise to her horror it was “Sally” the mannequin.

5. Raffles Girls’ School

Walls painted yellow to appease spirit of ex-student who hung herself.

Image credit: @raffles_girls_school via Instagram

Raffles Girls’ School used to have white-painted walls in its AVA room, until a former student hung herself from the ceiling projector with her school tie. After her death, sounds of a tie being pulled taut followed by screaming could still be occasionally heard. Even her hanging shadow would be seen when the lights were switched off before presentations.

It was then that the school decided to paint the walls yellow – the deceased student’s favourite colour – to appease her. While the hanging sounds and shadows have since ceased, there is still a persistent faint shadow of a nonexistent person sitting in the last row of the AVA room.

6. Raffles Institution

Pool with missing metre to avoid disturbing spirits.

Image credit: @morrisycy via Instagram

As a school with vast resources, it comes as no surprise that Raffles Institution would have its own swimming pool for students to use. What may come as a surprise, however, is that the pool is just 1m short of the standard Olympic length of 50m.

The story goes that during construction, workers came across human remains at the 50m mark. To appease the spirits, the workers decided to leave the remains alone, thus building an intentionally shorter pool.

7. River Valley High School

Stone lion statues that mysteriously disappear & reappear.

Current RVHS campus, also with sculptures outside the auditorium. Image credit: Muggershell via Commons Wikimedia

In the old River Valley High School campus at West Coast, there was a central circular sculpture outside the auditorium covering what’s said to be an old well. 

Legend has it that 8 students made a suicide pact to jump into the well after receiving abysmal O Level results. Although 8 bonsai plants were placed there in remembrance of the students, the spirit of the students continued to haunt the school. 

In order to ward off the students’ lingering spirits, 2 stone lions were placed behind the auditorium block. However, students occasionally claimed that the statues disappeared as they were having their PE lessons, only to magically reappear after their lessons were done.

– JCs & polys –

8. temasek junior college, female & male toilets swapped to ward off spirit of girl who committed suicide.

Image credits: Unsplash  

If you happen to visit Temasek Junior College, don’t be surprised to find standing urinals in both the male and female toilets. This isn’t for inclusivity’s sake, rather, the current male toilets were formerly the female toilets and vice versa.

Rumour has it that a female student who had stayed late in school to study was sexually assaulted. She then decided to commit suicide in one of the female toilets. Since then, there have been sightings of her spirit in the very same toilet.

The school hired various excorcists but none were able to get rid of the spirit until one of them suggested swapping the 2 toilets. The reason given was that males carry more Yang energy, which would help to deter spirits.

9. Singapore Polytechnic

Spirit that’s said to pull you off the red bridge.

Image credits: @singaporepoly via Instagram 

Those from Singapore Polytechnic or live around the area would know about the iconic red bridge. The beautiful coat of red, however, serves more than just aesthetics. It’s said that there was once a girl who jumped off the very same bridge and had her blood splattered on the bridge when her body hit the ground. 

Apparently, the blood stains couldn’t be washed off or would constantly reappear. Hence, the school decided to camouflage the blood stains with a coat of red. Another rumour also states that those crossing the bridge will want to be extra careful not to walk to close to the sides. Apparently, the girl’s spirit might attempt to drag you down with her to the underworld.

10. Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Lurking presence of mei ling.

Image credits: Pexels 

Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film & Media Studies has state-of-the-art media equipment for students, but it’s said that one of these studios also held something sinister. The story goes that a spirit made itself known at the TV studio to a student who claimed to have a 3rd eye. The spirit introduced herself as Mei Ling and insisted that students acknowledged her as such.

People who didn’t take her seriously would often find their projects go missing or messed with. One student even claimed a voiceover recording had multiple voices even though she was the only one in the studio.

Although many believe that the story of Mei Ling is just folklore passed down to newer batches, her presence has been confirmed by almost every new batch of students at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Proverbial skeletons in school closets

Growing up with paranormal accounts during our adolescence hits scarily close to home for some of us. While skeptics may find these urban legends rather fantastic and dismiss them as just stories by the superstitious, it’s sometimes better to err on the side of caution and not attempt to invoke the wrath of vengeful spirits, lest you find yourself faced with them!

More spooky reads:

Original article published on 22nd February 2018 . Last updated by Gracelyn Lim on 11th September 2023.Cover image adapted from: SAA Architects, @morrisycy via Instagram, Unsplash

Singapore Stories School paranormal

haunted school in singapore

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haunted school in singapore

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haunted school in singapore

haunted school in singapore


11 ghost stories in singapore’s polytechnics — some told by night-shift janitors.

haunted school in singapore

Urban Legends in Singapore Polytechnics

1. temasek poly (tp): block 18 , 2. temasek poly (tp): the spooky gym prank, 3. temasek poly (tp): design school’s haunted toilet and “satu laaaaaagi”, 4. temasek poly (tp): chains rattling , 5. singapore polytechnic (sp): the red bridge, 6. singapore polytechnic (sp): block 20, 7. ngee ann polytechnic (np): the engineering workshop, 8. ngee ann polytechnic (np): floating coffin in the pool, 9. nanyang poly (nyp): block k and dummies that come alive, 10. republic poly (rp): selfies with the “ghost”, 11. republic poly (rp): the cctv footage, ghost stories in singapore schools.

poly ghost stories

12 Singapore JC Ghost Stories Told By Former Students/First-Hand Sources

11 Singapore Girls’ School Ghost Stories Told By Former Students and Teachers

By: Naeha Sitara

haunted school in singapore

Naeha Sitara

Naeha likes to think she's funny and writes the same way she speaks. Although she's an unapologetic feminist, she still awaits the day her rich Oil Prince sweeps her off her feet. Her current tagline is #saltynotfaulty.

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haunted school in singapore

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Arts Picks: Visit a haunted school in Re:Assembly, attend a talk on horror, listen to youth choirs

haunted school in singapore

Re: Assembly by Drama Box

Step into a haunted school in Re: Assembly, Drama Box’s immersive theatrical experience that tackles the sensitive issue of bullying among youth today through paranormal themes.

Written by theatremakers Adib Kosnan, Han Xuemei and Timothy Wan, the show is an update of their 2022 work, which was part of the Esplanade’s Feed Your Imagination series.

Co-directors Han and Wan say: “Re: Assembly gathers us back to experience how bullying continues to haunt people involved in different ways. Set in a different time, involving different people, the experience this time round explores a new story and new ways to present the haunting.”

While the show was made primarily for a school audience, these two public shows invite audiences of all ages to explore issues related to suicide and bullying.

Where: Esplanade Annexe Studio, 1 Esplanade Drive MRT: City Hall/Esplanade When: July 15, 3 and 7.30pm Admission: From $23 Info: str.sg/iwor

Words Go Round: Bite-sized

haunted school in singapore

Ever wondered what makes a ghost story tick? Singaporean horror writer Christina Sng, who won three Bram Stoker Awards, will divulge elements of the genre that make readers’ skin crawl.

Sng’s talk, Ghoulish Tales: The Visceral Power Of Southeast Asian Horror, will also focus on the unique elements of the region’s horror stories and include a spooky storytelling session.

The talk, which is open to general audiences, is held as part of Words Go Round: Bite-sized, a weekend of literary talks and workshops aimed at secondary school and tertiary students.

For aspiring young writers between the ages of 12 and 18, Words Go Round also features a series of hands-on workshops conducted by published Singapore writers including Charlene Shepherdson, Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips, Verena Tay and Daryl Qilin Yam.

Registrations for individual workshops and talks are open until Friday.

Where: The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane MRT: City Hall When: Saturday and Sunday, various timings Admission: $5 a workshop or talk, $10 for full-day pass, $20 for a weekend pass Info: wgrbitesized.peatix.com

Kaleidoscope by Singapore Lyric Opera Youth And Children’s Chorus (Featuring Guest Choirs)

haunted school in singapore

The Singapore Lyric Opera Youth And Children’s Chorus (SLOYCC) returns with its annual concert to be held at the Victoria Concert Hall on Sunday.

Audiences can expect to hear popular tunes including Think Of Me from The Phantom Of The Opera, On My Own from Les Miserables as well as an arrangement of Billy Joel’s And So It Goes by choral composer Bob Chilcott.

For listeners in search of more classic fare, the choirs will also perform music by French composer Georges Bizet, German-British baroque composer George Frideric Handel and Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

In 2023, the SLOYCC is joined by guest choirs from CHIJ Katong Convent, St Joseph’s Institution, CHIJ (Katong) Primary and Zhonghua Primary School.

Where: Victoria Concert Hall, 11 Empress Place MRT: City Hall When: Sunday, 5pm Admission: $30 Info: www.sistic.com.sg/events/kaleido0723

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30 haunted places in Singapore and the stories behind them, including some surprising spots you might walk through every day

haunted school in singapore

It’s impossible to avoid ghost stories, growing up in Singapore. Chances are, your primary school had a haunted toilet — and when you graduated, your secondary school also had a haunted toilet. There’s something undeniably fascinating about listening to ghost stories, exploring the rumoured haunted places in Singapore, feeling our hair stand and that icy thrill racing down our spine.

If you’re wondering which haunted spot you should explore (or avoid), you’ve come to the right place. Here are 30 of the most haunted places in Singapore — some infamous, some surprising, and some you might be walking past every day.

1. Hillview Mansion

haunted school in singapore

Hillview Mansion was once the highest and most extravagant residential property in the neighbourhood, yet its construction was abruptly halted. Rumour has it that the sudden stop was due to the tragic accident that befell the owner’s mistress, where she fell to her death from the balcony . 

haunted school in singapore

The mansion was later sold to an unknown property developer, and over the years, urban explorers and ghost hunters who’ve visited have claimed to hear sounds of a lady weeping at night . 

haunted school in singapore

In 2006, the owner suddenly ordered the demolition of the mansion, and in the same year, a landslide hit the area where the house once stood. Stabilisation work was attempted on the land, but another landslide mysteriously struck the same spot the next year, burying any possible remains of Hillview Mansion.

2. Bukit Batok Nature Park

haunted school in singapore

Bukit Batok Nature Park once housed war memorials built by Australian POWs under the command of the Japanese in WWII as it overlooked the battlefield where many fell in the Battle of Bukit Timah . 

Two of Singapore’s biggest unsolved rape-murder cases also happened in this park, and it’s been said that the ghosts of the murder victims still wander around the park at night.

haunted school in singapore

Additionally, people have shared their stories online of spotting spirits in white on trees — or even chasing after them. An anonymous user recounted that she was almost possessed by a pontianak after spotting it in the quarry lake, but thankfully, the evil spirit was exorcised with the help of her relative who dabbled in the spiritual realm.

haunted school in singapore

There’s quite a few stories centred around the quarry lake, so if you want to avoid any trouble, just steer clear of the lake at night.

3. Block 99 Bedok North Ave 4

haunted school in singapore

If you live in Bedok, you might want to pay special attention to this one. Here’s how the story goes: An unhappily married wife living on the 25th floor of Block 99 threw her three-year-old son out of the window and, in a red Chinese wedding dress, jumped out herself. 

haunted school in singapore

The husband later married his mistress, and they went on to have a son and lived in the same flat. When the boy turned three, he said he was going “play Superman with Kor Kor (big brother)”, laughing and smiling before he too, jumped to his death. Later, Chinese words were found scrawled in the master bedroom: “This is for mummy.

haunted school in singapore

People claim that you can still feel their energy on the spot where they landed on the ground floor, and for years, no one was willing to buy the unit. Yet, even when the flat stood empty, neighbours reportedly claimed that they heard the sound of a woman crying and the laughter of a woman and a boy coming from the house.

4. Changi Chalets

haunted school in singapore

The Changi chalets are notorious for being one of the most haunted places in Singapore. Even before the infamous case of suicide by two young girls at Chalet M , there were many stories of hauntings shared by netizens online. 

haunted school in singapore

Baby handprints appearing at absurd heights on windows, mysterious knocking sounds , doors slamming shut and strange shadows are but some of the encounters many have met. Ever since the tragic incident, there’s also been reports of sightings of ghostly female figures at the chalets.

haunted school in singapore

Fun fact: One of our colleagues in the office also had a paranormal encounter during her stay in one of the chalets. Her belongings disappeared mysteriously — the work of a mischievous ghost — and was only returned to her after one of her spiritually connected friends prayed for forgiveness and understanding.

5. Neo Tiew HDB Estate

haunted school in singapore

The Neo Tiew estate is quite literally a ghost town. That’s creepy in itself, but to make it worse, many also believe that it is haunted by spirits that dwell in the banana trees around the deserted complex.

haunted school in singapore

This once pleasant neighborhood in Singapore transformed into one of the creepiest haunted places due to the actions of a reckless gambler. It started when the gambler stuck seven needles into a banana tree to force the spirit living inside to provide him with numbers that would help him win the lottery. But after he made it rich, he failed to remove the needles, killing the tree and thus angering the spirit within.

Haunted Places in Singapore

These days, the estate is used by the Singapore Armed Forces for military training. Still, the eerie happenings haven’t stopped.

People claim that you can still hear the sound of babies crying and things dropping on the floor around the estate when it’s empty. Some even say they’ve spotted pontianaks — who are often associated with banana trees — in the nearby area.

6. Old Tampines Road

haunted school in singapore

Many cyclists have talked about feeling an extra weight on their bodies when travelling down this misty, narrow road that is known for numerous freak accidents . Anyone else getting reminded of the ending of Shutter ? But if you think ditching the bike for a car will protect you, think again.

haunted school in singapore

Cab drivers claim that there is a disappearing woman who would flag them down at the same time every day. If they ignore her, she would disappear in the mirror . But if an unsuspecting cabbie were to pick her up, the smell of frangipani — which could mean a pontianak is nearby — would greet them once they reached the end of the road.

7. Matilda House

haunted school in singapore

Matilda House is said to be protected by an ancestral spirit that kills anyone who dares disturb the house. Back before the building was abandoned, villagers used to see a lady with long hair sitting in a nearby tree , guarding the house from unwanted visitors.

haunted school in singapore

The story doesn’t stop here. Apparently, when the government reacquired the house and tried to demolish it for redevelopment, three construction workers mysteriously passed away , and the project was abandoned out of fear of angering the spirit. For years, the house stood dilapidated in a field in Punggol.

haunted school in singapore

Today, the Matilda House has been conserved and transformed into a condominium clubhouse, but the lights inside are never turned off . Rumours have it that spiritual masters had to negotiate with the spirits in the house during the renovation, but a condominium resident who claims he has spiritual sight says that the Matilda House is still possessed.

8. Red Bridge of Singapore Polytechnic

haunted school in singapore

The Red Bridge of Singapore Polytechnic (SP) definitely ranks as one of the top haunted places in Singapore. Many who aren’t students of SP have also heard of this infamous bridge.

haunted school in singapore

This bridge was not red originally. On a certain night, a distressed student tied a rope to her neck and jumped from the bridge, severing her neck from her body with the incredible force from her fall. Rumour has it that the blood stains on the bridge could not be washed away — even if they succeeded, it would reappear soon after again.

haunted school in singapore

The bridge was said to be painted red to cover up the bloodstains . Since then, there have been accounts from students spotting a ghostly figure on the bridge or feeling uncomfortable when crossing it at night.

9. Jalan Mempurong

haunted school in singapore

According to some paranormal investigators, this road takes the cake for being one of the most haunted places in Singapore. It’s used to serve nearby villages, including the infamous Kampong Wak Hassan . Many who pass by have claimed to see ghosts flying around the area, with some people even spotting a pontianak . 

haunted school in singapore

And the spirits that dwell here aren’t the ordinary sort either. Turns out, they’re not exactly the friendliest and are known for being aggressive and inflicting harm . Apparently, local shamans also come here to release dark entities that they’ve caught, which certainly ups the creep factor.

10. Woodleigh MRT Station

haunted school in singapore

Woodleigh MRT Station was completed in 2003, but for eight years, it was left deserted and closed to the public. Before it finally opened in 2011, commuters reportedly spotted ghostly white figures in the empty station platform when the train whizzed past from Serangoon to Potong Pasir. 

haunted school in singapore

The station was built beneath the old Bidadari Cemetery , where over 143,000 graves were exhumed to make space for redevelopment. It’s said that the spirits were unhappy with being disturbed and that pocongs — a shrouded ghost from Indonesian and Malaysian folklore believed to be the soul of a dead person wrapped in burial cloth — have been spotted in the station’s vicinity.

haunted school in singapore

As someone who occasionally visits Woodleigh station, I can’t say I’m surprised. That station is creepy .

11. Spooner Estate

haunted school in singapore

This estate is one of the favourite haunted places for ghost-hunters in Singapore to explore.Residents of Spooner Estate have encountered shifting shadows, mysterious whispering sounds, and the sound of shuffling footsteps along the corridor even when there’s no one there. 

haunted school in singapore

Some believe it’s due to the long period of time that the flats were left unoccupied, which attracted spirits to reside in them. When the new residents moved in, they disturbed the peace of the spirits, resulting in the constant hauntings. People also attribute the spooky happenings to the suicides that took place in the estate, and on the railway tracks nearby .

12. Marsiling Bunkers

haunted school in singapore

According to professional paranormal investigators, the Marsiling Bunkers — once a British bunker used to hide food and rations during the war — is absolutely filled with paranormal energy, so much so that their equipment couldn’t handle it when they tried to take readings . Some have even reported seeing strange things in the dark, such as a mysterious face approaching. 

haunted school in singapore

Today, the derelict bunker remains tucked away in the Marsiling forest, only receiving the occasional visit from thrill-seekers and explorers. Still, even if not for the possible supernatural encounter, the huge lizards, and knee-high waters during rain are enough to keep most of us away from this haunted spot.

13. Old Changi Hospital

haunted school in singapore

Old Changi Hospital needs no introduction. It’s one of the most famous haunted places in Singapore, with a documentary made about it. 2016’s Halloween Horror Nights even had a haunted house based on the place, and just recalling it is enough to give me the creeps.

haunted school in singapore

But if you’re wondering why it’s haunted, here’s why: Back in World War II, the hospital was used as a prison by the Japanese Occupation, with the military being known for their notoriously brutal torture techniques . Over 50,000 people were held captive inside, and till today, you can apparently still hear the cries and screams of the prisoners in the building. People have even spotted shadowy figures and vengeful spirits roaming the place .

14. Bishan MRT Station

haunted school in singapore

Bishan MRT station is an OG among the haunted places of Singapore. Ask your grandparents and they too might be able to tell you stories of their own paranormal encounters at this old station.

haunted school in singapore

Maintenance staff at the station have apparently seen ghostly funeral processions on the tracks , with shadowy figures carrying coffins between Bishan and Novena. And if that isn’t creepy enough, there’s also a resident headless ghost that’s been spotted along the tracks.

haunted school in singapore

It’s also said that Bishan station is where the undead boards trains — people have reported seeing phantom passengers that don’t cast any reflections on the windows.

The station was built upon the old Kwong Wai Siew Peck San Theng Cemetery , so it’s unsurprising that rumours of hauntings are plenty.

15. Devil’s Bend at Old Upper Thomson Road

haunted school in singapore

Once known as the most dangerous part of the old Singapore Grand Prix circuit, the Devil’s Bend claimed seven lives over the course of 11 years of racing. The sharp V-turn also resulted in the deaths of two polytechnic students, whose car ended up in a ditch.

haunted school in singapore

With so many deaths, the road remains haunted by those who lost their lives there. Cyclists and joggers have reported ghostly sightings and bouts of light-headedness when travelling through. But the most notorious supernatural sightings come from cab drivers, who report that at midnight, they would encounter a woman dressed in white , whose cab fare would turn into hell notes after they dropped her off. Maybe it’ll help now that people mostly use GrabPay.

16. Caldecott Hill Estate

haunted places singapore

The Caldecott Hill Estate that houses the old Mediacorp headquarters is absolutely haunted, and staff members — including Jade Seah and Zhang Yaodong — have stories to prove it.

haunted places singapore

From disembodied heads peeking through windows to mysterious happenings with the costumes, the staff who worked there have plenty of horror stories to share. While most of us worry about having to take work home with us after hours, the Mediacorp staff had to worry about accidentally bringing a spirit home .

haunted school in singapore

Even paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters around Singapore have attested to the area being a haunted hotspot. It’s no wonder too since the estate is located next to Bukit Brown Cemetery , which is creepy enough in itself.

17. Pulau Ubin

haunted places singapore

Ubin’s most popular hill is called Puaka Hill , which means “haunted hill” — and for good reason. Some paranormal investigators have deemed Pulau Ubin the most haunted place in Singapore, and many with a sixth sense have felt strange energies coming from the island. 

haunted school in singapore

One haunted hotspot is the German Girl Shrine , which houses the remains of a German girl who fell to her death from a cliff. Since then, there have reportedly been ghostly sightings of the girl around the island. People have even repeatedly dreamt of her requesting specific toys to be brought to the shrine, like the famous decorated Barbie Doll below. It has become a tradition to offer toys and other similar gifts to the shrine since then.

haunted school in singapore

Some say that you can also hear the singing of pontianaks around the island, and hear voices coming from the abandoned kampongs there. People who’ve camped overnight have also reported handprints pushing at their tents and the sound of female laughter .

18. Lim Chu Kang Road

haunted places singapore

As one of the most well known haunted places of Singapore ( Choa Chu Kang Cemetery is located along this road after all) , you’ve probably heard many stories from the NS men and cab drivers who would pick up passengers and have them mysteriously disappear from the backseat. 

haunted school in singapore

Even the bus drivers and passengers of Bus 975 have quite a few stories of ghosts ringing the bell and having to stop and open the doors at a certain bus stop to let “someone” alight .

haunted places singapore

Stories of NS men meeting shadowy apparitions , being jumpscared by mutilated ghosts, hearing screams and seeing things moving around on their own in the Lim Chu Kang army camps are also bread and butter of every Lim Chu Kang horror story.

Surprisingly, despite its creepiness, it’s also one of the most popular roads in Singapore for its scenic views.

19. View Road Hospital

Haunted Places Singapore

Old Changi Hospital isn’t the only haunted one in Singapore. The abandoned View Road Hospital used to be a mental institution, then a worker’s dormitory lodge before it was deserted.

haunted school in singapore

The ex-hospital is apparently home to the trapped souls of dead patients , resulting in many haunted tales. While exploring the property, some claim to have seen blood stains appear on walls or smelled frangipani in the air . There have even been stories of people running into a phantom watchman that roams the building at night.

20. Woodneuk House

haunted places singapore

A remote house in the middle of the woods — that’s how horror movies always start. Looking at you, Cabin in the Woods . 

haunted places singapore

Deep in the forested area around Holland Road and Tyersall Road lies the abandoned Woodneuk House . In its dilapidated halls, people have spotted the ghosts of servants, ladies dressed up with wine glasses in hand, and a British man with a beard and moustache. Perhaps they were the guests and staff of the Sultans of Johor who once occupied the house.

haunted school in singapore

If that isn’t creepy enough, there’s also the fact that the house doesn’t show up on chartered maps of Singapore. 

21. Suicide Tower at Pasir Ris Park

Haunted Places Singapore

Many park goers pass by this bird-watching tower on their walk every day, unaware of the old incident that turned this tower into one of the most-feared haunted places in Singapore for a time.

A boy who could see ghosts was resting under the tower with his friends, when he suddenly ran all the way up and then jumped to his death . Right before he died, he told his friends that he didn’t jump willingly — he was pushed by an unseen force . 

haunted school in singapore

It’s said that pontianaks linger in the area and that you can sometimes hear their laughter echo through the air. People who have visited the tower at night also claim that you can feel a sinister energy there.

22. MacRitchie Reservoir

haunted school in singapore

MacRitchie Reservoir is home to all sorts of plants and animals, and more importantly, to several water graves . Visit during low tide, and you might be able to spot them. Along the water’s edge also lies a solitary, mysterious tomb — so old that there is no record of its existence in the National Archives of Singapore. 

haunted places singapore

What’s even spookier is that the ruins of the Syonan Jinja shrine , built to commemorate fallen Japanese soldiers during World War II, can also be found deep in the forests of MacRitchie. Legend says that there was a mass seppuku (belly-cutting) suicide ritual by Japanese soldiers in front of the shrine to preserve its sanctity, and the spirits of these soldiers still roam the forests today. Because of this, joggers and hikers have gotten lost for well over ten hours in the woods.

haunted school in singapore

(Also true story, one of our editors was here with her friends years ago in the evening when they saw a white female figure up in the trees above. Needless to say, they frantically made a quick exit and this still remains a story the group talks about to this day.)

23. Amber Beacon Tower at East Coast Park

Haunted Places Singapore

The well-known yellow tower at East Coast Park could be a good spot for a date — which was what one particular couple thought in 1990. But things took a tragic turn when two masked men brutally stabbed them from behind , killing the woman before help could arrive.

haunted school in singapore

Since the tragedy, it’s said that a woman in white haunts the walls of the tower. Some claim to hear her wailing as they pass by, while others say they’ve spotted drops of fresh blood on the steps of the Amber Beacon Tower .

24. Bedok Reservoir

haunted places singapore

Bedok Reservoir is famous for the string of suicides that took place there between 2011 and 2012, but the details of these deaths make them even more chilling. The many deaths started with a particularly macabre case when the decomposing lower body of a man was found floating in the water. The upper body, however, was never discovered . 

haunted school in singapore

After the series of suicides continued, religious leaders from eight faiths blessed the site — but on the morning of the ceremony, another body was discovered.

haunted school in singapore

Joggers shared hearing ghostly wails and others have also felt the sensation of being pulled towards the water when walking around the reservoir.

25. National Museum of Singapore

haunted school in singapore

The ghost of the former museum director , Carl Alexander Gibson-Hill, apparently still haunts the halls of the museum. His death was ruled a suicide, but it’s said that he is sometimes still seen wandering up and down the iconic Victorian-style spiral staircase .

Haunted Places in Singapore

Visitors have reportedly also felt cold spots around the museum, and some have even claimed to have seen a ghostly figure in priest-like robes around the building.

26. Siglap Estate

Haunted Places Singapore

You might be surprised to find this peaceful estate to be this list, but it definitely deserves a spot as one of the top haunted places of Singapore.

To set the tone of how spooky Siglap can get — the name of this area translates to “the dark one” in Malay ( si gelap ). In the 1950s, when Siglap was still a kampong, the villagers believed that the area was haunted by a pontianak . In fact, it even inspired the 1957 cult-classic film, Pontianak , where several scenes were shot at the kampong. Now, it still is a hotspot for pontianak sightings.

haunted school in singapore

This tranquil neighbourhood also holds a dark secret — the Valley of Death . Over 40 mass war graves were found in the estate, where Japanese soldiers indiscriminately massacred civilians during WWII. Their restless spirits still haunt the area today.

haunted places singapore

Siglap’s connection with the supernatural runs deeper. They have grave plots in Kubur Kassim Cemetery dedicated to the orang bunian , who are “elf-like” beings similar to humans. It is well known for some of them to take a liking to and intermarry with humans.

27. Sentosa

haunted places singapore

Sentosa used to be called Pulau Blakang Mati , which translates to “the island behind which lies death” . The island’s reputation as one of the most haunted places of Singapore may be attributed to its history of brutal pirate battles in the past or the numerous anti-Japanese fighters that were slaughtered on its shores during the war.

haunted places singapore

Today, we flock to Sentosa for its many fun attractions — but perhaps it’s not just us humans who regularly pay the island a visit. Fort Siloso is popular with the otherworldly and even the attractions and beaches (especially the waters!) aren’t spared.

haunted places singapore

An ex-staff member of Sentosa shared his numerous experiences with playful ghosts in Adventure Cove , the pontianak at Imbiah Lookout , and warned others of “the lady in red” who loves to prey on children in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum . Hotel goers would also claim to see ghostly figures roaming around and hear knocks on their doors , only to find that there’s no one outside.

28. Pulau Tekong

haunted places singapore

Pulau Tekong is filled with supposed hauntings and ghost stories — at least according to the NS guys who’ve trained there. 

Possibly the most well-known of the lot is the one of the recruit who suddenly went missing during a regularly scheduled Thursday night training session. He was later found hanging dead from a tree , with his internal organs forcefully torn out and laid out orderly on the ground in a “stand-by-bed” manner. It’s why the army no longer carries out training on Thursdays.

haunted places singapore

And the story doesn’t end there. Apparently, his spirit was vengeful and aggressive , and every day, without fail, he would haunt his old bunk. Finally, a Taoist priest was invited to get rid of the spirit, and he suggested that they build a third door in the bunk for the spirit to leave. Till today, it’s the only bunk in Tekong with three doors — tucked away among the empty bunks on the island.

Haunted Places in Singapore

As for the bunks that are occupied by the recruits, it’s said a young girl roams the sleeping quarters with her grandmother every night, counting the recruits as they slumber. Another tale tells of a ghostly boy who plays at the basketball court . If he spots a recruit up and about at night, he’d ask his grandmother why the kor kor (big brother) isn’t sleeping .

29. St. John’s Island

haunted places singapore

St. John’s Island used to be a quarantine island for people with infectious diseases, and later, a prisoner-of-war camp. It’s said that Japanese soldiers used the prisoners as chess pieces to play on the giant chess board within the island, beheading the prisoners on the spot whenever a chess piece was lost.

Mass executions also took place on the island, leading to the deaths of many.

haunted places singapore

People who have stayed in the holiday bungalows on the island reportedly heard screams and the sound of marching boots at night . Students who’ve had school camps there too have shared stories of ghosts impersonating their friends and seeing ghostly figures. Some also claimed to hear a ball bouncing only to find no one around.

30. Old Police Academy

haunted places singapore

The police face many threats every day, and for the officers who had the misfortune of training back at the old academy, supernatural ones might have been included in the mix too. The old academy was one of the camps used by the Japanese Occupation to hold prisoners, and those who trained there in the past have shared stories about the shadowy figures that haunt the halls and the sounds of Japanese soldiers marching at night .

Haunted Places in Singapore

There were also stories of tiny footprints appearing on bed sheets — perhaps belonging to two of the ghostly children who apparently haunted the halls together with an elderly lady. 

haunted places singapore

There you have it, all 30 haunted places in Singapore we’ve managed to uncover, some you’ve heard of, and some you might not have known until now. Do you know of more haunted places in Singapore we might’ve missed? Feel free to share with us!

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haunted school in singapore

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haunted school in singapore

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Thursday 2 July 2015

  • 20 Haunted Schools in Singapore (True or False?)

haunted school in singapore


Tampines Secondary School the girl ghost is real but it's with have baby ghost with her too

Tanjong Katong Secondary's "L-shaped" toilet is haunted too. The girl's toilet is locked and blocked with tables because it is rumoured that a girl had gotten pregnant and tried to remove her baby by herself and didnt do it properly, bleeding to death

That was the old sch compound before 1999.

haunted school in singapore

The old Siglap secondary which was situated at Cheviot Hill. Built in 1955. There's a Malay cemetery just beside it. Those who studied in that school would be familiar with the home econs building, science lab, school hall and even the band room. In fact the whole school is haunted.

What the balls is this

Hey they left out NTU... foot for foot the most gawd damn haunted school in SG... with the exception of the old republic poly locale.... old MOE, Tanglin rd.

Where got Haig Girls Secondary School??? Siau!

Why all rumours but no truth??? Everyone can spread a rumour!!

Nonsense!! The moment I read...Haig Girls Secondary ... I knew you didnt know your facts.. funny that Changkat Changi was not listed.

What happened in Changkat Changi?

No St Patricks School on the list?

Why no ite college east

RIP English

No doubt, St Patrick's School has loads of stories, artifacts being dug out and also actual WW2 wall still intact. Used to be areas where hearings and sights are the old squash court behind the Brother's Quarters, Lvl 2 of Stephen Block where sight of Jap soldier charging, the cement floor @ the staircase of Stephen block which has imagery of faces, Library, etc.

True fact fr Boon Lay Sec, but the pond isn't the only area

Bukit merah school field compound there's sand jumping track.. while digging to put sand in there's a coffin containing a lady and a child remains

The CHIJ St Joseph's Convent myth is talking about the old premises.. that "haunted" premises was vacated 15 years ago to cater to the growing needs of the school - I.e bigger cohort intakes.. Would be good to get your facts right before hitting "publish"

St Patrick's is well known for what the building has been through.

Bedok View Secondary School told me a lot about the author of this post... "while it was rumoured the principal went inside the toilet to scold the ghost." I thought you were 12. This verified it. It's okay, we were all 12 once. We just didn't have computers and the internet.

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School: About 7% of the whole school was having flying fox cat amp-fire night the carpark in front of the forbidden-at-night technical block. 1 Senior ran up alone to the accursed 4th floor of the technical to release the flying fox fire bomb, as nobody dares to even enter the technical block. But when he came out of the stair well at the 4th floor, the whole cohort saw another black figure running behind him. And the rest of us can 100% confirm, no one else went up with him. After that incidence, no other camps ever held any events in the block, for as long as we know.

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School Technical Block 2: A group of campers were playing a game called Ponjo Man at night and were instructed not to enter Technical Block at all costs as the Real Ponjo Man resides in the block, often hanging mid-air in the middle of the stair well. *Unknown Sources In 1 of the cell group, was the school's fastest runner. This cell spotted 1 of the Ponjo Man they're suppose to catch for their next clue, but at the technical block. The group except the fastest runner sensed something's wrong and gave up the chase, but were not fast enough to stop the runner. The runner dashed and the Ponjo Man ran, towards the Stairwell. Before the group could catch-up with the runner, they heard a scream. When they reached the stair well, they saw the runner unconcious on the floor. They quickly pulled her out of the block and try to awake her. After the runner's awake, she told the organisers that the Ponjo Man she chased, floated up the middle of the stairwell and hung in mid-air.

Marsiling Secondary School is haunted too. The NPCC group will know, especially the seniors. While we were having camps for the NPCC, we would sleep at the school hall. The stage was where the seniors or the inspectors will sleep. In the middle of the night, while the cadets are asleep, that creature will get angry and play with the spotlight and tried to disturb us sleeping. Those seniors and inspector who was yet asleep, was surprised to see the spot light to be on and off repeatedly. The spotlight will be on for quite a long time and causes us to have lack of sleep. Some of them that can see the 'thing' told us seniors that the 'thing' was at the control room, just opposite the stage and it was at the top. Playing around with the spotlight, and even the stage ones.

Bukit batok sec spiral staircase and the D&T room!

Pretty much all the students in Loyang knows that the fourth floor girls toilet at Block A is haunted. But there's another haunted area only most Lysians would know (especially SCs because they had to stay there overnight for SC Camp). Loyang Secondary School D&T Room: A girl once had her hair stuck in the machine and died afterwards. Some nights, screams and shrieks could be heard from that room. The SCs who were there for SC Camp paused as they were making their way to the restrooms as shivers went down their spines. They encountered strange objects and shadows of a girl moving.

Our aim is to share Asia ghost stories and sell ghost products. To read ghost stories, visit the website: https://www.asiaghosts.com/

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  1. 7 Allegedly Haunted Secondary Schools In Singapore & Their Multi

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  3. 7 Allegedly Haunted Secondary Schools In Singapore & Their Multi

    haunted school in singapore

  4. 7 Allegedly Haunted Secondary Schools In Singapore & Their Multi

    haunted school in singapore

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  1. 10 Allegedly Haunted Schools In Singapore & Their Ghost Stories

    Most haunted schools in Singapore - Secondary schools - 1. Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) 2. Chung Cheng High School (Main) 3. Loyang View Secondary School 4. Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School 5. Raffles Girls' School 6. Raffles Institution 7. River Valley High School - JCs & polys - 8. Temasek Junior College 9. Singapore Polytechnic 10.

  2. 9 most haunted schools in Singapore

    Which school is then really haunted? Now, all these are based on rumours so they might not be true, but hey: it makes for a good read at night, right? After all, we Singaporeans love ghost stories, whether real or fake. 1) Loyang Secondary School

  3. 21 school horror stories that are scarier than MRT breakdowns

    2. ST PATRICK'S SCHOOL Having been built before WWII, it was used as a hospital and an administrative building during the war. The armoury was a dumping ground for bodies, leaving the place...

  4. 8 Singapore Orientation & School Camp Ghost Stories Scarier Than "Hell

    While school is a common place for students in the day, there are also many tales of allegedly haunted schools in Singapore, making them a hotspot for these beings to roam at night. It's probably true to say then that camping and sleeping overnight in school changes a person. But for a certain bunch of individuals, it wasn't in a good way.

  5. 8 Ghost Stories That Haunt Singapore Schools

    1. The Ghost of Old Admiralty Secondary School Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash Old Admiralty Secondary School, which closed in 1994, is known as one of the most haunted schools in Singapore. According to legend, the spirit of a deceased student still haunts the empty halls.

  6. 11 Singapore Girls' School Ghost Stories

    If you came from an all-girls school in Singapore, you've probably heard a haunting tale or two. I remember how my group of friends sat in a circle with sombre expressions as we told our versions of what happened 'that fateful night' (can't blame us, many of us took drama class as a CCA).

  7. Which Schools in Singapore Are Haunted?|灵度空间 ...

    As schools reopen, this episode delves into the haunted history of schools in Singapore, exploring the eerie incidents that have intrigued both students and ...

  8. 30 Of The Most Haunted Places In Singapore

    1. Pasir Ris Red House Haunted by Rumours say the house was used as a temporary nursery and shelter for children during the Japanese Occupation from 1942-1945. A massacre may have happened where...

  9. Singapore JC Ghost Stories Told By Former Students

    JC students are known for staying in school for so long that they're physically chased out by the school security guards. However, if more of them knew of what lurks within their own compounds I doubt anyone would stay past nightfall. From haunted lecture theatres (LT) to dismembered bodies, here are 12 ghost stories across Singapore.

  10. Haunted schools in Singapore (part 1)

    Haunted schools in Singapore (part 1) October 30, 2018 We hear them all the time - stories about places that have that spooky factor to it. Legend has it that ghosts are formed when people are maliciously wronged to death or that they are spirits with unfinished business in the living realm.

  11. 10 Allegedly Haunted Schools In Singapore & Their Multi-Generational

    10 Allegedly Haunted Schools In Singapore & Their Multi-Generational Ghost Stories Most haunted schools in Singapore may be popular among National Servicemen, but school is where most of us first hear of grisly hauntings.Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) Haunted clock tower with spirit that possesses students Image credit: SAA Architects The clock tower at Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road ...

  12. 11 Ghost Stories in Singapore's Polytechnics

    Ghost Stories in Singapore Schools 1. Temasek Poly (TP): Block 18 Rumour has it that an Indian construction worker was binding wires inside a pillar when his colleague accidentally buried him alive with cement. However, no one realised he was missing until the whole building was almost complete.


    These are the most haunted schools around Singapore which will give you lessons of fear. There are lots of schools around Singapore, and they are all haunted...

  14. 4 Haunted Schools In Singapore

    4 Haunted Schools In Singapore MustShareNews 48.1K subscribers Subscribe 1.2K Share 139K views 3 years ago Convex mirrors for spotting evil spirits & a mysterious torture chamber are some...

  15. 15 Most Haunted Places In Singapore History & Their Legends

    Haunted places in Singapore 15. Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel - Abandoned hostel in 1980s 14. Coloured Houses - Strange "lady" guarding the house 13. Old Tanglin Camp - Sounds of people being tortured 12. Nee Soon Rubber Estate - Hotspot for Pontianaks 11. Kopi Hill AKA Bukit Brown Cemetery - Laughter during the night 10.

  16. Arts Picks: Visit a haunted school in Re:Assembly, attend a talk on

    For aspiring young writers between the ages of 12 and 18, Words Go Round also features a series of hands-on workshops conducted by published Singapore writers including Charlene Shepherdson ...

  17. 21 haunted places in Singapore: Not for the faint-hearted

    1. Spooner Road Tucked away in Kampong Bahru, the two flats here are known as the oldest in Singapore. Built in the 1970s, the blocks formerly housed folks who worked at the now-defunct Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. When the station shut down, the flats were left unoccupied for a very long time.

  18. #16

    #16 - Haunted Schools in Singapore by Supernatural Confessions Supernatural Confessions By True Ghost Stories True Ghost Stories, Myths and Superstitions which are submitted to us by confessors telling us their experience. Listen on Spotify Message Available on #16 - Haunted Schools in Singapore Supernatural Confessions Sep 10, 2019 00:00 36:51

  19. 30 haunted places in Singapore and the stories behind them

    Here are 30 of the most haunted places in Singapore — some infamous, some surprising, and some you might be walking past every day. 1. Hillview Mansion. Hillview Mansion was once the highest and most extravagant residential property in the neighbourhood, yet its construction was abruptly halted.

  20. 29 true Singapore ghost stories for midnight scares

    Almost everyone was asleep except for a few night owls. When my cousin popped by the pantry to get a glass of water, he looked out the window and saw a strange sight on Siloso Beach. It was a ghostly aberration of a man wearing a Japanese army uniform, clutching his rifle and staring in his direction. 20.

  21. 20 Haunted Schools in Singapore (True or False?)

    20 Haunted Schools in Singapore (True or False?) 18:46 1. Loyang Secondary School: It was rumoured that in the fourth floor girl's toilet at the old block, it is haunted and that is why the lights are kept on for 24 hours. Those students who had helped out in the AVA room claimed to see a woman walking along the backstage. 2. Ngee Ann Polytechnic:

  22. Chalet Ghost Stories in Singapore

    Haunted secondary schools in Singapore; Real-life ghost stories shared by Singaporeans; Singapore ghosts and supernatural urban legends; 1. Staring into the eyes of a pontianak. Image credit: The Online Citizen. I booked a bungalow chalet to celebrate my 25th birthday, and it was situated directly opposite the infamous Old Changi Hospital. My ...

  23. Schools

    It had a toilet next to the bio lab on the ground floor haunted by a long haired ghost obsessed with combing her hair infront of the mirror. A few girls went into the toilet and ran out screaming and crying while it was rumoured the principal went inside the toilet to scold the ghost.