The Meaning Behind The Song: Rats by Ghost

Rats, a popular song by the Swedish rock band Ghost, not only captivates listeners with its infectious melody and powerful vocals but also intrigues them with its deeper meaning. Released in 2018 as the lead single from their album “Prequelle,” Rats delves into themes of decay, corruption, and the relentless cycle of destruction. Its lyrics and musical composition offer a commentary on the perils of societal decay and the impact of human behavior on our world. Let’s explore the meaning behind this hauntingly beautiful song.

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The Decay of Society and Corruption

Rats unveils a dystopian narrative, painting a vivid picture of a society in decline. The lyrics symbolize the destructive forces that erode the pillars of civilization, spreading like a plague and perpetuating the cycle of decay. The titular rats represent the corrupting influence that infiltrates society, leading to its downfall. The song suggests that it is our own actions, driven by greed and self-interest, that contribute to this decay.

The chorus of the song emphasizes the role of consumerism and materialism in perpetuating this decay: “Infestissumam, rapturous, the rat’s battalion, captainless battalion, captainless.” Here, Ghost criticizes the excesses of a materialistic society that prioritizes instant gratification over long-term sustainability. The rat’s battalion represents the mindless masses who follow these destructive trends, blindly consuming without considering the consequences.

The Relentless Cycle of Destruction

Beyond the decay of society, Rats also explores the cyclical nature of destruction. The song suggests that history repeats itself, with humanity destined to relive its mistakes. Ghost warns that if we do not learn from our past, we are doomed to perpetuate a never-ending cycle of decay and regression. The lyrics prompt listeners to reflect on the consequences of their actions and inspire them to break free from this destructive loop.

The repetitive guitar riffs and thunderous drum beats throughout the song further reinforce the idea of an unstoppable cycle. Ghost seeks to captivate listeners with their powerful music, urging them to recognize the gravity of the message conveyed within the lyrics. Rats ultimately serves as a call for change and a plea for society to break free from the chains of its own destructive tendencies.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Meaning of Rats by Ghost

1. what inspired ghost to write the song rats.

Rats was inspired by the decay and corruption prevalent in society. Ghost wanted to highlight the consequences of unchecked materialism and the cyclical nature of destruction.

2. How does Rats relate to the rest of the album “Prequelle”?

Rats serves as the lead single and sets the tone for the themes explored in “Prequelle.” The album continues to delve into societal decay and the impact of human behavior.

3. What is the significance of the rats mentioned in the song?

The rats symbolize the corrupting influence that infiltrates society. They represent the mindless masses blindly following destructive trends.

4. How does Ghost convey the message of societal decay through the music?

Ghost uses powerful vocals, intense guitar riffs, and thunderous drum beats to captivate listeners and emphasize the gravity of the message behind the lyrics.

5. What is the meaning behind the term “Infestissumam” in the chorus?

“Infestissumam” is Latin for “very much infesting.” It represents the relentless and pervasive nature of the corruption and decay depicted in the song.

6. Does Rats offer any hope for change?

Rats serves as a call for change, urging listeners to reflect on their actions and break free from the destructive cycle. It strives to inspire hope for a brighter future.

7. How does Ghost criticize consumerism in Rats?

The chorus of the song criticizes excessive consumerism and its negative impact on society. Ghost prompts listeners to consider the consequences of prioritizing material possessions over long-term sustainability.

8. Does Rats draw inspiration from historical events?

While Rats does not directly refer to specific historical events, the song alludes to the idea that history repeats itself if we fail to learn from our past mistakes.

9. Why is the song titled “Rats”?

The title “Rats” symbolizes the corrupting influence that infiltrates society, leading to its decay. It represents the destructive forces perpetuating the cycle of destruction.

10. How does Rats fit into Ghost’s musical style and identity?

Rats showcases Ghost’s signature blend of heavy metal and melodic rock, combining powerful vocals and catchy hooks. It exemplifies their ability to deliver thought-provoking lyrics wrapped in an infectious musical composition.

11. What emotions does Rats evoke in listeners?

Rats evokes a sense of unease mixed with fascination. It captivates listeners with its haunting melody and thought-provoking lyrics, prompting introspection and a deeper understanding of societal decay.

12. What impact has Rats had on Ghost’s career?

Rats gained significant popularity, becoming one of Ghost’s most successful singles. It further solidified their position in the rock music scene and introduced them to a wider audience, propelling their career to new heights.

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ghost site rats

GHOST's 'Rats' Is Longest-Running No. 1 Song On BILLBOARD's 'Mainstream Rock Songs' Chart This Year

"Rats" , the latest single from the Grammy Award -winning Swedish hard rock band GHOST , today enters its seventh consecutive week as the No. 1 song on the Mainstream Rock Songs chart, becoming the longest-running track to top that chart this year. Released this past spring, "Rats" has already accumulated more than 25 million streams worldwide, and the companion music video has logged more than 11 million views.

It is the Swedish band's second No. 1, following "Square Hammer" , which topped the chart for two weeks in January-February 2017.

Two other GHOST songs previously made it to the Mainstream Rock Songs chart: "Cirice" (No. 4, 2015) and "From The Pinnacle To The Pit" (No. 5, 2016).

GHOST lead singer Tobias Forge , who performs under the name Cardinal Copia , told The Pulse Of Radio what inspired him to write "Rats" , the first single from the band's new album, "Prequelle" . "A few years ago, I decided, like, 'I really want to have a big opening track that just blows people's minds immediately,'" he said. "So I wrote 'Square Hammer' and that went well. But I didn't want 'Square Hammer' to turn into a 'Start Me Up' , where that always feels best to play first. I want to be able to mix it up. So we needed another song that works as an opening track. That was basically my intention with 'Rats' ."

The official video for "Rats" can be seen below. The clip was directed by Roboshobo (a.k.a. Robert Schober ),who has previously worked with METALLICA , ALICE IN CHAINS , MASTODON and GREEN DAY , among others.

"Prequelle" was recorded last year at Artery studios in Stockholm with producer Tom Dalgety ( OPETH , ROYAL BLOOD ) and was mixed in January at Westlake Studios in West Hollywood, California with Andy Wallace ( NIRVANA , SLAYER ).

Forge has said that the theme of the album has to do in part with the arrival of the Black Plague in Europe, among other events in history.

Forge last year revealed his identity while responding to a lawsuit filed by four former members of GHOST , who accused him of cheating them out of their rightful share of the profits from the group's album releases and world tours.

GHOST will hit the road this fall for its "A Pale Tour Named Death" tour that commences October 25 in Dallas, Texas, and includes two headline arena shows, The Forum in Los Angeles on November 16, and New York City's Barclays Center on December 15.

ghost site rats

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Rock And Roll Garage

Rock And Roll Garage

Ghost says what their new song “rats” is about.

Ghost Rats

Classic Rock

' src=

Ghost leader Tobias Forge talked about the meaning behind “Rats,” the lead single off the band’s upcoming fourth studio album “Prequelle,” due out on June 1.

Read what he told NME:

“It’s a song about public trials. Rats traditionally were what carried the plague. But they’re also a good analogy for something that’s all around you.

Ghost private show

“One thing that’s annoying about rats, is they can hide in your walls. They can come up through your toilet. They sort of eat their way into your life. And so I think about the kid getting bullied, and how in the past, the bullies were just at school, or on the way to school. Now they’re there all the time. Online.

“We look back on ancient times and we like to think about how sophisticated we are now, whereas in the past we were barbaric. But in the last 10 years, I think we’ve regressed back to such a stone throwing, stupid, superstitious, nincompoop way of thinking. It’s fucking horrible…”

So you’re referring to social media? I’m thinking of the line in ‘Rats,’ ‘They’re still coming after you, and there’s nothing you can do’…

Ghost new papa

“Well, as much as I’m an advocate for whistleblowing culture in the modern era – of course I’m for that, things that are bad for the world should be exposed – I’m not sure that’s the forum for it. All those people just… shouting…”

Does this relate to your personal experience in wake of the lawsuit [as widely reported, Tobias was sued by some of the previous Ghost members]? When that story broke, it felt like everyone had an opinion on you…

“[Pause] Yes. So many people have opinions based, not on fact, but spite. There are people who just love to destroy other people. It saddens me to admit, that I think at whatever state of human civilization we arrive at, the will to destroy other people, is something that is innate in some people.”

See more  News

' src=

I'm a Brazilian journalist who always loved Classic Rock and Heavy Metal music. That passion inspired me to create Rock and Roll Garage over 6 years ago. Music has always been a part of my life, helping me through tough times and being a support to celebrate the good ones. When I became a journalist, I knew I wanted to write about my passions. After graduating in journalism from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, I pursued a postgraduate degree in digital communication at the same institution. The studies and experience in the field helped me improve the website and always bring the best of classic rock to the world! MTB: 0021377/MG

ghost site rats


      PDF       Playlist    

ghost site rats

"Rats" is a song by the Swedish rock band Ghost. It was released as the first single from their fourth album Prequelle. The track topped the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart in July 2018, and was nominated for the Best Rock Song Grammy Award at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.

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ghost site rats

In folklore, a ghost (sometimes known as an apparition, haunt, phantom, poltergeist, shade, specter or spectre, spirit, spook, and wraith) is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living. In ghostlore, descriptions of ghosts vary widely from an invisible presence to translucent or barely visible wispy shapes, to realistic, lifelike visions. The deliberate attempt to contact the spirit of a deceased person is known as necromancy, or in spiritism as a séance. The belief in the existence of an afterlife, as well as manifestations of the spirits of the dead, is widespread, dating back to animism or ancestor worship in pre-literate cultures. Certain religious practices—funeral rites, exorcisms, and some practices of spiritualism and … more »

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Sheet Music       PDF     Playlist  

Written by: A Ghoul Writer, Thomas Dalgety

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management

Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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ghost site rats

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ghost site rats


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ghost site rats

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Ghost – “Rats” Lyrics Meaning

Photo of author

Joanna holds a BSc in English Literature and uses her expertise in literary analysis to uncover the deeper meaning of her favorite songs.

Ghost’s “Rats” dives into the idea of beliefs spreading like a contagious disease, illustrating the destructive power of ideas when they spiral out of control. Drawing on powerful imagery, the song likens harmful beliefs to rats – relentless, invasive, and hard to eliminate. The songwriter seems to warn listeners about the dangers of blindly following ideas and highlights the consequences of such beliefs on oneself and the community.

Uncover the raw emotions and layered meanings behind Ghost’s “Rats.” Venture into a world of spreading beliefs, consequences, and the undeniable presence of those relentless rats!

“Rats” Lyrics Meaning

Opening with “In times of turmoil, In times like these, Beliefs contagious, Spreading disease,” the song sets the stage. It underscores how certain beliefs can become widespread and influential, especially during challenging periods. The comparison to a “disease” emphasizes the speed and damage of these beliefs.

The line “This wretched mischief is now coursing through your souls, Never to let go” paints a vivid picture of how deep-rooted and invasive such beliefs can become. Like rats, once they infiltrate, they’re challenging to remove.

Moving to “Into your sanctum, You let them in, Now all your loved ones, And all your kin,” the song emphasizes the personal responsibility of letting in harmful ideas. The damage isn’t limited to oneself; it extends to loved ones and the broader community.

The punishment “beneath the wrath of God” might hint at religious dogma or, more broadly, societal consequences of blindly following destructive beliefs.

Repeated cries of “Rats!” emphasize the persistence and ubiquity of these invasive ideas, symbolized by the rodents. The verses, “They’re still coming after you, And there’s nothing you can do” reinforces a sense of inevitable doom and the relentlessness of the harmful beliefs.

The Story Behind “Rats”

Ghost is known for their theatrics, elaborate stage presence, and thought-provoking lyrics. “Rats” stays true to their style, offering more than just surface-level meaning.

When penning down “Rats,” the songwriter seems to reflect on society’s susceptibility to detrimental ideas, especially during unstable times. They might’ve been inspired by historical events where society has witnessed the rapid spread of ideologies, leading to widespread consequences.

The decision to use “rats” as a metaphor is quite poignant. Throughout history, rats have been considered carriers of diseases responsible for plagues. Here, they’re not just physical creatures but a representation of harmful ideologies. Just as rats were carriers of the Black Death, these beliefs are carriers of societal decay.

Moreover, the visceral response many have to rats – fear, disgust – is akin to the feelings destructive ideas should invoke. The song might be urging listeners to be cautious of what they let into their personal “sanctum.”

In a nutshell, “Rats” serves as a haunting reminder of the power of beliefs, the consequences of following them blindly, and the lasting damage they can inflict on society. The song can be seen as a call to awareness and vigilance, reminding listeners to guard their minds and souls against the invasion of damaging ideologies.

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Do ghost sites and sleeper caches threat my pod?

as the topic asks, will you possibly lose your pod to the AOE damages found in these sites?

Ghost Sites: No, as spawning NPC enemies are only there to blow up the containers and thereby causing AoE damage in a ~15km range from them. Sleeper Cache: Not sure, so I’d say possibly, It all depends on if normal hazardous clouds can damage pod.

In Ghost sites rats do not only blow up containers, they scram you and attack for a short period of time. If they happen to kill your ship, then explosion of containers might kill pod I think.

They do blow up the containers and attack your ship (I think they first destroy the cans, then attack your ship with warps disruptor/scrambler and guns). You can find it here : Ghost Sites Rats :

« After the timer expires (irrespective of how many containers you have hacked), rats (based on the local pirate population) will show up to destroy the cans and defend the site »

I have done the Lesser ghost site many-many times. I’ve never seen them actually shooting the cans. And all 4 cans explode simultaneously, like remote detonation. I think that’s they mean in the description, rats come to remotely blow up the cans. They do shoot you if you stay long enough though, that’s for sure. And they do kill unlucky frigates before explosion. Class: Ghost Sites Guristas Cruiser

Checked if recent Ghost site rat victims lost their pods too. Looks like they didn’t. I still think its possible. One would have to mess up though )

I already lost ships to rats in ghost BEFORE the explosion and my pod was not destroyed by the can’t explosion.

I also lost ships in standard/superior sleeper cache and my pod was not damaged by the AOE.

Maybe this was a bug, just at one point the AOE would not damage pod.

I think you should lose your Pod in the Ghost and Sleeper Cache sites to pod killing NPC’s to create an even better risk vs reward mechanic.

Pod killing NPC’s wouldn’t be in each site all the time though and would be random.

Neither type of site will affect your pod.

This topic was automatically closed 90 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.

Relic and data sites

Relic and data sites are types of cosmic signatures that can be found with probing. Relic and data sites can be divided into 5 categories:

  • Pirate relic and data sites

Drone data sites

Ghost sites, sleeper caches, sleeper sites.

It should be noted that relic and data sites are also categorized into 5 different levels of difficulty, ranging from I to V. While a ship that is not bonus-ed to scanning can scan down a level I cosmic signature, even exploration-focused ships and fittings may struggle with level V sites.

  • 1 Pirate sites
  • 2 Drone data sites
  • 3 Other data sites
  • 4 Sleeper caches
  • 5 Ghost sites
  • 6 Sleeper sites
  • 7 Silent Battleground
  • 8 Contested Covert Research Facilities
  • 9 Combat relic sites
  • 10 Tips and tricks
  • 11 Is this site "safe" to warp to?
  • 12 Pirate relic site loot
  • 13 Pirate data site loot
  • 14 See also
  • 15 References

Pirate sites

Pirate relic and data sites can be found in all normal space regions , in C1, C2 and C3 class wormhole systems , as well as in shattered wormhole systems . There are pockets of space populated with a variety of cosmic structures (i.e., wrecked stations, abandoned machines) and several containers that need to be hacked before the contents can be accessed. The sites do not have any triggers or NPC defenders. Pirate relic sites contain T1 and T2 salvage materials , skill books and blueprint copies . Pirate data sites contain decryptors, data cores, skill books, blueprint copies and manufacturing materials. The contents may vary by faction.

ghost site rats

Relic and data sites use the following naming convention according to their location.

Data site containers have a physical appearance that resembles a gyroscope while relic site containers resemble ancient shipwrecks. The containers are named as follows.

The (Faction) in the above site and container names will be the local pirate group for each region. For a list of (site) names, see List of data and relic sites .

You'll have to hack into the containers first by playing the hacking minigame . In order to attempt a hack, you’ll need to lock on to the container and activate the corresponding hacking module. The module (Relic Analyzer in a relic site, Data Analyzer in a data site, or Integrated Analyzer for both) only works if the distance between the container and your ship is less or equal to the module's maximum activation range. Activating the module will open a new window containing the hacking minigame. Failing to hack a container twice will destroy it and its contents.

  • Abandoned Research Complex DA005
  • Abandoned Research Complex DA015
  • Abandoned Research Complex DA025
  • Abandoned Research Complex DG003
  • Abandoned Research Complex DG018
  • Abandoned Research Complex DC007
  • Abandoned Research Complex DM083

Drone data sites spawn only in drone regions: Cobalt Edge, Perrigen Falls, Malpais, Oasa, Kalevala Expanse, Outer Passage, Etherium Reach, and The Spire. Drone data sites have two main differences from pirate data sites:

  • Failing the hack twice in drone data site will not destroy the container. Instead, there is a chance that failure spawns hostile frigates. These rogue drones can be easily handled by the drones of T1 explorer and do not pose a serious threat. These frigates need to be destroyed before you can hack again.
  • Drone data sites can escalate into another drone data site.

Drone data sites contain three hackable containers: Two "High-Security Containment Facility" and one "Research and Development Laboratories". Most of the time the lone research container is empty but leaving it unhacked misses possibility for data site escalation.

Drone data sites contain drone components and blueprint copies for ' Integrated' and 'Augmented' drones . Each drone region drop blueprint copies for different racial drones: Kalevala Expanse and The Spire for Minmatar, Malpais and Oasa for Caldari, Etherium Reach and Perrigen Falls for Gallente and finally Outer Passage and Cobalt Edge for Amarr.

Other data sites

  • AEGIS Capital Ship Security Facility
  • AEGIS Secure Transfer Facility
  • AEGIS Secure Capital Construction Forge
  • Faction Warfare Operation Center e.g. "Caldari Operation Center"
  • SCC Secure Key Storage

Sleeper caches are data sites with various triggers and dangers. They are significantly more difficult than pirate data sites. Sleeper caches spawn in normal space and do not spawn in wormholes even though the sleeper connection would imply the opposite; they are not to be confused with the Forgotten Sleeper sites , which function more like combat sites.

The Sleeper Caches from easiest to hardest are:

  • Limited Sleeper Cache Level IV scanning difficulty
  • Standard Sleeper Cache Level IV scanning difficulty
  • Superior Sleeper Cache Level V scanning difficulty

Sleeper caches are gated deadspace pockets with size limits for entry. Each sleeper cache has its own set of dangers. They contain a mixture of containers with damaging explosions on a failed hack, timed triggers, hazardous clouds, proximity explosions and sentry guns. For details see the page for individual sleeper cache.

Sleeper caches contain sleeper components, manufacturing materials, skill books and blueprint copies for polarized weapons.

Ghost sites are data sites with limited time and riskier failures. They can be identified from "Covert Research Facility" on their name.

The sites have an invisible time limit after which a strong NPC force will arrive, blow up the remaining containers and attack the pilot on-site. The hacks are also riskier as a single failure will cause the container to explode dealing 4000–6000 raw explosive damage to a 10 km radius.

Ghost sites contain Covert Research Tools, Villard Wheels, blueprint copies for 'Packrat' and 'Magpie' Mobile Tractor Units, ‘Wetu’ and ‘Yurt’ Mobile Depots and Ascendancy implants.

Sleeper relic and data sites are found in wormholes. They are not empty, instead, they have strong sleepers defending the site that need to be defeated before hacking.

Sleeper relic and data sites can be identified from "Forgotten" and "Unsecured" at the beginning of their names. The combat in them is harder than in combat anomalies of same wormhole class and the rats drop sleeper components as they do in combat sites. They can be run as combat sites only looting the wrecks and ignoring the hacking part.

Silent Battleground

ghost site rats

Silent Battleground is a very rare data site found in shattered wormholes .

The silent battleground contains 20 relic and data cans scattered in 60 km radius, with no Sleeper rats present. It must be scanned down and requires decent skills to do so. Failing the hack twice does not blow up the can. The data cans contain data cores, and the relic cans contain T3 manufacturing components such as Intact Power Cores. Early reports suggest that this site operates on a timer and will explosively despawn after some time, though dealing no damage. This timer should be longer than 30 minutes. 3 hacking ships should be able to clear the entire site before this happens, however.

At the centre of the silent battleground is a wrecked Revenant , suggesting an unexpected historical Sansha's Nation presence in these shattered wormholes. The wreck cannot be salvaged.

Contested Covert Research Facilities

Contested Covert Research Facilities are hacking sites that may or may not be in the game anymore. They contain one hackable container. The site will self destruct and deal 2000 damage 45-60 seconds after warp-in.

Combat relic sites

Combat relic sites are very rare relic sites that spawn only in certain areas of Nullsec. They feature rats from many different pirate factions in large numbers. These sites are hard to run and should only be attempted by high-skill players.

  • Ancient Ruins Only found in Catch (especially in 9HXQ-G constellation)
  • Bloated Ruins Only found in Wicked Creek (especially in 760-9C constellation)
  • Crumbling Ruins Only found in Vale of the Silent
  • Festering Ruins Only found in Fountain
  • Forgotten Ruins Only found in Delve
  • Hidden Ruins Only found in Cloud Ring
  • Wispy Ruins Only found in Feythabolis (especially in I-3ODK constellation)

Tips and tricks

  • The contents of containers can be scanned with cargo scanners before hacking. This allows skipping containers that do not have valuable contents.
  • Emptied sites will despawn in few minutes. Sites that have been partially completed will despawn in a few hours.
  • Once a site has despawned, the same site (sorted based on data or relic) will respawn within 2 minutes within the same region, but never within the same system.
  • Sites with difficulty levels I and II should be scannable for any ship fitted with a core probe launcher, and a set of Sister's core probe scanners. However, as the difficulty level of the site increases, the minimum scanning strength required also increases.
  • Sites with difficulty levels III and higher normally need to be scanned by a scanning-bonused ship. However, some level III sites may still be scanned by any ship if it is fitted with a Sisters core probe launcher.
  • The recommended scan strength for level IV sites is around 90, while the recommended scan strength for level V sites is 100 and above.
  • After the daily downtime (DT) all Relic and Data sites update their containers. For example, you hack 5/6 containers and leave 1. After DT all these containers will be updated and you can hack them again.

Is this site "safe" to warp to?

The following are quick reference tables for evaluating PvE exploration site dangers [1] (such as hostile NPCs and/or exploding cans) based on the cosmic signature name. Thank you to David Louis for the original, but now out of date forum post

Exceptions and details for Shattered wormhole systems :

  • Shattered systems can spawn sites of their own class and also one class higher or lower. This technically allows Ruined and Central sites to exist in a C4 system, since it can spawn sites usually only found in C3 space. However, shattered systems are rare, and all other C4 systems do not spawn these sites.
  • C13 or "small ship" shattered systems contain sites only found in C1, C2, or C3 systems. This includes Ruined and Central sites.
  • Silent Battleground (a very rare Data Site) in Shattered systems is SAFE.

With one exception , the sleeper NPCs in wormhole gas sites appear according to a timer after the first capsuleer initiates warp to the site. This allows for what is commonly called 'ninja-huffing' , i.e. gas harvesting during the "safe" period before they spawn. Some gas sites in null-sec do not have NPCs spawn; for detailed info, refer to the full list of sites.

  • <> = wildcard
  • SAFE = no NPCs; no Timers; nothing bad you can activate
  • X = possible site location
  • HS = high sec; LS = low sec; NS = null sec
  • C1 - C6 = wormhole system class

Pirate relic site loot

Pirate faction relic sites contain the following items:

  • Salvage. Type of salvage is based on the faction.
  • Spatial attunement units
  • T2 rig blueprint copies
  • POS blueprint copies

Based on research done by MacrophageNT the relic site contents follow certain simple rules [2] . The following information is for sites in null security space, the distribution of materials in other areas is likely identical but with lower drop rates.

Each relic site in null security space/wormholes contains three different kinds of containers: Rubble, remains and ruins. These containers always have the same loot distribution without influence from the site type.

For example, in a "Rubble" container each T1 salvage has independent 25% probability to appear in a stack of 3-20 units. Stack sizes are all uniformly distributed so a stack of 1 is equally likely to a stack of 14.

The amount of different container types depends on the name of the relic site. As a result, higher rank relic sites are on average more valuable.

Based on the above information it is possible to calculate the expected value for each faction's null security sites.

Pirate data site loot

Data sites of pirate factions contain the following items:

  • Decryptors of all types
  • High-Tech Manufacturing Tools
  • High-Tech Data Chips
  • Calm Abyssal filaments
  • Invention skill books
  • Target Spectrum Breakers
  • Ancillary shield and armour repairers (local and remote)
  • Faction POS modules
  • 'ligature' and 'zeugma' integrated analyzers
  • Medium and large micro jump drives
  • Reactive armour hardeners
  • Storyline materials. Not fully limited to only own faction materials.
  • Datacores. See the table below to see which faction has what.
  • Dev blog introducing Ghost Sites
  • Dev blog introducing the Contested and Besieged Covert Research Facilities
  • List of data and relic sites
  • ^ Signal Cartels Exploration Site Safety Guide.
  • ^ The Ultimate Nullsec Faction Relic/Data Sites Profitability Comparison
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  • Relic sites

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  1. Ghost Sites

    1 Finding a Ghost Site 2 Getting Loot 3 Rats 4 Explosions 5 Ship fitting 5.1 Recommended ships 5.2 Mid slots 5.3 Tank 6 The Egg Thief Tactic 6.1 Egg Thief fitting 6.2 How to do it 6.3 Other ships too 7 Ghost Raider Gang 8 See also

  2. Ghost

    Support the band buying the album: and us by joining Amazon Prime Music: GhostAlbum PrequelleSong Rats...

  3. Never tried a ghost site, but I really want to. I have some ...

    One of the funniest things in eve is camping a ghost site while cloaked. Eventually someone comes by and starts a can, you decloak, they panic and exit the can, explosions happen. T3HN4T3R. •. Warp to zero cloaked, decloak and lock everything, cargo scan the containers, hack the top 1 or 2 cans, gtfo with your loot.

  4. The Meaning Behind The Song: Rats by Ghost

    Rats, a popular song by the Swedish rock band Ghost, not only captivates listeners with its infectious melody and powerful vocals but also intrigues them with its deeper meaning. Released in 2018 as the lead single from their album "Prequelle," Rats delves into themes of decay, corruption, and the relentless cycle of destruction.

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    Ghost at Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, Greenwood Village, CO, USA Tour: Re-Imperatour - U.S.A. 2023August 8, 2023

  6. Ghost

    [Verse 1: Cardinal Copia] In times of turmoil, in times like these Beliefs contagious, spreading disease This wretched mischief is now coursing through your souls Never to let go, never to let go...

  7. Rats (Ghost song)

    " Rats " is a song by the Swedish rock band Ghost. It was released as the first single from their fourth album Prequelle. The track topped the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart in July 2018, and was nominated for the Best Rock Song Grammy Award at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards . Background and release

  8. Rats

    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupRats · Ghost B.C.Prequelle℗ 2018 Loma Vista RecordingsReleased on: 2018-06-01Producer: Tom DalgetyComposer Lyric...

  9. GHOST's 'Rats' Is Longest-Running No. 1 Song On BILLBOARD's 'Mainstream

    GHOST lead singer Tobias Forge, who performs under the name Cardinal Copia, told The Pulse Of Radio what inspired him to write "Rats", the first single from the band's new album, "Prequelle". "A ...

  10. Ghost says what their new song "Rats" is about

    Ghost leader Tobias Forge talked about the meaning behind "Rats," the lead single off the band's upcoming fourth studio album "Prequelle," due out on June 1. Advertisement Read what he told NME: "It's a song about public trials. Rats traditionally were what carried the plague. But they're also a good analogy for something that's all […]

  11. A new player friendly guide to running Ghost Sites. : r/Eve

    Yeah that rats blow the site about 15secs after they land on grid. But once you are practiced and can run the site quick you can reliably do a 3 can average across all the sites you run. Once your moving quick it all just depends on the random timer as to how many cans you can do. Sometimes you get like a 5 min timer and it's all sweet.

  12. Ghost

    "Rats" is a song by the Swedish rock band Ghost. It was released as the first single from their fourth album Prequelle. The track topped the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart in July 2018, and was nominated for the Best Rock Song Grammy Award at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. Year: 2018 4:21 9,679 Views Playlists: #5

  13. Ghost

    The Story Behind "Rats". Ghost is known for their theatrics, elaborate stage presence, and thought-provoking lyrics. "Rats" stays true to their style, offering more than just surface-level meaning. When penning down "Rats," the songwriter seems to reflect on society's susceptibility to detrimental ideas, especially during unstable ...

  14. Do ghost sites and sleeper caches threat my pod?

    In Ghost sites rats do not only blow up containers, they scram you and attack for a short period of time. If they happen to kill your ship, then explosion of containers might kill pod I think. Sasha_Viderzei (Sasha Viderzei) June 7, 2018, 11:45am 4. They do blow up the containers and attack your ship (I think they first destroy the cans, then ...

  15. Ghost

    Remastered version of "Rats" at the BBC (2019)Follow me on:🎵 Spotify:📱 TikTok:

  16. Ghost sites : r/Eve

    Ghost sites Hello! I have a couple questions about running ghost sites in interceptor. How much time i have to get out once i see rats warping in in overview? Do they scram me and blow up cans the second they get out of warp or do i have some time to finish hacking and fly away?

  17. Ghost Sites (Covert Research Facility, Besieged Research Facility)

    September 07, 2022 07:25. While exploring, a player may encounter Covert or Besieged Research Facilities, which are commonly known as "Ghost Sites". These differ from other exploration sites in rather dangerous ways, as their containers will eventually self destruct violently after a random, but usually tight timer, often requiring a compromise ...

  18. Ghost sites : r/Eve

    I run Ghost sites with a Stabber, 1 Exp Hardener II, 1 MAR II. No plates, no worry about dpsing rats. The cans I've found are also all easily accessable without a hacking bonus (High and low sec). IIRC the devblog about ghost sites said they would require a cruiser-size tank and weren't meant for frigs. Also, please don't fit plates on a Stratios.

  19. Relic and data sites

    The site will self destruct and deal 2000 damage 45-60 seconds after warp-in. Combat relic sites. Combat relic sites are very rare relic sites that spawn only in certain areas of Nullsec. They feature rats from many different pirate factions in large numbers. These sites are hard to run and should only be attempted by high-skill players.

  20. Ghost

    Ghost - Rats - Live HD (Giant Center 2019) yupsure 43.1K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 66 Share Save 5.3K views 4 years ago #yupsure If you go to as many concerts as I do, or any other loud...

  21. Ghost Sites

    These Guristas rats were doing 155 thermal dps with 80% thermal resist (it was 100% thermal light missile damage). The rats are not designed to be killed, they simply function as a tank check and timer for the site. One of the cans that exploded hit me for 799 damage with 93% explosive resist.

  22. Stratios ghost sites 2021 : r/Eve

    3 Squizz • 3 yr. ago 1 trazetraze • 3 yr. ago Use nullified ceptor with cargo scanner. scan best two cans, hack them and gtfo. I forgot to mention you should use blackglass and zeugma analyzer for faster hacking. Serryk OP • 3 yr. ago

  23. Ghosts

    I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM ALL RIGHTS TO GhostProvided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupRats · Ghost B.C. / ゴースト B.C. / ゴーストビーシーRats℗ ℗...