The 7 Classes Of Paranormal Entities, According to The Ghostbusters

The library ghost tries to read a book

The thing I’ve always liked about the Ghostbusters is that they treat ghost hunting like it’s pest control. They’re New York schlubs. Regular people. They’re plumbers, only instead of fixing leaks, they’re fixing spiritual anomalies.

They’re also professionals. And, as professionals, they use a classification system to deal with and identify supernatural entities. They call it the CDI System — for Classification, Description, and Identification.

According to this system, the various spooks, spectres, or ghosts that may trouble you fall into one of seven classes, each with their own unique characteristics. While the CDI System was alluded to briefly in the 1984 film, it was fleshed out by the official Ghostbusters RPG, the IDW comics, and the 2009 video game.

Let’s take a look with some, let’s say, “real world” examples.

The most basic of paranormal entities is the Class 1. These include amorphous forms or phenomena that may not be visible to the naked eye, such as strange noises, disembodied voices, mists, vapors, and orbs. They may also be noticed by the existence of cold spots or other changes in temperature.

Class 2 entities, while in some cases similar to Class 1, are able to manipulate the physical world, and even possess inanimate objects. They may also accomplish partial visible manifestations. George the ghost might be considered a Class 2 — while he’s never appeared as anything other than a floating orb or mist (that I know of), he has been known to cause cold spots, turn on lights, and tap people on shoulders.

These entities have human or humanoid forms and personalities, though their identities are unknown. They can be corporeal, appearing just as living humans would. For example, the ghost of Mary , while a named spirit that has allegedly manifested in a fully human form, would possibly be Class 3, as her true identity is not confirmed.

Exactly as Class 3, these entities have visible human forms and personalities, but with known identities. Communication should be possible. The alleged ghost of Inez Clarke would likely fall under this classification, as she is identified, has appeared dancing in thunderstorms, and, you know, haunts her own statue.

Slimer eats some food at the Sedgewick Hotel circa 1984

Class 5 includes non-human, non-intelligent entities brought about by extreme psychokinetic or emotional energy. They may also manifest as the result of ritual summoning, and may contain some minor human characteristics. According to Ray Stantz after the incident at the Sedgewick Hotel, Slimer was a Class 5.

Spirits of animals, or entities that take on animalistic characteristics. Perhaps one example would be the ghost of a cat .

The Ghostbusters approach Gozer the Gozerian at 550 Central Park West

Class 7 is where the real fun begins — manifestations of gods and demons, otherwise known as “metaspectres.” These are the most dangerous and powerful of supernatural entities. Our best example is Gozer the Gozerian, Gozer the Destructor, Volguus Zildrohar, also known as the Traveler, who made a brief appearance at the top of 550 Central Park West back in 1984. The Gatekeeper and the Keymaster — Zuul and Vinz Clortho, respectively — would also fall under this classification.

When encountering a Class 7 entity, just remember to clear your mind, and if anyone ever asks if you’re a god, you say YES!

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The Ghostbusters Classification System, Explained

The curious Ghostbusters classification system has been invaluable in battling the paranormal and reveals more than just how to identify a spirit.

  • The confusing canon of the Ghostbusters Classification System has been scattered across multiple entries in the series.
  • The Classification System helps to identify and document the various beings the Ghostbusters encounter.
  • Identification helps to establish their role as scientists and serves as an invaluable tool.

In the world of Ghostbusters , New York's paranormal proton packers need to know what they're up against, and it all begins with classification. In both real-world scientific research and the fictional scenarios presented in the Ghostbusters series, one of the crucial skills for a researcher is the ability to describe and classify their observations. When it comes to the supernatural, there's a reason why when there's something strange in a neighborhood, people call the Ghostbusters. It's because they're more than just paranormal exterminators; they're scientists who can recognize and confront the supernatural while the world comes to grips with it.

Helping to popularize the fields of paranormal investigation and parapsychology, the original Ghostbusters movie launched an entire franchise of popular supernatural comedies . Over the years, the Ghostbusters' mythology grew, fleshing out the world and characters established by the 1984 film. Having garnered multiple sequels, animated series, and a variety of surrounding media. As another Ghostbusters movie approaches, audiences are piecing together theories surrounding the nebulous canon and wondering how exactly they'll manifest as part of a broader legacy.

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How the Ghostbusters Classify the Paranormal

Since its introduction in the first Ghostbusters , the way they classified their encounters has remained a mystery. Mostly surfacing in the surrounding media, various creators were left to interpret how the Ghostbusters used their system to describe paranormal entities. While fans often struggle to determine which interpretation of the identification system is canonical to the films, it's typically pieced together from four primary sources: the Ghostbusters cartoons, Ghostbusters: The Video Game , West End Games' TTRPGs, and the IDW comic series. Regardless of which system is correct, it has helped to establish the Ghostbusters as paranormal researchers and their scientific origins.

In the past, fans could only theorize through the Ghostbusters movies how the classification methods were used. But West End Games' Ghostbusters TTRPG provided the first detailed explanation of a classification system. Ranging from Class I to Class VII, these designations primarily relied on an entity's manifestation and the necessary elimination methods. For instance, Class V encompasses non-human spirits like Slimer and Muncher, which were manageable with proton packs. But Class VII ghosts included powerful deities like Gozer, which demanded creative solutions to eliminate it. Although somewhat obscure today compared to games like Dungeons & Dragons , West End Games' classification served as the foundation for the Ghostbusters classification system across various forms of media, aiding the fictional paranormal investigators in assessing potential threats. Despite minor variations, such as in IDW's comics and Ghostbusters: The Video Game , the system remains a vital tool for evaluating sites like haunted houses , emphasizing the importance of accurate identification. After all, confusing a Class VI entity resembling a giant penguin with a lower-class, bird-obsessed deity could lead to messy consequences.

In the animated spin-offs like The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters , the way ghosts, demons, and other entities are classified is completely different. Typically ranging from Class 1 to Class 13 (with potentially even stronger beings lurking beyond that), the animated Ghostbusters seemingly ranked manifestations by how much psychokinetic energy they possess and how dangerous they are. Although attributed to Tobin's Spirit Guide and other in-universe periodicals, J. Michael Straczynski, a writer for The Real Ghostbusters , admitted that he loosely based the system on the Ghostbusters movie. He mentioned that The Real Ghostbusters classification system often appeared at a script's convenience, possibly explaining why a creature like Slimer was identified as a Class 5, while a ghost capable of causing nuclear disasters was only a Class 4. Regardless, The Real Ghostbusters is not only nostalgic but considered one of the most definitive takes on the mythology, and its chaotic classification methods are part of that.

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Why Chaotic Naming Conventions Are Part of the Process

Although sometimes referred to as "Description" or "Identification" as part of an encompassing system cobbled together by fans known as "CDI" (Classification Description Identification), "Traits" as listed in West End Games' Ghostbusters TTRPGs, are said to be informal and unstandardized, but no less common in the field. These labels cover various aspects, from anatomical characteristics like "Full Torso" and "Vaporous" to behaviors like "Free Roaming" and "Possessor." Additionally, they encompass origin-related descriptors such as "Transdimensional." While these distinctions come off as a matter of semantics, they play a vital role in identifying and effectively addressing paranormal entities. Ghostbusters quickly learn that not all ghost hunters can resolve problems with a proton stream, as comprehensive research is often just as crucial.

The Classification System might initially appear as a minor detail in the Ghostbusters lore, but it reveals a deeper truth about their world. The Ghostbusters are scientific pioneers diving into the furthest realms of physics, biology, psychology, and almost every other imaginable field of study. In the Ghostbusters: The Video Game guide it has even acknowledged the unique challenges of advancing the scientific study of the supernatural and exploring a realm dominated by phenomena few people could comprehend. The Ghostbusters themselves mention in Prima's guide for Ghostbusters: The Video Game the difficulties they faced in coining terminology, especially when integrating terms like "Venkmanites," suggesting why their classification of supernatural entities might seem erratic.

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What the Classification System Says About the Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters are the foremost experts in dealing with the unexplainable, and for good reason. They have passionately embraced the responsibility of modernizing the field of paranormal research, displaying tremendous courage that goes beyond chasing ghosts. Not only did the Ghostbusters confront entities like Gozer, but they also ventured into a realm of supernatural study that people like Walter Peck skeptically dismissed. They introduced innovative methods, technologies, and approaches to document terrifying mysteries of the unknown, building upon the work of spiritualists who came before them. Even in a world filled with the extraordinary, the Ghostbusters understand that the seemingly mundane can represent progress. In addition to their ability to protect the world from otherworldly manifestations like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, their tireless pursuit to study the frightening world of the unknown is what has continued to define them as heroes.

William Shakespeare once profoundly asked: "What's in a name?" However, when it comes to classification, name, description, and other traits are much more vital than many give it credit for. Sometimes, the first and most important step to confronting the unknown is to name something, describe it, and document it for the world to see. Understanding a chilling unsolved mystery is just as important as confronting it because defeating fear and ignorance requires that people know what lurks in the shadows. After all, as the Ghostbusters have shown us, while a nuclear accelerator can be handy, knowledge is often the most powerful tool one can possess.

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The Boogieman [3] is a legendary creature that scares children all over the world. The Boogieman is one of the few villains who has faced the Ghostbusters on more than one occasion and has a special connection to one of them, Egon .

The Boogieman has become a prominent villain in the Ghostbusters franchise. He made a number of cameo appearances throughout the original animated series and his name was mentioned in an episode of Extreme Ghostbusters . [4] He also appeared in an issue of the Ghostbusters comic book by Now, where he was scaring children in a plot to take revenge on Egon. While he appeared to be pale white in the animated series, he was depicted as green in the comic book.

  • 1 Description
  • 2.1 Secondary Canon
  • 2.2 Now Comics
  • 2.3 IDW Comics
  • 2.4 Secondary Canon
  • 2.5 Ghostbusters: The Board Game
  • 2.6.1 Side A
  • 2.6.2 Side B
  • 3.1 Primary Canon
  • 3.2 Secondary Canon
  • 5 Personality
  • 8 Based on Folklore
  • 9.1 Primary Canon
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  • 11 References
  • 12.1 Collages
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  • 12.4 Non Canon

Description [ ]

The Boogieman is a somewhat goblin-esque, anthropomorphic creature with human and animal features not unlike the god Pan from Greek mythology. His skin and fur are pale white. He sports a head grossly oversized in comparison to his arms, legs and torso. His goat-like ears and humanoid nose are quite pronounced and elongated, and his face features high, prominent cheeks. His humanoid eyes are large and yellow, set under black brows and fantastic, porcupine-like blue hair which projects over his face and runs down the length of his back. The Boogieman's mouth (often twisted into a frightening grin) is large and ugly- bearing ruby-red lips and jagged, yellow teeth. To top it off, he sports what appear to be unshaven whiskers on his chin. From the neck down his body is covered in fur. His arms are humanoid, and his large hands end in pointed black nails. Below his waist, the Boogieman resembles a hoofed ungulate, like a sheep or goat. His legs are short, often bent and terminate in cloven hooves.

The Boogieman wears some clothing. Around his short neck is a purple bowtie. He also sports a dark dress coat with very long tails.

History [ ]

The Ghostbusters are approached one evening by two children: Megan and Kenny Carter . They claim that the Boogieman has been living in their closet, scaring them each night after they go to bed. Terrified of the monster, the children attempt to hire the Ghostbusters with the savings in their piggy banks. Initially, Peter is skeptical, but at the insistence of Egon they investigate. The Ghostbusters arrive at the Carter residence and begin to look around. Egon's P.K.E. Meter registers high levels of paranormal activity in Megan and Kenny's closet, but when the door is opened nothing is to be found but coats and clothes. Peter is convinced the children have over active imaginations until a piercing orange light blazes from the back of the closet.

A giant, goblin-like head emerges: it is the Boogieman. Egon confronts the creature as it steps into the room. In its shrill, wheezy voice the monster utters "I remember you!" The Ghostbusters attempt to capture the beast, but discover he is not a ghost. [5] At Peter's urging, they increase the power of their blast streams and manage to repel the Boogieman back into his realm . They regroup at headquarters to figure out how to defeat the Boogieman. That night, Egon reveals that the Boogieman used to frighten him as a child, which prompted him to start investigating the paranormal.

The Ghostbusters manage to find a vacant room connected to the Boogieman's realm and set up a faux child's room to lure the Boogieman to them. Ray (who after expressing affection for one of the prop stuffed animals) is chosen to sleep in the room as bait. The plan works, and the Ghostbusters pursue the startled creature into his realm, where the Boogieman gains the upper hand. After avoiding traps and adjusting to the altered reality of the realm, the Ghostbusters chase the Boogieman through a series of portals and closets, finally losing him in the realm. At this point, Egon devises a plan to trap the Boogieman in his realm indefinitely. Attaching a prototype Ghost Bomb to the four Proton Packs, the Ghostbusters set the devices to overload. Before they can leave, the Boogieman confronts them, blocking their escape.

While threatening the heroes, the Boogieman gestures to the Carter children's door, claiming that he will exact revenge on them after finishing the Ghostbusters. However, Kenny and Megan see the portal open and the dire situation the Ghostbusters are in. With courage, they overcome their fear of the monster and distract the Boogieman by insulting his appearance and odor. As he advances on the children, Kenny spills a bag of marbles under the Boogieman's hooves which causes him to slip off the edge of the walkway. With the Ghost Bomb circuit seconds from detonating, the Ghostbusters sprint for the Carter's doorway. Egon scoops the Carter children into his arms and leaps through the portal. Startled by the commotion in their home, Kenny and Megan's parents burst into their children's room and demand an explanation from the Ghostbusters. Egon warns them to move away just as a violent explosion leaps from the closet. No one is injured, and a quick check of the P.K.E. Meter assures that the plan worked: the Boogieman's doors are sealed, leaving him a prisoner of his own realm. Egon tucks the children in and after a goodnight kiss, the Ghostbusters are off to their next adventure.

In an accident during a job at the top of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers , a particularly malicious ghost blasts Egon off the building. He is saved by Winston in Ecto-2 , and is seemingly unshaken by the fall. That evening, Egon cannot sleep due to the extreme anxiety the traumatic event has caused. He attempts to calm his nerves with warm cocoa and an old movie (a rather grim vampire picture). Egon is uncharacteristically shaken by the show. His fear is so intense that the Boogieman, thought locked away forever, is able to sense it and draws enough energy to break out of his realm. [6] As Egon returns to bed, a pale blue light bathes his bed, and the Boogieman steps out of the closet.

The Boogieman appears in the Ghostbusters' headquarters with vengeance in his eyes but is driven off before he can attack Egon, who is petrified with terror. The Boogieman was shot out of the Firehouse and into the streets with the Ghostbusters hot on his heels. He is tracked to an alley, where he surprises the Ghostbusters. Egon has the only possible shot, but is intimidated by the Boogieman, who takes delight in slowly facing Egon down, soaking up all of his fear. With a subtle, "Boo!", the Boogieman scares Egon and escapes into the city.

The Boogieman tracks down the Junior Ghostbusters in what is surely an attempt to kidnap them for bait, but is interrupted by the Ghostbusters who come to the rescue. The Boogieman flees and makes his way to a closed carnival, the Big Apple Amusement Park , where he uses his powers to transform the property into a freakish, nightmare amusement park. Back at the Firehouse, Egon has modified one of the particle throwers into an Atomic Destabilizer , a device that will transform the Boogieman into his ethereal counterpart long enough to be captured in a Ghost Trap . [7] [8]

The Ghostbusters then track the Boogieman to his carnival lair and upon entering his new realm are quickly scooped on the back of a large serpent. As they are flown through the air, animated park statues disarm the Ghostbusters. The serpent sails into a clown-faced gateway and the Ghostbusters are taken prisoner. Slimer escapes to enlist the help of the Junior Ghostbusters, and the Boogieman reveals his plans to scare the Ghostbusters to death. He sends the heroes on a frightful, tumbling journey into a netherworld-like space where they are chased, surrounded and bound by the Boogieman for a second time.

As the Boogieman is about to exact his revenge, the Junior Ghostbusters arrive with the Proton Packs. Again distracted by children, the Boogieman leers toward them. Egon, desperate to save the kids, is able to shed his fear and breaks his lashings. In one swift dash, he dodges and jump kicks his way through the Boogieman's goons, dives between the Boogieman's legs and receives the Atomic Destabilizer heaved his way by the children. With no time to lose, he draws a bead on the Boogieman and fires. The kids throw traps out, and the Boogieman and his goons are captured for good.

At the height of Robo-Buster 's popularity, Paul Smart ran a television commercial that spotlighted his creation and mocked the Ghostbusters. For the commercial, footage of Robo-Buster destroying a red-haired ghost with flesh-colored skin resembling the Boogieman. However, the Boogieman from the commercial was not destroyed in the conventional sense. Instead, it became part of the Spectral Mass that went after Smart. The Ghostbusters eventually trapped all the ghosts that formed the mass, including the Boogieman from the commercial.

Secondary Canon [ ]

Now comics [ ].

The Boogieman makes one appearance in the Now Ghostbusters comic series. He is the main villain of issue twenty six, where he is going around scaring children. He then uses their fear to gain more power for revenge against Egon. It is explained that the last time Samhain had escaped the Containment Unit , the Boogieman took advantage of the situation by escaping, as well. He was eventually recaptured and put back into the Containment Unit when it was discovered that the Boogieman was still in his non-corporeal form, which meant that he could still be captured in a ghost trap and the Atomic Destabilizer were not needed.

While in the animated series the Boogieman was blue, in the Now comic he is green with some orange hair on top. He also possesses some powers he did not possess in either of his appearances on the cartoon (he was shown to be capable of creating illusions to scare people).

IDW Comics [ ]

While imprisoned in the Containment Unit, the Boogieman attempted to escape with the power of fear. Since it was minimal in the Containment Universe, he began disguising himself as Samhain , an entity other ghosts feared as much as the Ghostbusters. Boogieman was satiated but it was nowhere enough power to break free. Boogieman met Ralph and revealed his true form after being overwhelmed by Ralph's fear. To him it was the most satisfying and so human. Boogieman ingested Ralph and turned his sights towards the latest new resident, a Seven Eyed Ghost .

Ghostbusters: The Board Game [ ]

Ghost card information [ ].

  • To Hit: 4 or higher, add a Stream
  • To Trap: 4 Streams (from at least 3 Ghostbusters)
  • When Hit: Move 2 spaces towards that Ghostbuster.
  • When Trapped: Place it on your Character Card.
  • When Missed: Boogieman moves to a random space adjacent to the nearest Closed Gate.
  • At the end of each Ghostbuster's turn, Boogieman moves 1 space towards the nearest Closed Gate.
  • At the end of each Round, if Boogieman is adjacent to a Closed Gate, roll the Event die and if you rolled any Closed Gate's symbol, open the Gate he is adjacent to.
  • Fear - Ghostbusters adjacent to Boogieman cannot take Actions.

Boogieman is a malicious, supernatural creature who has been terrorizing human children all over the world and feeding on their fear for generations. His many powers are fueled by children's fear and include: reality altering, portal creation, superhuman dexterity, superhuman strength and a powerful scream which can knock people off their feet.

Boogieman used to terrify Egon Spengler when he was a child. It was these encounters that inspired young Egon to study the paranormal which led to becoming a co-founder of the Ghostbusters.

Classification [ ]

Primary canon [ ].

Ray assesses the Boogieman as a Class 7 Repeating Corporeal Entity. [9]

In Ghostbusters: The Board Game, Boogieman is a Class 6 .

The Boogieman, a Class 7 Repeating Corporeal Entity, he is a very powerful creature.

Fear Absorption : He has the ability to draw power directly from the fear of his victims. [10] While the full extent of his power remains unknown.

Reality Altering : He can alter existing matter to fit whatever purpose he desires.

Portal Creation  : He can carefully-selected portals into the human world through children's closets.

Superhuman Dexterity : He may jump multiple stories.

Superhuman Strength : He may throw large furniture with a single hand.

Powerful Scream : A powerful scream capable of forcefully knocking people to the ground.

He is super-sensitivity to human fear, and fear-based size changes (i.e. the more frightened the victim, the larger the Boogieman may appear).

He is strongest in his bizarre realm, but is capable of creating micro-realms in the human world to suit his needs. He appears to be immortal and indestructible, but if the Boogieman does not feed on a regular basis his supernatural powers weaken to the point where he becomes a benign, muttering entity.

In addition to his powers, another edge of the Boogieman's is that he is not a ghost, but a solid, trans-dimensional creature, which gives him a major advantage against the Ghostbusters. He is also an intelligent, sentient creature. During the first encounter between the Ghostbusters and the Boogieman, their equipment is designed to ensnare and capture ectoplasmic entities, so ghost-catching equipment has little effect on him; the P.K.E. Meter is capable of registering his signal, but he is immune to the ghost trap. [11] [12]

The Boogieman gives off a valence rating of minus 9, [13] [14] [15] which appears to be rare as Egon knows it to be him immediately. The Proton Streams tend to annoy him more than any thing else, but with enough concentrated power, the Boogieman retreats from the force of a full blast stream and avoids further contact with the equipment.

Personality [ ]

The Boogieman is a malicious, supernatural creature whose sole purpose is to terrify human children in order to feed on their fear. He appears to have a rather high opinion of himself as evidenced by the elaborate throne he keeps in the central portion of his realm. He is incapable of showing remorse or mercy and operates strictly out of malice, greed, and revenge (he truly despises losing). Despite his observed cruelness, he does not physically harm his child victims. Instead, he opts to harvest the fear cultivated by his repeated visits-- a form of psychological torture. He chooses his victims very carefully and does not simply terrorize every child in existence. [16] He uses physical violence only when provoked or repeatedly antagonized (usually by the Ghostbusters) and usually avoids direct confrontation with adults. When necessary, the Boogieman will cooperate with other supernatural creatures if it benefits his goals of revenge and control.

Based on his wardrobe, it is possible that the Boogieman enjoys partying (in his own way) from time to time within his realm.

The Boogieman lives in an ethereal domain which serves as his central base. It is from here that he travels through supernatural portals to terrorize his victims. In the Boogieman's domain, the laws of physics and properties of matter are completely under his control. The exact dimensions of this space are unknown, but it appears to be vast and nearly endless, perhaps a sign of the Boogieman's power. There are abyss-like depths, and levels upon levels of doors lined in endless, repeating rows. The cliff-like faces which contain the doors do not follow right angles, but curve and bend as the Boogieman sees fit. There are narrow catwalks for each level of doors, and the Boogieman traverses through his realm via any number of oddly distorted, Escher-esque walkways, staircases, paths and platforms. There are inanimate and animate objects alike. For example, the Ghostbusters are at one point trapped by a giant ring of vipers which transform into a solid, encasing dome. The design of the realm seems to have been inspired by abstract art, gameboards and circuses. On the physical plane, Boogieman can transmogrify a location of his choosing to become his realm and he can control it like its ethereal counterpart. The realm, whichever version, will do whatever the Boogieman wills it to do. [17]

The Boogieman has a past history with Ghostbuster Egon Spengler. When Egon was a child, he was one of the many victims of the Boogieman, being scared each and every night. At one point as Egon got older, the Boogieman seemingly disappeared from his life. However, the effects of the nightly scares is what caused Egon to take up a study in the paranormal and eventually Ghostbusting. [18] When the Ghostbusters were forced to face the Boogieman, Egon's childhood came back to haunt him as the creature told him that he remembered him. Egon led his team against the Boogieman and chased him into his dimension, where he faced his opponent in battle. Egon successfully defeated the Boogieman after using the Ghost Bomb to seal his doors to the human realm.

Egon was the one who brought the Boogieman back to the human world after his large amount of paranoia gave the villain the strength he needed to break free. Egon once again faced his enemy in battle and using a newly adjusted ghost trap, was able to trap him.

Based on Folklore [ ]

The bogeyman, boogyman, bogyman, boogieman, boogey monster, bogieman, or boogeyman, is a folkloric or legendary ghostlike monster often believed in by children. The bogeyman has no specific appearance, and conceptions of the monster can vary drastically even from household to household within the same community; in many cases he simply has no set appearance in the mind of a child, but is just an amorphous embodiment of terror. Bogeyman can be used metaphorically to denote a person or thing of which someone has an irrational fear. Parents often say that if their child is naughty, the bogeyman will get them, in an effort to make them behave. The bogeyman legend may originate from Scotland, where such creatures are sometimes called bogles, boggarts, or bogies.

Bogeyman tales vary by region. In some places the bogeyman is male; in others, female, and in others, both. In some Midwestern states of the United States, the bogeyman scratches at the window. In the Pacific Northwest he may manifest in "green fog." In other places he hides under the bed or in the closet and tickles children when they go to sleep at night. It is said that a wart can be transmitted to someone by the bogeyman. Bogeymen may be said to target a specific mischief – for instance, a bogeyman that punishes children who suck their thumbs – or general misbehavior.

Appearances [ ]

The Real Ghostbusters

  • " The Boogieman Cometh "
  • The Boogieman is mentioned to Count Vostok [19]
  • " The Bogeyman Is Back "
  • The Real Ghostbusters Intro 2
  • Recolored picture seen in the Prosecutor's flip book. [20]
  • As one of Robo-Buster's Commercial Victims
  • Slimer mentions him. [21]

Extreme Ghostbusters

  • He is mentioned.
  • The Real Ghostbusters NOW Comics
  • Closet Case
  • In The Box Part Four
  • Ghostbusters: The Board Game
  • Page 40, 48
  • This could be attributed to the fact there are a few different ways to spell his name, and the fact they used a different version than the previous episode was simply overlooked.
  • In the Swedish dub the character's name is Fula Gubben (means "The Ugly Man").
  • On page 20 of Legion Issue #2 , the Boogieman is mentioned in jest by a bystander while she talked to Michael Draverhaven .
  • On page six of Ghostbusters Issue #6 , Ray Stantz jokingly mentions the Boogieman.
  • On the Ghostbusters Issue #9 Cover RI-B, That's Entertainment variant, the Boogieman makes a non-canon cameo.
  • The Boogieman makes a cameo on a special sketch cover of Ghostbusters #9
  • The Boogieman is referenced on the back cover of Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters .
  • On page seven of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #12 , the Boogieman makes a non-canon cameo on photographs on the tackboard based on early renditions by Dan Schoening and Tristan Jones.
  • On page 11 of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #12, the fear extracted from Egon is of the Boogieman.
  • On the subscription cover of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #15 , Boogieman makes a non-canon cameo.
  • On the subscription cover of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #18 , Boogieman makes a non-canon cameo.
  • On the Convention Cover of Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #1 , the Boogieman makes a non-canon cameo below Vigo .
  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #1, on the white board, on the upper right is a photo of Boogieman seen in Volume 2 Issue #12 page 11 panel 2.
  • On page 11 of Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #3 , a photo of Boogieman, seen in Volume 2 Issue #12 Panel 2, appears on the upper right side of the whiteboard.
  • On page 7 of Ghostbusters 101 #1 , in panel 2, in the upper right corner on the drawing board is Dan Schoening's model sheet for the Boogieman from Ghostbusters: The Board Game. Schoening tweeted it on May 1, 2015. [23]
  • On page 7 of Ghostbusters 101 #4 , in panel 3, on the far right, on the drawing board is Dan Schoening's design for the Boogieman once again.
  • On February 22, 2015, the 12th stretch goal of Ghostbusters: The Board Game , $750,000, was introduced: the Boogieman. [24]
  • On February 25, 2015, the Boogieman was unlocked. [25]
  • The caption on the photograph quotes Egon's "No, not again!" line from The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Boogieman Cometh".
  • The biography mentions Boogieman's link to Egon.
  • On the Crossing Over promotional Virtual Trading Card #13, the Boogieman is mentioned in Egon's biography. [26]
  • Boogieman appears on the IDW Convention Variant cover of 35th Anniversary: The Real Ghostbusters .

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As seen in "The Boogieman Cometh"

Non Canon [ ]

Early Design

  • Ghostbusters
  • 1 Ecto Cooler
  • 3 Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

by Jason Reynolds

Ghost summary and analysis of chapters 5 – 6.

Castle is happy at first with his lighter shoes, but he regrets cutting up something his mother paid for, knowing she wouldn’t approve. At school, he limps because of all the running. He also tries to hide the raggedy tops. Luckily Brandon has been suspended and apparently, everyone thinks Castle is a hero for punching him.

His good mood only lasts until social studies, when Shamika sees his shoes and laughs uproariously. The teacher asks what she’s laughing at and she points at his shoes. Castle barely contains his anger and shame until the lunch bell rings. Though he has never skipped class before, Castle runs out the doors of the lunchroom to get away from the situation. He keeps running, fueled by adrenaline, until he comes across Everything Sports. He shyly looks at the track running shoes and asks to try on a silver pair.

After trying the shoes on, Castle watches the sales associate help another customer. He slips the “silver bullets” into his backpack and leaves, saying he will have to come back to get the shoes soon. Once out the door, Castle runs, expecting people to shout or for the police to arrest him. That doesn’t happen, so eventually he slows and goes to Mr. Charles ’s store. In the shop, Mr. Charles says his usual line about Castle wanting sunflower seeds. However, he says the bag costs ten dollars (usually it’s a dollar) until Castle tells him why he’s not in school.

Castle explains to the shopkeeper that people laughed at him in class because of his shoes, which he cut down so he could run more easily on the track. Mr. Charles offers him the sunflower seeds for free, and advises Castle to get used to people laughing at him: he says his whole family of over-achievers laugh at him for running a store instead of being a doctor or lawyer like the rest of them.

Because Mr. Charles doesn’t want Castle loitering, Castle offers to help with boxes and restocking. He does this for a while until he accidentally locks himself in the stockroom. He calls out but Mr. Charles is quite deaf and is on the other side of the store watching a cowboy film. Castle panics, feeling like he is drowning in a swimming pool. After what feels like forever, Mr. Charles opens the door, explaining that the “stupid thing gets stuck.” Still panicked, Castle grabs his backpack and runs for the door.

Castle keeps running until he reaches the track, knowing he is late for practice. Once there, Castle wants to explain that he was transported back to his most frightening memory, but there’s no time. He takes out his new silver shoes after confirming there are no police hanging out at the track, waiting for him. Lu notices the shoes, silently seeming to communicate to Castle that they are nice-looking.

Coach Brody informs the newbies that on Thursdays they do a long run, and everyone has to take part in the conditioning exercise. Castle considers how he has barely eaten all day and has also been running so much, but there’s no way out of it. He has the paranoid thought that Coach Brody is punishing him for stealing the shoes, but he knows it’s just a coincidence. After a quick stretch and warmup, the team gets running. Castle keeps up for the first ten minutes, but gradually the distance runners pull ahead and the sprinters fall to the back of the pack.

Castle is shocked when the coach pulls up behind him in his car, honking and shouting through a megaphone. This is what the others meant when they called it the Motivation Mobile. At the end, assistant coach Whit says Sunny did the best, keeping up with her the entire way. People congratulate each other on their performance, including Lu, who congratulates Castle. Castle is surprised, and returns the compliment. Castle learns that on Friday there is a newbie’s dinner, a yearly bonding activity the coach organizes. He will take the new runners out for Chinese food.

At home that night, Castle’s mother has brought home from the hospital cafeteria Castle’s favorite dinner: Salisbury steak. While she is microwaving the food to heat it up, Castle’s mother asks how he is liking track and the coach. Castle says he likes both. His mother says she likes the coach too. Castle is relieved, knowing she trusts few people with her son, like any mother.

After dinner, she puts off her nursing homework to watch a romantic movie while Castle looks through his world records books. Castle is relieved his mother doesn’t ask about his shoes like the coach did in the cab ride home. He thinks about how he lied to Coach Brody, but he could tell the coach didn’t believe him. Castle worries about all the trouble he’s getting himself into.

In Chapter 5, Reynolds returns to the theme of shame. Acting on impulse, Castle cuts down his sneakers so they are lighter and can facilitate his track running. However, the cut-up shoes look raggedy and provoke the laughter of a classmate. Full of shame, Castle runs away from school during lunch. Once again, he fails to meet his own promise of good behavior.

Castle continues to act out through misbehavior with his visit to Everything Sports. In a subconscious act of self-sabotage, Castle steals a pair of slick running shoes that will undoubtedly improve his performance on the track but will also jeopardize his ability to stay on the team if his coach or mother were to find out.

Just as he sought refuge with Mr. Charles the night his father “lost it,” Castle next stops in at the “country store.” Knowing he can trust Mr. Charles with at least the partial truth, Castle admits he isn’t in school because he was laughed out of class. Acting as a mentor figure, Mr. Charles relates his own story of adversity, explaining that his family shames him for being an underachiever, when in reality Mr. Charles is content to run his own store. In this exchange, Reynolds builds on the theme of camaraderie.

The theme of trauma arises when Castle becomes accidentally locked in the storage room of Mr. Charles’s store. Because Castle and his mother sought refuge in this same storeroom the night Castle’s father shot at them, Castle’s body re-experiences the panic he felt that night. In this way, Reynolds shows how the post-traumatic stress of a night from three years earlier is liable to resurface and disrupt Castle’s life, even when his father and the threat he poses have been removed from Castle’s immediate context.

With Castle’s second official Defenders practice, Reynolds brings back the theme of humility, as Castle learns that Thursdays are dedicated to a long run. Although he is naturally talented as a sprinter, Castle falls to the back of the pack for the long run, making it clear to him that his endurance skills are lacking. Sunny, the long-limbed newbie who Castle previously laughed at when he saw him lazily sprint, turns out to be the best distance runner. With this scene, Reynolds depicts how a track team comprises athletes who are talented in different facets of the sport, and each person plays their own role.

It is also significant that Lu compliments Castle’s performance at the end of their long run. Despite their head-butting of the past two days, Lu makes an effort to show his admiration and support. As small a gesture as it is, the act of kindness disarms Castle, eliciting a similarly supportive response. Once again, this hints at the growing camaraderie being fostered among the Defenders.

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Ghost Questions and Answers

The Question and Answer section for Ghost is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

what was Tia thinking from the sporting goods place? and what is she wanting to do about ghost

What chapter are you referring to?

What modd is suggested throught the main characters of point of view

I don't know what you mean by "modd" .

figurative language between pages 90 - 135

Sorry, my page numbers will not match yours so I'm not certain where you are meaning. Perhaps if you quote a sentence from the passage, I can find it.

Study Guide for Ghost

Ghost study guide contains a biography of Jason Reynolds, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

  • About Ghost
  • Ghost Summary
  • Character List

class 6 ghost


Thirteen Classifications of Ghosts


A Practical Guide to Categories of Ghosts

Approx. reading time 5 minutes., humankind documents seeing ghosts for centuries, ghosts are now the rage.

Currently, claimed ghost sightings and paranormal activity fill the airways on TV cable and YouTube channels. Why is this? Because, more than ever before, the average person is willing to share their experiences publicly about seeing ghosts. More than that, currently, huge audiences are hungering for these types of first-hand accounts of  haunting activity .

Notably, filmed paranormal events are now posted on websites and social media every day. How is this possible? The answer lies in the fact that new technology, which most people have access to, enables documenting evidence via images, videos, and recordings of spirit voices more than ever before in history. Sadly, despite the substantial evidence of ghostly activity caught on phones, cameras, and other devices, science and skeptics still categorically refuse to believe ghosts exist.

All Kinds of People See Ghosts

Who can see a ghost? The simple answer is almost anyone. Equally important,  witnesses  of ghostly activity range in age from the very young to the very old. Furthermore, scores of honest and credible individuals have reported seeing ghosts.

Curiously, some individuals see a ghost only once in a lifetime, while others encounter ghosts regularly. Not surprising, people claim to see or experience ghostly phenomena in old and abandoned locations a s well as  new modern dwellings. Furthermore, not only do individuals report seeing ghosts, but groups of people have also reported seeing a ghost.

Case in point:  Time Slip at Gettysburg College

Mark Nesbitt, one of the foremost authors on the ghosts of Gettysburg, tells of one of the area’s most  frightening occurrences .

Two administrators at the Pennsylvania Hall at Gettysburg College were leaving work one evening. The two women stepped onto the elevator, as usual, to go from the 4th to the first floor. They never expected what happened next!

An Elevator Trip to Horror

Mysteriously, the elevator passed the first floor and continued to the basement. When the doors opened, the two women could scarcely believe their eyes. What should have been a storage space, was now a horrific scene from hell. Dead and dying men were lying about on tables and the floor. Amputated arms and legs were scattered everywhere.

To add to this, blood-soaked doctors and orderlies were chaotically rushing about desperately trying to save the lives of scores of men. Amazingly, no sound emanated from the ghastly scene, but  both  administrators agreed that they clearly saw it.

Horrified, they frantically jabbed the elevator button to close the doors. As the doors finally closed, one woman chillingly recalled that one of the orderlies looked directly at the women with a pleading expression on his face.

Once a Battlefield Hospital

Foremost in their minds, the women knew that the building had once served as a makeshift surgery during the Battle of Gettysburg which took place on July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, of 1863. Yet, somehow, this window into the past opened, allowing two unwilling witnesses to glimpse the chaos and frantic efforts of doctors to save wounded soldiers. 

class 6 ghost


How Ghosts Act

Ghosts often manifest suddenly. Some specters just stand there, and some flit quickly across the room, disappearing through walls and similar impossible actions.

Expressions of ghosts, if discernible, can be that of peacefulness, in distress, or looking angry or  menacing .

In particular, the appearance of ghosts varies from formless wispy shapes to full-bodied figures that look completely solid and tangible. Shockingly, some apparitions are so lifelike, they’re often mistaken for a real person.

Frighteningly, some ghosts are reportedly dark undulating masses with no discernible form and are devoid of facial features or limbs. While others witness darker human-like forms that are called, shadow figures.  Indeed, it seems that ghosts and sightings of ghosts follow no set rules.

Author, Peter Underwood’s Ghost List

Peter Underwood (May 16, 1923 – November 26, 2014), a respected ghost hunter and author of numerous books on ghosts, set forth a taxonomy consisting of eight ghost categories. I’ve taken the liberty of adding more ghostly categories to this list.

1. Apparitions: Full-Bodied or Partial

In terms of ghosts, an apparition is a sudden supernatural appearance of a person or thing that is not alive and not made of flesh and blood. Of particular note, other names for apparitions are a specter, shade, phantom, or wraith.  Additionally, this kind of ghost usually has a recognizable human form. What is more, either all or part of the ghostly figure is visible and is usually in varying degrees of transparency.

2. Crisis Apparitions

Specifically, Crisis Apparitions appear suddenly and then are gone, usually with no explanation as to why they are there.  Crisis apparitions  usually happen when a loved on has suddenly died or has been seriously injured. Loved ones witnessing a crisis apparition often have a sense of foreboding as to why they are seeing them.

3. Residual Ghosts – Mental Imprint

Residual ghosts are caused by energy imprinted on an environment usually resulting from traumatic events. Some events are so horrific, somehow, an outflow of mental energy is soaked into a particular location. This classification is also known as the “ Stone Tape Theory .”

Not all residual ghosts sightings result from terror and tragedy. Sometimes these occurrences ‘play’ a mundane scene from the past with no tragic energy attached. For example, a person seeing a  deceased  grandparent casually walk down the stairs of their old home just as they did countless times in life.

4. ‘Intelligent’ Ghosts

These are spirits that can interact with the living either by responding to questions in some manner. But, interestingly, they’re also capable of demonstrating emotion.

Nowadays, the voices of intelligent spirits are often captured on a  recording device  or in a video. More often, ghost voice captures range from difficult to understand, to highly intelligible words.

5. Historical Ghosts

Historical, or traditional  ghosts , are known or recognizable people (or animals) from the past who have died and whose souls interact with the living.

One excellent example of a historical ghost is the reported sighting of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln has appeared to more than one person in the White House since his tragic death. The most notable of these is Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and Sir Winston Churchill—both staying in the Lincoln bedroom at the time of their sighting.

6. Time Slips

This kind of experience takes place when the witness seemingly steps back into a foregone time. Sometimes, there’s an interaction between the people experiencing the time-slip and individuals in the past environment. Case in point, the 1901 experience of two school teachers while visiting the Palace of Versailles.

7. Ghosts of the Living (Doppelganger)

Interestingly, Doppelganger sightings are the seeing phantoms of living people who have not died (aka a ‘doppelganger’), which suggests that some ghosts might be mental projections. However, alarmingly, a myth claims that if one sees their double, it’s an omen of their death.

I believe doppelgangers are the subconscious projection of the astral body of a person that has detached from their physical body and appears to someone else. Amazingly, once its “mission” is accomplished, the astral body returns to the living person.

8. Poltergeists

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, in their book, Seeking Spirits, 2009, describe Poltergeists as “a ghost that manifests its presence through rappings, the moving of objects, and the creation of disorder…”

Poltergeist means “noisy ghost” in German. Moreover, these manifestations are usually not apparitions of ghosts, but rather objects thrown or knocked off shelves. In rare instances, poltergeists cause the levitation of a person, usually an adolescent. Clearly, the poltergeist phenomenon and still not fully understood as to when and why it happens. What’s even more interesting, Poltergeist activity rarely lasts for any length of time. Most notably, the only cases that I know of, that lasted for a more extended period are the  Bell Witch Haunting , and the Enfield Poltergeist .

In contrast, research by paranormal experts says claims of poltergeist activity are explainable by psychological factors such as hallucinations and memory lapses. Whatever that means!

Others say that Poltergeists are merely someone pranking or hoaxing the public. Notably, it’s interesting that many of these individuals have never once investigated a haunting.

Conversely, in some investigations, poltergeist disturbances were not found to be fraud or psychological factors, but in fact, are explained by natural phenomena. Of note, skeptic and magician Milbourne Christopher cites a 1957 case at Cape Cod, where downdrafts from an uncovered chimney were strong enough to blow a mirror off a wall, objects off shelves, and overturned chairs, had caused people to initially suspect poltergeist activity.

9. Elemental Spirits

Elementals are nature spirits that have existed long before humanity. Most of these supernatural beings are relatively harmless.

There are many levels of  nature spirits . The  kinds of elementals  I’m referring to, haunt particular locations–sometimes for centuries. They often have a frightening mixed-animal appearance and are usually detected around ancient burial grounds or deep forests.

10. Animal Spirits

Not surprisingly, animal spirits mainly appear as they did in life.  They are usually a beloved pet that has passed. Cats, dogs, and horses constitute the most commonly seen animal spirits.

An exception: Some animal spirits are considered totem power animals. Totem animals are often seen in a vision. These are powerful spirits of animals that shamans summon to serve a specific purpose for an individual, a group, or a tribe.  These spirits impart their most essential attributes to the living to help them accomplish a spiritual task.

11. Shadow People

Shadow People, also called Shadow Figures, Shadow Persons, and Shadow Beings, are dark masses with a vaguely human shape. Sometimes it’s reported that they have frightening eyes. Most witnesses of Shadow People describe them as being inky-black dense shadows that either dart quickly across a room or peek out from around corners. When the startled witness runs to investigate, the figure is usually gone. But that’s not the end of the story.

It’s claimed by experts that Shadow People like to stay in one place and are seen repeatedly by the inhabitants. Additionally, they seem to carry some sort of intelligence. Yet, I’ve never heard of a shadow person harming anyone. Why they choose to haunt a particular place is not known.

12. Astral Shell

An Astral Corpse is also known as the Astral Shell Body. Although not considered a ghost per se, this body resides in a part of a the sub-level of the astral plane. It’s the level on the astral which holds human and animal shell casings of souls who have passed. As the astral plane is the closest dimension to our earthly plane, it’s not unusual for a shell apparition to appear for a short moment in time.

These astral shells have no consciousness or intelligence. However, an astral shell is like a holographic image of a person or spirit. You see it, but it’s not really there. The bottom line: astral shells are not disembodied spirits, ghosts, or something inhuman–like a demon.

13. Haunted Objects

Commonly reported are pieces of furniture reputedly haunted like a chair, bed, or wardrobe. Not only that, children’s toys often carry the spirit energy of a young child. Some sources even claim that haunted objects are demonic.

Notoriously, objects of death and violence, such as swords and pistols, frequently have their owners’ spirits attached to them. Shocking to some, eBay has a brisk business selling haunted furniture as well as personal objects. Therefore, buyer beware and purchase at your own risk! You may get much more than you bargained for.

I Left Something Out!

Well, it seems that I have one more vital category to add. Jinn/Djinn Spirits of the Middle East

After writing this blog, I received an interesting email from someone telling me that I definitely needed to add Jinn spirits to my list and I agreed.

Jinn (singular, jinni; also spelled djinni or genie, are supernatural creatures found in Islamic and Arabic lore. It’s believed that the Jinn were created from a “smokeless and scorching fire.” However, they’ll sometimes appear in human or animal form to interact with people. Or even more alarming, change from one shape to another in an instant.

Those who believe in Jinn do not mess with them when encountered. Jinn are highly changeable and don’t always interact nicely with the living. Although Jinn are respected, some in Middle Eastern cultures are also highly fearful of them.

In conclusion:

Hopefully, you got a lot out of this extended list of ghost classifications. Without a doubt, there’re numerous forms of ghostly manifestations!

Additionally, I want to say that Peter Underwood’s original eight categories were a great starting point. However, in reviewing the list, I felt additional classifications merited inclusion. As a matter of fact, there are more classifications of ghosts, such as “Message” Ghosts’ and Lost Spirits.

Have you seen or experienced a ghost? If so, what kind? Leave a comment below.

(Just to be clear, I don’t solve ghost problems in the comments.) Additionally, if you have an inherited spirit hanging about, you’ll want to check out our  How to Ghost Hunt Pro  course below.   by Stephen Wagner

Ghosts and How to See Them , by Peter Underwood, 1993 Supernatural  by Colin Wilson, 1997 Ghosts , by Roger Clarke, 2012 You may be interested in: Wikipedia:  Ghosts


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Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

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7 thoughts on “Thirteen Classifications of Ghosts”

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I see spirit in the form of string or fuzz balls when magnified, I can see a group of spirits incased in the middle.

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That’s really fascinating. Thanks for sharing!

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I would say this is amazing but personal ive seen them most of my life off and on like the article said the one that are there sudenly emotional not attached only to glance away for a few seconds as you look back briefly there gone. You reminded me.

Thanks Brian. Great insights!

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Hi, I have reason to believe that both of my adult sons are suffering from spirit attachments. Everything started after they unexpectedly lost their father. Symptoms include exhaustion, depression, hearing voices, problems with addiction and ruminating intrusive negative thoughts.

It’s hard to say. Start with your church as you mentioned. If you meet with resistance, try out Spirit Attachments Release Course that you’ll find in our courses tab.

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i think i once encountered a shadow person then and im gonna tell the whole story

its about 4 am when i wake up and see someone standing in the door and i got so scared bc of i didnt know about this and thought it could harm me or anything

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The Ghost of the Mountains Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Ghost of the Mountains Questions & Answers. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of A Special Gift , Life with Robots and Houdini’s Challenge so, you can check these posts as well.

Question 1: Write True and Not true and correct the incorrect sentences:

1. Snow leopards are called ‘the ghost of the mountains’ as they are very difficult to spot in the mountains – True 2. The villagers wanted to kill the snow leopard as they wanted to save the calf – Not True Correct Sentence – The villagers wanted to kill the snow leopard as they wanted to save their livestock. 3. Anyone who killed an endangered animal would have to pay a fine or go to jail – True 4. Rigzin came out of the Ihas and sank to his knees as the calf was very heavy – Not True Correct Sentence – Rigzin sank to his knees relieved that the snow leopard had missed him by a fraction of a second. 5. The Wildlife Department would release the snow leopard in the wild – True

Question 2: Read these lines and answer the questions:

1. Hearing this, sixteen-year-old Rigzin ran towards Tashi’s house.

(a) What had Rigzin heard?

Answer: Rigzin heard that a snow leopard had entered the Ihas of Tashi’s house and had killed the goats and sheep there.

(b) Why did he run towards Tashi’s house?

Answer: He ran towards Tashi’s house to see the snow leopard.

(c) What did he do after reaching Tashi’s house?

Answer: After reaching Tashi’s house, he climbed up to the roof of the Ihas to see the snow leopard.

2. I won’t keep quiet about it.

(a) who said these words to whom.

Answer: Rigzin said these words to the villagers.

(b) What did ‘it’ refer to?

Answer: ‘It’ refers to the killing of snow leopard by the villagers.

(c) How was the problem finally solved?

Answer: The problem was finally solved when Rigzin could convince the villagers about how more and more snow leopards were being killed and there was a distinct fear of them becoming extinct. The villagers understood the problem. Rigzin then informed the Wildlife Department at Leh. Three officials and a veterinary doctor arrived later that afternoon in a jeep. The doctor shot a tranquiliser into the leopard and carried it out. It was taken to Leh and a decision about where to release it was taken the next day.

Question 3: How did Rigzin rescue the calf from the Ihas?

Answer: Rigzin suggested to make another hole at the other end of the roof, to draw the attention of the snow leopard on the other side. Then, he ran down to the front of the Ihas. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door. He tiptoed up to the calf and picked it up. That’s how he rescued the calf from Ihas.

Question 4: What happened when Rigzin tried to convince the villagers to not kill the snow leopard? Was he successful?

Answer: When Rigzin tried to convince the villagers to not kill the snow leopard, the villagers became very angry because snow leopards often attacked and killed their livestock. They felt that fewer snow leopards mean that their livestock would be safer. Rigzin tried to reason with them by pointing out that a snow leopard is an endangered animal and is given special protection through a law called the Wildlife protection Act. He also told the villagers that if anyone was found guilty of killing an animal that is protected by the Act, the person can be sent to jail or made to pay a fine. On hearing this, when the villagers decided to quietly kill the snow leopard without the wildlife officials getting to know, Rigzin threatened to report them. Finally, the headman stepped in and asked everyone to discuss the matter. Though initially, Rigzin was unable to convince the villagers, the discussion helped when Rigzin told the villagers how snow leopards were becoming extinct. Thereafter, solutions were discussed and gradually the villagers agreed to spare the snow leopard.

Question 5: Why are snow leopards usually killed?

Answer: Snow leopards are usually killed by angry villagers who have lost their livestock, while many are killed for their fur and bones.

Question 6: What solutions did the villagers think of to save their livestock from snow leopards?

Answer: The villagers decided to be more alert when taking their animals out and also avoid the very steep terrain on the mountains as snow leopards usually prefer those areas. Also, they would make sure that the Ihas was fully secure. So, these were The Ghost of the Mountains Questions & Answers.

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Woman Wakes Up To Gunfire in Her Bedroom and Dead Husband in Kitchen in New Dateline

Dateline correspondent Andrea Canning described the chilling tale to NBC Insider as "truly one of the most outrageous cases" she's ever encountered.

Corey Shaughnessy during interviews on Dateline "Ghosts Cant Talk"

Shots in the night unraveled a Texas murder-for-hire plot reminiscent of a Hollywood movie script. 

How to Watch

Watch Dateline on NBC and Peacock . 

The shocking story of survival — and death — will play out in an all-new Dateline NBC Friday, January 12 at 9/8c, chillingly titled “Ghosts Can’t Talk.” 

As the official synopsis explains: “When Corey Shaughnessy wakes up to gunfire in the middle of the night, she shoots at the intruder and miraculously survives, only to discover that her husband Ted has been killed. Detectives wonder if the couple’s job as local jewelry shop owners could be a possible motive until the investigation takes a turn that no one saw coming.”

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After years chasing down the story, correspondent Andrea Canning sat down with Corey as she shared her harrowing ordeal.

“It was like a movie script, only it was real life,” Canning told NBC Insider . “My heart broke for her. It’s truly one of the most outrageous cases I’ve covered.” 

What happened to Corey and Ted Shaughnessy?

As Corey explains in  a terrifying preview clip  for the new Dateline episode, she had been asleep in her bed when she woke up to gunfire and grabbed the .357 she always kept above her bed and opened fire on her unknown assailant. “I do not remember the sound of my gun,” she said. “I remember seeing the muzzle from the opposite gun. He’s shooting at me and I’m shooting at him.” 

After running out of ammo and believing she was moments away from death, Corey somehow made her way to the kitchen where she found Ted, her husband of 30 years, dead on the floor.  “Oh God,” an agonized Corey screamed to a 911 dispatcher. 

The dispatcher assured her police were on the way and instructed her to open the front door after confirming there were “units on the scene.” 

“There’s no one here,” a stunned Corey said in the final moments of the preview video.

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Canning adds in the clip: “No police. Just silence and the beginning of a mystery where nothing would be where it seemed."

The Dateline correspondent told NBC Insider that Corey has a powerful message everyone should hear. 

“The woman, the widow at the center of this, Corey Shaughnessy, said one thing that everyone needs to realize is that your whole life can change in a second. Don’t take anything for granted.”

After spending years working to track down interviews in the case, even Canning found herself surprised by the twists and turns the case would take.

Nicolas Shaughnessy during interviews on Dateline "Ghosts Cant Talk"

RELATED: Idaho Woman's Affair with Her Married Boss Leads To Deadly Consequences

“The most surprising thing in all this is that you can give someone everything; your love, your time, your money... and the ultimate betrayal can still happen,” Canning told NBC Insider . 

The upcoming episode will also include interviews with Nicolas Shaughnessy, the son of Corey and Ted, along with Travis County Sheriff’s investigators James Moore and Paul Salo, Defense Attorney Rick Flores, family friends Tad Cole and Vicki Frenk, and more. 

“It was not an easy story to put together and there were times I thought it would never air, but very satisfying when so many of those involved trusted us with their story in the end,” Canning said.

To see the dramatic story unfold, tune in to “Ghosts Can’t Talk” on Dateline NBC Friday, January 12 at 9/8c on NBC, or stream it the following day on Peacock .

And for more Dateline, sign up for their official newsletter and check out their podcast .

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Dolphins vs. Chiefs Exclusive Wild Card Game on Peacock: How to Watch

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Dateline on NBC and Peacock

Behind closed doors, Trump eyes second round of corporate tax cuts

Publicly, the trump campaign is saying its priority is tax relief for working-class families and small businesses.

class 6 ghost

Donald Trump’s campaign team says the former president would prioritize cutting taxes for working-class families and small businesses if he returns to the White House. But privately, Trump has told allies that he is keenly interested in cutting corporate tax rates again, according to two people who have spoken with Trump in recent months.

Three of Trump’s senior economic policy advisers also said privately that they see the corporate tax cut as an enormous success and believe it should be expanded in a second term. These people spoke on the condition of anonymity to reflect private conversations.

Trump promises to stop inflation. But would his plans actually help?

The difference between Trump’s private comments on corporate taxes and his campaign’s position underscores how the former president frequently governed as a traditional pro-business Republican despite campaigning as a populist outsider. Trump is campaigning on reversing the inflation that has persisted during Biden’s administration and bringing financial relief to lower- and middle-class families, but Democrats believe much of his first-term record on the economy — and in particular the tax cuts — makes him vulnerable.

Aiming to address that weakness, Trump and his advisers have discussed abandoning a push for another corporate tax cut in favor of tax cuts for the working class and small businesses. Jason Miller, a Trump campaign spokesman, said in an interview that the former president is focused on preserving his existing 2017 tax cut. After that, Miller said, Trump’s priority is securing additional tax cuts for “working class” Americans. Miller also said no decision had been made about whether or how much to cut the corporate tax rate.

Similarly, Stephen Moore, an outside economic adviser to Trump, told The Washington Post this week that cutting taxes for corporations again is not a second-term priority for the former president. Trump’s 2017 tax law cut the corporate rate from 35 percent to 21 percent, though Trump at the time wanted to lower it to 15 percent.

“In my most recent conversations with the president, he said that he really wants to focus more on small businesses than corporations. It’s quite possible that tax changes would be on the business side, more toward helping small- and medium-sized businesses, than the corporate tax rate,” Moore said. “I think he’s fine with the corporate rate where it is. He wants to keep intact the tax cut we did in 2017.”

The statements from Miller and Moore, however, are at odds with both some of Trump’s private remarks over the past several months and comments the former president made publicly as recently as September. Asked by NBC about if he would cut the corporate tax rate to 15 percent, Trump said that he would “like to lower them a little bit if we could.”

Democrats have long hammered Trump’s tax law as a giveaway to the rich and large corporations, and advisers to Biden believe it provides an opening to blunt Trump’s advantage among voters on economic policy.

Nonpartisan estimates have found that Trump’s tax cut added more than $2 trillion to the federal debt. In 2018, the richest 20 percent of taxpayers saw an average of $7,600 in savings from the 2017 tax law, compared with just $930 in savings for middle-income households, according to the Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan think tank. Making the tax cuts permanent would cost $3 trillion, the center said in 2022. More than 60 percent of the benefits would go to the richest 20 percent of Americans, and more than 40 percent of the benefits to those earning above $400,000 annually.

Some studies have found that the 2017 tax law led to a substantial boost in business investment and other economic benefits.

GOP wants to push to extend Trump tax cuts after midterm elections

Biden campaign officials have begun convening meetings with outside progressive groups and former senior administration officials to brainstorm how to attack Trump’s agenda as geared to the wealthy and what ideas on taxes or economic policies they could use to draw a contrast, according to two other people familiar with these meetings, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe private conversations. Biden has a list of policy proposals from child-care to free community college that differ sharply from Trump’s approach — as well as more than a half-dozen ideas for taxing the rich — but it’s unclear which messages would resonate best for the president and his surrogates on the campaign trail.

Biden campaigned on increasing the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent, although he was unable to do so amid resistance from GOP lawmakers and with only a narrow Democratic majority in Congress.

“From time to time, Trump comes out with these populist statements and policies, so it can be hard to peg him. But when push comes to shove, he has cut taxes for the rich and corporations. If past is prologue, more corporate tax cuts may be on the way,” said Steve Rosenthal, senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center. “Corporate taxes clearly divide Republicans and Democrats.”

Tax rates for individuals will probably be on the agenda for whoever is president next year, because most of the cuts for individual taxpayers included in the 2017 law expire in 2025. Republicans who wrote the law made the corporate tax cuts permanent but phased out the individual cuts to keep its overall price-tag down.

Trump advisers plot aggressive new tax cuts for second White House term

But other Republicans give differing accounts of the Trump campaign’s priorities. Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, said Trump aides had been receptive to his pitch to lower the corporate tax rate to 14 percent. Norquist emphasized that Republicans in Congress structured much of the 2017 legislation, but that the corporate tax cut did reflect Trump’s imprint.

“I would be very surprised” if he abandoned the push for lower corporate taxes, Norquist said. “All the people advising him before for sure think the 15 percent is where we need to go.”

Even some of the noncorporate tax cuts Republicans may seek to extend primarily benefit high earners, not working-class families. Trump’s advisers say he is likely to push to extend one provision of the 2017 law that gives a tax break for “pass-through” firms where owners file the business’s taxes on their personal income returns. More than half of that provision benefits taxpayers in the top 1 percent of income distribution, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. Republicans are also expected to push for extending the reduction of the estate tax , which primarily benefits wealthy taxpayers — as well as other measures that benefit lower- and middle-class taxpayers, such as the doubling of the standard deduction.

“Republicans are projecting less urgency about enacting really large corporate tax cuts right now, because they already did that and made them permanent,” said Steve Wamhoff, director of federal tax policy at the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a left-leaning think tank. “Now they’re turning their attention to other tax breaks that mainly benefit rich people.

As inflation falls, GOP may have to rethink attacks on Biden economy

Some Trump advisers have urged a different approach this time around, at least publicly.

“Trump has an instinct to be a populist, and people are much more worried about the individual rate than the corporate rate,” said Newt Gingrich, the former House GOP speaker. “You don’t want to get into the classic ‘Republicans are helping the big guys’ thing.”



Marvel Reveals the Identity of Its New, Villainous Ghost Rider

Posted: January 12, 2024 | Last updated: January 12, 2024

Marvel Comics has revealed the supervillain who will take on the Ghost Rider mantle in Benjamin Percy and Danny Kim’s Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance .

For months, Marvel has teased that Final Vengeance would see a villainous new Ghost Rider appropriate the Spirit of Vengeance for their own nefarious purposes, forcing Johnny Blaze on a quest to reclaim his title. The publisher has now announced that the new Ghost Rider is none other than Parker Robbins, better known as the Hood . Marvel has also revealed artist Juan Ferreyra’s cover art for Final Vengeance #2 (on sale Wednesday, April 18), showcasing the Hood’s fiery new form.

Check out Juan Ferreyra’s cover art for Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance #2 below:

“Some villains you know all too well. Doctor Doom. Thanos. Mephisto. But I find it especially fun to bring the lesser known baddies out of the shadows and give them a shot at a starring role. That’s what I did with Omega Red during X LIVES OF WOLVERINE/X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE — and that’s what I’m doing now with Ghost Rider,” Percy said.

“The Hood wants a taste of the big-time. And he’s made a deal with the devil to help him on his way,” the writer continued. “This is what happens when the Spirit of Vengeance is stripped from Johnny Blaze and grafted on to a character who has no moral compass. An epic crime saga — flavored with horror — awaits readers in GHOST RIDER: FINAL VENGEANCE.”

Who is Marvel’s Parker Robbins, aka the Hood?

Created by Brian K. Vaughan and Kyle Hotz, Parker Robbins first appeared in 2002’s Hood #1. Parker was merely a petty criminal before besting a Nisanti demon (later revealed to be Dormammu in disguise). He claimed the demon’s cloak and boots, which granted him powers like invisibility and levitation. With these abilities at his disposal, the Hood became a significant player in New York’s criminal underworld.

The Hood is more often than not depicted as a power-hungry villain, (though he has flirted with becoming an anti-hero on occasion). The character will soon make his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts star Anthony Ramos is attached to portray Parker Robbins in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney+ series Ironheart. Originally slated for a late-2023 debut, the show currently lacks an official premiere date.

In the meantime, Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance #1 goes on sale Wednesday, March 13 from Marvel Comics.

Marvel Reveals the Identity of Its New, Villainous Ghost Rider

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Scientists make worrying discovery while investigating Lake Tahoe: ‘There’s a lot of education we can do’

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"Bird was showing me it was all business, and I was beneath him" - Michael Jordan on how Larry Bird put him in his place in 1984

trump and protester (Photo: Getty)

Donald Trump Talks Down To Protesters With 'Mommy' Sendoff At Iowa Rally

50 best Western TV shows of all time

The best Western show in TV history isn't 'Gunsmoke' or 'Bonanza,' according to data. Find out the top 50.

Former Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, Kari Lake speaks at Turning Point USA's 2023 America Fest in the Phoenix Convention Center on Dec. 17, 2023, in Phoenix.

Kari Lake’s immigration remark plays into racist 'Great Replacement Theory,' scholar says

Bills vs. Steelers: Official Decision on Monday's Playoff Game Has Been Made

Bills vs. Steelers: Official Decision on Monday's Playoff Game Has Been Made

Amazon has been listing products with the title, 'I'm sorry, I cannot fulfil this request as it goes against OpenAI use policy'

Amazon has been listing products with the title, 'I'm sorry, I cannot fulfil this request as it goes against OpenAI use policy'

New IRS Rollout Poses Threat to Turbotax’s Business

New IRS Rollout Poses Threat to Turbotax’s Business

Former president Donald Trump is seen in court last week during the civil fraud trial in New York against the Trump Organization.

The Trump Trials: One Angry Man

Ron DeSantis Suffers a Legal Blow in His War Against the “Woke Mob”

Ron DeSantis Suffers a Legal Blow in His War Against the “Woke Mob”


Attorney Uses Joe Biden's Own Words Against Hunter Biden in Scathing Rebuke

The first reveal of NASA's X-59 supersonic plane onstage at the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works facility in Palmdale, California.

NASA reveals its X-plane. It will fly over the U.S. at extreme speeds.

Homeowner at his wit’s end after struggling to eradicate invasive species from property: ‘This stuff is so hard to get rid of’

Homeowner at his wit’s end after struggling to eradicate invasive species from property: ‘This stuff is so hard to get rid of’

LSU Tigers head coach Kim Mulkey.

LSU HC Kim Mulkey offers silly excuse in upset loss to unranked Auburn

The 5 Best-Value Items to Buy at Aldi

The 5 Best-Value Items to Buy at Aldi

5 habits of happy retirees you should start now

Happy retirees do these 5 things really, really well — master them to make the most of your golden years

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Baylor basketball recruiting: Five-star G VJ Edgecombe commits as Bears' 2024 class vaults into top 10

Edgecombe gives baylor another major player to build around in 2024.


Baylor reeled in another big fish in its 2024 recruiting class on Sunday as five-star guard VJ Edgecombe , one of the top prospects in the class, chose the Bears over a loaded offer sheet that included finalists Duke and Kentucky . Edgecombe, the No. 6 overall player in the cycle according to 247Sports' rankings, chose Baylor only a few months after a cross-country official visit tour that included a stop in Waco, Texas, to see the Bears. During his recruitment, he garnered nearly two dozen offers that included Florida , Alabama , Michigan and Villanova .

Edgecombe was the highest-ranked recruit in the 2024 cycle yet to make a commitment prior to Sunday's decision. Fittingly, he made the call from Springfield, Massachusetts, where this weekend he has made a big impression as one of the most impressive athletes at the high school level in the prestigious HoopHall event.

"Edgecombe is an athletic scorer on the wing with developing guard skills," 247Sports' Adam Finkelstein wrote of Edgecombe upon evaluating him last summer. "He's a terror in transition who puts a ton of pressure on the rim and can rise-up for the type of highlight finishes that few others can make. He's also a well-rounded athlete with quick reactions throughout his floor game, multiple jumps, and natural strength even as he continues to fill-out his frame. His skill-set is a work in progress. He tends to be most efficient right now when looking to score, but clearly wants to develop his total guard skills. He gets good lift into his mid-range jumper and is capable, if not ultra-consistent, shooter from behind the three-point line. Even when he's not hammering big dunks, he's an impressive finisher who utilizes mid-air body control and dexterity alike. There's been clear progress with his handle and passing, but he can still be turnover prone at times and his left hand needs work. Defensively, he has all the tools and just the right competitive mentality to emerge on that end of the floor."

On Saturday, Edgecombe and his Long Island Lutheran team fell to Columbus, 81-62, but he managed a massive first-half before finishing with 14 points, five boards and three assists in the loss. 

With Edgecombe in the fold, Baylor's star-studded 2024 recruiting class moves from No. 24 overall in the class into the top 10, headlined by three top-40 talents in Edgecombe, five-star wing Jason Asemota and four-star Rob Wright. He joins elite company within the program as well, ranking as the third-highest commit to Baylor in the recruiting era behind only Isaiah Austin and Quincy Miller.

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Michigan vs. Ohio State odds, picks, simulations

Cbs sports staff • 3 min read, villanova vs. marquette odds, picks, simulations.


USC, JuJu Watkins hand UCLA first loss of season

Isabel gonzalez • 2 min read.


Tracking Clark's hunt to become all-time leading scorer

Isabel gonzalez • 3 min read.


LSU's nation-leading 16-game win snapped by Auburn

Isabel gonzalez • 1 min read.

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Connecticut

Grades: UConn gets A+, UCLA earns another 'F'

Kyle boone • 4 min read.

class 6 ghost

Five-star guard Edgecombe commits to Baylor

class 6 ghost

Grades: UConn gets 'A+', UCLA earns another 'F'

class 6 ghost

Purdue edges UConn for No. 1 spot

class 6 ghost

Kentucky is latest upset victim

class 6 ghost

Knecht is next big thing for Vols

class 6 ghost

Texas A&M tops No. 6 Kentucky in wild OT victory

class 6 ghost

TCU upsets No. 2 Houston behind Miller's late bucket

class 6 ghost

Winter weather delays Iowa State vs. Oklahoma State

class 6 ghost

Memphis freshman Mikey Williams commits to UCF

class 6 ghost

USC star Collier sidelined 4-6 weeks with hand injury

  • NCERT Solutions
  • NCERT Class 6
  • NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English
  • Unit 10 A Strange Wrestling Match

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match

The most accurate and reliable NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match have been offered here for your reference. We have covered answers to all the questions of the English supplementary reader A Pact with the Sun. The NCERT Solutions for Class 6 will help students in their preparation for the examinations.

The chapter ‘A Strange Wrestling Match’ is a funny thriller story. It is about Vijay Singh, who has a weakness of boasting. Once, he boasts that he wishes to see a ghost and teach him a lesson. Unfortunately, he is suggested to visit the Haunted Desert. He could not refuse. He is offered a strange gift by an old lady in the village. What happens next? Will he really face a ghost? Know all about it by refering to NCERT Solutions .

To download these NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English in PDF format, click on the link provided below.


ncert solutions for class 6 english 2may chapter 10 a strange wrestling match 1

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Access Answers to NCERT Class 6 English Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match


NCERT Solutions Class 6 English – Chapter 10

A Strange Wrestling Match

Question 1: What was Vijay Singh’s weakness? Which awkward situation did it push him into?

Answer: Vijay Singh’s weakness was that he was fond of boasting. He boasted that he wished to meet a ghost and teach him a lesson. This pushed him to an awkward situation where he was suggested to go to the Haunted Desert where he could find ghosts.

Question 2. Was the old woman’s gift to Vijay Singh eccentric? Why?

Answer: The old woman gifted a lump of salt and an egg to Vijay Singh. Yes, the gift was eccentric because Vijay Singh could not understand what the purpose of such a gift was in a desert.

Question 3 . Why did Vijay Singh ask the ghost disguised as Natwar to come closer?

Answer: Vijay Singh asked the ghost disguised as Natwar to come closer so that he could size up his enemy like all other good wrestlers.

Question 4 . What made the ghost speechless? Why?

Answer: Vijay Singh pretended to be brave. He looked at Natwar’s face and said that he was a plain, lying ghost. This made the ghost speechless because people used to get afraid when they saw him, but here, Vijay Singh was brave and confident.

Question 5 . Why did Vijay Singh say “Appearances can be deceptive”?

Answer: Vijay Singh said that “Appearances can be deceptive” because he wanted to insult the ghost. He wanted to show the ghost that he was very confident and strong enough to make the ghost lose.

Question 1: How did Vijay Singh use the egg? How did he use the lump of salt?

Answer: Vijay Singh handed over a rock to the ghost and asked him to squeeze it. He told the ghost that the rock was full of fluid. The ghost was unable to squeeze the rock. Then, Vijay Singh insulted the ghost and carefully took the egg in his hand and took the rock from the ghost. He squeezed the egg, the yellow fluid dripped down and made the ghost think that he actually squeezed the rock.

Vijay Singh then challenged the ghost to crush another rock. This time, he said that it was nothing but salt. The ghost could not crush the rock. Then Vijay Singh took the lump of salt from his pocket and the rock from the ghost in his hand. He crumbled the lump of salt and let the rock drop into the darkness. Thus, Vijay Singh showed that he was way more powerful than the ghost.

Question 2. Why did Vijay Singh conclude that the ghost would not be a worthy opponent to him? Was he fair in his judgement?

Answer: Vijay Singh concluded that the ghost would not be a worthy opponent to him as he could not perform any of the challenges that Vijay Singh threw at him; neither could he crush the rock full of fluid, nor could he crumble the rock made of salt.

No, he was not fair in his judgement because he used unfair tricks to prove that he was more powerful than the ghost.

Question 3 . Why did Vijay Singh ask the ghost to accompany him to town next day?

Answer: Vijay Singh asked the ghost to accompany him to town the next day so that he could boast that he claimed victory even in a fight with a ghost. He wanted the ghost to accompany him as his prisoner.

Question 4 . What made the ghost believe Vijay Singh was dead?

Answer: There was no sound or groan in response to the ghost’s beating on the bolster, which he thought to be Vijay Singh. This made the ghost believe that Vijay Singh was dead.

Question 5 . Vijay Singh complained of insects in the cave. What was he referring to, and why?

Answer: Thinking that Vijay Singh was sleeping on the bed, the ghost had beaten him seven times with his stout club.

Vijay Singh complained that some insect flapped him with its wings seven times. He did so to prove that he was so powerful that those beatings with the stout club were as powerless as an insect’s flap.

Question 6 . Was it really a ghost who Vijay Singh befooled? Who do you think it was?

Answer: No, it was not really a ghost who Vijay Singh befooled. I think he was a fraudulent human who used to trick people into thinking that he was a ghost. Taking advantage of their fear, he would loot them of their possessions.

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Short & Long Questions: The Canterville Ghost - New Pathways Class 6: Book Solutions, Summaries & Worksheets

Short answer questions.

Q1: Who is the ghost in "The Canterville Ghost"? Ans:  Sir Simon de Canterville. Q2: What is the Otis family's reaction when Lord Canterville warns them about the haunted castle? Ans: They dismiss the idea of ghosts, stating that they come from a modern country, America, where they don't believe in ghosts. Q3: What is the bloodstain on the rug, and who caused it? Ans: The bloodstain is from Elanore de Canterville, who was murdered by Sir Simon de Canterville about 300 years ago. Q4: How do Lewis and Clark plan to catch the ghost? Ans:  They plan to camp out in the library, armed with pillows, and wait for the ghost to appear. Q5: Why does Sir Simon decide to evict the Otis family? Ans:  Sir Simon is upset about the Otis family's actions, including removing his family's portraits and the bloodstain. He wants to get rid of them.

Long Answer Questions

Q1: Describe the Otis family's initial reaction to the haunted castle. Ans:  The Otis family, particularly Mr. Otis, dismisses the idea of ghosts despite Lord Canterville's warning. They confidently decide to buy the castle, including the ghost, and express their disbelief in ghosts, stating that they come from a modern country, America. Q2: Explain the events that lead to the first haunting by Sir Simon. Ans: Sir Simon is upset about the Otis family removing his family's portraits and the bloodstain. In retaliation, he replenishes the bloodstain and makes haunting noises. Lewis and Clark attempt to catch him using pillows, but Sir Simon escapes, vowing to evict the Otis family. Q3: How do Lewis and Clark try to scare Sir Simon, and what is the outcome? Ans:  Lewis and Clark set up a plan with pillows to catch Sir Simon. When they encounter him, they throw pillows at him, scaring him. However, Sir Simon vows revenge and decides to seek help from another "ghost." Q4: What prompts the Otis family to consider charging rent to Sir Simon? Ans:  The Otis family decides to charge rent to Sir Simon as a response to his haunting. They leave a bill and rental terms, attempting to turn the tables and make money off the ghost's presence. Q5: How does the story conclude with Virginia and Sir Simon? Ans:  Virginia, feeling compassion for Sir Simon, spends time with him. Sir Simon reveals his loneliness and tiredness. Virginia helps him find peace, and before dying, Sir Simon gives her a box of jewels. The Otis family discovers the stain is gone, and they find Virginia safe with the jewels, bringing a positive resolution to the haunting.

Top Courses for Class 6

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class 6 ghost

Short & Long Questions: The Canterville Ghost Free PDF Download

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class 6 ghost

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  1. Class-6_English_Chapter-2_"Ghosts in the Graveyard"

    class 6 ghost

  2. How on Earth is a Class VI Ghost more dangerous than a Class V if they

    class 6 ghost

  3. 10 Real Ghosts That Have Appeared in School Photos

    class 6 ghost

  4. Is this a school's ghost caught on camera? Chilling CCTV shows lights

    class 6 ghost

  5. Creepy video of ‘ghost student’ at computer has school freaking out

    class 6 ghost

  6. 10 Real Ghosts That Have Appeared in School Photos

    class 6 ghost


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  3. This HOLGER 556 CLASS SETUP is BANNED in MW3!

  4. I'm a Literal Ghost in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

  5. in class 1a is a ghost 👻😨 [dead deku au] part [1/? ]

  6. class 7 chapter 1 channel _ study with fun 👩‍🏫👩‍🏫👩‍🏫👨‍💻😄☺


  1. Class 6

    Class VI: Ghosts from lower life forms. A giant penguin was once seen attacking a mugger in Central Park. Later it was discovered the penguin was a ghost. Unique solutions are often required to handle these entities, including research into habitats, allergies, natural enemies, etc. Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions) List of Entities

  2. Animated Classifications

    Marvel Comics Annual 1990, they used a classification system similar to the one used in the Role-Playing Game, except a Class 6 entity was described as being close to a Class 7. Also, while the class system in the comic only goes up to Class 7 like in the movies, Ray mentions he is off to bust an unlisted Class 9 in the introduction.

  3. Paranormal Database

    Class 6: GB:Rise of the Ghost Lord: Pinny: Singular Entity: Class 3: GB:Rise of the Ghost Lord: Mega-Puft: Singular Entity: Class 7: GB:Rise of the Ghost Lord: Polter-Heists: Group of Entities: Class 4: GB:Rise of the Ghost Lord: Ghostbusters Comics and Print [] This section shall be for all comics released throughout the years. Ghosts will be ...

  4. The 7 Classes Of Paranormal Entities, According to The Ghostbusters

    Class 6 Spirits of animals, or entities that take on animalistic characteristics. Perhaps one example would be the ghost of a cat.

  5. The Ghostbusters Classification System, Explained

    Published Sep 22, 2023 The curious Ghostbusters classification system has been invaluable in battling the paranormal and reveals more than just how to identify a spirit. Summary The confusing canon of the Ghostbusters Classification System has been scattered across multiple entries in the series.

  6. Textbook Solutions: The Canterville Ghost

    Textbook Solutions: The Canterville Ghost - New Pathways Class 6: Book Solutions, Summaries & Worksheets 1 Crore+ students have signed up on EduRev. Have you? Download the App Reading 1 1. Why had Lord Canterville's family given up living in Canterville Castle?

  7. Class 6 English Gulmohar Book Unit 12

    10 0:00 / 25:16 Class 6 English Gulmohar Book Unit 12 | The Canterville Ghost - Explanation Magnet Brains 9.46M subscribers Subscribe 803 Share 31K views 1 year ago Class 6 English |...

  8. Worksheet Solutions: The Canterville Ghost

    The "Worksheet Solutions: The Canterville Ghost Class 6 Questions" guide is a valuable resource for all aspiring students preparing for the Class 6 exam. It focuses on providing a wide range of practice questions to help students gauge their understanding of the exam topics. These questions cover the entire syllabus, ensuring comprehensive ...

  9. Summary: The Canterville Ghost

    The "Summary: The Canterville Ghost Class 6 Questions" guide is a valuable resource for all aspiring students preparing for the Class 6 exam. It focuses on providing a wide range of practice questions to help students gauge their understanding of the exam topics. These questions cover the entire syllabus, ensuring comprehensive preparation.

  10. Boogieman

    Class 6 The Boogieman [3] is a legendary creature that scares children all over the world. The Boogieman is one of the few villains who has faced the Ghostbusters on more than one occasion and has a special connection to one of them, Egon . The Boogieman has become a prominent villain in the Ghostbusters franchise.

  11. NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English

    Honeysuckle Textbook Solutions: The NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle can be learnt easily using the chapter-wise and exercise-wise solutions given by BYJU'S. The textbook helps students build a strong foundation on important topics and succeed in the final exam.

  12. Ghost Chapters 5

    Summary Castle is happy at first with his lighter shoes, but he regrets cutting up something his mother paid for, knowing she wouldn't approve. At school, he limps because of all the running. He also tries to hide the raggedy tops. Luckily Brandon has been suspended and apparently, everyone thinks Castle is a hero for punching him.

  13. Thirteen Classifications of Ghosts Updated

    Amazingly, once its "mission" is accomplished, the astral body returns to the living person. 8. Poltergeists. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, in their book, Seeking Spirits, 2009, describe Poltergeists as "a ghost that manifests its presence through rappings, the moving of objects, and the creation of disorder…".

  14. The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde

    This is a hindi explanation of The Canterville ghost by Oscar Wilde, a chapter of class 6 English Textbook, Gulmohar. This chapter The Canterville ghost by O...

  15. Class_6_English_Chapter_no_13_Poem_The_Ghost

    About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...

  16. Scaring A Ghost Questions & Answers

    Question 6: Describe the appearance and manner of the second ghost. Answer: The second ghost, as it appeared before the Canterville ghost, was a horrible spectre, motionless and monstrous. Its head was bald and polished; its face round, fat and white. Hideous laughter seemed to have twisted its features into an eternal grin.

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    CNN —. A federal judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit alleging Donald Trump was involved with a fraudulent marketing company several weeks before it was set to go to trial. The lawsuit, which was ...

  18. The Canterville Ghost Questions & Answers

    Answer: The atmosphere is calm before the ghost arrives. The arrival of the ghost is heard along with the clanking sound of metals. The ghost casts a green light about him and fills the air with groans after he leaves. But after Mr. Otis goes back to his room, the ghost is very angry. He plans to take revenge at the end.

  19. The Ghost of the Mountains Questions & Answers

    Question 1: Write True and Not true and correct the incorrect sentences: 1. Snow leopards are called 'the ghost of the mountains' as they are very difficult to spot in the mountains - True. 2. The villagers wanted to kill the snow leopard as they wanted to save the calf - Not True. Correct Sentence - The villagers wanted to kill the ...

  20. What Happened To Corey Shaughnessy, Featured on Dateline

    What happened to Corey and Ted Shaughnessy? As Corey explains in a terrifying preview clip for the new Dateline episode, she had been asleep in her bed when she woke up to gunfire and grabbed the ...

  21. How to claim your slice of a $100 million Verizon settlement

    Eligible customers are receiving postcards or emails alerting them to file a claim by April 15 to receive up to $100, which is the result of the lawsuit accusing Verizon of charging fees that were ...

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    By Jeff Stein. January 12, 2024 at 6:00 a.m. EST. Former president Donald Trump, with then-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, at the White House on ...

  23. PDF Scaring a Ghost

    1. Why did Mrs. Otis offer medicine to the Canterville Ghost? Ans: By offering medicine to the ghost, Mrs Otis' intention was not to express her concern about his health, but to show that the ghost did not scare her at all. The ghost's anger proved that she had achieved what she had wanted. 2. Why was the ghost upset when he returned to his room?

  24. Marvel Reveals the Identity of Its New, Villainous Ghost Rider

    Marvel Comics has revealed the supervillain who will take on the Ghost Rider mantle in Benjamin Percy and Danny Kim's Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance. For months, Marvel has teased that Final ...

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    Baylor reeled in another big fish in its 2024 recruiting class on Sunday as five-star guard VJ Edgecombe, one of the top prospects in the class, chose the Bears over a loaded offer sheet that ...

  26. Worksheet: The Canterville Ghost

    The "Worksheet: The Canterville Ghost Class 6 Questions" guide is a valuable resource for all aspiring students preparing for the Class 6 exam. It focuses on providing a wide range of practice questions to help students gauge their understanding of the exam topics. These questions cover the entire syllabus, ensuring comprehensive preparation.

  27. NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 10 A Strange ...

    Will he really face a ghost? Know all about it by refering to NCERT Solutions. To download these NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English in PDF format, click on the link provided below. NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match Download PDF Access Answers to NCERT Class 6 English Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match

  28. Short and Long Questions: The Canterville Ghost

    The "Short & Long Questions: The Canterville Ghost Class 6 Questions" guide is a valuable resource for all aspiring students preparing for the Class 6 exam. It focuses on providing a wide range of practice questions to help students gauge their understanding of the exam topics. These questions cover the entire syllabus, ensuring comprehensive ...