13 Best Cruising Sailboats in 2023 & Why They're Better

If you're interested in long-distance exploration at sea, cruising sailboats are a popular choice. The best cruising sailboats are designed to provide comfort, durability, and seaworthiness. From high-performance cruisers with heirloom-quality materials to versatile boats, there's something in this lineup for your skill level and preference. These boats have raised the bar and are set to provide memorable sailing experiences.

The best cruising sailboats are:

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54

Jeanneau sun odyssey 490, x-yachts x49, dufour grand large 460, hallberg-rassy 340, tartan 4300, island packet 420, fountaine pajot saona 47, lagoon 450f, bavaria cruiser 46.

One aspect that sets these sailboats apart is their focus on innovation and performance. Let's take a closer look at the 13 best cruising sailboats of 2023 and explore what makes them stand out from the rest.

  • These cruising sailboats feature spacious interiors, sturdy hulls, and versatile sail configurations.
  • These sailboats are equipped with navigation and communication systems, as well as additional features such as watermakers, generators, and refrigeration systems.
  • You can buy these boats for anything between $250,000 and $1.4 million or more.
  • A cruiser is a type of sailboat that is generally larger and more comfortable than a racing sailboat.

best cruising sailboats 2023

On this page:

Best cruising sailboats, why these sailboats are better, the most popular cruising sailboat.

In this section, we'll explore the 13 best cruising sailboats of 2023, highlighting their unique features and reasons why they stand out in the market.

Comfortable living space : A cruising sailboat should have a comfortable living space that can accommodate the crew for an extended period of time. This includes a spacious cabin, galley, head, and berths.

Seaworthiness : A cruising sailboat should be able to handle rough seas and adverse weather conditions. It should have a sturdy hull, a well-designed keel, and a balanced rigging system.

Sailing performance : A cruising sailboat should have good sailing performance, which includes speed, stability, and ease of handling. It should be able to sail efficiently in different wind conditions.

Safety features : A cruising sailboat should have safety features such as a reliable navigation system, adequate safety equipment, and a strong anchoring system.

Storage space : A cruising sailboat should have enough storage space for provisions, equipment, and personal belongings. This includes storage lockers, shelves, and compartments.

Energy efficiency : A cruising sailboat should have an energy-efficient system that can provide power for lighting, electronics, and other equipment without relying on shore power.

Durability : A cruising sailboat should be built to last and withstand the wear and tear of extended cruising. This includes using high-quality materials and construction techniques.

best cruising sailboats 2023

The Amel 50 is known for its luxurious and comfortable accommodations, and excellent seaworthiness. Its unique features include a spacious interior with modern design, an innovative cockpit layout, and a powerful yet easy-to-handle sailing system.

The Amel 50 has a unique feature called the "Amel Easy Docking" system, which allows for easy and precise maneuvering in tight spaces. It also has a unique "Amel Silent Block" system, which reduces noise and vibration for a more comfortable ride.

The Oyster 565 is known for its high-quality construction, attention to detail, and luxurious accommodations, as well as its excellent safety features. It provides you with exceptional performance and comfort. Its sleek hull design offers fast, stable sailing, while the spacious, high-quality interior ensures you'll enjoy your time onboard.

The Oyster 565 has a unique feature called the "Oyster Deck Saloon," which provides 360-degree views and adequate natural light in the living space. It also has a unique "Oyster DNA" system, which allows for customization of the boat to suit the owner's preferences.

With its cutting-edge design and performance, the Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 lets you sail in style. Its chined hull, twin rudders, and easy handling make it a pleasure to sail, while the spacious, modern interior ensures your comfort on longer voyages.

The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 has a unique feature called the "Dock & Go" system, which allows for easy and precise maneuvering in tight spaces. It also has a unique "Beneteau Smart Sailing" system, which includes a suite of electronic and navigational tools for easy and safe sailing.

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 is known for its hard chine design, and excellent performance and stability. It offers innovative design and functionality. Its walk-around decks, unique cockpit layout, and high-quality interior make it ideal for cruising in comfort.

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 has a unique feature called the "Walk-Around Deck," which allows for easy and safe movement around the boat. It also has a unique "Jeanneau Sun Loft" system, which provides a flexible and customizable living space.

The X-Yachts X49 combines performance, luxury, and comfort. It is known for its high-performance hull design, excellent speed and stability. With its fast hull, advanced sailing systems, and plush interior, the X49 is perfect for both racing and cruising.

The X-Yachts X49 has a unique feature called the "X-Yachts Pure X" system, which includes a suite of performance-enhancing features such as a carbon fiber mast and boom, a racing-inspired sail plan, and a deep lead keel.

The Dufour Grand Large 460 provides you with both comfort and performance. It is known for its innovative design, featuring a self-tacking jib and retractable bow thruster for easy handling. Its spacious interior, ergonomic deck layout, and powerful sailing capabilities make it an excellent choice for long-distance cruising.

The Dufour Grand Large 460 has a unique feature called the "Dufour Easy" system, which includes a suite of tools for easy and safe sailing, such as a self-tacking jib and retractable bow thruster. It also has a unique "Dufour Grand Large Lounge" system, which provides a flexible and customizable living space.

Experience easy handling and modern style with the Hanse 458. It is known for its sleek and modern design, self-tacking jib, large swim platform. Its innovative self-tacking jib, efficient deck layout, and comfortable accommodation make it perfect for family cruising.

The Hanse 458 has a unique feature called the "Hanse Easy Sailing" system, which includes a suite of tools for easy and safe sailing, such as a self-tacking jib and retractable bow thruster. It also has a unique "Hanse Individual Cabin Concept" system, which allows for customization of the living space to suit the owner's preferences.

Known for its quality and craftsmanship, the Hallberg-Rassy 340 offers you comfort and performance in a compact package. It is known for its classic design, long waterline, spacious cockpit, and comfortable and practical accommodations. With its stable hull, efficient sailplan, and well-designed interior, it's ideal for long-range cruising on a smaller scale.

The Hallberg-Rassy 340 has a unique feature called the "Hallberg-Rassy Hardtop," which provides protection from the elements and a spacious cockpit area. It also has a unique "Hallberg-Rassy Quality Concept" system, which includes high-quality construction materials and techniques for durability and longevity.

The Tartan 4300 delivers a perfect balance of performance and comfort. It is known for its high-quality construction, cored hull and deck for added strength and durability. Its epoxy-infused hull provides lightweight strength, while the spacious, beautifully crafted interior ensures a luxurious cruising experience.

The Tartan 4300 has a unique feature called the "Tartan Infusion Molding Process," which allows for precise and consistent construction of the hull and deck for added strength and durability. It also has a unique "Tartan Smart Sailing" system, which includes a suite of electronic and navigational tools for easy and safe sailing.

For those who value comfort and classic design, the Island Packet 420 won't disappoint. It is known for its full keel design, excellent stability and seaworthiness. Its spacious, well-appointed interior and solid construction make it a reliable choice for long voyages.

The Island Packet 420 has a unique feature called the "Island Packet Full Foil Keel," which provides excellent stability and seaworthiness. It also has a unique "Island Packet Anchoring System," which includes a powerful windlass and a custom-designed anchor roller for easy and safe anchoring.

The Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 catamaran offers you the perfect combination of speed, stability, and space. Its sleek hulls and spacious, well-designed living areas make it an excellent choice for cruising with friends and family.

The Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 has a unique feature called the "Fountaine Pajot Helmsman's Position," which provides excellent visibility and control of the boat. It also has a unique "Fountaine Pajot Lounge Deck" system, which provides a spacious and comfortable living space.

Cruise in style on the Lagoon 450F, known for its spacious accommodations and excellent performance under sail. With its distinctive flybridge, comfortable cabins, and efficient sailing system, it's ideal for multi-day getaways.

The Lagoon 450F has a unique feature called the "Lagoon Flybridge," which provides excellent visibility and control of the boat. It also has a unique "Lagoon Spacious Cockpit" system, which provides a comfortable and practical living space.

The Bavaria Cruiser 46 is a versatile and stylish cruiser that offers excellent performance and comfort. It is known for its innovative design, featuring a drop-down transom for easy access to the water. Its user-friendly sailing systems, attractive interior, and practical deck layout make it an ideal choice for a wide range of cruising adventures.

The Bavaria Cruiser 46 has a unique feature called the "Bavaria Hybrid Propulsion System," which allows for energy-efficient sailing and propulsion. It also has a unique "Bavaria Smart Storage" system, which provides enough storage space for gear and supplies. Additionally, the Bavaria Cruiser 46 has a unique "Bavaria Vision" design concept, which includes a spacious and comfortable living space with plenty of natural light and ventilation.

best cruising sailboats 2023

Cruising Gear Essentials

best cruising sailboats 2023

Key features to look for

Versatile hull design.

This allows your sailboat to navigate in various conditions, making it ideal for long-distance cruising.

Efficient sail plan

By having a well-designed sail layout, your boat provides better control, handling, and propulsion.

High-quality construction

Top-quality materials and craftsmanship not only increase the boat's durability, but also enhance its performance.

Comfortable accommodations

When you spend extended periods at sea, you want your sailboat to feel like home, with adequate living space and modern amenities. For an extended sailing trip, you are going to need these 41 sailboat cruising essentials .

best cruising sailboats 2023

How they improve sailing experience

Easier boat handling.

Advanced rigging systems, self-tacking jibs, and other innovative technologies make it easier for you to manage your boat, allowing for more time spent enjoying the sea.

Increased safety

State-of-the-art navigation equipment and weather forecasting systems help you anticipate environmental changes, ensuring a safe voyage.

Sustainable power options

Many sailboats in 2023 come with solar panels, hydro generators, or hybrid propulsion options, reducing your environmental impact and providing more sustainable choices while out at sea.

Integrated connectivity

These boats boast digital systems that allow you to stay connected, monitor your journey, and update your friends and family with your adventures.

best cruising sailboats 2023

Their advantages over others

Better performance.

These boats have been designed with speed, stability, and maneuverability in mind, ensuring top-notch sailing experiences.

Longevity and value

Since they're built with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, these boats are certain to last, making them a wise investment.

Customization options

Many of these sailboats offer customizable features, allowing you to tailor the boat to your specific needs and preferences.

Award-winning designs

Several of these boats have received prestigious awards for their innovative features and performance, making them the ultimate cruising sailboats for any passionate sailor.

The Island Packet 420 and Lagoon 450F are the two most popular cruising sailboats known for their comfort, seaworthiness, and versatility.

The Island Packet 420 is a well-regarded cruising sailboat that has a loyal following. It is known for its spacious interior, comfortable accommodations, and good sailing performance.

The Island Packet 420 features a full keel and a cutter rig, which makes it a stable and seaworthy vessel that can handle a variety of weather conditions. The sailboat has a large master cabin, a well-equipped galley, and a comfortable salon area, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy extended periods of time at sea.

The Lagoon 450F is a popular choice for those who want to explore the world by boat. It is known for its spacious interior, stable platform, and good sailing performance.

The Lagoon 450F features a catamaran hull design, which provides a stable and comfortable platform that is ideal for long-distance cruising. The sailboat has a spacious cockpit, multiple sleeping quarters, and a well-equipped galley, making it a popular choice for those who want to travel with family or friends.

The best size cruising sailboat

The best size cruising sailboat is in the range of 40 to 50 feet. Sailboats in this size range are large enough to provide comfortable accommodations for an extended period of time at sea, yet small enough to be easily handled by a small crew or even single-handed.

Sailboats that are too small may lack the necessary amenities and space for long-distance cruising, while sailboats that are too large may be difficult to handle and require a larger crew. Ultimately, the best size cruising sailboat will depend on individual preferences, needs, and intended use, and it's important to consider factors such as comfort, safety, and ease of handling when choosing a cruising sailboat.

The safest cruising sailboat

Hallberg-Rassy 340, and Island Packet 420 are considered among the safest cruising sailboats. These sailboats are known for their sturdy construction, well-designed hulls, and reliable systems. They are also known for their ability to handle a variety of weather conditions and their comfortable accommodations. However, safety can also depend on the boat maintenance, and the skill and experience of the crew.

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best cruising sailboats 2023

What's the Best Size of Sailboat for Coastal Cruising?

best cruising sailboats 2023

The Best Boat for Cruising the Mediterranean (3 Types)

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5 Best Cruising Sailboats In 2024

Best Cruising Sailboats | Life of Sailing

Last Updated by

Daniel Wade

January 2, 2024

The appeal of owning a cruising sailboat is one that deep down almost everyone shares.

Even someone who has no intention of ever sailing can see the appeal of owning such a vessel.

So much of the appeal is tied into the possibilities , the sense of wonder that owning such a boat bestows on its owner.

‍ Whether you are making a voyage from one coast of the United States to the other or plan to make your way around the globe, a decent cruising sailboat is a must. Not all sailboats are built to withstand the high seas and high winds of the open water.

Sure, they may do well enough when hugging the coastline, but sailing far and away over the horizon is a completely different animal.

This article will help you know what to look for in a cruising sailboat and which specific boats you should look into buying. There are hundreds of great options on the market, these 5 are just some of the best.

Table of contents

What are cruising sailboats?

Cruising sailboats are ones that are designed to be used over long distances.

They are bigger, stronger, and far more stable.

If you imagine a typical small sailboat such as a wayfarer you are looking at a pretty solid boat.

Good quality, great for beginners, very safe, very affordable.

But, it is simply not going to cut it out at sea for long.

People have used the wayfarer to sail from the United Kingdom to Norway.

But, people have also done that in a kayak.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should or that you would even want to if given the opportunity.

A cruising boat is meant to be liveable for long periods between making land.

Typically, cruising just means a multi-day trip.

In reality, it can be far longer.

Reid Stowe once sailed his self built 70-foot schooner for over three and a half years.

This is an extreme example, no one lives on their boat that long, but it gives you an idea of the possibilities.

To be able to spend so much time on a boat requires that it be of an adequate size to accommodate everything you would need.

If a sailboat is capable of housing you for a few days, technically it can be classed as a cruising sailboat .

Typically, cruising sailboats can reach speeds of ten knots.

This is needed to be able to make it from one point of land to another before supplies run out.

This is not a technical requirement to be “classed” as a cruising sailboat, just a practical one.

What makes a sailboat good for traveling long distances?

While, yes, a sailboat capable of traveling for multiple days without making land could be classed as a cruising sailboat. There are some criteria that it needs to hit to be considered a good choice. Your sailboat needs to not only be capable of making the journey but doing it safely. Here are some important things to consider when deciding if a sailboat would be suitable for cruising:

A boat that is not going to be stable is not ideal for cruising. When sailing for multiple days chances are you are going to crossing through rough seas and dangerous waters. If you don’t have a boat that can stand up to these conditions you are going to be in trouble. A good way of assessing stability is width and hull type. If a boat has a very wide, or multiple, hulls you can assume it is going to be quite stable.

The bigger the boat the better, not only for stability but for comfort. If you are going to be essentially trapped on your boat for several days it is a good idea to have as much room to move about as possible. Both in the cabin and on the deck. If you are stuck inside because of bad weather for several days every extra square foot you have is going to be a blessing. Size matters to when you consider how many people you can bring on your voyage. They don’t just require their sleeping quarters/bunk they need space to move around.

Strength matters. A strong hull will help you withstand even the roughest conditions. Some boats are built with metal reinforcing on their hulls, some aren’t. If given the choice, you would do well to choose the former. Strength doesn’t just mean material but the overall build of the boat. If a boat doesn’t have a strong mast, the sail is more likely to come down. A sailboat without a mast or sail is much more likely to capsize.

Being able to travel long distances is not only limited by the strength or sturdiness of the boat but how much storage it has. If you plan to be sailing for 7 days you will need 7 days worth of supplies. If a boat doesn’t have the storage to accommodate this, you won’t be able to make the journey. Just because a boat is larger doesn’t mean it will have more storage room.


More than anything, what makes a sailboat suitable for cruising is having an experienced skipper. There is a big difference between sailing for multiple days and multiple hours. Make sure you are capable of making the voyage before you think about whether your boat can.

What do people find so appealing about sailing long distances?

There is such a romantic notion of being able to sail wherever you please, whenever you please. Being able to make long voyages is so much more exciting than shorter ones. The chance to cruise from country to country is such an exciting opportunity that few people in the modern era have. Sailing from country to country used to be the only way to get around. Now, everyone uses planes. Sailing brings people back to their ancestral roots in a way no other form of transport does. There may not be new lands to discover on behalf of our countries, but there are new lands to discover for ourselves. Reading about, hearing about, or watching documentaries on places is not the same as exploring them for yourself by sea.

The sense of adventure and discovery is like nothing else. Who doesn’t dream of making the journey around the world? Most people will never do it, but the dream is still there. Most of all though, long-distance cruising is exciting . The adrenaline from making the dangerous trip through open sees is truly exhilarating. Whether you are racing or cruising along at your own pace, there is always a sense of danger when out at sea. Some people love it, they crave it, but it isn’t for everyone.

Is sailing long distances dangerous?

Sailing long distances may be romantic, it may be exciting, it may be freeing, but it is also one of the most dangerous things you can do. When you are out of contact with the rest of the world, out at sea beyond the help of those onshore, the potential for danger is huge. You don’t know what will happen, you don’t know what could go wrong. No matter how experienced, how skilled, or how brave you are there is the potential for disaster. There are things you can do to improve the odds. Being a great sailor is one, making sure you have the best cruising sailboat possible is another. You don’t have to spend millions or even hundreds of thousands on getting a great sailboat. Some are far more affordable than you might expect.

What are the 5 best cruising sailboats?

There are so many fantastic sailboats out there that finding the right one might feel impossible. The choice is overwhelming, even with the above guide on what to look for in your boat there are still almost endless choices. Luckily, this article is here to help. This section will give you a good selection of cruising sailboats at various price points. Which one is best for you will likely depend on a mixture of preference and budget. While none of these boats are exactly cheap, they won’t break the bank like some of the other options on the market.

Prout Snowgoose 37


If you are looking for a reliable sailboat look no farther than the Prout Snowgoose 37. This large catamaran makes use of its double hulls for increased width and stability. It is easy to steer, handles well, and is pretty spacious. There are more roomy catamarans on the market but none are as strong as this one. It is built to be sailed long distances in rough conditions. Its fiberglass hull makes it light and nimble all while retaining its strength. It is a slightly older model, but one that will serve you well. It is British made so finding one in the States can be a little tricky. If you do find one though you would do well to jump at the chance to purchase it.

Price: Less than $100k


The Corbin 39 is a beautiful blue water sailboat. It is a very rare boat with a proud history. Only a handful of these boats were finished to completion in the factory, the majority were sold as kits and built by the boat’s owner. Because of this method of production, this model can vary drastically on the inside. The interiors are all expressions of their owner’s creativity, and craftsmanship. This means you may want to have a proper look around inside the boat before purchasing one. The outside, especially the hull, is likely to be the same from boat to boat as they were sold as a piece. If you don’t mind potentially having to remodel the interior this might be the boat for you. The Corbin 39 is a rather large boat, the deck is huge and is perfect for transporting multiple passengers. You may have to shell out some more cash for renovations but the boat itself is second to none.

Price: $80k

Tayana Vancouver 42


Finding one of these cruisers isn’t going to be too hard, as quite a few were made, but it is important to note they were made almost 40 years ago. Some models were made in the early 2000s, but not many. This double-ended hull cruiser is incredibly strong, it has a cast iron ballast and can withstand even the very worst weather conditions. This boat is strong, rugged, but not very quick. If you are looking for speed this is not the boat for you. The hull is fiberglass so you know you are getting a sturdy boat, but the trade-off from the iron ballast means this boat is heavy and slow to maneuver. This double sail cruiser costs anywhere from $80-$100 grand depending on how old the model you are looking at is. The older ones are a bit cheaper, at the expense of being a little worse for wear.


This 40-foot cruiser is a jack of all trades type of craft. If you are looking for a very solid middle of the pack choice this is the one for you. It does everything well but excels almost nowhere except in size. The Nordic 40 is very large for the price you are paying, so you are certainly getting your money worth here. This vessel is sturdy, strong, light and nimble. It is capable of moving very quickly and agilely through the water in a light breeze but is more than capable of resisting tougher conditions. If you are looking for a cruiser that is good for living on, not just sailing on, this could be the one for you. Its extra size means extra storage and living spaces. It has a great shower, huge fridge, plenty of counter space and decent sized sleeping quarters.

Pacific Sea Craft 34


If you are looking for the perfect cruiser for you and your significant other, the Pacific Sea Craft 34 is just what you are looking for. It has a solid fiberglass hull and is capable of reaching decent speeds. The 34 may be slightly smaller than some of the other options but it still has plenty of storage, six and a half feet of headroom, and is simply stunning to look at. This sailboat is incredibly well designed, its 13,500 pounds of displacement make it strong and sure in the water without losing its agility.

Hopefully, you now have a good idea about what to look for in a sailing cruise boat. There are so many great options on the market, the ones mentioned above are just a good starting point. If you take the time to find the right boat for you , you won’t regret it. Buying a cruising sailboat is a huge commitment, it is important to be sure of your choice before you make the purchase. Good luck with your hunt for the perfect cruiser!

Thinking of living on a sailboat? Read up on the 10 Best Sailboats To Live In.

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best cruising sailboats 2023

Published on January 6th, 2023 | by Editor

SAIL’s 2023 Best Boats Awards

Published on January 6th, 2023 by Editor -->

SAIL magazine revealed its annual Best Boat Nominees in September 2022 and now has selected the 2023 winners:

Every year, sailboat manufacturers around the world launch their latest models, and every year, SAIL magazine’s experienced boat reviewers spend days and weeks learning what’s new, talking with boatbuilders, examining the boats top to bottom dockside, and finally taking them sailing.

This culminates at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, where our review team gets together and makes its final assessments on which boats earn top honors.

Previously called SAIL Best Boats, this year’s program has been refined to eliminate size and purpose categories from the judging criteria to more accurately assess and compare the two-dozen boats under review.

best cruising sailboats 2023

Categories—such as Best Cruising Monohull 30-40 feet and Best Performance Monohull 40-50 feet—have been replaced with simply determining the Top 10 across the board, ensuring that the best designs are recognized, regardless of size or category label.

“Too often, defining these boats by categories results in unfairly comparing apples to oranges, sorting boats with very different purposes and design briefs into the same bracket just because of their LOA, and inevitably kicking out some really terrific boats,” said SAIL Editor-in-Chief Wendy Mitman Clarke.

“So, starting this year, we’re honoring the Top 10 boats, period. By eliminating the artificial straitjacket of size categories and focusing on what are simply the Top 10, SAIL will present readers a more complete and equitable assessment.”

The SAIL Top 10 Best Boats for 2023:

Beneteau First 36 From the judges: “A versatile, very lively craft that will appeal strongly to both dedicated racing sailors and performance-oriented cruisers…sails like a bandit…construction is no-holds-barred for a mass-produced boat…we were particularly impressed with the cockpit layout.”

X-Yachts X4.3 From the judges: “Takes what was already an outstanding boat and makes it even better …quality of construction is impeccable…fast and sure-footed, with a newly designed rudder that grips the water tenaciously even when over-pressed.”

J/45 From the judges: “Does a very fine job of splitting the difference between contemporary design idioms and the J/Boats of yore…more reliably a traditional all-rounder…always quick, easy to drive, and sure-footed…greatly relieved to see a boat like this on the water again.”

Hanse 460 From the judges: “A step up in performance and accommodations among production boats in its class…a comfortable, fast cruiser that can be sailed by a middle-aged couple…For shorthanded sailing, this boat is hard to match…will please a lot of sailors.”

Hallberg-Rassy 400 From the judges: “Seamlessly marries traditional bluewater cruising experience with contemporary design and interior trends…a powerful, elegant, fun, go-anywhere machine…everything is practical and uncluttered, geared to making sailhandling straightforward for one or two people.”

Dufour 37 From the judges: “Small is the new big, and the Dufour 37 delivers with some impressive features you’d not expect on an entry model…the gennaker on a top-down furler can be used up to 60 degrees AWA and kept us moving along…the only thing that isn’t big about the Dufour 37 is the price.”

Nautitech 44 Open From the judges: “A good-looking boat with a sleek profile…a higher bridgedeck to avoid pounding, deeper keels for better tracking…packed with unique features…should be on the shortlist for anyone planning on doing distance voyaging.”

NEEL 43 Trimaran From the judges: “A good combination of comfort and easy, fun, fast sailing…offers a 48-volt system, lithium batteries, multiple solar panels, and an Integrel alternator…can keep your carbon footprint small and your hair flying back as the three hulls eat up the miles.”

Balance 442 From the judges: “All about smart systems, livable layouts, and sassy sailing…options for one or two Integrel alternators that eliminate the need for a generator…not too many cats will do 11 knots in 16 knots of true wind at 80 degrees AWA.”

Tiwal 3R From the judges: “A racing version engineered specially for competitive sailors who want to fine-tune their sailing…a genuine performance dinghy but also a great learner’s boat…pound-for-pound the best conceived, sportiest, and most fun boat on the market.”

For additional details, click here .

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Tags: Sail magazine , SAIL's Best Boats

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best cruising sailboats 2023

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2023 Boat of the Year Best Dinghy: Tiwal 3R

  • By Dave Reed
  • December 16, 2022

Tiwal 3R

Sailing World Magazine’s  annual Boat of the Year tests are conducted in Annapolis, Maryland, following the US Sailboat Show. With independent judges exhaustively inspecting the boats on land and putting them through their paces on the water, this year’s fleet of new performance-sailing boats spanned from small dinghies to high-tech bluewater catamarans. Here’s the best of the best from our  2023 Boat of the Year nominees »

The High-Pressure Ripper

  • Tiwal 3R 2023 Best Dinghy
  • Stated purpose: Recreational sailing, one-design and rally racing
  • Crew: One to two
  • Praise for: Performance, comfort, portability
  • Est. price as sailed: $8,900

The surest way to grow sailing is to make it easy to get on the water with minimal hassle on a boat that is exhilarating to sail—and that’s exactly what the inflatable and ­powered-up Tiwal 3R does. Thousands of Tiwal fanatics around the world can’t be wrong; they love their zippy little crafts, and the Tiwal community has grown ever larger since its young French innovators launched the first model a decade ago. The Tiwal 3R is the continuing evolution of a great idea—with even better execution. Tiwal boats keep getting better, and this one is its best yet.

The “R” is for Race, and that’s because after two years of playing and adventure racing on the early-edition Tiwal 3s, keener owners started asking for more. But the engineering required to make Tiwal’s high-pressure inflatable hull and aluminum frame take on greater rig and structural loads that had them stumped for nearly two years, says Emmanuel Bertrand. They kept breaking it until they got it right.

At 10 feet and 121 pounds fully rigged, the magic of the Tiwal 3R is its portability, which would explain why the company says it sells so many in urban areas around the world. The sail, hull, blades, five-part composite spar and boom, and aluminum frame pack into two 5-foot duffel bags. To put it all together at whatever water’s edge takes about 30 minutes; it’s mere minutes if the boat is coming off the car top already pumped and assembled.

Tiwal 3R

The PVC hull construction is identical to all other Tiwals, but the design for the 3R is a big improvement, with a more pronounced V-shape, a bit more rocker, and a reinforcement plate on the bottom near the transom, which gives it stiffness and a cleaner exit. “It’s difficult to get a hard corner on inflatables,” Stewart says, “so that’s a great solution to give it a nice sharp edge and a cleaner break so the water isn’t bubbling up over the back.”

When I got my weight in the right spot, the boat just took off. It’s quicker than quick. —Chuck Allen

The gust-responsive rig and big sail, built with North Sails racing cloth, is what takes the boat a big step from the recreational sailor’s Tiwal 3 to the racing sailor’s 3R, Powlison says. “This is the same size sail as a Laser, 77 square feet, which is a lot of power. When you get the vang set right, it does make a big difference. It is an effective control that they got right.”

Powlison’s only desire was to be able to get the sail controls to run farther back on the rack, accepting, however, that this would unnecessarily complicate the setup.

Tiwal 3R

Allen, who’s been a Tiwal fan since the original, is impressed once again. “You definitely get a lot more performance out of this thing,” he says after sailing the boat in 10 to 15 knots and flat water. “I got hit with a puff and was like, dang! This thing’s got some wheels. It’s much faster and stiffer. I’m 170 pounds and was able to stay out on the rack the entire time, even when it got light.”

Stewart’s assessment of the 3R is that it’s built for a slightly more advanced sailor. “This thing is higher tech, with a lot more control lines, so it’s a bit more boat to handle. That being said, I’m a big guy (the manufacturer’s stated maximum load on the wing is 242 pounds), and I was never sitting in water, so it will accommodate a wide range of people.”

Getting the purchase systems for the 4-to-1 cunningham and the two-part vang (all of which are doubled-ended) into the mast collar hardware was an engineering exercise, says creator Marion Excoffon. But the end result is a system of color-coded lines and color-matched Harken blocks that work effectively and smoothly to depower the sail. Once the control systems are assembled, they don’t need to be rerun. When rigging, simply slide the mast into the collar, hook up the mainsheet, attach the rudder, and cast off for a fast and sporty adventure.

Tiwal 3R

“Every time I got a little puff, the boat zipped right along,” Allen says. “The foils are stiff and shaped well, so the boat goes upwind really nicely. The bow was stiff and wasn’t flopping in the chop. But the best part was reaching around in the big puffs, sitting at the back corner of the rack, with the boat just skimming. When I got my weight in the right spot, the boat just took off. It’s quicker than quick.”

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best cruising sailboats 2023

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Editor’s Choice: 18 Bluewater Sailboats We Love

Advantages of bluewater sailboats, factors to consider when buying a blue water sailboat, allures 51.9, contest 55cs, discovery revelation 480, grand soleil 42 lc, hallberg-rassy 48mk ii, island packet 349, j/boats j/45, najad 395 cc, outbound 56.

Bluewater sailboats

Looking to sail the open seas? Bluewater sailboats are your answer. With their sturdy construction and ability to handle rough conditions, these boats are designed for serious offshore sailing adventures. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of blue water sailboats and provide you with everything you need to know. From their unique features to their advantages and considerations, we will explore it all.

Bluewater sailboats are known for their strength and durability. Built to withstand the challenging conditions of ocean crossings, these boats offer stability and safety on long voyages. Whether you’re planning a solo trip or setting off with a crew, a blue water sailboat is an excellent option to explore the depths.

We will discuss the key characteristics that make blue water sailboats stand out, such as their hull design, rigging, and navigation systems. Additionally, we’ll explore the various types and sizes available to help you find the perfect fit for your sailing aspirations.

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of embarking on a thrilling ocean adventure, join us as we navigate the world of bluewater sailboats and uncover everything you need to know.

Bluewater sailboats are designed to withstand the demanding conditions encountered during long ocean voyages. They possess several key characteristics that set them apart from other types of sailboats. 

bluewater sailboats

1. Sturdy Construction

Bluewater sailboats are built with robust materials and construction techniques to ensure their strength and durability. They feature reinforced hulls made of fiberglass, aluminum, or steel, which can withstand the impact of large waves and adverse weather conditions. These boats are designed to handle the constant stresses of offshore sailing without compromising their structural integrity.

2. Seaworthiness

One of the defining characteristics of bluewater sailboats is their seaworthiness. They are designed to handle rough seas and strong winds, providing a stable and comfortable ride even in challenging conditions. The shape of their hulls, with a deep V or modified full-keel design, allows them to cut through waves and maintain stability, minimizing the rolling motion commonly experienced on other types of sailboats.

3. Self-Sustainability

Bluewater sailboats are equipped with systems that enable self-sustainability during long voyages. They typically have large water and fuel tanks, allowing sailors to carry ample supplies for extended periods at sea. In addition, these boats often come equipped with renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines, reducing the reliance on external power sources.

Bluewater sailboats offer numerous advantages for sailors looking to embark on offshore adventures. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing a blue water sailboat for your next sailing journey.

1. Safety and Stability

When sailing across vast oceans, safety is paramount. Bluewater sailboats provide a high level of safety and stability, thanks to their sturdy construction and seaworthiness. These boats are designed to handle adverse weather conditions and rough seas, ensuring the safety of the crew and the vessel. The robust hulls and well-balanced designs make them less prone to capsizing or taking on water, providing peace of mind during long voyages.

2. Long-Distance Capability

Bluewater sailboats are specifically designed for long-distance sailing. They have the capacity to carry ample supplies, including food, water, and fuel, allowing sailors to embark on extended journeys without the need for frequent resupply stops. With their self-sustainability features and efficient hull designs, these boats can cover long distances efficiently and comfortably.

3. Comfort and Liveability

Living aboard a bluewater sailboat for an extended period requires comfort and practicality. These boats are designed with spacious interiors, allowing for comfortable living quarters during long voyages. They often feature multiple cabins, a well-equipped galley, and ample storage space for provisions and personal belongings. The layout and design of blue water sailboats prioritize functionality and convenience, ensuring a comfortable living experience even in the middle of the ocean.

And now… it’s time to discover together our selection of 18 Bluewater sailboats we love!

The Allures 51.9 innovates with its full-beam aft owner’s cabin. This model disrupts the codes of the yard also outside with its cockpit of 6 meters long with sunbath and swim platform for comfort; the navigation space can be protected by a hardtop to navigate in any security. The boat has a length of 51.9 feet (15.8 meters) and a beam (width) of 15.4 feet (4.7 meters). It is equipped with a fixed keel and a composite hull, which provides good stability and seaworthiness. The Allures 51.9 is available in a variety of configurations, including a three-cabin layout with a spacious owner’s cabin and two guest cabins, or a two-cabin layout with a larger owner’s cabin and a smaller guest cabin. It is also equipped with a well-equipped galley, a large saloon, and a navigation station.  Allures official website .

amel 60 Bluewater sailboats

In a dynamic evolution and complementary to their range,  Amel  launched a larger model, with a higher specification and built with attention to details. Riding on the success of the  Amel 50 , the Amel 60 is an enhanced version of the new Amel design . The brand’s fundamental characteristics are well represented in this large yacht, with an additional 10 feet increasing her volume as well as her interior and exterior living spaces, while still ensuring ease of use for a small crew. 

Signed Berret-Racoupeau, the generous volumes of this large yacht have been designed to allow owners and their guests to fully enjoy life on board, while preserving everyone’s privacy: a large living space in the saloon, an ultra-equipped high-end galley three cabins each with a bathroom, an even larger protected cockpit, opening onto sunbathing areas ideal for relaxation.

contest 55cs Bluewater sailboats

The  Dutch specialist  in semi-custom constructions Contest Yachts presented the brand new 17-metre Contest 55CS at Boot Dusseldorf 2020. Don’t call it “simply” a  bluewater  yacht. The stunning lines both above and below water from star designers Judel/Vrolijk shall ensure a real sporty character. A newly conceived interior styling now features an even bigger flowing corner radius to the exquisitely finished timber work. There are also now more optional hull windows in up to four stations along the yacht’s length.

discovery revelation 480

Discovery Yachts  presented the new Revelation 480 at  Boot Dusseldorf 2020 . This is the first model of the new Revelation line and differs from the Southerly line for the fixed keel and the lowered saloon. Yes, the Revelation 480 is a lowered saloon boat based on the well-known Southerly 480. The Revelation 480 combines bluewater capability with a low, sleek coachroof that contributes to an interesting aesthetic. Down below, the single level interior is extremely light and exquisitely furnished.

grand soleil 42 lc

The Grand Soleil 42 LC is  Cantiere del Pardo ’s latest entry model of the bluewater line. Comfort and sailing autonomy are the main features of this 12-meter, designed by Marco Lostuzzi together with Nauta Design and Cantiere del Pardo’s Technical Office.

The 42 LC is available in two versions; standard or sport. The former is equipped with aft benches, and a carbon arch over the cockpit, designed to keep this area free of the mainsheet traveller. The GS 42 LC’s hull guarantees great stability thanks to greater hull volume. The well-proportioned sail plan optimizes the high-performance sailing standards. As with the rest of the Long Cruise range, the Grand Soleil 42 LC is designed to provide greater and more luxurious comfort on board.

The interior layout is available with either two or three cabins, to meet the client’s needs. Both versions include two heads with a shower. In the saloon, a three-seater sofa is found on the starboard side, while the central seat can be transformed into a chart table.

Hallberg Rassy 48 Mkll Bluewater sailboats

The Hallberg-Rassy 48 MK II is a true bluewater cruiser that offers more natural light, more comfort and more elegance than ever before. With three double cabins and a vast saloon, she offers great space for modern comfort aids. Known far and wide for sturdy construction, superb craftsmanship and signature seaworthiness, Hallberg-Rassy boats are globally respected for their elegant lines and spirited performance.

Hylas H60

Hylas Yachts has collaborated with German Frers for over 40 years and built a reputation for yachts that combine ocean sailing capability, classic lines and exquisitely finished interiors.  Now the company is staking out new territory with the H60. Still ocean capable, still with an exquisite interior but also embracing some of the contemporary demands of today’s cruising sailors. 

Longtime Hylas fans will not be disappointed by her performance. Built using the most advanced construction technologies, the H60 has been designed to excel in all conditions with excellent seakeeping ability. A plumb bow and broad transom make the most of her waterline length underway, providing speed with optimal comfort.

The builder partnered with Milan-based firm  Hot Lab , known for their elegant designs in the superyacht world, to offer interiors that immediately set the new Hylas on a new level.

ice yachts ice 70

The project of the ICE 70 by  ICE Yachts  has been realized using the most advanced modeling and analysis software available today. “ Thanks to the new virtual reality ‘tools’ ,” explains  Felci Yacht Design , “ we have been able to make the owner and the shipyard participant of many geometric and stylistic choices. It is a yacht with high technological potential, starting from the design of the hull and the appendices “. With this sporty bluewater sailboat, the Italian yard wanted to create a technologically avant-garde boat with large, comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces, which is easy to sail and entirely safe at sea. Like all ICE Yachts models, the ICE 70 is a semi-custom product with which the owner has many possibilities for customization and equipment. ICE Yachts official website

island packet 349 Bluewater sailboats

With this model, iconic Island Packet has returned to the Solent-style rig as standard, featuring a mainsail with a working jib and an optional lightweight 170% reacher or asymmetrical that mounts on the integral bow platform and furled with Harken systems. The working jib is fitted with a Hoyt Boom that is self-tending and improves performance with its close sheeting and self-vanging feature, while the large optional reacher or asymmetrical boost performance in light air or when off the wind.

The fully battened mainsail is equipped with a low friction Battcar system and drops easily into a stack pack with an integral cover and lazy jack system.  This rigging offers ease of use and versatility in the varied wind or sea conditions and increased speed and maneuverability.

j/boats j/45

The J/Boats J/45, is a true  bluewater sailing yacht, designed and built for the sea by life-long sailors. The  J/Boats  and  J/Composites teams have collaborated to create a special design for discerning sailors seeking an exceptional sailing experience. The J/45 can be sailed solo, cruised by 2-3 couples or large family, and pleasure sailed or raced with room for the whole crew. This is an investment-grade sailboat that won’t require a professional crew to sail, handle or maintain. J/Boats official website

kraken 50 Bluewater sailboats

The Kraken 50 is designed to be the short-handed bluewater cruising yacht. Due to her steady motion and stability, her crew will be equally comfortable at sea or in the anchorage, and special consideration has been given in the K50 layouts above and below deck to allow for short-handed ocean passage making. The Kraken 50 features the renowned integral  Zero Keel  and fully skegged rudder.

najad 395 cc Bluewater sailboats

N395 CC (centre cockpit) is part of the all-new Najad 395 range, designed in a joint venture by Najad, Farr Yacht Design, and Ken Freivokh Design – superyacht stylist, architects, and interior designers. The N395 CC is characterized by a well-protected large cockpit located close to the center of gravity. It has a well-designed interior and a very comprehensive options list that includes all equipment necessary to tailor the yacht to any individual needs. This model is available in two or three cabin layouts with one or two large heads.

outbound 56 bluewater

Welcome aboard the newest addition to Outbound’s impressive line of offshore passage makers. The new Outbound 56, built from German Frers timeless and proven design continues to fulfill our single mission of building great offshore yachts.  Fast, accommodating and gorgeous, the 56 will take you anywhere your heart desires in style and comfort.

oyster 565 Bluewater sailboats

The entry level yacht for the ‘G6’ range of seven models up to the Flagship Oyster 118.  Using the latest generation of Oyster hull shapes, developed with Humphreys Yacht Design, the Oyster 565 is designed for family sailing without professional crew.

A generous sail locker and lazarette, headroom and bunk lengths to match the larger Oyster Superyachts, the 565 can be configured with many different cabin layouts – and for the first time in Oyster Yachts – can have the master cabin forward and a dinghy garage in the transom.

rm970 Bluewater sailboats

The Brittany based yard is well known not only among ocean sailors but also to those who love short-handed sailing and are looking for seaworthy and easily driven bluewater sailboats, both safe and comfortable. This last aspect is where Fora Marine has made great progress in the last few years, shedding some of the spartan image that characterized their products for many years.

What has not changed, and what is still the RM range’s defining characteristic, is the twin-chined hull, made of Okumé plywood impregnated with epoxy resin (the deck is in fiberglass sandwich). Below the hull, the yard offers two options, a single deep keel or double shoal draft keels. The RM are designed by Marc Lombard, probably one of the architects most able to transform the fashionable chine into an important element in cruising design. A chined hull, when properly drawn, gives both better hull shape and interior volumes. ( Read our test )

rustler 42

The Rustler 42 is a classic looking yacht which combines style that is traditional yet modern. Her cruising layout results in a live aboard yacht that has stability and elegance with the same unique sea-kindly characteristics as the Rustler 36. Below the waterline, she looks conservative with a deep canoe body, long fin keel and a big skeg hung rudder.

Below the decks, this yacht has a spacious open plan saloon. The large, finished saloon table can comfortably seat eight. The aft cabin has standing headroom, a full-width double berth and plenty of storage within lockers and a vanity unit with seat. The aft head incorporates a shower unit and a ‘wet lilies’ locker. At the forepeak the grand master cabin has a 6 ft 6 in double V berth.

swan 58

Signed by  German Frers , the Swan 58 needs to combine the spaces of bluewater sailboats with a fast cruiser performances. Key details include a deck featuring soft and rounded shapes, a new cockpit design, a redefined coach-roof style and large swimming platform. The concept is easy: to give the maximum comfort and liveability at rest, together with maximum efficiency for short handed sailing, without losing the capability to race with a full crew. 

The interiors of the new Swan 58 , which is fitted with European oak, have been conceived as a combination between luxury and comfortable living spaces, storage and volumes for systems and safety features; we find here a large saloon, a galley with a 360 degree layout and three heads. Various interior styling layouts are available varying woods and materials. 

tartan 395 Bluewater

Designed by Tartan naval architect Tim Jackett, the 395 comes out of the Tartan factory in Fairport Harbor and is the perfect example of bluewater sailboats. Her hull shape is an evolution of tried and true concepts proven to deliver great stability and high interior volume while maintaining comforting manners throughout a wide range of sailing conditions. On deck Tartan 395 sports hallmark Tartan design elements such as a traditional cabin house fitted with functional polished stainless steel rectangular portholes.

Like her smaller sister 345, 395’s handcrafted interior is built in maple as standard, with cherry a no-charge option. The lighter maple opens up her interior in ways the darker cherry simply cannot.

Hanse Unveils the New Hanse 590 Signed Berret-Racoupeau

Group beneteau: record full-year earnings in 2023, the countdown has begun for the new ice 66 rs, lagoon 60, freedom of space and panoramic views, live your passion, subscribe to our mailing list.

McMichael Yacht Yards & Brokers

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J45 sailing

Cruising World 2023 Boat of the Year: Best Performance Cruiser

This division truly lived up to its name, with a solid lineup of five nominees that lit up under sail..

By  Cruising World Editorial Team 

One of two categories with a solid lineup of five nominees, the Performance Cruiser class provided the judges with tremendous sailing and difficult choices. Beneteau, J/Boats and X-Yachts had all delivered winning entries in previous years. This time, price and production—as well as performance—all factored into the final decisions.

The Lyman-Morse LM46 is an heirloom-quality craft, but it is also a semicustom boat with a seven-figure sticker price, and it will have a limited production run compared with its rivals. Still, the panelists could not ignore its overall excellence. That left four powerful contestants, and the “sail-off” that followed couldn’t have been more pleasurable or rewarding. This division truly lived up to its name, with a roster of performers that lit up under sail.

Winner: J/Boats, J/45


J/45   Jon Whittle

The Johnstone family business has certainly evolved in the 45 years since the company launched with the J/24, but the common denominator in the boats it has built since then is pretty straightforward: They’re all terrific sailing craft. Over time, J/Boats pivoted from one-design classes to ocean racers and full-fledged cruisers, and all that experience has culminated with this sleek, slick, dual-purpose 45-footer.

“As expected, this boat sailed beautifully,” judge Ed Sherman says. “Its 75 hp Volvo Penta saildrive gave us ample speed when motoring, and was quiet too. I see this boat as an answer to the hardcore racer who wants to scale back a bit and enjoy cruising with the family in comfort while not sacrificing the performance they’re used to.”

Fellow judge Mark Pillsbury explains what put the boat over the top in his mind: “During Boat of the Year sea trials, we’re usually accompanied by builders or dealers who tell us what a boat’s intended to do, and we’re left to determine how successfully they hit the mark. In the case of  the new J/45 , we got to hear directly from an owner himself, who wanted a boat that he could seriously race with his mates, and then take his family of four young daughters off cruising. After a summer of doing both, the verdict was in: He loved his new J/45. And after our sail, so did we. ‘Rides like it’s on rails,’ I jotted in my notes. ‘Very smooth.’”

Finalist: Beneteau, Beneteau First 36

Beneteau 36

Beneteau First 36   Jon Whittle

The French builder’s First line of boats has always been performance-oriented (as opposed to its Oceanis line of dedicated cruisers), and the company has upped the ante since obtaining the Seascape brand and incorporating it into Groupe Beneteau.

“I reckon First 36 owners are going to be racing more than cruising,” says judge Herb McCormick, who led the charge to give the boat “special recognition”. “It will excel in both club races and doublehanded events, which are becoming more and more popular. But this boat can do both well. It gives you so many options.”

Sherman concurs: “Another boat offering the racing enthusiast a genuinely viable cruising option. Simple but solid construction and finished to a high standard, this model represented to me what a modern racer/cruiser should be. Equipped with a 30 hp saildrive, it motored along nicely at 8 knots, and this was on a day when we had lots of wave action and over 20 knots of wind at times. This Slovenian-built Beneteau was also a joy to sail.”

Finalist: L30 Class, L30

L30 Class L30

L30   Jon Whittle

Our judges were highly impressed with this sweet little trailerable sailboat, which was developed by Ukraine’s most famous sailor, Olympic sailing medalist Rodion Luka, and which is still being produced in the country despite the ongoing conflict.

Our sea trial, in a stiff 20-plus-knot southerly, was easily one of our week’s wildest. Here’s Pillsbury’s take: “The L30 is an interesting boat with just enough interior accommodations for short cruises or overnights en route to a regatta and back. The boat we sailed was set up for racing, meaning lot of lines to tug to adjust sails. But its retractable keel, cassette rudders and mast stepped on a tabernacle make trailer sailing a definite possibility.”

Finalist: Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding Inc., Lyman-Morse LM46


Lyman-Morse LM46   Jon Whittle

Our Domestic Boat of the Year is a showstopper on multiple levels, a boat built by the midcoast Maine company that produced the beautiful Seguin line back in the day, of which the LM46 is a worthy successor.

Sherman peels back the technical layers: “Mastervolt lithium battery power and a 120-amp, high-output, main-engine-driven alternator eliminate the need for an onboard air-conditioning generator. Further enhancing this concept, the engine is connected to a Centek muffler system so that when the engine is running to recharge the batteries, things stay quiet. Our engine motoring tests confirmed this with speeds at over 8 knots with noise decibel levels in the low 70- to 74-decibel range on a 20-knot windy day that generated a lot of ambient noise.”

Finalist: X-Yachts, X-Yachts X4 3


X-Yachts X4 3   Jon Whittle

It’s always a memorable year for the BOTY judges when a new X-Yacht is one of the nominees. The Danish builder has left a consistent mark on the proceedings, with multiple victories in its respective classes over the years.

X-Yachts’ latest versatile offering, Pillsbury says, picks up where previous models left off: “Well, they’ve done it again. The team at X-Yachts has launched another stunning performance cruiser, this one a 43-footer that’s lively under sail and well-thought-through below. Counters have deep fiddles, handholds abound, the deck is uncluttered, and the single rudder delivers smooth-as-butter steering. The X4 3  replaces a popular model of the same size that sold more than 100 boats. I’m guessing that the newest model will give its predecessor a run for its money.”

Brett Lyall A lifelong, passionate boater, Brett brings 26 years of sailing and 18 years of powerboat knowledge to the McMichael team. His background includes Environmental engineering and consulting, along with 7 years of sales and marketing experience in the luxury market. In addition to being an avid fisherman, surfer, and scuba diver, he is a sailing coach and has crewed extensively offshore on a variety of boats from J109, J105, J99 and 112E to a Gunboat 57. His knowledge of all things boating related is second only to his reputation for exceptional customer service and professionalism.

Doug Conner Doug’s life-long love of all things nautical naturally led him to pursue a career in luxury yacht brokerage. His professional background in sales and marketing, combined with his overall experience in and passion for the yachting industry, makes him a valuable asset to his clients for sail and power boats. Doug is committed to providing his clients with honest, professional, knowledgeable, and personal service.

Myles McQuone Myles is a licensed captain from age 18. He is a third Generation Merchant Mariner, operating boats runs deep in his family. Myles has held multiple roles within the marine industry between Marine Towing and Salvage, Marine Technician and Marine Service Manager. Myles’ focus has always had the customers best interest in mind; expect the same attention while consulting with Myles.

Ethan Morawski Ethan grew up in Fairfield CT and has been sailing for 13 years and powerboating for 10 years all over Long Island Sound. He has worked in the marine industry since High School and has an excellent reputation for superb customer service, seamanship, and attention to details. He is a graduate of Bryant University in RI.

Position Title: Boat Yard Crew Member Position Type: Full-time Experience level:  2-3 years preferred

Reports to: Service Manager

Job Description and Summary: In this position you will work alongside a team of supportive and experienced marine industry professionals. Your primary role will be to support the efficient daily operations of the McMichael yacht yard and the satisfaction of our customers.

This will include a variety of functions and tasks including basic property maintenance, launch and recovery of boats, cleaning, crane and forklift operations, blocking boats, and winter storage and other relevant duties as assigned.

Core Skills:

  • Ability to clearly understand instructions and complete tasks accordingly
  • Mechanically inclined
  • Able to lift and reposition equipment, tools, and materials
  • Basic boat operations – power and sail (will train)
  • Strong communication skills, verbal and written
  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Proactive mindset
  • Able to work unsupervised
  • Ability to collaboratively work well with other team members


  • Support of daily operations
  • Support clients boating activities, prepping boats, fueling, etc.
  • Safe operation of company vehicles, forklifts, and equipment, including trailer handling
  • Haul, block and launch boats
  • Boat cleaning and detailing
  • Bottom paint and waxing boats
  • Dock and marina area maintenance
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Repositioning boats

The ideal candidate is someone who will enjoy the nautical environment of the boatyard, which includes being around boats and being on the water. They will have at least two to three years of experience at a previous boat yard or yacht club. Their background will include a familiarity with boats. They will be someone who enjoys the boating lifestyle and enjoys working outdoors. They value working in a team and being part of a family-owned organization an enhancing part of the local community. We encourage you to apply if you do not have the experience but are dedicated to building a career in the marine industry.

What does a typical workday look like? A typical morning could involve arriving and immediately removing covers, prepping several boats to be launched and readied for use by their clients. You could find yourself assisting with changing a large tire on a trailer or rigging and craning a boat onto a truck for transportation. Daily activities will also include basic maintenance of the boatyard facilities which includes painting, building repair, emptying garbage, and cleaning, as well as assisting technicians with boat maintenance.

Salary range: $15 – $30

Email: [email protected]


Position Title: Fiberglass / GelCoat Technician Position Type: Full-time Experience level:  2-3 years preferred

Job Description and Summary: In this position you will work alongside a team of supportive and experienced marine industry professionals. Your primary role will be fiberglass and gel-coat repair work on sailboats and powerboats. The fiberglass work will include everything from small parts repair to structural repair and rebuilds. The gelcoat work will be similarly inclusive and will also involve spaying hull bottoms and topsides with boat bottom paint and gelcoat.

  • Working with vinylester, polyester, and epoxy resins
  • Experience working with various coring materials
  • Knowledge of gelcoat matching and application
  • Cutting, grinding and finish sanding
  • Visually spot imperfections in all parts
  • Use of buffers, DA’s, pencil grinders etc.
  • Finish buffing and polishing
  • Exceptional paint rolling and spraying finishing
  • Proactive mindset and able to work unsupervised
  • Complete fiberglass and composite repair work to the highest possible standards
  • Spray gelcoat, clear coat, and metal flake consistently and evenly to desired thickness
  • Getting the customer back on the water with a safe operating boat
  • Ensuring all repair work structurally and visually exceeds expectations
  • Lifting heaving objects
  • Assisting the entire service teams with various tasks

The ideal candidate is someone who will enjoy the nautical environment of the boatyard, which includes being around boats and being on the water. They will have at least two to three years of experience in fiberglass and composites fabrication or repair as well as experience with painting and gelcoat work or similar skill sets. Their background will include a familiarity with boats and enjoy delivering exceptional finish work. They will be someone who appreciates the boating lifestyle and working sail and powerboats. We are looking for a person who values working in a team and being part of a family-owned organization that is a respected part of the local community.

Salary and benefits: $50 – 70k, Medical, 401K

Position Title: Marine Service Mechanic Position Type: Full-time Experience level:  2-3 years preferred. Certifications Preferred. Equal skills and high motivation also accepted.

Job Description and Summary: In this position you will work alongside a team of supportive and experienced marine industry professionals. Your primary role will be engine maintenance and repairs for both gas and diesel engine systems as well as service and repair work on a variety of other boat system. A large part of this position will include troubleshooting, engine and drive preventative maintenance, emergency repairs at the yard or at the location of the boat needing service. You will be working on inboard and outboard systems and interacting and communicating with our boaters, so a focus on customer service is an important skill. Certification not initial required but is a plus.

  • Effective and knowledgeable mechanic
  • Problem solving – engines, drives, control systems and electrical
  • Mechanical and electrical troubleshooting
  • Engine rebuilds, 12v DC systems, machining work
  • Gas and diesel engine/generator operations
  • Wiring and soldering
  • Performing maintenance and repairs safely and quickly
  • Have your own set of tools
  • Performing functionality checks on engines and systems
  • Basic boat operations

The ideal candidate is someone who will enjoy the nautical environment of the boatyard, which includes being around boats and being on the water. They will have at least two to three years of experience as a marine service technician, automotive mechanic, Gen Tech, or similar skill sets. Their background will include a familiarity with boats and enjoy solving mechanical and systems issues. They will be someone who enjoys the boating lifestyle and working outdoors. They value working in a team and being part of a family-owned organization an enhancing part of the local community. We encourage you to apply if you do not have the experience but are dedicated to building a career in the marine service industry.

Salary and benefits: $60 – 80k, Medical, 401K

Position Title: Yacht Sales Consultant Position Type: Full-time Experience level:  2-3 years preferred

Reports to: Sales Manager

Job Description and Summary: In this position you will work alongside the McMichael Sales Team to consult with our client boaters, guiding them to find and purchase the best yacht for their modern boating needs. You will work with an experienced team that specializes in premium racing and sailing yachts, as well as high-performance inboard and outboard day and cruising power yachts. You will work with existing clients as well as being responsible for identifying, nurturing, and closing new clients. You will cultivate relationships with our clients and their families that demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism for the McMichael brand. You will be supported by the team to help you locate, acquire, and nurture prospective new client boaters. You will be a part of a sales and service team that caters to the all-encompassing boating needs of the McMichael community of boaters.

  • Active listening
  • Conveying key features and distinguishing selling points of a given boat model
  • Ability to close high-value sales from $500k – $3M
  • Prospect farming
  • Excellent negotiating skills
  • Influencing with content through digital and social media tools
  • Consulting with and guiding clients effectively
  • Proactive mindset that fosters successful unsupervised work
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other team members
  • Close deals on new yacht sales
  • Deliver world class service in the form of professionalism, knowledge, and customer service
  • Acquire and develop prospects into leads, then into new boat sales
  • Attend boat shows and events to meet with and engage boaters
  • Use digital and social media tools to engage with boaters
  • Secure used boat listings
  • Close used boat sales
  • Guide boaters through the research, selection, specification, closing, delivery, and commissioning process
  • Work with the Sales Team to constantly increase brand and model knowledge
  • Influence your client boaters to choose McMichael Yards for their boat servicing and storage needs

The ideal candidate is someone who will enjoy the nautical/boating lifestyle and has grown up around boats. They will have previous experience selling in the corporate environment, in addition to a strong boating background and several years of selling yachts over 30 feet and over $500K. They will be an excellent communicator who is able to convey information clearly and concisely. They will be motivated to constantly learn more and achieve more regarding new boats and sales goals. They will be a person who can collaborate with all the members of the sales team to find creative solutions to barriers and issues.

Experience Level Experienced as a sail or power boater or similar industry background 2-3 years preferred

Salary and benefits: Base of $50 – $70k, commissions, Medical, 401K

John Glynn John brings to McMichael more than three decades of sailing, boating and sales experience. In addition to his time at BEYC, Glynn’s resume includes years as an Associate Editor (and Contributing Editor) for Sailing World magazine, where he was part of the team that created both the “Boat of the Year” awards and the NOOD Regattas. Over the years he has raced aboard C&C 40s, New York 36s, J/35s, Express 37s and Farr 40s, as well as his own J/30 and Soverel 33 Grey Seal. He boats with his family out of Captain Harbor in Greenwich, CT.

“John brings a wealth of experience as a racer, boat owner and industry professional,” said Michael Beers, McMichael Sales Manager. “He will be a fantastic resource for his clients in buying and selling boats. We’re proud to have him on our team, and his background will help us continue to fulfill our motto, ‘Experience Counts!’”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to spend my career in and around the sailing and boating community, enabling me to love the various jobs I’ve held,” said Glynn. “In joining McMichael Yacht Brokers I’ve found another fresh, new outlet from which to apply my knowledge of and passion for yachting. Moreover, I’m able to do that while working in the company of some of the finest yacht brokers in the business. It is my hope to bring to my brokerage customers a sense of confidence and satisfaction as they make yacht transactions, both from the buyer’s and seller’s sides.”

Cameron Campbell Cameron has been boating his entire life, starting as a toddler on Great South Bay on Long Island. He grew up in Connecticut and spent every summer on Long Island Sound. In college he was a member of the University of Rhode Island Sailing Team and also ran operations at the URI Waterfront Center. After college he was an ASA Sailing Instructor at the New York Sailing School on City Island and then for Olympic Circle Sailing on San Francisco Bay. He participated in many regattas on both coasts in both small and large boats. He owned a Sabre for many years which he cruised from Annapolis to Maine. Cameron also has experience with power boats ranging from center consoles though larger cruisers.

Cameron has been working with clients preparing for Bermuda races, extensive blue water cruising, and many that are new to boating.

Rick Fleig Rick grew up on Long Island spending many years sailing on the Sound in everything from J/22′s to J/105′s, Custom C&C 41′s and many other boats, competing in all the major Northeast events. This experience and passion for sailing led him on a path to sail in the 1987 America’s Cup in Perth, Australia with both the Courageous and USA Syndicates. He has sailed in many major international regattas, including the Swan World Championships in Sardinia, the World 6 Meter Championships in Portofino, Italy, and several Newport Bermuda races.

Rick combines his extensive sailing background with both the marine and sports industry, having worked as a regional sales manager at SunfishLaser and Vanguard Sailboats, and prior to that as a regional sales representative with sporting goods giant Nike. He believes that building relationships and understanding the clients’ needs are essential in helping customers have a great experience with their boats. He works out of the McMichael Yacht Broker’s Newport office at the Newport Shipyard.

Rick resides in Portsmouth, RI, with his family, having fallen in love with the Newport area during his many sailing events there. He recently retired as the director/coach of the Portsmouth High School Sailing Team after many years, and along with his wife, Carline, now enjoys his time proudly following their youngest son, Tyler, who just finished his second year at the US Naval Academy. Tyler is a very accomplished sailor himself, and a member of the nationally ranked USNA dinghy sailing team. Rick is a member of Sail Newport and can be seen racing many weeknights and weekends in all the local events in a variety of boats.

Michael Beers Michael is a licensed captain and active racer who began his sailing career in Boston on the Charles River. As someone who did not grow up sailing, he especially enjoys introducing new boaters to the sport. Michael has a proven track record of working tirelessly for his clients, and enjoys working directly with buyers to identify the best possible “next boat” from the many options available. He is an active racer, recently racing in the J/70 fleet at Quantum Key West Race Week and aboard the J/130 Dragonly in the 2012 Newport Bermuda Race.

Prior to joining McMichael in 2007, he captained the 80′ schooner Adirondack II in Newport, RI and was an instructor at Offshore Sailing. In his free time, he enjoys cruising his Sabre.

Todd Williams Todd started sailing on his family’s cruising boat before his memory serves. His love of racing was cultivated through sailing Blue Jays and Lasers in Pequot Yacht Club’s junior program.  Since then he has actively raced in the J105 fleet, J109 fleet, and helped form the J122 class. He also developed and helped launch the LIS IRC 35 class.  Todd is an experienced distance sailor and was involved with winning the Vineyard race class and IRC overall aboard the J122 Partnership.  

Todd enjoys using his extensive knowledge of boating to find his clients the boat that best suits their needs.  He is dedicated to providing the best possible service to all his customers.  Todd can often be found racing with clients and helping them build their racing programs. Through the years, he has custom built many J/Boats, Alerions, and MJM power boats for clients, many of whom he now considers personal friends.

During the winter season you may spot the Williams family on the slopes at Okemo where they have a ski house.

Andy Kaplan Starting October 4, Andrew (Andy) Kaplan has joined the brokerage team at McMichael Yacht Yards & Brokers. The addition increases the McMichael roster to seven full-time yacht brokers serving customers up and down the east coast with a concentration on the Long Island Sound and Narragansett Bay. He will work primarily out of the McMichael Mamaroneck, NY, office as well as Martha’s Vineyard.

“Andy is bringing to McMichael a lifetime of experience in sail and power boating with a keen focus in the sailboat racing world,” said McMichael President Steve Leicht. “His broad familiarity with offshore and one-design sailboats combined with his powerboating experience makes him an ideal addition to our brokerage team.”

Kaplan spent the majority of his career in finance including helping create the Quattro Global Capital, LLC where he was a principal and head of operation and marketing. “I believe that my financial sales and management experience is a great asset as I transition to yacht brokerage,” noted Kaplan. “While they are different industries, to succeed in either you need similar disciplines when matching buyers with the right product. That’s what creates and maintains long term customer relationships.”

Kaplan grew-up in Mamaroneck and has been a member of the Larchmont Yacht Club for over 30 years where he has been active in the Club’s leadership. He lives in New Rochelle, NY, and on Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

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best cruising sailboats 2023

VESSEL REVIEW | Sinichka – Electric commuter boats designed for Russia’s Moskva River

best cruising sailboats 2023

A series of three new electric monohull commuter ferries have already begun operational sailings on the Moskva River in the Russian capital Moscow.

Built by Russian shipyard Emperium, sister vessels Sinichka , Filka , and Presnya – all named after rivers in Moscow – are being operated by the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development (Moscow Deptrans). They are the first units of a planned fleet of 20 vessels that will serve the capital city and other nearby communities. The new ferry system will be the water transport system to be operated on the Moskva River in 16 years.

Each vessel has a welded aluminium hull, an LOA of 21 metres, a beam of 6.2 metres, a draught of only 1.4 metres, a displacement of 40 tonnes, and capacity for 80 passengers plus two crewmembers. Seating is available for 42 passengers on each ferry, and the main cabins are also fitted with USB charging ports, wifi connectivity, tables, toilets, and space for bicycles and scooters. The cabin layout can be rearranged to allow the operator to adjust the distances between the seats and to install armrests of varying widths.

best cruising sailboats 2023

An open upper deck is also accessible to passengers and is the only area on each ferry where smoking is allowed.

The ferries are all of modular construction with each ferry’s wheelhouse, main cabin, and other structural elements being built as complete, separate components. This enables the ferries to be easily dismantled for transport to anywhere in Russia by rail and then quickly re-assembled within seven days.

The ferries are also ice-capable. Recently completed operational trials on the Moskva showed that the vessels can also easily navigate under mild winter conditions with broken surface ice, though year-round operations are planned for the entire fleet.

The ferries are each fitted with 500kWh lithium iron phosphate battery packs that supply power to two 134kW motors. This configuration can deliver a maximum speed of 11.8 knots, a cruising speed of just under 10 knots, and a range of 150 kilometres.

Emperium said the transfer of rotation of electric motors to the propeller is carried out by direct drive. As a propulsion installation, a pulling rotary propeller-steering column with double screws is used. The installation of double pulling screws, with similar power, allows an operator to increase the efficiency of the propulsion system to deliver a slightly higher speed or to reduce energy consumption. This arrangement also provides the ferries with enhanced manoeuvrability necessary for navigating in close quarters.

The batteries themselves have projected service lives of 10 to 12 years and are fitted with safety features such as built-in fire extinguishers and gas vents. Quick-disconnect features allow the batteries to be easily removed for replacement or maintenance.

Some of our readers have expressed disquiet at our publication of reviews and articles describing new vessels from Russia. We at Baird Maritime can understand and sympathise with those views. However, despite the behaviour of the country’s leaders, we believe that the maritime world needs to learn of the latest developments in vessel design and construction there.

Click here to read other news stories, features, opinion articles, and vessel reviews as part of this month’s Passenger Vessel Week.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Béria L. Rodríguez

Baird Maritime

Tags: Emperium Filka Moscow Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Moskva River Presnya Russia Sinichka WBW newbuild

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best cruising sailboats 2023

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THE 10 BEST Moscow Boat Rides & Cruises

Boat rides & cruises in moscow.

  • Boat Rentals
  • Scuba & Snorkeling
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  • Water Sports
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding
  • Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing
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best cruising sailboats 2023

1. Flotilla Radisson Royal


2. Moscow River Boat Tours


3. Sup-Club

best cruising sailboats 2023

4. Akvanavt Diving Centre

best cruising sailboats 2023

5. Diving Center Crocus City Oceanarium

best cruising sailboats 2023

6. CheapRussia Tours


7. Kite School Kiteclass


8. SUP Center

best cruising sailboats 2023

9. Erwin. Reka


11. Easy Russia Tour Guide


12. Lovely Russia Tours


13. Capital River Boat Tours - Moscow Centre


14. Alfa Centr

best cruising sailboats 2023

15. Diving Club Divers

best cruising sailboats 2023

16. Sup Outdoor

best cruising sailboats 2023



19. Soho Sailing Style

best cruising sailboats 2023

20. Mosparokhodstvo


21. Diving Center Crocodile

best cruising sailboats 2023

22. Dive-Project

best cruising sailboats 2023

24. Kosinskiy Children Marine Club

best cruising sailboats 2023

25. Kayak Moscow



best cruising sailboats 2023

27. FLOW Moscow

best cruising sailboats 2023

28. Moswake

best cruising sailboats 2023

29. Morskiye Volki

best cruising sailboats 2023

30. S-cruises


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  • CheapRussia Tours
  • Easy Russia Tour Guide
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  • Insider Moscow Tours
  • Flotilla Radisson Royal
  • Moscow River Boat Tours
  • Capital River Boat Tours - Moscow Centre
  • Diving Center Crocus City Oceanarium

Baltimore Port: What impact will bridge collapse have on shipping?

U.S. President Joe Biden visits the Port of Baltimore


Current status of cargo ships inside port, cruise ships, london metal exchange warehouses, bunker fuel.

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Reporting by Josephine Mason, Nick Carey, Helen Reid, Jonathan Saul, Nigel Hunt, Marwa Rashad, Scott DiSavino, Shariq Khan and Eric Onstad; Compiled by Josephine Mason and Nina Chestney; Editing by Nick Macfie and Nick Zieminski

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. , opens new tab

Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore

India objects to US remarks on opposition figure Kejriwal's arrest

India strongly objected on Wednesday to U.S. remarks about its "internal affairs" after the arrest of Delhi's chief minister, a government rival, and the freezing of opposition Congress party bank accounts ahead of an election.

France's Prime Minister Gabriel Attal attends a

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Cruising World Logo

New Boat Showcase 2023: Excitement Abounds

  • By Cruising World Editors
  • September 26, 2022

A logjam of boat debuts that were postponed during the pandemic finally broke free in 2022, bringing a heavy influx of new models to the docks. Thus, the question on our minds heading into this fall boat-show season is: What will be left for the 2023 model year? The answer: plenty . The lineup of new boats set to debut at venues this fall and into next year remains stout, with a wide variety of creative new designs, many of which are nominees in this year’s CW Boat of the Year awards. In the following pages, we offer a sneak peek of the most buzzworthy launches. You can follow the URLs for a deeper dive into boats that pique your interest, then inspect them in person at a show near you. 

Oyster 495

Oyster Yachts collaborated with Humphreys Yacht Design on this elegant 50-footer, which focuses on couples and other shorthanded crews who are headed for bluewater adventures. An in-mast furling main and electric winches are standard, as are twin wheels in the cockpit, located a bit forward on the clutter-free deck. The 495 has three staterooms below. oysteryachts.com


With more than 15,000 J’s built since 1977, the team at J/Boats is now adding this 45-footer, which has a carbon, double-spreader fractional rig. The boat is built tough with SCRIMP resin-infused molding for the foam-cored hull and deck. Below, French interior designer Isabelle Racoupeau added an elegant touch to the decor.  jboats.com

First 44

Bridging the gap between high-tech racing and performance cruising, the First 36 is designed to fully plane in a moderate breeze. Or, owners can ditch the racing gear altogether and take the family out cruising aboard the three-stateroom model, which has a galley and a central fridge. Part of the same model line is the First 44, which is available in a performance version with a different deck plan, and options for keels and masts. beneteau.com

Excess 14

Excess Catamarans in France, following up on the launch of the 37-foot Excess 11, has added the 52-foot Excess 14 to its model line. The boat has a low boom, reduced windage thanks to lower freeboard, redesigned hull windows, an aft-set coachroof, a forward stepped mast, a composite bowsprit and an exposed forefoot. Three- and four-stateroom versions are available with an option for a sky lounge. excess-catamarans.com  

Bali 4.4

With piercing bows and exterior lines drawn by designer Xavier Fäy, the Bali 4.4 has a forward cockpit with dedicated lounging and sunbathing areas, as well as separate interior access. There are living areas amidships and aft, and a helm station with panoramic views on the coachroof, accessible from both sides. bali-catamarans.com

Italia 11.98

Limited wetted surface and a generous sail area help the Italia 11.98 perform well, even in light air. This boat is designed for shorthanded ease of use. There are three staterooms below (one forward, two aft) and two heads. Owners also can outfit the boat with a full race package. italiayachts.com

Aura 51

New from this French builder of sailing cats is the Aura 51, which has an open living arrangement that connects the salon, galley and cockpit. The flybridge is big enough to accommodate 2,000 watts’ worth of flush-deck solar panels for sustainable ­cruising. The boat is available in four layouts, including a “full maestro” version that dedicates the port hull to an owner’s ­stateroom. fountaine-pajot.com  

Contest 49CS

The Dutch builder’s first aft cockpit model in the 50-foot range includes options for all-electric propulsion and sustainability. Living areas forward of and abaft the inboard twin helm stations create space for guests to spread out. The three-stateroom accommodations plan leaves space for a tender garage and a submersible swim platform. An integral carbon-fiber A-frame mast configuration has an incorporated hydraulic furler for easier off-wind sailing. contestyachts.com

Dehler 46SQ

The Dehler 46SQ strikes a balance between performance racing and relaxation. The ­redesigned cockpit is uncluttered, with fewer plastic parts and more elements stowed out of sight. An integrated footrest allows for extra comfort at the helm, and folds flush to the deck when not in use. There’s a remote-control-­operated swim platform for water access. For race days, owners have membrane sails and carbon rigging.  dehler.com

Dufour 37

The Dufour 37 is built to handle easy coastal cruising, ocean itineraries and performance sailing. The 37 is available in two- or three-stateroom versions, and the design emphasizes outdoor living, with extra space in the cockpit. The 37’s new hull form is built to deliver a greater power-to-weight ratio, and the mast has been ­elongated for increased sail area. dufour-yachts.com

Elan E6

Elan Yachts worked with Humphreys Yacht Design and the technical team at Gurit to create the 50-foot E6. The team used 3D Vail technology to enhance lightness and stiffness, and to optimize the hull with a T-shaped keel. Performance characteristics are the result of scale-model in-house testing with an Olympic sailing team. This boat is designed to be sailed by an experienced couple, with twin rudders and helms, and with Harken winches positioned for precision trimming and fast, unobstructed movements. elan-yachts.com

Grand Soleil 40

The GS40 from Grand Soleil Yachts is designed for speed and responsiveness without sacrificing volume and comfort. Multiple versions are available: performance, which includes four winches and a self-tacking jib; standard, with three staterooms, one head and a technical compartment for added stowage; and a three-stateroom, two-head layout. A 72-footer is also on the way. The builder says it will have an Italian aesthetic. grandsoleil.net

Hallberg-Rassy 400

Swedish builder Hallberg-Rassy is premiering a sporty-looking 40-footer designed by Germán Frers. The HR400 has a sizable cockpit, and twin wheels and rudders. Owners can choose a slightly overlapping genoa or self-tacking jib, one or two heads, and a two- or three-stateroom layout below. hallberg-rassy.com  

B-Yachts Brenta 34

The first of a new generation of B-Yachts, the Brenta 34 is billed as a luxury racer that can sail fast in all wind conditions, yet remain easy to handle with a crew or singlehanded. Performance comes from the boat’s light weight, minimalistic interior and sleek waterlines. Owners who want to use the B34 for cruising can opt for a removable cockpit table, spray hood, hot shower in the cockpit, and removable swim ladder.  b-yachts.com

Hanse 460

The Hanse 460 is the first Hanse yacht designed by French design team Berret-Racoupeau. Innovations include a hydrodynamic hull shape, a tall rig for a maximized sail plan, and a standard bowsprit with an integrated anchor arm. Accommodations can include six to 10 berths, with a roomy owner’s stateroom and an upsize galley. hanseyachts.com

Lyman-Morse 46

Few builders are creating wood performance cruisers these days,  but Maine’s Lyman-Morse yard is. The cold-molded 46-footer is designed by Kiwi Kevin Dibley, and is fashioned from Douglas fir and western red cedar. Double headsails and twin wheels help make the boat easily capable of 10-plus-knot speeds, while the onboard ambience comes in part from Herreshoff-style white ­bulkheads and varnished trim below.  lymanmorse.com

Jeanneau 55

Following recent launches of the 60 and 65, Jeanneau now offers the Jeanneau 55, which is a collaboration between Phillipe Briand and Winch Design. Its dual-cockpit deck plan leaves the aft cockpit dedicated to relaxation, with the forward cockpit set up for handling. Below, the owner’s stateroom is forward and occupies about two-thirds of the interior. jeanneauamerica.com

Lagoon 51

The flybridge on the Lagoon 51 spans 80 percent of the coachroof, helping to create enough space on board for separate sunbathing and dining areas, roomy stern platforms, and more than 3,000 watts of integrated solar panels for greener cruising. The boat is available with three to six staterooms for private cruising or charter. To help with flow when more people are aboard, the salon has improved circulation with the mast set forward, which also increases the volume in the owner’s stateroom.  cata-lagoon.com

Moody DS41

The DS41 is a sporty design with a slender bow, steeply pitched stem, and convex sheerline. The hull windows and a sweeping roofline blend the deckhouse into the overall aesthetic for a one-level living concept. A high-performance sail plan helps with speed, while the minimalist interior belowdecks is warm and inviting.  moodyyachts.com

Nautitech 44 Open

The 44 Open is the first new Nautitech model in three years, and it focuses on the needs of private owners such as couples, families and other shorthanded crews. Naval architect Marc Lombard drew the slippery hull. The boat has a reversed bow, a boom mounted low above the coachroof, and a sweeping curve to the deck line. nautitechcatamarans.com

Neel 43

The Neel 43 is the smallest yacht in the builder’s lineup, but it’s built to be big on performance. Designed by Marc Lombard, the 43 is intended to be easily operable by a shorthanded crew. The helm station is to starboard with a triple seat for comfort and commanding views. neel-trimarans.com


The X4.3 underwent a serious makeover for 2023, essentially becoming a smaller version of the X5.6. The modifications are ­aplenty, including are designed hull shape with the max beam brought further aft and with soft chines, allowing improved downwind performance and a wider cockpit; a redesigned deck and deck liner; a new sprayhood layout for added protection from weather at sea and improved sightlines at the helm; and larger berths aft, thanks to a slight ­raising of the cockpit floor.  x-yachts.com

Signature 650

Designed by Franck Darnet and Marc Lombard, the Privilege 650 is an evolution of the builder’s 640. New features include an adjustable interior layout, more windows and headroom, a redesigned foredeck and sun lounge, and an aft-facing cockpit lounge. The optional carbon rig adds 19.7 inches to the mast and 11.8 inches to the boom, adding 32 square feet to the genoa and 64.5 square feet to the mainsail. privilegecatamaransamerica.com

Oceanis 34.1

attention to making the onboard experience feel even roomier. For starters, the Oceanis 34.1 has more volume forward in the owner’s stateroom than the 35.1 it replaces in the builder’s model line. That volume is thanks in part to a flared bow and hard chines that run from stem to stern. On a larger scale, Beneteau’s new flagship, the Oceanis Yacht 60, has the same volume as the brand’s 62-foot predecessor.  beneteau.com

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  1. 13 Best Cruising Sailboats in 2023 & Why They're Better

    best cruising sailboats 2023

  2. 2023 Boat of the Year: Best Cruising Multihull

    best cruising sailboats 2023

  3. 13 Best Cruising Sailboats in 2023 & Why They're Better

    best cruising sailboats 2023

  4. The Best Cruising Sailboats and Their Fundamental Qualities

    best cruising sailboats 2023

  5. Best Boat Nominees 2023

    best cruising sailboats 2023

  6. SAIL’s 2023 Best Boats Awards >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News: Providing

    best cruising sailboats 2023


  1. New Sailboats! Annapolis

  2. First Time Carnival Cruiser 2023

  3. New 2023 Bavaria Yachts C 42 Performance Offshore Cruising Sailboat Video Sailing in San Diego Bay


  5. Cruising Along

  6. Sailboats Under 100k


  1. SAIL Top 10 Best Boats for 2023

    For almost 20 years, we've called this awards program SAIL Best Boats, but this year, we're refining and renaming this program to better and more fairly represent the boats we've selected. Restricting boats to categories and labels—such as Best Cruising Monohull 30-40 feet and Best Performance Monohull 40-50 feet—doesn't bring our readers the full picture.

  2. 13 Best Cruising Sailboats in 2023 & Why They're Better

    Island Packet 420. Fountaine Pajot Saona 47. Lagoon 450F. Bavaria Cruiser 46. One aspect that sets these sailboats apart is their focus on innovation and performance. Let's take a closer look at the 13 best cruising sailboats of 2023 and explore what makes them stand out from the rest.

  3. 2023 Boat of the Year: Best Full-Size Cruiser

    Relatively compact offerings ruled the waves with regard to the Boat of the Year fleet for 2023, and nowhere was this more evident than in the "big boat" Full-Size Cruiser division, with a quartet of nominees firmly ensconced in the 40- to 50-foot range.But this Euro-centric class—a pair of entries came from German consortium Hanse Yachts AG, with Sweden (Hallberg-Rassy) and Slovenia ...

  4. 2023 Boat of the Year: Best Midsize Cruiser

    Finalist: Beneteau Oceanis 34.1. The Beneteau Oceanis 34.1 is the latest in the French builder's Oceanis line of cruisers, following the Oceanis 30.1, an earlier BOTY award winner. "There is a lot to like about the Oceanis 34.1, starting with the way the boat handles," Pillsbury says of the twin-wheel 34-foot yacht.

  5. 2023 Boat of the Year: Best Performance Cruiser

    Lyman-Morse LM46 Jon Whittle. Our Domestic Boat of the Year is a showstopper on multiple levels, a boat built by the midcoast Maine company that produced the beautiful Seguin line back in the day, of which the LM46 is a worthy successor. Sherman peels back the technical layers: "Mastervolt lithium battery power and a 120-amp, high-output ...

  6. The SAIL Top 10 Best Boats

    SAIL Top 10 Best Boats for 2023. Every year, sailboat manufacturers around the world launch their latest models, ... You could be forgiven for not realizing the F-22 trimaran is, in fact, a first-rate pocket cruiser. The boat's narrow, plumb-bow entry, powerful amas, sleekly sculpted cabintrunk, expansive cockpit and powerful high-aspect rig ...

  7. Best Boat Nominees 2023

    Hallberg-Rassy 400. The Hallberg-Rassy 400 is exactly the kind of boat you'd want for some truly adventurous sailing—a real sailor's boat. Twin helms and twin rudders provide a combination of great sightlines forward and rock-solid control at all angles of heel.

  8. 5 Best Cruising Sailboats In 2024

    The Corbin 39 is a beautiful blue water sailboat. It is a very rare boat with a proud history. Only a handful of these boats were finished to completion in the factory, the majority were sold as kits and built by the boat's owner. Because of this method of production, this model can vary drastically on the inside.

  9. SAIL's 2023 Best Boats Awards

    The SAIL Top 10 Best Boats for 2023: Beneteau First 36. From the judges: "A versatile, very lively craft that will appeal strongly to both dedicated racing sailors and performance-oriented ...

  10. 2023 Boat of the Year Best Multihull: Neel 43

    Boat of the Year judges test the Neel 43 in Annapolis with ideal conditions to test the power and handling of the lightweight performance cruising trimaran. Walter Cooper

  11. 2023 Boat of the Year Awards

    A fleet of 17 sailboats vie for top honors in the 2023 edition of Cruising World's Boat of the Year competition in ideal conditions on Chesapeake Bay. ... 2023 Boat of the Year: Best Overall Winner Two for the Blue. When the spray had settled, at the top of the leader board was a pair of yachts destined for blue water and beyond: the Lyman ...

  12. 2023 Boat of the Year Best Crossover: J/45

    The rudder had a lot of bite, and the boat was—as described by the designer—a stable and powerful boat. "On top of that, it had great sails, was well-prepared, had good sailors on board, and ...

  13. Best Family Cruisers: 7 Top Picks In 2023

    5. Boston Whaler 405 Conquest. Boston Whaler is one of the most famous American boat builders beloved by families across the country for generations, with a reputation for selling unsinkable boats. The 405 conquest is the builder's modern family cruiser, great for "week-ending".

  14. 2023 Boat of the Year Best Dinghy: Tiwal 3R

    Tiwal 3R 2023 Best Dinghy. Stated purpose: Recreational sailing, one-design and rally racing. Crew: One to two. Praise for: Performance, comfort, portability. Est. price as sailed: $8,900. The ...

  15. Eighteen Bluewater Sailboats We Love

    Bluewater sailboats are strong, able to carry lots of fresh water and fuel for long-range cruising. ... the Swan 58 needs to combine the spaces of bluewater sailboats with a fast cruiser performances. Key details include a deck featuring soft and rounded shapes, a new cockpit design, a redefined coach-roof style and large swimming platform ...

  16. Cruising World 2023 Boat of the Year: Best Performance Cruiser

    Lyman-Morse LM46 Jon Whittle. Our Domestic Boat of the Year is a showstopper on multiple levels, a boat built by the midcoast Maine company that produced the beautiful Seguin line back in the day, of which the LM46 is a worthy successor. Sherman peels back the technical layers: "Mastervolt lithium battery power and a 120-amp, high-output ...


    A series of three new electric monohull commuter ferries have already begun operational sailings on the Moskva River in the Russian capital Moscow. Built by Russian shipyard Emperium, sister vessels Sinichka, Filka, and Presnya - all named after rivers in Moscow - are being operated by the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development […]

  18. THE 10 BEST Moscow Boat Rides & Cruises (Updated 2024)

    Explore the scenic and historic attractions of Moscow from the water with the best boat tours and cruises. Enjoy the views of the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and the Sparrow Hills on a relaxing or informative boat ride. Or, spice up your trip with some water sports and activities in Moscow. Find out more on Tripadvisor.

  19. 2023 Boat of the Year: Best Cruising Multihull

    The multihull genie is out of the bottle, and there's no evidence it will ever return. That reality was once again underlined in the 2023 Boat of the Year trials, where the Cruising Multihull class, with five legitimate contenders, was certainly among the strongest categories. Particularly notable this year was the dominance of French ...

  20. Baltimore Port: What impact will bridge collapse have on shipping?

    More than 40 ships remained inside Baltimore port, including small cargo ships, tug boats and pleasure craft, data from ship tracking and maritime analytics provider MarineTraffic shows ...

  21. The best river cruises and excursions in Moscow

    ⚓ The best Moscow boat trips and excursions. Restaurant cruises. Buy tickets online with a discount. Regular schedule. Best boat trips in Moscow En. Ru; [email protected] ... Navigation is completed in 2023; Next tour: 1300 ₽ Learn more Boat trip from Moscow City complex 2 hours 15 minutes. Departure from the most modern and attractive ...

  22. Best of the Best

    For nearly 25 years, Cruising World 's annual Boat of the Year program has been the recognized leader in inspecting, testing and rewarding the best sailboats introduced into the US market by boatbuilders the world over. Throughout the history of the competition, the rotating crew of judges has sailed hundreds of boats, and in doing so, helped ...

  23. Russian cruiser Moskva

    Moskva, formerly Slava, was a guided missile cruiser of the Russian Navy.Commissioned in 1983, she was the lead ship of the Project 1164 Atlant class, named after the city of Moscow.With a crew of 510, Moskva was the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet and the most powerful warship in the region. The cruiser was deployed during conflicts in Georgia (2008), Crimea (2014), and Syria (2015).

  24. Video shows moment a Baltimore bridge collapses after ship collision

    Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed after it was struck by a large ship, according to video obtained by CNN. Hear the 911 dispatch the moment it happened. RFK Jr. supporters were asked ...

  25. New Boat Showcase 2023: Excitement Abounds

    On a larger scale, Beneteau's new flagship, the Oceanis Yacht 60, has the same volume as the brand's 62-foot predecessor. beneteau.com. Outlook on new sailboat models for 2023, including Oyster 495, J/Boat 45, Beneteau First 36, First 44, Excess 14, Fountaine Pajot, Dufour, Halberg-Rassy.