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How is the quality of Bluewater boats?

  • Thread starter wink21
  • Start date Sep 11, 2009
  • Sep 11, 2009

So far, I've walked away from a couple of boats based on input from the forum and lost out on a couple of good ones that were snapped up quick. I just came across this one http://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/boa/1369163351.html In all of my boat reading in past couple of months, I have not come across Bluewater. Does anyone know about these boats? It has one of the motors that has been highly recommended on the form - the 3L/130HP Mercruiser Any input or advice on this would be appreciated. I simply don't want to buy a boat with a bad trackrecord or that has a hard time with finding parts. Thanks Scott  


Supreme Mariner

Re: How is the quality of Bluewater boats? Haven't heard anything particular bad about them. I don't believe they are in business any longer. That one has a reliable powerplant which should be good power in that sized boat and the price is certainly right. Check carefully for rot in the deck and transom. Could be a real nice find.  


Chief Petty Officer

Re: How is the quality of Bluewater boats? My grandfather still to this day cruises his 1967 Blue Water all over the place, it is in great condition and has had no major problem with more that 3000 hours on it. They are like any other boat, if you take care of it it will last a lifetime.  


  • Sep 12, 2009

Re: How is the quality of Bluewater boats? Blue Water is now owned by Kal Kustom boats, same folks that own Reinell. The two come off their plant in Oregon, and are still in business. The current boats usually share the same hulls at the Reinell boats, or use older molds. I see a number of Blue Water boats here in the NW. I'm not sure when they were bought by Kal Kustom.  


Home » Blog » Bluewater sailboats » The best bluewater sailboats (we analyzed 2,000 boats to find out)

The best bluewater sailboats (we analyzed 2,000 boats to find out)

By Author Fiona McGlynn

Posted on Last updated: May 16, 2023

We analyzed two-thousand bluewater sailboats to bring you a list of proven offshore designs


What are the best bluewater sailboats?

This was a question we asked a lot of experienced cruisers when we decided to sail across the Pacific. We needed a boat after all, and we wanted to buy the best bluewater sailboat we could afford.

We heard a lot of strong opinions.

Some sailors thought it was reckless to go offshore in any boat that didn’t have a full keel.

Others prioritized performance, and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere in a slow boat like the Westsail 32 (a.k.a. a “Wet Snail 32”).

Opinions like these left us feeling confused like we had to choose between safety and performance.  

If we learned anything from these conversations, it’s that what makes a bluewater boat is a hotly debated topic!

However, there’s a way to cut through all the opinions and get to the bottom of it. The solution is….

We analyzed just under 2,000 boats embarking on ocean crossings (over a 12 year time period) and came up with a list of the ten best bluewater sailboats.

Where did we get our data?

The data for our best bluewater sailboats list comes from 12 years of entries in the Pacific Puddle Jump (PPJ), an annual cross-Pacific rally. We took part in 2017 and had a ball!

You can read about the methodology we used to analyze this data at the bottom of the post.

What do we mean by “best”?

We know, that word is overused on the internet!

Simply, based on our data set, these were the most common makes and models entered in the PPJ cross-Pacific rally. There were at least 10 PPJ rally entries for every make of boat on our top 10 list.

So, these boats are 100% good to go?

No! A bluewater boat isn’t necessarily a seaworthy boat. Almost every cruiser we know made substantial repairs and additions to get their offshore boat ready, adding watermakers , life rafts, solar panels, and more.

Also, you should always have a boat inspected by a professional and accredited marine surveyor before buying it or taking it offshore.

But my bluewater baby boat isn’t on this list!?

There are hundreds of excellent bluewater yachts that are not on this list. For instance, we sailed across the Pacific in a Dufour 35, which didn’t even come close to making our top 10 list.

Choosing the right boat is very much an individual journey.

Where can I find these bluewater boats for sale?

We recognize that a top 10 list won’t get you very far if you’re shopping for a bluewater boat (especially if you’re looking in the used market).

So, to help you find your perfect boat, we’re going to create a big list of bluewater boats that you can use to refine your search on Yachtworld, Craigslist, or any other places to buy a used boat .

Sign up for our newsletter to get our big list of bluewater boats list as soon as it comes out.

We’re also working on a series of posts by size class. For example, if you’re looking for a smaller boat, you can narrow it down to the best bluewater sailboats under 40 feet .

Takeaways from our analysis

There were no big surprises on an individual boat level. All of these makes are considered good cruisers, some of them are even best-selling designs! However, there were a few things that caught our eye.

“Go simple, go small, go now” still holds water

We were thrilled to see the smallest boat in our roundup at the very top of the list! Westsail 32 owners can take pride in their small but mighty yachts (and ignore all those snail-sayers).

While undoubtedly there’s been a trend towards bigger bluewater cruisers in recent years, small cruising sailboats seem to be holding their own. 60% of the monohulls on this list were under 40 feet (if you count the Valiant 40 which sneaks just under at 39.92 feet).

Cat got our tongue

So, we knew catamarans were a thing, but we didn’t fully appreciate HOW popular they’d become!

50% of our top 10 bluewater boat list consists of catamarans—a good fact to toss out the next time you’re trying to garner a happy hour invite on the party boat next door (which will undoubtedly be a catamaran).

Still got it!

We’ve got good news for all you good old boat lovers! 60% of the boats on our list were first built before 2000.

While these older models are less performance-oriented than modern designs, cruisers value these boats for their ability to stand up to rough seas and heavy weather. It just goes to show that solid bones and classic looks never go out of style.

Alright, without further ado, let’s dive into our list of the 10 best bluewater boats!

The 10 best bluewater boats

best bluewater sailboats

1. Westsail 32

The Westsail 32 is an iconic bluewater sailboat

The Westsail 32 is one of the most iconic bluewater cruisers and 19 have set out to cross the Pacific in the PPJ rally since 2009.

In 1973, this small cruising sailboat garnered a 4-page spread in Time magazine. The article inspired many Americans to set sail and the Westsail 32, with its double-ender design, set the standard for what a real bluewater cruiser should look like.

There were approximately 830 built between 1971 and 1980.

This small boat has taken sailors on ocean crossings and circumnavigations. Though considered “slow” by some, the heavily-built Westsail 32 has developed a loyal following for her other excellent offshore cruising characteristics.

If you’re interested in small bluewater sailboats, check out our post on the best small sailboats for sailing around the world .

2. Lagoon 380

Lagoon 380

The Lagoon 380 is a reliable, solidly built catamaran and considered roomy for its size. We counted 18 of them in our data set. With over 800 boats built , it may be one of the best-selling catamarans in the world. Like the other boats on this list, the Lagoon 380 has proven itself on long passages and ocean crossings, winning it many loyal fans.

3. Lagoon 440

Lagoon 440 is a bluewater catamaran

18 Lagoon 440s have set out to cross the Pacific in the PPJ rally since 2009.

Why leave the comforts of home, when you can take them with you? The Lagoon 440 is a luxurious long-range cruiser, offering beautiful wood joinery, spacious accommodations, and a deluxe galley. Oh, and you have the option of an electric boat motor !

SAIL and Sailing Magazine have both done in-depth reviews of the Lagoon 440 if you want to learn more.

4. Amel Super Maramu (incl. SM 2000)

Amel Super Maramu is a popular bluewater sailboat

If you follow the adventures of SV Delos on YouTube, you probably know that the star of the show (SV Delos— in case the title didn’t give it away ) is an Amel Super Maramu. These classic bluewater sailboats can be found all over the world, proof they can go the distance.

We counted 16 Amel Super Maramus and Super Maramu 2000s in our list of PPJ entries.

Ready to join the cult of Amel? Read more about the iconic brand in Yachting World.

5. Valiant 40

The Valiant 40 is an iconic bluewater cruiser

When I interviewed legendary yacht designer, Bob Perry, for Good Old Boat in 2019, he told me that the Valiant 40 was one of the boats that most defined him and marked the real start of his career.

At the time, heavy displacement cruisers were considered sluggish and slow, especially in light winds.

Perry’s innovation with the Valiant 40 was to combine a classic double ender above the waterline, with an IOR racing hull shape below the waterline. The result was the first “performance cruiser”, a blockbuster hit, with over 200 boats built in the 1970s.

It’s no surprise we counted 16 Valiant 40s in our data set.

Cruising World magazine dubbed it “a fast, comfortable, and safe cruising yacht,” and there’s no doubt it’s covered some serious nautical miles.

It’s worth noting that there were blistering problems with hull numbers 120-249 (boats built between 1976 and 1981). Later models did not have this problem. Despite the blistering issues, the Valiant 40 remains one of the most highly thought of bluewater designs.

6. TAYANA 37

The Tayana 37 is a top bluewater boat

The Tayana 37 is another hugely popular Perry design. The first boat rolled off the production line in 1976 and since then, nearly 600 boats have been built. Beautiful classic lines and a proven track record have won the Tayana 37 a devoted following of offshore enthusiasts.

12 Tayana 37s have set out to cross the Pacific in the PPJ rally since 2009. Read more about the Tayana 37 in this Practical Sailor review .

7. Lagoon 450

The Lagoon 450 is one of the best bluewater sailboats

If this list is starting to sound like a paid advertisement, I swear we’re not on Lagoon’s payroll! This is the third Lagoon on our list, but the data doesn’t lie. Lagoon is making some of the best cruising sailboats.

The 450 has been a hot seller for Lagoon, with over 800 built since its launch in 2014. While not a performance cat, the Lagoon 450 travels at a reasonable speed and is brimming with luxury amenities.

At least 12 owners in the PPJ rally chose the Lagoon 450 to take them across the Pacific. It’s no wonder SAIL had so many good things to say about it.

8. Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46

Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46 Bluewater Sailboat

There were 11 Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46s in our data set.

Fountaine Pajot released the Bahia 46 in 1997, a sleek design for traveling long distances. Its generously-sized water and fuel tanks along with ample storage for cruising gear are a real plus for the self-sufficient sailor.

According to Cruising World , “Cruising-cat aficionados should put the Bahia 46 on their “must-see” list.”

9. Catalina 42 (MKI, MKII)

Catalina 42 bluewater boat

10 Catalina 42s (MKI and MKII) have set out to cross the Pacific in the PPJ rally since 2009.

The Catalina 42 was designed under the guidance of the legendary yacht designer and Catalina’s chief engineer, Gerry Douglas.

One of Catalina’s philosophies is to offer “as much boat for the money as possible,” and the Catalina 42 is no exception. According to Practical Sailor , Catalina aims to price its boats 15% to 20% below major production boats like Hunter and Beneteau.

Practical Sailor has a great in-depth review of the Catalina 42 .

10. Leopard 46

Leopard 46 bluewater sailboat

Since 2009, 10 Leopard 46s have embarked on Pacific crossings in the PPJ rally.

Leopards have won legions of fans for their high build quality, robust engineering, and excellent performance.

The Leopard 46 also boasts something of a racing pedigree. It was built in South Africa by Robertson and Caine and designed by Gino Morelli and Pete Melvin, who came up with the record-breaking catamaran Playstation / Cheyenne 125 .

Read more about the Leopard 46 in this Cruising World review .


What the data is and isn’t.

The PPJ data was a real boon because it reflects a wide range of cruising boats: small, big, old, new, expensive, and affordable. We think this may be because the PPJ is a very financially accessible rally—the standard entry cost is $125 or $100 if you’re under 35 (age or boat length!).

We did look at data from other (pricier) rallies but found that the results skewed towards more expensive boats.

Needless to say, the data we used is just a sample of the bluewater boats that crossed the Pacific over the last 10+ years. Many cruisers cross oceans without participating in a rally!

Entries vs. completions

The data we used is a list of the PPJ entries, not necessarily the boats that completed the rally. In instances where we saw the same boat entered multiple years in a row, we assumed they’d postponed their crossing and deleted all but the latest entry to avoid double counting.

Boat make variations

The world of boat building and naming can get pretty complicated. Sometimes a manufacturer changes a boat’s name a year or two into production, other times the name remains the same but the boat undergoes a dramatic update.

For the most part, we’ve used SailboatData.com’s classification system (if they list the boats separately, then we have also), except where there are two separately listed models that have the same LOA, beam, and displacement.

Fiona McGlynn

Fiona McGlynn is an award-winning boating writer who created Waterborne as a place to learn about living aboard and traveling the world by sailboat. She has written for boating magazines including BoatUS, SAIL, Cruising World, and Good Old Boat. She’s also a contributing editor at Good Old Boat and BoatUS Magazine. In 2017, Fiona and her husband completed a 3-year, 13,000-mile voyage from Vancouver to Mexico to Australia on their 35-foot sailboat.

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Sail Universe

Editor’s Choice: 18 Bluewater Sailboats We Love

Advantages of bluewater sailboats, factors to consider when buying a blue water sailboat, allures 51.9, contest 55cs, discovery revelation 480, grand soleil 42 lc, hallberg-rassy 48mk ii, island packet 349, j/boats j/45, najad 395 cc, outbound 56.

Bluewater sailboats

Looking to sail the open seas? Bluewater sailboats are your answer. With their sturdy construction and ability to handle rough conditions, these boats are designed for serious offshore sailing adventures. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of blue water sailboats and provide you with everything you need to know. From their unique features to their advantages and considerations, we will explore it all.

Bluewater sailboats are known for their strength and durability. Built to withstand the challenging conditions of ocean crossings, these boats offer stability and safety on long voyages. Whether you’re planning a solo trip or setting off with a crew, a blue water sailboat is an excellent option to explore the depths.

We will discuss the key characteristics that make blue water sailboats stand out, such as their hull design, rigging, and navigation systems. Additionally, we’ll explore the various types and sizes available to help you find the perfect fit for your sailing aspirations.

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of embarking on a thrilling ocean adventure, join us as we navigate the world of bluewater sailboats and uncover everything you need to know.

Bluewater sailboats are designed to withstand the demanding conditions encountered during long ocean voyages. They possess several key characteristics that set them apart from other types of sailboats. 

bluewater sailboats

1. Sturdy Construction

Bluewater sailboats are built with robust materials and construction techniques to ensure their strength and durability. They feature reinforced hulls made of fiberglass, aluminum, or steel, which can withstand the impact of large waves and adverse weather conditions. These boats are designed to handle the constant stresses of offshore sailing without compromising their structural integrity.

2. Seaworthiness

One of the defining characteristics of bluewater sailboats is their seaworthiness. They are designed to handle rough seas and strong winds, providing a stable and comfortable ride even in challenging conditions. The shape of their hulls, with a deep V or modified full-keel design, allows them to cut through waves and maintain stability, minimizing the rolling motion commonly experienced on other types of sailboats.

3. Self-Sustainability

Bluewater sailboats are equipped with systems that enable self-sustainability during long voyages. They typically have large water and fuel tanks, allowing sailors to carry ample supplies for extended periods at sea. In addition, these boats often come equipped with renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines, reducing the reliance on external power sources.

Bluewater sailboats offer numerous advantages for sailors looking to embark on offshore adventures. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing a blue water sailboat for your next sailing journey.

1. Safety and Stability

When sailing across vast oceans, safety is paramount. Bluewater sailboats provide a high level of safety and stability, thanks to their sturdy construction and seaworthiness. These boats are designed to handle adverse weather conditions and rough seas, ensuring the safety of the crew and the vessel. The robust hulls and well-balanced designs make them less prone to capsizing or taking on water, providing peace of mind during long voyages.

2. Long-Distance Capability

Bluewater sailboats are specifically designed for long-distance sailing. They have the capacity to carry ample supplies, including food, water, and fuel, allowing sailors to embark on extended journeys without the need for frequent resupply stops. With their self-sustainability features and efficient hull designs, these boats can cover long distances efficiently and comfortably.

3. Comfort and Liveability

Living aboard a bluewater sailboat for an extended period requires comfort and practicality. These boats are designed with spacious interiors, allowing for comfortable living quarters during long voyages. They often feature multiple cabins, a well-equipped galley, and ample storage space for provisions and personal belongings. The layout and design of blue water sailboats prioritize functionality and convenience, ensuring a comfortable living experience even in the middle of the ocean.

And now… it’s time to discover together our selection of 18 Bluewater sailboats we love!

The Allures 51.9 innovates with its full-beam aft owner’s cabin. This model disrupts the codes of the yard also outside with its cockpit of 6 meters long with sunbath and swim platform for comfort; the navigation space can be protected by a hardtop to navigate in any security. The boat has a length of 51.9 feet (15.8 meters) and a beam (width) of 15.4 feet (4.7 meters). It is equipped with a fixed keel and a composite hull, which provides good stability and seaworthiness. The Allures 51.9 is available in a variety of configurations, including a three-cabin layout with a spacious owner’s cabin and two guest cabins, or a two-cabin layout with a larger owner’s cabin and a smaller guest cabin. It is also equipped with a well-equipped galley, a large saloon, and a navigation station.  Allures official website .

amel 60 Bluewater sailboats

In a dynamic evolution and complementary to their range,  Amel  launched a larger model, with a higher specification and built with attention to details. Riding on the success of the  Amel 50 , the Amel 60 is an enhanced version of the new Amel design . The brand’s fundamental characteristics are well represented in this large yacht, with an additional 10 feet increasing her volume as well as her interior and exterior living spaces, while still ensuring ease of use for a small crew. 

Signed Berret-Racoupeau, the generous volumes of this large yacht have been designed to allow owners and their guests to fully enjoy life on board, while preserving everyone’s privacy: a large living space in the saloon, an ultra-equipped high-end galley three cabins each with a bathroom, an even larger protected cockpit, opening onto sunbathing areas ideal for relaxation.

contest 55cs Bluewater sailboats

The  Dutch specialist  in semi-custom constructions Contest Yachts presented the brand new 17-metre Contest 55CS at Boot Dusseldorf 2020. Don’t call it “simply” a  bluewater  yacht. The stunning lines both above and below water from star designers Judel/Vrolijk shall ensure a real sporty character. A newly conceived interior styling now features an even bigger flowing corner radius to the exquisitely finished timber work. There are also now more optional hull windows in up to four stations along the yacht’s length.

discovery revelation 480

Discovery Yachts  presented the new Revelation 480 at  Boot Dusseldorf 2020 . This is the first model of the new Revelation line and differs from the Southerly line for the fixed keel and the lowered saloon. Yes, the Revelation 480 is a lowered saloon boat based on the well-known Southerly 480. The Revelation 480 combines bluewater capability with a low, sleek coachroof that contributes to an interesting aesthetic. Down below, the single level interior is extremely light and exquisitely furnished.

grand soleil 42 lc

The Grand Soleil 42 LC is  Cantiere del Pardo ’s latest entry model of the bluewater line. Comfort and sailing autonomy are the main features of this 12-meter, designed by Marco Lostuzzi together with Nauta Design and Cantiere del Pardo’s Technical Office.

The 42 LC is available in two versions; standard or sport. The former is equipped with aft benches, and a carbon arch over the cockpit, designed to keep this area free of the mainsheet traveller. The GS 42 LC’s hull guarantees great stability thanks to greater hull volume. The well-proportioned sail plan optimizes the high-performance sailing standards. As with the rest of the Long Cruise range, the Grand Soleil 42 LC is designed to provide greater and more luxurious comfort on board.

The interior layout is available with either two or three cabins, to meet the client’s needs. Both versions include two heads with a shower. In the saloon, a three-seater sofa is found on the starboard side, while the central seat can be transformed into a chart table.

Hallberg Rassy 48 Mkll Bluewater sailboats

The Hallberg-Rassy 48 MK II is a true bluewater cruiser that offers more natural light, more comfort and more elegance than ever before. With three double cabins and a vast saloon, she offers great space for modern comfort aids. Known far and wide for sturdy construction, superb craftsmanship and signature seaworthiness, Hallberg-Rassy boats are globally respected for their elegant lines and spirited performance.

Hylas H60

Hylas Yachts has collaborated with German Frers for over 40 years and built a reputation for yachts that combine ocean sailing capability, classic lines and exquisitely finished interiors.  Now the company is staking out new territory with the H60. Still ocean capable, still with an exquisite interior but also embracing some of the contemporary demands of today’s cruising sailors. 

Longtime Hylas fans will not be disappointed by her performance. Built using the most advanced construction technologies, the H60 has been designed to excel in all conditions with excellent seakeeping ability. A plumb bow and broad transom make the most of her waterline length underway, providing speed with optimal comfort.

The builder partnered with Milan-based firm  Hot Lab , known for their elegant designs in the superyacht world, to offer interiors that immediately set the new Hylas on a new level.

ice yachts ice 70

The project of the ICE 70 by  ICE Yachts  has been realized using the most advanced modeling and analysis software available today. “ Thanks to the new virtual reality ‘tools’ ,” explains  Felci Yacht Design , “ we have been able to make the owner and the shipyard participant of many geometric and stylistic choices. It is a yacht with high technological potential, starting from the design of the hull and the appendices “. With this sporty bluewater sailboat, the Italian yard wanted to create a technologically avant-garde boat with large, comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces, which is easy to sail and entirely safe at sea. Like all ICE Yachts models, the ICE 70 is a semi-custom product with which the owner has many possibilities for customization and equipment. ICE Yachts official website

island packet 349 Bluewater sailboats

With this model, iconic Island Packet has returned to the Solent-style rig as standard, featuring a mainsail with a working jib and an optional lightweight 170% reacher or asymmetrical that mounts on the integral bow platform and furled with Harken systems. The working jib is fitted with a Hoyt Boom that is self-tending and improves performance with its close sheeting and self-vanging feature, while the large optional reacher or asymmetrical boost performance in light air or when off the wind.

The fully battened mainsail is equipped with a low friction Battcar system and drops easily into a stack pack with an integral cover and lazy jack system.  This rigging offers ease of use and versatility in the varied wind or sea conditions and increased speed and maneuverability.

j/boats j/45

The J/Boats J/45, is a true  bluewater sailing yacht, designed and built for the sea by life-long sailors. The  J/Boats  and  J/Composites teams have collaborated to create a special design for discerning sailors seeking an exceptional sailing experience. The J/45 can be sailed solo, cruised by 2-3 couples or large family, and pleasure sailed or raced with room for the whole crew. This is an investment-grade sailboat that won’t require a professional crew to sail, handle or maintain. J/Boats official website

kraken 50 Bluewater sailboats

The Kraken 50 is designed to be the short-handed bluewater cruising yacht. Due to her steady motion and stability, her crew will be equally comfortable at sea or in the anchorage, and special consideration has been given in the K50 layouts above and below deck to allow for short-handed ocean passage making. The Kraken 50 features the renowned integral  Zero Keel  and fully skegged rudder.

najad 395 cc Bluewater sailboats

N395 CC (centre cockpit) is part of the all-new Najad 395 range, designed in a joint venture by Najad, Farr Yacht Design, and Ken Freivokh Design – superyacht stylist, architects, and interior designers. The N395 CC is characterized by a well-protected large cockpit located close to the center of gravity. It has a well-designed interior and a very comprehensive options list that includes all equipment necessary to tailor the yacht to any individual needs. This model is available in two or three cabin layouts with one or two large heads.

outbound 56 bluewater

Welcome aboard the newest addition to Outbound’s impressive line of offshore passage makers. The new Outbound 56, built from German Frers timeless and proven design continues to fulfill our single mission of building great offshore yachts.  Fast, accommodating and gorgeous, the 56 will take you anywhere your heart desires in style and comfort.

oyster 565 Bluewater sailboats

The entry level yacht for the ‘G6’ range of seven models up to the Flagship Oyster 118.  Using the latest generation of Oyster hull shapes, developed with Humphreys Yacht Design, the Oyster 565 is designed for family sailing without professional crew.

A generous sail locker and lazarette, headroom and bunk lengths to match the larger Oyster Superyachts, the 565 can be configured with many different cabin layouts – and for the first time in Oyster Yachts – can have the master cabin forward and a dinghy garage in the transom.

rm970 Bluewater sailboats

The Brittany based yard is well known not only among ocean sailors but also to those who love short-handed sailing and are looking for seaworthy and easily driven bluewater sailboats, both safe and comfortable. This last aspect is where Fora Marine has made great progress in the last few years, shedding some of the spartan image that characterized their products for many years.

What has not changed, and what is still the RM range’s defining characteristic, is the twin-chined hull, made of Okumé plywood impregnated with epoxy resin (the deck is in fiberglass sandwich). Below the hull, the yard offers two options, a single deep keel or double shoal draft keels. The RM are designed by Marc Lombard, probably one of the architects most able to transform the fashionable chine into an important element in cruising design. A chined hull, when properly drawn, gives both better hull shape and interior volumes. ( Read our test )

rustler 42

The Rustler 42 is a classic looking yacht which combines style that is traditional yet modern. Her cruising layout results in a live aboard yacht that has stability and elegance with the same unique sea-kindly characteristics as the Rustler 36. Below the waterline, she looks conservative with a deep canoe body, long fin keel and a big skeg hung rudder.

Below the decks, this yacht has a spacious open plan saloon. The large, finished saloon table can comfortably seat eight. The aft cabin has standing headroom, a full-width double berth and plenty of storage within lockers and a vanity unit with seat. The aft head incorporates a shower unit and a ‘wet lilies’ locker. At the forepeak the grand master cabin has a 6 ft 6 in double V berth.

swan 58

Signed by  German Frers , the Swan 58 needs to combine the spaces of bluewater sailboats with a fast cruiser performances. Key details include a deck featuring soft and rounded shapes, a new cockpit design, a redefined coach-roof style and large swimming platform. The concept is easy: to give the maximum comfort and liveability at rest, together with maximum efficiency for short handed sailing, without losing the capability to race with a full crew. 

The interiors of the new Swan 58 , which is fitted with European oak, have been conceived as a combination between luxury and comfortable living spaces, storage and volumes for systems and safety features; we find here a large saloon, a galley with a 360 degree layout and three heads. Various interior styling layouts are available varying woods and materials. 

tartan 395 Bluewater

Designed by Tartan naval architect Tim Jackett, the 395 comes out of the Tartan factory in Fairport Harbor and is the perfect example of bluewater sailboats. Her hull shape is an evolution of tried and true concepts proven to deliver great stability and high interior volume while maintaining comforting manners throughout a wide range of sailing conditions. On deck Tartan 395 sports hallmark Tartan design elements such as a traditional cabin house fitted with functional polished stainless steel rectangular portholes.

Like her smaller sister 345, 395’s handcrafted interior is built in maple as standard, with cherry a no-charge option. The lighter maple opens up her interior in ways the darker cherry simply cannot.

Milestone Year for Wally: Countdown to the Launch of wallywind110 and wallyrocket51

Spirit yachts announces new contemporary q class yacht project, outremer celebrates the launch of lorient’s first outremer 45 zoulpi, the first hybrid electric nautor swan 88 launched, live your passion, subscribe to our mailing list.

Yachting Monthly

  • Digital edition

Yachting Monthly cover

First look: Southerly 42 – bluewater beauty

  • Theo Stocker
  • October 25, 2021

Theo Stocker casts his expert eye over the Southerly 42, offering bluewater luxury in a yacht with a minimum draught of just 84cm

bluewater yachts reviews

There are few high-end bluewater cruising yachts that can boast a draught of just 84cm (3ft). While this increases to 2.7m (8ft 11in) while sailing, the trademark swing keel of the Southerly 42 means this boat will be able to access anchorages and creeks that most other boats of this size simply can’t get near.

What’s more, the iron grounding plate (doubles as ballast), twin rudders and skeg-protected prop all mean the Southerly 42 can take the ground and dry out. Whether in the Isles of Scilly or the Bahamas, that’s an appealing proposition.

bluewater yachts reviews

The aft cabin on the Discovery 42

Her makers claim that her sailing performance will still sparkle, with a tall fractional rig – 18.5m (60ft 7 in) air draught – and the additional draft helping her point at 30º to the apparent wind. Her polars suggest she’ll nudge 8.5 knots on a white sail reach in 20 knots of breeze. She comes with a self-tacking jib as standard, with sheet controls for both sails led aft to the helm, while halyard are on the coachroof. A furling offwind sail can be set from the fixed bowsprit.

The other key Southerly trait is the raised saloon to port, at the bottom of the companionway, with a lower-level galley to starboard, meaning you can sit inside and enjoy 270º views. Unusually the chart table-cun/workstationg is against the forward bulkhead, level with the mast. For this size boat, the aft master cabin is huge with a full-size island double bed and ensuite heads. The guest cabin forward, also ensuite, is generous too.

The hull is built of vinylester GRP, and reuses the Humphreys hull of the Southerly 42RST, but has received the Discovery treatment on deck and below, making this an appealing and modern-looking cruiser that is thoroughly capable.

Southerly 42 specifications

LOA: 13.3m (42ft 7in) Beam: 4m (13ft 3in) Draught: (UP/DOWN) 0.8m/2.7m (2ft 9in/8ft 11in) Sail area: 75m2 (811 sq ft) Displacement: 11,341kg (25,003 lbs) Price: ex yard £535,000 ex VAT Contact: discoveryshipyard.com

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2024 Pursuit OS 445: An Overview

Dock your boat smoothly this summer with these tips, the billionaire’s playground: where to spot superyachts around the world, summertime snack ideas for your boating adventure, de-winterize your boat the right way with these professional tips, what type of wood is used for pier pilings, what is the difference between a dock and a floating pier, what is the proper technique for pulling a beginner wakeboarder, what does ‘no wake’ mean on a lake, what is the difference between wash and wake, 10 essential tips for fishing near private property, the benefits of using a drift sock: guidance for anglers, lure fishing: secrets for imitating live bait and attracting fish, explore the untapped depths of america’s best bass fishing spots, tackle your catch-and-release adventures with these 6 tips, outboard motor maintenance: tips for keeping your engine in top shape, the essential boat tool kit: tools every boater needs, diy boat building: 8 tips and tricks for building your own vessel, the art of miniature maritime craftsmanship: ship in a bottle, antifouling paints: a guide to keeping your boat shipshape, beginner’s guide to standup paddle boarding: tips and techniques, boating for fitness: how to stay active on the water, kayak safety: how to stay safe on the water, anchoring in a kayak or canoe: how to secure your small boat, 2024 aquila 47 molokai review, 2024 sea-doo switch 13 sport review, 2024 aspen c120 review, 2024 yamaha 222xd review, 2024 sailfish 316 dc review, 2023 seavee 340z review, 2023 centurion fi23 review, gear reviews, megabass oneten max lbo jerkbait review, fortress anchors fx-7 anchoring system review, fortress anchors fx-11 anchoring system review, fortress anchors commando anchor kit review, fortress anchors aluminum anchors review, stay in touch.

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Boat Review - Bluewater 355e

Boat Review - Bluewater 355e

The Bluewater 355 fished like a much larger boat and is built to handle weather that most people would rather not find themselves in.

With triple 350-HP Suzuki’s, the 355 is a force to be reckoned with from a speed and power standpoint.

The perfectly balanced hull design of the 355 allows nearly dead center console placement splitting fore and aft work space evenly.

Three giant insulated fish holds and a roomy dry storage hold along with multiple rod storage points are located below the spacious foredeck.

A classy three-tone color scheme enhances an already highly finished appearance.

A stylishly finished head compartment in this console offers over 6-feet of headroom.

This heads up display features twin MFD’s and all easy to reach switching within your eye line.

Plenty of tackle storage, leader spool reels, and a bait prep center complete this helm station tackle center.

A huge cockpit offers plenty of breathing room along with four insulated fish holds and a massive 90-gallon live well below deck.

An additional 60-gallon bait well and second rigging sink are located across the transom.

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10 Important Things to Remember When You Plan a Road Trip

Hiroto Hayashi

DECKED-OUT Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132 Complete WALK-THROUGH

Decked-Out: Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132; Complete Walk-Through

Mounting Forward-Facing Sonar on A Kayak: Mounts, Scanning Applications and More!

Mounting Forward-Facing Sonar on a Kayak: Mounts, Scanning Applications and More!

On The Water with Old Town: Bass Fishing at PRIVATE GEORGIA LAKE

On the Water with Old Town: Bass Fishing at Private Georgia Lake

Kaku Zulu

Kaku Zulu Kayak

Recent videos.

George Labonte meets with Jeff Toole and his sons aboard their custom-built 1987 Alumacraft 16' Jon Boat that they custo...

Extend Your Range in the Salt Marsh

Florida Sportsman Editor Jeff Weakley shares expert tips on setting up kayaks, tackle and safety equipment for inshore saltwater success. Special focus on the benefits of the new e-bike capabilities of the Old Town Sportsman BigWater 132 ePDL+

George Labonte meets with Jeff Toole and his sons aboard their custom-built 1987 Alumacraft 16' Jon Boat that they custo...

Florida's Capital Fishing

A stunning, cypress-fringed reservoir in Florida's capital city of Tallahassee is the setting for a fun day of bass fishing with friends. Plus, it's a great place to become acquainted with the ePDL drive introduced by the innovative Old Town Sportsman division.

George Labonte meets with Jeff Toole and his sons aboard their custom-built 1987 Alumacraft 16' Jon Boat that they custo...

Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120 FULLY RIGGED Fishing Machine

This Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120 was built to offer every single possible amenity that any dedicated bass angler would appreciate. Kayak Fishing Fun Senior Editor Thomas Allen built this kayak to exact spec to catch bass on big reservoirs or small, nearly inaccessible lakes—and fish professional-level kayak tournaments. This video is the front-to-back walk-through about how everything was installed and why—hopefully to inspire you to build your dream kayak.

George Labonte meets with Jeff Toole and his sons aboard their custom-built 1987 Alumacraft 16' Jon Boat that they custo...

Mounting Forward-Facing Sonar on A Kayak: Mounts, Scanning Applications and More!

Thomas Allen shares some insight to mounting and applying forward-facing sonar to kayak fishing. He talks about a couple of cool and innovative mounting devices that make scanning simple, cable management and fishing application. This video offers solutions and concepts to take a sweet fishing rig to the limits with modern technology. Forward-facing sonar certainly belongs on a cutting-edge fishing kayak.

George Labonte meets with Jeff Toole and his sons aboard their custom-built 1987 Alumacraft 16' Jon Boat that they custo...

On The Water with Old Town: Bass Fishing at PRIVATE GEORGIA LAKE

Kayak Fishing Fun Senior Editor Thomas Allen spent the day fishing with the KFF crew and other friends at Southwind Plantation in Southwest Georgia—on a lake known for producing some real big bass. The lake is full of fish, and fun was had by the entire crew. In this video, Allen catches a few fish and shares some kayak fishing tips along the way that are worth considering the next time you intend to launch the kayak to go fishing.

George Labonte meets with Jeff Toole and his sons aboard their custom-built 1987 Alumacraft 16' Jon Boat that they custo...

DECKED-OUT Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132 Complete WALK-THROUGH

Kayak Fishing Fun Senior Editor Thomas Allen walks through his fully rigged-and-ready Old Town ePDL. This boat features Old Town's e-bike technology that offers the user pedal-assist and cruise control at five different speeds—calibrated for normal trolling applications. But that's not enough, Allen added a list of power and cool accessories to push this kayak to the limit. Here are all the details.

George Labonte meets with Jeff Toole and his sons aboard their custom-built 1987 Alumacraft 16' Jon Boat that they custo...

Kayak Fishing Fun Senior Editor Thomas Allen is joined by Old Town's Brand Evangelist Ryan Lilly to work some magic in building out Allen's Old Town ePDL. The duo spent a winter weekend together scheming up a plan to rig an already cutting-edge Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132 by installing the kind of accessories a kayak bass tournament junky would truly appreciate.

George Labonte meets with Jeff Toole and his sons aboard their custom-built 1987 Alumacraft 16' Jon Boat that they custo...

The high-capacity, shallow-draft, big-water-capable fishing kayak customizable any way you want it.

George Labonte meets with Jeff Toole and his sons aboard their custom-built 1987 Alumacraft 16' Jon Boat that they custo...

Kayak Hulls

Learn about some key differences in kayak hull shapes, how keel, rocker, flare and chines affect performance under paddle, pedal or powered propulsion.

George Labonte meets with Jeff Toole and his sons aboard their custom-built 1987 Alumacraft 16' Jon Boat that they custo...

Kaku Kayaks owner/designer Kevin Hawkins in Tarpon Springs, FL, shares personal reflections on the synchronous, symbiotic evolution of fishing kayaks and shallow-water coastal fishing.

George Labonte meets with Jeff Toole and his sons aboard their custom-built 1987 Alumacraft 16' Jon Boat that they custo...

Kayak Fishing Fun 2023 Product Showcase

Covering everything from the basics of kayak fishing to transportation options, our experts will teach you everything you need to know when getting on the water.

George Labonte meets with Jeff Toole and his sons aboard their custom-built 1987 Alumacraft 16' Jon Boat that they custo...

Refurbished 1987 Alumacraft Jon Boat | One Man's Dreamboat

George Labonte meets with Jeff Toole and his sons aboard their custom-built 1987 Alumacraft 16' Jon Boat that they customized in memory of Dustin Wayne Toole.

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Salt Water Sportsman

Bluewater 2850

  • By : Glenn Law
  • Updated: September 21, 2007


The philosophy at Bluewater Boats is as simple, clean and solid as their products: work directly with the buyer, build a quality boat and maintain a high level of customer service. It’s a philosophy that has paid off for owner Paul Skilowitz. After six years in business, Skilowitz builds about 100 boats a year, with models ranging from 21 to 28 feet. The latest and largest addition to the Bluewater line is the 28-footer.

In designing the 2850, Skilowitz started with the very successful 25-footer. He stretched the hull and then tinkered with the console placement to achieve the same balance and beam-to-length ratio as the proven 25. Materials are modified poly resins, and the boat is cored throughout, except for the bottom. “I believe in a solid bottom on a high-speed boat,” Skilowitz explains.

bluewater yachts reviews

The engine platform on the 28 is a bolt-on Armstrong, so the 2850 is actually 31 feet overall. This makes for a lot of interior space, which is enhanced by the one-piece deck and liner. The inside walls lie close to the hull sides, so there is no wasted space between the liner and hull. This design also makes the boat easy to clean.

The price for all this room and convenience is a lack of toe space when you lean against the forward coaming pads to fight a fish. In the cockpit, there’s sufficient covering-board overhang (above the under-gunwale rod racks) to eliminate this problem, so the lack of toe room in the bow is a debatable shortcoming.

A 46-gallon live well is located in the transom, flanked by a bait-prep station and fresh and salt water washdowns. All switches for the pumps, live wells, lights and washdowns are mounted in the transom bulkhead.

bluewater yachts reviews

The storage compartments on the 2850 are massive. Ahead of the console is a 1,200-quart coffin box fitted with horizontal rod racks. Aft of this is an immense storage compartment flanked by a pair of multi-purpose, 200-quart boxes. Twin fishboxes flank the in-deck live well at the transom. All storage areas, including the anchor locker, are lined and gelcoated for easy cleanup. Additionally, all boxes are foam-insulated, and the entire hull belowdecks is foam-filled.

Pop-up cleats and lights on the bow are designed to stay out of the way until needed, and there are three flush-mount rod holders on each gunwale forward of the cockpit – a real boon if kite fishing is on your agenda. The console houses a cuddy with two steps down to a cabin with a full six feet of headroom. Forward of the console is a molded cooler.

That’s the basic boat. The buyer provides a list of options and Bluewater will package-price the boat and customize it, within reason.

Skilowitz is the kind of boater who feels that any place worth going is worth getting to quickly, as we discovered on our test day, which saw us running out of the Florida’s St. Lucie Inlet into some fairly rough seas. At 47 mph, the hull flattened out the three- to five-footers nicely. On the ones it couldn’t flatten, it landed softly without shipping a drop of water. This boat provides a remarkable ride, gaining comfort and speed through the integrity of its design. Two lifting strakes on each side pop the hull out of the water and force the entry back toward the console, where it belongs. Starting a third of the way back from the bow, 16 degrees of negative chine throws the spray down, where it can’t blow back into the cockpit.

The performance curve on this hull is pretty simple: 100 rpm equals one mph with the dual 250-hp Yamaha EFIs that pushed our test boat. We cruised at just over 4000 rpm for a speed of just under 45 mph in bouncy offshore conditions. Running for speed on the ICW with half a tank of fuel, we topped out at 58 mph turning 5600 rpm and burning 60 gph.

To sum up, the Bluewater 2850 is a lot of boat in 28 feet. If you gotta go when you gotta go, this is a hull to have under you.

Bluewater Sportfishing Boats, Fort Pierce, FL; (561) 464-3735; www.bluewaterboats.com .

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Boston Whaler 365 Conquest

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Scout 261 XSS

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Cox 350 Diesel Outboard

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Popping for Tuna

Snook in the Everglades

Fun Fishing at the Historic Flamingo Lodge

The Custom Captain apparel on anglers

The Mission to Make Custom Boat Gear Convenient, Easy & Fun

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Yachting World cover

Fast Bluewater Cruisers: the best new performance bluewater catamarans on the market 2018

  • Toby Hodges
  • August 20, 2018

Outreamer 51 on water

Many monohull sailors who are thinking of converting to mulithulls for distance cruising seek a combination of the speed and feel of performance cruisers together with the space multihulls provide. To offer proper bluewater cruising ability yet not be too sluggish, a fast cruising cat or tri needs to be smartly designed with payload in mind and built relatively light. Here ’ s where the fast distance cruisers like Outremer, Catana, Swisscat, Seawind, Balance, Atlantic, Neel and Ocean Explorer help offer that potential sabbatical or retirement dream.

Just launched: Outremer 51

Outreamer 51 exterior

The original Outremer 51 launched in 2014 and proved popular, selling more than 50 models. It also garnered a number of European and US yacht of the year titles. But things can always improve, so the French catamaran builder has updated the design with the help of feedback from hundreds of owners. The improvements are superficial and substantial: the interior and exterior styling has been changed, but the boat’s performance has also been tweaked. Not only does this make the boat more fun, it is also “an important safety attribute”, says Outremer. With speeds in excess of 20 knots perfectly achievable, you could certainly outrun bad weather and potentially clock up 400 miles over 24 hours. This sleek-looking boat has on-trend reverse bows, curved coachroof and low-profile steering positions. The helms are slightly raised above the cockpit with a clear 360° view out over the coachroof. It may lack the real estate of a flybridge helm station, but it saves weight and allows the boom to be lower on the mast, all of which helps stability and performance. Control lines all lead back across the coachroof to winches within easy reach of the helmsman, except for the mainsheet, which runs along a track on the aft crossbeam behind the cockpit.

Outreamer 51 galley

The saloon has comfortable seating and a table for six to eight, with a forward-looking navstation that is a good size. Accommodation is three or four cabins, depending on whether you opt for an owner’s-only hull. If you do, there’s a separate heads and shower, desk, seating and storage. Outremer makes much of the boat’s quietness, free from the grinding and cracking noises you hear as some cats flex. For liveaboards this could be a welcome feature.

First impressions

Outremer has done an impressive job of updating its most popular model, outside and in. I like the modern, muscular look of the sculpted-out topsides and dreadnought bows. Improved build techniques – partly acquired since its takeover of Gunboat – have also allowed the yard to save 600kg over the original model. The 51 has enough of a go-faster appeal for those converting from performance monohulls – the majority of Outremer’s clients, says sales manager Matthieu Rougevin-Baville – while at the same time retaining the seaworthy build and features for which the brand is known. It’s about keeping things simple, good-looking yet durable. For those with the budget, this is the ideal size of boat, in terms of speed bought by long waterline length, volume for accommodation and payload capacity (3 tonnes), for long-term, fast bluewater sailing.

At a glance…

LOA: 51ft 3in (15.65m) Beam: 24ft 4in (7.42m) Draught: 3ft 1in-7ft 7in (0.94m-2.31m) Displacement: 13.7 tonnes Price: from €735,000 Contact: Catamaran Outremer

Just launched: Ocean Explorer 60

Ocean Explorer 60 on water

Rubbing shoulders with Nautor’s Swan in Jakobstad, Finland, the new team behind this boat have a long track record in building low-impact yachts with high performance. And it’s not just a postcode they share with Swan – German Frers is also the designer of this yacht. The OE60 is the first in a range running to 78ft. There is carbon 
load-point reinforcing and an 
all-carbon rig for performance, with the further option of a carbon hull as well. Cutter rigged with a self-tacking jib and staysail, it has a long, sculpted bowsprit for launching downwind sails. Dual helm stations on each hull have long clear views ahead.

Ocean Explorer 60 galley

I wrote about this catamaran during its conception five years ago, but La Grande Motte was the first time I had seen one. Wow, talk about worth the wait… this is quite simply one of the most impressive luxury multihulls I have been aboard. Four main subcontractors to Nautor’s Swan and Baltic Yachts formed the company and the quality of their craftsmanship is, as you would expect, world class. It is the first production cat for Frers, yet the Argentinian designer has managed to maintain his reputation for alluring lines – this is a long, low and particularly elegant design. I like the helms right in the quarters, a more familiar position for monohull sailors, while the glass-based coachroof allows the helmsman a reasonable sight to the opposite bow. Step inside and it is the true panoramic view these vertical windows all combine to give that really appeals. The forward cockpit is a practical area for manning halyards or standing watch. I also like the clean, spreader-less rig and massive yet practical stowage areas. The skipper told me he had sailed a Gunboat 60 across the Pacific and that this OE60 matches its performance. A key is the C-foils, the most reliable appendage system he has used. This was the second OE60 to be built (the first has done four Atlantic and one Pacific crossing in four years) and is being used for charter. What I’d give for a week aboard this…

LOA: 60ft 7in (18.50m) Beam: 29ft 8in (9.07m) Draught: 2ft 6in-6ft 6in (0.85m-2.00m) Displacement: 18 tonnes Price: from €3.6m Contact: Frers

Just launched: Seawind 1600

Seawind 1600 on water

The new flagship performance cruiser from the Australian brand made a welcome world debut at La Grande Motte in April. The Reichel Pugh design sits in a similar market to the Outremer 51 – a fast composite cruiser, aimed at couples going long-distance cruising. The first six 1600s sold off plans and Seawind, which owns Corsair, now builds in Vietnam. All boats are built using vinylester and Diam foam. The 1600 is Reichel Pugh’s first production multihull and has a practical air about it that sailors will appreciate. “It has been properly designed to sail fast when loaded,” says Seawind sales manager Jay Nolan. The helmsman can steer from under the solid bimini or can stand outboard, with a good view over the low coachroof. Retractable, captive daggerboards, along with foam-cored lifting rudders in cassettes, allow true shoal draught capability. The daggerboards are housed underdeck and controlled from the cockpit. The running rigging is, unusually, led under the coachroof and bridgedeck aft to a single central winch on the aft crossbeam. Reefing lines and the self-tacking jib sheet also lead to this protected, vertically mounted winch. The cockpit is smallish, linked to the interior via a huge sliding window.

Seawind 1600 galley

I quickly took to this boat. The choice of performance monohull specialists to design a cruising cat is unusual, yet here the combination of Reichel Pugh’s reputation for winning lines and Seawind’s three decades of catamaran building experience has worked admirably. Sailors will appreciate the practical elements incorporated throughout. The design itself has particularly narrow hulls at waterline level, a low freeboard and coachroof, and the incorporation of a proper payload capacity into the light displacement. The use of captive boards and rudder cassettes allow for both sailing to windward and shoal cruising. The cassettes also create the option to replace 
or repair a blade easily and the low coachroof allows proper forward visibility 
from either helm. With the addition of larger portholes in the cabins, the 1600 gives an interesting fast cruising option for couples.

LOA: 51ft 8in (15.74m) Beam: 25ft 10in (7.90m) Draught: 8ft 6in-2ft 1in (2.6m-0.54m) Displacement: 13 tonnes Price: from €740,000 Contact: Seawind 

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Best Inexpensive Bluewater Sailboats

Best Inexpensive Bluewater Sailboats | Life of Sailing

Last Updated by

Jacob Collier

December 28, 2023

Sailing is an exhilarating experience, but it can be expensive. If you are looking for the best inexpensive bluewater sailboats, then this article will help!

The best inexpensive bluewater sailboats are the ones that are small, fast, and sturdy. If you can find one that is easy to build as well, then you will have to pay much less for it. These sailboats are also seaworthy enough to handle the open ocean without being too big or complicated.

Sailing is a great way to spend your free time. It's an activity that has been enjoyed by people for centuries, and it can be done with just about anyone of any age or physical ability. The only problem many people have is the cost associated with purchasing a boat, which can really put a damper on things if you are on a tight budget. But don't worry! We have found some of the best inexpensive bluewater sailboats, so you won't have to break your bank account in order to enjoy sailing!

There are many options available, but not all of them are worth your money. That is why we have looked at some of the top boats on the market and picked out our favorites. Whether you're an experienced sailor or just getting started, these boats will get the job done right!

Table of contents

‍ 1. Cape Dory 30


If you're looking for a quality, affordable bluewater sailboat, the Cape Dory 30 is definitely worth a look. This boat has been cruising the world's oceans for over 30 years and has a well-deserved reputation for being sturdy, reliable and easy to sail.

The  Cape Dory 30  is a moderate displacement boat that's designed for coastal and offshore cruising. She features a full keel with a rudder, making her stable and seaworthy in rough seas. The hull is hand-laid fiberglass with balsa core construction, which makes her strong and durable. The deck is also fiberglass with molded-in non-skid surfaces for safety while sailing.

The layout of the Cape Dory 30 is simple yet functional. The cockpit is roomy, with plenty of space for lounging around but not so much that you can't work the sails if needed. The self-draining cockpit has two lockers underneath that are perfect for storing tools or other nautical gear that you need to keep dry.

This bluewater cruiser offers a moderate sail area, which makes it easy to handle even under windy conditions. Because of this, she requires some wind to get going -- in 10 knots of breeze, she can reach speeds up to 6 knots under power and 7 knots under sail. As far as storage space goes, there are lockers on both sides of the berth area plus shelves above the berth for items like books and clothing.

The Cape Dory 30 was initially outfitted with worm gear steering. This sort of gear is durable, simple to use, and does not require a cockpit steering pedestal. The wheel will also keep the rudder in place without the help of a brake. The biggest disadvantage is that there isn't much rudder feedback, making it difficult to know when the boat is properly balanced. Not to mention worm gear steering will not help you sail better.

The berthing area is good, with enough room for two people to sleep comfortably. There's also plenty of headroom at six feet. The Cape Dory 30 is a great boat for coastal cruising, ocean passages, and extended cruising. She has all the features that you need to make your journey comfortable while still being able to handle a variety of sailing conditions. The estimated price for the  Cape Dory 30  ranges from $12,000 to $32,000

  • Sturdy and reliable with a long history of ocean crossings
  • Good performance in windy conditions
  • Functional layout with plenty of storage space
  • Comfortable berthing area for two people
  • May require modifications for ocean passages
  • Not as fast as some other bluewater sailboats
  • A tad expensive for an entry-level cruiser

2. Sabre 28


The  Sabre 28  is another fine bluewater cruiser in this price range. Made by Sabre Yachts, these boats have a solid reputation for being reliable, seaworthy cruisers that will last you for many years to come.

When making their 28-foot bluewater sailboat, Sabre Yachts took every aspect into consideration when designing her. They made her strong with a full keel and fiberglass hull construction but light enough to allow for better sailing abilities under power or sail. She also has plenty of storage space with lockers on both sides of the berth plus shelves above the berth to give you ample room for all your belongings while cruising.

The Sabre 28 is built with a solid fiberglass hull and deck, making her strong and durable. She has a moderate displacement of 6,000 pounds and features a full keel with encapsulated ballast. This helps her handle well in various sailing conditions while still providing good performance.

While she may not be fast compared to other bluewater sailboats in her class, the Sabre 28 makes up for it with her great handling and seaworthiness. She can handle a wide variety of sailing conditions with ease, making her the perfect boat for coastal cruising, ocean passages and even extended cruising.

The Sabre 28 comes standard with wheel steering, which gives you better control over the boat in varying conditions. There is also plenty of cockpit space for lounging around or working the sails. And because of her moderate sail area, she's easy to handle even under windy conditions.

The berthing area is good, with enough room for two people to sleep comfortably. There's also plenty of headroom at six feet. The cabin is spacious and well-ventilated, making it a great place to relax after a long day of sailing.

The Sabre 28 is also outfitted for single or double hand sailing, making her the perfect choice for couples or small families who want to explore new waterways together. She's easy to sail and forgiving, making her the perfect boat for novice sailors. The  Sabre 28  will set you back anywhere from $7000 to $27000. If you're looking for a smaller cruising sailboat, the Sabre 28 should definitely be on your list!

  • Solid reputation for being a reliable and seaworthy cruiser
  • Handles a wide variety of sailing conditions well
  • Good performance under power or sail
  • Plenty of storage space for all your belongings
  • Not as fast as some other bluewater sailboats in her class
  • Designed primarily as a coastal cruiser so it may not perform well in open waters without modifications
  •  Can only accommodate two people comfortably underneath the V-berth (greater than that might be too crowded)

3. Island Packet 31


The  Island Packet 31  is another great bluewater cruiser for people looking to explore new waterways. They are known as one of the best sailboats for bluewater cruising due to their strength and durability.

If you're looking for a bluewater sailboat with stability, speed and comfort, then the Island Packet 31 might be the boat for you! She has excellent performance under power or sail, can handle harsh conditions with ease, and is comfortable enough to spend long periods aboard.

Designed by Bob Johnson (a boat builder and naval architect), this 31-foot boat was made specifically for open ocean sailing. Her hull is strong yet thin, making her fast while still being able to handle a wide variety of conditions. The Island Packet 31 is built with a solid fiberglass hull and deck, making her strong and durable. She has a moderate displacement of 11,000 pounds and features a full keel with encapsulated ballast. This helps her handle well in various sailing conditions while still providing good performance.

The Island Packet 31 is also built with a full keel, giving her plenty of stability should the weather become rough while out at sea. She was designed to handle large amounts of wind and waves without losing her composure, making her perfect for bluewater cruising!

She's also easy to sail, even under intense winds and stormy conditions. She has very good stability with a wide beam and moderate displacement, making it nearly impossible to capsize while sailing in open water.

The  Island Packet 31  is easy to sail and forgiving, making her a great choice for novice sailors. With a top speed of 8 knots, she's not the fastest boat on the water, but she's certainly no slouch. She also has a shallow draft of just 2 feet, 6 inches, which makes her ideal for exploring coral reefs and other shallow waters.

Though she can be somewhat slow when traveling under power or sailing alone (due to the long keel), the Island Packet is able to reach speeds up to 8 knots when using both methods together. This is still quite impressive when compared to other sailboats in her class.

One downside to this boat's construction is the lack of plywood in the deck and cabin. This can cause some concern among people who are looking for a bluewater sailboat that can withstand harsh weather conditions. However, it should be noted that the Island Packet has numerous positive reviews from sailors - proving her strength and reliability.

The Island Packet 31 is a great choice for people who want a sturdy and reliable bluewater sailboat. She's perfect for small families or groups of friends who want to explore new waterways together. With her stability, speed and comfort, she's sure to make your next sailing trip an enjoyable one! Depending on the model, the price ranges from $35,000 to $50,000.

  • Excellent performance under power or sail
  • Great option for novice sailors
  • May require some modifications for offshore sailing (depending on your experience level)
  • Some are concerned about the lack of plywood in the deck and cabin construction.
  • A tad expensive

4. Caliber 40 Sailboat


Bluewater cruisers are on the lookout for a robust, durable boat that is simple to operate and can handle all of their belongings for a lengthy trip without breaking the bank. With features like that, the  Caliber 40  comes to mind, and it's distinctive in that it's a boat that (with modifications) has been developed over many decades and has demonstrated success.

Caliber Yachts Inc. was founded in 1979 by George and Michael McCreary, along with Marshall Jones, as a backyard boatbuilding business. The brothers grew up sailing in the bay area and across Florida and the Caribbean, so they were no strangers to the sailing world.

The layout of the Caliber 40 is comfortable and accommodating for a cruising couple, with six feet, four inches of headroom and plenty of storage. There's also an optional in-mast furling system to make sail handling a breeze. The cockpit is roomy and perfect for lounging around or entertaining guests.

Because of her heavy displacement, she requires some assistance from the wind. However, sailing 5 knots in 9 knots of wind with a beam reach isn't bad and can last up to 140 miles in the trade winds, which is not too shabby. This sailboat sails well and has a surprisingly light helm. The boat heels to 15 degrees, but it doesn't have the signature hobbyhorse effect that heavy displacement boats typically have.

Her overall performance is respectable, with a top speed of 9 knots under power in 10 knots of wind. In ideal conditions, she can reach up to 14.5 knots under power, so this one's no slouch when it comes to getting around quickly or having fun on the water!

In terms of storage space, there are six lockers below for all your gear and a large anchor well for bigger stuff like a spare anchor and chain, as well as other nautical tools you may need during your trip. There's also plenty of headroom at six feet, four inches. As a storage unit, the Caliber 40 has a couple of hanging lockers and shelves that are perfect for keeping belongings organized and out of the way.

The berth is full-size with plenty of width to fit two people comfortably or three in an emergency situation. One drawback about the berth is that there's only room underneath to store suitcases, so you'll have to be creative if you plan to keep anything else under there.

This boat can be outfitted for single or double hand sailing, depending on your preference! It's easy to see why this popular cruising yacht has been around for decades -- it's roomy, strong, sturdy and built to last a lifetime.

The major downside to this boat is that it can be expensive. The Caliber 40 can range anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000. However, it is possible to get a better deal on older models.

Overall, the  Caliber 40  is a great boat for coastal cruising, ocean passages, and extended cruising. It has all the creature comforts that you need to make your journey comfortable while still being able to handle a variety of sailing conditions. If you're in the market for, well-made cruiser and are willing to spill some cash, the Caliber 40 should definitely be on your list!

  • Roomy and comfortable for a cruising couple
  • Durable and long-lasting with a cored hull and deck
  • Respectable performance, with a top speed of 9 knots under power
  • Full-size berth that can comfortably fit two people or three in an emergency situation
  • Only room to store suitcases under the berth
  • May require modifications to be fully equipped for ocean passages
  • Newer models are very expensive

5. Endeavour 37


The  Endeavour 37  is a great option for people who want a bluewater sailboat that can handle harsh weather conditions. She has excellent performance under power or sail and good stability and storage space.

If you're looking for a sailing boat that can withstand harsh conditions, the Endeavour 37 might be a perfect choice! She's known as one of the best bluewater cruising yachts due to her ability to handle large amounts of wind and waves without much trouble.

This classic yacht has a long list of positive reviews from sailors - proving she's reliable and durable enough to take you on countless adventures throughout the world. The majority of owner reviews give this boat high ratings, with most being four stars or better.

With a displacement of 21,000 pounds and a beam of 12 feet, the Endeavour 37 is not only durable but also quite spacious. She has more than enough room for any sailor - whether you're cruising with your significant other or taking your family out on an extended voyage!

Even though she's known to be strong and reliable, the Endeavour is also fast and comfortable under all conditions. She can reach speeds up to 7 knots with two powerful diesel engines while cruising in calm waters. Her top speed drops slightly when sailing in rougher weather or against stronger winds - down to 6 knots.

She's also very easy to maneuver with either power source at hand. Her Perkins 4-108 diesel engines make it simple to get her to where you want when you want.

The Endeavour 37 is equipped for cruising, with plenty of storage space for all your gear. There's a large V-berth that can comfortably fit two people, as well as an enclosed head with a marine toilet and sink. The cabin is spacious and well-ventilated, making it a great place to relax after a long day of sailing.

Though the Endeavour 37 is a high-quality boat, it's important to keep in mind that she does have some downsides - she can be costly to maintain. The Endeavour 37 can be expensive to maintain, making her a costly vessel to own and operate. If you decide to purchase this boat, make sure you have enough money saved up for regular upkeep!

Another downside is its poor up sail performance - especially in light winds. When sailing the Endeavour 37, you have to have a good sail plan and be careful not to use too much power under certain conditions.

Though the Endeavour has a few downsides, she does have a lot of benefits as well - such as her impressive speed and durability under all weather conditions. The  Endeavour 37  is estimated to be around $20,000 to $50,000. It's important to weigh both sides before making your final decision, but overall most people are very happy with their purchase!

  • Powerful wind and sea boat
  • Strong construction capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions
  • Plenty of storage space for any sailor or family
  • Good stability and handling abilities
  • Poor up sail performance
  • A bit expensive to maintain (depending on user experience)

6. Tartan 37


The  Tartan 37  is a seaworthy, sturdy boat that's known for its strength and stability. She's very similar to the Endeavour 37 in terms of both construction and performance - with two significant exceptions: she doesn't have as much storage space, and her overall exterior design is less attractive.

With a displacement of 15,500 pounds and a beamwidth of 12 feet, the Tartan 37 can handle large amounts of wind or waves without any trouble. Like the Endeavour 37, she has two powerful diesel engines, making it simple to maneuver even in rougher conditions.

With an overall length of 37 feet 2 inches, you'll find that this sailboat offers quite a bit of room for its size. There's more than enough space for a few people to sleep comfortably, and you'll find that it's easy to move around even when at sea.

Though the Tartan 37 is very reliable and durable, she has some downsides, such as her high maintenance costs, small water tank, and inefficient interior design. If you're spending most of your time on the boat, then these will likely be little issues that don't take away from your overall experience.

If you do decide to purchase this boat, make sure you can afford all the necessary upkeep it requires! It's also important to note that owning a Tartan 37 comes with its fair share of risk as well - they haven't been manufactured for over 30 years, which means there isn't much help available should you run into some problems down the line.

The  Tartan 37  comes at around $34,000 to $70,000.

  • Sturdy boat with a strong design capable of handling large waves and winds
  • Easy to maneuver even in rougher weather conditions due to her powerful diesel engines
  • Plenty of space for both people out on the water and gear you need to store ashore
  • Not as many storage spaces as similar sailboats (such as the Tartan 37)
  • Higher maintenance costs than most other vessels on this list
  • Small water tank that can easily be tainted if not careful when cleaning or using it
  • Inefficient interior design that doesn't allow for too much privacy among family members or friends who may venture abroad from time to time

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    By Charles Doane. June 22, 2010. The Tayana 37 is the most successful of the many Taiwan-built double-ended full-keel cruisers that were conceived in the mid-1970s in the wake of the great success of the Westsail 32. Designed by Bob Perry and originally marketed as the CT 37 when first introduced in 1976, over 600 Tayana 37s have since been built.

  15. Bluewater Yacht Specs, Tests and Reviews

    Bluewater Yachts. 2009. 2009 Bluewater 5200 Lifestyle MY; 2009 Bluewater 5200 MY; 2009 Bluewater 5900 Platinum MY; 2008. ... Boat Reviews. Boat Reviews 2024 Pursuit OS 445: An Overview. Aquila Boat Reviews 2024 Aquila 47 Molokai Review. Boat Reviews 2024 Sea-Doo Switch 13 Sport Review. Aspen Boat Reviews

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    The latest Bluewater boat reviews featuring first look videos, tests, specifications, and information resources. Explore. Back. Explore View All. Overnight Cruising ... Reviews / Motor Yacht. Bluewater 6000: Sea Trial. Powerboat Test Team. Oct 28, 2004. Bluewater 6000: From the one-time houseboat builder goes high-class. …Read More.

  17. 5 Best Liveaboard Bluewater Sailboats

    Here are the best liveaboard sailboats for bluewater cruising. 1. Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20. cdmech. The Flicka 20 is the smallest and most interesting sailboat on our list. At only 20 feet overall in length, the interior accommodations of this vessel are spartan at best and suitable for minimalist living.

  18. LEEN 56 Power Trimaran Boat Review: A Bluewater Cruiser

    With over 1,300 gallons of fuel, the LEEN 56 can cross the Atlantic, so it can basically travel from France to Boston at nine knots. Drop that down a knot and the range extends to a mind-blowing 4,000 nautical miles. In electric mode only with generator assist - you might eek out nearly 4,200 miles albeit at a very slow speed.

  19. Boat Review

    Fresh water: 35 gallons. Base price: $299,000 w/twin 350-Suzuki. An additional 60-gallon bait well and second rigging sink are located across the transom. The Bluewater 355 fished like a much ...

  20. A good bluewater yacht? We sail the Discovery 58

    As the Charnleys discovered, the provision of enough stowage and tank space is a key factor for bluewater sailors. So the Discovery 58 can carry 1,300lt of fuel and 1,000lt of water for long-term ...

  21. Bluewater 2850

    To sum up, the Bluewater 2850 is a lot of boat in 28 feet. If you gotta go when you gotta go, this is a hull to have under you. Bluewater Sportfishing Boats, Fort Pierce, FL; (561) 464-3735; www.bluewaterboats.com. Advertisement. A smart and speedy fishing boat based on sound philosophy.

  22. Fast Bluewater Cruisers: the best new performance bluewater catamarans

    Just launched: Ocean Explorer 60. Rubbing shoulders with Nautor's Swan in Jakobstad, Finland, the new team behind this boat have a long track record in building low-impact yachts with high ...

  23. Best Inexpensive Bluewater Sailboats

    Table of contents. ‍ 1. Cape Dory 30. If you're looking for a quality, affordable bluewater sailboat, the Cape Dory 30 is definitely worth a look. This boat has been cruising the world's oceans for over 30 years and has a well-deserved reputation for being sturdy, reliable and easy to sail.