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    fastest sailboat in world

  3. Fastest Sailing Boat in the World by Swiss Engineers

    fastest sailboat in world

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    fastest sailboat in world

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    fastest sailboat in world

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  1. The race to create the world's fastest sail boat

    Syroco vs SP80: groundbreaking ship design. 1 of 7. CNN —. For more than eight years, the world sailing speed record has remained unbroken. In November 2012, Australian Paul Larsen reached 65.45 ...

  2. World's fastest sailboat: Two wild designs hit the water for testing

    The current world sailing speed record has stood for a little over a decade at 65.37 knots (75.23 mph/121.06 km/h), set by Paul Larsen in the Vestas Sailrocket II back in 2012. There's a reason ...

  3. Speed sailing record

    Speed sailing records are sanctioned, since 1972, by the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC). Records are measured either by average speed over a specified distance or by total distance traveled during a specified time interval. ... "Sovereign of the Seas", 1852, 258 ft, the fastest and longest ship yet built when she was launched in New ...

  4. Sailing Speed Records

    The record for fastest circumnavigation is known as the Jules Verne Trophy, named for the author who penned Around the World in 80 Days. In 1993, the first recipient of the Jules Verne Trophy was Bruno Peyron, skippering an 86ft catamaran called Commodore Explorer that completed the course in 79 days, six hours, 15 minutes and 56 seconds, just ...

  5. Fastest sailboat: the two teams hoping to set new a new record

    The performance on the 24th smashed it beyond all expectations though, a gloriously windy day that saw Sailrocket 2 deliver a 65.45 knot average officially becoming the world's fastest sailboat.

  6. Sailrocket runs 65.45 knots (75 mph) to smash World Speed Sailing Record

    The outright world speed sailing record was smashed this afternoon (November 24) by Paul Larsen in the Vestas Sailrocket 2 with the astonishing time of 65.45 knots (75 mph - 121 km/h)

  7. World's Fastest Sailboat: Quantum Leap

    But Vestas SailRocket also made its mark. The same day as the backflip, SailRocket became the world's fastest boat, as opposed to board, at a speed of 47.3 knots. The following season Larsen and ...

  8. Fastest yacht: The giant record breakers

    Photo: Mark Lloyd / Lloyd Images. Skorpios has been built with the express brief to break offshore records as the world's fastest yacht. Her recent win in the 2021 Fastnet Race - only weeks ...

  9. SP80 Aims to Break Fastest Sailboat World Record; See Photos

    The SP80 boat Courtesy of SP80. Company SP80 is trying to break the world record for the fastest sailboat. The fastest sailboat speed is currently 65.45 knots — SP80 is gunning for 80 knots, or ...

  10. Syroco: Radical design aiming to set a new speed record

    As with the current fastest sailboat in the world, Vestas Sailrocket 2, the team is looking into supercavitating foils - clearly an essential part of the project should they achieve their goal ...

  11. In pictures: The eight fastest sailboats in the world

    At 130ft long, the Banque Populaire V is the largest racing trimaran (a multihull sail-driven yacht) in the world. In 2009, she became the fastest boat to ever cross the northern Atlantic from ...

  12. Fastest Sailing Boat in the World by Swiss Engineers

    The Rocket of Lake Geneva. The world-record sailing speed is currently 121kph. A group of engineers based in Switzerland want to set a new record of 150kph! And their invention could revolutionise ...

  13. Always On

    It's called L'Hydroptere and the French concept sailboat -- with its marine style wings -- basically flies on the water. CNET's Molly Wood meets Alain Thebau...

  14. Water speed record

    The actual Spirit of Australia in which Ken Warby set the world water speed record in 1978 on Blowering Dam, New South Wales, Australia, on display in the Australian Maritime Museum in Sydney. The world unlimited Water Speed Record is the officially recognised fastest speed achieved by a water-borne vehicle, irrespective of propulsion method. The current unlimited record is 511.11 km/h (317.59 ...

  15. Hydrofoil : world speed sailing record for Hydroptere at 51.36 knots

    Hydroptere : fastest sailing boat in the world with a speed record of 51.36 knots. An incredible hydrofoil !

  16. What Are The Fastest Sailboats? (Complete List)

    The V.O 60, X-Yachts X4.0, and Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 are great examples of fast monohull boats. For multihull boats, Rapido 60 (Trimaran), Dragonfly 40 (Trimaran), and ICE Cat 61 (Catamaran) are some of the fastest in that category. The list can go on when you are talking about specialized performance boats, foiling boats, and even windsurfers.

  17. Fastest boat: The current holder and contenders for the world water

    The current title of world's fastest boat belongs to Spirit of Australia, which recorded a two-way average top speed of 317.6mph (551.1 km/h) on Blowering Dam, NSW in 1978. Piloted by the late great Ken Warby, this homebuilt wooden speed machine was the first boat to break the 300mph and 500km/h barriers. Warby, who passed away in early 2023 ...

  18. The world's fastest ever sailor

    The world's fastest ever sailor. Link Copied! Paul Larsen is a sailing speed freak. His Vestas Sailrocket 2 boat broke the world speed sailing record for a mile in 2012: 78.26 mph! What's he up to ...

  19. The World's Fastest-sailing Multihulls

    At one point in 2013, France's Francis Joyon—a man renowned for his modesty and almost superhuman endurance—held the records for the fastest solo circumnavigation (57 days, 13 hours), the fastest solo 24-hour run (666.2 miles) and the fastest solo transatlantic (5 days, 2 hours). Since then the 24-hour record has fallen, but that in no ...

  20. Inside the Bolide 80, the World's Fastest Yacht

    Boat of the Week: The World's Fastest Yacht Can Transform Into a Floating Dance Club at Night The 85 mph-plus Bolide 80 is the world's first Hyper Muscle Yacht. But the futuristic interior is ...

  21. The Fastest Monohull Sailboat In The World

    The fastest monohull sailboat in the world is a needle-nosed ocean racer called V.O.60. It was designed by Bruce Farr, and is capable of 36 knots. That's 41.4 mph. This sleek machine is 64 ft ...

  22. Syroco

    Fastest sailboat in the world: 121 km/h. As of 2012 it is world speed record sailing remained unbroken. Because in November 2012, the Australian Paul Larsen reached 65,45 knots, a speed of 121 kilometers per hour. This is what he achieved with his Vestas Sail Rocket 2 when he blasted over the South Atlantic waters off the coast of Namibia.

  23. 12 Fastest Speed Boats in The World in 2023

    Features of World's Fastest Boats in 2023. 12. Outerlimits SV-52, max speed - 100 mph. Outerlimits power boats are offering a wide range of speed power boats. Their faster boat category includes the SV-50, SV-52, SL-44, SL-52 and even catamarans like the 43CAT and 48CAT. The SV-52 is one of their fastest speed boats.

  24. Fastest MLB games in history

    Fastest extra-inning game on record (tie): Boston Americans 5, Cleveland Napoleons 4 (10 innings) -- 1 hour, 10 minutes on June 20, 1903. Both starters in this game went 10 innings, with Norwood Gibson defeating Earl Moore. The game was tied, 4-4, after nine innings, but Boston promptly took the lead in the top of the 10th and held on for the win.

  25. Sha'Carri Richardson: Career highlights

    Sha'Carri Richardson achieved her fastest 100m time at the 2023 World Championships in Budapest last August, running a scorching 10.65 seconds. Richardson and others are chasing the world record of 10.49 seconds, which was set by U.S. star Florence Griffith-Joyner in 1988.

  26. How This Millionaire Investor Became the World's Fastest Marathoner

    Rideout is now a successful investor and the world's fastest marathon runner over 50. On the latest episode of One Day with Jon Bier, I talked to him about how he turned his life around, the ...

  27. Watch the FP1 highlights from China with Stroll fastest

    Lance Stroll was the man to go fastest in the first, and only, practice session for the Chinese Grand Prix weekend. With F1 cars returning to the Shanghai International Circuit for the first time since 2019, the Aston Martin racer was fastest with a 1m 36.302s - leading the McLaren of Oscar Piastri by 0.327s.

  28. Top 5: The Fastest Large Private Jets In 2024

    The Citation X was the fastest aircraft in the world when it was initially released. Gulfstream G700 Maximum Speed: Mach 0.935 (536 knots, 617 mph, 993 km/h)

  29. 10 Countries with the world's fastest mobile internet speeds

    Qatar. At 313.30 Mbps, the median download speed on mobile internet in Qatar is now the fastest in the world. With a 19 ms delay, upload rates are 27.53 Mbps (megabits per second). Both 4G and 5G networks are in operation in Qatar; Ooredoo, a mobile provider, was the first to introduce 5G in the nation. In Qatar, Ooredoo and Vodafone are the ...

  30. Nearly 17% of world's elderly population to be in India by 2050; Is it

    The world's elderly population is surging and India is expected to be the fastest growing housing up to 17 per cent of the world's elderly population by 2050, said a report by CBRE South Asia ...