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Scott Foley and Roger Jackson in Scream 3 (2000)

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Scream 4 (2011)

  • The Voice (voice)

Neve Campbell, Parker Posey, David Arquette, Courteney Cox, and Deon Richmond in Scream 3 (2000)

  • The Voice (voice, as Roger L. Jackson)

Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Jada Pinkett Smith, Courteney Cox, and Jerry O'Connell in Scream 2 (1997)

  • Spike Porcupine
  • Sam the Lion
  • Principal Cuddles, President, Principal Cuddles (voice)
  • Mojo Jojo, Voice
  • In Production

The Devil's Stone (2023)

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Starfield (2023)

  • Samund Berg-Ramirez (voice)

Dermot Mulroney, Courteney Cox, Hayden Panettiere, Tony Revolori, Liana Liberato, Josh Segarra, Mason Gooding, Samara Weaving, Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Jack Champion, and Devyn Nekoda in Scream VI (2023)

  • Co-Host (voice, as Roger L. Jackson)

Dead Space (2023)

  • Creature Vocalizations (voice)

Reimagined Volume I: Nyssa (2022)

  • The Disembodied

Neve Campbell, Skeet Ulrich, David Arquette, Courteney Cox, Marley Shelton, Dylan Minnette, Mason Gooding, Jack Quaid, Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Sonia Ammar, Jasmin Savoy Brown, and Mikey Madison in Scream (2022)

  • Ghostface (voice)

Sam Kalidi in Call of Duty: Warzone (2020)

  • Additional Voices
  • Brainlord (voice)
  • 44 episodes

Ashley Johnson and Patton Oswalt in Minecraft: Story Mode (2018)

  • The White Pumpkin (voice, as Roger L. Jackson)

Little Big Awesome (2016)

  • Mr. Sprinkles
  • Lamp Post (voice) ...

Roger Clark in Red Dead Redemption II (2018)

  • The Local Pedestrian Population (voice, as Roger L. Jackson)

Khumba (2013)

  • voice model principal

Tara Strong, Scott Menville, Hynden Walch, Greg Cipes, and Khary Payton in Teen Titans Go! (2013)

  • performer: "Monkey Songs"

Cathy Cavadini, Tara Strong, and Elizabeth Daily in The Powerpuff Girls (1998)

  • performer: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"

The Powerpuff Girls (1998)

  • performer: "Townsville's Going Down", "Hear Me Fathers", "Best Day of My Life", "Best Day of My Life (reprise)", "Why Can't We All Get Along?"

Scream 4: TV Spot "Reveal"

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  • 5′ 7″ (1.70 m)
  • July 13 , 1958
  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Other works Mr. Mucus in the Mucinex television commercials.

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  • Trivia Jackson's lines during Scream (1996) were not taped but said live to get the other actors' realistic on-screen reactions. Also, none of the actors knew who was on the other end of the line, making it even more realistic.
  • Trademarks Often provides a rasping, menacing voice for his characters. Most notably as the phone voice (Ghostface) in Scream (1996) and its sequels
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Roger L. Jackson

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Roger Labon Jackson is an American voice actor. He gained fame among horror film fans for voicing  Ghostface in the Scream franchise .

Jackson is known for his role as the voice of Ghostface in the Scream slasher films, as well as the TV reboot beginning with the third season. He has also appeared in animated films and television programs such as  Disney's The Book of Pooh  as well as Nickelodeon's The Wild Thornberry Movie . He also does the voice of the maniacal monkey genius Mojo JoJo and Butch  of the Rowdyruff Boys on The Powerpuff Girls.

Jackson has also played an active role in the electronic games industry; voicing monsters for Dungeons and Dragons; heroes for Galleon  and Baldur's Gate. He has worked for several Star Wars   video games  as the commander of Triton Squad for a example and Star Trek  programs. On top of that, he provides voices for all the original cats on the Catz virtual pet program; he also contributed to Final Fantasy X  and King's Quest VII  and has done educational programs for The Learning Company and Broderbund. For American McGee's Alice , Jackson provided the voice for the Chesire Cat and Jabberwock. For an Electronic Arts Sherlock Homes game, Jackson did over thirty characters. Jackson played the tyrant Colonel Nohman from Zone of the Enders , and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner . He also did the voice of John O'Conner in Delphine Software International's Fade to Black.

On October 10th, 2017, it was confirmed by Keke Palmer , that Jackson would voice Ghostface in the third season of the television series. He would later go on to voice Ghostface further in Scream (2022) and Scream VI .

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Bloody Disgusting!

‘Scream’ – Ghostface Voice Actor Roger L. Jackson Is the Unsung Horror Icon of the Slasher Franchise

' src=

You’re home alone.

You’re making a snack before you sit down to watch a spooky movie.

The phone rings. Odd, who could it be at this hour?

You answer. On the other end of the line a friendly, yet provocative voice answers back.

He sounds fun – a little sexy even. He asks you: “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

Horror icons are often associated with not just with the visual, but also with the auditory. There is no Michael Myers without John Carpenter’s legendary score. There is no Jason Voorhees without Harry Manfredini’s iconic “ki ki ki ma ma ma.” Entire generations can’t even look at the ocean without hearing the all-time classic Jaws theme conducted by John Williams.

Who is Freddy Krueger without Robert Englund’s distinctive cadence? Is there a Chucky if Brad Dourif hasn’t been knocking it out of the park as the stabby little bastard for over 30 years?

There is one slasher character as equally recognizable for how they look as well as how they sound: Ghostface .

whos the voice of ghostface

Prolific voice actor Roger L. Jackson has been blessing us with his vocal performance as Ghostface since the very beginning, cementing the character as a new horror icon right out of the gate. Like all of the aforementioned characters, there simply is no Ghostface without Jackson’s captivating performance.

As we all know, Ghostface isn’t the same person who keeps coming back to kill more young and hip people every sequel. They are new killers (or killer) with each new installment – yet, the voice remains the same due to the genius plot device of the voice changer Ghostface uses to mask their true identity.

What’s genius about the voice changer element is that it allows the Ghostface character to have a singular identity outside of the Father Death costume. Even though we know the killer is always going to be somebody new, Jackson’s instantly recognizable voice lets the audience immediately immerse themselves back into the world of Scream . We’re not thinking “oh, somebody bad is calling.”

We’re thinking “Ghostface is calling.”

When the phone rings and we hear those familiar dulcet tones, we know EXACTLY who is on the other end of the line. We instantly know danger is right around the corner and ready to pounce. Every trill of a phone in the Scream franchise is fraught with tension. What Psycho did for showers, Jaws did to the beach, and Friday the 13th did for camp, Scream did for answering the phone.

Jackson has noted in various interviews that one of the key aspects to his work as the character is that the different casts of each of the films never meet him on set. He is always off in the shadows, hidden from view while the phone conversations are being filmed. This allows for far more intimate and organic performances because a real conversation is happening instead of the filmmakers dubbing a voice in during post production.

Jackson gets every mile he can out of his voicework as Ghostface. He runs the gamut from friendly, flirty, sexy, to violent raving maniac. There is no denying the sexual tinge the Ghostface voice carries, and that is entirely by design as Jackson stated in a Vice interview published in 2019:

“I knew it had to be a sexy voice and something interesting enough to keep the girl on the phone, even though she clearly wants to hang up. He sounds interesting. There’s this texture and erotic colour to his voice. It’s like a cat that seems sweet and playful, but then all of a sudden the paw comes down onto the mouse’s tail.”

Like Freddy Krueger before him, Ghostface is a slasher that has fun with their victims. It’s not just about getting down to business. It’s all about the game, the theatricality, the performance. Every Ghostface killer is obsessed with movies or fame to a warped degree. Performance is intrinsic to the character. Jackson understands this and speaks every word with precision and clarity.

Just as Ghostface is in control of the conversations in the films, Jackson is control of Ghostface. With his performance across five films and one season of television now, Roger L. Jackson is as important to the identity and success of the Scream series as the principle trio of Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and David Arquette.

With no disrespect to those three wonderful performers, it’s not unreasonable to suggest Jackson is ever more important to the identity of the franchise, because without his voice, is it really even Scream ?

No spoilers but I was really happy to see Roger L. Jackson finally get a prominent shout out in the end credits of #Scream for voicing Ghostface. He’s never in the costume but he’s to Scream what Robert Englund is to Nightmare on Elm Street. Scream wouldn’t be Scream without him. — John Squires (@FreddyInSpace) January 18, 2022

' src=

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Spirit Halloween: 10 Costumes That Aren’t Barbie and Ken

whos the voice of ghostface

Spirit Halloween: 10 Essentials for Every Horror Home

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and the Pioneering Stop-Motion Animation Work of Director Henry Selick

' src=

Jack Skellington famously sings “What’s this?” when first discovering snow in the seminal stop-motion animated feature  The Nightmare Before Christmas , and it’s a question that audiences likely asked upon initial release in October 1993. The strange animated feature that embraces German Expressionism and macabre character designs feels atypical of family-friendly fare yet spends the bulk of its narrative exploring the Christmas holiday as an outsider. Disney understandably felt nervous about releasing the feature, one so removed from their usual output, but misfits everywhere ensured that  The Nightmare Before Christmas  would eventually become not only a widely embraced classic but one of the most marketable films ever for the brand. It also happened to be the masterful feature debut of filmmaker Henry Selick .

The Nightmare Before Christmas  originated from a poem penned by  Tim Burton , and, thanks to the success of Burton’s short film “Vincent,” was acquired by Disney for development as a series, then as a special. But it fell into limbo for a stretch. Eventually, the project was revived as a feature film, with Burton collaborating with Disney animator Henry Selick. With Burton preoccupied with  Batman Returns , Selick took the directorial reins on the painstaking stop-motion animated feature. But releasing the film under  Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas  meant that audiences attributed the film solely to Burton for years, overshadowing Selick’s impressive work that catapulted the film into a Disney classic.

Stop-motion animation, arguably one of the most painstaking, excruciatingly intricate art forms, involves manipulating puppets via frame-by-frame photographs to create movement when played back. Toss in facial expressions on top of character movement, and you have an obscene number of pictures required to create a single scene. That’s just to paint a brief portrait of the intense labor required to make a stop-motion animated movie. But Selick wanted to push the medium even further by forgoing the familiar flat surface employed in stop-motion to instead build full-blown set pieces for the characters so the camera could track them in a more immersive way, giving texture and dimension to this unique cinematic world.

whos the voice of ghostface

Henry Selick and Tim Burton. Photo Credit: Disney

While Selick also made tweaks on the character design to ensure they popped on screen, like giving Jack Skellington’s suit its iconic pinstripes, the director worked closely with the performers, and occasionally composer and singer Danny Elfman , to ensure the music integrated with the imagery in ways that reinforced the movie’s themes and the stark contrast between Halloween Town and Christmas Town. The concept, character designs, and ideas are largely Burton’s, but the technique, form, and emotional center owe much to Selick’s direction.

Selick’s work in stop-motion animation didn’t end with  The Nightmare Before Christmas . The director reteamed with producer Tim Burton a few years later on a stop-motion animated adaptation of Roald Dahl’s  James and the Giant Peach . Selick’s  Monkeybone  integrated stop-motion into live-action, though its peculiar tone didn’t strike with audiences upon release. That’s okay because his follow-up,  Coraline  for LAIKA (the studio’s first feature), earned Selick an Academy Award nomination and, thanks to a rather nightmarish Other World run by The Beldam, created stunning gateway horror for a new generation.

Last year brought Selick’s collaboration with Jordan Peele on  Wendell & Wild , making this the third decade in a row that the artist/director has delivered solid gateway horror to audiences through stunning, masterful stop-motion animation. In the current digital age, where everything moves at a rapid pace, creating more reliance on VFX and computer animation, Selick’s dedication to such a meticulous art form is refreshing, and it yields breathtaking results.

Jack Skellington

The Nightmare Before Christmas  turns 30 this month, and much about this holiday classic has already been explored in the three decades since its release. The music, the affecting performances by the voice cast, the peculiar world, and its quirky, horror-embracing denizens. All of it provides a comforting holiday film for those, like Lydia Deetz, at home with the strange and unusual. Strangely, though, its director remains one of the more undersung aspects of  The Nightmare Before Christmas . Selick pushed the art form forward right out of the gate for his feature debut and understood Burton’s vision in a way that’s difficult to imagine anyone else could.

The most exciting question, three decades later, isn’t whether  The Nightmare Before Christmas  classifies as Halloween or Christmas holiday viewing. It’s what young, impressionable mind Selick’s work inspires enough to become a future stop-motion animator great to carry the medium forward in the way Selick has, himself inspired by the innovative, ground-breaking animator  Ray Harryhausen  as a child. Jack Skellington’s sense of wonder at discovering new textures and culture remains timeless, and  The Nightmare Before Christmas  still evokes a feeling of awe. There’s so much depth, visually, that you can still pick out details upon new watches even today. Much like its director, it’s a pioneer in stop-motion animation.

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“R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour” – This Anthology Series Is Gateway Horror at Its Finest

- TERRIFIER 2 | Screambox and Bloody Disgusting

Christmas Comes Early: ‘Terrifier 3’ Teaser Slashes Down the Chimney ONLY IN THEATERS on November 1st

The Nightmare Before Christmas Monster High

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Joins the “Monster High” Collection with Jack and Sally Skullector Dolls

whos the voice of ghostface

‘Halloween: A Match Made in Terror’ – Official Mobile Game Just Launched for Halloween!

whos the voice of ghostface

‘Hocus Pocus’ Cast Returns to Salem for a Special 30th Anniversary Celebration [Event Report]

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'I Knew It Had to Be Sexy' – The Voice of Scream's Ghostface Speaks

Thomas Hobbs

The Man Who Deleted His Past Before He Was Found Dead

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Scream: Why The Voice Of Ghostface Sounds So Familiar

Ghostface gets ready to stab

A distinct voice can take people places, invoke fear, and inspire calls to action. The "Scream" franchise has long focused on killers who have donned the mask and moniker of Ghostface , and although Ghostface is typically a different person or people in each movie, the individual wearing the mask and black cloak always sounds the same. This is explained by a voice modulator, but in real life, Ghostface's voice is provided by none other than Roger Jackson.

That means any time one has been watching any "Scream" movie and the phone rings, it is Jackson who audiences are hearing when the question is asked, "what is your favorite scary movie?" Credited as "The Voice" in every "Scream" movie, Jackson had a unique way of approaching the role. In an interview with Vice , Jackson was asked if it is strange to be the voice of a serial killer. "Strange? No. It was a wonderful experience, and so much fun!" he gushed. "I knew it had to be a sexy voice and something interesting enough to keep the girl on the phone, even though she clearly wants to hang up. He sounds interesting. There's this texture and erotic colour to his voice ... I wanted the voice to change colour as Ghostface goes in for the kill, sort of like a cat does." However, Jackson has a long and extensive career in voice work, starting way back in 1990, which probably explains why he sounds so familiar.

Jackson got his voice acting start in The Secret of Monkey Island

For those out there that have been gaming for many decades, the first place that Roger Jackson might be recognized from is the vaunted 1990 video game from Lucasfilm Games, "The Secret of Monkey Island." This point-and-click adventure follows the would-be pirate Guybrush Threepwood (Dominic Armato) as he proves his worth and earns a reputation over the course of dealing with all sorts of adversaries like cannibals and ghosts. Jackson plays several characters in "The Secret of Monkey Island," with the first being Fred, a former pirate and a member of a group known as "The Men of Low Moral Fiber." This group is a major comedic element of the game, with Fred being a rather rotund pirate with a penchant for hearty laughter that often provokes his fellow comrades.

Besides Fred, Jackson also plays the piano-playing monkey called Jojo at the pirate restaurant named the Bloody Lip Bar and Grill on Scabb Island. Jojo is instrumental in Guybrush's quest because whenever Jojo sees a banana he becomes catatonic, which transforms the piano-loving simian into a literal monkey wrench. In addition, Jackson lends his talents as a passage-guarding troll, but this monster is later revealed to just be a person in a costume. 

Jackson must have made quite the impression because he continued to pop up in the sequels to "The Secret of Monkey Island," such as 1991's "Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge" and 2009's "Tales of Monkey Island."

He again channels a monkey as the arch-nemesis of the Powerpuff Girls

Playing a monkey in "The Secret of Monkey Island" must have had an impact on Roger Jackson, because the next place people might recognize his voice from is the 1998 animated series "The Powerpuff Girls" as the villain Mojo Jojo. Unlike the piano-playing Jojo from "The Curse of Monkey Island," Mojo Jojo instead is a diabolical enemy to the heroic Powerpuff Girls , and he craves not only their destruction but also the absolute domination of the entire world. Wearing a flowing cloak and donning some rather unique headgear, Mojo Jojo has a distinct manner of speaking that often results in him referring to himself in the third person. And let's be honest, saying "Mojo Jojo" is a lot of fun!

Joking aside, Jackson has kept his Mojo Jojo role through the many "Powerpuff Girls" television shows, specials, video games, and movies like "The Powerpuff Girls Movie," "The Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo's Clone Zone," and "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!" However, Mojo Jojo isn't the only character that Jackson plays in the popular cartoon; he also voices the bug-inside-a-robot Roach Coach, Butch of the Rowdyruff Boys, and the disguised Mojo Jojo character known as BrainLord. Jackson is also credited for additional voices, so it seems as if he is definitely quite familiar with all things "Powerpuff Girls."

Jackson voiced two different characters in two different Final Fantasy games

Changing pace from playing musical or maniacal monkeys, Roger Jackson then appeared in two different "Final Fantasy" games. The first, 2003's "Final Fantasy X-2," sees Roger playing the role of Maester Wen Kinoc, as well as additional characters. Wen Kinoc is a religious adherent of high ranking in the Yevon religion, which is the predominant faith in the world of Spira. Based on and around the art of summoning, Wen Kinoc believes the Yevon religion should be followed by all, and goes so far as to use military actions to make sure that his faith spreads. In addition, Wen Kinoc is also a close personal friend of Seymour Guado (Alex Fernandez), one of the major villains of "Final Fantasy X."

Shifting gears slightly from preaching a religion, Jackson later appears as Emperor Gramis Gana Solidor in 2006's "Final Fantasy XII." Although "Final Fantasy X" and "Final Fantasy X-2" focus on religion and summoning, "Final Fantasy XII" is more or less about political scheming, succession of power, and fighting for freedom. Emperor Gramis is responsible for conquering much of the world in "Final Fantasy XII," which he later becomes reluctant about on account of his brutal military methods. His sons are diametrically opposed to each other, with one of them scheming against the Emperor for control of the kingdom. Emperor Gramis is an elderly ruler, and his paranoia over his diminishing status is one of the major components of the character, as well as his concerns about the future of his family.

He lent his talents to one of the original League of Legends characters

One of the next places that people might recognize Roger Jackson's voice from is one of the biggest and most popular video games in the world, "League of Legends," which was originally released in 2009 and still going strong to this day. "League of Legends" is a multiplayer online battle arena game, or MOBA, that sees teams of players attempt to destroy a series of towers and main bases in order to win. Taking place on the map known as Summoner's Rift, there is a truly staggering amount of characters to choose from, with varying roles and abilities. Jackson voices one of the original characters of the game called Singed, who definitely channels the vibes of an unscrupulous and dangerous scientist.

Singed's skills allow him to be a tank for his allies, which is a role dedicated to leading the charge and soaking up damage from enemies. Masked and carrying a shield and vials of unknown substances, Singed is actually featured on the animated show "Arcane," though Jackson does not voice this particular iteration of the character. Though Jackson isn't on "Arcane," audiences that aren't familiar with "League of Legends" get a good grasp of the character -– a reclusive individual that believes science has the cure for all things, and he most assuredly has no ethics to constrain his actions, which can be shocking and horrible to some upon seeing Singed's experiments and results.

He voiced yet another unethical scientist in the Dishonored franchise

Apparently, Roger Jackson has a talent for playing eccentric scientists, as he voiced Anton Sokolov in the 2012 video game "Dishonored" and its subsequent sequel in 2016. Set in an alternate reality with a distinct steampunk feel, "Dishonored" sees an anachronistic Victorian-style city suffer from not only a political coup but also a devastating plague caused by a growing rat infestation. Sokolov is important to this world because he is a polymath of immense skills consisting of art, math, science, and philosophy. Much of the incredible technology featured in the "Dishonored" games is designed and created by Sokolov, which provides the character a modicum of freedom to do as he pleases. Although a brilliant scientist, Sokolov is somewhat like Singed from "League of Legends" because Sokolov has no issues with human experimentation on innocence. No ethical hangups here!

Channeling the look of figures like Rasputin, Sokolov has a wild and unkempt visage that only further underscores his chaotically brilliant nature. Depending on whether or not players earn the "good ending" of "Dishonored," Sokolov may actually figure out a cure for the plague that has ravaged the city, but this ending only occurs when there is very little chaos and death present in the game. In other words, the harder ending to achieve. In "Dishonored 2," Sokolov once again plays a key component of the story, and this time, the character is forced to create clockwork soldiers for the antagonist of the game. However, he is later rescued and provides support for the player.

Jackson is sick of synthetic humanoids in Fallout 4

Following up with another scientist role, Roger Jackson voiced Lawrence Higgs in the hit 2015 video game "Fallout 4." Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland hundreds of years after a global nuclear war, the "Fallout" franchise features many different groups of survivors. One of the most notable of these groups is known as "The Institute" in "Fallout 4," and they consist of some of the smartest individuals left on the planet. The scientists that staff The Institute are the children of previous generations of scientists, and the organization is exceptionally reclusive, with its base located deep underneath the former ruins of a college.

The Institute is generally hostile to anybody not associated with the organization as many of the members consider themselves vastly superior to other survivors. Higgs is a scientist who focuses on biology, and he is incredibly angry with The Institute's pursuit and usage of "synths," which are essentially robots that can blend in with humanity. Higgs views these synthetic humans are a symbol of The Institute and humanity's decline in general, which he has no qualms about expressing to anybody that might listen to him. One of the last missions involving Higgs in "Fallout 4" sees Higgs upset with the player character after they are gifted the leadership of The Institute, which forces the player into a confrontation with Higgs. From playing monkeys, scientists, and serial killers, Jackson has an exceptionally varied career that spans decades, and if one considers themselves a fan of cartoons or video games, then one has most assuredly heard Jackson in some capacity.

Screen Rant

How the first scream kept ghostface voice actor hidden from cast on set.

Ghostface voice actor Roger Jackson was hidden from the original Scream's principal actors in order to increase on-set tension - find out how.

Some of the key players behind the production of Wes Craven’s 1996 teen-slasher Scream have revealed how the actor who voiced the film’s Ghostface killer remained hidden from the cast while on set. Now four films into what has become something of an iconic horror franchise with  Scream 5 set to arrive this January , the original Scream was an unexpected hit. This year the film celebrates its 25th anniversary and Paramount is celebrating with a 4K Ultra HD re-release while also providing fans with plenty of Scream trivia.

For horror fans, the film’s arrival marked yet another effort on the part of one of cinema’s greatest horror directors. Craven’s resume spoke for itself prior to the release of Scream , with his biggest breakthrough into mainstream film discourse coming with 1984’s A Nightmare On Elm Street . While some feel that the creation of Freddy Krueger is one of, if not the greatest horror movie villains of all time , the arrival of Ghostface in Scream provided some strong competition. A different killer is behind the now infamous distorted screaming mask of the Ghostface killer with each Scream  installment, and this ability to consistently change and surprise audiences has kept the killer relevant and entirely mysterious.

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Yet even today, 25 years after the first Scream arrived in theaters to a somewhat disappointing opening, fans still have questions about Ghostface. The character has been voiced by Roger Jackson throughout each installment of the popular franchise, and as THR recently discovered during an interview with some of Scream’s key players, Jackson was never seen by the cast on the set of the 1996 film. Exactly how this manifested itself during filming was explained by editor Patrick Lussier, producer Marianne Maddalena and Ghostface himself, Jackson:

LUSSIER  One of the smartest things they did when they shot it was Roger Jackson, who does Ghostface’s voice, the killer voice, he was on set. All those phone calls were done live. They were tapped into a phone, but Drew and none of the actors could see him. They didn’t know what he looked like. MADDALENA  We hid him. We had separate rooms. He was never around. He was never at craft services. He was absolutely incognito. It made it scary for the actors and Wes just got better performances out of them. It’s a completely different thing than a script supervisor reading the lines. He has an amazing voice, but I don’t know how menacing he would be in person, you know? JACKSON  The first night when we were filming the bulk of the scene with Ms. Barrymore, I was outside the window under a little canopy trying to keep dry because it was raining. I’m looking at her through the window while I’m talking to her on the phone, but she couldn’t see outside. Then on the second night they moved me to the garage of the house and set me up with a monitor so I could watch the camera feed. That made it much better, not being wet.

The decision to keep Jackson away from the actors is a bit of a brilliant touch on the part of the late Craven, and it could help explain why the original Scream still manages to feel so different from subsequent sequels . It does seem that Craven was dedicated to doing whatever he could to keep the tension and scares real on set, with past disclosures from the film’s production having revealed that he also told vegetarian and animal lover Barrymore real-life stories of animal cruelty in order to keep her agitated and visibly upset between takes. Some might say this was going too far, but the end result is nothing if not tense.

It is, of course, extremely unfortunate that Craven couldn’t be here today to have overseen directorial duties on the fifth Scream film. His talent and ingenious horror filmmaking abilities will absolutely be missed. But judging by what’s been revealed to date with regard to Scream 5 , directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin share a strong love for the franchise and everything that Craven did to make it what it is today . After 25 years, Scream fans remain as dedicated as ever, and there’s no denying that’s due to Craven’s efforts.

Next: Scream 5's Best Way To Honor Wes Craven Is To Kill Everyone

Source: THR

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Scream (2022).

  • Stranger Things
  • The Lord of the Rings

Who plays Ghostface in Scream 6? Stunt double and voice actor revealed

Who plays Ghostface in Scream 6? Stunt double and voice actor revealed

The iconic face that can be spotted every Halloween is returning to taunt a new group of victims this year and we reveal who plays Ghostface and reveal why Neve Campbell is not in Scream 6.

A number of casting rumors were previously circulating, including tips that Anya Taylor-Joy would be involved , however, this turned out to be nothing more than a fake Letterboxd entry.’

Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett and written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick, Scream 6 – stylized Scream XI – is aptly the sixth installment in the overall Scream film franchise and serves as a direct sequel to 2022’s Scream.

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Who plays Ghostface in Scream 6?

Ghostface is played by Max Laferriere and voiced by returning actor, Roger L. Jackson, in Scream 6.

Laferriere is an actor and stuntman, known for his roles as Mike Blake in Three Pines and Edik in The Recruit, as well as his stunt work in What We Do in the Shadows and video games, such as Gotham Knights .

Jackson has been the voice of Ghostface since the 1996 debut of the first movie , and has returned for every subsequent entry. It may surprise fans to know that Jackson is also the voice of Mojo Jojo in The Powerpuff Girls.

Did you know? In the Scream series, Ghostface was voiced by Roger L. Jackson. Director Wes Craven often hid Jackson on the set while filming, so that the actors would be more scared when hearing his voice near them — Horror Necronomicon (@horrornecronom) March 2, 2020

Ghostface through the years

Even though Jackson has remained the voice of Ghostface since the first film, the body double of the killer has changed with each entry, similar to the stunt double change for Michael Myers in Halloween.

X-Men and Spider-Man stunt double, Lee Waddell, was credited as being Ghostface in the first Scream movie.

Waddell returned alongside, Ozark’s Ted Barba and Marvel’s Chris Durand, for Scream 2.

Transformers and Terminator stunt double, Jeff Brockton, was credited as the stunt double for the Ghostface killer in Scream 3.

The Mandalorian and Westworld stunt double, Dane Farwell, played Ghostface in Scream 4.

Lastly, Google names Logan and Jurassic World stunt worker, William Scharpf, as portraying Ghostface in 2022’s Scream, however, the villain has been left off the official cast list.

This is unlike any other Ghostface. Watch the NEW trailer for #ScreamVI – Only in theatres March 10, 2023. — Scream (@ScreamMovies) January 19, 2023
  • MORE: How many episodes in Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre?

Neve Campbell will not be appearing in Scream 6

Variety reported back in August 2022 that franchise regular, Never Campbell, would not be returning in Scream 6 to play Sidney Prescott.

The actor was quoted saying that she decided not to accept the offer for the role because it did not “equate” to the value she brings to the film series.

Campbell explained:

“I did not feel that what I was being offered equated to the value that I bring to this franchise, and have brought to this franchise, for 25 years. And as a woman in this business, I think it’s really important for us to be valued and to fight to be valued.”

Despite Campbell’s exit from the horror franchise for this installment, which is the first entry the actor has missed, the same report confirmed that Sidney Prescott would be name-checked in Scream 6.

11th Annual Warner Brothers And InStyle Golden Globe After-Party

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Scream 6 is scheduled to release in cinemas on March 10, 2023.

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Matthew Lillard Going Full ‘Scream’ Is the Best Part of ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’

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Does ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ Have An End Credits Scene? ‘FNAF’ Includes a Mid-Credits Treat for YouTube Fans

Is ‘five nights at freddy’s’ streaming on netflix or hulu, when does ‘fnaf’ come out on peacock how to watch the ‘five nights at freddy’s’ movie at home , 11 new halloween movies to watch this spooky season.

Warning: Spoilers for Five Nights at Freddy’s and Scream ahead.

It’s been 27 years since Matthew Lillard terrorized Sidney Prescott behind the Ghostface mask in Scream , arguably one of the greatest villain reveals in recent horror movie history. That’s why it’s so darn delightful—even if it’s not particularly surprising—when the big bad in Five Nights at Freddy’s takes off its animatronic headpiece to reveal… Matthew Lillard. And nearly three decades later, Lillard still knows how to play an unhinged serial killer perfectly.

In Five Nights at Freddy’s , which is based on the popular horror video game series of the same name, Lillard plays a career counselor who pushes his client, Mike (Josh Hutcherson) to take a job as a security guard at an abandoned family fun center, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Lillard, with his trademark goofy-yet-unsettling smile, informs Mike that the owner of Freddy’s is “eccentric” and “sentimental,” which is why he’s refused to have the place demolished. Mike’s job is to keep people from getting on the premises… and also to avoid being murdered by the killer animatronic mascots that run the place.

That last part isn’t in the job description, but Mike figures it out soon enough. Eventually, the full story comes out: The owner of Freddy’s, William Afton, was a deranged serial killer. In the ’80s, Afton kidnapped and murdered five children at his restaurant, and he put the remains of their bodies inside his cutting-edge animatronic mascots. The ghosts of those dead children now haunt those machines, and they all worship their leader, the yellow bunny rabbit. But unlike the other mascots, the bunny has an actual human inside the suit: William Afton, aka Matthew Lillard.

“Symmetry, my friend,” Afton rasps out via a voice-changer to Mike in the big showdown of the film. And Afton might be talking about killing Mike’s brother in the film, but horror movie fans will catch the double meaning. It’s a full-circle moment from when Lillard, as Stu Macher, revealed himself as one of the two voices of Ghostface, in the big showdown of the 1996 meta-horror classic, Scream. And just to help the reference hit extra hard, Five Nights at Freddy’s director Emma Tammi even gives Lillard a Scream -esque butcher knife to wield.

It’s clearly a callback to his iconic, unhinged performance in Scream when he and Skeet Ulrich waxed poetic about horror movie tropes, while they circled in on Neve Campbell’s character, Sidney Prescott. Five Nights at Freddy’s doesn’t give Lillard nearly the same level of whip-smart material, but the horror veteran nevertheless delivers a perfect blend of creepy and camp as Afton.

It’s a shame Lillard is only in two scenes in Five Nights at Freddy’s because he’s easily the best part of the film. Thankfully, rumor has it— according to Lillard himself , on a podcast earlier this year—that he signed a three-film contract for the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie franchise. So, hopefully, we’ll get to see more of him in the sequel— if the sequel happens. As Stu would say: I’m ready, baby!

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Joy Behar Was Totally Lost On 'The View' As Whoopi Goldberg Tried To Make An Argument About Men And Abortion: "What Is The Point?"

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whos the voice of ghostface


The Best Scream Merch In 2023 - Ghostface Figures, Collectibles, & More

Posted: October 27, 2023 | Last updated: October 27, 2023

We all go a little mad sometimes, and since its release in 1996, fans have been mad about the popular horror franchise Scream. With Wes Craven at the helm of the first four films, the franchise is beloved for its scares, self-aware humor, use and subversion of classic horror tropes, and awesome performances. The most recognizable character in the Scream films is undoubtedly the terrifyingly ruthless figure of Ghostface, and his unsettling mask has become the face of the franchise. RELATED: The Best Horror Movie Halloween Costume Ideas In 2023 Such a haunting visage leaves a mark, and fans of Scream enjoy products that feature it the most. The best Scream merch gives fans a way to carry their fandom with them, so they can express their love for the long-running franchise. Other standout items provide entertainment or act as conversation pieces in the home. These top picks are sure to excite any fan of the beloved Scream franchise.

Scream Ghostface Action Figure

Ghostface rug, scream wall decor poster, ghostface blanket, funko scream game, ghostface backpack, ghostface dad hat, scream ghostface ankle socks, ghostface phonecase, ghostface notebook, scream inspired makeup pouch, ghostface mug.

Ghostface is ready to wreak havoc in every fan's room. This 8-inch figure is specially designed after the real costume, including a tailored robe and a screen-accurate sculpted mask. Fully posable, it features interchangeable hands, the iconic knife, and a voice modulator prop. With such attention to detail, this figure is the perfect collectible.

Fans of  Scream  will love this Ghostface-inspired rug, a killer addition to their home decor. Besides its delightful spook factor, it absorbs water, is machine washable, and is extremely soft. It features a non-slip backing as well for usage as a bath mat. It is the perfect way to add a horror element to fall decor and bring some slasher movie energy into any space. 

This unique poster features the frightening Ghostface in pursuit. The artwork is eye-catching and bold and isn't simply a rehashing of the film's promotional images. Its compelling design and masterful use of colors establish an ominous mood, which makes it shine compared to others. Fans can rep their favorite slasher with a poster that takes a stab at creativity.

This spooky Ghostface throw blanket is to die for. It depicts the iconic Ghostface mask, eerie and unsettling. Featuring digitally printed artwork, its colors are vibrant and recognizable. The product is also 100% authentic and officially licensed. Fans can snuggle up under this soft high-quality blanket and watch their favorite scary movies. 

Fans can grab their bravest friends and venture into the infamous town of Woodsboro in this exciting game based on the  Scream  franchise. Fast-paced and engaging, this game includes a free downloadable app that provides suspenseful music and original narration by Roger L. Jackson, the voice of Ghostface himself. As players struggle to stay alive, the game is sure to be a screaming good time. 

This authentic and officially licensed  Scream  Ghostface bag is sure to turn heads. Fans can carry a piece of the iconic franchise with them with this glow-in-the-dark versatile backpack. It is made of high-quality polyester, and it has a large zipper compartment and adjustable straps. The zipper at the front of the bag even features the iconic Ghostface knife as its zipper pull, a nice touch that fans will love.

Both practical and fun, this Scream- inspired dad hat is the perfect accessory for a day out. Fans can wear it in their daily life as both a cover from the sun and a beacon of their love for the franchise. The hat features a specially embroidered patch of the iconic slasher villain Ghostface. With its simplistic design, is a great choice for fans who opt for a more subtle approach to movie merchandise. 

The first step in watching horror movies is to get as cozy as possible, and there is no better way to do so than with this pack of ankle socks that are inspired by Ghostface himself. This pack comes with five comfy pairs of socks, four of which feature the slasher icon, and one that displays his name. Fitting sock sizes of 9-11 and shoe sizes of 5-10, fans won't want to miss this comfy addition to their Scream  collection. 

This Ghostface phone case is sure to spark conversation between fans of the  Scream  franchise. A humorous take on the infamous slasher killer, Ghostface echoes the statements fans are bound to say when seeing it. It will allow fans to find new people to bond with over horror films, just through its design. The case itself is durable, flexible, and designed for reliable protection. 

Feeling inspired? This Scream  notebook is the perfect find for every fan's journaling needs. With its unique and comedic artwork of everyone's favorite slasher, it makes for a perfect fun and practical way to show off a love for the franchise. This leather notebook is not only great quality, but it is compact and perfect for on-the-go needs, containing 130 pages and infinite charm.

Featuring characters Billy Loomis and Stu Macher from the first film, this themed makeup bag will delight Scream  fans. The bag is not only suitable for storing makeup but can also be used for stationary and personal travel goods. It is portable and lightweight, making it a great choice for fans who want to display their favorite scary movie practically.

This specially sculpted ceramic mug is unlike any other, featuring the terrifying mask of the iconic slasher villain Ghostface. It is officially licensed, and crafted from high-quality stoneware. Its creative design is bold, and it would be an understatement to say that the mug is attention-grabbing. Unique and perfect for a fan's morning coffee, this product is a killer collectible to add to any mug collection.

These Items Are To Die For

Fans of the Scream franchise adore the villainous Ghostface and enjoy trying to unravel the mystery of who is behind the mask in each new film. They can show their love for the character through these fantastic products that are inspired by him.

The Ghostface rug will up the spook factor of any room, adding a splash of horror that will excite fans. The themed blanket pairs well with the cozy socks, perfect for a night of watching horror films. The Ghostface mini backpack is by far the most creative, featuring a glow-in-the-dark feature and miniature knife zipper pull, giving fans a fun surprise when the lights are off.

RELATED: The Best Horror Movie Collectibles & Toys In 2023 The best choice for die-hard fans, the action figure is a collectible that focuses on details. It can be displayed anywhere, bringing Ghostface's looming presence to any room for only $35. Its emphasis on screen accuracy and commitment to replicating the original costume cements it as a killer collectible.

Where Can I Watch The Scream Movies?

The Scream films are scattered across various platforms. The first three films are available on Max, while the fourth can be streamed on Peacock. The remaining films, the fifth and sixth, can be found on Paramount.

Where Can I Find Scream Merchandise?

Scream merchandise can be found at a variety of stores, both online and in person. Some notable retailers are Amazon, Entertainment Earth , and Funko, all of which are featured in this collection. Other sources are Hot Topic, Target, and more.

MORE: The Best Horror Movie T-Shirts In 2023

The Best Scream Merch In 2023 - Ghostface Figures, Collectibles, & More

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  • October 18, 2023

Need a Voice Actor?

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Top 5 Realistic Voices for Text to Speech

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a halloween t-shirt design with jack-o-lanterns and the ghostface character

Your Voice, Our Tech: Typecast’s Voice Cloning Takes Off

October is here, and Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time to prank your friends and family with an iconic Ghostface voice changer. While there are many reasons to take on the iconic creep’s voice this Halloween, we’ll focus on content creation.

Thanks to technology, anyone can achieve that infamous voice by using a Ghostface voice changer mod or tweaking an AI voice. As a YouTuber or content creator, using the Ghostface voice can add fun and creativity to your content. It’s also a great way to engage with your audience and keep them on their toes.

Join us as we walk you through using a Ghostface voice changer like Typecast. We’ll also discuss how Typecast functions as a scream voice changer and read-aloud tool so you can find the perfect method for content creation.

Who is Ghostface?

a dark figure with a dark hood in the woods hiding their face

Before we dive into it, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. The original Scream came out in December of 1996 , but no one believed it would become the cult classic it is today. This slasher film introduced us to Ghostface, a masked killer with a distorted voice who terrorizes his victims with twisted mind games.

Since then, Ghostface has appeared in five other films, TV series, and video games. The iconic character has had a significant cultural impact since its inception. And part of that impact lies in the unforgettable voice.

The latest rendition with The Addam’s Family sensation Jenna Ortega and returning stars Hayden Panettiere and Courtney Cox was a hit. However, we’re here for the OG Ghostface voice that still gives us chills.

Why use a Ghostface voice changer?

Using Ghostface’s voice can bring a new dimension to your Halloween-themed content by adding an element of fear and suspense. Creators make how-to videos, commentary, reviews, and spooky true-crime storytimes. So why not stand out from the crowd with a Ghostface voice changer? 

Using a scream voice changer or read-aloud text-to-speech tool can also add a touch of dark humor to your videos. It’s a great way to mix things up.

Where to find a scream voice changer?

a creator recording a script at his desk using a voice changer tool

Now that we’ve convinced you of the benefits of using a Ghostface voice changer, it’s time to find one. You have a few methods to get the iconic voice. One way is purchasing a Ghostface voice changer device from retailers like Amazon.

These devices can add a realistic effect to your content. You could use them to record a video while in a Ghostface costume. However, they aren’t as reliable and cause a lot of distortion feedback. 

If you want crisp and engaging audio, you should use:

  • AI Voice Generators : AI-powered voice tools can generate or mimic any voice. You can find free and paid options online to hear any text read back to you in iconic voice filters.
  • Read Aloud Text to Speech: Similar to AI voice generators , read aloud text to speech tools also allow you to type in text and have it read back to you. These programs often have many options, including a scream voice changer option.

Creating unique content that fits your YouTube channel’s brand is relatively easy with Typecast. Let’s break down how you can use it and which method is best for your workflow.

How to use a Ghostface voice changer

a group of people setting up a sound mixer station to create voice content

So, you’ve decided to use the Ghostface voice changer in your content. You can use this method with a Windows-capable computer or a Mac. While the instructions may vary depending on the device, you can use Typecast to follow these general steps:

  • Set up Your Equipment: Ensure you set all audio settings for the best sound quality.
  • Test it Out: Play with the different settings before recording content to find the perfect voice.
  • Prepare Your Script: Ensure your script is edited and finalized before using the Ghostface voice changer.
  • Record Your Content: Once everything is ready, record your content in the iconic Ghostface voice.
  • Edit and Enhance: You can edit and enhance your audio as usual for a more professional and polished result.

There are tools out there that allow creators to manipulate their voices, including creating the perfect Ghostface voice. Yet, with Typecast, you’ll sound like the iconic slasher in no time. Here’s how creators can use Typecast to create the perfect Ghostface voice changer.

Using Typecast as an AI voice generator

a robotic text talker microphone robot

Whether you are an individual creator or part of a business, using AI for your daily content creation makes sense. Every creator wants to offer content that keeps their audience coming back. And what better way to do it than using an AI voice generator that can mimic Ghostface’s voice? 

As mentioned, an AI voice generator uses artificial intelligence to mimic human speech patterns. But these tools take it further by mimicking human tone, pitch, and inflection. Typecast users can use an AI voice generator to hear text in different voices.

They don’t need special software, just a stable internet connection and access to free or paid plans. If a creator uses Typecast to make a video tutorial, they can use the AI voice generator to read their script as Ghostface. The Ghostface voice changer has multiple voice options, including scary and distorted options that bring the Ghostface voice to life.

Creators want customizable options

a content creator selects many different options

Many AI voice tools are highly customizable, so you can adjust the speed and tone to represent Ghostface’s voice better. Yet, the best AI voice tools go beyond offering a library of character voices. Like Typecast, they blend all the elements.

Creators don’t always make the same content. So, the AI voice generator should meet the demands of true versatility. With Typecast, creators get:

  • A detailed voice control module and an easily accessible platform
  • Access to an extensive library of AI voices for any occasion
  • The flexibility of customization

YouTube creators can produce an overwhelming amount of content. That’s why having an AI voice generator that supports natural voice cloning is valuable. Typecast also has over 400 AI voices, including some perfect for creating a custom Ghostface voice.

Jack is the ideal option if you’re looking for a deep, gravelly tone. For a more sinister and disarming voice, try out Killian the Vampire . Use Typecast’s custom voice option for a smoother and more natural style.

Using Typecast as read aloud text to speech tool

an AI-based robot reading a book

While there are many AI companies , very few have tools to create read aloud content well. If you need read aloud text to speech tools, then Typecast has got you covered. The tool offers freedom and supports an in-browser API for an affordable monthly plan. 

You can edit your script, choose a proper scary voice, or tweak an AI voice for the best-sounding Ghostface. Then, work your magic with the voice control module. This method is helpful for short readings, saving time on recording or editing, and adding dialogue to pre-recorded animations.

It’s not just for videos, either. You can use Typecast to create read aloud text to speech for thrilling murder-mystery audiobooks, scary podcasts, and even presentations. Plus, you can make content sound unique and authentic with multiple AI voices.

Use Typecast for all content creation needs

Creators understand the deepfake and voice cloning phenomenon , so most want an ultimate AI voice generator that does it all. Ignoring the negative sentiment, an AI voice generator is a powerhouse for content creators. You can create custom voices, edit them, and mix them in the voice control module.

With Typecast, content creators can:

  • Adjust tone, emotion, speech pace, and speaking duration
  • Access Pro features like pitch adjustment, tempo, intonation, and pauses
  • Use multiple, diverse languages

As you can see, Typecast works well as a scary voice generator text to speech tool for making videos for YouTube . 

Final words

a scary hooded character in the woods

There are many creative ways to achieve Ghostface’s menacing, spine-chilling voice. As a social media influencer or an aspiring creator, the landscape of voice-changing technology is ever-expanding. It offers exciting opportunities to create dynamic content. 

Our industry-leading versatility and user-friendly features allow everyone to mimic the Ghostface voice, depending on your workflow. Dive into the world of AI voice generation and transform your storytelling with a supernatural touch. Now, the question is not if you can create the Ghostface voice but when you will spook your audience with it.

Virtual actors at your service

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image of a human kid and a robot

The Top 5 AI Video Cartoonizer Software of 2023

speech synthesis

How to Use Text-to-Speech on Your Mac

whos the voice of ghostface

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    Roger Labon Jackson is an American voice actor. He is best known for voicing the killer Ghostface in the Scream films, leaving him to keep an unknown identi...

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    Roger L. Jackson is back for 2022's 'Scream' Even though he's not currently performing as Mojo Jojo, Jackson is back as Ghostface for 2022's Scream. The actor is one of only five returning stars...

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    Roger L. Jackson as the Voice of Ghostface. In the films, the creepy Ghostface voice is explained as the result of a voice modulator used by Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard's characters.

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    Credited as "The Voice" in every "Scream" movie, Jackson had a unique way of approaching the role. In an interview with Vice, Jackson was asked if it is strange to be the voice of a serial...

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    Ghostface voice actor Roger Jackson was hidden from the original Scream's principal actors in order to increase on-set tension - find out how. Some of the key players behind the production of Wes Craven's 1996 teen-slasher Scream have revealed how the actor who voiced the film's Ghostface killer remained hidden from the cast while on set.

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    Ghostface. Roger Jackson is the voice of Ghostface in Scream 4, and Jin Yamanoi is the Japanese voice. Movie: Scream 4. Franchise: Scream.

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    Jackson has been the voice of Ghostface since the 1996 debut of the first movie, and has returned for every subsequent entry. It may surprise fans to know that Jackson is also the voice of Mojo Jojo in The Powerpuff Girls. Did you know? In the Scream series, Ghostface was voiced by Roger L. Jackson.

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    Ghostface. Roger Jackson is the voice of Ghostface in Scream 2, and Jin Yamanoi is the Japanese voice. Movie: Scream 2. Franchise: Scream.

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    Roger L. Jackson - the voice behind The Ghostface Killer - talks about the 'logistics' of how he did the voice on-set. The actors never saw or met him durin...

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    Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) was Sidney's boyfriend for the first flick, and is the OG Ghostface. But by the third act of "Scream," he reveals himself and pal Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard) to ...

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    It's a full-circle moment from when Lillard, as Stu Macher, revealed himself as one of the two voices of Ghostface, in the big showdown of the 1996 meta-horror classic, Scream. And just to help ...

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    Fast-paced and engaging, this game includes a free downloadable app that provides suspenseful music and original narration by Roger L. Jackson, the voice of Ghostface himself. As players struggle ...

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    Prepare Your Script: Ensure your script is edited and finalized before using the Ghostface voice changer. Record Your Content: Once everything is ready, record your content in the iconic Ghostface voice. Edit and Enhance: You can edit and enhance your audio as usual for a more professional and polished result.