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  • Prologue: September 1, 1823
  • Chapter 1: August 21, 1823
  • Chapter 2: August 23, 1823
  • Chapter 3: August 24, 1823
  • Chapter 4: August 28, 1823
  • Chapter 5: August 30, 1823
  • Chapter 6: August 31, 1823
  • Chapter 7: September 2, 1823 – Morning
  • Chapter 8: September 2, 1823
  • Chapter 9: September 8, 1823
  • Chapter 10: September 15, 1823
  • Chapter 11: September 16, 1823
  • Chapter 12: September 17, 1823
  • Chapter 13: October 5, 1823
  • Chapter 14: October 6, 1823
  • Chapter 15: October 9, 1823
  • Chapter 16: November 29, 1823
  • Chapter 17: December 5, 1823
  • Chapter 18: December 6, 1823
  • Chapter 19: December 8, 1823
  • Chapter 20: December 15, 1823
  • Chapter 21: December 31, 1823
  • Chapter 22: February 27, 1824
  • Chapter 23: March 6, 1824
  • Chapter 24: March 7, 1824
  • Chapter 25: March 28, 1824
  • Chapter 26: April 14, 1824
  • Chapter 27: April 28, 1824
  • Chapter 28: May 7, 1824

Themes See All

  • Visions of the American Frontier
  • Man and the Natural World
  • Strength and Skill
  • Exploration


Characters See All

  • Captain Andrew Henry
  • John Fitzgerald
  • Jim Bridger
  • Kiowa Brazeau
  • Yellow Horse
  • The Voyageurs (Antoine Langevin, Toussaint Charbonneau, "Professeur," and Dominique and Louis "La Vierge" Cattoire)
  • The Old Arikara Woman
  • William Ashley

Analysis See All

  • What's Up With the Title?
  • What's Up With the Ending?
  • What's Up With the Epigraph?
  • Tough-o-Meter
  • The Anstadt
  • Pyres and Graves
  • The Bear Claw

Quotes See All

  • For Teachers
God had placed him in a garden of infinite bounty, a Land of Goshen in which any man could prosper if only he had the courage and the fortitude to try. (1.1.20)

Although we'll be focusing on Hugh Glass for the bulk of this section, it's worth noting that he's not the only one with oodles of determination in The Revenant . William Ashley has plenty of persistence, too, the only difference being that his only goal is to make as much cash as possible.

They waited all morning for Hugh Glass to die. He never gained consciousness. [...] Still, his chest rose and fell, each breath stubbornly followed by another. (1.3.42)

Hugh Glass is so persistent that he doesn't stop swinging even when he's unconscious. That's boss status. What's more, this sets the tone for everything that follows, as it shows that Glass is far tougher than a human being has any right to be. Are we sure that this dude isn't a Terminator or something?

Glass sensed that his body was marshaling itself for another, decisive battle. Not at the surface, but deep within. (1.6.9)

As Glass's body slowly (emphasis on the slowly ) recovers, we see him become increasingly focused on surviving this seemingly un-survivable ordeal. We wouldn't put money on it, but if anyone can do it, it's Glass.

Three hundred and fifty miles . A healthy man in good weather could cover that ground in two weeks. How far can I crawl in a day? (1.7.49)

Think about that for a second. Just think about it. Glass is still recovering from a brutal bear attack, yet he still has the determination to crawl across hundreds of miles of rocky terrain in order to get revenge. Just think about that the next time you take the elevator instead of the stairs.

Still, he thought, there was no luck at all in standing still. The next morning he would crawl forward again. If luck wouldn't find him, he would do his best to make his own. (1.8.27)

Despite the awful physical pain, the mental anguish, and the sheer terror of being stuck out in the middle of nowhere without even a knife, Glass manages to keep his spirits up. It saves his life. One could easily imagine a lesser man simply giving up in this situation, but we're pretty sure that the phrase "give up" isn't even in Glass's vocabulary.

It took him almost two hours to crawl down the creek to the Grand. (1.8.17)

Even with a good attitude, however, survival is going to be a lot easier said than done. Buckle in, Shmoopers, because this is going to be one bumpy ride.

He knew he couldn't allow himself to think about it, not in its totality. A mile at a time . (1.8.12)

Glass keeps himself sane by focusing only on the task at hand rather than worrying about what might happen in the future. To do otherwise would surely lead to, you know, something like madness.

"Bit of a silly venture, isn't it? [...] Chase down your betrayers in the spring, if you're still inclined" [...] "It's not an issue on which I asked your counsel." (1.15.113-115)

Note that Kiowa isn't even telling Glass to stop his quest for revenge—he's merely asking him to put it on hold. Glass has no interest in this advice, however. Now, whether you chalk this up to bravery or just good, old-fashioned foolhardiness, you can't deny that it shows Glass's incredible determination.

With the confidence of a relentless predator, Glass knew that his quarry lay somewhere before him, near and nearer with each passing hour. (2.24.69)

While we've talked about Glass's determination in positive terms for the most part, the truth is that it's rooted in a very dark desire: revenge. Would Glass still have been so driven to survive if he hadn't been betrayed by Fitzgerald and Bridger? We're not so sure.

Glass didn't move from the cottonwood for more than two hours. He listened to the off-and-on sounds of his searchers as he plotted his next move. (2.25.51)

Determination is important, but it isn't worth a lick if you don't also have patience . In math terms: determination - patience = stupidity. Luckily for Glass, however, he has a good enough head on his shoulders to know that discretion is the better part of valor.

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the revenant quotes book

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The best Quotes from The Revenant

The best Quotes from The Revenant

The Revenant is a 2015 American Western action drama film directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu. The screenplay by Mark L. Smith and Iñárritu is based in part on Michael Punke's 2002 novel The Revenant. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy.

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The Best Quotes From The Revenant

If you like action and adventure, you are going to be searching for trivia and repeating quotes from The Revenant just like me! Get your best Leonardo DiCaprio husky voice ready, haha! This 2015 epic thriller movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter. The inspiration for the movie is Hugh Glass, a fur trapper, and frontiersman. The movie follows Hugh as he fights after barely surviving being mauled by a bear, and is left alone in the wilderness deserted by his hunting team. The Revenant movie is chock full betrayal and revenge.

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Quotes From The Revenant & The Revenant Trivia

The Revenant was nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe among other awards. I am totally obsessed with this movie. I have been looking for every interesting bit of The Revenant trivia I can find! Intrigued? You can find out a little more of The Revenant trivia by checking out this awesome interview Leo did on The Ellen Show.

The Revenant Trivia: The Cast Of The Revenant

Brush up on your trivia and quotes from The Revenant below! Here is a list of cast members and what character they play so it will be easier to understand the quotes.

  • Hugh Glass is played by Leonardo DiCaprio
  • John Fitzgerald is played by Tom Hardy (Fitzgerald is part of the group that wants to abandon Glass)
  • Hugh Glass’ wife is played by Grace Dove
  • Hugh Glass’ son, Hawk, is played by Forrest Goodluck
  • Andrew Henry is played by Domhnall Gleeson (Henry is the leader of the hunting team)

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Quotes From The Revenant

Here are my fav quotes from the Oscar nominated film: The Revenant.

John Fitzgerald – “You better take that last breath of yours now!” This quote is from the scene where a battle ensues between Glass and Fitzgerald.

Hugh Glass – “The only safe thing to do is track a new course up on land.” John Fitzgerald; “Then what we gonna do? Sit out there like a bunch of god damned ducks? You and your half-breed son, you get to walk on out? I’m talking to you!” This quote is from a scene in the movie when Hugh and the others are getting to the boat and the hunters come across Native Americans.

Hugh Glass – “I ain’t afraid to die anymore. I’d done it already.” At this point in the movie, Glass has already fought to come back from the dead, and he does not fear anything anymore, even death.

Hugh Glass – “You have to fight. Don’t give up, as long as you’ve got a breath in you.”

Hugh Glass – “All I had was my boy, and he took him from me. Do you understand?” This quote is from Hugh Glass, explaining how he wants to kill the man that killed his son.

Hugh Glass ’ Wife- “When there is a storm, and you stand in front of a tree, if you look at its branches, you swear it will fall. But if you watch the trunk, you will see it’s stability.”

Andrew Henry – “What happened?” John Fitzgerald- “We did what we had to do. He was buried right.” Henry orders Fitzgerald to take care of Glass for as long as they need to. However, Fitzgerald does abide by the orders and must answer to Henry about what he did.

So I have to know, have you seen The Revenant yet? What are your favorite trivia tidbits and quotes from The Revenant? Tell me in the comments!

*Image via NBC

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13 thoughts on “ the best quotes from the revenant ”.

I have not yet seen this movie, but I do love me some Leo DiCaprio!

I haven’t seen the movie but I heard amazing things!

I haven’t watched The Revenant but have heard some great things about it.

We haven’t seen it yet but hubby wants to. I haven’t heard much about it but this post makes me want to, thanks for sharing. Love the trivia!

I have not seen this movie but it looks really good. I love Leo in movies for sure!

I actually never even heard of this this movie but it certainly sounds like one I would enjoy.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I do love Leo. I’m sure I’ll see it at some point!

It looks like a great movie. This is one of the ones my husband and I want to see.

I’d really like to see it, especially before the Oscars. It sounds like a great one.

I haven’t seen this movie but it seems very interesting. I like Leonardo as an actor.

I have heard a ton about this movie but I don’t think it will be for me!

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The Revenant by Michael Punke

the revenant quotes book

By Justine McGrath at

  • 26 January 2016

‘Avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.’ Rom.12:19

This quote at the beginning of ‘The Revenant’ is the paradox all humans face when wronged. In certain situations, it seems impossible not to seek and desire revenge, despite what both spiritual and religious beliefs may set out to teach. The main character in this novel had more desire and reason than most for revenge.

Although I am sure he is delighted by all the attention his book is now receiving, I would imagine it must grate a bit with Michael Punke, whose book was originally published in 2002, to only be receiving the recognition it always deserved, some 13 years later, due to a film release starring Leonardo Di Caprio. However, it is great to see this novel now receiving all the plaudits it deserves.

Based on true events Punke’s novel is an incredible tale of one man’s desire for revenge, after being left for dead following an attack by a grizzly bear. What a premise for a story! What makes it all the more incredible is that the main character Hugh Glass did exist, and was indeed attacked by a grizzly bear and survived.

What lengths would you go to when left for dead by those who are meant to be those caring for you? Left in the toughest terrain in the world, at risk of death from any number of native tribes and hunters. Not only that, but abandoning you with no hope of survival by stealing your gun and all your belongings.

This is a story of true survival. Survival against the most extreme odds. Survival at any cost, motivated by the deepest desire for revenge on those who have so wronged you.

The setting is the harsh land of the plains and rivers surrounded by the Missouri and the Rockies. The year is 1823, and for the traders of the Rocky Mountain Fur company, life doesn’t get any harsher. The novel begins with Captain Henry who, due to a series of unfortunate incidents, feels himself cursed, and so it appears to be. He is in charge of the trappers of the Rocky Mountain Fur company for his boss, businessman William Ashley. During his previous expedition he lost many men to an attack by the ‘Blackfeet’ one of the many hostile groups of indigenous tribes in the area. They were also attacked by The Arikara, a violent tribe who have no love whatsoever for the white man and who kill upon sight.

The story is told from multiple points of view. The viewpoint changes according to whichever character is telling the story. This adds a richness and an interest to the story, and it also removes the possibility of an unreliable narrator. It lends a realism and an added interest to the narrative.

The author has very astutely provided a very clear map at the beginning of the book, which is useful for reference purposes, as several of the characters navigate the harsh landscape in this area.

This group of trappers face the harshest conditions possible. They face attack from any number of tribes. They face hunger – if they don’t hunt and kill, they don’t eat. Every day they must hunt and find food. Sometimes they must survive on jerky for several days or even weeks, until they manage to make a kill. On top of all that they must traverse the harshest possible terrain of fast flowing rivers, rocky and uninhabitable ground, and constant risk from predators; the Sioux Indians and the Arikara.

Hugh Glass is a heroic character. He is taken into the confidence of Captain Henry. He helps the other trackers and is the one individual in the group who has the most knowledge and is the best tracker. The attack by the grizzly bear is described in gory detail: ‘She bit into the back of his neck and lifted him off the ground, shaking him so hard that Glass wondered if his spine might snap. He felt the crunch of her teeth striking the bone of his shoulder blade. Claws raked repeatedly through the flesh of his back and scalp. He screamed in agony. She dropped him then sank her teeth deep into his thigh.’ Left for dead, he is found by his troupe. They try to help him and carry him for three days. When it becomes clear they can go no further, two men are left to care for him, Fitzgerald and Bridger. Fitzgerald steals his beloved Anstadt gun and his other belongings and he and Bridger flee.

The story follows the most extraordinary journey of Glass’s quest for survival. Like the fast flowing river, he is thrown into a situation over which he has no control. Glass’s gun is practically a character in its own right. Such is Glass’s love for his Anstadt gun, there are many descriptions of it and his love for it is clear. He sees it as an object of extreme beauty. It is his protection and his main means of survival. A lyrical description is given: ‘The Anstadt caught the light and held it, the silver fittings gleaming like mirrors in the sun.’

As Glass dreams of revenge, both Bridger and Fitzgerald’s stories are told as they face their own demons.

Punke has amassed a huge amount of knowledge, both about the region, the time period and it is an awe-inspiring, jaw dropping tale of adventure. Michael Punke has done more than write just an adventure, he has written a novel with wholly realistic complex and fascinating characters, and the lengths to which humans will go when their very survival is threatened. A brilliant, fast-paced, stylish and unique novel. I highly recommend it.

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the revenant quotes book

the revenant quotes book

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The Revenant by Michael Punke

The Revenant Quotes

Buy and print The Revenant Study Guide

Glass's rifle was the one extravagance of his life, and when he rubbed grease into the spring mechanism of the hair trigger, he did so with the tender affection that other men might reserve for wife or child." -- Narrator (chapter 2) Importance : This sentence is suggesting that Glass has a very strong sentimental attachment to his rifle.

He saw the cubs before he saw the sow. There was a pair, and they tumbled toward him, bawling like playful dogs. -- Narrator (chapter 3) Importance : This is the first line that hints at the idea that the bear attack is coming. Since the reader likely knows ahead of time that there is a bear attack in this novel, this line tells us that the attack will happen soon. A few paragraphs after, Glass is attacked by the grizzly bear.

We need to make better time. I need two volunteers to stay with Glass. Stay with him here until he dies... -- Captain Henry (chapter 4)

(read more)

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the revenant quotes book

  • Literature & Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction

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The Revenant: The bestselling book that inspired the award-winning movie

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the revenant quotes book

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the revenant quotes book

The Revenant: The bestselling book that inspired the award-winning movie Mass Market Paperback – 31 Dec. 2015

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Winner of the 2016 Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Drama Winner of the 2016 Golden Globe for Best Actor – Drama Winner of the 2016 Golden Globe for Best Director


The novel that inspired Alejandro González Iñárritu’s epic new movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy.


Hugh Glass isn’t afraid to die. He’s done it once already.

Rocky Mountains, 1823

When expert tracker Glass is viciously mauled by a bear, death seems inevitable. The two men ordered to remain with him until he dies flee, stripping him of his rifle and hatchet and leaving him to die alone.

But soon a grim, horribly scarred figure is seen wandering, asking after two men, one with a gun that seems too good for him…

The Revenant is a remarkable tale of obsession and the lengths that one man will go to for retribution.

  • Print length 320 pages
  • Language English
  • Publisher The Borough Press
  • Publication date 31 Dec. 2015
  • Dimensions 12.9 x 2.4 x 19.8 cm
  • ISBN-10 0008124027
  • ISBN-13 978-0008124021
  • See all details

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The Revenant: The bestselling book that inspired the award-winning movie

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Ridgeline: From the author of The Revenant, the bestselling book that inspired the award-winning movie

Product description

Book description.

The bestselling book that inspired the award-winning movie

From the Inside Flap

From the back cover, about the author.

Michael Punke serves as the U.S. Ambassador to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. He has also served on the White House National Security Council staff and on Capitol Hill. He was formerly the history correspondent for Montana Quarterly and an adjunct professor at the University of Montana. He is the author of Fire and Brimstone: The North Butte Mining Disaster of 1917, and Last Stand: George Bird Grinnell, the battle to Save the Buffalo, and the Birth of the New West. His family home is in Montana.

Product details

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ The Borough Press; Film tie-in edition (31 Dec. 2015)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Mass Market Paperback ‏ : ‎ 320 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0008124027
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0008124021
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 12.9 x 2.4 x 19.8 cm
  • 325 in Film & Television Tie-In
  • 3,828 in Adventure Stories & Action
  • 5,257 in Historical Fiction (Books)

About the author

Michael punke.

Michael Punke serves as the U.S. Ambassador to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. He has also served on the White House National Security Council staff and on Capitol Hill. He was formerly the history correspondent for "Montana Quarterly, "and an adjunct professor at the University of Montana. He is the author of "Fire and Brimstone: The North Butte Mine Disaster of 1917, "and "Last Stand: George Bird Grinnell, the Battle to Save the Buffalo, and the Birth of the New West. "His family home is in Montana.

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the revenant quotes book

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  1. The Revenant Quotes

    the revenant quotes book

  2. the revenant book quotes

    the revenant quotes book

  3. The Revenant Quotes

    the revenant quotes book

  4. - The Revenant 2015 Leonardo DiCaprio Tom Hardy

    the revenant quotes book

  5. leonardo-dicaprio-quotes-the-revenant.jpg 1,920×1,080 pixels

    the revenant quotes book

  6. The Revenant Quotes

    the revenant quotes book


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  14. The Revenant: The bestselling book that inspired the award-winning

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