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In the Haunted House

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In the Haunted House (Sound) is the eighth episode of the first season of The Magic School Bus . It first released on PBS stations in the USA on October 29, 1994. This episode serves as part one of the series' 1995 Halloween special, A Magic School Bus Halloween . Part two is " Going Batty ".

  • 1 Main Episode
  • 2 Is This the Magic School Bus?

Main Episode

In class, the students rehearse for the musical with each different student playing a different instrument. Ralphie is on the xylophone, Phoebe is on the saxophone, Arnold is on the sousaphone, Tim is on the violin, Keesha is on the clarinet, Liz is on the drums, Wanda is on the trombone, and Carlos has a special instrument he invented himself, with Dorothy Ann as the music conductor. When Carlos plays his instrument, it elicits dissonance and fails to complement the orchestra. Ms. Frizzle then comes around wearing a costume with various instruments. She takes off the costume and the class tell her about Carlos' instrument, which is devoid of harmony, and the rehearsal at the sound museum is this afternoon.

Ms. Frizzle leads the class to the Bus and the class take a ride. Carlos decides to put a blue top hat on the instrument to make it sound better, which proves to be futile. When Carlos says that he needs more time, Ms. Frizzle speeds the Bus up so fast that it breaks down. Ms. Frizzle exits the Bus and takes in temperature before she finally concludes that the Bus is overheated, telling the class they will be stuck in the woods for a while, which gives Carlos enough time to work on the sound of his instrument, only for Dorothy Ann to worry about missing the rehearsal.

When night falls, the students have to push the bus uphill while Ms. Frizzle hauls it. They stop when they hear a sound. Carlos had put an umbrella on his instrument to have a thunder sound to it, as well as a mane to sound like a lion's roar. Dorothy Ann rebuffs those decisions, telling him that the thunder sounds more like a drizzle and the roar sounds more like a kitten.

As the students continue to push the Bus, they hear another sound. They think that it was from Carlos' instrument. But Carlos denies this, and the student view a house. They walk to it and Carlos says that it's kind of "eary". When Ms. Frizzle rings the doorbell, which makes a peculiar sound, Arnold, Ralphie, and Tim decide to leave. But Carlos wants to know what made the sound. So the students reluctantly enter the house and the door makes a loud sound as it shuts.

Inside the house, the students search through the house for a phone. When Ralphie discovers that the doors are locked, Ms. Frizzle says "hello" in a loud voice. Her echo travels through the hallways and Ms. Frizzle says that it sound friendly enough. Dorothy Ann finds a phone book which makes the sound of a phone ringing. Ms. Frizzle picks a book off the shelf, which blows a foghorn when flipped open. Carlos then concludes that the books were making the sounds and Ralphie turns to leave, only to trip over a book. Ms. Frizzle then shows the class a picture of Professor Cornelia C. Contralto, eccentric collector of sounds, born in the year 1807 and disappeared in 1892. It is not known how she disappeared. Ms. Frizzle then tells the students that after her disappearance (possible passing), the house turned into a sound museum, which is confirmed Dorothy Ann's prediction that the class missed the rehearsal. Ms. Frizzle also explains that Professor Contralto devoted her life towards sound and her whereabouts are obscure. Ralphie surmises that Professor Contralto is a ghost seeking the perfect sound. Ms. Frizzle also tells the class that they would be spending the night, much to Arnold's fear while claiming that their permission slips didn't say anything about haunted houses. When Tim steps on a panel, the class comes across a rotating wall, which propels them to an adjacent bedroom replete with ample beds.

When the students go to bed, Carlos decides to put a blanket over his instrument to make it sound like a ghost. When Dorothy Ann once again rebuffs that tactic, Carlos asks for Professor Contralto's help, which elicits a tremendous lightning. Convinced that it's the call of Cornelia, Carlos leaves the room to find the sound and the students reluctantly follow along. The sound gets louder as they get closer to it. They hear a yodeling sound through a door, which Carlos enters, only to find a jungle inside. There is also pictures of a beach and city inside as the class enters and the yodeling continues. The students have a vociferous conversation, eliciting echoes. Just then, Ms. Frizzle arrives and is revealed to be the one yodeling. In the mountain paintings, she gives the students a ride up the chair lifts and they fall into a room of instruments. Ms. Frizzle elucidates that Professor Contralto built every room in the house to show different things about sound. Dorothy Ann comes across a harp and pulls the string, vibrating it. Carlos then concludes that the vibration of the string is what was making the sound. Tim and Phoebe try out the drum and Wanda tries out the gong, both of which makes the same vibrating sound. Carlos then figures that he needs vibration to make his instrument sound better. The sounds the students make causes the wall to crack open, revealing a different room. Carlos notices a pair of goggles on a statue and puts them on, which causes him to see the sounds. The other students put on goggles for themselves as well, and Ms. Frizzle informs them that high sounds elicit vibrations close to another, made by something vibrating quickly, and the low sounds elicit vibrations far apart from each other, made by something vibrating much slower. Ralphie compares the motion of the vibrations to ripples in a pond when something is thrown inside of it. Carlos then figures that his instrument can vibrate regardless of its appearance and runs inside the bedroom to grab it, only to find that it is now missing.

When the students search around the room, wind blows out the candles, dimming the bedroom, and Carlos hears the sound again. He searches through a closet and falls into a secret dungeon-like room. The students follow along and use their goggles to follow the mysterious sound. They soon learn that it's the sound waves that elicits echoes and find that the sound waves are coming from a mysterious door they come across. Carlos opens the door and finds a woman playing sounds with her organ. The woman introduces herself to the students as Professor Cornelia C. Contralto II , and that she is the great granddaughter of Contralto I herself. She tells Carlos that she is helping him make his instrument sound better for the concert tomorrow. Carlos then learns that his instrument had too much stuff on it, which prevent any form of vibration, and that is what made it sound bad. So he eliminates any unwanted materials out of his instrument.

The next day, the class performs at the sound museum and when it comes Carlos' turn, his instrument elicits a unique, harmonic sound and ends with a thunder sound (which involves a shoe kicking a trash can lid). The audience applaud at the performance and Dorothy Ann tells Carlos that it was the perfect sound, and hugged him. Professor Contralto II also asks him if she could add this sound to her great grandmother's collection, which Carlos agrees since the professor helped him. Cornelia and Ms. Frizzle, the latter in her instrument costume, then make a performance of their own of the Pitch Song as the students watch in amusement.

Is This the Magic School Bus?

  • Hosted by Cornelia C. Contralto I and Liz
  • Caller: Tara Meyer
  • No teaser to the next episode

During a stormy night inside the office, the phone is answered by the ghost of Contralto, in which a girl over the phone asks about the house and how sound can be seen since it goes to fast. The ghost responds that was what the magic goggles the class in the episode were using for. When asked by the girl what exactly is doing the vibrations of the sound, the ghost answers that thin air being pushed back and forth is the cause of the vibration, which travels through the air to the ears as a soundwave. The loud sound is the big vibration, while the soft sound is a tiny vibration. The girl also asks about the ears since they were hardly mentioned in the episode, and the ghost replies that the human ears turn sound into something the brain can handle, which is how a human is able to hear. The girl also replies that everyone's ears work differently, using her grandmother wearing a hearing aid as an example. The ghost then replies that even without a hearing aid, a person would use his/her brain with other senses in order to replace hearing. The girl then adds her disappointment of the episode not adding any other differences of sounds besides loudness and pitch, using the disparities of the sounds of a violin and saxophone as an example. The ghost them replies that although there are all different kinds of sounds around the world, the time limit of the episode is what kept the exploration of those different sounds from being presented, as well as leaving room for hilarious jokes. Before she hangs up, the girl then adds that the part with the ghost can't be true since no one believes in ghosts. The ghost then agrees, right before the chair turns around to reveal no visible person sitting in it, frightening Liz (who was earlier trying to get a good hard look at the person behind the chair) as the ghost hangs up the phone and starts laughing maniacally.

  • Cornelia C. Contralto II was voiced by Broadway actress and singer Carol Channing .
  • Dorothy Ann - Conductor
  • Ralphie - Xylophone
  • Arnold - Tuba
  • Phoebe - Alto Saxophone
  • Wanda - Trombone
  • Liz - Drums
  • Tim - Violin
  • Keesha - Clarinet
  • Carlos - His invented instrument
  • The TV tie-in book is called " In the Haunted Museum ."
  • In the producer segment, an invisible ghost, voiced by Susan Blu (same actress as the female producer) speaks to the caller instead of one of the producers. It is possible, though unconfirmed, that the ghost was of Cornelia C. Contralto I.
  • Another TV show that aired during the same time as this episode on PBS, was the premiere of "AAAAH!!...Real Monsters!!" on Nickelodeon, as well as the other air dates of the Magic School Bus of Seasons 2, 3, and 4.
  • Phoebe's voice actress, Maia Filar, calls the ghost in the producer segment.
  • The episode's original teleplay had two scenes for which dialogue was recorded but never animated. One featured Ralphie comparing the motion of sound waves to ripples moving in water in a "report" segment preceded by Ms. Frizzle remarking "An observation worth commendation, Ralphie", in the other scene Keesha gave an extended explanation of how an echo is made. The unused dialogue was included on an audio cassette adaption of the episode titled Fun With Sound .
  • The musical piece the class was performing is "William Tell Overture - Finale".
  • Some clips from this episode were also used in the We Are Family children's music video in 2005.
  • This is the first time the Bus breaks down; the second time is in " Revving Up ". Only the bus intentionally overheated itself in this episode in order to give Carlos more time and prompt the field trip, whereas in " Revving Up ", it really did break down due to Mr. Junkett getting peanut butter in the Bus's engine and leaving his sandwich on top of it while he inspecting the Bus.
  • This is the first episode in which the class believes there's a ghost about, the 2nd being " Gets A Bright Idea ", and the third being Ghost Farm .
  • The Bus plays a minor role in this episode as it's not seen for the rest of the episode or when Professor Frizzle and her class go into the sound museum.
  • When Ralphie says "Ploopy?" (the first "Ploopy!" gag), his legs are missing.
  • Warner Media refers to this episode as " Inside the Haunted House", as seen on both VHS covers, the tape itself, and the 2002 VHS and Region 1 DVD releases of " Creepy Crawly Fun " (however the Region 1 Cinedigm release of Creepy Crawly Fun, and the PAL version , refers to it as its name in the title card, "In the Haunted House")
  • When Arnold says "Please, let this be a normal field trip." during the theme song , his voice cuts off for a split second. This is audible only on this DVD .

The class rehearsing

In the Haunted House/Transcript

In the Haunted House/Gallery

  • 1 Valerie Frizzle
  • 2 Arnold Perlstein

Halloween Wiki

The Magical School Bus : In the Haunted House

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" In the Haunted House " is the eighth episode of the first season of the animated series based on the book series of the same name, The Magic School Bus . It originally aired on PBS as part of the PBS Kids block on October 29, 1994.

Carlos invents a new machine for the class concert at the Sound Museum, but it sounds awful. When the bus breaks down, they end up missing the rehearsal, giving Carlos more time to perfect his instrument. However, they soon learn about sound while following a ghost ly sound within the Sound Museum itself as they arrive that night and have to stay there. Carlos believes that it's the "call of Cornelia", the ghostly noise of the woman who lived in the museum before it became a museum, Professor Cornelia C. Contralto, and who also disappeared without a trace in 1892.

  • This episode was part one of the series' 1995 Halloween special titled, A Magic School Bus Halloween , with the other part being the episode, "Going Batty".
  • 1 Sam: The Spirit of Halloween
  • 2 Timeline of Halloween-related cartoons
  • 3 Scrubs: My Big Brother
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the magic school bus inside the haunted house

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Recap / The Magic School Bus S 1 E 8 In The Haunted House

Edit locked, the magic school bus in the haunted house.

The episode opens with soft music playing over the opening shot before the scene quickly changes over to outside of the school and a change of music to something louder and much faster paced. Inside the classroom, it turns out to be the piece that Ms. Frizzle's class is playing for a concert the next evening and the kids are practicing in the classroom with Dorothy Ann being the conductor and the other kids each having an instrument to play. Every instrument is normal, except for Carlos's instrument that he made himself. When Carlos plays his part of the piece though, it sounds "ploopy" according to Ralphie. Carlos wonders what he did wrong.

Ms. Frizzle then walks into the classroom, while playing a drumset. She asks Dorothy Ann if the music playing was her piece, to which D.A. responds that it is. She and Carlos then explain the problem with his instrument but that there's no time to fix it before their rehearsal that night and the concert that will be at the sound museum the following night. Ms. Frizzle explains to Carlos that if he keeps asking questions, he will get answers.

"But there's no time for questions, Ms. Frizzle!" Dorothy Ann tells her, as the class needs to hurry to get to their rehearsal on time. Ms. Frizzle then gets the class to get on the bus as "those who are great are never late". That however turns out to not be the case as the bus breaks down part of the way there due to overheating. All the kids (minus Carlos) decide to push the bus while Ms. Frizzle pulls it along the road while Carlos tries to work on his instrument. Carlos adds various odds and ends to it, but it only sounds worse and worse.

Suddenly, a strange and eerie sound fills the night. The others think he's finally got it, but he points to what appears to be an old abandoned house and they decide to go investigate. Once they are inside, the door closes behind them by itself. Naturally, the kids are freaked out. Ms. Frizzle then sees a portrait of the home's former owner, Professor Cornelia C. Contralto, an eccentric sound collector who lived during the 1800s. She then explains that Professor Contralto's home, where they are now, was turned into the sound museum (thus putting the class where they intended to go). Dorothy Ann then realizes that they've missed the whole dress rehearsal and Ms. Frizzle explains that since everyone else has gone for the night, they've got the whole place to themselves.

As the whole class walks down a spooky hallway and Ms. Frizzle explains how Professor Contralto dedicated her life to sound, Tim sees the eyes of a portrait of the professor moving and gets freaked out:

Tim: What happened to her?! Ms. Frizzle: No one knows.

Tim then discovers a passageway into a bedroom that is set up with 8 beds for the students. The students are told to get some rest for the concert tomorrow but everyone is too scared to sleep. Carlos then adds a sheet from one of the beds to his instrument to try to make it sound like a ghost, much to Dorothy Ann's annoyance.

Dorothy Ann: Carlos, that's the ploopiest yet. It's too late anyway. You'll never find a sound now.

Carlos then decides to ask the ghost of Professor Contralto for help. Shortly after, the class hears the strange noise that they first heard when they arrived. Carlos is sure that this strange sound is what he dubs "the call of Cornelia" and decides to find out what's making said sound. The kids and Liz, not wanting him to go alone, follow after him. They soon find that they're getting closer to the sound as it's getting louder.

They then hear the sound of someone yodeling and go into a room that has scenery from a jungle, a beach, a city, and an alpine wonderland. Tim comments on the weirdness of the house and the kids soon discover that it was Ms. Frizzle who was yodeling. Carlos then hears the "call of Cornelia" again and asks how to get out of the room they're in. Ms. Frizzle declares that the only way out is up so the class rides a ski lift before being dropped through a funnel into a room with giant musical instruments.

The class then learns that it's something vibrating that makes a sound. Carlos then realizes that he has to make his instrument vibrate. They then move into an auditorium and Ms. Frizzle, Liz and the kids each get a set of magic glasses in order to see sound. They then learn the difference between higher pitched and lower pitched sounds.

Carlos, realizing it doesn't matter how his instrument looks as long as it can vibrate, goes to get his instrument from the bedroom but discovers that it's gone and then they hear the strange sound form earlier again and Carlos jumps into a basement, realizing the sound is coming from there. Ms. Frizzle, the other kids, and Liz jump down after him (though Arnold is reluctant to) and go down a hallway to find the sound now that they have an idea of where it is. They go through a door and discover a woman playing an organ and find out that she is Professor Cornelia C. Contralto II, great-great-grand daughter of the original Professor Contralto.

Professor Contralto II then asks Carlos if he's ready to make his instrument sound good (with Ralphie wondering how she knew about this). Carlos takes several things off his instrument in order for it to sound better, finally understanding the concept of sound and how it's made.

The next evening at the concert, the kids perform their piece and Carlos' instrument works perfectly, which causes them to get a standing ovation. Dorothy Ann hugs Carlos , declaring that it was the perfect sound and as the curtain closes, Professor Contralto II asks Carlos if she can add his instrument to her great-great-grandmother's collection. Carlos says yes.

The main episode ending has Ms. Frizzle and Professor Contralto II singing the "high-di-high-di-high-di high/low-di-low-di-low-di low" song that was sung earlier by Ms. Frizzle to teach the kids about higher and lower sounds and the kids laugh; the camera then briefly focuses on the outside of the sound museum before the screen fades to black.

  • Sound travels too fast to be seen, as pointed out by the caller (hence the magic glasses)
  • Vibrations are made by pushing something back and forth on the air, creating sound.
  • A brief explanation on how hearing works when the caller mentions that how ears work wasn't really talked about in the episode and about her grandmother having to wear a hearing aid. It is then explained by the unseen receiver of the call that some suffer too much hearing loss to be able to hear even with a hearing aid and have to use their other senses to replace hearing.
  • The caller points out there are other differences between sounds beside loudness and pitch. The receiver of the call confirms this and explains that they only had half an hour and had to leave room for the jokes.

The caller then points out that the ghost the kids thought was around couldn't have actually been there since "everyone knows there's no such thing as ghosts."

"Of course not," the receiver of the call replies, as the chair turns around while Liz is on one armrest revealing that it was a ghost answering the phone. Said ghost laughs evilly while Liz runs out of the office, completely terrified at this revelation.

  • Arbitrary Skepticism : Averted. Contrary to a later episode, the class doesn't express disbelief when Ralphie brings up the possibility that the house is haunted. No one also questions the portraits of Cornelia the First that wave to them.
  • Arc Words : "If you keep asking questions, you keep getting answers."
  • Awesome, but Impractical : What Carlos realizes about his instrument; adding stuff to it makes it look cool, but the sound becomes even worse with each addition.
  • Bait-and-Switch Comment : Wanda: Come on, ya buncha weaselly wimps! (scared) Let's follow Miss Frizzle.
  • Bizarrchitecture : Much of Cornelia C. Contralto's house, with the ear and bat decorations on the outside to the city/jungle/beach/Alpine wonderland room.
  • Bookcase Passage : More accurately a Fireplace Passage, when Tim steps on the panel in front of the fireplace the wall rotates around to the guestroom.
  • Cobwebs of Disuse : There's quite a few in the front room of the house.
  • Dead Guy Junior : When the class finally meets the elderly woman playing the Ominous Pipe Organ , she introduces herself as Professor Cornelia C. Contralto, momentarily making everyone think she's the ghost of the Cornelia C. Contralto who originally owned the house. But then she adds "...the Second!" It turns out that she's the original Cornelia's namesake great-granddaughter.
  • Dramatic Thunder : Played straight frequently during the haunted house scenes. Initially, the thunder Stock Sound Effects used are the "Castle Thunder" sounds used by Disney and Hanna-Barbera (like many of the show's sound effects are), but halfway into the episode it inexplicably switches to more newer realistic and loud thunder crashes. Then it goes back to "Castle Thunder" for the Producer segment.
  • Evil Laugh : The ghost at the end of the Producer segment. However, the ghost is hinted to be the original Cornelia C. Contralto, who may have simply done it for dramatic effect upon the empty chair being revealed.
  • Faking Engine Trouble : When Carlos needed some more time to perfect his music instrument, Ms Frizzle overheated the bus's engine to buy some. It's unclear if she actually overheated it or if she just said it was given the bus winked at her as she was checking it.
  • Friendly Ghost : If the ghost Cornelia really is haunting the museum, she's clearly a good-natured specter, as she does seem to be helping teach Carlos what is wrong with his instrument's vibrations, and after being introduced by her great-granddaughter, she smiles and waves warmly to the children. Likewise, if the "Producer" answering the caller's questions on sound is her, she does so very politely, and with a genuine want to educate the child on her favorite field of science. She seems to only scare Liz as a playful joke, not out of any malevolent intent.
  • Gadgeteer Genius : Carlos made an instrument that when played right sounds like a xylophone, pipes, and a cymbal.
  • Ghost Butler : When the class first enters the house, the door closes on its own, freaking Arnold and Ralphie out. Then the door won't open...
  • Give Me a Sign : Carlos as the kids are going to bed asks for Cornelia's ghost to help him. Then he hears the pipe organs and decides to follow "the call of Cornelia".
  • Haunted House : Where most of the episode takes place (with the exception of the first scene)
  • Every time Carlos's instrument plays, before he fixes it. EVERY TIME.
  • The pipe organ themes that keep playing.
  • The yodeling echoes, which turn out to be Ms. Frizzle.
  • Ralphie can play the xylophone.
  • Arnold can play the sousaphone.
  • Phoebe can play the saxophone.
  • Wanda can play the trombone.
  • Tim can play the violin.
  • Keesha can play the clarinet.
  • And last, but far from least, Carlos can create an instrument that, when played right, sounds like a combination of harp, synthesizer, and cymbals .
  • Meaningful Echo : "You asked a question!"
  • Mickey Mousing : The eight beds made up for the class light up one-by-one in time with an eerie C-minor scale.
  • Nothing Is Scarier : The producer in the post-episode sequence is revealed to have been an empty chair, most likely a ghost.
  • Ominous Pipe Organ : Heard throughout, and alarms the kids but it's really just Cornelia C. Contralto the Second.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business : Carlos makes less puns in this episode than he does in the others because he's too worried about his instrument.
  • Perfectly Cromulent Word : Apparently "ploopy" is a good way to describe Carlos's sound.
  • Portrait Painting Peephole : The eyes in Cornelia C. Contralto's portrait move.
  • Rule of Three : After the bus breaks down (and while the rest of the class is pushing it while Ms. Frizzle pulls it) there are 3 different times that Carlos adds something to his instrument to try to make it sound like a certain thing. The first two times (after trying to make said instrument sound like a thunderstorm and a lion, respectively) Dorothy Ann tells him it sounds like a drizzle and the second time, like a kitten. The third time before Carlos can ask again, the class tells him "Forget it, Carlos!"
  • Running Gag : Carlos's instrument making a "ploopy" sound.
  • Special Guest : Carol Channing voices Professor Cornelia C. Contralto II.
  • Standard Snippet : Dorothy Ann's "Concerto for an Invented Instrument" is actually a rearrangement of the "March of the Swiss Soldiers" for xylophone, sousaphone, saxophone, violin, clarinet, trombone, and an instrument of Carlos's making.
  • Stealth Mentor : The ghost of the original Cornelia C. Contralto is hinted to have done subtle things to prod the class into figuring out the mystery of the "ploopy" sound of Carlos's instrument.
  • The Unreveal : Although it turns out a real person was playing the pipe organs, the episode never explains why the portrait of Cornelia C. Contralto the First has moving eyes and can even wave to Ralphie and Carlos. The Producers segment makes it more blatant that ghosts are involved.
  • What Happened to the Mouse? : In-universe, Tim asks what happened to Cornelia the First. Ms. Frizzle ominously replies, "no one knows". It's hinted at the end that her ghost haunts the Sound Museum but isn't very active apart from a couple of subtle gestures to the Frizz Kids.
  • You Were Trying Too Hard : As it turns out, the problem with Carlos's instrument. He was adding so much stuff to it that was messing with the vibrations that it ended up creating a "ploopy" sound. Once he strips his instrument to the bare minimum, it plays perfectly.
  • The Magic School Bus S 1 E 7 All Dried Up
  • Recap/The Magic School Bus
  • The Magic School Bus S 1 E 9 Gets Ready Set Dough

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the magic school bus inside the haunted house

the magic school bus inside the haunted house

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The Magic School Bus - Inside the Haunted House VHS

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the magic school bus inside the haunted house

The Magic School Bus - Inside the Haunted House VHS

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The Magic School Bus - Inside the Haunted House [VHS]

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  • Run time ‏ : ‎ 30 minutes
  • Release date ‏ : ‎ September 12, 1995
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ February 9, 2007
  • Actors ‏ : ‎ Lily Tomlin, Daniel DeSanto, Erica Luttrell, Tara Meyer, Maia Filar
  • Studio ‏ : ‎ Atlantic
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ 630356836X
  • Writers ‏ : ‎ Bruce Degen, Joanna Cole
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the magic school bus inside the haunted house

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the magic school bus inside the haunted house

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the magic school bus inside the haunted house

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In The Haunted House

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“In The Haunted House” is The 8th Episode Of Season 1 And The 8th Episode Overall.

The Magic School Bus - Inside the Haunted House - Ep

  • 2 Carlos Ramón
  • 3 Ms. Valerie Frizzle

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the magic school bus inside the haunted house

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the magic school bus inside the haunted house

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The Magic School Bus: In the Haunted House (EN/ES)

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“The Magic School Bus: In the Haunted House.”  Discovery Education , Scholastic, 1994, .

Scholastic, 1994.  The Magic School Bus: In the Haunted House . [Full Video]. Available from

Chicago Manual of Style

Scholastic.  The Magic School Bus: In the Haunted House . Full Video. 1994. (accessed ).

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Uploaded by VictorRocks Archives on May 26, 2021

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The Magic School Bus in the Haunted House

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"The Magic School Bus" is an award-winning, animated children’s television series based on the book series of the same title by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. It is notable for its use of celebrity talent and being both highly entertaining and educational. The bus breaks down on the way to a concert at the sound museum, and the class ends up spending the night locked up in a spooky haunted house. Trapped inside the dark house for the night, the class experiences sounds like they never have before.

Media Details

Runtime: 25 minutes 55 seconds

  • Topic: Arts , Science
  • Subtopic: Music , Senses
  • Grade/Interest Level: 2 - 6
  • Standards: Meets 6 total
  • Release Year: 1994
  • Producer/Distributor: Weston Woods Studios
  • Series: The Magic School Bus

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Viewer Comments

Tiny teachers sign with class

This was very helpful for helping the accompanying book come to life and opening a discussion about sounds. Students now request captions with all videos!


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Product Identifiers

  • UPC 0085365123236
  • eBay Product ID (ePID) 3365406

Product Key Features

  • Edition Clam Shell
  • Signal Standard NTSC
  • Movie/TV Title Magic School Bus, The - Inside the Haunted House
  • Sub-Genre Animation/Anime
  • Genre Children's & Family

Additional Product Features

  • Film Country USA
  • Display Format Clam Shell
  • Release Date 20000425

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  15. The Magic School Bus: In the Haunted House (EN/ES)

    The Magic School Bus: In the Haunted House. Full Video. 1994. (accessed ). ©1994 Scholastic | Editable | CC | Grade (s) K-2, 3-5 Addeddate 2021-05-26 22:45:32 Identifier MSB_Haunted_2Mb Scanner

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    Based on: The magic school bus series / by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. Hi-fi stereo, Dolby BNR on linear tracks. Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired. Language Notes: Closed-captioned. ... Magic school bus inside the haunted house. Authors: Joanna Cole, Bruce Degen, Scholastic Inc.

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