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Summer Ghost: An Anime Movie Review and Reflection

“Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring, and because it has fresh peaches in it.” –Alice Walker

During the summer, legends begin circulating about a ghost that is said to only appear to those who burn fireworks at an abandoned airfield. Curiosity surrounding these legends bring together Tomoya Sugisaki, Aoi Harukawa, and Ryō Kobayashi, who share an interest in seeing this ghost: Tomoya is academically brilliant but yearns to be an artist, while Aoi is bullied by classmates. Ryō suffers from a terminal illness and is forced to give up his passion, basketball. One evening, the three gather at the airfield’s runway and light some fireworks together, and although the summer ghost looks little more than a legend, she soon appears and reveals she can only be seen by those who are near death. They learn that her name is Ayane, and of everyone, Tomoya is the most affected by things, and he begins to visit her more often. Over time, Ayane reveals she died after she’d gotten into a disagreement with her mother, and after running out into a storm, was hit by a vehicle. While death might offer freedom from the world’s obligations, it is also an unimaginably lonely experience. The incident did not kill her, but in a panic, the driver shoved her body into a suitcase, buried said suitcase and left her for dead. Since then, Ayane’s spirit had been searching for her body so she could give her mother some closure. However, with summer rapidly ending, Tomoya’s mother insists that he spend more time on his studies to secure admissions at a top university, and Tomoya begins to wonder if death would offer him freedom from his mother’s expectations. Certain that helping Ayane find her body would also help him find an answer, he begins to accompany Ayane more often, even imploring Aoi and Ryō to help one evening. Ryō refuses, stating that Tomoya hasn’t an inkling of what he’s going through, but after Aoi comforts him, the pair decide to help Tomoya find Ayane’s body, which was buried in a landfill. With Ayane’s body found, they return her brooch to her mother and begin moving forwards with their own lives. Tomoya ends up being upfront with his mother about his interests in art, and Aoi becomes more confident in herself, telling the bullies off. Ryō, on the other hand, succumbs to his illness, but he is determined to see the spring one last time before he dies. A year later, Tomoya and Aoi meet at the same runway, where Ryō’s spirit tells them to live their best lives. This is Summer Ghost , a film that released back in November 2021 and whose home release became available in March this year; Summer Ghost is a ways removed from the shows I’m wont to writing about, but longtime readers will likely have spotted that summer is usually when I tend to write about films that deal in more abstract themes.

At the heart of Summer Ghost , lies the poignant question of what it means to live – at the film’s beginning, Tomoya, Aoi and Ryō are united by, in Ayane’s words, their closeness to death and a desire to understand it further. This is especially apparent with Tomoya, who’s fallen into a depression because of the disconnect between his dreams and his mother’s expectations for him. Feeling as though he is backed into a corner, Tomoya begins to wonder if death might be a means of gaining the freedom he yearns for. This drives his curiosity in the summer ghost, and while Tomoya himself believes that Ayane’s existence is one of unrestricted liberty, Ayane herself conveys that, despite whatever the afterlife may appear to be, it’s a lonely place. Ayane was untimely torn from the world of the living, and as such, never had the chance to experience romance or even travel. Conversely, she notes that, so long as Tomoya is alive, he will have a chance to turn things around in his life. This ultimately ends up being the main message in Summer Ghost : it’s a poignant reminder that while it may seem appropriate to take this way as a means of escape, the finality of death means one is permanently unable to affect any other decisions in their life. This is why Ayane is insistent on pushing Tomoya to live on and pursue his own goals, as opposed to helping her locate her body. Although Tomoya is not explicitly suicidal, one can spot that he’s feeling trapped, and in this moment, while he’s not seeking death per se, he’s certainly curious about it. Upon learning about Ayane’s story, however, his desire to help her overrides any wish to understand death. By treating Ayane’s spirit as he would anyone who’s flesh-and-blood, Tomoya begins to understand what standing firm for his own principles means; he feels strongly about becoming an artist, but previously lacks the courage to express his thoughts to his mother. Pursuing his heart and helping Ayane thus gives Tomoya a stronger sense of what being true to oneself means, and with his newfound friends’ help, Tomoya ends up locating Ayane’s body, allowing her spirit to move on, and giving her mother closure. As a result of these experiences, Tomoya is able to be truthful to his mother, and pursues a career path in the visual arts. Similarly, these experiences also give Aoi a newfound resilience: she stands up to her bullies by the film’s conclusion. Although the outcomes in Summer Ghost could have been accomplished through alternate means (akin to how a journey to Antarctica helped each of Mari, Shirase, Hinata and Yuzuki of A Place Further Than The Universe to gain perspective and regain their footing in life), the choice to explore melancholy and a fascination with death in Summer Ghost helps the series to show viewers the merit of living on and doing one’s utmost to make the most of the hand they are dealt, even in the face of adversity.

Screenshots and Commentary

summer ghost anime ending

  • Senkō hanabi (線香花火, literally “incense-stick fireworks”) are a traditional Japanese firework said to embody the idea of  Mono no Aware , and fireworks here in  Summer Ghost becomes a symbol for representing life as being a transient, but spirited existence akin to the fireworks itself – although short-lived, it is beautiful, varied and unique. Films like  Summer Ghost are fun to write for because they challenge me to step outside my usual realm of discussions, and the outcome of writing about these films is that I get to appreciate their message a little more strongly than if I’d just watched the film.

summer ghost anime ending

  • Summer Ghost begins a year after the events of the film proper, with Ryō, Tomoya and Aoi assembling to enjoy fireworks as they had a year previously. In life, I’ve always found a sort of tranquility in returning to do something in the future, at a time when things are perhaps not as hectic as they had been when I had first partaken in something. Although I’m drawn to doing things in this way, a bit of introspection finds the reason why is because this allows me to see the same experience, but on a different day and from a different perspective; this in turn creates a deeper connection to and appreciation of said experience.

summer ghost anime ending

  • A year earlier, three students, Aoi, Tomoya and Ryō meet up for the first time to pursue a local legend, which tells that the ghost of a young woman who had apparently committed suicide will appear if one were to light fireworks at an abandoned airfield by a summer’s evening. Admittedly, I had no  a priori knowledge of what this film would entail, and entered with a clean slate. As such, when the idea of a local legend was presented, I had no idea if the film was going to introduce the supernatural and make this a reality, or if this would be a catalyst for something else.

summer ghost anime ending

  • This is the joy about watching something completely in the absence of all external information, even something as simple as a synopsis. By having no expectations, I would not be able to look for anything specific ahead of time, and therefore, would be made to actively pay attention to the film and pull in everything I see, deciding if in the moment, my thoughts have any merit. However, I never record my thoughts in a moment – without full knowledge of what happens next, any assumptions I make in a given instant could easily be dispelled in a subsequent scene.

summer ghost anime ending

  • Real-time reactions are perhaps most appropriate if one is streaming an experience live to viewers, but in a blog setting, it is difficult to convey this in my style. As such, I choose to talk about things only once I’ve finished something wholly. This makes all of my reviews spoiler-laden by definition, but I find it significantly easier to do things this way because it eliminates the speculation and allows me to connect things from a work’s beginnings to what is seen in the climax and falling action. There is, of course, not a single right way to do things – other bloggers have found ways of making reaction-type posts and spoiler-free discussions with great success.

summer ghost anime ending

  • Summer Ghost is characterised by an extremely simplistic set of character designs, and the backgrounds initially seem quite flat compared to anime with more detailed visuals. While  Summer Ghost might not have the most impressive visuals, the film does make use of excellent lighting to convey its messages. The decision to go with this style becomes apparent as the film continues.

summer ghost anime ending

  • The disparate group’s efforts seem to have been in vain – despite following the rumours’ instructions closely, the summer ghost does not appear. The practise the three engage in here is known in North America as “legend tripping”, visiting a site with alleged phenomenon as a means of testing one’s courage. For the most part, such practises allow youth to bond with one another, although when taken too far, accidents may occur, and charges might be laid. In  Summer Ghost , Tomoya, Aoi and Ryō may be busted for trespassing on the airfield’s runway, but because this film doesn’t deal with those elements, it becomes a non-issue.

summer ghost anime ending

  • After Tomoya lights one final  senkō hanabi , the three suddenly see the ghost of legend. Unlike the  onryō that J-Horror cinema have popularised, the ghost is a stricking, well-kempt young woman. Her presence surprises everyone, who are shocked to learn that there was truth to the rumours after all. When the ghost speaks, she indicates that many have visited the site and attempted to draw her out, but there is a caveat: only those who are close to death in some way will be able to see her.

summer ghost anime ending

  • The use of fireworks to make her visible is perhaps indicative of the fact that  senkō hanabi are similar to the traditional incense that the Chinese burn to show respect to their ancestors: burning  senkō hanabi might be seen as closing the distance between the worlds of the living and dead, and those who have come to make an offering might be granted a chance to have their questions heard. The revelation that Ayane only shows up to those who are “near” death is a chilling one, and it suggests that each of Tomoya, Aoi and Ryō’s lives are filled with their share of troubles.

summer ghost anime ending

  • The choice of using an abandoned airfield creates a sense of isolation in  Summer Ghost : the location is secluded and removed from populated areas. This further accentuates the fact that Aoi, Ryō and Tomoya are quite alone as members of society; had they been in a better situation, they would not likely have been drawn in by this particular rumour and instead, spoken with either friends or family about things. However, I do appreciate that this is much easier said than done, and folks who are in a difficult place might not be willing to open up about things, especially if they feel like they are alone in their troubles.

summer ghost anime ending

  • This is why it’s so important to at least have one person, like a best friend, that can be counted upon: although I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve never felt close to death as Tomoya or Aoi do, I have previously experienced mild depression, and it is being able to talk things out that helped me to overcome this. Back in Summer Ghost , Rina Kawaei voices Ayane: I’m not familiar with her previous roles in animated works, but she is known for being a former AKB48 member who was involved in an attack during a handshake event back in 2014. On the other hand, Miyuri Shimabukuro voices Aoi, and I know her best as Harukana Receive ‘s Narumi Tōi.

summer ghost anime ending

  • My depression had originated from briefly losing my direction after I finished my undergraduate degree nine summers earlier. This coincided with the Great Flood of 2013, which left me unable to do a  kokuhaku . The story itself is old hat for longtime readers, but even in those days, what got me motivated enough to get out of bed every morning was the fact that I loved the work I was doing for the lab I was with. That particular summer, I’d been working on a distributed simulation of the renal and cardiovascular systems, and I was able to lose myself in this work. In the long term, discovering that I found enjoyment in software and figuring out a more concrete path for myself would lead me out of this depression.

summer ghost anime ending

  • Tomoya ends up feeling drawn to Ayane and begins seeking out her spirit more to speak with her further. In response, she takes him of a trip around the world she now knows, surprising him with an ability to fly freely in this space. This ability gives Tomoya a glimpse of what death must be like, and he begins seeing it as a release from his own problems. However, Ayane rightly notes that her experiences in this realm is a pale imitation of what she’d be able to do otherwise, and that Tomoya should cherish life more wholly. This idea is not new, and countless authors, writers and creators have spoken to how there is much to live for.

summer ghost anime ending

  • The summer season is, coincidentally, the best time of year to really live life – long days and beautiful weather gives one limitless opportunity to explore, both the world and themselves. Activities such as hiking, drinking lemonade and eating watermelon are long associated with the summer, and in particular, being outside is a way to both journey outward and inward. As it turns out, being in nature helps one feel more connected with the land, and this is why people generally report being at peace when enjoying the great outdoors.

summer ghost anime ending

  • While Tomoya and Ayane spend time together at an art museum that the former hasn’t known about, I went on a hike to Grotto Canyon yesterday. The morning was a gorgeous one. It’d been quite warm, and as we started, there hadn’t been a cloud in the sky . Grotto Canyon was chosen to be an easier hike, to get back into the swing of things – although I’d not been out to the mountains in three years, I’d still hiked the local area with some frequency, so I wasn’t winded after this walk. Grotto Canyon, however, is littered with rubble, rocks that’d tumbled off the mountain and into the valley below , making some sections trickier to walk. However, on the whole, the walk was superbly enjoyable, and other hikers had built inukshuks along the trail , giving it character.

summer ghost anime ending

  • As the morning transitioned into the afternoon, we decided to turn back, stopping along a waterfall in the trail before returning to Canmore. Here, we stopped for lunch at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. Here, we ordered their Fig-Bison-n’-Brie Pizza and “The Meats” (Italian Sausage, Valbella All Beef Pepperoni, Smoked Bacon) flatbreads; besides the fact that their wood-fired flatbreads are especially delicious, the staff were also remarkably attentive and friendly. This marks the first time we’d been to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.: previously, Canmore was a poutine location, but the pandemic forced them to close. I’m glad to have broadened my experiences, and perhaps on a return visit, I’ll give their West Coast smoked salmon flatbread a go.

summer ghost anime ending

  • We subsequently walked the Spur Line trail and stopped by Gap Lake before making the drive home ahead of a Southern Fried Chicken dinner with family. Back in Summer Ghost , Ayane explains that despite Tomoya’s curiosity about her world, she’d actually longed to live a fulfilling and complete love, experiencing things like travelling and falling in love. Instead, one evening, she’d gotten into a disagreement with her mother and stormed off into the night. Because a typhoon had been raging, she didn’t see an oncoming car and was knocked unconscious. The unknown driver, in a panic, had thought Ayane dead, and stuffed her body into a suitcase, before burying it at an unknown location. Ayane’s spirit, then, results from her undying wish to locate the body and at least give her mother some closure.

summer ghost anime ending

  • The day concluded with a walk around the Spur Line Trail, and we stopped by Gap Lake before returning home, where a Southern Fried Chicken dinner with family awaited. Back in Summer Ghosti, upon hearing Ayane’s story, Tomoya feels compelled to help her and begins spending more time in this ghostly world, even shirking his real-world obligations to do so. This decision baffles Ayane, who’s surprised anyone from the world of the living would care so much and go to such lengths to help her. For Tomoya, however, helping Ayane represents the first bit of agency he’s had in life for quite some time, and as seen through his academic performance, Tomoya seems to be the sort of person who gives everything his all, so it is unsurprising that Tomoya would be so unyielding.

summer ghost anime ending

  • Tomoya’s determination to help Ayane is great enough for him to request Aoi and Ryō’s help; Ryō suffers from a terminal illness and hasn’t long to live, so his frustrations boil over, and he refuses to help out. Since he and Aoi barely know Tomoya, there isn’t a chance to properly explain everything – this creates that bit of tension towards the end, but in a film as short as  Summer Ghost , things get resolved fairly quickly after Aoi goes after Ryō and manages to help him regroup. Both subsequently rush off to pick up some fireworks with the intent of helping Tomoya.

summer ghost anime ending

  • Ryō and Aoi’s timing couldn’t be better; Tomoya’s just depleted his fireworks stockpile, but now, with two more people in his corner, there is the possibility of exploring a larger area. Tomoya gratefully accepts their help and immediately returns to the spirit realm. While the search space seems overwhelming, Ayane herself recalls a handful of clues that end up being helpful to the three. The topic of living and dying, at least in fiction, universally presents life as the path people should take, and works present suicide as being the route people should veer away from. Life is indeed of immeasurable value, and the topic of suicide is one that is brought up whenever mental health is a topic.

summer ghost anime ending

  • I have found that increasing awareness of mental health has meant that suicide prevention and maintaining balance in life has led to improved conversations and countermeasures for at-risk individuals. However, there remain subsets of the online community that appear to believe that it is somehow acceptable to tell someone to shuffle off this mortal coil, and previously, tragedies have occurred because of online remarks of this nature. Experts have previously written about how anonymity brings out the worst in people, and members of certain online communities, in their insecurity and lack of fulfilment in life, take to the internet to perpetuate anti-social behaviours. As such, I feel that mental health and wellness services should also necessarily include training and information pertaining to managing problems that come from the internet.

summer ghost anime ending

  • The symboism in  Summer Ghost isn’t exactly subtle, and this helps viewers to quickly grasp what a given moment or scene is supposed to convey. For Tomoya, even after he and his friends help Ayane to locate her body, there’s still a barrier that prevents them from spending more time together. For Tomoya, this remains the last conflict that he faces, and in the moment, his conscious thoughts are focused purely on finding Ayane’s body and finishing off his promise to her, even though once this is done, Ayane’s spirit will be at peace and vanish.

summer ghost anime ending

  • When Tomoya first flew with Ayane, he’d been surprised by her ability to fly, but having now spent so much time in the spirit world, Tomoya is completely at home with things. Ryō and Aoi are immediately at home with flight, and with their help, Ayane is able to work out where her body had been. With her information, Tomoya and the others deduce that the culprit had buried Ayane’s body in the landfill after sealing it in a luggage case, and they set off for the local landfill.

summer ghost anime ending

  • Tomoya ends up locating the suitcase, and while he begins to dig for it, an unknown force suddenly seizes him – a part of Tomoya doesn’t wish to continue and would rather move on into the next world, but Tomoya is able to overcome this particular barrier and convince his other self that there is merit in living, after all. Although Ryō and Aoi cannot see what’s overtaken Tomoya, they are relieved when he is able to take control and finish his fight.

summer ghost anime ending

  • I’d been a little worried about what Tomoya would find: while there is nothing inherently frightening about a body, the implications of what happened to Ayane in the time since she’d gone missing and what we’d seen of her would be quite unsettling.  Summer Ghost  has the tact to leave this part unseen, and Tomoya’s reaction is one of relief rather than of horror. In the aftermath, Tomoya returns Ayane’s brooch to her mother and prepares to pursue his own path as an artist.

summer ghost anime ending

  • Summer Ghost shows that Tomoya is able to convince his mother to allow him to pursue his own career path, and in this way, his world suddenly opens up, no longer being as suffocating as he had once known it to be. The efficacy of this approach of parenting has long been debated – proponents suggest that children need discipline to be successful, but the reality is that people are at their best when allowed to follow their own dreams (within reason). It is unsurprising that moderation is the best approach, and I would imagine that, as a result of his experiences with Ayane, Tomoya is able to firmly draw the line in the sand and perhaps strike a compromise with his mother.

summer ghost anime ending

  • Meanwhile, Aoi has become more creative in overcoming her bullies. A great deal has occurred in the past year, but unfortunately, Ryō passes away from his illness. Although he’d held out long enough to watch the cherry blossoms bloom, he doesn’t make it. Thus, when Aoi and Tomoya visit a year later, they are visiting Ryō’s spirit, and he’s able to pass on in the knowledge that both Aoi and Tomoya have both found their way: before he departs, he wishes both will be able to live out their lives to the fullest extent possible.

summer ghost anime ending

  • There’s a melancholy seeing Tomoya and Aoi without Ryō, and the flatness of this terrain accentuates this. However, on the flipside, the colours here are more vivid than at any other point in Summer Ghost  – because the colours do convey the tenour of a moment, one can conclude there’s a sort of catharsis here, as well. Both Tomoya and Aoi are plainly in a better place here than they’d been a year earlier. However, while their direction is a little more concrete, viewers hoping that Aoi and Tomoya may find solace in one another’s company may be a little disappointed.

summer ghost anime ending

  • Visual cues in the moment, such as the distance between Tomoya and Aoi, speak to this. On the other hand, those who do not approach Summer Ghost as a romance will find that its messages on life and death may hold some merit. This is a film that I found worthwhile to watch, and while it is a bit more open-ended than most of the films I’ve previously watched, the overarching themes are still plain.

summer ghost anime ending

  • Altogether, I found  Summer Ghost to be an enjoyable and meaningful experience – the film’s short runtime precludes exploring things in more detail, but sometimes, less is more, and leaving some elements to the viewer’s interpretation means this film can impact a broad range of viewers in accordance to their own experiences and thoughts. With this, I have one final post left for July: the beginning of August is going to be very busy on the blogging front, as I finish off some posts marking the milestones to the events of a decade earlier.

From a thematic perspective, Summer Ghost tends towards the more abstract, but remains very accessible and clear. The messages in Summer Ghost are accentuated by the distinct visuals. Colours are liberally applied to convey a specific aesthetic – moments of melancholy are washed out and tend towards monochrome, while poignant moments are cast in a deep blue. To indicate the monotony of everyday life, sunlight is typically faded. On the other hand, the once Tomoya and Aoi have taken steps forwards, and gather to communicate with Ryō’s spirit, who is at peace, the sky is vividly coloured to remind viewers of how much possibility there is in the world. Simple details like these help viewers to connect with the emotional tenour in a moment; Summer Ghost might not be the most profound story or visual impressive work out there, but it succeeds in capturing the idea that the long days of summer are conducive towards exploration. Where other anime would stick with exploring one’s world, Summer Ghost takes a bold stab at showing what a journey inwards might look like. In this area, Summer Ghost is able to present an introspective journey: the idea of travelling into a world that spirits inhabit, a world that is devoid of energy and activity, is no different than self-reflection and overcoming the foes that threaten one from within, and in the end, Tomoya is able to find himself. In finding Ayane, the journey also helps Aoi and Ryō make peace with their own situations. Altogether, while Summer Ghost might not prima facie be a conventional summer anime, it definitely has the elements that make it a film worth watching during the summer, representing a different sort of journey that is, while a world apart from the typical fixtures of summer, like hikes, days at the beach and a watermelon in hand, still shows how the longest days of the year invite people to look within and better understand that, life is worth living because, so long as one is alive, there will always be the agency to seize the initiative and make the most of things.

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Summer Ghost

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Suicide, bullying in moving coming-of-age anime.

Summer Ghost Movie Poster

A Lot or a Little?

What you will—and won't—find in this movie.

Anime from Japan.

Movie centers on three teens who join forces to fi

"Hell." "Damn."

Parents need to know that Summer Ghost is a 2022 anime in which three teens search for the ghost of a teen girl rumored to have committed suicide. Suicide is a dominant theme of this short anime, and in one scene, a character attempts suicide by jumping off of a building. What's later revealed is that the…

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Violence & Scariness

Movie centers on three teens who join forces to find and interact with the ghost of a teen girl who is believed to have committed suicide. Suicide attempt by jumping off a building. Talk of suicide, characters have suicidal thoughts. Later, the movie reveals that the teen girl (the "Summer Ghost") didn't commit suicide, but was hit and killed by a car, and the driver of the vehicle buried her alive in a suitcase. In one scene, bullies dump water on a teen girl. Talk of being bullied at school.

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Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Summer Ghost is a 2022 anime in which three teens search for the ghost of a teen girl rumored to have committed suicide. Suicide is a dominant theme of this short anime, and in one scene, a character attempts suicide by jumping off of a building. What's later revealed is that the teen girl didn't commit suicide, but was hit and killed by a car and the driver of the vehicle buried her alive in a suitcase. Bullying in one scene -- bullies dump water on a teen girl. Talk of being bullied at school. Infrequent mild language such as "damn" and "hell." To stay in the loop on more movies like this, you can sign up for weekly Family Movie Night emails .

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What's the Story?

In SUMMER GHOST, Tomoya (David Errigo Jr.), Aoi (Kyla Carter), and Ryo (Clifford Chapin) are three teens getting out of school for summer vacation. At a diner, they agree to search for a "summer ghost" named Ayane Sato, a teen girl who is believed to have committed suicide after being bullied in school. The three go off to a field, and through spells and fireworks, they manage to reach Ayane, and as they talk with her over the course of the summer, they see the similarities between her problems and their problems. Their quest to meet Ayane takes a startling turn after Ayane reveals the way in which she really died, and now the three must find a way to reveal the truth.

Is It Any Good?

This is a moving short anime that uses magical realism to explore difficult topics. Summer Ghost tells the story of three teens on a quest during summer vacation to track down the ghost of a teen girl rumored to have committed suicide after being bullied in school. It's a sad movie that takes an even darker twist later in the movie, and while it will most certainly be a difficult watch for those who are traumatized by the topics the movie addresses, it remains a powerful coming-of-age movie.

The fact that it's only 40 minutes helps to keep the movie focused and consistent. Whereas other anime would be likely to pad a story like this with an extra hour (at least) of endless side stories, back stories, and world creation, this story is told economically, and is therefore one not easily forgotten, and not only because of the story and its themes.

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This movie addresses topics like bullying and suicide. While it's a story rooted in magical realism, does the movie effectively address these difficult topics?

How is this similar to and different from other coming-of-age stories you have read or seen?

Movie Details

  • On DVD or streaming : November 1, 2022
  • Cast : Kyla Carter , Clifford Chapin , David Errigo Jr.
  • Director : Loundraw
  • Studio : GKIDS
  • Genre : Anime
  • Topics : High School , Middle School , Monsters, Ghosts, and Vampires
  • Run time : 40 minutes
  • MPAA rating : NR
  • Last updated : August 2, 2023

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Why Gorgeous New Anime ‘Summer Ghost’ Is a Game Changer

There’s a new anime film making waves. The 40-minute animation is a beautifully conceived, emotionally heavyweight, and visually stunning piece of storytelling that is as haunting as it is aesthetically pleasing. A tale about three troubled teenagers contemplating life, Summer Ghost traces their journeys as they come together to test a local legend — a legend that says lighting fireworks in a specific location will call the ‘summer ghost’, a spirit purportedly able to answer their most pressing questions.

When Ayane appears, she reveals that only those who are “about to touch their death” are able to see her. As one of the trio, Tomoya, becomes increasingly obsessed with Ayane and uncovering her story, he visits her alone and gradually learns more about her, and why she appears to him.

Since its release in Japan in November 2021, the film has received acclaim around the world. In May 2022, Summer Ghost was screened at a special Q&A event with director loundraw at London’s British Film Institute (BFI). The film will premiere in the US on animation platform GKIDS later this year – and you are urged not to miss it.

From Sketch to Screen

There’s a lot of excitement building around loundraw, an illustrator and animator known for his work on I want to eat your pancreas and Josee, The Tiger and the Fish , and for whom Summer Ghost marks his directorial debut. The film is assured and distinctive, touching on universal themes as well as feeling intensely personal. The film was inspired by a sketch of loundraw’s, and he carries his pared-back style into Summer Ghost – a film he was compelled to bring to life by creating his own animation house, Flat Studio.

“It’s true, [the film was inspired by] a picture that I drew in 2018 entitled ‘Summer Ghost’,” loundraw tells Fandom as we meet ahead of his BFI appearance. “At the time, I was very busy working as an illustrator, which was great. But gradually, people started asking me to do the same things, the same sorts of things that I’ve done before, because that was the sort of thing that I was getting known for. And that was difficult for me. And so I drew this picture as something that was just for me; this was what I wanted to do. My feelings were sort of overlapped with those of the characters — and I thought it would make a good film.”

The director had made a short graduation film – a trailer for a fake film – and someone reached out to him to ask if he’d be interested in making a film proper. It was this that sparked his imagination and initially set the wheels in motion.

A Whole New Approach

Summer Ghost firework

Feelings of discontent around his place in the industry were already bubbling inside loundraw, as he describes, and so he felt that the answer to the growing sense that the direction he wanted to take his work in didn’t fit the standard model lay in creating Flat Studio. This would allow him to set his own, new parameters and give himself creative freedom.

“I realized that I couldn’t make the work I wanted to make within the existing structure,” says loundraw. “So I’ve been training up staff to create something that I think only we are able to do. In the future that will include full feature-length films. And that’s the aim for now.”

It’s his style of illustration and animation that were problematic, in loundraw’s experience, to an industry that loves fine detail. For all the brilliance of traditional anime — a rightfully beloved and admired artform/genre/medium/all of the above — it makes sense to believe that there’s room for experimentation with style and more. When you watch Summer Ghost, you instantly understand not only how stop-you-in-your-tracks beautiful loundraw’s work is but also how effective it is in terms of conveying theme and emotion.

“What I want to do is to animate my own drawings,” says loundraw, suggesting he doesn’t want to compromise to fit someone else’s idea of what anime should look like. “I’m often told that my drawings lack detail. There’s a lot of blank space, few lines, and that is something that’s actually very difficult to do in animation. If you have the time to add more detail, then it’s easy to create higher quality work with more detail. But to create high quality with less detail, you really need to understand the essence of something. And that’s something I’ve spent time with the staff [at Flat Studio] working on.”

The results are plain to see in Summer Ghost . But not only is the film deeply visually striking, it’s also profound thematically.

Why We Live or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Summer Ghost

“The theme for me that I wanted to tackle was why we live, which is the same at the end of the day as how we want to die,” explains the director. “And that ties into why I want to make films despite the fact that it’s really hard. Why am I doing this? Why I want to keep doing this links into my relationship with and my approach to death.”

loundraw says that the four characters in the film – Tomoya, Aoi, Ryō, and Ayane – are based on aspects of his own personality, with the intention of encouraging the audience to empathise with at least one of the characters, who each has their own struggles, at the same time as making it universal. And when asked about what films influenced Summer Ghost , loundraw cites a surprising 2014 Oscar-winner – Alejandro G Iñárritu’s Birdman .

“I like the use of colour and the single-take structure. It’s something that I have shown to the staff in the studio and said this is the kind of quality that we need to aim for,” says loundraw.

Another of the animator’s favourite films – his number one film in fact — that you might see traces of in Summer Ghost is Satoshi Kon’s Tokyo Godfathers . The 2003 anime features a trio of main characters each with their own struggles and also can be said to deal with the themes of ‘why we live’, and death. “I love it and he’s really good technically. I love the concept — a little bit of happiness in daily life.”

loundraw also references Studio Ghibli’s 1995 smash Whisper of the Heart , the only film directed by Yoshifumi Kondu before his death, with a screenplay by Hayao Miyazaki . “I really appreciate it when someone can make something ordinary look special. And I think that’s the mark of a true artist, to be able to do that — to have that ability and skill. I think this is an amazing film.”

There’s a Manga and Two Novels…

Summer Ghost

Often, anime films are based on a manga but in the case of Summer Ghost , the opposite is true. The film has spawned a manga, by Yoshi Inomi. Is this the ultimate validation?

“It could be seen as validation, I guess,” says loundraw. “It maybe shows that people enjoyed the film. I really like Inomi’s work. She sent the drafts, but I basically didn’t do anything to them. Because I respect her work and with this story, the ending is really important and the ending is already there, and that’s set. So I wasn’t really concerned in that sense.”

With two follow-up novels by Summer Ghost scriptwriter Hirotaka “Otsuichi” Adachi, whose space horror anime series, Exception , is due to debut on Netflix soon, also published – one expanding the story, the other a spin-off – can we expect to see another Summer Ghost film?

“It’s interesting for me how the focus changes depending on who’s writing it,” begins loundraw. “So Inomi-san, in the manga, focused on the character of Aoi, whereas Adachi, in the novel, focused on the character of Tomoya, so that’s interesting for me. I would like to write a sequel but I think maybe it’s not necessary. Maybe this is the length that Summer Ghost was meant to be.”

What’s Next?

Summer Ghost floating

So what’s next, then, for loundraw and Flat Studio?

“I’m still at the trying to think of a story stage so I’m happy to talk about it,” he says. “The theme is going to be about relationships because Summer Ghost is about looking inwards. Next, I want to look outwards to society, to relationships with other people. And that gives rise to a different set of questions. And it kind of overlaps with my own experience of going from working by myself to building a team and working on a film all together — so this feels like the right next step for me.”

Going by the incredible achievement of Summer Ghost , loundraw’s next project, a bit like the spirit Ayane in the film, looks set to arrive with a blaze of fireworks. We’re waiting with bated breath.

Summer Ghost debuts on GKIDS in summer 2022.

Love anime? Below, check out our interview with legendary director Mamoru Hosoda, who discusses the brilliant Belle and how close we are to the film’s futuristic themes becoming reality. 

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