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AMC’s Shudder: Is This Spooky Streaming Service Worth It?

spooky glam makeup

Are you a fright-fest fanatic in the mood for haunting tales and scary flicks? With Halloween on the horizon, there’s no better time of year to amp up the terror by indulging in some spooktacular programming. Whether you’re a fan of pure horror, slasher films, psychological thrillers, monster movies, or cult classics that are as nostalgic as they are nauseating, plenty of streaming services offer Halloween-themed marathons to satisfy your needs.

But what’s a true horror fan to do when all the ghoulish gross-outs are spread out across multiple platforms? Put down the hockey mask and machete — AMC’s Shudder  is here to administer your necessary dose of screams. With hundreds of films and TV show episodes on its roster, this horror-only streaming service might be just what you need to quench your thirst for terror. Ready to conjure up Candyman or mingle with Michael Myers? Find out what Shudder offers and whether it’s worth the subscription price.

Shudder: A Platform for Horror Fanatics, by Horror Fanatics

spooky glam makeup

Shudder is a streaming platform designed to meet the niche needs of a key group of film buffs: horror fans. By all accounts, the streaming service has successfully pulled off this mission. Shudder is a premiere service that offers scary programming — and only scary programming — in the form of old and new films, television shows, and documentaries that fall into the genres of horror, supernatural, and thriller themes. It caters to movies and episodic horror fans and provides an impressive library of options to explore.

What makes Shudder such a fantastic platform is its variety. Shudder’s collection of films and shows spans hundreds of movies, dozens of TV shows, and even a handful of horror-themed podcasts. The platform features a large number of classics that have defined the horror genre — think iconic flicks like John Carpenter’s Halloween , George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead , The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,  and Train to Busan . But it also offers up plenty of indie films, comedies, and old-school titles that paved the way for today’s horror. Ever watched Chopping Mall , Hell Night, or Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker ? With Shudder, you can dive into films that might not have crossed your radar before.

Shudder also organizes content by collections so you can spend less time reading endless summaries to hunt down the films or series that fit your taste. Curated collections like “Love Sick,” “Horror Noire,” “Anthologies” and “Queer Horror” make it easier to tap into the topics you’re dying to watch. And, what’s even better is that these super-specific lists aren’t left to the whims of AI software; instead, actual people — vetted horror fans — create the lineups, so you know they’re good. With over a million users subscribed to the streaming service, Shudder may have cracked the code for successfully spooky programming.

Shudder’s Perks Include Original Flicks and Spooky Shows

spooky glam makeup

While Shudder features many classic horror flicks and shows, these aren’t the platform’s only claim to fame. It also provides exclusive and original content designed to appeal to Shudder subscribers One of the most popular original series available is Creepshow , which is inspired by the 1982 film of the same name (directed by George Romero and written by Stephen King) and the E.C. horror comic books of the 1950s. Creepshow  is structured like an anthology, bringing horrifying comic panels to life and exploring everything from the supernatural to the super-strange. The platform is also releasing new episodes of the original series Slasher , which features a storyline about a family on a secluded island who’s forced to fight against one another for survival.

Shudder’s original films are also some of its highlights. The movie Host  was one of the top films of 2020 on Shudder’s platform. Recorded utilizing Zoom only (giving it that pandemic-anxiety vibe), the movie features a group of friends gathering online for a socially distant hangout…and succumbing to dark forces on each end of the camera. Another Shudder original is 2021’s Prisoners of the Ghostland which stars Nicolas Cage as a bank robber who has five days to find a wealthy man’s daughter otherwise, the bomb collar secured around his neck will detonate. These titles represent only a handful of the unsettling nailbiters within Shudder’s library. But what’s the verdict?

Is the Subscription Worth the Horrific Hype?

spooky glam makeup

If you love all terror all the time, Shudder is the perfect platform for you. Even if you subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, or another popular streaming platform , Shudder has the widest variety of curated horror on the streaming market centralized in one place. With over 400 movies and hundreds of television episodes already on its docket, this collective of frightening tales is slated to only grow in size, with new films and episodes appearing weekly. Like most streaming platforms, you may not love all the content that you view on Shudder — but there’s a handy rating system (with skulls instead of stars!) so you know what fellow horror fans think.

The platform is easy to access through most devices and browsers, so you can queue things up on your Roku or fireTV device or take the streaming service with you on your laptop or phone. A standalone Shudder app is available via Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and Xbox One, and it works similarly to other streaming apps.

If you’re not sure you want to make the subscription leap, Shudder has you covered. It offers a seven-day, no-strings free trial so you can take your time browsing titles and collections to see if the variety is enough to capture your interest. Just keep in mind that you’d be hard-pressed to engage with all that Shudder has to offer within a week. As an added bonus, the platform is entirely ad-free.

Membership plans start at only $5.99 a month, making this an affordable option. To save a bit on this month-to-month price, you can opt to purchase a yearlong subscription for $56.99 — which comes out to $4.75 per month . If you’re more interested in getting your scare on for the Halloween season without committing to the entire year, subscribing to Shudder at least through October can help you scratch the itch.

Ultimately, if horror is your top streaming genre, signing up for Shudder is a no-brainer (sorry, zombies). With an influx of new flicks and shows frequently hitting its library and an affordable monthly fee, you won’t run out of terrifying titles anytime soon.


spooky glam makeup

College Fashion

26 Spooky-Chic Halloween Makeup Ideas We Are Obsessing Over

Get a spooky makeup look for Halloween with these extremely cute ideas.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase through our links. Please read our full disclosure here .

26 extremely cute Halloween makeup ideas we love

Halloween is almost here again! And we’re helping you get ready with some super cute Halloween makeup ideas to go with your costume or be worn on their own.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to pull off these looks. Nor do you need special effects makeup on hand — you can use regular makeup products for all of these!

Also read: Halloween Makeup Tutorial #2: Rainbow Brite Eyes

Read on to get inspiration for your Halloween makeup looks!

Table of Contents

1. Princess

View this post on Instagram A post shared by **✿❀ lena ❀✿** (@lenkalul)

If you love Disney, you may want to dress up as a princess for Halloween.

It’s fun to put together a makeup look that resembles the makeup that the princesses are wearing, so you can either search for Halloween makeup ideas for your princess of choice or do a generic Disney Princess makeup look like this one.

Basically, this tutorial is just a regular princess makeup look with light blue eyeshadow that matches Cinderella’s dress. You could totally swap it with green for Ariel, yellow for Belle, etc.

Also, if you want to add even more to this makeup look, you can put the gems on your face as well to add some sparkle.

2. Bratz Doll

Bratz was popular in the early 2000s and they are making a comeback with the return of Y2K fashion .

It has been a popular trend to transform yourself into a Bratz doll using makeup. So, why not take advantage of this fun new trend for Halloween?

Related reading: How to Do a Bratz Doll Costume for Halloween

There are a lot of different Bratz dolls and makeup looks that you can try out, but one that has been really popular is this red and pink Bratz makeup look.

This look is also just a regular makeup look with red lips and pink eyeshadow, but to transform yourself into a Bratz doll, you can add the dramatic black eyeliner and false lashes to get the full effect.

EASY HALLOWEEN ANGEL MAKEUP TUTORIAL (for my last minute peeps)👼🏼 Roxette Arisa

Another makeup look you should try for Halloween is this angel look !

If you love highlighter and glitter, this is the perfect makeup look for you. It incorporates a beautiful highlighter that you can put on your eyes and face for an angelic look.

Also, instead of using black for your eyeliner, this tutorial uses white eyeliner to create a dramatic eye look that will fully transform you into an angel.

Finally, if you want to go even further, you can make your eyelashes look white with mascara primer .

4. Marilyn Monroe

View this post on Instagram A post shared by CARLI BYBEL (@carlibel)

Marilyn Monroe was known for her iconic makeup look, which you should definitely try for Halloween.

This makeup look would be perfect if you do not want to go too overboard on cosmetics but want to look cute and classically feminine.

All you have to do is wear a bold red lip, black winged eyeliner, false eyelashes (or just some black mascara), and some white and brown eyeshadow to create this look.

If you do want to rock falsies, these Ardell Wispies eyelashes will do the trick — they’re our go-to’s!

5. Neon Skeleton

Neon Skull Tutorial | Halloween Make up

This neon skeleton makeup look is definitely more intense than the others on this list, but it’s so cool and makes such a statement — it’s worth the extra effort.

Also, if you are looking for a more artistic type of makeup look, this is the one for you!

To get this look, the tutorial recommends the Mehron Paint Palette from Amazon to get the neon pink and black colors to create the skeleton, the Blood Sugar palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics to get the bold white eyeshadow look, and black liquid eyeliner to add the special effects around your face.

To get add some extra flair to this look, the tutorial recommends the false lashes called Miami from Lilly Lashes and color them with the same neon pink eyeshadow to match your makeup.

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View this post on Instagram A post shared by Makeup Vibes 💄 (@todaymakeupvibes)

If you want to dress up as the devil for Halloween, you should also try to transform yourself using this Devil makeup look !

To copy this cute Halloween makeup idea, you will need red lipstick and you can get either glitter lip gloss or loose red glitter to add to your lips for that extra sparkle.

The tutorial adds lipstick to your brows to make them red as well, and red eyeshadow for your face and eyes.

Lastly, you can add concealer to your lids if you want to also make a cute crease for the look.

If you want to go for a super cute Halloween-themed makeup look, you can try out this pumpkin makeup look .

To create the jack o’lanterns on your eyelids, the tutorial recommends the BPerfect x Stacey Marie Carnival palette to get the orange and yellow shades.

Also, to spice up this look, even more, you can add false eyelashes, a bold brow, and some gold highlighter to finish it off.

8. Dark Queen

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Brookelle McKenzie (@bybrookelle)

If you want a more dramatic Halloween makeup look this year, you should try out this dark queen look.

To create this look, you will need dark red lipstick and dark eyeshadow or blush to put on your face.

Also, to make the look even more dramatic, don’t skip the bold brow!

Lastly, to get the eye look, you will need gold glitter for under your eyes and dark purple eyeshadow to add to your lids, as well as black liquid eyeliner.

9. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn was a popular Halloween costume when Suicide Squad came out a few years ago. But, you can still expect to see Harley costumes this year because the Harley Quinn move, Birds of Prey was released in February.

To get this cute Halloween makeup idea, you will need red lipstick, black liquid eyeliner to create the cute heart that she has on her cheek, and — if you want to draw on some fake face tattoos — liquid eyeliner.

Also, you will need red and blue eyeshadow (of course) to add to your eyelids to complete the look.

10. Butterfly

View this post on Instagram A post shared by 𝕓.𝕕𝕠𝕔𝕜𝕜 (@b_dockk)

Butterflies have been becoming more popular recently in things like jewelry, hair accessories, etc. (You can thank the return of Y2K fashion for this!)

This also means that you could take advantage of this trend by dressing up as a butterfly for Halloween.

For this butterfly-inspired makeup look, you need bright pink lipstick and blush, as well as bright blue, purple, and pink eyeshadow. Finally, you’ll definitely need black liquid eyeliner to draw the butterfly on your eyelids to finish the look.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Halloween make up inspo (@halloweenmakeup365)

Dressing up as a clown has always been a classic Halloween costume. But why not spice it up with this glam clown makeup look?

To get this look, you will need a red liquid lip and white and black liquid eyeliner to create the dramatic lip and clown nose effect.

For the eyes, you will need white or silver glitter eyeshadow for your lids with dark red eyeshadow in your crease and some dramatic false lashes.

Also, if you want to add some more glam to this look, you can put some white highlighter on your cheekbones, as Mitchell does above.

12. Mermaid

View this post on Instagram A post shared by 𝙍𝙚𝙗𝙚𝙘𝙘𝙖 𝙎𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙗𝙖𝙪𝙚𝙧 𝙈𝙐𝘼 (@theamethystbeauty)

If you loved mermaids growing up, you may want to dress up as a mermaid for this Halloween. Be sure to complete the look with this cute mermaid makeup look.

You will need a light blue liquid lip color for your lips and brows. Also, you’ll need purple eyeshadow for your crease with a white glitter eyeshadow to go in the inner corners of your eye. Also, purple and blue eyeshadow can be added to your face to create what looks like scales. Then, just finish with black liquid eyeliner and mascara.

If you want to add special effects to this makeup look, you can purchase glitter to glue under your eyes and some pearls to add to your face for extra glam.

13. Unicorn

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lauren Linford 🦋 (@laurenlinfordbeautyx)

If you are looking for a girly and cute Halloween makeup look to try, you should go for this unicorn makeup look !

It incorporates bright pink blush to go on your cheeks and purple lipstick with glitter. Just add the same pink blush or eyeshadow to your brows to color them to match the look.

Lastly, for the eyes, you will need bright blue glitter eyeshadow for your lids, bright pink eyeshadow for your crease, and green eyeshadow for the outer corners of your eye to complete this magical look.

14. Ariana Grande

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Seven (@herstoryseven)

Ariana Grande is known for the killer makeup looks that she wears in her music videos , which means if you want to dress up as a pop star for Halloween , you should definitely try to mimic one of her looks.

This makeup look, inspired by her God is a Woman music video, is absolutely gorgeous!

To create this look, you will need purple eyeshadow to add all over your eyes, your face, and to your lips to resemble her look. Also, you can add a purple eyeliner to create the cat eye and some highlighter on your face to add some sparkle.

Lastly, to add even more to the look, you can purchase gems to glue onto your face.

15. Queen of Hearts

If you are looking to dress up as a queen for Halloween, you should dress up as the iconic Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland!

You can pair your costume with this dramatic makeup look to completely transform yourself into the queen.

You will need the Mehron face paint palette to create special effects on your face like the heart shapes around the eyes and the small lips to match the queen’s makeup.

Also, you will need some dramatic false lashes to complete the look!

A Few More Subtle Halloween Makeup Ideas (for Daytime or Parties):

Not wanting to go all out in costume this year? We get it. You can still be festive sans-costume when you rock one of the cute makeup looks below!

These spooky, no-costume-required Halloween makeup ideas will help you add a bit of Halloween spirit to an everyday outfit. I tried to choose looks that could be worn to class, as well as to parties.

16. Spider Web Eyeliner

Spider Web Eyeliner Tutorial

This graceful spider web eyeliner would be a fun and elegant look to wear on Halloween. If you’re wearing this makeup look during the day, you might skip the eyeshadow.

17. Bat Wing Eyeliner

Bat Winged Liner Halloween Makeup Tutorial | AnnaMariaPDT | 2017

This bat wing eyeliner is so fun! The creative wing-shaped liner looks a little tricky, but if you love playing with makeup this could be the Halloween makeup idea for you!

18. Glitter Brows

Glitter Brow Makeup Tutorial : Beautybyjosiek

If you’ve ever wanted to try glitter brows, now is your chance! This is a fun way to add some Halloween fun to your outfit. It’s also a great option if you don’t want traditional spooky makeup, but still want to have some fun with your look on Halloween.

If you want to wear this in a more casual setting, you could wear it with more neutral eyeshadow and lipstick.

19. Glitter Eyeliner

Simple Graphic Double Winged Eyeliner Tutorial / Creative Teal Glitter Eyeliner Makeup

If glitter brows aren’t your thing, how about glitter eyeliner? This makeup is subtle but fun and unique enough to be perfect for Halloween!

20. Spooky Glam Makeup


Nothing says Halloween like pairing orange and black! This makeup tutorial manages to look trendy and glamorous while still showing a clear Halloween influence. If you tend to dress in darker colors, this would be perfect for you!

21. Spooky Doll Makeup

Creepy Doll Makeup | Halloween Tutorial

If you’re a fan of the scarier side of Halloween, why not use this tutorial to do some spooky doll makeup? The makeup is dramatic yet simple, and you don’t have to go all out with the white face paint if you want this more real-life-wearable.

22. Extreme Cat Eye Liner

Extreme Cat Eyes & CHOCOLATE Lips Glam Holiday Makeup

For some, winged eyeliner is an everyday staple. So why not go a little further with your liner for Halloween?

The key is to go beyond a simple wing by adding length, volume, and a dash of creativity, à la the NikkieTutorials look above. Plus, this look gives off major Halloween-ready vibes without looking ghastly.

23. Pumpkin Spice Makeup


This makeup is a more typical seasonal look. You would have no problem wearing this to a class or a party. If you want a more dramatic look at night, you could switch to a darker lipstick.

24. Black and Orange Makeup

Last Minute Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Here’s another black and orange look! Instead of orange eyeshadow, here the orange is part of the eyeliner design. This bold makeup screams Halloween, and won’t take long if you have experience with eyeliner.

25. Monochromatic

spooky glam makeup

Halloween would be a great excuse to try out this bold monochromatic look! If you tend to be more adventurous with your makeup, this eye makeup could be a fun idea for you.

26. Eye Dots

trying those cute lil eye dots for the first time (makeup look)

Lastly, if you’re looking for a quick and easy Halloween makeup look, this easy halloween makeup is a cute idea. It’s different from typical makeup but still simple. If your outfit is going to be Halloween-themed, this would be a nice finishing touch.

Would You Try Any of These Halloween Makeup Ideas?

Do you have a favorite spooky makeup look? Let us know in the comments!

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in 2019; it was completely updated and revamped in 2020 with new photos and information.

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38 Halloween makeup ideas to try in 2023, from Barbie to Wednesday

By Elle Turner , Bianca London and Tori Crowther

38 Best Halloween Makeup Ideas For Spooky Season 2023

Halloween may still be months away, but that hasn't stopped TikTok from forward-planning costumes and Halloween makeup inspo in a major way. The hashtag #halloween2023 already has just shy of a billion views with users declaring which trends they're getting behind and the key costumes they “better see this year.”

As for us? We're invested. Because, for many beauty lovers, Halloween is the makeup highlight of the year. And, it's the main occasion where it's permissible ( coughs preferable) to decorate our faces with clever designs, special effects and layers of face paint.

Whether you want yours to be creepy, gory and covered with fake blood, or cutesy and adorable, we've got all the inspiration you need.

As for this year's headliners, our obsession with Wednesday Addams is only about to get deeper, which is fair, given the Netflix series missed Halloween last year and released at the end of November, so everyone's fave spooky sis deserves the limelight.

If pink is more your colour, Barbiecore is going strong, and thanks to Margot and pals, we've been topped up with loads more inspo – including Disco Barbie, President Barbie, Mermaid Barbie and Weird Barbie. There's plenty of Kenergy floating around, too, so you could try being Just Ken for a look that's a little more lols.

Elsewhere the Little Mermaid remake will see Ariel trending and last November's Wakanda Forever release has given us some dreamy Shuri inspo. The ‘90s is still an awesome playground for finding cute references (see: bandanas, butterfly clips and baby braids ) and some of this year’s biggest beauty trends – like the Balletcore and Strawberry Girl aesthetic – play perfectly into Halloween makeup trends.

Take a look at some of the best Halloween makeup ideas this year that will turn any outfit into a total masterpiece — no matter your skill level.

Image may contain: Face, Human, and Person

By Elle Turner

Here's our fave halloween makeup looks to get you started...

Wednesday addams halloween makeup, tiktok content.

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Instagram content

All you need is a pair or pigtails, a lip stain and some dark shadow for your under eye bags.

Superficial, weird or mermaid, there's tonnes of ways to be a Barbie girl.

Or you could always be the Ken to your mate's Barbie. Or go solo as… well… Just Ken?

The Little Mermaid Makeup

We love seeing all the renditions of Ariel.

Shuri has a few looks to choose from within the film.

Beetlejuice Halloween Makeup

With the upcoming release of the Beetlejuice film, we reckon we'll see some main character energy.

'90s Makeup

Our '90s obsession is still going strong.

Balletcore, only more committed. We love playing up a trend that's already in our locker.

Strawberry Girl

Exaggerating the aesthetic we already know and love.

Cruella “The Future” Makeup

If you’re up for a challenge this Halloween, try your take on Emma Stone’s Cruella “The Future” look. This one requires a stencil or steady hand, a lot of black eyeliner or shadow, a bold red lip, and a heck of a lot of patience!

Barbie Tutorial

To channel Margot Robbie in the 2023 Barbie movie, grab your pink eyeshadow and lipstick and get into the girly spirit. Take this look up a notch by incorporating as much neon pink into your outfit as possible. The best part is that this look is fairly easy to recreate if you’re short for time.

Ursula Halloween Makeup

Break out an ombré purple wig, blue eyeshadow, ginormous eyelashes, crimson lipstick and a crown for this fun Ursula look.

Hocus Pocus

What Halloween makeup roundup would it be without a mention of Hocus Pocus ? Particularly with the upcoming Hocus Pocus 2 this year. Grab a wig, smudge on a smoky eye and apply a scarlet lipstick. Bonus points if you rope two friends in to complete the Sanderson sisters!

Max Mayfield from Stranger Things Halloween Makeup

If intricate makeup isn’t really your thing then try a costume that’s a little about the hair and makeup and a lot about the costume. Stranger Things star Max Mayfield (played by Sadie Sink) requires a red wig, some scary contacts and headphones — plus, the soundtrack of the entire season (you know the one) following you around at the costume party at all times.

Candy Corn Makeup

There’s never been a better year to channel corn than 2022 with the viral song. This makeup enthusiast turns corn into a glam eye makeup look and we adore it.

Fairycore Halloween Makeup

Fairycore was a hugely popular costume last year and it seems to still be a popular choice this year and with the endless ways to interpret the theme, and we’re not surprised. For this costume, grab your pastel eyeshadow shades, brightest lip colours, every embellishment and jewel you own and a floral headdress for good measure.

Squid Game Makeup Tutorial

Squid Game might be a 2021 costume, but we still expect it to be a huge hit in 2022 because, frankly, it’s iconic. Take inspiration from this tutorial for the Red Light, Green Light doll, which never gets any less terrifying.

Wednesday Addams

You can’t go wrong with a Wednesday Addams costume at Halloween. All you need is a black wig if your hair isn’t naturally dark, a smoky eye, dark brows and a grey-toned lipstick to top the look off. Perfectly evil!

Black Panther Makeup

If you’re looking for a challenge, try this Black Panther -inspired look this Halloween. You’ll need black body or face paint, gold paint, and some moulding clay. This look is pretty intricate so might require some pre-Halloween party practice.

Glam Black Swan Halloween Makeup

Black Swan just got glam! This look features the iconic feathered eye makeup featured in the Black Swa n but with a twist of glitter, embellishments and beautiful false eyelashes.

Euphoria Halloween Makeup

This Euphoria look requires all of your best and prettiest makeup. This particular tutorial features shimmering blue and purple-toned eyeshadow with a pink frosted lip, topped off with a bunch of jewelled embellishments. Our favourite part of a Euphoria -inspired look is that you can interpret it any way you like — it’s all about creativity!

Vecna from Stranger Things Makeup

If you’re a total Halloween pro, there’s no harder costume to master this Halloween than Vecna from Stranger Things season 4. This costume requires special effects makeup, some fake blood and some scary contact lenses. Honesty, you might be afraid to look at yourself in the mirror with this makeup on.

Pennywise Makeup Tutorial

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t terrified by Pennywise still, admit it! Luckily, this tutorial is a glam take on Pennywise so you’ll be less scary and more stunning.

“What's the good of being a ghost if you can't frighten people away?” Beetlejuice once said and we absolutely agree. There are tons of characters from the iconic movie to inspire you this Halloween, including Beetlejuice himself.

Pumpkin Halloween Makeup

Now, this pumpkin makeup isn’t any regular pumpkin makeup because it’s surprisingly frightening. This tutorial breaks down this impressive look into easy-to-recreate steps at home.

Unzipped Skeleton Makeup Tutorial

Step up your skeleton makeup with this unzipped look. Grab your zip of choice, black and white paint and makeup brushes for this carefully painted look. This beauty enthusiast breaks it down into easy to follow chunks so you can master the look for the spooky season.

Corpse Bride Makeup

Viewed a whopping 61 million times, this tutorial is the only one you’ll need to master the Corpse Bride costume. This look requires a ton of patience but it’s so worth it when the result is this good. You’re sure to win the first prize at any costume party with this makeup.

Classic Witch

What sort of roundup would it be without a mention of a good old classic witch, but this isn’t any old witch, this one adds SFX in to give it some extra scare-factor. You’ll need lots (and we mean lots) of green face paint, moulding SFX prosthetics, a black wig and pointed hat.

Fairy Makeup Tutorial

If you’re looking for something easy and pretty to recreate this Halloween, this fairy makeup is the one for you. Featuring stunning metallic makeup and perfectly curled hair.

Bridgerton Makeup

If the aim of your Halloween game is glam then Bridgerton is the one. Get your prettiest pastel dress, fashion your best updo and do a full-face of fancy makeup; lashes and lip gloss included.

Cottagecore Makeup

If soft makeup and dresses is your thing then the Tumblr now TikTok famous aesthetic, cottagecore, might be for you. This tutorial is both helpful and hilarious.

Scarlet Witch

The main element of this costume is the headpiece, which you can buy online or make at home if you fancy a bit of DIY. Besides the headpiece, you’ll need red curled hair, lipstick and a subtle smoky eye.

Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup

Harley Quinn has been a popular costume for years now but that doesn’t make us love it any less. For this costume, grab yourself the famous two-toned wig and matching eyeshadow as well as some fun stencils for the face.

Mrs Grinch Makeup

Want to skip Halloween and head straight to Christmas? Do both! Definitely more on the complicated side of things, this tutorial takes you through how to transform into Mrs Grinch.

The Purge Halloween Makeup

Pop art will never not be cool but this makeup artist stepped it up a notch with this tutorial. Featuring neon pink lipstick, blue lashes and pink fizzy drink cans as rollers (yes really).

Ice Princess Makeup

Don’t just be a princess this Halloween, be an ice princess. This tutorial walks you through the steps for a pretty blue-toned makeup look fit for every ice queen.

Coraline ’s Mother Halloween Makeup

If you want to make maximum impact without having to break out the SFX makeup, then this Coraline tutorial might just do the trick. Trust us when we say it’s as creepy as it is impressive.

Chucky Makeup Tutorial

Chucky doesn’t have to be so scary after all. This tutorial takes all of the elements of the famous Child’s Play character but makes them glam.

Image may contain Face Human Person Anne Hathaway Ali Michael Hair Prince Poppycock and Tippi Hedren

Take inspiration from the scariest film of 2020, the remake of Roald Dahl's The Witches , and recreate Anne Hathaway 's character The Great High Witch's spellbinding look.

Image may contain Face Human Person and James Charles

Makeup influencer James Charles always wows with his masterpiece makeup creations, including this double-take concept.

Image may contain Face Human Person and Head

Abby Roberts shot to fame for her incredible TikTok transformatins. This Halloween, she's blessed us with a number of seriously impressive makeup looks sure to inspire and scare.

Image may contain Human Person and Face

Cruella De Vil

Disney treated us to a sneak peek of Emma Stone playing Cruella De Vil in the 2021 live action spin-off of 101 Dalmatians. But get in early with this mash-up Cruella-dalmatian creation by @annalingis .

What does the October Full Hunter’s Moon Eclipse mean for your sign?

By Emma Howarth

Jennifer Lawrence's nude scenes in No Hard Feelings are getting praise for being ‘fearless’

By Charley Ross

23 winter capsule wardrobe essentials that'll keep you warm and chic

By Talia Abbas

Image may contain Advertisement Poster Text and Art

Meltdown in progress

Feel like you're having a meltdown? Perfect. V on brand for Halloween. Here's how to make it fashunn.

Image may contain Human Person and Finger

Mystic witch

Have nothing but your makeup bag to make "fetch" happen? No problemo. Dig out your vampiest palette and give this mystic witch look a go.

Image may contain Face Human and Person

Creepy cute clown

Equal parts creepy and cute, this is a good middle ground if you're not sure which direction to go in.

Image may contain Face Human Person and Head

The alien inside

Keep half of your makeup perfectly intact, then experimental with the special effects for the other side of your face. Note: alien eye may obstruct view when pumpkin carving/watching scary movies. That's commitment, right there.

Image may contain Face Human and Person

Bloody hand print

Looks effective and it's easy to do. Cover your hand in red face paint, splat it on your face, add a fake blood-stained knife to make it extra freaky. Done.

Image may contain Face Human Person Tattoo and Skin

When you're so damn hot, even your makeup can't handle the heat.

Image may contain Face Human Person Tattoo and Skin

Creepy crawlies

Biggest fear: waking up with a spider on your face. Time to make it happen and scare your housemates.

Image may contain Face Human Person and Ruth Chao

Freaky face mask

Who'd have thought face masks would reach nightmare status in 2020? Now (much as we appreciate them saving our lives and everything), they've earned a place under "miserable". Switch it up with this spooky version instead.

Image may contain Face Human and Person

Undercover Frankenstein

There's a monster in all of us, just waiting to get out...

Image may contain Face Human and Person

If you're good with special effects, hop on board this Halloween trend with a little help from Ben Nye's Scar Effects Gel .

Image may contain Human Person and Head

Silent scream

Even though this is a phenomenal Halloween look, the thought behind this is very meaningful. @CakeFaceRJ , the creative behind the look shared, "With this look, I tried to depict how we feel inside, when thoughts come from a dark place, or anxiety is taking over, when we want to tell someone how we really feel and it’s hard to put into words. I wanted to use this to raise awareness that talking about our feelings and our own daily battles is important, it’s not wrong and it’s better to talk about it than to keep it in. The more people talk about it, the more others will open up".

Image may contain Skin Face Human Person and Tattoo

How can one turn a cute vegetable into something totally creepy? It's all in the jagged edges and blacked-out mouth.

Image may contain Face Human Person Head and Smile

David Bowie

Ever since the English singer's death in 2016, his Aladdin Sane album cover has become a favourite to recreate.

Image may contain Performer Human Person and Face

The remake of '90s classic It sparked a whole new wave of creepy Pennywise costumes, which you can easily recreate with products already in your kit.

Image may contain Head Face Human Person Art and Costume

White Walker

Game Of Thrones might be no more, but the show's White Walkers were possibly the freakiest thing to come out of it. Why miss an opportunity to wear horns on your forehead?

Image may contain Hair Human Person Cosmetics and Lipstick

Jessica Rabbit

Heidi Klum is without a doubt the queen of Halloween costumes. Just look at this Jessica Rabbit transformation. Check out how she did it here .

Image may contain Face Human Person Smile Festival Crowd Head Doll and Toy

Black Panther

We'll never not love the Marvel movie, Black Panther . Hence a makeup homage is definitely on the cards.

Image may contain Face Human Person and Head

Raid your first aid kit, grab a bandage and combined with the contents of your makeup bag, you have yourselves a Halloween smash hit.

17 simple cat makeup ideas if you need a last-minute Halloween costume

By Tori Crowther

56 Halloween nails that are spooky, but stylish

By Becci Vallis


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27 Scary (Yet Pretty) Halloween Makeup Looks to Try This Year

spooky glam makeup

Halloween is the one time a year when you can paint your face like a skeleton , vampire, or some other monster without garnering a second look. Even better, you can get super creative with your look so that it's more than just a scary face, featuring touches of pretty rhinestones or a fierce bold lip color that a nightmarish creature probably wouldn't wear.

For those who enjoy spooky season and are masters of the craft, the options for makeup looks are endless. From classic skeletons and vampires to dramatic ice queens and spaced-out aliens, Halloween makeup is the star of the show. If you're looking for ideas that balance gore and glam, check out these 27 scary (yet pretty) Halloween makeup looks to wear this year. And trust us, each one is an artistic masterpiece.

Glam Skeleton

@_monicamakeup / Instagram

A glammed-up skeleton will undoubtedly catch your eye thanks to its artistic black-and-white design. The red lips and voluminous eyelashes give the right touch of glam to an otherwise frightful sight.

@traceydelaneyphotography / Instagram

As frigid as they come, this ice queen makeup look is certain to blow a chill through the room at any Halloween party. The contouring detail highlights the cold, unapproachable stare of ghost-like royalty.

Masked and Mysterious

@janellemyh / Instagram

Find out what's lurking behind this mysterious masked makeup look—the details show you can't always trust what meets the eye. While pretty on the outside, it raises the concern that what's underneath might be much spookier.

Red Riding Hood

@roffy_babs / Instagram

Or should we say Dead Riding Hood? This post-wolf encounter look is glam-meets-gore in the best way. All you need is your favorite red lipstick and some fake wound prosthetics.

Masterful Eye-llusion

Mimi Choi/ @mimles / Instagram

Paired with a soft, delicate makeup look, the optical illusion of the hanging eye can cause some serious feelings of terror when looked at closely.

Rocker Chic Vampire

@sarinanexie / Instagram

We love this unique interpretation of a vampire. It says rocker chic, but not afraid to slay. A red eyeshadow like NARS Single Eyeshadow ($19) in Fatale and a creamy black liner like the Kajal Longwear Eyeliner ($22) in Deep Black from Laura Geller will help you achieve this look. And don't forget your vampire teeth .

X-Ray Vision

X-rays have never been the most comforting of images, yet paired with a pretty and colorful abstract eye, you have the makings of a Halloween masterpiece that's both scary and sweet. The blue shading brings everything to life so perfectly, it looks almost too realistic.

@a1delatorre / Instagram

Turn up the volume on an otherwise standard black cat costume with some red bedazzling rhinestones and winged eyeliner. Not your typical cat eye, you'll be the one to decide when your claws will make their debut.

Fetching Feline

@ellie35x / Instagram

A feline look with just the right amount of highlighter gives this glam look a touch of fright, while whiskers and ornate gemstones bring it home. What really takes the cake are the cat eye contact lenses, though. Meow.

Mysterious Accents

@kaddsta / Instagram

Take in the mysterious spider web around the eye finished with bright jewel tones of purple—this creation is pretty and daunting. It's a safe bet when wanting to wear something beautiful that fits within your comfort zone.

Spooky Skull

@mollyiles_makeupartist / Instagram

Bones and all, this skull look is delicate yet determined to instill some fear. Paired with glamorous makeup on one side of the face, it gives the ultimate look of Halloween makeup that's pretty and scary all at once.

Divine Demon

@enrica_fox / Instagram

If the devil's in the details, this look is the definition of soulless, as this mischievous devil is adorned with jewels and perfectly red lips. The line-drawn mustache paired with glittery eyeshadow balances the overall look for a devious finish.

Digital creator Adedunmola gave us serious comic book vibes with this slime green venom look. The pop of green makes this look fun, but the blind white lens screams villain.

Broken Glass

@bangtsikitsiki / Instagram

A shattered mirror is said to bring upon the worst luck, and that might be true, but this makeup look seems to be hitting all the right angles. With carefully crafted sharp-edged details, this look is both terrifying and mesmerizing.

Heavy Metal Skull

@the_wigs_and_makeup_manager / Instagram

Metallic accents and sharp edges put a twist on classic Halloween glam. Art Deco and metals come together to elevate the concept of a creepy skeleton mask.

@maritza_alis / Instagram

Agile, intelligent, and a talented swindler, Catwoman is the ideal image of scary-meets-beauty and strength. Paired with a smoky eye and creepy stitches, this look is the cat's meow for Halloween.

Black Widow

@laratilley / Instagram

If a spider crawling across your arm makes you want to scream, this recreation of black widows crawling across a face will raise all the hairs on the back of your neck and then some.

Patchwork Bride

If you're not getting Tim Burton vibes from this look, you need to go watch The Nightmare Before Christmas for Sally the Ragdoll's sake. Artistic creator Sarina Nexie took this interpretation of what would happen if Frankenstein's monster left his bride at the altar.

Prickling Thorns

@face_lace / Instagram

While thorns might be tiny, all it takes is one prick to draw blood, and these sharp decals that adorn the eyes give off major untouchable vibes.

Slithering Snake

@charbarker / Instagram

The simple flick of a snake's tongue is enough to send us running, yet this daintily painted snake is almost too pretty to strike fear. Accents of green eyeliner and full eyelashes make this an unforgettable look.

Entangled Web

@ksasko_makeup / Instagram

The intricate design of the under-eye webs along with the perfectly placed spider crawling up her cheek gives off the right amount of detail for a perfectly skin crawling beauty look.


@christinamarieartistry / Instagram

Nothing signifies Halloween like the flickering flames in creepily carved jack-o'-lantern—the added detail of skin melting here adds a slight amount of gore, while the pumpkin spice colors on the eyes and face bring features to light.

With AI on the rise, we are constantly questioning what's real and what's bot-generated– sort of like this futuristic look. Grab a palette of some moody grays, blues, and purples, and get to work on making yourself a metal monster.

Smoky-Eyed Zombie

@nataschap / Instagram

Zombies can be absolutely terrifying, yet this dead-eyed, dark-circle beauty look adds all the right eeriness with a balance of beauty. The red and deep blue tones create something mesmerizing to look at, even if it's still a little scary.

Terrifying Tarantula

@vivis_makeup / Instagram

If you look closely at this elevated tarantula look, you'll see furry details and a deep shadow give it a 3D quality, achieved by the expert use of white and black eyeliner . For more oomph, add a dramatic false lash to really enhance those spider vibes.

Creepy Clown

With some black and red face paint and your favorite black lipstick , this creepy clown look is easy to recreate. Take it a step further with red contacts and some splotches of blood on your décolletage.

Eyes on You

We're most frightened by the oversized black contact lenses, but the crying blue eyes all over the face is both emotionally stunning and visually creepy. If you have the patience to paint on each eye, more power to you. If not, temporary tattoos like these will work just fine.

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spooky glam makeup

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spooky glam makeup

7 Halloween Makeup Looks When You Want To Be Glamorous And Spooky

  • - Devil in the eyes, Devil in Disguise!

profile pic

Juzelle Rodrigues

  • October 28, 2022

Untitled design (22)

If you’ve been scrolling through reels for long, you might be convinced that turning up the disgust factor is the only way forward this Halloween. But here’s a thought. What if you look glam but maybe skip the blood and the gore. And yet, be very much in the spirit of Halloween. Hear us out.

Match creative and exquisite makeup looks with your costumes to parade with ghosts this Halloween. Let’s conquer halloween makeup, take out your best makeup palettes – whether you are a master or a novice, this halloween makeup guide should sort you out. 

1. Angel in Disguise

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Daisie Smith (@beautysbigsister)

A radiant halloween makeup look – The Angel in Disguise. Embellish your sparkly look with angular jewelled stick ons around the forehead and under the eyes – the white lined eyes coated with lengthy false lashes add so much more. Add a glittery lip to it, and there you are, the halloween poser!

2. Wing it, Vampire!

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by FRAN • DUARTE 💋 (@franduartemakeup)

Halloween without a vampire look, does it even count? Work with intricate falsies, precise winged eyeliner, and red lenses to make yourself shine like you are a creature of the night, just with added glamour. An ombre black red lip and your vampire fangs and you’re ready to go out and play. And maybe eat some garlic as well.

3. Hail Bloody Mary

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by ESTEE LAUDER SOUTHAMPTON (@beautifulbelles_south)

For the Bloody Mary look, start with a neutral eyeshadow and make your way down to the lower lash-line, creating a graphic bloody teary eye. An outlined red lip will do wonders for the entire look. To finish this halloween makeup look, hold a candle that was used by our friend, Bloody Mary.

4. The Devil’s Tale

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Aimee🤎 (@aimee.makeupxx)

The devils cut crease, indeed. Making a devil’s tale in cut crease style, this is a modern approach to the graphic eyeliner. Emphasise the eyes with gemstones placed in the inner corners, and don’t forget your false eyelashes. Top with an elegant red-highlighted rosy cheek and a bright red lip. A perfect devil you will be!

5. Boo Wee! Casper Eyes

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by 𝑳𝒂𝒖 𝑩𝒆𝒂𝒖𝒕𝒚 𝑩𝒍𝒐𝒈𝒈𝒆𝒓✨ (@lamarmakeup08)

One for the friendly ghost, Casper –  line the bottom lash line and outline Casper all over your eyelids forming a cut crease effect with a green tint. Work with a subtle lip shade and highlight your cheekbones to add gleaming sheen to your halloween makeup look.

6. Cobwebbed Spider

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by N A T Á L I A S O U Z A (@nataliasouzamakeup)

Working your way up the lower lash line, extend the web with an elaborate extended winged eyeliner for the cobwebbed spider, add stick on gems and you’re just the right kind of shimmer and shine. 

7. Stitch It Up

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Julie ♏️ (@mes.jul)

This Halloween makeup style calls for you to apply some hued shimmery eyes, topped with some falsies, finished with an over-the-top lip. An enticing face all stitched up? Count us in. Let the stitches work their ghoulish magic.

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