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Gravity Hill, Spook Hill


A friend of mine from work lived in Jackson and I drove her home one night when we got out of work late. She wanted to show me “Gravity Hill” which was close to where she lived. On the way to Jackson from the Point Pleasant boardwalk, she told me a story about a teenage girl named Helen who lived with her father. Her mother had died when she was very young and her father raised her. He was a truck driver and would sometimes have to leave town for days at a time. Helen was used to being home alone.

One night a man came to their door and asked for help. He was having car trouble and needed a place to stay so Helen’s father offered their couch for the night.

The next morning Helen woke to find her father gone. The stranger tried to calm her and tell her that he had left to go on a long haul. He told her that her dad had said he could stay as long as he liked. Helen grew suspicious and felt the man had hurt, or possibly killed her dad! She argued with the man and when he charged at her she ran for her life out of the house. As she passed the hall table, she grabbed her father’s keys to the car in the driveway. Somehow, she started the car and pulled out onto the road but they lived on a hill and when she shifted the car into drive to make her escape, she stalled just as the man burst through the front door and began to cross the lawn.

Helen was terrified and thought she would be caught for sure when suddenly, the ghost of her father who had been murdered by the stranger during the night, pushed her car up the hill. She was able to start the car and escape the man who killed her father.

During the last part of the story, we had been driving down some secluded streets without any streetlights. When she finished telling the tale I had stopped the car at a stop sign and was waiting for her to tell me which way to turn. All she said was “Ok, now put the car in neutral and take your foot off the brake.”

I was driving a 1985 Lincoln Town car and it had a digital speedometer. I realized we were actually there. We were facing the bottom of the hill! I shifted into neutral and lifted my foot. The car rolled slowly up the hill – backwards – and the digital gauge read 1 mile per hour. We rolled uphill approx. 30 ft and then just hovered there for a few seconds before I threw the car into drive and found us some streetlights!

Another Version – Spook Hill

  • There is a place in MT Cotton Brisbane Australia that everyone calls Spook Hill. You apparently have to stop your car halfway up the dead-end road and turn your car off and put it in neutral. your car then rolls uphill by itself. It is said that children that where killed in a bus accident push the car up and you can hear feet scrambling beside your car.
  • Another story is the magnetism in the mountains is high there and that can pull a car up the hill.
  • A couple of towns over in an area outside of Boonesboro off rt 67, there is a small town that prides itself on civil war heritage. You can put your car in neutral on “spook hill” and the ghosts of civil war soldiers will push it up the hill thinking it is a cannon. All the local teenagers try it some even putting flour on their freshly washed cars to verify the existence of ghostly handprints.

Reader Submitted by, Lisa from Brick, NJ Lola from Smithsburg MD Scott from Brisbane Australia

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spook hill mt cotton

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spook hill mt cotton

5 Places In Australia Only The Bravest and Most Curious Adventurers Will Go!

5 Places In Australia Only The Bravest and Most Curious Adventurers Will Go! Are you ready?

  • Spook Hill, Queensland (For the curious)

Located in Mount Cotton, about half an hour of a drive from the Brisbane CBD, Spook (or Magnetic) Hill is truly one of Brisbane’s most intriguing kept secrets. Put your car in neutral gear at the bottom of the hill and watch it roll uphill as your kids scream in mystification and you smile then cry, wondering why they haven’t given you a world’s best Dad trophy yet.

spook hill mt cotton

  • Lake Hiller (For the curious)

Western Australia has the privilege of calling this lake home. Unfortunately though, while completely safe, swimming in this beautiful halobacteria infected lake isn’t possible due to the lake being used only for research purposes. You can however,  fly over it and admire it as a whole. So men, if you want to get some action on any given night, fly your fine lady over Lake Hillier. If you REALLY want to get laid, propose over it.

spook hill mt cotton

  • The Maize Maze (For the brave)

Mazes of maize have been built for a long, long time, however this particular maze, located south of the Melbourne CBD, changes in design every year as the the owners plant over 100, 000 stalks of corn. Only the brave dare enter the largest maze in the southern hemisphere (over 2.5 acres) but if you’re too chickenshit to try it, don’t worry…just meet your kids at the lolly shop when they’re done.

spook hill mt cotton

  • The Drunken Australian Parrots (For the curious)

You know how sometimes you don’t think you want/need something until you hear about it? Yeah, well this is one of them. During the wet season in the Northern Territory’s Tanami East, flights of colorful parrots feast on fermented berries in a single tree dubbed ‘Drunken Parrot Tree’ before suddenly exhibiting telltale signs of a moonshine binge. They lack coordination, fall out of trees and exhibit signs of a vicious hangover. The best part though is hearing them sing, or should I say, try to sing. Experts still don’t understand exactly how the parrots become so affected, and sadly, quite a few of them die. The rest of them however, probably call their mates up and brag about the ‘crazy epic weekend I just had, fam.’

spook hill mt cotton

  • The Melbourne Storm Tunnels (for the curious and the brave)

Constructed separately from the sewer system, (thank God!) the storm drains underneath Melbourne are a maze of waterfalls, chambers, brick tubes and many kilometers of concrete. Make a whimper sound and hear the echo of a scream.  Some of these drains have been explored thoroughly and have been given official names, for example ‘The Maze’, ‘The God’ and ‘The Tenth Drain.’ Tell your loved ones you love them before entering one of these!

spook hill mt cotton

Sam Sciacca

Founder & Host of ‘So, What’s Your Story?’

[email protected]

spook hill mt cotton

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Spook Hill , Mount Cotton , Brisbane, QLD, Australia

About the Business:

Nearby places:.

  • Health Food Store: Green Drop Organics (7m)
  • Monument: Spook Hill , Mount Cotton , Brisbane, QLD, Australia (215m)
  • Waste Management Company: Henry & Sue Spierenburg Household Water Supply (280m)
  • Local Service: Press Play Studio (447m)

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Decades-old ghost sighting on West Mount Cotton Road remains an 'unsolved mystery'

A ghost sighting on West Mount Cotton Road in the 1990s has stuck with a former Redlands resident. Picture from Google Maps

A former Redlands resident has relived the moment he encountered a ghostly figure while travelling through Mount Cotton with friends almost three decades ago.

The man, who did not want to be named, said the group was driving along West Mount Cotton Road late one night in the mid-1990s when a young girl riding a pink pushbike appeared out of the darkness.

"We all sort of looked at each other and went 'who would be letting their young daughter out at this hour?'," he said.

"There's no lights on West Mount Cotton Road. We were doing 80km/h one way and within five minutes we passed her again. We just looked at each other and said 'what the?'

"We know the road is a one way in, one way out kind of thing. There are no other streets that pop out, and it was the same little girl on the same pink bike."

The decades-old sighting remains a mystery to this day, with the former Alexandra Hills resident searching for answers online but finding no evidence of a young girl being injured on West Mount Cotton Road.

He cannot remember precisely where on the road he saw the ghostly figure but said it took place around midnight, long after a child would be allowed out of home to ride their bike.

"We have tried to Google it and everything like that, but we can't find anything on it," he said.

Paranormal experiences have also been reported just a few kilometres away on Mount View Road, which is commonly referred to as "spook hill" and "haunted hill" in online forums.

Several people claim to have experienced a strange phenomenon where their car begins rolling uphill, but others have written it off as a common optical illusion caused by the camber of the road.

Mount View Road is located in close proximity to West Mount Cotton Road, where the group claims to have seen an apparition in the 1990s.

The former resident said he had seen three ghosts in his lifetime, all across Brisbane and the bayside.

"The event [with the little girl] did stick in my brain, but I have seen other ghosts before," he said.

"I've had another one on Mount Gravatt Capalaba Road. There was a guy that ran across the road and I hit the brakes because I thought I was going to run him over and then I saw this thing go through the car.

"I found out afterwards that a man died on that same road.

"There was another one when we were renting a house in at Wynnum. My flatmate saw someone sitting in the lounge room.

"He flew back to bed and his missus said 'what is going on?'. He said 'someone is sitting in our lounge chair'.

"It turns out someone had died there."


Read more local news here

Jordan Crick

Redland City Bulletin journalist covering news, sport, crime and politics. UQ alum. Born and raised in the Redlands. Cricket, rugby league and football fan. [email protected]


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Redland City Bulletin

Toowong News

News and other stories about real people, places, and events in Toowong and nearby suburbs.

Toowong News

Toowong Cemetery’s Spook Hill: Supernatural Circumstance or Optical Illusion?

spook hill mt cotton

As one of Brisbane’s oldest cemeteries, Toowong Cemetery holds a lot of myths and legends, enough to spook you out. One of the most popular urban legends in the area is located at Twelfth Avenue, which is more popularly known as “Spook Hill.”

This sloping road within the cemetery grounds has a very special property. There have been a lot of reports that parking your car facing uphill and letting it roll will have the car rolling uphill instead of downhill. Freaky, right?

When some people experience an unnatural occurrence, they naturally want to find out what’s causing it. One traditional tale tells of the graves of two young sisters who were killed in a car accident lie on top of Spook Hill. According to the legend, the two girls drag unsuspecting cars uphill so that the people in the car will meet the same fate.

spook hill mt cotton

This legend became very popular. People would flock to the spot in the cemetery to see and experience it for themselves. The incident became so intriguing that it caught the attention of paranormal investigator and author Jack Sim, who went to Spook Hill to know the real reason behind the supernatural tale. Unfortunately, he didn’t find any evidence to support the story.

Some say that there is really no ghost or mystery behind the occurrence, if indeed it occurs. It may just be that the lay of the land produces an optical illusion, which makes a downhill slope look like an uphill slope instead.

Whether or not supernatural forces are at work behind the mystery of Spook Hill, the car rolling on its own is enough to make you run.

For more supernatural stories about the area, join the Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tours happening every weekend.



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