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Guns of James Bond

Guns of James Bond

Lieutenant Commander Ian Fleming served in the Royal Navy during World War II. Fleming's father, Valentine Fleming, was a wealthy Member of Parliament who was killed on the Western Front fighting the Germans in 1917, when young Ian was only nine. Winston Churchill penned Valentine's obituary.

A classically educated English gentleman, Ian Fleming volunteered his services to his country at a time when the very existence of Great Britain was mortally threatened by the Nazi scourge. Where younger men served in combat behind Enfield rifles, tanks, Spitfires, and destroyers, Fleming's skills took him to more delicate places. Ian Fleming was a spy.

His code name during the war was "17F," and he directed the operations of 30 Assault Unit and the subsequent T-Force during their combat operations. These British intelligence units moved ahead of friendly lines, securing intelligence and critical documents from enemy headquarters facilities. These units were loosely based upon German counterparts run by the legendary SS operative Otto Skorzeny.

Once the war was over, Fleming returned to civilian life and began writing. His wartime adventures provided fertile material for the most famous spy in history, MI6's inimitable 007. Fleming took the name James Bond from a real-world ornithologist of the day. He felt that the pedestrian name and its genesis were so non-descript and unremarkable as to make a proper undercover agent.

During the course of thirteen books and twenty-six movies, Bond has saved the world and gotten the girl under some of the most extraordinary circumstances. Despite overwhelming odds and all manner of variegated dangers, Bond inevitably prevails and looks awesome in the process. Equipped with the latest guns, gear, and gadgets that Her Majesty's government can provide, 007, on paper at least, is what every proper little boy wants to grow up to be.

The Beretta 418

Bond's first issue handgun was the diminutive Beretta .25ACP 418. He carried this miniature pistol through the first five Bond novels. The 418 was itself an evolutionary development of the Beretta 1919. This tiny little pocket pistol was a common weapon in Europe in the years between the two world wars. Originally designed, as the name implies, in 1919, this tidy pocket heater is easy to hide and fairly effective for its size, given the limitations of its cartridge.

My gun is nicely executed, as is the case with most Beretta products, and enjoys prewar standards of workmanship. The single-stack magazine holds eight rounds and is retained via a heel-mounted catch after the European fashion. The safety on the left side of the gun rotates through 90 degrees and serves to lock the action open over an empty magazine. When "S" is exposed, the gun is on safe. "F" obviously means fire.

The little Beretta sports a nice grip safety that makes the gun safer in tight confines. The sights are tiny, milled into the top of the slide, and worthless. Grips came in both plastic and stamped steel versions. In the books, Bond typically carried his gun "skeletonized" with the grips removed.

Video That May Interest You

Italian Firepower

The tiny little Beretta is great fun in action. Small enough to hide in the palm of your hand or within any handy pocket, the primary strength of this classic Italian pistol is its concealability. I ran the gun both with the grips and without, and didn't find that it made much difference. Out here in the Real World, the gun's action would likely get unacceptably gummed up with lint and such if packed for extended periods with the grips removed. An operator of 007's stature would likely be fairly compulsive about weapons maintenance, however.

At contact ranges, it is easy enough to plant your rounds on target, but anything beyond fifteen meters is a crapshoot. The gun is almost recoilless, but considering the truly dreadful ballistics of the tiny .25ACP cartridge, the Beretta 418 is a decidedly substandard combat implement. It turns out, I was not the only person on the planet to draw that conclusion.


The Definitive Heater — The Walther PPK

Once Fleming's work found some serious legs, fans began to take an interest in the technical details of his stories. In 1957, a British firearms enthusiast named Geoffrey Boothroyd reached out to Fleming via letter and suggested that Bond's standard handgun was perhaps suboptimal for a cold-hearted British secret agent in possession of a license to kill. Boothroyd pointed out that the Beretta's ballistics were truly underwhelming. To the purist, he felt that the little Beretta was actually more of a woman's gun, meant to be packed in a purse or garter. After a bit of back-and-forth, Fleming and Boothroyd settled upon the Walther PPK as a proper handgun for the truly modern spy.

Carl Walther designed the PPK in 1929, and in so doing, revolutionized the combat handgun. The PPK was the subsequent shortened variant of the original PP and introduced the first production single-action/double-action trigger to an autoloading handgun. Long the sole purview of the combat revolver, this trigger system allowed the user to maintain the weapon safely with a round in the chamber. The first round fired via a long double-action pull, while subsequent shots were more crisp and shorter. A hammer-drop safety rode along the left aspect of the slide, and the slide locked to the rear automatically on the last round fired. To put the gun back in action, one simply swaps magazines and gives the slide a little tug to the rear to release it. The magazine release is in the familiar spot, similar to that of the 1911, right behind the trigger on the left, for relatively easy access with the left thumb.

The PPK became Bond's iconic handgun, and Boothroyd's influence undoubtedly ultimately sold untold thousands of them. The original PPK was offered in .22LR, .25ACP, .32ACP, and .380ACP calibers. Bond's original gun fed .32ACP.

Walther updated the design in 1968, to comply with the morphological demands of the 1968 Gun Control Act, extending the frame slightly to accommodate an extra round in the magazine. This improved gun remains in production in the United States today, under the nomenclature PPK/S. In the most recent Bond movies, Daniel Craig's rendition of 007 packs an updated .380 ACP PPK/S that incorporates a hypothetical biometric safety to prevent the gun's use by Bond's foes, should they separate him from his weapon. The PPK/S represents the only example of which I am aware wherein gun control laws actually improved the performance of a firearm.

Fleming's original Bond took to the Walther reluctantly and cashed in his Beretta only after a suppressed version caught on the waistband of his trousers and nearly resulted in his death in Dr. No . In recognition of Boothroyd's assistance, Fleming wrote him into the storyline as "Q", the chief of Q Branch and Bond's longsuffering provider of gear, guns, and gadgets. In the books, Q's given name is actually Major Boothroyd.

The PPK operates via unlocked blowback, but remains dreamy on the range, particularly in its most common .32ACP chambering. The gun carries 7+1 onboard and strikes a nice balance between power and portability. The .32ACP bullet is still fairly pathetic, but remains a stark improvement over the truly tiny .25. Magazines are available both with and without finger-rest baseplates. The finger rest makes for a more stable shooting platform, while the naked versions are obviously more compact and concealable.

Magazine changes are fast and intuitive, particularly for a compact combat pistol of its era, and keeping the gun running in action is straightforward with a spot of practice. The sights are too small, but the top of the slide is cut in wavy lines to help cut down on glare. The double-action trigger pull is laboriously heavy but consistent. The single-action component is actually quite nice. The hammer drop safety is easy to use, and there is a loaded chamber indicator, in the form of a discreet pin that protrudes out the back of the slide when a round is in the chamber. The butt sports a small lanyard loop, should the need for such arise.

The PPK/S in .380ACP is a much more vigorous and powerful platform. The extended grip makes the gun easier to run, though the unlocked blowback action can actually seem surprisingly snappy. The PPK/S has a more substantial beavertail that does a better job of protecting the web of the hand than the original. Grips on all versions are plastic and functional enough. The PPK fits the hand almost unnaturally well in whatever guise. It was indeed a superbly executed defensive pistol for its day.

Modern Treatment — The Walther P99

Starting with the 1997 film Tomorrow Never Dies , and extending until the 2008 Quantum of Solace , Bond wields a Walther P99 9mm. The dialogue in Tomorrow Never Dies intimates that Bond had been asking Q to obtain one of the guns for him for some time. Bond uses the pistol both with and without a sound suppressor. He reverts back to the more familiar Walther PPK in Quantum of Solace and has used it ever since.

Design work began on the P99 in 1995, and the gun was intended to replace both the P5 and P88 in Walther's combat-handgun lineup. A locked-breech, short-recoil design based upon the Browning Hi Power, the polymer-framed P99 was cutting edge for its time. The P99 was available in several different trigger configurations as well as several different frame geometries. The most popular was the P99AS or "Anti-Stress."

The P99AS sports an internal striker and two different modes of fire. When the action is cocked, the trigger is a long but light single action with a lot of take-up. A discrete button recessed into the top of the slide drops the striker safely and unloads the striker spring. In this state, the trigger becomes a long double action, more akin to that of a DA revolver. This allows for an added measure of safety when the gun is carried with a round in the chamber. This also allows a second-strike capability in the event of a hard primer.

The dust cover is railed for accessories, and the trapezoidal slide makes for a nice no-snag carry gun. The magazine release is a bilateral pivoting lever. There is a small protrusion in the back of the slide that tells the state of the striker both by feel or at a glance. The gun is produced in 9mm Parabellum, .40S&W, and 9x21mm. There are compact versions available as well. Interchangeable backstraps accommodate different hand sizes. The P99 remains in production today, though Walther has subsequently come out with several newer designs.

P99 Range Work

The Walther P99 was one of the early high-capacity "wondernines," and it has always been a personal favorite. The standard 9mm magazine carries fifteen rounds and drops freely for fast reloads. The polymer frame means that the gun is light for its capabilities. A friend who spent more than a decade as a shooter in SFOD-D (Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta) carried a P99 operationally and swears by it as his favorite combat handgun.

Recoil is soft, and follow up shots are smooth. The three-dot sights are serviceable enough. The long, light single-action trigger pull lends itself to proper combat accuracy, and the aggressive slide grooves fore and aft make the slide easy to grasp. In total, the Walther P99 is a thoroughly modern polymer-framed service pistol sporting a few unique features not found anywhere else. I can see why Bond was enamored with it.

The HK Universal Machine Pistol

At the end of Casino Royale , Bond wields a captured sound-suppressed 9mm HK UMP submachine gun. He retrieved the gun during the closing shootout in the movie and subsequently uses it to wound Mr. White as a set up for the opening scene in the next film, Quantum of Solace . The HK UMP is a thoroughly modern submachine gun that is convertible between 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP. To convert the gun between calibers, you simply punch out a retaining pin and slide the barrel out to the rear. Bolt assemblies are caliber-specific, as are magazines.

The UMP is built around a remarkably lightweight polymer receiver. Imagine if Glock built a subgun, and you have a pretty good picture of the piece. The non-reciprocating charging handle is located in the left front and operates in the manner of that of the MP5. The magazine release is a thumb catch behind the magazine, and the skeletonized polymer stock folds to the right. Interchangeable fire-control assemblies offer semi-auto, full-auto, and burst-fire options. The bilateral fire selector is roughly the same as that of the MP5.

Sights are simple, conventional, and hooded. The forearm and top of the receiver include threaded inserts to accommodate proprietary accessory rails. Unlike the hyper-complicated roller-locked MP5, the UMP runs via straight, unlocked blowback. The bolts are sufficiently massive to manage recoil, but the weapon's ultra-light receiver keeps the overall weight down. Unlike the MP5, there is a last-round bolt hold open in the same spot as that of the M4.

Running the UMP

The UMP is a dream to shoot. In .45ACP, the gun is a bit choppy, but the line of recoil is actually beneath the top of the buttstock, so muzzle rise is not a problem, even in the heavier caliber. Running 9mm with a Gemtech GM9 sound suppressor in place is enough to make an old geezer like me feel svelte and cool. The rate of fire is around 650 rounds per minute; about 100 rpm slower than that of an MP5, and the gun remains utterly controllable as a result. Thirty-round box magazines include a transparent strip down their center to help keep track of rounds remaining. Reloads are fast and fun given the last-round bolt hold open. It is tough to seat a full magazine with the bolt closed, however.

Using open sights, we could easily and rapidly index targets out to 100 meters without breaking a sweat. I have an old CO 2 tank hanging in a tree at 68 meters on my backyard range and could ring it twice with a two-shot burst without too much trouble, as long as I paid attention. Given its light weight and superlative performance, I would say the UMP is indeed the ultimate pistol-caliber submachine gun. As most modern tactical units seem to be moving inexorably toward compact rifle-caliber long guns, the UMP has lost some of its luster of late. However, HK makes undeniably superb combat weapons, and the UMP is no exception.

James Bond is an iconic, larger-than-life character who has been played by no fewer than seven actors. The 24 films have brought in more than $7 billion, making the Bond franchise the fourth-largest grossing movie series in history. From Sean Connery's 1962 Dr. No to Daniel Craig's 2015 Spectre , Fleming's 007 continues to be reliable box office gold.

Ian Fleming's life in many ways imitated his art. A hard-drinking womanizer who smoked heavily and did many of the things in real life that his characters did in his books, Fleming died of cardiac disease at 56. Fleming was ejected from the military college at Sandhurst in 1927, after contracting gonorrhea. Fleming's family life was as chaotic as one might expect, given the circumstances, and his son Caspar committed suicide via drug overdose at age 23. Caspar and Fleming's widow Ann are both buried alongside Fleming in the Sevenhampton cemetery in the United Kingdom.

Ian Fleming was a remarkably talented writer. In addition to the James Bond series, for which he is justifiably famous, Fleming also penned "Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang", the beloved children's story. The James Bond franchise has been kept alive since Fleming's death, in the hands of several other competent writers, as well as via a variety of video games.

"What's your favorite Bond?" is a question sure to spark a spirited conversation anyplace two or more gun guys are gathered. As for myself, Sean Connery in Thunderball is my favorite classic Bond, though Daniel Craig's Casino Royale is likely my all-time favorite. Craig's Bond is grittier and tougher than his predecessors, and I found this origins story insightful, as it tended to explain much about the man's personality and worldview. The introduction sequence in Spectre, however, seems to me to be one of the best movie scenes ever filmed. Everybody has opinions about most everything, and these are mine.

Bond's guns are essential tools on his missions of daring and intrigue. They embody the same class, dash, and dedication to Queen and country as the fictitious secret agent who wields them. Within the stories and behind the scenes we can see that grand gulf that lies between life and art. Though the guns are fun, reality never seems to be quite as cool or clean as our entertainment makes it out to be.

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Jesper Christensen, Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Tenoch Huerta, Stephanie Sigman, and Marco Zingaro in Spectre (2015)

A cryptic message from James Bond's past sends him on a trail to uncover the existence of a sinister organisation named SPECTRE. With a new threat dawning, Bond learns the terrible truth abo... Read all A cryptic message from James Bond's past sends him on a trail to uncover the existence of a sinister organisation named SPECTRE. With a new threat dawning, Bond learns the terrible truth about the author of all his pain in his most recent missions. A cryptic message from James Bond's past sends him on a trail to uncover the existence of a sinister organisation named SPECTRE. With a new threat dawning, Bond learns the terrible truth about the author of all his pain in his most recent missions.

  • Neal Purvis
  • Robert Wade
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  • Christoph Waltz
  • Léa Seydoux
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  • 463 Critic reviews
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Final International Trailer

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Stephanie Sigman

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  • Mexican Woman in Lift

Marco Zingaro

  • Gallo's Accomplice
  • (as Stefano Elfi-DiClaudia)
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Did you know

  • Trivia In the Ian Fleming James Bond stories, Hannes Oberhauser, who is the father of this movie's Franz Oberhauser ( Christoph Waltz ), was a skiing and climbing instructor who taught Bond while he was at Fettes College in Edinburgh, Scotland. In Fleming's "Octopussy" (1966) short story, Bond says of him: "He taught me to ski before the war, when I was in my teens. He was something of a wonderful man. He was something of a father to me at a time when I happened to need one."
  • Goofs In the train, Bond and Madeleine order dirty martinis (a break from his normal routine), but when the drinks arrive, they are perfectly clear. Dirty martinis contain olive juice, so they would be cloudy. The International Bartenders Association standard recipe requires Olive Juice/brine. The traditional number of olives is that it should be odd, with 5 seen as excessive and 3 the norm.

Mr. White : You're a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr Bond.

  • Crazy credits The gunbarrel sequence has returned to the start of the movie.
  • The eye gouging now only shows an establishing shot of the thumbs being inserted, then cuts to a counter-shot from behind the victim's head when the slightly bloody thumbs emerge. The uncut version showed this all from the front, including the aftermath.
  • The suicide now takes place off-screen and with reduced detail. The uncut version showed the man putting the gun under his chin and firing with a spray of bloody mist, and two subsequent shots showed brain tissue hanging down from the back of his head.
  • Connections Edited into Omega 'Spectre' Television Commercial (2015)
  • Soundtracks Writing's on the Wall Music by Sam Smith Lyrics by Jimmy Napes Performed by Sam Smith

User reviews 1.3K

  • Dec 25, 2015

Everything New on Prime Video in October

Production art

  • How long is Spectre? Powered by Alexa
  • How could Blofeld say that Hannes raised/trained James Bond in this movie? Wasn't it Kincade from Skyfall?
  • Why do they insist on calling Max Denbigh "C"?
  • What does SPECTRE mean?
  • November 6, 2015 (United States)
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • 007 (United States)
  • MGM (United States)
  • Rome, Lazio, Italy
  • Columbia Pictures
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro
  • $245,000,000 (estimated)
  • $200,074,609
  • $70,403,148
  • Nov 8, 2015
  • $880,705,312

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  • Runtime 2 hours 28 minutes
  • Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Surround 7.1

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spectre 2015 guns

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James Bond films are, and always have been, more imitative than innovative. Even in the 1960s they were essentially superhero movies starring an indestructible character who wore street clothes (and the occasional wet suit) instead of tights and a cape. He ran, jumped, drove and flew through loosely connected setpieces that borrowed whatever cliches happened to be popular in action cinema at that moment and amped them up with more beautiful locations, bigger explosions, cornier jokes, and lush, loud music by John Barry . Given the franchise's lineage, it was only a matter of time before the producers went the extra kilometer and started modeling the Bond films on the Batman and Marvel franchises. The new superhero films featured fussy world-building and onion-layered subplots doled out over many films and many years. Their conception owed quite a bit to comic books and to serialized television like "24" (James Bond by way of " Die Hard "). The last three Bond films drew on all of those traditions, plus Bond's own distinctive set of cliches, and set the stage for this fourth Craig outing, "Spectre."

The second Craig Bond, " Quantum of Solace ," built a convoluted narrative scaffolding atop 2006's "Casino Royale"—the best movie in the fifty-plus-year-old franchise, and the only one that would satisfy even if the main character were named Oswald Chutney. The final act of "Royale" killed off Bond's one true love, Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), which set the stage for an emotionally burned-out, extra-icy Bond investigating a global conspiracy in "Solace" that turned out to be connected to the bad guys he fought in "Royale." "Spectre" occurs in the aftermath of MI-6's decimation in the last Bond picture. It retroactively forces connections between "Royale," "Solace" and " Skyfall ," by way of a video-recorded warning sent to Bond by his old boss M (Judi Dench) right before her death, urging Bond to follow the trail from Mexico City to Italy to Morocco and beyond, and dig to the bottom of the conspiracy that claimed so many agents' lives.

The movie feels like a culmination of everything the franchise has been building toward since Craig stepped into the part in "Casino Royale." The most recent incarnation of Bond doesn't just have stunts and quips and gadgets and curvy women with porno names. Courtesy of "Skyfall," it has a mythology that turns Bond into Batman minus the cape and cowl, and boasts a Bond version of Stately Wayne Manor; an Alfred-the-butler figure ( Albert Finney in "Skyfall"); a tragic orphan back-story (repeated via the death of Dench's matriarchal figure, who's even called "Mum"), and a Joker-type bad guy (Javier Bardem's fey torturer).

If you loved all that stuff, you'll adore "Spectre," which revives the titular organization from the Sean Connery era Bond flicks. It has subplots, characters and incidents that amount to what genre fans would call "ret-cons." And it introduces us to a new big bad, Franz Obenhauser ( Christoph Waltz )—aka Ernst Stavro Blofeld; please don't act surprised, neither of us were born yesterday! This new (old, really) villain makes Bardem's character in "Skyfall" seem like a junior Joker at best, if that. He even lures Bond into a ruined building that he's transformed into a combination haunted house and gallery installation, and by the end, he acquires a scar whose gruesomeness rivals the Joker's mouth disfigurement.

If "Spectre" were a great movie, or even a consistently good one, this might be wonderful, or at least intriguing. But this is a weirdly patchy, often listless picture. The Craig Bonds are so expensive and expansive that they can't help but impress with sheer scale. And every now and then they come up with bold images, like the silhouettes of Bond and a foe grappling in front of neon signage in "Skyfall," and the overhead shot of Bond entering the bombed-out ruins of MI-6 headquarters in "Spectre" preceded by a shadow four times as long as he is tall. But an hour or two after you've seen "Spectre" the film starts evaporating from the mind, like "Skyfall" and "Solace" before it. It's filled with big sets, big stunts, and what ought to be big moments, but few of them land. 

What's the problem? Maybe it's the script. It's credited to a murderer's row of gun-for-hire writers, but it can't seem to come up with anything but undistinguished chases and fights and quips pasted together by exposition that's half baked even by Bond standards. Like Christopher Nolan's Batman, Bond shows up wherever he has to be and escapes certain death as needed, without a hint as to how he pulled it off. And even by Bond's damn-the-rules, full-speed-ahead standards, the character is such a suitcase nuke in a cable-knit sweater that it's hard to see him as England's (or the West's) disreputable protector, which is how you pretty much have to see Bond if you're going to root for him. (Omelets, eggs.) In the pre-credits sequence, Bond wreaks destruction on Mexico City, creating an international incident that gets him suspended for the umpteenth time; when he argues that the terrorists he was trying to foil would've caused more damage, he sounds like a parody of the sort of hero who would say such things. At least when Tom Cruise offers similar defenses the " Mission: Impossible " movies (the latest of which has a plot not hugely different from this one's, come to think of it) it's meant to be ludicrous and frothy, not freighted with righteous woe. 

Or maybe the problem is the production itself. The crew teams "Skyfall" director Sam Mendes with production designer Dennis Gassner and cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema (" Interstellar ") and fills the screen with deserts and lakes and forests and mountains and historic skylines and converging perspective lines and tastefully arranged rectangles-within-squares and shallow planes of focus (the movie often seems to be in 3-D even though it's not), but too often ends up looking rather like a SuperBowl ad for cell phone service or cologne.

Or maybe—blasphemy alert—the problem is Craig's performance. He might be the most drop-dead-serious actor  to play Bond, and he probably comes closer than anyone to making the character seem plausibly human ( Pierce Brosnan had his moments, even though the scripts were even less inclined to support his efforts than Craig's). But as the character has become increasingly opaque and recessive—so much so that Mendes and company seem less interested in Bond as a cold but complex person than as a sculptural object to light and pose—you may wonder what the point is. This Bond is a sinewy husk of a man, pursing his lips and staring into the middle distance. He's turned into the narrator of Edgar Allan Poe's " The Raven " but with a sidearm. The actor and the writers give us so little to grab onto that it's hard to sense Bond's feelings, much less feel with him. Late in "Spectre," we're supposed to believe that Bond is truly attached to his love interest, Lea Seydoux's Madeleine Swann (nice double Proust reference there). She reciprocates the craggy killer's affection even though, as she rightly observes, she was living in hiding for years until Bond led the bad guys straight to her. But there's little in this film's writing of Bond, or in Craig's performance, to imply that the character is capable of investing in anything more emotionally fraught than a martini mixed with house vodka. 

Or perhaps the problem is historical fatigue. Even the better bits of "Spectre," such as a close-quarters fistfight on a passenger train between Bond and a thick-necked henchman ( Dave Bautista of " Guardians of the Galaxy "), and a mostly wordless, almost one-take stalking/assassination sequence set during a Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City, pale in comparison to their Bondian inspirations (respectively, "From Russia with Love," and " Live and Let Die " by way of "Octopussy"). We've been assured by the producers that "Spectre" contains homages to every previous Bond picture. That's great if you go to films mainly for Easter egg-style trivia in the form of situations and props. But it's not so great if you're inclined to take the makers of these films at their word, and expect a Bond film like "Casino Royale," something with more brains and nuance than the usual, as opposed to a film that purports to be that kind of movie but is content to posture and strut rather than doing the necessary dramatic spadework.

Whatever the explanation(s), "Spectre" is the third Bond film in a row to write conceptual and dramatic checks that the movie itself can't cash. We're at the point now where these films are consistently more fun to anticipate than they are to watch. The media campaigns tend to be more cunning and surprising than anything that ends up onscreen. This film won political correctness kudos for casting Monica Bellucci as Bond's first age-appropriate lover (she's two years older than Craig), but "Spectre" itself squanders her in two scenes, then ditches her for the 30-year old Seydoux. Blofeld's chief henchman is a bust, just a muscleman in a suit; he makes a memorably nasty entrance blinding a rival with his thumbs, but from then on, he's all sneers and punches and kicks. Blofeld fizzles, too. Waltz, who tends to give the same performance over and over with minor variations but at least has the decency to be a hoot each time, is in "Spectre" only slightly longer than Bellucci, and has been drained of the glee he displayed in Quentin Tarantino's films. The payoff of his character's storyline is so dumb that it makes the "twist" in " Star Trek Into Darkness " seem sensible and heartfelt. Stupider still is Bond's reaction when he finally gets the drop on his nemesis. Bags of Scrabble tiles make more sense.

Even the look of "Spectre" makes promises that the film won't keep. Between the copious mirror and reflection shots, the surveillance screens and wall-mounted cameras, and Waltz's all-seeing, all-knowing baddie, we're tacitly promised the first James Bond horror movie: a creepy Cubist study in voyeurism and fear, powered by nightmare logic and silhouettes and moments of physical violation; Bond by way of " The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari " or Fritz Lang's Dr. Mabuse films. Beyond novelty, such an approach would have made the film's instances of slipshod plotting feel all-of-a-piece, like the "because I said so" storytelling in Nolan's Batman pictures.

But of course "Spectre" can't give us that, because Bond films are products before they're anything else, and products aren't allowed to challenge or upset people. If Mendes didn't keep finding original ways to stage unoriginal moments, this film's star rating would be lower than it is. Even by the generous standards of Bond pictures, which have been graded on a curve since 1962, "Spectre" has to be considered a missed opportunity.

Matt Zoller Seitz

Matt Zoller Seitz

Matt Zoller Seitz is the Editor at Large of, TV critic for New York Magazine and, and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in criticism.

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Sheila O'Malley

spectre 2015 guns

Film Credits

Spectre movie poster

Spectre (2015)

Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence, some disturbing images, sensuality and language.

148 minutes

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Christoph Waltz as Franz Oberhauser

Léa Seydoux as Madeleine Swann

Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra

Andrew Scott as Denbigh

Dave Bautista as Mr Hinx

Ralph Fiennes as M

Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny

Ben Whishaw as Q

Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner

Jesper Christensen as Mr. White

Stephanie Sigman as Estrella

Alessandro Cremona as Marco Sciarra

Neve Gachev as Clinic Patron

Alessandro Bressanello as Priest

Judi Dench as M

  • Ian Fleming
  • Neal Purvis
  • Robert Wade
  • Jez Butterworth

Original Music Composer

  • Thomas Newman

Director of Photography

  • Hoyte van Hoytema

Costume Design

  • Jany Temime

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SPECTRE guns revealed: James Bond villains issued 'brand new' weapons for new movie

While Daniel Craig will be carrying a Walther PPK the villains of the movie will be packing something completely different

spectre 2015 guns

  • 08:24, 6 May 2015
  • Updated 11:11, 6 May 2015

The new Bond villains will carrying new weapons, it has been announced.

The latest James Bond movie will see Daniel Craig presumably staying faithful to his Walther PPK while the villains of the movie will be packing something completely different.

Spectre will see the baddies issued with AF2011 Dueller Prismatic guns made by Arsenal Firearms.

The company boasts: “It is with great pleasure that we can finally and officially announce that our brand new product was selected some months ago to be one of the key weapons featured in the new James Bond movie Spectre.”

spectre 2015 guns

Meanwhile, the world’s coolest spy will sport two different £200 N.Peal jumpers in Spectre, which is released in November.

Daniel Craig wore one of the sweaters at the film’s launch last year and N.Peal said: “We are delighted that Bond has naturally chosen a couple of iconic N.Peal Cashmere styles to wear in the upcoming Spectre.”

And while much of 007’s work is top secret, the producers are very open to product placements – there will be more in this film than ever before.

Not only will James Bond drive his usual Aston Martin, a DB10 specially designed for the film, he will also get behind the wheel of a Range Rover Sport SVR, a Jaguar C-X75, and a Land Rover Defender Big Foot.

And he will be seen drinking Belvedere vodka martinis and Bollinger champagne while wearing an Omega watch.

spectre 2015 guns

The Mirror reported last month how Craig earned £3.3million just for holding a phone in the last film Skyfall. Bond got a text on the Sony Xperia reading “EWA FLIGHT 226 9pm” – his enemy’s flight.

Leaked Sony Pictures emails showed he got the fee from the firm’s electronics division. Rival Samsung then offered tens of millions more to provide 007’s phone.

It led to Bond producer Barbara Broccoli wanting an “additional placement fee” from Sony “for putting the phone in”.

The 24th Bond film sees Craig return as the British MI6 agent for the fourth time.

Also back are Ralph Fiennes as M, Naomie Harris as Eve Monneypenny and Ben Whishaw as Q. Spectre is due out on 6 November, 2015.

Will you be going to see the new James Bond film?

500+ votes so far, more on daniel craig james bond spectre, sign up for the latest news on james bond and no time to die and join the 007 fan club.

The Spectre M4 is an Italian submachine gun produced by SITES (Società Italiana Tecnologie Speciali S.p.A.) and originally produced by the SITES factory in Turin, Italy starting in 1984. The Spectre is designed to provide compact, lightweight firepower at close range. Most models include a top-folding stock and built-in foregrip. The Spectre utilizes a double-action trigger with built-in decocker, which allows the user to safely carry the weapon with a chambered round and for them to immediately fire the weapon without having to spend precious seconds preparing the weapon to fire if the need arises. The Spectre is perhaps most notable for its unique magazines, which feature a four column design that allows the Spectre to hold upwards of 50 rounds of ammunition while still remaining relatively compact. Italian production of the Spectre ceased in 1997, but the weapon was produced in small numbers in Switzerland by the company Greco Sport S.A until 2001.

The Spectre M4 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:

spectre 2015 guns

  • 1.2 Television
  • 1.3 Video Games


(1984 - 2001)

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Caliber: 9x19mm, 9x21mm IMI, .40 S&W, .45 ACP
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg)
  • Length: 13.8 in (35 cm) (folded), 22.8 in (58 cm) (unfolded)
  • Barrel length: 5.1 in (13 cm)
  • Capacity: 30, 50
  • Fire Modes: Safe/Semi-Auto/Full-Auto

Video Games

  • Submachine Gun

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Clip of quote: That's why I hate guns.

Spec Ops Magazine

  • Special Operation

Spectre M4: A submachine gun with unusual features

The Spectre M4 equipped with a suppressor

Spectre M4 submachine gun appeared in 1983 and has several unusual features. The designer set out to develop a weapon that could be used intuitively and automatically so that the user could instantly open fire without considering the safety condition or performing any action other than pulling the trigger.

- Advertisement -

The intention was to provide a weapon for anti-terrorist police and others who need to carry a weapon daily but may not be called upon to use it except at rare intervals. When that time comes, it has to be ready for use without hesitation.

The Spectre M4 looks conventional enough, with a pressed steel receiver, barrel jacket, and a butt that folds to lie along the top of the receiver. The magazine fits into a housing ahead of the trigger and is the first unusual feature; it contains four columns of cartridges instead of the usual two. This means that the 30-round magazine is no longer than a conventional 20-round, and the 50-round is no longer than a normal 30-round.

The operation is also unusual. After inserting a magazine, the cocking handle is pulled back and released in the usual way. But instead of the bolt remaining back, it runs forward and chambers a cartridge. A “hammer unit” remains at the rear of the receiver, but pressing a de-cocking lever allows this unit to run forward under control and stop a short distance behind the bolt. The weapon is now perfectly safe to carry and will not fire if dropped or mishandled.

SITES Spectre M4 submachine gun

But as soon as it becomes necessary to fire, all that needs to be done is to squeeze the trigger. This will retract the hammer unit from its rest position and then release it with sufficient force to hit the firing pin in the bolt and fire the cartridge in the chamber, after which the action is automatic until the trigger is released.

Since the bolt is always closed when the gun is at rest, it might be expected that the barrel will heat up when firing and not cool very quickly; this is countered by a forced draught air system, operated by the movement of the bolt, which pumps air through and around the barrel while firing.

Diagram of the Spectre M4 casket magazine

Three variant models accompany the basic Spectre M4 submachine gun; the Spectre PCC (Police Compact Carbine) fires single shots only and has a longer barrel; it can also be fitted with a silencer. The Spectre Carbine is long-barreled and fires only single shots. And the Spectre Pistol is the basic Spectre but without stock or foregrip and fires single shots only. The Police Carbine and Pistol versions are available in .40 Smith & Wesson caliber and in 9 mm Parabellum.

Several versions of the SITES Spectre M4 submachine gun were specifically made for the civilian market. Those Spectre M4 versions have been around since the middle 1980s and the late 1990s. The major problem with them was when their production suffered a significant backlash when the  US Federal Assault Weapons Ban prohibited the import and sale of them on the American market, the biggest and most lucrative for this kind of item.

The Spectre M4 submachine gun looks very similar to the other Beretta M12 , another submachine gun produced by an Italian company. While both weapons are quite similar to the early models of the legendary German Heckler & Koch MP5 .

Today, the Spectre M4 submachine gun is still used in some countries. For example, it can still be found among the police and SWAT units in Italy.

Technical specifications

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GPNVG-18 night vision goggles used by SEAL Team 6 in Operation Neptune Spear (target GERONIMO - Osama Bin Laden) in 2011

2013 Barawe Raid: The Failed SEAL Team Six Mission No One Talks About

spectre 2015 guns

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  • Slezy v Moem Serdce
  • Vremia Prosipatsa
  • Vsio Budet Horosho

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Mi-38 to be at MAKS-2015 with certification target December

Mi-38 to be at MAKS-2015 with certification target December

9-Jun-2015 Source: Rostec

[electronic translation ] At MAKS-2015, which will be held in August in Zhukovsky near Moscow, will present a new multi-purpose helicopter Mi-38.

Continuous assembly of the first models of the Mi-38 had already begun at the Kazan Helicopter Plant holding “Russian Helicopters” , Tass reported.

spectre 2015 guns

“Under the state contract, the type certificate must be received in December 2015, but now the task of trying to arrange early MAKS-2015. The first serial helicopter will be delivered in the first quarter of 2016 “, – said the technical director of the Kazan Helicopter Plant Igor Bugakov.

spectre 2015 guns

Mi-38 – a multipurpose medium-lift helicopter, designed by the Moscow Helicopter Plant named after ML Mile in accordance with the certification standards of the AP-29 for civilian aircraft. The machine is equipped with new fuel efficient engines TV7-117V domestic production and integrated digital flight control and navigation system with display data on the five LCDs.

Mi-38 – one of the most highly automated civil helicopters in the world. On-board equipment of the Mi-38 allows pilots to drive the car in the most difficult conditions to fulfill the automatic flight route, approach, and automatic stabilization of the helicopter crash in all flight modes.

The potential of the helicopter, combined with simplified maintenance procedures and a high level of comfort in the cabin makes the Mi-38 is very attractive for regional aviation and perform special tasks for the benefit of civil air operations. The machine can be used for the carriage of goods and passengers, as a search and rescue helicopter and a flying hospital.


Civil , MAKS 2015 , Mi-38 , Mil , News , Russian Helicopters

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  • Russian Helicopters showcases new military models at Army-2015
  • Russian Helicopters concludes Mi-171A2 flying laboratory flight tests
  • Russian Helicopters to showcase new commercial models at HeliRussia 2015
  • Russian Helicopters showcases light multirole helicopters at ABACE 2015 in Shanghai
  • Mi-38 certification targetted for October 2015

spectre 2015 guns

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08-Oct-22 N5DF Bell 505 Fort Myers, US-Florida

spectre 2015 guns

Latest Safety Documents

Airbus AS332 EC225 – Proposed AD 20-140 – Placards and Markings

Leonardo AW169 AW189 – EASA AD 2020-0196 – Tail Rotor Servo Actuator

Leonardo AW139 – EASA AD 2020-0191 : Equipment / Furnishings

Leonardo AB412 – EASA AD 2020-0192 – Electrical Power – Cable Assembly

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spectre 2015 guns

Category : 2015 Moscow Metro Train Parade

Media in category "2015 moscow metro train parade".

The following 7 files are in this category, out of 7 total.

  • Train parade in Moscow Metro 15.05.2015.webm 13 min 24 s, 1,280 × 720; 182.22 MB
  • 81-717.5A-714.5A on Koltsevaya line, Moscow Metro.webm 1 min 40 s, 1,280 × 720; 26.56 MB
  • 81-717.5M-714.5M on Koltsevaya line, Moscow Metro.webm 1 min 50 s, 1,280 × 720; 31.05 MB
  • 81-720.1-721.1 on Koltsevaya line, Moscow Metro.webm 2 min 4 s, 1,280 × 720; 32.2 MB
  • 81-740.4-741.4 on Koltsevaya line, Moscow Metro.webm 4 min 22 s, 1,280 × 720; 75.22 MB
  • 81-760-761 on Koltsevaya line, Moscow Metro.webm 2 min 12 s, 1,280 × 720; 36.28 MB
  • Ezh3-Em508T on Koltsevaya line, Moscow Metro.webm 1 min 56 s, 1,280 × 720; 32.4 MB

spectre 2015 guns


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  1. Spectre

    Spectre. Spectre is the 24th entry in the official James Bond film series and Daniel Craig returns for the fourth time as Agent 007. Skyfall director Sam Mendes returns to helm the 2015 sequel and the cast includes Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, and Dave Bautista in addition to Naomie Harris and Ralph Fiennes, returning from the previous film .

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    From Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games. Jump to navigation Jump to search. ... Spectre (2015) No Time to Die (2021) Non-EON-produced James Bond productions. Casino Royale (1954) Casino Royale (1967) Never Say Never Again (1983) Subcategories.

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    From Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games. ... Spectre: 2015 CSA Sa vz. 58 Compact: James Bond: Spectre: 2015 Sterling L2A3: Stormtrooper FN-1824, a.k.a. "JB-007" Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens: as the "Sonn-Blas F-11D Blaster Rifle" 2015 Walther PPK:

  4. Movie Review: Spectre

    It looks absolutely absurd on screen, though it can apparently punch 4-inch holes in the sides of airplanes. Apparently. In yet another painful bit of product placement, Bond arms his lady friend du jour, Dr. Madeleine Swann, giving her a crash course on the gun's anatomy. "I hate guns," she protests.

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    No to Daniel Craig's 2015 Spectre, Fleming's 007 continues to be reliable box office gold. These five weapons carried James Bond through most of his novels and movies. Suave, bold, and lethal, Bond uses these guns along with his license to kill to keep the world safe for Queen and country. Ian Fleming's life in many ways imitated his art.

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    From Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games. ... (2013), Heist and Spectre. In addition to his acting roles, he is also well known for being a six-time world champion and four-time tag team champion professional wrestler in the WWE. ... Spectre: 2015 Beretta 92FS: Cox: Heist: two-tone: 2015 Micro Uzi: Cox: Heist ...

  7. Spectre (2015 film)

    Spectre is a 2015 spy film and the twenty-fourth in the James Bond series produced by Eon Productions.Directed by Sam Mendes and written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, John Logan, and Jez Butterworth, it stars Daniel Craig as Bond, alongside Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Dave Bautista, Monica Bellucci, and Ralph Fiennes.It was distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.

  8. Spectre (2015) Technical Specifications » ShotOnWhat?

    Spectre (2015) tech specs : shot on ARRI ALEXA 65 Camera, ARRI ALEXA XT M Camera, ARRIFLEX 235 Camera, ARRIFLEX 435 ES Camera, Beaumont Vista Vision Camera, Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL2 Camera, Red Epic Dragon Camera and Panavision ATZ 70-200 mm T3.5 Lens, Panavision AWZ2 40-80 mm T2.8 Lens, Panavision C Series Anamorphic Lenses, Panavision E100 100 mm T2.3 Lens, Panavision Primo 70 ...

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    Spectre: Directed by Sam Mendes. With Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes. A cryptic message from James Bond's past sends him on a trail to uncover the existence of a sinister organisation named SPECTRE. With a new threat dawning, Bond learns the terrible truth about the author of all his pain in his most recent missions.

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    Even the look of "Spectre" makes promises that the film won't keep. Between the copious mirror and reflection shots, the surveillance screens and wall-mounted cameras, and Waltz's all-seeing, all-knowing baddie, we're tacitly promised the first James Bond horror movie: a creepy Cubist study in voyeurism and fear, powered by nightmare logic and ...

  11. Talk:Spectre

    Because it's directly after disarming a bad guy in the sequence it could be a stunt prop like the old flash paper guns. --cool-breeze 07:48, 13 February 2015 (EST)An image in the latest issue of Empire magazine features a photo of Mr. Hinx pointing what appears to be a AF2011 Dueller Prismatic.

  12. SPECTRE guns revealed: James Bond villains issued 'brand new' weapons

    Spectre will see the baddies issued with AF2011 Dueller Prismatic guns made by Arsenal Firearms. ... Naomie Harris as Eve Monneypenny and Ben Whishaw as Q. Spectre is due out on 6 November, 2015.

  13. SIG SPECTRE Custom Handgun Series| SIG SAUER Custom Works

    The Laser Engraved LXG grip module and Custom Works Spectre slide are unique to SIG SPECTRE Series Pistols, the latest creation from SIG SAUER Custom Works Studio. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. ... Firearms . View All ; Pistols . View All ; P365 ; P320 ; P320/P365 FCU ; M17-M18 ; Legion ; ROSE ; P322 ...

  14. Spectre M4

    The Spectre M4 is an Italian submachine gun produced by SITES (Società Italiana Tecnologie Speciali S.p.A.) and originally produced by the SITES factory in Turin, Italy starting in 1984. The Spectre is designed to provide compact, lightweight firepower at close range. ... 2015-2016 Blindspot - Season 1: 2015-2016 Video Games. Game Title ...

  15. That's why I hate guns.

    Spectre (2015) clip with quote That's why I hate guns. Yarn is the best search for video clips by quote. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect clip.

  16. Spectre

    Search the database to shop for guns, ammo, mags, optics and more. Filter products to compare by specs and price. ... SIG SAUER P320 Spectre Comp Blackout. 7. 9MM LUGER (9X19 PARA) SEMI ...

  17. Spectre M4: A submachine gun with unusual features

    Weight: 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg) Magazine capacity: 30 or 50 rounds. Cyclic rate of fire: 850 rounds per minute. TAGGED: Italy, Sites, Spectre M4, Submachine gun. Spectre M4 submachine gun appeared in 1983 and has several unusual features. The designer set out to develop a weapon that could be used intuitively and.

  18. Spectre Comp

    Search the database to shop for guns, ammo, mags, optics and more. Filter products to compare by specs and price. New and certified used handguns, shotguns, rifles...


    SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) is a fictional organisation featured in the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming, as well as the films and video games based on those novels.Led by criminal mastermind Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the international organisation first formally appeared in the novel Thunderball (1961) and in the film Dr.

  20. BondarevMIC Concert Setlist at Vidnoe, Moscow on September 12, 2015

    Get the BondarevMIC Setlist of the concert at Vidnoe, Moscow, Russia on September 12, 2015 from the 13 Tour and other BondarevMIC Setlists for free on!

  21. Mi-38 to be at MAKS-2015 with certification target December

    [electronic translation] At MAKS-2015, which will be held in August in Zhukovsky near Moscow, will present a new multi-purpose helicopter Mi-38. Continuous assembly of the first models of the Mi-38 had already begun at the Kazan Helicopter Plant holding "Russian Helicopters" , Tass reported. "Under the state contract, the type certificate must be received in

  22. "They fell to the ground with screams": Russian Guards fired at

    In Russia, in the city of Elektrostal (Moscow region), during demonstrations, Rosgvardia soldiers began shooting at spectators with children from machine guns with blank cartridges. One child received serious damage from a rebounded cartridge case. In the video, a child can be heard crying and screaming violently. It is also interesting that Russia recently arranged a solemn farewell to ...

  23. Category:2015 Moscow Metro Train Parade

    Media in category "2015 Moscow Metro Train Parade" The following 7 files are in this category, out of 7 total. Train parade in Moscow Metro 15.05.2015.webm. 81-717.5A-714.5A on Koltsevaya line, Moscow Metro.webm. 81-717.5M-714.5M on Koltsevaya line, ...